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notes from Encanto: A Tale of Three Sisters
Isabela is jealous that Mirabel isn’t burdened by a gift and can do whatever she wants 
would offer her help but thinks that she would snap at her because she ‘always wants stuff done her own way’ 
sometimes wishes her gift was more helpful like her mother’s
 when she makes a mistake she pushes it onto Mirabel because she recognizes that she isn’t allowed to make a mistake but Mirabel is 
she made Mirabel a little daisy necklace before her ceremony 
she’s nervous around Abuela
“Abuela’s stern voice disrupts the quiet of the courtyard. I’m not sure where she came from but she is standing over Mirabel, watching her do her project. That would make me so nervous.”
Luisa thinks that she’s ‘not supposed to get tired or worn out’ and hopes Abuela doesn’t notice when she does
everyone loves her hugs because she’s strong and she really wants a hug
Isabela made her a flower crown on her ceremony day
Mirabel decorated the nursery’s ceiling with pictures representing family members
Pepa = rainbows, Isabela = flowers, Luisa = boulders, Julieta = arroz con pollo
“I watch Abuela smile at her daughters and her grandchildren. Why doesn’t she smile at me like that?”
apparently they can feel Casita ‘smiling with pride’
“I’m not sure what to do. I want to comfort her because that’s my duty as the oldest sister, but I don’t want Abuela to be angry with me, too.” 
Luisa’s room is a gym
“I don’t remember the family having that much fun on my gift day. Mostly everyone wanted to watch me do tricks with my brand new strength. You know –lifting heavy things, moving houses and churches, digging deep holes. Honestly, I felt a little like a performer at a circus. I still do, actually.”
she has the slightest bit of repressed anger/irritation
Mirabel thinks everything comes easily to Luisa and is irritated that she does everything everyone asks of her except what Mirabel asks
Luisa never cries, gets tired, or takes naps
Isabela feels like Mirabel is lucky for not being responsible for anything
she thinks Mirabel is Agustín’s favorite child, and that she needs to try harder for him to like her
she envies Mirabel because she doesn’t need to care about what others think of her  
Félix and Agustín are good friends
parallels between Bruno’s room in the walls and Mirabel’s nursery room
Luisa doesn’t believe that Mirabel disturbed Antonio’s gift ceremony on purpose
isn’t emotionally strong and will cry when yelled at, and is impressed that Mirabel can stand up to Abuela
“I back up into the shadows a bit. Just because I’m strong– I used to be strong (don’t cry, don’t cry) –doesn’t mean my grandmother doesn’t frighten me a little, especially when she’s mad.”
Luisa has a panic attack during the final confrontation between Mirabel and Abuela Alma when the house is crumbling down
“I knew it. I knew it was my fault. Why can’t I be everywhere at once?”
she’s afraid of the dark
Abuela thinks Mirabel is similar to Pedro
Bruno’s ostarization from the family was the beginning of the cracks
before Casita was destroyed, Isabela refused hugs
Dolores becomes much more talkative after the destruction of Casita
the doors become representative of the family members’ entire personalities, instead of just their gifts
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I'd love 8 and 19 for the cuddling prompts!! Bonus points if you could combine them 🥺👉👈💖
I'm sorry this is so so so late 😅 but I looove some sick fic, so this was a delight! also featuring adorable art by @spielzeugkaiser (see end of the fic) <3 thank you sooo much for doing this with me pls go send some love to Conny because they deserve it! I adore this piece ❤︎❤︎
To Have and To Hold || ao3 
It's not often lately that Geralt and Jaskier manage to find an available room at an inn, never mind one with two beds, but tonight they have been lucky. Well, Geralt has been lucky. In the three weeks it's been since they were last in town, Jaskier has managed to pick up a head cold and it's gotten bad enough that sleeping outside isn't really an option for them anymore - not at least in the cool autumn weather. So Geralt has done his best to find them a decent town with a decent room and Jaskier seems to be doing a little better already.
He's sitting by the fire in the common area, wrapped up in a blanket that the innkeeper's wife brought down for him especially. He looks small and sad and miserable and Geralt's chest aches at his helplessness. As a Witcher, Geralt doesn't get sick and it's been too long since he was truly human to even remember what it was like. He doesn't know what to do to help and he feels rather out of place trying to figure it out. But he starts with a room at an inn and he's ordered stew and rolls for supper.
While they're waiting for their food, Geralt heads up to their room, accidentally interrupting the chambermaid as she finishes filling the bath.
"The bath is ready for you," she says quietly, ducking her head as Geralt approaches, "is there anything else you need?"
Geralt opens his mouth to ask for… he doesn't know. What do people want when they're sick? What do they need?
"I- my friend is sick," he sighs, shoulders slumping, "I don't know how to help him. What do you do for someone who's sick?"
"Oh," the chambermaid says, surprised. "How sick is he?"
"He has a cold, it's not serious."
"Well, um, when my sister is ill, I make her soup and hot tea to drink. A little bit of honey helps if your friend has a sore throat."
"He has been complaining about not being able to sing," Geralt muses, "that might help."
"Then I would definitely recommend some tea and honey. I'll bring some up for you. And I'll see if I can't find a few extra blankets, they don't call it a cold for nothing." She smiles tentatively up at Geralt and he offers a forced grin in return.
"You don't need to worry about him," she says, "my name is Penelope and if you need anything at all feel free to come and find me. As for you," Penelope adds, rising to her feet, "just keep him warm and fed and I'm sure he'll be much happier after he's had a bath."
"I hope so," Geralt mumbles.
"I'm just downstairs if you need anything."
Penelope crosses to the door, closing it gently behind her and Geralt hums to himself. He appreciates Penelope's help, but he's still got to try and keep Jaskier warm and comfortable and so far he's been doing a shit job of it.
Geralt spends a short time organizing, piling the blankets from his own bed onto Jaskier's, and readying Jaskier's salts and oils for his bath. Geralt leaves them on a stool next to the tub and just as he's about to go back downstairs to collect Jaskier, Penelope comes back. Geralt holds the door for her and she smiles as she brings in a tray with a steaming mug and some honey.
"For your friend," she says, "and I found this-" she holds out a bed stone and Geralt takes it from her. It's warm to the touch and he frowns down at it. "Put it in his bed and it will keep him warm," Penelope explains. "I'll be right back with your supper."
"Thank you," Geralt says, looking up from the rock to offer her a genuine smile as she slips from the room once more.
Before he heads down after her, Geralt takes the stone to Jaskier's bed, tucking it under the covers and pulling them up to keep in the heat. He runs a hand over the top blanket before pulling himself away and heading down to the common area to collect Jaskier. He finds him still curled up in a chair by the fire, head tucked into the corner of his chair and Geralt can't help the soft smile that crosses his face, though he does his best not to acknowledge the accompanying tightness in his chest.
"Jask," he says gently, coming up behind, "supper's upstairs for you and there's a bath ready."
"Don't wanna," Jaskier mumbles, "so cold."
"Your stew and your bath will warm you. Come on."
Somewhat reluctantly, Jaskier tugs his blanket tighter around himself and slips off the chair. He stumbles a little and Geralt instinctively reaches out to him, catching him with one arm and steadying him. Jaskier offers up a weak smile and straightens up a little, but Geralt follows closely behind him as he crosses toward the stairs.
