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may3y3pl3as3 · 15 minutes ago
girlie I don’t think this is in my programming
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worstheir · an hour ago
hi! i know this is a li'l random but im thinking of joining the aot rpc & was wondering what it's like if its okay to ask? thank u have a wonderful day!!!!
HI FRIEND!! I’m fairly new to the aot rpc myself and I’ve found it wonderful! I keep my circle fairly small so I can’t speak for the community as a whole (There’s always bound to be some ickiness here and there, as with every space) but I’ve found it incredibly welcoming so far and I’ve met a ton of lovely people!
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inkykeiji · 2 hours ago
Hi clarii, uni is killing me :( Could you write how the twins would encourage/take care of a reader who was having a hard time studying, etc? Thanks, and take car bb!
hi anon bb!!! <333 i’m so sorry uni’s giving you such a tough time :( i’m rooting for you, and i hope things begin to look up soon <33 aw sweetpea okay!!!!
touya is a lot gentler, a lot tenderer in his approach. as a philosophy student at an ivy league university, he knows how rough it can get. touya encourages you with sweet words and soft affirmations, and will sit with you for as long as he needs to—hours on end if he must—to help you get through your studying, aiding you in developing healthier studying habits. when you’re exceptionally busy, touya will bring you your favourite warm drink and some healthy snacks or yummy comfort food, reminding you that it’s important to take breaks to refuel your brain, and yes, you do have the time to break and eat, don’t be silly now. and when all else fails, when you fail, touya’s right there to scoop you into his arms, cuddle you up against his chest and let you cry before reminding you that tomorrow’s a new day and you can always start again—failure is how we learn <3
dabi has a harder time understanding why you’re so stressed--it’s just an assignment, what’s your problem?--and doesn’t realize how hurtful his little comments can be. despite this, he does still want to help, and in a twisted way his little comments and remarks do help; because they put everything in perspective. touya can understand why school’s so stressful and why your grades and success mean so much to you, but dabi reminds you that it isn’t the end of the world, even if you don’t do as well as you hoped, and that you’re more than strong enough, intelligent enough, capable enough to get through it <3 dabi will help distract you when you need it, reminds you to take a break when you need it—you’re not a fucking machine, you know—coaxing you into watching an episode of your favourite show with him or one of your comfort films before bed <3
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duskholland · a day ago
This comes so late, but your brand is 100% ***-coded tags 'cause I sit there trying to make sense of the *** every single time, then have to admit defeat 😋
+ honorable mention to this :')
Tumblr media
UGH that photo ...... wow my day started approx 38 minutes ago and it’s already off to a very good start, thanks b :’) that aside tho, :D!! hahahahaha i do wonder sometimes if people try to unscramble them and i’m glad to hear it’s a yes :’) if it’s any consolation, sometimes if my queue is long, i’ll forget what they mean + end up (grumpily) making peace w the fact that my thoughts go forever untranslated </3
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inkykeiji · a day ago
Hii, i love all of your fanfics and love that you write the inc*st fics, lol. It’s so hard to find well written ones and you always serve. You are also always so kind answering the anon aks and seem like such a cool person. I want to start writing some darker content for my page, but so far I have only fluff and I feel like it would be weird and some of my followers might think differently of me if I do. Do you have any advice regarding getting different types of content out? that type of thing?
hello!!!!! aaah thank you so much!!! <33 your words are so lovely and sweet and i appreciate them a lot!!! <333 oooh hmmm, it’s hard for me to say, because i started my blog as a dark content blog, so this has always been the content i’ve been releasing from the start. i understand where you’re coming from, though! i tried my best to give you advice under the cut hehe <3
well, first of all, no one should be judging you for the type of content you put out. you write for YOU, and you write what you want to, and you owe absolutely NO ONE an explanation for why you write what you write or create what you create. i think the bigger worry here should be suddenly putting darker/triggering content on the dashes of people who aren’t exactly expecting that type of content from you, if that makes sense? and maybe that’s what you meant, but i still wanted to mention that first sentiment because it’s so so so true.
in that case, i think you have two options. either you make a post announcing that you will begin writing dark content on your current blog (always tagged and trigger warned appropriately of course), or you make a side blog/separate blog for dark content specifically. i’ve seen a few people do the second option (make a side blog for dark content) and it definitely makes sense to me if you’d like to keep those two genres separate. BUT i also understand how much work running two separate blogs is. thus, i think it really comes down to YOUR personal preference here. do you want to split your blog? do you want a space just for your dark content? or would you rather have all of your work on one blog?
