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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
another screencap redraw of the moment ever
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char-lotteral 8 months ago
3&4 please
Let's be salty 馃槇馃槇馃槇
3. I dont think I've ever unfollowed someone because of their fandom opinions. Truth is, I um I... go over their account before I even follow them so yeahhhh hehehehe
4. OKAYYYY IM GONNA BE BRUTALLY HONEST, but I hands down do not get the hype around Sasusaku IM SORIIII. I just can't imagine Sasuke being in a romantic relationship with a girl HAHSHSHDHSHHSDH
No but fr, I ahh... dont like Sasusaku very much and I can never understand its appeal, especially in canon *-* dude left his family for more than a decade, nearly killed his daughter with a sword, never sent one message via hawk to his family during his years of travel but gets an immediate pass because he uhh... *source sskretsuden* GAVE SAKURA A RING. Oh what an amazing husband 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
Yall asked me to be salty, this is what the ask game is all about, so you better not spam my ask box with death threats saying SS best ship馃槱
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sneezemonster15 6 months ago
Wait, what do you mean when you say Sarada's conceiving was shady?
Hi anon.
Reason one - Sakura looks so damn guilty everytime Sarada asks her about Sasuke.
Tumblr media
(Ik, sad looking slides, Canva would probably ban me forever if they saw them)
And even generally, like she really wants to keep the facade of her marriage going. She just gives a strong impression like she is hiding something. She looks guilty, like she is worried the truth will come out as a response to Sarada's queries. And she looks sad, but also conciliatory, just resigned to her fate of being a lonely, unloved woman who is lying to her only child.
If there was such a connection, she wouldn't have looked like this. Instead, she would have been assured and calm, confident in her 'connection'. If you know you are loved, if you are secure in the knowledge that you are loved, you wouldn't be fearful of people pointing fingers at you. And no one exemplifies this better than Naruto.
Tumblr media
Reason 2 - Sasuke looks really uncomfortable around her. Like he doesn't wanna be reminded of his miserable life with her. It has always been clear to any reader with half a mind that Sasuke never had any love for Sakura. He never respected her, he never really thought of her as a friend, he is never happy to see her, doesn't even crack a smile. At most, he thought of her as a team member when he was still a part of team seven. However, all his interactions with Sakura clearly show that he has a very low opinion of her. He doesn't even like her or tolerate her touch. She is just annoying as far as he is concerned, devoid of sensitivity, dignity, integrity and concern for others. Especially Naruto.
I really find it hard to believe that Sasuke willingly slept with Sakura. Like hell naw. I have a feeling that she tricked him and trapped him into marrying her. Does she have the kind of duplicitous and manipulative personality to be able to do such a thing? I mean apart from the fact that she used to have an inner Sakura, we also have this among many other examples, among one of the most recent ones. Brainwashing Sarada about Ino, Ino, the first person in school who was kind to Sakura, first person to befriend Sakura. Smh.
Tumblr media
I think she masterminded a situation where Sasuke had no choice but to marry her, maybe for the sake of Sarada. Why else would he say that Sarada is the reason for his connection to Sakura?
Tumblr media
And unpopular opinion but idgaf, I think Sasuke looks uncomfortable around Sarada as well. Like she reminds him of his association with Sakura, a life he never wanted in the first place. It also doesn't help that he dismisses Sarada's questions and concerns quite easily. Sure, he is goal oriented and is focusing on his mission. But this is his child, that he has met after a decade. How come he has so many soft expressions when he meets Naruto but for Sarada he has none? Towards the end, when he hugs her, I got the impression that he just took things in perspective, since he had some time to think about it since Sarada came to visit him, when he was taken by surprise. It's not Sarada's fault that he is in such a sad predicament. But he is still distant with Sakura.
Tumblr media
I really wish Sarada had asked Sakura - Mom, why didn't he respond to you? Or at least say something?
I would have liked to see what Sakura would have said. Heheh. But Kishi would never be that explicit. He really wouldn't. How do we know?
Tumblr media
So here, Sasuke is about to give some explanation as to why he is never around. It would have cleared a lot of things because Sasuke isn't Sakura. He would not have lied about his reasons, he might have softened the blow for Sarada's sake, but he would have told the truth. Or at least he would have given some solid indication as to their situation. It's even more incriminating that Sakura here looks nervous, as if she is worried about what he might end up saying. The truth.
But it would have been too explicit. So what did Kish do? He justified cutting off Sasuke's explosive revelation with this.
Tumblr media
Shin attacks and cuts Sasuke's speech off. Was the timing deliberate? No doubt it was. Very convenient. Very clever actually. Drop the audience a hint but let them fill the empty spaces themselves because he is writing a shounen battle manga. He has been doing shit like this since chapter three of part one. Red herrings, smokescreens, subterfuge, strategic distractions, that's how Kish rolls. At least in Naruto.
Reason 3 - Kishi's repeated allusions that Karin might be Sarada's mother. The way I see it, Karin isn't the mother. Basically I can't imagine Sasuke sleeping willingly with any woman. Because he is gay. And in love with Naruto.
But Kishi really didn't have to drop this angle in here. It is kinda sensationalistic and slightly inappropriate for shounen, adultery being the theme here. But well, he never leaves an opportunity to diss SS. He certainly tried his best to show SS in extremely bad light, like Sasuke and Sakura's so called connection is so precarious (as it's non existent), that even Naruto, Suigetsu and Sarada believed for a moment that Sakura might not be the mother. Makes SS look very sordid, doesn't it? Juxtapositioning Sarada and Karin's faces, dropping veiled insults like Sakura chased Sasuke, he could have just made Karin say that they traveled together. Aren't Karin and Sakura friends? Wouldn't Karin be expected to have a charitable opinion on how Sakura snagged Sasuke? Hehehe. Yeah, things don't add up unless you decode Kishi's devilish ministrations.
Tumblr media
Also, the issue of the umbilical cord only serves in making SS and especially Sakura look even more Sasuke crazy. Like she was still traveling with him, living in caves and forests, as she was heavily pregnant? Sasuke wouldn't have returned to Konoha for her sake, but she could have returned for Sarada's. It's a Japanese tradition for the mothers to keep the umbilical cord safely. Many other Asian countries have the same tradition, the idea being umbilical cord is the physical and spiritual connection between the mother and the unborn baby, it's sacred, it's symbolic, it's meaningful. But Sakura didn't keep it, Karin did. So what is Kishi trying to say here? That Sasuke is more important to Sakura than her own child. She would keep an old picture of Sasuke (which she perhaps took from Karin) which doesn't even include her but not the cord. Makes you think. That Sakura is still the same, even after becoming a mother. Addicted to Sasuke. It's just so sad.
Anyway, with the way Kishi wrote Gaiden, since he couldn't write these established dynamics explicitly, he instead dropped allusions, hints, applied visual tricks and narrative devices, he used his personal arsenal of storytelling tools to colour SS as dysfunctional, unpleasant, superficial, a 'connection' only meant as a pretence for Sarada's sake. Including the story of her conception.
