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#I knew it was coming and started laughing after only the second photo
I read your Steve and Logan bits and they are amazing. But consider this; Steve learns that Logan, who's older than WW1, has lost his memories. He gives a statement in an interview describing this man, this patriot who always looked after other people in his own gruff way, describes his side-burns, his claws, his cigars. And suddenly, people are calling into the station; "Yeah, think I met this guy a few years ago" "My granddad has this photo..." "So, In this bar one time..."
And all these people call in, sharing their own memories of this mysterious Cryptid named Logan who is apparently an immortal, grumpy, wandering dad-friend who's also a patriot and he helped punch out Nazi's and free camps and beats up assholes who don't respect women. And the whole while Logan is watching this from a TV screen with Kitty or Rogue holding his hand so gently, after they dragged him to the couch in a hurry. "You recording this?" "Don't worry, we won't let you miss a single word."
Okay but if we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do this HARDCORE HISTORIAN STYLE, and it initially comes up while Steve is being interviewed for a book about the Howling Commandos or a bit for the History Channel or something.  Because this person is like “Hey, there are a bunch of stories of you showing up somewhere with only one dude for backup, was that Bucky?”  And we’ll assume that this is before the whole Winter Soldier thing, so that’s not a hideously loaded question.  
And Steve kind of laughs and he’s like, “Oh, wow, God, that was actually this dude on detached duty from the Canadian special forces, he and I got sent on a bunch of missions together.  His name was Logan, he was the weirdest guy I ever met, and I knew some pretty weird guys, but he could take a hit even better than I could, so when the Howlies were laid up, they sent us out together.”  And he launches into this story about how one time he and Logan stole a plane complete with pilot and stormed a prison camp that was holding German Jews before sending them up to Poland, and the historian he’s talking to is taking frantic notes and trying not to drool because THIS IS A NEW GUY.  CAPTAIN AMERICA’S STORY IS METICULOUSLY WELL DOCUMENTED BUT NO ONE’S EVER MENTIONED THIS GUY.
There are no pictures, obviously, so Steve does a sketch for this historian, because he’s helpful like that and also because.  Like.  Listen.  Steve’s been through a lot of weird shit, and to be sure this Logan he used to know could take a bullet and keep coming no problem, but this dude’s probably been dead fifty or sixty years.  No harm in giving him a little posthumous glory, right?
So this historian runs back to her university and starts doing research on the Internet.  She reaches out to her coworkers first, then to anyone else she knows, then to the premier WWII and Captain America scholars of the world, and asks all of them “Do you happen to know who the fuck this dude is?”
And like, no, they don’t.  They’ve got no idea.  Steve’s not even totally sure what the guy’s real last name was, because Jameson is common as hell and there’s no Logan Jameson on the books.  So they start doing research into this WWII cryptid, and finally they reach an old woman who listens to her grandson’s boyfriend talk passionately about this new project he’s working on and goes “Oh, yeah, I met Cap in Germany one time, there was a guy with him who sounds kind of like what you’re talking about.”
This passionate history major immediately sends an email in all caps to his adviser and it just says “MY BOYFRIEND’S GRANNY KNOWS WHO WE’RE TALKING ABOUT PLEASE COME TO KANSAS ASAP THANKS” or whatever, because, listen, historians are Like That.  Speaking as someone who could easily have claimed to be a history major based on my thesis, I would have gone to Kansas in 0.2 seconds if someone had been like “What’s up we found that book you were after but we can’t take it out of the museum.”  It does stuff to you.  Trust me here.
So this woman tells the story of how Cap and his weird buddy broke her and her mother and father out of a temporary prison camp, and this history professor immediately takes all the tiny bits of information and starts asking around, looking for literally anyone else who knows this Logan dude.  He saved your ass one time in Paris?  He gave you some rations in Berlin?  He beat your grandfather’s ass in Russia?  He took three bullets for you?  You had a passing conversation?  This historian and his extremely pumped undergrad who just changed his senior thesis want to hear about it.
And then someone gets in touch with them and is like “Hey, I know you’re looking for WWII stories, but this guy saved my dad’s entire unit on the Somme and I have pictures?”  And someone else is like “Hey, I have a file from a Vietnam MASH unit for a Logan who looks like that guy, do you want it?”  And someone else is like “Uh, fuck all of y’all, I think this is him in the Civil War, what do I do about that?”
This undergrad is taking an extra year of college and basically getting a Bachelor’s degree in Tracking Weird Mutants Through History, and also his adviser is very lucky to be on tenure, because otherwise he would have been laughed out of the college three times by now.  But there is an absolute preponderance of evidence, is the thing, so it just turns into this massive quest to investigate exactly whether or not Logan the Mystery Dude was actually in China for the Boxer Rebellion or whatever.
Forget this being a collaborative effort between colleges, there are multiple continents involved in this by now.  Canadian government is under pressure to turn out their WWII special operations files for this guy from five different big name universities in five different countries, including their own.  Things are getting a little wild in academia.  Steve’s been interviewed nine times and he has a filter set up in his email specifically to catch stuff from the University of Toronto.
It takes a little bit for Kitty’s bubbe to get a phone call.  Kitty’s bubbe has been living a quiet-ass life in Illinois and likes it that way, especially because her last name is not Pryde and therefore Kitty and her weird friends can crash at Bubbe’s house whenever they’re in the area without any trouble.  It’s fine if her granddaughter wants to run around in spandex and save the world and shit, she’s honestly much more chill about it than Kitty’s parents, but Bubbe does not care for news crews in her neighborhood thank you very much.
But so eventually this nice old Ashkenazi woman gets a phone call from an extremely pumped undergrad who read a very brief statement she gave in a news article forty years ago about Captain America, who she is very grateful to for breaking her, her older sister, and their little brother out of a prison camp during WWII and also helping them get across the border.  Did she happen to see anyone else?  Why yes, very polite young man, the Captain had another man with him, he was very grumpy but he let my brother ride on his shoulders so I liked him very much.  That’s great, would she mind if someone came and talked to her about that?  No, very polite young man, not at all, when would work for you?
And she gives Kitty a call that night, because she gives Kitty a weekly call since Kitty and her parents are going through a rough spot to the tune of “please God stop risking your life//listen I’m saving people I’m not going to stop learn to cope”.  Bubbe mentions offhand that she’s going to have a talk with this very polite young historian about the Shoah and Kitty’s understandably a little concerned for her bubbe’s mental health, and asks some questions.  
So Kitty hears her bubbe out in increasing degrees of shock, hangs up the phone, and immediately goes and does an extensive google.
Then she goes and hammers on Logan’s door until he says to come in, slams her computer down in front of him, and says “Holy shit, Logan, why didn’t you tell us that you knew Captain America?”
“Uh, because I mostly didn’t,” Logan says, wary.  “Don’t remember that much.”
“You might want to take a look at this, then,” Kitty says, and Logan looks through her fifteen tabs and thanks her and calls the university that seems best informed.
Which is the story of how an extremely pumped undergrad gets a phone call from the object of his thesis that opens with “This is gonna sound pretty fuckin’ wild, but my name is Logan and I’m pretty sure you can catch me up on the last hundred years better than I can.”
Oh, and then Logan and Steve meet up again and it’s very nice and sweet and that undergrad gets a full ride to the PhD program of his choice.  The full ride’s name is actually Tony Stark, who’s doing a favor for Steve, who’s doing a favor for Logan, who’s secretly doing a favor for the undergrad, but no one really knows that.
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angelkurenai · 2 years ago
Imagine you and Jensen getting married in secret and your friend and costar, Robert Downey Jr, revealing it during a comic con.
Tumblr media
“I think we got the script on-” Jensen started but he was cut off by the fans erupting into cheers. He frowned, in fact all of the people on the table did, but after looking at the table he decided to take a look behind him and a soft laugh escaped his lips. Everybody else on the table copied his movement and soon they found themselves laughing softly but clapping along with the fans as you stood behind them with a perplexed look.
“What the fuck?” you mouthed, looking at the fans and motioning at the men in front of you on the stage before you approached them, still trying to look as stunned and not burst in laughter “Is this Supernatural?” you mouthed once more, mimicking your costar Mark during another one of your costars, Paul's, interviews. Of course many fans got it and laughed even more while cheering for you.
“Whoa whoa we've got incoming! No alien fighting here, just some very old salty men answering questions, nothing special to see!” Rob was the first one to say with a grin.
“Seems like whenever you hear 'Loki' you show up, don't ya?” Richard asked with a smirk and you couldn't help a giggle at your friend wanting to tease you.
You grinned, approaching the table and throwing an arm over Jared's and Jensen's shoulder, while fighting the urge to kiss the living heaven out of the second because of his irresistible and breath-taking smile on his lips “I'll admit, the mention of Loki is a reason solid enough for me to be here, I think you guys can understand, right?” you spoke into Jared's microphone that he had brought closer to you and they all yelled yes, making you grin “But it's not the real reason, not at all.”
“Then what happened?” Jared asked with a grin and you sighed as heavily as you could, trying not to crack up a smile.
“I work with children, it's official, I'm the only adult in the entire Marvel cast.” you shook your head “I was back with RDJand uh I'll give everyone a simple tip, just in case you ever make the huge mistake to hang out with that man. Don't you ever listen to his suggestions, he's secretly planning your humiliation!” you pursed your lips, saying seriously.
“What did he do this time?” Jensen asked with a soft chuckle, unable to hold back his smile.
You looked at him and a smile instantly formed on your lips, his own being that contagious. His hand found yours hanging off his shoulder and you gave it a squeeze before he started rubbing soothing circles on it. A habit which he had gained over the years and that you now hoped the fans wouldn't notice, because you certainly couldn't bring yourself to pull away from him. Of course, the fans were aware of the fact that you knew each other as some photos had shown way back, five years ago. What they weren't aware was just how much closer you'd come lately though. You'd had a very hard time hiding it from them or the public, it required sacrifices sometimes, but you had ended up making it work.
“I was with him backstage and you know I'm terrible at remembering dates, right? Well, I didn't know where my phone was so I decided I should trust him! Trust Robert Downey Jr, yeah right. He can be like Jared Padalecki number 2 if he wants to!” you scoffed, shaking your head “So he said that our panel was today and I could check out the stage just in case. And he insisted that there was no way that there could be a panel going on at the moment. And you know it was pretty quiet so I thought that it was worth taking a look, that he couldn't be wrong, and now here I am. And by the way-” you looked at the fans “What's up with you guys? You were so quiet and I listened to Robert!”
“Well, it's maybe cause the Supernatural fans are well-behaved and polite, unlike others!” Jared sassed you and you couldn't help a giggle this time.
“Dare you imply Marvel fans aren't? Not to mention that some of them are also Supernatural fans.” you said back with a smirk “Besides, alright I can understand you, guys.” you nodded your head seriously, looking at them “Every time I open my TV I just fall completely speechless and breathless every time I see, well, this face!” you motioned at Jensen who this time lost it and burst in laughter, the adorable wrinkles by his eyes made your heart skip a beat as per always.
“I mean-” you laughed as well when the crowd went wild at your words, letting go of his arm and placing it on his shoulder where you gave another squeeze “No offence guys, but I will never deny my true identity.” you looked at Jared, Misha and Alex laughing “I'm a Dean-girl to the bone, who can blame me?”
“Well, excellent choice if I might say so!” Jensen said with a smirk, winking at you and causing nearly a hundred heart attacks to the poor fans watching you and having really no idea.
“She clearly has a type, what can you do?” you heard a voice behind you and when you turned, you saw Robert already holding a microphone and smiling widely. He walked forward to greet Misha, Jared and Alex and Jensen actually got on his feet to give him a hug; both of them giving some time to the audience to calm down before he could speak again.
“Alright, alright calm down. Calm down. We're all shook over the crossover I know, but sadly they haven't given us the script of Tony Stark and Dean Winchester meeting so don't get too excited, yes?” Robert said with a small smirk, always so casual, as he motioned for them to lower the volume “I believe we have more pressing matters.” he looked at you “Don't you think we should talk about you saying some not-so-nice things about me and misleading everyone?”
“The way he's narrowing his eyes at me is actually scaring me.” you watched him suspiciously “What sort of revenge are you planning, Downey?”
“Me? Revenge? No!” he scoffed “No, no. I'm not that kind of guy, not my forte you see. I forgive very easily at that. Ask Rogers if you want, I don't even hold any hard feelings.” he shrugged and all you did was raise an eyebrow at him “Hence...” he nodded his head, trailing off.
“Civil War and Infinity War, yeah, I know. Been there to clean up your mess.” you shrugged.
“Alright then, I will only make one question and be on my way and not interrupt the panel any further. I feel like as a fan, I could have that right, yes?” he looked at Rob and Richard who nodded their heads in amusement.
“Well, yes of course you can.” Richard said with a grin.
“Well, I wanted to asked your very talented and skilled writer, Andrew, huge fan of the work you've done here by the way.” he said so casually you actually held your breath, serious and curious to hear what he would say because you had not talked about this when you first planned all of this.
“Uh thank you, thank you, it's a honor to hear it from you.” Andrew said with a soft chuckle but certainly sincere words.
“Oh don't mention it, I'm a fanboy right now. Just standing on the opposite side of where the rest are, don't mind it. So uh my question is-” he cleared his throat, fixing his suit's jacket and getting very serious “How long do you think Mrs (Y/n)... Ackles's character in Supernatural will resist before the tension between her and Dean becomes too much for everybody to ignore and you just oh give the newlyweds' characters a kissing scene?”
And that was all the fans needed to erupt into deafening cheering and clapping, screaming like crazy for the two of you, as they all stood on their feet. All your husband did was laugh, throwing his head back at the surprise your friend actually had for you, enjoying the surprise more than all of them too. All you did was gasp hard, your eyes widening before you finally shut them tightly and hid your red face behind your hands, laughing in disbelief. You shook your head, still unable to believe he'd said it.
“Thank you.” Robert nodded his head with a big smile.
“Awesome!” you heard Jensen's laughter “That was just awesome!” you saw him shake his friend's hand before he just wrapped his arms around and kissed your head, temple, cheek and then lips. You still laughed against his lips but didn't even think of kissing him back and cupping his cheek, just as the rest of your friends clapped for you.
“And now-” Robert spoke but the fans were nowhere near calm “Let's give a round of applause for Mr and Mrs Ackles, even louder than the first one, because they managed to keep their relationship a secret for four years... and Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo can't keep themselves from spoiling something for 1 second.” and he got just what he asked for, making you giggle.
“Ok, for real now?” you said after they had somehow calmed down, but it wasn't that fast anyway “Truth was Jensen and I had been planning about this reveal for like a couple months now but we couldn't come to a decision because no way seemed good enough to reveal not only a hidden relationship and engagement but also wedding!”
“Seems like we don't need to anymore.” Jensen said with a grin and shrug of his shoulders, and you laughed, resting your head on his shoulder.
“Seems like we don't, no.” you repeated.
“Robert Downey Jr, everybody, an applause for him, you guys!” he motioned to Robert as he still had an arm wrapped around your shoulders. The fans did as Jensen asked making Robert finally crack and laugh.
“Just admit it, you had not planned for this, had you?” Jensen asked you, looking at you with a smirk and you nodded your head.
“I didn't know he was going to do that, no.” you shook your head.
“But he spared us all the trouble. So we can only thank him!” he gave you a kiss on the temple “Because we weren't gonna make that announcement anytime soon, that's for sure.”
“Maybe when you had grandchildren, then that would be a good opportunity!” Jared said with a grin, teasing you.
“Seems like that's what we'd end up doing, yes.” your husband said with a smile, before turning to look at Andrew “By the way, hey, before he leaves: You didn't get to answer his question and he really wants to know!”
“Robert or you?” his best friend and best man said with a smirk and you laughed.
Jensen shrugged ever-so-casually, nodding his head “Yeah me too, I guess. But I'm warning you-” he pointed a finger at Andrew “I won't last for more than half an episode!”
“I think-” Andrew laughed “I think we will just make it a surprise, Jensen, for when you get the script next week. But sadly, Robert and everybody else, you'll have to wait a little longer than that.”
“Oh I don't worry, I will end up finding out next week along with Jensen as well. I'm gonna camp outside your set.” Robert just shrugged, making your all laugh.
“And before I leave, let me give everyone another small heart attack by placing this here-” he took a few steps forward and placed a card that said '(Y/n) Ackles' next to Jensen's “And let me remind you our panel is tomorrow.”
“I still don't trust him on that.” you said, shaking your head “He'll make me reveal a pregnancy or something.”
“What?!” your friends, but Jensen above all, exclaimed with wide eyes. All Robert did was laugh to himself.
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harrysgoldenline · a year ago
Can’t Help but Love Him - Part 2
Hi!!! I’m so glad you all liked the first part of this story! Here is the second :) Sorry if it’s kinda messy, I didn’t fully proof read because I just really really wanted to get it out to you guys! Let me know what you think! <3
Part 1
Tags: @harriemelonsugar 
WORD COUNT: 4,235 
“How was staying at Harry’s last night?” Sarah teased once Y/N sat down across from her in the booth of the tiny cafe, “Did you guys cuddle?”
“Shut up.” Y/N groaned, rolling her eyes, “this whole getting over him thing is not working, the party should have made it easier but then he took me home instead of that girl, and to answer your question, no we didn’t. He slept on the couch.”
Sarah let out a long coo, causing Y/N’s cheeks to turn bright red covering her face with her hands, her friends hands coming across the table and playfully hitting them away, giggling as she sees Y/N’s rosy cheeks.
Sarah was the only person who knew about her crush on Harry, of course not on purpose. Sarah found it on her own, after seeing the two interact she thought that something was already happening between the two after closing observing their behavior when she came to visit Harry on tour. Sarah would always see the two laughing, Harry leaning into her ear and whispering different jokes and stories, as well as the two messing around on the stage together before and after the show.
Harry and Y/N met awhile back, running into each other in the studio back when Y/N was just starting her own career as a singer. She of course, then and now, still has not reached his level of fame, but she was currently in the works of planning her first solo world tour, something Harry has really helped with and supported, which she of course really appreciated, but she often felt guilty by. With his high profile reputation, just going out with Sarah can cause headlines and she never wants any of them to feel like she is using them for her own benefit, which leads them to this moment of going to small hole in the wall places. Y/N, also like Harry, preferred to be more private, working around personal interview questions and posting any kind of photos having to do relationships.  
“You two are the cutest.” Sarah giggles, both of them thanking the waitress as she comes by and drops off their drinks and takes their orders, “Seriously though, I wouldn’t worry about that girl from the party. It was random and like you said, he took you home and took care of you. Clearly cares about you a lot more.”
“He just felt guilty” Y/N laughed, “that girl literally dragged him away right in front of me and he ignored me all night until Nick showed up.”
“Oh yeah! He was so cute!” Sarah exclaimed, the thought also being a forgotten memory from that blurry night of too many drinks, “like really, REALLY cute. Mitch said you guys exchanged numbers, have you texted him?”
“No, I’m so embarrassed.” Y/N grumbled, covering her face with her hands again, “he came up to me because he saw me sitting alone, blankly staring at Harry as that girl was practically on top of him, he profanely just felt bad for me.”
“Oh stop.” Sarah demanded, slapping her friends wrist, “why are so convinced that no guy could actually like you? You’re hot, you’re sweet, you’re talented, you’re the whole package!”
Y/N shakes her head, staring down at her drink, swirling the straw around her cup, watching the ice spin, “I just… I don’t know. I mean… Nobody’s ever liked me before.”
“Oh c’mon, that’s not true.”
“It is, Sarah…” She softly admitted, shyly looking up at her older friend, her fingers still stirring the ice with her straw, “I’ve never been in a relationship, like ever.”
“What? But what about Be-“
“Nope… nothing happened… just can this stay between us? It’s so embarrassing.”
“That is nothing to be embarrassed about, sweetheart.” She frowned, reaching across the table and squeezing her friends hand, “And yes of course! Does Harry not know? I thought you told each other everything?”
“He doesn’t know this and the… more obvious secret.”
“Of course, but please don’t feel bad about this how about you and I-“ Sarah explains, stopping once her phone goes off, pulling out and talking a bit before putting back and her purse and smirking at her, leaning closer to her friend, “Let’s text Nick.”
“Fuck, that was really good. Can we run that again?” Harry asks, standing in the middle of the studio with Mitch, whom he gets a chuckle and a nod from, starting the new song from scratch.  
The sounds of Mitch’s guitar fills the room, Harry closing his eyes as he drums away on his lap, humming a tune to himself, scribbling some words messily onto the notepad in front of him.
The two have been working on a new song, Harry calling him to get over to the studio as soon as possible after Harry had a sudden spark of inspiration, so for the past few hours they have been working on that.
“I’m hoping they go just as crazy for this one as they did for Medicine.” He smirks, loving how crazy he can make his fans go. He knows just how to mess with them, loving to rile them up by preforming unreleased songs.
“Based on these lyrics” Mitch chuckled, looking over the explicit lyrics and setting the instrument next to him and slowly rising, going to the mini fridge in the studio, “They’re gonna lose their minds.”
Harry arrogantly smirks, catching the water bottle Mitch throws at him and giving him a quick thank you, taking a quick drink before scribbling more on the paper, crossing things out, drawing arrows, trying to make his vision clear as it all comes together. When Harry starts writing, all he can think about is writing and hardly anything can pull him out of his trance as he transforms himself into a new word. So much that Harry didn’t even his phone ring, Mitch watching comically as it rang out, neither of them reaching for it and the mystery person being eventually being sent to voicemail as Harry never sets down his pen, his other hand rubbing at his bottom lip and pinching it together as he sat in focus.
So focused in fact, he doesn’t notice the phone ringing again, only after a few brief moments of silence. Harry still scribbles away, pulling back and rubbing at his temple as his eyes scan the contexts of his paper and Mitch things he notices the ring as he looks away and to the side, only to grab the water and take a quick drink, scribbling away for a few more moments, the phone going back off as the mystery person is sent to voicemail, causing Mitch to let out a laugh.
“Wha’ you laughing at me for?” Harry chuckled, throwing one of his pencils at Mitch who quickly swats it away.
“Your phone rang twice, Rockstar. Didn’t even flinch. Whose calling you up?” Mitch taunted, trying to peak over at the screen and see the name, “Is it that girl from last night? Mallory?”
Harry looks over at his phone, clicking the side button and the screen light up and he reads the name, “Yes, actually.” He nods, raising the phone to his ear and listening to the voicemails she had left for him, hearing her request for the two to meet up tonight.
Mitch sits quietly, observing his friends behavior and he tries to carefully listen in to what the message the girl left behind. Mitch was also torn, of course wanting Harry to find the person of his dreams. Yet, he wanted Y/N to be with Harry. He didn’t know ‘officially’ about Y/N’s feelings for Harry, but he caught on quickly, not needing a word from her or Sarah… but he had listened in to some of their conversations when Y/N had come over to their place, thanking the stars he had never been caught, yet he sometimes (all the times), wishes he could be invited into girl talk… just once.
He watched as Harry takes the phone away from his ear and back down into his hands, typing away for a few moments before he set the phone back down, his focus going directly back to his pad of paper, a pen going between the man’s pink lips as he stares at the page blankly, his focus seeming to have evaporated and Mitch isn’t sure which of his friends that reaction is better for.
“What’s going on with you two?” Mitch asks, trying to act casual by picking up his guitar and strumming at random chords, “You two like a thing?”
“Hm? Oh, uh… Not sure, what we are right now.” He shrugs, “asked me if I wanted to get together tonight.”
“Well? Are you going to?”
“Just texted her if you and Sarah could come, make it a lil double date” He shrugged, making eye contact with Mitch as he sits across from them, “if you want of course, just casual. We could just hang out at my place.”
“Sounds fun, I can call Sarah right now. She’s with Y/N- You wanna ask if Y/N wants to come?” Mitch suggested, already digging through his phone and going to favorite contacts, ready to press on Sarah’s number.
“That would be really fun…” Harry nodded, scratching the back of his neck, “I just don’t want her to feel left out, ya know?”
“She could ask that Nick guy if he wants to come. She got his number, right? Before you swept her away from him back to your place.” Mitch teased, throwing his pencil back to him and hitting Harry square in the chest.
“She needed to get home, she drank too much, anymore and she would’ve been puking all night. I was just taking care of her.” He nonchalantly explained, “Needed to make sure she got home safe.”
“How’d Mallory feel about that? You two disappeared for a while.” Mitch smirked, raising his eyebrows at Harry, causing him to laugh, “What were you youngsters up to?
“Shut up.” Harry spoke, cheeks turning a bit red, “Don’t worry about it, can we finish up this last verse please?”
“Alright, alright.” Mitch laughed, “Let me call Sarah first and then we can, when should they come to your place?”
“Thanks again for coming, sorry it was kinda last minute.” Y/N started, smiling up at Nick as they both walked into Harry’s house, “And once again, I am so sorry about the other night. You made some really good drinks and I guess you I didn’t eat enough.”
“Don’t worry about, Y/N.” He laughed, his arm resting on her hip as they walked in the front door, “I have seen a lot worse, trust me. You’re not even a bad drunk, just a good dancer.”
“Oh god!” She giggled, covering her face with her hands, which he quickly pried away, “That is so embarrassing, I am so sorry you had to see that.”
“I enjoyed it.” He teased, “but to make it up to you… I will show you my dance moves tonight if you want me to.”
“Yes please!”
The pair laughed, entering the living room seeing the other couples sitting around laughing together. Sarah and Mitch sitting next to each other on the loveseat as Harry and Mallory sitting across from them on an armrest, Mallory wearing a tight black dress as she sat on Harry’s lap, an arm around his neck and making her feel extremely underdressed, even though she was the only one dressed for the occasion. Everyone else wearing a variation of jeans or joggers and different graphic tees and band shirts.
“Y/N!” Sarah smiled, seeing the pair walk in the room, kicking the couch next to her and signaling them to sit, “Hi Nick! What’s up guys?”
Harry looks up, squirming a bit in his seat and moving Mallory to the side and he quickly stands, walking over to his friend and pulling her into a tight hug, “Y/N, I’m so glad you could make it!” He smiles pulling back before looking over at Nick holding his hand out to him which Nick takes, “Nice to see you again Nick, thanks for coming, would you two like a drink?”
“Thanks for having me!” Nick smiles saying his hellos to the others, “and yeah that’d be great!”
Y/N agrees, both of them giving their orders to Harry and he nods, giving them their orders before he gives them a thumbs up, going back to the kitchen, “Can I have another, babe?” Mallory calls for him, “Same thing please!”
“Sure thing!” He calls out, and she smirks towards the kitchen, her plump, deep red bottom lip between her perfectly white teeth, “anyways, hi you two! We were just talking about Harry’s album and tour!”
Sarah hides behind Mitch’s back, making eye contact with Y/N and rolling her eyes before taking a long drink before turning back toward Mallory. Both her and Nick notice and they giggle to themselves, his arm going around her shoulder as they both relax into the couch, his other hand softly resting on her knee.
He leans into her, using his arm around her shoulder to pull her closer, “Was I supposed to dress black tie?” He chuckled softly into her ear, and she blushes playfully slapping his arm and gigging, her eyes widening after hearing a throat clear above her.
“Oh sorry.” Y/N blushed, “thank you for the drinks.” She added, looking up at Harry and giving him a soft smile, Nick also giving him a quick thank you.
He nods and smiles, walking back over and sliding back onto the armchair, Mallory crawling quickly back into his lap and pressing a kiss onto his cheek, arms going back around him as she continued to talk about Harry’s tour and all the places going to be, telling stories of some places that stuck out to her from previous modeling shoots.
He smiled and laughed along, nodding when she would turn to look at him, but then he would turn his attention back to Y/N, watching as he sat diagonally from him as she looked up at Nick laughing at a story he was telling her and he could almost see the star in her eyes, but he couldn’t help but feel the looks coming from across him. Sarah was staring deep at Y/N watching her friend and now being invited into the conversation with her and Nick. Mitch, although was staring at Harry, pretending also to listen to the conversation as he gave Harry a weird look, trying to read his friends mind.
“So, Nick! Tell us about yourself!” Harry explained the second Mallory paused, his eyes glued on Nicks hand who he swore was an inch or two higher on her leg then it was now, “You bartend right?”
“Yep!” Nick smiles, “Bartender at night and an actor during the day, mainly doing commercials and smaller TV roles right now, nothing as exciting as a world tour.”
He adds, subtly making fun of Mallory causing everyone to let out a laugh, except for Mallory who she thought was praising her and Harry, and Harry who also didn’t laugh, trying more to analyze his every word.
“No, that is exciting!” Sarah encourages, wanting the new man of the group to feel more comfortable, especially after noticing Harry’s intense stare, “Really cool actually, I think acting is so cool, you get to be so many people! Do you have a favorite kind of role?
She looked up at him as he explained, a smile covering her face and her heart skips a beat, a feeling she hasn’t felt in a while with someone other than Harry and she looks down at her lap, biting her lip and trying to hold back her smile as she sees his hand on her thigh. She slowly looks up, being met with Sarah’s wide smirk and wiggling eyebrows and Y/N rolls her eyes back at her before continuing to listen to Nick explain.
Conversation goes on from there, bouncing from person to person as each start sharing different stories and experiences that they’ve all gained throughout knowing each other, trying to get Mallory and Nick more familiar with their dates friends.
“Harry, baby, can you help me get another drink please?” Mallory smiles, batting her eyelashes up at him, thumb running over his cheek.
“Sure thing, let’s go.” Harry nodded, soon standing and she quickly grabs his hand, intertwining their fingers and giggling as she begins dragging him through the door and into the kitchen.  
The pair soon disappear and the remaining four all release a sigh of relief, the room feeling much more light now and the four begin a much more casual conversation, feeling much more comfortable as they start telling funny stories and jokes, being able to poke fun at one another, soon turning up the music in the room as they all begin messing around.
