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#I just killed a beloved oc
noonfaerie3 months ago
elinor, going through the fallow mire while disturbing the undead living in the water: always nice to see some friends go skinny dipping with me uwu
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knifegremliin5 months ago
Tumblr media
did some eye practice with my ocs <3
in order by column: Quyance, Zha'kaar, Syldis, Virile [column 1], Mike, Emi (living), Emi (ghost), Vardez [column 2], Jasper, Thythus, Vin (cursed), Vin (angel) [column 3]
edit: added Syldis and Virile and also edited Quyance's eyes a bit! also trying my hand at an image id for my art so id under cut!!
[IMAGE ID: a digital drawing of eyes on a plain grey background. there are three columns of eyes.
in the first column are knifegremliin's ocs, Quyance, Zha'kaar, Syldis and Virile.
Quyance's eyes are narrow with very long dark blue lashes resembling eyeliner, and two shorter, but thin bottom lashes. his sclerae are white and only visible on the outer corner of his eyes. their irises are a light blue and their dark blue pupils are slits. he has dark circles under his eyes.
Zha'kaar's eyes are also narrow with long dark blue lashes, though his lashes are noticeably shorter than Quyance's. he also has two shorter bottom lashes but they are thicker. his eyes angle up a bit. his sclerae are white, and are much more visible than Quyance's. his irises are an icy blue with a notable red eye shine. his top lashes also have a red shine to them. his dark blue pupils are also slits.
Syldis's eyes are much rounder than Zha'kaar and Quyance's and his dark yellow-green lashes are much shorter. his two bottom lashes point almost completely down and are very small. his sclerae are a dull yellow-green and have a dark gradient at the top, unlike any of the other eyes. his irises are a lighter, but still dull, yellow-green and his dark yellow-green pupils are round.
Virile's eyes are narrow, angled up, and have semi-long dark green lashes. her two bottom lashes point out completely to the side, unlike the other eyes which are in varying positions but closer to pointing downwards. her sclerae are white, her irises are light green and her dark green pupils are round.
in the second column are knifegremliin's ocs, Mike, Emi and Vardez.
Mike's eyes are relatively narrow, though they more closely give off the appearance of a tired, half-lidded gaze. his dark red lashes are short, thick and blunt, and his two lower lashes are very small, pointing almost completely downwards. his sclerae are white, his irises are bright red and his dark red pupils are round and on the smaller side. he has very dark circles under his eyes as well as notable bags. both eyes are glowing red.
Emi has two sets of eyes, the top set is when she was alive and the bottom set is after her death when she is a ghost. both eyes are round, with dark brown lashes that point up like eyeliner. her two bottom lashes are short, thick and are placed closer to the inner corners of her eyes rather than on the outer corners. in the top set, her sclerae are white, her irises are a warm, saturated brown and her dark brown pupils are round and a bit large. in the bottom set, all the colors in her eyes are very desaturated, and her pupils are instead white. she notably has no eye shine in the bottom set.
Vardez's eyes are narrow, with somewhat long and thick lashes, dark orange on the left and dark green on the right. his two bottom lashes are short, thick, and placed closer to the center of his eyes. his sclerae are white, his left iris is bright orange and his right iris is bright green. his left pupil is dark orange and his right pupil is dark green. both pupils are small and look more like ovals than circles. his left eye is a bit narrower than his right eye, as though he has a smug smirk on his face.
in the third column are knifegremliin's ocs, Jasper, Thythus and Vin.
Jasper has three eyes, all of which are relatively narrow. his left and right eyes are placed where a normal person's eyes would be, and his third eye is in the center, above his other two eyes on his forehead. his black lashes are somewhat long and sharp, with his two bottom lashes being small. his left and right eyes have black sclerae, while his middle has no sclera, only an iris. his left iris is a vibrant orange, his right iris a vibrant red and his middle iris is a warm yellow. his left and middle pupil are a dark orange and his right is a dark red. all three pupils are slits. he has an orange shine on his left lashes and a red shine on his right lashes.
Thythus's eyes are mostly round, but his lower lid is pushed up a bit, as though he is smiling. his dark orange lashes are thick and point up at the end, resembling eyeliner. his two bottom lashes are short. he has no sclerae and his eyes are a solid gold. he has a orange gradient circling around his eyes, fading into a gold color in the center, resembling honey.
Vin has two sets of eyes, the top is his current, cursed form, the bottom is what his eyes looked like when he was an angel. both sets are relatively round, though they do not appear to have their eyes completely open, so they appear a little more narrow. both sets also have thick lashes and two small, thinner bottom lashes. in the top set he has dark red lashes, white sclerae, pale red irises and dark pinkish-red slit pupils. in the bottom set, they have dark orange lashes and no sclerae, only irises. their irises are a dull gold, with large, round pale yellow pupils. /END ID]
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df-thoughts5 months ago
for this hero appreciation day, i am going to talk about things that would absolutely break mira. appreciation <3
i made a post a while back about the possibility that fleshweaver is going to be some impossible choice. and i think that mira is capable of choosing fleshweaver. like, if it were between aegis and war, or the world, or something like that...well, mira's a hero. she protects people, first and foremost, and sometimes that means doing great and terrible things. and i think aegis would understand! i think he would give his blessing, if it came down to that. he's the one that wanted to support a hero, after all. surely he never thought it would be easy.
but like. he's her best friend. he's woven into her soul. mira the hero might choose fleshweaver, but there wouldn't be a mira anymore, after that.
she still travels around and saves the day, but there are edges to her that weren't there before. she never speaks, never sticks around after a fight, just drifts from one quest to the next, barely recognizable, wild-eyed and eternally hungry. even draco can't decide whether they're afraid of her or afraid for her, anymore.
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arlathen6 months ago
god im really in it w nate/rosanna
#im not having a good day so i am thinking about my beloved-s. sue me.#i keep thinking of like. after heavy flirting shes just like nate youre adorable but you dont have to try this hard to get me into bed#this like. at the door to her townhouse. she is unsubtly inviting him in. if we're gonna do this let's do it.#and hes like. well. yes i do want to sleep with you but i'd like to get to know you first because i like you as a person#and i do not want this to be casual :)#and her to emotions are: ?????????????? and no nononono nonono no no non ono nope#if this were a text convo she would ghost him immediately#unfortunately hes an old man and also they work together. she considers packing her bags and moving away.#as it is she just. avoids him as much as she can. for maybe a few weeks. and hes kind of hurt and confused the whole time#because things were going very well. they got along wonderfully when things were ambiguous聽 -- when it was just flirting.#but he doesn't press her on it because well he has more than a modicum of emotional intelligence lel#i don't think she's forthcoming about what happened to her at all. but nate knows it's something.#he knows pain and fear well enough to recognize it when he sees it.#anyway i was trying to fit this into the books and i think that would be book 2-ish. and THEN i thought.#'house of mirrors role reversal where falk CAN read the detective' because rosanna's would definitely be killing her husband#and she would definitely get a guilty verdict xoxo. and then i was thinking about how N tends to panic in stressful situations.#and well. baby we got us a tasty stew simmering over here.#carly.txt#carly's oc#oc: rosanna
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roughly6500beesa year ago
Durand: I've lived for thousands of years, I've watched everything I love die and my only friend has become my enemy. She has killed me countless times.
Ace: I was forced to die over and over again in horrible, violent ways and felt all of it.
Marley: are you guys... Okay?
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yanderemommabean23 days ago
Hey so i have a few scenarios that i really want to visualize/feel immersed in but i just can't picture all the sensory details (idk it might help if you pick one and expand upon it if you're feeling cool with that? No pressure tho i luv you):
Okay so imagine in an abo setting, there's a yandere alpha (you can picture anyone from any fandom or whatever oc you see fit here) that is pretty respectful/patient/tolerant of their darling omega for the most part, but there are a few exceptions where they truly let themselves go feral, such as
-grooming: the yandere wants to brush their hair, teeth, wash their face, shower/bathe with them just to be sure they're 100% clean and healthy. Bonus if they have baths for fun but darling hates it so they gotta chase or pounce on their omega in order to force a cleaning session. I think it could also be real cute if, when laying with their darling during a forced cuddle session, they start absentmindedly licking their darling like a cat- and it turns into a whole super serious cleaning session where they just *have* to be certain that darling is clean and safe
-feeding: the inherent provider part of this yandere tells them to not only cook meals that are healthy and filling for their darling, but to not eat until darling 100% clears their plate. Doesn't matter if darling is feeling sick or is just not hungry that time bc they were snacking earlier; the yandere gets grumpy as fuck and either intimidates them into finishing their meal, or ties them down and forces them too -though often in an infantilizing way moreso than a brutal one (like they'll try those "here comes the airplane" tricks you do with babies instead of forcing darling's mouth open). If darling vomits from being over-fed, then clearly the yandere reasons that they are failing as a provider, and they let darling rest while they cook a new meal to shove at them.