Jaskier stumbles again on the stairs and Geralt aches with his entire being to scoop him up and press him against his chest. He has never feared for Jaskier before despite his human frailty in comparison to a Witcher's lifestyle, but seeing him like this, Geralt is struck with the need to protect. And if that means bringing Jaskier against his chest and holding him until his breathing returns to normal and his chest loses that terrifying rattling sound, he'll do it.
Except he won't. He won't hold him and he won't tell him because Geralt is a coward.
So he just watches Jaskier climb the stairs, reaching out when he needs to be steadied and otherwise keeping his hands to himself. When they reach the room, Penelope is just leaving again and she offers a shy smile to Geralt as she slips past them in the hall. Geralt suspects she knows about the ache in his chest and the twitching of his muscles to hold and soothe. Why else would she offer such care?
Jaskier makes directly for the bath, but Geralt stops him before he can shed his blanket.
"Eat first," he says gently, pulling his hand back a little too quickly, "I'll warm the water for you if it cools. The chambermaid brought tea as well, she said it might help your throat."
Jaskier offers him another half smile and Geralt turns away, taking a deep breath as quietly as he can manage. He fiddles with his swords, cleaning and sharpening them while Jaskier eats because he needs to do something with his hands. By now, Jaskier must think he's paranoid about intruders because he does this so often when they're in town. But the truth is that when they're like this, just the two of them alone in a firelit room, Geralt struggles to keep his hands to himself. Now more than ever.
He's finished before Jaskier has eaten all his supper, so Geralt lines his potion bottles up and pulls out his herb satchel in preparation to mix up more. Out of the corner of his eyes, Geralt catches Jaskier rising to his feet and crossing back to the tub.
"Warm enough?" Geralt asks without raiding his eyes.
"Alright. Let me know if you need it warmed."
"Thank you, Geralt," Jaskier says quietly.
Geralt ducks his head again, focusing hard on his herbs instead of the fact that Jaskier is naked and sick a few feet away and so, so vulnerable. Geralt has never really worried too much about bandits - or anyone else, for that matter - sneaking into their room, but tonight he's on edge, twitching at every little sound.
When Jaskier finally gets out of the bath, he bundles himself up in his blanket again and shuffles over to his bed. Geralt is only half paying attention, careful to give Jaskier his privacy while also remaining on guard. But a little gasp catches him off guard and he turns to find Jaskier peering under the sheets of his bed.
"What is this?" Jaskier asks and Geralt shifts a little anxiously, looking over at the bed, all his distractions long since put away.
"A bed warming stone," he explains, "Penelope brought it up for you. To keep your bed warm. It's… important for you to keep warm."
"Penelope?" Jaskier asks.
"The chambermaid."
"Ah." Jaskier sounds a little disappointed, but when he climbs into bed, Geralt can hear the little contented sounds he makes while he gets comfortable.
Geralt rises up to his feet and crosses to the other side of the room, blowing out the candles one by one until the only light in the room is the still-crackling fire. Geralt pulls the screen across it and retreats to his own bed, shucking his trousers and shirt before climbing into the bed that suddenly seems far too large for one person on their own.
He's just used to sharing, he tells himself, but when he climbs under the covers, he knows it's more than that. He misses the warmth of another body against him, misses the way Jaskier shuffles too close when it's cold, sucking up all of Geralt's body heat. He even misses the idiot's cold toes against the backs of his legs. For the first time ever, Geralt wishes they didn't have the luxury of two beds.
But he's not about to go and climb into Jaskier's space, least of all when he's not well. He's so focused on his own thoughts he almost misses the tiny voice in the dark.
"Could you- it's just I'm so- I fear this may be the end," he says and Geralt doesn't like the change in his voice, the forced humour in that last sentence. He knows Jaskier is not that sick, but the fake humour worries him.
"You'll be fine," Geralt responds, playing along as he normally would.
"I don't think so," Jaskier says, rolling over to face Geralt across the expanse of the room, "I may very well perish." He sounds more genuine this time, at least and the tight ball in Geralt's chest gives a little.
"I'd know if you were dying," he says simply, clinging on to this little bit of forced normalcy by his fingernails.
"You wouldn't," Jaskier says, "or you'd come over here right now."
"And why would I do that?"
"Because I need you," Jaskeir says and Geralt's heart stops beating for a moment. He's used to silence, has learned to settle his own body so that he can hear everything around him for miles. But the silence that follows those four words is nothing he's ever experienced.
"For what?" The silence that follows is somehow longer and heavier than before.
"Come cuddle me?"
"What?" Geralt asks before he can think better of it.
"I just- I sleep better with you here," Jaskier breathes, so quietly Geralt almost doesn't catch it. "I know we finally have two beds and it's more comfortable for you, but I'm- I'm cold and you're always so warm."
"Jaskier-" it's a warning, for Geralt more than anyone. That this is dangerous, that he shouldn't let himself get up right now, but he wants to. Too much.
"You'd never forgive yourself if I died when you could have easily stopped my suffering-"
"Jaskier, you're not dying."
"I might be."
Another long pause lingers between them and Geralt's heart pounds so heavily in his chest that he's sure Jaskier will hear it. He struggles with himself about the decision before he sighs and pushes the blankets back. He's already halfway across the room before he really realizes what he's doing, but Jaskier lifts the blankets up for him and Geralt slips in as Jaskier rolls away from him.
Geralt shudders as Jaskier's feet press to the front of his legs, somehow still frozen, but he settles remarkably quickly. A chill goes through him, but Geralt drapes an arm over Jaskier's middle, pulling him tighter against his chest and Jaskier lets out a soft contented sigh. This… despite Geralt's hesitation, his fears, feels right.
"Better?" he asks and Jaskier elbows him as he readjusts, mumbling a soft sorry.
"Yeah," Jaskier breathes, "you're warm."
"Thank you," Jaskier mumbles and Geralt can already hear his breath evening out, the steady pace of his heart. He's already falling asleep.
"For what?"
"For taking care of me. Know it wasn't Penelope."
"It was."
"'S not her now," Jaskier yawns, wiggling back against Geralt's chest. "G'night Geralt."
Geralt lets go of the tightly coiled control for a moment, pressing his nose into Jaskier's neck and pressing a soft kiss in his hair.
"Sleep well, Jaskier."
Tumblr media
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Ok ok ok how about this, Adult encanto ladies (or just Pepa and Julieta) with a partner who is short (I'm talking like 4'11)
-Your fellow Pepa simp 💛
Literally I've only known this simp for one day but if anything happens to them I'd destroy everyone in the tumblr casita and then myself
Okay onto the ladies
Summary: A reader who is short (4'11ish in my head)
Warnings: None
-She actually enjoys being taller, it's a preference everyone she dates tend to be shorter than her at least a little bit
- It's so easy for her to lean down to kiss your forehead or place her hands on your shoulders or lead you into a dance. physical contact is laced within the way she behaves, anchoring herself to you is a habit
-Lowkey TERRIFIED that if a bad enough storm comes from her emotions she'll just blow you away Or that the lightning from her cloud that normally hits people's shoulders could hit your face!
- Reassure her that while you are small you are still just as heavy as another person and will not blow away easier...
