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#I love asks XD


and oooOF I love me a red dress, but LACY red dress??? U LOOK FIRE I KNOW YOU DO - OWN IT!!! STRUT YOUR STUFF MY LOVELY LOVELY DBB ANON

I am so proud of you!! You can do it!!!! <3 

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I love that! It is true that if we were Hansel or Gretel we’d have such a hard life. Their step mother basically told their dad to take them far away so they would die in the woods and no one would find them. It’d be so nice if the witch was actually kind and felt so terrible seeing us lost in the woods, abandoned and left for dead. Poor thing. She must be so lonely too being in the woods on her own and people telling such horrible lies about her. It would be nice to have some company to spoil and talk too.

She’s all to happy to bring us into her home and start feeding us. It’s rude not to offer your guests something especially when they are starving. She’ll constantly keep you full and it starts to show. You’ll blow up like a balloon and it’s the cutest thing to her. You look so happy and cozy with a full fat belly and swollen cheeks. A perfect happy cutie pie! She won’t let you go back to that horrible home of yours. She can’t! I guess you’re just going to have to live with her now and be her adorable happy butterball!

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Yes. I shall now change my name to ‘Think’.

N - “No, Thun.

E - “Only one name…otherwise, it’s gonna get confusing.

Yeah, but I used to be called Lamp…and I don’t actually mind that name, either.

N - “You can have those as nicknames, along with Laura, and whatnot…but you are known as Thun here.

Yeah…might change my real name to that as well…I don’t like my name. qwq

N - “How odd…

I think it’s pretty normal…

E - “…Thun’s weird…

Thanks, geez…at least I’m not called Nightmare or Error–

E - “You like my name, shut up.

I do… ;3; I also like Nightmare’s name…

N - “…thank…you?

HECCING (almsot) THREE YEARS! <333

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well I don’t mean money is worthless, I mean attached to money is a monetary system, which I guess is called an economic system? unless I’m getting those confused hmmm. maybe Im focusing more on ecobomic systems???? idk

(edit I didnt finish my thought here lol I meant to say if the monetary/economic system used to facilitate the usage of money doesn’t sufficiently support ALL the people then I don’t see how it could be worth much when it’s an obvious failure to the whole idea of a community. I may have misworded that in my last answer (while misunderstanding the ask like I do xp) WOOPS)

I know money matters a lot, it’s frustrating how the economic system incorporated in the U.S. leads to so many people being impoverished in a place where having no money means literal death and probable debt for loved ones. I dont know what country you’re in but I know at least in here a lot of people get desperate because the only other option really is slow death while being looked down upon as if it’s entirely their fault for being victims of multiple interlinked systems that don’t allow for basic universal support AND actively act against people who are struggling.

Maybe I’m also thinking government systems then… but then, monetary and economic systems would be linked to government systems, if the money is supposed to be regulated and uniform? hmm

as to widening my perspective, I would love to do that! I appreciate your input and if you have more to say my inbox is of course open! Though I might ramble again, sorry XD

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(Salty ask meme - accepting)

Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?

Hm…Not in FFXIV but in other fandoms, yes. Mainly because at some point the fandom’s understanding of those characters was so removed from canon that I just couldn’t recognize the pairing anymore. It’s mostly a problem with fanfics though and one of the reasons why I read so few of them nowadays.

I mean, you know me, I could rant about it for days XD My biggest problem with this is just that there is some kind of “standard” romantic dynamic you will find in every fandom, with every popular ship, regardless of whether it’s in character or not. And I hate that.

Have you received anon hate? What about?

Nah, and my politcy on anon hate is to delete and move on anyways. I’m afraid haters would be quickly bored with sending me shit.

What is the purest ship in the fandom?

Purest as in “sweet”? I’d say WoL x G’raha Tia or with the twins (depending on the WoL’s age). Potentially Aymeric too. There isn’t so many characters I’d associate with sweetness tbh XD

Unpopular character you love?

Gaius and Zenos. Or if we’re talking about unpopular as in “nobody remembers who they are”, Riol and Shisui.

(Long answer here)

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Tom and Ben MC lore :0

So… interestingly enough, most of my Ben and Tom mc Lore comes from their early 2015-2016 twitch clips, from when they’d come on stream once a year before they were really known at all? They’d crack jokes about being let out of the basement since Lewis is gone (Here, at 3:25 and 4:53 and I’m sure there’s more but yeah) and whatnot. Also that one official art Nina did of Tom as a star trek commander… I definitely took that and ran with it (Lumian Tom canon change my mind)

Also there’s a lot so I’ll probably explain stuff over a few different posts under the same tag but!

