#I love it when u send me cars 馃グ
spidervee 5 months ago
Sexting with Peter. I usually think sexting is kinda cringe but I feel like you write it well. And that everything Peter Parker does is hot so I know for a fact if that man sexted me it would turn me on for sure.
Ooh this is a little bit of uncharted territory for me as I鈥檓 also not really into sexting, but let鈥檚 give it a whirl! I wrote this like a text chain & I hope it isn鈥檛 too terrible! 馃尰 18+ only plz g/n!reader
Bug: Hey Pete! Can you pick up ketchup on your way home? We鈥檙e out and I鈥檓 making fries with dinner
Parker: can do! just gotta do a bit of work on the web design gig 馃槈
Bug: Be careful
Parker: scouts honor
Parker: btw how are your knees?
Bug: Fine??? What do you mean?
Parker: since you spent so much time on them last night 馃構
Bug: Ffs Peter really? 馃槖
Parker: what?! Im just being considerate
Bug: I鈥檓 rolling my eyes so hard at you rn
Parker: your eyes rolled pretty hard last night too
Bug: oh my god
Parker: you kinda walked into that one
Bug: Yeah, you got me there
Bug: Wait!
Bug: No!
Parker: yeah, I got you there! Twice iirc
Bug: ugh
Parker: I love you 馃グ
Bug: mhm
Parker: wow rude
Bug: *a sexy photo*
Bug: Peter?
Bug: Did I finally shut you up?
Bug: Pete? 馃槙
Bug: Sorry I sent that! Pretend I didn鈥檛
Parker: Shit sorry there was some idiot trying to jack a car
Parker: but holy shit are u trying to kill me?
Parker: bc if I got that while I was swinging I鈥檇 literally splat into a wall
Bug: Don鈥檛 check your texts when you鈥檙e swinging!
Parker: 鈥end another?
Parker: please
Bug: uh, ok. What do you want to see?
Parker: anything. everything. you鈥檙e so hot
Bug: *a second sexy photo*
Parker: I鈥檓 so hard rn fuck
Parker: and the suit does not hide it well
Bug: you should take care of that.
Bug: nyc does not get to see your cock. Only me
Parker: jealous? 馃槒
Bug: come home and find out?
Parker: you tease
Bug: I鈥檓 already on my knees
Parker: good that鈥檚 where you belong for me
Bug: Don鈥檛 text and swing!
Parker: you鈥檙e killing the moment gonna have to teach you a lesson when I get home
Bug: better hurry before I take care of myself
Parker: don鈥檛 you ducking dare
Parker: FUCKING don鈥檛 you fucking dare
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guavagyu a month ago
at work - k.mg
prompt: reader: Can you stop sending me nudes, I鈥檓 at work. mingyu: That excuse never stopped you when I was working. reader: Can you blame me? I bought lace undies, what was I supposed to do?
i rlly rlly wanted to write for gyu but i had no good ideas so haha here we go..
stuff in this: smut (minors dni!), fem!reader, humour, fluff, established!relationship, reader is 6ft-ish (cuz slay), non!idol au, unprotected sex (wrap the hot dog before u put it in the bun), humping, creampie, brief fingering, lowercase intended, reader isn't that vocal, vocal!gyu, aftercare aaaaa
(lemme know if more needs to be added!)
synopsis: mingyu is at home- bored and horny, and reader is trying to get her work done. after reader gets out of work and rushes home, they..uh...do stuff.
kinda proofread, pls lemme know if there r any errors <3
wc: words. (it's 1263 teehee)
stuff under the cut lol
puppy gyu <3:
seen at 9:47 am
puppy gyu <3:
seen at 9:51 am
can you stop sending me nudes, i'm at work.
seen at 9:52 am
puppy gyu <3:
that excuse never stopped you when i was working.
seen at 9:52 am
can you blame me? i bought lace undies, what was i supposed to do?
seen at 9:53 am
puppy gyu <3:
uh, yes i can blame you. i had to run to the bathroom for like 3 years and had to make an excuse to my boss about why i took so long. >:(
seen at 9:53 am
you could've just not looked at them? i mean, that's all im saying.
seen at 9:55 am
puppy gyu <3:
dont even. that logic also applies to u rn. 馃拃
seen at 9:55 am
seen at 9:56 am
shut up ur just hot.
seen at 9:56 am
puppy gyu <3:
ur hot too???? 馃え
seen at 9:57 am
seen at 9:58 am
puppy gyu <3:
im not wrong. dont even try to deny it.
seen at 9:59 am
seen at 10:01 am
puppy gyu <3:
seen at 10:02 am
ill be home at 3 pm <3
seen at 10:02 am
puppy gyu <3:
i love u, be home soon <33
seen at 10:02 am
love u too <33
seen at 10:03 am
it seemed like ages before your shift ended. you almost broke your heels running the marathon back to your car in the parking lot. you also mindlessly hit your face into multiple tree branches on the way. being mingyu-tall has both its benefits and its consequences. you got to (affectionately) make fun of everyone being shorter than you. once for woozi's birthday you and mingyu took shifts on carrying woozi on your shoulders throughout the day to let him see the world from your perspectives. aside from that, you narrowly evaded breaking multiple traffic laws in an attempt to rush home, your now-drenched panties and aching cunt practically seeping onto your carseat.
the moment you opened the door to your shared home, you kicked off your shoes that went flying somewhere, threw your purse onto the ground (albeit vintage and extremely expensive), and usain bolt-ed your way to your shared bedroom, where mingyu was currently laying on your bed staring at his phone, grey sweatpants hung dangerously low, the invisible tshirt displaying his toned upper body, and messy, wet hair from a recent shower. you could've came right then and there from the marvelous sight. you made your way to your closet to change out of your horrendously uncomfortable however stylish and honestly really slay suit, into something more comfortable.
although, that was cut short. mingyu soundlessly heaved himself up from the bed and walked over to where you were, enveloping you with his ginormous arms, resting his chin onto your shoulder,
"just leave it on. im gonna take it off soon anyway," gyu mumbled into your shoulder, his hand creeping to hold your almost-equally large hands, and of course, his bricked up breeder-pisser hybrid 3000 pressing into your ass, currently making conversation with it. after a second or two of aimless chatter, you nod and you make way to your bed again, hands still intertwined. he gently (since you'd [lovingly] murder him if he damaged your suit in any shape or form) stripped you of your clothes, leaving you almost bare in front of him,
"seriously? you're wearing the lace shit you tormented me with less than a week ago?" he sighed in fake-dissapointment, mingyu was obviously turned on by the black lace complimenting your features, made even more evident soon after when he groaned, "i hate how fucking good you always look, especially in places when i can't privately take you somewhere and love you," he buried his face in the crook of your neck, slowly beginning to grind into you. your breathing got heavier and you swore could feel your slick seeping onto gyu's sweatpants. unfortunately, gyu noticed too,
"fuck, did i really make you that wet? and at work? damn," he laughed,
"at least i didn't have to flee the scene and give myself a quickie," you raised your eyebrow, and gyu, sighing, shook his head and hastily kissed you with blatant need. your lust growing by the passing second, you hungrily returned the kiss. as gyu switched from grinding to dog-in-heat-like humping, it turned his nickname way way more sinister,
"fuck, you really are like a puppy aren't you?" you groaned, your high slowly inching closer and closer to you. mingyu moaned at the name, and continued with his string of moans, increasing in volume and frequency, your re-connected lips muffling most of it. as gyu also was approaching his orgasm, he increased his humping speed and kissed you with more need. soon, he came, you following suit shortly after,
"you're so hot, you know that?" gyu panted,
"you're not so bad yourself," you smiled, catching your breath. after a minute or so of panting and all of that, you both removed the remainder of your clothing. by the time you were both completely naked in front of each other, mingyu was already hard again, and you looked at his dick and chuckled,
"sorry, you're just too irresistible," gyu smiled, showing off his pretty canines, and you quickly kissed him to shut him up. he groaned into the kiss, before seperating it only to look at you for consent to continue. the moment you gave him the green light with a small "yeah go ahead" and a quick nod, he lined himself up with your sopping cunt and slowly entered, your previous release plus your juices in general aiding him enter you,
"shit, and after all of this time, you're still so fucking tight. you're gonna kill me one day," he whined, making you giggle. mingyu began moving soon, setting a slow pace that quickly eased into him beginning to shamelessly pound into you. gyu continuously let out strangled and choked moans from simply how good you felt, and you groaned at how he was slamming into your g-spot so deliciously with every single thrust. you were both quickly approaching your releases, and with gyu moving one hand to intertwine his fingers with yours, he moved the other to trace small, but firm and deliberate circles around your clit. the sudden spark of pleasure made you choke out a low moan.
after gyu's thrusts got more and more sloppy and his circles around your clit became more disfigured ovals, you finally reached your orgasm, letting out a loud groan, your walls clamping onto mingyu's dick, bringing him to his release as well. as your cunt milked his dick, he slowing began to pull out, you both hissing from the sensitivity. you collapsed onto the bed, panting, and staring at the bland ceiling. mingyu shuffled his way to the bathroom to clean himself up before getting a towel to gently clean you up as well. when he got to your cunt, he was stuck in thought for a few seconds, before sticking two of his perfect digits into your hole, shoving his cum and yours further into it. you winced from the sensitivity before he murmured a small apology, later tenderly kissing your forehead and cleaning the rest of you up. then, he climbed into bed with you again, later ordering takeout, watching a ton of movies with you, and then cuddling (plus sleeping) the rest of the day away.
漏 guavagyu 2022. all rights reserved. plagiarization, reposting, translating, and/or rewriting ANY and ALL of my works is prohibited.
