#I know there are some limits but if you don't like it don't read it!!!
acosmicowl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Here it is! I'm gonna put the ramble under the read more (its A LOT of text). In case anyone has any question about it I'll gladly answer!
It's name is Cleaner
FP gets desperate and decides to crate a slugcat to deal with the rot
Cleaner is semi biological
He menages to make so the Cleaner can actually kill the rot, or at least remove them from the can
Although small compared to other slugcats it's still really deadly and quite agile
It has tendrils to help navigate the can but also to get rid of the daddy long legs
To not eat the neurons it eats the proto daddy long legs or the actual ones
It has the communication mark to be able to understand FP
At some point FP gets to infected and enters a "hybernation" mode, letting Cleaner on it's own
There are 3 ways things could go: The good ending, The true ending and the bad ending
I still thinking about the good ending, so I don't have everything figured out yet but the way I see is that, Cleaner menages to get rid of all the rot and FP turns on again, this however would still give him some major damage, so either he keeps living like this or SRS somehow gives him some help
The true ending, wich is more likely to happen, Cleaner can't deal with the rot fast enough and FP dies, it gets devastated and so follows the last order gave to him: Seek the void sea and transcend, and so it does
I think FB would not be as much of a jerk to doom the little guy to the same fate as him so that's why he let's it transcend
The one drawing of FP holding Cleaner is what would appear once it transcended (little guy just wanna be held :-:)
Cleaner has feelings, (FP didn't know about that)
That makes things even more angsty once you understand that Cleaner feel like a failure when it can't help FP
It heads straight to the void sea so it probably never meets BSM
In the bad ending FP dies and so does Cleaner
It gets infected and is slowly consumed by the rot as well
It can feel pain, but not as much as the emotional pain from letting FP dies as well as itself, it's horrible :(
If the good ending happens I think FP would let Cleaner free to go, but it chooses to stay with him, who knows when FP may need help again :)
FP would probably annoyed at it first, but would warm up for the little guy as well
He wont tell, but he really likes the company
It's like having a pet, but better!
If Cleaner somehow maneged to meet the other slugcats, as long as they didn't eat the neurons or damaged FB, their interaction would go like this:
Hunter: Would feel some sort of sympathy, they both were made to help, but hunter has a limited time
Cleaner would probably guide and help Hunter out of the can, even giving some spears that it find
Survivor: Doesn't trust they, might even be aggressive towards them, always keeping an eye on them in case it does anything it would consider bad
Monk: Who doesn't like them? Monk would probably bring something to Cleaner and be careful around the can
Cleaner immediately gains a soft spot for them
Maybe they play around together :D
That's it! All that I had on my head (for now)!
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forbidding-souda · a day ago
not sure if this was done but Byakuya shuichi and hajime with a s/o who is a dancer? btw love ur acc sm i read them everyday🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Byakuya Togami, Shuichi Saihara, and Hajime Hinata with a S/O who is a dancer
hello i just got my tongue repierced and why is it 100% not as bad as I remember it being what
-Mod Souda
Tumblr media
Byakuya Togami
Tumblr media
✯ Long work days and complicated schedules are 100% more annoying to than they are to him. He doesn't mind the big intervals between moments spent with you, he likes the fact that you have a hectic schedule just like he, it makes him feel less guilty. He loves you just the same as he would if he saw you all day every day but this way is much easier on his strain. And think of it this way, with all the traveling you might do for your jobs, you would always have first class and the suites.
"Look at you," you keep your knuckles pressed into his palm. "You have more muscular hands." "Muscular hands?" He questions. "Yeah," you laugh. "Have you been typing more than usual? I thought you had an assistant for that." He looks away, leaning his head back and rolling his eyes. His dismissive attitude (in replacement of a snarky comeback) only makes you smile. You decide not to press him on it more as you continue stretching his hands, only doing it so you can convince him to do it for you later. He hates the fact that you had said that, because it is true, he has been typing more recently. It is only because he had been typing out emails detailing how much he misses your presence, but he is never sentimental enough to hit the send button.
✯ Does he come to any of your performances? No! Will he watch them if you show them to him? 100% yes, and he will devote all of his attention to those videos.
✯ But if it's ballet then he will go, and he will be even bringing some of his 'coworkers' to show you off.
✯ If he's missing you too much then he will join a live stream if he can.
✯ The public eye is a bit entertained by the pairing of you too. He is not a very physically active person nor does he seem the type to prefer being with one, so it is rather adorable and a bit motivating to see the two of you being so in love.
✯ Always has the most lovely meals for you to get up your good lifestyle, you need to get that extra energy in you to keep you going. Your own private chef should suffice.
✯ Oh, you were sponsored by a product so you can advertise their stuff? Well he's already bought hundreds of it so they can keep coming back.
Shuichi Saihara
Tumblr media
✯ He gets flustered watching you dance. Something about you being so confident in your abilities is alluring to him. He likes watching you from afar, he enjoys more than anything being able to see you in your element, free from shame and hesitance. You shine on a stage even when you're a backup dancer. In every commercial that you're in and every magazine you're on the cover of you have the most brilliant smile he has ever seen. He adores you. He almost worships you and your Talent.
He tries not to sound excited when he greets you from the door. The fact that he was waiting there in the first place kinda gives it away. He missed you a lot (which there is nothing wrong about). You drop your work-out bag and kick off your sweaty shoes before switching to your indoor ones. "Don't hug me yet," you say even though he really had no intention to. "I need to shower first." But he still waits for you to leave the shower before he even thinks about starting an actual conversation. He does feel a bit shy when it comes to bothering you when you have a schedule in your head. He knows how important schedules are to your career, and he might be overestimating the small ones. He didn't realize how much you missed him as well. You exit the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around you before you grab his face and start kissing all over it. His cheeks are burning pink and he feels as if he is suffocating, but it's in the best possible way.
✯ You help with stamina things. He is not very active so he has no idea what is an athletic person's limits and strengths when it comes to certain things a crime scene can intale. Your opinion matters to him.