because either way and no matter which option you decide on, you should be putting trigger and content warnings all over the posts, right? if you decide to keep all of your content on your one blog, make a thorough announcement about it and get a trigger warning tagging system in place FIRST before you post anything, that way any of your current followers who DON’T want to see that content can blacklist the tags before you post at all, you know what i mean?? technically you should have a trigger warning tagging system in place regardless of which option you go with too, but you know what i mean haha. all i’m saying is make a post that informs your current followers of your change in content and exactly how you’re going to tag those posts, so they aren’t blindsided by it.
at the end of the day, it’s YOUR blog, and you should be doing whatever makes YOU feel comfortable and best. if you’re unsure, you can always try the separate blog option and see how you like it, see if it’s something you enjoy and something that’s feasible for you personally and then make a full decision on whether or not you’re going to be splitting your content across two blogs or not!! good luck sweetpea <33
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her-royal-malicety · 2 days ago
Hi! I'm also a DM, but I'm new and can't memorize all the rules. Any advice?
Ah okay! So! I’m also new to being a dm. I honestly do my best with memorizing rules and jot down the ones I can see popping up frequently in the sessions, however there are many times when I’ve either had to search through the book or look it up. It can take a bit of time especially when a certain action or question from the players is very specific, but I also have my players help me so we don’t waste the entire session on that.
I also tend to bend the rules in favor of fun (controlled though, I won’t fully break them and I try to remember to be consistent with the rules I bend)
Remember, YOU are the DM and this is a game filled with fun and imagination, it’s your call.
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squares-self-blog · 2 days ago
Relationship anxiety? I'll wack it repeatedly with a pan! >:( you are an amazing partner and all your boyfriends, husbands, queer platonic partners and friends love you very much!!
Jgmfkgg thank youm,,, a-an you're right too!!! They lov me bunches an they're not gonna leave me for anyone better caus ei am the bestest! Y-yea!! An they like me jus as much as i like them and they're super great an we can do a bunch of poly stuff even if they do fall in lov with other people cause poly stuff is cool!!! An they hav special ways to show they lov me the same way they hav special ways to show they like other people and that's super fine!!!! An valid!!! A-an it's not like they're gonna leave me cause I'm super rad an stuff!! An they like helping me when they can and they like talkin to me too!! Yeayeayea!!!!
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xiapxls · 2 days ago
Hi! How do you put in the notifications? And so clearly as well? Thanks!
Hi! Basically I follow this tutorial, except I don’t really need to do step 4 bc I’m very particular about cropping the notification from the screenshot, and I use different settings for the border (size 5, blend mode normal and opacity at 40% I think), but that’s basically it. I think the most important part of getting the notif to be clear and legible is that you don’t edit the notif at all. Do all the editing and resizing to the pic before adding the notif in.
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theultravs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Luke 22:47-48 // The Kiss (Edvard Munch) // Judas (K. Wright) //  Amore e Psiche (Antonio Canova) // Matthew 26:50
[ID: image 1: the text “47 While he was still speaking a crowd came up, and the man who was called Judas, one of the Twelve, was leading them. He approached Jesus to kiss him, 48 but Jesus asked him, ‘Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?’” image 2: a cropped image of “The Kiss” by Edvard Munch; an expressionist oil painting depicting two figures kissing in a dark room. their arms are wrapped around each other, and their faces are merged into one featureless shape. image 3: the text “(I kissed your cheek in front of them all and in doing so, I think that I damned the both of us.” image 4: a photo of the sculpture “Amore e Psiche” by Antonio Canova (known in english as “Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss”). it depicts psyche laying on her hip and looking up at a winged cupid who’s hovering over her. cupid supports her head and holds her chest, while she reaches up to hold the back of his head likewise. the photo is relatively dark and has been edited to have subtle purple, blue, and red hues washed over it to mirror the pallet of munch’s “the kiss”. image 5: the text “50 Jesus replied, ‘Do what you came for, friend.’” End ID]
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bebxos · 2 days ago
how do you get your art to be that *sparkly*
I just put the parts I want to sparkle on glow layer setting. The trick though, is in using watercolor brushes for that. Drawing on glow layer and then lowering its opacity is so not the same as using a low opacity brush that blends well and drawing your lines in multiple strokes. That way you get that nice blend from less glowy to super glowy on your strokes. I hope I'm explaining this right 😅
I also use vibrant colors like cyan, magenta or ultramarine and such to make highlights, and when I put that on glow setting it goes brrr.
By the way, you don't have to use watercolor brushes, but from personal experience, they blend the best and you need a brush like that. This is just a little example:
Tumblr media
I also play with layers a lot, I put different types atop each other for different effects, like I showed on the picture.
