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#I miss that couple...
ryujinsbf · 12 hours ago
i am done high school almost . one (1) 400 word french assignment away from being done
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wordsmith30 · 12 hours ago
I hate that I can’t see you. That I can’t touch you. That right after we say good night at two in the morning, the missing you comes back. I try to dream about you and you’re never there. It’s been so long, I don’t even dream about you anymore. It’s like I’ve lost the ability to imagine you in real life.
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noteguk · 17 hours ago
nala did you have to do that 😭 i'm supposed to be writing a paper not crying over bi!jk being so soft in that kissing extra 🥺 also you just called me single in like 50 languages thank you love you you're the best
PLSSSSSSS singles united 😔🤝
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Dear whoever made this Uquiz,
Thank you
Tumblr media
The quiz was titled “i'll tell you when you get your soft, italicized, "Oh."” And genuinely thank u for inadvertently reminding me
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pinkandbluechats · a day ago
cutest tumblr couple that u have seen on ur dash?
i… tumblr couples are a thing?
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callumsmick · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pierre gasly arrives at the paddock | france 2021, thursday peter fox | getty images
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