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ferndidntfade a year ago
Perhaps could I a few headcannons on Lycan!karl and shapeshifitng male reader and the reaction of the rest of the Lords since Alcina isn't so happy about the wolfly or men in general.. would she still be found of the S/o :0?
This was a really interesting thing to think about, especially since I haven鈥檛 written much for the other lords before! Thanks for the request, hope you enjoy! :]
鉂 Characters: Lycan!Karl Heisenberg x Male! Shape-Shifting! Reader (ft. The Lords of RE:8)
鉂 Warnings: Cursing
鉁 You can find all my stories here!
鉁 My requests guide is here! (And you can place a request here!)
Alcina Dimitrescu (ft the girls)
馃 You are still a stupid man-thing but you鈥檙e far more polite than that fool Heisenberg (which isn鈥檛 very hard lmao)
馃 Of course, Alcina has never been too fond of Karl鈥檚聽鈥渓ycan鈥 side, however that may be due to the fact of how brazen and brash Karl is when he parades around as a werewolf
馃 Then there was that one time when he dug up her roses out of spite idk聽
馃 She actually finds your shape-shifting ability far more elegant than Karl鈥檚
馃 You two actually met when Karl wanted to ask Alcina a favour but obviously she didn鈥檛 want to let him in lmao
馃 Instead of letting your boyfriend wolf-out you opted to turn into a lovely barn owl to fly into one of the castle鈥檚 windows so you could negotiate with Lady Dimitrescu
馃 She actually found you quite interesting
馃 To be honest Alcina thought Karl was lying every time he told her about you
馃 鈥淪o yeah anyway I have this super cool boyfriend who can shape-shift into whatever animal he fuckin鈥 wants, he even turns into a wolf with me and we go on romantic runs through the forest sometimes 貌w贸!! Yeah, I guess you could say that it鈥檚 kinda epic聽馃槑馃槑鈥
馃聽鈥淵ou keep telling yourself that pal idgaf鈥
馃 As I briefly mentioned earlier she believes that you鈥檙e Karl鈥檚 more elegant counterpart LMAO
馃 She likes to constantly remind him of this (not that he minds because he absolutely adores you anyway)
馃 Alcina likes to berate you for coming into the castle uninvited (stupid man-thing smh) but secretly she loves it, you鈥檙e lovely to talk to and she thinks you鈥檙e great company
馃聽鈥淗ow dare聽you come into my house uninvited!鈥 *boils kettle*聽鈥淭his is an insult to the Dimitrescu name!鈥 *grabs tea cups*聽鈥淚 am disgusted by your presence!鈥 *starts brewing tea*聽鈥淗onestly how dare you! I am so mad rn!!!鈥 *pours tea into individual tea cups*聽鈥淣ow would u like one sugar or two 馃憠馃憟鈥.
馃 Bela, Daniela and Cassandra share their mother鈥檚 interest
馃 They like to ask you about life outside the castle since they don鈥檛 get out at all
馃 They don鈥檛 see much of the wildlife so!!! You like to turn into fun animals for them!!!! :]
馃聽鈥淲ow!!!! That鈥檚 what a beaver looks like??? :0!!鈥
馃聽鈥淲hat about a squirrel?? 馃憖鈥
馃聽鈥淣ononono try a canary first!!!!馃ズ馃ズ鈥澛
馃 Sometimes you鈥檒l turn into a random animal and make them guess what it鈥檚 called
馃 Alcina appreciates this deeply as a mother, always upset that her daughters will never really be able to see or fully experience the outside world
馃 The fact that you take time out of your day to enrich their lives gives her a newfound appreciation and respect for you
馃 A mystery shipment of your favourite tea/coffee arrived at the factory a while after that
馃 You didn鈥檛 tell Karl who it was from (he probably woulda thrown it out lets be real lmao) and you instead kept that knowledge to yourself, continuing to visit the castle every week or so for your routine high tea with the lades of house Dimitrescu聽
Donna Beneviento (& Angie)
馃У Donna was very unsure of you at first
馃У She is quite wary of Karl鈥檚 lycan side, seeing him as aggressive enough when he鈥檚 human
馃У Angie always attempts to pick fights with Heisenberg and tries to get him to wolf-out
馃У (Not that Donna encourages her to do this in any capacity)
馃У Angie has been successful on occasion, mostly before you were with Karl
馃У Karl always feels bad about wolfing-out in front of you since you have such a good grip on your own powers; it makes him feel small and inferior, so he stays away from the Beneviento Estate as much as he can
馃У On times where he is forced to go to Donna鈥檚 (e.g. to get fitted for new clothes/major repairs) you always go with him
馃У No matter how hard Angie taunts and annoys him he feels as though your calming presence far outweighs the chaos of Angie鈥檚
馃У When the two of you got to visit Donna, Angie is usually far too preoccupied with you anyway
馃У One of her favourite games is having you turn into a small animal (rabbit, mouse, ferret, etc.) so you can chase each other around the house
馃У Much like Lady Dimitrescu, Donna would agree with the idea that you鈥檙e a toned-down version of Heisenberg
馃У Though she doesn鈥檛 like to talk much to strangers, over time you found yourself getting along quite well with Donna
馃У Tea parties with her friends (aka her hoard of dolls) are a common occurance
馃У Sometimes you鈥檒l show up to Donna鈥檚 house for a chat and she鈥檒l bake sweets for you
馃У Karl doesn鈥檛 much like tagging along on these occasions but insists you bring home some baked goods for him
馃У聽鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you just come with me, then?鈥
馃У聽鈥淎w but (Y/n) you know that weird doll gets on my nerves :c 馃憠馃憟鈥
馃У聽鈥淏-But (Y/n) can鈥檛 you just 馃憠馃憟 grab some cookies for you boyfriend who鈥檚聽 馃憠馃憟 who鈥檚 hard at work all day and far too tired to tag along this time 馃憠馃憟 pleeeeeeease?聽馃ズ馃憠馃憟鈥
馃У聽鈥...Fine, I鈥檒l ask Donna if I can take some home with me鈥
馃У Though Donna is quite intimidated by her brother鈥檚 lycan side that doesn鈥檛 mean she鈥檚 afraid of him
馃У In fact there have been occasions where Donna has sent Angie into the factory to hide hallucinogenic flowers in Karl鈥檚 workshop聽
馃У Since she has no real gripe with you she鈥檒l try to invite you out of the factory on these occasions
馃У When she invites you out for a cup of tea on days when she wouldn鈥檛 usually, you can usually sum it up to Donna trying to plant flowers in the factory
馃У When you realise this you always try to negotiate with her and get Karl to apologise for whatever he鈥檚 done
馃У (He鈥檚 usually quite genuine when apologising to Donna- mostly for fear of her Cadou powers, having experienced them first-hand before)
馃У Sometimes, though, when Karl is being particularly difficult, you help Donna infiltrate the factory to hide flowers
馃У You would never want to hurt Karl, of course not, so you ensured that these hallucinations are purely comedic in nature
馃У Such as that time you asked Donna to make him think he was stuck in a maze;聽
馃У Every corner he turned in the factory looked exactly the same, which only infuriated him because of how sure聽he was of the factory鈥檚 layout
