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#I just want them to be happy
reluctant-mandalore · 4 hours ago
Omega being an unaltered clone like Boba means she ages at a normal rate when compared to the others. She’ll out live the rest of the bad batch by many many years sjsbhdbfdshbf
Tumblr media
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icryyoumercy · 6 hours ago
i think my biggest issue with the whole subscription to online news is that it's incredibly disproportional
like, i read maybe one or two articles per newspaper per year, but from maybe a dozen different newspapers, and paying 20 dollars per year per paper is just. a lot for that?
if there was a way i could just... get a general newspaper subscription for a higher amount (30? 50? dollars or so per year), and a login, and all the newspapers then split that money based on how much of their content i accessed, maybe even with a max number of articles per year, so it stays fair, that'd be neat
like, yes, no one newspaper would get 20 dollars from me, but even one dollar out of a pot is more than the current 0 they are getting, and if they get twenty people to sign up and get 1.5 dollar from each, they still get their money and some extra for the courtesy
i mean, newspapers are working together on some stuff, and a lot of them get info from the same sources, so it should technically be possible for those sources to set up something?
i pay 50 dollars to newspaper source agency [xyz]
they take 5 dollars to cover their expenses and for a cup of coffee
they make a note that i have 45 dollars of credit
i get a login
i go to [online newspaper] to read an article whose initial source was provided by [xyz]
i log in to read the article, which is relayed to [xyz]
[xyz] makes a note that i have accessed 1 article from [online newspaper] and either takes, say, 1.5 dollars from my credit, or waits for the subscription period to run out, and then splits the money between the newspapers whose articles i have read according to how many of their articles i've read
i have exactly one subscription or pre-paid account and one login which gives me access to the news i want to know about at a fair price, while the various newspapers get a small but steady stream of income from me reading their articles
(it's not ideal, i'd prefer some overarching ... journalism worldwide, or if that's too complicated maybe split by continent or countries or regions or whatever one fancies, so that the subscription isn't limited to one source agency, but i don't know if there is an organisation like that that is set up with the necessary structure to handle subscriptions and logins and stuff)
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sothanall · 6 hours ago
im going to vent
Tumblr media
#i miss him so much but i know i loved him much more than he loved me#i dont even know if he loved me maybe he just idealized me#if u love someone u dont just stop loving them so fucking fast. it was in like a week#and it jut happened to be during the week i was having a depressive episode. so basically#i was i had been a better girlfriend i wish i wasnt mentally ill#i miss him so much but he never truly cared about me#and he made me so nervous all the time im sure it was the anxiety of just getting closer to someone#but i liked him so much. i truly believed him when he said we were soulmates#hes so beautiful and smart and im just a depressed piece of shit who has trouble doing normal basic human activities#the worst part is that we never truly had time alone for ourselves to talk and shit#but i loved him. i didnt told him enough#im not sure if i still love him but i miss him i wish he missed me too#does he even think of me? why wasnt i good enough to fix our problems and try again#why did he lose his feelings so fast. how can he i havent stopped thinking about him since the first day we meet#i miss him i miss him u dont want to bother him i miss him he doesnt love anymore he doesnt like me anymore i love him#when are these feelings going to fade i miss him so much#i just want him to be happy but im sure i was a burden to him even if he said i wasnt#why did he say all of those things he probably thinks i will never get better#he said he wanted his partner to be someone like him and im not i hate being mentally ill it ruins everything#im going to be alone forever i miss him i wish i was good enough im going to become a hermit i always loved him more but i didnt tell him#i didnt say much but all i said i meant it not like him#fuck im still in love i wanna kms
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doodlebloo · 9 hours ago
Benchtrio /rp are so :( ...