-protection: their darling/omega HAS to stay inside of their home, at all times, strictly to keep them safe. It would be even better if the omega nested/stayed in one room most of the time ,(or, in the yandere's mind, it would be best if darling were in bed all the time, all safe and sound, and cozy in a place where they can rest comfily) but until then the yandere tries to subtley manipulate them into doing that
(Sorry this is long, but i feel like i can sometimes come up with yandere scenarios on a logical level, but when it comes to fleshing out the sensory/imaginative details, i struggle to keep the immersion going. But it's really easy for me to get lost in your scenarios when you write so i just wanna see what you would choose to expand on, if that makes any sense?)
I really like the idea of manipulating the darling into making a nest! I mean in the eyes of the yandere there鈥檚 nothing wrong with wanting their beloved safe and sound!
So they start making subtle hints here and there. 鈥淪aw on the news about another omega being killed. Sad huh?鈥 Or 鈥淭he work world is so violent and tiring. Almost like they don鈥檛 want you there because you鈥檙e an omega鈥
Soon they start to bulk up the manipulation. Making claims that are just scary enough to get you thinking but not enough for you to call bullshit. 鈥淥ne of these days a rogue alpha might hurt you. Being home or around me is the only safe bet you have in terms of defense鈥.
Sooner or later the darling might just crack. Make a nest and be a good stay at home spouse. However if push comes to shove, the Alpha is prepared to stage a few incidents and give his cute strong headed mate a good scare.
Now imagine their rage and worry if the omega came home from work smelling like another alpha.
At that point? Well it鈥檚 just for safety that the omega is scented and locked into the master bedroom, surrounded by soft clothes and other items that smell of the Alpha. And it鈥檚 also just for their safety that they called their work place and said the omega is no longer an employee.
Any good mate would do that! Especially if their omega was being approached by a weak pathetic excuse for a human. What? They aren鈥檛 jealous! Shut up they鈥檙e just protective!
Cue the alpha having a pout with their arms crossed when the omega points it out.
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memryse5 months ago
sometimes i forget how wild the mianite era was so. here are some favourites since we're talking about mianite tonight! this is mianite propaganda btw. you should watch it.
tom mistaking the annie song "hard knock life" for "hard butt life" and somehow seeing nothing wrong with this. "hard butt life" becoming a bit which eventually resulted in the four of them getting lifetime supplies of charmin toilet paper
jordan having masses of signs written in lawyer-speak outside his vault because people kept coming up with ways to glitch into it. i promise you this server had NO respect for "lore" or "morals"
that one purge where the quartzhouse became completely overrun by mobs and tom spent like 20 minutes dying over and over and over
that other purge where one of the wizards was messing around and killed another, so he technically was on the scoreboard, came last because he only got one kill and was then punished for it
that one picture of tucker with the chipped tooth that was just... everywhere you looked
speaking of that pic of tucker: mianite purge highlights my beloved over-edited absolute messes of videos
jordan's ever-expanding list of nicknames: glitter lap, sparkly dick, sparkly pants, et cetera
repeatedly doing meth and cocaine and every other hard drug imaginable in minecraft on stream. bolded for emphasis captainsparklez did not do actual meth on stream
#SteveFor1D, when zayn had just left one direction and the 1D fandom was incredibly confused and/or angry about who the hell steve was and why there was a minecraft farmer man in the tag
jordan singlehandedly spurring on the plot because he couldn't choose a god and made his own OC instead. dare i say this was the predecessor to wilbur just really really wanting to do breaking bad/hamilton roleplay
them having so many issues with nvidia graphics cards that seven years later i still cannot ever see nvidia without laughing
that time tom spawned a mini me which he decided was his son jeffrey... jeffry.. however he spelled it, and promptly forgot his son's name every time he was mentioned. then the others decided to kidnap jeffrey and ended up having to rename him, causing jeffrey's skin to change into a male stripper skin. that sure was a thing that happened
everything mot screziato had going on
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themateriodictable3 months ago
ranking minor final fantasy 7 characters no one cares about
Tumblr media
gold standard non-named shinra middle manager. returns from the original game. those fake stories where someone makes a speech and then eveyone clapped?? actually happened but no one at work is gonna believe him lmao. unfortunately cheats on his wife so points docked. 8/10
Tumblr media
this guy is apparently called narjin. can鈥檛 remember him at all so good for him. NRA dude. zero plot relevance, no speaking lines probably, just vibes. 2/10
Tumblr media
wutai pagoda boss with the cutest lil buns. their name is S H A K E. apparently the bosses are supposed to be an homage to playwrights and this lil one is shakespeare. gives shit to yuffie for being a girl but they鈥檙e both brats so what鈥檙e gonna do. honestly what a cutiepie. turns into a penguin.聽 7/10
Tumblr media
shalua is from widely hated dirge of cerberus and posting her full cgi render on will likely get you banned. its not especially nsfw but everyone hates it and wants to forget and i can鈥檛 let them. belongs to the ffx-2 school of character design. at one point she becomes piss. idk i think she does science but maybe her shoulders are cold?? 5/10
Tumblr media
mr holzoff is an ex-mountain climber who definitely killed his friend. i鈥檓 blowing this shit wide open LOOK i know his tragic backstory says his friend cut the rope but we know that鈥檚 bull. dude鈥檚 wife is just up at icicle inn and she thinks holzoff is dead?? 30 years and he鈥檚 just been at the base of gaea鈥檚 cliff he could have sent a letter or a pigeon or something idk. also rescues you if you pass out in the glacier so he ok. 3/10
Tumblr media
Dio is a wrestler who owns the only theme park in the world. He had a lil chat with sephiroth in the gold saucer at some point, then tells cloud to get his autograph. cannot read the room. dude put a gold statue of himself at the top of his theme park and i support him. 7/10
Tumblr media
chadley my beloved. the peak of bewildering minor ff7 characters. a backstory that is several layers of insanity. who authorised this. how do you write a character that looks like this, is named chadley, reveal that he鈥檚 a cyborg shinra intern, and not realize you鈥檝e written objectively the funniest thing in existence. 10/10 never change
Tumblr media
this fuckin guy. sends you endless emails and is SOMEHOW a fan favourite that shows up in every crisis core fic. he never stops sending emails, even after you鈥檙e dead. he knows his friend can鈥檛 read and sends them anyway, just to be cruel. i appreciate kunsel is a loyal friend in-game but when you get older and have to deal with emails you鈥檒l have nothing but contempt for this man. he doesn鈥檛 even work for IT why is he doing this. 1/10
Tumblr media
another non-named character for the list, has a speaking line!! coloquially known as 鈥渞eeve鈥檚 assistant鈥. rocking that beige on beige look. probably a wutai spy or some shit idk isn鈥檛 everyone in shinra secretly a spy now. huge shoutout to the people writing fics about her, this is a fandom that鈥檒l fall over themselves to make a male character important based on fuck all. live your best life with your favourite karen oc. 5/10
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crosbyscurls10 days ago
饾枓饾枮饾枠饾枡饾枈饾枟饾枮 饾枖饾枊 饾枒饾枖饾枦饾枈 - part one.
Tumblr media
pairing: sidney crosby x fem!oc word count: 4.9k warning(s): none note: to clear a few things up before we start; this takes place starting in preseason for the 2021-22 roster, but sid and geno aren't injured and covid doesn鈥檛 exist in this universe because we hate both of those things in this household.聽 + it's finally here!! I'm so sorry for the long wait, life got in the way but I'm so excited to share Noor and Sidney with you all <33 series masterlist
Tumblr media
Summer is his favourite time of the year. As much as Sidney loved playing hockey and fighting for the cup alongside a team that's evolved into his second family, he can't deny the comfort that's brought forth by his Cole Harbour home. For those three months, most of his concerns revolve around helping his parents with their backyard, getting dragged to impromptu shopping trips with Taylor, going on early morning jogs with Sam to burn off the barbeque from the previous evening.
Sidney gets to enjoy the breeze washing over the lake behind his home every afternoon as he catches up with his friends he doesn't get to see all year round with a can of Bud Light beer in one hand and a fishing rod in another.
For one fleeting moment, he could pretend he was just Sid from the small town of Cole Harbour and not Sid the Kid, the face of the national hockey league whose time was beginning to run out.
Like every good and bad in the world, those months come to an end, and before he knows it, he's lacing up his skates once more - not that summer ever stopped him from it. And Sidney is back on his beloved ice, doing what he loves the most in the whole wide world because there is still a bit more fight left in him until he's ready to pass on the mantle.