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darkmulti 5 months ago
Bonjour mademoiselle~don't wanna waste ur precious time too much but I just wanna say I fucking love ur contents sm I legit get goosebumps when notification says u updated馃サ馃グ馃ぇ alright so can I request yandere jungkook where its like jk bullies the male bff of oc n oc tries to save him n jk sees her for the first time n falls for her.. gradually but fast becomes obsessed w her but she hates him for having such a cruel personality. Jk forcefully dates her n tries to win her heart but oc doesn't give in so he snaps n kidnaps her, with great difficulty oc escapes n goes to another country for higher studies w her bff while also escaping jk. Years later jk becomes this powerful business tycoon n while getting into his car he sees oc hugging her bff n sadness n rage takes over him n this time he kidnaps n marries her n tries to impregnate her everyday bcuz he thinks that's the only way to bind her w him n he threatens her by mentioning her family n friends
Can you pls make it borderline noncon n v dark n pls don't hit oc it hurts 馃槄馃ズ n can you plwease put alot of forced makeout scenes they are soo hot馃槱馃馃構
It's just a request so if you don't want to do it it's finee I'll just read your other works to quench my thirst 馃ゴ馃グ (ik it's way too detailed n I wrote alot but idk this just came to my mind for no reason you can do it your way wewill be happy either way 馃槆馃グ even better if you make it v long cuz I cant get enough of your writings馃槶馃槶 but again 鉁 you can do it whatever way you as long as you are the one whose doing it ik I'll love itt))
鈿狅笍: bully!Jungkook, borderline non con, toxic!Jungkook, Yandere!jungkook, making out, kidnapping, baby trapping
-> sorry for any mistakes
-> you鈥檙e the sweetest!! 馃グ鉂o笍
You鈥檙e best friend looked distressed
He鈥檚 usually bubbly and loud, but these past few days, he鈥檚 been oddly quiet
One evening, you invited him over to your apartment for a movie night
You both were on the couch, close to each other when you accidentally hit his arm a little too hard and he hissed
You were insistent on putting some cream on it so he wouldn鈥檛 bruise that bad but when you pulled the sleeve up, you saw a lot more bruising
鈥淥h my god, why do you have so much bruises?!鈥
鈥淚 just fell down the stairs. Don鈥檛 worry about it.鈥
You knew that he was lying but didn鈥檛 want to pick at it more to avoid aggravating him
You muttered a 鈥渙kay鈥 and went back to watching the movie
The next day, you decided to surprise him at his school
You knew something was wrong and wanted to see what he was hiding from you
You were sitting on the bench, looking for his face in a crowd of students until you saw a group of people circle around something
You got up to investigate (cuz you鈥檙e a little nosy) and to your surprise, there was your best friend on the ground with a bloody nose
You quickly jumped and punched the guy who hit your friend
鈥淲hat the hell is wrong with you?鈥
鈥淵/N?! What鈥檙e you doing here?鈥
鈥淪hut up! This is what you鈥檝e been hiding from me?鈥
Your friend looked down in shame while Jungkook faced you
鈥淔or a girl, you can punch quite hard.鈥
鈥淎nd I鈥檒l do it again if you don鈥檛 shut the fuck up.鈥
Wow. No one鈥檚 ever talked to Jungkook like that
Everyone thought you had a death wish because Jungkook sure as hell wouldn鈥檛 let you get away with humiliating him
You helped your friend up and left the scene
You bussed back to your apartment where you gave him an ice pack for his nose
鈥淲hen were you going to tell me? When you end up in the hospital?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 embarrassing.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 not. It鈥檚 really not. And you were keeping it away from me too.鈥
Your best friend confessed everything to you, and said he wasn鈥檛 sure how to deal with Jungkook because he was loaded with money and could slip away easily
So you made him promise to tell you if he ever did something like that again
You鈥檇 figured that you could blackmail Jungkook with footage of him being a dick and send it to media channels so his dad鈥檚 reputation would be ruined
It鈥檚 been a couple of days since you punching Jungkook and according to your friend, he hasn鈥檛 bothered him
The reason why is because you鈥檙e his new target
He showed up at your school, and pulled you aside
You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms
鈥淲hat do you want?鈥
鈥淚 want to take you out on a date.鈥
You looked at him dumbfounded
鈥淢y standards aren鈥檛 that low, jackass.鈥
鈥淚 suppose you don鈥檛 care about your best friend鈥檚 safety.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l put him in the hospital if you don鈥檛 agree to go on a date with me.鈥
How pathetic, you thought.
鈥淲hy do you wanna go on a date with me?鈥
鈥淣o more questions, I鈥檒l pick you up on Friday night.鈥
鈥淗ow do you know where I live?!鈥
鈥淚 said no more questions.鈥
Jungkook disappeared and you went home, deciding whether or not to tell your friend what was going on
Friday night came by fast
You hadn鈥檛 told your friend because you were sure that he鈥檇 tell you not to go to protect you
But you鈥檙e stubborn
You got ready and waited in the lobby
鈥淒umbass, didn鈥檛 even give me his number.鈥 You mumbled.
A black Mercedes pulled up in front of your building and Jungkook got out of a car with a boutique of flowers in his hands
Oh, so he鈥檚 rich rich, you thought before popping a mint in your mouth and heading outside
鈥淗ello, darling. You look gorgeous.鈥
鈥淪ave your fake compliments. I don鈥檛 wanna hear em.鈥
He poked his tongue on the inside of his cheek at the rejection
You may be tough, but it鈥檒l only take a matter of time to crack you, he thought
He opened the door for you and put the flowers in the backseat before getting back in the drivers seat
The car conversation was typical, it was about school, jobs, hobbies, ect
Once you got to the lavish restaurant, he had booked a private booth were it was quieter
The service was fast and soon enough, your main meal had arrived
You started the conversation, asking him why he was bullying your best friend
鈥淚t鈥檚 fun.鈥
You gave him the dirtiest look and held the urge to slap him
鈥淵ou terrorize people for fucking fun? Go see a therapist. My friend didn鈥檛 do anything to you so, leave him alone.鈥
鈥淲hatever you say, darling. You continue dating me and I鈥檒l do everything that you wish.鈥
鈥淵ou said one date!鈥
鈥淣ope, never said that.鈥
You look at him, annoyed
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a terrible human being.鈥
鈥淔unny enough, you鈥檙e not the first person to tell me that.鈥
The rest of the 鈥渄ate鈥 you lectured him and told him to get help
Jungkook started telling people that you were his girlfriend and showed up randomly at you apartment for more dates
But as time went by and you still refused, he began to get frustrated
So when he showed up to your place for a 鈥渓ate night drive鈥 date, he took you out of the city and into a small town with very little people
He鈥檇 spiked your fast food drink while you were eating, so getting you into the room and chaining you to the bed was not difficult at all
You鈥檇 vanish for one month
You couldn鈥檛 exactly be your feisty self because you were chained and at his mercy at all times
At first, he鈥檇 only make out with you
Shoving his tongue in your mouth and never pulling away
He鈥檇 tangle his fingers in your hair and kiss you hard, making it clear that you were his
He鈥檇 have sex with you too and after about three weeks you convinced him that he鈥檇 broke you
The first time he took the chain off of you, you went crazy, grabbing a vase with freshly picked flowers and knocking it over his head
You took his car and drove back to the city and called your friend and told him everything that was going on
To protect yourself and your friend, you both decided to leave the country
You鈥檙e friend bought the plan tickets and you went to your apartment very quickly to get some of your belongings
The flight left in two days so you practically donated most of your stuff and sold your apartment
Jungkook was in the hospital after a few people citizens had found him unconscious in his home
It took about three days for him to regain consciousness and when he finally did, you were the first thing on his mind
He spent months trying to track you down, you but you were completely gone
Eventually, 3 years had passed
Jungkook鈥檚 dad became very ill and had to step down as CEO
Jungkook, of course stepped up and was now running a very big business which required him to travel often
He hadn鈥檛 given up on you, he鈥檇 figure out what country you鈥檇 move to but not which city
When he finally had spotted it, it was coincidentally
Funny enough, you were working for one of his branch companies
You hugged your best friend before going inside the building and to your floor
Jungkook ignored his guards and followed behind
As the elevator door was closing, a hand got in between and it opened again
You looked up from your phone and your heart dropped
It was Jungkook. He just looked a lot older. His features were definitely sharper and his body was a lot bigger
It was only you two in the elevator
Once you snapped back to reality, you tried to leave the elevator but he pulled you back harshly
He pushed the emergency stop button so now you two were trapped
鈥淲hat? Where are you gonna run now, huh? There鈥檚 no vase insight for you to hit me with.鈥
鈥淚 was doing it to protect myself and my friend.鈥
He towered over you and when you tried to push him off he pinned your hands beside your head
鈥淵ou鈥檙e lucky, you鈥檙e so pretty.鈥 His lips were a millimetre away from yours
You were going to speak again but he went in for the kiss
He placed his knee in between your legs and let go of your hands so that he could touch your body
鈥淚鈥檓 never gonna let you leave me again.鈥
He chewed on your top lip and explored your mouth with his tongue and you were too shocked to do anything
He continued making out with you until the elevator started working
Once you were down to the main floor again, he pulled you out and took you to his car
Back at his mansion, he continued what he was doing in the elevator
Playing with your breast, rubbing his bulge on your slit as you arched your back
There wasn鈥檛 anything you could do to stop him
He was far more powerful in every aspect and could ruin your life in a blink of an eye
By the next week, he made you sign the marriage papers
You were officially Mrs. Jeon
He threatened to kill your best friend if you didn鈥檛 agree
When you broke the news to your best friend, he was mortified
He felt incredibly bad but you assured him that none of it was his fault
But, like before. You began living at Jungkook鈥檚 mercy
He was very set on having kids with you
He wanted to be a dad as soon as possible
Every day, after eating dinner, he鈥檇 have sex with you
He knew you didn鈥檛 want it, but your body responded so well to his touch
Every night, he鈥檇 see your tears trickle down
Perhaps from fear? Pleasure? Or maybe both?
