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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#I know nobody is going to relate to this but

i cant believe ive decided to be funny. i think its gonna work out for me tbh

#ive always had the kinda brain for making youtube skits n shit but never the balls to do it, #maybe i'll do youtube along with the tiktok lmao bc i have a feeling tiktok isnt good for the long run, #but i feel like im funny so im going to share it with the world, #like i mean i did have a youtube when i was 7, #just never the environment to do it right, #itll probably better when i move out too bc my parents arent the types to understand if i were to say hey dont bother me im filming, #GOD forbid i ever stream anything even to friends theyd walk in like HEY CAN YOU DO THE LAUNDRY., #and ill be like i am live right now there are X number of people watching me theyd be like OH ARE THEY HUH. OKAY TOMORROW CAN YOU DO THIS, #just so tone deaf lmao, #if my dad didnt have an entire redwood tree up his ass it would be hysterical to show him like what zoomers find funny, #and just watch his brain bluescreen, #but he would not be able to handle any sort of internet exposure lol, #nobody im related to could i think, #like i said the other day he turned on kpop and was like what the fuck is this bts shit? surely no one has ever heard of kpop ASKJDJL, #if i showed him like a 2016 sans meme he'd just cease to understand, #he doesnt even know the word meme, #which is great potential to torment him but hed like get actually made we're making fun of him HDASKAKSLJKLJ, #but like yeah if i can manage to make shit while people arent around i think it would be cool, #i mean making a presence from nothing might be hard but like hey it would be fun thats the biggest reason i want to, #also like. a youtube income could be nice once i get a card, #even if its miniscule anything would be great, #but wait didnt they change it since last time like you need a certain sub count to monetize, #you used to be able to just do it idk anymore, #idk tho i feel like my brain is made for that! like it would be a cool opportunity, #often times with my tone issues i make people laugh even when im not trying to lol, #i go deadpan sometimes and it makes people laugh and then it makes me laugh and its funny, #but like yeah. i got a lot of funny stories i could go old youtube style and just tell stories, #i could make jokes and do tiktok type stuff like im planning, #i could just make le epic memes, #i could put art stuff
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