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#I need friends

Man the reason I never have any girl friends Bc they end up straight as hell n I just rather hang w guys who like my boobs apparently smh

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ill rarely be active (on here) but <3 brr. um. i used to be on tumblr like a year ago but then i stopped, but now im back startin fresh so here i am um.

basic things u gotta know about me: very friendly, but shy so. i swear a lot, im sorry. ill probably give my discord out to ppl who want it. so like. just ask ig. i rp on the daily.

im a villain kinnie (not comfortable with doubles with HAL 9000, AM, AUTO, etc. ill explain my whole kinlist if u want it cuz its a lot so hmu). umm im taken <3 annd i like space so ya.

oh also i love cryptids <3 spooky stuff is great

go off

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When people purposely misgender me because “oh I forgot you said you were nb today” (i’m genderfluid):


And then when they say “but you’ve been female your whole LiFe”:

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My best friend asked me to call her less. We call each other every two weeks, sometimes three and we don‘t write or even less see each other in between (there‘s 800 km between us). She‘s the one who talk all the time on the phone, last time I could‘t even tell her it was rosh hashanah and some other stuffs. It sucks. But I really see a pattern in all my friendships. I think I‘m too clingy. I think I‘m afraid people will forget me and the result is that people wants to forget about me.

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When your so called best friend opens your snaps but does not reply to your whats app messages and you don’t wanna text them again cause you don’t wanna seem too clingy and feel like they are obviously ignoring you….you are confusing me boo idk what to do anymore
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