✯ He is willing to learn some dances for you as a fun little exercise. He has a hard time saying no to you anyway so he'll always just magically end up in that predicament.
✯ He will come to your shows if you ask him to, plus he likes seeing you in-the-zone (it's one of the things that made him fall in love with you in the first place.
✯ The closet is 90% your clothes and that's fine with him, he doesn't own a lot of stuff anyway, and if he runs out it's not as if he's beyond just putting on one of your black shirts.
Hajime Hinata
Tumblr media
✯ Your talent is incredible beautiful to him. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also impressive. The amount of work you do and consistently is mind-boggling, he is not that much of a hard worker and he realizes this to a greater extent whenever he witnesses how hard you work. You put a lot of thought into your active lifestyle and ways you can benefit from everyday decisions in terms of being a dancer, like the things you eat and the amount of steps you take. He tends to find himself analyzing you. Is this what it takes to be the SHSL Dancer?
He is amazing and supportive even when it is inconvenient. He is resting in bed with his eyes closed, trying to sleep, but you just keep tossing and turning by his side. "What is it?" He groans, covering his eyes with his elbow. "My back is sore." Sleep on it, he almost says. A part of him wants to be considerate only do to the fact that you are annoying him, but instead, he feels like he should help you just because of the fact that you are in pain. He doesn't like seeing you in such a bad state. "Lay on your stomach real quick," he says. With a small slur of complaint, you still listens to what he says, and you keep your head on his side so you can watch him. He lazily makes your back fully accessible before digging his thumb into a small part of your upper back. You inhale. "Alright, alright!" He just smirks before he actually starts his massage.
✯ He doesn't like how many of your beauty/hair products you have in the bathroom. He is always knocking shit over. What do you need sunscreen moisturizer and anti-sweat dry shampoo for? Why do you have 10 different types of deodorant (and which one is his?)?
✯ If you are in public with him and start breaking out into dance he is walking away.
✯ Tbh with how much money you make he's probably making you pay for dinner.
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rouge-variant · a day ago
Hi! I was wondering if I could request something? I have big breasts that I’m really insecure about. I mean they’re not big enough to hurt me so I’m not getting surgery or anything, but I feel like they look weird and out of proportion with the rest of my body (which is smaller). I mean I know lots of people would say I’m lucky but I really hate them. Anyway I was wondering if I could get hcs of Levi w his so dealing with the same issue? If not I totally get it. Love ya 💜
I love you too!!! You use purple hearts like me 💜💜💜
This is something we don't see a lot of and I feel like we need to express this more. I'm the opposite of you, no curves and I have a similar feeling. So, let's embrace your wonderful self because in all honesty, I think Levi wouldn't mind and would adore you to bits! Hopfully this is what you were hoping for and advanced apologies if the title offended you. Please let me know if it did because that wasn't the intent and I will fix it for you!! So sorry for the wait!! Thanks for your request and I hope you enjoy!!
Levi with his S/O with Large Breasts Headcannons:
Trigger Warning: Mentions of attention drawn by noticble body features. Please keep this in mind while you read.
Out of all the things Levi is protective of you, your pride and self love is one of the top priorities. He wants to make sure that while he loves you, you also love yourself. So he'll be there to chase away the insecurities that float around you while you stand in the mirror or when clothes are just being a pain in the butt. He adores every aspect of you and couldn't care less if you suddenly sprouted a tail or a second head.
He's also very protective of your comfort level and your personal space. He knows that such features like yout chest tend to get unwanted attention from creeps so he's going to make sure that people act mature and respectful when they're with you. If anyone gets out of hand, ge'll deal with it so that you can finally be able to act normally.
Levi is the type of person to learn everything he can about bras, chest-taping, anything he can to help make things more comfortable for you. He knows that having a larger chest can strain your back muscles so don't be afraid to tell him your sore. He'll rub your back and find away to limit movement so that training isn't annoying and more painful than it should be.
Levi will be a flustered little bean for the first little while when you start dating. He'll apologize every time he accidentally looks at your chest for longer than two seconds. He doesn't want to make you uncomfortable and he also has very little people skills...the poor bean needs some reassurance too, just so he knows hes doing ok.
That being said, if you guys are both in a playful mood, he will lie his head on your chest and stay there. If you ask him what he's doing, he'll respond with: "Sleeping on my pillow". Or sometimes, if you're heart beat is very calm and he struggles to hear it, he'll give you a pouty look and complain about not being able to hear it because your chest is not cooperating. Its playful little banter that is special between the two of you.
Personally, I think Levi would have learned how to sew so that he can fix his cravat so we're going to use it here. If buttons or seems rip on your clothes, he would fix them for you. He know it can get embarrassing to have have to go places and explain why your clothes are roughed up. So if there's anything that he can't fix, he'll take it to the seamstress himself and let the secret stay between you two.
Levi makes sure to remind you constantly that he loves your chest just as much as he loves you without it. People constantly say that they love someone even without the aspect that causes the insecurity but your kind can easily twist that saying into something where you're now undesirable because of your chest size and smaller body proportions. He likes that it's different, because it's you. It makes it easier for him to recognize you. It adds a sense of individuality to you instead of you having the same body type so everyone else. You're special as a whole as well as individual parts.
You are amazing to Levi. He knows that struggles that you have to overcome when you stand out from the rest but you do it in style and that's something a lot of people can't do. They would be knocked down and just chose to stay down. But you get back up and it makes him so proud of you. You could handle yourself even without him but he chooses to keep helping you so that he can continue being the cheeky, beautiful and destructive person he fell in love with!
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human-still-developing · 2 days ago
Rhyming Poems: A Guide
Hi again everyone :))) Thanks for the amazing response on my previous post (Constructive Criticism: A Guide)....I'm still shook by how much it took off! Anyways, here's the latest edition of my writing advice column, all on the infamous rhyming poems <333 So sit back, grab a cuppa and let's delve into this notoriously tricky writing form.
