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Oh, friends, there is so much good Obikin fic about our two favorite idiots in the STAR WARS fandom out there and I have a huge back archive of recs to show for it, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when you’re new or haven’t read anything in awhile, so I wanted to put together a list of Starter Recs that I think are great places for a beginner who’s just dipping their toe into the waters! There are many, many fics that are often times some of my favorites that will not be on this list, because these are the ones that I think are specifically useful to those who are just kind of figuring out what they like or aren’t really sure they 100% ship it and just kind of want to test things out. And also because if you made me list my actual favorites, it’d be literally thirty times as long as this, and that might be just a bit overwhelming. So, here, have my suggestions for where to start! Joinnnnn usssssssss. OBIKIN RECS - CANON-COMPLIANT UP TO BEFORE EVERYTHING GOES TO SHIT: ✦ Equinox by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, sith!obi-wan (sort of), d/s, 95.9k    During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone. ✦ Upfall by bell (belldreams), obi-wan/anakin & some obi-wan/satine & ahsoka & cast, NSFW, 166.8k    Anakin is doing just about everything he can to hold himself together; it won’t last. ✦ the sound of your voice (helps me find peace) by izazov, obi-wan/anakin, 34.7k    Five times Anakin had to ask for a story. And one time Obi-Wan offered it freely. ✦ Lex Talionis by intermundia, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & cast, NSFW, sith!obi-wan, sith!anakin, 187k    How Obi-Wan and Anakin fell to the dark side, obtained their revenge, and saved the galaxy in the process. ✦ starbird by imaginarykat, obi-wan/anakin & cast, 8.8k    Anakin thinks he knows everything about Obi-Wan but doesn’t. Anakin thinks a lot of things, actually, and he’s wrong about most of them. Anakin’s whole world view is turned upside down. Obi-Wan is having the time of his life. ✦ small gestures and grand vows by loosingletters, obi-wan/anakin & cast, 6k    Five times Obi-Wan and Anakin show how devoted they are to each other, and one time somebody demands proof and they are insulted. ✦ Across the Stars by unfortunate17, obi-wan/anakin & cast, NSFW, time travel, 14k    A story of how Obi-Wan and Anakin have thousands of firsts between them, fates intertwined by the will of the force across space and time. Or, Obi-Wan is the Time Traveler’s Wife. ✦ love is a battlefield (not a one-night stand) by izazov, obi-wan/anakin, 15.5k    For all his skills as a negotiator, Obi-Wan does a poor job of handling the aftermath of spending the night with his former Padawan. (He gets better at it. Eventually.) ✦ what heaven did you leap from, dear love? by loosingletters, obikinn, obi-wan/anakin, 3.2k    Surely Obi-Wan hadn’t meant to call him that. It was just a slip of the tongue, he told himself. But that didn’t stop his heart from racing and his palms from getting sweaty. ✦ Abyssus Abyssum Invocat by Burning_Nightingale, obi-wan/anakin, 10.3k    While searching for Separatists on the very edge of the Unknown Regions, Obi-Wan and Anakin discover three things. A Chiss pilot in desperate need of their help; a Jedi Temple more ancient than the Republic itself; and a dire warning. ✦ Into the Archives by skygawker, obi-wan & anakin (& some anakin/padme) & palpatine & cast, 104.9k wip    After hearing the legend of Darth Plagueis the Wise from Palpatine, Anakin decides that his best chance to save Padme is to break into the restricted Holocron Vault of the Temple Archives to search for information about Plagueis. Predictably, all does not go according to plan. Revenge of the Sith AU. ✦ Satellite Mind by intermundia, septemberist, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 19.3k    Five times Obi-Wan heard Anakin’s thoughts, and one time Anakin heard Obi-Wan’s ✦ Aggressive Negotiations by RagnarLothcat, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 15.7k    Five times Obi-Wan makes use of Anakin’s beauty in a negotiation, and one time someone turns the tables on him. ✦ It’s How You Learn by Is0lde, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 10.6k    Anakin and Obi-Wan spar in Jar'Kai and it ends up exactly how they both planned. ✦ Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue) by Gwendolyn (storiesofchaos), obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 8.1k    Three occasions in which Anakin comes in his pants. ✦ Seed by bell (belldreams), obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 44k    When Anakin falls prey to a lethal poison, Obi-Wan has no choice but use all his resources to heal him– no matter how reluctant he is in administering the antidote. ✦ Over and Over by obiwanobi, obi-wan/anakin, 1.4k    “I love you,” he blurts out, loud and impossible to miss. Obi-Wan blinks once, twice. And freezes. The first time Anakin tells him is a mortifying experience. ✦ hey there by retts, obi-wan/anakin, 4.6k    ‘Sick,’ says Anakin, stood in the doorway of Obi-Wan’s room aboard their ship. 'You’re sick.’ 'No need to sound so delighted over it,’ grouses Obi-Wan, bringing his fist up to his mouth to cough feebly into it. Damn. 'I’m not, Master.’ ✦ O Trespass Sweetly Urged by Artemis_Unbound, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 8.6k    Anakin and Obi-Wan witness a sex ritual while on a mission. Obi-Wan doesn’t understand why Anakin is so scandalized by this, until Anakin admits that he’s never had sex. Obi-Wan…might need a minute to process that. ✦ Too Hot by secretsolarsystem, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 4.8k    Too Hot: A game where two players kiss without stopping and without touching each other. If one player touches the other, that player loses. The winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser. OBIKIN RECS – THE DARTH ASSHOLE CAT DYNAMIC THAT’S CLOSER TO THE SHOW’S RELATIONSHIP POINT (SOMETIMES FIX-IT, SOMETIMES NOT): ✦ Sear me by thedunesea, obi-wan/vader, NSFW, suitless vader, 9.9k    “So here we are, a failed Jedi, a Sith, and our imminent deaths. I leave it to you to choose how we will meet our demise, whether fighting or doing something else entirely.” ✦ Make Your Siren’s Call by intermundia, obi-wan/vader, NSFW, 4.5k    After a visit to check on young Luke, Obi-Wan spends the night in a cave nearby. He struggles to fall asleep, his mind reaching out into the Force, and is surprised by a visit from his old apprentice in his dreams. ✦ to touch the light, darkest by treescape, obi-wan/vader, NSFW, 6.5k    Obi-Wan begins to fuck Vader back to the light. ✦ Mirage by intermundia, obi-wan/vader & obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, time travel, a/b/o, 17k    The Force switches AotC Anakin with Kenobi-series era Darth Vader. ✦ (Un)happy Reunions by izazov, obi-wan/vader, 4k    After defeating his former Padawan but sparing his life on Mustafar, Obi-Wan had hoped that their paths would never cross again. He should have known better. ✦ Homestead by JSwander, whohatessand, obi-wan/vaderkin & cast, NSFW, 46.2k    Obi-Wan deals with a troubled newly widowed Anakin, two twins, and desperately needs a hug. ✦ game plan by treescape, obi-wan/vader, NSFW, raised as a sith!anakin, 11.2k    Or, Vader keeps capturing Obi-Wan during the Wars. Obi-Wan keeps escaping. It’s kind of a thing. ✦ Neutron star collision by thedunesea, obi-wan/anakin & cast, 66.2k    In the aftermath of Order 66, Anakin Skywalker’s miraculous survival after his confrontation with the new Sith Apprentice Darth Vader ignites a sparkle of hope in the remaining Jedi, in the fledgling rebellion and, above all, in his former Master, who had thought he had lost everything to darkness. ✦ love is not a victory but neither is it pain by Himboskywalker, obi-wan/vader, NSFW, 4.7k    Five years after Anakin Skywalker falls Obi-Wan Kenobi helps lead the Rebel Alliance against the Empire.But hope has reached its end,and General Kenobi confronts Vader in a desperate effort to save his men and the last threads of the rebellion. ✦ nothing compares to you by RagnarLothcat, obi-wan/anakin & cast, nsfw, time loop, 40.5k wip    Sometimes you only get one chance to make things right. But when you’re Anakin Skywalker, Chosen One, sometimes the Force intervenes to give you a second chance. Or a third. Or a fourth. ✦ Prompted - Chapter 5 by intermundia , obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, spanking, rough sex, 2.3k    5. suitless!Vader / resentful!Obi-Wan (Spank a Sith back to the Light AU) ✦ Don’t go blindly into the dark by obiwanobi, obi-wan/anakin, 3.5k    Anakin falls to the dark side earlier than expected, gets scared by his own impulses and decides to hide somewhere nobody will look for him. It doesn’t stop Obi-Wan from finding him. ✦ Replaceable by ibex_ascendant, obi-wan/vader, nsfw, ~1k    He buries hands of flesh in thick, auburn-colored hair. He knows this is a dream. ✦ Pivot by Phosphorescent, obi-wan & anakin, 1.3k    “What would you have me do, Anakin? Just… walk away?” “Or you could join me.” OBIKIN RECS - DO YOU WANT THEM TO KISS BUT DON’T WANT TO WADE THROUGH THAT GROSS PLOT WHILE STILL GETTING INSIGHTFUL CHARACTERIZATION? I GOT YOU: ✦ Collar by bell (belldreams), obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, d/s, 9.4k    “You have to be sure, Anakin. Once we’re in, we’re in.” “I think I can handle being your sub, Obi-Wan.“ ✦ This Was Obi-Wan by Himboskywalker, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 5.3k    With how proper and refined his master is,Anakin just can’t figure why he sits like that, all spread-legged and obscene.But after a mission goes awry and he sees Obi-Wan naked for the first time,the question isn’t why,but more like how he’s possibly going to survive with the knowledge. ✦ Home Again by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, d/s, mild bondage, 1.7k    When Anakin’s emotions overwhelm him, Obi-Wan is always there with a firm hand and clear eye to help him find his way back from the dark. ✦ It’s How You Learn by Is0lde, obi-wan/anakin & cast, NSFW, 10.6k    Anakin and Obi-Wan spar in Jar'Kai and it ends up exactly how they both planned ✦ Good Form by ranianke, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 15.1k    Obi-Wan needs help shooting a training video. What could go wrong? ✦ Lifeblood by Himboskywalker, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 8.3k    The ancient people of the Zeffo contact the Jedi in a cry for help,they need force users who can connect to the living force,who can save something dear to them. But the price of life is itself something dear,and one Obi-Wan is not sure they can pay. ✦ Persistence is Key by ToolMusicLover, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 2.2k    Anakin has been making suggestive remarks all day, when they’re finally alone together Obi-Wan finds himself succumbing to Anakin’s persistence. ✦ Bloom the want by ToolMusicLover, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 13.5k    Upon being reunited with Obi-Wan after a number of months apart, Anakin struggles with his Master’s continued distance, but perhaps there is something he can do to get his attention. ✦ Exile Vilify by nessa_j, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 1.4k    Anakin struggles with the horrors of war, Obi-Wan tries to offer comfort. ✦ that which rages in the place of dearest love by shipwrecks, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 4.4k    He loves Obi-Wan but he’s not going to let him tell him to calm down like he’s still a padawan who doesn’t understand anything about the galaxy. He understands plenty—the galaxy is cold and unforgiving, dark and pain, he’s known this longer than anyone. OBIKIN RECS – IF YOU WANT TO GET YOUR FEET WET IN A WORLD WHERE THEY WEREN’T TEACHER AND STUDENT TO SEE IF IT’S FOR YOU: ✦ wicked thing by imaginarykat, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & cast, nsfw, sith!obi-wan, 117.4k wip    There are rumours of yet another Sith Lord hiding among the Separatists. The Council sends Anakin to investigate. Anakin has a bad feeling about this. or, the story of how Anakin exists in a perpetual state of intense embarrassment, Obi-Wan is enjoying it a little too much, and everything is, generally speaking, a gigantic mess. ✦ Conceal Me What I Am by Himboskywalker, obi-wan/anakin & cast, NSFW, a/b/o, senator!obi-wan, 108.3k    Separatist Propaganda is turning the Republic against the Jedi Order and the Senate sees no choice but to join in a political alliance to fight dissent on a unified front.An alliance is proposed through an arranged marriage,between a Jedi Knight and Republic Senator. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are chosen as representatives of the political union by Darth Sidious, meant to bring ruin to the marriage and the public’s support of the Jedi,for Obi-Wan Kenobi is not the Beta he claims. But even Sidious does not know of the secret Anakin Skywalker keeps, that he is not the Alpha the galaxy believes him to be. ✦ Needing/Getting by chapstickaddict, obi-wan/anakin & luke & leia & ahsoka & cast, NSFW, alternate canon, 198k    Anakin is a paranoid, over-protective hot mess doing his best to raise his weird pack the way Padmé would have wanted. How the hell is he supposed to do that when his kids and not-apprentice make him haul a half-dead Jedi Master home like a lost pet? OBIKIN RECS – LOOK, JUST TRUST ME, IT’S GOOD: ✦ à la carte by RagnarLothcat, obi-wan/anakin & cast, NSFW, modern au, 55.6k    Anakin Skywalker is a perfectly normal grad student. He spends his days at the robotics lab, his evenings working at an upscale restaurant and his weekends on inadvisable hookups. That is, until Obi-Wan Kenobi saunters into his workplace and sweeps him off his feet. ✦ The Snowball Effect by Ghost_Owl, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka, modern au, 11.3k    Anakin had not meant to nail the cute guy from his building in the face with a snowball. Obi Wan had absolutely meant to hit him back. ✦ when all we have are shadows by tennessoui, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, modern au, 8.3k    Anakin’s gone when Obi-Wan wakes up. He’s left a note, a little cutesy message with a smiley face and awful handwriting. He has a class he can’t miss, it says. Obi-Wan’s gone and fucked a college kid. ✦ Too Hot by secretsolarsystem, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 4.8k    Too Hot: A game where two players kiss without stopping and without touching each other. If one player touches the other, that player loses. The winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser. OBIANIDALA RECS – BECAUSE ANAKIN SKYWALKER HAS TWO HANDS AND REALLY, REALLY WANTS IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT SANDWHICH, AND WE HAVE FEELINGS AFTER ALL THOSE PADME MENTIONS: ✦ Only Ones Who Taste by maravilla, obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, 3.4k    "Have I ever noticed what?” she said, half smiling and fixing him with a stare. “That Anakin – he – I mean, we’re not here to talk about Anakin.” ✦ more than a candle by jenmishe, obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, 50.3k    How Anakin, Obi Wan, and Padmé realize many things, which include, most notably, how they feel about each other and how to handle said feelings. Oh, and in the meantime, they deal with a megalomaniac Sith Lord. ✦ Exposure Therapy by septemberist, obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, 10.1k    Anakin struggles to overcome jealousy in his relationship with Padmé and Obi-Wan. They decide to help him in an unconventional fashion. ✦ Only Ones Who Taste by maravilla, obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, 3.4k    “Have I ever noticed what?” she said, half smiling and fixing him with a stare. “That Anakin – he – I mean, we’re not here to talk about Anakin.” ✦ Diplomatic relations by Tenillypo, obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, 6.2k    It was late when Padmé Amidala got home, and there was a Jedi sitting in her living room.
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Can We Do It Again {FivexReader}
During Luther's prompt end-of-the-world bachelor party, Reader find themselves stumped, considering whether they should come out with their true feelings to Five or not, with the fate of the world to be determined.
Gender-neutral pronouns used
warnings/tags: inner turmoil, foul language, enemies-to-lovers trope.
word count: 3,630
Tumblr media
Begrudgingly sat beside Diego was (y/n), comfortably resting of the arm of the chair.
(y/n) (l/n), friend of Klaus, who'd been with the Hargreeves on their mission since Dallas, 1960. They found the eccentric man when he'd been digging through garbage for a sign of the times. Literally. A magazine with the date on it. They also had oddly modern ideas for the time. More about that later, though.
They'd been invited to Luther's prompt bachelor party.
Watching as Luther eagerly, almost hysterically, searched for a song on the karaoke machine, (y/n) admired the blaze of the fireplace dimly lighting the large room.
They found it funny how they'd noticed themself so grateful for something so small when it mattered the very least. The end of the world was strange like that. Never to know how much you'd miss something until it's gone. Until you're gone.
"For the love of God, pick something, would'ja?" Diego uttered, placing a cigar between his lips, earning a soft scowl from (y/n), to which he rolled his eyes, "Please, let me have this."
"Why you idiots take so much joy in poisoning yourselves, I'll never understand." (y/n) sighed, "Could you at least pick a poison that doesn't fucking reek?"
Five, who was sitting in an arm-chair at the other end of the couch, looked down into his glass, which was subsequently filled with what (y/n) would refer to as 'just another poison.' A poison that also coincidentally didn't have the best of aromas.
He downed it and, painfully slowly, poured himself another glass, eyes set on them as he did so, a feeble attempt to irk them.
One of Five's new found guilty-pleasures, ticking off the person who annoyed him most. He couldn't find it in him to understand how a prude like (y/n) could have befriended someone like Klaus. Pity, he thought.
(y/n) only raised an eyebrow, by now used to his petty antics. They'd had no idea what they'd done to annoy him so but, early on, had decided to accept it and have fun with it. He was an easy person to annoy, regardless.
Lucky for Five, (y/n) was entirely unaware of the fact that the root of his annoyance came, wholly, from how much power they had over him. They made him feel vulnerable, threatened even.
"Okay, okay," Luther paused, finally selecting a song,
"Turn around," He paused, striking a hilariously dramatic pose, eliciting chuckles and laughs alike from his siblings, "Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming around…"
(y/n) stared once again into the blaze behind Luther's flailing figure, all noise seeming to slowly fade out as they found themself in thought.
This whole end of the world thing was affecting them more than they'd let on, making a habit out of seeming happy-go-lucky and optimistic was how they'd coped through any and all hardships they'd encountered. Of course, they'd thought about the end of the world many times before this point, and it never seemed so dreadful in mind. Maybe because before meeting the Hargreeves, they hadn't many things to look forward to. Though, now that it was here, (y/n) couldn't help but think about all the things they'd missed. All the things they'd underappreciated or otherwise forgotten about.