“Can I see those dance moves now?” Y/N smirked as they both stood up, downing their drinks and giggling, “please please?”
“I guess.” He chuckled, hands falling on her hips before moving a hair out of her face, “Just because you’re cute.”
Her face turned bright red, heart rate picking up as he leaned in a bit, winking before pulling back pressing a kiss in her cheek before jumping backwards and suddenly dancing wildly. Y/N, Sarah and Mitch all laughed, watching the man jump around and do a very over dramatic air guitar, Mitch jumping in and doing the same.
“C’mere!” Nick shouted over the loud music, reaching out his hand and quickly grabbing Y/N’s quickly spinning her into him and rocking them back and forth before spinning out again, “Don’t worry, I know I’m very advanced, just follow my lead.” He joked, doing childlike dance moves as he finished the last drink of his beer.
“You want another? I’m out too, I’ll grab us both another and then you can teach me some moves.” She giggled, grabbing her empty cup along with is bottle, “Be right back.”
“You sure Harry won’t mind? Feel bad taking all of his alcohol.”
“He’ll be fine.” She giggled, “Be right back.”
She blushed as she flashed him a smile, turning back and giggling as she watches Mitch and Sarah start copying his moves, her heartwarming at the idea of the four of them hanging out again. She forces herself to turn away, and ignore her heartbeat picking up speed as she wonders where this night will all take her with Nick, especially considering they’ve only known each other a couple of days at this point but she really thinks she’s starting to really like him.
She smiles to herself, looking at the floor as she pushes the door into the kitchen, opening a garage door and recycling Nicks bottle before going back to the bar area, taking her cup with her to refill. She quickly pushes the door open, turning up the dimmed lights and squinting as her eyes adjust, not expecting her heart having to.
She lets out a gasp, seeing before her Harry sitting on the couch in lounge, Mallory straddling him as she can practically see her tongue going down his throat as she grinded her hips into him, her dress seeming to ride up farther, before both of them adjust to the light. The pair jumps, Mallory quickly trying to fix her hair before sending an innocent, yet devious smile towards Y/N as Harry clears his throat, sliding the model off his lap.
“I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, um I didn’t know you guys were-“ Y/N stuttered, both her heart and mind going a million miles a minute, “I didn’t mean to intrude, I was just t-trying to get Nick and I another drink.”
“It’s okay, sweetheart!” Mallory smiled at her, “Would you mind making me a rum and coke?”
“Sure” Y/N replies, scurrying off to the bar behind them, letting out a quiet shaky breath that thankfully was drowned out by the sound of Mallory telling Harry another story.
Y/N tried to ignore, staring at the back of her head and making awkward eye contact with Harry as he kept staring back at her, the uncomfortable tension filling the air that only 2 out of the 3 people in the room could feel.
That’s when she hears Harry stop her, asking if they could rejoin the party outside as he was going to help make more drinks, feeling bad that they left everyone. She lets out a whine before agreeing, giving him another hard, long kiss, making Y/N grimace and force her eyes away, looking down at the drink she was making herself causing nausea to fill her.  She soon hears Mallory’s heels click away and soon she felt the strong presence beside her, Harry standing shyly off to the side as he watches Y/N grab another beer and a can of coke.
“Here let me.” He muttered, taking the coke from her hand causing they’re fingers to brush, making the drink for Mallory himself, “I’m sorry, Y/N, I didn’t mean to um... sorry.”
“You don’t need to apologize for kissing your girlfriend.” Y/N deadpans, avoiding eye contact focusing on making a drink for Sarah she knows she will want, “I’m sorry I walked in, I figured you went upstairs.”
“Are we still on for tomorrow?” He softly asks, referring to the studio session they’ve had planned together.
Y/N and Harry have always loved writing and recording together. Of course, they’ve never released a song together, but they have always found a great deal of comfort of having the other person there when recording on a new project, especially Y/N. She felt like Harry had been there for her throughout so much of her career, helping her record, write, with interviews, red carpets, everything. Harry taught her everything she needed to know, he was the one that helped her learn how to come into her sound and truly become the artist she has always dreamed she would be.
“I don’t know…” She started, trying hard to think of an excuse, “I might go see that new movie with Nick.”
“Are you serious?” Harry bitterly chuckles, “You’ve known me for how long and you’re just going to ditch me for this random guy you hardly know?’
“That’s awfully rich coming from you, Harry.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
Y/N slammed down the cup, a few drops spilling on the counter and she finally looked up at him. She could feel her hands shaking and she clenched her jaw tight, squeezing her eyes shut to hold back from releasing too much emotion.
“I came here to New York on my time off to hang out with you and the first thing you do is-“ She started; each word spoken more bitterly then before.
“You love New York.” He interrupts, his face softening, “I thought you would want to come and explore with me like we used to me.”
“Let me finish!” She desperately cries out, “Please… And the first thing you do is talk to me for 5 minutes before you literally let her drag you away from me. I met Nick because I was sitting all alone at that party, if it wasn’t for him, I would’ve been alone all night. So, don’t talk to me about ditching a friend.”
“Y/N, please. I’m sorry-“
“I think I’m going to go home.” She whispers, setting the drinks down on the counter and sniffling a bit, forcing herself to keep it together as he was still around.
Harry quickly stops her, grabbing her arm and turning her to look back at him, “Y/N please, I am so sorry. I just got so caught up in the moment and the party… Please, how can I make it up to you? Do you want me to tell everyone to leave? We can order a pizza and I got Disney Plus because I knew you would want to watch it… It can be just us if you want.”
All she wanted to do was say yes.
In her wildest dreams she would on him, pressing kisses all over his face and tell Mallory to leave, tell Nick she’s sorry and tell Sarah how much she really, really likes Harry and how excited she was to spend the night with just him. Just the two of them.
But she couldn’t.
If this did happen, he would tell everyone to go, making her feel guilty. Then they would stay up just the two of them and she knows, although nothing was going to happen between the two of them, that she would cherish every single moment and think about it as she lays awake at night. How she would call Sarah the next day and tell her everything, and then they could go to the studio together and write a beautiful song.
But all of these things will only get her worse. She would only fall in love with him more, ruining her for any kind of future relationship will come her way. She knew Harry was just being friendly, not asking her to stay because he was interested, but because he felt guilty for what he did and since he was such a people pleaser, there was no way he wouldn’t offer.
So, she knows what she has to do.
“Goodnight, Harry.”
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teslvo · a year ago
i honestly couldn’t help myself...just a lil’ something inspired by this photo.
Tumblr media
“I didn’t pack enough underwear.”
You made the announcement while walking into the living room right as Harry plopped down on the sofa to divulge in a bowl of fruit.
Both of you smelled of his body wash after your shared shower just moments ago. He’d come back from his early morning run to find you still snoozed away in bed, completely dead to the world.
You weren’t the best when it came to time zone changes and it showed last night at 4am when he interrupted your late night? early morning? Netflix binge to force you to come to bed. It might have been over two weeks since your arrival to the UK but your sleep schedule couldn’t give a damn.
Besides, your excursions in the bathroom definitely helped with putting a pep in your step to start the day.
“Ya asking to borrow a pair of my briefs then sweets?” With his mouth full of strawberry, he watched you join him on the couch and offered you some mixed fruit which you’d gladly accepted.
You shook your head at his suggestion.
Your hair was still wrapped up in the microfiber towel you made certain was in your suitcase but of course not enough panties. It made you even more frustrated with yourself just thinking about it.
“Could we go to the shops you were talking about last night? You wanted to go to that one market anyways. The one that’s named after a vegetable.”
Harry had put his head on your lap and let you run your fingers through his semi-dry hair. As you fiddled with adjusting his hair clip, his chest rumbled and he’d let out a laugh.
“You mean the Artichoke?”
“Yeah, yeah whatever.”
He pushed another blueberry against your lips and you opened your mouth to accept it, making sure to nip at the tip of his finger in revenge for laughing at you.
“How ‘bout we leave in the next hour yeah?”
“It’s definitely not that cold outside H.”
Harry hadn’t bothered putting on his rings. He also decided to keep the hair clip. His boxer briefs were covered by a pair of wide legged brown trousers and his inked covered chest with a hoodie.
Reasonable attire until he slipped on a giant green parka that was hidden away in the hall closet.
“It’s barely over 10 degrees! Should get you in something warmer.”
It still took you a second to remember that he was referring to celsius.
Your hoodie and black pants would do just fine.
Rolling your eyes and smirking at the overdramatic brit, you threw your hood over your head. Just as you were about to unlock the front door Harry stops you in your tracks.
He’d come back from the closet with the options of two different Gucci coats.
“Harry Edwa-“
“I think the black one goes best with your outfit.”
The shops he’d mentioned weren’t too far from his house. With his naked hand holding yours, the ride was calming and set the tone for how the rest of the day would go.
London was such a beautiful city even with its continuous gloomy skies.
Parking wasn’t great but it didn’t dampen your mood since you got to hear the rest of the Frank Ocean song you’d put on.
Harry handed you your single use mask while he grabbed some sunglasses out of the center console. It reminded you of a conversation you had with your Mom yesterday.
“Mom wants to send us some reusable masks she’s been working on. Hope you don’t mind me measuring your face when we get back.”
He always smiled at the thought of your Mom. Even though he’d only met her in person once, they’d grown closer over the numerous facetime calls he’d interrupted between the two of you. She was funny, smart, and very opinionated.
Just like someone else he knew.
“‘course I don’t.”
He leaned over and gave you a soft kiss before you could pull up your mask. His ever growing facial hair tickled your lips causing a soft chuckle to escape.
Harry pulled away and smiled at you.
You’re glad he hadn’t put his sunglasses on yet so you got a chance to gaze at his striking green eyes.
You loved this smile.
It was the one that always made you melt. It made you feel like you were the luckiest girl in world being with him. It made you know he felt like the luckiest man in the world being with you.
He couldn’t help but to go in for another kiss. This one longer, deeper, and even causing you to let out a slight whimper.
“Lets grab a coffee then we’ll shop around. How’s that sound?”
You nodded your head in agreement, a little too flustered to say anything at the moment.
With adjustments to face masks after a quick kiss on the forehead, you were both out of the car ready to begin your outing.
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teesumu · 6 months ago
Driver’s License (Kuroo x Reader)
Part Two
Word count: 1.7k
I’ve been obsessed with this song and I wanted more fics on it so I spontaneously wrote one myself so this is my first work ever. I’m also I’m the type of person that hates sad endings so I made it open ended that leans towards happy for all my fellow weak hearted people :) 
Lastly I will warn that it mentions toxic relations with parents so do keep that in mind. Nothing too crazy, but I thought I would mention just in case. I hope you guys like it! :)
Tumblr media
“It’s getting pretty late,” your boyfriend says looking down at you on his chest. 
“Yeah I guess it is. Do you have to go?” came your quiet response. You were still staring up at the stars. Nights on the phone crying to Kuroo about your parents' incessant need to break your self esteem lead you both to this priceless habit of laying in the grass stargazing with your head on his chest, rubbing circles into it. You simply cherished it. 
“Nah I can get away with not being home for a few more hours,” he murmured. The soft peck on the crown of your head that followed soothed yet another bit of the earlier pain, and you smiled for the first time for the night. 
“You always push your curfew more and more though Tetsu, your family’s gonna hate me at this rate,” you teased, but you couldn’t help but sink further into his warmth. You could feel that familiar rumble in his chest whenever he laughed. 
“No one would wanna go home if they were in my shoes right now babe,” he teased right back. Your response to that was to start tracing hearts into his chest, but he caught your hand in his soon after. “What was it about this time?” His voice was solemn now. Sad even. Normally you’d ache hearing his tone sad, but a selfish part of you relished in the fact that for a change, someone actually cared about your feelings enough to feel them with you. 
“I wanna start working. It would give me an excuse to be out the house. And more pocket money couldn’t hurt either. I have this really cute boyfriend I wanna spoil,” he flicked your forehead at that. You giggled, your first laugh of the night achieved too. “But they won’t let me learn to drive. Said I don’t deserve anymore freedom if I can’t ‘behave’ even though I’ve saved up enough for an old car myself and everything,” you finished. Kuroo processed your words for a moment before giving his reply. 
“Your parents never cease to amaze me with their one sided minds babe. But if you wanted to learn to drive so bad I’m hurt you didn’t come to the best option. That really cute boyfriend you mentioned is a really good teacher you know, your chemistry grade can attest to that.” 
“Tetsu are you even qualified?”
“I’m an excellent driver. You always drool over me from the passenger seat so you can’t even deny it,” you slapped his chest halfheartedly.
“Alright then. Let’s see if your big talk actually holds any truth when you get to the teaching part.” 
That memory had been playing in your head the second you were told you passed your test months later. How ironic you thought to yourself bitterly. He always told you he’d better be the first person you let know that you passed, and here you are, not even on speaking terms. “Don’t you think the absolute love of your life who makes you the happiest in the whole wide world for the rest of eternity should be told first about such big news babe?” he had said. You rolled your eyes back then but now it just felt like a slap in the face. If your eyes watered when you took your photo, the lady taking it didn’t say anything much to your relief. As soon as she handed you the temporary printed version of your license you said a quick thank you and made your exit as fast as you could. Once, and only once you were in the safety of solitude, did you look at your photo. Of course you hated it. You knew you would, but a small part of your brain couldn’t help but think that if Kuroo were here he’d say it’s as beautiful as a painting or something cheesy like that. And then the crushing reality came to you for the nth time in the last two months. He’s too busy saying things like that to the girl who was everything you wanted to be. The embodiment of every insecurity you had. It makes sense I guess you thought. After all, your parents always told you good things wouldn’t last for someone like you. Kuroo always told you they were dumb, but you were starting to think you were the dumb one for ever believing him. 
The car you purchased a week prior was waiting in front of your house. It was old and fairly inexpensive but it would last you the next few years and that’s all you needed right now. Let’s take her for a ride for the first time you thought. Driving for what felt like hours, which in reality was fifteen minutes, you found yourself in Kuroo’s neighborhood. And that’s when it became too much for you. Pulling to the side you broke down. Utterly alone. That’s what you were. Friends sick of hearing about him, they wouldn’t understand, they didn’t know him the way you did, and no one at home to console you, you realized how much love Kuroo had really given you a taste of. He snatched it away from you just as quick though, and you were left to imagine how you’d ever survived without it in the first place. It was hard to imagine how he was so okay with being without you. Did you not cheer loud enough at his games? Did you not look out for him enough when the stress piled on? Did you not push him enough to keep going when things seemed out of reach? Because you thought you’d done everything you could’ve. It was something you both always said to each other quietly in the silence. “I’ll need you forever” was something you thought would be a constant in your life. Kuroo was supposed to be a constant. You knew you weren’t perfect, the crushing weight of your family life seemed like a burden to most, but with Kuroo it felt okay. Because he wasn’t perfect either. With his parents’ failed love and their broken promises, he was more than the confident captain he led on to be. You both weren’t perfect, but it felt like it didn’t matter when you were together. Yet here you were, driving past the street he gave you countless lessons on. Except you were alone this time. And it hurt. It just didn’t make sense that all those feelings could just go away as soon as he met her. But all you could do was wipe your tears and try to move on. As soon as you went to start the car again you noticed from the corner of your eye Kuroo’s front door open. You sunk in your seat in alarm, silently praying he didn’t see you because dear lord you were nowhere near ready for this today. But to your relief a familiar figure who wasn’t Kuroo made their exit, waving at whoever was on the other side of the doorway. Bokuto. You’d gone to middle school with him and you’d often see him when hanging out with Kuroo so you were decently acquainted with the ace, not that it was particularly hard to get along with his bubbly self. It wasn’t a surprise to see him exit Kuroo’s house, they often hung out, but you weren’t looking for any interactions today so you patiently waited for him to walk away so you could make your exit. But luck just didn’t seem to ever be on your side because instead of walking away from your car, he turned and started walking towards the direction you had conveniently parked in. Of course. And just like fate would have it, it didn’t take long for him to spot you, as a grin sprouted on his face and he quickly made his way over to your car. 
“Y/n! Hey, it’s been a while huh? Open up let’s catch up real quick!” he tapped energetically on the window of your passenger seat. You could only sigh and oblige because there’s no convincing Bokuto otherwise when he’s set on something. He plopped down in the seat and smiled at you. “I didn’t know you got a car! Nice, you’ve been wanting one for a while right?” you had to admit to yourself that it warmed your heart just a bit that he remembered something from months ago you had mentioned briefly. You gave him a small smile. 
“Yeah I bought it last week myself. But I actually just got my license today so I thought I’d take it out for it’s first drive you know?” 
“Hey that’s great! Congrats! What’re you doing here though?” he asked innocently you knew, but you couldn’t help but feel a blow at the question. 
“I don’t really know. I guess I just kinda ended up here,” you trailed off. He looked at you with understanding, as a wave of melancholy washed over the atmosphere. Sighing, he looked down at his lap.
“Yeah I get it. None of us saw you and Kuroo ending like that either. I didn’t think he’d be one to take his luck for granted,” he said quietly as he looked at you from the corner of his eye. But before you could ask Bokuto what he meant, he spoke up again. “But hey, today’s a day for celebrations not sulking! C’mon let me be the first person you drive around, we can hang out! It’ll be fun,” he quickly suggested enthusiastically. You didn’t know if it was his genuine excitement to hang out with you despite not knowing you all that well and being the ex of his best friend, or the idea that having some company after feeling alone for a while seemed appealing, but you couldn’t help but feel your spirits rise at his suggestion. 
“Well then alright. But just so you know it’s a very big honor to be the first person I ever drive around in my car okay?” he nodded his head with a faux seriousness and replied with a quick “of course.” And as you made your way past Kuroo’s street with Bokuto by your side, it suddenly dawned on you that  it was Bokuto who ended up being the first to know you passed your road test and got your driver's license.
Okkkkkkk so that’s the end and I hope you all enjoyed this if anyone even ends up seeing it at all. So yeah Bokuto is my comfort/favorite character so I thought if anyone could remedy the situation it’s him :) and that’s why I ended up using Kuroo because I thought it would be easier to have one of his friends swoop in to save the day rather than just a random character. How he saves the day is up to you to decide whether it’s as a friend or romantically or whatever your little heart desires ;) Thanks for reading and feel free to leave feedback!
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borhapandshawn · 2 years ago
Love Again - S.M.
Tumblr media
yes, I mostly write stuff based on songs because I feel more inspired by them 
this is based on the New Hope Club’s song “Love Again” ((check it out, I recommend))
English is not my first language so I apologize for any possible mistake
Word Count: 1.7k
Summary: y/n and shawn meet at the met gala after their break up --- I started writing this right after the met but I only finished it now, I hope it’s not too late
Warnings: angst and some swearing but also fluff (obviously)
It’s been a year, two weeks, one day
I knew the minute that I saw your face that
Only thing that never changed was you
Your perfume’s intoxicating
You still smile when you say my name and
I love the way that you dance across the room
The ride to the Met Gala isn’t long but you have plenty of time to overthink about the night that is waiting for you.
“Y/n, are you okay? I know this is huge but I swear it’s gonna be alright. You deserve to be there.”
Thank God your best friend Claire agreed to go with you. She won’t be at your side in the red carpet but at least there will be a friend with you for the rest of the night.
Claire knows exactly how you’re feeling right now because, of course, you told her everything.
This is gonna be your first Met without a date and your second ever. Last year, you had the honour to participate with your ex boyfriend, Shawn Mendes. Now, the problem is that he’s going to be there this year as well and you don’t know if you’re ready to see him. You’re hoping that you don’t have to actually talk to him or interact with him in any way and most importantly that he doesn’t have a date either.
It’s been at least six months since your break up but your heart still races when you see a photo of him or you read anything about him on the internet.
You obviously aren’t over him yet. How could you? He’s the most gorgeous, talented, sweet guy you’ve ever known, and nobody could ever be at his level.
“Y/n?” Claire touched your arm, expecting an answer.
“Yeah, you’re right. I’m fine.”
But you don’t really look fine, at all. Well, your dress is amazing just as much as your make up and hair, but the look on your face reveals your nervousness.
“Okay, we’re almost there. Ready?” Your manager Julia asks you with a reassuring smile.
You nod and less than thirty seconds after the van stops and you get ready to get off.
Claire and Julia help you with your dress and then you walk towards the carpet.
“You’re gonna be great, see you later! I’ll be right there when you finish,okay?” Claire says and you nod.
“See you later, I’ll be quick!” You reply chuckling, making her laugh.
You really don’t know what you’d do without her.
Walking there alone made you nervous but you manage to get through it without any problem. When you arrive down the stairs, you hear a voice calling your name.
You freeze in your place for a moment, but then you slowly turn to the person calling you.
And it comes rushing back
‘Cause the moment passed
Make me wanna grab your hand
And pull you back
“Wait, let me help you, please.”
Of course.
He can’t help but be a fucking gentleman.
You force a smile, letting him take your hand and you start going up, one step at a time.
“You really didn’t have to, but thanks, Shawn.”
You stop at the top of the stairs and for the first time you take your time to actually look at him.
He’s wearing a simple outfit, but he has gold in his hair. He looks gorgeous as always.
“Nice hair” is the only thing you manage to say.
“Thanks. You… Look beautiful, y/n.” He replies looking you in your eyes after he glanced at your dress.
You look at each other for a moment, an awkward silence between the two of you.
"I guess I'll see you at the party?" He asks you brushing his hands together. God, his hands.
"Yeah, see you." You answer quickly.
Tell me have I lost my mind again?
I get the feeling you might feel the same
Tell me you can feel that love, feel that love again
And even though we’re in this crowded room
I’m feeling like there’s no one else but you
Tell me you can feel that love, feel that love again
The party started about forty five minutes ago and it's going pretty well. You're with Claire and Julia and after your outfit change you feel way more comfortable.
The music is pounding through your ears and Claire drags you to the dance floor. Now that the worst part is over you feel more relaxed, trying to loosen up a little also thanks to the few drinks you had while eating.
You're having a great time, actually. The room is filled by famous people, a lot more famous than you, only a young actress. You notice Harry Styles dancing near the dj and you think of how awesome this is. Your thirteen years old self would never believe you'd ever be in the same room as him but… here you are.
After a few songs you notice him. He's dancing goofily near Dua Lipa and her boyfriend and you remember meeting them at an award show you went to with Shawn last year. Dua notices you and waves her hand to say hello, so you grab Claire's arm and you start walking towards her making your way through the dancers.
Dua and her boyfriend greet you with an hug and you introduce them to Claire, who's more than happy about it.
While you're talking to the singer, you feel Shawn's gaze on you. He stayed nearby, drink in his hand and you notice he changed to a glittery shirt. Once again, you find yourself thinking how handsome he looks tonight. Obviously you’re not the only one who noticed that, and suddenly a beautiful young woman, probably a model, is standing there next to him, talking with her mouth very close to his ear.
You try to ignore it and focus on the conversation with Claire and Dua but you can't stand it anymore.
"Claire do you mind staying here while I go to the bathroom? I'll be right back."
Your friend gives you a worried look and she grabs your arm gently.
"Are you sure? I'll go with you if you want."
"Yeah. Stay here, I know you're having fun." You smile and then start walking towards the restrooms.
After washing your hands and checking on your makeup, you take your phone from your purse just in case you have any important text.
Instead, you find a lot of notifications from Twitter.
The photos of you during the red carpet are already all over the internet and that's obvious, but what attracts your attention are the pictures of you and Shawn on the stairs with captions such as "are they back together??? they look so cute!".
You stare at your phone with your eyes wide open and you honestly don't know how to handle this.
You start to overthink about the whole situation, which is not that serious, but the only thing you can do right now is feeling furious towards Shawn and the initiative that he took earlier.
You quickly make your way back to your friend almost slamming the restroom door only to bump into someone in the middle of the hallway.
You look up to meet a pair of eyes you know almost too well. You see him smile in the dim light of the corridor.
"Where are you going so fast?" He chuckled.
"Actually, I was going to find you and there's nothing to laugh about, Shawn."
His expression changes in a second, he's now studying you with his brows furrowed.
"What happened? Is everything okay?"
His hands are still holding your shoulders, a consequence of your bumping into each other.
You unlock your phone and show him the tweets.
"Oh shit. Is this bad? I mean, we look pretty good-"
"Are you serious now? What the fuck, Shawn!"
His little smile disappears from his face.
"Look, y/n. I don't think we should make a huge deal out of this. We know how things are and we don't have to explain anything to anyone."
You take a deep breath to calm down and the two of you move to stand near the wall since other people needed to get to the restrooms.
"So you're saying that this is okay. That you don't mind all these rumours and the fact that we're going to be answering questions about this for the next God knows how many weeks?"
You cross your arms, still very upset.
He stays silent for a while and another thought comes to your mind.
"Wait… did you do this on purpose? Tell me you didn't, Shawn. I swear-"
"Of course not! Don't even think about it, y/n. You know I would never do something like that."
"Then why are you so calm?"
He smiles, hands in his pockets.
"Maybe I… kinda like the idea of you and me together again."
You can see him blush a little.
"Oh please. You left me, Shawn. How am I supposed to believe you?"
This is just crazy.
"I know, but I was wrong. I messed up. And we bumped into each other because I was looking for you and say that I miss being with you, y/n."
“I still don’t believe you.”
You’re slowly losing your patience. All of this makes no sense and him being too calm makes you even angrier.
“Y/n, all I’m asking you is to give me one more chance. Leaving you was the worst decision of my life and I mean it.”
You look at him in the eyes, still trying to understand if you could really believe what he’d just said.
God, his eyes. It’s like he’s able to read your mind and you don’t like it at all. You don’t like the weight on your chest whenever you’re close to him just like you are now. You don’t like how his stare is now moving from your eyes to your lips and you certainly don’t like the way he’s slowly getting closer to you with that stupid smile on his perfect face.
You don’t like a lot of things about this situation but you don’t do anything to stop him from cupping your cheeks with his big hands and kissing you as if it’s a matter of life and death.
If I make a move are you down with that?
Go in for a kiss, would you kiss me back?
I feel that love, feel that love again
If I wrap my arms around you and I pull you close
Tell you once again that I’m taking you home
Feel that love, feel that love again
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angelkurenai · 2 years ago
More to lose - Thor x Reader
Avengers: Endgame SPOILERS BELOW read at your own risk
Title: More to lose
Pairing: Thor x Reader
Warnings: Avengers: Endgame spoilers
Summary: Devastated after being unable to kill Thanos and prevent everything that came afterwards, the god of thunder has started to lose hope that he’ll see you ever again. During a time when he needs the woman he loves more than anyone, and honestly all that he thought he had left after Loki’s death, he slowly starts to break down when all efforts to locate you leave him with nothing. Has he really lost it all or are you still there to comfort him?
Tumblr media
“We're going to keep searching. We haven't stopped before and we're not going to do it now but...” Natasha sighed, arms crossed over her chest as she and Thor stared at your image projected before their eyes, similarly to everybody else they'd lost; the word “missing” in red right underneath once more like with everybody else.
Oh how bad Thor had wished you wouldn't be one of them, you wouldn't be gone just like everybody he had cared about because he knew that if he lost you too then he had no reason to fight at all anymore. He hoped you wouldn't be one of them too. He hoped so bad they'd be wrong, that you were about to show up any day now before his eyes but albeit, the days had passed and nothing changed. He stared at the photo just like he had done so many times before, the seconds feelings like hours and hours feeling years and soon eternity didn't seem that long; and he had yet to hear anything new from you ever since the snap.
“But the fact that she's, well, not human or of this world doesn't help find her.” she sighed, her eyes glossy as she glanced away, she too was broken beyond words “I won't let any information concerning her slip past my attention but wait is... the only thing we can do now. Especially after what uh happened with...” but she trailed off because as much as she didn't want to admit it, getting the stones back was hei last option and it felt like they lost you for a second time when they found out they were gone for good.
“Thanos?” he asked, voice almost void of any emotion just like his face “Why? Because there's nothing else we can do but wait for her to magically show up? Because we can't admit that she ended up like the rest of them? Because we lost every chance we had in getting them back after I failed to keep them alive the first time?” his words were nearly empty of any emotion and yet held so many in them as the tears welled up in his eyes, regret and pain, guilt and sadness and grief all at once coming through especially as he gave a humorless laugh “Because I failed her? Go ahead, say it.”
“I- I wasn't going to-” she stopped herself clearing her throat “That's not what I meant. We both- we all know you did your best, Thor. There was nothing more that you could've done, nothing to change this and I'm sure (Y/n) would think the same if she was-” the past tense made her tense up when she realized she used it but Thor only smiled bitterly.
“Yeah, too bad she's not here to say that herself, isn't it?” he asked bitterly, a pained smile on his lips “Just like everybody else... and they're not going to be.”
“Don't say that.” she shook her head, her too hurting to know that after Thanos had destroyed the stones that any chances they had were gone “Nobody's blaming you for what's happening, nobody.”
“Yeah. Well, I do.” it was blunt and it was true, painful and bitter all at once; before he tore his eyes away from your photo “I let her down. I let everyone I had already lost down and I let down everybody else too, but above all her. Couldn't keep the love of my life safe, what worse could happen?”
“Thor...” she started but couldn't say much, especially as he started walking away “Where are you going?”
“The only place I can be close to her.” he said with a heavy sigh pointing at your photo “Take that down, there is no chance to find her anyway. We both know where she is... and she's not coming back.”