Freshly back from vacation, the locker room is bursting with palpable eagerness and excitement. All the players, new and old, buzzing with a newfound rigour and passion, only fuelled by their loss from the previous season and encouraged by the love and support from their partners and kids.
Around him, Tanger, Geno and others speak of their summer spent, much like his own time off, but with the added company of their wives and children that he's come to adore. Their conversations about teaching their kids how to skate or hold the hockey stick, taking their wives to date nights or passing remarks about plans to expand their families fill the captain with an overwhelming sense of hurt, knowing he'd never get to experience that for himself - not any time soon, at least.
For now, he's the guy drinking beers alone at the bar in Diesel while his teammates dance with their wives or girlfriends before they return to a home filled with love and compassion.
Kris rambles about how Alex has come a long way from the little boy who kept falling on the ice with his kiddy blades the entire first summer to now being able to run across the ice at a vicious speed that has his younger sister screaming bloody murder. The locker room fills with a burst of laughter, numerous conversations drowning the others as Sidney smiles, his ears catching whatever fleeting words they could.
"Captain," Tanger's hand pats his shoulder firmly, making Sid whip his head around, his brows raised with a hint of amusement, "I'll see you at my place after the game, yeah?"
"I wouldn't miss it for the world," He smiles reassuringly, knowing his absence would have Catherine morphing into the furious (and mostly upset) mother he'd grown to know over the past sixteen years.
"Good," Kris grins in satisfaction, backing away to the centre of the room, "because otherwise, Cath will kill you, and there is no saving you from it."
Shaking his head, Sid laughs, knowing there was every bit of truth in his statement. Despite all the nights he's gone to bed alone or returned to an empty apartment after a rather gruelling loss in the series, he's grateful for the family he's found in their companionship. All the times they've welcomed him into their homes fully aware he was spending the evening alone, playing back the tapes from earlier games because there's always scope for improvement.
"Listen up, idiots!" Kris claps his hands together, the sound echoing through the locker room simmering with heat and the distinct pungent smell of sweat lingers in the air. A silence settles as all the players halt their bickering to turn towards the defenseman expectedly, an almost inaudible 'rude' escaping Dumo's lips.
"Cath's new friend is coming over tonight. So, I need you all to behave," Tanger begins, his eyes trailing over everyone, especially the rookies and the young bachelors who would undoubtedly act with their dicks and have the poor girl running for the hills, shooting daggers to get his point across.
"Cath really likes her, and she's new to Pittsburgh," He emphasises, "So she'd really like to keep her around."
"Meeting us bad idea," Beside Sid, Geno quips under his breath, but it's loud enough to ring in the captain's ears, making him choke back on a laugh.
"Is she single?" comes the voice of P.O before Kris is sending a seething glare towards him to catch the memo.
"Last warning, don't fuck it up tonight."
Tumblr media
The past twenty-four hours have been a blur for Noor. From packing up the life she'd built for herself over the past six years in her humble Manhattan apartment to meeting the alluring Catherine Laflamme in the business lounge of LaGuardia airport as they waited for the storm to calm down, she's still trying to wrap her head around all the events leading up to her standing outside the Letang threshold.
Noor has always been the one to look to the light at the end of the tunnel, the rainbow after the thunderstorm because she knows whatever she's going through at the moment is just a blip in the matrix, and everything would sort itself out - after leaving behind a few bloody scratches and marks, that is. Somewhere out there, someone's having it worse.
That's what Noor kept reminding herself as she navigated her way through the crowded front desk of terminal 6C, pushing past a mob of frustrated and impatient passengers. The place was a warzone, and the small part of her that wasn't filled with unadulterated dread at her situation was thankful for the strings her publicist had pulled to get her first-class treatment.
Outside the airport, it's raining cats and dogs all across the empire state and from whatever murmurs she could pick up from her surroundings, it's a thunderstorm, unlike anything New York is accustomed to.
This natural anomaly almost - almost makes her feel as if it's the universe's sign for her to stay in New York, her home; that she should turn on her heels and hail a cab back to her two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, that's been her safe haven in this wild city.
Except that the apartment was no longer hers, and neither was the corner seat in the back of Molly's coffee shop around the corner that she'd spent countless hours refining her manuscript and college thesis. Her former landlord has already signed someone else's name on it, someone that will find comfort in the early morning rays of sunshine pouring into the bedroom from the small window in the corner just like she had for all those years. And Molly would no longer shoo away any newcomers when they take a seat in Noor's usual spot because she would no longer be finding her way back to it after a long day of classes, brainstorming and mindless typing.
She had made her peace with it and said her goodbyes to everything and everyone that made New York her home.
Her parents had stood proudly in the crowd alongside her older sister as she accepted her degree from Brown, cheering embarrassingly loud to the point the commotion had caught the dean's ears. Her father had hugged her tightly like never before while her mother cried a river when she told them she'd gotten into the university's MFA program. They were the first to hold the hardcover of both of her books in her table at Molly's, and they were the first who spotted her name on New York Time's bestseller list.
When Noor thinks of New York, she thinks of all these moments that could never occur in any other place because the overly expensive, overly-eccentric and at times, strange city made a dreamer out of the girl whose head was always in the clouds.
New York was her muse, offering her every bit of itself until it had nothing else to offer. Her publishing house was patient, giving her all the time in the world to begin writing her third book, but the well-oiled machine that was her brain, that had never betrayed her once before, was slowing down. It was far from being clogged with rust, but it has been keeping her away from putting pen on paper to save her life.
It was fine at first, just another blip in the matrix for her to get past before things returned to their rightful place in her life. But codes are altered all the time, resulting in a finished product so unlike the original idea that you can't even decipher its foundation. Time continued to slip away from her grasp, and before she knew it, her bank account was lighter than it once was, and she all she had to offer her publicist was a blank document.
With that, she was falling from the clouds, landing smack-dab on the gravelly concrete ground of reality which brought her to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an unfamiliar place that, in so many ways, is unlike New York.
It is safe to say Noor wasn't the best company when Catherine took the only vacant seat beside the young author, who was far too engrossed in the true-crime podcast playing in her AirPods to notice the blonde occupying the empty spot on the sofa.
"The one time it rains in this city, mother nature decides to go all in," Cath scoffs, pulling the dark-haired girl out of her head and turn her attention towards the new occupant.
"Sorry," She adds quickly, a hint of red spreading across her pale cheeks, "didn't mean to say it out loud."
"That's alright," Noor musters a polite smile, hoping the sincerity is readable. Perhaps it's the way the blonde in front of her looks like she's walked straight out of the cover of Vanity Fair or the warmth exuding off of her that makes it impossible for the young author to cast her eyes away and look elsewhere.
"Rough day?" She asks hesitantly, hoping she isn't crossing a boundary with her inquiry, but the woman doesn't seem to mind and chuckles lightly, her eyes falling to her lap, Noor's gaze following down to her phone that has some sort of a sport playing on the small screen.
"Something like that," She clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth before turning her attention back towards Noor. "It's silly, but my husband is playing his first match in a while, and I was supposed to be there to cheer him on, you know?"
Noor assumes the game playing on her phone is the one she's speaking off but chooses not to dig any further. Not that it would be much of a help since the only sport she's grown up watching is cricket and soccer, neither of which are widely popular in the States.
"It's stupid, really, because I've seen him play like a thousand t--"
"It's not silly," Noor interjects with a shake of her head, shifting in her seat to scoot closer towards the blonde. "He is your husband, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to support him. Does he know you're watching from here?"
Cath finds herself flabbergasted for a moment, not because she'd been hit in the face with a stone-cold truth she's never known but because she's so used to people brushing away her concerns with a laugh that she doesn't expect a stranger out of all the people, to validate her.
"Yeah," Cath nods, glancing down at the screen briefly right as the camera zoomed in on Kris' face knit together in concentration, shouting something to his linemates. "I called him right before the puck drop to wish him luck."
"Our son is with him in the arena, so I don't think he'll miss me all that much," She jests, a voice in the back of her head wondering why exactly she was drowning that poor stranger in her sorrows. She was just being nice, asking about her day and all.
"I don't know all that much about marriage," Noor purses her lips, one of her brows shooting up with her words, "but I do know he appreciates your support - even from afar - more than you think."
"I also know your son will be cheering extra hard on your behalf," She winks, and Cath smiles, minding herself in a better mood for the first time since the first drop of rain hit the New York soil.
"You may not be a marriage expert..."She trails, tilting her head sideways in hopes of catching the stranger's name.
"Well, Noor," Cath's grin grows tenfold, "you sure as hell know a lot about people."
