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#I literally cannot stop im sorry ignore me
fitzroythecreator · 9 months ago
anyway when are people gonna stop relying on poc fans to spoonfeed them explanations for every possible thing that google could EASILY provide??? like not to be rude but if you can’t take 10 minutes out of your day to google a definition or, god forbid, go through the SPECIFICALLY TAGGED POSTS RELATED TO FANDOM AND RACE THAT THAT PERSON HAS CLEARLY STATED NOT ONLY IN THEIR CARRD BUT ON THEIR BLOG then i think maybe you should just close your computer and walk away for a while. it is seriously not hard to look up these things not only related to fandom but for the greater context of the world. i’m sure there’s 100 fuckin’ twitter threads you can find on the topic. there’s even a tag for it!!! so why do y’all choose to instead make some person’s internet experience exhausting because they have to reiterate points they’ve already made. either learn some researching skills or throw some money their way for the services they are providing you. stop making poc fans’ lives hell just because of your white fragility, literally no one gives a shit 
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crowcryptid · a year ago
Currently trying to figure out if me getting annoyed the second someone starts talking to me irl is caused by anger issues or if I’m just on an unheard of level of introverted where I never have energy for interaction
#its probably both#literally only takes 1 word and im annoyed just leave me alone!!#im self aware enough to realize someone asking me what i ate or what im doing shouldnt make me mad#but it does. it makes me. so angry. we had this nice silence and you RUINED IT. you forced me to acknowledge you..#like. its none of ur business. i dont care what ur doing. why are you bothering me. just do ur own thing and ill do mine.#and then im stuck being angry and getting a headache all cause someone asked a stupid question#idk what is going on in my stupid malfunctioning brain but im. so.#So. So. Tired. so tired of it. just be normal for one day PLEASE stop being on high alert at all times#my brain sees everyone as a threat and is constantly like ‘wtf! dont let them get near you wtf!! hit them before they hit you!’#im aware that its just. childhood trauma showing. but i cannot make it stop. and im goin crazy dude. im tired. angry. so tired. all the time#me as a kid: wow everyone hates me and i get beat when i talk. hm. talking bad. i wont do it.#me: *grows up with no social skills*#me now an adult: ah. this is an issue. a small problem. unfortunate.#sorry for being broken brain on main im just having some. realizations about WHY i hate talking so much#and i think being praised for being silent and just sitting in the corner as a kid.. and being punished for talking or doing kid things..#did some kinda permanent damage. probably. 99% sure.#ok im done ranting now just ignore this pls n thank you
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alastors-wife · a year ago
#im sorry please just ignore me at this point#i don't know what else to do or where to go so ill just. overshare and dump this here#i really feel like this is wholly and entirely my fault#there's so fucking much i don't even know where to begin#i thought i was loved. i thought i had someone who would keep me safe. but it was a fucking LIE and one i almost died for#i never grew out of old habits. i never got past it they just got worse and worse as i got older#i still have nightmares of horrible shit that happened to me and scream and cry out for somebody who doesn't exist#i feel sick. i really have always had nothing. and i feel like i can't even talk about it because it'll put me in danger#or people will get tired of me. i don't wanna do that. i don't wanna drive people away but i am so fucking scared#and worse yet we have this stupid bullshit of just... my stupid schizo brain unleashing all of my worst fears onto my fixations like#''he's never going to love you!! he never would''#''nobody and especially not him will want to deal with your psychotic ass or your alters'' like yes thank you i def need that#i don't want to talk anymore. i just want to keep everything hidden. pretend to be normal.#suffer quietly so that I'm more palatable to deal with#i don't want to be visibly a mess anymore. but i don't know how to stop#i don't know how to hide. i genuinely cannot remember a time i was ever able to and i hate it so fucking much#ask to tag?#i need help i need to go to the hospital but i cant. i cant there's nothing i can do#all i can think about is how badly i want to strangle myself and bleed out but I'm helpless.#and my family doesn't care about me or my safety enough to do a fucking thing no matter how much i beg to literally just go to the ER#self harm tw
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souichieatr · 7 months ago
hiluuu! can i request a scenario/drabble for tsukishima, kuroo, oikawa, and akaashi where they're in a heated argument with their fem!s/o, then she suddenly faints? turns out she had a fever since the morning and hid it from them but got worse during their fight?
their s/o faints during a heated argument
with tsukishima k, kuroo t, oikawa t, akaashi k
a/n: thank you for requesting i hope you enjoy, im sorry this took forever?????? they get longer each one omg
Tumblr media
tsukishima k
you don't even remember why you both are fighting, as he sips another insult your headache gets worse. as you don't say anything just raise your hand to your head he gets even more frustrated. "can you at least act like your age, ignoring me isn't going to resolve the issue." he says not noticing how your body starts to shuffle as you try and keep your balance. rolling his eyes turning to the door, "im not going to deal with this today-" before he can finish he hears a loud thud, turning around he sees your body on the floor. rushing to the floor next to you, "y/n?" bringing his hands up to your head, biting his lip cursing at himself in his head. picking up and lays you down in the bed as he gets water and a towel. when you wake up again you notice youre in bed, trying to sit up youre pushed back down. “don't do that, that wasn't cool” he says in a low tone, handing you a glass and some medicine. taking them both with a nod, “thank you kei and im sorry” you say handing the glass back to him, setting it down on the table he takes your hand. gently kissing the back of it and resting his head on your hand. “why are you on the floor?” you softly smile at him hearing a small ‘shut up.’
kuroo t
the fight started because he started to prioritize the volleyball team more than you. it didnt bother you that he stayed late, went early to practice, it didnt bother you until he started canceling plans with you. he told you repeatedly he would spend more time with you, today not being any different waiting in the rain in front of the cafe you both decided to eat at. not until 10 minutes had passed you went back to the school, walking to the gym with angry steps you opened the door roughly. the whole team looking at you soaking wet, frozen for a second he walks over to you. “y/n what are you doing here?” he says in an annoyed tone. “don't give me that bullshit tetsurō, we had plans today i waited for you to only be stood up again, are you even serious about this? us?” you say motioning your hand between him and you. rolling his eyes and he huffs, “can you stop being dramatic? im a captain this team needs me i didnt know you could be so selfish” widening your eyes at him, trying to catch your breath you close your eyes. “selfish? me selfish? you have some nerve i'll be leaving since i dont wanna bother the captain and his team” you say sarcastically, stepping back outside you start coughing. kuroo following behind you, “this conversation isn't done yet” he says grabbing your wrist, turning you around and his eyes widen. “y/n? you look pale are you okay?” he says as he does your eyes roll back and your legs give out. taking you in his arms he rushed inside asking the guys to grab towels to dry you off. sitting down on the floor with you in between his legs, he holds you close feeling guilty. feeling you stir awake he kisses your cheek, “im so sorry babe this is my fault, if i had just been there you wouldnt have been waiting in the rain” he says hugging you tighter. “im serious about us more than anything. i'll try harder to put more effort into our relationship. “i trust you tetsu and do you have any medicine? my heads killing me” you say smiling, he smiles and hands you a bottle of pills and a water.
oikawa t
sitting on the couch, rubbing your temples. “tooru can we please talk about this? youve been ignoring me all day” you say looking at him as he paces the room. “oh now you wanna talk? i thought you were too busy with iwa to notice me” he said stopping to look at you. “wow why are you so mad? what does iwaizumi have to do with this?” you say giving him a confused face as you rest your hand on the back of the couch. “y/n why dont you just date him huh? you obviously like him so much, why are you even with me?” he says getting louder each word. “literally what?” you saying this getting him more frustrated. sighing at those words he runs his hands through his hair, “i saw you both hugging if i knew you were just jumping my friends maybe i what've listened to all those girls.” “okay now what the actual fuck tooru? i can't hug a friend all of a sudden? did you just imply that i am cheating? i cannot believe you” you say feeling your anger bubble up, he opens his mouth to say something. “no no! because how dare you, you have girls all over you everywhere trying to take pictures and give you gifts, you expect me to worship the ground like they do dont you? guess what im not, you dont get to accuse me of cheating because i hugged someone that someone being your closest friend just what person do you take me as huh?” you say getting up fast, maybe too fast as the pounding in your head gets louder. leaning your weight on the couch as you continue, “me and iwaizumi share one simple goal and thats to keep your ass in line, all those late nights and you overworking yourself, you not coming to anyone for help and your bratty ass attitude hes the only one who'll help me deal with you, im not gonna let you blame him because all hes done is help you.” you say getting the strength to get closer to him as you try and take a step your legs falter. his initial reaction to everything you said had his eyes widened and mouth agape, seeing you almost fall sent him over to you trying to help. “no i can do i-” you say as you start to fall and everything goes black. opening your eyes slowly you feel something cool on your head, “hey youre up” a voice says softly. looking over to see tooru next to you as he grabs your hand, before you could say anything else he speaks up. “let me talk for a bit yeah?” he asks as he looks at your joined hands, whispering a soft “okay” he continues. “im sorry, im sorry for not noticing you weren't feeling good, im sorry for saying you cheated, im sorry for yelling, i just got insecure after i heard some girls talk about how cute you and iwa look and seeing you both hug like that just set me off” he says lifting your hands and kisses your knuckles. “i like how you dont worship the ground i step on, i like how you fight back but when i need you most youre always there. i appreciate everything you and iwa do, i love you y/n.” he finishes and looks at you with teary eyes, pulling him down into a hug you whisper “i love you too.”
akaashi k
now arguing with him isnt a normal thing, usually you both can speak calmly and work it out. he gets frustrated because you're not listening and he's been having a stressed week and just kinda blows up. sighing as he runs his hands through his hair, breathing in and out slowly trying to calm himself down. you roll your eyes, “keiji im fine can you just leave me alone, you dont have to treat me like a baby- '' before you could finish he lets out a small mocking laugh. “i wouldnt treat you like one if you didnt act like one, y/n grow up and take some responsibility so /i/ dont have to be the bad guy, the stressed one, the one who has to take care of you.” staring at him with wide eyes he continues, “you wanted me to stop treating you like a baby stop looking so shocked.” you feel a tickle in your throat, trying to hold it in hoping if youre quiet enough you could sneak away. ultimately failing and having a coughing fit you feel your legs get wobbly. “were you trying to hold it in? so childish” he says looking away about to walk off, turning his head to look at you before he walks away he sees your eyes roll back. you wake up on the couch with a wet towel and a blanket on you, slowly sitting up and looking towards the kitchen you see akaashi quietly making you food. looking back at the table you see a glass and some medicine. taking the items and washing them down alerted akaashi to you being awake, rushing to you he looks down at his hands as he picks at them. “how are you feeling?” he asks quietly, you answer with a quick “fine.” sitting on the side of the couch he faces you, “im sorry theres really no excuse for the way i acted i just i hate seeing you trying to be okay when youre not.” scooting closer you rest your head on his shoulder, “if what its worth i like when you baby me” smiling at you he kisses your forehead. “i'll remember that.”
Tumblr media
not proofread
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shlutnutt · 6 months ago
i guess you guys kinda liked my first headcanons thingy so here's another one :)
did this really cool thing where each character kinda has their own story but edited into headcanons, sounds kinda confusing so read ahead!
The Evans X Being Upset
warnings: smuttt, choking mention, daddy kink mention, mommy kink mention, name calling, slapping, hardcore penetration mention , oral sex mention, 69 mention, dom, sub, handcuffing, murder mention
James Patrick March
Tumblr media
Do. Not. Get. James. Mad.
You're asking for death, literally.
Will degrade the fuck out of you 'til he sees your vulnerability jumping right at him.
"I suppose you do not want my presence around you, hm dear?" James'd ask on account of you completely ignoring him after hearing rumors of your dear husband sleeping around.
"Get the fuck out of my face, James." you'd emotionlessly speak to his now grunting appearance not shifting the minimum. "I said get out." you stated once again, now scanning his face as you notice his eyes fidgeting between your own and lips as he was just a few inches away from you.
"If not, what my dear?" James teased, his breath now fanning your face from lack of personal space. You would only look at him silently triggering his outrageous self to transcend out of his body. 