Thor run his fingers through his still wet hair. Despite having dried it with a towel the few droplets still remained but he didn't have the mind to care about it anymore. With a pain of sweatpants he walked back into the room after the awfully long shower. All of his muscles ached for one but he had denied himself of it after everything that had happened the past days. He didn't even have the will to do things such as breath or eat, let alone have a shower or sleep because of how tired he was. He was getting used to exhaustion, he was getting used to the pain and he was getting used to feeling hollow but somehow the word hollow didn't seem to cover it. It felt like his own soul was slowly starting to eat itself up slowly but surely. And he had slowly started believing it himself, he was going to be a shell of who he had once been but he didn't care. So long as you were gone and not coming back, he knew the best other part of him would forever be missing. And getting in your room only verified that thought and fear.
He let out a shaky breath, looking around at the place he had been in so many times before but which this time didn't seem to bring him the same amount of happiness like every other time. Despite an Asgardian you had chosen to live in Earth and help the Avengers as much as you could. Granted, as much as he loved your big heart and what you did for the people you considered a second family , he couldn't deny he did miss you seeing as he had to be away. But every time he came to see you and he did come very often, the moments you wo spent on this shared bed and room were enough to keep him going for just as long.
Only now that he did look around, he couldn't find the same kind of happiness or eagerness to live more moments because – and despite how bad he wanted to find you, had almost let himself hope he'd walk in and you'd be there – you were not going to be in this room waiting for him just like every other time. The only thing he found was your things and memories. And memories of you was all he had left now and for the rest of his life and he had to accept it along with his guilt and empty-
“Well, not that I'm one to objectify you but damn this does look like a good welcome back.” his eyes had not shot open faster nor had his head or entire body turned so fast towards somebody's direction but he was desperate to make sure this wasn't just his wishful thinking “And now that... is certainly not a good welcome back.” you pointed at his face, bittersweet smile on your lips but to him your smiles were always going to be the most beautiful thing on all of nine realms so no point to think about it any more.
His lips parted to speak your name but the lump in his throat felt so painful. He didn't want to say it, fearing you'd either deny it or tell him you weren't really there. He wouldn't bear to hear it, it would crush him. He'd lost so much, he'd lost nearly everything that mattered the most to him, nearly everything and everyone he had and if he did end up finding out that he had lost you too – that he rally had lost everything everything – he didn't know what he was going to do.
Your features showed so much concern and pain that he knew nobody pretending to be you could be so precise, but he still managed to hold himself back. His body was frozen and his muscles were stiff almost ready for a fight; not that he was entirely sure he would ever find the strength to inflict you any pain even if it really wasn't you. Oh he hoped so bad it was really you.
“Tears” you whispered and it was a statement, not a question. His eyes were glossy but he was doing his hardest to hold them back, he had to keep his guards up “Who has ever done something so bad as to make my King look so sad?” you questioned again and he felt his breath get caught in his throat.
“I fear, they tried to take away my Queen.” his voice was hoarse to the point he almost didn't recognize it as his own. His walls were coming down but he still tried to have doubts and not let his hopes get the best of him.
“Stupid decision if you ask me, I'm too stubborn to let go of you.” you whispered as lovingly as you could, taking a step forward towards him. He would never back away from the enemy, of course, but even more so this time that he didn't know if it really was an enemy or the love of his life.
“I remember you using a different word for it in all honesty.” he said in a low voice, trying to catch some reaction and even more trying to find a reason that would let him know it was really you and not yet another enemy. He had no strength left to fight, that was the truth.
“Hmh possessive. That's the word.” you took another step closer to him, smile still on your lips but nowhere near as happy. You had lost. You had all lost, there weren't really many reasons to smile. “Besides, can you blame me? My man's the strongest Avenger and word has it that this new haircut makes you all the more irresistible, which I can definitely say for myself. Besides-” your smile softened, no teasing tone that you I used to try and cheer him up but right now was lacedwith melancholy “How could I ever let go of the man with the biggest heart and brightest smile that I've ever seen in my life? I fell in love with it long ago and there's no going back right now. So don't think you have a chance in escaping this relationship in any way or form, Odinson.”
The corners of his lips lifted into a smile that felt so strange and painful at the same time, especially as more tears welled up in his eyes. He shook his head but remained in his place, body looking so exhausted as his head hang low “That is something I would never wish, my Queen. But some things are beyond our power anymore. In fact, I... have none of it left anymore. I have no power to do anything, even protect the one I love. Even do the right thing to end-” but he stopped himself when he choked on a sob, shaking his head “I- I couldn't do one thing right. I couldn't-”
Your ips parted, ready to speak but either because of the pain of watching him like this or because of the lump in his throat, you couldn't say a single word. You paused for a second and took a good look at him, feeling your heart twist painfully inside your chest when you realized the reason he was keeping his distance. “You don't believe it's me... do you?” but you really needed no answer to that, you already knew it.
The smile on his lips was filled with pain as the tears finally rolled down his cheeks. He couldn't speak but he forced himself to “If- if you're here to mock me, if you're here f-for a fight o-or-” his voice was shaking, braking because of the sobs that only managed to break your heart in return. The way he shook his head and look so vulnerable, so defeated and broken was unlike anything you had ever seen him before.
“N-no. No! Thor-” you rushed towards him, taking hold of his shoulders and giving him a small shake. The mere touch shocked him at first, earning a gasp from him and thankfully making his wide glossy eyes meet yours “Thor, I'm- I'm here. It's me, baby, it's really me. I'm not gone, I'm here. With you. Always here with you. I didn't die, I didn't turn to ash, I was only gone for some time trying to fight him too b-but I didn't do enough either. I'm not dead, I'm not a part of your imagination nor am I an enemy. I'm just... me. Only me. (Y/n). Your (Y/n).” you were probably speaking too fast and your voice was filled with urgency but you knew he needed to hear this and he needed to believe this. And thankfully he did.
His body stopped shaking and his brows furrowed deeply. His eyes still remained filled with tears, pain and fear as he asked you in a weak voice “S-so you- you're not-” a tear managed to escape his eye “Here to torture me any more?”
You didn't even want to think about how much he had been tortured by thinking about you or having nightmares plaguehis dreams.
“N-no. No I'm not.” you choked out through a sob “No, I- I'm-” you fought with all your might to keep your tears back and be his rock “I'm here Thor. I'm really here, with you. And I'm not going anywhere this time.”
His lips stayed parted for a couple seconds, as his eyes remained almost wide before he finally choked in a hoarse voice “M-my Queen. My beautiful love, you're back. You're-” he breathed out a pained laugh, bring a hand up to caress your cheek as if still unable to believe you were there “Still so beautiful as I remember. Still-” but he couldn't continue, his head falling on your shoulder in exhaustion “I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.”
“Wha- n-no. N-no, Thor, please don't-”
“I failed.” he pulled slightly away, jaw clenching as he tried to fight his tears, the anger he felt towards himself showing through “I failed everyone. I failed you. I failed to keep you safe, to keep everyone safe. It's my fault we lost. It's my fault everyone we care about is gone. I should have done more. I should have-”
“No. No listen to me. There is nothing more you could have done, nobody expected you to do more. Thor you did everything in your power and so much more, especially after everything you've gone through. Just because some may have these expectations of you, even if the entire world does, doesn't mean you have to live up to them. You don't have to be the person others expect you to, the hero others expect. We all break and we all lose, that's the part of being a hero that matters. That we learn from our mistakes, rise from our ashes and fight harder the next time to make things right. You-” you let out a shaky sigh “You did your best and nobody blames you for how things ended. I don't blame you, you have to believe me. I never could. I love you too much.”
“I can't lose you too.” he choked out, his biggest fear finally showing through after your words managed to make his defences crumble down. The god of thunder, the man you had come to meet as the bravest and most fearless in your life, the one who could go an entire army on his own, now looked so broken in your arms that you were sure you could only put his pieces together.
“You're not going to lose me.” you whispered, resting your forehead against his “Come on. You look so tired, my love. It's time for you to rest before we go to take everything back.”
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fandom-imagines-stories · 6 months ago
Star Wars Pajama Pants
Tumblr media
Dr. Spencer Reid x Reader
Words: 873
Summary: Having made a breakthrough in the case you're both working on, Spencer stops by your hotel room to relay the information… at three in the morning. Since you packed your favorite PJs for this trip, your nerdiness is exposed.
Notes: No this isn’t based off of my own PJs, why do you ask? Something short and silly and sweet since I have some darker Spencer imagines coming. I also came up with this idea at one in the morning sooooooo enjoy. 
Find more Spencer and more HERE
He figured it out. The first step that the two of you had been desperately trying to find and he finally knew what it was. And he couldn’t wait until morning to tell you. 
Spencer nearly ran down the hall to the room that you were staying in. He knocked lightly at first, almost reluctant to wake you up. Maybe it was the time crunch of the case or just his eagerness to tell you that made him knock a little louder. 
“Y/L/N!” He whisper-shouted through the door. If anyone had walked by, they would probably think he was nuts; wide-eyed and holding crime scene photos at 2:45 A.M. He was tempted to give up and wait until morning, but a small click from the other side of the door made him stay. 
You squinted, the bright light from the hallway nearly blinding you. While the lack of evidence on this case was eating at you, you had tried to get a little bit of sleep to keep from burning yourself out. Your partner on the case, however, evidently had not. 
“Reid?” You groaned. 
“I found the connection between the victims.” He blurted. You let him into your room and turned on the light. He started to lay out different pictures on your unmade bed and turned around to do his showing off thing when his eyes fell to your legs. “Are those… Star Wars pajama pants?” 
And just like that you were as awake as you’d ever been. You didn’t want to know how red your face turned. Not only were you wearing pants that had little cartoons of different Star Wars characters all of them, they also had ‘Jedi Knight’ written across the butt. 
“What did you figure out?” You squeaked, hoping to distract him with the case. He finally lifted his gaze from the fleece R2-D2 to your face. 
“Right. I think I know how the killer is choosing victims.” He pointed to one note on each of the three files. You took a closer look. 
“They all colored their hair?” 
“Every woman found was brunette, but none of them used to be.” This was the part he was excited about. “And, after some digging and help from Garcia, I found that they all had their hair dyed at the same salon.” 
“The killer probably works there.” You exclaimed. “Reid, you really are a genius!” You pulled him into a hug before you had the chance to stop yourself. He tensed for a second, but then he hugged you back. Embarrassed, you pulled away quickly. “We’ll-uh- we can tell the team first thing in the morning. Like Hotch said, we need to be at the top of our game to catch this guy, you and I should get in bed.” And your brain spiraled it from there. “Not together! I just mean we should go to sleep. Separately. In our own rooms.” 
Reid just stared at you blankly. You were pretty sure he wasn’t blinking. Oh god, why are you the way that you are? You waited for him to laugh at you or to awkwardly leave, but he didn’t. He just ran his fingers through his hair and blew out a breath, glancing down at the floor.
“So… Star Wars?” He looked up at you with those big hazel eyes that made your heart stop. You laughed nervously and rubbed the back of your neck. 
“Yeah… my parents were really into them, so I basically grew up loving them.” His mouth spread into a smirk. “What? Did you think you were the only nerd on the team, Reid? Because I know I may look like a badass FBI-” His lips were on yours before you could finish. He was kissing you. Reid was kissing you! And you were definitely kissing him back. He pulled back and smiled awkwardly. 
“Sorry. I just really wanted to do that.” He gathered up the files and tucked a hair behind his ear. “Goodnight.” He scurried towards the door and for a moment you just stood in shock. 
“Spencer, wait.” You ran after him, nearly running into him in the hallway. 
“If I made you uncomfortable, I’m sorry-” You kissed him before he could finish. This time, you were grinning from ear to ear. 
“Spencer, I was just going to ask if, once we’re done with this case, you’d maybe want to come to my place for a movie night?” Your confidence shrunk a little until he nodded. 
“I’d like that.” This kiss was slower and less urgent than the other two. It was just sweet and, dare you say, hopeful. You only pulled away from lack of oxygen. Spencer laid a hand on your cheek and pressed his lips sweetly to your forehead. “Goodnight.” 
“Goodnight, Reid.” You resisted doing a little happy dance as he walked back to his room. When you turned back to go into yours, you froze. Standing just down the hallway was Morgan and he had a very satisfied looking smirk on his face. If you weren’t blushing before, you definitely were now. “Aren’t you supposed to be asleep, Morgan?”
“Hey, I’m just getting ice.” He chuckled, his eyes dropping to your pants. “Nice PJs.” 
I forgot to do the tag list for the last one. My bad!
General Tag: @rae-gar-targaryen; @takemepedropascal; @childhood-imagination;  @mylovegoesto; @yellowbadgergirl; @itmejado; @suckmyapplejacks
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bentobarnes · 2 months ago
『𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐝𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫?』
note : my requests are OPEN! Feel free to send me story requests
pairings : sebastian stan x reader
word count : 1k
summary : you and Sebastian are finally married. It's time for you both to attend interviews together and have fun playing 'How well do you know each other on the Late-Night Talk Show with Jimmy Fallon!
warnings : fluff
*feedback is appreciated. please reblog so it can reach more people♡
Tumblr media
You and Sebastian have been married for 4 months now. The wedding was astonishing, the happiest day of your life. You both posted a few photos on your Instagram accounts and every single fan was beyond shocked and delighted for you two. After your wedding, you went on your honeymoon in Japan. It was lovely and Sebastian was thrilled by the fact that you are not his girlfriend anymore. In fact, you were his wife and people had to get used to calling you his wife, or Mrs. Stan. He felt and still feels his heart pounding when someone calls you like that.
After your honeymoon, you came home in New York and got back to work. The new series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was finally out after all the waiting and you, Sebastian, and Anthony had to attend lots of online interviews and seminars about your roles and working on the series.
When the whole COVID-19 situation became better, you were invited to the Late-Night Talk Show with Jimmy Fallon, and so was Sebastian. While you were backstage, you realized how nervous you are because this is your first interview with Sebastian as a married couple. You knew most of the questions will be about your wedding, honeymoon, and personal stuff but part of you also felt proud for having a man like him.
“Are you ready, hon?” Sebastian came to your room and a large smile instantly appeared on his face when he saw you. ‘’You are the most beautiful human I have ever seen in my entire life.’’ You chuckled at his words and planted a quick kiss on his lips.
‘’I’m ready!’’ You smiled back at him. He took your hand and both of you started walking to the stage.
‘’Here they are! Y/n and Sebastian or should I say Mr. and Mrs. Stan!’’ Jimmy laughed while waving his hands towers you and Seb to introduce you to the audience.
You both sat on the couch hands tangled together neither of you pulling away. It made you feel safe and relaxed and Sebastian knew that pretty well.
‘’Hi, Jimmy! It’s amazing to see you again in person! You look fantastic.‘’ You gave him a smile and he continued with his introduction.
‘’Jimmy calm down! You are unbelievably active! What has happened to you?!’’ Sebastian laughed at him while Jimmy was literally dying from his activeness.
‘’I’m just happy to have you two here tonight! That’s the truth!’’ He laughed again.
‘’WE ARE REALLY HAPPY TO SEE YOU, TOO!’’ You screamed back at him and giggled.
The first part of the interview was dedicated to your work on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. After that, the questions were more directed to your relationship. It was hilarious.
‘’What can I do with the fact that I’m married to one of the most powerful superheroes… She can totally knock me out WITH WORDS ONLY!’’ Sebastian said with a serious tone and you look at him with your mouth open in shock. He shrugged his arms and you hit him lightly on the arm.
‘’Okay, you two… Now comes the fun part! Let’s play a game of how well you both know each other!’’ You took the cards with the questions, 2 cards for you, and 2 for Sebastian.
‘’Ladies first.’’ Sebastian looked at you with an encouraging smile and you flipped the first card.
‘’What is the thing with which I can’t go out? Okay, let’s see. Your eyes showed provocation towards him and you started writing your answer onto the small white board in your hands.
‘’Oh come on that’s an easy one! Your husband constituted while writing his answer onto his whiteboard. After a few seconds, you both turned your boards towards each other and in one voice both of you shrieked ‘SUNSCREEN’ and erupted into an even louder laugh.
‘’My turn! What is my favorite movie?’’ Sebastian asked narrowing his eyes.
‘’I think I know this… You thought for I little bit and started writing something. ‘Ready!’ You showed your boards and said ‘Husbands and Wives' and at the same moment Sebastian said ‘Taxi Driver’ and you expression became shocked and surprised. ‘But you have always loved Husbands and Wives!’
‘’Actually, it can be the right answer. I love both of these movies.’’ You looked at him with a smirk.
‘’Last question for me! What muscle group I focus on when I exercise? What a strange question!’’ You laughed. ‘’Time to turn the boards!’’
‘’My abs!’’
‘’Your abs!’’ you and Sebastian said in one voice again.
‘’What your abs?!’’ Jimmy was confused by your answers. ‘’I thought it’s something like your legs.’’
‘’Nah, she always had perfect legs and that’s why she focuses more on her abs.’’
‘’Aw, you are the sweetest knowing such stuff.’’
‘’Of course, you are my wife.’’ The audience erupted in aws and cheered.
‘’That’s the last one! What is one thing you do and I love it?’’ I think you may get this wrong but I’m not sure.’’
‘’I have two things on my mind actually. Gonna write them both.’’ You flipped your board. ‘’Soo, the first one may be when I laugh I scrunch my eyes and you always get distracted by it or it also may be when I play with my ring while I'm nervous because it reminds you how glad you are for marrying me.’’ Your smile expressed all the love in the world when you said those words. Your love for him and no one else.
‘’Absolutely, you got it right baby and I love you soo much!’’ He walked to you and gave you a quick hug before pulling away and turning to the audience. ‘’I’m married to the best woman in the universe!’’
After the interview was over you both got home, made dinner, and cuddled in bed while watching movies. Until you fell asleep in his arms. You fell asleep knowing that he is the man of your dreams and are proud of him. Two hearts beating for each other like one. Forever and always and to infinity and beyond.
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calumxkisses · 2 years ago
Will you marry me? | c.h.
pairing: calum hood x reader
genre: fluff
summary: just pure fluff of Calum proposing to you.
a/n: let me know what you think about it, I hope you’ll like it!
A blow of wind enters from the big window at your right, waving the red dress you're wearing. A flower is stuck in your hair, its light color highlights the tan you took during these holidays: Calum's idea to escape your everyday life for a week of Hawaiian sea was exceptional, not just for your mental health, but also to further consolidate your bond.
Of course, dates and vacations with the others had been a key point in your relationship, but nothing was like this week away from any kind of toxicity, in your little bubble of love. After your candlelight dinner, to celebrate your third year together, Calum asked you to wait a few seconds in your hotel room, while he finishes to prepare "something".
After your last relationship - in which you found out your ex boyfriend in bed with 'just a friend' (how he usually refereed to one of his female friends) on your anniversary day - you thought you weren't ready to start something new with someone else.
Your mind was caught up in a 'not fall in love' state and your heart was still broken - even though your eyes weren't red and puffy anymore - when you met Calum for the first time.
You already knew who he was, his Instagram profile was always tagged in Andy's photos, your long time friend, but you didn't know Calum in person, how he really was despite is job.
When you first saw him, you were sit on Andy's stairs in the backyard while the party was going on inside his house; Calum was in front of the grill with Ashton, he was holding a beer in his right hand while a deep laugh was coming out of his body. Your gaze was on him but your mind was somewhere else until an hand shaked in front of your face. You shaked your head and looked up, meeting brown eyes.
"Is everything fine?" he asked with a soft voice.
"Yeah, sorry. I spaced out."
"Oh, okay. Sorry that I bothered you."
"No no, you didn't. It's just-" you couldn't even finish the phase that your eyes started losing tears; his first time holding you was right after that first sob, causing you to feel safe. How could a complete stranger make you feel so protected? Part of you was sure that it was only because he wasn't your ex boyfriend but in the deep, the other part of you knew that there was something different.
"I'm sorry I-"
"Don't worry, I don't need to know... just remember that everything is going to be fine." and since that, everything really went fine.
For the rest of the night, Calum kept you company talking about his rockstar life and your sadness didn't come back, not even for a second, during that night.
The day after your first meet, Calum invited you out for a coffee. He was clear at specifying that it wasn't a date - after the night before you told him something about the reason why you were crying - but it felt like a date indeed. You both couldn't stop smiling and the world felt like a heavenly place. The conversation was spontaneous and your phones never were grabbed from your pockets. When he took you home, you expected him to kiss you - and you didn't know how to feel about that - but, however, he just moved a piece of hair from your face behind your ear and gave you a sweet kiss on your cheeks before telling you how he hoped to see you soon.
At your official first date, several weeks after the 'not a date’ coffee - in which you never stopped seeing each other - Calum took you out for dinner in a 70's inspired fast food. You didn't wanted something too formal since it wasn't the first time you guys went out together. After eating and laughing for a couple of hours, Calum surprised you asking you to dance on a song that someone put on the jukebox: you turned bright red and started to laugh before taking his hand and dancing the night away.
The first time you made love, you were scared. For you, making love has never been just sex, but something more important: it meant giving all yourself - your fears, your weaknesses, your certains - to someone. And Calum knew that. During the meet of your bodies, he never made you feel bad: he kept telling you how beautiful you were, how lucky he felt and how you meant so much to him.
And that night, while Calum was holding you close to him while he was sleeping, you thought about how everything felt right, for the first time. Because your ex boyfriend, after all, never made you feel that good with yourself; and you fell asleep happy, with a smile on your face and a heart full of love.
The worst fight you had was after a year and half of your relationship and it was about the tour - Calum wanted you with him everywhere, but you had your things to do and couldn't go with him at all their concerts. He was really mad and left for three days the flat you shared. The worst days of your life. You were heartbroken and you were sure that he was going to leave you. But 72 hours later Calum came back home with a bouquet of red roses - your favourite. He told you how sorry he was and how scared he felt to be away from you for a long time. You ended up making love and promising to each other that a bunch of kilometres weren't going to break your relationship.
The ringer of your phone wakes you from your memories. You look at the screen and notice that it's a message from Calum: come outside, princess.
As soon as you arrive outside the building, you notice a row of candles and red petals that show you the way to get to the beach. Slowly, with trembling hands and a beating heart, you follow the path until you reach a heart drawn on the beach with red petals and small photos of you and Calum. Bringing a tuft of hair behind your ear, you reach the center of the heart and, right at the center point, you see a particular photo that you have never see before. With a huge smile on your face and wet eyes, you pick it up and look at it with joy, putting your hand over your mouth to stop the sobs.
“Andy took this picture three months ago: it's you and me sitting on the stairs in the backyard of his house, I'm pointing to the stars to you but you're not listening, you're too lost at looking at me. I know i’m handsome, but i didn’t expect that much.” A little laugh comes out from your mouth as you look up; Calum is walking to you with a smile on his face. He’s wearing a white shirt made of linen and a pair of beige shorts. Sure to have your attention, he continues to talk.
“Neither of us has noticed Andy and this underlines even more how we are focused on each other. The world could fall apart, but as long as I have you and you have me, nothing else is important. The first time I saw you, in that exact place, I saw the pain you were hiding behind your eyes. I didn't know the reason for your suffering but I knew I had to take it off, i knew I have to show to that lonely girl that there is something good in this world, even if I didn't believe it. And you made me change my mind.” Calum is now in front of you and you can see how his eyes are wet too. 
He takes your hand and leaves a sweet kiss on it before holding it close to his chest. “You know, for all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.” 
“I didn’t even know I could feel this happy, but since you came into my life, I discovered that there’s a kind of happy that I didn’t know it was possible to me to feel with someone else. I want to hold your hand, laugh at your jokes, walks by your side, talk about whatever and kiss your lips every single day.” His thumb removes a tear from your cheek and your eyes close at his touch.
“I’m the happiest version of me when I’m with you. Once I read how love’s about finding the one person who makes your heart complete, who makes you a better person that you ever dreamed you could be. And I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else. I’d rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myself. I don’t want to have amazing years with you and then it be all over in a flash. I don’t want to experience the feelings of hurt, confusion and disappointment again. No matter what we run into and no matter how hard things get, I want us to stick together. You think I saved you and your broken heart, but you were the one that saved me from my fear of love.” 
Calum kneels down, takes a deep breath and pulls a small box from his pants pocket. He opens it and inside there is a beautiful ring with a small diamond that reflects the sunset behind you. 
“I wanna marry you because you’re the first person I wanna look at when I wake up in the morning, and the only one I wanna kiss goodnight. I wanna marry you for what I become when I’m with you. I wanna marry you because I don’t wanna spend any day without looking into your eyes and hearing your laugh. I wanna marry you because you taught me what fighting for someone by its side means and there’s nothing else that I want to do. So, will you marry me?” 
Your throat dries up as rivers of tears keep falling down from your eyes. “Yes, yes, yes!” you scream before throwing you over him and kissing him passionately. And while he, with his hands trembling with emotion, puts the ring in your left ring finger, you can't wait to kiss his lips every day and to call him yours for the rest of your life.
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bostongirl13 · 7 months ago
I do not stare, I admire
Words: 500+
Wornings: fluff, age gap, mistakes 
My works: New Dodger photo,  Christmas Shopping
Tumblr media
You didn't have classes on Tuesday, so you decided to spend the whole day with your boys. You hoped you would sleep long and wear your pajamas all day. You woke up after 9.  Your head rested on Chris's chest, and your arm was around his waist. Hugged tightly to your boyfriend's body, if your life depended on it, you listened to his heartbeat. It was calm, lulling you again to sleep. Chris was holding you with one arm and the other was resting on your thigh, which was thrown over his hip. You looked at him and smiled. He slept soundly like a baby, clearly relaxed. You liked mornings like this, you knew you had to enjoy them as much as possible because next month when Chris starts filming, your daily routine will be disrupted.
Only after a while did you realize that Dodger was lying on the far side of the bed, crawling into his parents.
"Hey Bubba" you greeted the pooch quietly, not wanting to wake Chris. The dog yawned and turned all his attention to the male. You nodded your head and rose slightly on your elbow to do the same. No signs Chris is about to wake up. So you put your head back on his torso and began to slide your fingertips along the lines of his tattoos.
Seconds, minutes passed, and after about half an hour you felt the body beneath you begin to move.
"Good morning, Princess" you heard and immediately rose, piercing your chin on your hand that was resting on your boyfriend's chest.
"Good morning"
"What?" you laughed and winked at Dodger at which he barked.
"Really? You both were staring at me while I'm sleeping?" You nodded your head "You know how a dog does it is hilarious, but when a person is a bit disturbing"
"Very funny. Besides, I wasn't staring but admired." you kissed him.
"Admire?" He raised his eyebrows and you nodded. "You are lucky to be cute and I love you." immediately Chris got up and turned so you were suddenly underneath him. You groaned at his sudden movement, which Chris took advantage of and kissed you with an open kiss. Tongues danced against each other for dominance, and hands examined each other's bodies. You opened your legs allowing Chris to take a comfortable position, rubbing his morning erection against your covered core.
"Chris .... Chris ..." You tried to break the kiss, but Chris didn't think to do so. So you put your fingers in his hair and pulled it lightly to get his attention. "Dodger" you pointed to the dog that was sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at his parents.
Chris lowered his head, hiding his face in the hollow of your neck. After a while, he got up, picked up the toy, and looked at the dog.
"Come on Bubba, get out." the man pointed to the door and threw a teddy lion. When Dodger jumped off the bed and ran into the hall, Chris closed the door and came back to you.
"It wasn't nice," you said as Chris kissed your neck.
"I'll make it up to him later, I have to take care of my girlfriend for now." after these words your T-shirt ended up on the floor, and after a while your boyfriend's pants too. You will really miss these mornings when Chris gets back to work.
Tag list: @patzammit​ 
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sariahsue · 2 years ago
The Ad Campaign
When Gabriel realizes that Ladybug has a thing for his son, he strategically sets up advertisements of Adrien shirtless all over the city, to distract her while she's fighting the next akuma. It's super effective! 
Part one of a two-shot. 700 words. Rated PG for mild comedic ogling.
     There would come a day, Marinette knew, when she would meet Gabriel Agreste again. She wasn't sure when that was going to happen. She also wasn't sure what her reaction would be. Would she hug him in gratitude? Or would she slap him? There was no way to be sure.
    The day began like any normal Tuesday. She woke up late, cursed whoever decided to make morning start so early in the day, and ran out the door with a piece of toast in her mouth. The "normal" ended as Marinette crossed the street, her mouth falling open, her toast hitting the pavement. In front of her was a 20-foot tall billboard of Adrien.
    New Gabriel ad campaigns always made her a little weak at the knees. Who wouldn't love a new set of pictures of their crush to stare at? But this one was different. It was an advertisement for a new line of pants. To make sure that buyers could see how well they sat on the hips, Adrien was shirtless. Or maybe that was only the excuse they were making to have their most attractive model pose half-naked. Her eyes raked up and down the giant photo, taking in his well-toned muscles, his seductive smile, his disheveled hair. Marinette's mouth went dry.
    When the school bell rang, she was close enough to hear it, but mentally far enough away that it took her another full minute to realize that it meant she was late for class and that she needed to move herself.
    A few minutes later than she had originally planned, she slipped into the classroom, eyes on the ground. Adrien's shoes peeked out from under his desk, but that was all she allowed herself to see of him. There was no way she could look him in the eye right now.
    That had been three hours ago, and she'd spent the whole morning red-faced and spluttering. When she wasn't stealing looks at Adrien, she was stealing glances at his pictures (and reinserting her eyes back into her face). The new photos seemed to be everywhere. They popped up as ads when she googled something. They were passed around in the hallways. She could even see one on a billboard from her science room window. That class had ended with a lecture on lab safety after she accidentally set her textbook on fire.
    Marinette was looking forward to a nice, relaxing, calming lunch at home, where she could control her exposure to "the ad" and maybe collect herself. The universe had different plans for her. Or at least Hawk Moth did.
    As she started to shovel her books into her backpack, an emergency alert went out on her phone, informing all of Paris that there was an akuma attack. All were advised to shelter in place. Marinette swore under her breath. So much for a soothing lunch break. Her fraying sanity would have to wait.