- every nickname you have has -ito or -ita, but she doesn't tease you per-say, she likes to remind you she loves you even your size
-basically throws herself down onto you when she breaks down into tears, and just hold you close
- You're often a backward little spoon when you lay together and she wraps her legs over you like the best, oversized teddy bear possible
-Not going to lie when you two first met she thought you were younger... a teenager at best, but you're a small adult!
- She never lives it down from the family that she thought you were a flirty teen and asked for advice from her sister, teasing Julieta about it is common
- She doesn't tease you about being small because it always backfires into teasing her
- Cooking together is a lot easier because she can literally reach over you if she needs to, and I mean... to have such a pretty woman reach over you isn't so bad
-What's bad is the hit to your pride every time you have to ask her to help you reach anything... She finds it cute the way you come to her in defeat after trying to reach the rack of spices
- Your advantage is you can reach things much lower than her! She'll grab the spices if you grab the box from the bottom cabinet
- You help her feed kids who have been hurt at her stand, you reach them much better, and having a separate line for kids gets them helped faster
-Please imagine this girl having a distant crush on you from the sound of your voice, the actions you do, not ever have had seen you... and when you finally meet: She sees you, so small, smaller than she expected
- Dolores often scares you from behind just by how quiet she is and you just disappear into her hug when you turn around
- Everyone can tell when she is listening to you from afar because she tilts her head in a certain way so her ear is pointed farther down
- On dates, you are often in her lap either reading or watching a natural sight like a river or a sunset.
- You've learned how to communicate to each other with your faces, unspoken thoughts between you two.
-So she'll know if being teased about your height bothers you or its light humor for you. The second she knows if it bothers you she's storing that information in her mind
- If you don't mind expect your nickname to be "mi pequeño amante" my tiny lover
- She didn't even notice you at first, Luisa was so busy carrying things she ran you over, ever since then she has been far more comfortable carrying you on her shoulder
- Many jokingly call you the angel on her shoulder
-Terrified of squishing you, just like she used to be when being around kids
-You two take naps together when Luisa is on break. You're laying on her with your head tucked into her neck with no worry about if you are too heavy or hurting her... She can't sleep any other way with you in fear of crushing you, even though she doesn't really roll around much
- When you can't reach something she picks you up so you can still get it yourself, it's her way of letting you stay independent- even if that's not how it works
-She adores when you sit on the bed, her sitting on the floor and you just brush her hair or braid it. Your physical attention is so easy to get with an excuse like "I can't really reach behind my head" she can but- she wants you to do it
-Isa used to flat-out ignore you before she could be freer, not looking down or glancing your way... But she thought you were so damn cute, the way you stick out from the crowd, you're not average... you're not perfect and she loves that.
-She can literally make plants bigger than you and she thinks that's hilarious, not trees or large things, but normal plants you could have in your house.
-While describing a new plant she discovered she couldn't really think of how to explain how large it is... so she said "It's about four or five Y/Ns tall" now everyone measures in yous- even Abuela once: "Antonio- you're almost one Y/N tall"
-If it upsets you Isa will do a formal apology in front of the family to get it to stop, even if it was fun
-Expect Isa to rest herself on you, arms on your shoulders, chin on your head. You're her rest place now, no arguments. She will literally have her plants grab you and drag you to her room if she having a very bad day and needs you
-Somehow there is always conveniently a plant for you to step on when you're struggling to get something higher up, how odd- she's smirking about it too... if she is feeling particularly sassy she might even play keep-away with the object you were trying to get until you give her a kiss
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Can you please write a Tommy x wife reader where he meets his wife after taking Ada to the ballet in London for her birthday, his future wife being the prima ballerina or something, and he’s instantly attracted-interested-intrigued-smittened by her… Ada could tell that her brother was very much liking the beautiful elegant brunette ballerina. Maybe after another show, Tommy pays to get backstage to meet the ballerina, introducing himself and they hit it off (maybe they have common interests or instant chemistry?) and every time he returns to London for business or politics, he arranges dates and meet-ups with his beautiful ballerina? All his family roast him over it how he’s so head over heels for her, how much he’s got the hots for her, but also how happy she makes him too. Obviously she has a fit slim-curvy body that he finds so sexy and she finds his lean muscles hot too, that after one date they end up having a couple rounds of hot steamy passionate sex the best they’ve ever had.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you for this request! I had a lot of fun writing it and I really hope you enjoy it XO
P.S. I have no knowledge of ballet and I wanted to do more research but I really didn't have the time so I'm really sorry if things are wrong.
Rated Explicit: Sex, flirting, fluff so so much fluff, Shelby family drama, mentions of a slight panic attack. Hurt comfort, small fight.
Tommy gingerly accepted the tickets back from Polly.
“The ballet? Why would you take her to the ballet? Look at me Thomas” He looked up into her piercing glare. “I need her to feel like you care about her. She is a mess and I’m trying to make this better.” Her voice was the slightest bit strained and he knew that her temper was ready to flare if he blew this off.
“She’s my sister, when did I stop caring about her, eh?” He stared back at her. Everything he did for this bloody family was because he cared. The ballet was an excellent gift, even if her whole world seemed to revolve around communism.
They stayed in silence for a moment locked in a famous Shelby staring contest, till Ada came down the stairs. Tommy straightened himself and tried to smile, she’d gotten all dressed up like he’d told her to, in a light pink dress with lots of frilly things hanging on it. He didn't understand the dress, but the diamond necklace he’d dropped off for her certainly looked at home on her neck.
“You look nice” He knew it was animated or impressed like it should be, but her eyes twinkled the slightest bit like they used to when she was small.
“Oh, piss off. Where are we going then?” She asked but not in her usual pointed tone.
“The Ballet. Something about a Swan, I remembered you mentioned it once when we were helping that bird in the cut one time” He caught Polly’s face contort in surprise as she watched Ada light up.
“You remember that?” She asked softly.
“Course I remember. Let’s get going though.” He followed her through to the entry and waited for her to get her shoes sorted. She was not in the best shape after Freddie died. She was a good mother, but it was obvious she was struggling. Polly had talked her into coming to stay at Arrow House for a while so she could spend time with the little one. She was stubborn at first but something had finally made her change her mind.
“Alright, have fun now and don't worry about anything, love. Just enjoy yourself” Polly said, giving her a quick hug. He wasn't expecting her to hug him next, but she gave him a quick squeeze too.
The journey over was quiet, Ada didn't want to talk about anything personal and he didn't blame her. It’s not like they had been very close after the war. He’d left her a little girl who’d had all the faith in the world in her big brothers. Then they all came back in varying amounts.
They gave their tickets to a young lady in the booth, who raised her eyebrows and quickly checked a piece of paper. Tommy was ready to argue but before he could start she smiled at them.
“Enjoy! There is a separate entrance to the booth on the left.” She said cheerfully. Ada looked surprised, and the slightest bit excited. They went up and sat in the gold balcony. Waiters came and poured them champagne.
“What’s all this for then?” She asked, sipping on her drink.
“It’s your birthday” He replied easily.
“I’ve had lots of birthdays without fancy ballets?” She was suspicious looking to see what his angle would be, what he needed her for in the next master plan. He hated how he was seen by his family.
“I’ve had lots of birthdays without money too.” He said while lighting a cigarette.
“For real? This is just-” She asked it as a genuine question, he hated how broken she sounded. The waiter came and brought them more champagne and a whole tray of cakes.
