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#I mean I’m gonna do it regardless


Ok, I get that unhygienic men are annoying. I don’t think I ever saw Nazi Kevin wear deodorant or wash his face. But like, can we stop making jokes along the “hurr durr twamzwimmen dunno what a shower izzz” line please? A) it’s getting old. B) for fuck’s sake, attack genderists’ arguments, don’t just ad hominem them. And C) at least some of them have dysphoria. Have you ever tried to shower with dyaphoria? It can get the brain into a very dark place, very fast.

Like, imagine your least favorite bug. Imagine the most disgusting version of that bug–the juciest ticks, the squirmiest centipedes, the fattest spiders. Now imagine you take off your clothes to shower, and your body is just completely COVERED with these bugs. And imagine you can’t remove the bugs–they’re partially burrowed into your skin or something, and you know there are even more bugs underneath your skin. And now you have to step into the shower, feeling the water trickle over the bugs that cover you, and run some kind of cleansing agent over each and every disgusting little maggot.

That’s what it’s like.

All I’m saying is, give the trans folks and other dysphoric folks some grace where showering is concerned. It’s a symptom of a bigger problem, and odds are, they hate that they’re unable to shower as much as you do. Learning to care for your body enough to spend time cleaning it is a big step in healing from dysphoria. It’s hard. It’s also VERY important and necessary. If you’re at this stage of recovering from dysphoria, you’ve got this. It’ll be hard, but you can do it 🖤

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Question for the witch side of tumblr:

Is it cool if a person takes the leftover gallon jug of water that their piercer made them mix with sea salt to make saline for their new piercings, and uses it to to make a shitload of moon water on Halloween? Asking for a friend

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