"It comes with the job, I suppose," She muses, a genuine laugh escaping her lips, the lightness in her chest taking her by surprise.
"And what might that be, if you don't mind me asking?"
"I am a writer," she blurts on instinct before she catches herself, "Well, that's sort of on the sideline for now. I just took up a teaching job at the University of Pittsburgh. That's where I am headed, actually."
Noor isn't typically a conversationalist, let alone with a stranger that she's just met, but they're all people, after all. She's willing to lend an ear for her to vent while it continues to rain a storm outside the somewhat safety of LaGuardia, and from the looks of it, the model-like blonde seems kind enough to do the same for her.
The rain would settle, the skies would clear, and the two of them would be on their way, hitting play on their regular lives. Years along the line, either of them would look back to this day and think of the stranger they'd met and wonder what's become of their life. Or so she had assumed.
"Pittsburgh?" Her eyes nearly bulge out of her eye sockets, a grin dancing on her lips. The newfound enthusiasm in her eyes confuses Noor to a degree until the blonde is quick to add, "That's where I live!"
Oh, Noor's mouth falls open for a moment, unable to comprehend what to make of it because what were the chances? It's still frightening the way she's practically bouncing in her seat. They've only just met, and Noor doesn't think she's made that memorable of an impression on her, but the blonde certainly presumes otherwise.
"Noor," she begins with a squeal, one of her hands reaching down to grip her phone, the game now long forgotten that neither of them notices the men in black and yellow huddled together in celebration, "let me be your first friend to welcome you to Pittsburgh. I am Cath."
Cath is welcoming her to Pittsburgh, a city that is supposed to be her new home, a city that she's been resenting ever since she accepted the job offer all those weeks back. The hatred isn't going to wash away any time soon, of that she's sure, but the way Cath is smiling down at her, a smile on her face as if her husband had just won his game, made the ice around her heart melt ever so slightly.
"I can't wait, Cath," She reciprocates her grin.
Unbeknownst to Noor, the dread that had begun piling in her chest since she had handed the keys to her apartment was finally starting to dissipate bit by bit. Perhaps Pittsburgh wouldn't be so bad after all.
Tumblr media
Deep breaths, she reminds herself, adjusting the hem of her dress one last time before finally raising her knuckles to knock on the wooden door. From outside, she can hear the gathering come alive with loud conversation, the observation making her all the more nervous.
Noor had spent three hours chatting with Cath at the waiting lounge before they exchanged numbers and from what she's learned, the crowd awaiting her behind the door is absolutely not her scene.
Her husband, Kris Letang, plays for the National Hockey League, and Google informs her hockey-uneducated ass that he's a generational talent. In conclusion, he's a big deal, and the house she is about to walk into is filled with a handful of others equally important in the field of hockey. She's going to embarrass herself, and every fibre in her body regrets not being able to resist Cath's puppy eyes.
Noor is about to talk herself into walking when the door swings open, revealing Catherine, dressed in a blue knee-length dress that brings out her eyes, and she somehow looks even more beautiful than the author remembers. On her hip is a toddler, absentmindedly playing with her mother's locks, whom she assumes to be Victoria, her daughter.
"Hi," Cath greets with an alluring smile, "I am so glad you could make it! Come in."
She quickly ushers her in, and the noise only gets louder inside the house. Noor can barely make out Cath's words over the yelling of two men fighting over what she recognises as FIFA.
"You look gorgeous," Cath compliments and Noor finds herself blushing just as little Victoria's curious eyes fall on her presence.
"Thank you," Her voice is barely audible before she remembers what she's holding in her possession. "I bought pumpkin pie. I hope that's okay."
As she's handing it over, Noor can only pray she didn't manage to goof up the traditional dessert, having baked it at the last moment when realisation dawned upon her that she was about to go to her new friend's home empty-handed. Her mother would never forgive her for disappointing their ancestors.
"Awe, you shouldn't have," Cath takes the dish in her grasp, letting Victoria down on the ground before stealing a long sniff. "Goodness, that smells delicious."
"I am just going to put it in the fridge for later," Cath walks away, and Victoria takes her mother's spot in front of Noor, lifting her head to gaze at the woman for a moment too long that has her concerned.
"You're pretty," Victoria states after a beat of silence, her blue eyes twinkling with delight, frighteningly identical to her mother. "I love your hair."
Noor can feel her heart melting at the palm of the little girl, and she's about to crouch down to her level when a flash of golden jumps towards her. Her back hits the ground almost immediately, and a chorus of gasps echo around her, but all Noor could focus on was a wet tongue licking all over her face, making her let out a series of giggles.
Heavy footsteps rush towards her, taking hold of the leash around the dog's collar, but the ball of fur has no plans of backing away.
"Sam!" The voice commands, still trying to pull the dog away from Noor, "Bad girl. Get down!"
"Well, hello there," she laughs, finally managing to get some breathing space. Noor's hands come up from her chest to caress the enthusiastic puppy's fur as she continues to attack her with love.
Sam continues her inspection for another moment before climbing off the girl, returning to her place beside her human. He tries to shoot her a glare of disappointment, but it doesn't last long before the scowl melts away because how could you be mad at such an adorable face?
Noor takes the time to get up from the floor, only then noticing that a crowd surrounds the three, a flush of embarrassment spreading across her cheeks at the attention on her. They're all trying not to look, but she can feel their eyes on her.
Like a saving grace, Cath steps towards Noor, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder, a look of motherly concern overtaking her features as she asks, "Are you okay? Did you get hurt?"
With a reassuring smile, Noor shakes her head, and from the corner of her eyes, she can see a pair of brown orbs landing on her at Cath's words. "I am fine. Sam here gave me the warmest welcome I could ask for."
On cue, Sam lets out a bark, his tail wagging behind him, making everyone in the room let out a chorus of laughter.
"I am so sorry about her," Noor's eyes fall on the man holding onto the golden retriever's leash with one hand while the other rubbed the back of his neck. "She never does this."
Noor smiles, recognising his face from the brief google search she'd gone in the Uber on the way. She doesn't dwell on the fact that she can barely remember anything Noor had read earlier because the sheepish grin on his face is infectious, and the twinge of red spreading across his cheeks and ears is absolutely adorable, and that's all she could comprehend at the moment.
Biting back a smile at him, Noor crouches down in front of Sam, scratching the golden fur of his chin and then his head. The dog purs in satisfaction, all but melting against her touch. "There's nothing to apologise for, yeah?"
Tumblr media
Sid knows he has to look away at some point because it's becoming borderline creepy, but he just can't. She's sitting with Cath and Anna, laughing at whatever anecdote the girls are sharing while she lets Victoria braid her hair.
"Go talk," Beside him, Geno quips, hiding his smirk behind a can of beer when Sid's head snaps towards him, looking like a deer caught in a headlight.
There is something about her that keeps his gaze glued to her. It's stupid because they've barely exchanged a few words, and there is an unfamiliar feeling stirring in his gut when Nikita and Alex run up to her, and she listens with utmost devotion, which frightens him.
"What?" He utters foolishly, his face flushing, and he oh so wishes he could blame it on the alcohol he's been consuming.
"You're going to burn a hole on her back, man," P.O slides into the seat beside the captain, taking up the rare opportunity to pull his leg. "If you're interested, you should be up there, introducing yourself, not stare at her like she's your third-grade crush."
"I have no clue what you're talking about," Sid brushes it off, chugging the remainder of his drink before deciding he needs another one and some time away from his teammates' chirping.
"Say that to your puppy dog eyes!" is the last thing Sidney hears before he's heading towards the kitchen.
Really what he needs is a breather, but the universe has other plans because the moment he walks into the kitchen, he sees her standing by the fridge, the source of his current affliction.
"Oh, hey," She smiles brightly, turning her head around at the sound of his heavy footsteps. Sid hates himself for noticing how her shoulders are less tense and the easiness behind her smile than earlier in the evening. The guys haven't scared her off just yet.
"Hey," He clears his throat, returning her smile before taking a few cautious steps closer to her, dropping his empty beer can in the trash bin.
"Want another drink?" She asks, and Sid can only bring himself to nod, "What's your poison?"
"Just a beer."
He's looking anywhere but at her as she digs into the fridge wordlessly. He's not one to drink too much when the team has early morning practice, but he hopes it manages to ease the nerves he's feeling for some apparent reason.
"There you go..." She's handing him a can of cold Bud Light beer, "is this the right one?" Sid graciously accepts it, the numbing coldness of the metal against his fingertips providing a form of distraction for the captain.
"Yup," She pops open her own can of sparkling cider. Cider? Really? "Thank you."