Giving you his seed would make him part of your life forever
And he fucking loved the idea of that
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mxxndreams 8 months ago
i request 鈥榓stronomy鈥 for the title event! (got ib from Conan Gray鈥檚 song astronomy if u havent heard it i recommend it馃グ)
omg im so sorry i forgot馃槶 u can pick between nct jaehyun and nct jeno馃グ thank youu
No worries, anon! I hope you're doing well and thank you for participating in the Weekend Event! I ended up writing this one for Jaehyun, I hope that's ok with you 鉁 Also, this song is so beautiful 馃槶 I have been loving his latest releases, but I'd say Overdrive is still one of my favourites!
鈥 Astronomy 鈥
+ pairing: jaehyun x female reader + genre: angst, fluff, childhood friends to ??, small town!au + summary: You never wanted to come back to your hometown, that was in the past. However, circumstances change and you find yourself back where you never wanted to be.
+ excerpt (0.4k) +
You used to joke about how you and Jaehyun would leave this forsaken town behind and find a better life somewhere else. You planned everything together in secret as you sat in your swing set at night, the stars as your company. Every hope and fear you both had was shared. But there was one fear you had that ended up coming true: only one of you made it out of this forsaken town.
Coming back was strange. You saw buildings that seemed familiar but that told you nothing more. You saw people whose faces you recognized but that time had made older. It was surreal to be back at the place where it all started, the same place where it all ended.
鈥淭his is it, Miss.鈥 The driver spoke as he stopped in front of a decaying motel, its exterior degraded from time. 鈥淧arkwoods Motel.鈥
Parkwoods. Even after all these years, this town鈥檚 name still brought you shivers.
鈥淭hank you.鈥
You stepped out of the car and glanced around the streets you used to ride on a bike, laughing at Jaehyun every time he got distracted by you. Life had made you inseparable. Life had also made you grow apart.
After getting your bags and paying the taxi driver, you slowly made your way to the lobby of the motel, its green carpet dirty under your feet. You would鈥檝e asked your mother to stay at her place, but she wasn鈥檛 in town and you didn鈥檛 have a spare key.
Everything that reminded you of this place had remained here and buried in your heart. You walked to the front desk and pressed the small bell, a sharp sound greeting you.
鈥淐oming!鈥 You heard a voice scream from somewhere and steps echoing in the wooden floor, becoming louder and louder the closer they were to you.
From a door behind the counter, a figure emerged, carrying a couple of papers in his hands. He placed them on the desk and lifted his eyes to look at you, the smile quickly fading from his lips, your heart sinking in your chest. You weren鈥檛 expecting to see him so soon, and you certainly weren鈥檛 expecting to see him here.
鈥淚 have a reservation,鈥 you said, trying to keep your composure. 鈥淵/N. You told me a first name would be鈥 enough.鈥
鈥淥f course,鈥 he answered, trying to take in your features, his lips parted in surprise. What did he see when he looked at you? An old friend or a stranger? 鈥淣ot a lot of people visit this small town. Most even leave to never come back.鈥
He was bitter, you could tell.
Maybe he saw in you a traitor. Not a stranger, not an old friend, but a traitor.
Want to participate in this weekend鈥檚 event? You can find out more about it here and send your title ideas here! Stay tuned so you can vote for your favourite drabble to be turned into a one-shot!
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vintagelacerosette 4 months ago
鉁═ag Game Tuesday鉁
Created by the incredible Macy @celestialmickey who tagged me too & I was also tagged by these honey bears Evie @energievie Harley @tellmegoodbye Mikayla @xninetiestrendx Kam @milkovichism Val @bravemikhailo Julissa @heymrspatel Molly @deathclassic AJ @mickeymilkovichenthusiast Mara @milkimick-new & Anna @annatrow you so much loves 馃挅馃挅馃挅
Your name with no consonants:聽E
The last thing you drank:聽Milk with grenadine tastes like a milkshake ok lol
The last thing you bought: Blackmilk x Care Bears dress & overalls. Did I need it no but it was too cute guys i couldn't resist
The last app you check before you go to bed: tumblr
Favourite smell?聽Hungry rn so & I wanna bake so I'll say freshly baked cookies 馃崻
Favorite plant or flower?聽Right now it's basil bc just bought it to plant it at home & I love eating it & the smell glorious
Describe your phone case: Just got a new phone so it's an pretty glittery iridescent one
Do you wear contacts or glasses? Glasses & I never tried contacts
Would you rather read minds or be able to teleport? Teleport I would be able to go around the world & meet y'all 馃槝
What鈥檚 your primary mode of transportation (car, bus, train, on foot)? Train & bus it takes an hour to get to work. I Still tryna get my license but taking my time
You鈥檝e been given one week鈥檚 paid vacation, how are you spending it? I'll be doing creative things like writing fanfic or making fanart, adventures with friends I wanna go to the beach, read books & fanfics & comment on them
Finally, name something you like about yourself (NOT a physical characteristic): I like how I can notice details of people like if they got a hair cut & let them know about bc it's really cute how they perk up when I notices 馃グ
tagging these dearhearts but if not just sending tender hugs 馃挅 @mikhailoaleksandrmilkovich @notherenewjersey @tomorrowillmissyou @y0itsbri @grumpymickmilk @sluttymickey @mrsinistertype @sleepyfacetoughguy @mixkeymilkovich @sleepymickey @suchagallabitch @kimberlovesgallavich @bekkachaos @darthvaders-wife @flamingbluepanda @beebabycastiel-main @milligar @look-i-love-u @iansw0rld @iansarmyblanket @ianrightsonly @mikhailoism @imikhailotakeyouian @tectonicduck @7x10mickey @xgoldendays @mmmichyyy @thisdivorce @skies-below
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comfortbucky a year ago
饾榿饾椏饾槀饾棽 饾椈饾椉饾椏饾榿饾椀: 饾棸饾椀饾棶饾椊饾榿饾棽饾椏 饾煯
Tumblr media
gif credit: @buckysbarnes <3
summary: the reader was a pararescue along with sam and riley and was engaged to riley. what happens when she gets roped into the world of captain america? or when she meets bucky barnes? this chapter takes place during ca:ws and will closely follow the canon mcu timeline.
pairing: bucky x fem!reader
warnings: canon level violence, mentions of torture, being held captive, mentions of blood, an old scar, trauma, ptsd, things of that nature
A/N: THE BRIDGE FIGHT SCENE. guys i really hope i did it justice y鈥檃ll LMAO 馃ぃ i deadass had to stop watching ca:ws every 10 seconds to make sure i was getting every detail but also i'm not good at writing action scenes so pls bear with me
bucky does make an appearance as the winter soldier hehe
also just a disclaimer: i know little to nothing about the air force and tried my best to do some research but mistakes are bound to be made so don鈥檛 pay too much attention to those 馃槄
and as always i would love to hear any feedback, comments, or suggestions u guys have!!!!!!!!馃グ
if u would like to be added to the taglist, pls send me a message! :)
word count: 4k
series masterlist!
Taking a sip from his sweet tea, Sam locked his eyes on Agent Sitwell walking out of the building in front of him.
鈥淲e got eyes on Sitwell,鈥 Y/N spoke into her earpiece as Sam kept his sight on the target.
鈥淐opy that, the car is around the corner to the right, 2 spaces down,鈥 Steve replied.
鈥淚 got a clear view of him too,鈥 Nat said, lining her sniper up. 鈥淣ice tie.鈥 Y/N and Sam watched as the man, who Sitwell was talking to, started to walk away. Sam pulled out his phone to engage in the next step of the plan. Y/N watched as Agent Sitwell dismissed his bodyguards and answered his phone.
鈥淵es, sir?鈥
鈥淎gent Sitwell, how was lunch? I hear the crab cakes here are delicious.鈥 Sam saw Y/N smile from the corner of his eye as he spoke.
鈥淲ho is this?鈥
鈥淭he good-looking guy in the sunglasses, your 10 o鈥檆lock,鈥 Y/N chuckled as Agent Sitwell looked up in the opposite direction of where she and Sam were seated. Sam rolled his eyes as he provided further instruction. 鈥淵our other 10 o鈥檆lock.鈥 Agent Sitwell turned, finally making eye contact with the pair. 鈥淭here you go.鈥 Sam and Y/N held up their drinks to greet Sitwell鈥檚 gaze.
鈥淲hat do you want?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e gonna go around the corner to your right. There's a gray car 2 spaces down. We're gonna take a ride.鈥
"And why would I do that?"
"Because that tie looks really expensive," As Sam spoke, Sitwell's eyes looked down at his chest to see a bright red sniper dot on his tie. Sam continued, "and I'd hate to mess it up." Sitwell's eyes darted around, trying to find the source of the sniper scope to no avail. Realizing he had no choice, he started down the street as Sam and Y/N followed closely behind.
Tumblr media
"Feels weird being suited up again," Y/N said, adjusting the straps on her harness. The pair were perched on the ledge of a building opposite to the one Steve and Natasha had brought Sitwell to. Sam flashed her a grin.
"Feels right to me," he turned his attention to the roof of the building in front of him. "Still fits like a glove."