"TALK TO ME!" James'd scream, his veins nearly popping out of his neck and arms as his blood rushed through his masculine figure with blunt exasperation. You'd look up at him with a smirk as his chest motioned up and down at an unsteady pace.
Admiring his irritation you'd add by rhetorically questioning him "You seem upset Mr. March, is there anything I can possibly do?" Causing an undeniabley intimidating death stare to prep on his dark tinted eyes, directing at your own.
"I know what you want, and I'll be giving you exactly that." James would say in a seductive whisper as he tightened the handcuffs on your delicated hands fe... ( moving on :0 )
Kit Walker
Tumblr media
Kit being such a manly fucker, would intimidate the hell out of you if he were to be upset with you.
Will definitely throw things and yell at you but later apologize for his misconduct.
Or will ignore you to prevent himself from crossing the lines, mistreating you.
He loved when you infruated him though , perfect excuse for his punishments.
"Do you want me to take away that attitude of yours, Kit?" you'd ask him in a mockingly annoying voice to just press on his buttons. "Is that really what you wanna do, Y/N?" he'd reply, his gaze feirce and alarming in your eyes, silently ordering you to not say another word.
"Why the fuck are you so mad anyway? I wasn't really serious yo–"
"Bedroom, now." (welp)
Detective Colin Zable
Tumblr media
Definitely a switcher between sub & dom js.
Even though Colin wouldn't bare the idea of even getting near upset with you, there's been a few times.
Will avoid eye contact and conversations with you to signal he's bothered by something, in which you always catch on to.
Even though he'd be evidently mad at you, he'd creep on you whilst you're showering or even pleasing yourself for his own contentment. Being a totally proud brat knowing he was able to receive satisfaction from you even if it wasn't consensually direct.
Any little move you do towards Colin will make him a soft boy for you almost instantly. Cannot be mad at you, simply.
You'd make him your little sub al... (it stopped :')
Tate Langdon
Tumblr media
Out of control.
Even though Tate would be in utter love with you, unsettling him can and will transform him into a literal monster.
Will go directly towards his leftover white powder, sniffing it uncontrollably to take away all of his distress, to harming you unintentionally.
His mommy issues will automatically expose him infront of you, making him vulnerable and aggressive, taking his anger out on you.
"Tate, im sorry. It was for your good, I promise.." you'd whisper to Tate's now empty faced expression, as your delicate hands reached for his under eyes wiping away his fallen tears softly.
"You're sorry, Y/N? You're sorry for throwing away my pills? You know how much I need them shits." Tate' d respond to you, pure hatred now suited on his angelic face. You would throw away his powered pills from time to time for his benefit. But he's caught you.
"Those pills were the only things that kept me feeling alive Y/N, and your first thought was to throw them away?" he'd question you again, completely outraged as his face kept getting closer and closer to yours searching for any sign of remorse.
"No, Tate. I did the right thing." you'd confidently exhale on his face, producing a steaming slap across yours from your beloved Tate. "What the f–.." before you can finish your confusion you find yourself under a harsh chokehold eliminating your full ability to breath un... (stop here :0)
Kyle Spencer (pre death/after death)
Tumblr media
~pre death~
hardly ever got mad at you, but when he did damn..
Kyle being apart of so many clubs along with work made his life a little more difficult than what it should've been.
Of course liberating his anger out on you during sex. In which you honestly didn't really mind as you quite enjoyed aggressive sex.
Some days he'd be rougher than others depending on how his day might've went though.
"Hey babe, how was work today?" you'd ask Kyle as he entered through the main door. "The same as always. Why?" he'd respond emotionlessly. You could tell he was exhausted, that he just wanted to come home, eat, take his anger out on you than later on going to sleep, like he would usually do. But today you've had enough of it.
"Tell me when Kyle. Tell me when you're gonna put the minimum effort into this relationship. " he only gazed at you, "Then you can speak to me." you'd snap at him with pure sincerity, catching him off guard as you stormed into you guys' shared room angrily.
"Come on Y/N. It's really not the time!" he'd yell from the opposite side of you guys' bedroom door, in a gloomy tone fully convincing you to open the now unlocked door.
"You want effort, huh? You'll get effort Y/N." Kyle bursted as he teleported your direction pulling you into a cradled position in one swift move gra... (yeah lets stop there :0)
~after death~
Would get angry for the literal minimum in frustration of not having the adequate knowledge for certain things.
Would literally ravage your breasts to take his anger out, in which you'd give him your full consent for.
"Mommy." Kyle would simply say in between your breasts, unknowingly calling you by another name you haven't yet taught him.
You'd follow his lead by replying "Yes, baby?" provoking his member to shift in his fitted black jeans. You'd notice the effect you'd have on him as he exposed his vulnerable mommy kink to you.
"Keep sucking on mommy, baby you're doing oh, so good." yo... (stop right there)
Warren Lipka
Tumblr media
Crazy fucker.
Will literally mentally and physically abuse you with his anger issues.
But you being as crazy as he is would enjoy it, getting sexually aroused by every slap, every scream and every insult that came out of him.
Warren would always be busy planning heists and other weird uniquely original robberies, as you would always occupy yourself by watching him.
His focused gaze on his printed lined paper, turned you on by the second, causing your legs to clench in arousal.
Needing him desperately, you choose to interrupt him, rudely.
"Accidentally" bumping into his elbow, causing his hand to shift lazly on his materpiece, you'd feel his angered gaze rise within him.
"Y/N." Warren simply said your name. "Yes, Warren?" you'd reply teasingly biting your lip turned on more than ever at his bothered expression.
"What did you just call me?" Warren'd ask, his expression becoming more serious by the moment, making your blood rush to your cheeks.
"Daddy. I meant daddy." you'd respond to his question, noticeably turned on by him. He notices this an... (yeah pause here lol)
Kai Anderson (pre cult / after cult)
Tumblr media
~pre cult~
pre cult kai only had eyes for you, and expected the same from you in return.
Extremely overprotective and jelous.
Wouldn't bare the sight of you speaking to another man or even looking at another man's direction.
But incapable of mistreating you in any sort of way, would rarely get mad although, just jelous.
"Who was that guy you was talking to at the parking lot this morning?" Kai would curiously and jelously ask. "What gu– You mean Greg the bus driver!?" you'd chuckle to his jelousy, which you very much admired.
"Oh.." he would sigh, looking up at you as he laid in bed for any signal of forgiveness for his insecurities.
"Its okay, baby. I love you and only you, got that?" you'd contently give him his reassurance breathing in his sigh of relief.
You two would just stare into each other's eyes, Kai's filled with guilt and yours filled with adoration. You would suddenly break the silence during times like these to please him with your mouth, reassuring him even more.
"What are you doi– oh~" Kai would moan to your tongue swirling around his sensitive tip sending shockwaves through his entire body ma... ( yea stop lmao)
~after cult~
Buy a wheelchair.
after cult Kai is dangerous. But after cult angry Kai? Vicious.
you would purposely make him mad for him to give you the minimum of attention away from his murder meetings with his pathetic cult.
You'd do the littlest things that you'd know upseted him, such as leaving the door open once you leave, creeping in the cult meetings, leaving the lights on in his basement. But his biggest trigger was him seeing you anywhere near a man, like its always been.
Only that this time Kai wasn't insecure, now he's just a jelous motherfucker who cant stand his queen near another man's presence, so you did exactly that.
"Psst! Yeah you!" you'd silently whisper to one of his male cult members. "You know I cant talk to you, Y/N. Seriously, Kai wouldn't like that." his terrified self would whisper back in fear of his own cult leader. In which you'd honestly be afraid also if you were to be in his position.
"Come on it'll be quick." you'd whisper once again this time pulling him in close by his arm.
"Y/N, I can–" *BANG* a solid headshot bullet went right through his cult partner's head, as his body dropped down to the floor. You'd look over at Kai, his face utterly blank whilst you're shaking in fear, his suddenly only revealing shame and disappointment.
" I'll deal with you in a minute, my queen..."
When Kai'd say this you'd know you wouldn't be able to walk for days as he'd fuck you for hours with no remorse whatsoever overstimulating the fuck out of you al... (you thought lol)
Jimmy Darling
Tumblr media
Puts his claws to work for sure.
Will not get mad easily unless you push his buttons or bring up his dad.
Will and does stetch your pussy with his claws, making you scream everytime out of pleasure.
Although whenever you do infuriate him he loses his mind and avoids you to go out drinking.
You'd already memorize his daily routine to catch him backstage right before his shows to please him, provoking a painfully obvious boner to creep through his pants.
Just that this time you intentionally pushed on his buttons, in need of some angry Jim in your life.
He hated when you ignored him so you did exactly that.
Right before his show, you'd walk right past him making his blood rush through his masculinity tond, as he'd later exhale outrageously, overthinking how he'd make things between the both of you an unforgettable experience.
"Remember 69?" Jimmy would raise his voice at you from the other side of the backstage tent, te... (enoughh)
* longer one cuz ya deserved it :) *
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katsumiiii · 9 months ago
When they’re mad at you
Katsuki Bakugou x gn! poc reader
Eijirou Kirishima x gn! poc reader
Denki Kaminari x gn! poc reader
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou
katsuki and mad go hand in hand
whenever you see his ass he’s always mad about something
and if he’s not...
well either you’re dreaming or he’s sleep
either way he’d probably still be mad tbh
but let’s say you got him actually upset
like ACTUALLY pissed
whew chile I pray for everyone in that room
so you and katsuki were in the common room arguing
both of y’all are throwing jabs below the belt bc you guys are petty af
“you think you can be a hero with that shitty attitude?”
“at least I have a strong fucking quirk, I don’t even know how your ass got in this school. fucking extra.”
anyways, you’re not showing it but katsuki is low key hurting your feelings
ofc you aren’t gonna let him know that
soooo you say something slightly outta pocket
“right so my quirk is ass, but aren’t you the one who got kidnapped....twice? oh alright.”
the look in his eyes is heartbreaking
and although he tries to hide it, it’s pretty obvious that you hurt him
“you know what, fuck off. if you come anywhere near me ill fucking kill you.”
and he stomps off
now everyone’s looking at you like you fucked up
“oh so he can be an asshole to me, but when im one back it’s an issue?? you know what mind y’all fucking business.”
now you’re even more upset bc everyone was taking his side
you hide out in your room for a while, thinking about everything
you then realize that what you said was triffling
you try everything to get him to talk to you again
but he won’t even acknowledge your  existence
everytime you try to go up and talk to him he acts like you’re not even there
“katsuki listen, can I-”
“shitty hair, come one let’s go fucking work out or some shit.”
okaayyyy guess you have to try again
“babe I know you’re pissed but-”
oh, so he’d rather talk to Izuku
the disrespect
but you know you fucked up so you don’t stop trying
and eventually get him to talk to you again
“katsuki please, just fucking talk to me.”
“the fuck do you want?”
you’re elated, I mean he’s never fully ignored you before
plus you miss the cuddles, and food
especially the food
“im sorry babe, I was pissed at the stuff you were saying and I wanted to hit you where it hurt. I made you some hot ramen to let you know I’m really sorry.”
he looked you up and down, his face in that same goofy ass sneer
“tch, fine I forgive you or whatever. but im not eating this shit. it doesn’t even look edible.”
“are you crazy?! the packets are good as fuck babe.”
Tumblr media
Eijirou Kirishima
what the fuck did you do to possibly make this boy mad?
I mean seriously
you really had to fuck up in order for him to even be remotely pissed
I don’t wanna talk about it
but we gon talk about it OKAY
so you was in the kitchen searching for something to drink
at the top of the fridge, you see a bottle of cranberry juice right next to kirishima’s premium crimson riot protein powder
so being the smart bitch you are, you decide to climb up on top of the counter top to get your cranberry juice
“fuck why is it up so high?”
you stick your tongue out in concentration trying to get your juice
and finally you grab it
while also knocking over kirishima’s premium crimson riot protein powder
“oh shit.”
your baby walking in with his hair down looking all confused
he then looks down at the floor, noticing the powder pooling into the cracks of the tile
he looks at you
you look at him
he looks back down at the floor
then right back at you
“heyyyyy babyyyy.”
“what the fuck?”
he bites his lip in agitation, trying not to yell
“I spent hours in line for that babe.”