She either notices his questioning gaze, or she's a mind reader because she's quick to explain, "I don't drink alcohol."
"Interesting choice," the first sip of the beer enters his system, and Sidney finds himself more in control of himself as she laughs at the way he quirks his brow at her.
"You'd be surprised at how many times I've heard that," She laughs, shaking her head.
"I am Noor," She introduces herself, realising that they haven't had a proper introduction throughout the evening. Sid pretends he hasn't been reciting her name in his head the entire time after catching the others call out to her.
"Sidney," he repeats, wondering when was the last time he had ever introduced himself as just Sidney and not Sidney Crosby, the hockey player.
"Noor," he echoes, letting her name linger on his tongue as he leans his hip against the fridge. Noor smiles.
"That's a beautiful name; can't say I've ever heard it before."
"It's Arabic," She explains, "It means 'light'."
"Hey, you okay over - Oh!"
The two instinctive take a step backwards at Cath's voice, the blonde's eyes darting between the two for a moment too long to be deemed casual.
"Sorry, am I interrupting?" There's an excited glint in her eyes as the two scramble to explain that nothing is going on.
Sidney shakes his head, rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand before he glances between the two women, "I should head back out."
"Yeah...I should too."
As soon as Sidney makes his way out, Cath turns towards Noor, an apologetic look on her face before she mouths an inaudible 'sorry'.
"Stop," Noor rolls her eyes with a scoff before grabbing Cath's arm and dragging her out of the kitchen.
It's late at night, and everyone's got a few to drink. With the kids now put to bed, with Sam relaxing by their bed, the parents in the bunch finally allow themselves to let loose, even if it's for a short while.
Tumblr media
"So, Noor," It's Anna who calls out, a friendly smile on her face as she cuddles against her husband, "How are you liking Pittsburgh so far?"
"Um, since this is only my third night here, and I've spent the past three days holed up in my apartment, trying to unpack everything before I start at the university. So I really haven't gotten the chance to explore just yet."
Noor, who somehow found her way back to Sidney at some point in the night, turns to the Russian, ignoring the knowing glance Cath shoots her way when she instinctively backs away from the hockey player.
"Consider us your designated tour guide," Anna cheers, a dopey smile on her face from the wine she's been drinking.
A momentary silence falls over the room, and Sid takes the opportunity to clear his throat, adjusting himself on the couch, careful to keep a safe distance from Noor. He curses in his head when his knee brushes against her thigh, but she shoots him a reassuring smile at his visible discontent, letting him know it's all good. Since when did they make couches so congested?
"So...a uni professor," He begins, hyperaware of the hawk-eyes of his teammates on him, "I thought you had to be at least in your forties for that?"
Noor chuckles, catching onto the double meaning behind his question. Aren't you a little too young for that?
"Technically, there isn't any age requirement, but yes, you need lots of teaching experience," She elaborates, still unsure herself how she had managed to get the offer. "But one of their teachers is on maternity leave, and my professor recommended me to the dean, and here we are."
"Lucky us!" Cath exclaims, almost on the verge of falling asleep against Kris before her eyes widen for a split second. Putting her wine glass down on the coffee table, she straightens her back. "Noor here has never been to a hockey game before."
Shouts of disbelief echoes around the room, and Noor can only bring herself to laugh at their astonishment, even when Sidney lets out an amused 'really?'. Surrounded by a team of professional athletes and having zero clue about their sport evidently doesn't bode well with them.
"I know, I know," Cath cuts them off, "which is why I have been trying to get her to come to the home game on Monday, but she's refusing."
Noor stammers, not prepared to have been put on the spot, "I mean, I will have no clue about what's going on. Wouldn't it be a total waste?"
She doesn't know why she was expecting a different answer.
"Come on," Sidney trails, making Noor whip her head around towards him as everyone around them busy themselves in their own conversations, "It will be fun."
"Is that so?" Perhaps it's the way he's finally allowed himself to let loose, laughing at his friends' stupid jokes or just how much she was beginning to enjoy his company, but Noor encourages herself to tease him ever so slightly. "What's the catch for me?"
Sidney shrugs his shoulders, his hands sprawled across his thighs, rubbing against the rough fabric of his jeans. "Maybe I'll score a goal for you."
"Just one?" and neither of them can stop the wide grins from spreading on their lips.
"You'll just have to come and see for yourself."
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mauvecherie-writes6 months ago
The Preacher鈥檚 Daughter.
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Rene Morgan [OC] x Mob!Florian Munteanu.
STORY WARNING: 18+, SLOW BURN, religious themes, age-gap, cheating, abuse, manipulation, mafia violence, drug trafficking, gun trafficking, sexual content.
NOTES: This was a story I had written a few years ago as JB fanfic. I lost the material because Wattpad deleted my account with no warning. I learned my lesson to back up everything since. However I have memorised. I had two books to this particular storyline but I want to see it come to life again with Florian and a new lead at the helm! I really hope you love it as much as I do.
Tumblr media
Dedicated to @beautifullmelodyxx She鈥檚 been pushing me to rewrite this story for years now. This year she added more vim and she finally won me over lmao. I love you mamas 馃挏.
Tumblr media
The town of Mooresbrooke was seemingly run by two people. The first being Jeremiah Morgan, the pastor at the town鈥檚 church who also ran his own Accounting firm. He was the most beloved man in the congregation, a beacon in the community who could do no wrong. The second man was the opposite. Florian Munteanu was a force to be reckoned with. A man with a seemingly untouchable power encroached on the town and took over. It was an open secret the type of business Florian was involved in and that made him feared.
He was the type of man Jeremiah preached to the parents of his congress as a warning. He warned them about the dangers that Florian Munteanu would bring to their children and wives if they were not careful. What he failed to realise was how much this intrigued Mr Morgan鈥檚 own daughter, Rene.
She had always been an inquisitive spirit created by the sheltered life she had been brought up in. Just on the dawn of her twenties, there were a lot of things that she did not know and wanted to know. And the more her father preached about how bad Mr Munteanu was to her, the more she wanted to find out for herself. Eventually she did. Not only did it expose her to a new world, things that were meant to be kept in the dark, came to light.
Curiosity truly did kill the cat 鈥
Tumblr media
鈥 Character Aesthetics 鈥
Rene Morgan portrayed by Mariama Diallo.
Tumblr media
Florian Munteanu as himself .
Tumblr media
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okay i need some fanfic advice if that鈥檚 okay. so I鈥檝e been wanting to post an oc pjo story which ofc includes the canon characters but I鈥檓 afraid it won鈥檛 get a lot of love since oc stories on ao3 aren鈥檛 as popular. any advice if you could??
I'm no professional, but I'll do my best. OCs can be really tricky. I will say the best part of ao3 is that you get live reactions to things as you go, so sometimes you're able to adjust as you write.
As right now, I would say the best thing to do is figure out their role and introduce them slowly. For example, I know when a lot of people started reading TLH there were jokes saying people were about to close the book up until they read Percy's name. For fanfic, it is the same concept. A lot of people are reading for some familiarity, so you don't want to bombard them too much with new information (which is a good tactic for any writing, really). I would start with establishing the plot first. That way people get hooked to the premise.
Now if this is a minor character, I wouldn't worry too much. Throwing in a side character who has minimal interaction isn't going to impact too much. I would still try your best to flesh them out either way, though. It's good practice to try and make even the smallest characters developed - and a lot of fun too! Make sure they have well-established personalities, interests, goals, etc... all that good stuff.
Bigger characters (which is sounds like you鈥檙e aiming for) are gonna be where it鈥檚 tricky. Like I said before, I would introduce them slowly. My favorite trick is sorta upgrading from a minor to major character in a sense. If you read SoSF, I introduced Evelyn鈥檚 character via the journal so she was just a name, and then I put more of her in during flashbacks, and then got to the point in the story where I actually brought her into the plot. This was also really useful bc I could kind of get a feel about how the audience was feeling about her. If there was a sort of 鈥榚h鈥 reaction then I might have included less of her, but people seemed pretty engaged so I threw some more spotlight in her.
Hierarchy is something I鈥檝e discovered is important too. I believe most people don鈥檛 like characters they鈥檙e unfamiliar with to suddenly be more powerful or important than characters they already love. If you鈥檙e going to make them an antagonist, then that鈥檚 fine, but you gotta keep in mind of who the readers have attachments to. People are gonna be quick to jump on the Mary Sue train if they think an OC is overpowered or too well beloved by other characters. Make sure they have flaws and enemies - and make sure they are criticized by other characters where you can. It鈥檚 impossible for a real person to be adored by everyone, so make sure characters aren鈥檛 either. If you do have an OC that is gonna be massively overpowered then make sure it is also introduced slowly and people already like them (also it should have plot relevance, of course).