The two saw their cue to engage as Sitwell was kicked off the rooftop and falling towards the street. Sam jumped off the ledge, his wings unfolding, as he darted towards the falling body. Y/N followed suit, her stomach doing a flip as her feet left the edge, identical to the feeling she used to get on roller coasters. A huge smile grew on her face. She didn't realize how badly she had missed being airborne. Since she had come back from serving overseas, she hadn't experienced anything that felt quite as right as this. Suddenly, Y/N had a feeling that it wasn't chance that brought Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff to Sam's door.
Sam grabbed the collar of Sitwell's jacket and flew straight up, dropping the agent onto the roof. Y/N followed close behind Sam as they made their landing. Their wings folded back into place as they turned around to face Steve and Natasha.
Y/N glanced over to Sam and grinned. "Like riding a bike."
The four surrounded Sitwell as he remained on the ground, holding one of his hands up in defense.
Sitwell quickly blurted out, "Zola's algorithm is a program," he paused. "For choosing Insight's targets."
"What targets?" Steve questioned.
"You!" Sitwell threw his hand in Steve's direction. "A TV anchor in Cairo, the other Secretary of Defense, a high school valedictorian in Iowa City," he paused before continuing. "Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, anyone who's a threat to HYDRA." Natasha quickly looked to Steve before looking back at Sitwell. "Now, or in the future." Y/N and Sam shared a confused look with each other.
Steve paused. "In the future? How could it know?" Sitwell began to laugh as he went on.
"How could it not?" He began to stand up. "The 21st century is a digital book. Zola taught HYDRA how to read it. Your bank records, medical histories, voting patterns, emails, phone calls, your damn SAT scores!" Sitwell kept his eyes on Steve. "Zola's algorithm evaluates people's past to predict their future."
"And what then?" Steve remained his eye contact as Sitwell's face dropped. He looked down as a sudden wave of regret washed over him, realizing what he'd revealed.
"Oh my god. Pierce is gonna kill me." Sitwell took a step back, causing Sam to grab his jacket collar. Y/N took a defensive step forward, blocking off an exit pathway for Sitwell.
"What then?" Steve demanded.
Sitwell paused, realizing since he had already given up most of the information, he might as well offer the rest. "Then the Insight helicarriers scratch people off the list. A few million at a time." Steve stared at Sitwell, absorbing the information he had just been told before speaking.
"We need to start moving," he glared at Sitwell. "And you're coming with us."
Tumblr media
Sam and Steve sat in the driver and passenger seats of the car, respectively, as Natasha, Y/N, and Agent Sitwell were seated in the back.
Sitwell spoke up, "HYDRA doesn't like leaks."
"Then why don't you try sticking a cork in it?" Sam shot back.
Natasha leaned forward towards Steve. "Insight's launching in 16 hours. We're cutting it a little bit close here."
"I know," Steve replied as Natasha sat back in her seat. "We'll use him to bypass the DNA scans and access the helicarriers directly." Sitwell shot forward in his seat.
"What? Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea." Before Steve could reply to Sitwell, a loud thud from the roof of the car interrupted him. Y/N flinched as the window next to Sitwell was punched by a metal arm. Her eyes widened as the arm grabbed Sitwell from his seat next to her and threw him off the overpass. Both she and Natasha caught a glimpse of a gun out the window before gunshots went off coming from the roof of the car.
Natasha quickly moved to the front of the car onto Steve's lap as Y/N shifted to the right side of the car, where Natasha had been sitting, attempting to shield herself by crouching down and putting her arms over her head. More gunshots went off, this time coming from the front of the car, almost hitting Steve and Sam in the head. They both managed to duck as Steve pulled the emergency brake lever, throwing the unknown figure from the roof of the car and onto the road in front of them.
The figure, in all black except for his metal arm, managed a 3-point landing and slid down the road, the fingers from his metal arm creating sparks as he dug his hand in the road to stabilize himself. He slowly stood up, facing Sam's car, his eyes covered by black goggles and the lower half of his face hidden behind a black mask. His long hair also worked to hide his face. Before Natasha could attempt to shoot him, a large jeep slammed into the back of the car, causing her to drop her gun and pushing them forward.
Sam, both hands on the wheel, attempted to steer out of the way as the masked figure jumped up onto the roof of the car. The back window shattered and Y/N put her arms up to shield herself from the broken glass. Sam slammed his foot on the brake while Natasha scrambled to grab her gun.
Suddenly, the front window was punched through and the steering wheel was ripped out of Sam's hands.
Natasha managed to grab her gun and shot at the roof as the figure jumped from the roof of their car to the hood of the jeep behind them. Y/N turned around to look behind her and could see the jeep getting ready to hit their car again. She leaned forward between the front seats of the car.
鈥淭hey鈥檙e gonna hit us from behind again!鈥 She yelled as she tried to figure out their next steps. Steve was already one step ahead of her.
鈥淕rab onto Sam!鈥 Y/N looked at Steve and nodded. She climbed to the front of the car and wrapped an arm around Sam, sitting on his lap. Before she could make a witty remark about what Riley's reaction to their positioning would be, the jeep slammed into the back of their car again, sending it swerving out of control.
"Hang on!" Steve secured his shield on his forearm before grabbing hold of Natasha and Sam. Sam wrapped one arm around Steve and the other around Y/N. Steve used the momentum of the car starting to flip over, to bust down the passenger side door. The four of them landed on the road, the car door breaking their fall. As the door slid down the road from the force of impact, Sam and Y/N rolled off and onto the road, standing up quickly to analyze the situation. Steve and Natasha got up quickly from the car door to defend themselves.
The jeep had come to a stop and the masked figure jumped off the roof to grab a grenade launcher from his associate. He fired it in the direction of Steve and Natasha, Steve pushing her out of the way as he covered himself with his shield. The force of it was so great it sent him, and his shield, flying over the bridge and into a bus.
Meanwhile, Y/N, Natasha, and Sam were taking cover from the masked figure and the rest of the attackers open-fired on them. Natasha was able to fire back with her gun, drawing the attention of the attackers and the masked figure. Y/N and Sam kept hidden behind cars trying to formulate a plan.
"They're distracted right now," Sam said pulling a knife from his pocket. He looked at Y/N. "We can sneak up on them when their backs are turned." She nodded. A loud blast went off, and Y/N stole a quick glance, peering over the car she was hiding behind. The masked figure shot another grenade at Natasha. She managed to dodge it and run behind a car. Another grenade was shot at her and Y/N watched as Natasha jumped off the bridge to avoid getting hit.
"It looks like they're after Steve and Natasha," Y/N began as she continued to watch the situation unfold. "I think metal arm dude is going after her and the rest of them are looking for Steve." She turned to Sam. "Guess there are perks to not being an Avenger after all."
The two saw the masked figure jump over the bridge as a couple others used cable cords to rappel down. Sam and Y/N quietly made their way over to two men who hadn't secured their ropes yet. Sam landed a kick to one of the men's knees, causing the man to turn and face him, before punching him across the face and swiping his knife up the man's body. He grabbed the man's gun before kicking him off the bridge.
The second man turned to face Y/N, upon seeing his partner fall off the bridge. She smirked before kicking him across his face and snatching the machine gun from his hands. The man attempted to punch her, but she quickly dodged it and used the butt of the gun to push him over the edge.
She looked over at Sam and smiled, "God I missed this."
They looked over the bridge to see several men shooting at Steve, using his shield to protect himself. Sam and Y/N began shooting at the men attacking Steve, allowing him to take cover behind a car.
As Steve looked up at them, Sam shouted out to him. "Go! We got this!"
The two of them managed to finish off the rest of the attackers before going to retrieve their flight suits. Flying in the direction that Steve and Natasha ran off towards, Y/N and Sam were able to see from above the now, maskless figure, standing a couple feet in front of Steve.
Steve stared at the man in front of him. He stood frozen in place as he realized he was looking at his childhood friend, who he thought was dead, standing before him. "Bucky?"
"Who the hell is Bucky?" The man brought his gun to aim at Steve.
Sam swooped down and kicked the man, knocking him down. Y/N flew down to grab the man's metal arm and started to fly up, taking him with her. He was able to stand his ground and yank her arm, slamming Y/N to the ground. She groaned before lifting her head to look at the man Steve called "Bucky." Although they made eye contact for a split second, Y/N managed to see a lost, confused look in his eyes.
The man quickly turned around, ready to try and shoot Steve again when a grenade missile was sent flying towards him. Steve turned to see Natasha holding a grenade launcher and turned back around to see that Bucky had vanished.
The sound of sirens grew louder as black vans and police cars surrounded the four of them. Men in tactical gear with guns pointed at them ran towards them. As Natasha, Sam, and Y/N were handcuffed and stuffed in the back of a van, Rumlow barked orders at Steve.
"Drop the shield, Cap! Get on your knees!" Steve did as he was told, staring at the ground in front of him, attempting to process what had just happened.
Tumblr media
"It was him." Steve kept his stare on the floor. "He looked right at me like he didn't even know me." Y/N sat quietly next to Steve, listening.
"How's that even possible? It was, like, 70 years ago." Sam replied.
"Zola." Steve paused to think. "Bucky's whole unit was captured in '43. Zola experimented on him." Steve finally looked up to meet Natasha's eyes. "Whatever he did helped Bucky survive the fall. They must have found him and..."
Natasha cut him off. "None of that's your fault, Steve." Her voice trailed off at the end and Y/N could tell that Natasha was losing a lot of blood from the bullet wound in her shoulder. Steve shifted his view towards the floor again before speaking softly.
"Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky."