馃У Or that time he kept hearing Lady Dimitrescu鈥檚 voice echoing mysteriously around the factory- with the 9 foot tall lady nowhere in sight
馃У All the while you were having a lovely time at Donna and Angie鈥檚, chatting away over a cup of tea
Salvatore Moreau
馃悷 Moreau, similar to Donna, has always been wary of Heisenberg
馃悷 If anything his wariness is more intense than hers, and could even be considered fear to some extent
馃悷 Moreau is fearful of most people, though
馃悷 He was scared of you too at first
馃悷 Moreau thought you were going to be like his brother, who always picking on and belittling him
馃悷 But the day Heisenberg arrived at the reservoir with you at his side went quite different to that
馃悷 Moreau was the last lord you had met, Karl explaining that he didn鈥檛 like going to the reservoir unless it was absolutely necessary
馃悷 Moreau was barely talkative at first, still under the impression that you didn鈥檛 like him
馃悷 You noticed his DVD collection laying around and commented on one of the TV shows he had a box set of
馃悷 Almost immediately at it鈥檚 mention he began to talk your ear off about all of his favourite parts and how many times he鈥檚 watched it
馃悷 Moreau鈥檚 sudden change of tone even surprised Karl
馃悷 Movie nights are a MUST
馃悷 Sometimes you鈥檒l even go swimming in the reservoir with Moreau, turning into whatever fresh-water aquatic creature you fancy
馃悷 Karl always complains about how you smell when you get home (but you know full well that he swims in the reservoir too)
馃悷 Moreau couldn鈥檛 care less about your powers tbh
馃悷 Whereas the others feared you might be as reckless as Heisenberg is with his powers, Moreau quite literally didn鈥檛 have a care in the world about it
馃悷 His only fear was that you didn鈥檛 like him
馃悷 Moreau doesn鈥檛 like to judge people too harshly, which is part of the reason why he didn鈥檛 share many of the same initial opinions that his sisters had about you
馃悷 After meeting you and finding out you did, in fact, like him, that was all it took for Moreau to become your friend
馃悷 He isn鈥檛 even stressed about Karl鈥檚 werewolf abilities, straight up just wary of Karl in general
馃悷 As I mentioned before, Moreau could care less about anyone鈥檚 Cadou powers or how it affects them, more interested in their personalities and how they present themselves around him
馃悷 He just wants some friends, man
馃悷 And you happily obliged!!!! :]
sorry the Moreau section is so short, I actually cut out a huge chunk that didn鈥檛 seem relevant to the ask but rest assured聽I saved it for a general聽鈥淭he Lords and You鈥 headcanons post!! It was very cute and I really didn鈥檛 want to delete it :)
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certifiedceraunophile a year ago
Hi! A fan of your writing here. I just love the way you write Caroline. An Avoidable Heart is my comfort fic and I am constantly in awe with the way you write and craft the dynamics in that story. Caroline's inner monologue is just priceless and God! I just love that intro scene where Caroline is walking into the Mikaelson compound with vampires and hybrids in the surrounding ready to pounce on her.
I would love to hear how you would have visualized Caroline crossing over into TO or not? Like in what season and why? How it would have likely gone?
Thank you!
First of all lovely anon gimme a moment to breathe, asdfghjkl why are people so lovely 馃槶馃槶馃ズ鉁 It means sooo much to me that you鈥檇 take the time to jump into my inbox and send these kind words, like please I鈥檓 not worthyyyyy, But you make me smile and feel really freaking warm so *handcuffs your hand to mine* you aint leaving 馃挅鉁煉烉煓
But OK ALSO oh my god dude THAT CAROLINE WALTZS INTO THE COMPOUND AND TAKES ON A COUPLE HUNDRED VAMPIRES BY HERSELF SCENE???? Ughhhhh I鈥檓 sorry but I have SUCH a boner for Caroline in that, like my badass -I admit kinda op- QUEEN IS HERE and she鈥檚 fucking shit up, I鈥檓 sorry but I love that scene so much it鈥檚 so dear to me I was killing myself over how self-indulgent and grossly Over powered Caroline is but like idgaf man it鈥檚 such a hot scene and Caroline is practically invincible and we just love to see that, so seriously lovely anon, you telling me you LOVE that scene??? Puts the biggest smile on my face and reassures me a LOT bc I was whining and cribbing over how absolutely unbalanced that scene is to literally everyone BUT LIKE YOU JUMPING OUT OF NOWHERE and pointing that exact scene UGHH鈥...meant to fucking be the both of us 馃挅馃挒鉁
And ALSO Caroline鈥檚 monologue is quite honestly the easiest inner monologue out of the three voices I wrote for that work, Klaus鈥檚 is the real pain in the ass tbvh like it is NOT easy writing pretentious besotted losers with a Kardashian complex especially when you need to make them sound cool when they鈥檙e the lamest OP dude bros to ever exist - and no I don鈥檛 hate Klaus although I seem to try my darndest to convince ppl I do- I just personally believe that a feral fucker like that with a thousand years of existence under his belt can grow a pair and graduate from his kindergarten level of emotional maturity to adult sometime soon, But then on the flipside he鈥檚 so grossly adorkably smitten and feral for Caroline plus hella horny for her all the time that its usually easy聽to write the trashed and devoted idiot he is into something pretentious and powerful and potent when relating to his unflappable arrogance and his narcissism, but sometimes I also need him to be *deep* and ffs profound for the sake of the plot and jfc my muse just wont work with me on that, she鈥檚聽like I鈥檓 sorry I鈥檓 not about to bust my ass to make this mongrel intelligible like no sir all I wanna do is make him uncomfortably horny for Caroline and leave him like that.
So smh yeah the struggle is real鈥.but lmao Caroline is just so precious and fiercely protective and just so achingly lonely in that story, so desperate for connection and trust and intimacy yet so guarded and impervious to everyone like it hurts me to write her like that but it really challenges me as an author to balance out her inherent light with the 鈥渧oid鈥 I create in her and through her, so yeah it鈥檚 a very fulfilling task and I wouldnt change it one bit, and also I had to balance out her physical op-ness w half a millennium of the ugliest emotional trauma lol so I guess that figures, but the point being鈥.once again I am overjoyed knowing that you liked a facet of the story that I tried so hard to make as authentically Caroline and achingly real and moving as I can and I cannot possibly feel more accomplished than rn for it so ty ty ty ty for reaching out to me and telling me *tackle hugs* It makes me GIDDY knowing that you enjoyed that particular part of the story like ugh stab me please you're too sweet.
