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Deviant Attack
Dad!Druig x Reader
Summary: Druig and the reader's daughter witnesses the deviant attack in the Amazon
WC: 1.8k
A/N: thanks to ALL of you who requested this! thanks for loving this au as much as me :') I hope you like it. a lil angst, some fluff mixed in there.
Tumblr media
The golden sun cut through the white curtains, sturring the leader of the small Amazonian village awake. He groans softly, burying his head into his pillow. "It's time to get up," a gentle voice beside him spoke. Druig groaned again, one of his blue eyes opening to meet the smile on his wife's face as she looked up at the wood ceiling.
"We should just stay in bed all day," he suggests, sliding closer to her allowing his arm to drape across her chest, right below her breasts to stay clear of her growing belly. Y/N hummed and pulled the blanket off her legs, the cool hair hitting her bare skin.
"We could...but that was before we decided to have children, Druig," she chuckles playfully, letting her husband's slack arm fall off her, hitting the bed with a soft thump.
Druig slowly rose from the soft comfort of their shared bed, the thick white blanket pooling around his stomach. "And who's idea was that my love?" he grins.
She hummed in question as she slid on the last pair of jeans that would still button close, "Both of us," she started as a playful smile appeared on her face, "but mostly you."
Druig smiled at her boyishly and ran his fingers through his messy bedhead, locks of chocolate brown hair sticking up in every direction. With a loud yawn, he climbs out of bed, his arms reaching out to pull her close to his warm chest.
"I have to check on Orla," Y/N sighs as she leans back against him, resisting the urge to climb back into bed. Druig presses a kiss to the back of her neck before he lets her out of his grasp.
The moisture in the cool air was thick as Y/N walked outside. Her eyes scanned the children running and playing in the large center of the village. a small girl with curly brown hair and a bright smile like her fathers ran around with another girl, her laugh that was almost identical to her mother's rang out. "Mommy!" she gasps as she caught sight of the Eternal.
"How are you already awake, little one?" She questions jokingly as she opens her arms. The 6-year-old giggles as she runs to her mom, letting the woman pick her up.
"Daddy says I rise with the sun," Orla said.
"Hopefully your brother will like to sleep more than you," Y/N mumbles, her lips pressed against Orla's temple. Orla wraps her small arms around her neck and places her head in the crook of her neck.
"Can I go with Maria and her mom today? They're going to go bird watching," the child explains. Y/N bit down on her lower lip as her daughter spoke, the bird they wanted to see was always sighted deep in the Amazon.
"I don't know sweetheart, I think that's too far away for you to go," she tells her softly.
"Y/N," Druig cuts in, his voice was deep and serious. She turns around, placing her hand on Orla's lower back to support her in her arms. She raised an eyebrow.
"What's wrong?" she asked, sensing the tenseness in the way he said her name. Druig's shoulders were tensed, his chiseled jaw clenched tightly. She swore she saw his arms tremble underneath his blue robe.
"We have company," he responded lowly.
She cocks her head, "What kind of company?"
"Friends from college."
Y/N quickly placed Orla on the ground, squatting down to her level "Sweetheart," she said nervously, "you can go with Maria, go now."
Orla gasped with delight, giving her mom a big hug before hurrying off to find her friend. Y/N rose from her spot, her eyes still focusing on her daughter. "What do think they want?"
Druig had never felt so angry, his blood was boiling inside his veins. His fellow Eternals slumped out of the church with their head hung low. Sersi turns back and looks at Y/N, her hands covering her stomach to hide the growing bump. The two women two exchanged a look, she knew Y/N wanted to help them stop the Emergence. Sersi was the last one to leave.
As soon as the doors closed Y/N exhaled deeply. "We need to help them," she tells him plainly, her eyes focused on the ground in front of her, refusing to look at him.
Druig crosses his arms, pacing up and down the aisle. His entire existence was a lie, "We were not born we were made," he seethes, speaking his thoughts aloud.
"I know," she replies meekly, her trembling hands fiddling with her wedding ring that was connected to a thin gold chain. "But we're still Eternals, we're supposed to protect humanity."
"Are we?" he growls, turning to look at her with tears threatening to fall from his stormy blue eyes. "We were sent here on a suicide mission! How many times have we died to birth a Celestial? Did we really help them?" His throat felt like it was going to close up. "Do you think..." he chokes out.
She finally looks at him, "Hmm," she hummed, pulling herself off the side of the wall. Walking towards him, she placed her soft hand in his calloused one.
"Do you think we fell in love on each planet? Did we have k-kids? Did they die because of us" he managed. Y/N pulled him into a tight hug, his arms wrapping around her waist tightly. He cried into her shoulder.
"No, no," she cooed, her hand flying to the back of his neck. "But we need to protect our children and this is the only way."
An animalistic ripped through the air, a familiar chill ran down their spines. Druig pulled back and wiped his eyes, his hand placed over her stomach, "Please don't fight, just stay back and defend," he told her.
Y/N smirked at him, "Take away all my fun but fine, sure."
Druig panted as he crawled backward in hopes of finding safety, dark Deviant Eyes staring back into his frightened ones. His gun was just out of reach, laying there, mocking him. The deep growl of the preditor made his blood run cold. The monster crept forward, large teeth ready to consume him. An entire 7000-year existence flashed before his eyes; his friends, his wife, his children came in flashes. He was unaware of the tears springing to his eyes. This was it for him. This was how it was going to end.
As the Deviant began to pounce, a deafening shriek pierced through its ears. "Daddy!"
Druig's head whipped to the side. The 6 year old frozen in her spot a good distance away from the action, her eyes red with tears flowing down her cheeks "Orla," he breathes jaggedly. "Orla run!"
"Daddy!" she sobbed, running towards him. She didn't make it very far as the woman with soft black hair scooped her up into her arms, hurrying her away. "My daddy," she cried, her outstretched arm reaching for him.
Her eyes saw it all; the flying man landing in front of her father while shooting golden beams down its throat, her mother struggling to get off the ground, her hands grasping at the fallen leaves.
"It's ok," the woman spoke with a soothing tone as she stopped at the door of one of the cabins. "We'll find your parents, we need to keep you safe now." Orla kept shaking her head at her in between choked sobs.
"Orla," Y/N pants as she hobbles over.
"Mommy," Orla whimpers, running over to wrap her arms around her mother's legs. Her eyes looked up to Sersi's wondering glare, her lips hanging open.
"She's yours?" She asked.
Y/N nodded, her attention turning back to Orla. "You know those stories we tell you?"
Orla nodded, trying to keep focused on her mom. The violent screams and noises threatened her to look at the destruction of her home. Y/N placed her hands on the sides of her small face, keeping eye contact. "Th-the Deviants and the Eternals," she stammered meekly.
Y/N hummed and wiped her eyes, "They're not just stories, baby, they're very real. I need you to go inside and stay there until we come to get you. Ok?" Orla nodded quickly, stepping back to let Sersi help her inside.
Y/N and Seri stood on the steps, Sersi's kind hand touching her friend's shoulder, "She's beautiful, Y/N. I'm sorry we had to meet her under these circumstances." It always amazed her how Sersi could remain so calm in the face of danger.
"A little help here!" Kingo shouted in their direction, his face a cross between irritated and surprised.
The dust had finally begun to settle, Deviants lay on the ground before them dead. The Eternals walked closer to lifeless bodies, careful not to step in the foul-smelling blood. "Did we win?" Gilgamesh grumbled as he limped into the circle, one of his arms draped around Thena's shoulders.
"Yeah, for now," Ikaris panted, wiping his jaw with the collar of his shirt. Gil looked down at the slain creature, a grimace on his face. The soft banging of a wood door alerted the group to the cabin behind Y/N and Druig.
They watched as a child pushed open the door, her legs carrying her as fast as they could towards her parents, "Mommy! Daddy!" she cried. Druig bent down and picked her up, his hand cradling the back of her head as she buried her nose in his neck.
"It's ok, m'love. We're ok," he cooed. Y/N kissed the side of her head, whispering to her the same reassuring words.
"He almost eated you, daddy," Orla murmured through her cries. Druig rubbed her back, ignoring the pain coming from the gash on his arm. Y/N glances up at him, her worried eyes locked on him.
"He didn't. I'm safe, you don't have to worry about me," He tells his girls calmly. His free hand reached to stoke Y/N's dirt-ridden cheek, his soft touch providing comfort.
Druig could practically feel the burning sensation of the stares on his back. He placed both hands protectively around his daughter before turning to face them. All except Sersi looked surprised, and a hint of disgust came from Sprite. "Orla, this is our family," Druig stated dryly.
Her eyes locked onto Sersi, she was the nice lady that helped her stay safe. She liked her. Her timid eyes scanned the rest of the group, her mind trying to put the faces to the names her parents had told the stories of. Orla shyly waved at them, pressing her body closer into her father's embrace.
"Druig," Sersi starts to say, "Will you please help us?"
"It's not safe for her here anymore," he heard Y/N whisper from next to him.
"Fine," he finally answered.
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Camilo x fem reader where she has the same gift as pepa
Tumblr media
words cannot explain how much i love this gif HAHAHAHAHA
if i had a gift like pepa's it would be thundering everytime (except when im asleep)
just kidding teehee
Tumblr media
You and Camilo have been dating each other for nearly a year. His family adored you, and you got along really well with them. Pepa seemed particularly fond of you. She loved telling you stories about his beloved son, even though he would complain about how embarrassing some of them are. Pepa insisted that you called her "Mami" because you were technically about to be her daughter, in a few years. You were just so perfect for his son, and she always made sure you knew that.
It was pretty much a routine at this point. Another day starts, you head over to Casa Madrigal and knock a few times on the door, Pepa immediately knows that it's you and rushes to open the door, greeting you by enveloping you into a hug. But this time, the moment she made her arms touched yours, the both of you felt a small electrical shock surge through. She quicky pulls away from you, rubbing her arms. "Mija, did you feel that? Are you okay? It didn't hurt you, did it? I'm sorry, I don't know what happened—" You were fast to reassure her. "It's alright, mami, I'm fine. It felt a bit weird, but it's not painful."
"That's good, I don't think I'd ever be able to forgive myself for hurting you..." She says, letting out a sigh in relief.
"Mami? (Name)? Is everything alright?" Another voice speaks, the two of you turn to see who it was.
"Camilo! It's nothing, just greeting Pep— Mami here." You reply, smiling at the both of them. "Well, I'll leave you two to do your chores now. Have a great day, (name)! Make sure Camilo doesn't cause too much trouble!" Pepa tells you before heading off, making your lover groan.
"She loves you very much, huh?"
"Yes, but sometimes she treats me like I'm still seven."
The rest of the day goes by normally. You assist Camilo in his chores, which is taking care of kids as their mother takes a well deserved break for a few hours. The two of head back over to his place once the sun starts to set. On the way there, one of the kids accidentally kicks too high and it ends up hitting you on the head. You groan pain and a shadow looms over you. Camilo gasps, his eyes widening in surprise.
"What is it?" You ask, rubbing the back of your head. "(Name), amor, you... you have a cloud." Now where have you heard that line before? You look up, and your jaw drops. Remembering what Pepa used to do, you move your hands above your head and wave it in the cloud until it disappears. How did this happen? You weren't a Madrigal yet. And as far you know, people who marry into the family don't get any powers... So how the hell did you get one?
That's where it all clicks. The attempted hug earlier this morning, the small shock of electricity. Camilo, on the other hand, seems to be happy. Although it's gotten him injured a couple times, he has always been fascinated by his mami's gift. And now that you have it as well? That's it. He's decided that you're the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. (Though he already has made up his mind about this a few months ago.)
The both of you rush to Camilo's home, eager to tell his family about the news. You were the one who explained everything to them. They didn't believe it at first, thinking that it was probably one of your boyfriend's pranks that he had managed to rope you into, but then one of Antonio's rats jumped on to your shoulder, causing you to shriek. A cloud forms just above your head at this, and to say that the whole family was shock was an understatement. Pepa was quite worried about you, but she was also overjoyed by this. You told her that you were more than okay with this and that you're actually quite glad you get to share such an amazing gift with her.
Ever since that day, you and Pepa hang out more often now. She gives you some tips on how to avoid causing a hurricane, for the sake of the townspeople, and you help her water the crops, taking turns with her so she could get a break once in a while.
Camilo was already so deeply in love with you, and seeing you hang out with his dearest mami made his heart explode with joy.
Just like his Papa Felix, he'd always be there for you whenever you start to get upset. He'll make you a nice, warm cup of tea, tell you to take deep breaths and even cuddle you until you feel better.
Pepa knew you were the one for his son, she couldn't wait to have you as her daughter-in-law.
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I think I'm falling for you.
Tumblr media
↳ pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
WARNINGS: bad writing 💀, alcohol? I think that's it, if there's anything else, lmk :)
➫ Natasha never imagined that she would find love, especially with a random girl who screamed bloody murder at 3 am when she was the one that fell onto her in the first place.
⤳ A/N: happy dying on the inside 1,003 days without Natasha :) I'm a little late since I just found out, but she is my favourite person in the world and she means so much to me <3 this fic in particular is for all the natasha lovers, there's never not a time when I wish that our best girl would just come back :(
Italics are flashbacks ! this fic is also based on this song. it'd probably be nicer to read and would make more sense if you listen to it at the same time <3
⬐ word count: 2.9K (it was like 9 words away from being 3k this is not satisfying to me at all)
Tumblr media
RESTLESSNESS whirled inside Natasha as she treaded back to her home after a little walk to clear her mind.
For some reason, somehow, she thought about soulmates. Love. Falling for someone. Natasha's thoughts didn't usually consist of this. Uncertaininty was pouring onto her like heavy rain.
What if she didn't find some of that life that Wanda always told her to get? What if she doesn't have the capability to fall for someone? What if that someone didn't fall for her?
Little did she know that she would meet that someone that night, and what she didn't know either, was that she was your someone as well.
You backed out of an alleyway slowly, keeping alert of your surroundings, but at the same time, already zoning out. I have the attention span of a fly, you thought.
The redhead doesn't notice you either, and fate decided to have a little fun with its two favorite victims.
"Shit!" Natasha swore when she felt someone fall directly on top of her after bumping into them. You only felt someone very...solid underneath you, and caution flooded into you.
"I'm sorry," you apologised anyway, groaning, and opening your eyes. They met green, not an ugly green, no, but the most ethereal green you've ever seen. Emerald green. Natasha's heartbeat quickened just by maintaining eye contact with you. Are you the someone I'm looking for? A fleeting thought passed by her.
Natasha's heartbeat quickened just by maintaining eye contact with you. Are you the someone I'm looking for? A fleeting thought passed by her.
"STRANGER DANGER!" you suddenly exclaimed, scaring the shit out of Natasha, and you jumped off of her, brushed yourself off, and held up your arms in defense.
"Woah, woah," Natasha stood up, her hands in front of her, keeping you at arm's length, "Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you."
"That's exactly what someone who's planning to hurt me would say," you deadpanned, your arms still held protectively in front of you.
Natasha finally noticed where she was, right in front of the Stark mansion. The richest people where she lived.
"What were you doing, coming out of this alleyway all sneaky like?" Natasha asked suspiciously, eyes narrowing.
"Depends, are you the police?" you joked, which was bad timing, because Natasha stiffened and looked like she was one second away from punching you.
"Now I'm the stranger danger, hm?" you said, grinning, "Y/n Stark, pleased to make your acquaintance," you bowed jokingly.
"S-Stark?" Natasha found herself rendered speechless, "The Tony Stark has a daughter?"
"There's a lot of things you don't know about my father," you shrugged playfully, "But I guess that's a topic for another day. Let's focus on getting you home safely, shall we?"
"There's no need," the words slipped out of Natasha's mouth, "I can take care of myself."
"Well, I am aware of that, trust me," you spoke softly, and the moonlight illuminating your features just reminded Natasha of how beautiful she thought you were, "But the thing is, you don't always have to."
"Nat, Natasha, Natalia! NatNatNatNatNat."
Natasha shook her head, ultimately breaking out of her trance, and her vision cleared when she saw your face right in front of hers. A blush spreaded throughtout her cheeks.
"Thank God you're back to me," you sighed, relieved, "I thought I lost you for a second there during my rant on why people who put milk before the cereal deserve to be in jail."
"I put milk before the cereal," Natasha's eyebrows furrowed, and you gasped, "I knew you couldn't be trusted from the moment I met you! Truly horrifying, aren't you?"
Natasha rolled her eyes at your antics that she grew to find endearing, and she caught herself staring at you again.
Snug in the old library, your bright and buoyant aura was what deeply contrasted you to your surroundings, you looked to her like someone that came out of a comic book, animated, flawless, and sporting a knockout smile.
"I still can't believe you made us drive out to this ancient library that doesn't even have computers to search for the books we want instead of just using the one on campus," Natasha grumbled, trying to come off as upset.
You didn't take the bait, instead you clapped your hands happily, "Come on, Nat, you out of all people know I love exploring! This library is so cool."
Natasha could see how happy you were, the library's so senescent and simple that she could feel herself gravitating toward every aged book, nook, and corner.
"Wait, why me out of all people?" Natasha asked suddenly, and you raised a brow.
"Is that even a question, Romanoff?" you replied, smiling kindly. The confusion on Natasha's face was evident.
"You're my best friend, no one else comes close," you said easily, then as if you said nothing at all, resuming your hunt of the book you sought to find.
Natasha nodded slowly and exhaled quietly.
Would she ever be more?
Would you ever be more to her?
"You know, you would be the type to escape parties for fresh air," you grinned at your friend.
It was about 6 months after you first met. You were incredibly well acquainted already. You briefly remember accidentally registering Natasha as your emergency contact one time. It was an accident, you think.
"Especially when it's one of your father's parties," Natasha breathed, out, "The whole city is here."
It was true. Tony threw the most extravagant parties. The room was full of people, your age and older, drinking champagne, playing party games, and it was full of chatter. As much as you considered yourself a social butterfly, even you needed time to just get away. Especially since it was New Year's Eve.
"Damn right they are," you confirmed, lifting the glass to your lips, "So, any new year's resolutions?"
"You believe in those?" Natasha snorted, the indifferent expression on her face turning into a smile, only because you were there, "Of course, you would be the type to believe in those."
"I didn't say I believed in them," you huffed indignantly, "I was just asking!"
Natasha shook her head with a smile, "Maybe...I have one."
"Are you going to make me beg for it?" you were standing right next to her now, and Natasha turned her face to meet yours.
It felt like she was breathing again, the first breath after rising out of the water that fills your lungs so desperately that you can't help but take another breath.
"Maybe," is all Natasha whispered. Natasha's lips look cold, you mused.
"Please?" you tried, with those puppy eyes she felt resembled her dog too much.
She swallowed, her throat felt tight.
"To have someone to kiss on New Year's Eve."
You stared at her, before bursting into laughter. Natasha was sure that even fireworks couldn't compare to your radiance. Soon, she joined in the laughter as well.
"Stop lying to me, Nat!" you giggled, "That's the most cliche thing I've ever heard you say! You hate cliche! You don't really believe in New Year's resolutions too, don't you?"
"God, you're slow," she teased, and you rolled your eyes, downing the rest of your champagne and sighing.
You could hear the countdown for one minute from inside the room.
"I wouldn't mind having someone to kiss on New Year's Eve, too," you mumbled, face still in your glass.
"Yeah?" Natasha leaned forward a little to try to catch the expression on your face.
30 seconds.
"Yeah," you whispered, looking into her eyes. You never felt more free than when you were with Natasha. Silence ensued. You're not sure how much you were paying attention to everything else. Natasha was enticing, entrancing, Natasha was magical.
10 seconds.
"Kiss me," you ordered gently, hands finding their way onto her neck.
"Are you sure?" she asked once more, hesitant.
You answered that connecting your lips with hers.
Natasha's lips tasted of soda, and you grinned at the thought of her refusing to drink even though you told her that you both could spend the night at your dad's, because she was your ride.
Addicting. The only word to describe you. The only word to describe her.
It was at the time that you knew you were falling in love.
There was a time where Natasha swore you felt the same way, but now she wasn't sure anymore.
After the kiss, you just laughed and winked at her, before hastily running back into the house, and thanking your father for the party.
Natasha just stood there, dumbfounded at how the kiss made her feel, and her heart constricted at your casualness. But what was she expecting really? A confession of love?
Maybe you'll change your mind.
Natasha slaps herself internally, and she focused on finding her own book. These intrusive thoughts could wait.
"You coming, Romanoff? Or are you too busy admiring my beauty?"
"I'm right behind you, weirdo."
"I told you I can do the dishes," you argued, playfully bumping into Natasha who was next to you and helping.
"Why are you so insistent? You never pass up a chance to make chores easier," Natasha teased, and you scoffed, placing a clean plate on the side, "Come on, dishes is like, the only chore I can do without getting distracted 5 seconds in."
"Good that you know," Natasha grumbled, and you splash water at her, "HEY!"
"Stop playing around and do what you're supposed to do," you mimiced the girl's words that she often said to you some days, and she glared at you.
"Out of all the things I say, that's the only thing you remember," Natasha chuckled, and you grinned.
"You practically live here," you said without thinking, "You sleep over almost everyday, you do chores, we spend literally the whole day together except when you're working."
Natasha stopped washing the cup she was holding, "Is that a problem?"
You looked at her, and she seemed almost worried, as if afraid of being too clingy. Genuinely, Natasha was the only reason you still had motivation. Having her next to you for most of the day, energised you.
"Of course, it's not," you quickly reassured her, "It's nice having you around all the time. You know I love spending time with you."
Natasha relaxed and continued, "This might sound random, but...any girl would be lucky to have you, y/n."
But I want you, you thought to yourself, remaining quiet.
Don't you see me?
I think I'm falling.
I'm falling for you.
Never in your life, would you have ever thought that you would see Natasha Romanoff dancing. She was graceful, poised, everything in between, each movement was calculated, but at the same time, smooth.
You had shown her the ballet room in your own mansion, that you had built but didn't really use.
You watched in awe and in silence.
"Going to keep staring, or are you going to join me?"
"I barely know how to dance, Nat," you said, not surprised that she knew you were there. She always seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to that.
"I'll guide you," she held out her hand. You slunk off the wall and walked towards her, eventually taking her hand.
"What about a waltz?" she asked, and you grinned, "You dance, uh, stuff other than ballet?"
"Probably anything you can think of," Natasha shrugged nonchalantly, "Like how tech was your thing as a kid and even now? That's me with dancing."
"That's amazing," you said, impressed, "You're full of surprises."
"It's one of my many, many talents," Natasha chortled.
And just like that, with Natasha's voice in your ears, one hand on your waist, and another intertwined with one of your hands, you weren't aware of how smoothly you were dancing.
"Huh," you giggled, when Natasha showed you how well you were doing, "You do make everything easier."
"Know that I feel the same way about you," she pulled you closer.
Her touch felt like fire all of a sudden. Losing yourself in her was easy.
You longed to feel her lips on yours again.
The words slipped out before you could stop yourself.
"Kiss me."
Unless the last time, Natasha didn't hesitate and wasted no time and quickly kissed you. Lips moved in tandem, and you felt lighter than before.
Natasha made everything easier. Even loving.
"Why are you all alone in your room and crying to Taylor Swift?"
Natasha's voice rung through the air and you didn't dare answer, a blanket wrapped around your figure. It was a month before you showed her the ballet room. You looked at her, she didn't look any better, disheveled hair, and a black eye.
You sat up slowly, sniffling, and pat the space on the bed next to you. Natasha reluctantly trotted over and made herself comfortable on the bed. You lay down, and so did she.
"What happened?" both asked at the same time.
You gave each other knowing looks and laughed.
"Okay, I guess we aren't ready to tell each other anything," you said softly, and Natasha nodded in agreement.
Then you just laid there, facing each other, smiles finally growing over time. Sometimes it was enough just to be near one another.
You draped part of your blanket over her, and she snuggled closer to you.
"For what it's worth, I hope the person who hurt you stubbed their toe," you spoke up.
"I hope that the person who made you cry gets soggy socks tomorrow," her lips tugged upward.
"I hope their pillow is warm on both sides."
"I hope their hot coffee gets mysteriously cold when received."
Natasha laughed at that and you stared at her fondly.
Neither knew what the other was thinking, but they were thinking the same thing.
Are you all I need?
"Remind me where we're going again?"
She scoffed in disbelief, "Do you not understand what a surprise is, Stark?"
"I know this place inside out," you confidently stated, "I wouldn't be surprised no matter where you take me."
"Oh yeah?" Natasha's smirk was more attractive than any model you've ever seen, "Wanna bet on it?"
You forced your gaze away from her and huffed, "No."
"Then shut up and enjoy the ride," Natasha joked, accelerating.
"Could you be any more careful? I'm too pretty to die," you shouted, holding onto the grab handle.