Y/N moved her handcuffed hands to rest on top of Steve's and gave them a squeeze. He turned to look at her to see her offering a soft smile.
"We're gonna figure this out. Whatever it is."
Steve gave a small smile back to Y/N before she removed her hands from his. Natasha tilted her head back, eyes squinting in pain. Sam observed her wound and spoke up.
"We need to get a doctor here. If we don't put pressure on that wound, she's gonna bleed out here in the truck." Sam jumped back in his seat as one of the guards took out a stun baton, pointing it in his direction. The guard then turned to hit the guard sitting beside them with the baton and kicked them across the face, effectively knocking them out. Everyone stared in shock as the guard removed their helmet, only to reveal Maria Hill sitting before them.
"Ah. That thing was squeezing my brain." She paused to move her hair out of her face before looking at Sam and Y/N. "Who are they?"
Steve was about to speak up before Maria cut him off, grabbing her Mouse Hole to start cutting into the floor of the van. "Actually we don't have time for introductions, we gotta get moving. Don't want to keep him waiting."
Tumblr media
The four of them emerged from the car and followed Maria into a secure facility. A man jogged down the dimly lit hallway toward them as Maria reported off to him.
"GSW. She's lost at least a pint."
"Maybe two." Sam added. The man motioned them to follow him.
"Let me take her."
"She'll want to see him first." Maria's statement causing Steve and Natasha to share confused looks with each other. They continued to follow Maria down a series of hallways. Upon approaching a clear, plastic curtain, Maria slowly pulled it back. Steve and Natasha's eyes widened in shock to see Nick Fury, who had they had previously seen die from a heart attack, alive and well in a hospital bed.
"About damn time." Fury paused, looking at Y/N and Sam. "Who the hell are they?"
"They're with me," Steve turned to smile at the pair before turning his attention back to Fury. "We can trust them. This is Sam Wilson and Y/N L/N." Y/N gave a slight wave and Sam folded his arms. Fury sighed.
"Fine, but give me a reason not to trust either of you, and you'll both be dead before you know it."
Tumblr media
Y/N and Sam stood and watched as Steve, Natasha, Maria, and Fury discussed the issue at hand.
"We have to stop the launch," Natasha stated, before turning to look at Steve.
"I don't think the Council's accepting my calls anymore," Fury spun the briefcase in front of him, opening it to reveal 3 targeting blades.
Sam leaned over to get a better look before asking, "What's that?"
Maria turned her computer to show graphics of the helicarriers on the screen. "Once the helicarriers reach 3,000 feet, they'll triangulate with Insight satellites, becoming fully weaponized."
Fury continued, "We need to breach those carriers and replace their targeting blades with our own."
"One or two won't cut it," Maria clarified. "We need to link all three carriers for this to work because if even one of those ships remains operational, a whole lot of people are gonna die."
Fury ended their explanation by stating, "We have to assume everyone aboard those carriers is HYDRA. We have to get past them, insert these server blades. And maybe, just maybe we can salvage what's left-"
Steve cut him off. "We're not salvaging anything." Fury looked up to meet Steve's eyes. "We're not just taking down the carriers, Nick. We're taking down S.H.I.E.L.D."
Fury defended himself. "S.H.I.E.L.D. had nothing to do with this."
"You gave me this mission. This is how it ends." Steve argued back. "S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been compromised. You said so yourself. HYDRA grew right under your nose and nobody noticed."
"Why do you think we're meeting in this cave? I noticed."
"How many paid the price before you did?" Y/N felt her admiration for Steve grow in that moment. She had always admired Captain America, but this was a side to him that the public didn't see. He was staying true to his beliefs, always looking out to do what was right. Even if that meant going against someone he admired and respected, against everything he knew. Fury broke away from Steve's stare and looked down.
"Look, I didn't know about Barnes."
"Even if you had, would you have told me?" Fury looked up as Steve continued. "Or would you have compartmentalized that, too? S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA, it all goes."
"He's right." Fury turned to face Maria at the sound of her voice. She gave him a soft nod. Fury looked at Natasha who stared at him silently. He then looked up at Sam and Y/N.
"Don't look at me. I do what he does, just slower." Y/N chuckled at Sam's statement.
"And I do what he does," Y/N pointing to Sam. "Just faster." She teased. Fury looked to Steve again.
"Well..." Fury took one last glance at Maria as she gave him a comforting look. He sat back in his seat and sighed. "It looks like you're giving the orders now, Captain."
Tumblr media
After the meeting, Maria took Fury to get some rest, doctor's orders, and Natasha went to get a blood transfusion. Steve had excused himself after reviewing the plan to get some air. Y/N and Sam were left sitting at the table.
"I can't imagine how Steve must be feeling." Y/N fiddled with her hands as Sam looked at her. "I mean, imagine seeing Riley again but he's not really Riley, just a completely different person." A wave of silence washed over the two before Sam spoke up.
鈥淚f the part that made Riley, Riley, was gone,鈥 Sam paused to collect his thoughts. 鈥淭hen he鈥檚 gone for good.鈥 Y/N didn鈥檛 know how to respond, so she didn鈥檛.
The pair sat in silence for a little bit until they went to find Steve, realizing it had been a while since he had left. They found him standing outside, staring off into the distance, deep in thought. Sam walked ahead of Y/N to speak to Steve.
"He's gonna be there, you know."
"I know." Steve kept his gaze focused on the view.
"Look, whoever he used to be and the guy he is now,鈥 Sam took a breath. 鈥淚 don't think he's the kind you save. He's the kind you stop." Y/N suddenly remembered the look she had seen in Bucky鈥檚 eyes. She knew that look, she鈥檇 experienced something similar herself.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know if I can do that.鈥
鈥淲ell, he might not give you a choice. He doesn鈥檛 know you.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e wrong Sam.鈥 The men turned their heads towards Y/N as she continued to speak. 鈥淓veryone deserves to be saved. You鈥檙e the one who taught me that.鈥 Sam sighed as Steve looked at them both with a curious look on his face. Y/N turned to Steve to explain.
鈥淒uring one of our first rescue ops with the EXO-7 Falcon suits, I was flying over a forest when a sharpshooter managed to hit my pack in a vulnerable spot. I managed to land in a random forest, but unfortunately, it was near an uncover HYDRA base, one that wasn't known to S.H.I.E.L.D." Y/N crossed her arms, looked down at the ground and sighed before continuing. "The technology they used to make our suits was something HYDRA couldn't quite crack, so they took me captive to see if I would reveal anything useful to them."
Sam reached out to place a comforting hand on her shoulder. Y/N looked up at him and gave a soft smile, before returning her attention to the ground. "Of course I kept my mouth shut, but even if I wanted to tell them anything, I couldn't. The Air Force just told us how to fly them, nothing else. So HYDRA did what HYDRA does best." Steve had a feeling he already knew what to expect but continued to watch and listen to her. "They roughed me up pretty good," Y/N said as she lifted up her shirt, just enough, to reveal a long scar on the side of her abdomen. "Something to remember them by." She pulled down her shirt and let out a soft chuckle. Her eyes shifted up to meet Steve鈥檚, him silently encouraging her to continue. "I was there for about a month before Sam and Riley managed to find me. We ended up losing a couple of teammates along the way. For months, I felt so much guilt, like it was my fault that I ended up in that situation and that I didn't deserve to have made it out."
Y/N smiled at Sam. "But Sam and Riley were the ones who helped me get through it all. Reminded me that I was a victim and deserved to be saved. That what happened to me wasn't my fault." She turned to face the two men. "Bucky, in some way that we don't know yet, is being held captive right now. He's doing things he clearly wouldn't normally do." Her eyes focused on Sam's. "He deserves a chance to be saved, Sam." Sam let out a sigh before nodding. Steve gave Y/N a hug, whispering a thank you in her ear, before pulling away to face the two of them.
"Let's gear up. It's time."
"You gonna wear that?" Sam asked, looking at Steve鈥檚 civilian clothes.
"No. If you're gonna fight a war, you gotta wear a uniform."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: June meets a stranger during an unfavorable situation with her boyfriend鈥攖hey form a closeness that is quite soon broken by the discovery of Jean鈥檚 true identity; just as quickly as it鈥檚 broken, it鈥檚 pieced back together, only for an old acquaintance to become a sudden imposition.
WC: 2.8k
Chapter content warnings: OC content, modern au, 鈥榝antasy鈥 au, mentions of pregnancy and marriage, mentions of domestic abuse, alcohol consumption
Previous Chapter 2 Next
Tumblr media
Big Brother鈥檚 House
While straightening her long black hair, June kept checking her phone; she was waiting to hear back from her brother about what she needed to bring to dinner, but a small part of her was waiting for another message to come through.
She sighed, knowing full well this message won鈥檛 come through until she sends one first.
She couldn鈥檛 stop thinking about her dream of Jean鈥檚 eyes. The whole dream was just the two of them staring at each other, and the feeling of his fingers so gently holding her chin, his thumb caressing her bottom lip鈥
She glanced down to see her message from her brother鈥攐nly a minor disappointment.
Augy: hey kid stella wants u to bring some jameson n some brownies or w/e
Junie: you better be okay with store bought, I鈥檓 not baking shit rn
Augy: w/e works for u lol
June rolled her eyes and finished her hair, tucking it behind her ears to show off her new green plugs that matched her nails, and the three silver hoops that lined up her lobes above them.
She adjusted her black suspender skirt to smooth out over her thighs, then hiked up her fishnet leggings to straighten them out before she zipped up the inside of her boots.
Glancing at her phone one more time, she let out a deep, anxious sigh as she snatched it from the bathroom counter and quickly typed out a message.