And ok NOW, coming to The Originals part of the ask, (also please note that when I say TO headcanon; Hope does not exist, Hayley is a dead in a ditch and ofc Klaus will stop being that lil bitch they tried to pawn off as Klaus in TO)聽
Honestly my biggest headcanon when it comes to TO crossovers somehow always include non-humanity!Caroline like it鈥檚 just so perfect to me?? The opportunity to make shit BLOW UP b/w them like imagine the DEBAUCHERY, the heat, the SEXUAL TENSION, the repression of one Klaus Mikaelson, the EXPLORATIONS, and omg the role reversal when Klaus has to be the voice of moral reason between them and not bc he believes Caroline would not be able to stand herself if she does something heinous and monstrous but bc he wants her to be completely and utterly herself, and yk *aware*, when she DECIMATES ppl to the ground and is in full-on predator mode, like he wants her monster to come out and play with him when no part of Caroline is locked away or suppressed, so obviously when she is w/o her humanity KLAUS exercises restraint on her behalf, like can you imagine that, Klaus restraining himself and being the vague, extremely broken and just largely inaccurate moral compass between the two of them for ALL the wrong reasons- and the entirety of NOLA just standing there watching him herd this baby vampire who seems to be intent on riling him up and angering him when all she is doing is giving him a massive hybrid hard on, like IMAGINE THE GOODNESS of non-humanity Caroline wrecking NOLA and Klaus letting her wreck it bc he is helpless in the face of Caroline Forbes and also bc he is quite honestly *enjoying* the debauchery himself so why put a damper on the festivities.
-I might wanna add that I favour this headcanon a lot bc I genuinely do not even remotely *like* the idea of NOLA as Klaus's chosen place to set his roots so like I would love Caroline going to NOLA and destroying everything there just bc I detest NOLA and the storyline behind it in TO. (yes is it petty? Obvi, but like I am a petty soul and I make no apologies ma鈥檃m)
So yeah that鈥檚 my main TO headcanon, but my other one being, one I talk about very frequently, scream about in tag rants to an obsessive level, and like this is a cracky one but still very valid, where Caroline rolls up to NOLA humanity intact and all, finds Hayley preggo and is just laughing her fucking ass off bc anybody ANYBODY, with half a brain and a two minute convo w klaus would know how UTTERLY stupid the entire baby shit is especially when it鈥檚 with an immemorable one night stand, and Caroline鈥檚 just losing her shit about how like an entire city is obssessed w this baby and she just straight up tells Klaus he鈥檇 SUCK as a dad (which he really does tho like he was a shitty fucking dad canonically too) and Klaus is just like *sigh* girl tell me about it. I mean basically he鈥檚 finally relieved that someone is on his side about the whole baby thing and how he definitely does not want his entire millennium of life to finally sum up to this one squalling leaking stinky infant/unicorn Hayley is apparently baking in her oven, and I say this headcanon is cracky bc klaus would never have put up w this mess long enough for Caroline to come in and sort it out, there鈥檚 this preferred method of disposal of his called heart ripping that would've been employed quite early on and honestly saved us all a lot of brain cells and minused years of life, bc let鈥檚 be real any Klaus who鈥檚 NOT a lil snivelling bitch wearing a Klaus skinsuit would鈥檝e yeeted the baby and the mama first chance he got, and that鈥檚 just how I see it.
Lmao I really hope I didnt scare you away w my *strong* opinions Ik they can be a bit much but I enjoy having them so theyre not going anywhere, anyways this ask answer got WAYYYY too long but I鈥檓 hoping I answered your question well with this or atleast left you slightly confused and bemused over my feral screaming....either ways I鈥檓 really really really happy to have got your ask and the chance to rant so much bs, Twas cathartic and honestly I had nothing to do today so I was more than happy to dish this baby out for you. Thank you so much sweet anon for putting a smile on my face today I am absolutely HONOURED by your words you鈥檚a cutie 馃挅馃挒鉁煑p煑
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krittikamoon 11 months ago
Weeell since you rebloged the post with questions to be asked, I suppose you are in the mood for writing and I am in the mood to read so here is the whole interview that I prepared for you in numbers: 20,31,35,42,46, 57,so get comfy and whenever you are ready you can begin馃幀 hehe馃榿馃榿馃榿馃拰馃馃挍
MY FAVORITE PERSON SENT AN ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO! I HOPE YOU'RE HAVING A NICE DAY! Muah! Thank you sm for sending an ask! Okay so here I go:
(biggest deal breaker)
20: I'd say when people are too hooked on to their past, I've always dated guys who couldn't get over their past relationships and I've always helped them heal over it, I've realised it's not my responsibility to heal everyone, but I still do oh god smh, but it's a huge deal breaker for me! I'm a very 'now, in the moment' kinda person :D or maybe too futuristic (screams sag dominance). Also people who are not ambitious? Or people who lack drive, like I can be friends w them and all but idk why I just can't vibe with people who lack vision and drive for some reason! Oh and people who disrespect me, that's a huge deal breaker!
(last awkward situation)
31: My last awkward situation happened a week ago haha! It's so funny I can't even-
Ok so I was at the airport and I ordered a cup of hot chocolate, I got distracted after paying for my hot chocolate and when I looked at the counter there was a cup so I mindlessly picked it up thinking it was mine and went to my table, I was wondering how fast their service was and I did tip them a huge amount for it, but my hot chocolate tasted really strange. After 5 minutes I see a little boy standing near the counter with the barista, the barista called out my name, he was like "ma'am you picked up the wrong order, the cup you picked was this little gentleman's cappuccino", OHMYGOD, I felt so bad for drinking his coffee, I got him a cappuccino and his favorite muffin. It was so embarrassing and guess what my Aries rising mom was the one laughing the loudest, too awkward for me aha!
(my quirks)
35: Mhm, I'd say I have many quirks. I'm a very loud person, and I never tone down my voice when I'm happy, I've stopped doing that tho! The thing is I wear my emotions on my sleeve (I'm an Aries moon 1st house), so whenever I'm happy or around my friends, I'm REALLY loud yk, my acquaintances tell me to tone it down but I don't because I live for free expression! (My friends never tell me to tone it down, so I used the word acquaintances). Also, I wear traditionals all the time, people find it really weird (I'm a cancer Jupiter 4h, very fascinated by my roots and culture, I'm a Hindu), so I'm always wearing a bindi kurta (or saree) and people always suggest me to wear something 'modern' as my traditionals don't match my age and guess what IDGAF ahahaha!
(what do I daydream about)
42: I daydream about my future sm!! (I'm a very futuristic person, thanks sag sun/merc 9h), I daydream about pampering my kids, I daydream about me wearing the olive green uniform (I aspire to be an army officer), I daydream about my workplace, I daydream about being a successful woman! I daydream about teaching poor kids or either funding their education (Neptune 10h ahah), these are some major things I daydream about!
(most dangerous thing I've ever done)
46: I've done a lot dangerous and risky things tho xD (you see the mars dominance come thru), but I'd say the most dangerous thing I've ever done is helping a girl being harrassed by a group of boys at a very lonely place in the dark. Ig it was 9 pm? I was on my way back to home after my dance practice, and the road is very isolated by that hour, I heard a girl scream for help. I was so scared, I could feel my heart pound so badly, around 3-4 guys ganged a girl, I immediately rushed and pushed them away harshly, and I called the police up and screamed at the top of my voice, they thankfully ran away. I was shaking the entire time, but yay!