They found themselves gazing in Five's direction, lips pursed in thought. Sure, he was bossy, self-centered and over-all a fucking massive handful. But there were feelings of admiration there, as much as they hated to admit it.
A soft smile stretched it's way across their lips.
As they shook the thought away, (y/n) noticed Five turning his head in their direction, quickly snapping their gaze back toward Luther, who was really belting it out now.
"And I need you now, tonight!" A pose, "And I need you more than ever!" Another, "And if you only hold me tight, we'll be holding on forever!" Good God, (y/n) was taking it too personally, chewing the inside of their cheek.
"Doesn't he have the voice of an angel?" Klaus sighed, glass clutched to his chest as he watched Luther in what looked to be genuine wonder, "Yeah, baby. Hit those high notes!"
Viktor, though distracted, let out a small supportive 'woop', taking a small sip of his scotch. He discreetly looked between (y/n) and Five, before shaking his head and taking a much longer sip.
"Sing it, baby!" Klaus cheered, tossing his arms up in the air.
Diego sighed softly, taking a long drag of his cigar, (y/n) coughing a few times as they inhaled the second-hand smoke, "I can't believe Luther's the first one of us that get's hitched."
All eyes turned to Viktor as he spoke, "I can. I caught him marrying my action figures in, like, third grade." To which Klaus let out a short laugh of disbelief.
Diego's thought sent (y/n) spiraling, once again, barely listening as the siblings conversed.
(y/n) had never thought themself the type to get married, and rarely ever thought about perusing romance of any kind, whether it be hook-ups, something superficial, or something meaningful.
"This isn't how I pictured our bachelors' party, y'know?" Diego grunted, taking another drag.
"Well, the world's running a little short on strippers and tea cakes right now." Klaus snickered bitterly.
(y/n) was blown out of their daze by Diego's cigar smoke slithering it's way into their nostrils, pulling a face and promptly standing up, looking for a place other to sit.
They looked at the spot beside Viktor, and then over at Five, before deciding on a whim that they'd go and bother him some.
Walking over and getting comfy on the arm of his chair, they dusted themself off, gaze setting on Luther once again, who was just barely finishing up.
Five did his best to pay (y/n) no mind, "Just surprised you didn't invite Daddy Dearest to come join us." He said, narrowed eyes set on Klaus.
"Oh, come on, he's such a kind and thoughtful soul," Klaus all but plead, drawing out an ugly snort from (y/n).
Five glanced over at them briefly, hiding the small approaching smile behind a small sip from his glass. He'd never admit it, but he'd been happy to see them finally give a chuckle, having seemed to be feeling off all evening.
"He's not like our Hargreeves. Au contraire!" He tried to convince, "But.. I'll admit I needed a break from the old dog."
Viktor shook his head, turning his attention to Luther, who was now on one knee, deeply feeling the final lyric before tossing the cheap microphone on the ground. Walking over, he allowed himself to lazily fall onto the couch beside Viktor.
"What're you SOBs so down in the mouth about? C'mon, this is a party!" He complained, shifting for maximum comfort.
"I'm just so glad we got to go out with a big ol' bang while we still can." Klaus said, standing up and promptly raising his glass, "Hey! Here's to us, we've had a hell of a run."
Each of the siblings stood up, clinking glasses, a small symphony of 'cheers' sounding before they all took their sips.
(y/n) remained on the arm of the chair, their arms crossed loosely, a gentle 'cheers' escaping their lips as they gazed on the lot of them.
"Who's next?" Luther questioned, a large smile outstretched across his mouth.
"That'd be me!" "I want a turn." Two voices spoke over each other.
Five and (y/n).
The two were quick to glare scarily menacingly at each other, but Luther was even quicker to speak up, "How 'bout a duet?"
Five looked at him as if he'd said the stupidest thing one could suggest. Which he also believed dearly. As he went to protest, (y/n) cut him off, "Absolutely, yes. Let's do it."
They took the glass from his hand and placed it down on the coffee table before taking him by the forearm and dragging him up onto the raised floor.
(y/n) gestured to Luther to throw them the song-list book, catching it with ease as he tossed it.
Flicking through, they looked for a song. The cheesiest they could find.
"Come on, do I fucking have to?" Five grunted, shoving balled fists into his pockets.
"What, you scared I'm gonna be better than you?" (y/n) uttered without looking up from the pages.
Five clicked his tongue in annoyance, "No." "Then prove it, wuss." He only rolled his eyes at their childish nature, "I've nothing to prove." "Go on, then. Go sit." They laughed, eyeing a song title. Five let out a huff of air through his nose, stepping off the stage.
"Good doggy." (y/n) teased, a small grin apparent on their lips.
Five was overwhelmed with feelings of both irritation and odd attraction, both feelings driving him to quickly turn around and step back up.
His siblings watched, all in fits of either hysterical laughter or giggling, and he didn't bother telling them to shut up because surely it'd only make his situation worse.
"Fine then, what song." He uttered, picking up a microphone for himself.
"My beloved Elton John's 'Don't go breaking my heart,' of course." They just about squealed as they allowed to book drop from their hands and onto the ground, skipping toward the machine to grab the extra microphone and play the backing track.
"Of course." Five sighed, looking down at his feet.
(y/n) had discovered Elton John when they joined Klaus and Five on their road-trip, and since then, you'll hear them quietly singing or humming one song or other.
Viktor smiled as Luther shuffled in excitement, "This is gonna be good." To which Diego rolled his eyes, leaning forward over the back of the couch, "No karaoke is good, that's the point." He uttered before wandering elsewhere.
Five decided to just let the intoxication overcome him, all of his inhibitions seeming to float away. Fuck it, he thought.
"I'm singing Elton's part-!" (y/n) exclaimed as the instrumental began.
(y/n) was already busting it down to the beat, microphone at the ready, "Don't go breaking my heart,"
Feeling emasculated, Five quietly sung along, "I couldn't if I tried.."
His lack of enthusiasm earned him a slight shove from (y/n), who furrowed their brows as they sung, "Oh, honey if I get restless-!"
"Baby, you're not that kind."
Klaus, Luther and Viktor quietly conversed over the music, something about Viktor's quarrel with Allison. They were quick to move on to talk about the scene in front of them, watching as (y/n) sung and danced carelessly, Five stiff in contrast. He didn't remain so hesitant for long, however, the combination of the music and alcohol taking him gradually.
"Woo ooh, nobody knows it!"
"Nobody knows it-"
It was odd to see the two of them having such fun together, as they were usually at each other's throats, Five more often than (y/n). (y/n) was usually quite humorous in their jabs and aggression. Five wasn't known for taking humor well.
(y/n) had tried to show him kindness in the beginning, but really, how long can you keep up a smile when someone treats you like utter shit? It get's exhausting.
"But right from the start,"
"I gave you my heart, oh,"
"I gave you my heart!"
Five hadn't treated (y/n) like shit as a way of flirting or trying to endear them. It was more to push them away, as well as his own feelings. He didn't like that he'd found himself so interested in someone so childish. Although, (y/n) could be serious, and calculated when it counted. Perhaps that was what he liked. That they could be so incredibly immature, and yet so ridiculously smart. Maybe not book smart, but always quick to think and solve issues as soon as they were presented. It was odd yet impressive to see the switch in behavior when it happened.
He also felt guilty due to the fact that he'd never felt attraction to anyone other than his dear Dolores. Although, he was, miraculously, coming to terms with the fact that his lover had been all but a complex delusion, an understandable one, of course. In all his lonesome, he became desperate. He endures more guilt, in that (y/n) has never made a jab at him regarding Dolores, as his siblings and others did. It wasn't as though they didn't know of it. In fact, (y/n) had never made a personal attack. The guilt comes in where most of his insults directed at them are about things they cannot change.
The insults at hand are more to deter himself away from (y/n) than to actually insult them. To convince himself that they are so very flawed. That everything about them is flawed. Though, no matter how many times he repeats and rephrases his insults, he's no more convinced than the last one. He might've pursued it. The driving factor for all this self-convincing is the belief that no one could ever love him in such a way.
Fortunately, (y/n) has the smarts not to take these insults to heart, deciding that Five is simply insecure and projecting, though not for the reasons they assume. A misunderstanding. Really, a massive one.
"So don't misunderstand me,"
"You put the light in my life."
"Oh, you put the spark to the flame,"
"I got your heart in my sight." Throughout the song, the two ended up holding hands with one another, fingers laced together and all. What with Five's intoxicated state, and (y/n) being close to a mental breakdown of sorts, a miracle, really. We'll put it down to the passion of the performance.
It seemed as though only mere moments passed before the song was coming to a close, fading out slowly as the three brothers on the couch clapped and cheered, Diego walking back over with a bottle of scotch, slapping his palm against his thigh with his free hand in an attempt to join in on the applause.
Five and (y/n) both took a bow, hands still clasped tightly together, then straightening up and looking to each other.
He glanced down at their hands interlocked, and made a weak effort to pull away, but (y/n) held on tight, covering it up as an attempt to press his buttons, a small mischievous grin playing at their lips.
Yes, the cover-up was perceived as truth, but they were relishing so deeply in his touch.
He hesitated, but yanked his hand away, striding confidently back over to the couch, taking his glass from the coffee-table on the way, not noticing the grin practically slide off (y/n)'s face.
(y/n) shook their head, putting the microphone down on the ground, shoving their hands into their pockets as they swiftly hopped off the stage. They stood for a bit, gazing at the couch momentarily before pursing their lips and wandering out of the large room.
They heard Five's irritated muttering, followed by the hushed voices of his brothers, as they walked through the hall, in search of a bathroom.
Amid their adventure through the Sparrows' home, they quite literally bumped into Ben, who grunted an apology and walked off uttering something vile to himself. (y/n) peeked their head into the door he'd just come from, spotting Sloane sewing what looked to be her wedding dress.
They knocked gently on the door, to which Sloane's head perked up, "Hey, you. Come in." She said, a soft smile adorning her features.
(y/n) stepped in, shutting the door behind them before making their way over to the bed, sitting down and making themself comfortable. Sloane watched as the bed dipped under them, waiting before they were done shifting before speaking, "What do you need?"
(y/n) only raised an eyebrow, cocking their head to the side.
"I'm no airhead, (y/n). I can see you're holding somethin' in." She chuckled, "So, come on. Spit it out." She said, looking back down at her task, careful not to prick herself with the needle.
(y/n) smiled softly, looking down at their lap, shaking their head, "I feel like I'm going mad. I know it won't matter soon, so what's the point in talking?"
"I can't imagine feeling so awful in your last moments alive is how you want to go out. You're a hopeful person, (y/n). Talk to me."
With a sigh, (y/n) hesitantly opened their mouth, "I'm interested in someone. But they despise me. Why I'm I interested in someone who's such a fucking asshole to me? Like, is there something wrong with me?"
"Because Five doesn't actually hate you, maybe-?" Sloane suggested carefully, putting her needle and thread down, reaching to place a friendly hand on their knee.
"Who said it was Five?" (y/n) huffed, brows furrowed in annoyance. Was it really so clear?
"Even a blind man could tell, (y/n)." Sloane snickered softly, "The tension between you two isn't exactly thick with hate."
"On his stupid end, it is." They sighed, placing their hand over Sloane's.
"Well.." She murmured, knowing full well that wasn't the case, "Why don't you just, y'know, ask him? End of the world and all."
(y/n) hummed softly, momentarily pursing their lips, "See, I thought that too. But, what if it isn't the end of the world? What if this plan to do nothing works?"
"What if it doesn't, (y/n). No time to waste. And even if it weren't the end, what's the risk in asking?" Sloane tilted her head in question.
"A lifetime of fucking scrutiny-!" (y/n) about laughed, flopping down into a laying position, gaze set on the ceiling.
"Psh, I think you're perceiving his treatment of you wrong. Of course, he shouldn't be so horrible to you, I'm certainly not condoning it. But have you perhaps thought about why?"
"Because I annoy him? That's clear. And he's also hugely insecure, that's also clear as day." They breathed, resting their hands on their stomach.
"It's because the way he feels about you, which, by the way is entirely positive, scares him. He's threatened by you." Sloane explained, picking up her project again.
(y/n) laughed once again, looking to her, "That's bullcrap and you know it. We're not living a fantasy."
"Take it from me, men are fucking weird. They'll go on about how women are complex and confusing, but trust me, they're worse for it." She said with a grin, not looking up from what she was doing.
"You really think I should ask?" (y/n) wondered aloud.
"Go do it now. Guy's drunk, might be the only time you'll ever get him to let go of his pride."
And with that, (y/n) was up and on their feet, marching out the room, and back the way they came, whispering words of encouragement to themself as they navigated the house.
It was soon that they found themself lost. They hadn't much time to explore earlier on, it was all business.
"Fuck's sake.." (y/n) sighed, pressing their back the cold wooden wall of the hall, sliding down, head rested on their knees.
"The hell are you doing?" A familiar voice spoke
They looked up, and sure enough, there was their unrequited love.
Without a word, (y/n) patted the ground beside them, to which Five furrowed his brows, complying despite his confusion and unapparent concern, "So, what the hell's wrong with you?" He questioned.
Minutes passed before (y/n) said anything, but when they did speak, it was painfully straightforward, "Do you pretend to hate me because you can't handle your attraction toward me?"
Five only blinked, looking over at them, utterly dumbfounded.
"Sorry, probably a dumb question. Just, end of the world and all, and I'm stupidly attracted to you, so I thought I may as well ask." They uttered softly, placing a hand on the ground to push themself up.
As (y/n) began to get up, Five gently wrapped his boney fingers around their wrist, urging them back down. They felt their heart-racing. Surely, this is a good sign, right? Don't get your hopes up, they thought.
"Why didn't you say something sooner?" He questioned, grip loosening, "We could've spent so much longer.. well, together." This answered their question well enough.
"Uh, dickhead. Because you're fucking mean to me?" (y/n) stared in disbelief, "Don't put this on me, I tried to be nice to you. Why would you even ask me that-?"
"Sorry, I just," He paused, eyes scanning over their face, "Couldn't deal with my own feelings," He hesitantly placed his hand atop theirs, "And, it's not an excuse. Just.. trying to explain my actions. I know I fucked up."
They briefly pursed their lips, staring down at the hand that lied on theirs, "Y'know what?" They paused, smiling softly as they flipped their hand over, lacing their fingers with his, just like earlier, "It doesn't matter now. It happened, can't change it.."
"What now?" He asked, voice short of a whisper.
"Ceremony is soon.. we should probably get ready." (y/n) was of course thinking something entirely different, but was too shy to voice it.
"Right, yeah.." He nodded.
Despite their agreement, they remained sat for all of five minutes before either one of them said something.
"Can we kiss?" "I feel like we should kiss." The two spoke over each other.
"Yeah, we should." "Yes, definitely."
"Should I-" "Who goes-"
"We should just.."
Lips locked, hands stuck like glue, eyes fluttering and flittering shut. It lasted what felt like nothing.
"You're awful at that." Five uttered, ears tinged red.
"Yeah, you're pretty shit too." (y/n) looked about the same.
"I have an excuse, I was alone for decades." He huffed, "What's yours?"
"You had Dolores to practice on, shithead. I haven't kissed anyone since fourth grade-!" They argued.
"Yeah but you're scarily bad."
"You're no better."
"Can we do it again?" In unison.
Tumblr media
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3d-wifey · a day ago
I didn't make him mean to anyone specific, but I did include his general hatred for the world at large. Shout out to the number 1 Mike fan @unsheath
Tumblr media
It must have been the hottest day in Hawkins's history by far, and it definitely didn't help that everyone and their mom seemed to unanimously decide to go to Forever 21 at the same damn time.
It was stupidly humid and Mike could feel the sweat making his shirt stick to his back as his gangly body hunched over uncomfortably in the shitty backless dressing room chairs.
His leg bounced up and down as dozens upon dozens of people milled around at a glacial pace, definitely not in any hurry to leave anytime soon, making it ten times hotter. To make matters worse, the store was located in a part of the mall that didn't have a functioning AC. It would cut on randomly before sputtering out and Mike really hoped the jackasses that constructed this building burned in hell.
He leaned forward before deciding to lean back against the cool wall and cross his arms over his chest. He didn't have to look in one of the many mirrors to know his face was twisted into something petulant. Face flushed and scowl heavy.
Despite the mall being relatively new, the speakers still crackled and squeaked as they played some kind of shitty bubblegum pop at an obnoxious volume.
Shitty; it was all shitty and Mike would love to be literally anywhere else, but...
The dressing room door in front of him swung open as you walked out. The lighting in this area was far from flattering, but it seemed to shine on you perfectly.
"So," his back straightened and his arms dropped to his sides as you did a cute little spin, "How do I look?"
You wore a plain, white shirt and black suspenders attached to a black pleated skirt with funky symbols all over it. From what he could see, there were yellow circles, green squares, and pink squiggles. The only thing this outfit had in common with the other ones you tried on today was how pretty you looked in it, which made it an automatic win in Mike's books.
"Good. It looks good," he had to consciously make sure his jaw hadn't dropped, "You look good."
"You said that about the last three outfits." You huffed, going to look at yourself in the mirror.
"Because it's true." He shrugged, feeling weirdly defensive, "You make them all...good."
He was sure he wasn't much help shopping-wise, considering he thought you looked pretty in everything you wore. That probably explained the three other shopping bags next to him full to the brim with new clothes, clothes he insisted on buying. And by the looks of it, he was buying this one too. He could kiss this month's allowance goodbye.
"You've got a real way with words, Wheeler."
"I managed to get you to date me, didn't I?" He reminded you with a self-satisfied smirk, but it was kind of hard to feel smug with sweat gathering on his lip.
"Sure, but it was only because it was embarrassing how hard you tried to get my attention." His smirk would have faltered if he hadn't caught your shit-eating grin.
