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#I love fight scenes!!!

I just realized that if tequila wasnt in tgc the movie wouldn’t have changed in anything. like what is the purpose of that character? seriously lol, everyday I just think abt new things that doesn’t make sense in tgc. what also doesn’t make any sense is, statesman has fucking alphagel, but doesn’t have a tool for disabling land mines? are you fucking kidding me?? there’s l i t e r a l l y no excuse for killing merlin.

omg omg ALSO how they did not have a better way to track Charlie’s gf? they had to make all of that full cringe unnecessary nsfw scene just to put a tracking device in her? all the tech developed is biased by the shitty plot? oh ffs, I’m sure there are better ways of getting a shirtless scene of taron, if that was the main purpose (bc we all want it let’s be real).

I’m sorry for bringing this up when everyone else already did but I find such fun in roasting this movie lol.

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DAOctober #26 - Romance WITH a NPC | Vass Trevelyan & Lord Otranto. Enemies to Bros to Lovers to Happily Married

#dragon age, #DAOctober, #Vass Trevelyan, #Lord Otranto, #Bongwater the dracolisk, #So long story short, #Vass becomes super best friend with Josie because he miss his mommy and with Blackwall because he's the father that he never had, #(his father wanted to kick him out of the family when Vass refused templar training), #When he discover that Blackwall have a crush on Josie and viceversa but Josie has been promised to Otranto he decide to challenge Otranto, #And the scene is like the mission in Val Royaux where they fight with fancy sword that I can't remember how they are called right now, #So Anyway Josie arrives to stop them and Otranto discover that she's in love with someone else (Blackwall) so he goes away and leave them b, #Because he's a gentelman like that. He and Vass continue the fighting more for training than anything else, #Fastforward in the story our Inquisitor breaks up with Dorian when he told him that he'll goes back to Tevinter at the end of all of this, #Even if Vass is the one to break up he can't handle the aftermath and got super sad + drunk + reckless, #and also drinks from the well of sorrow out of spite and got some voices in his head to makes everything more complicated, #Then he contact Otranto to go grab a beer together and complain about ending up single and the two of them become bros over time, #Then Vass grow up as a character bla bla he becomes more responsible he and Otranto start kissing in sunny meadow filled with flowers, #at the end of Inquisiton they get married and Otranto brings Vass to Antiva for the honeymoon, #Antiva è rappresentata come una palafitta love hotel molto costosa in questo disegno perchè la bioware non mi ha dato ref più chiare, #DragonFartArt
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I know olly was a bastard to olivia in every one of their 3 interactions in the game (apart from the ending scene but I was too busy crying so it doesn’t count) but I think somewhere deep down he really did care for her. I already believed that anyway because hnnnghhh siblings but i think origami castle really sold it for me. throughout the castle there are multiple different statues of olly which is to be expected, but next to every one there’s also a statue of olivia to match. plus he decided to put a throne for her next to his even though she had made it clear by that point she wouldn’t join him. I know olly built the castle after the model in the origami craftsman’s basement but I refuse to believe that model had any sort of interior. the interior of that castle was all olly, and he chose to put multiple statues of his sister next to his own and I think that’s really sweet. am i looking to far into this? absolutely. anyway,

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“Lu, are you sure?” they’d asked. Uriel had known it was their fault Lucy was in this situation. They’d been the one to snap at her and then complain a little in front of Michael. Their complaining had been the only reason Michael and snapped at Lucy, the only reason she’d lashed out.

And then Michael had wanted to throw her out. Over her stupid teasing? Lucy had seen it as an opportunity, however.

“He’s going to have me banished one way or the other, there’s no reason he should deadname me as he does it,” she’d reasoned.

She’d given some sort of heartfelt speech in coming out. Everyone but Michael had planned to vote to let her stay. Then he’d taken them aside and essentially threatened them all into banishing her. That was what Lucy had planned for.

Uriel couldn’t remember many details, only that everyone was crying. Even Cameel had tears in her eyes. Lucy and Michael were the only ones not crying, probably because they were too busy staring each other down.

Apparently, Lucy had asked Gabriel to be the one to take her wings. With some reluctance, he had complied.

It had been nearly a year now of complete radio silence from Lucy, at least as far as Michael was concerned. Uriel had been exchanging weekly letters and had come down to meet her in the neutral graveyard on several occasions. Once, they’d asked Gabriel to come, but he turned them down. Uriel hadn’t really expected him to say yes. He was, as ever, in Michael’s pocket.

Today, Uriel sat on the wall at the edge of the graveyard, the last place that fell within heaven. Legs dangling over the edge, they looked out over the misty headstones and memorials. A few months ago, they and Lucy had picniced there and, after eating, and read every marker in the little plot. Uriel had honored them with a small light that hovered over each name and date of death. The lights had long faded away by now, and Uriel wondered about replacing them.

They had no plans to meet Lucy that day, and others seldom visited the graveyard, so Uriel jumped when the black iron gate creaked. For a moment, they considered hiding or perhaps leaving altogether, but quickly decided against it. They were completely within their rights to be there.