“Really.” He answered back. Everything was fine until the lights started to dim. The uncomfortably busy theater seemed to shrink smaller and smaller, causing his heart to race. He started to talk himself down, he was in a theater, not in a tunnel. His mind was racing trying to control his body’s reaction to the hot theater.
Suddenly the lights were on the stage, and what was potentially the most beautiful lady appeared. He focused on her to avoid thinking about the tunnels. It worked relatively well and soon it was intermission. All the lights went on and he took a deep breath.
“Going to go for some air.” He announced and she nodded looking through the glossy pamphlet the waiter had brought.
He made his way past all the fancy people, looking out at the balcony packed with people he kept moving. He wandered down a corridor that led to an open door. He stepped through it and enjoyed a deep breath full of cold air.
“You missed the public balcony. It's back by the bar.” An elegant voice called from his left. He turned to see it was her, the swan lady. She was in a green silk robe smoking a cigarette. He just looked at her, she had the most beautiful bright eyes, even with the heavy makeup concealing her face he could tell she was beautiful. “Sir?” She said with a smirk.
“I don't like crowds.” He said softly, eyes locked with hers. She seemed to find him amusing, probably because he was absolutely smitten with her. Tommy was almost never caught off guard, and never by a woman after Gretta. She looked him over, clearly finding something about him that she liked by the smile on her face.
“Do you like ballet?” He tried to keep his face composed at her question, but she caught the smile forming on the edge of his mouth and let out a laugh.
“I like you. That's for sure, not particularly interested in the rest.” He lit a cigarette and took a long drag enjoying the way she looked at him.
“All that money just to look at me?” She quipped with a raised brow. Suddenly he was overcome with the desire to see her without all the makeup and costuming. Her hair was pulled back tightly, on stage it was perfect, but here in the alley way she looked unhuman. It was cold, he watched her slender wrists shake slightly. He almost offered her his jacket. An announcement came over the speaker system giving people a ten minute warning.
“My sister’s birthday.” He liked the way her eyes softened ever so slightly.
“That’s sweet of you.” She said honestly. He shrugged, unsure what to say about it.
“I’m glad I could keep you entertained for the evening.” She spoke again in a coy tone that made his blood boil and his heart pick up. He smiled a genuine smile because he couldn't help it. This woman should come with a warning label.
“I’m certainly indebted to you.” He flirted back.
“Make it up to me tomorrow night?” It was forward, and she almost pulled it off except for those eyes. He could see her whole world in them, she was the slightest bit hopeful, if not nervous.
“Where should I pick you up, love?” He answered easily.
“Here at 10.”
“I’ll be here”
She gave him a nod and ran back inside. He smiled after her knowing that she was late because she was flirting with him.
The rest of the evening was uncomfortable but manageable as he watched the way she moved. Ada had a good night, a smile on her face the whole way back to the car.
“Everything you thought it would be then?” He asked as they drove through the city.
“Oh, Tommy it was perfect.” She went off about the whole thing explaining parts that he may have missed. He nodded along politely realising he’d missed the whole bloody thing.
“I'm happy you had a good time.” He responded hoping she wouldn't ask his opinion on it.
“Can I ask you a question”
“Of course.” He answered, wracking his brain for something to say about the whole thing other than the swan was pretty.
“How did you manage when Gretta passed away? You went away right after and I thought space from the family would help, but I think it's harder that way for me.” Tommy was caught off guard for the second time that night. He appreciated her giving him time to answer.
“I don't think I really managed it. I didn't really have the time, but in time it got better.” He cleared his throat, not sure what else to say about it. “I’m glad you're here. And I swear to you that I didn't rat him out that night.” He saw her nod out of the corner of her eye. It was a long time before she spoke again.
“So you seemed pretty enchanted by y/n l/n, eh?” She said cheerfully.
“The Swan! She’s originally from the countryside, but she was hand picked at a church concert and put in the Vic-Wells Ballet School. Every girl’s dream, anyway she’s the Prima Ballerina now and you pretty well would close your eyes unless she was on the stage.”
“I don't know what you're talking about” He smiled slightly and realised this felt like how they would banter when they were kids.
“You bastard! You fancy her then? If you go back for another look, take me with you.” She laughed. Tommy was sure she mumbled something about Grace after but decided to let it slide.
Things never go as planned. He’d wanted to have enough time to go home and change back into a nicer suit. He wanted to impress her. But he would surely be late if he went all the way back. He’d rather pick her up in a regular suit than leave her waiting, or have her go thinking he stood her up.
He drove down the alley way and waited by the same doors as last night. He fidgeted thinking about everything he still had to get done tomorrow, picking her up at ten meant that it was going to be a late night. He got out of the car and waited against the side of it so he could get the door for her when she showed up. She was late but Tommy assumed that there was a lot to do after a show ended. He looked down the alleyway at the city.
The door flew open and a stream of angry Russian poured out behind her. She quickly locked eyes on him, her face was flushed and her eyes wide.
“Drive!” She shouted. He got her settled and then hopped in and took off.
“What was that about?” He didn’t like the thought of her being in trouble.
“I might be skipping extra rehearsal to be here….” She let out a wild laugh as she settled into the seat next to him.
“I can always take you out another time-”
“No, they just want me to stay behind with the other dancers. I’m not really needed and I’m so bloody tired. They can survive a night without me.”
“Are you hungry?” He’d called in a favour with a restaurant owner to stay open late for them.
“Starving! But let's just go back to mine, eh? I'm dying to get out of all of this.” She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Tommy noticed that the thick makeup was off her face but her hair was still up. She was crazy, elegant but also very inelegant at the same time.
Restaurant plans out the window then. He thought.
She directed him to her hotel and took him up to her room.
“This is me, well temporarily” She said, doing a twirl.
It was extremely lavish but there were things around that were very out of place. Candles, a worn quilt, and things that reminded him of the house in Small Heath.
“What do you want for dinner, love?” She gave him a hungry gaze that made him assume that food was not on the menu for the night. She rattled out her favorite foods while she floated around the place tidying up. He called his friend telling him to drive it to the hotel.
“Those items aren’t on the room service menu?” She said slipping out of her shoes.
“I called a friend.” She looked impressed which made him happy.
“Here, take a seat.” She said clearing a pile of books off of the couch. “Help yourself to a drink, I’m just going to try to get my hair down.” Her face flushed again and he could see how tired she was. It was obvious to him she’d had other assumptions about how the night was supposed to go.
“Do you want a hand?” He offered, not wanting to miss spending time with her.
“That would be wonderful if you don't mind.” She sat on the floor in front of him. He didn't like how worn out she seemed, he felt the need to fix it somehow. He started to pull out the pins he could find.
“Sorry about tonight. I had a bunch of ideas sorted, but the day took a few unplanned turns.” He watched as her shoulders relaxed against him.
“It’s alright.” Tommy honestly didn't mind. He knew she was being so vulnerable because she was exhausted, and he’d been there a few times before.
“It’s not though, I wanted to impress you.” She whispered. Tommy got the last pin out and her long hair finally fell over her shoulders, without thinking he ran his fingers through her scalp causing her to let out a moan. His heart jumped and he realised that he would drive to London every night just to take the pins out of her hair. Anything just to get her to make that noise again.