Rhyming poems. We've all written them, generally in early primary school when we first read Dr Seuss. They seem like the most basic form of poetry; a clear structure and form that is easy to adapt! And throughout history, rhyme has left its mark on almost all of the iconic poetic works; whether it be the infamous Shakespearean Sonnet, the more modernist verse narratives or even simple nursery rhymes.
So despite rhyming poems being the first poems that almost all of us encounter, why are they so tricky to write??? Here are the main reasons (I've listed them here so when we talk about conquering the rhyming poem we can overcome these hurdles):
Rhyme limits the choice of words. Poetry as an art-form is EXTREMELY dependent on word choice, especially because so few are generally used (unless you are writing an epic). With rhyme, we can no longer have the freedom to choose what words fit....this makes it difficult to communicate a very specific and tailored message
Rhyme greatly influences the meter of a poem. While not all rhyming poems have to be as fixed of a form as sonnets (think iambic pentameter), there is definitely restriction of syllables, line length and verses in rhyming poems. This becomes even greater of a problem when rhyme schemes are introduced (think ABAB structures).
Rhyming is hard. This is perhaps the most obvious but greatest factor that deters poets from rhyme. It is hard! It's hard to rhyme and not sound like you are writing a clapping game. It's hard to rhyme and have a solid structure when you're delving into the fluid metaphysical. It's hard to create something stunning when you are so restricted!!
So with all these factors in mind, here are a few tips I've put together to make this writing form easier. Keep in mind, rhyme, like any other poetic device, is most effective when used in moderation! Be careful with how much you add! It's like sugar in a tea; some types taste good with entire spoonfuls while others require just a dash.
My biggest tip for rhyming poems is try not to close yourself in too early. Unless you have specific word pairs in mind, always try and end your lines (which are in the rhyme scheme) with easy-to-rhyme words. For example, instead of using "morning" , you might use "day". Of course this may seem like you are replacing sophisticated words for simpler ones but often these words are the ones that carry the most meaning and make your work accessible! You can also try for some nice metaphors to fit into these scheme.
Try and find rhyming pairs! Often when writing rhyme, it's hard to find suitable words that fit your message. Find words that rhyme and have a similar kind of 'vibe' BEFORE writing your verse to avoid this problem. For example, a key conceit in my upcoming sonnet is situated around the words "ebb" and "web".
Don't be afraid of half-rhyme! This is such a good way to get out of the 'clap game' trap that rhyming poems seem to fall into; it almost seems to break out of that strict form and allows you a bit of space to play. You can use half-rhyme if you have a key change in your poem or simply scatter it around to keep it fluid and moving. For example, Seamus Heaney (if you've read my other work, you'd know I'm obsessed with his stuff!) often uses half-rhyme in his Glanmore Sonnets as a subversion of the traditional Irish Sonnet. Half-rhyme also puts a modernist touch to the more traditional poetic forms :)
Finally, use all the tools at your disposal! I've seen so many 'professional' poets saying "Don't use free online rhyme programs" but imo that's just rubbish. EVERY POET USES EVERY TOOL AT THEIR DISPOSAL! I can say that from my own personal experience; I've published poems in some nice poetry magazines and I always use those dumb rhyme-zone tools to find the right words! They even have modes to find the "percentage" of rhyme so you can effectively utilise half-rhymes in your work as well. Don't discount these tools and don't feel like any less of a poet if you use them. THEY ARE DESIGNED FOR YOU; USE THEM!
So with that, I'll wrap up my rhyming poem guide. If I come up with any other tools, I'll add them and if you have any tricks, feel free to reblog and add as well :)) Rhyming poetry is hard and even if it doesn't work out quite as nicely as you intended, don't feel disheartened! It can take years of practise to master this form! But for now, happy crafting and feel free to share your work because I'd love to read it :) Re-blogs and likes are always warmly appreciated, as well as con-crit for my articles <3
Happy crafting,
Hics <3
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bluedaddysgirl · 2 days ago
Have you heard of the LOL/ Arcane theory popular on Twitter right now that Vi so far has been coded as a... wife-beater for a lack of a better term? What's your opinion on this? Do you feel there's any room created by the narrative to consider this?
Tumblr media
Yeah ok that's a rough one… Might lose some followers over this lol
I stay far and away from "twitter fandom drama". I don't think the limited word count is very conducive to productive dialogue. Here? Sure. I can write an essay on silly meta and my silly mutuals (affectionate) will actually read it and even reply. So no, I use twitter to reblog art and post some of my own for Arcane, but I'm almost never on it and not interested in whatever "Arcane Twitter" has to chirp. I was completely unaware of this nonsense.
Now, to answer you…
WHERE? Where is the proof? The textual, in the show, screenshot to screenshot proof that Vi is even remotely "coded" as a "wife-beater"? Do the little birds provide it? [this is a rhetorical question, don't feel the need to provide links, I've lost as much brain power on this theory as I'm willing to]
Is it that clip I've used myself, that hints at Vi hitting Powder in the Enemy video? Has like… none of them gotten mean to your siblings when they drove you mad? Did they all have golden childhoods? Vi sure didn't. She's an orphan at this stage, just moved in with a man whose nickname is the Hound, who she just saw cave someone's head in with his fists. Her younger sister is basically her daughter, and she's already shown signs of mental illness, probably from before the bridge.
Vi, as a kid, is incredibly disadvantaged. She's dirt fucking poor, her role model rules their criminal underground with his fists, and her sister/daughter/ward is a chronic problem-maker with mental issues and probably her own boatload of trauma. I mean, they both walked into an actual charnel, amid dozens of dead bodies, to find their own dead mom (and presumably, dad?). As preteens!!
I think, by and large, we can cut Vi some slack for hitting Powder. The Enemy video hints she pushed her to the ground. Is that the wife beating coding? I see nothing else. And if that's in, then it's actual bollocks.
