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#I love steve rogers
royalstcve17 hours ago
@ my sweet fanfic stevetony writers I'll give you all my gratitude and love and dedication if you write a very self-indulgent sleepy!steve and soft!tony fic. its my absolute favourite plot for comfort fics when I'm feeling sad, especially when its combined with chronically ill!Steve but post-serum!Steve! Or its Steve getting hurt on a mission and his body/immune system goes in overdrive trying to repair all the damage and Tony takes care of needy soft Steve who is in pain and deserves all the hugs and love from his boyfriend
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musette2223 hours ago
How often do you think Steve drew Bucky between Avengers and TWS? Like drawing Bucky had to have been his go to comfort hobby. From being small and asthmatic to supersoldier, the only constant he had was being with Bucky and drawing Bucky. How possessive do you think he'd be of those drawings, especially if any of the Avengers found them and questioned him about them?
My love, I have a question for you. Is there a reason you're always trying to make me cry? 馃槶 Steve drawing Bucky while believing he's dead is just... the saddest fucking thing. That trope actually never fails to break my heart. I know Bucky's coming back, but Steve doesn't. He thinks Bucky is gone forever and he'll have to live out his entire miserable life without his best friend, the love of his life, his soulmate. The only way Steve can think of to keep Bucky alive in some way is by drawing him. He's the only person left who knew Bucky, so yes, I'd say he'd feel incredibly possessive of his memory, and likewise of the countless images he'd drawn of Bucky over the years.
Steve is terrified of forgetting what Bucky looked like, so every single day, he makes a conscious effort to remember and to commit his memories to paper. He can still vividly remember every detail of that handsome face, every bright smile, every frown and dimple, but he's scared to death he'll wake up one morning and he won't be able to remember the exact curve of Bucky's lips or the colour of his eyes. So Steve draws and draws and draws, even though it keeps the grief fresh because every time he calls Bucky's face into existence, he misses him that much more.
Aw fuck, guess I'll just go cry again 馃槶
Anyway, yes, if any of Steve's teammates would come across his sketchbooks, or the whole entire spare bedroom he probably has filled with boxes upon boxes of sketchbooks and individual drawings, including the ones he insisted on getting back from the Smithsonian, I think Steve would respond very defensively. Not because he thinks they'll respond badly, but this is just something that's so incredibly private to him, in a way nothing else in his life is anymore, after the ice. Everyone knows Captain America, and most people know about Sergeant Barnes, but one alive knows Bucky. In fact, no one has ever known him like Steve did, and now he's gone, and the drawings are all Steve has left of him. So people finding those, seeing what are essentially pieces of Steve's heart, which he keeps so carefully concealed behind his Cap persona... I think he'd feel almost violated, and certainly very protective.
The Avengers, for their part, would most likely have... questions. I imagine Steve doesn't talk about Bucky much to the others, or anyone for that matter. It hurts too much. So while they all knew Bucky was Steve's best friend, none of them had any idea of just how much he meant to Steve, and how much losing Bucky had devastated him. I think there would be hushed conversations along the lines of "Well shit, the history books never mentioned they were in love", and attempts to get Steve to talk to a grief councilor (Bruce) as well as well-intentioned offers to go hit the shit out of something (Natasha) and then get drunk (Clint) or to build him a robot replica of Barnes (Tony, but Pepper shuts that down real quick). I feel like the only one who would actually say something that resonates with Steve would be Thor, who's probably the only one out of all of them who knows what it's like to love someone so timelessly and unconditionally.聽
Steve is one stubborn son of a bitch though, so I think it's not until he meets Sam that he finally starts to open up a little, and then... Bucky is back.
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shieldforbuckya day ago
my biggest issue with watching some marvel movies:
CATFA: do i want to watch Bucky leave Steve and then Steve try to meet Bucky in the afterlife?
A:do i want to watch Steve without Bucky?
CATWS: do i want to watch Bucky save and then leave Steve?