Long story short, Angor was taken in as Xeph’s behind the scenes personal assistant at Yoglabs and opped so that he could take care of more tedious and menial tasks that Xeph was too busy to do (I like to think that Tom actually built a good bit of yoglabs)! But with the little free time he had, I imagine Tom slowly started venturing out until he met Ridge, who showed him all of the stuff he could do with his powers that Xeph was probably trying to keep from him. So as Tom learned more and more, he eventually prepared enough stuff to break Ben out of yoglabs (after a year or so of trying to make his life a little easier at Yoglabs with blankets and literally any food that’s not fish xp)

Once they break out, they stay pretty low on the radar for obvious reasons, but the occasional prank on Xeph is too tempting to resist (i think it’s hilarious Lewis made them stop calling their stream the Jerk Off stream but they kept secretly doing it anyway to spite him. Cheers for Ben and Tom making a podcast and trying to broadcast it to literally everyone on the server through Yoglabs as a prank)

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sometimes all the time when i think about my f/os i just,,, i literally cant contain my smile and i’ll be sitting in my bed or walking around with a dumb big simpy smile because im thinking about how cute they are and how much i love them and how much they love me and i can’t help but feel all warm inside and giddy about ittt

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🌻 - hmm let me think. ok so when i go over to people’s houses and they have animals, i am That Person that just plays with the animals the whole time i’m there XD but over the years i have mastered the art of giving tummy rubs to as many as three dogs at once - it takes both hands and a foot, but it works! :D

🍒 - *cough* coma/comma/whatever cody+emma is *cough* :P for real, though i don’t actually self-ship - i don’t know that i have the confidence for that XD but i just know that i could get cody to loosen up and make cookies for his brothers with me and he’d appreciate my hot chocolate making skills, too (:

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🎁 Is there something you’ve always secretly wanted to have? - ooh so many things XD umm let me see. i’ve always wanted a lightsaber, actually. when i was younger i’d play star wars with my brother - i always had to be princess leia or padme or myself, no one else ): - and my pretend lightsaber was sparkly and pink. and then i got older and decided i wanted a model lightsaber, but purple. and nowadays i want a really good model with yellow or white blades bc those are the coolest, let’s be honest :D or the darksaber!! holy freaking cannolis the darksaber would be awesome but anyways yes :D lightsaber! 

🍀 Do you have any good luck charms or amulets? - currently i just have the two i mentioned earlier :D but! when i was a kid i had the nastiest. nastiest. little blanket - i called it silky bc it was silky, and oh my heck. my poor mother tried to take that thing away from me for years. i think i was actually almost eleven before she finally managed to convince me to get rid of it (she’d tried sneakily chucking it a couple times and i always freaked out so badly she’d pull it out again) and by that time - oof. no amount of washing could save it. threadbare and stained and nasty. but it was the thing that made me feel safe and secure for whatever reason XD

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[ send ☭ for some MK-style battle intros | still accepting ]

@cryomistrss​ said:


[ I N T R O   O N E ]
𝐒𝐊𝐀𝐑𝐋𝐄𝐓 : You promised me that you were done! 
𝐅𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐓 : I have one last upgrade before I am complete.
𝐒𝐊𝐀𝐑𝐋𝐄𝐓 : How many more times will you give the same excuse?

[ I N T R O   T W O ]
𝐒𝐊𝐀𝐑𝐋𝐄𝐓 : You seem flustered.
𝐅𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐓 : You kept distracting me on purpose in that fight!
𝐒𝐊𝐀𝐑𝐋𝐄𝐓 : Is that why your face is so red?

[ I N T R O   T H R E E ]
𝐅𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐓 : What’s wrong, Skarlet? 
𝐒𝐊𝐀𝐑𝐋𝐄𝐓 : Last time we sparred, you threw your fucking head at me.
𝐅𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐓 : Hey, at least this time you’ll see it coming.

[ I N T R O   F O U R ]
𝐅𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐓 : Care for a spar?
𝐒𝐊𝐀𝐑𝐋𝐄𝐓 : You just want to pin me down.
𝐅𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐓 : Don’t act like you don’t like it.