"Believe me, I know."
Tumblr media
"Watch your step!"
"Hard to watch my step w- OW. When I'm b- SHIT. Blindfolded! You suck as a guide."
"Aw, how sweet of you to say."
You grumbled under your breath as you stepped on a bunch of random twigs. Natasha led you to an open area where the wind soared to its greatest lengths.
“Open your eyes,” Natasha whispered into your ear, taking her hands away, and when you opened them, a gasp left your mouth.
A beautiful view of the entire city, and, contradicting what you had said earlier, a place you’ve never seen before.
“It’s breathtaking.”
Natasha’s slight smile was directed at you.
“It is.”
“I gotta hand it to you, Nat,” your hand tangled in your hair, face still awestruck, “You really know how to show a girl a good time.”
Natasha laughed deeply, “And you said you knew this city like the back of your hand.”
“I always learn something new when I’m around you.”
Natasha bit her lip, before sitting on a bench parallel to another and patting the seat in front of her, “Do you fancy sitting here, with me, maybe?”
You chuckled and followed her lead, “Of course.”
There was barely any sounds except for the both of you, and the creatures of the night, the small area free from the noises of traffic and people.
“Can I say something before I chicken out?” you suddenly asked, fingers tapping on your knees and eyes drawn to the ground. Natasha nodded slowly, a slight fear rising inside her at what your next words might contain.
“According to your heart,” you whispered, “My place is not deliberate.”
Natasha’s heartbeat was obnoxiously loud at this point, and it took everything in her to not just sprint out of there, away from you.
“I don’t want to be your friend anymore,” your voice was muffled, cheeks heavily blushing, “It’s not enough. I want more.”
Natasha’s rendered speechless again. It was the moment she was waiting for, but why was it so hard for her to speak?
You cautiously inched closer to her, placing a hand on hers. Natasha shuddered, your touch had that effect on her.
“You just…looked so alive, during the fireworks,” you smiled at her, “The lights just enhanced everything that was already enchanting about you.”
Natasha’s hand curled into yours, squeezing it tightly at your words. Tears pricked at the corner of her eyes subtly. This didn’t feel real.
“On this night, in this light,” you referenced the night you fell in love with her, New Year's Eve, “I think I’m falling. I’m falling for you.”
“Will your ever change your mind?” Natasha spoke, her voice strained.
“No,” you added, gaze softening, “I’m in love with you, my best friend, and I think I’ll always be.”
Natasha lunged forward then, throwing caution to the wind, and catching your lips with her cold ones. Her arms wrapped around your neck, and your hands snaked around her waist. She tasted like strawberries.
She broke apart, nose bumping against yours, before breathing out,
“You’re all I need.”
“On this night, in this light,” she repeated, eliciting a small laugh from you.
“I know I’ve fallen for you," you finished, your eyes crinkled with how hard you were grinning.
“I’ve fallen for you too,” Natasha said, eyes sparkling.
"What does this mean for us?" you asked, hands intertwined with hers.
"We'll take it one day at a time," Natasha reassured, "Just promise you'll be mine?"
You lifted her hand to your lips and kissed it gently,
"I promise."
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grysnwyne · a day ago
DEALER | fezco.
Tumblr media
NOTES: i enjoyed writing this, i hope all of you enjoy reading this as well <3 read with caution.
Tumblr media
rue: in this town, she was known as the talented actress who swooned everyone off their feet. including me. she was the brightest star anyone has ever seen until the day she was forced to stop doing what she loved. but no matter what happened to her career though, he would always see you as the person who lit up every room you were in, who lit up his life at any given moment.
being cal jacobs' only daughter put you on a high level above others in terms of popularity and what everybody loathed and loved, expectations. at only three years old, you were catapulted into the spotlight, starring in every show and movie your parents could sign you up in. it seemed as though all was good and your reputation could never be tarnished whatsoever.
until your father made the poor decision to make you stop acting. he pulled you out of every show you were going to star in and nothing ever felt the same after that. no longer would you be able to fulfill your dreams of being a hollywood starlet, nor being able to do what you believed you did best. what hurt you the most from all of this was that you never got closure about why he decided to make you stop.
sixteen years old, you were drinking and going to parties as a way to cope with the problems your father caused. going with maddy and cassie wasn't always ideal to your parents but as long as your brother was around to make sure you went home that night, they were alright. they had complete control over your life, and now at eighteen, you weren't having any of their bullshit.
a teenage party at your town wasn't complete without drugs. no matter how much every parent tried to pull their child away from those substances, they'd always try to find ways around those restrictions. some may use them occasionally, some fuck their dealer, some may become addicted, some may even overdose. where would your troubled self lie?
"you look so fucking hot, bitch." maddy compliments as she pulls you into an embrace. she had always looked you as not the easy way into the jacobs family but as the bestest friend who'd always tell her anything shady your brother did. also, you shared the same situation with your parents not wanting the both of you to continue your dreams. and for that reason, madeleine perez loved you. and wanted to be like you. "i wish i was even as hot as you."
you smile, pulling away to take in how great she looked like again. "don't say that, girl! you look finer than any wine i've ever come across. nate's looking for you, i think he wants to talk." you could only pray that this time, their relationship turns to the right direction and that nate would stop being so fucking abusive and hotheaded.
maddy rolls her eyes and leads you inside the party, with everyone immediately turning their heads to look at you. "i'll talk to him later. right now, i need to fucking pee."
"already? you just fucking got here!" maddy hits your arm in an attempt to make you stop your annoyingly adorable laugh.
before walking away, she says something that had your brain being filled with the thoughts of him. "shut up, at least i don't fuck around with my drug dealer. see you later, tata!"
fuck, maddy. why'd she have to remind you of that night back in july? it was just a mistake as you've told yourself over and over again in the morning when he left right after you fell asleep in that small motel room he paid on his way out. the days pass and you continue on with your life no matter how much you wanted to continue living it without him. in easier words, you fucked and you couldn't get over him. sure, you could easily confess and come clean about how you felt about him leaving so soon.
but what would be the point in telling him when that was the point of one night stands? fucking for one night and living as if that never happened or swallowing your feelings even if you were unhappy forever were what could happen, and the second was what exactly you decided to do. or at least what you tried to do.
for months you had avoided talking to him for the reason of being unable to accept your growing feelings towards the drug dealer, but tonight, the gods who never seemed to care decided to do some bullshit.
"y/n! you look so stunning, oh my god." lexi squeals upon seeing you and being the person who knew everyone, you mirrored her reaction.
"you're so adorable, lexi. i like your hair," truth. the way she'd style her hair was always so fucking cute. it made her look like she stayed true to being the good sister. and she was being loyal to that image instead of becoming like cassie, someone you grew suspicious of. "maddy needed to take a fucking dump, can i sit with you? and where's your sister by the way?"
she blows raspberries as she held your hand to where she hung out. "we got into this big argument and she just stormed out of the car. now i'm struggling to reach her. just hope she's safe and can make it here." and nate was missing. oh.
you nod in understanding, trying to add two and two together. just when you were about to sit down and plop on the cushions comfortably, you were met with the pair you've been trying not to find in a vast ocean of eyes. "y/n?" now you hoped that you just stayed at home and helped your mom with the new year's dinner.
"fez..." you barely choked out. "didn't know you'd be here, i missed you." it wasn't appropriate to say you missed him when you were the one who purposely stayed far away from this one hell of a man. saying that you felt bad was an understatement, and you probably didn't even deserve to feel bad, as your brain made you think. lexi stands up to find cassie, meaning that she left you alone with fez, figuring that you probably knew him better than she ever would.
fezco snickers, "i hope you've, uh, been well, angel. i hope everybody who starts takin' them stops as easily as you did." you only stopped taking drugs when he shared how much he was afraid of losing you to the same thing he sold you. fez, fez, fez was all that you could think of back then. and until now.
"i only stopped because someone made life worth living," a faint smile creeps up your lips. his hand that was away from yours found itself being mere centimeters from your soft ones. there was no point in dwelling in the past but he can't help but do it when he felt so bad that the relationship between the both of you started becoming more unclear than ever. he wanted a future with you, he wanted his days to be filled by you. but the circumstances wouldn't let him, especially not after what he was going to fo tonight. "and i hope he realizes that even if i'm too much of a coward to admit it."
for a minute, the thought of holding your hand, but he didn't want to scare her away. "where'd you go? i was startin' to miss you." fez looked at lexi who was behind you, but his words were directed to you. not knowing this, the best girl in town responds as you kept your mouth shut. listening to their conversation made things worse for your fragile heart that threatened to break into a billion pieces.
he was asking where you've been and he was telling you that he was starting to miss you even when you acted so cold these last months. god, this made you love him even more. your job was to act, you believed that pretending was what you did best, but here you were, being unable to hide your emotions good enough for him to focus on his and lexi's conversation instead of looking at you from time to time.
"i just want to let you know that," he pauses, licks his lower lips. "talking to you was one of the best parts of my year." lexi obviously blows raspberries and rolls her eyes, leaning more into the couch. "why are you always doing that?"
"doing what?" she asks, and it feels as though they've even forgotten that you were there even though you were just between them.
"doubting yourself and shi'." it was true, lexi should have more faith and confidence in herself. she was classy, she was kind, she probably gave him butterflies. a look at fezco's face told you everything you needed to know. a bit more than what you wanted. "don't downplay your emotions, you're so fucking precious. get me?"
lexi turns her head away from the man and she was probably smiling to herself, and it was the first time she's ever felt like this. maybe this was how things went when you were falling in love for the first time. fez looks at you with an unreadable expression, and only then did you realize that your eyes were probably glassy when you saw your reflection on the phone's screen.
the scrutinous eyes of his caught a glimpse of yours and never had he felt so bad and good at the same time. he wanted to return the pain he felt when you acted so fucking cold and circumvent whenever he was coming your way. then again, fezco never wanted to make you cry. so you stay right where you were until a few minutes before new year, thankfully never letting the tears fall whenever lexi talked to you. oh, how you wanted to break down and scream and just cry. why did love have to be this cruel?
suddenly, you feel a hand on yours and fez gives it a gentle squeeze to let you know that he was there while saving his number on lexi's phone. then his hot breath fans against your ear, whispering words you never thought he'd say. "hope ya find someone ya can’t live without, i really do...and i hope you'd never ever have to know what it’s like to have to try and live without them. forget me because pain always comes from wantin' something." and he kisses your cheek, the kind that would stay with you until the day you died. "happy new year, my angel." and the fireworks, the people start to go all out.
those were his last words before standing up, to tell ash to start the car and stands by the doorway. fezco looks at the person from across the room as he takes off his sweater, revealing a white shirt underneath. you look at lexi then back at fez who gazed at you. he walks on over, diving head first into the seas and crowds of strangers, sweaty people he gave no mind to, keeping his eyes on the prize.
your heart is threatening to fall out of your chest with every step he takes until he eventually reaches your brother who stood at the bar area. fez holds a bottle to pour some alcohol in his cup. next to him was nate who leaned against a pillar, an unreadable expression on his face. "the last time i talked to you, you said you would kill me." the dealer chuckles and brings up his red party cup, leading a toast to commence between him and the quarterback.
"happy new year, playboy."
just like that, fezco was slamming the bottle he gripped onto earlier against nate's head. your taller brother was instantly brought onto the ground by the dealer's underestimated strength. he repeatedly slammed his fists on nate's face, and the man below couldn't even lay a hand on fez with how fast his motions were. red was all that he could see, reminiscing all the horrible things he did to jules, to rue, to everybody he cared about.
new year, new problems to face, as fezco thought. he pushes cassie aside and much like everybody else, you were alarmed to see a new side of him. you were aware that he was tough like people described him, but you never thought of him as the kind that would beat someone like nate up and put him in his place. and that was what secured fez the number one spot in your heart.
fez huffs out a few times before standing up, fists clenched and turns his head to your direction. prior to leaving the shocking scene, he looks at you then at someone behind you, but you don't even give a fuck at who that someone else was. they leave in their car, and you follow them in yours.
ashtray notices the car following them through the rearview mirror and looks back, his mouth turns into an 'o' shape once fully processing who was driving. rue looks behind her, shocked to see you following them instead of taking your own brother in the hospital. "uh..you got something going on with her, fez?"
"i don't know 'bout that but, just be careful. i don't want you to get hurt, rue." most importantly, he didn't want anyone else getting hurt from this whirlwind of a mess. well, that was probably what nate deserved for fucking with the people fez was close with.
"thanks..." rue said, still worried about how you were driving faster than she's seen anyone do. sure, the two of you were friends, so she wouldn't want you getting into an accident or telling on someone about what fez did. all in all, she loved you and was just worried about you, wishing that the crumples and problems in yours and fez's strained relationship would be straightened out soon.
you drive over to this motel and just in time, fez knocks on the front door. yes, you called him over to talk, and that was all you were here for. other than treating the bruises and cuts he sustained from beating the living daylights out of your undeniably asshole brother. pulling him inside would only confuse him more and more about the situation the two of you were in.
once you pull out your bandages and tell him to get on the bed, he never complained and just complied to your order. after all, he'd never disobey you. not you. you put his hand on your bare lap and took care of him the way he always thought you would if he ever got injured. oh, how he wished that forever was tonight when you touched his hand ever so gently, how you were never too harsh with him even if he deserved every ounce of anger and irritation one had to give him.
"but what if you're the one i want, fez? the one i would never want to live without, the person i love." fuck it. you were putting your insecurities aside and pouring your heart out. "i didn't mean to give you a cold shoulder or act like i didn't know you when you were all that i knew in those past months that i avoided you. i was just...hurt when you left just like that after we had sex. i know what i was getting into, yet i did it anyway. sorry for putting you in distress or anything like that, i was just so fucking dumb."
fez pulls you into a slow-burning hug. every rub of your back made you felt like you were going to break down in his comforting arms. only the night the two of you spent and tonight was when he fully realize how lonely he's been, and how comforting the presence of yours could be. "i've got'chu now, alright, angel?" you nod and look up at him just as he looks down into your teary eyes. doing this to your heart felt like murder.
he wipes your tears with a calloused thumb and presses a loving kiss on your forehead.
"i don’t care if you have loved someone else before and after meeting me, the only thing i need is that you consider me the person you want to be with forever."
"i understand and i know, so don't downplay yourself no more." it sounded better in his head than when he said it but it had to be said. you were so much more than you were crediting yourself, and fez didn't like seeing you like this. a few more minutes pass and he finds himself laying you down gently on the bed, mere seconds before he lays all his love on you. "you're too precious to cry..." he whispers, putting his hands under your top and raising the fabric. fez locks his eyes with yours with his lips pressing wet kisses on your stomach up to the valley of your breasts. all while looking straight into your eyes, he made you feel some kinda way no words could ever describe.
fezco's lips find your nipples and fuck, did sucking on them make him feel like he was on cloud nine. it might have seemed strange, how sucking your tits made him feel calm, but that was how he really felt, especially when you start to whine in need. "i'm gonna make you feel like i've never even left, princess. never gonna leave you again." was what he promised while pulling up his shirt, taking off his pants and boxers before getting on the bed. some people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them. you gladly meet his lips and nothing about it was soft even at the moment he placed his mouth on yours.
right off the bat, fez was ripping your clothes off you as he made out with you passionately. head spinning in the fluorescent lights of the orange street lights that lit the motel room, he only made you get more lightheaded when he licked you over your panties. "fuck, fez." fez, fez, fez, once more was all that you could think about in this time, place and moment. smirking against your skin, he decides to rip your panties as well, and you would be concerned about those expensive ones if he wasn't making you feel like a goddess right now and made you sit on his face. feathery heated kisses around your thighs combined with long, slow licks from the bottom of your slit to your clit was what made you grip the sheets and buck your hips against his face.
"i just want you so fucking much, please, don't leave me again." your pleads and teary-eyed begs were met with gentle kisses to your clit before he fully fucks you with his tongue. people did tend to underestimate his strength as you've noticed when he held your legs open with just one hand as the other played with your cunt. all your worries were thrown out the window when he moves you faster than you've ever rode anyone.
just a few minutes in and you were already seeing white from the intensity. his tongue prodding your clit, fingers never failing to make you feel full made you tear up and eventually cry from the euphoric, heavenly feeling of it all. his stubble prickling your thighs softly magnified the pleasure to levels you couldn't imagine being on.
soon, you were shaking on his face, thighs trembling and threatening to close around his head. fez was painfully hard, cock leaking and twitching from how good you tasted around his mouth. you were tastier, better than any drug he's ever taken or heard of. and that was one of the reasons he was addicted. a few more sucks of your clit and you were contracting around his fingers. you rode his face like you'd never do again and eventually, you were releasing all over his face.
fez moans when he was able to make you squirt and gladly takes in everything, not bothering to waste a drop of your precious juices. you get off and don't let him breathe properly when you slide yourself on his cock. god, oversensitivity was so fucking good you could almost taste it. he pushes you on the bed so you could be under him and he could fuck you better.
he couldn't have asked for a better view than this. how you bit your lip, trying to contain your moans were everything to him, how you'd roll your nipples in between fingers o get some sort of stimulation, fez easily replaces your hands with his warm and wet mouth while bottoming in you. "god, you're such a good girl for me. 'm angel..." he whispered, leaving dark purple marks on your hips from gripping your skin too hard. but you never minded, they were problems for another time.
"my pretty baby," he moaned out when you clenched around him and it felt as though he couldn't breathe with how great you made him feel. he was a fool for you and you were treating him this way, fez was slamming his cock balls deep in you. it didn't take long for fez to move erratically as he was nearing his long awaited orgasm.
"inside please!"
"i can't hear ya, sweetheart." fez teased, "look me in the eyes and tell me what you want."
by now, you were lost in the thought of making the both of you feel good, feel a feeling beyond the unthinkable. "cum in me, fez! i want your cum fulling me up, making me feel so good." and that was the last straw for him, throwing his head back as pearly white strings of cum shot in your wet walls. you both regain your breaths and lay beside each other. his eyes scanned your face for any sort of discomfort before pulling you in his arms, pressing a meaningful kiss on your lips. "i love you," you said through a sweet smile.
fez reciprocates the smile and lets you lay on his chest.
"i love you more, my angel. i'll stay with you as long as you need me to, i'm here."
you lowered your hat to fully cover your face and ran as fast as you could down over to the store. this was important information you couldn't afford to not tell him. this was the moment you'd stop beating around the bush and be brave for once. you nearly get run over by a car on your way there not once, but thrice, but you figured that it was all worth it. in the end, he needed to know, and that was all that mattered.
you go through the back door and run into ashtray who was just a s surprised as you were. then you finally lock eyes with fezco who was taken aback to see you there, nonetheless, you immediately hug him. "i need to tell you something, it's really fucking important."
"sure princess, what's bothering you?" you hated how easygoing he was even when people were after his ass, fuck it.
"he knows, he knows what you di-"
"hey, fez!" lexi greets, and you take a few breaths to try and not cry, to try and focus on the task at hand. she stops when she meets your eyes and you wave at her, still keeping your hat on. "so..are you two uh...a thing?" she must've seen us hug, you think and smile to yourself, confidently excited for fez's response-
"yeah, no. we're just friends."
and so you come home running to your dad, tears threatening to fall down, hands trembling while telling him everything that had happened the night nate was beaten up by fez. he smiles and pulls you in his arms, realizing that you were still very much his girl and no one else's.
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maevesheart · 2 days ago
AG!Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
summary: Based off the song “Misunderstanding” by Genesis; Peter completely forgot about the date you two had planned, leaving you all alone in the rain.
WC: 2.2k
warnings: angst!!!, blood, cuts, cursing, mentions of violence, etc
Tumblr media
You hugged the coat closer to your body, trying to get as much protection under the tree as possible.
It was fall, but not deep enough into fall for all the leaves to be gone. The orange and yellow leaves shielded your shivering body from the harsh raindrops that pounded down onto the grass and pavement around you.
You had been standing in the same god-damned park for two hours now, basically given up on the idea that Peter would show up.
It wasn’t like him to miss a date, especially one in the park (his favorite place).
But now that you were thinking about it, he had been blowing you off more often, always having some sort of excuse to sneak away.
“I’ve got to speak to my professor, Y/N”, “Not right now, Y/N/N, I have to study”, “I’ll call you later? Harry just came over”, or, your least favorite, “Sorry babe, Gwen needed help with her Chemistry lab.”.
You loved, but also hated his sweet heart. He wanted to help everyone with everything, but he somehow always found himself prioritizing strangers over his actual heart. You.
The rain continued to plummet down, and by this point, your hair was practically soaked, and the thin jacket you had brought was drenched in water, leaving you freezing cold and soaking wet.
You couldn’t believe it. Peter had blown you off.
You checked your almost-dead phone, hoping for a call or text, just to be met with your vacant Lock Screen. No new messages, just a few from your older brother.
Your background melted your heart, before making it freeze over again.
The picture was of you and Peter, his long and lanky, yet somehow toned, arms wrapped around your body. Your head was on his shoulder and smiles covered both of your faces.
The photo was taken by Harry a few years ago, when you and Peter were first talking. Peter asked you out after the picture was taken, and Harry was the first to know. He still claims he was the one that made it happen.
But, as you waited, so cold you could barely feel your fingers, you really weren’t sure how much longer you could be with Peter.
It wasn’t like he was a bad boyfriend, quite the opposite, but he obviously didn’t have the respect or time he once had for you.
You had been alone with your thoughts too long, so you took a long breath in and then stepped out from under the tree.
The rain immediately found you, blurring your vision. You knew the way back home easily though, it was a short walk.
It wasn’t dark out either, which was nice.
You took off the dripping fleece jacket you had brought with you, and put it above your head, making a barrier between you and the icy-cold droplets.
The light t-shirt you had on stuck to your body like glue, and the black jeans resting on your waist became heavy. Your white reeboks sloshed with every step you took, and they were covered in sticky mud from where you were standing under the tree.
Your phone was in the back pocket in your jeans, and had promptly died after you examined the picture of you and Peter.
If anything, this was all his fault.
Not wanting to think about your absent boyfriend, you filled your mind with different things you could make for dinner.
Your apartment was being renovated, so for the time being, you were in your brother’s home with him, his wife, and their two daughters.
You felt so bad for invading their space, so you made dinner for them each night. His wife was a nurse, so she would come home late and be incredibly tired. He was a professor, and taught English at NYU. Their two girls, Esme and Gia, were little angels, and loved spending time with their Auntie Y/N. After all, you were all the family your brother had left except for them.
You continued to keep a steady pace as you tried your hardest to avoid puddles, not wanting to slip and land in a pile of growing mud.
This became more and more difficult, and you eventually gave up, stepping in the puddles and letting the water splash up onto your jeans and sneakers.
You sighed and tried to walk a little quicker, realizing how dark it was about to get.
Trying to avoid mud and puddles had extended your journey home, and the pouring rain that clouded your vision didn’t help much either.
You really didn’t want to still be walking home in the pouring rain whilst dark out, knowing your phone was dead, and how worried your family would be.
Suddenly, a sticky substance landed on your wrist, and you were shot up into the air. You screamed, which just ended in rain choking you.
You lost your coat, and you coughed before feeling arms wrap around your waist.
“Let me go!” You screamed kicking the mystery man in the shins. No reaction. “Let me go! Get your arms off me!” You screamed louder, hoping someone would hear you.
You hadn’t even looked around, and once you did, you really wished you hadn’t. You were on top of an apartment building.
Your breath hitched in your throat, and a muffled scream came out.
You didn’t know how you got there, and you didn’t know why you were up there.
The stranger finally let you of you, and you backed away quickly.
He was wearing a red mask and a bodysuit. You squinted your eyes, trying to see past the rain, just to find Spiderman standing across from you.
You screamed at the top of your lungs, you didn’t know why you did, you just did.
Obviously, you were safe with Spiderman, but there was no present danger, so why did he bring you up here?
“Y/N, shh, calm down. Calm down. It’s fine.” He inched closer to you, but you kept backing away, terrified on how this man knew your name.
“H-how do you know my name!” You spoke, and then yelped as he wrapped his arms around you again.
“Stop touching me!”
He let go and stepped back, and you narrowed your eyes at him.
“I want to go back down.” You said sternly, crossing your arms over your chest.
“No.” He mimicked your pose.
You had no idea who was behind the mask, but you did know that you didn’t like them.
“There wasn’t anything dangerous! Please let me down! My brother is going to get so worried,” you continued to plead with him.
“Oh shut up,” he said, putting his hands on his face.
“Don’t tell me to shut up! I want you to-“ your breath got caught in your throat as the mystery man took off his mask, revealing your boyfriend.
Your beautiful boyfriend.
But also the boyfriend that you were extremely mad at.
“Peter Parker!” You screamed running at him and hitting his chest.
“Shhhh!” He urged, trying to keep his identity a secret.
