#I hope you feel better soon anon!
peanutcrow · 4 months ago
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Some Bruno puppy eyes for anon!
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grelleswife · a year ago
Currently no doing well... can I request a character interaction with Grelle please? I need her smile 😞
Grelle’s eyes soften with concern.
“Why in such low spirits, petunia? Do my scythe and I need to teach some cad a lesson for saying an unkind word to my darling?”
Before you have a chance to answer, she reaches out and clasps your hands.
“Ah! I know—I’ll make us a pot of rosehip tea, and then we can have a nice cozy chat. Just the two of us!”
She smiles, lips delicate and expressive despite the vicious teeth that lie behind them, and gives you a cheery wink.
“I proooomise I’ve improved since my days with Madame Red. Cross my heart and hope to die. I daresay lovely Bassy himself would sing the praises of the cuppa I can whip up!”
When you nod your quiet assent, the reaper protectively wraps an arm around your waist, like a loyal knight prepared to defend you at the first sign of danger.
“Then come with me, my sweet. We’ll sort this out. I’m sure of it!” 💕
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yourdeepestfathoms · a year ago
Can you please write a small scene where Joan does something wrong (like messing up during the show or forgetting something) and the queens just yell the life out of her? (I'm just having a bad day and want to see Joan suffering)
“I’m—I’m sorry—” Joan stammered, backing away. She held her hands out, though she wasn’t sure if it was in a truce gesture or to protect herself for a blow that may come to her.
“You’re sorry?” Jane snorted cruelly. “You really expect us to forgive you?”
“I wasn’t my fault!” Joan cried. “I-I didn’t mean to!”
“So it is your fault, then,” Cathy said. “If you didn’t mean to...then you still did it.”
Joan shot her a betrayed look, but Cathy doesn’t appear fazed. Her expression is calm and stoic, but her nostrils were flaring and there was still embarrassment flashing in her eyes, which then morphed into anger.
“Please, I-I didn’t—”
Joan was cut off when she got slapped across the mouth. Her cheek ignited in pain and she tasted blood on her tongue. Jane shook her hand in the air, then glared at her.
“Just shut up.” She hissed. “We don’t want to hear your excuses.”
“God, don’t you know how to listen?” Anne rolled her eyes. “Or are you as deaf as you are stupid?”
Joan flinched as if she had been sprayed by venom. She looked around, but saw no helpful faces. Jane, Anne, and Kitty all looked like they wanted to gut her alive right then and there. Cathy seemed pleased by the scolding and Cleves was pretending the argument wasn’t going on. Aragon looked at her feet, then formed pitifully at Joan. The other three ladies in waiting were nowhere to be found. They didn’t want to be caught in this storm.
“I-I’m not—”
Joan was slapped again in the same spot, this time much harder. Her skin seared in pain, hot to the touch. She thought it was going to burst open if she were stuck for a third time...which she was when she opened her mouth to defend herself and explain.
“Stop!” Joan squealed, tottering backwards against the wall. “Please, please stop—”
“You’re making this harder on yourself.” Cathy pointed out helpfully. “Just shut up and accept what you did was wrong.”
“But it wasn’t my fault!” Joan wailed, then immediately shielded her head. Above her, Jane sneered in disgust. Kitty tittered in an awful, impish way.
“You’re pathetic,” Jane spat. She whisked away in a whirlwind of silver. Cathy followed, but not without shooting Joan a scornful look.
“You should just quit.” Kitty said to Joan. “Everyone would be better off without you.”
“Or better off with you dead,” Anne mused wistfully. “Can you do that?”
The cousins laughed. Joan went rigid. Did Anne just tell her to...?
Kitty and Anne went after Jane and Cathy. Joan whimpered, tears flooding from her eyes. Her cheek felt like it was on fire. Cleves shook her head at her, then left, leaving only Aragon behind.