There was a knock at the door and Tommy got the food. There was a dining area but it was covered in costumes and makeup, she stood up abruptly as if she’d forgotten it was there.
“Sorry!” She made to go over there but Tommy stood in her way.
“Couch is fine, love.” They sat on the couch and she went off about how she’d thought the night would go. Either out for dinner or straight to bed. She didn’t think he’d be this nice. Tommy looked over her body as she leaned against the back of the couch with a glass of wine in her hand. There was glitter stuck to her neck and the tops of her breasts, making them catch the light every time she took a breath. Tommy wanted nothing more than to fuck her, but the dark circles under her eyes made him feel as if she would break.
“Like what you see?” She said without opening her eyes.
“Almost.” Tommy watched as her eyebrow raised and her bright eyes shifted to look at him. “You look like you need to sleep for at least a month” He reached out a hand to run along her cheek, hoping that he didn't offend her.
“Takes one to know one. When’s the last time you slept through the night, eh?” He laughed, and she moved under his outstretched arm.
“A while.” He admitted. She was pressed against his side now.
“Challenge accepted.” She said before reaching up and kissing him with a passion he surely thought she would be too tired to conjure up. But there was nothing tired about the woman in front of him.
It was the first night of many like that. He’d make an effort to come to London as much as he could. Sometimes they would stay up for hours talking, most of the time she would pull him straight to bed. She took a lot of stress out on him, not that he was complaining. It was by far the best he’d ever had. By the end of it he’d be tired enough to sleep through the nights.
Things never go unnoticed by his family for long though.
Ada had guessed that it was her right away, he’d come home one morning and she had spotted glitter stuck to his face. She’d laughed for fifteen whole minutes at the expression on his face that morning. It’s the longest he’d seen her laugh since she was a kid, he didn't have the heart to snap at her.
She’d kept his secret, giggling softly every time Polly tried to question him. Everyone wanted him to bring her home just as much as they wanted to poke fun at him for liking someone. They were all left a little sore after Grace turned out to be a spy, their faith in his decision making was as it always was.
And he did like her, a whole lot. But that’s where the problem was, she had a whole career and life filled with wonderful things, he wasn't going to drag her into this life. If the questionable publicity didn't kill her, his lifestyle definitely could. Tommy talked about his life freely with her, but he sidestepped most questions about business. One of the many marvelous things about her is that she didn't care, she just enjoyed the time he spent with her.
She was too busy to be with a gangster, her days started at 4am and ran late into the night. No way a relationship would bloom out of that. It was a simple fling, nothing more.
After a long night of getting her off in every possible position she could come up with, she laid there in his arms. Looking down he saw the way her big eyes traced his features in the moonlight.
“Tommy?” she whispered.
“Yes, love?”
“Will you take me home to meet your folks?” His throat closed as she looked at him. She looked so small and vulnerable it twisted his heart up. His first instinct was to get up and leave, make a mad dash out of there, out of her life.
Protect her
But he just couldn't hurt her, his vocal cords refused to tell her no, his whole body protested any movement. So he laid there thinking of how to do this. Did he tell her about that part of his life? Let her twist away from him in horror, break his heart and get it over with? Seemed like the best way to do it.
“If you want to, but there are things you should know first before - erm-”
“Things get serious?” She interrupted sharply. He was sure he’d offended her, but he was still in disbelief that she thought this was serious. They didn't go to fancy dinners, he didn't parade her around or shower her with gifts. Wasn't constantly trying to prove himself like he’d had to when he was seeing Grace.
He’d bring food over, help her get undressed and washed up, they’d go to bed and make an absolute mess of themselves then they would sleep.
“Is this serious already?” He forced the question out, figuring it was better to get this over with.
“Well clearly not if you're asking.” She quipped, he felt her narrow body tense up. He held her tighter, preventing her from moving away.
“Wait, that's not what I meant. Look I figured it wasn't serious for you because most of the women I’m around require a lot more. Your happy with this so I figure it was just for -”
“For the sex. You think I’m sharing what little time I have in the day, all my fucking secrets with you because I’m a whore using you for sex?”
“No! I just don't know how you would be satisfied with this, eh? You deserve a lot more, and a better man than me. I’m not worth more.” His words fumbled out of his mouth. Why make the effort here, she was going to leave. The fun was over, no reason to be this vulnerable when she was just going to end up heart broken. He looked down again into those eyes, tears were pooling threatening to spill, his whole chest hurt at the sight of her in pain.
“Look, I’m not husband material. My family and I aren't from money. The way I got here wasn't clean. Someone like you with the world at your feet, using me for sex makes more sense to me than you looking at me and seeing a fucking future. People have gotten hurt in the past and I won't have you hurt. I would rather hurt you right now than have something happen to you or your career. I genuinely thought you just enjoyed the company, you’re lonely and I’m easy.”
“You know that your name has a reputation right?” She said plainly.
“Too aware.” He sighed in frustration.
“The kind of name you can ask people about?” There was the slightest bit of humour back in her features and he could feel himself breath finally. “Obviously I asked around about your family. Dodgy stuff in the beginning, some say you fucked your way into parliament, other say you’ve killed more people than cigarettes' smoked. Your Aunt is a scary gypsy whore who seduces men in the night, persuades them into poor betting choices.” Tommy let out a cold laugh as he tensed at her words, She continued. “Your sister is a communist set on destroying the country, and your brothers are rowdy, vicious, and violent. I felt like a lot of it was exaggerated, but I figured you’d tell me the truth when you were ready.”
“Well, I don't know what to say. Yeah, there’s killing, always sex. My brothers are reasonable men, but violent when it's demanded of them. My aunt is not a whore.” It angered him slightly, he wasn't surprised but still, that was his fucking aunt. “My sister is hurting right now, but she’s not out to destroy anything, other than my life maybe.”
“I want to meet them, they sound lovely.” She said honestly, like a girl would when hearing about the successful family business the guy courting her belongs too.
“You’re crazy.”
“Thomas, I came from a farm. It was a hard life. You know what happened to me when I was small. Your family might take on the world in a vicious way, but the world is a vicious place. You guys have each other and that makes it good. I have no one. No one looks at me the way you do. I thought -” She stuttered not risking saying the words they both knew were true. He would clearly do anything for her.
“You thought right, come here.” He kissed her, not ready to say the words yet. He showed her instead, kissing her slowly, caressing her small fame. Letting her shiver underneath him, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh at the base of her neck. She let out a moan once he gave in pushing himself deep inside her wetness. This time there was nothing rushed, it was slow for once, he kissed her. Watching her come apart from all the emotion of the conversation tears streamed down her cheeks, his name pouring out her mouth like a prayer. He felt his body claim her in a different way, she was a part of him now. His to protect and love. He’d find a way to handle the damage control, he’d do anything to keep her at his side.
Her body started to tense and he sped up bringing her over the edge. Her tight body contracting around him pulling him in as he spilled himself deep inside her. Her slender, toned arms refused to loosen their grip around his neck. She was still crying into his neck, making him realise that regardless of his feelings towards her, he’d broken her in a way he knew would take ages to recover from.
The morning light woke them up, she’d finally earned three days off before she was back gearing up for the final few shows. After that they would be on to the next show, lucky she was staying in London for the time being, the thought of her traveling the world being on display made him twist up.
