#I hope the next year is kind to you
tenderfaery · 6 months ago
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— Mary Oliver, North Country
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blackbirdblackbird · 6 months ago
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It’s you.
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chick-it-out · 6 months ago
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its-tea-time-darling · 3 months ago
Tu parles français ?
ouiiii. mais pour être honêtte: il fait plusieurs ans que j'ai vraiment parlé français. je suis suisse (du part allemend), et on apprend français avant qu'on apprend l'englais. (or it used to be like that back in my days, they may have changed it now.) alors pour un temps mon français été mieux que mon englais. mais après le lycée à l'université c'était englais qui était la langue importante comme langue scienfitique international, et puis j'ai jamais plus utilisé mon français.
so. all that remains today is the vague ability to form sentences that can probably be understood, but are by no means correct.
are you french-speaking then? <3
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haeyeongs · a year ago
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If you don't leave now, I won't let go of this hand
Happy holidays @cheonsoho from your secret santa!
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theygender · 3 days ago
I'm doing it. I'm gonna get a fucking hysterectomy
#its something ive talked about half jokingly for years bc the idea of ever being pregnant or giving birth makes me INCREDIBLY dysphoric#so it seems completely fucking pointless to have to go through so much pain and sickness every month for absolutely no reason#this past month where i couldnt get my medication already had me seriously thinking about it tho#bc even if im managing my endometriosis okay with BC i dont want to have to worry about going through hell if i cant fill my prescription#i was looking into the side effects and etc bc i was thinking about asking my doctor about it next time i went in#and the only thing that had me concerned was that a full hysterectomy or oophorectomy sends you into menopause which seems like itd suck#(but smaller surgeries like tube ligations dont actually stop you from having periods)#BUT i was complaining about this at work and one of my coworkers told me she had a hysterectomy for endometriosis#and her doctor gave her a partial hysterectomy so it stops periods and prevents pregnancy but doesnt send you into menopause#and that sounds fucking GREAT honestly so i wanted to ask my doctor about it even more#but now that roe v wade has been overturned? the deal is sealed im getting this hell machine out of me one way or another#im hoping that my doctor will be understanding as a woman herself but if not my coworker said she'll give me her doctors info#and if THAT doesnt work. i just checked out r/childfree and theyve got a list of doctors in my area who are willing to help#i dont want to keep suffering through chronic illness symptoms every month for absolutely no reason#i dont want to run the risk of getting pregnant and having to live through my worst nightmare as someone with dysphoria#AND like my gf just pointed out to me. ive got other health issues that im trying to get sorted out#im chronically underweight and i either have pots or some kind of hypertension. plus a low immune system and etc etc etc#being forced to carry a pregnancy could fucking kill me for all i know. AND i would have to go off of a lot of my meds??#all this thing does is cause me chronic pain and put my already precarious physical and mental health at risk#im GETTING it fucking taken out#rambling#ive got an appointment with my therapist on tuesday and i think im gonna ask about getting an official diagnosis of gender dysphoria#and im already in the process of getting tested for pots with my primary care doctor#so hopefully those diagnoses combined with my endometriosis will help speed it along... 🙏
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al-norton · 5 months ago
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Goodbye 2021!!
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kittykalliarts · 6 months ago
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⚔️🔥The Flames of War 🔥⚔️
Geeft for @cloudyvoid !!
It’s great to draw Vidar again ;;w;;/ He’s one real cool boi!! 
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remnantofahero · 6 months ago
If I can get, like, a little parasocial for a second
This past year has been uhh... Pretty Bad™ for me. I’ve had to learn a lot about myself and my mental state and some of it has been validating and some of it has been pretty hard to deal with. I haven’t been what the kids call well, and the past few months I feel like I've let that bleed through into my ~public persona~ a little more than usual (more than I would really prefer, honestly. I hate that I’m at the kind of place where shouting into the digital void feels like catharsis but we takes what we can gets amirite).
Anyway it means a lot to me that people have stuck around, that y’all put up with the pointless episodes and even offer reassurance that I frankly don’t always feel like I deserve. I may not know the vast majority of you, and I probably won’t ever know most of you, but I do, genuinely, appreciate you.
