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ac0531 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I decided to commission the incredibly talented @numptypylon for a scene from my fanfic Love and Determination!
A huge thank you to numpty! She captured the scene so vividly, and I’m so happy I commissioned her!!
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happyheidi · 2 months ago
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archive mb for @faith-gigliorosa ♡
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theminecraftbee · 9 months ago
meta post about why moon’s big is so interesting to me:
i think it’s because we aren’t being told why? we aren’t being handed details? sure they had to make it obvious to us it was weird (since we don’t see the moon THAT often on hermitcraft and it had been happening gradually enough that we were all used to it), but now that we know... they aren’t explaining ANYTHING to us. sure, joe is doing Moon Size Science, but in a way that doesn’t really explain what’s going on or why, and he clearly is discovering answers along with us. plus, it’s just... happening in the background, regardless of if the hermits acknowledge it in the moment or not. there’s an earthquake at a regular interval. the moon’s getting bigger.
i think i’m so invested specifically because this is like. one of the most cryptic things to ever happen actually. we don’t know WHY. we have to try to hunt down answers like when did the moon start getting bigger for ourselves, scrambling to find proof of when it might have started. we’re making up theories as to what’s going on. every hermit is somehow involved whether they’re normally storyline people or not, because it’s just something that is happening, continuously, in the background, with no explanation.
and i LOVE IT. i love that we don’t have answers. i love that it’s weird and cryptic. i love that it was slowly building up in the background for weeks. i love watching streams and videos for hints of what’s happening.
guys i am SO INVESTED in moon’s big. and like. whatever the payoff will be this will have been one of the most fun ways to get deranged i LOVE this stuff.
good job hermits this plotline is FANTASTIC
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mizgnomer · 6 months ago
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Around the World in 80 Days / Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor) Parallels - Part Two
...or David Tennant as two globe trotting adventurers
Link to [ part one ]
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moonlightchicken · a month ago
My favourite thing about TMS2 is that there isn't a darker, deeper reason for what Jiwoo did. Nope. Just a man with his self-loathing suffocating inside the walls of his own making.
Viewers expected another blackmail storyline, another nefarious scheme, some third party involvement or a secret. Of course, what happened with his parents and his past relationships informs Jiwoo's walls but at the end of the day, it was just a misguided attempt at self-preservation.
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kodalacar · 7 months ago
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reading all the theories keeps me watching Arcane over and over again 😅 so many details!
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saltwife · 2 months ago
I am very late to the Persona 5 party, but the jock himbo and the artsy himbo need to kiss
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cowboygroupie · 8 months ago
tom is amy because he’s forced himself into this cool guy persona to fulfil his wife’s fantasy of the perfect guy, but he’s actually very unhinged and can’t ever truly fit into the family or this ideal life so after being denied any basic respect or love he decides to completely betray her but will end up going back to and staying with shiv because he spent his entire life shaping himself into something she would like. shiv is nick because she’s the entitled guy who’s never had to work for anything in their life and thought they could manage a husband and be able to sleep with whoever they want but ultimately as miserable as the marriage she’s in is, she can’t ever get divorced or broken up because their both not quitters and divorcing tom would be admitting she’s failed. tom is the cunt she married and she’s stuck with him.
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everything-has-a-moral · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“Can you bride my hair?”
“Like my life depends on it!”
“Cool! Not too tight at the base ok?”
I’m very pleased how Willows color sheme turned out!
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car-toons · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
When Adrien emptied his heart about his trauma, Marinette listened. She was there for him.
Tumblr media
When Ladybug felt like she failed after her big mistake, Chat Noir listened. He was there for her.
And this is why I love the love-square. When one struggles, the other is the listener, the advocate. I can’t wait to see how the love-square develops in Season 5. After all, they are made for each other.
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hermitcraftheadcanons · 5 months ago
Iskall knows how to speak and understand Villager. Other hermits may claim that they understand it but it is nothing compared to Iskall. They didn't really know when they started to fluently understand what the villagers were saying.
That's why you can sometimes find Iskall having a full conversation with their villagers. Iskall has also some how taught some villagers English and Swedish throughout the seasons.
Also, half of the time when Iskall "hmms," it's just them speaking in Villager.
In every new world, the first thing Iskall does is try to teach the villagers a few words. It takes a bit of time and a lot of confused hmm-ing, but it's well worth the investment to see a Hermit jump a mile when they're greeted with an enthusiastic "hallo!" at the trading hall!
~ Mod Shade
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calcium-cat · 23 days ago
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Kiki’s delivery service!  Inspired by how Dream calls Killer “kiki” in One Small Dream, I just couldn’t get it out of my head! I might eventually colour it but I wanted something to thank you for making me laugh <3 ty, please do keep writing it’s great!
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startistdoodles · 8 days ago
After discovering what solarpunk is from a very beautifully animated video, I like to think that the Pokémon world would definitely have solarpunk reigning supreme.
I also like to think that if Pokémon existed in our world we would embrace solarpunk too. Unfortunately, that's still a dream. :(
I actually had no idea what solarpunk was so i had to look it up but !!!!
Tumblr media
It is super pretty and I could absolutely see a Pokémon town embracing this aesthetic. Definitely the perfect fit for a grass or steel type gym :)
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secondbeatsongs · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
everybody go home; this tumblr icon is my new best friend
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lavenderwaterwitch · 2 months ago
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I started embroidering about a month ago 🪡🧵
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whales-are-gay · 21 days ago
no i mean it’s sooooo cool that as jonathan spent more time in the castle his diary entries became shorter and shorter, both to conserve energy and paper. and we’ve seen the entire descent start to finish(i hope not?) in real time but mina’s just seeing that last part going. oh no. Oh no. oh no oh no oh no
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bluerosety-blog · a month ago
After this interview, I encourage the general audience/casual fans to re-watch the show again while keeping in mind that Will is gay and has feelings for this best friend, your mind will be blown. His character makes sense if you go back with the knowledge! 😊
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