“I know....sorry?”
he literally could not look at you, so he turned around and left
“fuck! great job Y/N.....least I got my cranberry juice.”
the next couple of days he was visibly different
unresponsive, not as smiley
“he’s really mad at me over some stupid protein powder....”
bakugou would not stop staring you down
mentally telling you to fix this shit or he would skin you alive
yeah not gonna happen
so you trot your ass to the store
sighing at the long ass line in front of you
“fucking god.”
eventually you manage to get the powder, placing it in his room for when he gets back from training
the next day kirishima runs over to you, kissing you repeatedly on the face
“you’re welcome baby.”
“but how’d you manage to get 6 bottles?”
“I had to fight a couple bitches.”
Tumblr media
Denki Kaminari
yeah he literally cannot stay mad at you
like at all
and there’s no POSSIBLE way you could even REMOTELY make him angry at you for a long period of time
he’s not petty like bakugou
he’d be mad for like 1 hour and then come back asking for cuddles
what he’s mad over is probably dumb af anyways
okay so you and denki were hanging out in his room
watching reality tv
bc that’s how y’all bond
and during the show the two main girls were arguing over some dumb shit that ppl on reality tv always do
and denki ofc wants to say his little two cents
“no way, she’s totally wrong for that. don’t you think babe?”
“no, I would’ve done the same shit.”
he’s very much betrayed
looks at you like you’re crazy
slowly gets up from the bed
inching closer and closer towards the door
“are you actually upset? you asked for my opinion.”
“yeah but you were supposed to agree with me!”
you roll your eyes bc atp you’re not even taking him seriously
“Y/NNN, im really mad at youuu.”
“yeah ok.”
he stomps away, his lips curled into a pout
meanwhile you continue to watch your show
he looks back every once in a while to see if you were coming after him
he’s definitely like 10 feet away from your door
you gave him about 30 minutes, deciding that you were sick of reality tv, switching over to a scary movie instead
you see denki’s head peep over the doorframe
“is that the conjuring?”
“mhm I guess I’m not mad at you anymore.”
“what an honor.”
taglist: @mypimpademia @blackweebtrash @xetou @sisifromthed @her-majesty-kiara @moxie-elle @angiebug101 @myhoodacademia @notfiveweenieskids @lilsparkyswife
—please let me know if I missed anyone, and if you would like to be added to the taglist just shoot me a message!
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jiminrings · 8 months ago
im not sure if you’re still accepting requests, please ignore this if you are not, but maybeeee.... just maybe (?) a continuation of shy stem kook? i frikin adore how you write and you make my day so much better!! just wanted u to know!!
Tumblr media
aHHHHHH this means a lot bestie omg i love u so much
stem major koo is taking up his missing lunchbox case to student affairs >:(
a continuation to this drabble :D
cold senior!y/n x stem major!koo masterlist
“it’s a... major crime??”
holy fuck seokjin has not had his coffee this morning and he bADLY needs it if he wants to get serious
about uh...
whatever the fuck this is
“precisely, mr. kim. someone has been stealing my lunchbox this entire week, and i know for a fact that the esteemed student affairs office would not let me down in finding the thief.”
did this kid just say,,,,,,,,, lunchboxes?
oh my god he definitely did not sign up for this
he is a talented fresh grad and jin could not (for the life of him) bELIEVE that he is hearing out a college student, wanting to file a complaint for his missing lunch
this should not be funny
it should nOT be funny
jin knows that he technically should know every student in this uni, but his gut is just telling him to stall for a little while so he could gather his bearings and not lose it
he sees the junior extend his lanyard, making him do a double-take because LMAOOOOOOOOO he has never seen a college student ever wear their ID cards as proud as this guy does,, or even wear them at all
“jeon jungkook. do you need my student number?”
he’s mEMORIZED his student number????
lol what a fucking nerd
seokjin shakes his head no, coughing to his hand as he brings up a file
yeah this seems about right
a president’s and dean’s lister, alma mater hoodie-loving, stem student who’s in the running to be summa cum laude next year..... treating his missing lunchbox case to be a major crime
yeah uh he’ll humor him
“can you describe your lunchbox for me?” jin grabs his notebook so he’d look more sophisticated instead of typing, hand trembling from suppressing his chuckles
“no, mr. kim. lunchboxes. there are five. i haven’t been getting any of them.”
“f-five? you have five lunchboxes?” seokjin’s pupils tremble but jungkook confuses his reaction for genuine concern, making the student hunch closer and look more somber, “uhm, this is still relevant but — may i ask wHY you have five?”
“for each day of the week, of course,” jungkook scrunches his eyebrows, lips pursing in thought
there’s a silence that stretches between the two of them, jin’s eyes slowly blinking and he’s trying,, he’s rEALLY trying to quell the screams inside his head
my DUDE have you ever heard about dishwashers???? :///
“right, right. of course,” he bounces back, tucking his thumbs as he tries to employ his Professional Tone and not the i’m actually an alumni from this school and i cannot believe i’m doing this tone
don’t ask it don’t ask it don’t ask it don’t ask-
“so jungkook, you say they’ve been missing the whole week, right? and you have a lunchbox for each day of the week. if uhm, if your monday lunchbox has been stolen, and so did your tuesday, and literally eVERY day of the week — why did you keep bringing the new ones in? because y’know, if i walked into an alley and got mugged, i wOULDN’T walk into that alley anymore ya feel?????”
jungkook could only blink at that
..... right
mr. button-up polo guy with the safety pins on the shoulders does raise quite a valid point, aND much confusion on his own side
“that’s because i don’t bring the lunchboxes. someone’s been leaving them out for me and-”
hold on
hold the FUCK on
“they’re not your lunchboxes?”
alright maybe that’s jungkook’s fault
no nO his case is still serious :((
“b-but technically, they’re mine!! someone’s been leaving them out sPECIFICALLY for me and everyone knows that!!! someone must have been jealous o-or something that they keep taking it away from me!!”
seokjin may have been annoyed then entertained at first, but now he kinda feels sorry :O
how is he supposed to break this
“...... jungkook....... have you ever considered that maybe whoever this person this is, they may have just stopped giving you lunchboxes? and no one’s really stealing them because there’s nothing to steal?”
jungkook looks like he’s going to throw another tantrum again uh-huh
“but why though?? literally wHY??? i-it’s been going on for two weeks and i don’t see any reason to why they’d suddenly stop! there’s no probable explanation for this a-and-...”
kook’s burying his face in his hands and he’s about to tear his hair out if his mind keeps spiraling even more
this is an interesting morning to seokjin
he’s awkwardly patting jungkook’s shoulder, definitely writing about this interaction in his daily journal because he’s definitely gonna get a good laugh from this
“.... i uh, the office next to mine offers counselling...?”
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nikrangdan · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: classmate!sunghoon x female reader
genre: fluff, comedy
description: you felt like park sunghoon was way, WAY out of your league... what happens when the teacher tells him to move seats and sit next to you?
*didnt proofread
becoming friends with park sunghoon was not something you expected to happen this year
throughout high school you had a small group of friends and never really stuck out
so when your teacher told sunghoon to move seats..
the seat happened to be the empty one next to..
guess who *cue the evil laugh*
your first thought was
‘this entire year is just gonna be him completely ignoring my existence or awkward interactions’
now you’ve heard of park sunghoon.... its basically a guarantee at your high school
he has this group of friends and theyre labelled as the popular kids i guess you could say
and the only reason he had to move seats in your two hour long class was because he and his friend jake goof off in class too often and your teacher deemed them “too distracting”
so eventually sunghoon was forced to move all the way across the classroom
right next to you
you were shocked to say the least
obviously he was handsome
too handsome to the point where you questioned how someone as good looking as him went to your school
he sighed and got up from his chair next to jake
but he still had a small smile remaining on his face indicating he wasnt that upset about him having to leave his friend
your heart began to beat quicker automatically as he walked towards your desk
even if you didnt have a crush on him like alot of people did, you still felt nervous around popular students like him for some reason
he ran his hand through his hair and sat down next to you, setting his bookbag on the floor next to him
he didnt look at you, nor acknowledge you
but nonetheless the lecture began again and the class sat in silence
taking notes on their laptops or sleeping
there were around 30 people in your class and your seat was in the middle row next to the window so you often gazed outside from the 2nd floor during class
you glanced to your right and noticed sunghoon slouched back in his seat, twirling around a pencil in his hand while his laptop remained open on his desk
it was just a white screen so he didnt take any notes
you were surpised because you knew he had fairly decent grades
you ignored your thoughts and continued taking your own notes
soon enough the bell rang and sunghoon stood up immediately and walked over to jake
‘yup’ you thought. ‘we are definitely not going to be having a single conversation this year.’
fast forward a couple days!!!!
you were sitting in class next to the boy
as normal
and you still have yet to talk to him.. mainly because you never initiated conversations ESPECIALLY when its a really really cute boy
ur teacher is like
Ok class im assigning a project and ur partner is the person sitting next to u
yay!!!!!! (can u sense the sarcasm)
you sit in silence while everyone in the class starts discussing with their partners
the project is you have to make a presentation on a world issue of your choice
“um...” u start
sunghoon starts pulling out his laptop and binder
“what do you wanna do?”
he doesnt even look you
u didnt know sunghoon and his group of friends very well but u definitely thought they were more... friendly than this
its silent for like 5 seconds
“huh? oh sorry did you say something?”
“uh yeah.. i asked what you wanted to do for the project.”
God u tried so hard not to laugh
you think he noticed because his cheeks turned a really light shade of pink
he looked so innocent
“yeah we have to make a presentation” you lightly chuckled
he was very amusing without even trying
“oh sorry haha.. i zone out easily”
“its okay.. but its due in less than 2 weeks so”
so you two spent the next hour choosing a topic and working on the project
it was kind of awkward for the first 10 minutes but then you warmed up to eachother
u were lucky that he was an extrovert too
(sunghoon is an extrovert for the sake of this story OK)
u were also lucky that he was smart
it was easy for you to talk to him.. he just felt comfortable
contrary to ur prior belief.. sunghoon was actually a really really cool guy
u used to think he was just a guy
now u think hes a really really cool guy
“can you please stop putting penguin clip art on the slides” you giggle
then he puts parrot clip art instead
“do your work!!!!” he was supposed to keep researching but he was trying to balance his pen on his nose
“shhh y/n... im doing something important.”
you roll your eyes
he was always doing something that was Not work
but you found it entertaining
and he’d make dumb little jokes that made you both hide your faces in your arms on top of the desk to hide your laughter
“hey y/n”
“what do you call an old snowman”
“i dunno.. snowgramps”
“no.. water”
you both made eye contact before bursting into laughter and then forcing yourselves to be quiet before u got in trouble
but that made everything funnier so you both were just covering your faces while trying so hard not to make a sound
this was so weird
u have never clicked with someone so fast before it honestly felt exciting
you were talking to sunghoon as if you’d been friends with him since birth
Very Very weird because you had only talked to him an hour ago and now u two are acting like besties ?!?!
jake noticed from across the room too
hes like ‘Why is sunghoon having fun without me🙄🙄’
the bell rings and so far you only have 2 slides
“we didnt get anything done” you note as you pack your bag
“yeah yeah i know. we can work on it more tomorrow”
“right.. see you tomorrow” you’re about to head out until jake walks up
“hey bro” he and sunghoon do some kind of made up handshake before he turns to look at you
now you know jake
everyone knows jake
you used to think he was the sweetest out of all their friend group
and he definitely lives up to that!!!
“hey y/n!” he gives u a smile
AWE hes so adorable
“hi” u reply
you were trying to speed up this conversation though so you could go eat lunch with your friend
“hows the project going?” he asks
“bad. sunghoon doesnt know how to do anything.” you deadpanned jokingly
sunghoon looks at you with an offended look that makes you wanna snort
“hey! you’re the one who doesn’t know how to add text to the slide!”