A short demon with carefully combed reddish-orange hair stepped into the cemetery. Uriel might not have recognized them, but they were, as always, dressed in their signature teal and green. They were Melvin, one of Hell’s most infamous demons, one of only seven who held a non-satanic title. They represented the deadly sin of Pride, and they were also, incidentally, dating Lucy.

Uriel had never met Melvin, but the fact that Lucy liked them so much set them at ease, so they hopped down from the wall and greeted them.

“Hey, Melvin, right?” Uriel said, calling out only just above speaking volume.

Melvin looked up from where they knelt at a headstone and nodded. They seemed preoccupied at that grave, so Uriel moved closer.

“I’m honored to finally meet you,” they said. “My sister has told me a lot about you.”

“She’s told me much about you, too, I’m afraid,” Melvin said, eyes sparkling. Uriel could see why Lucy liked them. The two were birds of a feather, it seemed.

“Hm, that’s a shame, I was hoping to make a good impression,” Uriel responded.

“Well actually,” Melvin said more seriously, “you still can. Lucy said the two of you sometimes clean up the graves a little, and I have a few friends here to whom I’d like to pay my respects. Do you think you could help me?”

Uriel summoned a warm orb of light between his hands.

“Will this do?”

Melvin beamed.

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(the post and little tag meta in question.)


Ahaha, thank you! It really struck me - that scene has always gotten to me. Not only is Eliot’s part in that whole episode showcasing a part of him we rarely see so clearly, but that particular scene involves him weaponizing it. He so often is assured in his skills, enjoys being underestimated and then showing off and freaking people out with his competency, but it’s almost always softer than here. It’s nonlethal, it’s him using his skill to take his opponents down but not permanently. He generally has fun fighting, you can see it on his face. Only when things get serious does he get like this - not to say he doesn’t take his opponents seriously usually, but the level of intensity and lethality he displays is totally different.

One of the earliest scenes where you see him not messing around in this way is when he just grabs that gun the thug has tucked in his belt in The Miracle Job. It’s not nearly as intense, and honestly just comes off hilarious in the scene, but it also stands out to me as an early moment where he just moves forward and very deliberately shuts his opposition down by exposing the vast difference between their perceived toughness and someone who is actually deadly. You stick your gun in your pants to show off you have a gun? That’s not scary. What’s scary is the man you were trying to threaten stepping right up into your space and holding the trigger ready to fire directly into your junk.

This is that same kind of psych-out, except with far more rage behind it, and no physical threat whatsoever. Nothing directly stated or even too openly implied. But Eliot (who is literally resisting torture before and after this conversation) says just enough, lets his voice and gaze and complete calm say the rest. This man is completely out of his league in trying to get into Eliot’s head, and Eliot shows him that.

I love it. It’s really badass, really scary like I said, and honestly, yeah. Very sad. Because in order to do that sort of thing, you have to be genuinely deadly. You have to be the kind of person who has done those sorts of things. Not just fighting, but deliberate murder. Not just once, but enough that hesitation is a choice rather than an instinct. Eliot can, has, and if the situation required potentially would again be able to calmly kill someone. And that’s one of the other scariest parts of his little speech: he mentions names, who begged, who didn’t, he mentions “what food was on their breath” and that’s the one that floors me. That means he was up close and personal with them. Not just physically - to remember something like that, something so specific, means there is no mental distancing whatsoever. It’s no sniping from a distance, or pressing a button to set off a bomb, and not really processing that you just killed a person. Eliot was there every time, he did that and he knows it and will never forget. He regrets what he’s done so much, but he doesn’t waste time just wallowing in guilt any more than he blames anyone else: the fact is that he killed those people. It’s done. And his acceptance of that, combined with his certainty that he’s already brought upon himself the worst sort of torture by doing so, allows him to have these moments. 

He knows what he’s done, knows he can do it again. He doesn’t want to, but Eliot already knows how to live with himself after the fact. And when he shows that in this scene, it is such a powerful moment. I do stand by “abyss staring back” because honestly, when you watch that guy’s face - look at how smug he still is in the third gif. Then when Eliot starts talking in the fourth, his eyes are caught. He is pulled in, staring, gets so still and so unnerved. He can’t look away until Eliot finishes and the moment is broken, and at that point he is shaken. Trying not to show it but he can’t even fully meet Eliot’s eyes.

I really, really do love that scene so much. Like you said: great idea, fantastic execution.

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Yeah don’t bother with the first one, i’ve watched them both and really the second campaign is where it’s at. All you need to know is if they seem to get really excited about an npc it’s probably a bit character from the 1st campaign, but it’s not like the characters they’re playing know them so it’s really just fanservice and not plot-vital

But yeah campaign 2 is amazing please watch it 👍

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underrated harry potter scenes: [4/14]

Before Hermione could get farther than, “Ron, I’m just as capable –” the tapestry at the top of the staircase on which they stood was ripped open.

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so…….who’s going to be the woman that i cheat on my disgustingly wealthy husband with?? to further set the scene you also have a disgustingly wealthy husband and at the end of the movie we run away together and end up living happily ever after in a studio apartment in San Francisco

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