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#I miss to have free time :(
myhoneststudyblr · 5 months ago
Things that you need to remember to understand the vast majority of European history:
Britain and France’s foreign policies towards one another was essentially a mutual fuck you
Russia is big and cold
(On a related point: invading Russia doesn’t work because Winter™️)
The Pope loves a good crusade
There were a lot of treaties of ‘Perpetual Peace’ that totally worked (lol)
Trying to maintain the ✨balance of power ✨ pretty much always led to war 
German wasn’t Germany until quite recently but when Germany became Germany it made everyone a bit nervous
Italy also wasn’t Italy until pretty recently
The French love a revolution
They also love a republic but aren't great at keeping one around 
Napoleon (the first one) was a Bitch and messed everything up
Standard British answer to any reasonable request: ✨no ✨
War is the answer to everything cause who doesn’t love a good war?
The Holy Roman Empire wasn’t the Roman Empire but they liked to tell themselves that it was
The Habsburgs liked to be in charge
😍 m o n e y 😍
Britain liked ships
Spain also liked ships
So did the Portuguese
The Spanish were very Catholic  (but the Spanish Inquisition were actually expected)
Basically all the royals were related (*haemophilia has entered the chat*)
England and Scotland were Not Friends but France and Scotland were (which equaled Major Problems)
The Dutch were 💰rich 💰and everyone wanted a bit of it
Religion was a *bit* of an issue
✨ feudalism ✨
Everyone want to be the Romans 2.0 
You could making a drinking game out of all the French Wars of Religion
Everyone found the Ottomons a little bit scary (cause they were *gasps and screams of horror* not Christian)
There has been more than one defenestrations in Prague 
Poland Lithuania was not very Lithuanian
British policy to land/important cultural item/anything that they come across: ✨finders keepers ✨
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dopeasexualmemes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i probably should tag my porn…
#PLEASE GOD JUST ONE#i mean or more i wouldn’t be mad about it lmao#@studios here's one for free#pitch: they meet-cute in college when they're both dating other people and figuring out their sexuality & become besties#i'm thinking like they're both volunteer sober monitors at a dorm party bc they don't want to hook up anyway#or bonding over an illuminated manuscript in special collections#over the next 5-10 years they remain close but not proximate (text/internet based friendship mostly bc they both moved for their cool jobs)#you know#the kind of friend you can go 2 months without speaking to OR text every day and it doesn't matter bc they're In Your Heart Forever#and have seen ALL your shit#anyway they both come out to one another as ace around the same time but in the context of other life stuff (breakups/family drama/whatev)#and then decide there's No Way She's Interested so spend the next 2-3  years hyping one another up as they try Dating and stuff#all the while secretly pining#if it were really the Story Of My Heart one of them would move overseas and they'd decide to get married As A Joke/For The Greencard#because they miss each other and why not they're still young and unattached and it's a good moment in the other one's life#and then pine more#and then ultimately be like oh btw i love you like so much and i want to kiss you and probably marry you but also never have sex with you#is that cool with you#and they live happily ever after the end#anyway this is just one of the like 10 scenarios i have concocted none of which i havethe talent or ambition to write#but I NEED THIS MEDIA DAMNIT#validate meeeeee#ace memes#dope asexual memes#asexuality
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thedreadvampy · 5 months ago
ppl over on the Bird App tweeting about how the mechanisms are unkindly ignoring fan demand for more content: hello. guys. are you aware that these are Human People whose student band went on for almost decade and like. best will in the world and I'm glad they made as much content as they did but they stopped for a reason, and that reason was, among other things, that being 30 is very different to being 20 and they all have jobs, commitments, other projects and many of them have moved to other parts of the country. Some of them are still creating Mechanisms work, some are creating other works, some are doing different stuff that's not publicly consumable, but none of them are beholden to keep living in the shadow of their 19 year old selves because You Want More Content like??????? That's A Human Person??????
look. peek behind the curtain. DTTM was in the works for several years specifically because with people's lives pulling them in so many directions it was increasingly hard to find times and places where it was feasible to get all of the band members in the same place with enough energy to think creatively. There was never going to be another full album not because they don't care but because unless you can make music full time professionally it is incredibly hard to find time and space to consistently get together 9 people living in 4 different cities to write and produce complex music like??? they're human People with lives and even if any of them made enough money to live off from the band it would still be A Lot to ask people to keep making the same music for the same audience their entire careers that they were making when they were still at uni.
for real it's not a personal attack on you that there's no more Mechanisms music. sometimes that's just how life is. however much you'd like more. "they're not listening to fan demand!!!!!" they're HUMAN PEOPLE WITH LIVES not machines you put fan demand into until music falls out.