“what the hell sunghoon?! don’t tell him that, it’s embarrassing!” you give him a dirty look before walking out the classroom door with a smile on your face
days passed and you and sunghoon would only speak during that class but whenever you did it would be a mess
“sunghoon, y/n, quiet down! there is no reason for my classroom to be this loud!” your teacher scolds you two after sunghoon slapped his desk after you accidentally snorted
u two had such a weird relationship
u were almost strangers outside this one class but besties when u were in it
jake noticed too
one time he asked sunghoon during lunch why ur relationship was what it was
“i dont know.. thats just how we are” he answered
but jake kind of suspected sunghoon had a crush on u
*wiggles eyebrows*
it had only been a week but jake was determined to set u up together
“y/n you look cold, heres sunghoons jacket!”
“y/n sunghoon needs help with his homework, can you maybe do something about that..”
“sunghoon, y/n looks sad go give her a hug”
needless to say it worked!!!!
because a week after you presented your 2 weeks worth project
sunghoon asked u on a date
let me recite how it went
u were walking out of class together because jake wasnt there that day
sunghoons bookbag was slung over one shoulder and u were stood next to him with both hands on ur straps
“hey.. do u wanna maybe go grab something to eat with me for dinner..? or something” he quickly asked
“what, like a date?” you joke
“uh.. yeah” he replied looking down at u
u stop in your tracks
No way
“wait what? seriously?” you look up at him with wide eyes
“yes u little munchkin” he pinches your cheeks exaggeratedly and pulls them to make your face sway everywhere
u swat them off so fast
“um.. okay” u answer and ur face heats up
you cant even look him in the eye
like u cant say u DIDNT see this coming but it was still a shock
“awe is y/n blushing” he teases
“go away stupid”
yeah he doesnt go away
ANYWAYS u are the cutest couple ever
everyone wants to be u two so bad!
couple goals literally
jake is so proud of himself honestly
whenever u get into a silly little argument his rebuttal is always
“remind me who got u the best boyfriend ever? thats right, me. dont try me y/n”
and ur like
“ooohhh jakey im so scareddd”
he cannot stand u
but Yeah sunghoon bestest bf ever
takes u on dates whenever u want to
makes u laugh very much
almost too much
and ur parents LOVE him
mhm sunghoon very awesome guy
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romecries · 8 months ago
Wut about a s/o who cries when mad. Like, BITCH- "I AM NOT SAD I AM MAD." -A Quote from a really mad Cloud
Yo honestly this used to be me, but now I’ve lost all my emotions so ah ha ha
Also idk why I did such a weird group of people for this so yeah lmao
also sorry if typos did not proof read (* means canon character)
-rome :D
You guys are just fighting over something stupid like literally just what to order for dinner
you’ve been going back and forth for a while and honestly it’s getting to the point where you don’t even want food anymore
“Fine we can get whatever you want, I don’t care!” You say while turning away from punz, feeling your eyes burning as tears threatened to fall
That pisses you off more because the last thing you want to do is cry but you literally cannot control it
He would come up behind you gently placing his hand on your shoulder
“Hey bunny, I’m sorry it’s not that big a deal we can just get what you want instead”
Would pull you into a hug and you 10/10 still have your arms crossed so it’s uncomfortable
Mumbling a soft “I’m sorry too” and wrapping your arms around him
“Just for the record though, I’m not sad just pissed. Don’t pity me just because I’m crying, I can’t control it.”
“I know Bunny, I just don’t wanna fight with you over something small. I wanna see you smile, not cry.”
Techno definitely doesn’t even know he’s pissing you off
Mr. oblivious here walks into your home after being away for three days, he’s covered in cuts and temporary bandages and he didn’t even tell you he was leaving to begin with
“Hey, are you okay? Where have you been?”
“Im fine, was out.” He’d state, bumping shoulders with you as he rushed past to the bathroom.
You follow him, filled with both concern and anger as he just brushed you off and didn’t explain anything
“Techno, tell me where you’ve been. How did this happen to you?”
He’d ignore the question sitting down on the toilet and propping up the medical supplies on the sink, opting to change his bandages rather than speak to you
At this point you can feel the tears hitting you cheeks, bring a hand up to wipe them away and taking a deep breathe
“Techno, please tell me why you are hurt.” You manage to say while grinding your back teeth together
For the first time he actually looks up at you, concern coating his face as he sees you crying
“Hey what’s wrong-“ He starts moving to wipe the tears from your cheeks but you step back
“Techno, I am not crying because I’m sad. Im angry because you keep ignoring the questions I ask you.”
He takes your hand in his, opening and closing his mouth a couple times while running his thumb over top of yours.
“M’ sorry, I was too focused on my task and I didn’t mean to make you angry or ignore you,” he sighs, and you take the bandages from him moving to clean up his wounds
“Basically, I came across this village being attacked..….”
I imagine you get frustrated just trying to work on a project or some homework or something
You’ve been trying for an hour just to do one simple thing that should be fairly simple in your mind but you just can’t seem to get it right
Phil comes walks by seeing you still working on the same part and just innocently remarks “oh you’re still on that?”
He didn’t mean for it to be condescending or rude, he didn’t know you were struggling with it, but the amount of anger that filled you at that comment was overwhelming
“Yes I am.” You grit out, feeling tears starting to form along the bottom of your eyes
Phil.exe has stopped working, panic mode panic mode, why are they crying
“Ah darling, is everything okay?” He’d ask only making you cry more as you move away from his hand that was coming down to rest on your shoulder
“Yes I’m fine.” At this point the tears are full flowing and it’s pissing you off even more because you don’t want to be crying.
“What’s got you upset? Is there anything I can do to help?”
“Im not sad Phil! Im pissed off! I should have this part done already and I’ve been stuck here for an hour!”
Phil relaxes a bit, glad that at least you aren’t upset about something but still worried since you are struggling
Definitely suggests taking a break, a couple deep breaths, and going to get some ice cream or candy to help you de-anger
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lustbile-archive · a year ago
Wanna Watch?
Tumblr media
Word Count: 3.2k
Summary/Warning: Smut. Yangyang swears that tentacles are hot, just watch one video with him and you’ll see. He promises.… this was supposed to be a blurb but then I got very carried away. and because of that it might be a little rambley at some parts im so sorry
You’d be the first to admit that you and Yangyang had a weird friendship. Your other friends had clocked it, saying that even for best friends, you were way too open with each other.
And they weren’t technically wrong. Something about being around Yangyang deleted your filter, made you say shit that you never thought you’d say to another human being, but in your defense, he was exactly the same way.
It started with a few dirty jokes. It wasn’t anything serious or any different than ones you’d say with or without each other, but you two did encourage each other. It was as if anything one of you said, the other had something to add. It didn’t take long for things to begin to spiral and for your friends to decide that you two together were lethal.
After that day it was like you were attached at the hip. Something about your shared vulgarness made you click and it wasn’t very long after until it went a little far.
It was the first time you stayed over at his place, a bottle of liquor tucked in your bag. Tipsy off a half a bottle each, you both let it slip what turned you on the most. It wasn’t weird at the time, but the next morning there was a tension there.
That tension eventually faded, leading to another sleep over. And another. And another. Each of them somehow leading to some form of sexual conversation.
But the one that happened tonight was different.
Some joke about porn was made. You two sat side by side in your own chairs as you watched him play some game you quickly forgot the name of, and he had deemed it appropriate to mention that it would be kinda hot if the woman he played as were to get fucked by the tentacle monster that she fought.
You started by jokingly scolding him about how, though you weren’t sure exactly in what way, what he said was chauvinistic. But then you followed it with teasing about how he was a weirdo for being into tentacles.
“Oh come on,” he goes on, much louder than he needed to be, “you cannot tell me you’ve never looked at tentacle porn. Not even just because you were curious?”
“What porn I watch is none of your business Yang,” you retort as you push your finger in his face, a bratty giggle bursting from you when he smacks your hand away in irritation.
“So you’re not denying that you’ve seen tentacle porn,” he hums, nodding to himself, “if that’s the case I’m just gonna assume you have.”
You move to retort again, but he quickly interrupts, “actually I’m going to assume that you only watch tentacle porn and it’s something you get off to very often.”
“You think about me getting off a lot Yangyang?” you ask, but you quickly realize maybe the question was a step too far once the words are in the air.
Thankfully, he seems to ignore your question as he suddenly closed his game, the incognito tab he opens immediately after making your mouth run dry.
“How about this,” he starts, his fingers running across the keyboard as he types in the the link to a porn site. You divert your eyes quickly when you see the bars auto fill pop up, the idea of seeing whatever he looked at when he forgot to go incognito making your stomach flip, “let’s just take a little peek and we’ll see who’s right.”
“See who’s right about what?” your voice pitches and your back straightens as you ask.
“About whether or not tentacles are hot,” he turns to you briefly as if he’s explaining a math equation to you, “come on dude keep up.”
“Man I don’t know,” you hesitate, but you quickly notice he already has a video picked out and queued.
“I’m not gonna force you to watch it if you don’t want,” he reassures as he hovers his cursor over the play button, “but I also won’t judge you if you’re curious.”
You gnaw on your bottom lip for a moment as you think, your heart beating faster as the seconds pass, “okay fine just play it before I change my mind.”
And that’s how you got where you are now. You and Yangyang curled into your chairs, eyes wide and curious as a slender woman, with a disproportionately large chest, screams and whines while she’s brutally fucked by a weird tentacle monster.
You feel your face twist in fascination, first at the amount of detail and time that must have went into animating each frame, but then slowly but surely, just how weirdly hot you found yourself finding the video.
Something about the way the multiple tentacles cover her body as they suspend her in the air. One is shoved deep in her mouth, gross gagging noises added as a result, two attached to both of her nipples and another set fucking her open from both holes. It was easily one of the weirdest things you’ve ever seen, but you couldn’t ignore the growing wetness it caused in your underwear.
You try to not let it show in your body language, the idea of Yangyang noticing your arousal and then most likely making fun of you for it making you want to crawl in a hole.
You eyes dart over to him for a moment to try and gauge how he’s feeling. The first thing you notice immediately is the way he curls to block your view of his crotch, the second being the fact that he looks at you as well.
“So… what are you thinking?” he asks slowly.
“I don’t know what are you thinking?” you throw back almost too quickly.
“I… I think you know what I’m thinking,” his words continue to spill out like molasses, his head quickly nodding to the space between his legs with a embarrassed flush to his skin, “I’m asking how you’re feeling.”
“I don’t know,” you double down, your head shaking with a jerk, “I- I don’t know how I’m feeling.”
“It’s okay if you like it-“
“I don’t know if I like it,” you lie, your tone defensive and sharp.
“You do know that you’re not a bad person for liking it right?” He continues to reassure as he tries to keep his patience with you.
You only huff in response, the video still loudly playing as you talk. You try to shift in your seat to create distance between you, but it only makes you aware of how your arousal grows.
“Okay im not gonna lie,” he starts, a joking tone to his voice in the way that tells you he’s trying to ease the tension, “I think it’s hot, but you probably guessed that. I’m just saying I could totallly jack it to this.”
You know it’s a joke, but that doesn’t stop the words from making your face warm and your thighs flex. And even though you try and advert your eyes, you know he is analyzing every move you make.
“Do you maybe…” he trails off as he considers what to say next, “ack, no no it’s weird never mind.”
“What?” you dart up in panic, “is something im doing weird?”
“No no no,” he panics as well, “you’re fine… I was just gonna ask if you... if you maybe wanted to see how much you like it. Like see if you can get off to it?”
It was in this you found out that maybe your friends were right. Maybe you were lethal together, too comfortable and relaxed and willing to do and say the worst in front of each other. If that wasn’t the case there was no way in hell you’d end up where you were now.
If someone had told you that when you first met Yangyang that one night you two would be masturbating to tentacle porn together, you would have told them they lived in a fantasy, that they were just delusional perverts that don’t like people being just friends, but they would have been right.
You felt weirdly eager as you pushed your pajama shorts and underwear to his floor, the air of the room hitting your skin and making you come to the terms of how wet the video had gotten you.
And the fact that Yangyang seemed equally as eager as he pulled himself from the restrains of his sweatpants both put you at ease while putting you incredibly in edge.
You tried to ignore him as he sat next to you. Your eyes taking an iron lock onto his screen as a new video played. It was the same idea, pretty girl with literally any possible hole stuffed with a slimy tentacle getting pleasured in any way possible, the only difference was a slight change in art style.