    The bell sounded a second later, and she slipped out of the classroom, escaping from Alya (who'd been laughing at her reactions all day). All she could do was tell herself to focus on the fight and hope the akuma stayed away from billboards. She could ignore the puddle of goo that was her insides for a few minutes while they cleaned up Hawk Moth's mess, right?
    When Ladybug got outside, she discovered she was in severe trouble. She'd already known that the new Gabriel ads were everywhere, but she hadn't realized they were EVERYWHERE. Mr. Agreste had apparently bought every other billboard in the city overnight. She was absolutely doomed.
    Ladybug got to the fight first, and within the first minute she'd let herself get tripped, tossed three blocks over, and knocked into the Seine without her yoyo. Cat Noir turned up just then and made some stupid pun about cat-fishing. He laughed when she threatened to push him in herself, but she was grateful to finally have something else to look at.
    When they found the akuma again, he was perched on top of another one of "the ads," pacing, drawing her attention, and her face started to warm up again. It was going to be a looong day.
(The second half will be up tomorrow night! is right here! Adrien’s point of view!)
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chimilkie · a year ago
bts reacts; you sneak into the dorm to see them
an:// because of the recent corona virus pandemic, my classes have been cancelled and i’m forced to complete them from home for the next few weeks. the virus is very unfortunate and i send my wishes to anyone who has been deeply affected by this event. i’m using writing as an outlet to release all the negative emotion i feel towards this health crisis, if any of you need an outlet to release frustration - my ask box is open, i’ll respond to you privately if you do not wish for me to share the ask on my page with the rest of my followers. stay safe and healthy my loves <3
posted: march 21, 2020
kim seokjin
Tumblr media
the past few days he had been staying late at the studio with the choreographer so that he could pick up the moves of the new choreography quicker and avoid frustration during actual practices with the rest of the boys. and although you were proud of him for working so hard to learn the dances even though he absolutely hated the learning process of it, you really missed him. you knew that tonight would be the only open opportunity to spend time with him for the next week because tomorrow was the start of all the commercials and concept photo productions for their upcoming comeback.
you made a split second decision to head to a restaurant and then to the dorms instead of going straight home. he made so much effort to make enough time for you in between his busy schedules so you figured it wouldn’t hurt to do a little something for him and surprise him with a dinner night. you shot jimin a text letting him know that you were coming over and asking him to leave the door unlocked and not tell the rest of the boys so that they didn’t make a huge deal about it this late at night.
after you picked up the food you drove over to the dorms as quickly as you could without breaking any speeding laws. after passing through the gates and parking your car in the car garage, you gathered all the bags in your hands and made your way to the elevator that led to their apartment complex. it was a long eight floors up and you felt like your arms were about to fall right off your body from the weight of all the bags you were holding. after the elevator dinged and the door slid open, you hurried over to the dorm room door and gently opened it before slipping inside and closing it once more behind yourself. you placed three of the bags of food on the table in the kitchen and locked the door for an extra safety measure.
in the living room jimin and jungkook laid splayed out on the couches. “hey guys.” you whispered to gain their attention. they both turned their attention to you and smiled upon seeing that you arrived safely.
“hi noona.” jungkook mumbled softly, about to stand up and help you with the rest of the bags.
you shook your head at him with a laugh and began making your way down the dark hallway. “don’t bother kook, i’m fine. i locked the front door and there’s some bags of food on the kitchen counter for you guys and the other boys. goodnight.”
“goodnight, y/n!” jimin softly called out after you as you made your way to jin’s room. you pushed the door open softly and immediately made eye contact with your boyfriend who was laying on the bed with his facial products laid out in front of him and a cup of tea interlocked in his fingers.
“jagi, i didn’t know you were coming over. you should’ve told me so i could have prepared tea for you as well.” he grinned at you.
you laughed and walked over to place the bags of food gently on the nightstand. “no need for that, i just wanted to surprise you with food and a movie before comeback preparations start.” you explained before leaning down to quickly place a kiss on his lips.
min yoongi
Tumblr media
you had gotten the week off of work after a large pipe of broken and flooded the main office building of the campus. you were laying on your couch watching your third k-drama of the day when you received a string of texts from your rather distressed boyfriend. he had claimed that namjoon had kicked him out of the studio and dragged him home to get to rest. he then went on to exclaim - with some very colorful language - how frustrated he was about it. you replied back almost immediately and, to yoongi’s dismay, completely agreed with what namjoon had done. he did need rest, he was just too stubborn to admit it to himself.
‘okay well are you going to fight with me about it or sneak past namjoon and spend the night with me?’ came his genius reply. you rolled your eyes and let out a long sigh before sliding out from under your blanket and grabbing your keys from the kitchen counter.
‘omw <3′
‘thought so.’
by the time you really comprehended that you had just left your house at midnight just to sneak into your boyfriend’s dorm room, you were already in your car driving to the apartment complex that you had visited multiple times before. it didn’t take more than ten minutes for you to arrive at your destination and you would never admit to anyone that you were practically falling asleep against the wall of the elevator as you waited for it to reach the boys’ floor. the loud ding from the elevator startled you awake and before you knew it you were standing at the door to the apartment. you skimmed through your keys looking for the one that would unlock the door in front of you.
as you looked through the keys, you quickly thought of a game plan. if the world was currently against you, than one of the boys would be standing right inside the door in the kitchen. if the world was completely on your side, than all of the boys would be locked away in their rooms. but you knew that the most likely scenario was that they were all in the living room. it was all a game of luck, and you just had to hope that whoever was inside wasn’t namjoon or wouldn’t make a scene and alert namjoon.
you took a deep breath before slipping the key into the lock and turning it, resulting in the door slowly creaking open. you stuck your head inside and looked around, letting out a sigh of relief when you realized that no one who in the kitchen and there was no light or sound coming from the living room. you slipped into the dorm and quietly shut and locked the door behind you. you kicked off your shoes and hid them behind a stack of the other shoes lined up at the door so that they wouldn’t be the first things someone noticed in the morning. you slowly walked through the kitchen and turned to make your way down the hallway when you heard a quiet snore from the couch. you didn’t turn to see who it was and risk getting caught, you just rushed down the hallway before shoving yoongi’s door open and throwing yourself in.
he was laid upon his bed with a smug look on his face. “took you long enough.”
“that was the scariest thing i’ve ever done.” you breathed with a pout. he threw his head back in a laugh before grabbing your hand and yanking you into the bed with him.
jung hoseok
Tumblr media
hoseok hadn’t even told the boys about you and his relationship with eachother yet, much less introduced you to them. usually he would visit your apartment so that you both could hang out in private without suspicion from anyone in a public stance. sometimes you would take small road trips on his days off but otherwise that it was just small date nights at your apartment or you sneaking into the company building to drop off some food at his studio late at night. but he texted you after him and the boys wrapped up practice telling you that he missed you a lot and that if you were up to it, he would leave the dorm front door unlocked so that you could sneak in after the rest of the boys fell asleep.
you agreed after a little convincing on his part and you both decided that you would head there straight after work and text him before you came up the elevator so that he could make sure all the boys were occupied and you could get to his room without being noticed by anyone. he texted you just as you had left your office building that he and the boys had arrived home and he was waiting in the kitchen for you arrival.
he had mentioned that yoongi and namjoon had gone to the studio to work on a melody that they had been struggling with finishing and that taehyung had hopped in the shower. that calmed your nerves a little bit - you only had to sneak past jungkook, seokjin, and jimin. that seemed much easier than having to sneak past all seven of them.
‘i’m riding the elevator up.’
‘‘talked jimin and jin-hyung into finishing their wine on the balcony, just have to get past jk ;)’
he said it like that was going to be easy to do - it’s jungkook for god’s sake. but you pushed your nerves aside and swallowed every piece of doubt in your mind. this would work and if it didn’t resulting in all the boys finding out - they would be accepting of you, right? you sure hoped so. once the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened, you quickly walked down the hall until you stood in front of the the dorm’s front door. you quickly unlocked your phone and texted hobi that you were there.
not more than three seconds after you sent the text, the door flung open to reveal your boyfriend grinning on the other side. “quick.” he whispered with a laugh, locking his fingers with yours and pulling you behind him. “jungkook is on the couch. so i’ll just start a quick conversation with him and while he is distracted just slip past and run down the hallway, third door on the right. make sure you don’t walk into the bathroom because one, taehyung will be naked and two, he’ll scream and get the attention of the other three.”
“okay, i’ll be there.” you giggled before pressing your lips to his in a quick kiss.
kim namjoon
Tumblr media
he had been working on the same melody for the past three weeks, claiming that there was something missing that was throwing the whole vibe of the song off. you had offered multiple times that maybe he should take a break from working on the melody and write some verses for the song instead. but he had rolled his eyes at that offer and explained that he needed the melody to be completed first before working on the lyrics to the song.
it was now almost an hour past midnight and you were quite frankly bored of this whole charade. he had promised that he’d be done by 11 at latest, but here you were two hours past that time - watching him do the same three things to the melody over and over again. “namjoon, you need to rest. you and the boys have a shoot tomorrow.”
“i know baby, just let me try this one last thing.” he mumbled under his breath, playing around with the guitar. you grunted and stood up, walking towards the door to collect your bag and shoes.
“joonie, get your stuff together and put your shoes on. we’re going home.” you told him gently. you grabbed the handle of the door and slowly pulled it open as to not alert an staff in the building that you both were still there.
“jin-hyung can’t see me go in this late, he’ll have my head if he knows i stayed in the studio all night.” he tried to talk you out of the decision you had already made but he didn’t seem to think it would work as he was already shutting down all his equipment and leaning the guitar up against its stand.
“then i guess we’ll have to sneak in without anyone noticing.” you giggled, grabbing his hand in your own and pulling him out of the room once he had grabbed his phone and jacket. it was a quick fifteen minute walk from the studio to the dorm and before you knew it, you both were trying to slowly open the front door without cracking up into laughter.
“this is so stupid.” you snorted, almost tripping over shoes that one of the boys left lying right in the doorway. and although he watched you trip over them, he didn’t seem to put together that he would most likely trip over them too. he fell against the wall next to the fridge and started wheezing. he was wheezing.
“would you shut up?” you cackled. “we can’t wake anyone up.”
“too late.” you both whipped around to face jimin, who was standing in the doorway of the kitchen with his arms crossed over his chest. “interesting. buy all my takeout for the next three months and seokjin never finds out about this.”
“deal.” namjoon sighed throwing his head back in exasperation.
park jimin 
Tumblr media
work had been good for the first time in awhile. all the customers you worked with were polite and respectful and the day passed by rather quickly. you left the office building in a good mood, stopped to pick up some chicken from the local food mart, and drove home to relax for the rest of the evening. you had facetimed your boyfriend during your lunch break that day and he had told you about the new difficult choreography they were beginning to learn and how you should stop by at the studio that weekend and check it out once it was finished.
you knew that meant he would be working late and more productively that same night so that he could pick up on the moves and transitions much quicker than the other boys (minus hoseok; he’s a beast). you were lounging across your couch watching some western movie that had popped on under recommended when your phone began ringing from the other side of the couch. you groaned and tossed you blanket off your lap before stretching to grab your phone. you answered the call without checking who it was and immediately help the device up to your ear.
“hello?” you croaked into the microphone.
“hey baby, i’m outside.” jimin voice echoed into your ear and you immediately felt yourself begin to blush. he used to do small things like this at the beginning of your relationship when he and the boys weren’t as busy as they are now. he’d show up outside in the company car and pick you up just because he missed you.
“coming.” you grinned before hanging up. you lifted the remote and shut the tv off before grabbing the plate of chicken and running into the kitchen to place it in the fridge. you grabbed your house keys and a thin jacket, slipped on some random slippers placed by the front door and practically ran out to the apartment complex parking lot. like promised, there he sat against the side of the car with a snarky grin on his face.
“this is a pleasant surprise.” you laughed, running up to wrap him in a hug. he laughed and leaned in to kiss you deeply.
“i missed you. we’re gonna have to sneak into the dorm because i don’t think the guys know that i’m still out so get all your laughs out now.” he shifted his feet so he was no longer leaning against the side of the car and opened the door for you. “god, i’m beat. hurry up, i want my bed.” he joked pushing your shoulder gently.
“oh shut up.” you laughed swatting playfully at his hand. “you’re lucky i’m even leaving my house this late.”
kim taehyung
Tumblr media
you had been studying for online exams alone in your apartment for the past week now. it was stressful and extremely tiring but it was what you needed to do if you wanted to qualify for the new internship program that was starting up in june. you hadn’t been able to see taehyung in person for awhile now thanks to the busy schedules that constantly occupied you both. you missed him, and you knew that you weren’t going to be able to concentrate for the rest of the night with your heart yearning to see him again.
you packed up your books and laptop in your shoulder bag and began turning off all the nights that were on. it wasn’t even ten minutes later that you were in your car driving in the direction of the dorms. you shot him a quick text asking if he was home and he replied rather quickly saying that he was and that he had just gotten into bed.
you smiled, you would finally be able to just lay with him for a few hours and just enjoy his company before you both would have to wake up the next morning and continue on with your busy lives. the drive to the dorms was short as there weren’t that many cars on the street considering how late it was. once your car was parked you made your way into the complex and entered the elevator, smiling politely at the desk attendant on your way. you waited patiently for the elevator to get to the eighth floor and once the loud speaker dinged, the doors immediately slid open. you walked across the hallway whilst skimming through the keys on your lanyard looking for the one that would unlock the door.
once inside the dorm you kicked your shoes off next to the piles of other shoes and placed your shoulder bag on the kitchen counter. jimin, jungkook, and hoseok all sat across the couches in the living room watching some netflix film. “hey y/n.” hoseok called out. “taehyung’s in his room.”
“hey guys. i’ll be there if you need me.” you grinned at them before turning and making your way down the hall. once you made it to his door you gently turned the knob to push your way in.
“missed me?” you laughed once you made eye contact with the man who was tucked into a burrito on his bed, hugging his pillow close to his body.
he grinned boyishly and pushed the pillow away from his body to hold his arms out towards you. “yes, thank god! hugging a pillow gets uncomfortable sometimes.”
jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
jungkook had been seriously overworking himself when it came to the choreography and his vocals lately. if he wasn’t staying up late in the dance studio rehearsing the newest choreography then he’d be in his studio practicing the same three notes over and over again. the boys knew that if he kept going at this rate he would end up doing more harm than good to himself. it was so bad that even when the boys had called you in to try and get jungkook to come home with them early, he had actually gotten frustrated with you for getting involved.
you left in a bad mood, and the boys had decided enough was enough. they dragged the maknae home and forced him to take the night and whole next morning off to rest himself. he knew that he had been in the wrong for snapping at you the day before and wanted to make it up to you, but the boys wouldn’t even allow him to leave the dorm to go see you. so he turned to his last resort - technology.
‘jagi, i’m on lockdown. please come over and i’ll sneak you in :(’
‘you’re lucky i’m already on my way.’
he waited patiently for you to tell him that you were waiting outside the front door and when you finally sent him the arrival text he practically flew off his bed and down the hall. the boys were all having a relaxing drink on the back balcony which gave him a few moments to sneak you into the house and down the hall. he opened the door and pulled you into a deep kiss as soon as you locked eyes.
once he pulled away he smiled at you for a few moments, a little dazed as you smiled back. “oh!” he jumped after realizing he needed to get you to his room. he grabbed your wrist gently and began pulling you after him. “the boys are on the balcony, so just be really quiet and we should be able to sneak past unnoticed.”
you giggled, jogging after him through the kitchen as he tried to keep from stepping on any loose floorboards that would end up creaking and alerting his hyungs. “okay, okay slow down my legs aren’t as long as yours.”
“sorry jagi, just hurry up!” he laughed as quietly as possible as you both successfully crept around the corner and slipped into his room unnoticed.
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mmmufc · 8 days ago
'tis the damn season
pairing: (fem!) reader x mason mount word count: 5,855 prompt: 'tis the damn season notes: okay, wow. this is the longest piece of fic i've written in a while. i hope you enjoy. i'll be back w/ blurbs soon! warnings: slight smut in the middle
22nd December:
God, you hadn’t been back to Portsmouth in god knows how long. You’d moved to London for uni, and never really looked back. Until now. You had always made excuses in the past; too busy or your family should come up to see you. Or you’d always meet somewhere in the middle. But this year, your grandma demanded you home for Christmas. You’re a grown woman, an independent woman with a full time job, two degrees and a mortgage. But, when your gran tells you to come home for Christmas; you do. You’d not been back for Christmas since, Christ, before you and Mason split. So you do it with no questions, because frankly, she scares you and it’s been too long. So here you are, your foot jigging up and down on your train to London. You’d left London almost three years ago, and made your move up to Manchester in order to teach full time.
You loved your job, you’d always wanted to be a teacher and you’ve never found something so fulfilling. You teach English full time; and you loved it. You love the feeling of explaining some form of writer's method and watching your students grasp the concept, and take it in stride - often implementing it into their own work. You love the feeling of sharing a book recommendation with your classes and opening discussion of a text. The way their eyes lit up was something you’d never tire of, especially when you were dishing out praise. You loved your job, and after such a long time, you were content. You couldn’t say you were happy, but contentment described your emotions. There was always a nagging feeling that something was missing. Or, if you’d listened to your mum, someone was missing. If you’re honest with yourself, that’s probably - is - the reason why you haven’t been back home. You were together since the start of secondary school, and everywhere you looked - you were reminded of what you once had.  What you’d lost. You supposed you weren’t over it. How could you be? How could you after seeing his face plastered all over all social media outlets? Especially after his performance this past summer. How could you be over him when the two of you were living your respective dreams but not with each other? How could you be when you were meant to be by his side when he won the Champions League with Chelsea? Stuff you both could only ever dare to dream about. But, he did it all without you - that’s the bit that stings.
And God, the girls! They sting you too. The girls that kept posting about him as if they knew him. As if, he was theirs. It hurt. You’d missed him. You missed his smile, and his laugh. The way fat tears rolled down both of your cheeks, you had assured him that things would be okay - that you’d both find your way at some point soon. You told each other you loved one another. The distance ended up being too much. You both were so used to living next door to each other and when you lived over two hundred miles away from each other - it couldn’t last. That’s why you both ended it. It was mutual, it wasn’t enough. Your application for your training contract was in Manchester, and his contract in London. No matter how hard you’d tried, it hurt.
Then, the photos of him wrapped around a girl that looked awfully similar to you came out. You remember just finishing your second term and getting the WhatsApp from your friend asking if the two of you were still together - you weren’t, not officially, but it seemed like you were. You’d texted him for the last time then; ‘Have a good life, Mase. You deserve it x’ You didn’t get a response, and you weren’t counting on it. You were over and you both knew that then, you’d severed any tangible ties between the two of you and you were free to do whatever you want with whoever you wanted. But why did it still hurt so much? Why couldn’t you kiss the attractive footballer in the club that night? Because it wasn’t him. Your rationale knew that, but it still didn’t soften the blow.
You’d honestly meant no malice when you’d texted him, but your heart was heavy and you didn’t want to hold him any further back. He was the next big thing for both Chelsea and for the national team. Mason certainly didn’t need a childhood sort-of-girlfriend sort-of-best-friend distracting him. The pain you felt after that was the worst thing you’d ever felt. He was your first boyfriend, first love, first time and first kiss. He was everything to you, until he wasn’t anymore. Twenty five year old you still felt the pain that twenty two year old you felt. It wasn’t as sharp anymore, but it was something you’d learned to live with. Some days it was harsher, and since starting your weekly sessions with your therapist you knew it’d always been there but you didn’t know that until years later. She’d suggested coming home for Christmas, and accepting your Gran’s invitation, telling you that ‘it could do you good’ and perhaps, some of the hurt would disperse and the pain you associated with your hometown wouldn’t be as sharp.
The train lulled to a stop in London Paddington, the early morning rush beginning. You sighed, lugging your luggage from the overhead compartment and down to your feet. You walked the once familiar route to the tube station and got on the Northern line to Waterloo. You got yourself a bagel and a coffee while you waited for your train home.
The train to Portsmouth was cramped and you wished you’d shelled out the extra £17.50 for the first class seats. You’d stood a whole hour and you had a half hour to go, you still clung to your long empty coffee cup. Why had you decided to travel three days before Christmas? Why didn’t you go on a weekday? Not a fucking weekend where every person and their neighbour were seemingly packed into this train.
But what you never expected, nor prepared yourself for, was Mason. Why he took the train you’d never know, but he hadn’t seen you - thank god - and why on earth was Declan with him? You practically bolted, turning quickly to the other end of the train, wincing when you felt the wheels of your too big suitcase roll over your toe. “Fuck.” You swore. You must’ve been louder than you’d anticipated because his head turned, and you both froze. “Fuck.” You said again, your stomach doing cartwheels and you felt eleven again after he kissed your cheek on the way home from school. He raised his hand in a somewhat wave, and some form of ‘come here’ and your brain had no chance to catch up with your body. There you were, standing in front of him and clinging onto your suitcase for dear life.
He looked prettier in person, you’d noted. Older too. Yet, underneath it all, you swore you still saw the boy you fell in love with all those years ago. “Hi,” He said, you were too oblivious to note the reddening of his cheeks and the way Dec sent a wink to his best friend. Your cheeks reddened too, and you had no clue why. “Hello,” You said, a smile spreading across your face. You smiled involuntarily, less than a minute with him and you were a blushing, smiling mess. “Sit here,” He offered, gesturing to the seat next to him. You could only nod, pushing your offending suitcase up into the overhead carrier and slipping in beside him.
“Hi Dec,” You said, a small grin on your face. You honestly were so proud of both boys; they’d made such a name for themselves and your heart swelled with pride now - looking at them both. “Are you going to Mase’s for Christmas?” You internally cringed at the accidental nickname, but you didn’t think he noticed - not if the way he was looking at you was any inclination. He had that look on his face. The way he used to look at you before he kissed you, and fuck, you wished he would kiss you. Because you wanted to feel his stubble against your cheeks.
“Yeah, he’s gatecrashing my bloody Christmas is what he’s doing.” Mason supplied, the smile on his face showed he was joking - you knew he was by his tone of voice. “But, I’m here ‘till after New Years. Injured ‘n all. Getting my fitness up.”
You’d nodded then, “I’m leaving on the 2nd of January. Someone’s gotta get back to teach.” Once he’d hurt that, his face had practically lit up, the three of you then engaging in conversation. It flowed easily between the three of you, like it always had. God, you felt seventeen again with the way he was looking at you. It was all so overwhelming and tingly and it felt right. Like this was your something missing.
The train lugged to a stop in the station; you sighed and pulled down your suitcase. “Fuck,” you swore, feeling the weight of the suitcase land onto your foot. Then, Mason took your suitcase from you and you balked. “You’re injured!” You practically whisper yelled, pulling his hold-all from the top and gesturing for him to lead the way. “What? Is a woman holding your bag an issue for you?” You asked sweetly, head tilted to the side and a small, sheepish grin on your lips. He shook his head, “No, of course not.” He’d told you, grin matching your own.
“Well are you two standing here ‘til New Year staring at each other?” He’d said, and the both of you shared matching blushes. You’d ducked out of the carriage, head low to hide the reddening of your cheeks.
A grin spilt your face in half, practically running toward your little sister. “I missed you,” You told her, and she just nodded back. “I’m here to take you home, mum said now I passed my test I can drive you about,” She’d told you, and God, you missed her. You’d missed not being here and that was the bit that stung. You thanked her, and turned to Dumb and Dumber. “Are yous wanting to cadge a lift?” You asked, head tilted as you took in their appearances. They looked tired, and you felt almost mean leaving them here. After a nod from Declan, the four of you were walking toward your little sister’s car - your arm was draped around your sister, and your hand still held Mason’s bag.
Declan had insisted on sitting in the front, claiming he had longer legs which warranted him sitting up front - so you were sat in the back with Mason.
You smiled at him then, and suddenly you were transported back to sixteen again and you both were on your way to prom. “You okay?” He whispered to you, and you’d only smiled, arching your body toward his. “Yeah, I’m good. Right where I need to be. You? Y’know, aside from your injury,’ You replied, hand gesturing to his groin. Mason smiled then, his wide, bright smile that you’d once kidded yourself into thinking was saved just for you. It made your stomach flip. “I’m good. Glad to be home, and seeing everybody again.” You thought he was talking about his friends from home - the both of your friends from home, you corrected yourself - but, did he really just mean you?
Mason wasn’t like you, he didn’t avoid situations just because his brain had conjured up that it may be awkward. “I’m meeting some of the school lot tonight. Come with me,” He asked, and you found yourself smiling and nodding before you could comprehend what you had done. “Of course,” You said, your eyes locked onto his and God, he could’ve asked you anything then - the early morning sun streaming through the window which made him look Godlike. You wished you still could reach out to kiss him, or to run your fingers over his beard, or through his hair. You knew then, that he was everything you could ever want - but never have.
You wore black jeans, a fairly thick jumper, a leather jacket and a slightly heeled boot. Then, you’d heard something collide with your bedroom window. “What?” You’d mused to yourself, inching your way closer to the window. The noise repeated again, “The fuck?” You murdered, pulling open the blinds to find Mason standing beneath your bedroom window with small pebbles in his hand. “Am I in a Taylor Swift music video?” You teased, winking at him. “Be down in a minute.” You called, bounding your way down the stairs and kissing your mum on the cheek before you left.
“Your sweet chariot awaits.” He said, in a faux old English accent - opening the car door for you. You had giggled in response, sliding into the passenger seat of his dad’s car. “God I feel seventeen again,” You murmured, noting the way he was driving. “We’re not drinking in a field are we? Or is it that café we used to go to so much?” You asked, eyes widening when you saw his small nod - you didn’t dare ask which was which. “Where’s Dec anyway?”
“With my dad. I think he came this year for him, y'know.” He said.
You looked over at him and noticed the way you knew he wanted to say something, but he wouldn’t, or he couldn’t. “Go on, out with it.” You said, eyes glued to his side profile.
“What?” He balked, and you gave him a knowing look which is when he relented. “Okay, fine. I just, are you with anybody? ‘Cos apparently some footballer follows you on instagram and it’s not me or Dec and I just want to know and-“ You cut him off, laughing.
“No. No, I'm not with anybody. Yeah, Marcus follows me on instagram but that’s ‘cos I’m the co-ordinator of his meals programme at the school I’m at and he’s come in a couple of times. That’s all.” You had no clue why you were justifying this to him, or why you felt the need to justify it to him. “How about you anyway? Are you with anyone?” You asked and he shook his head.
“No, nobody since you.”
You let yourself nod, the information was far too pleasing for somebody who had supposedly moved on.
“Good,” He said, and you found yourself agreeing with his sentiment. It was good, and frankly, you refused to ignore the way it made your heart race and stomach flip.
Seeing everyone again was fun. You almost felt like the last six years hadn’t happened, and you were all getting ready to move away to university and you were all wide eyed and ready. Some of you had kids, some were married and some couldn’t come at all.
The two of you, though, gravitated to each other - easy smiles and small touches here and there which made your heart swell. You were what, three vodka cokes in and fuck, you finally allowed yourself to feel what you’d missed. His presence; everything about him you’d missed and it was so nice seeing him again. Natural, and carefree. Away from football, and away from the cameras. He was here, and present and that was probably the least expected outcome but you were there and he was there. You made you way over to him, grinning as you approached. “Hi,” You whispered, smiling up at him. He smiled back, “Hello,” and fuck, you think you melted on the spot. You wanted to kiss him, you really did and you supposed nobody would blame you.
So you did. You threw caution to the wind and kissed him. You pressed your lips to his lightly, and you’d fucking missed him. His arm moved to hold you at the waist and you think you melted. Your eyes fluttered open and he treated you to the smile you know is reserved just for you, shy and fuck, it was the best thing you’d seen all year. “Hi,” he’d whispered against your lips and fuck, you loved him. You really did and it was nauseating and exciting. Hello,” you’d said back and pecked his lips again. You put your drink on the table next to him and your arms looped around his neck. “I’ve really fucking missed you.” He admitted, and your swore your heart grew three sizes. “I missed you too. So much. Don’t wanna be away again,” You told him and then he kissed you. A proper kiss, one you could feel in your toes. You saw a camera flash, and you pulled away to find your best friend from school holding her phone with an apologetic glance. “Wanna go home?” You’d whispered, and he nodded. He interlocked his fingers with yours and the two of you left. “Wait. Wait. I wanna remember this,” You said, pulling out your phone and taking a photo of the two of you - his lips finding your cheek and your smile was wider than anything you could’ve anticipated. “There,” You smiled, pecking his lips again.
When you got into the car, his hand rested on your thigh the whole way and you felt your body buzzing in anticipation. You knew that nothing probably would happen but you wanted his body pressed against yours as you familiarised yourself with his body all over again. “My house is empty,” He’d told you and you nodded, hand slipping over his own and squeezing. The car stopped outside his house and you slipped out, tapping your foot against the concrete in anticipation. Your entire body was humming, he was intoxicating. The way he smelled, the way he put his hand at the small of your back to brush past you. He’d kissed you after he shut the door, and you pushed yourself into his body. Fuck. He felt so good pressed against you, even through the layers of both of your clothes. You pushed the leather jacket from your shoulders and smiled at him, and kissed him again.
“C’mon,” He muttered and you followed him up the stairs and into his bedroom. He pulled you in by the hips, and fuck, the feeling of his lower half being pressed against you was fucking incredible. “Still blue, hm?” You teased, fingers slipping beneath the hem of his shirt to pull it up and over his head. Your fingers ran along his chest, tracing the hard lines that run down his body.