You continued to hit his chest, which he barely felt. “You,” smack, “completely,” smack, “and utterly,” smack, “pompous,” smack, “asshole!” SMACK!
“Ow! Y/N, what the hell?!” He grabbed your wrists, stopping you from hitting him more.
“Why the fuck did you stand me up?!” You yelled at him, before giving a hard shove to his chest (which he didn’t even react to).
He shook his head and furrowed his eyebrows.
“What are you talking about?” He quietly asked.
You couldn’t believe your ears. He had completely forgotten about the date! The first date you two would have had in almost three months!
“Take me to my brothers.” You said through gritted teeth, facing away from him.
“No, Y/N, explain what you just-“
“Are you an idiot or do you just hate me?” You turned around, looking up into his eyes.
Now, you were grateful for the rain. It make your tears blend in.
“Wha- I don’t hate you. Why would you even ask that?” He laughs lightly, and then stops, realizing that you weren’t in the mood for laughing.
“Why didn’t you come? I waited in the rain for almost four hours, Peter.” The tears cascaded down your cheeks. Stop crying. Stop it. You’re strong, Y/N.
“What? I don’t,” he shook his head, trying to rack up an idea, any idea, of why you were waiting for him in the rain.
“Can you please just take me to Eddie’s. I’m tired.” You really just wanted to curl into a ball. Peter didn’t remember. He forgot about you.
Peter shook his head. “Please, just,”
“Peter, please. Later. We can talk later.” A sob escaped your throat, and Peter felt his heart break in two.
“No, please. I’m so sorry, I-“ he tried to apologize, but his thoughts were filled with images of you getting hurt or attacked because he forgot about you.
“Forget it.” You looked down, and Peter didn’t know what to do.
His glove-adorned hands gently lifted your chin up, forcing you to make eye contact with him.
“I’m so sorry.” Hot tears pooled at his eyes, threatening to escape.
“Whatever. I’m done. I just want to sleep.” You sighed, thinking of your warm and dry clothes and bed at Eddie’s house.
“I forgot about our date. It’s not whatever, Y/N. I can’t let myself treat you like this.” He shook his head. “Not now, not ever.”
“Well, you did.” You said, barely above a whisper. You hoped he didn’t hear it, but he did.
His heart snapped, and the tears fell.
“My…my amazing Y/N. I’m so sorry. You could’ve been hurt, you could’ve been attacked, I don’t even… I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you were hurt and it was my fault because I forgot..”
He continued to ramble, and you shifted your eyes back down, noticing the large gash in his suit.
“Peter, Oh my God…”
He stopped speaking and looked down at you, and immediately realized what you saw.
“It’s not a big deal, really,”
“We’re going to Eddie’s right now, Lara can fix it.”
He smiled and nodded, hoping this meant you weren’t angry with him anymore.
You had never been swung before, and the way that you had completely forgotten your boyfriend was Spiderman quickly came back to you.
His left arm was wrapped securely around your waist, and you dug your head into his chest while your arms were wrapped around his neck.
You could hear the webs being shot from his web-shooters, but didn’t dare to look up.
How did he do this all day?
You reached your brothers home in no time. Peter set you down and placed his now free hand onto his gash.
You rushed to the front door and stuck the key in, and twisted. The door unlocked and you pulled Peter into the hallway of the large home.
“Lara!” You yelled, really hoping the girls wouldn’t come down.
“Y/N?” She called back rushing into the hallway and gasping when she saw Peter standing next to you.
Her hands covered her mouth, and she froze. “P-Peter is Spiderman? Peter Parker?”
“Lara, he’s bleeding, a lot.” You pulled him into the kitchen by one of his arms and Lara quickly cleared the island counter, telling him to lay down.
Eddie then came in, alarmed and sweating.
“I heard screaming. Is everyone alright… Oi! Peter?” His face scrunched in curiosity as your lovely boyfriend laid on his kitchen counter half naked and bleeding everywhere.
“What in God’s name happened to you?” He came over to your side, peering onto Peter’s toned stomach.
“Crime fighting.” Peter answered with a strained smile. Your brother nodded before becoming confused again.
“What-“ his question stopped as he saw the Spiderman logo on the ground of his kitchen. Peter must have thrown his suit off…
“You’re SPIDERMAN?!” Eddie yelled, before spewing out more questions.
“How many people do you catch a day, I mean, I can imagine-“
“Eddie.” You stopped him, by placing a hand on his arm. He nodded and sat down at one of the seats at the table.
“Damn. My sisters boyfriend is Spiderman.”
Lara stitched his lower torso, and you two ended up on the flat roof of the house.
Peter was stunned, surprised you weren’t angry that he had kept this secret from you for so long.
“You aren’t angry with me?” He lightly smiles, bringing your attention to his face. You let go of the fingers of his you were playing with, and put your warm hands on each of his cheeks.
You smile, “I mean, we all have our secrets. Yours just happens to be a massive secret, but I couldn’t stay mad at you while you stood there with a huge bleeding cut on your stomach.”
He smiles and looks up.
“But don’t forget about me in a rainy park every again, Peter Parker.”
“Yes ma’am.”
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widegrins · 19 hours ago
Genshin Boys as Single Fathers <3
warnings: angst, the boys are in pain, you’re dead in this, sorry reader, it’s for the plot 😪 reader is written with she/her pronouns
characters: venti, xiao, diluc, thoma, itto.
Tumblr media
the day venti’s little girl
had been brought into the world, was the day he had lost a piece of himself. for his lover, had lost her life while bringing life into the world.
his whole world shattered from the realization that you were gone. you would not be able to see your baby grow up. his heart broke upon remembering all of the excited plans you had made for you, venti and your baby.
“let’s give our baby a beautiful life, venti. one that they will forever be grateful for. one that they will always smile upon remembering.”
that was a month ago. it had been a month since you had passed away. it was currently 10 at night; and here venti was, sitting atop the hands of the statue in the cathedral, C/N in his gentle grasp.
“mommy loved coming up here with me, i would always tell her stories of my past as barbatos. ya know you’re special, C/N? you have the blood of an archon in you; i only hope it makes you as strong as your mommy was. i don’t even wish to lose you like we lost mommy.”
venti spoke so softly; tears were welling up in his gorgeous green eyes as he gazed down at his sleeping daughter. a few had escaped from his eyes, rushing down his face in a waterfall of tears.
“i miss her so much, C/N. you look just like her…”
xiao was angry at the world, at the gods, at everything.
throughout your whole pregnancy, he had been reassured by many that his karmic debt would not get in the way of this joyous time.
he should have know that he would never get to be happy. during the birth of his son, you had lost too much blood, the doctor couldn’t save you, xiao couldn’t save you.
gazing down sadly at your grave; his arms were wrapped tightly around the small blanketed form of his son.
C/N was exactly a week old today; its been a week since you had passed. xiao had decided that it was finally time that he brought your baby to see you.
“mommy would always talk about how cute you would be, C/N.” xiao spoke softly, cradling his son tightly against his chest, he kneeled down as he read your gravestone, tears rolling down his face as he spoke.
“she was so happy. i was so happy. i’m sorry daddy’s debt did this.” xiao spoke quietly, voice cracking as he finished his sentence. “you don’t deserve such a terrible father-, you deserve so much better, kid..”
a tired smile was spread across diluc’s face as he gazed down at his son; who was clinging tightly to his fathers gloved hand, white cecelia’s were tightly clutched in diluc’s free hand.
“she’s over there, right daddy?” C/N spoke softly, crimson eyes gazing up to look at his father as he pointed over towards a tomb on the far end of the graveyard.
“yep, she’s over there-“ as diluc spoke, his son let go of his fathers hand, rushing over happily to his mother’s grave with a giggle. diluc couldn’t help the tears that began to build up in his vision; roughly rubbing them away, he followed after his son with a sad smile.
handing the little boy the flowers, C/N sat them atop the beautifully decorated grave.
“mommy! it’s me.” he whispered down to the grave; his H/C hair sticking up in tuffs on his head. “daddy said that it’s your birthday! my birthday was yesterday, mommy- i’m four now!” the little bit whispered softly, gently petting the gravestone with a hum.
his sons words shattered diluc’s heart; everytime they came to the graveyard, diluc always left in tears. his son truly loved and missed you. he was so proud of the fine young man he was growing up into, and he knew you were too.
“who’s that in your little drawing, C/N?” thoma asked his young daughter as she sat on his lap, leaning towards the small coffee table in the small living space of thomas’s home, drawing on a blanket sheet of paper.
thoma had been up since the crack of dawn, cleaning from the kamisato’s and doing regular chores all around the city of inazuma, now it was 8, and thoma was currently fixing his little girls hair for bed time.
“mommy-“ she spoke softly, looking back at her father. her green eyes were wide as she stared into her fathers matching ones. “draw mommy-.”
she was only three and understood you were gone from this world, but she stilled wished to draw your little figure in the little messy family drawings she would make of her and thoma.
heart breaking slightly at her answer, thoma smiled a sad smile as he finished putting C/N’s hair up in little pigtails.
“you’re drawing mommy? can i see?” he asked softly as he peered over C/N’s shoulder. smiling sadly at the stick figure drawing, whom was holding hands with both his stick figure self and C/N’s little stick figure self, he couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle.
“mommy loves you so much…how about tomorrow we frame this and put it on her grave, yeah? we haven’t been there in a while. i’m sure she misses our visits.”
“okay munchkin! let daddy see those flowers ya picked for mama’s grave!” itto’s loud voice rang through the forest; red eyes boring into his little girls matching pair.
the small five year old oni held up five messily picked daffodils, red eyes staring into her fathers as she smiled happily, her sharp canines showing as she did so. “these! these!” she nodded happily.
seeing the flowers, itto cheered. “yes! those! now, c’mon C/N! to mommy!” he exclaimed, picking up his little girl, itto had begun to rush outside of the inazuma forest; towards the sakura tree in which you were buried under.
once he reached it, the oni sat his daughter down carefully in front of the gravestone, pushing her a little closer, he kneeled down and smiled.
“say hi to mommy, C/N~, Y/N, ma and munchkin are here…she picked out flowers for you..” itto spoke softly; watching as his little girl sat down the flowers shakily atop of the gravestone.
“…does she like them, daddy..?” C/N asked softly, looking up at her father with wide eyes.
“she loves them, C/N..”
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radiant-reid · 9 hours ago
Brilliant Doctor Daddy Unit Chief Reid
Tumblr media
Summary: Spencer gets a visit from his wife and daughters on his first day at his new job
Could you write a fic where Spencer became a unit chief and his wife (bau!reader) is super proud of him.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader (Fluff)
Content Warning: sexually implicit content
Word Count: 2.1k
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Being Unit Chief wasn't a thought that had ever occurred to Spencer. He'd joined the team when Hotch was in charge, then Morgan in the interim, JJ for a short period, and then Emily. It had never been a problem for him to work under them. The team had forever operated with everyone's opinions being weighted equally. The Unit Chief just had the additional responsibility of an atrocious amount of paperwork.
He didn't even think he would be suggested for the position when Emily became the director of the FBI. JJ had taken the job in New Orleans, Garcia had her new job, Rossi finally decided to retire, and suddenly Spencer had been on the team for the longest. Initially, he thought it would be Luke, Tara, or Matt, but they picked him.
Y/n was the person who had to convince him to take the job. She knew he was worried about the even longer hours, but she knew it was what he loved. Plus, no one could do paperwork faster than him, and the Bureau had approved the hire of a media liaison, so he didn't have to pick the cases too. No one knew Spencer as well as she did, and she knew it was something he wanted deep down.
The day that Emily's things were finally cleared out, Spencer insisted on staying late to arrange his stuff and ordered Y/n to go home- something he could now that he was her boss-
She intended to do something to celebrate the day he officially became the BAU's Unit Chief. Her plans were foiled when two little girls realized why their Daddy wasn't home.
In their best dresses- matching sleeveless purple satin dresses with puffy skirts and a big bow on the back-, the two excitedly stood in the elevator with their mother. The girls were close to bouncing up and down when the elevator made it to the 6th floor.
Their beeline was interrupted by the oldest's godmother, or fairy godmother as they both called her. "Princesses!" Penelope exclaimed, bending down and opening her arms widely. The girls jumped into her arms, giving her a hug.
"What are you doing here, P?" Y/n asked, knowing she hadn't worked there for five months. Penelope stood up to give her a quick hug.
"Luke." She explained, shaking her head. "That idio- smart man who I love." She cut herself off, remembering the girls were there. "Left his passport here. And you can't get into London without a passport." She said, looking at the girls, who were nodding like they understood international travel.
Y/n saw through what Penelope said. After all, they'd been friends for 10 years. "You wanted to see Boy Wonder, didn't you?"
Penelope sheepishly nodded. "I had to tell him how proud of him I was in person. Before Luke and I left."
Y/n smiled at the couple's relationship and the fact Penelope instinctively smiled when she talked about him. "From what Luke's been saying around here, it sounds like it's going to be great." He had not stopped talking about it, discussing the surprises he had lined up for Penelope across the ocean.
"Can you get us presents?" Her goddaughter asked, grinning at her sister and showcasing her missing teeth.
Y/n chuckled while shaking her head. As if they didn't get enough presents from her whenever they saw her. Even the dresses they were wearing were gifts from Penelope, handmade by a friend of hers.
"Of course, my lovelies." Penelope agreed, squeezing the girls tighter again. "They have lots of delicious chocolates and candy, and I'll bring them all back for you." She assured them.
"Not too much, Penelope," Y/n warned, sternly staring at her so she'd follow the instruction.
Defeated, she nodded. "I do have to go, but I promise to visit as soon as we get back." She said, holding out her pinky finger to wrap around the girls'. With another hug and one for Y/n, she was stepping into the elevator and waving to them.
"Love you, Auntie Penelope!" The girls cheered as the doors closed.
Once she was gone, they were back on the mission to find their father. Racing each other, they sprinted past the glass doors and into the bullpen. Immediately, they noticed something was off when they reached his desk. Not only was their father not there, but none of his stuff was either. Their mom's desk still had framed photos of their family and drawings they'd done.
"He got Auntie Emily's office as well as her job," Y/n announced to them. It only took them a few seconds to figure out where to go, flying up the stairs and swinging the door open. She couldn't help but laugh as she followed.
When Y/n walked in, Spencer was already bent down to hug them. "Hi!" He exclaimed, hauling them up. Siena in his right arm and her older sister, Venice, in his left, as he rested them against his hip. Both nuzzling into his side "What are you doing here?" His eyes flicked up to meet Y/n's.
The room was different than when it was Emily's. He'd gotten them to repaint it light blue because he insisted it was a calming color. The red leather chair that used to be in Gideon's office was there as well, along with a chess set on the coffee table. There were photos not only on the desk but the cabinets behind it and a smaller desk near the couch with shorter chairs, paper, and coloring pens.
"They twisted my arm," Y/n answered, looking at the girls and wondering how so much mischief could be in a 5 and 7-year-old.
Both of their cheeky grins matched their father's, as did the brown curls down their shoulder. They were both intelligent like their parents, too, most definitely too clever for their own good.
Spencer knew too well about how persuasive they could be. The week prior, Y/n had to stop him from selling their house to move to a ranch in Wyoming. All because Venice went horse riding and wanted a pony. Spencer had been wrapped around their fingers for 8 years and Y/n's for 3 before that.
"You two are good at that, aren't you?" Spencer asked, bouncing them up and down while they giggled. "And you wore your pretty dresses." He commented, turning to place a kiss on their cheeks. "Thank you so much for coming to see me."
Siena cupped her hands around his ear to loudly whisper a secret to him. "We want to see you because we're proud of you." She pulled back with a grin, kicking her feet up and down excitedly.
In his other ear, Venice was doing the same thing. "And because you're the best Daddy in the world."
Spencer couldn't stop grinning between the two girls and his wife. The idea of family had never been something he thought he could have. It was a concept warped from his childhood. Something he never thought he could have or even wanted until he met Y/n at 26. Now he had it all, and none of the bad days were as bad.
It made Y/n beam when she looked at him. She'd seen him sad more times than she would have liked to. But with his daughters, he was always happy.
"What do you think of the office?" Spencer asked them, spinning around while he held them so they could look at his things. He had more room for his personal objects in there, and it was almost as decorated as Penelope's Batcave back in the glory days.
Venice pointed to a spot on the wall. "You need artwork there, Daddy."
"Maybe you could do one for me?" Spencer suggested, earning a big nod from his daughter.
"Does Mommy get to work in here too?" Siena asked, realizing there was only one desk.
He smirked while looking straight at Y/n, and she knew he was about to answer cheekily. "No, she's still got to work out there." He said, pointing out the blinds to her desk. "Because I'm her boss now." He said in anticipation of the next question.
"But she's still the boss at home?" Siena clarified.
"Don't forget that." Spencer reminded her with faux strictness. "Do you want to do some coloring?" He offered, putting the two of them down. The office clearly didn't interest them as much as the coloring table he had already set up.
With their attention occupied, Spencer made his way over to his wife. Immediately, he wrapped his arms around her waist, letting his hands drift down until they were resting on her ass. He pulled her body right onto his, where it perfectly fit. His lips were on hers just as quickly, as deep and passionate as usual. It had never wavered in the years they were together, always making her stomach erupt in butterflies.
Y/n broke the kiss with a smile, her arms still around his neck as they stood together. Her heels made it slightly easier for her to meet his eye line, giving her the best view of his God-like bone structure.
"Missed me that much, Doctor Reid?" She joked, gazing into his sweet brown eyes. They were always lighter when he was happy, with flickers of gold. He was always so warm to be close to as well.
"Yes, always." He replied before adding, "Mrs. Reid." A name that she would never get sick of hearing.
She played with the messy curls on the back of his head. "We are so proud of you, you know?" She reminded him. "The most brilliant Doctor Daddy Unit Chief Reid."
"That's a mouth full." Spencer quipped, sending her another bright smile. He looked down at where their hips were resting together. "You know what I've always wanted to do?"
Y/n caught onto what he meant, promptly smacking him on the chest. "Shh, your daughters are in the room."
"So, if they weren't, you'd be on your knees for me?" Spencer whispered, keeping his voice low both because it was sensual and because it meant the girls couldn't hear.
She hated him and his ability to find any loophole, but she knew how to tease him just as much. "You'll just have to find out on Monday."
Spencer threw his head back with a groan. "I have always wanted to take you over that desk." He mentioned, tossing a glance over his shoulder.
"What, the supply closet, your office at university, and the bathroom wasn't hot enough?" She questioned, amused by him.
The tight squeeze on her ass gave her an answer. "The round table room, though." He added to the list of their sexcapades. It was probably their riskiest and definitely the most fun.
"It's kind of a miracle we haven't been caught yet." She realized with a frown.
Spencer shrugged. "It wouldn't stop us." She knew that much was more than true. He took his eyes off hers for a moment and turned his head to look at the girls. "Why did you really bring them?" He could always tell if there was something more to a story with her.
"No reason." She replied, trying to look innocent. It never worked with him. "They just wanted to."
But he knew what would work. "Girls?" Their eyes were quickly on him. "Why did you want to come here?"
"Mommy has to buy you dinner because you got a new job," Siena revealed before going back to her coloring with her sister.
"And she didn't get you a present," Venice added, unaware of the congratulations Y/n had given him four nights in a row.
"Is that so?" Spencer questioned, amusement written all over his features when he turned back to look at her.
Sheepishly, Y/n smiled at him before moving her hand slowly down his chest. Spencer frowned, darting his eyes between her and the girls to make sure she remembered who else was in the room until she slipped it into his pocket. She pulled it out a moment later, along with his wallet. Spencer still looked confused at what she was doing, but she just smirked in explanation.
Leaning up, she placed another kiss on his lips, distracting him while she took out his credit card. "Alright, girls, who's ready to go to dinner?"
"Me!" They both cheered, getting out of their seats while Y/n pulled away from Spencer.
"Hey, that's not exactly buying me dinner," Spencer exclaimed, following her and the girls out of his new office.
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youlightmeupfinn · 10 hours ago
PINK | Tom Hiddleston x Female!Reader (part sixteen)
Tumblr media
a/n: oooof this chapter hurt
summary: Being a single mother and college student is hard, especially when child-care is not an option for you two weeks into your last semester at school. However, Professor Hiddleston is suddenly intrigued by you from the very first day of class. When you have to start bringing your daughter, Ella, to class, he decides to help you out. Little did you know, you’d fall in love with the guy, after promising yourself you were done with men after your daughter’s dad walked out on you.
pairing: Professor!Tom Hiddleston x Female!Reader
warnings: fluff, angst, eventual smut
warnings for this chapter: angst; mature language
**dedicated to pitifubaby, my wonderful best friend/soul-sister for life 💗**
**cover picture made by hiddleshinee**
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Tumblr media
It had been a constant state of panic the last two weeks. Ella thankfully got well, but Tom wouldn’t leave you and your darling girl out of his sight. He had practically moved in with Bobby, your closet space-filling with his clothes. The fear you felt after the hospital trip with Ella and how Ian reacted, essentially threatening to take your baby from you -- it didn’t sit well with Tom.
He couldn’t afford for Ian Scott to show up and try to fight you for Ella. In Tom’s eyes? That baby was his now. He loved Ella as if she were his own, and he was falling hopelessly in love with you. Although the three little words hadn’t slipped from your and his lips yet, yours was out of fear. You knew you cared for Tom and deep down, loved him… But opening yourself up that emotionally to him? It worried you.
You didn’t want something to suddenly happen and after the semester’s over, he just vanishes. You and Ella were far too attached, both of you depending on him for so much. He provided constant emotional and physical support to you, while Ella received the true essence of what it meant to have a father.
“Baby, are you okay?” Tom’s voice pulled you out of your rambling thoughts.
You peered up at him from your laptop, mind blanking at the screen. “You’ve written the same sentence… Five times.” He whispered, resting his hand on your shoulder. Turning your head up, you glanced between him and the screen. You were trying to push through with this final paper for his class specifically. His heart ached to see you so bent out of shape. The bags underneath your eyes had only intensified. You couldn’t find the will to sleep peacefully… You were scared that Ian would show up out of nowhere and try to snatch your baby away from you.
Tom looked at the screen, holding his hand to your shoulder. “Darling, I can just pass you…” He trailed, but you shook your head.
“That’s cheating,” You whispered. “I’m not a cheater, Tom.”
He chuckled, kissing your neck. “I wouldn’t call it cheating in my book,” He sighed. You pushed the laptop away from yourself and leaned back into your chair.
“Come cuddle with us,” He encouraged. You peered up at him with a weary look. “But my paper,” - Tom was pulling you up before you could finish. You looked down at the floor to see Ella crawling towards Tom’s feet.
“Dada!” She cried for him, hurrying over. Pushing herself up to her knees, you smiled down at your little girl who wrapped her hands around his legs.
“Come on, pretty girl, let’s go make Mommy feel better,” He said, picking her up.
Ella squealed at the mention of you, her cheeks puffed outwards as she formed bubbles on her lips. Once Tom had her secured around his hip, he grabbed your hand and led you towards the bed. Pushing himself back into the mattress, Ella moved to curl up on his chest, while he opened his arms, allowing you in. You moved into him, your cheek resting against his chest. His strong arm wrapped around you, bringing you as close as he could get you.
You saw as your daughter turned her face so she could look at you, her small hand reaching to rest against your cheek. You smiled, holding her tiny palm against your skin. “Mama,” She cooed, exposing her bottom tooth. You giggled, kissing her hands.
“I love you, Ella-Bella,” You whispered.
Tom was grinning while watching the two of you. You could feel him rubbing soothing circles into your back as you snuggled closer to him.
“My darling girls,” He sighed happily, causing your heart to race. Ella giggled at his words, her other hand moving to rest against his cheek. That’s the way the two of you remained. Tom was rubbing your back, his other set of fingertips brushing across Ella’s clothed back. She was soon peacefully slumbering, you falling into a lulling state yourself.
You weren’t sure how much time had passed when you were suddenly woken up by the sound of pounding against your door. You stirred awake to stare at the wall, the barging sound only worsening the longer you lay there. Slowly pushing yourself up, Tom essentially turned over, cuddling Ella into his chest as he lay on his side. Smiling lightly, you moved out of the bed and planted your feet on the floor.
When you entered the living room, Bobby’s head was lifted and facing the front door, his entire body tensed. “It’s okay, Bub,” You said, scratching his ears. With sleep still clouding your vision, you grabbed the door handle and pulled it open.
Your eyes were suddenly met with Ian. Gasping, you immediately drew yourself awake as you glared at him.
“What are you doing here?” You asked, keeping your voice in a hushed tone. You saw in his hand papers. Your blood ran cold. He was coming to serve you -- that’s exactly what was going on. Your first instinct was to essentially run into the bedroom and gather Ella before he tried, but you saw the way his jaw tensed. “You’re not getting Ella.”