"Oh, har har. Hurry up so we can get in line. I wanna get to Scoops Ahoy before Steve's shift ends." Mike couldn't wait for the two of you to escape the heat while gorging yourselves on the free ice cream you'd both guilt trip Steve into giving you. You more than him, since it was hard for anyone to deny you anything. It was the main reason he came with you when he could have been at the arcade with the rest of the Party.
"Okay." You leaned down to kiss the corner of his mouth and if anyone asked, the blush traveling down his neck would be blamed on the heat.
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new-ronantics · 20 hours ago
Do you have any headcanons about how other people will react to byler? I love your blog btw :)
thank you sm!!! and yes, i definitely do.
dustin - had literally no idea until mike and will came out, not because it’s hard to believe but because he simply never thought about it. he’s ultimately very pro-byler and later says that they “just make sense”.
lucas - had a few suspicions because of how close they’ve always been (and kind of put two and two together when it came to will) but never said anything. when they came out, he was a little surprised he was actually right. pro-byler, is happy his friends have figured themselves out.
max - would say she “called it”. as the new kid, she probably heard all the rumors about will being queer. once she saw mike and will interact she immediately understood. byler is not a surprise to her whatsoever. she probably calls mike a moron for taking so long to figure his feelings out (mlm/wlw hostility). overall, she’s very pro-byler.
el - confused, but she’s got the spirit. pro-byler because seeing her friends happy makes her happy. definitely has a “you can do that?” moment when they come out to her and now she can’t stop thinking about kissing girls.
bonus round:
robin & steve - robin claimed she could “sense” it all along. steve is wildly confused by how many gay people are actually in his life (and is also in the middle of a sexuality crisis of his own). both are pro-byler.
joyce - absolutely ecstatic for will, extremely supportive, would wear a pro-byler pin if she owned one.
jonathan - (see above)
hopper - “you gotta be fucking kidding me.” (pro-byler, anti-mike wheeler)
nancy - very pro-byler because mike seems much more like himself when he’s with will. she’s also always had a soft spot for will, so she approves.
eddie - “wait, you guys weren’t already dating?”
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joelsfarabees · 2 days ago
hi !! i’ve been going through ur acc and i love ur writing you are so so talented. i saw that requests were open for jeremiah fisher and he is literally the loml so i was wondering if you could write a hc about what it’s like to date jere?? and just have it be like super fluffy. it can be fem!reader or gn!reader i don’t mind.
dating jeremiah fisher headcanons
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gif is not mine. full credit to owner.
follow my library blog, @roryslibrary , to see all of my works.
a/n — hi there! thank you so much for the compliment as well as the request <3. i hope you enjoy this as much as i did!
word count - 597 | join my taglist | warnings - not proofread
do not copy or repost my works, comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated.
— he’d be the sweetest guy ever!!
— jeremiah had probably seen you around before he actually met you.
— he would meet you through belly, maybe she invited you to the house for a swim and he comes out and sees you.
— immediately is enamored by you, and tries to flirt with you but fails miserably.
— as soon as you leave, belly is teasing him about his failed attempts.
— “really jere? thought you were smoother than that.” she’d nudge him with her elbow.
— would confide in belly about wanting to know you better and how he likes you.
— when he asked you out, instead of being confident and flirty, he’s stumbling over his words and a blush covers his face.
— “would you- um do you wanna maybe go out with me sometime?”
— he would play it cool when you say yes but when he walks away and thinks that you aren’t looking, he pumps his fist into the air in celebration.
— jere would definitely take you to the beach for your first date, maybe it’s for a bonfire or when the beach is much less crowded he’d set up a picnic for the two of you.
— is so supportive of everything you do. you wanna learn how to surf? he’ll teach you. you finished a new book? tell him all about it, he’ll buy the next book in the series. got some new clothes? go try them on and show him!
— “i don’t care what you wear, i can fight.” !!!!
— he would make you feel so comfortable if you’re wearing something more revealing or out of your comfort zone.
— obsessed with calling you ‘my love’ and ‘sweetheart’.
— watches the sunset or the sunrise with you and gives you his jacket to keep you warm.
— loves seeing you and conrad get closer and be friends.
— he’s scared to introduce you to his mom (and laurel) but when you’re laughing with the two women within minutes of meeting he feels as though a weight was lifted from his shoulders.
— “y’know i think they like you better than me.” he pouts.
— will always want to be the designated driver if you’re coming to a party with him and the guys.
— “i want my baby to have a good time tonight.” he’d say when you try and protest, telling him steven already agreed to drive for the night.
— keeps an arm around you at bonfires, so that other guys know you’re together.
— always wants you to be his partner at beer pong, very rarely will he ask someone else.
— serenades you with your favorite song (like he did to belly with ‘summer nights’ from grease on her birthday).
— he’d probably drag conrad or steven into doing it with him too.
— he would get you matching bracelets for your birthday, with charms of each others initials on them.
— definitely keeps a picture of the two of you in his wallet.
— adores seeing you in any clothes of his.
— if you’re going to the debutant ball you best bet he’ll be there.
— “thought you swore off these kinda things?” conrad jokes when he sees him all dressed up for it.
— gets a special present for your special night, it would be something you’d been eyeing for a while but hadn’t purchased for yourself.
— loves when you come over to his for movie nights, because he not only gets to see you in one of his hoodies but for who knows how many hours you’d be pressed into his side cuddling in his bed or on the couch downstairs.
— overall the best guy you have ever met and loves you with his whole heart !!
© joelsfarabees 2022
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ficnacs · a day ago
Illicit Affairs
Summary: Popular Cheerleader Y/n is secretly dating Eddie Munson. But Eddie is tired of having to keep your relationship a secret, and you are still scared of the social consequences.
Word count: 2.9k 
Warnings: Bullying, some steamy stuff
Authors note: Yes, I have another fic called Illicit Affairs, but when I write a secret relationship story, I literally don’t know what else to call it. On another note, I could not resist writing for Eddie again. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
A crumpled up paper landed on your desk as you were scribbling away on your history exam.
Turning around to see where it came from, you saw Eddie Munson smiled to himself as he pretended not to notice your reaction.
You two have been sneaking around for 6 months now. Ever since you were paired up for a project, you squirmed in your seat at the thought of having to spend an hour a day with the school's designated freak. But it didn’t take long for you to find out that he was funny, charming, a bit of a flirt, and wait, were his eyes always that big? Maybe this whole metalhead look wasn’t so bad afterall.
It didn’t take long for him to find out that not all cheerleaders were condescending and rude.
You carefully unwrapped the paper so no one would notice.
Written with the rushed messy handwriting you came to know so well, were the simple words, woods after school? With two boxes with yes and no top.
Already knowing your answer, you gave the yes box an enthusiastic check. Crumpling the paper back up again, you threw it back to your secret lover, feeling extra peppy at the moment now that you finally had something to look forward to.
“Hey Y/n, Patrick is throwing a little get together after school. Want to come?” You friend Chrissy said as you were hastily grabbing your books from your locker.
By ‘a little get together’, you knew it meant drinking, smoking, and hooking up with whoever was around, and you have attended enough of those to confirm that they were indeed highly overrated.
“Thanks Chris but maybe next time.”
“You said ‘next time’ last time and the time before that.” She said matter-of-factly. “What's been up with you?” While Chrissy was a good friend, you just couldn’t tell her. You couldn’t tell anyone of your friends. Even the best of them were too caught up in their own world to understand and what you had with Eddie was too fragile to risk.
“I’m sorry Chrissy, I just gotta go.” Without any further explanation, you ran out of the school and to the designated spot.
“Eddie?” The empty clearing didn’t seem to hold sight of your long haired lover. That was until, a firm and ringed hand pulled you from your spot to behind a thick tree where warm lips engulfed yours.
There he was.
“Been dying to do this all day.” He said just before smashing his mouth on yours again.
You wrapped your arms around your neck to pull him in closer. A small groan escaped your lips as he dug his fingers in your hair.
This. This is what made it worth it at the end of day. Knowing that you had this incredible person to help escape all life's troubles gave you a sense of hope that you haven’t felt in a long time.
“How was your day today princess?” Your cheeks flushed at the pet name.
“Better now that I’m with you. How is that campaign coming?” Eddie has been working tirelessly on his Dnd campaign for weeks now. Perfecting it so that every move was unexpected and would leave the party at the edge of their seats.
“Don’t remind me.” He groaned, tossing his head back. “I’ve still got so many logistics to fix. Not to mention that Mike hasn’t stopped talking about the campaign ever since it started. I love the kids but they can drive me crazy.” You’ve heard all about the freshman members of the Hellfire club. While you never had the pleasure of meeting them, Eddie has talked about them so much you felt like you already knew them.
“Those kids idolize you. I’m pretty sure that if you asked them to kiss your shoes, they’d do it without question.”
“Oh lord, honestly, you’re probably ri-” The crunching of leaves not too far away made Eddie clamp his mouth shut.
Peeking from behind the tree, you saw two members of the basketball team about 30 feet away.
“I see two jocks around 30 feet away from us.” You whispered.
“Awe shit, should we run for it?” The two boys looked high out of their minds, and increasingly distracted, if the two of you were fast enough, it might actually work.
“On three.” You replied. “One two-”
You took off running as slowly as possible. Eddie’s hand grabbing yours tight.
“Did you hear that?” One of the jocks said to the other as you and Eddie made your way out of their periphery.
“Wha?” The other asked blindly.
“There, I swore I just saw Eddie Munson with… never mind.”
It didn’t take long before you made your way to the main road. Slowly stopping from your sprint as you catched your breath.
“Man that was close.” You said in between each breath. “Guess we were lucky right Eddie?”
Your highschool paramour didn’t respond. And it wasn’t because of the running.
“Aren’t you tired of this Y/n?” He said, sounding a bit agitated.
“Tired of what?”
“Come on, you know what I’m talking about.” You furrowed your brows in confusion.
When it was clear you weren’t going to answer, Eddie finished for you.
“The running around. The secret meetings, the fact that I cannot speak to you in the halls when I want to so desperately.” He took his hands in yours. “I want to show the world that you’re mine.”
Your heart sunk along with your face. “Eddie, as much as I want to, you know I can’t?”
“Why? Because of the stupid cheer team? Who cares what they think? Who cares what anyone thinks for that matter? Let them talk. I’m not afraid of them.” His bravery left you in awe.
Of course you were well aware of Jason’s torments. Not everyone could suck it up the way Eddie does.
“Ed’s…” You trailed off.
“It isn’t because you are ashamed of me, is it?” The last two words were barely audible.
You wrapped your arms around his torso to hold him close.
“I’m not ashamed of you, I’m just scared of what will happen to me once people know.”
“You’ll always have me.” His fingers laced in yours reassuringly. Even with the thick metal rings, his hand was always a perfect fit.
“I’m sorry Eddie.” You couldn’t meet his eyes. Too engulfed in your own cowardice to look at him.
He slowly let go of your hand before he walked away.
No more notes after that. No more secret meetings. Your little piece of paradise was gone.
As depressed as you were, you couldn’t blame Eddie for what he did. You were living in fear and let it destroy the one thing that made you happy.
“Hey Chrissy?” You said nudging your friend during lunch. “Is Jason still throwing that party tonight?”
Your blond haired friend smiled. “Finally! I was wondering when you were going to come around. But to answer your question, yes. It starts at 7 and there will be booze.” She added with a wink.
Maybe this is what you needed. A night to forget everything that has happened and try to even enjoy yourself in the presence of people you usually couldn’t stand.
“Then I’ll look forward to it.”
The stench of cigarette and liquor quickly filled the air once you opened Jason’s front door.
Some Van Halen song was playing in the background as people were laughing and dancing to the music.
“See? Didn’t I tell you this would be fun?” Chrissy said, eyeing the party scene eagerly.
“You ladies want some beer?” Patrick took out two bud lights from the fridge and handed them to you.
Being a bit of a light weight, you tried to abstain from drinking in fear of embarrassing yourself, but hey, tonight was definitely not like other nights where you and Eddie spent lying on his bed in his trailer as he gently played guitar for you.
“Thanks Patrick.” The can made a satisfying crack sound as it opened.
Taking two big gulps, you let the flavor linger in your mouth as the alcohol settled in.
“Better now?” Chrissy asked innocently.
You promised yourself you wouldn’t drink more than 3 beers. But the adrenaline from the party got the best of you and with the speakers at max volume, you were lost in the array of bodies and voices.
“Y/n! Come out to the deck with us.” Chrissy pulled your arm to the backdoor where the rest of the cheer team was lounging around.  
“It’s been forever since we all had some girltime.” You sat down on a swing bench next to your cheer mate Jess.
“So ladies, does anyone have anything they wanna share?” Jess inquisited.
“Oh I do.” Penny, a ginger said, already suppressing a giggle.
“Spill it Pen.”
“According to Troy, he and Conner saw Eddie Munson with some girl in the back woods after school a few weeks ago.”
Even in your intoxicated state, you could process Penny’s words.
“Shut up.” Chrissy said in shock.
“Yep. They couldn’t see who it was, only that she was wearing a cheer uniform.”
“Who do you think it could be?” Penny eyed the circle of girls while you held your breath, just waiting for her to call you out.
Only about half of the cheer squad was here tonight.
“Maybe it was Abigail, she usually finds herself in bad situations.” The girls snickered.
“Or maybe Lucy, you know that she’d hook up with whoever, even a freak like Munson.”
“He isn’t a freak!” Your words came out before you even thought them.
The laughing immediately stopped as all eyes turned to you.
“What do you mean Y/n?” Penny asked, staring at you like a predator going in for the kill. “You know what Jason said about him and his psychotic game.”
“All you know is what Jason says. Have you even talked to him yourself?” Of course you already knew the answer.
“So I guess that solved the mystery ladies. Except for exactly how did you of all people end up in the rounds with Eddie the freak of all people?”
“He isn’t a freak Penny.” You wanted to sound aggressive but your words were slurred. “None of you know him the way I do.” You fumbled out of the swing chair to approach your red head team mate. “Maybe if you just took your head out of your ass for once you would understand.”
“Then tell me, why aren’t you with him now?” You flashed back to the edge of the road with Eddie.
When he didn’t want to keep his love for you a secret any longer and you were so accustomed to the world you have always known to leave it all behind.
Looking at it now, you felt so ashamed. This party didn’t hold a candle to the nights in the trailer with Eddie. Surrounded with people you barely even liked, drinks you mostly didn’t enjoy, and music that wasn’t to your taste.
“I have no idea.” You responded. Not knowing if you were talking to Penny, or yourself.
She raised an eyebrow in response. “Did you get your head straight and leave him?”
“No. He left me.” It was soul crushing to admit.
“What in the upside down is that? Eddie Munson left you? Don’t tell me he got bored of you?” More laughter followed suit.
“I- I need to leave.” You couldn’t stand being on that deck for another second.
You fumbled the door open and walked through the living room where the party continued to buzz.
Without a doubt the gossip will spread by the end of night, but you didn’t care, the damage was already done.
Without falling, you made your way to the driveway, trying to find your car in the flood of station wagons and corollas.
“Y/n! Y/n wait up.” You turned around to find Chrissy running to catch up with you. “You are way too wasted to drive. Let me take you home.”
“No, not home.” You interrupted. “I need you to take me someplace else. There is something I need to fix.”
Chrissy offered you a smile. “Where to?”
The last few weeks have been hell for Eddie. Not seeing you except in the halls, watching you fake laughter and smiles, (he knows your real one far too well to know when you are faking) with your stupid corhort of ‘friends’. Most of them were backstabbing fakes.
The Hellfire club wasn’t proving as much of a distraction as he wanted it to be. Of course Dustin, Mike, and Lucas always kept him on his toes, but even the rowdy freshman weren’t enough to completely make him forget about you.
He missed you far more than he was caring to admit.
But he did what he had to do. How could he claim to love someone who didn’t want to be seen with him in public. Who apparently cared more for reputation than the one person who actually made her happy.
Tonight, he was mindlessly playing with his guitar, laying on the bed where he spent countless nights with you beside him.
The sound of tires on gravel was heard just outside his trailer.
Sitting himself upright, he saw a car he didn’t recognize. But when the passenger seat opened, he saw a silhouette he could have recognized anywhere. Yours.
“Eddie?” You banged twice on the door. Praying for him to answer. “It’s me. Please open up.” Your fists continued to pound on the door.
Whatever it was you had to say, you weren’t leaving until it was said.
In between knocks, the door flew open, revealing Eddie on the other side looking at you with contempt but mostly sadness.
“If you are here for your clothes, I already have them in a box for you.” Eddie was about to head back to retrieve them before you stopped him.
“I’m not here for my clothes. I came here to tell you that you’re right. I shouldn’t have allowed other people to dictate my life for me, because I am not ashamed of you. I’m only ashamed of myself for doing something I should have done long ago.”
“And what is that?”
You took a deep breath. “I told them. About us.”
“You what?” Eddie was in complete disbelief.
“I’m not going to sit back and pretend to enjoy the company of people I don’t even like. I should have listened to you the first time and I’m so so sorry.”
Would he even forgive you? After all the time you have spent together, was it impossible for you to truly move on when you have spent such bliss with this person?
All the nights in his trailer. The meet ups in the woods and closets. The endless pile of notes and letters you have received from him over the months. Surely some of it meant something?
Eddie’s eyes softened and jaw seemed to unclench.
“Y/n… even though I was mad, I never stopped loving you.” Your heart levitated from your stomach. Eddie walked down the steps to face you properly.
“Yes, I was upset that you didn’t want to be seen with me, but that doesn’t mean I want you gone from my life forever.” A smile started to flicker on your face.
“So what do you say if I pick you up from your place tomorrow and I can drive us to school?” You couldn’t resist jumping to kiss him again.
Peppering a thousand kisses on his face, Eddie took it as a yes.
Two months later
You didn’t think life could have gotten better ever since you met Eddie. You were wrong.