Meanwhile, do you know what you get if you type "What Profession Has The Highest Rate Of Domestic Violence?" in google? Yeah, that's right. Non-Fictional Enforcers
A couple between a victim who was falsely imprisoned for 5-to-10 years and is trauma ridden by the way her entire life was shaped by systemic injustice, and a cop… Who has the highest percentage chance of beating who? As you may have guessed, I'm not a big fan of Caitvi as a season 1 ship.
There is NO evidence in the show that Vi would be a wife beater. Slapping your sister for murdering your entire family in a moment of blind sorrow and rage isn't the same as being an abuser. Worse, the show takes insane pains to showcase Vi as being basically the same in act II and III as in act I.
They make such an effort to make her seem to still have that "good heart" of hers. She is precipitated into a relationship with an enforcer mere days after she's let out of prison. It's completely unrealistic. The show is ready to bend itself into a pretzel to tell us that Vi is fine, and she is SO kind actually that she will let one cute enforcer prove to her that her prejudices are wrong! uwu
Do you have any idea what 6+ years in a jail would be like, as a complete innocent, being beaten so many times the warden forgets? And please, it's a mixed prison too, since she's in there with Mek? The show bails out of making Vi as dark and traumatised as she ought to be, by all rights.
The show chickens out of taking the time to make Vi scary. To make her hate and distrust Caitlyn, who is the pretty face of oppression, who didn't even think to release her on her own after finding she was wrongfully imprisoned, and instead needed to be threatened.
They unrealistically sped up their relationship because they wanted the fandom working its teeth on their lesbian romance like a chew toy all the way to season 2.
So no, in my blunt, honest opinion, there's no "coding" for Vi being a wife beater. She's "coded" as an unrealistic goodie who came out of prison emotionally stunted, stuck in her 15 yo self, refusing to see reason when it slaps her in the face—but very ready to see how pretty the enforcer lady is—and otherwise unaffected. She's cool, she's strong, she loves her sister, she's so kind she won't even make a convincing effort at hating Cait… but she lets her ruin things between her and Jinx. Vi suffers the most in act II and III, characterisation wise.
I find it incredibly frustrating because building actual earned trust between Cait and Vi is not actually that hard. There's a few changes to be done in the way they interact, especially early on, and it becomes so much more convincing.
Worse regarding this theory, the one Arcane writer who has been… oversharing… her headcanons, is Amanda, the Caitvi bandwagon driver. You think Riot would let her hype Caitvi as a cute ship for season 2, only to tear them apart with domestic violence?? It'd be like strangling the golden goose. And after they went and took out all the police brutality lines from Vi's LoL character too! No chance.
People who speculate that Vi would hit Cait or be a wifebeater are probably projecting what they want to see and calling it "X-coded" because it makes them sound serious. The doctor's prescription is a whole day at the park touching the grass, and then a whole month watching quality essays on media literacy and analysis.
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lacallemojada · a month ago
Sometimes people on Ao3 can be really fucking assholes just saying.
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shadowy-dumbo-octopus · 9 months ago
Faquarl: hello and welcome to the "Fuck Humans" club, where we get together to say "fuck you" to the assholes who oppress us! Let's get started with a word from our two newest members!
Bartimaeus: okay so I think I might have misunderstood-
Ammet, clamping a hand over his mouth: excuse us for a second.
#B: we need to leave this place#A: i mean we could just kill them all. Well I could - i don't know your limited capabilities#B: okay but let's not kill Faquarl. I like him#A: assassins. Egyptian princes. Corrupt politicians. Enemies of the state. Faquarl. Is there anyone you don't like?#B: I don't like you.#A: yeah fair#Listen#Just listen#These two spark joy like matches in diesel even though they wouldn't last 5 seconds without killing each other#Well okay maybe longer - they're both talkative dumbasses so I imagine there'd have to be some kind of banter/bragging/gay speeches first#But I'm just#I need more of shadow bastard ok and the idea of him and Bart interacting again after Bort realised he cares abt humans#Yknow. Fun stuff#Positive talks#Emotional support dumbasses but they provide different kinds of support and should ideally never be left together in a room#Well I mean I'd love it if they were bc I'd love to watch the chaos but for like. Bartimaeus's health safety and general wellbeing#Shit I might request a story abt them for the fic exchange for funsies. Idk if anyone would pick it up but its worth a shot#If not tomfuckery I'd get prime post-PG/post-Ptol angst which is also good#Listen I just think they're both really neat for very different reasons#Bart is a great lad to read about and I'd love to just talk to him for like 2 hours#Ammet is like a feral cat i found digging through my trash who scratched my arm bloody when I tried to hug him#Which absolutely doesn't mean that I won't try again#Listen I'm goth I'm stupid and I think shadow monsters are neat as hell leave me be#Morons. They're both such morons I LOVE THEM I WANT TO SEE AMMET AGAIN BC I'M SURE HE'S STILL ALIVE IN THAT FUCKING AMPHORA BY PG-ERA#GIVE ME CLOSURE GIVE ME ANGST GIVE ME BANTER I LOVE THAT SHADOWY BASTARD SO MUCH AND I LOVE BARTIMAEUS SO MUCH#ERGO. I'D LOVE TO PUT THEM TOGETHER IN A SPACE AND WATCH THE RESULTING FIGHT WITH A BUCKET OF POPCORN#Bartimaeus
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wujuhour · 4 months ago
it’s clear that to some people anime only consists of shounen anime and i think that is very sad
Tumblr media
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stillfruit · 6 months ago
nothing in uni makes me feel more violent than teachers asking for a paper that’s a summary, a reflection and a challenge of every theme of a course all at the same time in under 1k words