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pearlcaddy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for those times when it feels like fans might have lost track of the medium/genre of the source material a wee bit
+ bonus:
Tumblr media
#mine#this isn't really about anything specific#i just feel like some of the analysis in this fandom forgets important context of what the show actually is#and that's totally fine for fanworks--fanworks are their own thing and you should go off and be free with them#with fanworks you don't owe canon anything except love and respect for julie molina#but when you're analyzing canon and your analysis doesn't take into account that it's a tv show#and that characters will have shorter conversations than they would in real life#or they will learn things faster than they would in real life#or that things will focus on the main protagonists#because a tv show has a limited runtime and these are narrative shortcuts#then you're missing a crucial element of media criticism#this isn't a complex puzzle show#it doesn't do 'real time' conversations like GoT did#it doesn't lean heavily on an unreliable narrator#or on the trauma--the dark bits of this show are usually brief and sanitized and quickly followed up with something light-hearted#and when we get a second season it'll likely have the same runtime that this season did#and similar content/tone#and all of that is incredibly important context when you're analyzing the show#otherwise it just turns into 'criticizing the characters for... being fictional characters in a half-hour fantasy TV show'#and i just don't think that that's helping anyone understand the show better#i would actually argue that it obscures people's understanding of the show#and it's creating a lot of weird expectations for season two that don't seem to take into account the tone/genre/medium of the show#idk i'm in a safe wee fandom bubble so I feel like I'll be okay for s2 but i'm worried about other people#because i feel like some people have lost track of the source material and therefore lost track of the appropriate tools for analyzing it#but also i just like giffing flynn and i need to do it more
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ukelele-boy · 3 days ago
I read some fic and now you all have to listen to me ramble about the small things I want to change or make happen in TOAverse.
This might be an unpopular opinion but I actually believe of all the places for Meg to settle after TOA, it's not at the Cistern. Also, considering she watched her origjnal home burn down there, it's not reallllly the best place to heal your trauma from your dead dad, ya know? You can be strong and confront your past, but you don't need to constantly confront it all the time. I get the poetry of building something new out of the ashes, but from a mental standpoint, it's need brains of titanium not to feel some sort of residual pain from that horrible incident where you lost your home. Besides it being her original home, she doesn't have any friends there. Sure, she has her plants, but she can make plants anywhere. What can truely make it home, if the people she cares about aren't there? And I don't agree with her living with her Nero siblings, because they still likely hold toxic behaviours and as cruel as it might sound, it's not Meg's responsibility to help them. Meg is a kid, she deserves to live a happy life and act her age.
Now onto Apollo. Same logic, he's not responsible for fixing his siblings or his dad. He may be a god, but he's also a person too. His relationship with the other gods may get better, but what about him? Who's gonna care about him bro? As someone once said, Apollo literally has horrible PTSD. How's he going to heal from that alone, feeling like he doesn't belong with the gods but also feeling the world of demigods is not his place? I'm gonna scream this. APOLLO NEEDS A HOME. HE LITERALLY NEEDS ONE. EVERY SINGLE BOOK HE WANTED A HOME. A HOME WHERE HE CAN FINALLY BE LOVED.
Ok. Moving on...(as you can I tell I feel rather strongly about this)
If Meg and Apollo look for a home, they should look for one together, because they found the family they were looking for in each other.
And I personally would love to see them settle at the Waystation. Why? Because the waystation is a place for stray demigods, Jo and Emmie know how to take care of trauma and they welcome anyone, regardless of background. It's a place where Lit, a former antagonist, found an accepting home and a place where your history is not more important than your current actions. And who needs to see that right now? Apollo. Who's self esteem is so low it's literally dragging behind him. Furthermore, Jo was one of the only people who actually took care of Apollo and cared about his emotional state. She's like a parental figure. And Meg can plant whatever she wants in the rooftop garden. Leo also lives there! They had a good dynamic in TDP. (Also Apollo still wants to learn that Valdezinator) Think about all the friends Apollo made there, he saved the griffins, he helped Lit find a new path, and he helped protect the waystation. People there don't see him as a god, they see him as a person.