Yes, you were quickly shunned from nearly every party that Jason or a basketball goonie threw, but from that experience, you found the friends who were truly there for you.
Chrissy took a warm to Eddie, as did a few of your other friends once they realized that Dungeons and Dragons was in fact, not a cult. And you got to meet the Hellfire club.
They were certainly not what you expected. A fun group of kids playing games, making stories, and throwing dice. Thankfully, they welcomed you to their little group with open arms.
“We still have 10 minutes before Dnd officially starts.” Eddie said seductively.
“Do we now?” Of course you knew exactly where this was headed, and you weren’t complaining.
“Oh yeah. And may I just say, you have never looked hotter with that Hellfire shirt over your cheer uniform.” Ever since Eddie gifted it to you last month, it has become your most worn item.
“This better not be an attempt to seduce me Mr. Munson.” He pulled you in by the waste.
“Oh, you know it is.” Not wasting any more time dallying, he cut to the chance and kissed you like he never has before.
He cupped your face and pulled you back against the table.
Jumping up to sit on it, you wrapped your legs around his waist to pull him closer.
And just when you started to feel his girth against you, the door clicked open but was shut immediately after.
“Sorry, we’ll come back later.” A voice you recognized as Dustin said through the door before footsteps were heard of him running off
“Well it looks like we have more time.” You smiled devilishly before kissing him again.
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To some degree Tessie Mays role at the moment reminds me of the old lady/Queen Margaret? Of Shakespeare's Richard III. Like she is definitely not in power any more, but nonetheless she is scurrying around the feast of internal power fights full of spite for the whole situation
Pretty much!
She's a fucking weird Tory, actually, and she in many ways scares me more than any of the others. Thing is, at the heart of the rest of them, they're ultimately motivated by self-interest. Sometimes that's more blatant (there is no one more blatant than Boris Johnson, the man is quite literally a monster), sometimes less so until they slip up a bit and it turns out they've been using their power as Chancellor of the Exchequer to protect their multi-millionaire wife from paying tax (Rishi Sunak); but it's true of all of them. That's why they're into right wing politics in the first place. For good or bad, a central divide of the left-right political spectrum is that the left is community-focused, and the right is individual-focused.
So you have an idea of how weird Theresa May is when I tell you that she is motivated by community interest.
The communities she cares about, of course, are her own very specific ones. Her particular church. The Tory party. Her constituency. And it's not because she cares about the people in them, of course (I mean, I imagine she does to an extent.) There is no moral reason for it. It's because these are things that shape her self-identity. It's because she values loyalty. It's because she's passingly competent, and what she otherwise lacks in competence (which is a lot, she's a moron) she makes up in hard work - even leftists living in her constituency agree, through gritted teeth, that she does work very hard for them. (She's extremely popular in her home constituency, in fact - that's one of the safest Tory seats in the country, and even with the current circus parade, I don't see that changing in the next election.)
When she stood down as PM it was because she realised she was hurting the Tory party, which she wouldn't allow. That matters more to her than her own position. Contrast that with Big Dog himself, the clown in chief, and look at how his pathetic desperation to cling to his seat on top of the pavilion has now destroyed the party in a mess that will only be resolved by burning down and starting again. Contrast it with David Cameron, who called the Brexit referendum because he thought it would make him more popular, then immediately quit when it became clear he'd now have to actually deliver it, abandoning the country to half a decade of chaos to save his own skin rather than fix the mess he personally caused. In fact, Cameron and BloJo's behaviour is fairly par for the course for Tories; hers, not so much.
And yet, she's also fucking evil. I could list for hours her personal crimes against humanity - let's not forget that she has spent over a decade trying to repeal the Human Rights Act, and was responsible for that bullshit story about a convicted foreign criminal not being deported because under the Human Rights Act being separated from his cat would cause him too much distress (a story that is so blatantly and flagrantly untrue you'd think a child of five could see through it, but I have learned not to underestimate the sheer bloody-minded crass stupidity of the British public.) I mean, this is the woman who gladly oversaw the Windrush Scandal, and deported black British citizens to the Caribbean because the country no longer needed them. She's appalling sack of diarrhoea in a dress. I mention all this because she might be seeming Not So Bad from everything I've written up there, and she is - she is exactly as bad as the others. I hope she falls in an open sewer.
She's just weird, that's all. Thinks differently. Unsettling.
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allisoooon · a day ago
Maybe She's Not Such a Heinous Bitch After All
For @lockedinthelabyrinth
It was inevitable this season that without Ben, Klaus either had to learn independence, get another enabler, or find another abuser.  Now we know.
A lot of people look at an abusive situation and ask, “Why don’t they just leave?”
Well, The Umbrella Academy just showed you exactly why.  Steve Blackman et al. revealed that the same mechanism that keeps people with their abusers actually exists in you.  You went through the thought process with Klaus this season, wondering whether this Reginald is actually different, and while you probably didn’t reach full faith in him, you did doubt he’s all that bad.  We’re told that bad people only do bad things and good people only do good things, but never in human history has this been true.  You may write someone off because they’re a terrible person, but then they show a side that brings you close again—they’re a generous lover, or they buy you a present, or they take you to a playground and spend quality one-on-one time with you.  They seem self-aware, like they know exactly what they did to you and they’re sorry now.  But then, the abuse comes back around.  They’ve just managed to be nice enough to you that they can keep you on the hook.  That’s all they were doing.  And you’re never quite as immune to this as you think.  If you grew up in this sort of environment, it’s entirely likely you’ve pretty much lost the ability to see it coming. The warning signs just look like normal behavior to you.
Privately, to myself, I call this the “Heinous Bitch” phenomenon, after the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend song “Maybe She’s Not Such a Heinous Bitch After All” (which is brilliantly done in a 60’s girl group style, go listen to it).  It’s a song sung when the main character’s emotionally abusive mother starts being oddly nice to her, and having the relationship with her that she always dreamed of.  Many people go through this stage periodically with their abuser, and the relationship between Reginald and Klaus this season perfectly illustrated how it happens.  Hell, a lot of Klaus’ dialogue is eerily reminiscent of some of the most clichéd things victims say about their abuser during this stage—saying his father is different now (though in this case it’s literal), encouraging other people to give him a chance, all that.  But it ends like it nearly always ends in these situations: a return to the norm once the abuser feels like they no longer benefit from being nice.
This may not be the Reg of Klaus’ timeline, but Reg is still Reg, and knows himself so well he can pick the game up right where his other self left off.  He can tell Klaus is, at his core, a deeply empathetic person who is so desperate to refill all the scoops that have been taken out of him that he’s the most vulnerable target.  Fei foreshadowed this in the first episode by calling him the weakest link.
Do I think 100% of the kindness we saw from Reg towards Klaus was faked?  Not really.  I think there is something about Klaus that Reg came to like.  I think he has some genuine warmth toward Klaus, but it doesn’t go very deep.  I got a touch of regret out of Colm’s performance as he was leaving Klaus to die.  Others might disagree.  But he didn’t have to say the things he said.  He could have just shut Klaus out with no explanation, if he truly didn’t feel any kind of way about him.  Instead, he gives him an explanation and an apology.  The explanation is utterly, needlessly cruel, and the apology means nothing because he then proceeds to do the thing he’s apologizing for even as Klaus begs him not to.  Still.  In that moment, I think Reg was being honest—both about his poor opinion of Klaus, and about his regret for what he was going to do.  Otherwise, what good would it do to tear him down one last time?  Reg is slightly fond of Klaus, but he loves Abigail, and has chosen not to risk taking Klaus along the path towards her, despite that fondness.
And it’s bad.  It’s very, very bad.  In some ways, you could see it as being worse than Reg treating him with only cruelty.  Reg shows he is capable of cognitive empathy (an ability to imagine how someone must be feeling based on their circumstances, which is the kind of empathy ND people often struggle with), and when that’s the case, it can be forgiven if one believes he is also capable of emotional empathy (responding to someone else’s emotions with the same or similar emotion).  I think Klaus believed Reg finally understood him, and in a way, he was right.  Reg understands Klaus like he understands a puzzle he put together.  But understanding the damage his alternate self caused Klaus doesn’t mean he has had any emotional response to it, any compassion for him.  He knows exactly how Klaus is going to take his words, and says them anyway when it would have been kinder to simply shut the door and say nothing.
Klaus has seen that his father knows exactly what he did to him in the past (because he told him in the graveyard scene), feels like he has finally gotten some healing from it, and then been told he was worthless all along.  Finally, he is shoved to the floor as he reaches for Reginald.  That’s an angst dumpster fire that’s going to keep Klaus fans warm for a long time.
And Klaus’ reaction to it is immediate.  Once he makes it to the Void, he gives up.  He tells Luther it’s because he (Klaus) is always messing up, so it’s better for him to just stay out of everything and relax.  The way I take this, it means that Klaus is blaming himself for Reg’s betrayal because he fell for his manipulations.  Victims often let their abusers off the hook because they have accepted that they won’t change—they can, but it’s not a realistic expectation to have.  Luther was the perfect person to see Klaus through this because he knows the Heinous Bitch cycle so intimately, and won’t stand for Klaus wallowing in self-pity. I kind of think he must have told himself the kinds of things he tells Klaus here, to break himself out of his own funk.
This is how the same people get in abusive relationships over and over again. It’s how abused people stay with their abusive partners.  It’s the ultimate trick of an abuser—not terror, but kindness.  And it is cruel.
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80pairsofcrocs · 2 days ago
baby scarab || 24
anon - for the baby scarab series jake, marc, or steven (or khonshu who goes and tells the guys) finds out about the developments with casper and all have their different reactions?
-🐀the great🤞😻
@amazowolf - OKAY SO…I found this video on tiktok and it made me think of your Baby Scarab series now that Matt and Frank are involved. I don't know what could happen for Frank to go off on a homophobe, but the thought of him defending Baby Scarab made me laugh and happy. Then the boys finding out later and just getting protective 😂 (I could be projecting there 😂🤔)
I just thought of you and your series and thought I would share!! Hope it's not a bother 💜
A/N : okay, so the requests werent delivered to their best ability, hope they were presented goof enough though since the next one will touch up on them a little
Tumblr media
masterlist - marvel masterlist - series masterlist
A/N : please enjoy, and as always, dont be afraid to leave a request :)
please enjoy, and don't be shy if you want to be in the taglist, just ask <3, sorry for the long wait
pairings : steven grant x (platonic)reader, marc spector x (platonic) reader, khonshu x (platonic)reader, jake lockley x (platonic)reader
TW : medicine (pills), language, spidey stuff, homophobia(barely?), rushed writing, fluff. let me know if i missed anything
you woke up alone. it was weird since you’d gotten so used to waking up with steven, marc, or jake.
yesterday you and steven took a nap on, and then you beat his ass at uno before helping him make food and then falling asleep again after that. 
it was late by then too, it was a long day.
you were about to panic when you heard a clatter coming from the kitchen.
you shoot up in the bed, and slowly get up and softly walking to the source of the sound.
it was steven of course, and he’s just been washing dishes while something was cooking on the stove.
you snuck into the room while stevens back was turned, and sat up on the counter, waiting for him to turn around.
your swinging your legs back and forth, and you begin to get bored as steven doesn’t notice you.
but marc does, he knows you’re there.
but he doesn’t say anything since he also happens to know that you’re planning something.
you decide to stand up on the counter, silently reaching your hand up to the ceiling and pulling yourself up so that your crouching on the ceiling.
you tilt your head at marc in the reflection of one of the many mirrors around the room.
he puts a finger to his lips and smirks, signaling that he’d stay quiet.
you smile at him and nod, moving yourself across the ceiling so that you’re almost right above steven.
the ceilings in stevens place were weirdly higher than yours, so you had room to almost standing up fully before touching him.
you reach down as far as you can and realize you can barely reach him.
you sit there crouched on the ceiling and decide what you should do instead.
you look at the two dirty dishes left to his right, and decide what your next move is going to be.
you’re honestly surprised that he doesn’t notice that you’re literally right above him, but he is a geezer so i guess it would make some sense.
right as steven looks away from the sink to put the now clean plate he was washing in the drying rack, you shoot a web out to grab one of the dirty ones, bringing it up to you and watching as steven thinks he’s losing it.
“i swear there was a plate right here..” he looks to marc. “wasn’t there a plate there?” he asks and you see marc shake his head.
while stevens distracted, you decide to take the other one too, and when steven looks over he stammers over his words.
“okay well obviously i got hit on the head or something” he scoffs, looking around the room and walking carefully around the kitchen.
“or maybe you got dropped on your head as a child” marc chuckles and steven gives him a look.
“well that would mean you did too, idiot” steven retorts, while marc just scoffs.
you keep yourself from chuckling and follow steven around while still on the ceiling.
“now where did those plates go i swear there were two right there” he then says in distress and you shoot a web at the ceiling. and slide down on it so that you’re right next to steven who’s staring down at the sink, and you turn to him.
“bit sad, innit?” you say, which surprised steven as he jumps back and screams in a slightly high pitched voice.
you shrug while still hanging off the ceiling, hands hanging onto the web while your legs are bent up so that your feet are near your hands.
“yOu scared the living shit out of me!” steven exclaims at you, holding a hand to his heart.
you give him a guilty smile. “i’m sorry” you say, flipping off the web and onto the ground, on one knee while one arm is facing outwards to keep you from falling over, and flipping your hair out of your face before starting to get up.
steven and marc are just giving you weird looks as you get up, yanking the web off the ceiling and catching the plates that you stuck to the wall.
you hand them to steven and walk off to sit back up on the counter.
“see marc, i wasn’t dropped as a child” you finally allow yourself to laugh.
marc gives you a look from the mirror, and shakes his head. “hey, why do you do that thing?” he asks and you make a confused face.
“what thing?” you ask, leaning back and leaning on your hands which are planted on the counter.
“that thing you do after you jump off of something” marc elaborates and steven nods, understanding what he means.
“the.. like the thing you do when you whip your hair when you land- steven do the thing” marc says trying to not sound insane.
steven looks at him and then you who’s still confused. “you really don’t know what we’re talking about?” he asks and you shake your head.
“it’s the thing that marc said, you know?” steven gets down on one knee like you were, with one arm out while flipping his hair around.
“you know, the thing with the arm and the hair” he stops and gets up. 
“it’s a total fighting pose, you’re a total poser” steven tells you with a smile on his face while marc chuckles in the background.
“i’m not a poser” you say offendedly.
“yes you are, what do you call the whole hair-flipping thing?” marc teases and you glare at him.
“i mean, you do it as if everyone’s looking at you” he continues and you scoff and roll your eyes.
“don’t come at me, you guys do the same thing” you complain, earning a chuckle from both of the two guys.
you then notice how jake still isn’t there and you sigh.
“have you heard from him?” you ask quietly while steven goes back to the dishes.
“no” marc shakes his head. “he’ll come around” he tries to assure you and you nod.
steven finishes with the dishes, turning his attention back to the food that was still cooking on the stove.
“i made your favorite again, i hope you don’t mind” steven cuts in, making the atmosphere calm again.
“oh uhm.. casper invited me over again for lunch” you start, getting a look from marc. “can i go?” you ask.
both of them take a breath in unison. “if we walk you there and back” marc says and you nod. 
“what about the bruises? wont he get.. you know? worried?” steven asks and you nod.
“i’ll just make an excuse” 
“what about your arm?”
“…” you take a breath. “i’ll wear long sleeves.”
the two nod. “alright, but you can’t stay there for too long, alright?” steven says worriedly and you nod.
you really hoped it would be a good day, i mean it can’t be worse than what happened a few days ago.
can it?
“do you have everything you need?” marc asks, getting ready to leave.
you slip your shoes on and give him a thumbs up. “yeah, it’s just lunch, marc” you reply and he sighs.
“i know, but you’re going to be gone for a couple hours.” he exaggerates.
you snicker and pass him to open the door. “i think you guys need to chill”
marc comes out after you, locking the door. “okay, yes. i know we’ve been a bit.. uhh” he tries to find the right word.
you step onto the elevator. “clingy?” you ask and he nods.
“sadly. yes” he confirms and you elbow him in the ribs.
“whatever will you do without me?” you ask sarcastically, marc pressing the ground floors button.
“i actually have no idea” he says seriously and you raise an eyebrow as the elevator dings and the door opens.
“well what would you do before you met me?” you ask, both of you walking out of the building and to the sidewalk.
“..just moon knight stuff” marc answers. 
“well i used to work at the museum but someone got me fired” you hear steven complain, and marc scoff.
“what about layla? you can spend time with her, she is your girlfriend” you suggest and marc makes a face.
“i don’t think she’d be too happy if she found out about.. the thing” he says, referring to when you were taken by harrows men.
“wait- you haven’t told her?” you start, both of you turning a corner.
marc shakes his head. “well don’t you think she deserves to know?” you interrogate as you see casper’s place coming up.
marc sighs and nods. “i just don’t know how to tell her in a way that she won’t get mad at me” he confesses and you look at him weirdly.
“she would know that i couldn’t  be there in time- but i just get the feeling she’d be mad for me not telling her” he explains and you nod.
“well if you don’t tell her, i will” you say, stopping in front of the wooden door leading to casper’s home.
“fine, i’ll tell her” marc mumbles and you smile.
“i’ll text you when i’m on my way” he changes the subject and you nod.
you knock on the door and hear footsteps approaching it quickly, and then you see it open a little, and you get confused and look down.
“hello, allison” you smile at the girl, and she smiles back.
she looks between you and marc. “i think i can take it from here” you tell marc and he nods, waving a little to allison and turning away.
“if you need me don’t hesitate to call” he tells you.
“don’t worry, i will” you say back, and he turns around to give you one last look before turning away.
“is your brother there?” you ask the little girl and she nods.
“he’s hiding” she says and you give her a confused look while she opens the door wider for you.
you slowly step in and look around for anybody but see no one.