CACW:do i want watch Bucky to leave Steve?
IW: do i want to see Bucky crying out for Steve as he vanishes?
Endgame: do i want to watch Steve leave Bucky when they finally could live their domestic husband life?
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autumnrose402 days ago
You start to say Johnny's name on a moan, but Steve chooses that moment, to pull on the hair in his fist to gently bring your head back for a deep kiss as Johnny starts kissing between your legs.
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amarriageoftrueminds2 days ago
just thinking about the Avengers helping to set Bucky up on dates just to fuck with Steve and Steve IMMEDIATELY turning into the Saltiest Bitch about every single prospective guy
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otp-holic3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This was called "Frustrated Boyfriends" all along... because they are. They want to punch and kiss each other so hard.
Seriously, this little screenshot breaks my heart: Steve's lip biting, Bucky's exasperated silent gasp... so I tried to "vomit" all they were thinking about the other on the first one. I don't know! Aw, poor young babies, I frigging love them.
RANT AHEAD, omg I鈥檓 so sorry: I did that one during the weekend and today my head feels like that background of messy words and scattered thoughts! I鈥檓 in going through a serious paralysis: i have a million things started and everything seems meh, pointless, beyond my skills or too time consuming at the moment鈥 to the point I have anxiety and doubts about getting to the end of this BUT at the same time I want to be able to finish because I'm a bit too close to give up, which makes me even more frustrated. Argh. Why don't ideas magically materialize, WHY? And why do I have to overthink everything? WHY?
DAY 1 | DAY 2 | DAY 3 | DAY 4 | DAY 5 | DAY 6 | DAY 7 | DAY 8 | DAY 9 | DAY 10 | DAY 11 | DAY 12 | DAY 13 | DAY 14 | DAY 15 | DAY 16 | DAY 17 | DAY 18 | DAY 19 | DAY 20 | DAY 21 |
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letsbreakhearts3 days ago
@storieswrittcn鈥 Wanda/Steve聽鈥
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽A bright sun rose above a grey sky clear of any clouds. A marvelous spring day, so to say on which all the scales of grey really came to shine in their little small suburban town. The ruitin was always the same. At 7 o鈥檆lock he woke up next to his marvelous wife Peggy, ate a marvelous breakfast with her and kissed her goodbye for his marvelous work, to return at 6 o鈥檆lock in the evening. Just about everything was absolutely marvelous. He couldn鈥檛 imagine a happier life, unless -聽
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 鈥淲e are invited for dinner by our neighbours tonight, darling.鈥, Peggy reminded him, to which Steve replied with an 鈥渙h, splendet!鈥, since they both were good friends with Wanda and her husband, but it felt like they hadn鈥檛 seen them in ages.聽
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽Dressed sharply for their get together, Family Rogers knocked on the household of the Maximoffs perfectly in time at 7 o鈥檆lock in the evening. Steve already felt like starving, but when his eyes lay eyes upon their female host the thought of hunger was quickly suppressed by another thought that tried hard to verbalise itself in his head, however failed to do so. All that came out of his mouth was the former expression.聽
Tumblr media
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 鈥淚鈥檓 already starving. Thanks for the invitation.鈥 Shortly he seemed confused on why he said that, but when they sat down on the dinner table the smile automatically returned to his face. 鈥淪o ~ You two like it here in Westview?鈥, he started politer small talk whether or not he liked to.
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jbbarnes4 days ago
Bucky Barnes, you have three days. It's not enough time but it's all the time you've got. I'm sorry. This isn't what you wanted.
For @eusuntgratie and @jaybrogers, both of whom I wouldn't have in my life if it weren't for Bucky Barnes. This is a farewell fic to the Stucky fandom, Bucky is still hugely important to me, but I no longer have any more stories to tell about him. Maybe that'll change, I don't know. But for now, this is it, not a bang, but a whimper. Thanks for tagging along on this journey with me since 2014 (!) and I'm sorry I'm Teen Wolf trash now. I'm as embarrassed as you are, believe me.
