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#I love him I miss him come back already
latinposeidon · 3 months ago
Honestly when we get the Alex parent plot, I want it to turn out that he doesn't even miss his parents. We already know from WH that they’d been essentially ignoring him since he came out, so being dead probably hadn’t changed much for him. So when he realised he’d never talk to them again he was just kinda like ,,,,,,, cool. But he was almost constantly surrounded by friends who’d been absolutely devastated by losing their parents. It didn’t matter how dysfunctional their families were, Reggie and Luke still love and missed their parents. But Alex? He doesn’t really care
I wanna see Alex dealing with the guilt of not missing his family. Him being reluctant to talk to the band coz he knows they wouldn’t get it. Eventually opening up to Willie about it because he’s the only person who doesn’t seem to miss anybody. Slowly starting to come to terms with the fact that he doesn’t owe his parents emotional energy after the way they treated him. Just showing that you don’t have to forgive your family just because you’re related, and that sometimes it’s healthier to let go of relationships if you know they could hurt you
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tj-crochets · 4 months ago
House update!!! Escrow is closed, the house is ours, and my dad (who is out in Tennessee to finish up the final paperwork and set up utilities and stuff) met some of our new neighbors! It’s a family with two kids (a four year old and a one and a half year old) and he was told to expect the four year old to just show up in our driveway sometimes because she’s used to coming over to play with the little girl that used to live there. He also found out their favorite animals, so I have a new to-make list! - Parrot Man (for my friend) - Bucky Bear (it’s been SO LONG that he’s been headless my auction winner is so patient) - finish the flannel quilt top so I don’t lose the order in the move - a cat (the baby’s favorite animal) - a horse (the four year old’s favorite) My main to-do list is of course packing, but I’m also going to try to get all five of these done before I move. I’ll probably save the quilt for when I’m recovering from getting my wisdom tooth out because that’s just sewing straight lines lol
#the person behind the yarn#tj moves cross country#what to sew next#I am going to miss the kidlet I used to babysit so much#I love him a lot and in a way I'm kind of glad we've had this year to get used to facetiming?#because as much as I'm going to miss him it would be even worse if we were going from seeing each other every week#to not seeing each other in person for a long time#his mom said next time they go on a road trip they'll stop by my house#so I will see him again! and we've already said any time I am back in California to see my mom#I'm going to come spend some time with him too#but still. I'm going to miss him.#and I'm glad I'll have neighbors to help and befriend and make plushies for#I was already planning on making cookies for neighbors once we move in#but those neighbors are getting plushies instead lol#when we moved into our current house it was before I got really sick and I made cookies for our neighbors because it was December#and I'd made too many cookies#and our neighbors STILL remember me years later even though I've rarely spoken to them since#I'll just have to like write the ingredients on an index card or something to give with the plate of cookies for allergies#I want to be a part of the community in a way I've never really been before#and cookies are the start! cookies are (no joke) the way I ended up babysitting the kidlet and that changed my life for the better#okay I think the deciding factor was actually a caramel apple tart but there were also cookies
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traumacure · 7 months ago
i've amassed 1k followers here already... in terms of active accounts it's probably already surpassed my main lol. anyway, hello everyone, i hope today is treating you all well 💙
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hearty-an0n · 4 months ago
m. its 2 am im gonna open my heart up
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altairadtaz · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ geneva nieto + adam du mortain
I can’t help but smile at his statement. “Yes. It does seem like ‘uncertainty’ isn’t a word that fits into your vocabulary.”
“I would have agreed until I met you,” Adam says, the words tumbling though tense lips.
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thesarcasticpacifist · 6 months ago
I really hope hallmark movies can happen.
So far it has been close to one.
I found you while in a relationship going nowhere.
You showed me the light and love I needed.
You opened my eyes and now I see you.
We found our way to each other and now we are in love.
I really hope hallmark movies can happen.
I hope we have a happy ending.
Just like in the movies.
I hope the guy comes back for the girl.
I hope the distance doesn’t kill.
I hope the quiet teacher in the country waiting for the lawyer in the city doesn’t have her heart broken.
I hope for something better than a hallmark movie.
I hope for a real life with you.