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🔛 - make love to, have a quickie with, be rough / kinky with.

Hehehe Make love with TFP OP, quickie with WFC OP, annnnnnd be rough/kinky with TFP Ratchet~Mila💟

Rough and kinky with TFP OP, have a quicky with TFP Rattittat and make love to WFC OP ~Gregoria🏩

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{{This is a repost cuz I messed up and accidentally posted out of order D: sorry about that. But now back to your regularly scheduled post!: }}

{{ Now i’m able to introduce our first pikmin character “Chunks”(the name coming from the fact that they have a chunk bitten out of their ear)!! I’ve been excited and waiting to introduce them/ been developing them since mid early October. A drawing of them actually showed up in my music appreciation post on PNF-404-Plus back on October 25th!! So, I’m glad that they’re finally showin up fully on the blog!!}}

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surprising enough I have not! o:

hmmm I could…go about this several ways since I’m cursed with a ton of ideas bouncing around in my head always uhhh…

 -ship: HAZARD (NoOne/Nova/Hancock) the trio make a compromise cause there is only one bed to make shit worse its fuckin cold but thankfully Nova (a pyrokinetic psyker) naturally radiates a lot of heat. basically two ghouls fighting over a “blanket” and that blanket is their mutual girlfriend who is warm goddamn it share! ends with the fools just in a cuddle pile haha

-ship: got lost, found love (Nick/Echo) Nick’s leg is injured, Echo’s super fuckin tired, unfortunately there’s only one bed. Nick insists Echo uses it to sleep, but Echo insists he needs it more so they can properly work on his leg and get the adhesive to set. Echo nods off after Nick gives her room. aaaaand Nick’s trench coat makes the perfect blanket.

[Never have I ever written]

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ooh interesting things to think about here!! let me dump my opinion on you XD so - okay, i personally see at as - they made it clear from the outset that this was a star wars show set in the star wars universe we know and love. they brought in stormtroopers, imperial mechs, showed grogu using the force and made a big deal of it, rebel fighters, discussed what happened to the rebellion after the war was over - they made it clear from the first season this was a star wars show. so it does make sense to be that they’d bring in known characters

that being said, i have a friend who completely disagrees. she doesn’t care for or watch star wars and she thinks the show made a mistake with making it so clearly star wars this season. but i really don’t see that they could have kept it interesting and plot-driven past the first season without starting to connect things, especially with one of the main characters being force-sensitive. i think it would have gotten incredibly boring and i (again, this is just my opinion!!) think a lot of star wars fans would have stopped watching it if they had tried to completely remove it from the star wars universe. i would have

so - i think they’re doing a really good with balancing things! it feels like a good mix between it being its own show and it being a star wars show. bo-katan and the nite owls definitely made a ton of sense, so did boba, and i’m with you - i’d rather see more mandalorians than have this turn into a show about jedi. i really hope it doesn’t; we’ve had enough jedi XD but! as a force-user, grogu does need to find his own path, so including a little bit jedi stuff makes sense. as long as the jedi stuff kinda dies out after we get the seeing stone at the temple (very excited to see how they’ll do that!), i think it’ll be good. that seems natural to me :D

i will say that since they’re trying to explore how the first order came about and they showed us what looked like snoke prototypes in the last episode, i have a funny feeling they’re gonna keep bringing the jedi and the sith up. but - i don’t see any of them becoming recurring characters. i’m with you, i don’t think it’d fit into the show. i’m also interested to see what they’ll do with thrawn; i think that could actually work quite well as long as they don’t rely on the audience knowing who he is. that’s the part they’ve got to be careful about - finding that balance between over-explaining and yet making sure the audience actually knows what’s going on :D

also i love bo-katan and omera and if they don’t show up again, especially bo-katan, i will riot XD we need more mandos on this show!!! where are boba and bo-katan ): i want them back

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ok so I have a few ideas for bigger projects I can work on for fun during my break, but I can’t decide which one(s) asdkfjklasdfj

-I think I’m doing a holiday fic, which will likely be multichapter whether I plan for it to be or not XD
-then there’s either the vidow slowburn fic, which I have to decide on the changes I wanna make to have it be FSA-centric..
-or I work on the AU in some form, but I’m not sure what exactly
-or I write a self indulgent world building fluff/drama fic for FSA but I have No idea what that’d look like yet, it would just be long and fun :o

what are you all most interested in seeing / having more of from me?

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