“You’re a whore, you know that?” Ian glowered. Your eyes widened.
“Excuse me?” Your voice raised.
Ian’s green eyes were filled with rage as he held up the papers. “ELLA’S NOT MY DAMN BABY!” He shoved the papers into your chest. “YOU CHEATED ON ME!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.
Your eyes grew as wide as plates. Ella’s not his? You took the papers from him and glanced down.
“I did DNA the day you showed up at the hospital!” He yelled at you.
You looked at the words.
Ian Scott is excluded as the biological father of Ella Scott.
Underneath it was a percentage and it read 0.00% NO MATCH.
Your eyes widened and that’s when Tom appeared. “Darling?” He called, his eyes immediately growing wide when he saw Ian. “What the hell are you doing here?”
Ian scoffed. “Tell him, Y/N. Tell him how much of a worthless whore you are. TELL HIM!”
Ella immediately started to whine, her hands covering her ears. “HEY!” Tom screamed. “Watch your damn mouth!” He came forwards. Ella cried more, leaning herself towards you. You instantly took her, tears flooding your eyes.
“You’ve got two seconds to tell me what the hell is going on.” Tom glared at him. Ian looked at your boyfriend, then at you.
“You’ve got cheater on your hands, Tom. Ella? She’s not mine. And if you aren’t careful, one day you’ll be gone, and she’ll be knocked up by someone else and-” - Before Ian could even finish the words, you gasped when he hit the ground. Tom’s fist was formed and it connected right to his jaw. Ian scrambled, pushing himself away from your doorway.
“Go,” Was all Tom said. His voice was raspier, much darker, his accent thickened. Ian’s green eyes scanned his face as his mouth began to bleed. He found his way to his feet before rushing out to his car. Tom closed the door behind him and turned around to see you on your knees in front of the couch, Ella crawling towards Bobby.
“Darling,” Tom exclaimed, rushing over to you. He dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around you, curling you into him. A choked sob broke free from your throat as you strangled on your tears. The papers shook in your hands and you felt like your entire world was imploding.
How could Ian not be Ella’s father?
The tears streamed faster as you clung onto Tom who kissed your forehead. He sat back against the chair and pulled you into his lap, feeling you curl your body into him. “I-I’m worthless, Tom!” You cried harder, his eyes widening. “I-I don’t know w-who Ella’s father i-is!” You screamed, panic bracing your entire form.
Tom bit down on his lip, running his fingers through your hair. “You’re not worthless, baby… It’s alright, I’m right here,” He assured you.
The tears came faster as you squeezed onto him for dear life. Ella was now sitting by Bobby, her hand rested on his back as she watched you. “Mama,” She said your name, making your heart constrict.
Tom held you closer to him, allowing you to break in his arms.
He couldn’t even imagine how this must feel for you.
Being 100% positive that Ian was the father -- to now discovering he’s not?
He knew this was a long road ahead, one that he would most certainly stand by your side for.
But watching the love of his life break in his arms? It was earth-shattering.
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hottpinkpenguin · 2 days ago
May I make a request for Druig? An angsty one with a happy ending (👀Or not, I live for it) Druig wanted to ask mortal!reader if she wanted to marry him with the help of their kid (boy or girl) as a surprise but when he turned around, they were gone. Nothing but dust was in their spot. Panics sets in and he went crazy looking for them. So of course after five years once everyone came back, he looks for them again and finds them.
A/n: Omggg loved writing this, beautiful ask. Thank you!!! I'm separating it into two parts - here's part one! Pt2 on its way (edit: read part 2 here). Hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
Druig tried to bite back the nervous bile in his throat, his hands shaking as he held the small black ring box in one hand, your daughter Lyla’s small hand clasped in his other.
“Daddy, what’s wrong?” Lyla asked, looking up at him with gentle trusting y/e/c eyes. Druig never got over those eyes; they were y/n’s eyes, after all.
He smiled indulgently, patting her lovingly on the head and tousling her honey colored curls.
“Just nervous, petal,” he replied honestly. She nodded knowingly, which prompted a soft laugh to escape his lips. ‘Far too wise for her age,’ he thought, smiling internally as he thought of the countless times he’d said the very same to y/n out loud. ‘Only because her father is literally the oldest man on the planet,’ y/n always laughed back, usually giving him a teasing pinch on the waist followed by a quick peck on the cheek.
Druig always felt a thrill run up his spine when y/n called him ‘father’. He wasn’t the little girl’s father biologically - Druig was fairly certain that was impossible, given his status as an Eternal - but he had been in Lyla’s life since before her birth. She, like her mother, was the source of his daily joy.
It felt foolish to be nervous at this point. After all, y/n and Druig had been together for years. Druig chalked his nerves up to his perpetual disbelief that he’d found her. After thousands of years watching humans stumble through life, killing each other and maiming Earth with their inventions, he’d never thought he’d be capable of standing them, let alone loving one.
Then he’d met y/n. Gentle, thoughtful, exuberant, uncomplicated y/n. He loved her for her charm, her trusting nature and optimism, her soft smile and sharp wit. The breathtaking smile and bottomless eyes didn’t hurt either. He found y/n’s presence was the only place he felt relaxed, at peace. She was his oasis.
He’d always found the human idea of marriage laughable at best, barbaric at worst. He’d seen too many human love matches dissolve into disloyalty and bitterness. But he’d do anything for y/n, and when he’d found her coyly leafing through a bridal magazine at a book store, trying to nonchalantly hide it from him, he’d first confronted the thought that, even though marriage seemed unnecessary in his mind (as if he’d ever give his heart to anyone else anyway), it was a right of passage that y/n longed for. And, despite his initial grumpiness at the whole prospect, he’d found himself secretly relishing the proposal planning. Sersi and Sprite’s excitement seemed to be rubbing off on him.
He’d asked y/n to let him take Lyla out for breakfast so y/n could catch up on sleep. If she was suspicious at his suggestion that she treat herself to a relaxing manicure and join them for lunch in the park, she didn’t let it show.
And Druig’s day had started out with breakfast for two, just Lyla and him. Just like her mother, she gave Druig a peace in his soul he’d never known. She was more and more like y/n every day, in the way she quirked her lip when she was deep in thought or in her picky food choices. He’d never get tired of watching Lyla grow into her own woman, but he secretly loved how much like her mother she was.
And, just like her mother would, Lyla tugged on his hand happily as the two made their way across the manicured green lawn to the picnic spot, already prepared by the loving hands of Sersi and Sprite.
“When’s mama coming?” Lyla asked, looking up at Druig and squinting through the noonday sun.
“Any minute now, little one,” Druig replied, crouching down so he was eye level with her. “Remember what I asked you to help me with?” Druig handed her the velvet ring box; she took it with a serious expression on her face, holding it with both hands. She nodded intently.
“As soon as Mummy gets here, I’m going to ask her to close her eyes. Auntie Sprite is going to help keep Mummy from spying our pretty picnic spot, so when she opens her eyes she’s going to see it!”
Lyla laughed giddily. “She’s gonna be so surprised!”
Druig nodded, hoping that Lyla’s predictions would come true. “Yes, I think so,” he assured her, a grin spreading across his face as he watched Lyla beam with the simple joy of surprising her mother.
“Once Mummy sees the spot, I want you to come over with these flowers and hand me the box, ok?” Druig handed Lyla a bouquet of irises - y/n’s favorite. Although the bouquet was ostentatiously large (Druig made note of that, wanting to remember to roll his eyes pointedly at Sersi for intentionally ordering the biggest arrangement she could find) and nearly swallowed Lyla whole, she took it in her arms with admirable determination.
“I remember, Daddy,” she announced. Druig winked at her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.
“Thank you, petal. Here comes Mummy.”
He spotted y/n in the distance. Still, after all these years, she took his breath away. Walking calmly through the park, gazing around with a pleasant smile on her face. Druig knew exactly what she’d say to him if he was walking beside her: “Oh Dru, what a gorgeous day! I can almost taste the sunshine!” Y/n loved this time of year, and this park.
Sprite, who had remained unobtrusively on a park bench nearby, saw y/n approaching. Druig recognized the subtle glint of gold around her hands as she used her powers to trick y/n’s eyesight into seeing nothing more than an unadorned patch of grass where Druig, Lyla, and the picnic blanket sat assembled. Although y/n generally groused at having the Eternals’ powers used on her, Druig hoped she would forgive him this one indulgence.
Sprite nodded at him. That was the signal. With a deep breath in, Druig walked out to meet y/n.
“Hello, my love,” he announced softly so as not scare her. Y/n startled a bit, but realization quickly spread over her features.
“Dru! What is this?” she laughed as Druig caught her hands in his, pulling her knuckles to his lips. “Where’s Ly?”
“She’s here, don’t worry. We planned a little surprise for you.” Druig lead y/n through the park. He marveled at how trusting y/n was; even after having the powers of sight rendered entirely useless, she followed Druig without a moment’s hesitation. He felt a surge of protectiveness wash over him as he pulled her close.
Lyla backed away, still holding the irises (although struggling to see over the top of the dark purple blooms, he noted) and the ring box. She took retreat behind an oak. Druig smiled at her; her commitment to the element of surprise was commendable.
Druig lead y/n the last few steps, angling her body so she would have the most breathtaking view of the picnic blanket and the pond beyond, sunlight glinting off it in beautiful beams.
“Y/n, I love you. I wanted to bring you to here to remind you of that. You deserve this, and more.” Druig nodded to Sprite, who let her powers recede, pulling away the facade. Y/n squealed delightedly as the reality of her surroundings hit her. She threw her arms unabashedly around Druig’s neck, pulling him into a soft, sweet kiss. He held her there for just a moment, relishing the feel of her smile against his mouth. But he couldn’t let himself get distracted. He pulled away, sinking down to one knee, holding y/n’s left hand in his. He looked up at her, marveling at the intensity of her y/e/c eyes. Y/n’s unoccupied hand flew to her mouth as realization set in. It was so stereotypically human, but so genuine and pure, Druig couldn’t help but laugh a bit. He felt his nerves wash away, replaced by a fullness and a warm content.
“Y/n…” With a pointed look, Druig turned to the tree Lyla had hidden behind. His smile slackened just a bit when he realized Lyla wasn’t there. He waited for a breath, thinking perhaps she would come out.
“Dru, what’s happening?” you asked. At first, Druig thought she was referencing his hesitation, but in the next moment he recognized a new pitch to her voice: fear. His stomach knotted at this realization, and suddenly he felt time slow to an agonizing crawl.
He turned back to y/n, catching Sprite’s eye in the process. She had stood up from the bench and was running towards y/n and him. Horror and confusion and shock written all over her face. Arms reaching out as if bracing to catch falling glass sure to shatter. The knot in Druig’s stomach tightened as he looked back to y/n.
At first, he didn’t notice anything awry. Then he saw it: the way y/n’s eyes were widened in shock, the terrified squeal that escaped her lips. Seeing it was nothing like feeling it: y/n’s hand disintegrate in his grasp. What had once been soft, warm skin turned to papery ash in his hands.
Druig’s mind reeled. What was this? Panic rose in his throat. He looked into y/n’s eyes, his mouth opening and closing futilely. What was he trying to say? What was happening?
“Dru-” He watched in horror as those enormous y/e/c eyes, terrified and pleading, turned to the same papery ash as her hands. A soft breeze blew the ash away with the softest, cruelest sigh.
Then, silence.
Deafening silence.
It felt like years before Druig felt Sprite’s frantic hands on his shoulders. He blinked, feeling as if moving through pine sap, trying to will himself to breath. Sprite’s voice called to him as if from the surface of water he’d sunken into.
“Druig! DRUIG!” She was shaking him.
As quickly as time had slowed, in a similarly agonizing fashion it suddenly sped up. Adrenaline pulsed through his body. Where was y/n? Lyla? What happened? He began to hear the far off sounds of screams, crying.
“DRUIG, look at me!” Sprite’s eyes met his. He saw his own confusion and dread mirrored in hers. “What happened? What was that?”
Druig sprang to his feet. He hadn’t realized he’d still be on his knees.
“Y/N!” he said. It was soft at first. His voice felt strange and cracked. He strained against the tears threatening to overtake him. “Y/N!” Louder this time, but not nearly loud enough. His fists shook, his heart pounding. Hot tears pooled in his eyes. “Y/N! Y/N!” He screamed so loud he meant to shatter the sky. His lungs seemed to be both overwhelmed by the sheer amount of air they were taking in and miserably unprepared for the job.
Druig wasn’t sure how long he screamed for, but it was dusk before he’d stopped. He’d wandered through the park once if he’d done so fifty times. He was hoarse and his entire body hurt, as if he’d been fighting Deviants for the last ten thousand years. He’d cried as many tears as his body could produce, there were none left. Suddenly, as if the weight of reality had been dropped on him from the heavens, he crashed to his knees. The bouquet of irises he’d been clutching all day slid from his grasp. It had started raining - when? Druig passively realized he hadn’t noticed when - and his jeans quickly soaked through on the knees. He welcomed it. For some indescribable reason, he wanted to be as uncomfortable as he could make himself. He let silent, tearless sobs rip through his body.
Recognizing her friend had exhausted himself, Sprite gingerly stepped forward. She’d followed him all afternoon as he’d wandered through the park as if in a fever dream. Unlike him, she’d stayed completely silent, the shock seemed to have completely absorbed her voice. She had pieced together from the fractured conversations of passers-by and from the report that Sersi had given her when they’d frantically made contact a few hours ago that this had happened everywhere. People, gone. Just vanished, like dust.
Sprite’s ribs felt as if they were crushed by a vice. The sheer size of this event was incomprehensible. And as she watched her fellow Eternal and friend quake under the weight of his own grief, the understanding that billions of people across the world were feeling something similar took her mind in a stranglehold, paralyzing her.
After a few moments, Sprite felt her arm reach out, grasping Druig’s shoulder. He let out a pitiful sob in response, his hand flying to tangle with hers as if holding on for dear life.
“She’s gone, Dru,” Sprite whispered. There wasn’t much else to say. Druig knew it. Part of him wished he could stay in his grief-ridden delirium, but he slowly felt his logical mind reawakening. Starting to connect the dots was sure to be a more excruciating process, but there was nothing for it.
He nodded once, unable to speak. He let Sprite lead him home. It wasn’t until he was there, sitting in the darkness, staring aimlessly at the wall, that he realized he’d left the irises in the park.
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totallyawr1t3r · 2 days ago
Security Blanket
A fic for @hotdiggitydammit, Unedited, 1385 words
Tw: Death
Pepa remembered watching Félix slowly pass away in their bed, as Julieta gently patted her back. She was saying something to her, but Pepa couldn't hear a single thing. Her eyes wouldn't leave her husband as his hand grew cold in her, no longer holding on. Her own tears mixed with the rain. 
Julieta silently hugged her sibling, as the wind started to pick up inside the room. Félix had sadly passed away of old age, and while it did affect the rest of the family, Pepa felt like a huge part of her was just ripped away. She suddenly just felt cold, all her warmth leaving with him as she wished to hear his voice one more time, at least just once more.
Encanto hasn’t seen a hint of sun since then, and yes, they knew she needed time to grief. But their crops couldn’t grow without sunlight, and only one was actually brave enough to bring it up to Alma.  
“We understand your loss. But our crops can’t grow without some sun, is there anyway you can..” The farmer couldn’t meet eyes with Alma, as her eyes narrowed. He shrugged, most expecting her to catch his drift. 
Alma raised a brow at him, “Is that it?” Her voice was cold and hard as she spoke to him, catching him by surprise a bit. 
“Well, Yeah- I-”
Alma turned away from him, heading back inside Casita ,where the storm was much worse inside. “Then goodbye.” She said, leaving the farmer to just stand there before he let out a small groan and walked off. 
Pepa’s cries could be heard throughout the whole house, making Alma’s heart break in two. She could sympathize with her daughter, having also lost the love of her life but they handled it in two different ways. While Alma cared deeply for Pepa, she didn’t know how to comfort her in any way as she immediately built up walls instead of letting it all out. So she just left her alone, letting her two other kids, and grandkids to try and help her through this time.
Nothing made Pepa feel whole though, not even her three loving kids. It just made Pepa want to break down even more once she saw them, so they were left with just their Tía and Tío to take care of them in the meantime. So, even though they all hated it, they had slowly let Pepa be. Maybe she just needed a bit of alone time to collect and process her feelings. They didn't see Pepa for a while after that, her room door burning anyone who dared to touch it. 
She couldn’t force herself to go to his funeral as the storm only got worse. Félix wasn’t there to comfort her all of those times before.
Everyone was worried about her, but nothing they did worked. This caused chores, and keeping up with Casita being forgotten by mostly everyone besides Alma, and she was just one old woman. 
So that’s where you came in. Alma knew your Abuela, and heard news of you looking for a job of some kind. So, Alma reached out to you about helping around Casita as some type of Maid. She even offered your own room for you. You agreed, needing the money and it was a free room. 
You never truly saw Pepa, but understood and kept your distance for awhile. That was until it was just you two in the house, everyone else out doing their own chores again. You were just dusting around Casita, until you heard Pepa’s cries once again.
Your heart hurt listening to them, and tried to ignore it like normal but something felt different this time. You suddenly couldn’t ignore them anymore, and while you did hesitate, you headed over to Pepa’s room. The door glowed a bit as you stared at it, biting the inside of your cheek as you decided if you should leave her be or not. 
Taking in a deep breath, you placed your hand on the doorknob. You yelped and immediately pulled away after feeling a sharp pain. You murmured out a few curses as you saw the burn, but you quickly reminded yourself why you were there. You took in a deep breath before swinging the door open, ignoring how the pain increased. 
You suddenly bursting in startled Pepa, causing a lightning bolt to hit you. You forced your mouth shut, pushing down any pain you felt at these quick moments before walking[stumbling] over to her. Her eyes widened as she stared at you, expecting you to be angry or at least fearful of her because you were just hit with lightning. But you just nervously smiled at her as you quietly asked, "Hey are you okay?" But before she could even respond, you awkwardly laughed. "Uh, ¡Lo siento! That's probably a stupid question-- It's clear you aren't okay. I don't know why I asked..!" 
Pepa wiped away her tears, as you continued on, "But, uh, what I meant was-- Do you maybe wanna talk about it? Or, no. I am a stranger to you, and I wouldn't exactly wanna talk about my problems to a stranger either-- After all, they could use it against you and all." You rubbed the back of your neck, "N-NOT That I would use this against you, of course! I was just saying…"
What made you stop talking was the small laugh you got from the girl. Your face suddenly felt hot, as you got embarrassed. You aren't exactly good at comforting crying people, and despite the situation, pretty women made you nervous. "Lo siento…" You mumbled, before standing up again. "I'll leave you alone now.."
But much to your surprise, she gently grabbed your arm. "No, you're fine." Pepa smiled at you, as you sat back down. It's been awhile since Pepa has actually talked to someone, the last time she did was Camilo trying to calm her down and failing. "I'm sorry for the cloud." Pepa tried to shoo it away, muttering clear skies like she has been doing for the past few weeks. 
You shook your head, awkwardly patting her back, wincing as you used your inquired hand. "You don't have to feel sorry about it. It's connected to your emotions after all." You said, "It's like saying you're sorry for feeling sad..! You should never be sorry about that."
It’s been awhile since someone had said that to her. Félix was the last person to tell her that, and while everyone was now starting to deal with it, no one really said it. So to hear someone besides Félix tell her that, it made her feel weird. “Even so- You still got struck by lightning because of me.”
“Only because I scared you.” You grimaced a bit, “Probably should have knocked first.”
Now that Pepa thought about it, you shouldn’t have been able to really enter without…Pepa’s eyes narrowed as she looked at your hands. She let out a small gasp as she noticed the 3rd degree burn on your hand.
Pepa gently grabbed your inquired hand in hers, as she carefully scanned it. “I’m so sorry. I forget how much it burns when Casita does that.” She apologized, wincing at how painful it looked but much to her surprise, it seemed like you didn’t care that much. 
You just smiled at her, “It’s fine. It actually doesn’t hurt that much!” That was a lie, it hurt like the sun but that would make her feel worse. “Plus- I really should have knocked-- So it’s my fault.”
It seems she didn’t buy the lie, as she pulled you up and left her room for the first time in weeks. It surprised Julieta to see Pepa forcing you to eat one of her apera’s, noticing the 3rd degree burn covering your hand disappear within a few seconds later. 
A gentle smile graced Julieta’s lips as she watched Pepa finally smile a bit more again talking to you. The cloudy skies seemed to clear, at least a bit, as some sunlight filtered through. The villagers quickly noticed, and clapped. 
But Pepa ignored it all, just enjoying talking to you. 
You really should have ignored her cries, and maybe you wouldn’t have been placed into this situation.
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doloresswife · a day ago
Don’t Forget To Love Me Too
isabela x reader, dolores x reader
summary: much to @georgethatperson’s dismay, this is another reader not noticing dolores’ feeling one shot
“she’s so pretty.” you sighed dreamily, cutting off dolores, making her follow your line of vision to her cousin.
dolores frowned, sitting up straight. she could hear your eyelashes fluttering as you batted them at isabela, quite literally. “uh, yeah, i guess.” she nodded. “but-but were you listening to anything that i just said?”
“hmm? oh, no. sorry.” you apologised, still not taking your eyes off if isabela, who was placing flowers around the parlour.
“oh.” dolores’ frown deepened. she noticed isabela coming over, and stood to her feet. “i gotta go, Y/N, adios.”
“bye.” you said, barely glancing at her as she walked away. you could see her shoulders shaking and her hand occasionally being raised to her face. you turned back and noticed isabela approaching. you weighed out your options. talk to your crush, comfort your best friend… “hola, princesa.” you flirted, making isa feel her cheeks heat up.
“hola, Y/N.” she smiled, sitting in the seat that dolores once sat at.
whilst you were flirting with isabela, dolores had to hear all of it. she tried to contain her tears, but the second pepa asked her about it, she fell apart. how could one person be so, painfully, oblivious? pepa spent the night in dolores’ room that day.
whilst, without sparing a thought of your best friend, you walked into their casita, instantly going up to isabela’s room. before you got to isa’s room, you heard crying coming from dolores’ door, making you frown. you should’ve comforted her instead of fulfilling your selfish desires.
you walked up to her door, and yelped at the hot metal of the doorknob. taking in a deep breath, you rested your hand on it again, but push it open, before cradling your injured hand to your chest. “dolores, amor, are you-“ you jumped in fear when lightning struck in the spot next to you. “oh, god.”
you didn’t know what to do, pepa was storming, dolores was crying, but also feeling overstimulated. then it clicked, félix! you rushed out of the room, but fell onto isabela. “Y/N!” she squealed as you landed on top of her.
“oh, dios mío.” you exclaimed, scrambled off of her. “lo siento!” you called out behind you as you ran to find félix. right now, isa wasn’t the first thing on your mind. “señor félix!” you shouted, making him turn to you.
“Y/N, hi! i haven’t seen you in a while.” he greeted with a smile. “how are you?”
“uh, i’m okay, but pepa and dolores-“ you panted. “they- pepa’s storming and dolores is crying.”
“where are they?” félix asked.
“dolores’ room.” you pointed behind you before following the running man to your best friends room. félix took his wife out of the room and ordered you to calm down his daughter while he did the same to his wife. “chica bonita.” you whispered, wiping her tears, making her look up at you. “gonna tell me why you’re crying?” you asked softly, making her shake her head and bury it into your chest. “okay, that’s fine.”
a few minutes later, her crying died down into faint, shaky breaths. “i love you, Y/N.” she whispered, making you hum and kiss her head.
“i love you too, pretty girl.”
she thought to herself, once again. how could one person be so, so stupid. “no, i love love you.” she looked up at you. “like- i am completely and utterly in love with you.”
you just chuckled, not believing her. “and i you, mi amor.”
dolores sighed, collapsing back onto your chest and closing her eyes, only listening to your heartbeat. “is your hand okay?” she asked, her voice muffled by your shirt.
“hmm? oh, yeah.” you nodded, but she just rolled her eyes.
“i can hear your heartbeat speeding up, Y/N. don’t lie to me.”
“it just stings.” you answered truthfully, making her hum. “i think you should take a nap.”
“if i do, you might be gone when i wake up.” she said, fearing that you’d go to find isabela. she had already figured out that the reason you were here wasn’t to see her, but her prima.
“i won’t. i promise.” you said sternly, and she believed you, drifting off into the tranquillity of her dream world.
you gently placed her onto her bed and went to get a book from her bookshelf. you gently stroked your hand through her hair, only picking it up to turn the page. you were content, but now you had to make a decision. a couple weeks ago, your childhood feelings came back. it didn’t take long for you to realise that you were completely head over heals for your curly-headed friend, but at the same time, you had a crush on her cousin. the worst part was the fact that you were hurting them both.