Junie: hi Jean, it鈥檚 Juniper
Butterflies now soaring through her stomach, she dropped the phone down onto the counter again and began to apply her makeup.
Jean K: Hi, Juniper. Glad to hear from you. 鈽猴笍
She blushed at the smiley face, then quickly responded back with her makeup brush between her fingers.
Junie: what are you up to
Jean K: I鈥檓 just watching a movie. How about you?
Junie: getting ready to go to my brothers house to have dinner with him and his girlfriend
Jean K: Sounds nice! Do you know what you鈥檙e having for dinner?
Junie: i think he鈥檚 making crab legs idr
Jean K: Lucky! I haven鈥檛 had crab legs in years. I should get some, sometime.
Junie: yeah!
She sat her phone down again and huffed while she finished blending her eyeshadow.
Jean K: How is your cheek?
Really? Why is he asking? Ugh.
Junie: it鈥檚 fine, covering it with makeup rn
Junie: what movie are you watching
Jean K: Interview with the Vampire. Lol.
Junie: a classic tbh
Jean K: It is! I love this movie. It鈥檚 probably one of my favorites.
Junie: me too! i love vampire movies lol
Jean K: 馃グ
Why did the emoji give her butterflies again? Why did he use that emoji?
June scoffed and finished her makeup, straightened her black and gray striped sweater under her suspenders, then made her way downstairs to grab her bag and leave her apartment.
Tumblr media
In the alcohol aisle with a tub of premade brownies tucked under her arm, June鈥檚 phone buzzed in her skirt pocket.
Jean K: Get dinner with me sometime.
Junie: i have a boyfriend鈥 you know that
Jean K: Get dinner with me, a friend, sometime.
The audacity. June liked this audacity.
Junie: well鈥 where do you wanna go?
Jean K: Anywhere you would like to go.
This motherfucker鈥
She tucked her phone away in her pocket again when she found what she was looking for and dragged her feet across the floor as she went to the self check-out, scanned her items and showed her ID to a sales clerk, then gathered her purchases and made her way back to her car.
The sun was going to set soon, which meant the late spring night was going to be chilly, which meant June needed another sweater to keep warm. She grabbed a large cardigan from her back seat and wrapped it around her, then sat and buckled herself up.
Jean K: How does dinner sound next Tuesday? I鈥檒l cook.
June sighed with puffed cheeks and ignored the message.
I鈥檒l tell him I was driving鈥攊t鈥檚 not a lie.
Once she arrived at her brother鈥檚 large home, she trotted inside the foyer, her boots thunking heavily on the concrete. She was glad to give her legs breathing room after the 2 hour and 18 minute drive, and her ears rang from the loud music she escaped from once her car was shut off.
鈥淗i, June Bug!鈥 August came into the front room and pulled her into a tight hug.
鈥淗i, Augy, I missed you!鈥 She wrapped her arms around him and sighed happily against his chest.
They had a tight bond, since he had to raise her. He was her brother, mother, and father all in one, and he was damn good at raising her, making her the polite, strong woman she is today.
鈥淚 missed you too, Buggy.鈥 He kissed the top of her head and pulled her inside, kicking the door shut behind him with his sock-clothed foot. 鈥淪tella, June is here!鈥
鈥淗i, Junie!鈥 A chipper voice called from the kitchen.
鈥淗i, Stella!鈥 June looked around the foyer and to her left into the dining room. 鈥淣ew wallpaper?鈥 She asked, observing the white and teal damask designs.
鈥淐ontact paper鈥攚e can remove it if we decide to sell.鈥
鈥淰ery nice!鈥 She quickly unzipped her boots and dropped them on a shelf next to the door and scurried through the dining room into the kitchen to Stella, giving her a big hug after setting the Jameson and brownies on the counter.
Her brother had been with her for the past ten years, so June grew close to her and viewed her as a big sister, another adult figure from her teen years that she could look up to.
鈥淚鈥檓 dying for these!鈥 Stella reached over and popped open the plastic tub, plucking a small brownie from it.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know if you wanted iced ones or not, so I just went with the plain, you still can鈥檛 go wrong with them.鈥 June leaned against the counter with a grin and grabbed one herself.
鈥淣o dessert before dinner!鈥 August came into the kitchen and kissed Stella.
鈥淚 get a pass.鈥 She winked at him then went back to prepping dinner.
鈥淲hy鈥檚 that?鈥 June asked with a mouthful, staring August dead in the eye with a challenging gaze鈥攕he鈥檒l eat whatever she damn well pleases.
鈥淲ell,鈥 Stella smiled wildly and turned back to her, wiping her hands in a rag. 鈥淚鈥檓 pregnant!鈥
June squealed and threw her arms around Stella again, barely jumping with excitement. 鈥淥h, my god, I鈥檓 gonna be an aunt!鈥
August laughed and took her into a hug as well when she twirled around to him. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l be the best goth aunt a kid could ask for.鈥
鈥淵our kid is growing up on vampire movies and sad music and you cannot stop it from happening.鈥 She smiled with tears in her eyes, then hugged her brother again.
鈥淎nd, what鈥檚 better,鈥 Stella lifted her left hand to show a gold band with a single pink jewel embedded in the center. 鈥淲e鈥檙e getting married next month!鈥
鈥淲HAT!鈥 June began to fully cry now, minding her makeup with her fingers as she pushed the tears from her lashes. 鈥淪o soon?! Why didn鈥檛 you guys tell me?鈥 She looked between the two of them.
鈥淲e just decided on it this morning.鈥 August kissed her forehead. 鈥淚t just happened to work out to be the night you were coming over.鈥
鈥淛unie鈥斺 Stella reached over and touched her left cheek, and asked with a giggle, 鈥淒o you wanna be our flower girl?鈥
鈥淵es!鈥 June clapped happily. 鈥淥kay, I鈥檓 wearing gray, I don鈥檛 care what you guys say.鈥
鈥淵ou pick out your own clothes.鈥 Stella giggled again. 鈥淚 love your style鈥攁nd the fact that my parents hate it.鈥
June snickered and nodded.
Tumblr media
Dinner went over well; August and June were both drunk from the Jameson, Stella feeling drunk on the brownies.
June excused herself from the table to use the restroom, nearly skipping past the large stairwell at the end of the foyer and into the turquoise powder room.
While she sat peeing, she heard her phone buzz and clumsily pulled it from her pocket.
Loml: hey baby, when are you getting home
Junie: i鈥檔 staying the nihgt at Augusst house tonight, can鈥檛 drove
Loml: you鈥檙e drunk lol
Junie: duh lol i drank alot
Loml: wish u were here so we could fondle each other
She snorted and put her phone away. She was not in the mood to sext him.
June finished her business and washed her hands, feeling her buzz heighten. 鈥淚鈥檓 hungry,鈥 she grumbled to herself, wiping her damp hands on her skirt.
She made her way back into the dining room and found August and Stella nuzzling their noses together, and let out a drunken snicker. 鈥淵ou guys!鈥
August laughed, his cheeks red from the drink. 鈥淲e鈥檙e gonna go to bed. Do you need anything for your room?鈥
鈥淣ope, I鈥檒l help myself.鈥
鈥淎lright.鈥 They both stood, August clearing the table while Stella glided over to June.
鈥淕ood night sweetheart, I love you.鈥
They exchanged cheek kisses, and Stella paused, quickly glancing at June鈥檚 right cheek. She said nothing, but gave her a smile.
鈥淚 love you, too.鈥 June beamed a sloppy grin and waved at her as she went up the stairs.
Tumblr media
A gentle buzzing woke June from her dream. Her phone was tucked under her pillow, originally playing Fleetwood Mac that lulled her to sleep just hours previous.
Jean K
She groaned and declined the call, rubbing her eyes where her head ached from her drink of choice at dinner.
Jean K: I鈥檓 sorry if I woke you. I just wanted to say good morning.
Junie: it鈥檚 ok, im hungover lol good morning
Jean K: Lol. Did you have a good time with your brother?
Junie: yes
She paused and bit her lip, propped up on an elbow.
Junie: i can tell you about it at dinner on tues
Jean K: 鈽猴笍 Wonderful! Are you vegetarian at all?
Junie: nope i love meat
Why did you say that like that?
Jean K: Is there anything you don鈥檛 like? Vegetables, pastas?
Junie: as long as there鈥檚 no cauliflower or peppers i鈥檓 good lol
Jean K: Steak and carrots it is, then. 鈽猴笍
Junie: awesome lol
Junie: what鈥檚 your address
While she waited for his response, her lip found its way back between her teeth, the butterflies once again taking their place in her gut鈥攐r it was nausea from the hangover.
She was excited to have these interactions with him. The butterflies should be guilt that she was texting this man instead of her boyfriend, but the butterflies actually felt right. There was barely an ounce of shame in her body.
Maybe she should reconsider her relationship with Todd.
You鈥檙e being ridiculous.
She shook her head and rolled out of the bed, grabbing her clothes.
June hopped down the stairs into the kitchen and found Stella making coffee while her brother sat on the counter, nibbling on the rest of the previous night鈥檚 brownies.
鈥淢orning.鈥 She grumbled to them, opening the fridge to grab a bottle of hazelnut caramel creamer.
鈥淢orning,鈥 August said through a full mouth.
Stella pursed her lips into a smile at June and tucked her hair behind her ears. 鈥淚 know you just woke up, but鈥 but can we talk?鈥
June turned to the blonde woman and tilted her head. She never used a tone like that with her before. 鈥淵eah, what鈥檚 up?鈥 She asked slowly, setting down her coffee mug.