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oatmealcrisp-freak · 6 months ago
I think Saiki deserves disability compensation and specialty caregivers but he'd never take it LOL
#i go back and forth on whether i like 'powers as disability' as representation i personally prefer as a disabled person but wont lie it#usually depends on where my pain levels are at that day. i might be jealous of the teenagers disabilities a touch.#like its not. as neat as it is in saiki k. irl. obviously. but i also do appreciate that asou gets into that a bit with the powerless!kusuo#arc#because there are no solutions theres just living with it. and other people living with you. and getting it wrong. and being forced to#depend on people who arent healthy for you who have their own issues that you have to take care of in turn where you can#because your ability to survive depends on the good will and health of others.#so i wouldnt say its naughty id just say im jealous because i feel like telekinesis would definitely be a pain improvement LOL#i like that theres varying levels of it too. like aiura and toritsuka arent shown to be as disabled but theres still a level of it for sure#because theres different kinds. a single limb amputee is still disabled for example but can probably still manage to support themselves#but i can still get around better than anyone in a wheelchair or who requires a mobility aid daily right now#(even though i might need one in ten years and already own a cane for tough days)#and i like that it intertwines with his mental health too. because it really does. for me it's a constant struggle between my pride#and my love for people and my want to do things and my ability. and its DEPRESSING.#other disabled ppl might say i have a level of internalized ableism but autoimmine disease ruined my life. i was disabled before then but#that broke the camels back. and it is nice to see that struggle represented in a way thats accepted largely uncritically by the fandom#because asou shows very well how saikis powers - while sometimes even beneficial - make life hard given the society he lives in and the#family he was born into#sometimes you just get hit with a hand of cards that all you can do is hope improves in the next life
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the-everqueen · 2 months ago
the third time is...maybe a sign that i need to find another career
(i did not get the fellowship i’d interviewed for)
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princesshair · a year ago
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happy 29th birthday louis! love you ♡ 
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c-kiddo · a year ago
ratings: T, gen, no archive warning apply
characters (so far): Caduceus Clay, Clarabelle Clay
In which Caduceus Clay is going to university (the arts school section of it), doing a textiles cart, and trying to figure out who he's meant to be. And also figuring out how to perhaps, make some friends. Things change after a month or so when he meets Beau in the library and she offers him a room at the housing co-op she and her friends have started. Silly (and sometimes sad) things happen from there :-3
Or, an incredibly self-indulgent, neurodivergent and queer fanfic, in which i project just a little too much. also i just wanted to write cad as an art student lol <3
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minhyunglee · 2 years ago
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taeil through the years
happy taeil day ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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seyaryminamoto · 6 months ago
I read your chapter note on 229 and just wanted to say that you’re a fantastic writer and I’m so glad you’re willing to take the story where it needs to go, even if it’ll prob upset all of us. Even before reading any warnings about part 3, I always felt that the natural evolution of the story would be for things to take a darker turn. Just wanted to let you know that most of your readers are here for YOUR story, both dark and light moments, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to read it :)
Thank you very much, Anon! I admit I'm always slightly worried about reader reactions whenever the story takes any controversial turns and I'm sure the upcoming ones are going to elicit some veeeery passionate responses. I do believe that the path I've chosen will make sense narratively beyond what people's emotions might dictate xD but I really won't be surprised if most reactions aren't particularly positive, regardless of how much sense the story makes by that point in time.
Anyway, I was surprised by the number of people who have pledged to see this wild ride through to the very end. Admittedly, I'd keep going even if nobody sticks around xD but it's good to know some people really are here to see a story being told. I won't say everyone ought to trust me and my choices as a writer xD nobody really gets to demand for trust, let alone to predict how others will feel about anything they do. Even so, I'm still touched by all those who believe in my storytelling sense and who intend to join me in the complicated and distressing Part 3 once we finally get there :)
So, thank you very much for the ask! I'm just really glad to know of more people who intend to keep going with me xD it's a big relief to find people like you in this dangerous narrative path I'm taking us on.