It took you a moment to get into it, your fingers gently tapping against your clit as you tried to build the courage to touch yourself the same way you do in the safety of your own room, but after one particularly hard thrust from the monster and a desperate cry from the girl, you couldn’t hold back.
Your fingers dipped into your entrance gently as you coated the tips in your arousal, your hips jumping slightly at the friction.
Yangyang tried to ignore you as well, his fist moving slowly as he tried to focus on the scene in front of him, but the way you jerked next to him and the bubbles of noise that slipped unintentionally from your lips, he felt like a starving tiger being tempted with a steak.
You tried to bite your tongue to hold in any moans as your fingers started to roll circles gently on your clit, but with the way you grew wetter and wetter and the rising sensitivity in the bundle of nerves, you couldn’t help the quiet whimpering that rose from you chest.
It wasn’t that you could get off to it, it was actually much easier than you had anticipated. Something about the way the girls in the videos were being stimulated in every way possible had you hot and dripping in your arousal, and maybe your best friend pleasuring himself next to you was making it a million times sexier.
You weren’t alone though. It didn’t take long for Yangyang to lose his internal battle, his eyes straining to his side and his gaming chair rolling back slightly to allow him to watch you from the side. He knew he could crank one out easily to the videos in front of him, he had done it plenty of times before, but if he let the opportunity of watching your chest rise and fall with labored breaths while your fingers moved quickly over your dampened skin pass him by, he’d be kicking himself forever.
He was moving before he could even think, the finger of his free hand working with a mind of his own as they tap gently on the side of your chair. His heart beat sky rockets when you jump, but he only feels himself get harder when he sees it doesn’t stop your rapidly moving hand.
“Say no,” he whispers regardless of his growing need to touch you, “say no cause I cannot ruin this friendship.”
“No offense Yang,” he almost collapses at how winded you sound, but also at the promise that you’re still comfortable enough to shorten his name, “but if what we’re doing now didn’t ruin it, I don’t think anything will.”
“Thank fuck,” he speaks too loudly again as he moves his chair next to yours, his hand brushing against the side of your bare leg as it leans against the arm of your chair, “cause I wanna touch you so bad dude.”
“Hmmmm,” you hum out as his words swirl your brain like a blender, your heart rapidly pumping against your chest. You’d be a liar if you tried to act like the idea didn’t cause a new wave of arousal run over your body. Your answer comes before you can even think of the consequences.
“Please,” the word being your only verbal response before you rip your hand away from your body, your legs falling wider apart as an invitation. Your body jumps in protest as you deny yourself the orgasm that was slowly building, and Yangyang immediately jumps into action to compensate.
The first touch of his fingers is unsure, a hesitation in his muscles as he tries to convince himself that what’s happening is real. He isn’t sure what’s hotter to him in that moment, the way you whimper with a slight pout to your lips when he finally presses his digits to your swollen clit, or the way your eyes remain locked on the animated porn.
He’s battling between the two, when you show him something better. Your hand moves wildly in the air for only a moment, before you're pushing it under his arm. It doesn’t take you much exploring before you find where his hand slowly moves against his length. Your hand swats gently at his in a way that weirdly reminds him of the way you swat at him when he does something he’s not supposed to, and after his brain catches up with your motions, he lets go.
He thinks his heart probably stops when your hand wraps around him, your wrist immediately moving at the same pace as his fingers. His eyes slam shut for a second, a desperate attempt to hold off his orgasm, before they open slightly again.
He tries to do the same as you and keep his eyes trained on the video, and it works a few times, but as you gush and twitch against his unrelentingly moving fingers. He feels like one of his biggest fantasies has come to life in front of him, the whining sound of his name from your lips music to his ears.
You babble and squirm, your orgasm approaching you much faster than it has ever before. There’s something so jarring and new about the video that flashes in front of your eyes, and combining that with your best friend playing you not much differently than he’d played his game not long before made you feel like you were losing your grip on reality.
You’re vaguely aware that your hand flexes around his length, and fear that maybe your hold may be too rough immediately leaving your mind when you hear him let out a pleased groan. The sound also momentarily replaces the fear that filled you from actually looking at the boy that sits next to you, and you feel your head jerking to look at his face scrunched in pleasure.
The wind is knocked from your lungs when your eyes meet his again, neither of your stares faltering like you assumed they would. Instead the eye contact encourages you both, and you feel your hands pick up their pace.
You thank the universe for Yangyang’s reflexes as he finds no trouble in following your antsy jerking hips, his fingers never shifting away from your buzzing clit. He’s also completely unfazed as your thighs clamp around his wrist, and instead his now free hand moves to grab at your knee that’s closest to him, and pull harshly to hold your legs spread.
The angle his body is now turned leaves him leaning on his side, and he shows no hesitation to using the new position to his advantage as he begins thrusting his hips to fuck your fist.
You feel as if there’s another force around you that forces you to stare at one another, your hands and hips becoming frantic as you both inch closer and closer to your finish.
The video had ended moments before, but neither of you move to choose another. Too distracted by the other bodies, both of your breaths pick up right before the point of hyperventilating.
You feel yourself right on the edge, the beginning of your orgasm making your toes curl and your back arch off the back of the chair. Just from the stimulation on your clit, you can feel yourself falling, but when he notices that you’re starting to crumble, his fingers slip down until they push into you making you gasp loudly.
With his middle and ring finger pistoning in you at the same pace as his hips and the heel of his hand digging and rubbing into your clit, you finally start to come. If it wasn’t for his determined pace, your fluttering walls would push him out, but he fights against your body with a deep grunt as he curls the digits to pull against the nerve inside you that makes your eyes roll back into your skull.
With your mouth hanging open, silent moans and squeaking whimpers popping from your throat, he’s sure he stares at a defiled angel. He knew he always found you attractive, even more attractive when you first took his raunchy jokes in stride, but as you come so beautifully around his fingers, he decides you’re the prettiest thing he’s ever seen.
Just watching your come is enough to push him over the edge, but as it makes your muscles tense, your hand flexes and shakes as you hold him. With a few more pulses of his hips, he’s coming with his lip tucked between his teeth and his eyes trained on where you wrap around his fingers, your noise of surprise at the feeling of his come shooting across your hand only making his orgasm stronger.
With shaking legs, he falls back into his chair, his hand pulling from your sensitive skin, and his softening length slipping from your fingers.
Silence falls over the room, the only sound being the angry sound of his computer's fan and your evening breaths. You pull your limbs into your body as you try to get more comfortable in the seat, and as you try to wrap your arms around yourself, you notice the evidence of his orgasm that sticks to the side of your hand.
You’re moving before you can even think about your actions or how weird they could be to the boy next to you, your hand lifting up to your face and you tongue peaking out to lick at the sticky substance. You jerk slightly at the taste, but in a thought of self challenge and a simple ‘fuck it,’ you slide the flat of your tongue up the side of your hand, collecting everything he left behind, before swallowing deeply.
You hear a muffled sound of surprise to your side, the sound making your head whip to the side as you remembered your possible audience. Your heart beats fast as you panic at the idea of him finding your action gross, but as you look you see him in a very similar position.
Yangyang grins around his fingers that were once drenched in your orgasm, but now sit licked clean in his teasing mouth. There’s a slight popping noise as he pulls them hesitantly from his lips, and his devious smile only grows before he speaks.
“Oh so we’re both like gross, gross huh?”
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immortalpunz · 9 months ago
don’t be fucking weird in twitch chat/dono - a motherfucking professional essay
okay listen,
I have seen so many people post and answer asks and address this shit already and i am FED up, so I have a couple of points that I would like to talk about  (ahh, yes, professional essay format) I’m done being nice, and apparently yelling/bullying is the only way to get through your thick skulls
1. for the love of god, STOP CALLING CC’S BY THEIR REAL NAMES or trying to get other cc’s to call them by their real names on stream,,,, it doesn’t happen very often, but the fact that it happens at all after they’ve expressed discomfort with it, is unnerving. they create their names (sapnap, punz, dream, technoblade specifically) to BE CALLED BY THAT AND NOT THEIR REAL NAMES. stop spamming it in chat/sending donos, its not cute, no one thinks you’re quirky for using their real names. NEXT
2. If you don’t have money, don’t donate, PERIOD. stop trying to guilt the cc’s by telling them that you are giving them your last little bit of money,,,, what are you trying to gain from that? when I see that shit on screen, I literally mute the stream because I cannot stand listening to them awkwardly dance around it bc it MAKES THEM UNCOMFORTABLE. stop sending donos if you cant afford it. STOP. next.
3. “you ignored/missed my last dono.” OKAY? AND? you are sending it to them because you enjoy their content, not because you want something in return. a DONATION is a free contribution and you are not BUYING something from them. you are not obligated to send them a donation, just as much as they are not obligated to interact with it. NEXT.
4. “can you say hi to___” “can you say happy birthday to___” YOU ARE HERE FOR THE STREAM, this is not a fucking meet and greet, you are here to watch them play. most of the cc’s don’t seem to mind this very much, but like dude, this is cringy im sorry. you’re basically trying to pay them to notice you, which doesn’t make sense bc they are just saying a random name that millions of people probably have and there is no meaning behind it for them and they will just forget about it 2 seconds later. NEXT.
5. why are y’all asking these sweaty white boys to name your pets? why is that a thing? are y’all okay? sapnap has covered this before. but this IS weird right? im not the only one who thinks this is messed up? maybe this one is just me being me. NEXT
6. STOP SPAMMING CHAT/ SENDING DONOS ABOUT OTHER CC’S - this one really gets to me. I hate seeing chats flooded with information about other streamers, especially dsmp lore related. why are you sending a dono telling them about another cc’s lore stream while they are currently trying to build on their own characters lore? like, maybe their character doesn’t know about said lore? and now you just shoved it in their face and they have to dance around it. or when people send tubbo “ranboo just made us cry” LIKE OKAY? how about say something nice about the content that he is currently creating and streaming for your entertainment? not about another cc’s stream. ugh, fuck y’all piss me off. 
If i missed something, please feel free to add on to it, i just wanted to get this off my chest. maybe ill read this later, realize how rude it sounds and delete it but oh well. 
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queer-merm · a year ago
“Bi lesbian was made by Radf.ems in 2016 and lesbianism always excluded men, words have clear cut meanings!!″ sources!
(Title is sarcastic actually! Oops!)
(Warning for outdated language in some of the sources. Use of queer and dyke.)
Tumblr media
(Transphobia tw)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Source here:
Tumblr media
Those date from 2011. Not as old as other sources, but demonstrates that until recently, people have enjoyed the term. Again, the term didn’t die in the 80s, and didn’t suddenly appear in 2018.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this thread is about;
*”Bisexual Women and the "Threat" to Lesbian Space", by Sharon Dale Stone
*”Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers” by Lilian Faderman
Carol Queen’s “The queer in me”; (Lavender women related, see previous pictures)
[link removed because source is gone]
*This is about “Lesbian and Bisexual Identities: Constructing Communities, Constructing Selves”, by Kristin G. Esteberg
*Ebook for Lesbian health
*Ebook for Closer to home, which mentions many labels such as bi-dyke, bi-lesbian, lesbian-identified bisexual, etc
Related to the above, Anything That Moves, which is the magasine that published the Bisexual Manifesto had this to say: 
“The women in Closer to Home give themselves many names. Bi-dyke, bi-lesbian, lesbian-identified bisexual, bi-affectional, lesbian, and formally-lesbian bisexual. Anything but straight. As Margaret Mihee Chloe points out in her essay, “identity is that which makes one recognizable to self and other.” The plurality of names, and the combinations used, are all attempts in our clumsy and woman-wordless language, to create this identity, to make ourselves recognizable.” And a lot more quotes can be found in the magazine  
The issue with this this specific quote can be found here
Edit; this post is/ will be updated as I find new shit
In all seriousness though, every time someone says “the term was made by terfs”, I see red. Bi lesbian is overwhelmingly used by trans women and non-binary people, and y’all have the nerve to pretend radfems are behind its creation (without, of course, listing a fucking source for it. Besides, radfems mentionning it and laughing at it is NO proof that they made it). Radfems have show again and again how much they despise the term, but y’all have decided that believing a bunch of gatekeeping fucks that will call everything they don’t like “terf rethoric” is the way to go, apparently, despite COUNTLESS TRANS PEOPLE telling you otherwise
And, NGL, y’all are ignorant as fuck to genuinely believe TERFs would let anyone they see as attracted to man label themselves a “lesbian” in any way, much less “bi lesbian”. The only lesbians in their eyes are Cis gold-star transphobic lesbians, that’s it. They are literally the ones who separated the lesbian community, and kicked bi women out, but y’all still wanna pretend they legit use bi-lesbian in a positive manner at all?