He does the same to you, your jumper lifted and flat against the carpet. You thank your lucky stars you put matching underwear on, but suddenly, his hands are everywhere. He’s everywhere and it’s incredible, his hands firmly planted against your sides as his mouth works on your neck and chest, tongue darting out to trace the line of your bra. He picked you up then, strong arms sweeping underneath your thighs to hold you even closer. You kissed, fuck, and it was deep and everything you’d ever wanted. His tongue swept over your lips and you gladly let him in, tingling in anticipation.
Your eyes fluttered shut, your hands threading through his hair. You tugged on his hair and the half moan, half grunt he let out in response was enough to send your legs to jelly. Mason smiled, in that half-lidded way that made your head spin and you nodded. You laid back on his bed, your fingers undoing the button on your jeans - sliding the denim down your legs.
Then he was in between your legs and he was kissing you, your hands pushing down his bottoms and pants in one swoop. At the same time, he unclasped off your bra and panties and you’d never felt prettier - not with the way he was looking at you as if you were everything to him. His fingers teased you, and fuck, you were dripping. All his stupid little touches and glances and he’d gotten you in this state. Fuck. “I’ve got a coil and I’m clean,” You breathed and he nodded
“I’m clean too,” He told you and gave you this look, and fuck, you’d let him do anything in that moment. Your hips lifted up to meet him, and when he pushed inside you, you nearly cried. Mason felt so good, he always had done, but fuck. You’d missed the way he stretched you and you’d missed the way he made you feel full.
Your hips moved in time with his, meeting his thrusts and god, your breath became shorter and you nearly wept when his hand slid between your bodies and he started to play with your clit. Because, fuck, he still shouldn’t know what makes you squirm and what makes you go fucking feral. But he did. And boy, when you wrapped your legs around his waist, you whimpered. “You take me so well,” He breathed to you; “You always have done baby.” Feeling every inch of him inside of you, combined with his words and fuck you could feel the spring tightening in the pit of your stomach. “Look so pretty all fucked and messy,” He’d whispered, changing the angle of his hips and fuck, you came undone against him. That only made him more determined, and his hips kept going until you felt the twitch inside of you and he came undone inside of you.
He rolled next to you, chests panting and you couldn’t help but smile. He was here; and you were too and you’d just had the best sex you’d had in god knows how long. “Not bad, Mount.” You teased, a smile playing on your lips.
That seemingly spurred him on, “Not bad? I’ll show you,” He said through a smirk and pulled you on top of him.
23rd December:
You woke up the next morning wrapped around Mason, and fuck, you wished you never given this up. You lean into him, kissing the side of his jaw. “Morning,” You mumbled, your smile clear when he pulled you closer. “I gotta get back. Mum’ll be wondering where I am and Dec’ll be barging in here soon,” You told him in between kisses.
“Let him, nosy bastard.” You’d laughed, letting him pull you into his chest. You traced the tattoo that sat on his arm reading your shared birth year. “I’ve still got mine,” You breathed, pointing to your left arm. He grinned, pecking your lips. “Knew you would.”
At that, you pushed yourself up, only to be kept back with his arm around your waist. You laughed, shaking your head. “Shift, c’mon. I wanna make it out of here before I’m sat before Dec and your dad asking us about our night.” He relented, and you stood and pulled his shirt from last night over your body. “Way to give the game away,” He mumbled to you, lips finding yours again and you just shrugged. “Smells nice.”
You made a quick dart to the bathroom, and wiped your face. You still couldn’t rid yourself of the silly grin that overtook your face. People had said people glow when they’re happy, and you supposed you were happy. You walked out of the bathroom, smiled at Declan who was stood staring at you like you’d grown three heads and ducked back into Mason’s bedroom. “He was right there!” You whisper-shouted at Mason who’s shoulders were shaking. “Oi! You think this is funny, don’t you?” You said, throwing your balled up jumper toward him. He sheepishly nodded, and you scoffed. “Fine! If that’s how you want to play, that’s fine. You’re not getting this back,” You pointed to your - his - top, “And! I’m taking these,” You said, pulling his joggers up your legs and rolling them at your waist. “Oh, two more things!’ You giggle, unhooking his hoodie and wrapping it around your body. “And finally,” You pause, shuffling up his bed to plant yourself on his lap. “The last thing,” You muttered, hands holding his face as you pressed your lips to his. “See you later?” He asked, hands holding your hips and you nodded. “Missed you so much,” He told you against your lips, and fuck, he sounded so sweet and sincere you had to kiss him again. “Right! Right! I’m going.” You bid your goodbye which ended in a couple more kisses, an awkward hug from his dad and then you had bound into your own house.
Your sister had been relentless ever since you got back from Mason’s, and your mum had just smiled in the way that she does that made you wonder if she planned this to happen all along. You sighed, checking your watch. It was nearly seven, and you, Dec and Mase were going for food. You don’t know why you’d agreed - especially because the last time you did you ended up in Mason’s bed.
You left your house and found the two boys arguing over who’s driving. “Are you kidding? Give it,” you told them, arms crossed over your front which made both boys sag at the shoulders until Declan handed you the keys. You slid into the drivers side and waited for whoever would sit up front. You weren’t surprised to find Dec next to you, even though he only had an extra two inches on Mason - he insisted on sitting in the front because of his long legs.
“You okay?” You asked both of them, reversing out of the drive and onto the quiet road you grew up on. They both nodded and you shrugged.
“Looks like you’ve found your own clothes tho,” Declan said to you, and you turned and scowled. Your hand came into contact with his shoulder as you lightly smacked him. “Yeah, I have but, have you?” You questioned, noticing the shirt that looked awfully familiar to the one Mason had on the morning before. “Well, we match clothes!” He defended, and you raised an eyebrow in the mirror at Mason who just snickered.
The three of you found yourselves at a café that you used to frequent after school. You all ordered some form of egg. You eyed Declan, “Say it,” You had said, eyes narrowing at him. “How are you, mum and dad?” He said it with so much nonchalance it threw you, choking on the sip of coffee you’d just taken. Mason’s hand came to pat you on the back, and you smiled in thanks. “Yeah, we’re great, thanks son. Are you excited for Santa?” You cooed to Declan, Mason burst into laughter next to you and Declan sulked for a solid thirty seconds until both of their phones buzzed.
Both their phones buzzed, and their faces changed. There were photos of you and Mason from the night before, and photos of you two now. He showed you them and your mouth ran dry. You didn’t really get why you were so worried, you just didn’t want to jeopardise his career. He sighed, his hand finding yours and you’d intertwined his fingers with yours. Your eyes flashed down to your eggs and shrugged. “I mean, you’re both adults and it’s fine, so like, just ignore it.” You nodded at Declan and shovelled a mouthful of eggs Benedict into your mouth. You knew he was right, and nobody had even connected you to Mason, so you knew your name wasn’t in it. It was mainly tabloids wondering if he was training properly during his recovery time.
You’d gone quiet then, listening to the boys’ conversation and chiming in every so often. You supposed a part of you had forgotten he was still a professional footballer, and that was scary to you.
That’s why when you got home, you dialled Marcus. You needed insight from someone who wasn’t your ex-boyfriend or his best friend.
I take it you’ve seen the photos.
Yeah, I have. So what? There’s nothing wrong with it unless you make it an issue
What about what people will say? I don’t want to impact his career in a bad way, Rash. He’s everything to me.
You start to sniffle at this point, fat tears running down your cheeks.
Do you not think you’re everything to him too? Yous have matching tattoos, for crying out loud. He didn’t get his covered, and this entire time I’ve known him, he’s never been with anybody since you. You’re it for him. You’ve just got to decide if he’s it for you. Look, when he saw I followed you on instagram, he questioned me blind for three days. Wanted to know if we were a thing -
you scoff - that stings. But, he wanted to know if we were together and how I knew you.
Thank you, I just - I need some time. You’re a good friend, Rash. Have a good Christmas.
See you when you get back.
You pressed the red end button and sighed, staring at the device. You needed to decide if he was it for you, or if you were willing to move on. This was quite clearly your chance, and you didn’t know what direction to take.
So instead, you’d avoided it. You avoided your mind and your heart and threw yourself into baking. It seemed like the only plausible solution that didn’t end with you wiping tears away. You’d made a fruit cake and was now moving onto cupcakes. Then bread. God hoped your grandma hadn’t bought any desert for the festivities because you’d made more than enough.
Once you’d finished, you let the baked goods cool on a cooling rack and you slipped your feet into your trainers and hopped into your mum’s car. You needed presents for Mason and Declan. Your family’s presents sat firmly in your bedroom - wrapped and ready. But the emergence of your boys - the boys, you corrected yourself - caused you to need to buy more gifts.
You bought Declan the happy families game because he still hadn’t lifted calling you mum, and well, Mason is one you struggled with. Because anything you thought of, he probably already had. In the end, you spotted a black, leather bracelet that was awfully similar to the one he bought you when you were sixteen. You got two, one for you and one for him.
It was then your phone buzzed, a photo from your best friend from school came through - the one of you in Mason’s arms and fuck it was beautiful. Before you could leave, you printed a copy and framed it to go with his bracelet. You had no clue why you did what you did, but you felt it would throw the ball back in his court.
You smiled at your phone, replacing the wallpaper with the one of you and Mason. It was a too beautiful photo not to. You wrap the presents you’d bought that afternoon and just sit. You hadn’t let yourself just sit since you’d left Manchester. You’d been wrapped up in Mason, and thinking about Mason your head spun. When you mum sat next you and pulled you into her body. “I’ve missed you, darling girl.” She told you, and you finally let yourself feel the full force of emotion you felt regarding Mason. You felt tears well up in your eyes, because you knew that no matter which way you went, you were losing something. “Mum, I just, I don’t know what to do,” You admitted, tears welling in your eyes. “It’s been so long and I just, I don’t know. I know either way, I’m losing something, y’know? Either my job, or him.” She pulled you closer, holding you as you let the tears fall. “Love, you need to decide. Jobs are all over, there’s schools everywhere, but how many Mason Mount’s are there? I can’t decide what the decision is for you, but I think you know.” You nod, and curl further into her. “I know it’s hard baby, but it wouldn’t be love if it wasn’t hard.” She soothed, running her fingers through your hair. “You’re the kindest, most hard working girl I know. I’m so proud to call you my daughter.” Your eyes welled again, wiping underneath them. “You really mean that?” She nodded and you hugged her tighter. “I mean, London is closer to home than Manchester is, hon. You could be home more.” She admitted, and you grinned a little.
24th December
You woke up, and you wiped your eyes. This isn’t as pleasant as the way you woke up yesterday morning. You’d dropped off the gifts at the Mount household the night before, smiling at Mason’s dad as you handed him the gift bags, fruitcake and a batch of cookies you’d baked late last nice. He’d wrapped his arms around you tightly and thanked you. You were unsure what for, but you accepted his hug all the same. It honestly just reaffirmed your decision to do what you’d planned.
You grinned at your phone, ‘I think we need to talk x’ and you pressed send. ‘My garden in 10 minutes? X’ you sent again, flicking the kettle on as you did.
He soon came through your garden gate, features softening when he saw you. “Hi,” You said, a small smile on your face. He smiled, “Hello,” He mumbled, taking the seat next to you. A couple of seconds passed between the two of you. “Look, I’m saying this in the best way I can, ‘cos I need to know.” You nodded in response, not daring your throat to voice anything. “Are you happy? In Manchester, I mean. Because if you’re not, then, y’know,” He paused, not daring to meet your face because how could he? He’d spent the last three years of his life pining for you, and now you’re here and he couldn’t not tell you how he felt, or that he wanted you. Not just part time, not just until the 2nd when you went back home -  but, if you wanted it too, for a lifetime. “Cos, I got your presents and fuck, I cried and I’ve never been happier seeing us together like that. But, fuck, I want you. Not just for this week but forever.”
“I mean, I love my job. But, there’s something missing. I think I’ve realised that there’s someone missing. And, I think I’ve realised that the something is you.” You told him, and your eyes welled. “There’s other jobs, but there’s nobody else quite like you.” You whispered, moving to stand in front of him. His arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer. “I love you,” He’d whispered, and you kissed him. And fuck, you’d kissed him back as deeply as you could.
“I love you. So much.”
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eve-v0lution · a year ago
First Encounters
Day One of February Memory  @maribat-2k20 Haly’s Circus was the greatest thing Marinette had ever experienced in her six year old life. Her maman and papa had decided to take her while nonna was visiting, having sung praises of the circus and that she knew a few of the performers.
Marinette was young but she knew Gina Dupain could not be tied to one place for so long, it made sense that she had taken to meeting so many people. Marinette hoped to be like her one day; carefree, adventurous, brave and kind.
As the lights dimmed down she could feel the anticipation of the room build up; she thought she saw Nino, Kim and Chloe in the crowd but it was too dark to really tell.  She could always just ask on Monday.
Soon the ringmaster, Haly, came out with the ever used “Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Welcome to Haly’s Traveling Circus”
It was so colorful and captivating, the little girl almost felt like the show was catered for her, easily going above and beyond to almost unthinkable feats.
From strongmen to animal tamers to body contortionists. All of it was amazing!
The clowns were funny and colorful; the acrobats graceful and flawless; the strongmen looking like they put no effort; the animal tamers never using the whip as they just guided the tigers through tricks; knife throwers never missing a beat; contortionists looking effortless and comfortable. A parade of the animals came out and Marinette was a true goner.
The elephants were beginning to leave the arena, clowns and acrobats still doing tricks on their backs, when a drumroll began, lights dimming again, spotlights flying all over the place as Haly’s voice boomed.
“Ladies and Gents, feast your eyes on Haly’s own pride and joy; The Flying Graysons!”
In a split second the spotlights pointed at two different stands high up in the tent, had they always been so high up? As two men, one on each side, began to throw themselves onto the middle, she felt her stomach sink looking lower; there was no safety net.
Marinette subconsciously began to play with her lucky charm, a string bracelet she made one day after school and concentrated her wishes in.
The little girl never took her eyes off of the Flying Graysons; the two men performing life defying flips as they swung onto the different poles. Suddenly two women joined the mix, grabbing onto the men as they flew. Marinette, even as a six year old, knew that they loved what they were doing and were good at it.
Out of nowhere, one of the women was being hung upside down by a man, reaching out for something. Then a boy joined them.
She could almost imagine him laughing, maybe he was, as he was thrown from adult to adult, all while doing flips and tricks between intervals.
Even from a distance she could tell he was not much older than she was, gripping her lucky charm tighter. 
Soon the boy was placed down onto one of the stands, waving at the crowd as they cheered.
“Now for the Flying Graysons’ signature move; the Quadruple Somersault!”
Everything seemed to move in slow motion, Marinette counting the rotations as best as she could. She didn’t notice the photo her nonna took as she stared intently.
As soon as it started, it was over, the Flying Graysons and the rest of the circus coming out for one last act and a bow.
“How’d you enjoy that my little Marinetta?” Marinette could barely stop herself from shouting in joy and jumping around as she began to babble on about the amazing feats of the circus. Her family only laughed along at her enthusiasm as they walked closer to the stands, though Marinette bumped into familiar faces as she did.
“Hey Nino, Kim” the petite girl had caught their attention as their parents were talking to one another. The two waved back at their friend from school, fangirling about the awesome performances they witnessed.
“I have a little surprise for my little Marinetta; I’m sure you’d like to show your friends as well” Marinette couldn’t help but enthusiastically nod as she dragged the two boys where her grandmother was guiding them, their parents trailing slowly behind. The trio noticed Chloe, arms crossed as both her parents seemed occupied with phone calls, promptly ignoring her, as she complained that she wanted to leave. 
She hadn’t known much about Chloe in the year that they’ve been classmates other than she could be a brat at times and was very bosy. They didn’t talk often since Chloe would rather play or give orders around the girls while Marinette didn’t mind getting dirty with the boys. She felt sad for the girl, giving her a small wave; Chloe looked surprised but huffed and gave a small wave back. Chloe wasn’t exactly her friend but she reasoned that the girl didn’t have many. Nino and Kim helped Marinette beacon Chloe closer, pointing at Gina, who had noticed that the kids had stopped and was now watching as they tried to convince the blonde to join them.
She looked skeptical before pulling at her parents’ pants, the two giving different looks, one of annoyance and the other of worry, before she pointed at the group of children. The two eyed one another for a moment before nodding and going back to whatever it was they were doing before.
Now the four children walked behind Gina like ducklings, each giggling and talking about their favorite parts; Kim liked the strongmen, Nino the clowns, Chloe admitted that the ringmaster was her favorite but agreed that Marinette’s choice of the Flying Graysons was acceptable as well. They had been so caught up with each other that they hadn’t realized they were now in the center of the ring until a familiar voice laughed before them.
“Well, if it isn’t the infallible Regina” the kids stood in awe as Haly, as in ringmaster Haly, gave a kiss on both cheeks to Marinette’s nonna.
“Oh that was so long ago Haly dear. I go by Gina or nonna these days” the older woman laughed as she got the kids to approach, “This is my granddaughter and her friends from school”
“Why aren’t you little things?” Haly gave a tip of his top hat, a slight curtsey as he greeted them “ Its always a pleasure entertaining family, say you look close to little Dickie’s age” the man then whistled, some of the workers, they realized were the performers that were beginning to prep for their next show later in the evening, turned around. “Where’s little Dickie?”
“Here!” they looked up to see the young boy from the Flying Graysons wave from the staircase that lead up to the balcony where he and the others would fly. “What’s up Haly?”
“Regina is that you?” the boy turned to see the four older Flying Graysons hug Gina as she returned it in earnest. “Oh look at you all, is that little Richard?”
One of the black haired men and a ginger woman nodded, the boy getting close to them, as they showed him off.
“Our little boy is certainly bigger since last time” the man, John Grayson, chuckled as his wife, Mary, sighed.
“Has it really been two years since you left already?”
“You know me; I can never stay in one place for so long”
“Wow so your grandmother is Regina?” the boy, Richard? Dick?, was looking at Marinette though the girl herself seemed confused.
“Y-Yes? I thought her name was Gina” she looked quizzically, wondering what exactly it was that her grandmother got into when she was exploring the world.
“That’s so cool! I remember her motorcycle routine; it was awesome” the boy exclaimed as the four Parisians re-evaluating the lady they knew as a doting grandmother who traveled a lot.
“I’m Richard John Grayson, though everyone just calls me Dick. What’s your name?”
“U-Uh I’m Marinette Dupain-Cheng and these are my friends”
“Nino Lahiffe!” the boy seemed to want to bury himself alive given how loud he had unintentionally been.
“Le Chien Kim” the boy laughed, ecstatic because he wanted to see if they could sneak off to where the animals were kept.
“Chloe Bourgeois” the girl said with a flick of her pigtails, almost scoffing at the boy. She supposed he wasn’t awful given he managed to wow her mother when his family performed.
“Y-You’re family was amazing!” Marinette piped up, her face growing red even as her friends joined in afterwards giving their praises.
“Totally cool!”
“Not entirely boring”
“How does it feel?”
“Hmm” Dick hummed pensively before snapping his fingers playfully “ It’s like flying”
“Isn’t it scary?” Marinette shyly asked as she looked up “I was so nervous I kept holding my lucky charm” she pointed at a little handmade bracelet as to emphasize on her point.
“Sometimes but I remember that I’m a Grayson; we’re made to fly” the boy said with as much bravado and certainty as if he had said that the sky was blue.
“O-Oh” Marinette let on before taking off her charm and handing it to him with as much care as a six year old could “I’d feel better knowing you had a lucky charm too”
“Wow Mari you don’t let anyone touch your charm!” Kim exclaimed as the others nodded. She had once tackled a kid who tried taking it from her and moved when another tried grabbing the wrist where it was.
“It’s a great honor” Nino nodded sagely.
“Well then I’ll treasure it forever Mari” Dick laughed along, tying it with little struggle. 
As Gina watched the children she just knew it was the start of something special between the Flying Grayson and her little granddaughter.
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leia505 · 5 months ago
The Sunrise and Your Sins | Chapter 2 (NSFW)
!!!! Link to Chapter 1 !!!!
AAAHHH thank you to everyone who read my first chapter!!! I’m sorry for the super long delay on chapter 2, I’ve been recovering from a car accident so this fanfic kind of lost it’s priority bc I’ve been in pain lol. But I’m feeling better now so new chapters should be coming out faster! 
From this chapter forward, there will be explicit sexual content meant for audiences 18+ so minors please do not engage! or engage and just don’t tell me idk 
All links to car visuals and playlists and art and tags and all that jazz can be found in chapter 1 :) 
Word Count: 14k
New Tags: consensual sex, oral sex(giving and receiving), brat and dom, choking, breeding kink, face sitting 
‘You free this weekend?’ you read the text off of your phone. You groggily glance at the time, which read 3:33 AM. 
‘Depends.’ you respond back to Kuroo.  Two and a half weeks had passed since the last job he worked, meaning it had been two and half weeks since you had seen him and discussed your suspicions about your father. 
‘Friend of mine is throwing a party. Karasuno Killers are gonna be there.’ Kuroo replies. Your pulse quickens, remembering the conversation you and Kuroo had about your brother and his racing team. 
‘I’ll be there.’ you pause before hitting send, questioning if the action you were tempted to make was a good idea. ‘Are you free rn?’ you type, pressing send and locking your phone, setting it down next to you as you stared up at the ceiling. Your heart raced at even the thought of Kuroo, of the idea of being in his presence alone again.
Your phone lit up seconds later. ‘Be there in 15.’ You can feel yourself blushing, and you can’t stop the grin that spread across your face. 
You practically jump out of bed, changing into something casual. A flash of red catches your eye, and you grab Kuroo’s jacket, draping it over your shoulders. You sit back down in bed, impatiently waiting for Kuroo to text you. 
After what felt like an eternity, you finally got a text from him. ‘Here princess.’ You smirk at the use of the nickname, you were starting to get used to hearing him call you princess, and you couldn’t deny the fact that you liked it. 
Moving quietly through the house, you quickly peer over to your father’s office to see if the lights were on. Long work nights were common with him, the only downside being that the computer with access to the security cameras was in that office. Lucky for you, he seemed to be asleep upstairs, so that was one less thing to worry about. 
“Hey there.” Kuroo’s deep voice practically echoed through the quiet night, and you quickly shush him as you lock the front door. He laughs, holding the car door open for you. He shuts it behind you and goes around to his side, climbing in and starting the car. 
“So, where to?” He asks, turning to you, his elbow resting against the center console, a huge grin spread across his face. 
“Anywhere.” You say, anxious to get away from your house, away from your father. It gave you chills thinking about your brother and the connections that were beginning to form, with your father only a few feet away at times. You tried your hardest to act as normal as possible around him, but you knew that eventually he would catch on to your sudden change in behavior. 
“Are you hungry?” Kuroo asks, pulling out his phone and unlocking it. You take a peek at his lock screen, and see a photo of a black cat staring back at you. 
You shrug. “I could eat.” You say, causing Kuroo to chuckle. 
“I know the perfect place.” He says, calling someone. “Hey Haiba, you guys still open?” He pauses as the person named Haiba responds. “Perfect. I’ll be there in 20. Save a table for two.” He pauses yet again. “No you ass, not for Kenma. I’m bringing a girl.” He says, hanging up the phone. 
You laugh at the interaction between them, looking over at Kuroo as he pulls out of the driveway and through the neighborhood. Kuroo glances over at you, smirking when he realizes you were already looking. You quickly look away, staring ahead intensely. 
“You look cute in my jacket.” He says. 
“Does that mean I get to keep it?” You ask playfully, smiling sweetly at him. He laughs, a big grin on his face. 
“I’ll tell you what. You can keep it, but I will need to borrow it from time to time for races. Fair?” He says, holding a hand out for you to shake as he keeps the other on the wheel. 
“Sounds good to me.” You say, grabbing his hand and shaking it. Your fingers graze over the callouses and scars on his knuckles, and you turn his hand over to examine them. 
“Just some work related injuries.” He jokes, squeezing your hand.
“These are from working for my dad?” You ask, your voice quiet, almost out of shame. 
“Yeah.” He responds. You couldn’t hide the painful expression on your face and Kuroo quickly took notice of it. “Nothing to worry about though, princess. I’m tougher than I look, I promise.” He says, winking. Kuroo brings your hand to his lips, placing a soft kiss, making your heart skip a beat and your cheeks glow red. 
He lets go of your hand to switch gears as you enter the city. There are no shops that appear to be open and no one on the street. Kuroo slows down, pulling into a parking lot. 
“It doesn’t look like anything’s open.” You state as Kuroo gets out of the car. 
“Looks can be deceiving.” He says, shutting his car door. You let yourself out, closing the door behind you and turning towards him. He takes your hand and leads you to a small shop with a sign that reads “Haiba Ramen”. From the outside it had looked as though it was closed, but as soon as Kuroo swung the door open, you realized it was anything but.  
There were plenty of people in there, almost all of them wearing racing jackets of different colors, the style similar to Kuroo’s. The smell of ramen was strong and welcoming, your hunger growing as you entered the shop. 
“DK!” You hear someone call out. The patrons of the ramen shop all turn their heads to look at the both of you, and you were met by a chorus of greetings. 
“Someone’s popular.” You quietly comment to him as he leads you to a table away from the crowds. 
“Haiba’s part of Nekoma Crew, part time mechanic, part time ramen shop owner. He’s better at cooking than fixing cars though.” Kuroo motions towards the other patrons in the shop. “These are all racers. The store is closed to the public at 10, but stays open for friends and racers until 5. Me and the team usually have our meetings and get togethers here.” 
“Well who else would let you fuckers in this late at night?” A tall guy with silver hair says, placing two waters on the table. Kuroo gets up to greet him. 
“We’re eternally grateful Lev.” Kuroo jokes, giving Lev a half hug. Lev rolls his eyes as Kuroo sits back down.
“Hi.” You say shyly, giving a small wave to Lev, who smiled down at you. 
“You must be…(y/n).” Lev says holding a hand out for you to shake. 
You scrunch your eyebrows together, shaking his hand. “Uh, how do you know my name?” You ask skeptically, curious as to how he already knew you. 
“DK won’t stop talking about you at the shop. Sometimes it’s like he can’t shut up about you.” Lev smirks, looking over at Kuroo. You look at Kuroo with a face of fake shock, grinning from ear to ear. You see his ears growing red as he avoids your gaze. 
“Your tip is rapidly decreasing the longer this conversation goes on for.” Kuroo says, making you laugh. Lev scoffs, mockingly putting his hands up. 
“Alright, alright. I wouldn’t want to third wheel on your date any longer anyways. Now, what would you two love birds like to eat?” 
Kuroo sighs, putting his face in his hands in distress. The entire exchange made you laugh, getting to see Kuroo as a normal guy instead of a mob henchman was refreshing. Friends, not colleagues. Race cars, not drugs. Not to mention, it gives you butterflies thinking about the fact he talks about you to his crew. 
“Surprise me.” You say, catching Lev’s attention. “Make me whatever you think I’d like. Or whatever you feel like making. I promise I’ll eat anything.” Lev grins brightly, turning towards Kuroo. 
“I like her. Don’t screw this up!” Lev calls out to Kuroo as he walks away to the kitchen to start on whatever it was he would choose to serve you. 
“So you talk about me, huh?” You say, smirking at Kuroo. 
“Maybe.” He says, cheekily grinning at you. “You don’t talk about me to your friends?” 
“I...don’t have friends.” You say, shrugging. “In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t really leave the house much.” 
“You don’t have any friends?” Kuroo asks, a puzzled expression on his face. 
“Nope.” You say, taking a sip of your water. “I mean, I had friends in high school. But I sort of drifted away from them after graduation and after my brother died.” 
Kuroo nods, knowing that your brother’s death was a touchy topic. “Well, you have to have someone to talk to. Someone you consider a friend.” He says, diverting the conversation away from the dark and depressing stuff. 
You thought to yourself for a second, trying to think of a person you found yourself spending time with and talking to, or even someone that you enjoy being around. “You.” You answer, smiling at Kuroo. “You’re kinda the only person I ever talk to.” 
Kuroo smiles back at you, letting out a small chuckle. “I’m honored, princess.” Kuroo takes your hand in his, planting another gentle kiss on the top of your hand, making you blush. 
“Are you usually up this late?” You ask, getting curious about Kuroo and his life away from you and your family. 
He shrugs, rubbing small circles along your knuckles. “Some nights, if I have a job or if I’m working on something with Kenma. Tonight I just happened to get a text from a friend about the party this weekend, I thought it’d be a good way for you to get in contact with Karasuno.”
“Who’s party is it?” 
“A good friend of mine, Kotarou Bokuto. He’s the leader of Fukurodani Squad, his racing name is Blackjack.” Kuroo answers. 
“Is he…” You pause, wondering the best way to ask if Bokuto’s a criminal. 
“No.” Kuroo says before you can finish your sentence. “He’s just a racer. Him and his crew are pretty well known internationally, so all his income comes from his shop. He’s...just a really good guy. Not a bad bone in his body.” 
“Oh, so you do have normal friends.” You say sarcastically. 
“Well, Fukurodani and Karasuno are the normal teams. They don’t do the shady stuff. Seijoh Brawlers and Nekoma Crew are pretty similar, since only me and Oikawa do the jobs. Kenma gets involved every once and awhile, but it's rare. Inarizaki though, they’re literally all drug dealers. Drug dealers who happen to also be racers.” Kuroo explains. 
“That would explain why Kita doesn’t have a fancy jacket.” You say, remembering the plain black hoodie he wore the last time you saw him. “So it’s just you, Oikawa, and Kita doing the shady stuff?” 
“Yeah, mainly just us. I promise not all racers are big bad guys.” Kuroo jokes to you. 
“You’re not a bad guy.” You say, squeezing his hand gently. “You’re just...someone who works for a bad guy. Bad guy adjacent.” You smile at him, knowing that one of the things that held Kuroo back from pursuing anything with you was the fact he saw himself as the villain. The truth was, maybe the both of you were just bad guy adjacent — not necessarily the villains, but stuck being attached to the bad. 