“and where exactly would he be hiding?” you ask allison and she giggles, pointing to the wall between the foyer and the kitchen.
you nod at her and slip your shoes off by the door, hugging your thin jacket to your chest after you take it off.
“why’s he hiding” you ask again, and allison smiles mischievously.
“he said that he needs to make his hair pretty because he wants to impress you” she admits and you let out a quiet chuckle.
“did he now?” you keep the information for yourself and peer around the corner, seeing casper looking at himself in one of the reflective windows.
“come on.. stupid-“ he then sees you looking at him from the reflection.
“ohmygod” he turns around. “you’re here” you nod.
“nice observation” you say and he scoffs.
“i told allison not to get the door” he mutters.
you tilt your head. “aw but then i wouldn’t know that you wanted to impress me” you say sarcastically, and you see the soul leave casper’s body.
“she told you that?” he asks quietly and you nod.
“well like i’ve said- she- she’s only a kid she loves making things up” he shrugs and walks closer to you so that he could speak to you easier.
“sure” you smile at him.
you look up to his hair and see that it looks almost the same as it always does.
“well, you succeeded in making your hair pretty” you say teasingly and casper covers his face with his hands.
“oh! hello, y/n” you hear a new voice, which happened to be grace walking into the room.
“hi grace. how’ve you been?” you ask politely while casper stand beside you embarrassed.
“oh, i’ve been great.” she starts. “what about you?” she asks back and you smile.
“i’ve been good” you say it more to yourself than her, and when she gets a better look at you her smile fades a little.
“oh dear, what happened to your face?” she asks, and casper looks at you closer as well, seeing the faded bruises.
casper couldn’t see them before, since it was the lighting that prevented it.
“yeah, i see it too” he says. “what happened?” the two look worriedly at you but you just send both of them a comforting smile.
“just another usual fight, it’s no big deal” you tell them and grace turns away frowning, preparing lunch for all of you.
casper just gives you a look, nodding to follow him as he walks down the hallway.
you sigh and follow him, ending up sitting in the same spots in his room.
this time you noticed all the paper airplanes you made handing from the ceiling in the corner by his bed.
“what really happened?” he asks you seriously and you sigh shaking your head. 
“i already told you i-“
“cut the bullshit, you’re lying” he hurts out at you, which is very uncharacteristic of him.
“you do this thing when you lie, you always sigh and then shake your head” he says and you groan.
“okay, so what if i’m lying?” you ask. “i turned out okay” you tell him and he’s the one to sigh this time, running a hand through his hair.
“i’m just worried about you” he admits and you soften your expression.
“apparently everyone is” you mutter.
“you know, it’s weird that you got this beat up with that spider vigilante running around” he says skeptically.
you scoff. “well maybe she’s not always around” you try to reason and casper gives you a smug look.
“how do you know that they’re a girl?” he asks with a smirk and you chuckle.
“on the news, we saw her smoking hot bod” you said equally as smug.
casper groans and runs his hand through his hair again. “okay, i’m going to be straight up- i maybe kinda thought you would know them- or- her?” he admits and you let out a silent sigh of relief.
“you know, since you know moon knight, i thought you’d know the spider person” he says disappointedly.
you look at him in pity and let out a breath. “sorry, i don’t know her.” you start. “and she needs a cool name, i do agree with that” you say referring to when casper originally said it.
“and like i’ve previously said before- arachnid is a badass vigilante name” he says, now ignoring the previous subject.
you chuckle and look at casper who’s already looking at you.
“what else did allison say?” he asks quietly, and you shrug.
“just that you were making your hair pretty” you laugh, and casper covers his face again.
“come on, don’t be embarrassed” you say and he turns to glare at you.
“then quit making fun of me” he complains and you keep laughing.
he eventually smiles and shakes his head at you, and then you both hear a familiar knock on the doorframe.
“mama said come get lunch” allison stats. “she said you could come back here if you want” she finishes and leaves.
you look to casper and he gets up, you doing the same and following him.
grace had made delicious looking sandwiches for you guys, saying how she made the bread herself.
you were shocked too, like oh my god, this woman-
she made bread. you don’t even know how bread is bread.
it was so good too, like you can’t get over it.
anyways, your time with casper went by quickly, you guys finished your lunch in his room and you both were seeing who could solve his rubix cubes first.
he had a couple, surprisingly. 
you two were so engaged in trying to beat each other, that you almost missed your phone ringing.
you stopped and put the rubix cube down of course, sliding your finger across the green button after seeing that it was one of the guys.
you pick up and casper looks to you, but you don’t notice that as you stare down at the desk your arm is propped on.
“y/n?” you hear marc’s voice.
“marc” you say back.
“i was just letting you know i was on my way” he tells you and you smile to yourself.
“i thought you said you’d text me” you reply.
“well i just wanted to hear your voice” he responds and you snort.
“clingy” you say, and you hear marc sigh.
“yeah, make fun all you want” he starts. “be there in five”
and then he hangs up.
he’s never good at goodbyes.
you look at casper and give him a smile.
“marc’s on his way here” you tell him and he makes a sad face.
“i’ll see you soon, don’t make that face” you tell him and he chuckles.
casper nods to his door. “you can take some bread with you” he whispers to you and an excited look takes over your face.
casper chuckles. “come on, he’ll probably be here soon” he says while getting up again, you following him.
casper wraps up some of the bread that grace made in some of that clear wrap stuff and hands it to you.
“enjoy it” you take it from him and you tuck it under your elbow. 
“i will” you assure him and you both stand by the door waiting for marc.
which wasn’t long, since you opened the door right before he could knock.
“how’d you..” casper starts but you shake your head. 
“just a feeling” you shrug, forgetting marc was there.
“well, i might stop by the cafe with allison some time this week” casper shrugs and you nod.
“that’d be nice” you say, and you hesitantly put a hand up to his cheek as he panics, marc watching with surprise at what you’re doing.
you lean in and press a quick kiss to the corner of his mouth, pulling back right after that.
you nod to him and step down from the foyer to the outside.
“i’ll see you” you wave and start walking while pulling marc along by the sleeve.
you hear the door close and take your hand off marc, putting it in your pocket while the other one is still holding your bread.
“what the hell was that?” marc says suddenly and you look at him.
“what was what?” you ask back.
“..are you kidding me?” he starts. “you actually just kissed him in front of me” he says, his voice a pitch higher.
your face flushes in embarrassment. “i didn’t kiss him on the mouth though so it’s fine” you mutter and marc scoffs.
“but you kissed him nonetheless” he points out and fakes a throwing up noise.
you elbow him in the ribs and roll your eyes. “what? it’s not like i haven’t heard you and layla ‘snogging’ before”
marc gives you a look. “you’ve… heard it?” 
“well don’t let me catch you kissin’ anyone please” he cringes and you chuckle.
“and i mean anyone, man or woman” he clarifies and you smile at him.
“or woman?” you hear a voice from behind you so both of you turn around to see an older woman with short blonde hair, her looks being identical to the average ‘karen’.
“yeah, you got a problem?” marc asks defensively, and you hold his sleeve to keep him at your side.
“marc, let’s just go” you mutter but he shakes his head, turning back to the woman.
“yeah, just go back to wherever you came from” the lady says grumpily and marc starts walking towards her before you stick your hand to his sleeve, and your feet to the ground.
you shake your head at him and he sighs, turning back to you.
“fine, just don’t listen to her” he tells you and you nod.
“damn queers” the lady says, turning back around while you look down at the ground and try to speed walk away with marc.
you feel like you’re about to crack under pressure when a noise is heard from heard from behind you.
you both turn around and you see a familiar face.
“do you really have nothing better to do than bully a little girl?” the man says to her, and you smile slightly.
“i’m just-“
“no, you don’t have any excuses, now go apologize” he points to you.
you shake your head as the woman scoffs. “sorry” she says angrily and stomps off.
“thank you frank, but that was really not necessary” you say and marc furrows his eyebrows.
“you know this guy?” he asks you and you nod. “he came in the cafe once” you shrug.
“yeah, well it’s nice to see you again, little lady” he starts, giving a nod to both you and marc.
“but i gotta get going, stay outta trouble” he says, reciting what he said to you only a few weeks ago.
“i will, have a nice day” you respond and he starts walking in the other direction.
you and marc start your walk home again. “this day keeps getting weirder and weirder” he shakes his head.
“it does, doesn’t it?” you nod along.
the two of you got home pretty quickly, without any more incidents.
you were glad there were no other problems, besides the one with the lady was already bad enough.
you didn’t show it, but what she said hurt you more than you wanted it to.
you and marc are now just sitting on the couch together and flipping through channels.
“has jake said anything yet?” you ask him impatiently.
you get no answer and look to him in confusion as he gets up and moves to the kitchen.
“..marc?” you ask cautiously.
he turns around and reaches to the hat rack, slipping the newsie hat onto his head and you smile in anticipation.
“sorry for the absence” jake turns around and you smile even wider.
without thinking, you shoot a web out to the ceiling and swing yourself over to him and go crashing into him with your arms around his neck and legs around his waist.
“where did you go? i missed you” you say as jake gathers himself and pulls you away enough to look at you properly. 
“..what the hell was that?” he asks and you sheepishly smile at him.
“it’s a spidey thing” you say simply and jake chuckles softly.
“i missed you too, mi vida” he says to you and you lean back in to hug him again.
he had his arms around your frame, carrying you back to the couch.
“i also have questions about the fighting pose” he smiles into your hair.
you pull back to glare at him.
“don’t even start with that” you threaten.
he puts his hands up in surrender.
“fine, fine”
the rest of the night was just you and jake catching up.
he knew exactly what had happened and all that, he just liked hearing you talk.
i mean, what father doesn’t like hearing their daughters talk about their day?
A/N : ending was rushed but i hope you guys like it, and for everyone asking i am in est, and i post at about 10-11 pm every other day.
see you guys with chapter 25 on sunday!! <3
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sufferingstarlight · a day ago
A candle light dinner, very romantic and then... smut, smut, smut.
Nervous energy
Tumblr media
Warning - hand job, smut, orgasm denial, needy Timmy, unprotected sex
The dinner was beautiful, the flowers my favorite, the candle light cast a delicate glow on Timothée’s face. It was all so lovely, yet, there was a problem. I was horny as hell. I’d been shocked when Timothée had texted me that we absolutely must go out to dinner when he got home from filming. I’d agreed, not understanding he’d meant immediately. He’d gotten off the plane in a glorious looking suit, hair perfect, beaming smile on his face. I’d immediately wanted him to fuck me until I couldn’t walk, but he’d announced that if we didn’t get a move on, we’d be late for our reservations.
He’d bought out a large part of the restaurant. We had our own personal waiters. The wine was expensive and aged. Yet, he seemed nervous. His leg was bouncing like mad. It wasn’t the kind of jitters he displayed when he was particularly needy, no they were like the ones he got when he was doing a big interview or premier.
“Everything is so lovely Timothée,” I said, reaching across the table to hold his hand. I was truly enjoying the soup I’d gotten.
“Is it?” He asked desperately. “I tried my very best.”
I remembered he’d been like this at the start of our three year relationship. He was always so concerned with how I felt. It’d taken a bit for me to convince him he wasn’t doing anything wrong. I hadn’t seen the resurgence of this insecurity.
“Well you did absolutely spectacular,” I said squeezing his hand.
“I missed you like crazy while filming,” he said. He looked so.. raw. His eyes were wide open, as if pleading me to believe him. His expression was unguarded.
“I missed you too,” I told him earnestly. Had something happened while he’d filmed? He seemed almost sick.
“I thought about you, lord, it must’ve been every minute.”
“You’re so sweet,” I said kissing his hand.
“I almost called the whole project off when I heard about your accident,” he whispered. I rolled my eyes. I’d been in a minor car accident. The car hadn’t even been totaled, but I had broken my foot. I hadn’t even needed a cast, just a boot, but Timothée had acted like I had my leg amputated. He’d called and texted so many times. He’d begged me to let him come back. I hadn’t let him.
“Yes, you were rather dramatic,” I smirked.
“That’s when I realized how much you truly meant to me,” he said gently.
“Timothée, that’s sweet but,” I lowered my voice and leaned forward. “Did you take something on the plane? You seem super nervous?”
“What? No, of course no,” he chuckled.
“Okay?” I said, still unsure.
“I’m nervous because,” he got out of his seat and got on one knee. I gasped, my heart stuttered in my chest.
“I want to ask you to marry me. I’m so insanely in love with you. You’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of. When you got hurt, I realized you getting hurt was my worst fear. That’s when I knew I wanted to marry you, and I absolutely could not wait another minute. Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”
“Are you kidding me?” I laughed through my tears, and tackled him. He fell to the floor, laughing.
“Yes! Yes! Of course, yes,” I said as I kissed all over his face. He was beaming.
“Really?” He asked.
“Why in the world would I say no?” I asked incredulously, but I need you to come with me. I dragged him to his feet. He stopped me for a moment, to put the sparkling ring on my finger. I dragged him to the bathroom of the fancy restaurant.
“Why are we going to the bathroom?” He asked.
“I want you,” I said.
“Fuck,” he murmured. “A bathroom isn’t a very romantic place to have sex after an engagement.”
“I literally do not care, if you fingers, or tongue, or cock, is not in me soon, I’m going to die,” I claimed.
“I love it when you’re like this,” he growled. I pulled him to me, kissing him intensely. The kiss was wet, all tongues and saliva. I cherished it. Our first kiss as an engaged couple was as wet as my panties were. The filth of that thought made me moan. I bit down lightly on his bottom lip.
“Take off that gorgeous suit,” I told him. He obeyed me, taking it off until he was bare, yet being careful to lay the clothing on the chaise lounge right inside the door.
I spun him, pressing his front against the door. I was behind him, biting the skin of his shoulder. He whimpered. My hand crept around to his front so I could pump his cock.
“I thought you wanted me to help you,” he whined.
“Maybe I like seeing you desperate huh? Maybe I love it when you’re panting and leaking everywhere. I like it when you can’t help but let go,” I told him. He let out tiny, high pitched, whimpers as I worked him.
“You’re gonna waste it,” he huffed. “Don’t you want me to cum inside you?”
I gave him one last squeeze before I relented. I spun him around. I pushed him down on the couch. His eyes were round with lust. I slowly stripped for him. I noticed his hand inching toward his cock. I slapped it and he made a small desperate noise.
“Absolutely not, only your fiancé can make you feel good,” I told him.
“Oh, that sounds so nice,” Timothée swooned.
“I want to ride you, fiancé,” I said to him. He spread his legs, cock standing at attention for me. I climbed onto the couch. I slowly, ever so slowly, sunk down onto him. I could see him itching to push me down, but he didn’t.
“Oh, I love how my good boy fills me,” I said as I began to bounce on his cock. I pressed my fingers against his lips as he let out tiny whimpers.
“Suck on my fingers, but don’t let your lips touch my ring or else,” I commanded him. He nodded dazedly, and sucked my fingers into his mouth. He didn’t let his lips get near the sparkling engagement ring.
He reached down to let his fingers toy with my sensitive bundle of nerves. I sighed.
“What a good boy, so well trained,” I said as I caressed his throat.
“Wanna cum,” he said over my fingers.
“Not until I say,” I ordered, and he meekly nodded. I was getting close. He was expertly flicking my clit. He was so whiny, babbling French curse words under his breath as I spelled his name with my hips.
“Holy fuck, Timmy, I’m gonna come,” I cursed as he pressed his thumb to my clit, and rutted up into me. My orgasm consumed me. I was shuddered on Timothée’s dick. He was begging as I came, saying he couldn’t hold it.
“Cum,” I managed to say and he was filling me completely. I loved his little noises as he was cumming.
“Tell the waiter to get the check, I’m not done with you,” I panted.
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cullenswife · 16 hours ago
Going to the Snowball with the Stranger Things boys P1
Warnings: possible S2 spoilers
A/n: let’s imagine there’s also a party for teens:) my heart melted while I was writing this, gonna write Part 2 if you come to like this one. Requests for STRANGER THINGS are OPEN. Please feel free to leave any comments! Hope you enjoy this💕
Tumblr media
I feel like neither him nor you were going to go to the Snowball dance until Dustin coaxed you both. Well, the only problem was that you didn’t have a date, so Dustin started dropping HUGE hints on you two going together (little shit knows what he’s doing, getting his two besties together).
It wouldn’t be you two if you caught it right first time
so only after a while and a “you’re such a crackhead, Harrington” talk from Dustin Steve would come up and ask whether you’d like to go with him, but you refused him.
Joking, haha
Who can say no to the HAIR Harrington?
He’d drive up to your house before the ball with flowers and compliment on how nice you look.
Your mum certainly takes a pic of you two, sending a wink and saying “what a gentlemen, will be such a good husband”
“Just so you know, honey”
Steve would laugh it off a bit embarrassed cause you’re just friends, right… RIGHT?!
So, I think after talking to Robin, Dustin and others at the ball, he’d ask you to dance with him (he needs to keep up with the appearance of the coolest guy, which literally means to be dancing in the front row at every party)
But only during a slow dance with you in his arms, so cute and adorably blushing, he’d rethink you mum’s words.
He doesn’t know whether he’ll be a good husband one day, but he knows for sure, he’d try to be a perfect one as long as his wife would be you.
Tumblr media
Jonathan would have to go to the ball after everything that happened to Will but when he heard that you were coming too, he’d be much more excited.
It’ll be quite awkward when he asks you out. Well, it’s actually you who asks him what he’s doing that evening and he says ‘babysitting Will’.
And he’s like “u-um, are you going to the ball too or you just…?”
“Yeah, yeah, I also promised to come help with the music.”
So, that’s it.
That day you’d probably come over his house to be met with Joyce. She’d be the first one to compliment you and when Jonathan actually sees you, he doesn’t notice that he forgot how to breathe for a moment until you both hear Will’s high-pitched voice.
“Ugh, stop shooting me, mum!”
Jonathan would take pictures of Will but mostly of you when you’re not looking and swiftly turn the other way sheepishly grinning whenever you seem to have caught him red-handed.