FebFem (female exclusive bisexual female) is the term made by TERFs to refer to “good” bi women who don’t date men”.
Below are screenshots showing what radfems think of bi-lesbians (hints; not positive.) obvious TW for transphobia, biphobia, lesbophobia, general GC bullshit. You might notice: TERFs are the ONLY ones who (Sometimes) think Bi-lesbianism Is about “including trans women in lesbianism”. No-lesbianism as used by people who actually use the label has NEVER been about defining attraction to trans women as “bisexual because of biological sex”.
And bi is pretty much known as “attraction to 2 genders or MORE” for a lot of folks who are bi. For bi-lesbian who refer to themselves as such, they mean women and non-binary genderS (with an s), or, more rarely specifically women and one non-binary gender (ex; women and agender people). They are not pushing for a “gender trinary”, stop saying that.
And if you try to pull the “bi is redundant cuz n-b people are already included in lesbianism”: look if you personally include them in your own definition, good for you, no one is forcing you to change labels. If /you/ feel included, good for you, but please understand not all of us are. It can feel to some of us like we are reduced to “binary-lite”. (Example: imagine someone who is bigender man/woman: imagine someone saying “ooh you’re non-binary so your eincluded!1! But anything MAN is excluded! But we’re very inclusive of non-binary identities uwu” doesnt that sound contradicting in the slightest? Or at least erasing someone’s identity?)
But if you try and pull it to say “enby genders are included cuz u can never know who is non-binary; fuck you for essentially misgendering a bunch of non-binary people as “basically female-looking enough”. Besides, I’m sorry to say it, but you can never be sure who’s a woman, who’s a man, who’s non-binary. For all you know, that very feminine person with long hair you thought was cute is actually a man, (cis or trans), and goes by he/him pronouns. By /your own/ logic, that n-b people who are “female passing or androgynous” enough are included because “you can never tell”, feminine men who look “female enough” could be included in lesbianism. Make of that what you will.
As for the “lesbians are into fem-aligned enbies anyway so the label bad :)”: I made this whole post about it, feel free to look into it and why that claim is high-key transphobic and nbphobic:
As for “WELL SPLIT ATTRACTION MODEL BAD ;(”, Well. People know themselves better than you do. If your sexual and romantic attraction is the same, good for you, you do not get to talk for other’s experiences with queerness.
“They could just use homosexual biromantic then not lesbian”!! Oof. Well first of all no? Why would you want someone to label themselves homosexual if they are not comfortable? The word has such a shit history??
Second: idk I’m not comfortable with telling non-binary to use “homosexual” with their attraction to women (because, surprise, women =/= Non-binary, unless for those who identify as botch) if they are Not also women, or women-aligned.
I also feel saying the SAM is “bad” because it’s just a “modifier” feels. Disrespectful to aro/ace people, as it treats being aro and/or ace as a modifier rather than a full orientation but maybe that’s just me lol.
Also i cannot believe I need to say this apparently but -ahem- Queer People Are Not Responsible For Shitty CisHet Men Hitting on people Who Aren’t Interested IN Dating Them. Stop Victim Blaming I Beg Of You.
Finally: WHaT AbOuT DICTiOnArY DEFInITIOns1!1!
1; I feel the queer movement should be about revolution and giving up on the neat little boxes cishet society has pushed on us, and instead let queer people decide for themselves what fits best but you do you?
2 ; if you want to use “dictionary definitions, go for it I guess, but no “official” dictionary definition i have seen refers to lesbianism as /exclusive/ attraction to women.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As you can see, none of these describe lesbianism as “exclusive” attraction to women
Tumblr media
This is how stonewall uk defines the term “lesbian”. Again, it is not exclusive.
(The same applies to “homosexual” or “gay”. It is always referred more or less as “attraction to same sex and/or gender”, never “EXCLUSIVE attraction”)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well. That has come full circle if you ask me.
If you reblog, I ask that you do NOT tag as “q-slur”
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tiramisiyu · 6 months ago
hi tira, im new to tear of themis and have recently heard about the game!!! first off, thank you so much for translations ;w; they are very very helpful 💖 i wanted to ask though, who the boys are in terms of personality??? if,, that makes sense wah,,, they all look very handsome but still very confused about who they are as people. im very interested in vyn specifically because he seems very mysterious to me. sorry for the weird ask aaaaaaa pls ignore if rude,,,
Hi! Below is a quick summary of what they've displayed from the closed beta, and under the cut I'm going to be going into a more detailed list on their personalities based on the CN server's content~ (although keep in mind that this is only from my perspective which means that my knowledge is heavily weighted towards Xia Yan and might not be as well rounded for the other three hahaha)
From Closed Beta:
Xia Yan/Luke: the sunshiny childhood friend who's hiding many things
Zuo Ran/Artem: the work senior everyone looks up to and fears, but actually has a gentle and awkward side
Mo Yi/Vyn: the refined, polite man with a tendency for jealousy and wanting to present his best side
Lu Jinghe/Marius: a cottequish, smug young artist who's simultaneously carrying the weight of his family's heavy legacy
From the CN Server:
Xia Yan:
Sunshiny side, yes, but he really only shows that to MC. He's polite and mature with most people and can be casually sarcastic with friends.
He's a... very selfless person who tries to take on everything himself if he can... 😢
His development right now focuses on handling the many things he's hiding, and how he gradually shifts from trying to handle everything alone
And then there's his "Raven" side oh my god. Super hot. When facing dangerous people, he gets reaaally scary and it's amazing to watch.
Indulgent with his pet myna bird
Good at everything, except for love~ (this is not an exaggeration)
Zuo Ran:
Well as far as I can tell, he still maintains those aspects displayed in the closed beta. Zuo Ran is what I consider to be the most straightforward in terms of personality between the four guys - not a good or a bad thing, just an observation.
Straightforward development of getting to know MC and getting closer
Sir pls stop reading that book, you're great as you are
A very considerate man!
Writes movie reviews, likes movies
Swims, shoots guns, likes speedy driving... likes bridge
Good at staying calm in a bad situation, as expected of a top lawyer like him
Mo Yi:
Dude is quite the complex character, I don't think I can adequately sum him up and most of the points I can put down is thanks to other friends' analyses on him
He tries to put on his best face forward, a man who is refined and highly capable
A lot of his development has to do with realizing that imperfection is not necessarily a bad thing, and that it's alright to go beyond what he's skilled at
The most prone to jealousy in the team, such that he's called 醋王 in the CN fandom - "King of Jealousy" (literally King of Vinegar)
Something I like to note about him is how he believes that law cannot adjudicate all, in contrast with the main cast's two lawyers
Lu Jinghe:
He's got lots going on
He's at heart an artist and a dreamer, but his heavy family identity pulls him down to earth
He's quite a selfless person - he takes on the mantle of Pax CEO at such a young age because he feels that his dad deserves a rest... and his brother is [redacted]. Simultaneously, he tries to help out other artists if possible, knowing that a position of power like his can be used for good things, even if it's not necessarily a good thing for himself
Cottequish and sly with MC (unless if MC can land a verbal attack back)
When the NXX boys argue, he's probably the one who gets bullied most haha
Impressively mature and professional as the CEO, and can be quite imposing
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mxvladdy · a year ago
Diavolo- True Form
Whoooooooo weeeee! ‘Pologies for the wait on these longer posts. I’ve been hit with a one two punch of house emergencies and sudden costly ass repairs, so my creative juices have been rightly squashed as of late.
Plus side I got my drawing tablet and drafting table back so I can neaten up my blog lay out now (yay!) 
Anyway this one was a challenge in the best possible ways. I really like Diavolo because of how little we know about him so it gave me some wiggle room. Or at least what I know of him- im only on like chapter 23 of the stories. Idk if I did him justice as this is angsty af but I sure had a blast writing it!
Hope ya like! Next up: Beelzebub 
Trigger warning: Mention of blood, and swearing. 
He'll never show you, so don't ask. His true form is god-like in its own right and such knowledge, such truly raw demonic power in its natural form is not for your mortal eyes.
No matter what your lineage, it would break you. And despite his roles and being the literal devil, he doesn’t want you suffering.
Sometimes when he thinks you wouldn't notice he relaxes his hold on reality, just a fraction. He wants to relieve some of the tension that is always building just below the surface. Like closing your eyes when you have a tension headache. The mental energy he has to exert to keep face is enormous. Regular glamour doesn’t work nearly as well as his own, or Barbato’s magic.
But you see hints during your downtime spent in his company. A ripple in his reflection on the window pane. Unexplainable shadows dancing across his exposed skin. Too many teeth in his mouth when he laughs. Sometimes when you stare into his eyes you see something indescribable staring back behind them. His usually warm and inviting gaze darkening. A barest flicker, a hulking bestial thing kept locked behind in his golden gaze. It's enough to freeze the blood in your veins.
On certain nights when you can slip away from the brothers you stay in his room. Lying  awake, you watch his magic wane and shift as he slumbers. Sometimes you see runes, or at times letters. You are tempted to write them down and ask Solomon. But something stops you each time.
The worst images are the faces. Unknown souls trapped beneath his flesh clawing to be freed. Silent screams fading back into his body as he dreams. Your fragile fingers trace the patterns they leave as you wait for the next day wrapped in his embrace.
Only once have you seen more of his form then he would ever wish. The depths of his strength and mental fortitude were unknown to you so the slip up took you both by surprise. He masks the error well, but the sudden shift in energy in the room couldn’t be suppressed .
You are suddenly so aware of the oppressive weight of gravity on your frame. Your bones grinding together under the force of his aura. You panic, desperate by the need to breathe, but are unable to draw even the smallest bit of oxygen as it is robbed from the room. Time and reality wrapped too, distorting in ways only you thought only Barbatos could do. You knew in that moment the sudden dread of death, how mortally was but a rusty shackle tethering you down.
He collects himself, dispelling the energy and locking his glamour down tight to protect you. But that split second of fury felt like an eternity to you as you sink to the floor. You hiccup a shaky sob and shiver. Your fragile human mind bowing under the strain of what it cannot comprehend. Scolding hot tears fall from your cheeks, before splashing crimson the stone below you.
You didn't approach him again for over a month. No matter how strong you are, some things were better off unseen.
Mini Fic
He didn’t know. For once in his ancient pitiful existence, he had been unaware of his surroundings. It had been for just a moment, one tiny crack in his veneer. The foolishness of Mammon and Belphegor’s actions finally poked the right nerve. He wouldn’t hurt them, for Lucifer’s sake. That prideful demon would never forgive him if he did. But he could scare them. A quick look at his true self; a flash of the deepest bowels of hell. Enough to give them a reminder of their positions and standing in his court. He had expected their whimpers of fear, could taste the acidic tinge of it exuding from their pores. What he didn’t expect though was your blood curdling screams alongside.
Ironically, he would have to thank the second eldest later. His fast thinking is the only thing that saved you from complete damnation. His body shielded yours, taking the brunt of the stronger daemons hellish might for you. What little magic Mammon still had left used to protect you. Though, while your vision was blocked, you could still feel his oppressive presence. It racked your mortal flesh. Diavolo knew what affects his power had on humans. He spent years breaking and consuming damned souls with zeal after all.
The brothers had run from him after that, screaming for Simone. Barbatos following close behind, a look of consternation on his usually impassive face. You had been so limp in Mammon's arms. Diavolo could do nothing, shocked by his own weak will and realization that he might have ruined everything. You had been whisked away so quickly by his faithful servant and the brothers that he hadn’t had a chance to look you over himself. But the brief moment he saw will haunt him for years to come. Your eyes red from the sudden haemolacria, the blood staining your clothes and face. Your fingers digging away at your soft skin, black and purple blotches staining what he could see. Mouth opened wide on a silent scream. He knew what you must have seen. The souls of the damned trapped under his glamour breaking free to latch on to your unmarred soul trying to drag you back with them.