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charmed-by-the-world · 22 days ago
the only unrealistic thing about the mortal instruments is how alec and magnus are the only queer people in the nyc gang
#i have nothing against canon ships but i also just realised that simon dating isabelle and maia at the same time is reminiscent#of Gregory Fucking Hirsch from hbo succession and the comfrey comtessa situation#i have many opinions about all this but i don't even know where to start#like. we didn't see internalised homophones with alec he was mostly angry at the society and his father - which. fair enough dude#but jace? would absolutely have layers upon layers of internalised homophobia and shit if he was queer#dude this guy was raised by valentine! remembet the falon incident? the haha i pretended to get murked to give my ten year old son -#who isn't actually my son because i kidnapped him by the way - trauma for days?#he made him believe that jace loved clary with 'the wrong kind of love' when he tricked him into thinking the were siblings#and their blood relation was the only reason she could ever love him the only reason she felt drawn to him but they didn't know that#so instead of strong familiar love they went for romantic love and such#on the other note - simon is a vampire and that's kinda homoerotic ngl#clary clearly had internalised misogyny going when she met izzy and one of the examples i remember is when they sat next to each other in#the first book in the diner and she was like 'ugh who would even want to smell like vanilla? like a dessert? so all the boys would want to#eat her? what a whore' and i just think this is really funny and honestly yeah i think this scene alone could be very sapphic#as in 'i hated you because i haven't realised i was attracted to you' way and yeah maybe that's toxic#but clary and isabelle definitely show some girlfriendism in the books and they would do that even more if i was in charge of writing them#hope this makes any sense whatsoever#i would write more but it's getting late i might've sprained my ankle or something because it hurts as shit and im tired#fuck autocorrect for changing homophobia to homophones this is so funny as in way to funny to me
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trans-cuchulainn · 6 months ago
ahhhhhh i’m just so stressed about the whole... state of the world situation. at least when i lived alone i could go full hermit and batten down the hatches and never go out / see anyone but now i live with Other People and i don’t control what the household does or who comes here. and don’t get me wrong, nobody here is being irresponsible, they’re all testing and masking and stuff, but it’s still not my call whether relatives come for christmas etc, so i cannot go as hermit as i would like to and i’m stressed >:(
this is the least control over my living situation that i’ve had since the start of the pandemic and i think that makes me a lot more scared than any of the previous waves have, plus the general sense of stress and loss of control over my life (e.g. i don’t do the food shopping so i don’t have as much power over my meals, what food is in the house, that kind of thing, and the scrutiny of what time of day i’m awake doesn’t make me more diurnal it just makes me stressed about being nocturnal)
hngh i gotta move out but how and where
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obstinaterixatrix · 7 months ago
thank you yuricon website for making it easy for me to look for recent yuri eng releases
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appalachianapologies · 28 days ago
I’m sorry you were born WHERE???
Okay buckle up I've got quite the true story for you
My mom went into labor at like... idk the exact time, maybe around 3:00 AM, maybe earlier I'm not sure. Point is, it was freaking early, and she wasn't sure if it was actual labor or me just being funky in there.
Because of how early it was, she didn't want to wake my dad up in case it was a false alarm bc he had work that day. Keep in mind I am my mom's second child, and so she wasn't as nervous or anything else as she could've been.
Anyway fast forward until about 4:00 AM, my mom realizes that ohoho yes, this is actual labor. Wakes up my dad, wakes up my sister, and calls our family friends to say "hey we're about to have another baby, we need to drop off older child at your house... sorry it's 4 in the morning"
They leave, drop my sister off, and then head to the hospital. By then it's already like 4:30 and time is a ticking.
My dad drops my mom off at the hospital a little after 4:40 to go park, bc my mom literally could not have spent the extra time parking.
Now, as I mentioned, this is her second baby. She's been a physician for about 5 years already and she, first hand, knows what labor is like. And uh. Apparently, I was ready to leave. So my mom undresses in the lobby, essentially completely abandoned given the time (no one's at the desk), and a janitor spots her first.
Labor and delivery is on the 6th (I think?) Floor, and the elevator ride is long.
... apparently too long
And so my mom gives birth to me there. In the elevator, at 4:43 am with a janitor trying to fetch a wheelchair
Honestly, good times- probably one of my best moments
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ahatintimepieces · 10 months ago
Would you look at that? Four chapters!!! We have reached the climax! Family reunions, spiraling nightmares, storming castles, and finally... finding a prince frozen in eternal sleep. The end is at hand, but it won’t ever be happy if they can’t awaken the slumbering prince.
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