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#I need it like air
working-dreamer · 4 months ago
You know what needs to be its own music genre? Popular songs being covered by voice actors. You surprisingly don’t see it often with kid’s shows, but on the rare times it does pop up, it really highlights how much fun voice actors can have with their characters.
I mean you got:
The Looney Tunes singing It’s Now or Never by Elvis
Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Time Warp
Daffy and Bugs Bunny singing Can’t Buy Me Love by the Beatles
Larry and Mr. Lunt singing I Will Always Love You by Celine Dion
Bugs Bunny singing Good Luck Charm by Elvis
Bob and Larry singing Footloose
The Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
The list goes on and on with other examples but those are just some of my favorites.
You can just tell the voice actors are having an absolute blast when you hear these song covers. Plus, it’s such a cool thing to see these characters cross over into our reality in a sense. Idk- it’s just fun! XD
I’m gonna listen to The Looney Tunes sing Jailhouse Rock again.
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sambuckyslay · 8 months ago
Found family trope with Bucky, Sharon, and the Wilsons? 
Found family trope with Bucky, Sharon, and the Wilsons?????
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deansstiel · 10 months ago
maybe, MAYBE, just one (1) scene of dean driving the impala, his arm at the back of the passenger seat while cas sits there wouldn’t have hurt
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caswlw · 10 months ago
Let's do a miniseries that fixes the ending of spn in a few years but not bring in j*red for it because hes TRASH
someone else plays sam and it’s like wow ! good for sam :) he deserves this
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femvoir · a month ago
the americans au, please and thank you.
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Someone please rec me some destiel fics with sastiel fake dating. I'm talking they need to pose aa a couple for a case and Sam assumes his brother is too repressed to pretend date a dude so he quickly says he and Cas are a couple. Dean is pissed becuase Sam said it in front of a witness and now they cant change it without blowing their cover. Cue Sam and Cas pretending to do coupley things while Dean just glares in a corner. This earns gossip from the town until someone pulls Sam aside to discreetly inform him that his husband is having an affair with his brother.
Bonus points if Sam was wrong about Dean being too repressed and he was actually getting ready to proclaim his big gay love before Sam opened his stupid mouth. Extra points if Sams oblivious to Deans jealousy at first. He's too busy having a laugh about fake dating his best friend
In the end Dean says 'screw it' and makes out with Cas in front of everyone and instead of their cover being blown all the townsfolk try and console Sam like he's a jilted husband, and they are real confused when Sams reaction is to burst out laughing and congratulate them
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buckskey · 9 months ago
jensen just followed sterling k brown ....your this is us natural is happening <3
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wonhoseokkie · a year ago
I live for Hoshiumi' disgust for Hinata's agility
Tumblr media
He's all, THIS BITCH---
Tumblr media
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telltaleclerk · a year ago
You know what I want?
I want a partner-style show... cop/spy/whatever... where the two leads are a man and a woman who are both STUPID SMOKING HOT... and they’re partnered up.
And they NEVER have ANY sexual tension. They become BFFs. They never have a romantic relationship of ANY kind.
Instead they are legit BFFs... like... FULL ON BFFs... like: you can’t hide anything from me, and I don’t want you to BFFs. Lounging around with no bra on playing video games kind of bros.
And they have romantic relationships with other characters, but never EVER each other... never even any romantic tension between them. No shared moments where one of them tucks a strand of hair behind the others ear... none of that bullshit. Just friends.
And like... the guy has a breakup, and heads to the girl’s house. And cries on her shoulder while they eat ice cream and watch his favourite show... like Sons of Anarchy or something... while he cries about his lost love and the girl’s just like: No, you know what? He/she was a piece of crap, and you’re so much better than that... And he’s like: BUT I LOVED THEM 😭 And just full-on ugly cries and falls asleep in bed with her (but again, not in a sexual way)... they just become found-siblings in the best way.
I want that show. Somebody make that show for me please.
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eskamtrash · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey someone remembers where is this from??
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jazillia007 · a year ago
I always wanted Rio and Stan to team up and I still do. But now I want JT to join them. And then I need them talking and joking a little about the girls. Like not in a mean way but really in a “JT: Yeah and then Bunny got here and tried to pay all my customers money for Hanuka” kind of way. And Rio and Stan (!!) be like: “Bunny?!”.
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pk-platinum · a year ago
we knew we were in the bad timeline when yusuke muratas back to the future manga got cancelled 😔😔
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dinogaby · a year ago
Did you hear there might be a lego ninjago movie 2 coming out in 2021? I'm pretty excited myself and thought you might want to know
Really!? I haven't heard anything, i do search from time to time online to see if anything has been said but haven't found anything so far. However if a ninjago movie sequel does happen i would be the happiest person in existance! I need more movie Garm in my life! 😭
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sibby-14 · a year ago
Idk what beautiful talented creative d20 fancam creator needs to hear this, but the last great American dynasty is either a saccharina or a misty Moore song and miss Americana and the heartbreak prince is the dream that any fantasy high ship is made on
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cibeewastaken · a year ago
I've always said my one true dream is Harry Potter stopped being JK’s property and someone makes a TV series for it so they could include all the details from the book while fixing the dumb shits.
Also, poc Harry and Hemione, the most important
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gale-gentlepenguin · 2 years ago
I really hope someone does an English cover for ‘The wall between us’ I really wanna listen to it
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jobean12-blog · a year ago
(1/2) For your bday, Bucky would cuddle you close, slowly kissing every inch of your skin, his beard tickling you as he goes. He spends the perfect amount of time on each part, kissing, nipping, sucking, licking, until you're moaning his name and really needing him. He kisses back up your legs, nudging them apart so he can get his tongue on you, lapping at your core like he knows you love. It isn't long before you're trembling, and he's grinning,
So basically the best birthday in the history of all the birthdays that ever existed on planet Earth and the whole Universe? Yep. Definitely! Wow. Wow wow🔥
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cherikyassss · 2 years ago
Petition for someone to put together a supercut of all the BAMF Erik moments from all four X-Men films plz thank you bye.
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