He wouldn’t be very talkative unlike your friends. At the ball he’d be stuck taking pictures of children while casting glances at you in a while.
But when your favourite song was on, you’d drag him away to dance.
“You can come closer, you know,” you said laughing at Jonathan’s crimson face.
By the end of the ball you don’t even notice how many songs have already been played until Will approaches you.
“Won’t mum be worried?” he asked.
“Ah, yeah… Good night, Y/n”
“Good night.”
You were about to go to your friends when Jonathan ran back into the gym.
“I thou-… Will thought that you might need a ride home… I m-mean if you want to.”
“I’d love to,” you mumbled trying to hide your wide smile and blush on the cheeks.
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skepticalarrie · a day ago
I noticed that one of the main arguments that Harry and Louis are still together are their lyrics. But we haven't heard a new song by Louis in two years. And there's no song on Harry's new album that's written about Louis. Like, the first album was pretty obvious, the second album was 50/50, but the third album has no hint of Louis at all. I'm not an anti, just the thought occurred to me.
Lol I think you’re just trying to stir the pot here, because you’re missing the point on so many levels. 1) in what world lyrics - something extremely open for interpretation- is a proof of anything?! I absolutely don’t think that’s a “main argument” for larry, it just contributes to an ocean of several other factors, it glues everything together and, still, we’re not a unit here, so a lot of people have different opinions about songs. Larry is not real because someone said something on a song, reducing larry to that is pretty offensive considering everything we have IMO lol. You’re looking at it so superficially, that you’re barely scratching the surface of everything larry is. Oh my god. It’s so many factors, it’s the context, it’s how everything makes sense when put together. I don’t know what kind of larries you’ve been following and how in world you got to this conclusion but fuck… you’re so wrong.
And 2) When we do consider their lyrics, and especially Harry’s songwriting… like, seriously, that’s your conclusion? For me, Louis is literally all over Harry’s lyrics. It’s crystal clear to me that Harry writes from personal experiences and his relationship with things and emotions (in HSH specifically), and the way he talks about love?! About “we”?! About self-discovery, gender, closeting?! Extreme adoration for someone?! Missing someone all the fucking time?! This man is in a long-term relationship, he shares his life with someone, he knows about love, he’s in love. His relationship with Louis is an integral part of his life and his lyrics even when he’s not talking about Louis (as a person, specifically). Expecting H&L to only write about each other is oversimplifying things. As much as we joke about it, they’re so much more than larry as individuals. They’re complex human beings, they have individual feelings, goals, thoughts and experiences of their own. And they will write about those things. But at the same time, it’s so incredibly layered and for me is inconceivable to read into Harry’s lyrics without considering his relationship because that’s who he is and that’s what he writes about.
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veenxys · 14 hours ago
hi bb if it’s still open!; for the kiss prompt, i’d like bakugo + ''wanna go slow?'' <333
literal butterflies just thinking about it help
⋆ ♡̷ .゚ prompt list <3 (closed)
Tumblr media
bakugou was always a little more patient with you than others, and that was something anyone could tell.
he always waited for your time and space, always putting your priorities and boundaries first while waiting for you. but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t looking forward to some small but significant things like your first kiss; he lost count of how many times he fantasized about it or thought about taking the first step because he just couldn’t stand being so close to you anymore without being able to lose himself in you, in your taste, in your smell, in your universe.
but that’s okay, he can wait, right? he’s always waited for you and he can do that for a little while longer. but well, he can hide his feelings, but he can’t hide his face showing that he is very frustrated with something.
“are you alright?” you say when looking at him; the clenched jaw, the furrowed brows, and the tense, stressed look you’ve seen many times before.
“have you ever thought about.. us?” he says calmly, but with his heart racing as he feels your confused eyes on him.
you are silent for a few seconds, biting your lower lip as you think of an answer that might be coherent with the thousands of thoughts that are running through your mind.
“yeah..”you say, looking him in the eye. “i already thought about us.. a way too much, actually.”
he then finally looks at you
“yeah? and what do you think?”
“i think… i think that is you’re the one i want to spend the rest of my life with”
he swallows hard. he thought about it so much that he didn’t know if what you said was real or not, but either way, he can’t stop a small smile from forming on his lips; totally unlike the racing nervous heart and the almost trembling hands.
to cover it up, he tucks a strand of your hair behind your ear and gently strokes your cheek with his thumb.
and then he approaches slowly, and in that minute you felt the world disappear around you; all you could see, feel or think about was him, and how much you wanted him.
“can i?” he whispers against your lips as he continues to caress your cheek gently.
you nod your head but he doesn’t seem to understand so he asks again with more precision in his voice. and then you whisper “yes” against his lips, and that’s all it took for bakugou to kiss you.
the kiss started off soft, slow and passionate, but quickly became deep as he gently slid his hands down your neck to your waist; squeezing you and pulling you closer to him.
he felt you pulling away a little, but he was quick to connect your lips again and in that moment he realizes he’s let his desires get the better of him.
he breaks away, still holding you close, “wanna go slow?” his voice is so patient, yet so full of will and desire.
and you smirk when you realize that from the beginning, he took care of you and his wishes.
“yes, please” you say before you kiss him first, and that’s when you feel him melt and smile during the kiss.
his lips fit so perfectly with yours as he murmurs about how good you are and how much he loves you and wants this moment to never pass.
you pull away for air and still with your foreheads glued together, he says against your lips “it was worth the wait” before kissing you again and again and again.
Tumblr media
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sugaroto · 8 hours ago
Yknow, I always found the "Why don't you like girls?" "Because they're soft" "some of the strongest people I know are women" Scene funny af because Neil literally just asked Nicky "why r u gay?" So of course the answer would be something... like that? You know Nicky says they're soft and explains that they have so many curves and stuff and he likes his masculine Erik that he can hold onto etc etc,
But Neil is having his war flashbacks about his mom and Dan and Allison and Renee and he's like "women are strong" 🎵THIS IS MODERN FEMINISM TALKING ~🎵
And Nicky is like um I meant their bodies? Like literally?
And it just hit me, how Neil didn't even consider that, because of his demisexuality
He asks a gay man why he's gay and when he says why he doesn't like girls Neil is thinking of all their great accomplishments and strong characters, he doesn't think anything about their appearances, they're beautiful/hot etc he thinks about how Allison was ready to play while she was still grieving and his mom on the run all those years and I don't remember what he thought of Dan and Renee cause it's 4am but he thought something
Like he literally asked why are you gay but didn't even thought the answer would be connected to bodies and attraction he thought Nicky was talking about, like personalities and stuff
Do yall realize how demisexual that is of him?
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azurelyy · 2 days ago
Rain Rendezvous ☁️
Literally nobody asked for this but I had to get it out to the universe. I really hope ya’ll enjoy! 
Pairing: Sasuke x f!reader
Warnings: fluff, mentions of adult content, minor NSFW hints, soft sasuke, minor heartache, slow burn
Word Count: 6.5k 
Tumblr media
Sasuke cursed under his breath as he ran along the muddied, contorted path. The field surrounding him was pitch black, the only illumination coming from the chaotic bursts of lightning in the distance, showing that this long forgotten path was leading him to one of the smallest villages he had ever seen.
Can you even call this a village? He wondered as he made his way past the first few, wooden houses and stood underneath a small awning. His dark hair dripped down his shoulders, his clothes fully soaked through, as he continued to watch the heavy downpour in front of him. His teeth began to chatter as he observed his surroundings; the village was small, maybe occupying one hundred civilians, if that. The houses were made of stone and wood, a cute likeness all throughout their exteriors, mirroring each other in design. They looked very much like the gingerbread houses he used to make with Itachi during the holidays, but sized-up so that actual people could live in them.
He saw small gnomes line up the dirt pathways leading to the front doors of the homes - why so many gnomes? - noticed each house had adorable gardens out front, some with flowers and some with various vegetables or fruits. One house way at the end of the village had a beautiful cherry blossom tree, fully in bloom this time of year, the rose-colored leaves swirling violently in the harsh winds of the storm. 
Sasuke noted that the cherry blossom house had its front porch light on, the only flicker of humanity he could see throughout the entirety of the village. Desperate for relief from the pelting raindrops, he made his way towards the guiding light. One night, he thought. What would be so bad about asking for help for one night?
He could tell from the size of the village that it was very unlikely any of its inhabitants knew anything about the shinobi world or its politics. He doubted that they even had shinobi come through here at all, with how far from the outside world it seemed. Sasuke himself barely noticed the twisting, camouflaged dirt pathway that led him here. If not for the rainstorm - his survival instinct kicking into full gear, his sharingan allowing him to take note of the slightly worn out grass - he never would have been able to follow it the whole way, through the small creeks and brush, until he ended up here in this hovel of a town.
He ran up the little three-stepped staircase, nearly toppling its welcoming gnome on his way up, and was busy adjusting the annoying creature back into place when the front door creaked open ever so slowly. The warm light illuminated him through the crack in the door and he felt like he had been caught red-handed, realizing he probably looked like a complete loser as he used his foot to try and steady the gnome back into place, grumbling incessantly. Sasuke straightened and cleared his throat lightly, trying to look as unimposing as possible. 
“Uh, ‘scuse me,” He mumbled, “But I got caught in the storm. Would you happen to know of an inn nearby?”
The door closed in his face gently, making his heart cave inward. He couldn’t blame them for rejecting him and he was thankful they did so kindly; if he were in their position, seeing some sopping freak playing with his cute welcome home gnome, he would have slammed the door violently in their face and laughed. He heard a small rusting of chains and the door opened again, this time fully, revealing an angel.
You stood before him and he felt his breath catch in his throat. You looked at him suspiciously, your eyebrows knitted downward, creating a small ‘v’ in the middle of your forehead. Sasuke felt the urge to grab your face and kiss your forehead to make the lines go away. Small little sparks made their way up his throat from his belly as his jaw strung taut and his eyes darkened; every muscle that roped his shoulder inadvertently tightened. He cleared his throat aggressively and focused on your chin, afraid to make eye contact.
“There’s no inn here,” Your voice crashed over him like the ocean; a smooth vibrato that he felt could easily lull him into a deep slumber. “But…” 
Sasuke noticed you examining him out of the corner of his eye. That’s right, he thought, I’m just a normal guy. No deadly shinobi who is trying to redeem himself here. 
He glanced over at you and watched your face take on a caring expression. Big mistake. He felt as though something hammered right into his guts as blood flowed all the way to his groin. Shit. You moved aside, creating a space for him to enter, and he whispered a thank you as he passed through the entryway. 
“I have a spare room,” You told him as he stepped into the cozy interior of your home. His body immediately warmed up as he stood in the entryway, not wanting to go in any farther for fear of damaging the beautiful mahogany hardwood floors. A small pool of rainwater began forming around him as his hair continued to drip onto your floor. You handed him a cute, pastel blue towel and as your fingers grazed his he felt a tiny pop of electricity almost short-circuit his brain.
Sasuke looked up at you but you didn’t seem to notice. Thinking he imagined it, he started drying off his hair, shaking out the water from his black locks. The sound of your giggle made him stop abruptly and look over at you. You had your hands clasped behind your back, a cute smile formed over your beautiful mouth. Sasuke turned to look at the ceiling, not wanting to stare.
“It’s fine,” You took a step closer to him, causing him to push his back against the door. “Follow me. I really needed to mop anyway.” 
So he did. He followed you into the smallest bathroom he had ever seen; the walls were light blue with oranges and small, white flowers painted all around them. There was a single shower stall, a toilet, but no sink. Sasuke was perplexed. He looked at you and you merely hummed lightly, pointing to a little out cove to the left, where Sasuke saw the sink and a pile of clothes. 
“I hope they’ll fit,” You studied him thoroughly, “It’s hard to tell when you’re all wet like that.” You smiled brightly at him and he thought his heart was going to explode from his burning desire to touch you. Sasuke had never experienced these feelings before and he realized he didn’t know what to do. Scream? That seemed like it might be scary. Punch the wall? Also scary. He sighed in exasperation and decided instead to wrap the towel around his shoulders violently, gripping the edges with white knuckles and digging his fingernails into the plush fabric. That helped for a second, until you began trying to squeeze past him, your breasts pushing up against his chest. Fuck.
“I, um,” Was all Sasuke was able to say.
“Sorry, it’s rather cramped. Not meant for two people, obviously,” You said as you managed to push your way past him. “Take as long as you need. Do you drink tea?”
He nodded.
“Great! I’ll have some ready. Do you want sugar or anything?” He shook his head. “Okay!” 
You closed the door and Sasuke felt himself shiver lightly in the absence of you. He stared at the door for a few moments before shaking his head lightly, smiling to himself. What a strange girl.
You heard the shower turn on and grabbed the nearest pillow from your couch and proceeded to scream into it, loudly. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit! There was a hot man in your shower. Naked, in your shower. You plopped the pillow back onto the couch with a dull thud and ran over to the mirror hanging above your little sink, adjusting your hair and smoothing down your clothes. 
Don’t freak out, you thought. It had been a very long time since you had anyone other than yourself in your shower, let alone a guy. Let alone a really attractive guy. You shook the thought from your head as you began boiling the kettle on your stove. When you heard the faint rustling of footsteps outside your door, you definitely were not expecting to open it to see… him. With his lovely dark hair, his mysterious black eyes, his soaked through clothes that clung onto his slender yet athletic body. 
The kettle began squealing, alarming you out of your lewd thoughts. You placed the tea bags into the mugs and absent-mindedly poured the water overtop of them, watching the tea paint the water light brown. I hope he likes chai, you thought. 
The shower water stopped running as you placed the mugs onto your small dining room table. You put sugar cubes and creamer out, just in case, as he emerged from the bathroom, the towel wrapped around his waist and fully exposing his bare chest to you. You were thankful you had already placed the mugs down or you were certain they would have crashed to the floor at that very moment as you allowed your eyes to slowly wander across his body. Your face grew hot at the site of his still wet hair, his now very visible abs peeking out from under the towel, his muscular forearms and biceps that you desperately wanted to have wrapped around you; he grabbed the clothes you left for him on the sink before glancing at you from behind his hair, his midnight eyes locking onto your own. 
The air around you felt stiff as you saw his cheeks flush a light pink as he stumbled back into the bathroom and quickly shut the door. You pressed your thighs together tightly as you looked down at the table, trying to pretend like this was completely normal. Oh god, you thought, I hope I didn’t make him uncomfortable. 
He emerged again, this time, thankfully, fully clothed. The long-sleeved black shirt fit him perfectly, showcasing his taut muscles. His dark features were brought out in the light from the fireplace, golden hues flickering over him making him appear like a Greek God. You wanted him to destroy you. He sauntered over to you carrying his wet clothes in his arms and you jumped up enthusiastically, your daze broken.
“Oh! I’m sorry,” You fumbled to take the clothes from him, “I’ve got it!” You placed them in the dirty laundry basket in the kitchen, then turned back to give him a small smile. You gestured towards the tea and he took a seat.
“I know you said no sugar, but I had some lying around, so I figured ‘why not?’,” You laughed awkwardly. He was staring at you like you were growing flowers out of your ears and you suddenly felt self-conscious. You wrapped your oversized robe around yourself tightly and leaned against the countertop. 
“Thank you.” He was so polite, and calm. You wanted to ask him a million questions but you were afraid that your gawking at him as though he were a piece of art displayed in a gallery earlier freaked him out, so you opted not to push it. Although, he is a stranger… And he’s in your house. Surely, you were able to offer each other some formalities, right?
You blurted your name out to him and he just continued to stare at you as he blew on the tea, the steam from the mug wafting into the air slowly. His presence left you utterly useless; made you blubber like an idiot. You felt like you wanted to cry just due to his extreme storm-like qualities alone, until you heard him repeat your name, slowly. He emphasized each vowel as though he were learning them for the first time, and then he smirked. Just barely, and only for a moment, before he went back to his typical, stoic gaze.
“Sasuke,” Was all he offered you in return. 
“Hi, Sasuke,” You took the opportunity to sit across from him and you extended out your hand. He continued to look at you.
“Hi,” He placed the mug down and finally shook your hand, quickly, his touch barely there, before he moved his hand back to the mug. You shivered when his hand left yours, a freezing sensation working its way along your spine and into your shoulder muscles. He quirked an eyebrow at you.
“Cold?” He asked.
“You don’t talk much, do you?” You blurted the question out and immediately gasped, covering your mouth. “I’m sorry! I just mean… You’re just…”
He let out a breath that sounded almost like a chuckle. “I’m not really around people much anymore,” He shrugged. “I’m sorry.”
“No, I’m sorry,” You insisted, “That was rude. You’re my guest, I shouldn’t say stuff like that.” 
A silence filled the room then, but it was surprisingly not uncomfortable. It was the kind of silence you were used to sitting in with your parent - when you were both watching television, or after a big holiday meal - a silence that made you feel warm and at peace. Sasuke picked up the cream and put in the smallest amount possible, then smiled at you. Your heart melted in your chest; he was absolutely gorgeous. You turned away, feeling embarrassed suddenly. You kept reminding yourself to breathe as the room around you grew increasingly more stuffy every second.
“Did you paint those?” His voice was silky as he pointed towards your bathroom. You realized he meant the oranges and flowers that adorned the walls.
“Oh, yes,” You breathed.
“Beautiful,” He said. He was staring directly into your soul and you felt like you were burning alive. This man would be the death of you.
“You’re not, like, a scary murderer, right?” You asked teasingly. His eyes widened and his shoulders tensed up. He put the mug down hastily and pushed away from the table, walking towards the living room.
“Sasuke?” You felt a lump form in your throat, anxiety bubbling beneath the surface of your skin.  Sasuke looked at you and you swore his eyes had transformed from black to a dark shade of gray. He gave you a look of immeasurable pain as his shoulders slumped down and he formed his mouth into a tight line. 