“Catalina—” Joan croaked. She reached for her, desperate for comfort. She wanted to be held so badly. Just the touch of one person would be enough to prove to her that she shouldn’t end her life. “C-Catalina, please—”
“I’m sorry,” Aragon sighed. “Joan—you really do need to grow up and own up to what you did. You really embarrassed us today. It wasn’t fun being stared at like we were.”
“I’m sorry—” Joan squeaked. Dread was spilling through her.
“I know,” Aragon sighed. “But that isn’t going to fix things this time. Learn from your mistakes, please.”
And then, even she was gone.
Joan stares at the place where Aragon used to be, tears hazing her vision.
Alone. She was alone.
The cousins were right.
Joan curled up on the floor and began to sob.
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brosif40 · 2 years ago
hey. im sorry abt this question being literally out of the blue but i wanted to ask how would you be able to cheer yourself up after having a depressive episode ? im trying to distract myself with anything but its not really working
Hmm.. I usually just try to listen to songs that make me happy, look at fanart etc of my favorite characters, or draw something cute-
But doing anything like cleaning, watching a tv show you like, etc.. really helps as a distraction. Just distract your brain yknow
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spockfallsinlove · 2 years ago
I am curled up in a recliner cramping and grumpy. :/ But, watching star trek, in season 3 episode 14. I vaguely remember watching it with my dad late at night on some channel with old TV shows, but this is my first watch through. My favorite episodes include the one with Spocks parents, the gang planet :), then city on the edge of forever and the Enterprise incident. Do you have favorite episodes?
i’m grumpy today too!! i’ve been stuck in the house all day cleaning/setting up technology that i don’t wanna do and that’s taking way longer than it needs to. 
star trek will cure your bad mood, though. i’m sure of it :) my favorite episode is probably Journey to Babel, or the classic City on the Edge of Forever. Those are the two that pop into my head right away, but I’m sure there’s others :) 
positivity asks
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thegreataratakareigen · 6 days ago
can i get a hug i’m feeling a bit down :(
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justpastryvideos · 3 months ago
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meiansmistress · 7 months ago
Which guy would be jealous easily and possessive af
I have a need to be wanted :(
Don’t worry anon I want you :(
The first person I thought of was Iwaizumi—he doesn’t think he will be, he was fine with you meeting Mattsun and Makki after all. But as soon as Oikawa curls up next to your side on his first visit back from Argentina, throwing an arm over your shoulder and giving his signature grin, Iwaizumi is pissed.
He lets Oikawa talk all about Argentina over drinks, lets him talk about high school memories with a laughed “Isnt that right, Iwa-chan?” And you laugh, so soft and sweet, and that burns him up even more. Because he should be the only one making you laugh like that, he should be the one you look at him with those eyes. His last straw is when you take Oikawa’s offered drink, because he’s reminded too much of how you both met, how he slid the same drink your way and ended up in your bed later.
“We’re going home,” he grounds out, wrapping a hand around your upper arm and tugging you out of your seat.
“Hajime,” you gasp when your drink spills on the end of your shirt.
“Iwa-chan, already going?” Oikawa drunkenly laughs, and by the twinkle in his eye, Iwaizumi knows Shittykawa did this on purpose.
You’re barely inside your bedroom before Iwaizumi has you naked and bent over the bed, hand palming your ass before slapping down hard.
“H-Hajime!” You gasp, grinding back toward him.
“I bet you wish this was Oikawa, huh?” He questions as he fumbles with his pants. When you try to look back at him, he slaps your ass again. “Don’t turn around and maybe you can imagine it’s him.”
“No,” you whine, fingers gripping your sheets when you hear him spit. The next moment, he’s rubbing against you and making you moan. “No, only you.”
“Only me?” His deep mocking only makes your body flush hotter with how possessive he sounds. “You could have fooled me, hanging all over him tonight.”
“I was trying—” You gasp when the head of his cock presses against your hole, thighs quivering when he grinds into you but doesn’t fill you up. “Trying to be nice to your best friend, ah—”
“I don’t think you deserve it,” he nearly growls, cock slipping between the crevasse of your ass as he ruts against you. “Maybe I should only give you this? Until you learn who you belong to.”