(recent trends that I hate the most)
57: There are so many trends I don't like xD, but I'd definitely say the rise of fast fashion, teenagers are so obsessed with these fast fashion brands like Shein, Zara, h and m etc, they're not aware of the repercussions and it's not their fault. I've visited manufacturing houses of these fast brands (I'm a commercial student), and I've seen how hard these workers work in such dire conditions and how less they are paid for it. And the fact that these brands are continuously harming the environment at such a huge scale scares me, ig it's high time we should collectively boycott such brands.
Here's a video if some of yall don't know what I'm talking about
Muah LOVE YOU, TAKE CARE, sending love and blessings your way 馃珎馃挍
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spiderstyles04 a year ago
Episode 1:
Can鈥檛 stand the fact that they鈥檙e trying to make Sam the victim, fuck the white bitch 馃槫. (okay yeah she鈥檚 kinda the victim but like she deserves to be blamed)
I can鈥檛 stand the fact that everybody keeps trying to make Robby the villain (ik he鈥檚 MIA, but the words they鈥檙e calling him make me wanna punt their asses into oblivion 馃馃徑鈥嶁檪锔忦煆岋笍)
Episode 2:
Kreese is actually fucking sadistic wtf.
fuck men (esp. those that prey on young girls).
cops @ the prison rlly said: 鈥淚 aint see nothin at all -馃憚-鈥.
wow so you can definitely see who is Johnny鈥檚 priority! Instead of continuing to look for his missing son, he went to go see Miguel馃枙馃徎.
and Miguel is like boohoo why鈥檇 this happen to me it鈥檚 all Johnny鈥檚 fault. Uh no it鈥檚 partially yours for accelerating the fight. Shouldn鈥檛 have gotten in the middle of a fight if you wanted to come out unharmed.
Robby blaming himself for everything and worry abt the others before himself is making me cry my eyes out pls 馃槶馃槚.
Daniel fucking Larusso rlly said let鈥檚 catch this scared teenage boy off guard and have a cop sneak up on him and arrest him
Episode 3:
I hate that Robby is in jail but he looks hot af
Not the LaRussos blaming Robby鈥檚 grudge on him being a teenage. Like you literally had a cop sneak up on a terrified kid and you expect him to take your calls???? I think tf not.
Sksks Sam rlly out here acting like Tory got angry outta nowhere and that she had no reason for being brutal. Yeah having a bad background doesn鈥檛 justify bullying but you kinda provoked her. YOU KISSED ANOTHER GIRL鈥橲 BOYFRIEND WHILE YOU HAD ONE OF YOUR OWN. SUCK IT UP AND SHUT UP LIL BABY.
Not Robby fighting with guys in prison over their comments abt Sam of all ppl 馃拃 she鈥檚 the reason you鈥檙e in there and she cheated, what the fuck are you defending her for?
sad puppy Robby is making me tear up shit I love him too much to see him in pain 馃槚
God I hate Eli. Imagine being jealous of not being able to creative enough to raise money for your friend so you resort to stealing the money from the only ones able to get money for him 馃拃.
鈥淒ouche clown鈥 BAHAHA.
Episode 4:
NOT JOHNNY ASSUMING THAT ROBBY IS THE ONE STARTING FIGHTS (reminds me of Jess and Rory from Gilmore Girls when she accused him of fighting with Dean when rlly he just got attacked by a bird)
I love that Robby is telling Johnny off like PERIODT KING GO OFF
Nah if some idiot wrecked my lego diagram that took me weeks to build, I鈥檇 knock him on his ass no hesitation. Idgaf if I got expelled
Not the counselor completely disregarding the fact that Dimitri鈥檚 project was wrecked
Every time Johnny enters Robby鈥檚 life, he just makes shit harder for him. I feel horrible for my bby
Kreese has a god complex & I wanna put him in the ground 馃暢馃懆馃徎鈥嶐煢金煈煆解嶐煢
Little miss princess got some anger issues oop
Not Johnny making a paralyzed kid get out of bed 馃拃
Episode 5:
Robby basically telling Kreese to fuck off and tell talk to 鈥渟omebody who gives a shit鈥 is everything to me I love him
Not Johnny using a sex magazine to motivate Miguel 馃あ
If Robby gets back with Sam I will RIOT
Imagine taking pleasure from terrorizing others and children sksksk couldn鈥檛 be me
Damn it Robby you shouldn鈥檛 be fighting. It鈥檚 only gonna make your sentence worse bby. Ik he鈥檚 an asshole, but you gotta be the bigger man
The fight in the lazer tag place I- not even gonna comment
Episode 6:
I鈥檓 glad Eli is abt to get the vibe check he deserves
Miguel rlly should choose what he says more wisely like sir you can鈥檛 just tell the angry mentally unstable girl that she needs help sksksksk those are words of war to her
Oh Mrs. LaRusso getting in on the action lmao
Episode 7:
Damn Tory rlly wakes up every day and chooses violence uh it was a dream nvm
There鈥檚 no fooking way Miguel recovered from a spinal injury so quickly 馃檮 also why鈥檇 they throw away the wheelchair??? That shit is expensive af
Imagine having a dad that actually feels genuinely bad for not keep up with your life SKSK couldn鈥檛 be me
I haven鈥檛 seen Robby in a hot minute and I鈥檓 getting pissed abt it.
I love when ppl tell Eli off. Gives me a diff kind of joy
tf is Eagle Fang sksksks
@ Kreese: Bye bitch 馃ゴ
Episode 8:
I cant believe they鈥檙e dicusssing Kreese when they鈥檙e abt to pick up Robby I- none of these men are fit to be stable father figured to him
Glad Robby told them to fuck off bc when the going gets tough, unfortunately, they will always choose someone else over Robby
But I鈥檓 all here for Miguel鈥檚 character development. Looks like soon I鈥檒l have a total of 2 characters that I like on this show
Eyyy go off Miguel preach
Nvm fuck that. I鈥檓 glad Robby walked in on Miguel and Sam flirting so he could see she isn鈥檛 all she鈥檚 cracked up to be. I鈥檓 glad he鈥檚 telling them off. I just hate that they鈥檙e making him out to be a villain, AGAIN UGH
Episode 9:
Fuck fuck fuck I鈥檓 terrified for this episode
oh shit Ali...
Trouble is in the air....
Miguel and Sam 馃檮馃榾
Oh so Robby is back in his sn 1 wardrobe... 馃が
Not you making bad decisions again Robby smh we鈥檙e trying to keep you out of jail
I repeat... if Robby and Tory get together I am RIOTING
Fuck Johnny
Episode 10 - final episode:
I am the quintessential example of seething anger. If I was an anime character, I鈥檇 have steam coming out of my ears and a tic mark on my forehead smh
Tory has got some anger issues that surpass even my own, and that鈥檚 saying something
Also why tf are they fighting in Sam鈥檚 house??? Like I don鈥檛 like her but thats not only trespassing passing on private property, but the damages they鈥檙e causing are gonna cost a buttload
I鈥檓 just glad that Robby isn鈥檛 there to fight. Thank you bby
I love the fact that Eli is realizing how fucking stupid he鈥檚 been acting
I鈥檓 still crying over Robby fuck
Everybody over here hashing shit out and Robby is inside the dojo like X馃憚X
Anyways all in all, fuck season 3 gn
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myatuesday a year ago
I hate that when we're coming to our dude w an issue (aka bitching)
All they hear is "blah blah blah" bitching Charlie Brown teacher voice.