OH! I just remembered my absolute favorite OC I might have ever written was Kai. Not of this fandom, this was for Voltron, but he was freaking fantastic first OC for me. It was a slowburn Keith/Lance fic and the entire premise was Lance having gone missing after his family was killed and VLD team finds him again after many years with a new life. Kai was Lance鈥檚 established boyfriend and basically I gave them the sweetest, happiest, most endearing relationship for about one chapter and then killed Kai off the very next chapter. It worked great tbh. Lance was mourning throughout the entire fic and Kai was still very relevant to the story, but nobody had an issue with him because well.... it wasn鈥檛 like he could mess anything up lol. So I would say consider the goal of the fic, too. Kai was used as a catalyst for lots of different plot devices. He was definitely well beloved by everyone, but it still worked out bc he was gone and plot centered around grief and all the mess he left behind by dying.
But really, there are no real rules. I鈥檝e found this stuff has all worked for me, but it鈥檚 about what鈥檚 fun and entertaining for you over everyone else. You can disregard everything I said if you prefer writing your OC a different way (and I also don鈥檛 know your plot so none of this might even make sense for your story). You may also write very different from me, so what works for you I might be unable to pull off. You kind of just have to figure it out as you go. In general, if you鈥檙e posting new fics then it probably isn鈥檛 going to get a lot of attention at the start and that鈥檚 fine. If it gets you writing and you enjoy doing it then you鈥檙e good to go.
...i feel like a mom saying that 鈥榡ust have fun鈥 line but low key it鈥檚 true lol. No matter what, though, I would say if you read over it and are like 鈥榶eah, this is good鈥 then post it. It might not get all the credit it deserves right away, but I can promise there will be someone out there who will probably enjoy it either way.
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yunkiwii5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥攑otions gone wrong鈥
鈽 hogwarts au 鈽
pairing: bsf!hyunjin x gn!reader | ft. jeongin and mentions of minho
supportive oc: angela, female
genre: sfw. comedic and chaotic, may be considered fluff by some people
wc: 2.4k
warnings: hints of jealousy, mentions of illegal (magical world wise) actions, potion-induced obsession
a/n: i'm pretty sure that in the harry potter series amortentia doesn't work the way i described here, but let's just ignore that shall we? 鈾
Tumblr media
summary: two boys decide to make a love potion to conquer the crush of one of them. unfortunately, something seems to have gone wrong and y/n needs to step in..
Tumblr media
shout out to: ficscafe prompt dialogue event 鈾
鈫 "I'll give you 20 bucks if you kiss me."
鈫 "I don't think that's legal, but we can work around it."
鈫 "Shut up, this isn't a wattpad fanfic"
Tumblr media
Completely imersed in the pile of books you gathered in the library in order to try and understand more about potions, you get startled when a boy throws himself into the chair next to you, a yellow stripped tie hitting your head in the process.
"I'll give you 20 bucks if you kiss me."
"What? No!", you give him a disgusted and confused look before digging your head into the old dusty pages again.
"Come on!! Angela keeps coming to me trying to snuggle and kiss me and-", as dramatic as he is, Hyunjin pretends he is going to be sick, exaggerating on the nasty sounds way too close to your ear.
"What? Why?", your bestfriend finally caught your full attention as you turn to face him, "Wait, Angela as in like, Angela your major crush perfect-Angela? Weren't you supposed to like, I don't know, enjoy the attention?" But then the face he makes, his cheeks turning shades of pink as his gaze drifts away from you and he sinks down in his chair in embarrassment, realization hits you, "No! No you did not! Are you like what, dumb?", you flick is head inducing a loud squeal to come out his mouth.
"It was Jeongin's idea!", his voice three pitches higher than before, "And I can't be that dumb if I managed to make that stupid love potion work. But that's beside the point, will you do it or not?"
"Do what? Kiss you? And how will that help you dimwit?", you went to flick his head again because, to be fair, he deserved it, but Hyunjin knew you too well and held your hand in time to stop you from hurting his pretty face, as he likes to state.
"To break the curse! Make her give up on me by making her think we're together or something!"
"What curse? There is no curse! And she isn't even thinking right now, she might just kill me out of jealousy!", at this point you're pratically yelling at each other and are forced to leave the library, resuming this odd conversation on your way to Ravenclaw's common room.
"I still can't believe you let yourself go with what Jeongin tells you. He's evil you know?"
"Should've guessed by the green scarf huh?", you slap his arm lightly, not very fond of the jokes made regarding the fact your other best friend is a Slytherin.
"So, how do I solve this?", he basically pleas at you as you sit down on the desk next to the fireplace, as far away as possible from your housemates. Every two in three students has made, or attempted to make, some sort of potion or spell to have something in their advantage. However, amortentia wasn't just "some potion", and if some were to find out that Hwang - head in space - Hyunjin succeded at his attempt they would never leave his poor ass alone, so for now your plan was to keep this subject as low-key as possible.
"Marry her." you say nonchalantly while, without his knowledge, already looking up all about amortentia, its possible side effects and how long it would take to wear off - if ever-, receiving a whine in return.
"It was really fun at first, you know? The flirting was cute, the smooches were great," and boy he put some emphasis on that adjective,"but now it's like she's obsessed with me! She's clingy and talks with that annoying voice and I can't seem to get rid of her!" Hyunjin throws himself face down into the old couch and whines again, words muffled by the pillow where he burried his face. "She's probably standing right outside the door just now!"
"Wait, what do you mean it was fun at first? How long has this been going on Hwang Hyunjin? And why am I only knowing of this now?", you turn around in your chair way too fast, hitting with your knee on the other chair next to you before facing the mop of brown hair all spread around the blue pillow.
"Well, I barely ever saw you all week!", the boy turns his head just the minimum amount to look at you, "You're either with your nose buried in those old books, or with your hands all over Lee Minho! Not my fault you no longer have time for your friends..."
"First of all," you pull out the pillow he's laying on, his face falling on the black cushion as a few curses leave his lips, "lower your tone! I did not spend the week with my hands all over Minho, I am tutoring him in potions!"
"Which you're not that good at, that's why you walk everywhere with those fat books..." Hyunjin rolls his eyes at you as he recovers the pillow from your hands again, "Don't deny it (y/n), you've got the hots for him!"
"Oh sweetie, I sense jealousy in your tone... is that why you gave Angela a poorly made potion?", you show him the page you've been reading between the backs and forths of your not so relevent argument, only for him to realize the potion should've worn off two days ago. Instead, it only got worse. "Perhaps you could use some reading too huh?"
The boy rips the book from your hands, grunting between his teeth sounds you doubted to be words as he makes his way out, only to shut the door as soon as he opens it, squealing loudly when his eyes meet the ones from the Gryffindor's brunette standing right in the middle of the hallway.
"I'm telling you (y/n), she won't leave me alone! It's like she's obsessed!", Hyunjin keeps his back against the door, afraid the girl could open it by some miracle driven by her potion induced feelings, hence she doesn't have the password.
"Well, you see Hyunjin... that's because she is! And it's your fault, you should simply face it..."
"Oh I'm going the kill Jeongin...", the boy grunts ignoring your words completely as the whines coming from the other side of the door overlapped them, "Can you go get him? Or get rid of her?"
You make your way to the door Hyunjin refuses to unblock and, when words and pushes didn't make the tall boy move, you had to resort to your wand, although the simple threat was more than enough for him to make way for you. He stayed hidden in the corner as you parted the door slightly to tell the girl her beloved had disapparated from there, and she should probably look at the quidditch court. The fact she believed you only proved how strongly she was affected by the potion, since everyone knew Hyunjin would never go to a sports court by his free will and disapparating into and out Hogwarts wasn't possible at all.
As soon as the path got clear you both made your way to the shrieking shack through the whomping willow everyone was so afraid of, but that was exactly why the three of you claimed it as your secret meeting place.
Jeongin was already waiting as you sent him a message through your magic notepad when you got rid of Angela, and you had to secure Hyunjin to not throw the book at the Slytherin boy who only laughed in return. The laughter didn't last long though, because you only stopped Hyunjin so you would be the one scolding the younger one, flicking his head the same way you did to the lover boy earlier.
"Hey! What did you do that for?", the boy frowned at you rubbing his forehead.
"To bring you back to reality, so you can both fix the mess you made!"
"But what's the problem?" Jeongin looked at you with honest confusion on his face, "Is this about the potion? You know that thing wears off in like a week or so right?"
"Exactly... do the math now genius..." Hyunjin rolls his eyes before leaning his back against the spiderweb covered walls.