Your whine is broken, muffled into your arm as you bite at your own flesh to keep from crying out. “You’re… please, you’re the only one I want, I’m yours, Hajime.”
It’s sweet relief when he pushes into you, fingers gripping your hips so hard it makes you gasp.
“Good,” he exhales as he thrusts sharply to force a squeal from you. “That better be the only name coming out of your lips tonight.”
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alaskae · 8 months ago
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for @allys-edit-cafe | ↻/♡ if used or saved
credit the artists 1 2 if used
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novazentryx · 2 months ago
my joints are having a fucky day so i’m stuck in bed :( however that does mean i have an excuse to make disability related wk headcanons
i think one of avivas side projects she works on when she’s not doing cps stuff is making reliable and affordable mobility aids, usually with really cool animal patterns. jimmy helps test some of them out when he also has bad joint days bc i headcanon him as having hypermobile eds. —head full anon
It’s kinda the same thing i headcanon with Zach and other villains too! That everyone basically has work outside of what we see in the show!
Aviva is constantly inventing and with Koki doing maintenance, Aviva is free to do more outside inventing! Which is probably how they get their funding outside of donations and grants.
And yes!!! Aviva would love to help others! Especially if it’s about helping a friend who needs it. From my little knowledge of some of the disability aids stuff, it’s that it’s incredibly expensive. And! With Aviva’s chemistry knowledge, I feel like she’d make affordable insulin as well!!!
Basically she helps make stuff affordable for American healthcare 😭 Thank You Aviva, I wish you were Real.
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crow-osha · 3 months ago
My tummy hurts am i going to die?
Maybe not because of your tummy hurts but yes death is inevitable
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highlifeboat · a year ago
How would the girls and Alcina and Donna react to their s/os having a bad panic attack?? Having one rn 🤣😭
Alcina takes them gently by the face and gets them to do that "5 things you can see, 4 things you can feel" thing. (She does it for her girls too. And this headcanon is inspired by This Fanfic, incase anyone cares) She's very calm and caring.
Daniela also does this, because it's the one thing that helps her when her delusions and reality start mixing together as well.
All Donna can really do is hold them close and gently stroke their hair. She'll whisper comforting things to them, remind them where they are, that they're safe, ect.
Cassandra has no idea what to do in these situations. She's actually pretty bad at the whole comforting thing, her best idea is to just keep them in one room and keep talking to them until they calm down.
Bela takes them to the bathroom and makes them put their wrists under cold water while repeatedly saying things like "It's okay" "You're okay" "Everything's fine" and trying to stay calm despite the fact that she, too, is trying not to panic.
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evilneo · 18 days ago
urgh. that syscourse post you debunked claimed a lot of traits that i have are indicative of faking. and it does have me anxious now, but at the same time- if i had the option to feel like a whole, single person, i would. if i could hold down a job, i would, like. i dunno. somethings wrong, even if its not DID/OSDD.
I had a bunch of traits on there too (looks at attention seeking (cluster B moment) and the introject thing lol), that guy is SO full of shit. his words are based p much solely on ableism*. im holding yous in my hands anon
*exept for the bit abt needing PTSD but thats just common sense so he gets NO credit for that
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maritasdump · 6 months ago
Heyyy it's the annoying anon again! *canned aplause*
So, believe it or not, my day didn't get better within a few hours and I'm still really bad. But I don't want to send an ask to vent and complain about my day lol.
And you did say that your DMs were open, but... well... I don't want to reveal my identity because I'm a shy piece of sh*t kdwlfndk-
But hey, if I'm going to send an ask I'm at least not going to make it just to vent, so I want to ask something: What is Marky Wu? Is it Marcy, but like, drunk? Actually you know what, don't answer that. I prefer to live in a world where Marky is just a drunk Marcy.