“No,” He said, curtly. “I’m sorry. I’m tired.” He held the bridge of his nose and let out a long sigh. “I’ll be out of here before dawn. You won’t see me again.” 
His words echoed around your mind, breaking you into a million pieces. You placed your hand on his shoulder, feeling him tense up beneath your touch and pull away, just slightly. You wrapped the robe even more tightly around you, fighting the urge to touch him again.
“I didn’t mean-” He began pacing and you felt tears well in your eyes. So stupid. “I was kidding, Sasuke. I’m sorry.” 
He stopped pacing and rested his hand flat against the wall, letting his forehead fall to the wall with a gentle thud. You felt guilty for making him feel this way. Not wanting to startle him, you backed into the wall opposite him and watched as he soothed himself out of his trance. You knew it was inevitable he would have to leave, but you at least wanted to see him off. To say goodbye. 
You racked your brain for an idea of how to get him to stick around, feeling evil about utilizing his moment of obvious vulnerability against him. You knew if you asked him now, he wouldn’t be able to get out of it. It was so genius that you wanted to jump for joy, but instead, you said “Honestly, I was hoping that maybe you could help me with something before you left…” 
You glanced at him through your fluttering eyelashes, putting on your best doe-eyed look. God, you were desperate. He still hadn’t turned around from the wall, his fist now clenched so tightly that you thought his nails might cut through his own skin. His head turned lightly, still not enough to look at you.
“Help?” He asked.
You sighed. “Yes, well, it’s sort of embarrassing but I was hoping that since I am being so generous and offering you my home that maybe you could do some chores for me before you left.”
He turned around fully then, crossing his arms, and you thought you saw his lips give a ghost of an upwards twitch. “Chores?” You merely smiled in response as you walked over and peered up at him. He groaned, playfully. Playfully? You gulped.
“What kind of chores?” His voice was gentle and deep.
You delicately grabbed his hand, feeling the heat warm you to your core. He didn’t pull away this time. “Let’s get you to bed first. We’ll discuss that in the morning.”
“You’re not joking?” Sasuke asked, taking in the sight of the overgrown garden. It was a nicely sized area, with lots of pretty flowers and small plants scattered around the land. It was probably at least a few hours worth of work, based on looks alone. He turned to you and saw you shake your head lightly, a small giggle escaping your lips. 
He sighed. “So, this is-”
“I promise,” You interjected, “This is a big help. Weeds are one of the most deadly creatures you’ve had to face. They kill thousands every year.” 
Sasuke felt like a kunai had just stabbed into his heart. God, you were so cute. 
He turned his nose upwards to conceal his smirk. “No time to waste, I suppose.” 
He walked over to the wheelbarrow and began pushing it around, digging up weeds and placing them into it along the way. The sky was still cloudy and gray, but the storm had finally moved on to annoy someone else for the time being. It did feel like it would rain again, but Sasuke was hoping it would be a gentle sprinkle. It wouldn’t be for another few hours, he guessed, and he was hoping he’d be able to find a quiet cave to rest in for the night before it started up again. 
Last night, after you had practically tucked him into bed and provided him multiple glasses of water, he barely slept at all. It wasn’t because he was uncomfortable - quite the opposite; the bed was soft and cocooned him perfectly, the blankets smelling of peaches - but he was stressed all night, thoughts of you flashing in his mind. Thoughts of what your soft lips would feel like on his, of how he wanted to run his slender fingers through your hair and tug on it, of what his name would sound like coming out of your pretty mouth as he nipped at the skin of your inner thighs with his teeth. 
“Sasuke!” He nearly jolted out of his skin as he turned to look at you. “It’s over here, okay?” He saw you pointing towards a glass of water and smirked, realizing you had probably just had a whole conversation with him that he would never remember since he was lost in his own lewd thoughts. This girl is such a chatterbox.
“Yeah,” He replied, his voice thick with lust. 
You gave him a peace sign before plopping an adorable straw hat onto your head as you began trudging through the garden, watering your flowers. Sasuke watched you for a while, getting distracted by the sway of your hips, the way you ran your fingers over the flowers gently so as to not break them. You were wearing a yellow flowy, long dress that went down to the middle of your calves with brown boots and Sasuke kept thinking about how he wanted to rip the dress off you like an animal.
He turned away quickly, shocked by his immature thoughts. What was he supposed to do? Did you feel the same? Surely not. This was unlike anything he had ever felt before, but he knew what he was feeling was wrong; this was no way to look at another human being, as though they were a pound of flesh just waiting to be eaten. Shame rippled its way throughout Sasuke’s body as he tore the weeds up with ferocity, ripping apart their stems and watching as the leaves toppled limply to the ground. 
You worked together in silence for a while, and Sasuke noticed the sky was beginning to get even darker. No sunlight shone through the heavy clouds and he was starting to panic. He wanted to stay with you, he did, but the thought of another night here wasn’t something he was sure he could handle. He wasn’t sure how much longer he would be able to keep himself away from you. He imagined what he might try and do: dig his nails into every part of his skin leaving white marks all over his body, bite his lip until he drew blood, and possibly even do jumping jacks until he passed out. None of those things appealed to him the way you did and he let out a quiet groan.
Sasuke had never had much luck with karma, and times like these made him remember just that, as rain started slowly making its way down from the sky above. It started out light, lazily toppling onto his head before rushing out from the clouds like a shooting star. You were just behind him and had tried to run inside but you fell butt first into the mud. Not thinking, Sasuke scooped you up and ran back to the porch. And now he was muddy. And so were you. And your bathroom was small. Oh, fuck.
Your body was warm in his arms, fitted to him like a jigsaw piece. Your eyes were sparkling with amusement and joy as you looked up at him, and he felt like he was going to melt right in front of you. How did you keep making him feel like that?
“Sasuke, you-” Your voice was soft amidst the pouring rain, faint to his ears. “I’m sorry. I’m so clumsy.” 
“It’s nothing,” He said, smiling down at you.
“Well,” You trailed off and Sasuke felt his palms grow sticky, either from sweat or rain, he hadn’t decided. “I haven’t had a chance to wash your old clothes yet, and those were the only spare ones I had…” You poked his chest and it felt like your finger was made of fire. 
“Oh,” He said. He tightened his grip around you, not wanting to put you down yet. “I can stay out here, while you…” He felt his face heat up at the thought of you showering and he wasn’t able to finish his sentence, turning his nose up towards the sky abruptly.
“It might be awhile, unfortunately,” You said. “The clothes! I mean, of course, not my…um…” 
Sasuke felt himself smile. “I don’t mind.” 
You poked his forehead in the same way Itachi always used to and he couldn’t contain his wide-toothed grin as he looked down at you. 
“Good,” You replied. 
“Do you like the rain?” You asked. 
Sasuke ran his fingers in circles absentmindedly over the robe you provided him and shook his head, remembering his fight with Naruto at the waterfall. He had won, just barely, and was looking down on his friend's face, watching the rain drops fall from his nose onto Naruto’s headband. He was glad that he had turned away, that he hadn’t succumbed into his darkest desires. He frowned and felt your soft touch against his wet hair, your fingers twisting their way through it and brushing onto his scalp. He gulped. 
You hummed. “I do.”
“Why?” He asked. Your nails felt smooth on his head and made his spine tingle at your contact.
“Because,” You said airily, “The rain is what brought you to me.”
Sasuke’s heart felt as though it had grown double in size as he whipped his head back to look at you, dumbfounded. No one had ever said something like that to him. Your legs were tucked under your body and you were sprawled out lazily, your head against the back of the couch and your hands twisted into his hair. Your hair was frizzy after letting it air dry after your shower; your curves pulling Sasuke toward you like a strange siren’s song. He wanted you like he had never wanted before, yearned for you so deeply and desperately. 
“I should go,” Sasuke said, his voice cracking with pain. He didn’t want to leave - he wanted to stay here forever, tucked away in your weird little town with its excessive gnomes and holiday homes - but he knew that if he stayed he would be putting you in danger. You made him feel like he was going insane, like he was slowly descending down a dark, spiral staircase that would bring him nothing but pain and suffering. It was what he deserved, after what he did. He knew it - that the Karma Police had found him and were trying to ensnare him in deep-rooted misery for all eternity - but he wouldn’t allow it. He would never hurt you. Ever. Even if it meant leaving you.
“Go?” You moved your hands from his hair and he wanted to moan in annoyance. “You can’t leave now, it’s raining cats and dogs out there!” 
Oh, how he wanted to make a snide remark about that. Not the time. “I have things I need to do,” He said sternly.
“Sasuke-” You reached for him and he swatted your hand away.
“Thank you for your kindness,” He stood up and walked towards the door. He felt the air around him shift and knew you were standing behind him. He stalled. 
You wrapped your arms around his waist, resting your head on his back as you pulled him closer to you. He could smell your peach perfume and it reminded him of walking along the streets of Konoha with his mom and Itachi, attending the spring festival as the cherry blossoms swirled and danced around the air. His heart skipped a beat as he went to shake you away, making him shudder. His hands twitched, his eyes filled with hot tears, and he slowly dropped his hand from the doorknob and let it fall to his side. 
Sasuke clenched his fists in a futile bid to suppress his pulse racing madly. She’s just a girl. A girl who was making his heart do summersaults due to her damnable presence just because she was holding onto him with an impossibly tender touch and causing all the blood from his brain to come rushing straight to his pants. But still, just a girl.
He opened his mouth, trying to speak, before quickly shutting it again because he realized his brain had definitely turned into goo. Sasuke shook you off him, making you gasp and stride back a few paces. I can’t take any more of this, he thought.
“Do you really want to leave that badly?” Sasuke could hear the hurt in your voice and he wanted to spin around and crash his lips onto yours; wanted to pin you against the wall and ravish every inch of your body while you sputtered out his name like an idiot. He was pure adrenaline; his brain fully replaced by impulse and desire, turning him into a monster that thrived on only instinct and hormones. Do NOT go there, Uchiha. Abort mission. 
“No,” He managed to finally reply. Your eyes sparkled with eagerness. This girl is magic; he was convinced now. You were ethereal, something that he knew he didn’t deserve to be able to behold, yet you allowed him to anyway. You let him stay; no, convinced him to stay anyway - despite it all. Sasuke felt like the drumming of his heartbeat could be heard all throughout your stupidly small village, but in that moment, he was content. 
The first time Sasuke left, you felt your heart shatter into a million pieces. You were both on the couch, sitting in comfortable silence, your head resting on Sasuke’s lap as you continued your re-read of your favorite book. You always liked to read it this time of year, while the air was filled with honey sweet scents and cool breezes that soothed your skin, when you felt him shift his weight, just enough to signal that he wanted to move.
You adjusted for him, leaning your head up lazily, only he didn’t move. He had been at your house for two weeks now, insisting that he would leave when his debt was repaid to you, and finding various things to fix. 
You’re just so clumsy, he would say, so I need to fix this crack in the staircase. Or: I’m surprised this wheelbarrow is still standing, the wheels are so wobbly! The last thing he had fixed was that very afternoon, when he went out to grab some more milk and flour for you (to make him brownies, of course, because what weirdo has never had brownies before?).
“Doesn’t this bother you?” He asked as he continued swinging the door open, closed, open, closed; the little squeaking noise repeating over and over like a melodic flute.
“Hm,” You said, “I never really noticed.”
“It’s annoying,” Was all he said as he exited the house, coming back with milk, flour, and some oil for the door hinges. 
Now, his slender fingers stopped dancing through your hair and the air became thick with anticipation. You closed your book and moved off him, locking your eyes onto his onyx ones. He looked like a storm was raging in his mind and you knew what was coming, knew he was leaving, and you began to cry.
He immediately grabbed you by your shoulders and pulled you into his chest, his hot breath tickling the back of your neck as he whispered to you.
“I’m sorry,” He murmured, “But I need to do this.” He continued holding you for what felt like a lifetime before you were able to put yourself back together, walking swiftly away from him and into the kitchen, where you began meticulously cleaning the counters that didn’t need to be cleaned.
You felt Sasuke’s eyes locked onto you the whole time like a wolf watching its prey. Your stomach was twisted into an ugly knot that you weren’t sure you’d ever be able to untangle, and your eyes continued to spill hot tears down your face as you wept silently. His soft touch on your hand was the only thing that was able to pull you out of your trance. He kissed the top of your head delicately, and you felt crumbling concrete and soot form in the back of your throat. You tried to swallow it but you instead made a deep, guttural noise as you twisted out of his grip and walked towards the front door, opening it, and nearly falling apart again when the little squeak was gone - the last remaining bit of memory you had of him gone with it.
Sasuke had left and come back three times now, with each journey being shorter and shorter than the last. The first time, he was gone a full three months, returning in mid-July on what felt like the hottest day of the year. He stood on your front door step looking absolutely ragged, but you pulled him into a sticky embrace nonetheless, allowing his peppery vanilla scent to ensnare you fully. 
“You came back,” You whispered, over and over again, your voice muffled into his strong chest as he gripped onto you tightly.
He chucked lowly, stroking your hair. “Yeah.”
Now, you sat on your back porch, sipping your morning coffee. Sasuke had left for the fourth time almost two weeks ago. It was early November, the leaves had started to topple to the ground of the earth, painting it all deep mahogany and gold. Your garden had some pumpkins haphazardly growing in it, surrounded by beautiful white and peach mums. The air was cool against your skin, cutting through your cardigan with each gentle breeze. 
The rustling of leaves pulled you out of the fantasyland of your book, and you smelled his familiar cologne before you felt his hand stroke the top of your head gently. You hummed and leaned into him, enjoying the warmth of his body heat.
“Hi again,” You said.
“Hi,” Sasuke sighed.
He followed you into the kitchen and listened to you babble on about what you had been up to while he was away as you made him a cup of tea. His eyes never left your body as you moved. You remembered the first night you met him, and how his intense gaze had made you self-conscious, but now, after knowing him for nearly seven months, it made you feel safe and secure. 
Sasuke touched you every chance he could all day. He followed you from room to room, grazing his hand against your thigh as you cooked dinner, letting his knee rest against yours while you ate together on the couch, leaning his body against yours while you told him the funny stories he missed out on while he was gone. You spent the whole day lounging around your cottage together, chatting him to death. He didn’t seem to mind, but it made you wonder - you told him everything, but he was so quiet around you - why didn’t he tell you anything? Why keep coming back? 
“Sasuke,” You began, startled by your confidence. He hummed as he continued to scatter mums throughout your hair, the stems tickling your scalp. “Can we play a game?”
He stalled his movements and you pictured the bewilderment that was surely on his face. You reached your hand back to grab the mum from him and twisted to face him, tucking the mum behind his ear. His eyes had a curious glint within them as his mouth formed into a tight line, but he didn’t protest.
“Like what?” He asked cautiously.
“Like fifty questions?” You inflected the end of your sentence, giving him a way out if he wanted one.
He drummed his fingers against his thighs before sighing. “So, truth or dare without the dare.” It wasn’t a question.
“Precisely! Unless you want to add dares, because I guess we could-”
He put his finger to your lips. “No dares.” 
Oh god, you really wanted to bite his finger. You puckered your lips instead and he pulled away, eyeing you suspiciously. “I’ll go first,” You offered and he leaned back against the couch, nodding at you to continue.
“Why do you keep coming back?” His eyes widened for a moment and his shoulders tensed up. He sighed and leaned forward again, booping his finger onto the tip of your nose.
“I like it here,” He said nonchalantly. “My turn?”
You grumbled, not really satisfied with his answer and he gave a hearty chuckle. 
“Why do the villagers call you a witch?” Your heart skipped a beat. 
“How did you-”
“You’re not the only person I listen to around here, you know,” He laughed again as you pushed yourself from the floor to stand, arms crossed, looking at him sternly. 
“I-” You hesitated. “I know some ninjutsu. Nothing major.”
He swooped closer to you in the blink of an eye, causing you to gasp lightly. He looked down on you, his expression filled with a teasing amusement that made you want to scream. You balled your hands into fists and went to huff away, but his grip on your cardigan stopped you. 
“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked.
“You didn’t tell me either,” You spat it out without thinking, and his hand fell from you with a thud onto his body. He backed away slightly and the sadness that sometimes finds its way into his gaze was back, unyielding and deep. 
Now it was his turn to echo your question. “How did you know?”
“I’m not stupid. You came from nowhere and you leave to go god-knows-where,” His body was stiff as a board, but you took his hand into yours and held it there like it was your anchor. “Plus, I washed your clothes and found your headband.” You smiled softly and stared at his hand in yours, thinking it was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen. “It’s okay. I figured you didn’t want to discuss it, and I don’t care. I like you no matter what.”
He stepped closer to you and his finger lifted your chin up, the tips of your noses brushing against each other, his warm breath tickling your cheeks. And then he kissed you. His lips felt like small flames, burning you in the best way; the kiss was gentle, like he was afraid you’d pull away, or that he would break you on contact. Your heart was slamming against your ribcage as your grip on his hand tightened and he grabbed the back of your head, twisting your hair through his slender fingers. 
You intertwined your free hand into his raven hair, the locks soft and smooth, and he pressed his body closer to yours as his tongue licked your bottom lip. Your mouth parted open for him and now you were both breathing heavily, his tongue exploring around your mouth savagely as he picked you up and held your body close to his. 
You felt yourself being pushed against the soft mattress and you gasped as he ran his hands over your thighs, your hips, your stomach, his lips never leaving yours. He had you under his spell, poisoning you with his toxic taste, and you wanted to drink him up forever.
He pulled away slowly, both of you panting furiously, as he traced his fingers lightly over your stomach through your clothes. His touch was white-hot, causing goosebumps to form on your skin like his personal branding mark. His eyes were stormy and dark, drowning you in an endless midnight sea. He kissed your forehead, then your temple, then your cheeks, working his way all down your neck and collarbones, his hands roaming your body hungrily.
“S-Sasuke,” You whispered.
He didn’t reply, giving you three more quick kisses on your neck instead, before he locked his eyes with yours, laying his head in the crook of your neck. 