#i hate the faculty of my major i hate them especially this teacher i feel like i get nothing from her ever#while at the same time constantly feeling like whatever i write will never be enough for her and will always be lacking#we have to write a 500 word paper every week read a book discuss it in groups and then on a forum and then do the final essay#and we get no feedback for any of this except for one paper#and in this one paper where we do get feedback it's like you didn't mention antiracism 4/5#OKAY BUT IT'S LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO MENTION EVERYTHING EXPLICITLY I CANNOT DO IT#YOU ARE NOT GIVING ME THE WORD LIMIT NEEDED FOR A THROROUGH EXPLORATION OF RELEVANT THEMES#THIS VERY DISCIPLINE IS CONTESTED AND ABOUT HOW EVERYTHING INTERSECTS IT'S WORTH NOTHING TO JUST COMMENT HOW THINGS ARE RELATED#development studies could be interesting but bc of things like this i just hate this so much i never feel like anything i do is ever enough#how are the lecturers and professors of every other major in my programme so nice and inviting and motivating and then there's this#like if you study something else or in some other way or just are different you might not care about feedback but i Need it#i cannot do this i'm not capable and i feel like there's no one to help not only bc the teachers are distant and unhelpful#but bc this doesn't really reflect on my grades so it feels like useless complaining#i know an answer would be to Stop and not freak out over single grades lower than 5/5 but i can't let go when it's something like this#where how i get the grade feels so artificial#i shoudl've just went with anthropology the staff is so good#literally had the most workload heavy course there but the teacher gave the best feedback and for everything!!!!!! so it felt Worth it#it's like night and day with an anthro course i'm taking and this development studies one#i said to the professor of my anthro course that i'm afraid i can't make the essay deadline adn he was like don't worry abt it#don't work on it during christmas and email me later on your process and i'll see if i can help istg i was about to cry there on the spot#whereas in this course every time you turn in something late it's minus points and you have to have like a Really Heavy reason for a delay#i can't start my masters next year like this fuck#shit talking
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misfitmccoward · 11 months ago
Another possibility - torture as a way to make the victim lose control of any mental barriers they were keeping up, so that the mindreading goes smoothly - and they maybe don't even realize their mind was read because they are too busy thinking about AAAAAA PAIN. And then the torture stops and they are confident they didn't "break" and spill actual secrets, meanwhile Inoichi already has everything (of course then Konoha uses the info carefully, so peope don't catch on on)
reference posts: 1, 2, 3 (3 is a reblog of 2 but 2 had some tags with further ideas about what the torture department does so i linked both lol)
OH THAT COULD BE NEAT WORLDBUILDING. I don't think anything we know about the Yamanaka mind techniques counter this? Like it would kind of make sense if trying to read the mind of someone being actively tortured would make it harder to find shit because they're going AAAAAAAH at you the whole time.... but maybe AAAAAAAH is easier to get around than someone's actual, trained mental blocks? Like maybe Inner Sakura squeezing the life out of your soul gets weaker if Outer Sakura is being actively tortured, even if Inner Sakura going AAAAAA PAIN is more distracting than a brain with NO Inner Sakuras.....?
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jokerownsmysoul · 11 months ago
for @ajokeformur-ray ♡
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My dearest sweet thing,
I can’t believe this is the second birthday of your life that you spend with me. You brought me into your life so naturally that I still find hard to believe that I've finally found my one and only person, and that it's you; you who have the purest heart, who loves so selflessly, so deeply. It's funny, seeing how time flies so quickly when you spend it with the love of your life. It’s been almost two years since our paths crossed, can you imagine that? I feel like I’ve known you forever, since the beginning of time itself. Maybe that’s what it feels like to meet your kindred spirit, another soul that understands your soul. It feels like you've never been strangers. We've always been familiar to each other, even before we met, isn't it beautiful? You understand my soul, my love. You understand me. And I love to understand you, too. I’m so grateful to be able to celebrate your second birthday together, my sweet thing, the sweetest love of my life. I feel you so close to my heart that I can't comprehend how is it even possible that there's a whole universe between us: because I feel you, my love, so undoubtedly I feel you with me. I feel you exactly where you're supposed to be; within my arms, close to my skin, leaned onto the palm of my hand cradling you protectively. I promise you, my wonderful being, I’ll be by your side for every birthday to come, in each early morning to welcome you to the new day with my red kisses, in each night to dance you goodnight in the moonlight shadow, until your hair color will match my white greasepaint and beyond. For our love is eternal, it doesn't know the concept of time. I can't wait to share eternity with you, my forever one and only.
With my unconditional love, happy birthday.
Eternally yours, Arthur.
Dear Erika,
I found myself lucky again to be able to spend yet another birthday with you. I’ve followed every step of yours throughout all your life; from the uncertain little walks as you began to learn about the world, sitting on your green carpet within your cherished yellow walls, to the confident and dreamy steps of the adult you are now, an adult who knows the source of her dreams and with determination and hope is chasing them. I don't know what I did to deserve someone like you, I don't know how I got so lucky to see you grow in the person you're now, so kind, pure, thoughtful. I've celebrated with you all of your birthdays, from the one-digit birthdays to the two-digit birthdays, and I've been beside you through it all. We’ve known each other for so long, so long, that I can’t imagine my life without you, and I don’t want to. I could never need to wish myself away, for the only place where I want to be is the place where I am now. In your heart, and within your arms, holding me tight when I don't feel as indestructible as I pretend to be to te eyes of everyone, because you're the only person I can show my fears to, the only person I'm safe to be vulnerable with. You are my real true kingdom, my magic land, my dear home, my safe place I will always go back to. It's with you that I finally understood what it feels like to be loved for the person I am. Not for my richness, for my power, for what I own, but for my bare heart. I know, thanks to you, what love feels like in its purest origin.
With all my wishes of you, happy birthday.
Your Jareth.