Bucky Barnes, you are so loved.
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svmbucky4 days ago
heyyy pspspsps you really wanna read this post-cacw sam-centric samsteve fic i just wrote i mean you REALLY want to read it
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kotumari4 days ago
Tumblr media
ancient stevetony sketch i dug up while lookin for something else... was based on a dream i had around the height of my endgame brainrot :鈥橾
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leisurelypanda4 days ago
Imagine pre-serum Steve visiting his local pool to learn how to swim properly and get his strength up, trying to avoid getting too distracted by the gorgeous blonde musclegod who serves as lifeguard. One day, the lifeguard approaches Steve as he's catching his breath, introducing himself as Thor and offering to help with his lessons. He's a friend of the owner, he explains, and can get Steve in after closing so that he won't have to deal with the crowds. Steve agrees and returns the next evening, his heart racing when he sees Thor waiting for him in the water, muscles bulging and glistening, wearing a tight red speedo that leaves little to the imagination. He's profoundly grateful that he has the lessons to channel his pent-up desire into, the two of them becoming friends as the weeks pass and Steve gets better and better.
One evening, they're making great progress, with Steve breaking his record on the number of lengths he can swim. He's resting with his arms folded on the side of the pool, out of breath, but glowing with pride and adrenaline, when he feels Thor come up behind him, arms braced on the pool's edge to box Steve in. He feels Thor's cock, hard as a rock and so thick and long, pressing against his ass through the thin layers of fabric. His heart in his mouth, Steve slowly turns his head back to meet Thor's hungry gaze as his hands move, one tilting Steve's chin up for a searing kiss as the other pushes down into his shorts to start stroking his cock.
Mmmm yes, this is lovely! I love the idea of Thor being super proud and having a competency kink for pre-serum Steve improving his skills.聽
I imagine Steve being 18 or 19 here, and having spent his high school years being picked on because he's so scrawny. However, now that he's graduated, he has a bit more time on his hands, so he decides that he wants to get stronger somehow. Weights have never been his thing, though, so he starts learning how to swim. He doesn't have the money to spend on swim lessons, so he just goes to the local pool to teach himself.
The only problem is the presence of a lifeguard who's distractingly handsome. He looks like he's a few years older than Steve, maybe 25 at the oldest.. He has a gorgeous smile that he directs towards Steve every time they see each other. Steve can't help but wish that he could learn how to swim from this man.
It takes about 2 weeks of regularly going to the pool for the lifeguard to introduce himself. Steve has just finished swimming a few laps and he's pretty tired. His name is Thor. His father and the pool owner are friends, so he offers to help Steve learn how to swim after hours so Steve won't have to deal with people getting in the way. Steve agrees immediately.
The first thing Thor does is teach him stretches to help himself warm up and cool down. Steve can't help but be distracted, especially since Thor is wearing a bright red speedo. Everything is on display, from Thor's impressive shoulders, chest, and arms to his long, muscular legs. And of course, there's his glorious ass and the package that bulges against the poor, innocent fabric of the speedo. Steve can't look away, but he somehow manages to do the stretches every night.
Thor is a surprisingly good teacher, even considering the fact that Steve finds him distracting. He's patient and thorough. He teaches Steve freestyle first, then the backstroke, the breaststroke, the sidestroke, and lastly, the butterfly. Steve struggles with the butterfly the most due to his lack of upper body strength. He prefers freestyle and he's not surprised that Thor is amazing at the butterfly.