Instead of listening to what the fuck it is we're saying.
I put the shit it writing. I guess he doesn't really read it? Cause he's still like
"Idk wtf you want. All you do is bitch."
Or can't separate the praise from the pain
Wtf do you think it means when I say,
"Idgaf if you give me $1,000,000
I want you to stop talking to that bitch."
Did I stutter?
It means EXACTLY what the fuck I JUST mothafuckin said.
Idgaf if you give me $1,000,000
I want you to stop talking to that bitch.
What about that is confusing?
Or hard to decipher?
Well I'm buying you flowers, I'm taking you to dinner, I'm trying to be nicer to you...
Are you still fucking w that hoe?
Ok then.
Then thanks for that
They don't cancel eachother out.
The fuck.
Oldest trick in the book.
Like I'm fucking stupid?
"Well you didn't tell me outright what you wanted. I asked and asked"
Not only have I been saying it, and yes, BITCHING about it for 3 goddamn years. I have indeed said it outright.
You wanna play dumb. To keep PLAYING ME.
Time. And time. And time. Again.
Do you need a billboard?
We've talked about it 1000x
You've seen it in writing countless times.
You read my goddamn Tumblr. Hello. Hi.
It's not a fucking mystery.
Period. Hello.
I'm not new.
Now I've gone so far as to offer this dude the
Girlfriend Experience (at his expense, of course)
Because he's made it
Through his actions or lack thereof
That's what he's after.
He doesn't want a fn gf.
He wants a hoe he can fuck and go out w sometimes.
No strings attached.
Ok. Well let me just give you my cashapp and that can be arranged.
The Fuck.
But all this inbtwn BULLSHIT.
Is wearing on me.
Fucking pick one.
But COME CORRECT with it
Whichever way we're going.
I'm OVER this fucking playing dumb, playing games
"But but but..." BULLSHIT
Then gets an attitude w ME
And says he's sick of being the bad guy.
Stop being the fucking bad guy
You ARE the bad guy.
That's why you feel like it.
That's why you're treated like it.
You goddamn cheated.
(Still are, pretty much. Possibly even more than I know)
You live a double fucking life
You throw $ at me to shut me up
(Or you were. You kinda stopped... sooo... idk wtf is up w that. Give it all to somebody else? Smh)
Stop lying
Stop cheating
Stop being fucking shady
And stop lying means to EVERYONE; yourself, me, her, your family, your friends, your followers, everyone.
If you just wanna hoe, say that
Stop claiming to me - and me alone - that we're in a real relationship
When you, me, and everyone else on this earth knows we're not.
He claims to finally get it this time (really?!)
But refuses to talk about it
Or do anything about it today
(We've just been discussing it for weeks.
Ya know. Whatever. Nbd.)
But... I'm so sick of this shit
And nothing pisses me off more than this
Cop out playing dumb shit
Mixed w him having the audacity to get an attitude w me
For constantly bringing up his constant fuckboy bullshit
You know when I'll stop bitching?
When you stop giving me shit to bitch about!
That's how that works.
You don't stop being the bad guy
Until you actually stop being the bad guy.
I've given you 1000 chances
Feel free to actually be a decent boyfriend
Or just honest about your real intentions
(Either one)
Any fucking day now.
But until then
Yeah. I'm pissed.
And you are the fucking bad guy. Duh.
Buying me flowers like I'm a fucking mistress doesn't absolve you of that.
Yeah I like the flowers.
I don't like the fact you're using them as a detraction to kick the can down the road of just dealing w our actual issues. Or just... being a real boyfriend.
Basic ass shit.
Bare minimum ass shit.
Dudes who beat their wives buy them shit too.
It doesn't make them any less bad
It's a fucking bandaid
And one that does NOT cover up
Nor heal a goddamn fucking thing.
I am ready to be healed.
No more goddamn fucking bandaids.
Fuck you.
He keeps saying he will
But he never does
And, for whatever reason, rather than just
Calling it what this actually is then
And setting up an agreement and compromise
We can both live with
We're both just
Going through the motions of this bullshit
Pretty fucking miserable
I can't make him be honest
I can't make him give me what I deserve
(Namely, respect.)
I'll give him a fucking day.
Then... we apparently have to talk about this all over again.
Cause I'm : this close: to breaking up w him. Again.
Which he fucking knows.
So... what the actual fuck.
I have before.
He thinks I won't again?
Over this exact same shit.
It's fucking ridiculous.
I told him I'm looking into couples therapy (and I am. Cause this obviously isn't working. We need a place for clear, ideally honest communication. And ACCOUNTABILITY FFS.)
But he didn't say shit about it.
He was too busy being a jackass.
And I get if he feels like he's doing xyz
And all I can do is bitch about 123
I'm like... unless 123 are fixed
Xyz doesn't really matter.
That's the part we can't seem to get on the same page about.
Which in fairness is frustrating when Iitererally gave him the option.
Fine. Give me xyz. You can keep 123 then.
Just... can't do that and call it a relationship.
He doesn't address that option either.
I've done all I know to do other than
Roll over (what he wants me to do)
Or walk away (which is what's coming next. If he can't get his shit together)
But if we can stop fighting long enough...
I think couples therapy could help.
Cause that's the fucked up part
I do think he cares about me
Maybe even love me, on some level
He definitely needs me. No doubt about that.
He just... is letting Amy and his ego
(And I guess in some ways immaturity)
Fuck it all up.
I see potential.
And believe there are real feelings there
That's why it's so hard to give up
(Probably for him too)
But I CAN'T go on like this.
I hate it.
I hate the "relationship". I hate him for putting me through this shit. I hate myself for allowing this shit to go on.
It's absolutely untenable for my emotions, my well being, my fucking psyche, everything.
It's shattering. And soul crushing.
And I keep staying... hoping he'll make it better
Cause he keeps saying he will
And every time he let's me down
I'm just... that much further
From myself, from healing from all this
And the cycles of resentment and anger
It just spins and spins
It doesn't seem like either of us actually want to leave
We just have to actually get it right this time
But... after 3 years of everything that boy put me through
Flowers and hugs and manicures ain't gonna cure it.
Especially not when the snake is still in the fucking mix. Smh.
Like... ugh. It's not rocket science
Why this isn't working
Or wtf my problem is
WHO else in their right fucking minds would deal w this shit?
Fucking nobody.
Then people wonder why the fuck I stay
Including my therapist
I guess... hope.
I guess because the good is good.
It's a good I can't find anywhere else.
The bad is just... so fucking detrimental.
It's hard.
I've lost no matter what
Is the thing.
Trying again
If he'll actually (keep) trying
And actually fully come correct this time
Is the only chance to heal from all this
Is how I feel, I guess.
I walk away.
Then what?
I'm totally damaged still
And... just likely gonna just jump off a fucking cliff
This relationship has destroyed me.
