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#I love it

One of the things that I love about the internet, social media, and tumblr in particular, is how easy it is to pick up on languages. Like… you just learn things, and it’s not like entire languages, but it’s enough to sometimes recognize both the language and the topic because we use memes. We literally use common topics with pictures and easy to follow (like… painfully easy) scripts.

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They came to town today.

They weren’t here yesterday.

Big hats and bigger guns,

We didn’t even get to run.

They came to town today.

They took over the city and

No one really prayed

Was anyone even spared?

They came to town today.

They ain’t gone anytime soon.

Long time gone, now it’s over

Bodies lie dead on the floor.

They came to town today.

And never really left

They attack and destroy,

Now ain’t nothing left livin’. 

They came to town today. 

Left behind a bloody trail. 

They’ll leave and then come back. 

May karma collect their debts. 

They came to town today. 

And never really left.

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