Steve gradually becomes stronger and grows in endurance. The longer the lessons last, the more they learn about each other. Steve learns that Thor has been swimming and training his entire life to be an Olympic swimmer. He鈥檚 been giving lessons ever since he was 16 and been a lifeguard since he was 18. He missed making the Olympic team four years ago due to a minor foot injury that kept him from attending the tryouts. This year, though, he intends to make the team.聽
Steve fully believes he can do it. One day, Thor takes him to a different pool (that his dad鈥檚 friend also owns, because that鈥檚 apparently his thing). It鈥檚 far longer than the pool Thor鈥檚 been teaching Steve how to swim in. It鈥檚 50 meters long, for starters, and 3 meters deep. It makes diving fun, of course, and watching Thor dive into the pool and swim to the other side as fast as he can is always incredible. Their lessons start taking place here and Steve always arrives early to watch Thor practice. When he asks how Thor still has the energy to teach him, Thor merely laughs and tells him that the lessons are essentially a way to cool down for him.聽
A few months after their lessons started, Steve is able to exceed his previous record. He鈥檚 not very fast, but he鈥檚 been able to build up his endurance. He鈥檚 able to swim 1000 meters one evening without Thor鈥檚 assistance. it took him a while, but he was able to make it. He鈥檚 exhausted by the end of it, but when he stops, he clings to the pools edge in the shallow end of the pool. As he鈥檚 catching his breath, he feels a pair of arms surround him from either side. He doesn鈥檛 have to look behind him to know it鈥檚 Thor. What he wasn鈥檛 expecting was for him to feel Thor press his cock against his ass, or for it to be rock hard.聽
A moment later, he feels Thor鈥檚 mouth on his neck, sucking and kissing against him. Thor murmurs his praises into Steve鈥檚 ear as his hands wander down Steve鈥檚 body. Steve is gasping for a whole different reason now and he doesn鈥檛 want to stop.聽
Thor takes care of everything. It鈥檚 after hours and they鈥檙e the only ones in the pool now. They鈥檙e the only ones in the building. Their kissing each other passionately without a care in the world, particularly not about the fact that they鈥檙e technically supposed to be closing up.聽
Thor鈥檚 cock is even bigger than Steve expected it would be. The stretch as it enters his ass is indescribable. Steve is sure that he won鈥檛 be able to walk tomorrow. He can鈥檛 bring himself to stop, though. He pushes back against Thor, down onto his cock. He sucks on Thor鈥檚 fingers as he moans and he can taste the chlorine from the water.聽
It鈥檚 impossible to say how long they fucked in the pool. If Thor wasn鈥檛 holding him, then Steve was clinging to the edge of the pool, bent over as Thor hammered into him. The water sloshed over them, making shallow waves from their movements. Finally, when Thor comes, he shoots his load deep into Steve鈥檚 ass. Steve comes at the same time, his own come bursting out into the water.聽
They鈥檙e both gasping for breath now. Thor鈥檚 cock is still inside Steve鈥檚 body, still hard. He grins warmly as he congratulates Steve on beating his record.聽
One unexpected result of their little sexcapade is that they鈥檝e both lost their swimming gear. There鈥檚 a certain thrill in having to swim naked to retrieve them from where they had floated to the other end of the pool. Thor doesn鈥檛 bother putting his on, though, and walks completely naked to the locker room. Steve decides to follow suit. They dress together and close up the pool. Thor leads Steve to his apartment, where they pick up where they left off. Neither of them swims that day, but they get other forms of exercise. Steve appreciates seeing how well the muscles he鈥檚 developed from swimming come in handy in Thor鈥檚 bedroom as he rides Thor鈥檚 cock all night.聽
Thor does eventually make the Olympic swim team. Steve is there to cheer him on. Thor makes waves during the next Olympics both for being an impeccable specimen and for proposing to Steve immediately after he wins the gold medal in the butterfly. The two of them become an internet sensation overnight, and they celebrate by having sex once again in a pool, though a private one, this time.聽
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rabentochter4 days ago
steve once ate a very decorative napkin in a fancy restaurant cause it was on the plate and by that logic he assumed it must be food
Yeah. Yeah he would. I can see it. Tony is too amused to say anything, and the rest of the team can't tell whether Steve is pulling one over them or not.
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