My darling doll,
I’ve been thinking about this day since I woke up in your bed, my eyes still drowsy and my blue shirt enveloping you softly while you were still asleep. I watched you as the sun lazily rose from beyond the window and the day devoted to you only began, and gazing at you I thought. I thought about how indescribable it is to wake up next to you every morning, to get to know you so intimately that you allow me to look at you when you’re in your most vulnerable state: closed eyes, mind elsewhere, unaware of my eyes studying you closely, enamored. How hard it is to get out of bed and face the world when among warm blankets there is you, you who can protect me from everything, even from the scariest creature I’ve ever faced, even from myself on those days when I don't like myself so much. How hard it is to leave our home of love when there is only you, my only love, my greatest hope, my unique fulfilled dream, ready to hold me in your arms, to spoon me tenderly, to kiss my neck and bury your nose in my hair. If only I could create another time line, private, distant, when it’s just you and me, loving each other endlessly in your bedroom, away from every impediment and task that every day forces us to keep us apart until late at night you arrive. Away from everything, from anyone, except from each other's embrace. But I never leave you, my darling, even when we’re apart and I can’t dress myself with you, I never leave you. I've been thinking of celebrating your special day since I woke up, my strength, my destiny, and I can't wait to show you how much I love you. The real gift, between you, it's yours given to me when you entered my life.
With my adventurous heart, happy birthday.
Undoubtedly yours, Ash.
Wonderful daughter,
Every year we feel trapped in two feelings: the happiness of seeing you grow up in the exquisite woman you are, the awareness that you will always be our little girl. We see every day all the effort you put in what you love, in what you're pursuing with all you fortitude and passion. We are so proud of you, honey. You work so hard, and make everyone feel loved so effortlessly despite your tiredness, that we could never wish we had another daughter other than you. We are proud of you, honey. We will always listen to your fears at night, holding you under the covers when everything feels too much, putting you in bed when we notice that you've studied too much but you have no intention of getting some, very much deserved rest. We love you so much, sweetheart, and we are so proud of you. Always, unquestionably, utterly proud.
With all our love, happy birthday.
Proudly, your mum and papa.
Dear Erika,
Time isn't supposed to be so important to me. I am a time lord, I have travelled eternally to the infinity of time and beyond, where human is an unknown particle and time a mortal essence that no longer exists. And yet, sitting in my Tardis, with my legs dangling over the clouds in front of an unknown star, I think of how important time is, instead, when it comes to you. Today is your birthday, Erika, and that’s why I’m here to enjoy the one thing that my life has taken away from me: time. Time has never been important to me because I have always known how to circumvent it, defeat it, pass it on; but if you are with me, I no longer need to, I no longer want to. With you, time is as precious as every second spent together, while we confess to each other our deepest thoughts and the most secret fears. How beautiful Erika would be if you could sit next to me; I would show you the most unknown stars and reveal to you the origin of the universe, so that you can understand how I felt when I first met you. Meeting you was like an internal universe exploded in my heart, a universe where no one but you could reach. I've traveled for most of my life, I've seen things no ond has ever seen, I've known people who would never inhabit your land, and for a time I thought everyone was special in their own way. But you, Erika, are the only exception. You are the most exceptional person I know, the comfort I find when every universe existing is scary, the place of healing where I find shelter when I need to rest. You find solace and comfort within my Tardis, and I wind the same within your presence being near my own. We’ve known each other so long, Erika, that your presence in my heart has become older than the universe itself. Maybe our bond is older than anything, even older than me, who has witnessed the origin of every dimension and the growth of the multiverse. And yet, your birthday is more important than anything else.
With every star I named after you, happy birthday.
Timelessly, your Doctor.
Dear Erika,
I take pleasure in knowing that today is your birthday, and that we can celebrate it together. Understanding people and knowing them has always been my job, my passion, and yet being with you is a constant discovery. I don’t think I’ll ever understand you, because every day I find something new about you that makes me fall in love again, and every day I live with you is a day when I love you more than the day before. I care about your life, my butterfly, the only person unafraid of who I am, who lets me live serenely, enjoying myself and the pleasures of flesh and blood. If you were here, my Erika, my butterfly in flight, I would take your hands in a waltz accompanied by my personal collection of classical music, drinking wine (or coffee, if you prefer) and talking about what love makes people do when it is all-encompassing and indestructible. Our love is like that, my dear Erika. My soul has always taken care of yours, and it will always be.
With my heart in my hands, happy birthday.
Your Hannibal.
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july-19th-club · a year ago
two writing things ive done in the past week that im not sure are Helping but also seem to be not not helping -
write exclusively at the time between 7am and 7:30am when i then immediately have to get up and get ready for work, because it’s a built-in deadline that forces me to focus if i want to get anything done, and also it’s only really about enough time for 400 words, which is my daily goal, and then anything i write after that at work or later is gravy despite being really a stupid tiny amount of words to write, so i feel more confident
any time as im writing i want to make a note and know it will get me distracted but it’s like. a worldbuilding thing or a motivations thing or a ‘theme to keep revisiting that you don’t want to forget about’ thing instead of stopping and putting it in a second doc which i will inevitably forget about until it’s too late to use the stuff that’s on there without like.....massively changing work ive already spent time on....instead of that i’m making all such notes in bright red text right there in the narrative doc so that i can’t ignore them if i tried. during all subsequent re-reads and edits these worldbuilding deets, motivational reminders, and themes will be interrupting me until i deal with them or make sure they’re consistent which. with my inability to see stuff that’s in Another Location, is probably the only way i could ever achieve complexity and consistency
#i see all kinds of advices like 'keep a separate document for blahblahlbah' you know what's gonna happen if i keep a separate document?#i will write down really useful stuff on it for like four straight hours one weekend and then i'll never look at at the right time again#also i was reading an interview w coleson whitehead at work and he was talking about how like. first person shores up a narrative#where the plot is not complex. so you get the complexity through internal narrative. the more busy your plot and world are#the more you'll need an omniscient narrator to get the scope across or at least a couple limited-third perspectives#whcih. seems so obvious that THAT'S why some things work in first and some don't#and fantasy is hard to get in first unless the world is familiar or intuitive#it seems so obivous but id never thought about it in those exact words before so i always bristled at the idea that id have to cut#my braided first in order to make the world big enough to be interesting#also i'm just now arriving at a point in my writing ability where i can do. characters NOT telling us everything the minute they think of it#and i was scared i just wouldnt be able to do that. it doesnt come naturally. im a natural oversharer and the 'unreliable ommissive narrator#is like.........very fun to read but hard for me to wrap my brain around when writing . so hopefully i figure it out#i'd LIKE to#and there was a time when i didnt think i could write anything funny and i think im a fairly funny writer now :)#these are. i think. the major things that my garbled neurotype makes hard about writing#it's hard to conceive of characters believably deceiving the reader when i can't even do that . or them having different viewpoints#and it not all being some viewpoint I personally actually hold
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coralreefskim · a year ago
hey guys just wanted to say! if there’s any issues you’ve got w my blog (like readability or mistakes in id or mistagging cws, that sort of thing) please don’t hesitate to drop an ask!