Same goes for how I make sparkles on my drawings. I use a sparkle brush (I played around in its settings and put its opacity, size, and spacing on "random" so the sparkles look more realistic), and then I set the layer on glow. Sometimes I duplicate it for even glowier results.
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cartoonsun · 3 days ago
vin hello! may i ask for advice? how do i let myself grow especially when i believe or feel that i do not deserve it? i want to, i long for it. but there is an enormous and loud voice in my head that just whimpers “you DONT deserve it!”
I love giving advice especially when it comes to self-love and building a healthy relationship with yourself. I think that this is actually a really crucial question when it comes to realizing that you need to grow, but you’re coming up against a lifetime of self sabotage and I’m happy to answer with my own experience. 
I think the first step is realizing that the voice in your head is something that you control. There was a time last year that I was making dinner for myself and that very same voice was reprimanding me for every terrible thing I had ever done, highlighting all of my weaknesses, and stressing at how unworthy I was when it came to growing or changing as a person and I just snapped. I started screaming out loud for it to stop talking. I told it that I was tired of it having such a big say in my life when it didn’t even like me and that I was no longer going to let it have such a powerful influence in my head. I told it that was a weak, pathetic thing for keeping me from experiencing self love and that whenever I felt it creeping in my brain again I was going to attack it with everything I had. It worked though, I felt it draw back into my brain and realizing that I actually had the power to fight back made me feel less like I was running away from something stronger than me. 
You have the power to stand up to those voices in your head, quiet literally. Whenever you hear that voice saying “you don’t deserve it” vocally defend yourself. If you don’t love yourself enough to do that, imagine that voice is fighting you as a small child and you’re stepping in front of them like a shield. It’s hard to self advocate, but once you begin fighting those self-deprecating thoughts with something else your mind is going to pick up on that pattern and whenever you here “you don’t deserve it” a small voice is going to follow it with “no, I do. I really do.” I know that might seem silly, but our brains are really just a scavenged collection of all the things we’ve heard about ourselves from others and our own self doubt. Once you begin throwing out all the terrible things you’ve accumulated about yourself and replacing them with something of substances you’ll feel less weighed down. It’s important that you say it out loud too, it might seem silly but hearing your own voice defend yourself is crucial when it comes to reworking what holds power in our minds. 
On a more practical/less theatrical note I am a big proponent of shadow work which is doing a series of thought provoking, severe journaling prompts to really figure out the root of your insecurity. At the beginning of the pandemic I bought myself a journal and filled it with prompts and over the course of three months I started seeing what was behind the voices in my head. Often, our shadows wear faces of the cruelest people in our life, shame piled up in a horrifying form that torments us over and over again on a loop. We can disrupt that loop by pulling at the surface until our true fears coming spilling out. To grow, we have to figure out why we believe that we don’t deserve it. All healing comes from understanding. 
Here are some prompts that I found really useful when I first started. I eventually started typing mine out but I think it was really useful to write them out for the first month or so. If you have a journal you’ve been waiting for a good moment to use, I think this would be perfect. : x 
If I was going to come up with a prompt specifically aimed at the narrative your voice is trying to push on it would be something like this. 
Q: Without the confines of finances, education, or travel what would your ideal life look like? Write out all of your greatest dreams, aspirations, and desires no matter how far fetched.
 Now, write down three limiting beliefs you think about yourself. Who was the first person to tell you those beliefs, where did they originate from - if it wasn’t from you, think about whether that person/institution has the right to tell you those things about yourself and if they are worth believing today. it was from you, think about how old that belief is. does it still apply today? dissect these beliefs critically. 
Q: Imagine you are sitting in front of yourself as a child. What are the best traits you had as a child? Imagine yourself telling them to yourself - now think of the worst things you think about yourself and tell them to your inner child as well. How did that make you feel? Do you think that the person you were deserves that level of hatred - imagine how you would have felt as a child, now remember that the person you are now shares the same heart as that child. Write down your reaction to both. (another solid inner child prompt is write a story where you, as an adult, are raising yourself as child. write about the ideal home you should have been raised in, all the activities that you wanted to do, all the emotional support you would have given yourself. at the end of this story reflect on how you can give those things to yourself now.) 
I hope that helped anon! There is no greater love story in our lifetime then the one we have with ourselves. I think by reaching out and asking for help you are already proving to yourself that you do not want to exist in this state forever, and I admire and applaud you for that. I believe in you. You are worthy of growth. 
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babettevdw · 4 days ago
what does it mean by aluminum foil hat?