“hola, Y/N.” isabela smiled widely as she walked over to you.
“hola, isa.” you smiled back at her before your eyes make their way back to where dolores was playing fútbol with some kids. “cómo estás?”
“muy bien, gracias.” she smiled as she sat down opposite you.
sighing to yourself, you dropped your head down onto the table, making dolores turn to you with concern. but isa had already lifted your head back up, and searched your face for any marks. “stop making fall in love with you.” you muttered under your breath, not loud enough for isabela to hear.
dolores could practically feel her heart breaking in two as she froze. she continued to watch on the sidelines as you looked into isa’s eyes with nothing but admiration. well, at least until- “mierda!” she hissed as a ball slammed into her cheek.
you jumped away from isabela and turned to dolores, who was holding her already bruising cheek as tears gathered in her eyes from the pain. she gave the children, who rapidly apologised, a weak smile, telling them that it was okay. she glanced back at you before rushing to casita.
you jumped out of your seat, picking up everything you had, and ran after her, ignoring isabela calling out for you. you knocked rapidly on casita’s doors, but they didn’t open. what the hell? “come on, casita. i need to see if she’s okay.” you groaned, resting your head on the wood. clearly today was your day, because the second you did, the door opened, making you collapse onto the person that opened it.
“Y/N?” dolores groaned in pain as you looked at her— not getting off though. “just can’t stop falling for me, huh?”
you rolled your eyes, trying to ignore the feeling of your cheeks heating up. “whatever.” you mumbled before standing to your feet and helping her up. “are you okay?”
“why wouldn’t i be?”
“a ball attacked you.” you deadpanned.
“well, nothing tía julieta’s arepas can’t fix.” she smiled at you.
you hummed. “good, because i do love those cheeks.” you smirked before pinching them, making her squeal and try to swat you away. “don’t act like you don’t love me.” dolores’ arms dropped.
“maybe me loving you is the problem.” she whispered, taking you aback.
“what?” you asked in confusion.
“Y/N-!” isabela called out, running into casita, making you jump away from dolores. “there you are.”
“yeah, here i am.” you smiled awkwardly as she attacked you with a hug.
“hi, prima.” isa smiled at the frowning madrigal.
“hi, isa.” dolores spoke bitterly as you looked between them.
“i think i should go.”
“no!” dolores said, grabbing your arm. “you were just about to come to my room, remember?” she asked you.
“oh, really?” isa rolled her eyes before you could speak up. “that’s funny, because i thought that she was on a date with me before you messed it up.”
“i was?” you asked yourself as the two continued bickering back and fourth. “guys- guys!” you said as loudly as you could without hurting dolores. “what the hell is up with you two?”
“nothing.” they both denied simultaneously, making you sigh.
“Y/N, will you be my partner?” isa then asked before dolores had a chance to open her mouth again.
“oh-“ you felt your cheeks heat up as you began to get flustered. “y-yeah.”
isabela squealed and kissed your cheek before pulling you out of casita, leaving a heartbroken dolores by the door. alone.
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samaraj · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Title - Second Chances - Bonus Chapter “Gigi”
Pairings - Sy x reader
Warnings - Smut, insecurities/body issues, childbirth
You were 38 weeks pregnant with your second daughter, your first baby with your husband Sy. It was a hot summer day and you were feeling so uncomfortable. You tried not to let it show as you were over at your friend Karen’s place for a BBQ. She was married to Neil, one of Sy’s soldiers in the army and you spent a fair bit of time together. You watched as Crimson continued to jump from the side of the pool into Sy’s arms and laugh. She’d just started school and was growing up so fast. Your heart swelled as you watched Sy plant a big sloppy kiss on her cheek.
“No running Crim! You can stand on the side but no running on the wet cement!” You rolled your eyes as Sy gestured for you to calm down. You knew she was safe with him, but your hormones were a mess lately. That combined with the sight of your husband’s muscular physique in the pool. You’d avoided intimacy lately because you felt fat and were embarrassed to tell Sy. He’d just returned from his last overseas assignment, which meant he had been apart from you for months. While he seemed in awe of your body, you felt insecure. He left you when you were only three months into this pregnancy and you weren’t even showing. When he returned you were into your seventh month and you felt like he’d missed out on a lot.
“Hey mumma bear relax”. Karen handed you a glass of punch and sat down in the chair opposite you. “She’s with a soldier and an army captain. They protect the country so think Crimmy is pretty safe”.
“I know”. You huffed as you looked down at your swollen ankles. “I’m just … hot and bothered”.
“She’ll be here soon”. Karen laughed. “You over it huh?”
“I’m just … so much bigger than I was last time! I mean look at my belly! And she’s measuring big Karen. Crim was six and a half pounds. They’re telling me that this girl will be closer to eight and a half!”
“Look at her Daddy!” Karen laughed. “What did you expect? An itty bitty baby?”
You groaned and through your head back. You were defiantly ready to have this baby.
“I’m going to go swim with Neil and Crim. Looks like Sy’s coming over to check on you”. Karen touched your shoulder as she walked past. You watched as she whispered something to Sy on the way and you rolled your eyes. You knew they were all worried about you lately.
“Hey beautiful”. Sy grabbed a beer and sat down next to you. He rubbed the towel he was carrying over his chest and arms before leaning in to kiss you.
“I’m not beautiful”. You pouted. “I’m as big as a whale Sy!”
“You don’t get to decide what I think Sugar. You’re beautiful”. Sy took a long sip of his beer. “Fucking sexy too I might add”.
“Sexy?” You scoffed as you finished off your punch.
“Yeah sexy. You heard me woman”. Sy’s hand rubbed your stomach. “You gonna give me another beautiful daughter real soon honey. I’m just so sorry I missed watching you grow”.
“Sy I feel ..” Your bottom lip trembled. Darn your hormones! “I want her out. Im just tired and I feel ..”
“I know love. You’re doing so well Sugar, you know that? You’re my Queen and you’re carrying her and doing an amazing job already”. Sy kissed your hand. “Im so proud of you”.
Something inside you stirred whenever he praised you. You snuggled into him and breathed in his scent.
“You’re my good girl aren’t you love? You like that huh? Wish we were alone right now”. Sy whispered into your ear. “What did the doc say huh? There were a few things we could try to bring on labor?”
“We tried spicy food, the bump car ride ..” Sy laughed then kissed your neck. “But you haven’t let me touch you for going on a month now”.
“I feel fat”. You whispered. “I’m not the same Sy.. when you left I had this cute little belly and nice boobs. Now I’m just huge”.
“Sugar” Sy cupped your face. “I love you. I’m telling you I want you all the time. I love how you’ve changed, I love experiencing this with you. Crimson is my girl you know that but this right here ..” Sy touched your belly. “This is my baby growing inside of you. Do you know what that does to me huh? Knowing that I made her with you?”
“You still want me? Really?”
“Really! I haven’t pushed you because I don’t want you to have that pressure”. Sy paused. “We dont even have to have sex. But I just want to touch you .. make you feel good”.
“Sy I’ve wanted you for weeks. I just feel like I’m big .. I’ve got some stretch marks on my thighs!”
“My opinion is what should matter to you. I don’t fucking care about stretch marks!”
You covered your face on your hands, feeling stupid. Why didn’t you just tell Sy how you were feeling before?
“I’m sorry Sy”.
“No worries Love. Just talk to me ok?” Sy smiled at you. “My wrist has been sore with how much jacking off ive had to do”.
“Well it’s the truth! Got this beautiful sexy woman in my bed but cant touch her. Been driving me crazy”.
“I should have spoken to you. I’ve been going crazy too .. watching you working out so much at our gym. Sy you’re .. hot”.
“You think I’m hot? Sugar this is all yours darling”. Sy winked at you as he gestured to himself.
“I love you”.
“I love you too beautiful”.
You felt a weight lift off your shoulders. You missed Sy so much. Sure he was home and it was great to be able to have help with Crimson, but you missed that closeness you both had. You felt frustrated that you’d bought it upon yourself.
You spent the afternoon in the pool and enjoying the BBQ that your friends had organized before it was time to head home. Crimson was exhausted, and you felt much the same.
You managed to get your daughter in the shower while Sy made her a smoothie and put on her favourite movie. You spent some time cuddling on the lounge with your two favorite people before Sy carried her off to bed before the movie credits after she fell asleep.
“You tired love?” Sy stood at the foot of the bed and with one hand reached behind his head and pulled off his t shirt. You were laying back, propped up by some pillows as you watched him. You felt your face heat up when he winked at you. “Can I give you a massage?”
“Would you? My legs hurt and my feet … Jesus Sy I can’t even see them”.
“Just relax sweetheart”.
You moaned as soon as Sy’s hands made contact with your calves. Soon he was massaging your skin and easing the tension away.
“Feel good love?”
He continued to the point when you were completely relaxed before he eased your thighs apart and started massaging your inner thighs. At this point you were moaning.
“Can I touch you Sugar?”
“Yes Sy”. You felt your husbands hands take hold of either side of your cotton underwear before pulling them off your legs. Soon his fingers were massaging your clit and you were momentarily shocked at the noises coming from your own mouth. You were moaning like a porn star.
Sy’s mouth was suddenly on you, sucking on your clit while easing a finger inside your body. You looked down from in between your legs and wished you could see him over your big belly. You could see him moving his own hips against the mattress and you almost came at the sight.
“Sweetest pussy”. Sy murmured before his mouth covered you.
“Sy please”. You were panting and holding your full breasts through your t shirt.
“Cum for me sugar”. Sy’s mouth alternated between kissing, sucking and using his tongue before you found your release with a cry of his name.
“How was that babe?”. Sy kissed your thigh and moved up so that you could see him.
“So good Sy. I want you inside me”..
“No Sugar. I can wait till after she comes. I just wanted to make you feel good”.
“Please Sy .. I’m ready”. You stared at him. “I need you”.
“Sugar ..”
“Sy I’m ok”. You pulled at his shoulders but quickly realized your belly was just too big. You through your head back with a groan. “I want you but I’m just .. I’m too big! I can’t see how this will work!”
“You want me huh?” Sy smirked at you before moving up on his knees and helping you up with his hands. He got off the bed and motioned for you to lie on the edge. He pulled under your ass until he had you right where he wanted you. “This ok Sugar?”
“How …”
“Been doing some reading. Oh wait!”
He moved to grab one of your pillows and placed it behind your head.
“There you go love”. Sy bent over you to kiss you lips. “Now open up those legs for me darling”. His hands rubbed at your hips until you spead your legs open.
“Sy”. You moaned as you watched him stand up and look between your outstretched thighs. His thumb was on your clit while he stroked himself with his other hand.
“So beautiful”, Sy was mesmerized by you. “Why’d you ever shy away from me Sugar?”
“Please Sy ..”
“You tell me if at any stage you feel uncomfortable won’t you love?”
You felt him rub his cock up and down your drenched opening a few times before he started pushing inside you. His hands moved to your knees, keeping you spead wide for him. You moaned as he took his time with you, easing in slowly while whispering words of praise along the way.
“Good girl, that’s it love. You’re such a good girl taking me so well”.
“Sy!” You felt yourself get wetter and knew that he felt it by the way that he clenched his jaw in an effort not to thrust into you.
“Fuck you’re gripping me love. You feel so good … oh Sugar I’ve missed you”.
“Sy .. you can go faster ., please. I’m ok”.
“Shhhh love. I don’t need anything but this feeling. I can take all night with you. You just lay there looking like a goddess for me ok?”
You reached up to your t shirt and pushed it up, exposing your heavy breasts and watched as Sy’ mouth dropped open. Your hands held them as you watched Sy lick his lips.
“You trying to kill me?” He grunted as he tentatively thrusted into you. “This ok love?”
You nodded as your hands caressed your breasts. Your fingers rubbing across your sensitive nipples.
“You’re so beautiful”.
“Sy please I need more”
“Yeah? Anything for you Sugar”. Sy started thrusting into you but you were well aware that he wasn’t giving you his entire length. You knew he was being careful but your body also knew that it wasn’t getting it’s complete fill of him.
“Sy! You’re only half way in”.
“How’d you know that?” Sy smirked as he continued to move inside you. “You can’t see over this beautiful belly”.
“I can feel you! I know you’re holding back. Please Sy let me feel you”.
“Let me know it it hurts ok?”
You watched as he thrusted fully into you before scanning your face. When he heard you moan he did it again.
“Fuck”. Sy muttered as he started building a rhythm. “This ok love? Baby ok?”
“Yes Sy. Don’t stop!”
“Ok ma’am”
Sy pushed your thighs apart until they were practically touching the mattress. He fell forward, supporting his weight on his arms that were on either side of your head. You could feel your release building and the intensity of it was overwhelming. You looked up at Sy and his eyes were glued on yours. You looked at his arms .. huge, muscles straining .. god this man was everything.
“Cum for me love”. Sy grunted, clearly trying to hold off his own release.
Your hands wrapped around his neck, trying to get closer to him but your stomach made the task impossible. You bought his face to yours and you kissed passionately as you came. His mouth on yours muffled your cries and soon he pulled away for air as he surrendered to his own release.
After a few moments he moved carefully off you. You watched as he stood up and smiled before heading into the bathroom and bringing back a warm hand towel to clean in between your legs. Only then did he lay beside you and roll you over to face him. His hands rubbed your stomach gently.
“You ok Sugar?”
“More than ok Sy. I wish we had of done that sooner. I feel ..” you laughed as you kissed his lips. “Relaxed”.
“I’m glad love. I’ve missed you sweetheart”. Sy kissed your lips again. “You’re so beautiful and I just feel .. I’ve missed a bit of this pregnancy. I don’t want to miss out on anymore”.
“I’m sorry”
“Hey now don’t go being sorry. I was the one away on duty and left you barely pregnant. I came back and you had this big beautiful belly that I just wanted to touch all the time, but I didn’t realize you were feeling insecure”.
“I just .. well sometimes I look at myself and look at you”. You felt your cheeks redden. “I think how did I ever get so lucky? I mean look at you Sy! Every time we pass a woman she makes eyes at you”.
“Now you listen here ..” Sy cupped your face. “I don’t care about other women. I love YOU and I only want you. You need to start believing that Sugar. I know you’re a bit emotional now. I understand that. But love to me you are the most sexiest woman alive”.
“I love you Sy”. You felt Sy’s hands caress your breasts and stomach. “I love you so much”.
“Right back at you darling”. Sy kissed the top of your head as you both dozen off for a few hours.
“That was much better than spicy food and the bumpy car”. You muttered as you felt sleep overcome you.
“Good to hear”. Sy chuckled. “You need more, you just come tell me woman”.
You woke him up a few hours later feeling like he’d ignited something inside off you. Soon you were riding him with his cock buried deep inside of you. Your hands rested on the bed head while Sy’s held your full breasts.
“Oh my god”. You looked down as Sy took your nipple into his mouth while you moved up and down. You looked at the way your large stomach rested on his abdominal muscles - a complete contrast to each other but suddenly you felt like you’d never seen anything more perfect. “I’m coming!”
You felt a coil inside you explode and your hands dropped to Sy’s chest. You looked down as he thrusted his hips up into you chasing his own release.
You leaned back slightly as your hand fell between your legs to rub your clit. Was it possible? You felt your legs tingle. You couldn’t believe you could come again.
“Gonna make me chase this pussy huh?” Sy grunted as he shifted to get a better angle.
You felt that familiar feeling stir inside you. Sy rarely talked dirty in bed. You knew he had that side from the way that he talked with his friends but for some reason he never did it with you. You’d questioned him once and he said that you were his wife and he wanted to love and respect you. But didn’t he understand that hearing him say those things got you off? Maybe you needed to initiate it?
“Fuck me Sy”
You watched as his movements slowed and his mouth dropped open in surprise.
“I want you to fuck me”. You ground your hips into him. “I know you want to Captain”.
“Fucking hell Sugar! What’s come over you?” Sy searched your face.
“Sy please …” You touched yourself faster. “I’m about to give birth and god knows when I’ll have you next so … just fuck me!”
“And talk to me .. I want you to”.
“Jesus”. Sy kissed between your breasts. “I can feel you clenching”.
“Ok Sugar”. Sy started thrusting up into you. “You going to cum again huh? Yeah you are aren’t you? Need you to come on my cock. I know you’re close ..,” Sy massaged your breasts as you felt yourself on the edge of another release. “Such a good girl. Fuck you take me so good. Such a tight little pussy huh? You like this big cock in your little pussy sugar?”
You felt Sys hand cover your mouth as you screamed. You were shaking and Sy literally had to hold you up as he exploded inside of you. You fell forward wanting to rest in his arms but he quickly rolled you to your side to not put any pressure on your belly.
“Well if that doesn’t get her going..” Sy laughed.
“Surely!” You kissed Sy’s chest as you snuggled into him. “I can’t believe we did it twice!”
“At 38 weeks pregnant”. Sy laughed and shook his head. He pushed some hair behind your ear before kissing your forehead. “You like a bit of dirty talk love?”
“Yeah but you never …”
“I stop myself. I try to be a gentleman around you because that’s what you deserve”.
“You are a gentleman Sy. But when we’re alone and intimate I just want whatever comes natural”,
“Mental note”. Sy tapped the side of his head. “Think we should shower?”
“Yeah I think we need it”. You let Sy help you up and follwed him to the bathroom cradling your bump. You waited while he tested the temperature of the water before you followed him in. His hand held yours tightly in case you slipped.
“Oh that’s nice”. You felt the warm water on your skin and smiled as Sy washed his face. Suddenly you felt a terrible cramping pain and you gripped Sy’s arm.
“Oh my god I think .. I think I’m having a contraction!” You rested your arms on Sy’s chest as you groaned. “Oh yeah that’s a contraction”.
“Are you serious? Love? Are you sure?” Sy looked at you in disbelief. You suddenly realized that he had every right to panic. This was his first baby.
“Yeah but I have awhile to go Sy. Don’t worry this is just the start”. Your hands rubbed your stomach. “You ready Daddy?”
“Yes! No!” Sy shook his head. “I thought we’d have a week at least!”
“Well sex obviously worked!”
“I didn’t think it would. Kinda thought they were all old wives tales!” Sy looked at you. “Shit! Love we’ve been up all night! You haven’t had much rest and now you’re going to be having a baby!”
“Sy I’m ok”. You leant into his arms. “Just knowing you’re here for me is a relief”. Your mind drifted to birthing your first daughter with Tom. She arrived a week before he was due back so you had her with Tom’s mother by your side.
“Hey I’m here love. I got you ok? We’re a team remember?”
“I know”
“I’m not leaving you”. Sy quickly started to wash your body. “Now let’s get you dry and into something comfortable while I call the midwife and Lynette to see if she can watch crim”.
The next few hours were a blur as you labored at home. Sy was incredible and switched into Captain mode - taking full charge of the situation and doing anything to help you. When it was time to go to the hospital you felt calm. Completely different to when you had Crimson. It was the support Sy gave you, his strength and determination.
Soon you we’re ready to give birth but with a different sense of control over your body. Sy gave you the confidence to do what felt natural so you asked the midwife if you could use the floor with a huge birthing ball to lie over. Your experience on your back with Crimson was hard, and at times you felt like you were pushing uphill instead of down.
“You ok love?” Sy was at your front, pushing your hair back and rubbing your shoulders. “You do what feels better for you ok?”
“When you feel the urge to push let us know” your midwife was behind you as you rocked on the ball. And as you felt a big contraction hit you nodded and cried out.
“I need to push!” You bore down and pushed hard before the midwife told you to relax. “It hurts Sy!”
“I know Sugar. But you’re doing so good baby”.
You saw the look of love in Sy’s face and it was enough to keep you going. You’d been pushing for awhile and you wondered if it would ever end. You were exhausted and started crying.
Sy wiped your face and lent in close to your ear. He started telling you how proud he was of you, how strong and beautiful you were and then told you how you had to do this. You had to find the strength to push your baby girl out. And then came the words that you needed.
“Come on Sugar. I’m waiting to become a Daddy to this little girl”.
Your heart melted and you pushed as hard as you could and then you felt her leave your body followed by her beautiful cry. Sy kissed your lips before moving down the other end to cut the cord. When he came back up he was crying.
“Thank you Sugar. God she’s beautiful ..”
“Oh Sy ..” you kissed his lips. “I need to see her”.
“Just a second Mrs Syverson”. The midwife talked you through pushing out the placenta then told you the good news .. no stitches even though this girl was big. The nurses helped you turn over and you took your baby girl, bringing her straight to your chest.
“Hello there sweetie”. You cooed to the little baby who looked just like her Daddy. Sy was right next to you, touching the baby’s little hand. “You’re exactly like Daddy huh?”
You cuddled her close before passing her to Sy. He took her gently and held her in his big arms.
“Beautiful girl I’m your Daddy”. Sy looked at you and smiled. “Gia?”
“Gia” you nodded. “Perfect Sy”.
“She’s just .. everything love. My heart is so full right now. Thank you for bringing her into the world”.
“Thank you for being there Sy. I couldn’t have done it without you. I love you so much”.
“Love you more Sugar. We have two girls now!” Sy kissed Gia’s head. “Look at her love. We made her!”
“I know”. You smiled as you rested your head back against the pillow. You were exhausted but after you and Gia were cleaned up you managed to bring her to your breast. Unlike Crimson, she was a natural.
“Look at that”. Sy watched in awe. “That’s just incredible”.
“She takes after you with her food”. You smiled and reached to touch Sy’s face. He kissed your hand before moving onto the bed with you towards your side. He watched as Gia nursed and his hand gently rubbed over her head down to her tiny cheek.
“What are you thinking”. You smiled at Sy. “You look lost in your thoughts”.
“Just thinking how lucky I am Sugar”. Sy kissed your head. “I never thought I’d have a life like this .. a family of my own. Three beautiful girls. I’m so blessed”.
“I love you so much”. You intertwined your fingers with Sy’s, resting your hands over Gia’s back. “We made her Sy”.
“We did”. Sy’s lips moved softly across your cheek.
You breathed out deeply. If there was a moment in time you could save in your memory forever, it was this one.
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halaboyz · 2 days ago
a fight for love, ksw
pairing: husband! sunwoo x fem! reader (she/r pronouns) genre: fluff, angst wc: 3.3k warnings: profanities, mentions of divorcing notes: after years, finally, here's a second part to seat filler. i think it can be a stand-alone fic, but you could always check seat filler out :) the last of my 500 milestone <3 for @yourjaylaks !
Tumblr media
"You're what?!" Papers were messily thrown on the table, your mom's face making you flinch.
"..Married, heh." Gathering all of the papers you just handed your mom, a sly smile plastered on your face.
"Your daughter's gone crazy. Finally gone crazy," Your mom exasperatingly sighs, throwing her hands in the air as she faces your dad.
"I don't think so, she's just in love," Your dad winks at you and teasingly raises his brows, making your mom shudder in disbelief. As your father leaves your mom on the sofa to sit beside you, making your mother scoff and drink the water you gave prior to the announcement. "So, who's the unlucky guy?"
You gasp exaggeratedly, eyes almost popping out of their sockets. "Dad.. I trusted you," A chuckle leaves your lips after he breaks into laughter, urging you to answer. "Ah, it's Kim Sunwoo, I think you might kno—," You were interrupted with a splash of water, but not that it was in purpose.
Your mom, now with water dripping from her mouth as a result of unintentionally making a fountain around the living room, had her jaw hanging open.
"Kim Sun—what?!"
"...Kim Sunwoo.. I already thought you'd know him of Kim Finance so," You turn to your dad, "..Why are you both so surprised?"
"y/n, do you hear yourself?" Your dad mumbles, patting your shoulders. "Daughter, I wish you luck on your future endeavors,"
With a confused face, you let them immerse in their own thoughts because they apparently had no intentions of giving you context.
Tumblr media
"You're both what?!"
"Exactly what my mom said," You mumble, making Sunwoo chuckle.
"Here," Sunwoo hands Younghoon the papers, and he just gawks at it.
"y/n.. When I asked 'you're going right?' and 'what do you plan on doing?' I didn't mean this!" He hands the papers back, eyeing you and completely ignoring Sunwoo.
"Well, regrets can come later. For now, at least Sunwoo's mom won't push a marriage with him," You smiled at Younghoon, taking Sunwoo's hand to hold.
Younghoon, just like your mother, gapes at you as he watches you walk out the door with Sunwoo, with eyes so much in love with the man.
"Sure, regrets can come later," Younghoon mumbles before he finally shakes his head, returning to his work.
"When should we drop the news to your mom?" You ask, craning your neck as you both strode on the sidewalk.
"I.. bet she already knows," He sighs, giving you a small smile. "I just missed the biggest event she prepared for me. I'm sure she dug some connections to find out what I did."