鈥淚鈥 I noticed your cheek yesterday.鈥 Stella took a step to her and touched the right side of June鈥檚 face.
鈥淥h, it鈥檚 nothing.鈥 She waved a hand passively and took the coffee pot from the burner and poured it into her cup, turning her eyes from Stella.
鈥淛unie鈥攊t鈥檚 not nothing. Those are clearly the shape of fingers under your eye.鈥
Turning to glance at her brother, June鈥檚 shoulders fell when he gave her the same stare that Stella was giving her. 鈥淚鈥攊t鈥檚 nothing, I promise.鈥
鈥淲ell,鈥 August started, 鈥測ou certainly didn鈥檛 get into a bar fight. You鈥檙e not a fighting drunk.鈥 He sipped a glass of milk.
鈥淒on鈥檛 say 鈥榥othing鈥.鈥 Stella held her index finger out towards June. 鈥淒id Todd hit you?鈥
鈥淗e鈥攏o.鈥 She avoided eye contact again and poured the creamer in after her coffee. 鈥淚鈥檓 fine, just clumsy.鈥
She jumped a bit and turned to Stella with wide eyes鈥攕he never called her by her full name, and certainly never used that tone with her.
鈥淥kay, I can鈥檛 keep this in any longer.鈥 Stella waved a hand and leaned on the counter beside August. 鈥淲e know Todd isn鈥檛 exactly the nicest to you. He鈥檚 rude and snotty, actually. I don鈥檛 like the way he talks to you or looks at you, but it鈥檚 never been my place to say anything. I鈥檝e seen bruises on your arms and hands before and I鈥檓 not buying that BDSM bullshit you've spewed, that shit has been too sloppy.鈥
鈥淪tella!鈥 June blushed heavily.
鈥淛unie, you鈥檝e gotta let him go. What happened here?鈥 August pointed to his right cheek, indicating he was asking about hers.
鈥淗e鈥 he was just upset about something I said, I said something upsetting is all.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 bullshit, June.鈥 He sighed.
鈥淲hat was it that upset him?鈥 Stella asked, crossing her arms.
鈥淚鈥 told him I didn鈥檛 wanna have his babies.鈥 She hunched her shoulders and took a long sip of her coffee.
鈥淵ou told him you didn鈥檛 wanna have kids so he hit you?鈥
鈥淚 was rude to him, I told him to leave my apartment.鈥 She looked down into the liquid and tapped her green fingernail against the porcelain.
鈥淗old on鈥攈e hit you because you said you didn鈥檛 want to have kids, and because you asked him to leave your apartment?鈥 August finally stood from the counter and took a step to her. 鈥淛une, you gotta report him for hitting you.鈥
鈥淲hat good is it gonna do?鈥 She whipped her head up to look at him. 鈥淲hat, he鈥檒l be put in jail for the night until authorities think he鈥檚 calmed down enough and send him back home like last time?鈥
Oh, fuck.
鈥溾楲ast time鈥?鈥 Stella raised her voice and grabbed August鈥檚 arm. 鈥淗e鈥檚 hit you like this before?鈥
鈥淚t was nothing, it was a misunderstanding!鈥 June shrugged and scampered away from them to the breakfast nook on the opposite side of the kitchen.
鈥淛uniper Johonna Jordan, you stop right there.鈥
She hated when he used her full name. She knew she was in trouble. It was rare he called her out with it, but it was always when he was pissed at her, whether it be because she was purposely failing a class, avoiding eating, or just doing stupid shit in general鈥攍ike this.
June turned to look at her brother, her posture like a dog who just got caught chewing on something they weren鈥檛 supposed to.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e breaking up with him.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 鈥楢ugy鈥 me! Break up with him. I鈥檒l come with you so he doesn鈥檛 hurt you.鈥
鈥淚 will, I will! I just鈥 I will, okay?鈥 She swallowed a large mouthful of coffee, hiding her face behind the mug.
鈥淎ctually, call him right now.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not dumping him over the phone! You鈥檙e crazy!鈥 She raised her eyebrows in exasperation and lifted her shoulders.
鈥淭hen I鈥檒l come with you to do it.鈥
鈥淚 will, I will! I鈥檒l do it this weekend.鈥
August stared at her with a cold look. 鈥淵ou better. I鈥檓 not about to attend your funeral because some dickbag killed you.鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 never beat me like that, just鈥 just some bruising and鈥︹ June swirled her coffee and looked down into it, her tongue in her cheek. 鈥淗e鈥檚 never beat me.鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 put his hands on you.鈥 Stella walked up to her and held her chin, tilting her face up to hers. 鈥淵ou do not deserve a man like him. You don鈥檛 deserve to be smacked around. Actually, he doesn鈥檛 deserve you, you and your kindness. If he were here right now, I鈥檇 smack the shit out of him.鈥
鈥淪tella, please.鈥 June sighed and relaxed her shoulders. 鈥淚鈥檒l take care of it.鈥
鈥淵ou better.鈥 Stella nodded, looking at her cheek again. 鈥淚t looks better than it did last night, but I鈥檓 still not happy with this.鈥
鈥淢e either.鈥 August shook his head.
June sighed and lowered her head. She knew it would be much longer than this weekend that she would do this鈥攂ut with them living so far away from her, she could try getting away with putting it off for now.
Tumblr media
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ahundredtimesover 3 months ago
Ok chapter 9 is definitely my favorite
Jungkook did make you happy when you were pregnant with Heejin, and that鈥檚 why his laugh and yours are familiar to her; that鈥檚 why being with him is so familiar to her. She鈥檇 felt you calm when he was around; she鈥檇 felt you happy when you were with him.
the SOFTNESS that this part made me feel??????? like a warm and cute flashback to their moments when oc was pregnant omg i loved it 馃ぇ馃ぇ馃ぇ
鈥淭hat鈥檚 great. I hate rejection.鈥
鈥淗mm,鈥 he cocks an eyebrow, and you know he won鈥檛 let you off the hook that easily given your multiple rejections of him. 鈥淢e, too.鈥
uhmmm okey i'm seeing this 馃憖馃憖馃憖 i like so much how playful they are with each other it makes me feel all giddy like i'd burst with happiness
He鈥檚 unfamiliar with them, giving you the opportunity to call him a 鈥渓iteral baby,鈥 and you groan whenever he replies 鈥渁s long as I鈥檓 your baby,鈥 prompting him to point out that you set yourself up for him to tease you.聽
鈥淯gh, here,鈥 you huff, putting on some balm on his lips as he turns towards you after parking the car.聽
ok and this????? idk if i'm making a big deal because it actually is and they're the cutest ever or if its because of the drought of physical touch that you're making us go through with this fic that is unmesereable (or at least for me since physical touch is one of my love languages lol) but like.... only one kiss one ear rubbing and one hand on the lip in 9 chapters??? i dont know why you werent sure about putting slow burn in the genre馃槶 i'm DYING here (in a good way) there were so many times where i was just thinking "JUST HUG EACH OTHER ALREADY"
hehe srry if this ask is a mess i just feel so many nice things reading this chapter馃ズ cant believe there are only 3 left already. send u loveee鉂わ笍鈥嶐煩桂煢
NOT A MESS AT ALL pls I love this. I knew I had to do callbacks to their past that鈥檚 why Heejin is the way she is with jk. And it鈥檚 rly the validation that OC needs that she could want this, too, bc her daughter does and everything OC has ever done was for Heejin. But yes, so much softness and so many more! 馃槍
Drought of physical touch lololol I thought about it being slow burn but I was sure if it was slow enough 馃槄馃槄 but yes thinking now鈥 it is. You鈥檒l see 馃槇馃槇
Thank you so much for reading. And I will be perpetually thankful that you gave me this idea! 馃グ
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tohokuu 4 months ago
omg i've been offline for a while 馃槶 so i'm gonna catch up aaaa i missed u
- canker sores: they're all gone 馃グ and yes it was quite painful, it feels like you accidentally bite off your gums all over again when you speak or eat, so my only source of being full was drinking ice cold drinks
- AWH MAN i wish i could bake me some bread as well, but we don't own an oven 馃槶 yes yes it's sinangag, great for leftover rice!!! and can be literally paired with any dish
- i WAS doing my own little adventure time and finally, she doesn't pay attention to my little walks at all so that's nice 馃グ i feel like she isn't gonna be occupied for long but i'll see
- it's the fever part 3 album SJFKSNJFSK i pulled mingi and woo 馃槏
- really wanna be in class rn but the same time i feel kinda lazy to do so EICJSKJCAKDKWK
- for some reason deodorant doesn't work for me at all so i use those powder non-smelling ones??? or i'm just assuming everybody is using the roll-on ones
- ok so this is anon so i guess this counts: i only see your eyes during your rants and they're literally the prettiest ever
- ok i hope ur ok this is the second time of my anon life that i see you ranting abt school raids
- i also fucked up my sleep sched this week so i'm trying to bring it back
- also i hope you get your car and i also hope your car is fine
- well uhm hard hours next ask idk maybe??? wait nvm my brain too lazy to imagine stuff... maybe next time
- also haven't been asking since like... a week ago since i know you're having a pretty rough time 馃槄
now that that's out if the way dropping new song recs:
- snowy night ; billlie
- escape room ; fromis_9
- love ; ailee
- this night ; rad museum
- love ; dean ft. syd
- 鈽锔
i'm so glad all your canker sores are gone !! not going to well for me... my wisdom teeth never grew in, but they tried to ? they're still trying and they'll try to tear through my gums and it'll happen every once in a while so i gotta wait out this painful ache in my gums and i cant have anything too crunchy </3
and dude, i never got to bake the bread </3 but i don't have class tomorrow. i'm staying home and relaxing (that's a lie. i'm gonna catch up on even more assignments) and then i might bake the bread while im studying. my cars fine now ?? the check engine light went away and the tcs light was gone too, but im terribly low on gas. i went to the gas station today. gotta love bj's bc gas is cheap there compared to other places
anyway, i went and i forgot my card at home so i was just gonna pay at the tiger mart with apply pay but the fucking tiger mart was closed so i got back in my car and left.. but my cars really low on gas rn, i just hope it even gets to the gas station tomorrow LMFAO. I'll try making the sinangag if I get time one day btw ! i wanna know what it's like
and also, I'm glad your mom hasn't been on your ass for anything recently, that must be a relief <33 and deodorant doesn't work for you ? omg I just use the secret deodorant bc the ole spice and dove ones are just way too light and they end up rubbing off on your clothes more than doing their job. i should actually try out the dry deodorant thing, I've heard lots of good things abt it. how does it work for you ?