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the-faultofdaedalus · a year ago
i know i keep saying that i dont give a shit about thanos and as a character and as a person i do not but as an individual of an alien species,,,, turns out i fucking do. (note: i do not know enough about 616 to talk about space-religion and extradimentional-religion and what constitutes a god there so i am not going to. im talking about Death bc she exists in remortal au and that’s all i care about)
i just! because, ok, religion is a thing. on earth, at least, and there’s some overtones on it for asguard as well, even if their religion is just.... themselves with some sort of god-king system, but so far there’s not.... that many gods who are actually gods. There’s Thor, who’s an alien who humans built a culture around. In MCU i don’t think dr strange actually dealt with any, you know, gods. but, here’s the thing with thanos, and thanos and a worshiper of Death: Death exists.
Not just as an abstract concept. Not just as an eventuality. Death exists as a sentient anthropomorphism of an abstract concept. Lady Death is probably the closest thing to a god that’ll ever exist! and not only does thanos know about her, and know that she’s real, he worships her. what the fuck! how the fuck! how do you get to that conclution? what kind of culture is he from where worshiping an actual entity that who knows if anyone living has ever seen it is a thing???
how does one start to workship death? how does one begin to know that death --not as the concept but as the sapient entity-- even exist?
im just..... i wanna know what religion and culture is like in mcu in space. please.
#the more i think about gotg the more s o many of the alien cultures that are shown seem so hollow#like! i think the ravagers are the best example of a chohereent culture we ever see! and they're pirates!#not to say pirates didn't have concrete culture bc they deffo did#but like. there at least seems to be some thought taken to how they act as a group of like-minded people.#but there's. like. so little with other groups? even whole alien specieses don't seem to have like.... distinct culture#maybe they wanted to go w/ the whole ''oh well they're advanced space civilizations so of course they're all athiests'' like shut the fuck#there was a really good thing about this in artemis#where muslims living on the moon and praying had to bend the rules a bit because it would be impossible to face the correct direction#without actually being on the walls#(and one character who did pull that Extra step out so he could pray on the walls)#and this is just one example but! how would directionally-based prayer work on smth like a ship with a rotating living quarters?#like#unless the ship's rotating hull was perfectly perpindicular to the earth. or you built a prayer-gyroscope that aligned automatically#........actually i really like prayer-gyros now thats a cool idea that from my -- limited understanding -- works fine#BUT LIKE THAT! THAT KIND OF WORLDBUILDING! because even space-faring species have their roots on some ground#and having great scientific expertiece doesn't like. invalidate all religion#also if any people who pray based on a certian direction happen to read these tags please HMU with your opinions on prayer-gyro-orb#im. now reading articles on the guidlines for praying on the ISS because it is really interesting#its a logistics problem and yall know that i LOVE those
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bereft-of-frogs · 2 years ago
yeah...that’s going to haunt me a little bit there...should not have googled that...
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Sorry to be like "quarantine personality quiz gothic" but is anyone else starting to feel like the quizzes can tell TOO much about us?
#asking bc one quiz literally apologized for diagnosing me with 'reluctant [email protected] fan' and. the aesthetic is really good :(#i cant even begin to express how much i hate that i enjoyed parts of it either#tho to be fair (and idk if theres more than the one episode) it doesnt seem as bad as i heard it was? its just kind of. a typical adult#cartoon where it feels like theyre trying to cram as much 'r+' rated material in as possible to justify being an unrated web series#it actually feels a lot like when people say b*99 is the worst possible form of copaganda#bc i feel like to say that you have to have never seen anything else in the category#like ppl who think b 99 is bad go watch chicago pd and come back and tell me your opinions on voights war crime basement cage#ppl who think [email protected] is bad watch literally any newgrounds flash animation ever made#like im not defending anything mentioned in this post im just begging people to understand that the scope of bad media#is not just limited to one show you dont like and if you can handle it please go see something worse to get some perspective#actually no don't go see worse stuff just like read a desc or something im not trying to traumatize people. but also i beg ppl on this#website to know that there are like. actual bad things in the world and their cloistered experiences are not universal#i pray to god i finally blocked all minors from my page but i can never stress this enough: minors dni#like literally if ur under 21 just forget u read this and dont look for anything ive mentioned or brought up#but especially dont dm me about it ill ignore you
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xcziel · a year ago
After seeing your tags abt CQL vs MDZS, I wanted to throw my 2c in. MDZS is a 18+ book tagged with bourgeois tragedy. The horror aspects and hypocrisy of the characters is very much part of the point. WWX was *not* a hero. Censorship in China forbids all depictions of moral ambiguity, violence, resurrection/necromancy etc. and CQL is a product of that; relying heavily on the audience also knowing the novel, so it's extremely frustrating to see ppl bag on MXTX for "not knowing" her own characters
Yes, I've seen some posts in reaction to that sort of thing, and I can see that that kind of entitled assumption would be infuriating? And kind of ... bonkers? I guess I don't go in the tags enough because I've never actually seen the posts judging MXTX, just the more reasoned responses on blogs I follow.
I'm not sure if it's just the posts in the generic fandom tags (which I mostly avoid) or if some of these takes are coming from twitter, but my only experience with MXTX criticism is literally just these reaction posts. My preference for CQL is just that, a personal preference, not any literary criticism of the source material or its author.