"How come she hasn't called you in yet, then?" The question makes Sunwoo stop, along with you, so you crane your neck at him worriedly, slouching down to meet his eye level as he was looking down. "Woo?"
"y/n, whatever happens, I got it all under control. You trust me right?" The grip on your hands tightened, asking for assurance as he looks at your eyes with so much honesty and sincerity. You felt safe under his gaze. "Even if it's you and me against the world,"
"Of course," Giving the same force back, you smiled at him and rubbed his hand with your other. "But also, whatever happens, I want you to share the burden. We're in this together now, okay?"
With a nod, you sigh in relief as you tugged his hand to start walking once again, to wherever your feet would take you.
After spending the day together, you agreed to watch as the sun falls right beside the bay, enjoying each other's presence and warmth.
"I shouldn't have jinxed it," You mumble, peeking at Sunwoo's phone that rang.
"You shouldn't have jinxed it," Sunwoo teases, mocking you. "This'll take a second." Sunwoo caresses your hair before kissing your temple, taking a step away to talk to his mother.
You look away to give him his privacy, munching on your fish cake as you watch the sun setting slowly.
"Hey.. I uh," You feel Sunwoo snaking a hand on your waist, taking your attention away from the sun. "I kinda need to go," He sighs, wanting to spend more time with you— but with his mother's stern voice? He needs to get his ass at home right that second.
"Yeah? Sure," You nod carelessly, eating the lasts of your food to start walking away without even letting the moon show up. "You should go, I can call a taxi,"
"No, no, I can go with you home first," He insists, tugging on your arm with a whine.
"Sunwoo, you either get your ass whipped or not. I'd rather not hear you whine the whole week about it," You chuckle, not feeling any grudge against the man.
Well, not until he really didn't whine about it the whole week.
"Hey, did something happen?" You finally approach him after a few days of getting something near of silent treatment. "Maybe it's just me overthinking— I don't know, but," You sigh, worriedly looking over at Sunwoo who did nothing but stare into nothing while you walk together to the park, like you usually do on Saturdays.
"Huh?" He perks, breaking out of his daze to look back at you, "Nothing, y/n," He smiles at you, letting go of his breath as if he was all the time holding it in.
"Woo," You inhale, worry not fading a second from your insides, but didn't want to push him further, "Remember that one thing I told you? That we're in this together now. We should share the burden. You remember that right?" You desperately gripped his hand, eyes asking him to say whatever hat was on his mind.
"Love, of course," He frowns at your tone, not wanting to worry you. "I remember every single second I spend with you," Sunwoo sighs as he rubs your neck with his thumb, pulling you in to land a peck on your forehead. "I would've told you by now if there's anything. But so far.. It's only my thesis paper in my head,"
You think it was the breakthrough of a small misunderstanding.
It continued for a month— and you've fallen scared that Sunwoo might think you're pushing him too much out of his comfort zone.
"Younghoon, I just can't think of anything— anything that I might've done, or what he might have done for fuck's sake, that lead us to this," You groan frustratingly, throwing your head back.
"Whatever was the last time you talked to each other fine?" He asks, though not batting you an eye, and was focused on his paperwork.
"I don't know— we had a walk around the city the day we told you, we ended the day in smiles! He told me he needed to go home, so we kinda had an exchange and I told him he didn't need to take me home! He insisted and I told him..." You trail out, finally having an idea of what Sunwoo's distress might be.
"Then?" Younghoon awaits, showing interest in your conversation for the first time.
"I need to go," You gather your things, ignoring Younghoon's confused calls for you to continue.
Well, if Sunwoo wasn't going to talk, you knew someone who would.
"Good day, how may I help you?" The receptionist welcomes you, a big smile on his face.
"Hi, I'm here for Director Kim?" You say, returning the smile while his fades.
"Did you perhaps book an appointment?"
"This person doesn't need an appointment," You hear a very elegant voice behind you, and the receptionist immediately bows at the sight of a title-holder.
You finally turn around to greet her with the most effortless fake smile, seeing that she had company— probably more people with titles. After whispering something to them, a smile as fake as yours makes its way to her face.
"Come," With a slight whip of her head, she signals you to follow her to the elevator, then to her office. "What brings you here, daughter-in-law?" Her elegant voice laced with sarcasm made you chuckle, letting it go to not waste time.
"Guess you found out already," You audibly mumbled, looking around her office. "Last Saturday.. I just want to know what you talked about with Sunwoo," As she makes you a cup of tea you didn't even ask for, asking you to take a seat.
"Oh," She chuckles lightly, sliding the tea through the table as she takes the seat on the head of the coffee table. "Honey, I'm not going to beat around the bush. You really have no idea?" A light laugh leaves her lips once more, the tip of the mug right at her lips. "Of course, I asked him to divorce you,"
As if it was the most obvious and normal thing in the world.
"And what? You think— I don't know. It's gonna end up like that?" You chuckle confidently, leaning back on the sofa.
"Honey, you trust on Sunwoo too much," She challenges, now leaning over to you. "He didn't give me an answer, so I gave him two months. From what I know, we have one more left. But don't fret, I knew you'd come so I'm here prepared."
You watch her make her way to her table, taking a piece of paper from one of her drawers. You immediately huffed at the sight.
Cliche rich mother wanting her son that was going to be the heir of the company to be married off with someone in the industry, giving a check to her son's girlfriend— wife, to scare them off in the typical, full of family pictures office.
It just made you chuckle.
"Name your price," Just like how he slid the mug on the table, she did with the paper. The check already had her sign, but no amount.
You took it to your hands, examining it with a smile on your face, before swiftly ripping it to pieces.
"I appreciate it, really." You nod as if mocking her as she looks at you in disbelief. "But no thanks. I am amazed, though," Promptly putting the torn papers beside the now cold cup of tea. "If not having a price to buy your son to... You're willing to make someone name the price for him. That's awful, coming from a mother."
"You do not tell me how to be a mother." Her gaze turns stern, but you don't back up a bit.
"Oh, I'm not," You shake your head, standing up. "I can't even make up the words how much I love your son. But his mother is willing to buy her son's rights and freedom? God, that's.. Anyway— I'm not. I'm just giving you an idea how to become one, though."
You don't even know if that made sense. You just hope you did as you turn the knob of her office, leaving the big doors with a sigh of relief. You feel your knees wobble, feeling everything sucked out of you— confidence, energy, everything.
Now you just need to talk to one more person.
"Hey, Woo.. Do you have time to drop by my flat after your classes?" You ask through the line, fiddling with your fingers.
"Yeah, sure. I can't stay long, though," He sighs, probably thinking of all the odds of his mother keeping an eye on him to your flat.
The call lasts nowhere near a minute, ending it after that. So you had no other choice but to anxiously wait, fiddling with your fingers as you sat on the sofa, legs continuously bouncing.
"I'm here," You hear the knob unlocking and Sunwoo fiddling with his shoes, so you welcome him with open arms.
He stops for a second to smile at you, melting in your arms the moment it wrapped on his frail body.
"Sunwoo, you really don't have something to tell me?" You sigh between the crook of his neck, tightening your hug on his waist. It takes a second, or two, before Sunwoo releases the hug, rubbing your arms.
"Hey, y/n, look at me." He lifts your chin to make you meet his eyes, smiling encouragingly at you. "Nothing. Nothing more than I love you, I guess?" He chuckles, and tugs you once more for another hug.
Though you chuckle too and the atmosphere was light, you can't stop the tears forming in your eyes and your heart wilting in a way you never want it to be.
Tumblr media
The bell rings and you stretch your hands up, cracking a few bones back to their place as your friend, Eric, did the same.
"You in a rush or something?" You chuckle, seeing Eric gather his things in a rush.
"Got a date," He sing-sang, winking at you. "You got no schedule tomorrow, you going out with Sunwoo too? You know, we should go on a double date sometime," Only the mere mention of his name makes your smile fall slightly, remembering how Sunwoo still hasn't come back to his old self. "You fought?" Eric must've seen your smile fall, worriedly looking at you as his hands slowed down.
"No, nothing like that.. But I don't even know also," You shrug, scrunching your nose at him. "You should go. Knowing you, you take ages to dress up," You pat his arm, starting to gather your things also.
"If you want someone to talk to, I'm here. 'Kay?" Eric caresses your hair before you watch him walk away, an excited smile on his face.
You sigh, once again that you lost count, stepping outside the gates of your university. Before you could even take another step, a black car stops in front of you.
As the window rolls down from the backseat, a side profile that doesn't even glance at you appears. It goes unsaid that you are to ride with them, the butler already opening the car door on the other side for you.
"What am I here for?" You try starting the conversation, but nothing but a smug smirk is what you receive until you've reached their company, and in front of her office.
"You trust Sunwoo so much, huh?" She asks, staring at the big doors of her office.
"I thought we were through this," You mumble, turning your back to leave, but then the big doors open and successfully gains your attention, naturally turning your head to look inside.
Sunwoo was there where you last sat, pen in his hand as he was just about to close it. His lifeless eyes went from his mom to yours, slowly widening— but your eyes weren't on him, it was on those papers in front of him.
"y/n.." Was the only thing he mumbles, before you come running inside the office, getting the papers out of Sunwoo's hands to look, or rather confirm it.
"Looks like your sign is the only thing left needed," His mom peeks from behind you, lingering around and to her table. You couldn't care less of what she had proved to you or not, or whether she had won or not.
Sunwoo just broke you.
"y/n, look.." He mumbles, and it was the first time you meet his eyes, but you can't see whether he was feeling as broken as you, your sight blurry with the tears that just keep on forming and escaping, once and continuously.
Shoving the papers back to his hands, turning your back against them, and starting to leave without a word.
"y/n, y/n, baby— I had no choice!" Sunwoo follows after you, trying to stop you from leaving. "It was your future, your dreams at stake, y/n!" Holding your arms in front of you, you feel something shuffling beside you so you glanced at it, the papers still in his hands.
"I am not going to sign that, Kim Sunwoo," You say under gritted teeth, and with most of what you can do, you glared at him.
"y/n, hear me out. My mom was going to blacklist you in every industry there is, I can't do that! It's your future—,"
"The only future I want, Kim Sunwoo," You cut him off, wiping the tears on your eyes messily to see him better, but it was of no use as it was replaced with new tears. "The only future I want is with you in it.. I don't want it otherwise. That is why I suggested marrying in the first place. That is why I asked hundreds of times if you were sure of it because I was."
"y/n.." He mumbles, trying to wipe your tears away but you gave him no time to do so as you back away.
"I was sure of you, Kim Sunwoo. You asked me to trust in you, I did." As if at that one last sentence, your world crumbled so did your voice. "I trusted you— with my life, and with everything I can."
Sunwoo just sighs and you could fathom a sob from him, looking down as you feel his hands drop from your arms.
"y/n.. We were just.. We're young. We're spontaneous, we don't think too much of our actions, we make mistakes—," Sunwoo stops himself from saying something more when he finally hears you let out a sob, feeling devastated by his choice of words.
"You.. You think this was a mistake." Something near to a whimper leaves your lips and it makes Sunwoo's insides crumble, shake. The last thing he wanted was to let you know that he regretted doing what he did with you, regretted being with you.
But he also wanted you safe and nothing less of worthy of what you deserve.
Even if it means he had to let go of you— the one who dragged him out of his shell, the only one that believed in him, the only one that leaned on him, the only one that trusted him until the last second.
That last second being now.
Your lips trembled, swallowing the lump on your throat along with your pride. You reach for something in your bag, despite your hand shaking too.
"You want those papers signed? Okay," Your voice, as soft as how a river flows, going through his ears. With a small smile on your face— one that has long given up, you reach for the papers in his hands, tugging on it slightly as he unconsciously gripped on it, not wanting to let you, this, end. "Even if it's you and me against the world, bullshit."
Sunwoo remembers it as clear as day when he asked you if you trusted him, when he said he had it under control, when he agreed to share the burden, when he said it was you and him against the world.
"I'm sorry that the world somehow won," He mumbles, seeing you sign the papers between his teary eyes. You scoff, gripping on your pen.
"No, Sunwoo," You mumble, seeing both signs on a paper you never thought you'd see soon, nor ever. "You just let the world win,"
You hand him the papers back, leaving the building, leaving him.
Your last words.. it broke Sunwoo even further if it was possible. It broke him because he knew you were right. He wanted to stop you, he wanted to rip the papers apart.
So he just doesn't look.
He doesn't look because he knew.
He knew that the moment he turns around to look at you one last time, he'd run to you, give you nothing but continuous mumbles of apologies and hugs, rip the papers right in front of you, but along with your future too.
He knew he had to let go and stop fighting.
Tumblr media
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What makes you a parent?
(A/N): This was requested by an anon and I advice you to read the warnings beforehand, because this is the angsty stuff
Summary: It's the eigtht anniversary since Spencer's daughter went missing. All hope is lost but he still tries to power through the case. Can it bring him the consolation he needs?
Warnings: Kidnapping, mentions of killed children, mentions of malnourishment, underlying tones of stockholm syndrome, a father griefing the lose of his child, grief, death, so much angst, but I'm not leaving you without a happy ending
Wordcount: 3.5k
✨Masterlist✨ ___________________________
Despite what some people say, some wounds never heal. No, they stay open forever. And every time you think about it, it feels like someone put salt into it, making it hurt even worse than the first time.
When thinking about this kind of pain, Spencer is reminded by a book that he read to his daughter (Y/N) once for bedtime. It’s called Holes by Louis Sachar. When the main character asks another person, which hole was the worse to dig, he answers the first. And then the second. And then the third. This is exactly how he feels, every day for nearly eight years. One day hurts more than the previous one.
“- Reid, are you listening to me?” Fingers snapping in front of his face brings the young agent back to reality, the thing that’s so hurtful at the moment. “Sorry what?” He turns towards Emily, who tells him about a Russian movie he could be interested in.
She follows his line of vision, spotting the picture his eyes were glued on. “The anniversary is next Friday, isn’t it?” Her voice takes a sad tone, feeling the pain he is in. Spencer nods. “C-can’t believe it’s gonna be eight years. Time flies by when you are a parent, right?” His voice cracks, not even the attempt of a joke can hide the raw emotions in it. Emily nods, trying to keep the tears at bay. “It does. Have you planned anything special?”
He pulls a drawer out underneath his desk and puts a wrapped present on his desk. “I never really got to give it to her, you know? This was the one thing she had asked me to get, and I already had it here, hiding it, because she was such a snooper. And-and I never gave it to her. It was the only thing she ever asked for, and she is gone and doesn’t know that I wasn’t denying her it, I was just waiting for the perfect moment to give it to her, just wanting to sur-” He takes a deep breath, before clearing his throat ,”To surprise her. So I was thinking of putting it on her grave. Because there will never be a perfect moment for it anyway. Do you want to come with me?”
Even though it’s absolutely the last thing she wants to do, Emily takes the invitation. It’s her family we are talking about, and Spencer needs her support now more than ever. “Of course, I also think it’s a lovely idea. Let’s just hope we don’t have a ca-” “Sorry to bother you guys, but we have a new case.” JJ cuts through their conversation, making her way over to the conference room. Emily squeezes her colleague's shoulder and follows the blonde woman.
“We have three killings in the last two weeks in Richmond. All children at the age of 12, their bodies show up two days after going missing.” While explaining the facts, JJ slides through the pictures on the TV. Spencer takes in a sharp breath.
Hotch, who sits opposite to him, looks up. “What is it, Reid?” “N-nothing. The children- they just remind me of- Sorry.” He gets up and leaves the room, practically running towards the bathroom and deserting his team mates at the round table. They look at each other shocked.
“Guys, Friday will be eight years since she is missing. Those children also share similar features to her,” Emily explains his behavior to the others. Derek breathes in sharply, not believing that he really forgot this important date.
“Do you- do you think we can help him?” Penelope asks with tears in her eyes, having flashbacks to all those years ago. Rossi sighs. “Only if he lets us. We can’t do anything if he doesn’t want us to.”
Silence washes over them once again. “Uhm, there was another child reported missing an hour ago, we have 47 hours on the clock until we find her.”
“Ok, wheels up in 20, I’ll talk to Reid and see if he comes with us,” Hotch tells them and makes his way towards the bathroom. He finds his youngest agent in front of the sink, splashing cold water into his face.
Hotch takes a few moments before saying something. “You can-” “No, we both know I can’t.” Spencer cuts his Unit Chief off, drying his face off with one of the sandpaper-like paper towels.
“I can’t stay behind and walk by her room, knowing that this will be another year I haven’t stepped a foot inside only to then sit on the sofa, re-reading Holes again, because this was the last book I read to her and she told me it’s her favorite. After that I’ll sit there, stare at the wall until I get mad and I’ll throw things, scream and sink to the floor crying and asking myself why I am not allowed to be a father anymore. Because a parent without their child isn’t a parent anymore. I will ask myself what I have done wrong, what I did to not deserve having my child with me. After that I’ll have to hold myself down not to- to-” Spencer can't finish his sentence, but he doesn’t need to. Hotch understands what he wants to say.
“You stay on this case with us, under one condition.” “Anything, I swear I’ll do anything.” Aaron nods, continuing his proposition. “When it gets too much, you will tell me and you will leave the situation. Nobody will judge you, there is nothing to be afraid of. We all are here for you, both of you.”
That makes Spencer collapse into his boss’ arms, the relief of knowing he doesn’t have to be alone on his most vulnerable day, where the possibility of him making mistakes he will later regret, is high.
The others are brainstorming on the jet, but fall quiet upon seeing their favorite genius boarding.
Spencer clears his throat. “Before we start, I want to thank you all for your support so far. Uhm, I would really appreciate it if none of you ask me how I’m doing at any time. I think we all can agree on the answer 'just like I did nearly eight years ago’. I-I also try to help as much as I can, I just need all of you not to treat me like- like something fragile. Also, when we talk about her, you can and should use her name.
Because let’s be honest, my daughter (Y/N) went missing eight years ago and was pronounced dead a year ago, while we buried an empty coffin.” After ending his little announcement, Spencer dries the tears on his cheek off with the sleeve of his red cardigan.
“Ok, what do we have about this case?” he asks while taking a seat next to JJ, looking over her shoulder onto the file in front of her.
The BAU learns pretty fast that this case is in no way an easy one.
“DAMMIT YOU HAVE TEN HOURS TO FIND HER AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! NOTHING AS I CAN SEE!” A rage filled voice boomed through the precinct one and a half days laters.
It’s the father of Kimberly, the missing girl. With her soft voice JJ tries to console him, explaining what has already been done and will be done to find the child.
But it’s difficult to build a profile with nearly nothing to go on, except for the bodies.
This whole case gets harder and harder for Spencer, every single detail reminding him of his own case, where his family was the victim and changing his life for the worse.
“Dr. Reid, I’m so sorry, I have never thought this would happen. I-” “Nancy,” he tries to calm his daughter’s babysitter down. “This is not your fault. There was no reason for you to think that something like that is going to happen. We will find her and (Y/N) will tell you how much she adores you.” They both sit at the rear end of an ambulance.
Her car was ambushed by an UnSub the BAU had chased for three months. He was the kind that left dead bodies left and right, but was smart enough to cover his tracks and made it incredibly difficult to find him. But the team was closing in on him, so he started to hit around.
His target?
The BAU’s families.
Nancy was actually just on her way to bring Spencer’s daughter to the office, just like the other families were.
“Don’t worry, we will find her. My team will find her.”
His own words still haunt him at night, when sleep is not willing to take him. When all he can think about is the last conversation he had with (Y/N).
“Daddy, I told my teacher yesterday, that I wanna grow up to be just like you. I wanna help people. That why I helped Tasha with their math homework. They are not good at math, but I told them how to do it and now they can do it. I was just like you, a people helper.” (Y/N) told her father excitedly as they made their last steps towards her kindergarten/elementary school.
He smiled down at her. “Is that what you tell people I do for work? I’m a people helper?” “Mhm, the best one in the whooooole wide world. And the bestest father.” His heart warmed at that, since this was the best compliment he could ever get.
As they reached her classroom, Spencer crouched down to her height. “Nancy is going to pick you up today after school, will you be good for her?” The little girl nodded. “Good, you are the bestest daughter in the whoooole wide world.” The father gave her a kiss on the forehead, on each cheek and then on the nose, making exaggerating smooching noises. This earned him some giggles, aka his most favorite noises.
“I love you, Daddy.” She looked up at him with so much adoration that Spencer couldn’t help but feel blessed by whatever might or power to have this bright light in his life. His beacon, that always brought him back. Like a lighthouse showing the boat in the storm its way back into the safe harbor.
“Sir, we are doing everything we can. I swear, age-” “If you are doing everything, how come that this precinct is full of people? Why aren’t they out there, looking for my baby?! I can- I can’t lose her, too, just like her mother.”
Spencer excuses himself from the scene, not able to hear another father grieve his lost daughter. It’s too much.
“I’m sorry to inform you, Dr. Reid, but your child (Y/N) Reid has been missing for seven years now, which means we have to pronounce her dead. I’m sorry for your loss.”
He wanted to scream. To scream at the office lady that his child is not dead. That she is still out there, waiting for him to find her. To go home to the room he left for her, not daring to go in nor move a thing different from what she left.
But he knew it had no use. That this is a step he had to take, just like the ones at NA. Steps to help him learn how to walk again.
To maybe be able to live a life with the wounds that try to make him bleed out.
But that also means to lose hope that she is there. Waiting patiently, maybe living with the man tha-
That’s it. That’s the only explanation. It can’t be any different. History always repeats itself.
“GUYS!” Spencer sprints back into the precinct’s conference room. The team looks alarmed up to him. Whenever their resident genius does something more than walking fast, it’s something serious.
So they gather around the table while he writes on the white board. “James Specter- Pretty Boy, we know it’s Friday, but-” “No,” He cuts Derek off right there. “This has nothing to do with (Y/N). Well, it does, but hear me out and after that you can tell me I’m a crazy grief ridden father.
But I think that he kills surrogates for her. When you look, all the other children have similar features to her. Eye color, hair color, and they are her age. She would be twelve now. Also, the fact that we are only a two hour car ride away from Quantico means that he wanted to be close to us, feeling like the narcissist he is, he wanted to think he is winning by staying so close.”
“Spence, I know you want to find her. But don’t you think this is more grasping for straws than anything else?” JJ voices the same concerns the rest of the team has.
But he shakes his head. “Alright, let Garcia run all his aliases, false names and everything we have on Specter. If it comes up empty, it's alright. I have no hope in this. If it's a lead, great, even better.
But asking Garcia to do something is better than what we are doing now, nothing!"
A stunned silence renders the team speechless. Helpless Spencer looks at Hotch, hoping he gets the urgency he feels. To his luck he nods and leaves the room to call Penelope.
Rossi nudges JJ and Emily with his foot, nodding his head towards the break room. The three get up, leaving Spencer and Derek alone.
“Pretty Boy, please sit down. It makes me nervous seeing you sway from side to side.” He does as told and puts his fiddling hands on the table.
They sit together in the silence, not even the buzzing in the bullpen annoys them.
“Please talk to me, Spencer. I beg you to not shut us out,” Derek pleads, making him look up. “I- There is nothing to talk about. I told you everything. I know, it’s her anniversary.” Spencer’s face takes on a look of pure exhaustion.
The emotions that run through his veins, the memories he tries to shove down, everything. It just makes him tired beyond words.
“There is so much to say. Not talking about (Y/N) doesn’t make the situation better. You can’t ignore it. I know it will not get better, not with time or anything else. When I lost my Dad, I thought the killer shot me. In all my life there wasn’t a pain that hurt more than losing him. But talking, reminiscing, it helps. It does, so please don’t shut me out.” Morgan’s words break the damn.
Tears after tears stream down Spencer’s face. “I- I just wish- I want to hold her again. I- there are so many things I want to do with her. Show her. Teach her. And we were robbed of all the time we should have as father and daughter.
Instead I’m lying awake at night, asking myself if I can still call myself a father after losing the hope of finding (Y/N). I- When we buried this empty coffin, I realized that there is no hope. The statistics, they are not in our favor. They never were and I- I think I have to accept that.
If this is Specter, he probably kills other children similar to her, because she died. Either way, there is nothing I can hope for. But do you want to know what I can’t forgive myself?” Derek nods, trying to keep Spencer opening up.
“I- I want her to be out there, with him. Because that means she is alive and we have a second chance at being a family again. But that also would mean that she suffered all those years with a stranger, someone, who killed people. Someone, who wanted to hurt her to hurt us. And being a parent should be about wanting the best for your child. I want the best for (Y/N), and it feels more than selfish wishing for her to be alive. That’s why I should give up hope. Because that means she isn’t hurti-” The rest of the words go down in his sobs. Dad guilt is more than just kicking his three letters. Derek is quick to pull him into a hug, making sure he is the strong shoulder Spencer needs.