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detectiveconnor · a year ago
me: sleep drunk  also me: let’s just message 309208 people to tell them how good they are  edit: listen i’m just complimenting you all in the tags so that way i don’t have to go to different inboxes and i can just go to bed but don’t let that make you think i don’t think you’re fantastic intensely 
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transtemic · 12 months ago
lmao every time im quarantined i have a breakdown i wonder if theres a pattern there /s
#im lowkey not having a good time already and its only day 2 of quarantine#the kicker is im isolating myself from even my family members so im confined to my room a tiny bathroom and the corridor in between#also i gotta bother them whenever i want food or smth#i also wanted to get a doctors appointment per video but had some issues so i gotta wait another day to even think abt getting tested#im rlly sympathising w this one friend of mine whos been in long distance learning all this damn time#shit truly couldn't have been easy for her#also i just hate having to lean on people to much. im not at the point where i have to be 1000% independent but /having to/ depend on ppl#i dont rlly like. ill accept help when needed and offered to me but not having any choice makes me feel awful#ícaro rants#also currently missing my cat. my baby was there for me thru the shitshow that was the start of my heavy depression#he acted as almost an esa i guess?? i had someone else to be responsible for and keep me grounded and love me unconditionally#it rlly hit me hard when my dad just decided to give him away to my grandma without me knowing. truly fuck that dude for that#i didnt wanna show it bc i did get p bad at taking care of him all by myself and he truly is happier w her but like talk to me abt it maybe?#n e ways trust issues relating to cats aside#no yknow what im digging seeper into this hole what are these tags for if not for psychoanalysing myself#so my dad rlly hates cats right. hes like scared of them ig??? but it comes out as real hate and anger a lot of the time.#like when i had my cat my dad literally kicked him which injured my cats eye. i had to put cream on it for like weeks.#and then just gave him away to my grandma behind my back just to get rid of him.#my dad also hit me and my brother for reasons??? and still defends it to this day and refuses to be seen as the 'villain' for it#(as in be seen as worse than my mum bc she left us w him. hes like at least i stayed!!1! as if that erases his abuse)#and he also constantly dismisses us being fucked up from it just bc he had it worse from his own parents.#newsflash asshole just bc you were a child abuse victim doesnt mean ur incapable of abusing ur own kids.#n e ways. his abuse of his kids show a superiority complex (hes allowed to hit us bc xyz) and anger issues. the cat is an extension of that.#and thats why im so attached to cats and relate to them so much. personality and time spent w them in childhood also plays a role#but percieved shared/associated trauma makes me even more attached to them.#...... wow who needs a therapist when you can have *~*~realisations~*~* at 10pm during a breakdown. /j#ask to tag#abuse mention tw
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my best friend broke his phone and it’s like high-key damaged so now we can’t talk for about 2 weeks and he messaged me off of his friend’s phone at about 4 am and i was asleep then so i missed him and now i’m pissed and also sad lmao
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leafeonb · a year ago
#lulu.txt#aa lb#dgs lb#me @ dgs2: stop!!! stop!! i am already dead you already killed me 😭😭😭 STOOPP#what the FUCK. AW MAN.....THE VOICED LINES I WILL CRY RIGHT NOW I#AAAAGHHHH 😭😭😭😭😭😭 OH MY GODDDD... OK I HAVE TO GO. GOODBYE 🏃🏃🏃🏃#I ONLY HEARD THE THE FIRST NOTES OF HIS THEME AND THEN.......o<-< that is all. goodbye everyone. i will cry now#RYUU PROMISED TO IRIS THAT HE WILL COME BACK 🥺🥺🥺🥺 come back ryuu...please. we will miss u so fucking much#and mr holmes and yuujin talking about how these days made them remember about the old times 😭😭😭 they were working on the case....#RYUU ASKED SUSATO TO TELL GOOD LUCK TO ASOUGI FOR HIM BUT THEN. ASOUGI WAS THERE TOO I 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭#OH MY GODDD.....THE FRIENDS ARE HERE BUT ALSO THIS IS ALL MAKING ME SO FUCKING SAD I HAVE NO WORDS#*punches wall* i....i...didnt.think we would...see sprite again...i hate his smile..i am looking away....#YOUUUUUUUU 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 WHAT THE FUCK....YOU 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💛💛💛💛#HIM.....OK 🥺🥺 FINE. u will now ignore the last tag u didnt read anything. i love 😳🥺 fictional men 😏 why?? 🤔 bc they dont exist 😁😁😁#RYUU GOT SO SURPRISED..but also oh my god ryuu he would be a terrible friend if he wasnt there HES UR BEST FRIEND 😢😭😭😭#his pride and joy........ok...🥺😢 HE WANTS TO FACE RYUU IN COURT AGAIN...*starts to fucking cry*#but also sir stay away from b*rok u dont need to do that please. I HATE THIS SO FUCKING MUCH. why didnt b*rok die.#sir are u becoming a prosecutor so u can LEGALLY call ryuu ur rival now that hes ur best friend /j#ok. also. NOOOO I DONT WANT TO GET SAD I DONT WANT TO GET SAD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 STOP#ASOUGIS THEME......o<-< hes giving karuma to ryuu i......sir......*starts to fucking cry*#but also it made me remember a text post that was like '*gives u my sword* will you marry me?' 💀#ANYWAYS. I WILL GO BACK TO BEING SAD WHAT THE FUCK I CANT LISTEN TO THIS THEME 😢😭😭😭😭#the sword.....:-(#I WASNT EXPECTING THE VOICED LINES THIS IS FUCKED UP AND o<-<
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