Kuroo gives you a sad smile, squeezing your hand back. “I guess that’s better than being the evil genius.” You knew exactly who he was talking about, who the evil genius was in this morbid epic that is your life. The mastermind, the puppeteer, the dark hand behind the curtain. Your father. It was a hard pill to swallow, but it was one that you had to, which you and Kuroo both knew. An unspoken acknowledgement of the fact that sooner or later, you would have to face your demons — that regardless of what, or who, they are — Kuroo would be right there beside you. 
Your moment with Kuroo was interrupted by Lev, walking out of the kitchen carrying a plate and a bowl. “Bon appetit love birds.” He says, placing a bowl of ramen in front of Kuroo and a plate of chicken wings in front of you. 
“Thanks Lev. Put it on the shop’s tab.” Kuroo says, digging into his ramen. 
“Thanks Lev.” You say, smiling and picking up a chicken wing. It was still steaming, hot and fresh from the fryer. 
“I hope you two enjoy. DK, you gonna be at Blackjack’s party this Saturday?” Lev asks, turning towards Kuroo. 
“Yeah, we’ll be there. Do you know who the party’s for?” Kuroo asks, picking up a soft boiled egg from his ramen and eating it. 
Lev shrugs, throwing a kitchen towel over his shoulder. “No clue. That guy just throws parties for the hell of it. I’ll see you both there!” He says, walking back towards the kitchen. 
You take a bite of the chicken wing, and you instantly understand why Kuroo said he was a great cook. “Holy shit.” You say, looking over at Kuroo. 
Kuroo peers over at you with a mouth full of noodles. “I know.” He says, mouth stuffed to the brim. He finishes chewing and wipes his mouth with a napkin. “A guy on my crew named Yamamoto always gets them. Same with Bokuto.” 
“It seems like you know everyone in Tokyo.” You say, digging into your big plate of wings. Lev also left you a small bowl of rice as well as a cup of miso soup, which you also began digging into. 
Kuroo laughs, picking up more noodles from his bowl. “If they race, I know them.” 
“It also seems like everyone knows you.” You say, thinking back to when you first entered the shop, and all the greetings Kuroo was met with. 
“Well, everyone kinda does. Y’know a title like Drift King isn’t just given to anyone.” He says, smirking at you. You roll your eyes at his arrogance. 
“How lucky am I to be sharing a meal with the great Drift King.” You say jokingly. Kuroo places his chopsticks down, looking across the table at you. 
“Is this not a date?” He asks seriously, eyebrows furrowed. You practically choke on your chicken, which you place down on the table. After wiping your hands on a napkin, you look at Kuroo, who was still staring at you intensely. 
“Was it supposed to be?” You ask shyly, unsure if the miscommunication was on your end or his. 
“Well, I kind of assumed, you asked if I was free. Now we’re eating a meal together. You never really fight it when people talk to us like a couple.” Kuroo says, fidgeting with his spoon that laid in the broth of his ramen. 
You pause for a second, thinking over what he just said. You avert his gaze, staring into your miso soup which had begun to settle and separate. “Did you...want this to be a date?” You ask, looking up at him skeptically. 
“I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it being a date.” He answers carefully, but with a tone of confidence. “But, if you don’t want it to be, that’s fine.” He says quickly, trying to avoid a bad mood shift between the two of you. 
You pondered again over what he said, and what it would mean for the two of you. Is a relationship the right thing to get into with everything going on? Would it even be appropriate for the two of you to be together? 
“This is a date.” You say, your heart pounding away anxiously as you look into Kuroo’s hypnotizing hazel eyes. He grins proudly at you, all feelings of anxiety going away as soon as you confirmed that this was, in fact, a date. “But, it is just a date. It doesn’t mean anything...specific.” 
He shrugs, picking his chopsticks up to continue eating. “That’s fair. No worries, princess. I’m in no rush here.” 
You smile to yourself, content with the conclusion that you and Kuroo came to. “Thanks. I just don’t think I’m ready for anything serious right now. With everything going on with my dad.” You say, knowing that this was something Kuroo already knew. 
“Yeah, I get it. Bigger fish to fry right now. It’s not like I’m going anywhere.” He says, winking at you. 
The two of you had continued to eat in silence, occupied with the delicious food in front of you. At one point, Kuroo had placed a small bundle of noodles into a spoon of broth, holding it out for you. 
“Aw, for me?” You say, leaning over to take the bite. The ramen was perfect, apparently everything Lev made was incredible. 
“What kind of guy doesn’t share his food with his beautiful date?” He says, making you smile. 
“I guess that means you deserve a chicken wing.” You say playfully, placing a wing in the empty bowl that once held your miso soup. “You should feel special, I really don’t share my food.” 
The two of you had finished your meals in silence, simply enjoying one another’s company. It feels as though this small outing was a break from the reality you both dread — rather than playing detective or operating within a gang, you were just a couple out on a date. 
“We better come back here one of these days.” You say, stacking your empty dishes up. You and Kuroo had finished everything, full and happy, now starting to get sleepy. The other racers in the shop had already left, and you could hear Lev cleaning in the kitchen. 
“Fine by me. As long as you still consider it a date.” Kuroo says, getting up from his seat and stretching. You get up as well, and Kuroo holds out a hand for you to take, which you do. Walking alongside him with his hand in yours, you grab onto his arm with your other hand, feeling especially affectionate towards him. 
“See you later Haiba!” Kuroo calls out as the two of you exit the shop, the cool night air breezing past your face, waking you up. 
You let go of Kuroo’s hand to open up your car door, and Kuroo walks around to his side and climbs in. As he turns on the car, the clock reads 5:05 AM. 
“It’s pretty late.” You comment, realizing how tired you had gotten. You lay your head against the car seat, turning your head to look at Kuroo. 
“Yeah, I know. Do you wanna go home now?” He asks, turning towards you to see your drooping eyelids. 
“Hmmm… not just yet. How about you drop me off when the sun comes up?” You ask sleepily. 
“Whatever you want princess.” Kuroo says quietly, starting the car. You rest your eyes as Kuroo begins driving off, feeling content as you drift off to the sound of Kuroo switching gears. You never thought that you’d ever be comfortable enough to fall asleep in someone’s car, given how paranoid your brother’s death had made you. But with Kuroo, you were just so at home, so trusting of him. You almost couldn’t believe that before your first job with Kuroo,  you just saw him as the hot guy who worked for your dad. 
Before you knew it, you were being gently awoken by Kuroo, the sun beginning to peak over the horizon. You didn’t recognize your surroundings, but you weren’t at all worried. There was never anything to worry about if Kuroo was with you. 
“Where are we?” You ask, looking around. It appeared as though Kuroo took you to a park, a bit away from the city. 
“We had some time to kill, I figured you’d want to see the sunrise.” He says, unbuckling his seat belt and turning to look out to the horizon. You do the same, sitting up in your seat and rubbing the sleep from your eyes. 
After a few moments, you recognize the park Kuroo took you to. “When I was younger, my mom would take me and my brother here.” You say, memories coming back to you. You thought it was strange, how everything seemed to be leading back to your brother lately. It almost felt like a sign. 
“I used to come here a lot too, with Kenma. Maybe we ran into each other once.” Kuroo says, leaning against the armrest. You gently lay your head against his shoulder, wrapping both of your arms around his. 
“What a coincidence that we ended up here.” You say softly, relishing the moment between the two of you. The sun’s rays were barely peeking over the horizon, giving the sky an orange glow. There was a decent amount of overcast, so it gave the sun a softness to it. It was as though the sky was still drowsy, unprepared to make its first appearance for the day. 
“No place I’d rather be.” Kuroo says, barely louder than a whisper. He tenderly places a kiss on the top of your head, staying there for a second longer than expected. 
You slowly move your head up to look at him, your faces closer than they have ever been before. At this distance, you could really study the features on his beautiful face, the dark bags under his eyes from one too many late nights, the small scar on his cheek that was most likely from a job gone wrong, his dark lashes that framed the striking hazel eyes that now stared directly into your own. 
You thought about all the other people that had stared into the same set of eyes you were now gazing into — all the women who knew him intimately, the friends who saw the good in him, the enemies who saw the evil, those whose last moments were spent looking down the barrel of a gun into these hazel eyes. To them, it probably felt like staring into the gates of hell, but for you, it felt like home. Kuroo felt like home. 
His lips slowly graze against yours, almost tentative, trying to read the situation as it happens in real time. A simple ask, a gentle whisper of a question against your lips, inquiring if this was okay. 
In a surge of confidence, your lips crash against his, urgency in your kiss, borderline desperation. Had you been pining for Kuroo all this time? More importantly, was he? 
His hand gently made its way up to your face, as yours snaked behind his neck, pulling him closer. His other hand moved underneath his jacket that you wore, wrapping around your waist. You felt the calluses on his fingertips, rough against the smooth skin of your lower back. 
The sun began beaming into the car, bringing the both of you into the light. It felt euphoric, being bathed in morning sun as you kissed Kuroo. Your heart raced in excitement as you felt Kuroo smile against your lips, and you gently sigh as he pulls away to look into your eyes. 
He grins at you, his eyes studying every detail of your face. You smile back at him, feeling pure bliss. 
“You kinda taste like chicken wings.” Kuroo says, chuckling softly. He gently runs his thumb against your cheek, admiring your face. 
You close your eyes, shaking your head at his stupid comment. You laugh, realizing that the goofiness, the silly jokes and banter that you and Kuroo share is the reason why there were never any doubts in your mind with him. Kuroo could make you laugh despite all the darkness in your life, and that is what made you feel the way you felt. Maybe it was love, but maybe it was too soon to tell. Maybe being the girl in the passenger seat was enough for you at this time. 
“Well you taste like ramen.” You say, your voice hoarse. 
“What a pair we make.” Kuroo says, placing one last tender kiss on your lips. 
“Sweetheart, come here for a moment.” You hear your father call out to you from the hallway. You let yourself into his office, and find Kuroo sitting in the chair in front of his desk. 
“What’s going on?” You ask tentatively, sitting next to Kuroo. 
“Your dad has some questions. About us.” Kuroo says. 
“Us?” You question, looking at Kuroo. He wore a poker face perfectly, staring directly at your father with an unwavering gaze. 
“I know you two are getting close. And (y/n), sweetheart, you know I trust you. And Tetsurou, you have earned my trust over the years with your loyalty to this family. I just need to know what exactly is happening with you two.” Your father says. 
“We’re friends.” You say quickly, crossing your arms defensively. 
“Friends?” Kuroo asks, breaking his cool demeanor to look over at you. Your father raises an eyebrow, looking between you and Kuroo curiously as you try to figure out what this relationship is. 
“Maybe more than friends. Someday. Not right this moment. But a strong maybe.” You answer shortly, fumbling over your words. 
“I see.” Your father sees, nodding his head. “Are you two...being safe?” 
“Dad!” You say, embarrassed by this interrogation. 
“Yes, sir. Well, there hasn’t been anything that, but when it does — IF! If it does, we will be safe. You have my word.” Kuroo says. You could hear his nerves getting the best of him, and you couldn’t help but find it entertaining how scared he sounds as he practically word vomits to your father. 
“Good.” Your father says shortly, awkwardly adjusting in his seat. “Now, for business...I don’t know if I’m okay with (y/n) being seen with you.” 
“What?” You ask, raising an eyebrow. 
“Our family is a moving target for a lot of people, especially the Nohebi Clan. I don’t know if it’s the best idea for the two of you to be going out in public.” 
“I understand, sir.” Kuroo says, in his eyes you could see his disappointment. 
“Dad, that’s ridiculous.” You say, getting fed up with the passivity of the conversation. “I’m going to be leading the Sakanoshita family one day. I’m a target no matter what. But no one will take me seriously when I do take over if I’m locked away all the time. People need to know me. They need to know who’s going to be the next King of Tokyo.” 
“But you just had your first job. You’re jumping into this too quickly.” Your father argues. 
“Keishin had years of training. I’m playing a game of catch up here, and I think the more experience I have, the better. I can’t run an empire from the confines of this house, dad.” Again, playing the dead brother card. It’s a tricky one to play, but it always works. 
Your father sighs, folding his hands in front of him. “You sure know how to argue.” 
“I learned from the best.” You say, smirking. 
“I’ll make a deal with you.” Your father turns toward Kuroo. “You’re getting a promotion. You’re now (y/n)’s bodyguard. She goes somewhere, you follow. If she wants to go somewhere that is potentially dangerous, don’t allow it. And you.” He turns back towards you once more. “You don’t go anywhere without him. You can go out, be social, earn your place here as a Sakanoshita. Let people learn who’s the next King of Tokyo.” 
You grin, knowing that you would be able to reach an agreement with your father. “Sounds like a deal. Kuroo and I will be going to a party this Saturday.” 
As you proudly saunter out of your father’s office, he calls out a question. “What party?” 
“Racer party. Gotta make sure everyone knows the new Sakanoshita boss.” You call out, walking out the door and down the hallway, leaving Kuroo and your father to their business meeting. 
You could hear the party before you could see it, the music blasting so loud it could be heard from down the street. Even this far from the house, there were already cars parked along the side, all shiny and suped up like Kuroo’s. A lot of time had passed since your last real social outing, but you were at ease knowing Kuroo would be there with you. 
“Just a fair warning, Bokuto is...very loud.” Kuroo says, slowly driving past all the cars and making his way to the driveway of the house. The house was very modern, with a long driveway leading up to a white home with a balcony in the front, huge windows letting you peek in to see all the people inside. The music continued to grow louder and louder as you drew closer to the house, and the cars got nicer as well. Apparently only the people with fancy cars got the good parking spots. 
“How loud are we talking?” You ask Kuroo as he puts the car in park and turns the engine off. 
“Like...imagine the exact polar opposite of Kenma. Then make it louder. That’s Bokuto.” Kuroo explains as he gets out of the car. You do the same, walking over to his side and grabbing his hand. The two of you walk up the stairs to the door, and Kuroo swings it open without knocking. And just like that, you were officially at your first street racer party. 
“Hey, it’s DK!” You hear someone shout distantly, followed by a chorus of greetings. It was just like the ramen shop, everyone being so quick to greet Kuroo. 
“Hey everyone.” Kuroo says loudly, greeting everyone at once. He pulls your hand so you’re standing in front of him, leading the way into the party. Everyone gawks at you as Kuroo places a hand on your waist, coaxing you to walk further into the house. 
“Does everyone know you? Should I start getting used to that sort of greeting?” You ask, maneuvering your way through the crowd. 
Kuroo laughs, giving your belt loop a tug and pulling you into him, your back crashing into his strong chest. “Eventually people will start saying DK and (y/n).” He says into your ear, kissing you on the cheek. You smirk at his comment, a part of you enjoyed the attention everyone was giving you as Kuroo held you against his body. He really knew every way to feed into your ego, and you really did love it. 
“HEY HEY HEY! IS THAT MY BOY DK?!” you hear a loud, chaotic voice say from the kitchen. You and Kuroo turn your heads to find the source, and you see a tall, muscular guy with spiky grey hair grinning at the both of you. You notice the grey bomber jacket he wore, meaning that he was a racer like Kuroo and Oikawa. His appearance was a bit intimidating, and his features were almost...owl-like. 
“BOKUTO!” Kuroo yells, letting go of your hand to greet the host of the party. The two tall, well built men embrace in a hug, clapping each other on the back. You stand there, smiling at this new side of Kuroo. You understood what he meant by Bokuto making him feel more normal. 
“Good to see you dude! Hey, Lev mentioned you were bringing a girl! Where is she?!” Bokuto asks excitedly, looking around to try and spot you. 
“Right here.” You answer, moving to stand next to Kuroo. “I’m (y/n). And I’m assuming you’re the infamous Bokuto?” 
Bokuto laughs, throwing his head back. “Infamous, eh? That must mean DK’s been talking about me.” 
“I figured I should warn her on what she’d be walking into.” Kuroo says slyly, wrapping an arm around you. You found it endearing how affectionate Kuroo acts with you, making sure to keep you close. 
“Glad I didn’t scare ya away.” Bokuto jokes, grinning at you. “Well, DK here is like a brother to me, so by extension that makes you family. Both of you just make yourselves right at home, drink whatever you want and let me know if you need anything. Mi casa es su casa, as Cypher would say. Well, he probably wouldn’t say that, but it’s definitely Spanish.” 
You laugh, smiling up at Bokuto. Kuroo was right, he really is just a genuinely nice guy. Bokuto was a refreshing change from the usual dark and scary stuff  that you and Kuroo dealt with. 
“Say, speaking of Cypher, where is the punk?” Kuroo asks, looking around. 
“Upstairs with the rest of the Brawlers. Your guys are out back. Say, you guys want anything to drink?” Bokuto asks, turning to the counter full of liquor. 
“None for me. Gotta make sure someone gets home safe.” Kuroo says, squeezing your shoulder. 
“Well look at you being all chivalrous!” Bokuto says, playfully punching Kuroo’s arm. “Anything for you, (y/n)?”  
“Sure, I’ll drink whatever.” You say, unsure of what to ask for. High school parties were one thing, but what the hell are you supposed to drink at a street racer’s party? 
“One mystery drink coming right up.” Bokuto says, turning around. “Akaashi!” 
A handsome guy with short dark brown hair turns at the sound of his name. “Can you make a drink for (y/n) pretty please?” Bokuto asks, grinning at him. Akaashi nods, putting his cup down and picking up an empty one for you. He pours some random bottles of liquor and some more random juices into a cup, handing it to you. 
“Thanks.” You say, taking the cup. You take a sip, and to your surprise, it wasn’t disgusting. 
“Akaashi’s kinda the drink expert. And car expert. He’s kinda good at everything.” Bokuto says, noticing your look of amazement. Akaashi rolls his eyes behind him, but you notice his ears flushing red at Bokuto’s compliment. “I’m gonna go be a good host and do my host thing, but I’ll find you two later!” Bokuto turns away from the both of you, walking towards the crowd of people outside. 
“Oh and DK!” Bokuto calls out loudly, making plenty of people turn towards Kuroo. “I’m glad to see you’re finally off the market! No more bachelor’s life for you!” 
“Bachelor’s life?” You question, looking up at him skeptically. Prying eyes peered over at the two of you, no doubt trying to sneak a peek at the great DK and the girl that took him off the market.
“Don’t worry about it.” He answers, rubbing the back of his neck and avoiding eye contact. Of course he was a lady’s man before you, just look at him. But just how many girls were in your place before you got there? 
Kuroo takes your hand, leading you upstairs to where Cypher was. The two of you found him lounging on a couch with a bunch of other guys wearing jackets similar to his, talking and laughing with a bottle of expensive looking tequila in his hand. 
“Hola amigo.” Kuroo says in a mocking tone, sitting next to Cypher. You sit next to Kuroo, and he puts his arm around you possessively. 
“Hola lovers.” Oikawa slurs, lazily placing an arm around Kuroo. “Good to see you didn’t scare princesa away.” He says, nodding to you. 
“You’re (y/n).” You hear someone say from the opposite end of the couch. You turn your head to see a guy with tan skin and short spiky brown hair staring at you. 
“Uh, yeah.” You say, caught off guard by how many people already knew you. Seriously, how often did Kuroo talk about you? 
“Oh, sorry.” He says, appearing to snap himself out of deep thought. “Cypher was telling us about the last job and mentioned you. Just put two and two together. I’m Iwaizumi.” He says, getting up and extending a hand to you. You shake his hand, smiling at him. 
“That’s right, I was telling a story! Now, as I was saying…” Oikawa continues on, recounting the events of the job that you accompanied them on, silver tequila sloshing around in the glass bottle as Oikawa wildly gestures with his hands as the story progresses. 
“So Sly Fox had the cargo the entire time?” Iwaizumi asks, looking at us skeptically. 
“The entire time.” Kuroo says, nodding. “Speaking of the Sly Fox, where is he?” 
“Outside with your crew.” a scary looking guy with deep set eyes answers. His hair looked very unique, a bleach blonde buzz cut with two black stripes running around his head. 
“Thanks Mad Dog.” Kuroo says, getting up, dragging you with him. “Cypher, let’s go. Got some work talk to do with Sly Fox.” Oikawa clumsily gets up, taking the tequila with him. 
The three of you walk down the stairs and out the backdoor, where you immediately see a group of guys sitting around a fire pit, half of them wearing black, and the other half wearing Nekoma bombers. 
“Sly Fox!” Kuroo calls out, getting Kita’s attention. He looks up from his rolling tray, blunt in hand. “We got some business to talk about. You too, Snake Eyes.” He says, pointing at Kenma. 
Kita nods, looking over at his guys and motioning for them to leave the area. Kuroo does the same, and the Nekoma Crew minus Kenma leave. You, Oikawa, and Kuroo each take a seat around the fire. 
“What are we talking about?” Kenma asks, looking over at you and Kuroo. Kita continues to roll, and Oikawa slouches in his seat, taking sips from his bottle. 
“Yeah, what are we talking about fellas?!” Bokuto says with a grin on his face, walking up to the group of you and grabbing a seat. You couldn’t help but smile at his behavior, his charisma. 
“Work stuff, Bokuto.” Kuroo answers, giving Bokuto a warning look. 
“Oh! Got it! Say no more, plausible deniability and all that jazz. You guys let me know if you need me!” He says, getting up immediately and walking away with haste. The entire time the grin on his face never wavered, he didn’t seem the least bit offended by being kicked out of the conversation.
“Bokuto knows the stuff we do, but we keep him out of it. He’s...a bit soft for our line of work. And he knows if he hears anything, he could get in trouble. So, he stays away.” Kita explains, licking his rolling paper and sealing the blunt. 
“We got some new intel from the boss.” Kuroo says. Oikawa sits up, paying attention now that the real business talk had started. “We may know who gave the anonymous tip during the last job.” 
“Someone we know?” Kenma asks. 
Kuroo nods. “Suguru Daishou. Fangs. He’s the lead for the Nohebi Clan.” 
“Nohebi?” You ask. Everyone looks over at you. “They used to work for my dad.”
“What happened to them?” Kita asks, lighting his blunt and getting it started. 
“Daishou crossed my family, I guess he was trying to make a name for himself by taking on my dad. Didn’t end well.” You say, remembering overhearing your father’s work conversations with Fangs when you were in high school. 
“Which would explain the grudge he has, and why he tried to bust us.” Kenma says. 
“But how would he know about the move? There were no other cars on the road that night.” Oikawa points out, setting his bottle down. 
“That’s the million dollar question. We still don’t know how he knew, but we do know he has eyes on us. Which means you guys and your teams need to be careful, at least until the Daishou problem is sorted out. Sound good?” Kuroo asks, looking at Oikawa and Kita. They both nod, understanding the risk that the Nohebi Clan posed. 
“I’ll see what I can find out about Fangs and Nohebi.” Kenma says, which Kuroo nods to. 
“Thank you. The more we know, the better.” Kuroo glances at you, meeting your eyes. “Any of you guys know where Karasuno Killers are?” He asks, looking around the group. 
“Upstairs living room. You got business with them?” Oikawa asks, looking over at you. 
“Something like that.” Kuroo says, taking your hand and standing up. “We’ll catch you guys later.” 
“See ya.” You say, giving a half wave with your cup in your hand. You follow behind Kuroo, once again going through the house and up the stairs. You were keenly aware of the eyes that seemed to follow your every move, and you couldn’t help but notice that they were almost entirely female. What, was Kuroo such a hot commodity that you being with him tonight was a headline? 
“See that, you pulled the E brake too soon.” You hear someone say from the partially shut door. You and Kuroo had made it to the room that Oikawa said the Karasuno Killers were in. 
“You guys watch racing footage at parties?” Kuroo questions, slowly opening the door. Inside, there were three guys sitting on a couch in front of a TV that appeared to be playing a video of a street race. 
“Not everyone is blessed with your drifting skills, DK.” One of the guys say, getting up to greet him. He had a warm smile, dark brown eyes, and short brown hair. Him and Kuroo give each other one of those bro hugs, and afterwards he turns to look at you. 
“I don’t think we’ve met.” He says, extending his hand to you. “Daichi Sawamura. Mechanic for Karasuno Killers.” 
“(y/n) Sakanoshita.” You say, shaking his hand. He raises his eyebrows slightly at surprise, no doubt at the mention of your family name.
“Sakanoshita?” Another guy with a buzzcut and a gruff voice says from behind Daichi.
“As in the King of Tokyo Sakanoshita?!” The third guy says, his voice higher in pitch. He wore his brown hair spiked up, with a single blonde streak right in the middle.
“Please excuse these two dumbasses, they’re not the best socially.” Daichi smiles apologetically, moving to invite you and Kuroo to join them on the couch. Behind you, Kuroo shuts the door. 
“You said you’re a Sakanoshita?” The buzzcut one repeats, staring at you intensely. 
“Tanaka, chill.” Daichi warns, looking over at him. 
“Yeah Tanaka, you’re gonna scare her away.” The guy with the blonde streak jokes, punching Tanaka in the arm. 
“Oh shut it, Noya.” Tanaka says, shoving him back. “Sorry. My sister knew someone with that last name.” He says, looking over at you once more.
“You’re Saeko’s brother?” You ask him, getting his attention. He looks surprised, almost a little scared by his sister’s name being mentioned. 
“How do you know my sister?” He asks, his voice taking on a threatening tone. 
“Yeah, what’s your business with big sis?” Noya asks, eyes darting between you and Kuroo. 
“Take it easy, guys. We mean no harm, I swear it on my crew.” Kuroo says in a peaceful tone. Tanaka and Noya lighten up, but continue to stare at you skeptically. 
“Keishin Ukai was my brother.” You say, causing the three men from Karasuno to sit straight up, simply from the mention of his name. “I know he dated your sister, and I want to talk to her.” 
“No one talks to big sis. Especially not strangers.” Noya says, leaning back against the couch. 
“You’re Black Lungs’ sister?” Daichi asks, looking at you with curiosity. 
“Yeah. He raced under the name Ukai to get away from my family. And I know about the accident. I’m sorry Tanaka.” You say sincerely, looking at Tanaka. You didn’t know to what extent Saeko was injured, but you assumed that she had to have taken some amount of damage. 
Tanaka shrugs, looking away. “It’s all good. Why do you need to talk to my sister?” 
“I need to know the truth about my brother. About how he died. And I heard that your sister and my brother were pretty close, I just want to talk to her about him.” You say, nearly begging. 
Tanaka sat for a second, thinking of a response. “My sister...she doesn’t talk to many people nowadays. She hasn’t been the same since your brother passed. Black Lung was her soulmate, or whatever.” He says awkwardly, shifting in his seat. “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to put her through reliving that night just for your sake. I really am sorry, (y/n), about your brother. He was a cool dude.” 
You sigh, taking a long drink from your cup. You had a feeling it would go like this, but you couldn’t help feeling disappointed by the outcome. 
“We think we know the truth about his death.” Kuroo says, making everyone in the room look at him. “We know it wasn’t an accident.” You knew he was taking a risk saying this, telling these guys the suspicions you held. He was gamlbing with the only intel the two of you had. 
“What do you mean the truth? His death was a tragic accident and that’s that.” Daichi says in an assertive tone. 
“Daichi, it’s okay.” Tanaka says quietly, his eyes not moving from your own. “You two know the truth? Or just theories?” He questions you. 
“We...have theories. But I think that talking to your sister will help point us in the right direction. Or maybe even give us exactly what we need to prove our theories.” You say, trying your hardest to convince Tanaka. 
Tanaka sighs, looking at the TV, which remained paused on a frame of an orange Mitsubishi. “I don’t know.” 
“No one knows you.” Noya points out, getting your attention. “You don’t belong to any crew, I know you’re here with DK but you aren’t officially a part of Nekoma. Everyone knows your dad is a shady dude. And Saeko shouldn’t have to relive Black Lung’s death for a stranger.” 
“You’re right.” You say, knowing that everything he was saying was correct. You were a stranger, the idea of a dead street racer’s little sister suddenly coming out of hiding to ask a thousand questions about her brother’s death was far fetched, even for you. “You guys have no reason to trust me, or to let me talk to Saeko. But I’m desperate. I just — I need to know what happened to my brother. I’ll do anything.” 
“What do you think Saeko would want? What would she have (y/n) do to prove herself?” Kuroo asks. 
“I know exactly what she would want.” Tanaka says, sighing and sitting up. “A race. A memorial for Black Lung. We haven’t had one for a while, but the last time she had one, all the money raised from it went to...a memorial fund. For your brother.” 
“A memorial fund? For Keishin?” You question, uncertain why the son of a millionaire needed a memorial fund. 
“It goes to Saeko. Helps keep the shop open, and funds her research into what happened to your brother.” Daichi answers. 
“So I’m not the only one with theories.” You say, beginning to understand. “I’m assuming it goes to P.I.’s, buying access to private files, stuff like that?” 
“We can neither confirm nor deny that.” Noya says in a robotic tone, like it was a line he was taught to say. 
“If we do the memorial race, who’s racing?” Kuroo asks, changing the topic. 
“Me.” You answer immediately, making everyone look at you in shock. “A Black Lung memorial race, with his little sister making her racing debut. It could be big. Raise a lot of money. I know the type of power my family name has in this city.” 
“And it would prove to Saeko that you’re serious about meeting her.” Daichi points out. 
“Okay, how about this.” Tanaka says, shifting in his seat once more. “You and me, headline race. If we can get some more racers in on this, then great. If you win, you can meet Saeko. If you don’t, then oh well. At least she’ll get some more funds for her...side project.” 
“I can get some more racers in on this.” Kuroo says. 
“Perfect. We got a deal, you two?” Daichi asks, looking between you and Tanaka. You nod, sticking your hand out. 
“Deal.” Tanaka says, shaking your hand.