The three of you spent the whole afternoon trying to figure out what went wrong in the first place, you analyzing every single detail of the procedure, and the boys trying to recreate every step they took to reach the final product. But, after hours of research and theories nothing seemed to have gone wrong, well except for the exaggerated and long-lasting effect of the potion.
"We should just obliviate the poor girl..." suggested Jeongin at one point, head in his hands as a sing of withdrawal.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 legal, but we can work around it...鈥 You agree with him closing the book you were now reading for the fifth time.
"Are you guys serious? Because that sounds great! Can we get away with it?" Hyunjin's eyes were sparkling in hope as he shifted in his seat to a more straight up position, ready to do whatever it took to get to walk in peace around the school, without being unexpectedly smooched in the cheek and squezeed into a hug every time the girl spotted him.
"No, it's a joke!" You both sigh at your friend's desperation before calling it a day, deciding to resume your research first thing in the morning.
As per usual, you met with the boys for breakfast at the dining hall, though this time they weren't alone and you couldn't help out a giggle when Angela, as glued to Hyunjin as possible while feeding him something funny looking with a spoon, winked at you as soon as you sat in front of her and next to Jeongin. The latter looked almost as horrified as the pampered boy, and you had to focus to try and keep yourself from bursting into laughter before the scene that was unfolding in front of you.
Hyunjin looked like an annoyed pouty baby slumped in his chair - as an attempt to go unnoticed -, while the smiley girl, - one that seemed to have way too much energy in the morning -, pulled some strands of the boy's hair behind his ear before kissing his cheek, "You're so pretty Hyunnie-jin, and I hate to leave you," the girl pouts as she pinches his cheeks rather aggressively, "but don't worry sugarplum, I'll be waiting for you in the astronomy tower when you leave class." This time the kiss is aimed at his lips, but Hyunjin antecipates her intentions and dodges his head with a slick move, just not fast enough to be fully free of her, ending up with her lips awkwardly attached half to his jaw, half to the corner of his lip.
"So you decided to give in?" You couldn't help the grin that was forming on your face, finding it hilarious how the universe always had a way to keep things balanced.
"Shut up. I had to if I didn't want to starve myself, it was one sacrafice I was willing to take." Hyunjin furiously rubs his face with a napkin, as if it would erase the memory of the previous demonstration of affection.
"I say it's the karma, you were basically playing and manipulating her the moment you gave her the potion, now you face the consequences."
"It's like she's taking revenge..." Jeongin mumbles more to himself than to his friends, but he was still heard, and had now two pairs of eyes locked on him waiting for a further explanation to what seemed to be a pretty plausable theory. "We already concluded we didn't do anything wrong, right?"
"Yes, it's still hard to believe though..." you take a sip of your pumpking juice with a raise eybrow, honestly still impressed at how they pulled that off.
"So what if she got aware that Hyunjin gave-"
"We, Jeongin, we!! This wasn't just me okay? I just got the, uh, benefits?"
"Ok, sure, whatever... What if she became aware that we," emphasis on the pronoun as he glanced at Hyunjin, "gave her a potion and now that it wore off she is pulling this act as a pay back? Because, according to our lover boy, if it was nice at first then why would she suddenly start acting all obsessively?"
Both you and Hyunjin took a moment to reflect on this new theory, one Jeongin was really proud of as showed by his smug grin when he crossed his arms and relaxed back in his chair.
"I hate to admit it, but that makes a lot of sense... and explains why she winked at me when I got here..."
"Okay yes, she is faking it... why else would she wink at (y/n) when I'm the one she's supposed to be focused on?", the boy threw his arms up with a questionting - and slightly offended - look.
"Time for confrontation!" you were already standing up with Hyunjin following the lead, but you held yourselves back when you realized Jeongin wasn't moving, looking between the both of you still grinning.
"I've got a better idea..."
It was a terrible idea, you thought, and wanted no part in it at all so you let the boys discuss the details while you just sat there judging their poor life decisions.
The plan was for Hyunjin, instead of confronting her and get it over with as you suggested, to play along as if he too was deeply in love with her, and see who would break out of character first. As much as you tried to explain how childish and stupid the plan was, the boys simply wouldn't listen to you, convinced this was the best idea they've ever had.
Hyunjin got oddly excited about this and ran to astronomy class, already antecipating the act he would pull off when he'd see the girl waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs when he'd get out, leaving you and Jeongin alone in the dining all. The contrast of your opinions on this was pretty clear in your faces, Jeongin laughing loudly, you furrowing your brows and shaking your head in disapproval.
Then, all of a sudden, the boy stops laughing and looks at you, "What if they actually end up falling in love after all this?"
He sounded seriously concerned yet amused at the same time, while you only rolled your eyes at him before collecting your books and leaving for class as well.
"Shut up, this isn't a wattpad fanfic."
Tumblr media
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kreizlersdeadpoet4 months ago
Confidence and Wit (The Boy on the Bridge) [An Alienist Fanfic]
Pairing: Fem!Oc X Laszlo Kreizler
Tumblr media
Summary: Whilst in the early stages of solving the most recent murder to plague New York, Laszlo is introduced to a confident woman with a mysterious scar...who also happens to be John Moore's sister.
A/N: Hey, I've never written anything before! This is my first shot at writing as I have a tendency to self-insert an oc into every tv show/film that I watch so I thought I'd write this one down lol. There will most likely be more parts to this but I have no idea how to use tumblr sooo idk. Honestly this works as a self-insert I just love the name Vivian!
John Moore and Dr. Laszlo Kreizler sat around a small table in the well-lit living room of the Moore residence. Without the Zweig flie, the two men could not move forward in their investigation into the recent death of the boy on the bridge. They both sat amongst John鈥檚 drawings of the poor boy killed and several of Kreizler鈥檚 books on psychology, a topic John viewed irrelevant to the current situation.
鈥淎nd how do you suppose my drawings and your books of ramblings will aid in finding the killer of this poor boy?鈥 John questioned, already feeling the effects of the past day.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 believe it will,鈥 Laszlo began 鈥渂ut it鈥檚 all we can do without the Zweig file unfortunately. I believe the post-mortem will prove invaluable to this investigation鈥
John poured himself another cup of tea, downing it as though it were a shot of whiskey. His head rested on the palm of his hand as he tried to process the situation he had gotten himself into over the past twenty four hours. He felt as though his spirit had temporarily dislocated from his body as images of the dead boy flashed before his eyes.
鈥渟omething on you mind John?鈥 Laszlo commented as though the past twenty four hours hadn鈥檛 happened. John鈥檚 head snapped forward,baffled by his friend's question.
鈥淪omething on my mind? Something on my min-yes Laszlo, a great deal no thanks to you!鈥 John looked exasperated at his old friend. 鈥淟ook, if we could simply rest whilst we wait to obtain the Zweig file then I would feel much better鈥
Laszlo shook his head slightly as he combed through another of his books. 鈥淭here is no time to waste with a case like this. I fear that if I鈥檓 correct, a killer such as this will indeed kill again, and another child will be brutally mutilated鈥
John winced at that last part and reached to hastily pour himself another cup of tea as though it had the same effect as his beloved alcohol. All the while, a young woman had made her way down the long set of stairs in the hall of the house, heading straight to the bookshelf near the end of the living room. She wore a casual white blouse and long black skirt with waves of her hair cascading behind her. She scanned the bookshelf in silence, ignoring the two men bickering at the table as her presence went unnoticed.
鈥淧sychology may not be of such use that it solves a case immediately, but it gives us an insight that the police tend to overlook unless I suggest it to them鈥 Laszlo stated matter-of-factly as he recalled the many cases that went 鈥榰nsolved鈥 due to the police鈥檚 reluctance to accept his perfectly valid evidence due to its root in the study of the mind.
Meanwhile the young woman had now stopped looking for books all together and instead stood listening to the conversation happening on the other side of the room.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 doubt that Laszlo, but when you claim that every individual鈥檚 actions can be explained using your studies, I鈥檓 sorry my friend but I find myself siding with the police鈥 John chuckled, 鈥渁nd you know I don鈥檛 like siding with them often鈥 he scanned the table of books before him and was suprised to see a copy of the 鈥楾he Signal-Man鈥 by Charles Dickens mixed with Kreizler鈥檚 academic books. 鈥淲hat, and suppose you can explain to me that there鈥檚 some sort of psychological meaning behind my favourite Dickens novel too?鈥 John said half-jokingly.
鈥淒ickens suffered from siderodromophobia鈥 is what Kreizler was just about to state smugly, however the doctor found he had not said a single word, and that it was someone else who had said those words. A woman.