and pls tysm for saying my eyes are pretty <33 I think that's the only part of my face that I would ever post on here bsjnf you can wonder what the rest of me looks like
and WE ARE BESTIES ! i also fucked up my sleep schedule (was a terrible, terrible idea btw) but try to go to bed by 10 or 11 pm !!
also, pls show me which photocards you got. i know you cant send photos thru anon but if you ever find a pinterest link or ig link to the photocards you pulled, pls send ! and omg tysm for the song recs ! I've listened to love by dean before, it's literally so good,. brb, gonna go listen to the rest
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flaine 9 months ago
Hey angel!
Dropping in with some vb au finntana content today 馃グ
So there's this rock artist named santana and u can't convince that finn didn't start listening to his music just bc he thought it was funny that his bestie had the same name as a singer,,,, and then really enjoyed the songs and made santana listen with him,,, anyway smooth by santana ft rob thomas is a banger and it makes me think of finn singing and trying to dance along (kinda like the same footwork as schue when he sang sway/the entire bamboleo/hero performance I guess? Idk how else to describe it lol) and like,,, santana watches him with the fondest smile bc he's a dork but she also dances along with him and tries to teach him how to move more fluidly,,,,,, (slipping in some cute finntana dancing together 脿 la opposites attract bc how could I not this friendship duo is so cute and I will forever be mad at the writers for screwing it up until s4)
Bonus points for vb au karaoke bar performance while finn is visiting kurtana in nyc where santana is definitely very tipsy if not drunk and she literally gets up to dance along and just sways there with a drink in her hand and the biggest smile and brittany falls in love with her on the fucking spot bc who wouldn't
Thinking happy vb au thoughts always and I hope u are too :) and sending u lots of love!! 馃挒馃挒馃挒
hey angelhoney 馃挒馃挒
ooh yes santana!!!! smooth and maria maria are absolute bangers it鈥檚 true!!!!
i am so in love with this concept i love it sm鈥. he absolutely 100% did!!! i can imagine the absolute delight on his face when he found the artist n then i know he鈥檇 be surprised by how much he ended up downright vibing !!!!
& !!! finn attempting to dance while performing 馃挅馃挒馃挆馃挒馃挅馃挒 santana being endeared by her best boy 馃挅馃挒馃挆馃挒
oh btw!!! opposites attract came on in the car today while i was listening to my 80s playlist n it ofc made me think of your fic so thank u for filling me w some very happy lil thoughts on my way to work 馃グ
& vb au karaoke bar my absolute beloved 馃グ馃グ (also 馃ズ but also me too @ brittany!!)
i am sending u so much love and many more happy vb au thoughts to come <3!!!
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sulfurcosmos 24 days ago
馃幎鉁╳hen you get this you have to put 5 songs u actually listen to, publicly. then, send this ask to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool) 馃幎鉁
hihi ti! i hope u don鈥檛 mind me sending this back to u hehehe, if you鈥檝e got any song recs i鈥檇 love to hear em! 馃グ
AHAHAHAHAH OHMYGOD okay hold on. i feel like i haven鈥檛 been listening to any new music lately.
(alshskshsksk this song is so catchy and so relatable)
(my brother got me into his music so i鈥檝e been listening to rap music a lot. my way of bonding with him)
(every few days i play this song. especially in the car hehe. i love it!)
(one of the best zayn songs honestly. it鈥檚 just so catchy)
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slytherinlesbian3 a month ago
when u get this u have to put 5 songs 馃幍 u actually listen to, publicly. then, send this ask to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool)鉁
the way this got lost in my notifications bestie. shameful of me. secondly, I'm in the top ten? 馃ズ馃ズ gonna kiss u rn
1. For listening in the car. I scream my lungs out to this one on a daily basis <3
2. Absolutely no shame in this. I listen to both Frozen soundtracks like it's my religion.
4. I listen to a lot of soundtracks and this one's my favorite, right next to Outlander's entire track. LOTR has bangers as well:)
5. I listen to this every day on the way to work. Not on the way home, just in the morning. It's 10 minutes of ecstasy 馃槍
I love you <3 I'm gonna go see if I even 鉁╤ave鉁 10 followers to send this to, thinks for thanking of me 馃グ馃挒馃挒馃挒
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grustniygoner a year ago
23 [f] just a list of fucked up shit I did for money
At 19, I needed rent covered. Found a sugar daddy on SA. He was 60. Had a list of shit with prices pretty much. I felt like a prostitute, which was hot. The usual? Ate his ass for a tenner, let him pathetically hump my cunt for few minutes for another 20, cum on my tits for another 10, lick it from them for another tenner. Boom, 50 quid. Three times a week.
At 20, while this SD thing was still going on, I found another. 36, and he was into some weird shit. Fucking with my head in a box, toilet, trash can. He loved filling my ass with cum, then pushing my buttplug in, send me out, and then pay me a hundred if I recorded myself pulling the buttplug out and licking the cum from it on a public place, like a shop.
At 21, a guy on almost empty train told me he had coke on him. I was up for it, but no cash. I ended up fucking my own ass with his cock while he was just sitting on his seat. Got 60 pounds worth for that and cumshot down my throat. Two people saw us.
At 22, three guys challenged me to buy me a horse cock dildo and pay me 20 each if I push it up my cunt in front of them. I won. Still have the horse cock.
Also at 22, sucked 2 guys off at once in a car to get a ride cross country. One then fucked my cunt at the end, with his thumb changing between my ass and mouth.
Finally at 22, few days before my birthday, I offered my ass to a bouncer of expensive London club for free entry. He was quite ruthless, sliding his thick cock all in, all out, for the whole duration, until he finally finished inside. Funny end - I ended up fucking another guy the same night inside the club, who, when I pulled my skirt up, asked if that's cum around my ass. I said no, I just lubed myself up for you baby 馃グ
At 23, I fucked another almost 60 yo for rent money. He was disgustingly fat, and most of the time he didn't even realize his cock is not inside me, just pathetically pumping it between my thighs moaning how good my pussy is lol. Insisted coming on my feet. Next time we met, it was mouth and feet only.
Few days ago, I fucked another dealer. We got crazy high before. He throat fucked me for like hour. Then another ages pumping my asshole. Fisted my pussy. While I was lying on the bathroom floor, covered in spit, cum and sweat, unable to move, he pissed on me. All over me.
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westernforever a year ago
23 [f] just a list of fucked up shit I did for money
At 19, I needed rent covered. Found a sugar daddy on SA. He was 60. Had a list of shit with prices pretty much. I felt like a prostitute, which was hot. The usual? Ate his ass for a tenner, let him pathetically hump my cunt for few minutes for another 20, cum on my tits for another 10, lick it from them for another tenner. Boom, 50 quid. Three times a week.
At 20, while this SD thing was still going on, I found another. 36, and he was into some weird shit. Fucking with my head in a box, toilet, trash can. He loved filling my ass with cum, then pushing my buttplug in, send me out, and then pay me a hundred if I recorded myself pulling the buttplug out and licking the cum from it on a public place, like a shop.
At 21, a guy on almost empty train told me he had coke on him. I was up for it, but no cash. I ended up fucking my own ass with his cock while he was just sitting on his seat. Got 60 pounds worth for that and cumshot down my throat. Two people saw us.
At 22, three guys challenged me to buy me a horse cock dildo and pay me 20 each if I push it up my cunt in front of them. I won. Still have the horse cock.
Also at 22, sucked 2 guys off at once in a car to get a ride cross country. One then fucked my cunt at the end, with his thumb changing between my ass and mouth.
Finally at 22, few days before my birthday, I offered my ass to a bouncer of expensive London club for free entry. He was quite ruthless, sliding his thick cock all in, all out, for the whole duration, until he finally finished inside. Funny end - I ended up fucking another guy the same night inside the club, who, when I pulled my skirt up, asked if that's cum around my ass. I said no, I just lubed myself up for you baby 馃グ
At 23, I fucked another almost 60 yo for rent money. He was disgustingly fat, and most of the time he didn't even realize his cock is not inside me, just pathetically pumping it between my thighs moaning how good my pussy is lol. Insisted coming on my feet. Next time we met, it was mouth and feet only.
Few days ago, I fucked another dealer. We got crazy high before. He throat fucked me for like hour. Then another ages pumping my asshole. Fisted my pussy. While I was lying on the bathroom floor, covered in spit, cum and sweat, unable to move, he pissed on me. All over me.
submitted by /u/alexsartre [link] [comments] source https://www.reddit.com/r/SluttyConfessions/comments/iydb2k/23_f_just_a_list_of_fucked_up_shit_i_did_for_money/
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