Against his butler's advice he stands at your door now days later trying to see you. He couldn’t sit around and just hear updates second hand. The brothers had been keeping guard most days in a valiant attempt to keep him away. But he could only be waylaid for so long before he used his rank against them.
He had arranged a full council meeting. Every one of the brothers knowing full well it was to get them out of his way. Yet, the order was absolute. This time none of the brothers could reject it. Barbatos would keep them in that room for eternity if he so wished for it. He hated using his age and power against them, but he saw no other way to get to you.
It was foolish now, standing as he was in front of your door. A part of him hoping you would turn the knob and let him in. Let him comfort you for once, instead of the asinine distractions the brothers offered. He could help too. Hells, he wanted to. He wanted to be closer to you. Power discrepancy be damned. The other part of him knowing it was for the best that you didn’t. Your guardian and tormentor all in one. He listens to your muffled sobs for a moment fighting with his feet to stay cemented to the floor instead of heading back in defeat.  
"When my father was still around he took me down to the deepest depths of the kingdom. Where the worst of the traitors and sinners are imprisoned." His deep baritone rumbles through your door during a break in your crying. "It’s a place few seldom go; even now I have yet to return. Back then he told me ‘there will never be a human soul that is undeserving of punishment. Even the ones destined for the celestial realm are tethered to sin.’ At that time I believed him. The things I saw in your realm... " The prince chuckles wearily.
He remembers the ever present scowl on the old King's face. His dark eyes looking out at the sea of damned souls he controlled. Even as a young daemon, fresh into his wings and still sharpening his horns to impress others he could tell how much his father detested his position. How it had warped him, turning him bitter and cold, even to his mate and only child.
Diavolo never wanted to be like that. Not to the ones he supposedly cared for at the very least. "I think that is why he hated the other realms so much.” He continued. “Humans, for their ability to choose which realm they would eventually end up in after they pass. That even the worst sinners could find redemption enough at the last moment to get to the pearly gates. While daemons, no matter how well they served, or the duties they did for the good of their own would never be seen as equals to our celestial counterparts or yours. That this existence is all we'll ever be destined to have. Nightmares and monsters, stories to tell little human children to keep them in line.” He pauses, collecting himself. “I believed wholeheartedly that every human deserved the punishments only my kind could dowel out. But, in this past year I have spent with you, I find myself changing. You are so undeserving of such torment. Somehow you are understanding and forgiving beyond measure to us. You handle our ill tempers with such grace. For daemons such as us, it is staggering, and humbling. I regret that I have hurt you so deeply and have broken your trust. I swear it as the head of this realm I would never intentionally do so." He looks at the door handle willing it to open. " I am so sorry."
Your crying picks up again. Huge heaving sobs that rattle your chest. Great Father, he just keeps making it worse. Clearing his head Diavolo turns.
Rejection of this nature was new to him. No one had ever dared to ignore him, especially such as this. The royal in him- his father's blood- seethed that he would even stoop so low as to grovel to a short lived thing like yourself. Even deeper yet, it demanded another taste of your essences. You little soul kept safe behind your rib cage. He wanted it added to his collection, kept tucked away deep within his maws.
It was sick; it was wrong. He chokes on the idea. The intrusive thought burrowing deep. How deplorable was he? Perhaps the angels were right to keep him out of heaven.
You didn't show to class the following day, or the days after. Unsurprising to him and the seven of the inner council. He figured the other day wouldn’t change anything. But it was utter agony to him. These days trapped in his office only getting short and curt updates on your health from Lucifer. It had been a special kind of torment.
Today he sat once again at his desk staring at some godforsaken bitching of a royal cousin. He knew this whelp. Some backwater thrice removed eons ago. Yet he was demanding an audience? The gall. The ink of their eligible handwriting makes him cross eyed. Would this day ever cease? He looks to his hourglass, the sands within seemingly frozen in time.
"My Lord, perhaps you should take a moment to stretch your legs?" Barbatos moved from his corner. Gloved hand coming to rest on top of the same three lines he had been reading for the past two hours. "This work could wait another evening I’m certain ."
"Did I do the right thing my friend?" Diavolo doesn't even bother answering the question his servant posed. They both knew he wouldn't. "This program. Our human exchange students. Solomon is one thing, but-"
"Your will and path is absolute." Barbatos states. "There are no mistakes within you, merely stumblings onto different paths."
With a gentle push Barbatos moves the hulking demon out of his way to collect and organize the scrolls and letters scattered about the large desk. "You made the right choice bringing them here. Look at what they have done. They are entertainment to you are they not?"
The prince rose knocking his desk aside and descended on his butler. His true form out in all its unholy glory now. His highly condensed magic distorting the study as if he was a black hole. The axis of the room shifts. His priceless collection of books and toys disintegrating from the cold radiation he emits.
It was all for show really. There was nothing he could do to an ancient being such as Barbatos. So he lashed out, throwing a tantrum in the security of his office. The hopeless agitation he felt fueling the flames of his rage. His butler had only added holy water to his already festering wounds.
Barbatos had been by his side for time in memoriam. The crafty bastard had helped raise him. Had shaped him into the ruler he was today. If anyone could break and remold him it would be his oldest companion.
The dark haired daemon waited for the waves of agitation to dry up. Moving only when the prince was in his more presentable demonic form. Large barrel chest heaving as he reined himself in. “Are you back to your senses?” He asks coolly, already categorizing the items to replace and furniture to be mended.
"I had not meant for it to go like this."  Diavolo croaks into his hands collapsing back on what remained of his desk. Building a bridge between realms, yes. That noble idea was the greater purpose of this program, but the rest of it. The classes, and dances. The parties where he threw his newest toys about to see how they would react to things other mortals worshiped? That had been for his own curiosity and amusement. Lesser beings navigating a foreign world blind to the dangers that were right under their very nose. Bring a mortal with no magic into his realm? Deep down he knew this was an inevitability. Especially with the freedoms he granted them. He just didn’t think he would get so attached.
“No one believes that you would hurt them on purpose.” His butler cuts off his downward spiral. “It would ruin the program. That is what you are so stressed about, right?” Barbatos eyes him skeptically. Diavolo, himself, and Lucifer had spent many sleepless weeks constructing and negotiating this program. If the Arch Angels heard a mortal was hurt down here it could very well end this little escapade. But the look in the prince’s eyes told a different story.
A warm glow emanated from his cheeks and he was unable to meet the old daemon’s gaze. Ah. "Or perhaps things have changed?" Barbatos smiles coyly up from beneath his bangs. "You are your mother's son after all. Neither of you were ever able to stem your bleeding hearts for long." Diavolo squawked indignantly but didn’t argue. Instead he merely turns a darker shade of red and curses under his breath.
He skipped out on court that evening. Not that he cared much. The other nobles would no doubt use the time to gossip about his whereabouts and uncouth behavior of late. Truth be told, he was avoiding the brothers more than anything else. They had made it expressly clear (some more then others) how they felt about him currently. He wouldn't doubt that Belphegor had a few more brothers on his side now.
Instead he stood at your door once more with a tea tray in hand. He had bumped into Simone on the way. The angel had come to bring you dinner and to check up on the last of your wounds. Celestial magic worked miracles on those who have been touched by the darker arts. Diavolo was grateful for his talents. And, by some miracle, Simone had made it abundantly clear he was not going to bring this to the higher ups on his end either.
Upon seeing the prince slinking up the house's stairwell the other man had simply smiled and offered him the tray. “I suddenly got a message from Luke. Could you perhaps drop this by our friend’s door?” Diavolo had accepted without preamble, large hands dwarfing the platter of little tea cakes and sandwiches. The young cherubs work no doubt. His cooking was a fine treat, and a great incentive to at least open the door.
“Hello again.” He knocks twice. “I just wanted to check in on you. I know I am the last person you wish to see but I was hoping to talk?” Silence greets him. Were you awake? He breathes deeply and focuses on picking up your vitals. You were up, your heart thumping steady somewhere in the room. That was good. “I also have dinner for you. Simone had an urgent matter to attend to so he- for better or worse- entrusted this to me.”
Diavolo searches hopelessly for something else to say. He couldn’t just leave the food and go. He needed to see you. “I don’t plan on staying long today. I understand when I am not wanted, but I cannot help myself but be worried for you. Perhaps this is just me contritioning, because I know I caused this. The amount of times I have been called a ‘ass’ by Solomon over this have been staggering.” He rambles. After another bout of silence from your end he coincides. “I see- I will leave the food by the door and let you rest.” Defeated he puts the food down and turns to leave.
The door clicks open slowly. One bloodshot eye peeking through the crack. “Oh mio piccolo mortale.” He loses his grip on your shared tongue at a loss. You looked- you must have been in the hall longer then he or the brothers had known. Such damage couldn’t be done in a few moments. Your skin was healing as nicely as Lucifer had said, but the deep purple scarring still remained on the surface. The burn pattern of it all was random. Twisting wounds that reflected an oily sheen from the light of the hallway. “I-.”
“I know-” You cut him off with a raised hand. “and I feel as though I owe you an apology too.” Your voice was so weak and shaky. A mockery of your normally strong and jovial tone. Hearing you laugh at school had brightened the dreary halls. He hadn’t realized it until you weren't there.
“You owe me nothing.” Diavolo says in earnest. He watches you contemplate your next words before throwing whatever you were going to say away.
“Would you like to come in?” Your eyes drop to the tray. “Luke always makes more than I can eat.”
“I don’t think that would be wise.” He backs out. All his plans crashing and burning around his feet. His actions had been irreparable.
“Perhaps not,” You open the door wider taking the tray and heading to your side table, leaving him no room to argue. “But then again, being a lamb among such wolves as yourself and the brothers isn’t smart either.” You meant it as a joke but he couldn’t even muster a chuckle. It was true. Gods. “Dia-” You approach him again but falter at the last second.
As much as you wanted to be close to him again the memories were still so fresh in your mind. The cold hell fire of his magic ensnaring you, searing your skin. The whispered words of sinners long since past still echoing in your head, all in languages you’ve never heard before. The worst though had to be the screaming. Lost souls begging for help. Some sounded so familiar…You shutter involuntarily.
You wanted to hate him for this. Curse him for putting you through this pain. But how much could you blame him? Or any of them? They were daemons. Whether he meant to hurt you or not, it truly had only been a matter of time before it happened. It would be hypocritical of you to fear or hate him forever over this. Six of the seven brothers have threatened your life before, and you have forgiven them. Hell, one of them actually killed you. What’s more was that Diavolo’s wrath hadn’t even been directed at you.
Wrong place at the right time; seemed to be your forte. “Please, come in.” You repeat again firmer than before mustering up either courage or sheer human stupidity to order him in. You couldn’t tell the difference anymore. “We need to talk.”  
He enters, following at your heel like a lost puppy. All air of princedom gone as you clicked the door shut. Diavolo fiddles with his hands, old habits from childhood coming with his nerves. He didn’t know what to expect anymore. Yelling? Some kind of beratement? A plea to go home and never look back?  He would let you.
You pass by him, giving him a large berth of space to get to your seat. “Tea?”  
Diavolo jerks his head to you. He had forgotten momentarily the plate of food he had used to get access to you. You smile sheepishly pushing it and a plate of sweets towards him with your unbandaged knuckles. He doesn’t move till your hand retracts back to your lap. You jerk your head to the open seat waiting for him. You weren’t going to take no for an answer.
“I- thank you.” The daemon sits making himself as small as possible in the straight back chair. He takes the porcelain and drinks mindlessly. The scalding hot tea doing little to help the tightness of his throat, but it did thaw some of the ice in his mind.
“Are-how…” He fumbles so unsure of what to do next. “I see you’ve been keeping up with your school work.” Diavolo closes his eyes, wincing internally at his words. That’s what he comes up with? Idiotic.
