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#I know

Guys I wrote a poem and I want to share it here, I know nobody cares but that’s the reason will do it.

Cover Your Eyes To What Doesn-t Affect You

Why you’re so mad?

Aren’t you happy with your life?

You have everything you could wish for

It’s just a phase, it’s not for ever

Why so revolted?

Boo hoo, the world isn’t perfect

Just be happy you don’t go through the same things they do

What type of gratitude is this?

You say there are people dying in war

Children being separated from their parents

People being dying from being “different”

But nothing’s happening to you, so why do you care?

You scream, you throw a tantrum

It look like you have no discipline

You refuse to accept that your life is better

Why do you look for misery when you sleep in gold?

“The lack of empathy of those like you

Will be humanity’s downfall”

You shut up and be thankful

Thankful that nothing like that happens to you

Our world is superior, and you are reluctant in believing it

You say I’m blind, but can see very well

It benefits me, so I don’t open my mouth

Why do you make this all so hard?

“The day I lose the gag

The day people who don’t mix opinion and human rights rise up

The day the revolution happens

That’ll be the day you’ll care”

“I won’t shed a tear in your funeral”

I’ll probably explain what it means if ppl are interested, but I think it’s kinda obvious… Well, have a good day/night/whatever. Drink water and be safe

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i went through all of my wips again and i have finally managed to compile a more comprehensible list of what i’m hoping to work on, figured i might as well put it here in case anyone’s curious lmao

  • but my lungs feel so small || oikawa x reader: multi chapter royalty medieval au
  • the royal conundrum || character undecided: multi chapter royalty modern au
  • untitled || ushijima x reader: mafia/soulmate au
  • these pleasures weren’t meant for us || ushijima x reader: fake relationship/spy au 
  • (we will make our own) constellations || akaashi x reader:  reincarnation/soulmate au 
  • amaryllis || atsumu x reader: multi chapter dragon age au
  • the price of a kingdom || ushijima x reader: royalty au
  • delights (violent or otherwise) || oikawa x reader: demon king/monster hunter 
  • highways installations [1, 2] || various characters: dystopia
  • even death installations [1, 2] || various characters: supernatural au
  • timelines installations || various characters: time travel au
  • kissing in cars installations || iwaizumi x reader: road trip au
  • these roses have thorns || various characters: hanahaki/various aus
  • come hell or high water || oikawa x reader: pirate au
  • among the stars || akaashi x reader: sci fi titanic au
  • the courage of stars || oikawa x reader: soulmate au
  • untitled || tsukishima x reader: royalty au / arranged marriage
  • untitled || oikawa x reader: bitter/sweet companion piece
  • but the gods never heard us || ????

[fanfic masterlist] 

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every day. every day i think about people saying when they met yugyeom he was so kind-hearted they thought he was an angel

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Read on AO3


“What the hell is wrong with you?” Pang asked. “Are you going to stay mad at me just because I didn’t pick up your calls?”
“Is that all you can come up with?” Wave questioned back.


What Wave wished Pang knew. The things he left unspoken.

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I so badly wanted to draw something halloween-y for tma and then I couldn’t stop thinking about how Jon is and Academicand also a millenial

edit: someone on instagram said that the crocs are in SPORTS MODE??? I didn’t know crocs had a sports mode and neither would Jon so it stays

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who’s gonna tell Tommy that he could stream on YouTube and easily get 100k - 200k  viewers because he has gotten over 1M subs since August? 

Who’s gonna break the news? 

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