“Reid, you are righ- right,” Hotch lowers his voice as he enters the conference room. Awkwardly he stays at the door, trying to communicate with Derek if he is intruding right now, which he kind of is.
But Spencer dries his tears off and clears his throat, signaling Hotch to go on. “It’s Specter. Garcia found an address. The others are already in the car.” He trails off at the end, leaving the doctor to make the decision.
His face taking a look of determination, Spencer nods. “Let’s end this once and for all.”
Thirty minutes later they are in front of the apartment building, where Specter’s address should be. “Ok, SWAT is going through the fire exit. Morgan, you will kick down the front door, Prentiss, Rossi and I following you. Rossi will go left with you, I take the right with Prentiss. Reid and JJ, you stay in the hallway, taking Kimberly out there as soon as we find her. Understood?” Everybody nods and gets into position.
Spencer hears several clears over the intercom until a SWAT screams: “We found the girl. And another one, but she isn’t breathing.” This is continued by crying and shouting and a final gunshot. Both agents look at each other while turning white.
“Specter is dead. I repeat, Specter is dead. But we need paramedics as soon as possible,” Hotch gives through the intercom. Finally, Spencer is able to enter the apartment. Emily waves him over towards, what he assumes, must be the living room.
He navigates his way through stacks and paths of junk, a bad smell captivating his senses. But this is all forgotten, when he sees Derek performing CPR on a small figure laying on the ground. His heart, Spencer swears it stopped for a solid second, while witnessing his true nightmare. He can’t take his eyes off, scared to look the girl into the face.
His name being shouted gets him back to reality. The young doctor looks to the side, where Rossi sits in front of a dirty mattress, calming another figure down. Isn’t this-
He never expected to hear these five letters strung next to each other being called out to him. He gave up the hope of being called that a year ago, when he saw a little wooden box, too small to fit a human being that lived their life, going down six feet into the ground.
And here he is, falling on his knees and embracing his angel. His little girl. His beacon. His lighthouse.
Neither Spencer nor (Y/N) can recall much from the moment of their reunion. But they remember the feeling of their embrace, something they longed to feel again for so long. There are many kisses, tears and “I love you”. There are also relieved sighs from Derek, who successfully resuscitated Kimberly, in the background.
Spencer can’t take his eyes off her, not even three hours later, while she lays on the hospital bed, passed out because of all the stress and tests the doctors had run. He is too scared to close his own eyes, not wanting this to turn out as a dream his longin mind produced.
“I missed you so much. You need to meet James, he told me so many cool things, just like you do. He told me he wanted to do all the things we did, even though it didn’t feel right,” (Y/N) tells him while they sit in the ambulance on their way to the hospital. The paramedics hinted about extreme malnourishment and broken bones that all have to be treated there.
In this moment the bittersweet reality caught up to him. The pain that will come with the end of a kidnapping like this. The recovery from one of the most traumatic things that can happen to one.
But he is ready for it, for all of it. If that’s the price for being a father, her father again, he is gladly paying it with anything he can offer.
“What is this?” The young girl croaches out, her voice scratchy from her nap. “Oh, I- I wanted to give you this, the- Here, you can open it.” Spencer hands her the neatly wrapped gift that previously laid in his lap.
(Y/N) eagerly unwraps it. “Holes as a DVD! I wanted to watch that in so long, how did you know that?” Her excitement bring tears into her father’s eyes. He shrugs his shoulders and smiles tearily. “I think it was just an educated guess.”
After a visit by the other team members, the two Reids lay together in the small hospital bed, watching the movie on the laptop Penelope brought with her. And Spencer is the happiest father in the world, not daring to wish for anything more.
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Tumblr media
Pairing: dolores madrigal x reader
Requested: yes
Word Count: 789
Warnings: none that i know of, please let me know if there are any!
Summary: general dating headcanons for dolores
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Tumblr media
she’s kind and extremely caring about those she loves.
she’s kind and extremely caring about those she loves.
she’s kind and extremely caring about those she loves.
when she first discovers her feelings for you, she’s amazed in a way.
she’s never felt this way before with anyone.
she wasn’t expecting to see you that day.
dolores thought she new everyone in town considering she had daily chores to do, helping those around the town of encanto.
you had working at a book shop that your family had owned, helping out since it had been very short staffed for a while.
she was walking, searching around for those in need of help when she spotted you.
she didn’t have words to describe how she felt in that moment.
after that day, she tries to come up with ways to get your attention.
she even ask for advice and help from isabela, knowing that her cousin had always been good at these types of things.
after many talks with isabela and a few from mirabel, she found herself finally gaining the courage to talk to you.
she came up to you, striking up a conversation.
it was all well, the conversation going in a good direction.
she learned so much from and about you that day.
she also, might i add, felt herself falling even more for you that day.
this went on for a while, day by day she find some excuse to come to talk to you, learning something new everyday.
finally one day, she gained the courage to ask you out.
of course you ended up saying yes, i mean how could you not? you yourself had also developed many feelings for the madrigal.
now to the dating headcanons.
as i said before, dolores is a very passionate and caring lover.
she’s always there when you need her the most, and vise versa.
sometimes, when she finds herself having more chores than usual, barely having time to say anything besides a small “hi” or wave to you, she’ll find herself using her gift to her advantage.
she’ll find herself using her gift to check in on you, checking to make sure you’re alright and not in any harm.
she’s gotten much better at talking to you, she isn’t as nervous anymore.
her love language is her words.
you’ll find a lot of poetry and love letter tucked places that only you would ever look.
you find them endearing and you feel your heart melt at her words.
given that’s she’s learned a lot about you, you’ve also learned a lot about her.
words aren’t your number one specialty, so you find your love language in gift giving.
working at a book shop has some advantages.
you know her favorite genre of books so you find yourself constantly picking out a few that you’d think she’d love and gifting them to her.
along with some flowers that isabela helped you grow specifically for dolores.
you both care a lot about each other and everyone around you can see it.
her parents love you, they think that you’re the perfect fit for their daughter.
dolores is a romantic, she plans the most perfect dates for the two of you.
dolores never thought that she’d ever find the one for her, that was until she met you.
she knows she wants a forever with you, and you for her.
she’s honestly just the best partner you could ever have and you’ve both never felt so lucky.
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spidernerdsblog · 2 days ago
Dude I have a VERY strong feeling that Nailah is just as bossy as y/n and have the boys, I mean ALL of them, wrapped around their fingers so can u plz write a blurb on this❤️ love ur work soo much!!
I'm taking a dive into their teenage years the twins are 17 here. This blurb is mostly about them. Hope you like this. Let me know what you think.
Match made in hell (series)
Pairing : Mob! Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings : violence, blood
Tumblr media
The Russians would be here in a minute for the deal as Harrison and Harry waited at speakeasy. Harrison’s eyes glanced at the crowd when he spotted someone. It’s none other than his god daughter Nailah. She was standing near the bar sipping on some expensive wine dressed in a leather jacket over a white top and dark jeans paired with ankle boots. The young bartender at the counter was blatanly flirting with her as she giggled at his words—only if he knew she’s just toying with him for her own amusement. She was way too smart for her own good.
Harrison pushed through the crowd and grabbed her by the arm, giving a warning glare to the bartender who went back to his work. “What are you doing down here?”
“Drinking.” Nailah lifted her glass coolly.
“Well I can see that but it’s not a good time for you to be here.” he said warily.
“This is my mum’s place. I can be here anytime I want.” she said haughtily.
“Ok but you will stay here, understand? We are meeting some people tonight. It's not safe outside.” he said.
“Ok.” she drawled. Harrison felt a buzz in his pocket and he took out his phone to see a text from the dealers. He looked at Harry silently telling him to follow him out of the diner.
Nailah quietly observed her uncles sneak out of the bar but her curiosity always made her do things which she was specifically told not to do. Maintaining a distance she followed them to the alley behind the diner where two trucks were parked. She stood behind one of them and watched the whole deal happen. After a few minutes two men walked up to the other truck when she heard them laughing among themselves about how the guns are fake and they’re gonna make a lot of money. This made her blood boil and she was about to step out to confront them.
“Where the hell are you doing here?” Nathan’s low and deep voice made her jump.
“God! You scared me!” Nailah pressed a hand to her chest gasping.
“Leah, it's the Russian mob, they're dangerous. Go back inside the diner” he whispers.
“Those fucking wankers are selling us fake guns I heard one of them talking about it. We should go tell uncle Haz.”
“No we’re not. You go inside or else I’m calling mum.” he warned.
“Oh c’mon don’t be a sod.” she grumbled.
“You do know right, I'm five minutes older than you? So listen to your big brother.”
“I think mum will be equally thrilled to know about you sneaking into the woods during our summer camp.” her lips pull up to a smirk.
“What?” Nathan frowned in confusion.
“Don’t act surprised I saw you with that Petrova girl.”
Nathan’s eyes widened. “Leah, we're just friends!”
“You’re being a very bad influence on your baby sister.” she pouted, batting her eyes innocently.
“Nothing happened between us I swear!” he hissed when two large hands grabbed them by their necks. They struggled in their grasp and found two burly men one with a scar on his face another with heavily tattooed arms looking at them angrily.
They dragged them out from behind the truck leading them to their boss. “Boss, we found these two hiding behind the truck.” Harrison and Harry turn around to find Nathan and Nailah. None of them looked scared, instead they were both raging with anger.
“They are my nephew and niece, let them go.” Harry said quickly.
“So why were they hiding? Did you have other plans, Holland?” Vincent said crookedly.
“Uncle Haz, I heard them talking about all the guns being fake!” Nailah interrupted and Vincent’s jaws twitched as his body tensed up.
“Leah shut up for god’s sake!” Nathan barked.
“What?!” Harrison and Harry strided to the boxes to check the shipments and it turned out they were all fake.
“You really thought you could fool us so easily.” Harrison growled, pulling out his glock from inside of his jacket.
Vincent shot a blank in the air and everything went berserk after that as Harrison lunged towards him and Harry went to take down his enforcer beside him. Nathan gave a back kick straight to the kneecap of the scar faced guy he crouches down and then he brought down his elbow hard on his neck.
Meanwhile the tattooed guy who was holding Nailah lets go of her to jump into the fight assuming she’s just a helpless girl which was a big mistake for him. Nailah quickly bent down to pull out the knife from her boot and slashed him across his face from ear to jaw. He howled, pressing his hand to the cut as blood flowed through his fingers and she took the chance to stab him under the ribs. He dropped down writhing in pain.
“Fuck! Tom is going to kill us.” Harrison shook his head, looking around the whole mess.
You were sitting on the couch anxious as Tom paced in front of you seething in rage.
“Calm down will you?” you said.
“Calm down? Seriously?” He looked at you incredulously. “You know how dangerous it was?”
“You think I don’t know that? I’m their mother Tom! I’ve been worried sick since Harry called.” you snapped. His expression softened as he placed a hand on your shoulder gently.
“I understand, love.” he said with a soothing voice.
Just then the door opened as Harrison and Harry walked inside with Nailah and Nathan behind them. You jumped to your feet and rushed towards them.
“Are you two okay?” you cupped their faces with concern looking up and down their bodies. “Are you hurt?”
“We are absolutely fine mum. Don’t worry.” Nathan held your hand and smiled reassuringly.
“Nate how many times did I tell you not to get yourselves into trouble? And you took your sister too!” Tom’s voice was sharp and authoritative.
“Daddy it wasn’t Nate’s fault. I was the one who followed uncle Haz.” Nailah stepped forward defending her brother.
“That’s not an excuse, what if they had hurt you huh? Do you have any idea how worried your mother was this whole time?” Nathan and Nailah glanced down to their feet with guilt. “I know you both are young and feel this is all fun. But trust me it isn’t. There’s a reason why I and your mother want to keep you both away from all of this. We have a lot of enemies who are just looking for an opportunity to get back at us.” You went and laced your hand to Tom’s comfortingly as his tone softened. “And you two are all we have and if anything happens to you we won’t be able to survive.”
“We’re sorry dad. This won’t happen again.” They mumbled an apology.
“Tom cut them some slack.” Harrison said. “I know it was dangerous but if it wasn’t for Leah those bloody Russians would have sold us those fake guns.”
“Yeah I’m aware and I’m pleased about that.” Tom looked at Nailah smiling proudly. “But this will be the last time for both of you. No more messing around with the mafia, that's our problem to deal with.” They nod in understanding.
“C’mon you guys go to your rooms and clean up. You both are dirty as hell.” You said scrunching your nose as they slowly made their way up the stairs. “And don’t think that you both are forgiven because I’m still mad at you and for that you’re not allowed at the diner.”
“Muuumm” They whined giving you their best puppy dog eyes.
“You heard me.” you said sternly. “You’re not going anywhere near that place until I make sure it’s safe.”
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togrowoldinv · a day ago
All My Time Is You
Florence Pugh x Female Reader
After being away filming for a while, Florence comes home for a surprise visit.
Note: This is classic surprise visit fic. There’s a little suggestive talk towards the end, but it is mainly fluff involving Florence being an amazing wife and mother. Also, the title is from a song I reference in the fic called “Flames” by Prateek Kahud. I hope you enjoy this one!
You haven’t seen your wife in almost 2 months and you are missing her like crazy. In the past years that you’ve been married to Florence, you, and eventually the kids once you had them, traveled with her. But your eldest daughter is in grade school now, so you stayed home with the kids this time when she went to film a movie.
You miss her so much that you are sitting on the couch watching videos of her on your phone. There’s videos of her just telling you about her day that she sends you often, some of you and her making memories, and a lot of her and your two kids. The video of your young son walking for the first time and Florence cheering him on in the background always makes you happy cry, and this time is no different.
After watching the video, you decide to call Florence even though she’s probably still on set and won’t be able to answer. You aren’t surprised when it goes to the tone and you hear her voice saying to leave a message.
“Hey babe, I know you’re at work right now and can’t answer. I just wanted to call and say that I love you and I miss you. Okay, bye Florence,” you leave a message for her.
As you end the call, you hear little footsteps coming down the stairs and your daughter comes into sight.
“Hey sweetheart, what’s up?” You ask her. You tucked her into bed with a story just thirty minutes ago.
“I’m thirsty, Mama,” she says as she clambers across the room to sit next to you on the couch. You put an arm around her and she snuggles into your side. She loves cuddling, much like her mother does.
“I’ll get you some water, love,” you say and kiss her on the head. You go to the kitchen and start pouring your daughter a glass of water when you hear your daughter say something from the living room. You don’t quite hear it, but as you walk back towards the room you hear another voice that you’d recognize anywhere.
“Oh goodness, baby! You’ve been up to so much. I can’t wait to hear more about it, Ives,” Florence says from in front of the couch where she is squatting and talking to your daughter, Ivy.
“Florence? How are you here? I thought you were halfway across the world?” You ask her, in shock of her being home.
She kisses Ivy on the forehead and stands to pull you into a giant bear hug.
“I missed you so much. I had to see my girls,” she says sweetly, kissing you briefly. “And my guy, is William asleep?”
“Yeah, but don’t worry he’ll be up in about an hour,” you reply and she frowns a little.
“He’s not sleeping well?” Florence asks and you shake your head. “I’m sorry, y/n.”
“No worries. Hey sweet girl,” you get your daughter’s attention. “You ready to try and sleep again?”
“Can Mum sing me a song?” Ivy asks and Florence nods excitedly.
“Of course, darling!” Florence agrees and Ivy gives you one more goodnight hug before she trots up the stairs. “I’ll just take her right up and be back. Do you maybe want to run a bath for us? I could use a good rinse,” Florence says with a heartwarming smile.
It’s only a few minutes later that Florence enters the bathroom and undresses to join you in the bath. You feel her arms wrap around your waist as she settles in behind you.
“She was so tired. She fell asleep after the first chorus of Flames,” Florence says quietly, her chin resting on your shoulder. She kisses your cheek as she hums a bit of the song. You sit together for a while just enjoying the magical feeling of being in each other’s embrace.
“I’m so happy you’re home, Flo. This is so nice,” you say, turning your head back and up to nuzzle your nose into her neck.
“I love you,” Florence says and as always it’s music to your ears to hear your wife say that. Before you can reply, she’s shifted to kiss you deeply, her hands finding their way into your hair. You kiss her back just as fiercely, having missed this intimacy with Florence.
But before anything more than kissing can happen, through the baby monitor you hear your son calling for you. Florence pulls away from you reluctantly and you hold back a whine at the loss of contact.
“Don’t worry baby, I’ll take care of you later,” she whispers seductively, but then stands up and exits the tub unceremoniously. You get out too and wrap up in a towel. She easily navigates to the bedroom to get dressed and back to beside you in front of the mirror.
“I’ll go settle William. I know you must be exhausted, love, so I promise I’ll take all the night shifts while I’m home.” You open your mouth to protest, but she cups your cheek and plants a kiss on your lips. “No ifs, ands, or buts about it, y/n. Okay, maybe some butts, but not that kind,” she laughs.
“Floooo, I’ll tell you like I tell the kids, no bathroom talk,” you jokingly chastise her. “But thank you and again I’m glad you’re here.”
“Me too, darling. I love you so much,” Florence says. “Go snuggle into bed and I’ll be there soon.”
“I will, babe,” you answer. “I love you most.”
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1-800-asuka · a day ago
Tumblr media
finding jane doe - chapter one: missing person's report levi ackerman x reader how is someone able to cope with the disappearance of a loved one? that person... being his own wife? warnings: one mention of a slit throat (very subtle!), one mention of child murder (also very subtle!), mentions of kidnapping, paranoia, cursing, female reader, and that's pretty much about it. this is just kinda an introduction to how everything happens. the REAL dark content and stuff doesn't occur till chapter 3. word count: 2,473 words taglist: @sxlt3dcarqmelx @yelenassecretlover @thelovehashira143 @athena-19 @princed @y2klove @missyasma @utskushiwaarudo @levisbrat25 @naraliven @levislovingwife @jaegerspouse @heizenka @araveticazx @ethernal-onism @imhereformyhusbandos @bealiz13 @thebeardedmoon @momluvr123
Tumblr media
May 6th, 2020. Levi Ackerman believed he must've had some sort of bad luck streak. First, he forgets to set his alarm, causing him to be 5 minutes late for work. Then, he almost locks himself out of his car. And then around noon, he accidentally bumped his tea all over his paperwork. Today was just a shitty day, and he couldn't wait to leave work. Yet, what happened later on that night proved that Karma had her personal vendetta against him.
Being a detective wasn't easy work, anyone who was in his position could tell you that. Some detectives in the department complained about their sleep schedules. Other complained about the paperwork. However, all of them could agree on one part. The hardest part of the job was finding the dead body. Some of his colleagues had to take days off just to recover from the scenes of the crime. And while sometimes it was disturbing, Levi stayed strong and did his work all the way. Besides, he went to college and studied to get this job, he couldn't quit just because he saw a woman's throat cut open. He was desensitized to that stuff, and after he got his job at the Paradis Town Police Department, he learned to suck it up and deal with it. Yet, nothing exciting was happening. Not in that specific moment, at least. Levi's tired eyes scanned over the autopsy reports, making sure Hange, his best friend and skilled forensic pathologist, filled out all of the information correctly before setting the papers aside, organizing them to put them into a file later. At least he had about 2 hours till his shift ended. Hearing his phone buzz, Levi slid his hand into his pocket, checking his notifications. A message from his mother caught his attention. Clicking the message, he watched a video recording of his two daughters, Eleanor and Victoria, asleep on the couch as the end credits of a Disney movie rolled onto the screen. She then sent him a text right after the video. Elle and Tori were asking all day for you! They really miss you when you're away at work, you know. He smiled at the message, heart warming up at the mention of his daughters. He felt bad that he spent most of his day away from them while Kuchel babysat, but she was fine with it, saying quote-on-quote, "You and Y/n work busy jobs, who will take care of your two angels while you're away?" Speaking of Y/n, he clicked onto her contacts, shooting her a message. A question about dinner, and whether he'd be cooking today or not. They both liked to alternate turns in the kitchen. And while it got him negative comments from other men projecting about how women belonged in the kitchen, he always enjoyed pointing out their beer bellies and their yellow teeth. It was quite entertaining to put misogynistic men in their place. Besides, he was a great cook as well, so who was stopping him from doing what he wanted? Certainly not some fat middle aged man who does nothing but drink alcohol while rooting for a shitty football team. You want me to pick up some salmon after work? I want to cook today, if that's fine by you. He sent the message and then turned off his phone, setting it aside. His eyes glanced up, looking at a photo of his two daughters he pinned up on the wall of his cubicle like a prized possession. Levi's desk was extremely neat, not a paper clip out of place. "See you soon, my loves." He mumbled, raising his index and middle finger to his lips, giving a small peck to his fingers and placing it on the picture. He cherished his family dearly. Ever since his twin daughters were born, Levi always swore to be there when Y/n needed him. But then she picked up a job at a mental health counseling center, so they both had to rely on Kuchel for babysitting and taking care of their kids. She didn't mind it, but he felt awful for giving his mother the burden of being a 24/7 grandma. She always reassured him, though. Kuchel knew they both had jobs that were difficult when they needed to call off, and she said that if they ever needed her help, she'd be available all day, any day. Sure, whatever you want. It'll taste delicious, anyway! Love you, Levi. The notification popped up as he saw it was from Y/n. Letting his head lean back, he reached his fingers up and massaged his head, relieving any tension he had from today. He sighed through his nose, wanting the day to go faster. Why did time pass so slow? He still had things he needed to do after work. Sitting back up in his seat, Levi leaned his head on his right hand, looking to the left. Things were so different outside of
the confined space of his cubicle. Connie and Eren were chatting next to the water dispenser, Hange was organizing files in a different room, and Jean just exited the bathroom. A monotone scene, he knows, but everyone in the department was family. Key word: was. ৎ୭ Work was finally over. The last two hours went by in a breeze. Levi's nimble fingers tapped the steering wheel anxiously as he arrived at the supermarket closest to Kuchel's house. That way it'd be easier to just get the ingredients for dinner, pick up his daughters, and arrive right when Y/n gets home from work. Though, the more he thought about it, he contemplated leaving Eleanor and Victoria to have an overnight stay while he was able to get some time to himself. He loves them dearly, but sometimes he needed a break. Pulling into the parking lot closest to the market doors, Levi turned off the car and yanked his phone out of his pocket, dialing Y/n's number. It rang for a little bit, and he thought that he should probably wait till Y/n was out of work before disturbing her. Suddenly, the phone picked up. "Y/n? Hey. I'm at the supermarket. I was thinking it's best if we let Elle and Tori stay over at Kuchel's tonight. I want today to be a defusing day. It was awful at work," He rubbed his eyes tiredly, continuing, "I guess you're right when you said that I have a bad luck streak, hm?" As Levi scratched the top of his head, he felt awkward to hear complete and utter silence on the other end of the line. But as he listened closely, he heard the rustling of the leaves, cicadas buzzing, and what seemed to be heavy breathing. Gulping, he asked, "Hello? Y/n?" "Goodbye." Before Levi could say anything, the phone had hung up. He felt his heart racing. Whoever had answered the phone was certainly not Y/n. In fact, it had sounded like a man. Forget dinner, he'd wait later. Turning on the car, he pulled out of the parking lot and headed straight for Kuchel's house. Something horribly wrong had happened. And what terrified him was the thought that his girls would be next. ৎ୭ Bang! Bang! Bang! Answering the door, Kuchel's eyes widened. Her son looked distraught; eyes opened in fear. "My goodness, Levi, are you okay? Did another child get murdered?" "No." He stepped in and shut the door, locking it. "I think someone hurt Y/n. I called and I heard a man and what sounded like the wilderness. There were leaves and cicadas. I don't know who the hell would have Y/n's phone, but I know her. She doesn't just WILLINGLY give it to someone, whether she knew them or not." Darting his eyes around the living room, he then asked, "Where's Tori and Elle?" "Upstairs in my room, they're watching Frozen. They just finished their bath not too long ago. But do you think maybe she had gotten injured? Doesn't your friend, Armin, work in the hospital? Try calling him and seeing if Y/n got in-" "If she did, Armin would've already notified me, and I wouldn't be here right now." He answered, sitting down on the couch and rubbing his head. "I just have a horrible feeling about this. Call it my detective instinct if you want, but I don't think I'll be able to rest easy. I'm honestly terrified of being home by myself right now." "Do you want to stay here for a few days then?" She offered, trying to ease her son's nerves. "You can sleep in the guest room upstairs. I have some spare clothes that don't fit Kenny anymore." Hearing that name stung like a bee, but he could worry about his absentee uncle later. He nodded, looking back up at her. "Thanks, Mom. I appreciate it." "Like I said, anytime! Now, go shower. I'll go heat up your dinner." She then ended the conversation by heading to the kitchen, and Levi stood up off the couch, heading up the stairs. Before he decided to hop into the shower, he turned right to Kuchel's room, peeking in to see Eleanor and Victoria cuddling up on the bed, stuffed animals swarming them as the obnoxious 'Let it Go' song had started. He smiled, knocking on the already open door, which caught their attention. "Daddy's back, yay!" Victoria quickly threw
off the covers and rushed over, Eleanor following her twin sister. Levi opened his arms for a hug, and he swooped them into his arms. "Hello, my loves. Did you behave?" It had baffled some of his coworkers that he had twin daughters. You could barely tell them apart. They both had black eyes, long black hair, and the same pale-ish complexion he did. Sprinkled in with Y/n's facial features as well, of course. "Where's Mommy?" Eleanor tilted her head, hoping for an answer from her father. His face had suddenly dropped at the realization. "Mommy's... uhm... busy right now. On vacation." He lied, giving both his girls a kiss on their foreheads, pulling away. "Now, I have to go shower. You guys can go back to your movie. Besides, your favorite song is about to end." They quickly scurried back and hopped onto the bed, and Levi trotted away from the room, grabbing the spare clothes from the guest room and heading to the bathroom. Shutting the door, he set his clothes down on the counter, resting his head against the door, contemplating his next move. Fuck it, he couldn't wait any longer. Pulling out his phone, he had dialed the number to the police station, already knowing he was going to be greeted with Historia's cheerful voice. "This is Historia Reiss from the Paradis Town Police Department; how may I help you?" Exhaling heavily, Levi shut his eyes before finally saying 8 words he'd never hope would come out of his mouth: "I need to file a missing person's report." ৎ୭ The next day had felt like a blur. Still no whereabouts of Y/n. He had texted and called her well over 30 times. Levi talked to her friends and family members, asking if they had seen her at all. But nothing turned up. She was just... gone. How does someone vanish into thin air? "The irony. A detective's wife goes missing." Connie mumbled to Jean quietly, eyeing him. Levi's head was set on his desk, computer on standby. Trying to replay the situation again in his head, he wanted to pinpoint the exact voice, and see if he could match it with anybody. As of now, no one could be trusted. Not even anyone in the department. Call it stupid if you wanted, but he did his research, and while it was rare for detectives and cops to be convicted of murder or manslaughter, it could till happen. Who knows, someone in the office could have kidnapped her. Or tortured her. Or killed her already. "Levi? Come to my office, please." The chief, Erwin, called, grasping his attention. Levi exhaled heavily through his nose, pushing his chair away from his desk so he could get some room. Standing up, he trudged into the office, shutting the door behind him. "Have a seat." Levi obliged, sitting down and crossing his legs. "I know this must be extremely hard for you. Anyone in your shoes would feel the same way. It is... quite ironic. You solve murders and missing persons cases, and it ends up that you had to file your own." That comment on its own had already pissed Levi off. He heard the same thing multiple times today from the people in his office. 'Yeah, it's ironic. What about it? You don't need to mention it over and over again.' Was the thought crossing his mind, but he pursed his lips and stayed silent, as it looked like Erwin had something else to say. "I sent out a team last night after you had called. They searched everywhere and we couldn't find anything. We even searched the woods. No signs of clothing, jewelry, or missing items of hers were found. I'm sorry. We just couldn't find her." "Bullshit. What do you mean you didn't find anything? You didn't ask around? You didn't find footprints? Maybe you sent out a search team full of blind rats. But there must be something you missed." He snapped back, expecting a scolding. However, Erwin folded his hands and nodded in understanding. "We'll send out another team. Something should come up." He responded, pondering whether he should start cleaning his desk or not. Paperwork and files were thrown everywhere. He'd get to that after Levi left. "Dismissed." The detective exited the office, shutting the door behind
him. Un. Fucking. Believable. Not even a footprint? How do you just MISS that? What the hell? Sitting back down in his seat, a sticky note on one of Levi's files caught his attention. Odd... that wasn't there before. Taking it off, he saw it was written in red marker. Erwin's lying to you. Shocked, he quickly crumpled up the note and stuck it in his pocket. Levi looked around the office, trying to see if anyone was watching him or if anyone looked suspicious. But his coworkers were doing their jobs, occupied with whatever it was they had in front of them. Turning on his computer, he logged on and started to organize his files as well. Nothing better to do, anyway. Although, something bugged him. That sticky note. Was someone eavesdropping on the conversation? Did someone want to start drama? Levi wasn't the type to point fingers that easily. At least, not without any evidence to suggest his claim. But the more he thought about it, a nerve-wracking realization had occurred: The mystery person knew what happened to Y/n. ৎ୭
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soupandsimple · 2 days ago
The Package (with Fred Weasley)
[ being upset with Fred for a day for forgetting to drop off a package at the post office ]
* angst? / fluff 💗 (moody reader, so don’t read this if you don’t believe in ever being upset with a partner lol)
** dad/husband Fred! son Phoenix and daughter Violet included from last time, they’re 6 & 4 in this one! It’s LONG but there’s lots of little fluff sprinkled throughout, I love it and just know you will too!!!!! Also for the sake of this fic, owls don’t deliver food & apparition doesn’t exist either sorry :)
Busy - it’s what you had been all morning. Despite it being a Saturday, you had to wake up early today to get your son, Phoenix ready for a day out with his Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry. Waking him up hadn’t been hard though as they were going to a quidditch match so the little lad was quite excited to be up.