Hi Anon! Aluminum (or Tin) foil hats are considered to be the headgear of ‘conspiracy theorists’. George spoke to Ziggo (and maybe other broadcasters too) about the idea that Valtteri made George crash on purpose (because it was George). When a journalist asked Valtteri his opinion on those thoughts George was having, he basically replied that George was making up weird theories.
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orsuliya · 4 days ago
I'm cackling so hard at Dawang, who is so casual: children, do you want to have a mother? Lol Awu's face though. She's like, who might it be? I mean he could have given her a warning lol Also, who might be the father then? Who should we choose for that position? Lol Xiao Qi, I can't. Casually arranging mothers for all the orphans around :D
We've just had ourselves some angst on the subject; so this is like a breath of fresh, non-angsty air!
While Awu doesn't point out the fallacy in Xiao Qi's thinking the first time around, I woudn't bet on her staying her tongue if the situation repeats. And with that horde of kids we see in Ningshuo it's bound to repeat sooner or later.
By the way, I wouldn't bet on Awu being the child collector in this family; in fact, all available evidence shows that it's Xiao Qi who has a weakness for abandoned and orphaned children the size of Cheng. What? He says so himself in episode 45, see if he doesn't! And now that he's had a proper taste of family... Let's just say that Hulan raiding parties must have left no shortage of homeless kids and guess who's ready to snap them up at a moment's notice. Not that every single one ends up in Awu's care, far from it, but that's another story altogether.
Anyway, there comes a time when Xiao Qi tries to pull the same thing with some unsuspecting orphan, asking the poor mite if it would like to have a mother while in Awu's hearing. Which she has no problem with, it's not like have a shortage of space, right? And really, the more children the better, it's just that there's something about his words that doesn't sit quite right with her. Still, she says nothing, not in the child's presence. Whatever issue is behind this strange behaviour - and now she starts to remember every single instance in which Xiao Qi didn't include himself when speaking about any of their children - there is no way she'd let it mar her newest little one's happiness.
Once they are alone, however, she wastes no time. Let's just say that in the duration of their marriage she's learned that nothing works half as well as directness and honesty. The more straightforward the question, the better and what else is she supposed to do exactly but ask? Delay until their little one is born? So she asks and her question is this: "You don't mind when the children call you their father. You certainly don't mind when I call you the father to our littlest one, I've seen it in your eyes. And yet I've never heard you refer to yourself as such. Not even once. Please, if you can, tell me why."
And we've come straight back to the angsty post, because after a minute of silence Xiao Qi starts to speak. It's not that he knows exactly what the issue is, but word after word it all comes out, every half-conscious bargain he might have done with fate, every single fear he had never quite dared to formulate before. And perhaps that's exactly what he needed, to speak it all out loud, to have Awu dismiss his fears with a smile a bit too teary for his liking and to hear her chide him for his foolishness, thus turning his every hidden worry into just that, a foolishness and nothing more.
Dammit, I said no more angst! I'm sorry, I really am.
I much prefer you version, my dear Cackling Nonnie! Because yes, Xiao Qi, tell Awu who the father might be? No volunteers? Hmm, perhaps Tang Jing would like the position? And since Awu is the mother, then it follows that the father would be her husband. Oh well, if it's for the children then she has no choice but to accept the degradation from Princess Yuzhang to a mere general's wife. Not that there's anything mere about Tang Jing, but you get the drill!
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naberiie · 4 days ago
i hope this isn't too out of the blue but do you have any advice about overcoming nerves and posting your writing publicly? i write for a living but between graduate school and job rejections, i have been doubting my abilities so much and want to finally break that mindset so i can get back into writing short stories, prose, etc. for fun, without the fear of hate if or when other people stumble on my work
nowadays i check ao3 maybe once a month, but back when i first started posting my writing (finnreyfridays my beloved) i was obsessive over the various Numbers Going Up (Or How They Were Not), to the point that when eva and i first started FWS, i had a note on my phone specifically dedicated to keeping track of the hit count per chapter upload. i stopped keeping track around ch15. at that point i realized how stressful and unfruitful it was: FWS is an (unfinished) ultra-rarepair longfic, with focus on less popular characters. that by itself heavily slashed the amount of people interested in starting it, let alone keeping up with our ~4x a year update schedule (apologies. i’m a slow writer lol). posting writing, especially work that you’re proud of, is to willingly put yourself into an incredibly vulnerable position--paired with external things like grad school and job rejections, it’s only natural that doubt and fear will creep in. i was the same! still am, a lot of days. i can’t promise the feeling will go away entirely and cleanly, because it won’t, but you can make it quieter and more manageable.