“Morning.” She said sleepily.
“Morning, time to get ready” He said, moving to sit up.
“Woah woah no. This is my first day off in a month and a half. We are not leaving this bed for any reason.” She said assertively, laying there with her breasts out and hair pointing in every direction.
“Taking you home today so you’ll have time to stay the night. Unless you want to do that another time” Her face lit up.. “So let's get on with it then.” He moved to get up but her fingers gripped his forearm tightly.
“Mr. Shelby, I’m a working woman, a busy woman. Getting ready starts in bed, show me some respect.” She said in her usual coy tone, pushing the blankets down, opening her legs to him. Worth being stuck in traffic, he thought to himself before ravishing her.
They showered together, running his hands over her soapy curves led to another round in the bathroom and then they were finally on their way.
He called Polly while she was rushing around packing an overnight bag.
“Morning Poll, bringing her home for lunch and to stay the night. Anyone that wants to meet her can come by. But no fucking fighting and no bullshit, eh?”
“Morning to you too, stop speaking of us like we are animals or we’ll act like it. See you soon then.”
“See you soon.”
She was nervous but hid it well. How she could get up on a stage that big and perform to hundreds of people, but be nervous about this baffled him.
They pulled up the long driveway and she looked over his house and the cars parked in front of it.
“Look I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to ya, and if you want to leave I’ll take you home. Just ask.” She looked at him with wide eyes like she was rolling the idea around in her head.
“Oh come off it, this will be fine.”
They paused for a moment before he got out and helped her out of the car. He barely got her in the door before the kids were there hugging her, John’s dog going crazy. She embraced them easily, somehow laughing lightly and Tommy picked up the puppy. Esme tore around the corner telling them off, they straightened up and apologized, John came through grabbing the dog.
“The dog too?” He snapped quietly at him.
“Eh, brother. Dogs tell a lot about people!” Arthur boomed entering the space.
“Now, these are the kids, my brothers Arthur, John, his wife Esme, and Finn.”
“It’s very nice to meet you! Thank you for the warm welcome. "She said politely. John let out a laugh.
“Trust me love, we are indebted to you. Somehow you managed to make him tolerable.”
“John” Tommy said in a warning tone, but all she did was laugh along with everyone.
Polly came through giving her a tight hug.
“This is my Aunt Polly.” He announced. There was a bit of tension that settled through the family. Polly was very against Grace and it caused a large amount of stress.
“Lovely to meet you dear. Come through for some tea, we want to hear all about you.” Polly’s tone was friendly and warm leaving Tommy somewhat hopeful that maybe she would be a good fit.
It was a long and embarrassing day, it only got worse when the whiskey was added into the mix. They poked fun at him constantly, mostly about how he changed since she entered his life, some more risky comments about her body and flexible nature that left her laughing with flushed cheeks and Tommy snapping at them. Eventually he took the boys into the study to let them get the roasting over with, letting her settle with the women.
He figured she should be fine there with them, the loud roaring laughter made him uneasy about what they might be discussing. But deep down he knew that however humiliating, she was accepted into the family.
Things died down and people made their way home for the evening, promising to be back in time for lunch tomorrow as they kissed her goodnight. She sat back on the couch next to Ada in the study, Tommy looked at her and suddenly forgot what life was life before her. She looked like she had sat there a hundred times listening to his sister ramble.
“Not to interrupt this riveting lecture, but I think it's time to turn in eh?” Ada rolled his eyes at him but when looking over at the girls worn form she agreed.
“I think that’s a good idea. You must be so tired from all of us.” Ada said softly.
“I’ll never be tired of you.” She said with a smile. “Tommy, would you grab my handbag? I have a gift for you.” Ada looked surprised and Tommy went to search for her discarded bag.
He came back to the sound of them laughing, he’d not experienced a force of joy quite like the one that had followed her into the house that day. He gave her the abnormally heavy bag.
“Jesus woman, what are you dragging around it here eh?”
“Oh shut it.” She quipped. She dug around in the bag till finding a small deep blue pouch. She handed it to Ada who looked bewildered at the jewelry.
“It’s just costume jewelry, they gave me a few sets to keep for production. This one was given to me from the Prima Ballerina before me.”
“I can't accept this.” Ada choked out.
“Sure you can, I have many. They aren't real, but Tommy told me how you used to dance around the house when you were little, much like me. Feels right for you to have it. After all, you're the reason for us meeting.” The weight of the moment crushed Ada and it was painful to see her cry after months of her hiding it. He didn't know what to do but you embraced her tightly.
After that you were a part of the family.
Some cute ideas I would love to write:
The kids insist on her teaching them ballet moves. So she does, with Ada and Esme slightly drunk following along in the back laughing.
Polly slowly takes her in as her own, and the way she starts to get better having a mother figure to look up to. Polly braiding her hair in the evenings when she stays over. Listening to her problems and giving advice and comfort.
Tommy being super supportive of her career, but also fiercely protective. One night one of the directors asked her to do sexual stuff or they would cut her, and Tommy and the boys beat the shit out of him and make sure it never happens to any of the other girls again.
Constant sex everywhere, in the car, all over the house, her apartment, her dressing room. When they can't have it out properly, he’ll still get her off with his fingers.
Things get scary with business so Tommy sends her to stay with Esme and John. They had a house way out in the woods for when things get bad. So they teach her how to shoot and look after chickens and stuff. She finds out she’s pregnant but has to wait for Tommy to settle things before she can tell him.
Arthur teaches her to throw a punch but she bruises her knuckles and Tommy freaks out about her being hurt.
So many ideas about this…
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bobastar · 19 hours ago
𝙲𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚘 𝚇 𝚏! 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛
Tumblr media
idk i really like this song and this is what i was listening to while writing:
as you finally made your last round of serving everyone food, you sat down tiredly, fanning yourself. a ding came from the tiny door.
“perdón, we’re closed…” you got up and saw a familiar yellow ruana. “oh..camilo.” you turned back around.
“uh yeah just me…no need to get so excited” he chuckled and came up behind you, hugging you as he put his face in the crook of your neck. “i’ve missed you..” the vibrations of his voice tickled the side of your neck, as his planted little kisses upon the surface. you smiled and freaked out internally, “me too cami…” you played with his hair and leaned into his touch.
after a short break from a hectic day, you realized you still had to help clean the kitchen. “precioso, tengo que limpiar…i have to go..” although you didn’t want to, you had to finish.
“nooooo” he held on tighter and rested his chin on your shoulder. “pleaseee bonita, a little while longer??” still not loosing his grip.
“how about i finish cleaning and then we can do something? that sound okay?” you played with his hands, his arms detangling from around you, he spun you around. “fine…but! you have to ask if you can stay over…” he smiled and kissed the corner of your lip. “deal”
you finished up rather quickly, for a reason.
“uhm mami…te puedo preguntar algo?” she turned around “yes?” the rag in her hand was put on top of her shoulder. “okay so if it’s okay…can i spend the night with camilo? he has sisters and tias, he won’t be the only one there and-“ she cut you off with a light laugh “yes mija, i trust that you’re smart enough and he’s respectful. on one condition…you send his mami some mojicones, okay?”
“yes…! okay thank you mama!” you kissed her cheek and grabbed the basket. “te quiero! i’ll see you tomorrow.”