Ranboo trying to cover for Tommy during his fight w Tubbo/sneaking out to see him during exile/giving him totems and tools and armor... Tubbo putting his foot down and standing up for himself in order to protect Snowchester and, by extension, Ranboo/Ranboo being Tubbo's breaking point, the first time he snapped and screamed at Quackity was over Ranboo's suggested execution... Tommy doing anything and everything for Tubbo at the drop of a hat... Ranboo doing the same... Tubbo showing all of these little ways that he cares for Tommy, mining stone for him and tagging along on Tommy's adventures to be a right hand... Tommy trying his hardest to deny how much he cares for Ranboo but being unable to stop himself from hugging him and singing his praises and admitting that he's actually a good friend... It's all so much /pos
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katebushstandean · 10 hours ago
tierney my love i am SO sorry for the news you are gonna see when you wake up
this might as well happen
#TLDR i’m squidward putting his sunglasses back on bc i’m extremely bored by this concept#i said this all in the discord but i feel like ANY spinoff is going to disappoint fans of the characters it’s about#it’s never going to happen in exactly the way they want so i’d rather it just…not tbh#so this might as well happen with john a character i do not care about or think about#if they do something cool with mary fine but i probably am not gonna really care about this spinoff#i just don’t know what they’re gonna do that’s interesting for fresh I feel like it’s been explored in the show already#like we literally already had flashback prequels IN the show#so idk if this is necessary but it was clearly the pitch of jensen’s that caught the CW’s or whoever’s eye so whatever#i don’t really have much interest in spin-offs in general i think people would probably just be happier writing their fic#than putting faith in a network to give them the content they want. but i think i’m just cynical about it#yes i do LOVE all of robbie’s episodes if anyone was gonna make me care about this it’d be him but. still a long shot lmao#happy for jensen do your thing girl and i think it could tackle some interesting themes#i just don’t really care about those themes being explored in this particular story#but again i just don’t really feel the need for spin-offs like even if it were a favorite character who was underappreciated in the show#i’d probably still be like oh god stay away from them please#so maybe i just hate fun#ask
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oxygenforthewicked · 11 hours ago
Please, bring on the cuteness~
16. nose kisses
What??? I can't write angst? :O
Well, I guess my characters deserve a little fluff 😂 (Also sorry, this prompt got away from me a little bit lol)
Rating: Teen Pairing: F!Solavellan Word Count: 960 CW: Alcohol mention
The Herald's Rest was alive that night. Songs and laughter rose from the windows as everyone celebrated their victory after the battle of Adamant. Solas had not been planning on joining the revelry - he had much to do after the events that had unfolded, especially after they had physically entered the Fade.
He needed - or wanted, rather - to speak with Lana about what had occurred. He had remained behind with the other soldiers on her orders to help heal the wounded, and though he now regretted not pushing harder to come with her, he understood her decision. She was already a remarkable healer as it was, and she could manage it on her own.
Solas sighed as he stepped out of the main hall and toward the Herald's Rest. He knew she had not been feeling well after being forced to sacrifice Alistair so that the rest of them could survive the Fear demon. She would likely be glad to get away from the rest of the Inquisition for a while.
Pushing open the door to the tavern, he was met with boisterous laughter and cheering that filled every corner and crevice of the room. He scanned the room for her, only to find her pink-cheeked and laughing alongside Iron Bull and Varric.
Perhaps she did not need to be rescued.
He turned to leave when a large arm wrapped around his shoulders and pulled him further in.
"Didn't think you were going to be able to just sneak off, did you?" Blackwall chuckled. "Come on, you fought off the demons as much as the rest of us did."
Solas's jaw tightened as Blackwall guided him over to the main table. Lana looked over at him and her smile shifted and softened as her emerald eyes became brighter.
"Chuckles! Glad you could make it," Varric said, standing up. He clapped Solas on the back and pulled out the chair beside Lana. "Take a seat, we were just about to start a game of Wicked Grace."
"I really shouldn't stay very long," he said.
Suddenly, Lana's hand curled around his own and she beamed up at him. "Just one game, vhenan?"
He could see the sadness and grief behind her eyes - she needed this. She needed something to distract her from the hard decisions she'd had to make. "Very well," he said finally.
"Excellent," Varric said, taking the seat on the other side of him.
"So, you've finally decided to join us," Dorian said to Solas as he sat across from them. "You know, I never took you for much of a gambler."
"It is not usually how I choose to spend my time," Solas said, "but that does not mean that I have never gambled before."
"Yeah, like a thousand years ago," Sera muttered beside Dorian.
Dorian coughed back a laugh, and Lana gave them a look. "Be nice," she chided.
"I am being perfectly nice, Lady Inquisitor," Dorian said. "I am merely making polite conversation. Sera is the one hurling age jokes."
"Am not!" Sera said before she snickered. "Not yet, anyway. That wasn't even a good one."
Solas kept his face neutral as Varric spoke up over the others.
"Alright kids, we're just here to play a friendly game of cards," Varric said. "No more age jokes until after the game is over."
"You're just saying that because you're next," Sera said.
"Not yet I'm not," Varric smirked. "Bianca and I still have a few years left in us."
"Oh just give the man a break," Blackwall said, setting a mug of ale in front of Solas. "You give him a hard enough time as it is."
"Fine," Sera groaned.
"Are we playing, or not?" Iron Bull asked.
"I am in agreeance with Iron Bull," Solas said. "I believe some of us have other places to be after this."