“I see why they call you a witch now,” His voice was gravel against your skin. “Because you’ve enchanted me.” 
And then he kissed you again, and his kiss told you everything: that he was here, that he was yours, and that he wasn’t going to leave you again.
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kaypeace21 · a day ago
Who do you predict will die?
So hard to say. I don't have super confident guesses tbh ...
New characters seem the most obvious to die.
I mean I thought eddie would die before a single trailer was released - and it was because of a single promotional image that appeared to foreshadow his death - link Here. But who knows maybe they'll surprise us.
They could k*ll hopper' s russian friend- dmitri . Plus yuri. Maybe a bit too obvious. Given alexi. But I could see it . Yuri is a douche so he's probably for sure done-zo.
I kind of could maybe see Jason quickly getting vecna-ed and dying similar to fred. He definitely has enough tra*ma- because of his gf and friend dying. And that could be how the secondary antagonist's story closes.but there's other alternative possibilities for him, I guess...
argyle may be another bob newby. Another pure soul who just wanted the best for the byers fam- and got dragged into the crazy supernatural business ,only to die (and he deserved better- camp) . There's a very slim chance he may be a spy- and die that way too. If a spy he could easily turn on his colleagues in favor of the byers/El - which wouldn't end well. But , he's maybe just be the next bob . I'm still not over bob... so poor argyle if that's the case.  I hope he makes it. 
As far as older established characters
Idk maybe murray ...no offense but we as a fanbase could survive his passing. XD.
Maybe Karen (that part 1 trailer showed she was in danger)... and now she and the rest of the parents are getting more involved in the plot. 
Brenner ? (the lab is exploding and the army is shooting guns everywhere . I could see him die then. But I could also see sullivan just take him prisoner for info- as a later s5 plot thread)
People who prob won't die ... but like the 1% chance is making me paranoid ...
I don't think she'd die tbh. But elmstreet dreamwarriors was said to inspire s4. Freddy k (inspo for vecna) kills nancy thompson (inspo for nancy) in a dream,in said movie. So it makes me a tiny bit worried. Even if it's fairly fairly unlikely. I just feel like the duffers love her too much. So I think she'll make it - even if a close few calls. My gut thinks... she'll probably be fine.
I'm not sure why... something in my gut is worried for steve (i feel like as an actual main he's the most likely candidate to die). But the fanbase is so obsessed- that I think he prob will be fine . Levy said Steve is safe becuse he loves him too much. But, it's not the first time the crew lied though? Steve is prob ok. It may mean completely nothing but I did not like dustin telling Steve "if you die . I die". Or robin saying to steve she's worried it won't work out for them . But idk ... I just can't see any of the main kids dying. Same goes for robin as she's literally the only confirmed out character at the moment. But Steve- idk he may do something risky to save others. He's already had close calls in s1,2,3, and 4 jumping into danger to save others.
I still think the season ends with a pretty bleak ending (regardles of how many or few deaths there are). where the Hawkins crew didn't really fully win. Hawkins is probably in shambles (caused by vecna/sullivan's troops/ the delirious hawkins mob). And I think maybe El overuses her powers and maybe ends up in a coma after "saving the day" . I know sounds odd ...but it has foreshadowing and would be bleek . Later, in s5 she would be fine though. Post about that theory here. I could also see at the end of s4: joyce and co stranded in the soviet union with no way back (for a while). And then who knows lonnie may get custody of Will because of that- and so the byers brothers are separated , and Will's stuck with a human monster. Or instead poor Will is stuck in the ud with vecna- a literal monster. And bam that's the s4 cliffhanger. Like there's alot of ways to have a messed up ending without k*lling a bunch of people off.
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pareidoliajules · a day ago
So after last night's episode of the boys (which I have Several thoughts about), I feel I simply must say it again: Antony Starr is an incredible actor.
I'll hold off on my character analysis for the moment to just talk about how Antony Starr used his physicality in the most important scenes - starting with where he finds out Noir noped the fuck out.
Not only is he scared - actual, real fear, just like we saw when he first saw the camera footage of Soldier Boy - but he's hurt. And not just in the "ow that bruised my ego" way. He almost starts crying. You can see the tears in his eyes. When he leans in close to The Deep, you can literally see the reflection in the shine of his eyes. Another actor's attempt at this would've felt out of character or melodramatic, but with Antony Starr, the audience clocks it as maybe one of five instances of genuine emotion from a man whose most common "emotions", if you can call it that, are "murder", "sex", and "[preens]".
Which brings me to the next scene. I was already like, oh, shit, this is gonna be his best episode to date (which is saying something, because again, Antony Starr Is So Good). The scene where he's talking to himself in the mirror has so many tiny, beautiful expressions that say so much. My boyfriend fiance pointed out that the mirror scene was a definite homage to Willam DeFoe's Green Goblin (specifically the "Yahtzee!" moment), and I think it's fair to say that they're definitely on the same level (and Willam DeFoe is also So Good). For perhaps the first time, we see Homelander, stripped. He is entirely alone. He has no one to perform for; no one to impress or intimidate. He is only himself, but even still, he is divided.
...I said I wouldn't get into character discussion in this post. So. Antony Starr had two difficult tasks: playing off himself (instead of another human to work with), and playing two drastically different emotions. For the sake of clarity, I'll refer to them as Homelander and Mirror!Homelander.
We see Homelander's "last shred of humanity" more clearly here than anywhere. Antony Starr portrays a victim of abuse faced with his abuser, where their abuser is positioning themself as his savior. Antony Starr is a tall, sturdy man, but he makes himself look so small, so young as Mirror!Homelander confronts him. He is a child, scared of the world outside and the world within (Mirror!Homelander). We see Homelander sans bravado, sans ego, sans everything that makes Homelander the character we've seen over the past 2.5 seasons, and instead of seeming out of character, or seeming expected (in the sense of oh no the poor little meow meow had a tough childhood), it opens up a crater of emotion, of depth, of pity for this monster of a person. That would not be possible with another actor, I am positive of this.
Now let's talk about Mirror!Homelander. This is more what we expect from Homelander - big emotions. Anger. Righteous indignation. But it doesn't start that way. It starts soft, the way Homelander tried to approach Ryan - the way he would speak to a scared child. It ramps up, it borrows language from Stormfront, and it comes again to this idea of purity, of being clean. That humanity, even the humanity within Homelander himself - the humanity that has been more or less hidden behind...all of the everything - that humanity is the problem. This is an abuser talking to his victim; telling this scared little boy that he will help and he will protect him from the outside world (and whatever the "bad room" is, which I Will Not talk about right now, I won't!!!), just so long as the little boy does exactly what he says. Mirror!Homelander is the worst of what we've seen of real Homelander, and again, by another actor, it would have felt...overdone, or at least obvious. But Antony Starr's performance makes it clear that whatever pain he inflicts on the world around him (and it is a lot of pain!), he's also inflicting pain on himself, to the point where Homelander has to completely divorce himself from the source of it.
In the last scene with Homelander, after the fight, we only see real!Homelander, standing stock still in front of that mirror. What is Mirror!Homelander saying to him? How is he explaining what just happened to himself? How does he justify the fact that he ran away from a fight between his should-be-dead hero, his nemesis, and a naked twink?
What is Homelander doing to himself, that none of us can see?
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fanficshiddles · 2 days ago
Favourite Spot, One Shot
Thanks for the prompt blackwidownat2814 hope you like it!
Loki meets reader at a New York Public Library branch. She’s super shy and insecure (“why would a god want to talk to me/like me?”). I don’t know what else to add! I’ll leave it up to you!
You were in the public library, it was your safe place. Your happy place. You just loved books. How they took you to a new world, a perfect escape. And the smell of them. Just everything about books you adored.
There was a sofa in the back of the library that was always quiet, by a window looking out onto central park. It was your favourite spot.
You had just settled down on the sofa with one of your favourite books, you were so engrossed in it that you never noticed, or heard, a certain God of Mischief and Avenger, come into your corner of the library.
Loki was looking for a certain book when you caught his eye. It was only after he’d eyed you up and stepped closer that he spotted the book you were reading was what he was looking for. Making him even more intrigued and interested in you. He quickly grabbed a different book from the shelf and tucked it under his arm.
A polite cough from him had you snapping out of your book. You looked up and your eyes widened when you saw who it was, and your heart began racing.
‘So sorry to disturb you, I was just wondering whether I may sit here?’ Loki motioned to the other side of the sofa.
‘Oh, sure.’ You squeaked out, nodding a bit over eagerly.
Loki smiled sweetly and sat down with his book. ‘Have you read that before?’ He enquired, eyes looking to the book you held.
‘Once before, yes. I just had to read it again, it’s so good. One of my favourites.’ You smiled brightly at him.
‘I’ve read it too, it is fantastic. So it’s a great choice.’ He approved. ‘Do you come here often?’
‘Yeah, whenever I can really. It’s kind of like a safe haven for me, somewhere I can come to switch off from the outside world, you know?’ You explained and he nodded in agreement.
‘I know the feeling.’ He chuckled. ‘I hope I haven’t come in and ruined your safe haven?’
‘No, no. Not at all!’ You said slightly more enthusiastically than you had planned.
His smile grew wider. ‘I like coming here because not many others do, so I can just be me. It can be rather tiring when people constantly recognise you on the streets.’
‘That must be difficult. Well, I won’t say a word. Your secret is safe with me.’ You smiled at him.
‘I appreciate it.’ He grinned. ‘What’s your name?’
You couldn’t wrap your head around why a literal god was speaking to you, of all people. And sitting next to you? You couldn’t believe it.
And you certainly hoped this wasn’t a cruel trick being played on you. You did a quick glance around the library, to see if there was any sign of a camera crew ready to jump out to say you were on some prank show or something, but it looked peaceful and quiet…
After telling him your name, he put his hand out towards you.
‘Nice to meet you. I’m Loki.’
‘Nice to meet you too.’ You beamed happily.
The two of you fell into a comfortable silence to read your books for a while. Then when Loki saw you finishing and closing your book, he couldn’t resist asking…
‘I don’t suppose you’d like to grab a coffee with me?’
His question surprised you. And you didn’t answer quick enough, worrying him.
‘It’s fine if you don’t, don’t worry.’ Loki said quickly.
‘No, no… I do… I just…’
‘You’re not sure if you can trust me?’ Loki asked, understanding though. As he still had a lot of redeeming to do after his attack on the city a few years ago.
‘No, it’s not that at all…’ You said nervously.
‘Then, what is it?’ He frowned in confusion.
‘I just never in a million years thought anyone like you, a god, would talk to me. Never mind ask me for coffee.’ You said sheepishly and looked down.
Loki reached over and cupped your chin, lifting your head carefully to meet his kind gaze.
‘Why on earth would you think that? If I may be so bold having just met you, you’re a beautiful woman. And clearly intelligent too, to be reading that. Unless you’re just pretending to read.’ He asked, a mischievous smirk on his lips to let you know he was teasing.
‘Yeah, I was hoping for pictures in this book.’ You giggled and he laughed.
‘Well, what do you say? Would you like to grab a coffee with me?’ He asked, hopeful.
And there was no way you could say no. So you found yourself heading to a coffee shop with Loki.
Afterwards, he walked you home holding your hand. He ended it with a kiss to the back of your hand, after exchanging numbers of course.
You went to bed that night extremely giddy, still unable to believe it all.
All because of your favourite spot in the library.
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softspiderling · a day ago
drabble: how you first met (and how you became more) | j.h.s.
when you and Hangman first met, everyone who knew you thought it was a disaster waiting to happen
he was a cocky asshole and you were a sarcastic bitch, there was no way you two got along
but weirdly? You got along
Okay, neither rooster nor phoenix would call what you and Hangman were doing 'getting along' but there really wasn't a better term for it
you were slinging insults at him, but like, in a flirty way???
and Hangman was just, plain flirting with you
he called you sweets, sunshine when you were especially grumpy, B (with your call sign being bumblebee because of your tattoo)
you on the other hand, either called him Bagman, Hangman or blondie. There was no inbetween.
Anyway, back to the situation at hand
you were the latest arrival on base and rooster had texted you that he was also called out to NAS North Island and to meet him and Phoenix at the bar
and when you walked in, the bar was swarming with aviators, but you could see rooster and phoenix goof off by the pool table
when you came up behind them, phoenix squealed and nearly crashed you with her hug, and rooster took you into his side affectionately
you didn't know the other pilots, but as rooster introduced the rest, your attention was stuck on Hangman. You had heard how he was an asshole but at the end he was the one who saved Maverick and Rooster's ass
"damn, someone like you should come with a warning. Caution: HOT."
you quickly swallow the compliment you were about to make him. "You should come with a warning too!” You said with a sweet smile
“Oh yeah?” Jake grinned, rounding the corner of the pool table
“Definirely,” you nodded, your smile dropping with an eye roll. “so that people won’t slip on the trail of slime you leave behind you. Seriously, do women really fall for these lines?”
Everyone held their breath, waiting for hangman to respond and especially rooster and phoenix were exchanging looks, mentally agreeing to hold you guys back in case a fight broke out
But surprisingly hangman only grinned wider and wrapped an arm around your shoulder “I like you. Come on, let me buy you a drink” and for some reason, you huffed out a laugh and did let him
Hangman and you never exchanged a serious word. Your words being lighthearted insults, while he flirted. But that was just his way of talking, constant double innuendos and compliments paired with a wink. You knew he was just playing with you
So when rooster came up to you and asked when you were going to hit that hangman bc he was sick of the public foreplay, you only laughed in his face
"hangman and I are just joking around, he's not actually flirting with me you dummy" rooster just looked at you for like five minutes and then left, muttered "yeah, right I am the dummy" under his breath
you didn't think of that conversation again until the next training session
it was all going great and you had a really good run, when, literally out of nowhere, a huge storm started brewing
maverick ordered everyone to land on deck and you were about to, but then that fricking lightening just hit you
like, what are the chances?
one of your engines blew, so many people were yelling at you through the radio and your ears were ringing
the plane started spiralling to the ground and it took you all your strength to eject from the plane
when you regained your consciousness, everything felt so heavy, so you just allowed yourself to rest your eyes a bit before opening them
there was a soft rustling and someone grabbed your hand, your voice was too weak to tease "hey, since when are you so touchy-feely, phoenix?" but just like, froze when you heard a familiar huff
"can you please just wake up? I am going crazy here, B. I know, this sounds so fucking weird coming out of my mouth but I really need you to be okay. I can't have my last words be some stupid joke about me needing to sting you to you. Not when I have trying to build my courage to ask you out."
"Honestly, I thought that joke was really funny."
it was really hard to open your eyes and the light was really really bright, but it was worth seeing hangmans's face like that.
"Jesus, nurse!" he yelled over his shoulder before crowding in on your carefully, a weirdly soft look on his face. "Are you okay?"
"Could be better. What was that about you wanting to ask me out?"
Hangman scoffed "I don't know what you're talking about"
"So, you'd want to go out with me while I was unconscious, but not while I was awake?"
Before he could even form a sentence, a bunch of medical staff stormed your room, ushering Hangman out to take care of you, but you held onto his hand strongly, giving him a small smile "It's a date, hangman."
and when he smiled back at you, it felt like being hit by lightning all over again
Tumblr media
author's note: this kinda... got out of hand? idk i never write headcannons, is this how you write one? lmao idk. if I ever have enough time on my hands I might turn this into an actual fic, but for now.
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parkersbliss · 2 days ago
my tua s3 thoughts
Tumblr media
uh yeah I wrote those down as I went and pls someone talk to me I am NOT okay but enjoy my panic through these bullet points and laugh at how stupid I am
seriously this is chaos and I cried a lot 👍
obviously, s3 spoilers!!!
Lila and five bonding :)
i lowkey love the sparrows tho
why is Christopher a cube tho
was he born a cube or….
also they fr all died 😭😭 like damn dropped like flies
Diego’s kids isn’t real, and then, IT IS REAL
Diego being the dad we didn’t know we needed
i love Stan :,(
what is with this show and like double plot twisting you
five speaking Italian
Sloane and Luther getting married in a week???
why is it alway halfway through they make you think they’ve resolved everything and then
five in a suit
five getting the tattoo
also I’m sorry but him carrying the skin around??? pls no
Reggie lowkey funny af 😭😭
klaus supremacy >> proud of him
Ben being a manipulator and I love it
i love fives little monologues
cried during the viktor one
“well we made some friends”
shit made me laugh 😭😭
five sitting in a chair with the one leg is so powerful
idk the whole scene 🥹🥹
let them be happy!!!!
ben’s button ups >
five being a wine uncle at the wedding
I both wanna be on Allison’s side but pls give viktor a break 😭🙏🏼
leave my boy alone
the wedding dancing scene had me in tears
thank you five for singing 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
the look with the hair in his face and the lack of a suit jacket???
fear is five passing out in an elevator
scene was kind of hot tho with the hair …
yeah I’ll see myself out for that
psa: I love shirtless Ben
zero shame
not Reggie guilt tripping five 💀💀
also the scene of then sitting is very pretty if we ignore the whole universe thing
it’s giving what if… dr strange
and why does five just wear the same thing every season
five being the tiebreaker stressed me
dear god
i hate this show
i knew Reggie was sus
not the wedding funeral reference to the first epsiode 🙄
also the scene of klaus jumping?
sir Reginald hargreeves: FUCK YOU
it’s giving the shining
five back with the axe 😫
Lila & Diego are couple goals
but he’s so dramatic 😭 bitch you’ll live
also cockroaches man 🤢
but points for five being a genius boy
my mental state died with allison (is she dead?)
see you all in therapy
no seriously guys I am NOT okay
there are so many tears
what the fuck.
i was right about allison dying lmao
how long till s4 😭
guys I literally can’t do this
I’m sobbing on the floor
Ben in Korea?
send help or requests
jk pls don’t I have so many
therapy is ending it after the footloose scene LMAOOO
or the wedding
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