He's at least attempting to... sigh
Idk. He's making an attempt.
Tumblr media
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rinnnyxr a year ago
Unpopular opinions you agree with
**Pineapple belongs on pizza **
Oreos in milk are overrated
New Disney is better than old Disney
K-pop isn鈥檛 good聽
Riverdale is overrated
Being childish isn鈥檛 a bad thing
Tarantulas are cute
Books are better than movies聽
Beards on men are ugly聽
Snapchat isn鈥檛 that cool聽
Taylor Swift鈥檚 albums are overrated
Cooked vegetables are better than fruit聽
鈥淭he Kissing Booth锟斤拷锟 movie isn鈥檛 that good聽
鈥淢oney can鈥檛 buy happiness鈥 isn鈥檛 real
Black coffee is better than all other coffee
Converses are uncomfortable聽
鈥淭he Incredibles 2鈥 is overhyped
Soccer isn鈥檛 fun sport to watch
**Ketchup is nasty **
Donuts are gross
Cats better than dogs聽聽
Beyonc茅 is overrated聽
Android is better than Apple聽
Sprite is better than Pepsi or Coke
Trump is a good president
Peanut butter is disgusting聽
Soda tastes terrible
Tacos are gross聽
**Teens use their phone too much **
Vanilla is better than chocolate
Yeezys are ugly聽
Pizza is gross
School is fun
Sardines are delicious
Despacito was not a good song at all聽
Croptops are ugly
Honey is disgusting
**Metal music is amazing **
Showering at night is better than showering in the morning聽
It鈥檚 annoying when people say 鈥渂less you鈥 after you sneeze and they should mind their own business
Cake is not that good
Waking up early rules
Staying friends with your exes is fine and healthy聽
Concerts are not fun聽
Watching a movie at home is better than watching a movie in theaters
Anything fewer than four 鈥渉a鈥漵 in a 鈥渉ahahaha鈥 text is rude
Cats just seem more human than dogs
Getting presents is more stressful than it鈥檚 worth
Strawberries get more credit than they deserve
Taking a nap is usually a bad idea
**It鈥檚 better to be hot than cold **
Vegetables are better than dessert
Christmas is not the best holiday, not by a long shot聽
^Thanksgiving is the best holiday聽
Karaoke is only fun if you are a good singer and love attention. It鈥檚 horrifying for the rest of us聽
There鈥檚 no reason to send cards in 2020. It鈥檚 a waste of trees
**Talking on the phone is easier and better than texting **
** **
** **
Texting Slang I Use
ily | idk | wtf | ttyl | stfu | cuz | rn | kms |** lol | wth** | oml | tmr | brb | lmao | ty | smh | np |** ikr | nvm** | idgaf |** ur | btw | idc** | bc
Parties Hosted before Friends make me go Prom Only eats the food Sings along Doesn鈥檛 talk to anyone Family parties Goes at least 1 a year Went with bf/gf Made new friend(s) Never drank Hooked up with someone Sitting the whole time Dances Prefers to stay at home School dances Stayed up all night Goes with friends Invited but does not go Drank mysterious liquid Got drunk Social with everyone DJ-ed a party
My Crush boy glasses older than me stylish long hair brunette short techie smart shy girl braces blue eyes freckles red hair younger than me rich short hair popular tall book worm plays a sport brown eyes blonde
Different Types of Virgo 1, The CEOs sensitive but doesn鈥檛 show it rolling their eyes for your drama wears black clothes a lot 鈥渕y time is precious鈥 lets failures define their self-worth doesn鈥檛 give up easily 4/6 2, The Beauty Queen discounted clothes are the absolute best not gonna be anyone鈥檚 side hoe insecure with their looks perfectionist mentality congenial, tires to be kind not ashamed of their sexuality 6/6 3, The Motherly Type holds grudges makes sure you eat well underappreciated to the core tries to help you in any way possible patient but easily irritated gets excited when you ask them about something they鈥檙e a pro at 5/6 4, The Chill Intellectual thrifts clothing 4/20 friendly watched documentaries about topics has so many conspiracy theories doesn鈥檛 give a fuck, just wants to have some peace good grades without trying 2/6
When a Virgo Is Sad 鈥淚鈥檒l joke about my pain haha鈥 鈥淔uck I鈥檓 lonely鈥 Stressing out for no reason Tries hard not to cry Still tryna be there for people 鈥淲ow, I鈥檝e been made the bad guy again..nice鈥 鈥淣o one appreciates me鈥 In need of romance or just comfort?
Inside The Mind of a Virgo
**鈥淏ruh鈥 **| resilience | being smart af | y鈥檃ll are gonna miss me when I鈥檓 gone鈥 | being good at listening | checking up on friends because you care | not realizing how beautiful you are | :( | boss ass bitch that鈥檚 goofy | not apologizing for speaking the truth | 鈥渇uck you but fuck me鈥 | bravery | empathy | cackling over the fact that their friends ended up hurt after they didn鈥檛 take the advice the gave | a whole Pinterest board of cute outfits | cute baby animals | hating group projects with dumb people
You as a Friend Spamming memes Giving your friends life-changing advices You鈥檙e witty Trying your best to make time for friends So nice to everyone else but hard on yourself The biggest crackhead Would literally lock friends up if they try to text their exes
Five Things That Annoy You Always feeling like you鈥檙e self-inviting yourself to an event Being behind slow walkers in busy areas Deadlines on important tasks Ignorant people who think they鈥檙e smart 鈥淛ust get over it, look on the brighter side鈥
Things You鈥檝e Google Searched Before What do my dream mean? Pornhub Good sleep tips WebMD am I dying? Heartbreak music People falling over
Random Lush for cash Needing therapy Masking pain Being called the 鈥渙ffice bitch鈥 Being the mom friend Comfort food Laughing at who your exes downgraded to Overanalyzing everything people say to you You鈥檙e helpful People have called you cute before You can鈥檛 tolerate dumb people You can either be really friendly or would put a gun to people鈥檚 heads 鈥淓xistence is pain鈥 Just wanting to get shit done You have great problem-solving skills You鈥檙e passionate and hard-working You feel uncomfortable when people are too giving with you You鈥檙e anxious You鈥檙e friendly but skeptical Expecting the worst Very frequent mood changes You鈥檙e romantic lowkey Ghosting toxic people You take good photos You鈥檙e open to constructive criticism You鈥檇 do anything for family You like to get shit done asap Sad over childhood nostalgia Being a ride or die friend Personality over looks Wanting to be a kid again highkey Wanting to be in control Kinda patient You have to deal with idiots on a regular 鈥淲hy the fuck aren鈥檛 the dishes arranged in alphabetical order?鈥 鈥淚 literally did not ask for your opinion鈥 Stressing out over nothing important 鈥淕osh I should鈥檝e stayed home today鈥
Rate how important you think each of these is in a partner from 1-10 (1= not important/don鈥檛 care, 10=very important)
Speaking the same language 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Living in the same city 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Living in the same country 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Not swearing 聽 **1 **| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Good hygiene 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Similar interests as you 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Them not living with their parents 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Being employed/having a good job 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
The amount of money they have 聽 **1 **| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Being good in bed 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | **5 **| 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Being good with kids 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Playfulness 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Height 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |** 8** | 9 | 10
Going to the same school/work 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
How popular they are 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Their body/built 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Having good hair 聽 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
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humblelithia 11 months ago