Im gonna explain marky anyway nyehehehehe
Basically there was a twitter discourse recently concerning the prononciation of Marcanne. Since Marcy is pronounced Marsy, the ship name is pronounced Marsanne, but some people have been pronouncing MarKanne, hence Marky Wu
Tumblr media
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voidsides · a year ago
I want Thomas to put his heart back into making video and take away the capitalism that has slowly ruined it and made it into something for cash. Those jams represent that the series has become something for money, not joy or knowledge.
I’m sorry you feel that way, I’m sure that takes away a lot of fun out of things for you. Unfortunately we do live in a society™ and that society demands that we make money in order to make things (and you know, in order to live.) Thomas had some people who wanted to work with him and make something that he know we would be interested in; things that are relevant to the series that we have already shown that we enjoyed the last time, and so he did. I say good for him. And it’s not like they just rereleased the same thing they did last time and called it a day, they made more of them for the other characters that we love- and made a whole video to go with them. And it wasn’t just a simple “here’s some jams” video either, it was a decent skit with multiple scenes and settings and all that.
And listen... I know a lot of folks feel like they’ve been waiting and deserve something more but honestly I loved Flirting with Social Anxiety, and Recreating incorrect quotes, and Return of the jam! I loved them, I had so much fun and I’ve been perfectly satisfied with them! So I unfortunately can’t really sympathize with you there. I have other things and creators I enjoy, so I’m not expecting a constant stream of content from any one of them.
Also, I think this whole “Thomas, this” and “Thomas, that” thing should really be phrased different, cause it’s not just thomas here, you all know that right? It’s thomas and joan and sometimes talyn, and in this case the Crofters company, and really anyone else who joins and makes videos with them. 
I know a lot of people have problems with creators trying to sell their merch and all that, but personally my philosophy has always been “get that bread babes” so I really can’t bring myself to be upset here. Especially if the creator is doing it in a way that is still on brand and enjoyable. A lot of us are (or at least were) just having some fun, and while I do think it can be important to be critical I also think coming raining on someone else’s parade is not always the way to do it. 
Again, I’m sorry you feel that way, I’m sure it’s very frustrating. But in this case I can’t really give you the sympathy you’re looking for. I know there are other folks who feel the same way though, so I really hope you find them so you can talk it out with them! 
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rpmemes-galore · 3 months ago
A fellow resource blog mun has recently been chased off the platform and is in an extremely poor place mentally due to horrific harassment..  it’s a seriously screwed up situation, and I send them my best.  and if you’d like to offer them some love and support, there’s a wall of text set up to send them good vibes and kind words.  the link to it, as well as more information on the situation --- worded better and more concisely than I’m able to here --- can be found over on their blog.    @stitchrph
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boldlyvoid · 8 months ago
i just want spencer to hold me while i cry through a panic attack sigh
(currently having a really bad mental health day and the only thing keeping me going is the thought of spencer being there for me)
Tumblr media
He would love to hold you while you cry, he loves you!
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a-lil-perspective · a year ago
bad mood day today . havent been feeling good . do u have some soft hunter hcs to spare
Anon I’m so sorry I didn’t get to this right away, I was not functioning for a bit. I hope your day is going much better, and of course I have some soft hcs to spare.❤️Hang in there.
(Also I wasn’t sure exactly what context you were wanting but I took the liberty of doing some Hunter x Reader—I am feeling soft bath stuff with Hunter so that’s what this is, hope that’s okay.)
Whether you’re not feeling good physically or emotionally or both, Hunter’s got you covered.
He will first make sure you’re hydrated and get something good to eat because that’s important no matter which way you’re struggling.
If you don’t have a lot of energy and are really feeling down, Hunter will run a bath for you with your favorite scents—regardless of what his sensory complex has to say about it.
You try to protest because he doesn’t have to do that for you.
He reminds you that it’s because he loves you.
If you need a little more convincing, which of course you do: it’s what you’d do for him.
When it comes to your comfort, best believe Hunter goes all out.