“ i love you mi niña! i’ll tell your father your going with a friend.” she winked and waved bye.
“camilo!” you jumped on his back, the basket hitting his chest. “did she say yes?” he smiled widely. “mhm! she did” you got off of his back and held onto his hands. “yay! okay so i have some clothes you can borrow so you don’t have to go all the way to your house okay amor?” you only nodded wanting to hear his soothing voice more.
— (idk what his room is like so bare w/ me)
you reached the casita, saying ‘hi’ to pepa and felix, along with the other family members, handing them the basket. you’re hands started to sweat against his. this didn’t go unnoticed by camilo, he kisses your knuckles. “relax preciosa, they like you it’s okay” he leaned into your ear and whispered.
you eased a bit, and went to his room. it was well picked up, and very big. “welcome princesa” he picked you up and set you down gently on his bed. he grabbed some extra clothes and handed them to you. “here you go, you can change in here while i change in the bathroom.” he smiled and kissed your forehead “i’ll be back.”
you got out of your dress and changed into his shirt and sweats. they fit okay, a bit big but that was expected. you tied the sweats and left the shirt baggy. he knocked “can i come in cariño?” “yeah you can..” you set your dress down nearly on a chair. “awh look at you so cute with my clothes.” he smirked at your embarrassed face. “what’s wrong amor?” he cupped your face “oh my are you…embarrassed?” a small chuckled came from his lips as you hid your face in his chest.
“no stop” he tends to get too flirty, leaving you in a puddle of his affection not knowing how to handle it all. “sorry sorry..” he kissed your cheek gently lifting your head back up. “ay! que hermosura tengo” he whispered and spun youu around. “camilo!” you put your hands on your face. “what?! i cant state out the facts?” he smiles. “i’ll stop anyway because dolores is probably done with this.” he smiled and kissed you softly.
“yeah she’s probably gagging from your corniness” you laughed and jumped on his bed. “weee!” the soft pillows and blankets wrapped around you.
he crawled up beside you and pulled you close to his chest. “im not corny…i just love you” he made little circles on your back. “and i love you too tesoro.” you kissed his jawline and snuggled up against him. he sighed gently, and smiled to himself.
“i dont know, i heard you have a boyfriend, should you be saying i love you to me?” he joked. “we’re not that serious it’s okay.” he wasn’t expecting you to joke back. “oh really? so if..i don’t know, if i kissed you he wouldn’t get mad?” you shook your head ‘no’ “nope i told you we’re not serious, he has a weird face.”
“hEY- my face is not weIRD.” small voice cracks left his mouth. you couldn’t help but laugh at them, making him embarrassed. “it’s puberty leave me alone.” you got up and looked at him.
“it’s cute.” you smiled and felt a sudden urge to squish him and love him and AGH-. “y/n/n? you okay chiquitita?” he tilted his head. you nodded and kissed his forehead.
and then his cheek, and then his nose, and his eyelids, the top of his eyebrow and the corner of his lip. he giggled like a little kid “that tickles cariño!” you stopped and snuggled against him again. “what was that about?” he pulled you in.
“i have no idea but i love you.” you smiled against his neck.
he blushed and kisses your shoulder “thank you for loving me..”
“thank you for letting me love you cami..”
you guys stayed tangled up, the faint snores from him made you ease, realizing he’s still there. you closed your eyes and felt so warm, and lovesick around him. a totally new side came out of you as you see his eyes, and how his hands make you feel special just by a simple touch.
camilo couldn’t get over how you make him feel like he’s floating. it’s just you and him, no one can make him feel like you do. it’s a different kind of love, you guys are each others best friends but lovers as well. he knows you and you know him. when you tell him how much you care about and appreciate him, he can’t help but feel his heart pump out of his chest.
your gentle hard working hands fit in his calloused one’s perfectly. they way you say his name makes his stomach flutter. he notices small details and features about you. the scar on your eyebrow from when you fell as a kid, small moles around your arms and neck. how you bite your nails when your nervous.
you noticed things about him too. he sticks out his tongue when concentrating. his nervous smile when he’s in tough situations. how he moves closer to you when he feels uncomfortably around someone. how some freckles make perfect constellations. the way he helps his mami when she’s panicking.
both stars, ready to burst with love and make a stellar collision. he made your day better, while you made his nights magical. simple nights like these and busy days made you both realize how much you need one another. he dreamed about you, and you daydreamed about him.
still intertwined with each other, the warmth of you both kept the night cozy. small mumbles shared.
GAH DANG THIS WAS SO HARD I FRIED MY BRAIN AT 2 AM 🙁🤞🏻 i hope you liked it :-)
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bloody-bee-tea · a day ago
Secret Marriage
Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue are giggling when they stumble through the door. There’s nothing even remotely funny about the situation, except that they are together and happy and just drunk enough to find it funny.
“Your brother’s parties are dangerous,” Jiang Cheng says, clinging to Nie Mingjue’s arm when he stumbles and it makes Nie Mingjue laugh again.
“They are,” he agrees with a groan and steers them towards the couch where he promptly sits down, resting his head against the backrest. “I’m so tired,” he whispers and Jiang Cheng giggles again, even though there’s still no reason for it.
“It’s almost three am, of course you’re tired,” he says between his chuckles and sits down next to Nie Mingjue, completely pressed to his side and throwing his legs over Nie Mingjue’s lap.
Now that they are sitting down, exhaustion hits him and Jiang Cheng blinks slowly.
“We should go to bed,” he slurs out, as much impacted by the alcohol as by his tiredness and Nie Mingjue hums.
“You know what we should do?” he asks and puts his arm around Jiang Cheng.
“We should marry,” Nie Mingjue says again and despite the way it makes Jiang Cheng feel warm down to his bones he frowns.
“We’ve only been together for seven months,” he argues but it’s mostly because he feels like he has to.
“So what. You’re practically living with me anyway and I don’t see myself ever dating anyone else. Do you?” Nie Mingjue asks him and Jiang Cheng shakes his head even as he pats Nie Mingjue’s chest.
“We should not make decisions while drunk,” Jiang Cheng says and channels his sister’s voice of reason.
“True. So marry me in the morning,” Nie Mingjue whispers, clearly already half asleep and Jiang Cheng nods.
He would marry Nie Mingjue in a heartbeat, drunk or not, and that’s his last thought before he, too, falls asleep.
Jiang Cheng wakes up to a splitting headache and lips pressed to his forehead.
“Marry me,” Nie Mingjue mumbles, and Jiang Cheng snorts, not caring that his head feels like it’s exploding.
“You’re still drunk,” he accuses Nie Mingjue who promptly waves a cup of coffee under Jiang Cheng’s nose.
“I am no such thing,” he corrects him when Jiang Cheng almost yanks the cup out of his hands.
“Are you sure?” Jiang Cheng asks between sips and when Nie Mingjue also puts a painkiller into his hand, Jiang Cheng sighs contentedly.
“You’re the best and I love you.”
“Then marry me,” Nie Mingjue says again and now that Jiang Cheng is a little bit more awake, he notices that Nie Mingjue is already dressed and seems to be fully awake.
So he truly is no longer drunk. And that means there’s only one answer Jiang Cheng can give.
“Okay. Yes. I will marry you.”
