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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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#I love them!

My favourite grumpy asshole and his besotted but not afraid to yell back at him, boyfriend. 😍

Sarge and Blade, the never planned but still happened couple that I adore with all my heart! 💕

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So, turns out my cousin is an evil traitor. He adopted a kitten and didn’t tell me. How dare he. Well, now he’ll have to live with me spamming him until I get appropriate compensation, namely pictures. I want to see the new kitten. 👀 And you can bet that at the next opportunity I’ll come haunt him to pet it. A kitten! I’m so excited!

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The most dangerous pirate in my OC roster is probably Lophii Garman, or a fuchsia blood ive yet to name. Theyre opposites in dynamic, Lophii is cutthroat and cunning, while the fuchsia-blood is incredibly calculating but ruthless. I have several more pirates than that however ^^;;; I think i have about uhh 6 that i can think of just off the top of my mind. 

Lophii is younger and thats why he can be a bit more risky. Fuchsia gentleman is very serious about his occupation and more mature about it. I have photos of them both!! just ask ^^;

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I know this isn’t the type of stuff I usually post about but,

Funtime Foxy is whatever they wanna be,gender is a social construct that they will not,& do not,have to take part in.

Nothing prompted this post,I was just thinking about random stuff & this came to mind.Like,F.Foxy is a flipping robot fox,they do not have to be caged in gender stereotypes like the rest of the world!These dead robot children can be anyone they want,& with anyone they want!

You cannot convince me that just about every Foxy ever made is either Pansexual or Gay.

T.Chica & Freddy are both Bisexual.

Puppet is Nonbinary,using she/they pronouns,she’s a lesbian.

Golden Freddy is Gender Fluid,their pronouns are he/she/they,they are Pansexual or Polysexual.

T.Bonnie is either a disaster Bisexual,or a disaster Pansexual,either way he is a disaster.

T.Freddy is a soft closeted gay boi,screw you if you try to convince me otherwise!

I will rage about these characters & my many headcanons for them if you want me to!

Please want me to!I love them so much!Give me a reason to rant about them,please!

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