what changed my outlook from stressing about people reading it (or how they were not), was to reframe who i was writing for and why i was writing in the first place. i’m using arcmaiden as an example simply because that was the vessel that helped me overcome those same nerves: i’m writing it for myself, and for eva. no, it won’t ever be popular. but reframing from “i want everyone to read this and love it” (impossible, unobtainable, stealer of joy mindset) to “i’m writing this for my friend and myself, and anyone else who wants to come along for the ride is more than welcome to” lifted the burden of worry so effectively that even when i did eventually see people who didn’t like my writing/arcmaiden because they shipped fives with anakin, it was okay--i wasn’t writing for them. the effort and joy i put into FWS aren’t for them. i’m writing for myself, i’m writing for the enjoyment of myself and my friend, and the handful of people who were kind enough to stick around.
and that attitude translated to original work, too! remembering that someone out there, one person or many, will love your work, that your words will resonate with them, is much more powerful! how cool is it that fifteen people have read one of my original short stories? that’s fifteen more people than if i had never taken the leap of faith, and never posted it to gumroad! reframe from worrying about the people who might not like your stuff, and instead think of how many people--strangers, even!--will love what you write. THOSE people are the ones whom you should try to think about; your words will be important to people you will probably never meet, and that fact by itself is fucking incredible. what a burst of energy to think of them! but the people who will love your work will never find it if you don’t take that leap. it’s scary, but it’s also so, so worth it in the end.
i’m not sure how helpful this answer is. my ‘audience’ is small, my writing style is twisting and tends to run on for paragraphs longer than it needs to, my stories are not for everyone. but i still love it. it’s the marie kondo rule: does it spark joy for you? then it will do the same for others. revel in the joy of the act of writing, of creating. if you write something you love, and that strikes a cord with you, it will make its way to people with whom it will do the same.
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jackbootjump · 4 days ago
U said Foreigners god too. So could u elaborate what u meant when u said that? Cause i dont really understand the lyrics of that song however i try to
sure! so essentially foreigner’s god talks abt being forced to worship and live by the rules of a god that isn’t yours, a god that is foreign and wasn’t a part of your culture
as is the case w many countries, ireland was violently christianized, and their old customs and religions were erased and ppl that pursued it were punished, and the roman catholic church has committed atrocities in the country and gotten away with it bc they’re so powerful, so irish ppl have a v turbulent relationship w the church
so when he says “screaming the name of a foreigner's God / the purest expression of grief” it’s like he’s saying that even when he’s calling god’s name, whether it’s in everyday stuff like saying “oh my god” when you stub your toe or when looking for comfort from a higher being, it’s not the original god(s) from his land, it’s a god that was brought by other ppl and a god he can’t relate to, and a god whose rules don’t align with his own morals
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angelii-ii · 4 days ago
just a random ask which is genuine and I hope this is alright to ask but do you ever feel a little bit "eughe" (best noise to describe the feeling) when someone points out something about you in a way but when you think of it yourself, it doesn't feel like that?
I'm asking just to see if anyone else feels this way since I noticed that this is how I feel when people look at how I express myself and body and instantly go "that's a girl"? But when I think about my gender and go "I think I'm a girl" I don't have that feeling? (I say think since I've been questioning for a little while if I'm enby and woman-aligned since most of the times I feel like a woman but then there's times where I'm just like "I just feel like a person and that's it" or "maybe?? I feel like a woman but not completely" and I don't know if that's something that other people experience as well where they have fluctuations in their gender intensity?) like once I was walking past a support teacher in school and she wanted to get my attention and, because I was on my phone looking at emails I wasn't really paying attention, and instead of going "person on their phone!", she just went "phone girl!" and it just felt "eughe" and icky? maybe because I was reduced down to that just from my appearance because I present more femininely? I have no idea but I just wanted to see if anyone else feels that way too when someone looks at you and just goes "ah they look like this so they must be this". I don't know. c':
oh that’s a valid af feeling nonny, I have that a lot where I present more feminine but in my own head I’m very much closer to aligning myself with masculinity (if I’m even feeling like my gender aligns with anything at all, which a lot of the time it doesn’t dfhg). it can be taken as a gender identity feeling but that’s how I personally translate it for me so the definition of it is mostly up to your interpertation of how you feel when people associate you with womanhood/girlhood rather than just femininity. if your feeling of discomfort’s explanation to you aligns with gender things to you then yea I’d say it’s gender things but ultimately it’s up to you to feel that stuff out hun! 
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autisticgalo · 4 days ago
ofc the ‘easily read as autistic’ gang Are Also Autistic but i thought it’d be fun 2 draw some like ‘they implied it super hard / said it Right There’ chars. bc i like saying fuck you these r Ours and u can’t do shit about it to allistics
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