You smile anyway, eyeing the massive pile of books and paperwork spewn about your bed. “Yeah. I’ve taken to doing my school work with Levi in his room. Mammon and Beel are nice enough to drop it off to the teachers when they are due.” He nods. He knew this of course. But it was nice to hear it from you. But yet, you don’t meet his eyes. Far too afraid to see what hid behind them.
The thought of being dragged back into those dark depths again makes your pulse quicken. You instead stare at your nail beds, finding them more interesting. They were purple now. The nails stained black by the contact with his magic. “Will- will that go away?” He asks. Demonic curses or taints were nigh impossible to remove fully. Disgustingly, he hoped they didn’t. Then your nails would match his. The darker depths of his soul coo at the idea, happy that in a small way every daemon would know your his. Not as good as a pact, but as close as he could get to being a part of your little mortal life.
“I’m not sure.” You reply honestly bringing your hands up to place them on the table. “Simone and Solomon have done what they could. But, it is as good as it’s going to get for now. They say it could fade with time.” You look up at him, eyes gazing to the left of his face. “Luke thinks I should see a stronger angel.” Diavolo winces, the thought stung, and terrified him. “I told him no.”
That surprised him. This was your chance. The celestial realm had been skeptical from the beginning. If they knew, it would be a perfect caveat for them to step in. “Why?” Finally you look at him. The fear was still there. Hesitation evident in your eyes. Yet you forced yourself to look at him, fighting through your trepidation.
“Did you mean what you said earlier? About your father and what you think of me?”
“Of course.” He replies without hesitation reaching for your cold hands. You flinch but don’t move away. It felt-nice. His warmth chasing away the perpetual chill that covered your fingertips. Idly you stroke his strong hands with your thumbs.
“Then, I think we can work on this privately.” Slowly but surely you felt like you could fix this. Not for the program, but for yourself.  
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chaotictransmess · 3 months ago
If you're still doing the song ask can you do Sherliam?
Yes, of course! Sorry it took me a while to get to this one lol but yessss
Song ask was make a 10 song playlist for a ship or character and since I think there's demand for this Im just gonna stick it in the actual sherliam tag!
Generally, it's a lot easier for me to do characters than ships but I have actually thought about this one a lot. I know a lot of the songs are pretty basic, but they work really well so stfu. I tried to put these in chronological order according to the storyline from when they first met to where things are now, but a lot of them would be simultaneous, so yeah lol
Tumblr media
Catch Me If You Can by Set It Off: I made an amv for this song as well with them, and I really cannot think of any song that fits them more than this one to be perectly honest. I mean. Catch me if you can. But seriously it is everything with how they interact with each other. They're having way too much fun with the game, they're playing with each other and leading each other on and both on opposite sides and completely in sync. Motherfuckers are basically canonical soulmates but hmm intellectually fighting each other is basically sex for them.
From The Gallows by IDK HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME: As soon as I read ynm I knew this was exactly Liam to Sherlock. I think a lot of my ships fit this dynamic very well, but. Yeah. Mans is like yes we are enemies yes I'm deeply in love with you please judge me to be worth saving or not so if you don't think you can kill me and I'll be happy. Pretty straight forward there.
Masterpiece Theatre I by Marianas Trench: This one is Liam singing, and I think that altogether, the whole set of those three masterpiece theatre songs work for the whole series, both the anime and manga. But the first one especially. God, it works so well. It's all this incredibly guilt ridden person lamenting their great plan and how at the end they 100 percent plan to let it all be destroyed, including themself, over Yearning towards someone they're not supposed to be with and that they've been hiding a lot from. They've become all lies and fronts and they've had to ignore all their emotions for quite some time, and all they want to do is give it all up and cry into this person's arms even if it would go against everything they've worked for, even if it would kill them.
Collar Full by P!ATD: This one is pretty easy, I think both of them could be singing it at once. They're both awfully head over heels for each other and they've been pining for an ungodly amount of time that their natural state is just Yearning, but they know that if they ever got together it would be a chemical reaction that would destroy everything. All of the world is watching them and they have to hide it or die, they know if they were to be open about their secrets there would be nothing left between them to stop it from all falling apart, so they'll try to be together and try to pretend to be oblivious to why they can't. At this point though, it's been so long and all they've done is fall farther that they don't really care and they would rather collide and let the chaos happen just for the chance to embrace each other. AND "You've got a pocket full of reasons why you're here tonight, so baby tonight just be... the death of me" is LITERALLY JUST THE CANON
Hell by Dear Sherlock: I cannot believe how lucky i was to come across a song by a band called DEAR SHERLOCK? But yeah this one basically delves into Liam in the final problem, in his thoughts and in his letter. He's not in a good place at all, and he's sunk to his darkest, thinking himself to basically be the devil incarnate, and things are coming to their climax, shit's going to go down, and he's obsessed with trying to get Sherlock to kill him and end it all. Liam has been holding back all his emotions for a long time and they're all going off at once and he wants to expose all of them to Sherlock alone, leaving him vulnerable. Even though it's the thing he's always been most scared of, he craves it. He knows he's in love and he knows that's a problem but he'll do anything to die at Sherlock's hands at this point and he's convinced that Sherlock must hate him enough to do it but he'll confess everything anyway.
Achilles Come Down by Gang Of Youths: Surely, everyone knows this song, and it can be way overdone, but once again... it's them. Sherlock is desperately trying to convince Liam not to jump. Liam isn't listening.
Come With Me by Chxrlotte: I've actually made a sherliam amv to this song. I just happened to stumble across it and every single lyric fits perfectly into the storyline, especially in the anime. It's super soft and shippy yknow but this one is definitely Sherlock singing it- he doesn't care if they're supposed to be on opposite sides, he wants to make Liam happy even if the whole world is against it. He'll cross any line to reach him and he wants to always be there for him and even if he has to wait years and years he'll always forgive him and no matter what he believes they'll eventually reunite.
It's Alright by Mother Mother: Man, this song always gets me, but I think this really encompasses how good they can be for each other after it all goes down. They've both been incredibly reckless, self destructive, and kind of fucked up. They each have complimentary problems that make them feel like they're barely worth being alive. But because they love each other so much and they want the other to survive and be happy, neither of them is allowed to die, and they're going to live on together and they're going to heal each other and they're going to cry to each other and embrace each other and learn to live with themselves and get better and fix everything. God, they need it so much, and they need each other.
In Our Bedroom After The War by Stars: Again, I know this song is overdone, but just imagine this after the fall? Imagine this when they're both healing from the fall and learning to live with Billy in America? And like, it's a really tentative time, they're all still hurting so much and Sherlock has got to constantly worry if Liam is gonna throw himself off the fucking roof? But he hasn't yet and it looks less and less likely that he's gonna, so that's one good thing at least. They're able to settle down and try to calm their nerves and get away from the shit that's happened, and they cling to a very domestic routine, at once still so broken but healing and constantly reminded of just how much they have to be thankful for.
Laughter Lines by Bastille: I've always thought of this as a song for nezushi (from no. 6) because of the whole eventual reunion somewhere far down the line yearning but GOD they REALLY DID THAT IN THE ANIME and even kind of in the manga they have still been separate from each other a lot and on like, other ends of the goddamn planet. They spent a long time trying to be able to reach each other and get together, and they finally got to a good spot where they're able to accept it. Because so many things happened and there was a lot yet to be done, they had to leave each other for a long time with no way to contact each other, but they'll be waiting for the time when the other can finally come back and they're both healed enough to settle down. Cries real tears.
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lunasblipsandblurbs · 11 months ago
hello!! i love this blog but was always too afraid to request any headcannons but im going through the thick of it now so, what about the boys dealing with their S/O when they are going through their period with incredibly horrible cramps and bloating?
Omg Bby I am so sorry you are going through that right now. Let me whip you up something quick. 
*AFAB reader because periods, but nothing is gendered specifically female/feminine
Warning: Max & Ezra's 18+
Din Djarin
When it’s been about four hours since Din’s seen you on the ship he begins to get kind of concerned. You two are in hyper-space right now so….where the fuck are you? Knowing the only other place you really would be Din heads straight to the bunk to see if you are resting, maybe you are taking a nap right now like Grogu is in his pram right now. When he gets to the bunk and presses the door open he's created by the sight of you curled up in the fetal position rocking gently back and forth. He’s going to tilt his bucket at you and ask what the hell is wrong with you? When you grit out its unfortunately that time of the month for you Din first of all grumbles quietly to himself (he didn’t get you knocked up this time, fuck) then he is going to go off and bring you an ice pack, a heating pack, extra blankets and pillows. He basically makes you a lil nest for you to hide in while you ride out the cramps. He’s going to ask you if you want to be alone and if you do, no problem he's outta there. But if you need him with you he will not hesitate to toss you the blindfold and crawl in with you.
Javier Pena
Yeeeeaaaaah he might be a bit awkward with you to be honest. It was just the time period, misogynistic tendencies up the ass my guys. So when you let Javi into your apartment and he immediately has his mouth over yours, his hands groping at your hips as he gently pushes you towards any surface, you have to push back to get him to slow the fuck down. When you explain you really really want to fuck him but you CANNOT this week hes gonna get a little bit lost on what to do. He’s down to just hang out in each other's company but when you start complaining of the cramps in your stomach and how bloated and uncomfortable you are he’s just….not gonna relate. He will give you comforting back rubs and forehead kisses tho as you cuddle into his side. 
Frankie Morales
Oh hunnie, hunnay, hunnnnaaaayyyyy! You have no worries with Frankie by your side. He’s gonna get legit lowkey pissy when he finds out you lied to him about being okay when he finds you curled up in a ball on your couch after you texted him asking if he could drop you off some essentials. He’s instantly going to coherce you to take a bath and he will even offer to join you. Frankie was a special ops pilot and soldier and a little blood is not going to phase him at all. He is going to pull out all the comforts, the bath, he's gonna make you some homemade mac n cheese, give you a shoulder rub, throw on your guys’ favorite movie and by the end of the night you are gonna be so pissed you didn’t call him earlier to come be with you.
Ezra 18+
This man thinks that anyone that literally has their uterine lining shed themselves every month or so deserves the utmost respect. He fully realizes the annoyances and discomfort that you go through every month, no one willingly wants to shove a piece of cotton up their body. So he secretly has your cycle tracked so he knows when you are due to have your period. He knows you never like to tell him because you just like to try and make it through with no complaints but holy fucking shit if these cramps could NOT tear out your insides that would be just swell. So when you eventually do slink up to Ezra with some pathetic whimpers of how everything hurts this man is going to offer to straight up fuck you to get you off so your aching stomach muscles show some mercy on your soul. The decision is up to you tho bby. 
Max Phillips 18+
Some of y’all are really gonna hate me for this but…..while this is your most loathsome time of the month, it’s Max’s absolute favorite. He’s like a feral cat going into heat around you when you start your period. The instant he smells that perfect blood dripping into your underwear he’s crowding you up against any surface begging you to please, please let him take care of you. And by taking care of you I mean eating you out for hours upon hours if you’ll let him. It is grotesque, messy, and borderline too much for you to look down at him devouring your sex, you can see the red smears streaking his chin but it’s also the most amazing fucking feeling ever. You are already way more sensitive as is on your period and to have a boyfriend totally ready to fuck you anytime you want during this hellish week is just perfect. He says that every month when you are on your period is the time he really treats himself to indulge…….again, hokay freak. 
Pero Tovar
Oh gawd he’s going to be such an awkward noodle. He feels bad that you are feeling so much pain and discomfort but he LITERALLY JUST REALLY FIGURED OUT PERIODS. He’s not totally oblivious it’s just that he was on the road with mostly men when he’s selling his sword and when he did meet up with a woman they were never on their period because well….they were fucking him. He knew about the blood shed once a month but he literally thought that it was like once a month….like a day maybe. When you told him the reality of ‘No you ignorant oaf, its for seven fucking days!’ He gawked at you. He had to deal with you suffering through this for SEVEN DAYS. When you try to get up to prepare your evening meal Pero instantly stops you. He ends up picking up all your chores for your seven days, on top of his own so you don't have to move and be uncomfortable. He grumbles out that “Bleeding for seven days inbetween my legs sounds like hell I wouldn’t move from the bed so why should you? Now go back and rest, Amor.” Yeah, he’s gruff and awkward at times but he’s just a big teddy bear. 
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