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#I need this in my life

[[ for anyone who doesn’t know? Stiles neck/hair is a Weak Spot. 

As in pet/play with his hair, especially at the nape of his neck, especially in a lazy/loving way? He’ll melt into puppy eyes

do it during kissing/anything else? ditto.

pull his hair or bite his neck? He. Is. Yours. 

whispers this also goes for Void too at least as far as the petting part. jsyk ;D ]]

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This is Anna.

Anna believes in you, unconditionally. Anna will cheer you on until the end. Anna will provide you with endless strength and courage.

It is okay to not be okay. It is okay to take time for yourself. It is okay to feel like giving up. As long as you never give up. As long as you keep pushing.

Anna shows that you will be okay. You will find your path. You will find yourself. You will receive all that you deserve. You will accomplish so many things in your life. Your life is worth fighting for, even if you end up alone.

Anna shows that you are never truly alone. You always have you. And you are your most powerful hero. You are the one that picks yourself up off the ground. You are the one that reminds yourself on the daily that life is worth living. You are the one that takes that next step. Gets out of bed. Brushes your teeth. Always does the next right thing, no matter how big or how small.

Anna shows that there is light after grief. That the darkness doesn’t last forever. And even if it’s absolutely paralysing, and you find youself without air, there is always a star to follow. You will always find your way somehow. It will get better.

Anna shows that leading life with positivity and optimism does make life look brighter after all. But she shows that it’s also okay to be negative and pessimistic sometimes. Sometimes, life is tough. Sometimes, it just really sucks. When you’re left alone to fend for yourself, despite having no experience as to how you’re supposed to handle the real world, and you feel like you’re learning to walk for the first time all over again.

Anna shows the power in independence. From being overly co-dependent, to finding your own worth and learning to survive on your own. This is an incredibly difficult trial in life, but the result is so worth it. Discovering the incredibly powerful woman (man/human/you) that’s been hiding under the surface for so many years. Now that person has a time to shine. Now you’re seen. Now you’re heard. By You.

Anna shows what it takes to no longer require approval from others. To be able to stand tall and proud of the person you’ve worked so hard at becoming. The person you’ve always longed to be. To take control of your life and lead for you.

Because you are worth it. No matter where you come from, no matter who you are, who you love; you are worthy. And you will get through this. And you will be okay. Just like Anna.

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Draco Malfoy being fluent in French is one of my favorite headcannons regardless of my drarry obsession. I literally do not care about the contents of the fic. If it has some sort of tag that even vaguely suggest Draco says a singular word in French, I’m reading it.

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Pride month oc day 3!! Here’s Antonia Figueroa, an older oc that I thiiiink I’m bringing back for my Midwestern Monster Hunting WIP. She’s gonna be the local witch who would curse a bitch for some Pepsi

Also y'all get some flat colors today, you’re WELCOME

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Okay, so I went back and edited Dark Knights so there are some signs of him being awkward around Fortune. Hope y’all enjoy the flustered Kuroiro! XD

Also, gonna tag @bnhakaminari since you were the one who helped me decide to go this route. Thank you! <3

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