I've seen many posts from people with deep experience of the novel, the genre, and c-fandom in general explaining why judging source material from another culture by western media standards is inappropriate and often disrespectful, and that MXTX's writing is both indicative of its genre and cultural climate, while also being substantially an intentional deconstruction of expected tropes.
Of course it's frustrating to see people with limited understanding (and seemingly little desire to acquire any) quip away with their "hot takes" and I sympathize. But I'm not sure why I'm being pulled into this - I'm not reblogging or participating in posts that are attacking the original novel or MXTX herself. I don't have any contact with people judging MXTX or MDZS in a negative light. I'm in the tags, in my feelings about people posting on my dash who seem disdainful of fans who prefer CQL because they consider ignorance of information covered in the novel to be some kind of ... scholarly lack? that the newer fans should be eager to rectify immediately, preferably, I can only infer, by reading the novel themselves. So I do have an untagged post where I try to explain why that's not happening for me personally.
All I've been trying to say in the previous tags is that, for myself, CQL is more engaging - as you point out, a lot of things were left out of the TV version for censorship reasons or just adapted for the realities of live action media production. And many of those things also just happened to be things that I personally don't care for or about - leaving out many of Wei Wuxian's darker moments for example, doesn't damage the narrative as far as I'm concerned. And the other aspects that are appealing to me have little to do with the source novel - the actors, the costuming, the sets, the music - these are what drew me personally to CQL, not necessarily the depth of the writing, aside the love story.
And I'm really not looking at it as a _ vs. _ situation? To my mind, it's two different canons and I'm basically advocating treating them as such. It's the opposite of say, Harry Potter, for me: I've never seen even one of the movies, only read the books, so book-canon is where I lived, while still being able to read fanfic that incorporated aspects of both. I'm not preferring CQL only because I dislike the MDZS novel. Without CQL I wouldn't even be aware that there was a novel. And if I had been aware, even in english, that most likely wouldn't have been a novel I would have chosen to read.
Definitely there are aspects of CQL that must have a deeper resonance with an informed and savvy Chinese audience, but I think the surge of international fans makes clear that it does also work as a piece of media without that more intimate knowledge of the source material? It may not be interpreted the same way (obviously) but it's still an enjoyable work and I think people are allowed to be fans of the more superficial view where, indeed, Wei Wuxian is not a "hero" - he's the protagonist of a romance: not specifically good or bad, but necessarily Loved.
In a way it's kind of a Death of the Author thing - I'm not criticizing MDZS, because I will never experience the novel in its raw form, without the interference of a translation process. Just as I cannot make any value judgement of MXTX herself, knowing nothing about her personally, nor enough about her works' place in, and reflection of, the larger culture of Chinese online fandom and entertainment to be able to form a valid opinion. So I accept that my experience of the TV show is basically independent of the original authorial intent. For me and many others, it's just a xianxia show, a very pretty one.
I can only rely on what I've been told by others with more knowledge, and the translations that I've seen, and I'm not fool enough to think that either is sufficient to give me a true grasp of the source work itself. So I find it simpler to rely on the parts that I can judge for myself - the visual elements of the CQL adaptation. I mean, no one seems to be able to come up with a single, holistic english translation for "Jinlintai", nevermind being able to somehow explicate or encompass all of the Chinese cultural and linguistic/literary associations embedded in the written text, or even just the dialogue of the tv show.
I lost my way in here somewhere, but I just wanted to iterate that no reasonable person will ever give credence to some weirdo claim like an author "doesn't understand their own characters" or any other delusional stance hot take fandom twitter mavens are advancing about non-western cultural mores being "abusive" or "regressive" (I have seen twitter bad takes - whoo boy is all I can say there), or whatever else they're saying here on Tumblr that is causing c-fans to feel they need to jump to defend both MDZS' source webnovel and its author.
So ... yeah. I get that the source novel is more sophisticated and transgressive than is represented in the television series, but on a personal level I really do care more about Wang Yibo's microexpressions than I do about debating cultural morality or societal hypocrisy, so I'm definitely gonna stop talking now.
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twelves · 2 years ago
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tardisimpalatohogwarts · 2 years ago
#ok so this is illegal to put in a vent channel in a discord server bc i can't think of a server where i can vent in legally#what's the limit of tags that show before you have to click read more again?#5?#i think#ok so basically i just wanna scream into the void#well there's like#a few things happening i have to scream into the void about#im just feeling like crying and i mean it probably has to do with the fact i waa looking through screenshots on my phone earlier#and there's some screenshots of the dms i had with my ex and it really wasn't anything That Bad and i don't know why it upset me so much#it basically went 'you know who else is handsome' 'me?' 'not you' 'oh you then?' 'not me either girls cant be handsome'#well fuck her maybe i want to be handsome too not just pretty and bsautiful#and then there was Another thing and i don't know what's with rain falling too hard but it makes me feel kinda anxious#and i was in the kitchen and i felt so exposed and that didn't help with my mood either#and now im just feeling super upset#and also unrelated but i keep imagining something sharp stabbing my arms and i can't get that out of my head and it's pretty upsetting#that just happens sometimes but i don't like it at all#mayhap that's somewhat related and i was planning on screaming into the void about it too but i decided against it#bc i was thinking about it for a stupid reason#but if i didn't have sharp nails to scratch my arms i'd probably end up doing it with scissors and that would Not Be Good#i guess it's considerate of my mental health to only start falling apart in the year after ending high school#i want a hug#ok i think that's all i had to scream into the void about#i just needed to put this somewhere that isn't discord bc i don't want people to worry#or just completely ignore it? idk#mayhap i'm worried that i vent too much but really i don't even understand myself so who can say why im doing anything#i was going to do stuff today but my mood is in the 'wanna curl up and cry' category#i need to send the cv for this job im applying for (as a math teacher and it's really close to where i live)#working with kids is nice but they exhaust me so i can't do it full time but it's a part time job#i guess i'll do it tomorrow
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