鈥淒ickens was victim to a train crash in 1865 and the accident had highly personal implications for him. He never recovered from the trauma; he lost his voice for two weeks following the accident." the young woman explained. "That was the inspiration for the book's plot though I鈥檝e never actually seen you pick up an actual novel before John鈥 she joked
The two men sat staring at the young woman, though John seemed to be staring in annoyance rather than surprise. This suggested to Kreizler that the two obviously knew each other well.
鈥淎ren鈥檛 you supposed to be out with grandma?鈥 John hissed, seemingly embarrassed by the young woman鈥檚 presence.
鈥測es, but I鈥檓 ill鈥 is all she stated in return, grinning as she clearly saw humour in the fact that she very much did not look at all ill.
鈥測es, and I鈥檓 the king of England! You seem to be looking perfectly fine now. I told you I had important business to attend to today, why don鈥檛 you go out and sit in a park or something鈥
Laszlo sat in silence watching the two interact. He was both humoured and bewildered by the young woman鈥檚 wit.
鈥淚mportant business?鈥 she questioned 鈥測ou draw pictures for a living John, I doubt it鈥檚 of any real Importance鈥 the doctor had now noticed a strong English accent in the young woman's speech which only led to more questions.
Laszlo finally allowed himself to take in the woman鈥檚 apperence as the two continued to bicker between each other. She had dark, brown hair woven with strands of gold which were highlighted by the sunshine pouring onto her frame through the window. The sight was almost angelic Laszlo thought. Her dark brown eyes of million hues led Laszlo to question what the word 鈥渂rown鈥 even meant, and yet, there was a tiredness to her eyes that no woman of such a youthful age should ever be burdened with, he thought. That perked his curiosity. Still, her nose was in congregation with her eyes and lips to form a perfectly coordinated glow of confidence that morning. 鈥楥onfidence and wit were a form of beauty鈥, something Laszlo remembered reading in one of his many books and something that certainly came to mind as he met the challenge in the woman鈥檚 eyes. However, it was the narrow thread of silver that ran from the bridge of her nose to the right side of her cheek that caught his attention the most. The scar wasn鈥檛 too prominent on her face, but it was definitely noticeable. She must have sensed his attentive eyes on her disfiguration as her confident stare diverted to the floor before she made her way over to the two men.
鈥淎ren鈥檛 you going to introduce us, John?鈥 Laszlo asked, closing the book before him.
鈥淣ot if I can help it鈥 John mumbled to himself before clearing his throat. 鈥淯h, Laszlo this is Vivian Moore, Vivian this is Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a dear old friend of mine鈥
鈥淢oore?鈥 Kreizler questioned and looked between the two. Vivian rolled her eyes. Of course, John had forgot to mention he had a sister, everyone seemed surprised to meet her when visiting the house.
鈥淚鈥檓 his sister, unfortunately鈥 she wore a small smile as she offered her hand out for Kreizler to shake, which he did. He wondered how Vivian had managed to go unseen for so long, after all, he and John had been good friends for a long while and never once did he mention a sister, only a brother. 鈥渙f course I鈥檝e heard a little about you Dr. Kreizler, its nice to finally meet you鈥 Questions inevitably began to poke at Laszlo鈥檚 brain as they always did, and so the usual interviewing began.
鈥淵our accent, its not like John鈥檚 its-鈥
鈥淓nglish, yes. I鈥檝e lived across the pond most of my life, educated there too. I鈥檓 only here to visit for a few months before going back but i-鈥 Vivian's voice trailed off as her own attentive eyes then landed on the pictures sprawled across her living room table. 鈥淪o it is true what they're saying about the boy on the bridge?鈥 she asked, taking one of the drawings into her hand.
However, before she could inquire any further, John had snatched the sketch from his sister and scoffed at the change in subject. 鈥淎bsolutely not鈥 he said to himself, gathering all the drawings and placing them back into a folder. 鈥淵ou are not getting involved in any of this, nor will I have you pressing for information like you always do鈥 John had also taken a mental note at how quickly his usually focused friend had now shifted all of his focus onto Vivian completely. 鈥渁 woman should not even be remotely interested in such an incident as-鈥
鈥渙h come on John鈥 Vivian feigned offence as she rolled her eyes 鈥淚 seem to be less troubled over a drawing than you given the irritable mood you鈥檝e been in all morning. Don鈥檛 you know, women have their own minds now dear brother鈥
Laszlo smirked slightly, trying not to show John that he was taking sides despite the fact that he most certainly was. 鈥淧erhaps a fresh pair of eyes on the drawings could-" Laszlo began to suggest before being shot down immediately.
鈥淎bsolutely not!鈥 John cried as he suddenly stood from his chair. 鈥淟aszlo, I implore you to not involve my sister in such investigations, this crime is not meant for the eyes and ears of a lady鈥 he began clearing up the cluttered books and graphic notes that littered the table before him. John also wondered how his sister seemed so interested in the graphic depictions on his sketch paper, especially concidering certain facts of her past.
鈥淲ell, I won鈥檛 try and argue with him, he鈥檚 awfully sensitive sometimes鈥 Vivian joked as she brushed down the front of her dress. 鈥淚t was nice meeting you Dr. Kreizler, perhaps you can indulge my curiosity鈥檚 on this case when my brother is busy down the brothel鈥 this humoured Kreizler greatly, much to his old friends distress and the sudden redness of his face.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 enough Vivian鈥 he warned as his lips tightened in annoyance. John thought that perhaps there was something in the waters of England that had made his sister return to New York with a new found cheek. Perhaps it was her new way of coping. He usually enjoyed her wit but not when it was at the expense of himself.
Vivian turned to return upstairs but before she could, Kreizler had finally spoken up again. 鈥淢ay I inquire about the scar on your face, Miss Moore?鈥 he couldn鈥檛 help himself, her sudden introduction prompted too many questions from him and he needed answers. However, it very quickly became clear that perhaps he had crossed some sort of line as he watched Vivian鈥檚 radiant smile fade quicker than he could savour it.
"Laszlo!" John scolded quietly, not understanding why his friend couldn't just let people go without analysing every fibre of their existence. It doesn't take a genius like Kreizler to realise that scars never usually came accompanied with a funny origin and his sister was not an exception.
The tiredness in her eyes grew more prominent as she stared at Kreizler directly. As if she'd been asked the same question a million times prior and the answer wasn't a very nice one.
鈥測ou may not鈥 she answered simply, her speech free of any specific emotion for Kreizler to take note of or analyse. It was clear that the doctor had struck a chord within Vivian and he almost instantly regretted his curiosity, though he would never admit that.
John had also seemed to forget his embarrassment from moments before and instead let out a small sigh that filled the rooms silence. 鈥淰ivian鈥 he warned again, almost like a parent rather than a brother. He cared for her deeply but understood that Kreizler never meant harm in his question.
鈥渋t鈥檚 fine, I鈥檓 going. Apologies for disturbing you both鈥 she spoke simply as she turned away from the two men and returned upstairs as silently as she had been when coming down them.
鈥淚鈥檓 afraid i may have crossed a line?鈥 Laszlo broke the silence as he was left again in the company of just himself and John. A small part of the doctor wished that Vivian had stayed a little longer, she seemed an interesting enough person to get to know considering she was John鈥檚 sister.
鈥 yes well when don鈥檛 you鈥 John smiled sadly as his gaze lingered on the staircase momentarily. 鈥測ou鈥檒l have to forgive my sister, life has not always been too kind to her and her mood tends to change rapidly鈥 he sat back down opposite Kreizler. He watched as his friend seemed to ignore most of this, clearly only waiting for him to reveal the truth behind the scar across his sisters face. John rolled his eyes at this. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 believe it鈥檚 my position to tell you my sister鈥檚 business if she does not wish to share it herself. Besides, she鈥檚 my sister and not a child at your institute鈥
Suddenly, there was a frantic knock at the door and before the two men could process the sudden noise, the Moore鈥檚 resident maid had already opened the door.
Sarah Howard pushed past the maid as she made her way into the living room, a familiar sight from her childhood. 鈥淚 have it鈥 she stated boldly
鈥淪arah?鈥 John questioned as he stood up once again from his seat.
鈥渢he Zweig file, I have it鈥 Sarah marched over towards the two men and placed the file down on the table. She wanted to be a part of this investigation and Kreizler smiled unsurprisingly at her efforts.
鈥淭hank you miss Howard, this file may indeed move the investigation forward quicker than we thought.鈥 Though Dr. Kreizler was glad to see the file, his mind couldn鈥檛 help but wonder back to the woman he had just met. What could鈥檝e happened to prompt such a reaction to his curiosity? And what did John mean by life not always being kind to her? Though his mind was certainly on the case of the Santorelli boy, a new line of curiosity had sparked across his mind: who was Vivian Moore?
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