“Looks like we got a race to plan.” Daichi says, grinning at Kuroo. 
Kuroo smirks, getting up. “I’ll go start recruiting some more racers.” 
You follow Kuroo, getting up and heading for the door. “I’ll see you on the road, cue ball.” You say, smirking at Tanaka. You slowly head out, leaving the door cracked open. 
“HA! CUE BALL! Get it, cause you’re freakin bald!” Noya yells, cackling with laughter. You chuckle, their conservation fading out as you walk with Kuroo back downstairs. 
For about an hour or so, you and Kuroo went around the party, mingling with racers, recruiting them for the Black Lung memorial. You got at least enough people for three more races. So far, the lineup was you vs. Tanaka, Kuroo vs. Bokuto, Iwaizumi vs. Atsumu Miya from Inarizaki, and Oikawa vs. Kita. Kuroo pointed out that there would be a good turnout for the memorial given how many great racers were on the bracket, which made you both nervous and hopeful. 
“So, since when do you race?” Kuroo asks you, sitting down on the couch. 
“I’m pretty sure I can figure it out.” You say, sitting down next to him, draping your legs over his. “Gas pedal makes car go vroom vroom. Seems simple enough.” You joke to him, making him roll his eyes. 
“Sounds like someone needs a teacher.” He says, leaning closer to you. 
“Sounds like someone wants to teach me.” You say, closing the gap between the two of you, kissing him. 
A buzz from your pocket interrupts you, causing you to pull away from Kuroo and take your phone out. 
‘Call me now.’ the text read from your dad. Kuroo saw it over your shoulder, and immediately sat up. 
“Dad, is everything okay?” You ask, trying to drown out the sound of the party. 
“You need to get out of there, have Kuroo take you somewhere safe. Nohebi is looking for us.” Your dad says in a rushed tone. You hear some shuffling on his end, and your mother’s voice in the distance. 
“What? Nohebi knows I’m here?” You ask. Kuroo looks at you with concern, seemingly ready to get up and run at any moment. 
“Daishou has eyes everywhere. Don’t come home, your mother and I won’t be here. Tell Kuroo to protect you no matter what.” There’s a brief moment of silence between the two of you. “Your mom and I love you, sweetheart. We’ll see you soon.” Three beeps signal the end of the call. 
“We need to go. Nohebi’s coming.” You say, jumping up. Kuroo follows suit. 
“I’ll let the guys know.” Kuroo says, beginning to race towards the backyard where Inarizaki, Seijoh, and Nekoma were hanging out. 
You follow him out, trailing behind him as he approaches Cypher and Sly Fox. Before you can catch up to him, he’s already heading back towards you, taking your hand and dragging you through the house and out the front door. 
“Will everyone be okay?” You ask him, running to the car. You hop in, Kuroo doing the same and turning the car on. 
“Between Seijoh, Inarizaki, and Nekoma, they have Nohebi outnumbered three to one. They won’t try anything at a party this crowded. Daishou’s too smart to fight a losing battle.” Kuroo says, immediately racing away from the party, the houses of the neighborhood zooming past your line of sight. “The gangs aren’t the target anyways. We are.” 
As if on cue, you see in the rearview mirror three cars pull up to the party, and Daishou climbs out of one of them. He was vaguely familiar, you could barely recall seeing him in your father’s office, but you knew that he would recognize you and Kuroo in a heartbeat. 
“We got out just in time.” You say, looking over at Kuroo. 
“Barely. We’re not in the clear just yet princess, still need to get somewhere safe.” Kuroo says shortly, continuing to fly down the empty Tokyo streets. “We don’t know if Daishou had eyes on us as we left. And as soon as he realizes we aren’t there, they’re gonna be all over the city looking for us.” 
“So where do we go?” You ask him. 
Kuroo pauses, staring out at the freeway in front of the two of you. “My safehouse. It’s under a bogus name, in an old neighborhood. They won’t know to look there.” 
You nod, sighing and rubbing your eyes. You didn’t feel even the slightest bit tipsy from the drink you had earlier. How did the night go bad so quickly?
“Hey.” Kuroo says gently, reaching over to hold your hand. “Everything will be okay. As soon as we’re at the safehouse, we’ll be in the clear. And I’m sure your mom and dad are somewhere safe as well.” 
His reassurance goes a long way, easing your nerves and allowing you to relax a little. There was no use stressing yourself out while you’re stuck in the car, driving to an unknown destination. 
After about 50 minutes of silent driving, Kuroo finally pulls off of the freeway and enters an old, run down neighborhood. Everything was quiet, and the streetlights overhead were flickering in the darkness. 
“Home sweet home.” Kuroo says, pulling into an alley next to an apartment building. He turns the car off, going to the trunk. You get out as well, watching Kuroo as he drapes a large tarp over the car. A bright red luxury car would definitely stand out in a neighborhood like this. 
Kuroo takes your hand and leads you up the apartment complex stairs to a door labeled ‘A402’. With one of the many keys on his keychain, Kuroo unlocks the door, opening it for you. 
There wasn’t anything very special about the apartment, it seemed like the type of place a person would crash at for a night or two then leave. A small but functional kitchen, a modestly sized living area with a couch and a TV. As you continue further into the apartment, you see a quaint bathroom with a standing shower, and a bedroom barely big enough to fit a full sized bed. 
“There’s some pillows and stuff in the hall closet. And some extra clothes in the bedroom.” Kuroo says, setting his keys on the counter and pulling out his phone. As you reach for a light switch, Kuroo stops you. “Wait, don’t. We shouldn’t make it look like anyone’s home, just in case. At least until I hear back from Kenma.” 
Although his paranoia seemed a bit much for you, you knew that it was for a good reason. If the Nohebi Clan was enough of a threat to make your father go into hiding, no precaution was too extreme. 
“I’m gonna go change.” You call out to him, grabbing a spare shirt and pair of men’s boxers from the bedroom closet. You gently close the door, beginning to strip off your party outfit and changing into Kuroo’s clothes. 
After taking a moment to recollect your thoughts, you decide there was no use worrying about things that were out of your control. Your mother and father, the race that you volunteered for, even the party you just fled from. What was in your control, however, was the bed.
“I’ll put some sheets on the bed.” You shout out to Kuroo once more, grabbing the pillows and sheets from the closet. It felt almost hotel-like, the way everything was pristine and untouched. At least you knew this wasn’t the sort of place Kuroo took other girls. 
“Perfect.” You say, fluffing the pillows one last time, then stepping back to admire your work. 
“I heard back from Kenma.” Kuroo says, pushing the door open and entering the room. He flops onto the bed, ruining your perfect sheets and collapsing your freshly fluffed pillows. 
You sigh in annoyance, closing your eyes to keep your cool. “What did he say?” You ask, sitting next to Kuroo. 
“Everything’s all good. Daishou and his guys showed up, asked for us. Oikawa and Kita were waiting for them, so they barely even made it past the front door. Told them we left a while ago, and that they didn’t know where we went.” Kuroo rubs his forehead with his hands, pushing his hair back. In the dim light that radiated from the street lamps outside, you could see the exhaustion in his eyes. 
“No one got hurt? Are they still out looking for us?” You ask, your brain going a thousand miles an hour. 
“Everyone's fine.” Kuroo says gently, taking your hand. “From what Kenma knows, they gave up looking for us and now they’re trying to find your dad. I think they’re assuming I brought you to them.” 
You breathe another sigh of relief. The two of you were finally in the clear, finally safe, at least for tonight. “So we’re okay? At least for now?” 
“For now, yes. In the morning Kenma will let me know if we’re all clear to go back to your place. But for right now, we’re safe.” Kuroo says, turning over to face you, wrapping his arms around your waist, resting his head on your thigh. 
“We’re safe.” You whisper to yourself, running your fingers through Kuroo’s unruly black hair. The moment of calm being shared between the two of you is disrupted by a loud rumbling from your stomach. 
“You hungry?” Kuroo asks, grinning against your leg. 
“Maybe.” You say, realizing how hungry you’ve been all night. Is eating at parties still not cool, or was that only a high school thing? You didn’t see anyone else eating at Bokuto’s, so you assume it still wasn’t. Or maybe you were too worried about everyone staring at you to notice if anyone was eating. 
“I’ll go grab some stuff at the convenience store.” Kuroo says, getting up and grabbing his jacket. “Onigiri?” 
“And some ramen please.” You request politely, smiling sweetly at him. “Be careful.” 
“Always am, princess.” He says, leaning down to plant a kiss on your lips. 
Kuroo exits the room and you hear the front door shut and lock. You found yourself in a silent, dark apartment, alone. 
‘Might as well see if the TV works.’ you think to yourself, getting up and walking to the living room and plopping down on the couch. Just like the bed, it felt brand new, as if you were the first person to sit on it. 
After flicking the TV on, you mindlessly scroll through channels, trying to find something to occupy your mind. It felt wrong, how everything was so dangerous and scary tonight, but all that you could think of was that one thing Bokuto said. ‘No more bachelor’s life for you!’ What does that even mean? 
Grabbing your phone, you realize that you really had no one to talk to. Normal girls would text their best friend, or even just a regular friend when they want to talk about boy problems. Normal girls, with normal friends and safe lives. Maybe Kuroo really is the only person you talk to. 
You scroll through your recent messages, trying to find anyone to talk to. Dad — no. For obvious reasons. Mom — maybe on a regular day, but not right now. Kuroo — big no, for even more obvious reasons. Dentist — yeah, if you were really that desperate. 
“I guess I could talk to myself.” You mutter out loud. After a moment of lonesome silence, you sigh. “Yeah, no. I’m not that crazy.” 
What kind of bachelor’s life was Kuroo living before you came along, before that early morning watching the sunrise? You always assumed he was the no strings attached sort of guy, considering the type of work he does. But then again, the only times you ever saw him was when he was working. Maybe the Kuroo you knew was just one side, the professional side. Of course he let his guard down around you, joking and flirting when you were alone. It had been that way for as long as you could remember, since Kuroo started working for your dad. But maybe that was just another side, the side for girls he was interested in. Maybe you weren’t the only one who got to see that side. You saw two out of however many sides he has — the flirt and the henchman. Maybe you didn’t know him at all. 
The sound of the front door creaking open draws you out of your thoughts, and you look up to see Kuroo with a convenience store bag filled with food. 
“I wasn’t sure which onigiri you’d want, so I got one of each.” He says, plopping a bag filled with various onigiris onto the living room table. “And I got two ramens, spicy and regular. I’ll take whichever one you don’t want.” 
“Spicy please.” You say, chuckling at how much food Kuroo got for just the two of you. Kuroo shrugs his jacket off, leaving it on the couch. Grabbing the bag with the ramen, he walks into the kitchen, flicking the lights on. 
“One spicy ramen coming right up.” He says, pulling a pot out of the cupboard. You grab a salmon onigiri from the bag in front of you, unwrapping it and taking a bite. 
“How often do you use this place?” You ask, watching Kuroo as he fills the pot with water and puts it on the stove. 
“Once in a blue moon, really. If a job goes wrong and I need a place to lay low, I stay here. Or if I need a place to crash and don’t feel like driving home.” He answers. 
“Where do you live, anyways?” 
“Close by the Nekoma shop, same building as Kenma. We talked about being roommates for a while, but we agreed we’d probably start hating one another.” Kuroo chuckles to himself, walking back to the living room to grab an onigiri for himself. 
“So it’s just you?” You ask, trying to steer the conversation in your favor. 
“Me and Yoruichi.”
“Yoruichi?” You ask, feeling like you knew the name from somewhere. Maybe an old anime?
“My cat.” He says, grinning. “I found her on a job, actually. She kept following me around and just jumped into my car when I wasn’t looking.” 
“Sounds like a pretty good life.” You say, trying your hardest to be subtle. “A bachelor’s life.” Okay, not so subtle. 
“I knew you were still thinking about that.” Kuroo says, laughing. “You know you can just ask me stuff. No need to try and jump over hurdles trying to talk to me.” 
“I’m not really good at this.” You admit. “You know...talking. Being open. Relationship stuff.” 
“Relationship, huh?” Kuroo asks, turning to you and smirking. The pot of water behind him was at a rolling boil, letting steam into the kitchen. 
You roll your eyes, your cheeks were definitely blushing but you hope that Kuroo couldn’t see it in the dim light. “Whatever this is.” You say quietly, knowing that a real label was the last thing either of you were thinking of with all the things you both were dealing with. 
“Like I said, ask me anything.” Kuroo says, his back turned to you as he stirred the ramen. 
“What did Bokuto mean by ‘a bachelor’s life’?” You ask, getting up to join Kuroo in the kitchen. You lean against the counter opposite the stove, staring at Kuroo’s muscular back. 
“I was...definitely a bachelor. For a while.” Kuroo says, back still turned to you. 
“ had…” you say, trailing off. You were torn between saying “hoes” or “bitches”.
“I had...some girls that I spent time with. Nothing serious, though. I always made sure to keep things casual.” The conversation felt tense, slowly but surely growing more and more awkward as more details were being revealed. 
“I don’t really care about how many there were.” You say quickly, reassuring Kuroo and clearing some of the tension. “I don’t care who they are either. But is there anyone I should be worried about? It felt like everyone was staring at me at the party.” The memory of all the girls at the party staring at you curiously was persisting in your mind. 
“No one to worry about, really. None of them seem like the type to backstab, especially considering soon everyone will know you’re a Sakanoshita.” Kuroo says slyly, referring to the upcoming race in memory of your brother. You knew that as soon as everyone learned of your family, your sense of anonymity in Kuroo’s world would be gone. 
“I have one more question.” You say, moving to stand next to the stove, nearly in front of Kuroo. “If those girls were nothing, and you usually keep things casual, what are we?” 
Kuroo pauses, thinking for a moment before setting down his chopsticks and turning the heat to a simmer. Turning to you, he places his hands on either side of the counter next to you, trapping you underneath him. Your heart raced as you felt your breath catch in your throat, caught off guard by Kuroo’s sudden closeness to you. 
“I’m whatever you want me to be.” He says, barely louder than a whisper, his lips hovering over yours. 
“You’re mine.” You say, your gaze bouncing from his eyes to his lips. Kuroo moves closer to you, his body pressing against yours. 
“I’m yours.” He responds, wrapping one of his arms around your waist. 
“Kuroo…” You whisper, lips grazing his. He reaches next to you, turning the stove off. In an instant, his lips crash against yours. You wrap your arms around his neck, desperate for more — more contact, more kisses, more Kuroo. The entire night Kuroo kept you close to him, never leaving your side at the party, always making sure to let his kisses linger a few seconds longer than normal. All the pent up tension was finally being released, the adrenaline rush that came with all the drama from tonight only fueled the boldness of yours and Kuroo’s actions. 
You grind your hips against him, making him groan. You were very aware of two things; his growing member, hard against your body, and the sudden wetness between your legs. 
You gently push against Kuroo, freeing yourself from underneath him. His lips stay attached to yours, refusing to break the seal the two of you made. In one swift motion, you release from his grasp, and without looking back, you calmly walk to the bedroom, leaving Kuroo standing in the kitchen alone, pining for more. 
“Are you coming or not? Make sure you turn off the stove.” You call behind you, toying with Kuroo. You grin to yourself, knowing that you were just as irresistible to him as he was to you.
You open the bedroom door, behind you Kuroo’s footsteps grew closer and closer. Suddenly, you feel his arms around your waist again, and in an instant Kuroo is in front of you grabbing you by the throat, moving you so your back is against the door, pushing you backwards to shut it. 
“Such a pretty princess.” Kuroo says, closing the gap between you two. You felt your heart rate quickening, being trapped under Kuroo’s touch like this. A light moan escapes your lips, this dominant side of Kuroo makes you want him even more. His hand wrapped around your throat, his hard cock against your leg, the whole room felt electrified. 
“Kuroo please.” You whisper, eager for more. 
“You want me?” Kuroo asks, his lips barely touching yours. He wraps his other arm around you, grabbing your ass and pulling you against his body. The only thing that stopped the two of you from being directly pressed against one another was his hand around your throat. 
“Yes.” You answer breathlessly, moving your head forward, your lips colliding with his. Kuroo breathes heavily, removing his hand from your throat and moving to grab your ass. Almost by instinct, you give a light jump, wrapping your legs around Kuroo’s waist, his hands supporting you and keeping you from falling. 
Kuroo moves backwards until his legs hit the bed, then he slowly sits and reclines backwards, careful not to drop you or break the kiss. He maintains a firm grip on your ass as you straddle him grinding your hips against his, yearning for more friction between the bulge being held back by his jeans and your throbbing pussy. 
His fingers gently graze at the bottom of your shirt, tugging it upwards. You take the hint, sitting up and removing your top effortlessly. Kuroo does the same, sitting up slightly and lifting his shirt over his head. In the dim glow of the street light from outside, you could just barely make out the dragon tattoo on that stretched from his neck down his arm. 
“Take these off.” Kuroo says, rubbing your thighs.
“What’s the magic word?” You tease. 
“Now.” He says, reaching for your neck, forcefully pulling you down to look him in the eyes. You smirk, relishing in the fact you were able to see this side of Kuroo. There was no fear within you as he tightened his grip around your throat, only more and more arousal at the sight of the great Drift King grasping for control. 
Gently, you take hold of his wrist, making him let go of your neck. After placing a small kiss on his thumb, you get up, unbuttoning your pants. Kuroo’s eyes never left you, he was hypnotized, his hand rubbing his hardened crotch. He almost looked as if he was stuck in a trance, watching you undress before him, as if you were something out of a magazine that had come to life right before his eyes. 
Reaching behind you, you unclip your bra, letting it fall to the floor, your nipples already rock hard. Kuroo lets out a small “fuck”, watching you in amazement. You turn to look at him, feeling no need to cover your nude body, no need to hide from him. You want him to see you, it turns you on watching him touch himself as he stares at you with lust in his eyes. At this moment, you wanted nothing more than to climb into that bed with him and fuck all night long. 
You take a few steps closer to him, bending down and reaching for his pants, smirking as you hear his breath catch in his throat. Kuroo moves his hands away, hoisting himself up on his elbows to watch you. After unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, he moves slightly to allow you to remove his pants — and to his surprise — his underwear as well. 
If there was a god out there, you were certain that they personally blessed Tetsurou Kuroo with a gorgeous penis. Standing perfectly erect in front of you, you stop for a moment to simply take it all in. The size, the girth, the slight lean to the left, the vein popping out in excitement, the droplets of precum gathering on the head. At just the mere sight of his cock, you felt a fire light inside of you, eager to pleasure him.  
“You just gonna sit and stare all night?” Kuroo asks sarcastically, looking down at you with a smirk. Without saying a word, you gently lick the precum off of the head, your eyes not leaving his. He gently sighs, his smirk falling as his mouth stays slightly agape. You will yourself to salivate, and in one seemingly effortless motion, you take his entire length in your mouth, the tip hitting the back of your throat. You gag slightly, trying your hardest to relax your throat to keep his dick in your mouth. Kuroo’s head falls back in pleasure, and a beautiful moan escapes his lips. 
“Goddamn, princess.” Kuroo says, lazily picking his head up to look you in your eyes. Once again maintaining eye contact, you slowly withdraw his dick from your mouth, allowing your drool to dribble from your mouth onto his penis. Kuroo’s chest continued to rise and fall heavily, watching your every move. Licking one long stripe along the vein of his penis, you once again take him in your mouth, this time creating a rhythm, your head bobbing up and down as your hand strokes the length that you couldn’t fit, letting your spit lubricate his cock. 
You begin to lose yourself in the moment, allowing yourself to close your eyes and bask in the sound of Kuroo’s soft groans as you pleasure him. 
“Come here.” Kuroo says, breaking your concentration. You slowly take his length out of your mouth, leaving it wet with your saliva. Kuroo reaches for your thighs, pulling you upwards to look you straight into your eyes as you hover over him, his wet length hitting your inner thigh.
“Sit on my face.” Kuroo commands roughly, hands wandering up and down your legs and ass, his fingers gently brushing the lips of your vagina. You shiver at the small contact made, ready for more. After planting a short kiss on Kuroo’s lips, you let him guide you until your pussy is just barely hovering over his lips, his hands securely gripping your thighs, your bare tits practically glowing in the dim light streaming in from the empty street. You felt so defenseless, exposing yourself as Kuroo stared up at your naked body, you both knew he was strong enough to hold you down against his mouth if he wanted to. 
Slowly, tentatively, you lower yourself down, your heart pounding out of your chest in excitement. Without missing a beat, Kuroo’s large hands tighten their grip on your thighs, holding you steady as his tongue furiously licks your pussy, practically making you double over in ecstasy. 
Your moans and whimpers of pleasure echo through the room, and Kuroo takes this as a signal to quicken his pace, his tongue licking fast strokes against your clit and dipping slightly into your hole. His pace continued getting faster and faster, tongue alternating between circling your clit and deeply thrusting into your hole. You were certain he was leaving bruises on your thighs, trying to keep you still against his devilish mouth. Gripping tightly onto his hair, you feel yourself beginning to come undone on top of him, your walls tightening as you grind your hips against Kuroo’s face, his nose nudging against your clit, the pace never slowing down. You weren’t 100% sure he could breathe, but you didn’t really care. All that mattered to you was reaching your climax with Kuroo’s face buried in your pussy. 
“Kuroo!” You moan out, pulling his hair a little harder as you feel your walls pounding as you hit your peak, struggling screams escaping your mouth as Kuroo continues gently lapping at your clit as you cum. It took everything in you just to stay upright, the intensity of Kuroo’s mouth never letting up even as you came. You ride out your high on Kuroo’s face, slowly releasing your grip on his head as he takes his hands off your thighs. 
As you continue to try to catch your breath, you lift yourself up, giving Kuroo room to breathe. He breathes deeply as well, looking up at you with a smirk. 
“You sound cute when you scream my name.” He says smugly, rubbing your thigh. You roll your eyes, your cheeks burning. Shifting backwards, you widen your stance to straddle his waist again, the tip of his penis just barely grazing the lips of your drenched pussy. 
“And I like you better when you’re quiet.” You say, just barely louder than a whisper. Your face was once again centimeters away from his, and his lips were still glistening with your cum. Without hesitation Kuroo’s lips meet yours, sloppy, wet kisses being swapped between the two of you as your hand takes hold of his dick, lining it up with your entrance. 
You watch as Kuroo pulls away from the kiss, his face contorting in satisfaction as you sink into him. You sigh, closing your eyes as his length slowly starts filling you up. There was only a little resistance, your walls having to stretch to adjust to his size. But even so, he felt so comfortable inside of you. It felt as if the two of you were made for one another. 
You feel your eyes roll back as you shift your hips, his dick twitching slightly inside of you. Kuroo’s hands gripped onto your ass deeply, urging you to move, to create some sort of friction. With the support of his hands, you move your hips upwards, then downwards, up, down, up, down, two bodies moving almost perfectly in sync as the room filled with the sounds of Kuroo’s moans and your screams. 
The two of you kept a rhythmic pace to maintain the high you were both building, his hands guiding your hips as you steadily let your body rise and fall against his. Fireworks exploded at your core every time your hips collided with his, the head of his dick ramming against your cervix. 
After some time you slow down, your legs were getting more and more tired as you rocked against him. Kuroo senses your exhaustion and effortlessly flips you over onto your back, getting on top of you. Lining up his rock hard cock at your entrance, he looks down at you with a malicious grin. 
“So desperate for my dick, huh princess?” Kuroo teases, letting the head of his penis rub along your soaking wet pussy, your walls clenching every time it barely grazes your clit.  
“Just get inside me already.” You demand, your body aching for more. You were so close to reaching your second high, and you were more than ready to keep going all night if Kuroo wanted to. 
“What’s the magic word?” Kuroo says, using your words from earlier against you. He slowly lowers himself until his lips graze your hardened nipple. The tip of his dick continues to rub against you, making your pussy throb. Kuroo flicks your nipple with his tongue, before taking it between his teeth and nibbling softly, causing you to yelp at the sudden contact. Kuroo moves away from your nipple, sucking hard on the soft tissue of your breasts, leaving hickeys scattered across your chest. 
“Please fuck me Kuroo!” You beg, unable to take any more stimulation. You feel Kuroo chuckle against your skin, right before he finally lets his tip enter you. He pushes into you at a painstakingly slow rate, making you groan in anticipation, shutting your eyes tightly. Kuroo always left you yearning for more, lusting for his touch. 
Kuroo moves his head upwards, nestling his face into your neck as he gradually increases his pace. He leaves small kisses along your neck, taking your ear lobe between his teeth and tugging on it, making your eyes roll back as you let out a loud moan. You shift underneath him, bucking your hips upwards as you wrap your legs around his waist. Kuroo groans into your neck, letting his head rest against your shoulder as he continues to pound into you, leaving shockwaves running through your body with every thrust. 
“Kuroo, please make me cum.” You moan out, tangling your hands in his hair. Kuroo quickly pushes himself upward, hoisting your legs up and using his thighs to keep your hips suspended in the air, his dick still deep in you. Kuroo smirks as he sees your eyes roll back in pleasure, your hands grasping at the sheets around you, your breasts bouncing with every thrust. His smirk only grows wider as he begins rubbing small circles on your clit with his thumb, causing you to scream so loud you were certain everyone in the neighborhood could hear you. 
With this added stimulation, you felt yourself getting closer to your climax much faster, the pressure building up in your pussy as Kuroo continues fucking you from this new angle. Without any warning, you feel your walls clenching like a vice around Kuroo’s dick, causing Kuroo to take his thumb off of your clit so his hands could grab your waist, keeping you still as you cum all over him. 
Your climax is only further intensified by Kuroo continuing to pound into your tight cunt, aching for his own release. The feeling of your vaginal walls spasming around his cock was more than enough for him, but getting to see you scream in pleasure as he sends you over the edge is what really did it for him. To him, there was no better sight than seeing his princess cum. 
It didn’t take long until Kuroo let out a throaty groan, his grip on your hips tightening as he fucks you even harder. 
“Cum inside of me.” You barely make out, your body overrun with satisfaction. Kuroo leans down once more, pinning your hands over your head as you wrap your legs around him. Looking deeply into his eyes, you watch as his face contorts in ecstasy, his forehead dropping against yours. You feel his cock twitch inside of you, and you feel your cunt fill up with Kuroo’s hot cum. 
After a last few sloppy thrusts, Kuroo pulls out of you, leaving you lying on the bed breathless, your chest rising and falling as you try to gain your composure. Your pussy was practically bursting with liquids, both yours and his. Kuroo briskly walks over to the bathroom, and you hear some shuffling and the sink running. Kuroo returns with a wet washcloth, kneeling in front of your soaking wet vagina and tenderly wiping up any cum that was on you. 
“Such a gentleman.” You comment, looking down at Kuroo as he concentrates on cleaning you up. He looks up at you, smiling when he realizes you were watching him. 
“Only the best for my girl.” He says, getting up and wiping his dick off with the rag. You move to lay on your side, feeling more than content with the events that just occurred. Kuroo lays next to you, looking into your eyes. 
“My girl?” You repeat back at him, squinting your eyes skeptically. Kuroo rolls his eyes, throwing his arm around your waist and pulling you next to him.
“I’m yours. You’re mine. That’s the deal.” He says, winking at you. 
“Since when am I yours?” You ask teasingly, knowing damn well that there was no arguing that you and Kuroo belonged to one another. 
“Since you screamed my name so loud the entire neighborhood heard you.” Kuroo says, smirking. “The hickeys speak for themselves too. They’re like a personal tag.” 
“Shut up.” You say, rolling your eyes at his lewd comments. You couldn’t hide the smile on your face as you thought about the idea of being Kuroo’s. “I’m yours.” You whisper, inching your face closer to Kuroo’s.
“You’re mine.” Kuroo responds back, placing a loving kiss on your lips. There wasn’t any lust, any heat in this kiss, which was a drastic change from the absolutely filthy deeds the two of you were just committing. It was a simple kiss, sealing the deal the two of you made. 
“Round two after dinner?” Kuroo asks jokingly, pulling away from your kiss. You laugh, resting your forehead against his, lazily nodding at the proposal of more sex. 
Alone with Kuroo in that tiny little safehouse, you felt more at home than you had felt in years. Maybe it was the intensity of everything that happened that night, maybe it was the sense of belonging you felt as you laid in Kuroo’s arms, maybe it was the way your heart fluttered every time you heard Kuroo say “I’m yours”. Perhaps it was all of it, all of these emotions and sensations coming together, a light in the middle of the darkest storm that raged on around you, right outside the walls of this apartment. That storm wasn’t going to stop, and you and Kuroo were fully aware of the dangers that lurked around the corner for the both of you. But maybe the comfort the two of you found in one another was more than just a shelter from the impending storm. A solemn promise that regardless of the future that lay ahead, there was one constant that would remain true — he is yours, and you are his. 
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My Life is One Complication After Another 2
Some cursing 🤬
Ao3 *** Previous *** Next
"Okay so where were we?" she smiled turning and sitting back down with Fang.
"As Damian had asked are you in reality my biological child," Bruce took back control automatically.
"You can't be serious Brucie!" Jagged went and began to squish Mari's face. "This little ray of sunshine related to your broody majesty. I don't buy it."
"I am not broody Jared." Bruce defended.
"I'll believe that when Ladybug dates Chat Noir." he joked.
"So it is possible" Bruce responded with a straight face.
Now it was Mari's turn to laugh, "Not a chance. Ladybug and Chat Noir dating is as possible as Atlantis resurfacing." she finally stopped laughing. The Wayne's tensed as if they knew more than others about Atlantis. "I honestly don't know if I am your child. I have no objections to taking a paternity test if you want, but I already have parents who love and support me, but I am not opposed to adding to my family though." she again smiled like the sunshine she is.