"Chuckles, I think the spirits will understand if you're gone for one night," Varric smirked. His eyes flicked over to Lana and he sighed. "But I get it, I'll deal everyone in."
"Well, I supposed we were deserving of that," Dorian said a little while later as he stared at Solas's winnings.
Solas hid his flicker of pride as he started to get up.
"Oh no, this calls for a rematch," Iron Bull said.
"I don't know how you pulled that off, Chuckles, but Tiny is right," Varric said. "At least let us try to earn back our dignity."
"Didn't you say you've never played this game?" Blackwall said.
Solas sighed as he sat back down. "That is correct. Though, I suppose it is just beginner's luck."
He looked over at Lana as the others began to bicker about who would be dealing next. She had covered her face with her hands and was looking down at what little silver she had left through the gaps between her fingers. "Deshanna told me never to gamble," she sighed as she lowered her hands. "And she was right about that."
Solas chuckled. "Are you sitting out this round then, vhenan?" he asked.
She smirked at him, her eyes warming. "Not a chance."
There was something very small, very light that filled his chest then - like a glimpse of something intangible that seemed to ease his spirit. Lana seemed to notice the small change and she curled her arm around his and pressed a small kiss against the tip of his nose and then his cheek, her cheeks rosier than before as she grinned up at him. The sadness in her eyes had since subsided. The corners of his mouth tugged upward as he pressed a kiss against her forehead.
Ar lath ma, vhenan.
The words never left his lips, but he knew that in her own way, she could hear them.
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blobbyclouds · 11 hours ago
Soft/cuddly Hanako x Yashiro headcanons
Because what’s one more fandom on this blog at this point? Also, I’ve only watched the anime and I’ve heard that there’s some major angst in the manga, so I’m going to imagine these sweethearts happy while I still can :’)
Warnings: none!
Tumblr media
Hanako plays with Yashiro’s hair a lot (and sometimes can’t resist putting it into funny hairstyles)
He’ll sometimes just tackle her with cuddles, squeezing her sides tight and nestling his head into her neck. She’ll grumble a bit at first, but then give in and wrap her arms around him too
This happens quite often when she’s working in the bathroom, and will result in the two of them, much to Yashiro’s dislike, just sitting on the bathroom floor
Eventually, Yashiro will get up with Hanako clinging to her waist while she explains that as nice as cuddling is, she has standards higher than sitting on the cold, probably dirty bathroom floor
“Yashiro, are you implying that you’ve been slacking on your cleaning duties? The bathroom floor shouldn’t be dirty…” “What?! No! I just— um. No!”
That put the stop to the cuddle interruptions for a whole three days
On the fourth day, Yashiro noticed that Hanako wasn’t bothering her during class like he usually did. She brushed this off for awhile, until she arrived at the bathroom, where lo and behold, there was Hanako with a collection of blankets and pillows on the ground
There was nothing but pure mischief in his eyes as he expectantly held out his arms and said, “You didn’t like the cold bathroom floor, so I got us something comfier!”
There wasn’t any arguing that
Yashiro gets used to how insanely clingy he is, and learns to deal with him constantly peering over her shoulder
That isn’t to say she doesn’t get annoyed still
“Yashiro, I’m pretty sure you did that problem wrong.”
“Any suggestions o wise Hanako?”
“Oh, absolutely no idea! I just know a wrong math equation when I see one!” :D
Hanako endlessly pouts if he doesn’t get his daily dose of cuddles
He is not picky about cuddles at all. Little spoon, big spoon, just a tangled mess, he’ll get his affection however he can
The cuddling grows on Yashiro, mainly because it’s one of the few times she sees Hanako so calm and because one day, she plans to get revenge on him for putting her hair in funny styles
If she pets his hair, he goes very still and very quiet, determined to not do anything that could cause her to stop because her soft, warm touch is about the best affection he can get
They take turns rambling to one another and it’s really cute to see how they just have an unspoken understanding of “okay, you ramble and I listen, and then I ramble and you listen”
Yashiro will sometimes bring doughnuts or other sweets to these lil cuddle sessions and Hanako is absolutely on cloud 9 and squeezing poor Yashiro 9x harder to show his thanks
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dunadaneth · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
        créa’s garden in evendim is one of the most important things in her life. it was how she found her place as a ranger--she was no scholar, no lore master (for she wasn’t raised amongst them), and though she could fight, so could everyone; she wanted to bring something new to the rangers, she wanted to be useful and it plagued her for a few years, feeling inadequate and lost.