I remember a good old friend of mine that use to love DBZ and anything dragon ball z related her art style was unique to me an stood out she made me want to do better and do better than anything in the world she was a lovely sweet person the best friend I've ever had in my ..I miss her so much fun fact she got me into loving sailor moon old school when I hated She had a warm smile and a kind heart amazingly gentle natured towards everyone she'd met she didn't like violence of any kind she would always leave when she felt uncomfortable.. or uneasy she was a quiet child . To be known And a protective and dependable friend to always have by your side one that would never break or fold those types of people's or rare and hard to find today or anywhere in the world for that matter . Keep them close to you if Have one I was lucky to have met her a ray of sunshine she was the light in the dark that lit your way through the night if you got lost the light that always lit up the stars into the night sky she Was amazing purity's heart of gold if she was gods chosen angel from heavens gates I found her then or more like she found me I saw a light that couldn't be Dem or put out no matter how hard anyone tried to they couldn't ... I don't recall they time or day it was when I met her but I was in school I know it was early as hell or who class I was in or was I even supposed to be there but ion but there she was ... If wholesomeness was a person She'd be it we'd never stopped being friends ... Her spirit was amazing I love we clicked the second we met I'm like dang best friends ever female solid as a brick 馃憦馃従鉁煠烉煆攫煉煆 day one We stuck together like glue in breakable bound we had 馃馃従馃馃従 she had me I had her only one ik that didn't play about me when I was in trouble or dangerous situations she's always protective of me she thought I'd always needs she ain't half to say anything girl could throw hands for days on end even tho I could protect and defend myself very well and stand my own ground she ain't let me she always had my back I had hers. that's the only person I knew in school that had me solid besides my siblings . . . everyday we pull up we greet each other on sight speak and hug we'd hang out a couple of minutes before class we'd always switch drawings before class each day .or sit down to talk no it was Never a "Yuri type relationship" for those that think nope we didn't look at each other that way either I was upper class man regular student in high school she was in tech out back that One thing that never sit right with me outta everything in school bruh who the hell out that girl there with the others she ain't have nobodies disabilities "accept I had cerebral palsy born with that was my disability" but when ever I saw her but then again some are invisible to the naked eye who knows but I never saw a damn thing wrong with that girl others noticed that to she was regular average kid in the universe no flaws always dressed up nice when I seen her and decent girl . . . . But hey Shit was weird to me tho it still puzzles me why she was there in the first place she was talented smart amazing gifted coragious loving and wonderful and a strong ass fighter she was also a little bit bigger that me but not fat or obese either I can remember one morning I got off the bus we rid different busses to the same school so yeah she was excited to see me I drew her a picture of my favorite second main devil jin. I gave her a hug an slip the picture into her bag she picked me up . Bruh I was literally 3 feet off the ground I'd never forget that well that day bear hug my little but couldn't almost breathe for two minutes don't forget the part where I said she was very strong girl she finally put me down and I left if I didn't fall out afterwards 馃槄 everyone says I'm tall I don't see it 5'7 same height I was still in high school I never grew up more after I hit 18 Or one time everyone in the tech was on their way home for the day I just go there to catch my bus because my mom didn't feel
like driving me toxic whore gaslighting trick so there she stuck on the bus for many years every since I been in school 馃槓 it also led me to getting made fun of alot same for my disability it made me very angry . I always wanted to fight everyone that picked on me .I RAGED out alot but when you have a toxic narcissist mother on your ass everyday trigging. You and gaslighting it could make for a deadly explosions scene I struggle to ignore any longer I snapped .. and start fighting everyone that pissed me off .it hurted alot masking the pain of being ignored miss understood not loved enough also a rape survivor to nope she didn't have anything to do with me violently lasting out at people if I did feel the need to fight or somebody triggered me .. where I don't care I always made sure she wasn't around she hated fighting and violence same did I but it couldn't be help I lost my mind a bit she'd did things to me and let horrible things happen to me when I was a child I could've had her thrown in jail for abuse, neglect, leaving a child unattended 13-16, where the rape took place, just because the years are over for the statue of limitations is over that don't mean you can't go to jail "but I choose not to put you there they will destroy you once they find out what you let happened to me as a child you did nothing at all" yeah you can plus I have many witness that are on my side that understand why I have no disregards for my mom I mean Idgaf ..she deserves it to rot in hell where she belongs . . .one thing I'll never understood why black moms have the nerve to treat us like shit the daughters me in this case but need our help when they can't get no one else naw fam remember you rightfully throw me to the dogs ain't give one fuck if I ever lived as long as you can continue to make that Pedo boyfriend of yours happy witch many years later he tried to get her grandchild drunk she was a baby then she's 5 now smh what want these sorry ass good for nothing woman want do for trifling ass niggas that ain't shit I'll never understand it How they lay down with them same person asf if they did nothing wrong but I digress god see you to your going to pay for everything you let happened to me on purpose when I was a kid and for my niece as well I tried to expose him last year to only be disappointed I wanted to commit suicide I didn't wanna live anymore . . Like tf you still defending him bruh you cutt off from all access to me when I get my self right that's one all my loved ones that ain't here no more . The fact some of ya good for nothing ass bitchs can even call ya self a mom after all the hurt is unbelievable every since then I think about it suicide because it hurts you never deserve me at all it's like my brother said the reason she ain't wanna give me up to my older siblings because they'd love and support me better then she couldn't do but you unnecessarily forced me to go through all that hurt and suffering alone because you ain't even care about my heart ache but it's fine all that just go come back to you in the end ..
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nicegunz a year ago
The song is parental advisory right?They grown right ? these type of men can choke on the lyrics when they been making this type of music for years that鈥檚 been on the radio this be the same men talking. Y鈥檃ll Love hoes but want to be leaders and don鈥檛 understand when it leads to this .. y鈥檃ll be the same men fr that contributed in some way shape or form!! lol siccud! main ones chilling with the homies saying stuff like 鈥渂ros b4 hoes鈥 (alpha meets beta And it鈥檚 easier to attack the women ) And they really be mad cuz they want wap from the women they cant easily fuck, fuck up or fuck wit! They have to control everything and have all the power! At the end of the day they all want some wap! cardi b 鈥 wap/it鈥檚 some hoes in this house鈥 ( is a originally a sample from a mans vocals 馃檮) in a way they diffusing the power of these same men who bash women to keep them down and now they mad when they need to be mad with they dick instead of wap when they act like they can鈥檛 be without it 鈥 why must I be like that why must I chase the cat! Head ahh鈥 ...love it or hate it the shit will never end! these type of men really don鈥檛 give a damn and idgaf! And for the parents watch disney plus in the morning with ya kids, porn hun at night and STFU 馃槀! Let these women live they life they obviously been through a lot! Further more meg is not a snitch smh!
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