He puts your favorite pjs in the dryer while you’re in the bath so that when you’re done they’re all nice and warm for you. A real man. :’)
Hunter likes to leave you to your space but he won’t hesitate to join you if that’s what will make you feel better.
Because of that: most of the time he does end up joining you.
He wedges in behind you, the water is the perfect temperature: that coveted line between warm and hot that leaves your skin noticeably flushed but makes you feel like absolute putty.
Baths with Hunter are quiet save for the occasional slosh in the tub. You lean back against his chest and he holds you to him, caressing your soft skin. He’ll play with your wet hair and give you reassuring squeezes, humming a soothing tune in your ear whenever you start to get restless.
At some point you turn around and straddle him. He secures you tight to him, rubbing up and down your back while you bury your face in the crook of his neck.
You sit like that until the water turns cool and has stilled completely around you. You’ve nearly fallen asleep on him, just listening to the languid drip of the faucet and his resolute breaths, mixed with the feel of his wet skin against yours and the steady thrum of his heart that beats steadily for you.
The cool air nips at your arms strewn around his neck, but you don’t even shiver. You’re not cold at all because Hunter is warm and his warmth sustains you.
He helps you out of the tub as you’re half asleep, and wraps you real tight in a towel, giving your arms a quick little rub and pressing a kiss to your forehead before murmuring for you to wait right there while he goes and grabs your clothes.
He returns and proceeds to massage your favorite lotion onto you, planting little kisses here and there.
You both get dressed and the dryer-tumbled clothes feel extra soft against you. You look at him through heavy lids, sporting his own lounge clothes. The way they hang loosely around him, he looks so tender and snug and serene in a way that makes your heart swell and all your troubles ebb away.
Hunter radiates the most pleasant, soothing vibes without even trying, which in turn does wonders for your mood. He’s just kind of amazing like that.
He brings you to the mirror and has you turn with your back to him as he begins to brush your hair.
You nearly purr at the feel of bristles gliding carefully through your saturated locks; he’s determined to not cause you any discomfort. You murmur dazedly that he’s a godsend.
Hunter brushes long after the tangles are out, only stopping when you have to brace against the countertop, unable to hold yourself up any longer as you succumb to the balmy pull of sleep. You’re safe and loved and untroubled.
Even though the bed is just a few steps away Hunter will carry you bridal style to it because he is extra™ and also soft!husband.
He lays you down, chuckling at the way you immediately give a weak tug of his shirt—as if he’d go anywhere else except tangled up with you.
Hunter scoots in and pulls you to him. You rest your head on his chest and sleep immediately covers you like a thick blanket.
When you awake you feel refreshed and unburdened and it’s safe to say it’s the best nap you’ve had in ages. Sleep + Hunter makes everything better.
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sigmadecay · 5 months ago
Are you German or are you like a weeb but for German stuff? Sorry if this is worded bad idk how else to say that but like you european or just real into it??? Sorry just curious I think my DayQuil is making me weird
So, yea, to answer your question, my family has German heritage & we do like to make traditional food, but also—
This is like the funniest ask I’ve ever gotten anon are you okay
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leonhardt-simp · 9 months ago
hi do you think you could do a few hc of Annie or mikasa comforting reader after a panic attack, I really need this rn
Annie would be very calm and collected when you start feeling worked up, her hands would come to cover your ears and she would help you with breathing before pulling your head into her chest to hug you close to her. Encouraging words like “You’re doing great.” and “Look at you, just like that.” would be spoke so softly to you as she helps you calm down.
Mikasa would softly speak to you in a caring tone, “it’s okay. Look at me,.” She’ll give the most comforting smile to you as she holds the sides of your face to focus on her. She’ll let you cling to her and cry into her shoulder, rubbing your back when you do. “you’re safe now.” She’ll tell you, gently caressing your head. When you feel you have calmed down a little bit then she would bring you a cold water, pressing a reassuring kiss against your head.
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