        but her love of plants and her experiences with farming gave her an idea, standing in the ruins of an old estate thousands of years gone. there were once records of the estates growing much of the grains and food for the city of Annumínas. And though grass had long overtaken, stone old and dilapidated, she had the idea to give life to these gardens once more.
        and it was an incredible amount of work. she kept it secret, wanting to surprise the others, though only a select few were told. it took a long time, many months and research, collecting seeds, but in the end she had done it. The very first thing she had ever grown in the ruins of Tham Nambarth were strawberries, the seeds from her home in her old life. In other places where rangers dwell, her gardens spring up too- but the one in evendim is her first, and the biggest of them all.
        she ties a lot of her worth into her garden- this is her life’s work, and nothing makes her happier than to be on her knees in the garden, hands in the dirt and the sun warm on her shoulders. she’s incredibly protective of it too. rangers are welcome to come and go as they please in the garden, but for those who aren’t of her kin, it’s a very big deal for her to show them her pride and joy.
         on the other cruel as it is, I do think her garden has been destroyed more than once in her lifetime, set aflame by Angmarim and bandits alike. The first time she nearly gets killed, leaping into the flames to find the source and put it out, the spill her water barrels- but the flames are too much and nothing is left but ashes, and she’s devastated. this was a large source of food and trade for the rangers in Evendim. but more importantly it’s what she bases her worth on, and was a terrible blow to her. it took her a long time to recover, both physically and mentally from the destruction. but like all things, life found a way, and she knew everything could be replanted, regrown, and the garden flourished once more, as resilient as ever- and she did, too.
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monstersqueen · 16 hours ago
look i'm sure i mentioned something about it before but anyway
i thought i'd go and say it again what i really crave out of post cql shuangjie reconciliation is 30k+ of essentially more courtyard pining annoying everyone around until even lwj is ready to. start scheming to get his husband to reconcile with his brother.
if he has to go through another of those moments where they SURE seems to be mocking sect leader yao in tandem before somehow missing the point AND NOTHING HE SAYS SEEMS TO GET THROUGH WEI WUXIAN THAT HE CAN TRY AGAIN IF HE WANTS TO
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capinejghafa · 17 hours ago
You know, Leigh doesn't have to write SOC3 if she doesn't want to... that's valid. But honestly, to say you'd just make them suffer if you do end up writing this story. Like??? No, thank you.
I'd rather you never think about these characters again, if that's the intent.
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i-am-robie · 21 hours ago
"#this is why you need queers on your writing staff. we'll fix this kind of thing for you" - I'm flattered :) . But honestly I'm just a simple straight guy, when I see two people who fit with one another so seamlessly I just want them to be happy together, and maybe also kiss.
ahahahah I amend my statement: this is why you need queers and *non-homophobic straight allies* on your writing staff 😂
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pamouche · a day ago
#today's challenge: don't cry#but i read all your thoughts about sobbe and the fact that tomorrow will be the end#about how they helped us so much during a great period of our lives and how they taught us so much about what true love really is...#and it hurts more than anything else#i'm shaking and nauseous just thinking about seeing them for the last time tomorrow no matter how many minutes. how many seconds#i'm already not feeling well today so what's going to happen to tomorrow?#i don't want to believe it. I'm not prepared. and I never will be#they are a big and beautiful part of my life and they will always be in my heart#it's amazing how this young couple has become such an important part of my life that I can't live without them now#i don't know how I did it before I 'met' them but now it's just unimaginable#i want to know what they are going to be like in the future. i want to see them in their domestic life#i want to know if they are going to live in a nice house or an apartment. how many children are they going to have together? maybe pets?#i want to see them happy for the rest of my life. married later on because i know they will be#i want to see their evolution physically but also mentally. and i just want to be proud of them (and i am right now)#and proud of the person they are going to be as adults. because i know everything they have been through and will go through again#but they will go through every obstacle together as always. they are the most sincere most trusting most loving couple i know#i want to see all the signs of affection they have for each other: their soft kisses. their cuddles. their hands holding each other..#i want to hear their voices every day. their voices that leave me with a silly grin on my face all day long#i want to hear their little nicknames for each other. their i love you's. i want to hear Sander teasing Robbe again (he'll never stop)#i want to hear Robbe's giggles. i want to see their eyes shine so brightly when they look at each other#because they have such an intense and growing bond of love. i want to see them celebrate their happy two three... years anniversary#and their respective birthdays. i want to see their dates. i want to see them pass by the symbolic places of their love#i want to see them pass by the place where their locks are and maybe take their children and tell them about their beautiful love story#i want to see everything about them. everything about their daily life as an established couple#my thoughts aren't organized but what's new?
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