"Marinette Dupain-Cheng What the Hell!?!" Chloe screamed storming into the room.
"What did I do!"
"How are you trending and you never told me" she gave a mock gasp.
However it was not the same for Mari. "I'm what." She opened her phone and sure enough she was trending. "How did this happen?"
She went into the first article she could and backtracked, through the sources and timestamps. Then it all made sense. She was on the Ladyblog, an interview with Lila claiming she was friends with a Wayne. The media then believing her a lost Wayne which explains why she is sitting with the Waynes and them asking about her paternity.
"How did you not know. M."
"All my accounts are private and I've been busy. But this explains the reporters now huh."
"M you are ridiculous, utterly ridiculous" Chloe grumbled. She was now sitting on the armrest Mari was leaning against next to Jagged. "At least tell me you remembered to send the photos and interview." Mari sprung up, Fang having sensed the impending jump. "logged into my laptop" Chloe yelled throwing her key to Mari.
"Meet you at the hospital. 20 minutes. bye" she yelled as she ran down the hall taking the stairs faster.
Chloe and Penny got up followed by Jagged heading to the door.
"Whatcha wait'n for Brucie come on" Jagged called to the billionaire.
Slowly the Waynes stood and followed the others to the hospital, sharing looks and texts the entire time.
True to her word Marinette met with them 20 minutes later on the dot in the hospital.
Both Marinette and Bruce had a blood sample and a mouth swab taken. The doctor then came back an hour later with the results.
"Alright. By the genetic markers that were tested. I can say quite confidently that M. Wayne is the biological father of Mlle. Dupain-Cheng." The doctor handed them a folder. "I'II leave you to process."
Marinette didn't need long to process. In fact her only thought was, Well one more for the list. Everyone in the room was watching her. "Okay" she jumped down from the bench, crap. Forgot about that. Her smile never faltered but her eyes were closed a second too long.
In that second Chloe had taken her purse and was holding up a pair of athletic gloves. “Care to explain!” She held the gloves waving them towards Marinette.
"Um, Well, You see" Marinette started to mumble.
"Why don't you explain in the car" Penny came to her rescue.
"We'll get Pizza and have a Rock' n time" Jagged lightened the mood.
Everyone nodded, walking out Mari kept her hands in her pocket. She was putting on her second pair of gloves, Tikki in her hood, she needed to think and running always helped. Mari was only a few yards away when Chloe noticed, Mari spun to face her when she heard her.
"Red!" Chloe yelled. She noticed how two boys froze, Jason and Tim if she is correct.
"Goldie!" she responded, not missing a beat. She heard Chloe behind her.
"Cat." Penny stated.
"Bird." responded Jagged further confusing the Waynes as they neared the hotel.
Tim was the first who noticed the two girls in front of the hotel. Meaning he was on his phone mapping and timing the route.
"Pizza will be delivered in 10." Mari spoke as the other seven stepped out of the car.
The two girls went ahead of them, but instead of the elevator they took the stairs.
Half way through the second of three pizza did Tim finally speak. "How did you two get back so fast." Tim set down his Pizza as he began to gesture frantically. "There is no way for you guys to have beat as it is a fifteen minute drive and a 30 minute walk, 20 if you run. Wait how did you get there in 20 minutes with a detour." Tim surprisingly still had breath.
"The fastest way from point A to B is not through C." Was Marinette's response as she took a bite. Yet that didn't seem like a sufficient answer as her now brother's eyebrows were still knit in confusion, so she took a breath and said. "Free running, it's a great stress reliever." she finished.
"What did you hit this time?" Jagged gave her a semi serious look.
"I didn't hit anything," a pout on her lips. "The pigeon flew into me."
Dick started laughing "she is definitely yours B, I can say for sure even without that paternity test." Another two hours had passed before she noticed the time and bid everyone goodbye. She gave her number to her father and brothers, Damian begrudgingly because Dick put it in and gave it to Mari.
Her parents had closed early for a date so she was home alone. She went to the couch to sketch a few gift ideas for her newly extended family. She was finishing a semi formal coat with a hidden sling for a katana for Damian. He kept grumbling that if he had it, the way the sword appeared in his akuma form, and she is pretty sure Jason's jokes were more literal by everyone's expressions. When her parents came home.
"Bon soir Maman, Papa," she cheerily greeted them.
"How was your day sweetheart." her Papa smiled kissing the top of her head.
"I met a handful of interesting people." she really didn't know how to broach this subject.
"What's wrong sweetie," her mother must have noticed her be uncomfortable. She sat down next to Mari, and her papa sat across from them.
"Did someone or did these people hurt you." her papa's words began to ring with a hard edge.
"Non, nothing like that. It's just, um," bitting her lip then looking up. "Your not my biological father, are you?"
Her parents froze, and had a silent conversation.
"Marinette, your biological father is an important and busy man. Who has no time for children." Her Maman spoke gently and calmly. "His name is Bruce Wayne."
Okay hold up, she tilted her head empathizing her confusion. "He didn't seem to bad, in fact he has four boys."
"That was who you met today," her papa affirmed, seemingly surprised.
She nodded her head and told them what had occurred today, leaving out the akuma and her free running. When she finished her parents once again held a silent conversation.
"Why don't we invite him over tomorrow for lunch. While you show his boys around." her maman smiled.
"Okay I'll send them a message then." Mari smiled taking out her phone.
Tomorrow will be interesting.
But first she had to survive tonight.
Tonight Ladybug, Todd Tenko, and Emeraude Racer were on patrol. Meaning she had the evening with the Couffaine siblings. Since both were holders it wasn't uncommon for them to swap. Meaning Luka would either be Todd or Viperion, and Juleka could be either Racer or Kitsune.
They each knew what was their designated route, and because of the akuma sent earlier the chance of Hawkmoth striking again was less likely. Each one of the heroes went their separate ways and made their rounds. So when the three heroes went to their rendezvous at Notre Dame's bell tower it ways almost two hour later. However, she noticed she had a tail when she passed the Eiffel tower. So she called Todd and Racer to set an illusion and ambush at the bell tower.
When she stepped on the bell towers stopped in the center and so did her tail with four others, forming a 'v" behind her. Todd's illusion left a Ladybug in the center of the tower while she moved to an ambush point. Four figures swung in and stood at each corner, a Todd Tenko, Emeraude Racer, Honey Bee, and Chat Noir.
"Shouldn't all of you be in Gotham?" Ladybug asked for her.
That seemed to take the vigilantes in her city by surprise.
"We heard about the situation and we just want to help." Nightwing, she is pretty sure, spoke up.
Chat Noir scoffed, "huh as if we would believe that."
"Tt. believe what you want. That is the truth." Robin spoke this time. Interesting.
"Yes after being ignored and called liars for three years really builds trust." Honey Bee's hand curled on her top as she spoke.
Batman seemed like he was going say something, but she jumped down from her perch breaking the Ladybug illusion. As they watched her materialize fifty feet up, followed by Racer and Todd flanking her mere seconds later.
"Todd," her eyes never left the five in front of her as she spoke.
"What!" Red Hood jumped in surprise, "How?"
"Curious. But Todd," this time she turned. "can you drop Mirage." Her teammate nodded and the four illusions disappeared. "Do you need to recharge?"
"Already did LB", he smiled.
"Okay," she pulled out her yoyo, and a box fell out into her hands. "who wants a snack before heading back out."
"Me!" Racer rushed to the box pulling out a strawberry eclair.
It is almost a good thing she always makes eight eclairs for patrol. Seriously she makes two for those on patrol, but after Adrien always left them with one and ate four, did she start bringing more.
Before leaving to do a final sweep of patrol. The three Parisian heroes spoke with the visiting vigilantes.
"We could send them Pinky's way," Ladybug responded to Batman's ask for more information.
"Do you think that's smart?" Todd asked.
"Who is Pinky?" Red Robin stepped into the conversation.
"She is our civilian contact and reserve hero." Racer answered.
"Why isn't she a permeant hero?" Nightwing brought up the question.
"Her identity was compromised but and we aren't sure how many know. So she is kept an back up." she answered.
"Who is she and how do we contact her?" Batman demanded or asked in his case.
"She is Multimouse, her name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng." All of them seemed to flinch and paled slightly. "And she'll find you."
The three Parisians stood and left.
Yup, tomorrow is going to be interesting.
“So was I supposed to find out the Wayne’s were the Bats on my own or would you have told me?” Mari scolded her boyfriend over video call when she got home from patrol.
“I knew you were smart but less than a day you really are a lucky bug.” He smirked at her.
She crossed her arms and glared at him.
“Okay, okay.” He rose his hands in surrender. “But how did you figure it out anyways?”
“Apart from Tim and Jason flinching when Chloe called me Red, Damian’s katana grumbles and Tt., Jason freaking out because Todd was on patrol with me, and all of them paling at my name. It wasn’t to hard to piece together after that.” She shrugged.
“You know you’re scary sometimes right?” He feigned chills a goofy grin on his face.
“You love me though.” She teased him.
“I know I do but I know to keep in your good graces.” He responded now completely serious. “By the way, why was my idiot in Paris?” '
“I apparently made headlines a a lost Wayne.” She waved. “Which has more truth than the media knows apparently.”
“You’re serious!”
“Turns out your idiot is my adoptive idiot brother.”
“So are you related to Dick or Tim?”
“Try Damian.”
“To Demon Spawn! How?!”
“Bruce is my biological father.”
“The bug is a bat. Great!” he rolled his eyes, “I knew you weren’t normal but this is ridiculous.”
“You aren’t exactly normal yourself.” She replied pointedly.
“Ya but you love me.” His goofy grin was back.
“Yes I do.” She smiled in return.
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lybomb · 2 years ago
Secret Girlfriend at Fan Signing -127
request: Hello, can I request an Nct 127 reaction when you appear at a fan sign like a fan but you’re actually their secret girlfriend?
Tumblr media
He would stare at you from the stage, surprised that you were there. You would just wink at him and laugh at his cute confused face. You would go up to him, asking for him to sign a picture of the two of you.
“Cute photo. You’re especially the cutest in it. Love, Taeil.”
Since he was in your hometown touring, you had to see him. He would scan over the crowd, eyes landing on you and blowing you a small kiss before anyone could see. He would send you a text, trying his best to be discreet about it.
“Hi, you look lovely as always. I’m so glad to see you here. I love you, babe.”
He would find you in the crowd, gently waving back to you. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling the whole time. When another fan asked why he was so happy, he looked right at you, winking.
“I’m just glad to see all of our fans’ beautiful faces.”
He would watch you the entire time, making funny faces at you for split seconds. When the guy next to you got a little too close for Yuta’s liking, he would stare daggers at the man, wishing that looks could actually kill. He would text you after the singing.
“That dude was one inch too close to you. But I’m glad that I got to see you, love.”
You were patiently waiting in line for the signing, even letting people go in front of you. You weren’t in any rush, since you would see him after the signing. Once you got to him, you played like an innocent fan, casually flirting and winking at him.
“If only you were my girlfriend, then I would kiss you because of how cute you are.”
He knew that you would be there. But what he didn’t know is that you would go up to ask them a question for the open mic. You asked him if he had a girlfriend, smirking. He would be shocked by your question at first, but plays it cool.
“If I did, I would want her to be as pretty as you.”
He would pretend like you didn’t exist, because if he even looked at you, he knew that he would run off the stage and kiss you right there. Once you came up to him for the signing, he would not look you in the eyes.
“Sorry, I can’t even look at you. Your beauty is too incomprehensible.”
He would be jumping all around the stage, the biggest smile not leaving his face. Fans would start to get suspicious because he would keep waving and blowing kisses at you. Taeil would have to remind him that he had to keep it a secret.
“I’m really glad that everyone could come out and see us. It’s great seeing all of you here.”
He would be so happy to see you, almost running off the stage to hug you when he remembered that he had to pretend that you weren’t dating. He would smile at you the entire time, giggling and blowing kisses in your direction. After the singing, he would hug you tightly backstage.
“I’m so glad to see you. I missed you and your amazing hugs.”
You would go up in line to the signing, waiting to get to him. Of course, he was the last in line. All the other members knew who you were and tried playing like they didn’t. Once you made it to Hyuck, you would sigh loudly and roll your eyes, telling him that it took too long to get to him.
“Well, I’m worth it, aren’t I? Plus I couldn’t wait to see your cute face either.”
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taurue · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
🎀 five years after losing your boyfriend to an unfortunate accident, you’re miraculously granted the opportunity to save his life—but at what cost?
PAIRING: kuroo x gn!reader
SIZE / FLAVOR: 2.5k || angst
CONTENTS: profanity, mentions of character death, implied f!reader
NOTES: hi, i was impulsive again, thus the birth of this fic. it doesn’t follow the butterfly effect as accurately as i’d like, but the idea is there lol
Tumblr media
“Written in the genetic code of the caterpillar, waiting to be realized in the dark isolation,”
A small shiver runs down your spine as you slip into bed, the sheets cold, bare, and lonely without him. So foreign, yet so familiar.
You look down and notice the digital clock on your nightstand strike midnight as four zeros display themselves in a neat row across the screen, indicating the start of a new day.
A sigh escapes your parted, quivering lips as your tired eyes glance over at the framed picture of you and Kuroo, sitting just beside your lamp. You gently pick up the photo, a finger ghosting over the edge of his cheek, stopping just above his mouth, spread into a wide smile while he pulls you close.
Today marks five full years since he’d left. 
Five long, painful years since the accident that took everything from you.
As much as you wish it weren’t so, the details of that night are still carved into your memory vividly like it was just yesterday. 
You still remember your burning fever, the thundering raindrops crashing into your window panes from the storm, and the sound of your boyfriend shuffling out the door to buy Tylenol, since the pharmacy is just “a short drive away.”
You still remember the stupid smirk on Kuroo’s face when he said he’d be back before you knew it, the consequent wait which turned from seconds to minutes to hours, and the call you’d gotten from a number and a voice you didn’t recognize, accompanied by screeching sirens and howling winds in the background that still haunt you in your sleep.
You still remember the ringing in your ears as the voice said something about “emergency contact,” “died instantaneously,” and, worst of all, “I’m so sorry.” You’re not really sure. That part is the only part which remains hazy.
All you knew was, he never came back.
“Today’s our anniversary,” you whisper to the picture, forcing your trembling lips to curl into a small smile. “I wonder what we would’ve done to celebrate together this year.”
You sit in silence for a few seconds, as if waiting for a response. But when you’re met with nothing but the still, quiet air—like you have all these years—the lump in your throat thickens and your vision begins to blur.
“I miss you so much, y’know that?” you laugh, the sound coming out more like a choked cry than anything else as hot tears start streaming down your face. Slowly at first, then all at once, relentlessly. “It’s been five years and it still hurts so fucking bad.”
Your teeth dig into your bottom lip as the words leave your mouth, as though willing the ache in your heart to go away and the tears on your cheeks to dry.
Despite knowing that none of what happened was your fault, you can’t help but wonder how different things could’ve been if he never left that night, if you’d never gotten sick. God, you’d give anything to go back and ask him to stay. 
Anything for him to come home safe.
You blink at the teardrop which had landed on the frame’s glass, quickly wiping it away before you hear his familiar voice in your head scolding you for crying again.
“Sorry,” you sniffle, patting your face with the palms of your hands. “Life is just really hard without you, sometimes. All the time, honestly.”
Taking a deep, shaky breath, you slowly put the picture back onto the nightstand and slide the silver, diamond ring off your finger as well.
It was given to you in a sealed plastic bag, along with the rest of Kuroo’s belongings from the scene of the accident, and it was only then you realized that he’d planned to propose to you on your anniversary. Perhaps if you hadn’t come down with a fever at the last minute, you would’ve seen him get down on one knee.
The corners of your lips twitch into a bitter smile at the thought: that was supposed to be one of the most important nights of your life, where you said ‘yes’ to committing to the person you loved most, and thought about the beginning of a beautiful new future together, filled with endless possibilities.
Instead, it became the night everything was brutally ripped away from you.
The bedroom blackens as you turn off the lamp on your bedside table, placing what should’ve been your engagement ring beside the picture of you and the man who should’ve been your fiancé.
“Good night,” you murmur into the darkness, holding back a sob to ignore the growing dampness on your pillowcase. 
“I love you.”
— ✧ ✧ ✧ —
“Inside the chrysalis, are beautiful and chaotic wings,”
Your lids feel dry, heavy, and hot as you crack an eye open.
Something feels different, yet so familiar.
“Hey, you awake?”
Your blood runs cold at the voice.
There’s no way.
Are you dreaming?
But you’ve seen Kuroo in your dreams thousands of times, and your dreams have never, would never be so kind as to show you his face in such detailed clarity, as he makes his way towards the side of your bed. The face you’ve missed so dearly, every day for the past five years.
It’s unmistakably him.
Your eyes widen as Kuroo leans down and presses the back of his hand to your forehead, the sensation against your skin much too cool, too real to be an illusion.
“Your fever hasn’t gone down,” he sighs in disappointment as you stare at him, still speechless with disbelief. “Looks like it can’t be helped—I’ll go buy you some Tylenol from the pharmacy right now.”
“Wait!” you practically cry as Kuroo stands up, startled at your outburst. “D-don’t go.”
There’s too much happening for you to process, including the old layout of your bedroom from before you’d reorganized everything out of grief, but you only have one thing on your mind: keep him here.
“It’ll be a quick trip,” Kuroo chuckles, patting the top of your head reassuringly like he always does. “I’ll be back before you know it.”
“NO!” you yell, trying to push yourself up from the bed with what little bodily strength you have left. Your brain feels like it’s going to split open in excruciating pain. “Please just—just stay here. Please.”
He raises an eyebrow at you in concern, leaning back down to level his eyes with yours before asking gently, “Hey, is everything okay?”
“Y-yeah, I just,” you sputter, unsure of what to say, absolutely terrified that one wrong word will send him right back out the door if he doesn’t take you seriously. You’re not sure if you can survive losing him again. “Will you please stay with me? Please?”
Kuroo hesitates, clearly torn at the sight of sweat beads forming on your temple as a result of your fever. Or maybe it’s from the fear. Frankly, you’re not sure.
“Baby, you’re burning,” he tries to reason, but his expression already softens at your wide, pleading eyes on the cusp of desperation and panic.
“I’ll be okay,” you reassure him with a tired, forced smile. You definitely didn’t remember being in this much physical pain five years ago. But if this is the second chance the stars have granted you, you have to find a way to keep him here, even if it kills you. “Really.”
Kuroo hesitates and finally lets out a sigh of defeat, rendered powerless before you, as always.
“Can you hold it?” you murmur, reaching a hand out for him.
“Sure,” he gives you a soft grin. “I’ll hold it as long as you want.”
“Good, don’t let go,” you breathe with a small sigh of relief, finally allowing yourself to lay back down as Kuroo pulls the nearest chair up to your bed. 
“I won’t,” he hums, planting his lips on your bare, ring finger. He watches you carefully, his gaze just as full of care and tenderness as you remembered.
“Promise you won’t wait until I fall asleep to sneak out to the pharmacy,” you mumble, your eyes already closing once more, against your will. Why are you so exhausted?
“Promise,” Kuroo chuckles softly, extending his other arm out to wipe away a stray tear that’s trickled down your cheek. He doesn’t know what’s wrong, but if you don’t want him to leave your side, then he won’t.
You’re barely clinging onto consciousness now as you manage to utter the last thing you can think of saying to him in the moment, the simple, but important words leaving your lips in a tired slur.
“I love you.”
Kuroo gives you a small smile as leans in to press a gentle kiss to the tip of your nose.
“I love you too.”
— ✧ ✧ ✧ —
“And with their flapping, flowers shall bloom,”
You’re woken up by the pounding in your head, and your eyes fly open once memories of what happened the night before slowly come to light in the darkness of your bedroom at 6 a.m.
It is, once again, in its new arrangement with all the furniture, signifying your return to the present-day.
Was that real?
It had to be.
It had to be.
There was no way you dreamt, imagined, or hallucinated any of that.
It was too warm, too raw.
But there’s only one way to find out.
Your mind a frenzy, heart racing faster than your brain can think, you don’t bother changing out of your pajamas as you slip into your shoes quicker than you ever have before. It doesn’t even occur to you to grab your phone or your keys when you sprint through the door, as if your life depends on it. As if his life depends on it.
Kuroo’s apartment isn’t far from yours—it was his idea to live close together, after all. And if what you think happened really did happen, then he should be there.
He has to be.
And you have to see for yourself, you have to touch him, to hold him, to know he’s okay. Frankly, you’re not sure if you can continue living if he’s not. 
He has to be.
The journey there feels like a blur as you run through the streets in the cold air of dawn, the wind stinging your cheeks and bringing tears to your eyes. Your lungs are practically screaming with exhaustion, your legs begging you to rest while your mind pleads them to hold on just a bit longer, just a few more streets until you reach him.
And after what feels like an eternity, you do.
You knock on his front door, the same door you’ve seen so many times, both before and after the accident, in happiness and in mourning.
Your freezing knuckles pound against the wood again, and you feel your heart race in anticipation—what if last night was a dream? Could you really be granted such a miracle? Is that even—
But then, the door finally swings open, and you see him.
Kuroo, the man you loved and continue to love, who looks like he hasn’t aged a day.
Still as handsome and as familiar as he was five years ago, as he was yesterday. 
He’s okay. He’s safe. He’s here.
For a moment, you’re afraid that this is all a dream, but you know it isn’t. Not with the way your lungs are still burning from the sharp, icy air as you find it harder and harder to breathe, at a complete and utter loss for words.
Kuroo looks both surprised and tired, even, at the sight of you—a flustered, panicked, mess standing outside his door before the sun has even fully risen, but you don’t blame him. 
It’s early, and, to him, you just almost barged into his apartment unannounced.
Say something, you tell yourself. Don’t just stand there.
“You’re okay—”
You’re cut off by the sound of someone else’s footsteps approaching Kuroo from behind, an unfamiliar voice carrying through the doorway.
“Who is it, baby?”
A woman you don’t recognize shuffles to Kuroo’s side, tightening the waistband around her robe as she rubs her eyes in fatigue. She wraps an arm around his torso, the both of them now watching you in confusion, as if expecting an explanation.
“What’re you doing here?” Kuroo finally asks, his voice devoid of any hostility, filled with only genuine confusion.
You open your mouth to speak, but your throat feels dry, and nothing comes out.
Your eyes fall to the silver band on the woman’s left ring finger, and when you catch sight of the matching one on Kuroo’s hand—resting gently above hers—realization hits you. That’s... his lover, and it’s not you. Not in this version of reality.
Your heart sinks with dread, and suddenly feels as though it’s been ripped out of your chest and shattered into a million pieces beyond repair, the fragments bloodied, small and jagged on the pavement.
It can’t be.
“I—” you choke, still gaping like a fucking moron at the two of them, now completely unattached to how odd, maybe even crazy, you seem. “I’m sorry.”
And with that, you back away, and run.
You run and don’t look back, leaving them behind, still unable to process the shock of everything that’s happened.
Is this your new reality?
The air must be getting colder as the sun rises, because your eyes sting more than ever, helpless tears streaming furiously down your cheeks. Your whole world feels as though it’s finally been rebuilt, only to come crashing down on you in a split second.
You should’ve known.
There must be a price to pay for altering the past, and this is yours. The future must change accordingly, in ways that can’t be predicted. In ways that don’t make sense. It’s basic chaos theory.
Even in matters of equivalent exchange, something must be taken when another is given. And in exchange for Kuroo’s life, the universe has taken everything else, as if mocking you in its own twisted way.
You feel selfish for the agonizing ache in your chest, the one that has you gasping for air in the middle of the street, alone and on the brink of what feels like madness itself. Because what matters is that he’s safe; his happiness has always come before your own, after all.
Isn’t that what love is?
And you know that if it were to save your life, Kuroo would have, without a doubt, done the same thing in a heartbeat.
Maybe not in this new lifetime, but in the one where you were still the love of his life.
The one you once knew.
The one in the past, which now never existed, left without a trace.
All you can do is live with the peace of knowing that at least the person you’d give anything for can still have the chance to experience the joys of life, of truly being alive, and of love—even if it isn’t with you.
“And hurricanes shall be created.”
Tumblr media
—poem by daniel saint.
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tweedlydumbtweedlydoo · 7 months ago
I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause | Dad!Tom Holland x reader
Seasonal Prompt List + Send one in with any one on THIS list :)
Requested by: anon
Prompts: (bolded)
22. “Looks like a white Christmas this year.”
29. “You’re all I want every day…not just on Christmas.”
a/n: anon, i hope you like it! So sorry for the long wait. xx 
********************************************************************************************NOT MY GIF, CREDIT TO OWNERS
Tumblr media
        It was a tradition that Tom started after your first was born to dress up as Santa and take Christmas pictures with Santa aka Tom. You found out after the first time you took your son to get pictures with Santa at the mall he flipped out and didn’t want anything to do with that mall santa. So, Tom suggested he be the one to dress up and it worked like a charm. Your son didn’t cry at all and was a giggling mess. You wondered if he could sense it was Tom. So, from then on Tom dressed like Santa, showed up with a large red bag filled with “presents” and would take pictures with the kids. You figured it wouldn’t be much longer until your son would realize it was Tom. Tom would always have to “Work” when Santa would come visit, so your son didn’t second guess you.
There was a knock on the door and your oldest knew exactly what was going on. The grin on his face widened, “Mommy, he’s here! He’s here!”
“Well hurry go get the door!” You laughed and picked up your youngest, which happened to be a girl. Tom wanted a third and well that’s how you’re now 7 months pregnant with another boy on the way.
“Ho ho ho!”
“Santa!” Your son squealed, hugging him, “you’re here!”
“Why I come every year! Of course I’m here!” Your son pulls him into the living room. There was a bench set up in front of the tree like every year for the photos.
Your daughter who was over a year old started clapping and squealing at the sight of Santa. “Hi Santa.” You greet bringing the baby over.
You can see the smirk on Tom’s lips under the beard, “Mrs. Holland.” He points to your stomach, “A third one huh? Your husband must love kids!”
Getting the two kids situated, you quickly get behind the camera and snap a bunch of pictures. After that the kids sit in the floor, well more your son, opens the gifts “Santa” brought him and your daughter sits in her chair as she watches her brother, squealing and clapping.
“Santa, would you like some milk and cookies? They’re in the kitchen.”
“I would love some.” He nods, following you to the kitchen. Making sure your son is preoccupied with the gifts he pulls down the beard and gives you a kiss, “You look beautiful in your little elf outfit.”
You roll your eyes, “Oh yeah sure, a really fat elf.” You laugh, patting your stomach.  
He pulls you close and lays a hand on your stomach, “stop it.. you’re beautiful.”  Leaning down, he presses his lips against yours again.
“That’s my mommy!!” A little voice shrieks.
Oh no. Oh no. Tom quickly pulled away from you, somehow managing to put the beard back on before he could see. However, it was already too late. He’d seen “Santa” kissing his mommy.
Your son runs over and kicks Tom in the shin, “Get off my mommy! You’re not my daddy! You can’t kiss her!” You’d only seen your son angry like this once and it was because someone had stolen his toys at a play date.
“Baby stop stop!” You pull your son away from Tom, “Baby calm down!”
“ouch!” Tom groans, rubbing his shin.
“That’s my mommy! You can’t kiss her!”
You look up at Tom, panicking, “Santa wasn’t.. he was helping me get something out of my eye.”
Your sons face is scrunched up in anger, “you kissed Santa! He’s not daddy!” He points to Santa with a stomp of his foot.
“I was only helping your mommy get something out of her eye.” He bends down to your son’s level but your son sends him daggers, “I’m telling my daddy that I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause!”
Pinching the bridge of your nose you groan, maybe it was time to tell him the truth. He would never stop talking about how he saw mommy kissing Santa Clause and would be angry to see him next year which means Christmas pictures would be ruined. “That is daddy..”
Tom looks at you with wide eyes, “What are you doing?!”
“he’s never going to let me or “Santa” live this down!”
“But daddy is at work.” Your son pouts, looking at Santa, “he’s not daddy.”
Tom sighs before slowly pulling off the beard and hat, “yeah it’s me buddy.”
You watch as your son’s bottom lip quivers, “but..”
You and Tom sit your son down and explain the story behind Tom dressing as Santa. He didn’t like the mall Santa, but we needed pictures for Christmas so daddy was the one to dress up as Santa for the pictures. He’s not the real Santa. Santa will still come on Christmas eve to give you presents, etc etc. Your sons biggest worry was if Santa would still bring him presents.
“yes baby, he’s still going to bring you presents.” You reassure him with a kiss on the head. “How about you go play with your new toys daddy bought and I’ll put on your favorite Christmas movie?”
“I still can’t believe we got caught.” You say to Tom as you’re making your morning cup of tea/coffee. It was Christmas morning and the kids were still asleep.
“it didn’t seem to bother him too much. He was more worried about getting toys this morning.” Tom chuckles making his cup of tea and heading over to the window to peak outside, “Looks like a white Christmas this year.”
Tom points outside, “It’s snowing.” He smiles, “That’s a nice surprise.”
Coming over to his side, he wraps his arm around you, “A white Christmas.. It’s our first white Christmas.”
“y/s/n is going to be ecstatic when he wakes up. I’m pretty sure snow was on his Christmas list for Santa.” He chuckles.
“It was..” You sip on your tea/coffee.
“You were on my Christmas list.” He teases.
“Oh lovely!” You laugh, “good to know I’m only wanted on Christmas.”
He gently tickles your sides, “you know that’s not what I meant. You’re all I want every day…not just on Christmas.”
“How romantic of you.” You whisper, tilting your head up to kiss him.
He meets your lips with a smile, “You know it’s good to know our son would kick someone’s ass for touching his mommy..” He winces and reaches down toward his shin, “he’s got a good kick too.”
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