After getting Phoenix ready to go and sent off with his aunt/uncle, you now had to package some homemade chocolate swirl cookies you made the night before, for your long distant friend’s birthday. She lived far off but you always managed to send her a batch of her favorite cookies to be delivered on her exact birthday.
Once you had the cookies packed up and ready to send, you had to go dress your daughter Violet and yourself for a birthday party she had been invited to weeks prior. At this time, Fred Weasley, your husband was also getting ready for the day. He usually didn’t go down to his co-owned shop on Saturdays but last minute decided he would go in today to give a surprise evaluation to some of the newer employees that had been hired.
You didn’t like him overworking himself but honestly this worked out perfect for you because with Fred going to town you wouldn’t have to, as he could easily just drop off your cookie package at the post office on his way to the shop. ‘One less thing for me to do’ you thought to yourself as you told him what you needed him to do right before you left for the birthday party with Violet.
Hours later, you and Fred coincidentally arrived back home at the same exact time.
“How were the evaluations honey?” you said as you turned the key to unlock the front door.
Fred sighed and walked in behind you and Violet. “Good actually. I can already tell these new employees are going to be much better than the old lot.”
“Daddy, daddy look what I got!” Violet exclaimed, holding up a party goodie bag, not caring that she was interrupting.
Fred bent down and feigned admiration at the cheap trinkets and candy Violet was showcasing him, one by one you might add. As they did that, you went to set your bag and keys down on the kitchen counter which is where you noticed your package of cookies was still sitting; untouched.
“You’re kidding me right,” you said only loud enough for you to hear. You picked the package up and went over to where Fred and Violet still were. “Fred, you forgot to take my cookies.”
“Oh fuck,” he said standing up from where he was bent, the fact that he had just cussed in front of Violet completely escaping your and his mind. “I knew I was forgetting something. I’m sorry I’ll take them right now.”
“No you can’t take them now, the mail has already gone out for the day, which is why it was important you did it before you went to the shop.” You turned to make way to the kitchen again and Fred followed swiftly. Violet stayed behind and sat herself on the couch in the living room, paying no mind to your and Freds commotion as she was too entranced with her candy and trinkets.
“Now I have to write a letter to go with the cookies explaining why they’re a day late” you said, aware that Fred was at your tail.
“Oh come Y/N, they’ll only be a day late it’ll be alright. I’m sure she won’t mind.”
“No, it’s not alright Fred. I always send her these cookies to arrive on her exact birthday, honestly it’s just all ruined now” you huffed, setting the package back on the counter then making your way out the kitchen and up the stairs- probably up to the bedroom to write the letter he presumed.
Fred didn’t bother following you to continue apologizing, he knew you weren’t happy and needed some space to calm down. You usually didn’t let too much get to you but he figured your day had been stressful enough with getting up early to get Phoenix ready for his day and then going to a 4 year old child’s birthday party for a few hours- it all must have really taken a toll on your energy and tolerance. He knew he had messed up and what better gift to give you now than just some space for yourself.
Once you completed the apology letter to your friend, you went back downstairs to the laundry room to finish up some folding you had left from yesterday. Here, Violet strolled in casually to find you, “Hi Mama” she greeted.
“Hi baby,” you cheerfully replied without looking up from your task.
“Mama, are you mad at daddy?” Violet asked.
“Oh baby, I’m not mad I’m just a little upset that’s all” you said calmly.
“Well I think daddys very sorry” she quickly stated.
Only then did you realize what was going on. “Did daddy send you in here to tell me that?”
Violet pursed her lips, “Noooo” she said in a high pitched tone with cute shifty eyes.
“Mhm, okay well you go tell daddy he can’t just use you to convince me to cheer up.”
“Okay” Violet said happily, skipping out the room back to the office where she and Fred had been residing since after the argument.
There, Fred sighed as Violet told him, in fewer words of course, what you had said. “Well, thanks for trying to help love bug but hey, she’ll come around” he said, kissing the top of her head as she nodded and sat back down on the floor with her coloring book and magical glittering crayons.
About twenty minutes later, Ginny and Harry arrived with Phoenix. As they had other evening plans, they only had time to drop him off but made it a point to stay long enough to say a quick hello to you all.
“Did you have fun?” you asked your son, all geared out in new apparel of his favorite quidditch team.
“SO, SO, SO MUCH FUN!” he exclaimed.
Harry and Ginny laughed at his enthusiasm as did you, “Okay well let me go get Violet and Fred” you told Ginny and Harry as you walked away.
“Vi” you called out to your daughter from the hallway that led to the office. “Violet baby, come out and say hi to aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry.”
You poked your head in the door and smiled as Violet immediately ran out past you to go greet her aunt and uncle.
“You too” you said to Fred, smile fading when your eyes met his, then turning around to walk back off. With you now out of sight, Fred inhaled air through his teeth then exhaled it out as he let his head fall back; he was sure the glare you had just flashed him could kill but nonetheless, he got up from his chair to go meet his sister and brother-in-law at the front doorway.
After saying their hellos to all of you, Ginny and Harry left and you straight away went off to the kitchen to start dinner. Fred went to sit in the living room to watch a bit of television but his plans were instantly put to rest when Phoenix went to sit next to him on the sofa and began talking Fred’s ear off about his day at the quidditch match. Violet tried to listen in too but quickly became uninterested and opted to brush the hair of a doll she had lying around instead.
Although you were still mad at Fred, you had to admit, your heart was melting upon hearing Fred eagerly asking an already overly enthusiastic Phoenix, for more and more details about the day he had. With the noise of your happy boys, you began humming a tune as you cut up vegetables. Fred took notice and knew it could only mean your mood was bettering already.
“Dinners ready lovies, c’mon” you called from the kitchen after about half an hour later of cooking. Both kids speeded into the kitchen giggling and arguing over who got there first like they always did, you as usual ignored it and placed a hand behind each of their backs, “Let’s wash up please” you said escorting them to the sink.
Washed up and sitting down now, the kids patiently waited for their food. You stood at the counter fixing their plates which is where Fred came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your center. “Love, dinner smells delicious” he said into your ear.
“Thank you” you sternly accepted the compliment as you continued serving up the plates.
“Still mad huh?”
“A bit yes” you said, picking up the plates and handing them up in his direction without looking.
Fred unwrapped his arms from around you, grabbed the plates and took them over to the kids. “Here you have it, eat up” he said to them happily.
By the time dinner was over, a dinner in which Phoenix spent the entirety of recapping his day, it was bath time. You left the dishes to clean themselves and went to help Violet bathe and then had Phoenix go in afterwards. At his age, he didn’t need your help anymore but you still kept an ear open in the bathroom’s direction with the door slightly cracked just for precaution.
As you dressed Violet for bed Fred came in and smiled at his little girl, “Want a story tonight bug?” Fred knew the answer but he loved hearing her get excited for it.
“Uh huh!” she nodded frantically as she quickly stuck her hand out the sleeve of the shirt you were putting over her then ran to her bookshelf.
You sighed as you stood up from where you were bent and watched Violet pick out her favorite- “The Little Princess Witch” which coincidentally had been your favorite as a child too.
“This one daddy,” Violet said, handing him the book and hopping into her bed.
“Okay, very good choice” Fred said, as he squeezed himself next to Violet at the corner of the small bed, atop of the comforter.
“Mama, come listen” your daughter called to you. Fred pretended to skim the book cover he had seen millions of times but you weren’t fooled, you caught the cheeky smirk he broke into upon hearing Violet’s request for you. He knew you didn’t want to be here with him but he also knew it’d be tough to say no to Violet.
“Baby, how about daddy reads it just for you tonight?” you said in a cheery tone, not wanting to ruin story time with your still slightly present moodiness towards Fred.
Violet huffed and pouted a bit. You didn’t always indulge in all her pleas but you knew the bed time story years would be over before you knew it so you gave in. “Okay, I’ll stay,” you said, going over to stand by your sitting husband.
Violet grabbed her nearby bear as Fred began reading but was immediately interrupted by her before he even got a page in. “Mama sit down,” she ordered.
“Honey, I’m listening, don’t worry” you assured her.
Fred looked over at you and stretched open his arm for you to come sit on his lap like you usually did, as you both knew this is what Violet was referring to when asking you to sit. It could be said she was a helpful little wing woman for Fred but to be honest she had already completely forgotten you and Fred even had an argument earlier.
“Sit mama,” Violet urged.
You pursed your lips and upon your daughter’s request, sat in your usual spot on your husband’s lap.
Fred gently encapsulated you in his arms as he gripped the book open in front of him with both hands, then started to read again. You watched Violet hold her toy bear by its small hands to make it dance a little as she listened; you couldn’t help but smile a bit and before you knew it, your head had let itself rest against Freds. Without removing his eyes from the book he turned his face a bit to kiss the side of your head and continued on with his reading.
Once he finished the story, you got up from where you sat cozily in Fred’s lap and leaned down to kiss Violet on the head, “I have to go check on Phoenix, okay? Daddy can finish tucking you in. Goodnight lovie, sweet dreams.”
“Goodnight mummy” Violet replied sleepily.
You left the room and entered Phoenix’s to help him get in bed then afterwards went off to your bedroom to hop in the shower yourself.
As you were close to finishing your shower, Fred walked into the bathroom and began undressing. Despite what it seems, this wasn’t a ploy to go in and be with you, no, he always did this; he’d come in just when you were about to finish so he could hop in the warm water before you turned it off.
When you exited, he assumed his position to enter; usually he’d give your bum a slap at this precise moment but he would be crazy to do that today while you were still only coming out of your mood. So in silence and with hands to himself, he stepped in as you wrapped your towel around your bare body and began brushing your teeth.
“Y’know when I went to check on Phoenix to kiss him goodnight, he told me he was so happy he had the best parents in the world.. just because we let him go out with Ginny and Harry today” Fred spoke from under the falling water.
“Aww, he’s such a little love” you said, mouth full of toothpaste with toothbrush moving in hand. Silence, beside the running water and toothbrush strokes, filled the room again. Finishing your brushing you then left into the bedroom to change into your pajamas.
Dressed now, you got in bed- back against the headboard, and pulled out your current book from your nightstand.
About some pages afterwards, you saw Fred exit the bathroom from the corner of your eye in his pajamas and a towel in hand. Roughly, he rubbed his wet hair with the towel then looked over at you, “Want to talk about today?” he questioned sincerely, now spreading the damp towel on a small loveseat you had in the room.
You sheepishly smiled, closed your book, set it on your night stand and sighed, “Yeah listen, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been mad at you to begin with. I mean, I could have taken that package to the post myself after all. If anything, I’m actually the one to blame that it didn’t get sent.”
“Don’t do that,” Fred said, coming in to lay next to you, “it’s not your fault. You should be able to count on me for whatever you need.”
You had always been 99% positive that you didn’t deserve Fred Weasley sometimes because here you were, trying to put the blame on yourself and accept that you were in the wrong and yet he still found it in himself, time and time again, to be sweet to you.
“That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself Mr. Weasley” you said straddling his lap with a playful smile.
“Mhmm” he hummed letting his hands rest at your hips, “it is, but I’ll spend forever trying to live up to it for you.”
You shook your head and leaned in to kiss him, “I’m sorry for my mood today, really” you said genuinely again.
“I’m more sorry for forgetting. And look, I was thinking, how about I take a few days off from the shop so I can watch the kids while you go and visit your friend and personally deliver those cookies” he added.
You smiled, leaned down to peck him consecutively three times on the lips then pulled back up, “I love you so much. Thank you for putting up with me, I know it’s not easy.”
“It’s not, but it’s worth it” Fred winked, cupping your cheeks in his hands and bringing your face back down to his for more kisses. <3
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Tumblr media
His Promise ❉ Part one
❉ Rio x reader
Warning(s): Age Gap
❉ Slow paced!
Description//: In which Rio was your father’s close friend, until your father was locked up and in order to pay him back for taking a wrap for him, he sets out to take you in after your fathers arrest.
You sighed deeply, holding your head down making your way out of your school. Every day in school has been like this, people throwing things at you, calling you a daughter of a murderer.
You hated it. Your father beat a man to death, but he claimed self defense.
The school didn’t see it that way, all the class-mates saw and thought about was your fathers sentencing. Making your way out the school, you started to make your way to the bus. Here you were seventeen years old and embarrassed of your father whom was once the kindest most loving man you ever met, you didn’t know who to believe. All you could see and think about was the photos that were brought out on the stand at your fathers trial.
The ruthlessness of the beating, it didn’t scream self-defense. But who were you to judge, you beat up one of your bullies last week for pulling your hair and smashing your face into your locker, and to top it off, she spray painted cunt all over your locker.
Rio looked down at your photo, he hadn’t seen you since you were three years old. Now here you stood practically a fully developed woman. Tossing the photo on the seat of his car, he closed the door and stepped out making his walk down the side walk, pushing his hands into his pocket. Up the walk way he went, he noticed how she kept her head down and every one looked at him as he approached, some looked with desire and lust, others looked wondering what a man of his appearance was doing on this side of town, he had to be bad news, they thought.
“Y/n?” He questioned.
She lifted her head, her beautiful eyes gazing into his, She looked at the fairly attractive man that stood in front of her, Deep down she was confused why he would even be talking to her. She was a beautiful girl but she wore glasses and dressed covered and had a few blemishes on her forehead and cheek, not too much but she was insecure about it. Pushing her glasses up. She admired the mans neck tattoo that was not unnoticeable. “Yes?” She croaked with confusion, looking behind her then back at him. She wondered what this man could possibly want with her. “I’m Rio.” He smirked.
“Okay, do I know you?” She frowns.
He nods, realizing that of course you wouldn’t even remember him. You were just a kid last time he saw you. “I forget. You were just a kid when I saw you last, I’m a friend of your dads. I came to pick you up. You will be staying with me for awhile, at least until your eighteenth birthday in a month.” You laugh because you didn't know this man and here he claimed to be a friend of your fathers. “I’m sorry but, I don’t know you and I’m not about to just get in the car with someone I don’t know.” You walk around him and proceeded your walk, Rio sighed in frustration, running up behind you, he took your hand. “You have no choice, your father wanted me to take you in. So, you want to go or not? Its not like you have anywhere else to go, your home is in foreclosure.”
You looked him in the eyes, following him to his car. Once you were in his car, he kept on driving. “You have anywhere you want to stop before we get back to my place?” You didn't say a word, there was nothing for you to get back to, all your things were all in your book bag, you had to fend for whatever you could after your fathers arrest. Sure, you had some money he left in his bank account for expenses- emergency expenses- but, there was some things that you couldn’t touch because it was all seized.
“You not going to talk to me?”
You turned your attention back to the man that was in the car with you, no remembrance or recollection of him at all. But you knew that the man was fine beyond measures, and he found you just as attractive but he would never find himself messing with a girl your age. “Its a weird situation for me, don’t you think?”
“It is but you could say something.”
Rio pulled up to one of his favorite diners, he would stop at whenever he was on this side of town. “Come on, get out.” Opening the door, you got out and you both walked inside and had a seat. “You can order whatever you want, mama. Money no limit.” When he calls you mama, it makes you melt. You felt some type of way when he says this. “Okay.” He found you both a booth, You sat across from him. He tilts his head slightly, “You don’t have to be afraid of me, I mean you should but, I’m not going to hurt you. I owe your father, he took me in when I was in a bad place. His gym saved my life, made me who I am.”
“Well, that's good to know some of my dad so called friends are sticking around.”
The waitress walked over, she took her pen from behind her ear. “Can I get you all anything?” She kept her eyes on Rio, of course she found him attractive. He sat his face on his hand, looking up at the waitress with a slight smirk. “I’ll take a beer and your beer battered fish fries. for me, and what would you like, mama?” There it was again, that word that had you melt. You looked up at the lady, “Uh, I’ll take a cheeseburger with fries and a strawberry milkshake.” The waitress jotted that down. “Okay, I’ll get that done. Be back in a Jiff.” Rio sat up, rubbing the side of his face. “How you been doing with everything with your dad?”
“Considering, I lost my father and home in a matter of three weeks, its been rough.”
He knew it was a dumb question but, he wasn’t trying to be his normal self. He wanted you to be comfortable with him. After all, his father was taking a murder wrap for him. It was the least he could do. “I’m sorry about that.” Soon, they brought out the food, and we were eating. He watched as you dipped your fry in your shake, he slightly chuckled leaning back against the booth. “You still do that? I figured you would have grown out of that,” He slightly smirked wiping his mouth with his napkin. “Can I try?” You never was one to share your food, but before you could answer, he did it anyway, dipping his fry in your shake and took a bite. He moans. “Mmm, good.” You smiled for the first time in the past thirty minutes the two of you been together. “So where are you taking me?”
“You coming to stay with me, where else?”
You shrug. “I don’t know you could be taking me to some group home or some shit, or a distant relative I know nothing about.” For as long as you remember, Its always just been you and your father and the guys who would hang out at his gym, people whom you thought were his friends. People he considered family, that never bothered to check on you. People who laughed in your face, and called you ‘niece’ but deep down, it was just words. “Nah, you’ll be staying with me until your eighteenth birthday and we can figure out what can be done after that,” He brushes the side of his face, “You having trouble at school?” As long as he known you, he knew you could fight. You had hands of steel and moved fast, he just couldn’t see you walking around the halls with your head held low. You were a fighter, literally and figuratively. “Why do you want to know all of this?”
“Because, I want to get you to talk.”
You shrugged. “Maybe I am but I get by.” You finished your food, wiping your mouth pushing your plate to the side and slipping your straw in your mouth taking a slow pull from it, sipping on the milkshake. “Your tattoo, was it painful?” You’ve always wanted a tattoo but your father was like your skin was far too beautiful to be damaged, he said if you were to get one- He wasn’t paying for it. “a little pain never bothered me.” You laugh. “If that wasn't dark.”
------ His House,
You gasped seeing the house as he pulled around. “You living like this?” Rio was so used to his lifestyle now, that it never phased him. He had several homes, cars and money. He opened the front door to his house, letting you inside. “Yeah, its home.” He shrug his shoulders a little, “I’m going to take you up to your room. I’m having some things sent here for you, you can order whatever else you need.” You just nod following him down the hall to the downstairs bedroom, he opens the door. He had nice taste for a man, it wasn’t too manly in his home it felt... neutral.
“How about you freshen up and everything and meet me downstairs? Something I want to discuss with you.”
Rio made his way downstairs, tossing the keys to the G-wagon he purchased for you to get around in while he was away taking care of business. His phone rung and Beth’s named popped up, he sucked his teeth and answered on the third ring, listening to her rant over and over about some shit he didn’t care about. “Now isn’t a good time. I’ll come and find you when I’m ready to discuss business.” He said before hanging up, not waiting on a response from her, tossing the phone on the coffee table. He got comfortable and waited for you to make your way downstairs.
“Feel better?”
You pulled your long sleeves down on your pajama top, walking over and having a seat on the couch next to him. “Yes.” You answered, he nods. “Good, listen, I’m rarely here. I don’t have many rules- all I ask is that you keep everything clean, organized and like you left it- Clean up behind yourself and we won’t have an issue. I am usually gone a lot taking care of business. So while I’m away, I got you a car to get around in. I do not want anyone in my home, no one even knowing you staying here. Is that understood?” You were taken back by his kindness but you also knew there was another side to him and him not wanting people in his home or knowing you were here, not to mention the gun he has on the table in front of you- it was a red flag. “Okay, are you into something illegal?”
“That's nothing for you to be worrying your little head about , mama. Why don’t you go and do some homework or something?”
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