TLDR: Apollo and Meg are family. They need a home together. They need some parental figures who understand trauma. They need friends. They need warmth and safety. Hence. Waystation.
End post.
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jackklineolantern · 4 months ago
every time i say that nothing compares to deancas people try to give me other shows and ships that they think compare to deancas they don’t. because nothing compares to deancas
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monologueslog · 8 days ago
i'm personally a genderfluid berdly enjoyer, but i love all berdly gender headcanons LIKE i agree with them all. you're all right
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sonofaraven · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
N.I.L. doodles challenge :)
Inspired by the Walls doodle challenge by @hazzabeeforlou. 
Just make a lil doodle of each of the Nobody is listening tracks based on the lyrics or the feelings behind them, it can get as abstract as you want and you can approach it however you like.
Feel free to do it and tag me or tag it as #z3doodles. I’m tagging @canyon-sunshine, @quelsentiment, @can-angels-fall-in-love, @liamisthesun, @chrysopon, @essercipertuttienonperse, @tightropezayn, @tomlinsno, @divorcedzouis, @icarusgf in case some of you want to <3.
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pepprs · 10 days ago
ok besties so im not in pain anymore thank GOD and my ear infection is almost gone but even still im gonna be living at home for another week until i finish my antibiotics 😍
#bc im at risk of muscle tears / strains bc of them and i have a family history of it… and i live on the 3rd floor of a building on top of a#steep hill 😍😍😍😍😍😍 so im gonna commute w my brother except i have to come to campus late for work basically every day so he doesn’t have to#be possibly exposed to covid and yet he’s pissed at me for asking him to do his virtual class at home instead of on campus ONE TIME 😍😍😍😍😍😍#so everyhing is awesome. but at least i may be dropping my history class w the guy who has an uncomfortable crush on me and replacing it w#an independent study w my advisor who is one of my favorite ppl on the planet so maybe that one thing is genuinely awesome. but#everything else? awesome (sarcastic)#purrs#* 3rd floor of a building on top of a steep hill etc etc in like the farthest possible place from all the buildings i have to go to for work#and class etc etc. so on top of the climb there’s also the 10 minute walk to everything and i do NOT want to get plantar fasciitis 😍#ummm. anyways *gaping void of loneliness and despair bc i want to stay at home forever but also i want to stay on campus forever and for#the next 7-ish months of my life at minimum im never fully going to be able to put all of myself in one place. also because i am safe and#comfortable here but i also am not free and on campus im free but im not safe and comfortable like i am here but i still miss it so much and#just want to be in my room again i think. lol XD*#also like i could change my mind at any time and decide to go back to my room and just take the risk of hurting myself. but idk. sigh#and plus i like NEED to go back to my room i forgot my toothbrush charger…. =_=
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karlnapity · 2 months ago
I’ve been meaning to get into the smaller streamers!! I just joined the fandom and their lore looks so cool, would you be willing to give me some vids to start with?? Also Micheal broke in???? When did that happen :o
YES of course!
(I added Wiki links for each of the characters as it adds info I can't find clips for)
Hannah has done two committed lore streams, here and here. She has also largely been involved in the egg conflict. (Wiki)
Ponk has done a few lore streams, including their stream from today which you can watch here! I'd say the most barebones of their lore is the destruction of their relationship with Sam. They've also been very, very involved in the egg conflict. (Wiki)
Connor doesn't have much committed lore. He's made it clear that while he's not opposed to being in lore, he knows that's not what his audience wants and that if he's going to do it it'll mostly be on other people's streams! He's done this video and has also been in Charlie's video! He's also known for canonizing SMPLive. There's a lot of his stuff I can't find so I'd recommend reading up on his journal on the Wiki. (Wiki)
And yes Michael has attempted to break into the prison! While I don't think this is technically canon I'm manifesting it to be. I know Michael is unsure how or if he's going to do lore anytime soon so we'll see where it leads but this is what we know so far! (Wiki)
HBomb doesn't have much lore either. Most of it has either been on Fundy or Niki's streams (I can't find clips Sadge) but he's also in Ponk's vod from today! (Wiki)
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