His answer is met with a hungry kiss and by the time they part, his coffee has almost gone cold.
“Let’s do it today,” Jiang Cheng decides and Nie Mingjue smiles at him, his wide, happy smile that puts his dimples on display and makes his eyes crinkle.
“Yes,” he enthusiastically agrees and twines their fingers together. “And let’s not tell anyone.”
“My soul, if we go to the courthouse we need witnesses,” Jiang Cheng tells him. “That means we need at least two people.”
Nie Mingjue makes a grimace at that.
“Not Huaisang. I love him, but he’s going to make such a huge thing out of this.”
“Not my siblings, either, for the same reasons,” Jiang Cheng agrees and shares a look with Nie Mingjue.
“Zonghui?” Jiang Cheng then asks and Nie Mingjue nods.
“And Wen Qing.”
“Good idea,” Jiang Cheng says and gets his phone out, immediately dialling her number.
“This better be serious,” Wen Qing greets him and Jiang Cheng winces when he realizes that he just woke her up.
And she doesn’t sound too happy about it.
“I need you as a witness,” Jiang Cheng tells her and there’s a suspicious silence on the other end of the line.
“I am not going to cover up a crime for you,” she then tells him and Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes.
“I’m not Wei Wuxian, Qing-jie,” he says with a sigh. “I need you as a witness for my marriage.”
“Are you still drunk?”
“Are you under duress?”
“Are you marrying Nie Mingjue?”
A pause.
“Fine. When do you need me?”
Jiang Cheng looks at Nie Mingjue.
“In two hours?” he asks and Nie Mingjue nods. “Yes, in two hours,” he says again, this time more to Wen Qing, who sighs.
“I’ll be there,” she promises. “Now let me properly wake up.”
Before Jiang Cheng can say anything to that she hung up on him and he shrugs.
“She’ll be there.”
“I texted Zonghui, he’ll be there, too,” Nie Mingjue tells him and pulls him in for a kiss. “I can’t believe I’m going to marry you.”
“I can’t believe it either,” Jiang Cheng whispers back, but he’s so, so happy.
“Now let’s get ready, Wen Qing will have our heads if we don’t look our best.”
“True,” Jiang Cheng says with a snort and gets up.
He has to prepare for his wedding.
Wen Qing is already waiting in front of the courthouse when they arrive and she doesn’t look too happy.
“You’re late,” she snaps, but she looks approvingly at their outfit. “At least you dressed for the occasion.”
“It is our wedding,” Jiang Cheng says, slightly hurt that Wen Qing expected him to show up like a slob.
“True.” Her gaze fixes on Nie Mingjue. “If you make him cry, just know that we always are in need of fresh organs at the hospital. And I know how to keep you alive.”
Nie Mingjue tenses at Jiang Cheng’s side, but he dutifully nods.
“I promise, there will only ever be happy tears,” he promises her.
“Good. Now. Who is this?” she asks with a look around Jiang Cheng, her threat apparently already forgotten.
“That’s Nie Zonghui, my cousin,” Nie Mingjue says and Wen Qing let’s her eyes roam over him as he steps out from behind Nie Mingjue.
“So it runs in the family then,” she finally says and Jiang Cheng splutters.
“I thought you were gay!”
“I’m bi, thank you very much, and I can damn well appreciate a beautiful man,” she says, completely shameless and Nie Zonghui smiles at her.
“How about admiring me from here?” he asks as he steps close and offers his arm to her.
“And he has manners too,” she appreciatively says and puts her hand on his arm. “Shall we?” she asks and then they are off into the courthouse, leaving Nie Mingjue and Jiang Cheng to stare after them.
“What have we just done?” Nie Mingjue whispers and Jiang Cheng shrugs.
“I am not sure. But maybe we should follow them before they steal our spot. Or kill us.”
“True,” Nie Mingjue nods and leads Jiang Cheng into the building.
The wedding is over quickly; a few words from the clerk, signatures from all four of them and a kiss and then that’s done.
Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue are married.
“You don’t even have rings, do you?” Wen Qing asks judgingly but Jiang Cheng is too busy smiling at Nie Mingjue to care about her tone.
“Unbelievable. You should get to that then,” she tells them and looks at Nie Zonghui. “And should take me out for lunch.”
“With pleasure,” he says and smiles at Nie Mingjue and Jiang Cheng. “Congratulations to you both again, but you really should get rings to go with your marriage.”
“We have that handled,” Jiang Cheng quickly says and reaches for Nie Mingjue’s hand. “You go and have fun.”
“Oh, we will,” Wen Qing assures them and then promptly leaves them, Nie Zonghui following after her.
“We better get those rings now,” Jiang Cheng says to Nie Mingjue who smiles brightly at him.
“Yes, husband,” he agrees happily and Jiang Cheng blushes.
He himself couldn’t be happier.
Sibling’s lunch is as chaotic as ever and Jiang Cheng enjoys ever second of it. He’s in a heated discussion with Jin Zixuan and Nie Mingjue, while Jiang Yanli is talking a bit more quietly to Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji, when suddenly Wei Wuxian stands up, effectively getting all the attention.
“My dear family,” he says and then winks at Jin Zixuan, “and Jin Zixuan,” he adds then, making everyone laugh, including Jin Zixuan.
“I have an announcement to make.”
“Are you pregnant?” Jiang Cheng asks and enjoys how Lan Wangji’s ears turn slightly red.
Wei Wuxian might be completely shameless, but Lan Wangji is not so.
“No! A-Cheng, no! But—” he makes a dramatic pause. “we did kind of elope and got married,” he then rushes out and the whole table goes silent.
“Wei Wuxian,” Jiang Cheng then snaps out and Wei Wuxian laughs, making Jiang Cheng laugh as well.
“The holiday last week was our honeymoon,” Wei Wuxian admits and Jiang Cheng shakes his head.
“I’m happy for you,” Jiang Cheng says and pats Lan Wangji’s back. “Very happy.”
“But A-Xian,” Jiang Yanli says, tears in her eyes. “We didn’t celebrate!”
“We can celebrate now,” Wei Wuxian says with a wince.
“True,” Jiang Yanli admits and then smiles under her tears. “I am so happy for you!”
“Thank you,” Wei Wuxian says, a little teary eyed now himself and then he winks at Jiang Cheng. “And besides, we can still have our big celebration when Jiang Cheng and Mingjue finally decide to tie the knot.”
“That’s right,” Jiang Yanli agrees and Jiang Cheng freezes in his chair. “How long has it been now, three years? Did you already talk about it?”
“Uhm,” Nie Mingjue says and looks to Jiang Cheng for help.
“About that,” Jiang Cheng hesitantly says.
“Jiang Wanyin,” Jiang Yanli sternly says and Jiang Cheng reaches out for Nie Mingjue’s hand.
“We kind of did that already?” he then asks and both he and Nie Mingjue reach for the chain around their necks, their wedding rings usually nestled under their clothes pulled out now. “Surprise?”
“Jiang Wanyin!” Wei Wuxian now also yells and Jiang Cheng winces. “For how long?”
“Two and a half years now?” Jiang Cheng winces. “We only took Qing-jie and Zonghui as witnesses.”
“I see,” Jiang Yanli says. “That’s why they never told anyone how they started dating.”
“Yeah,” Nie Mingjue confirms. “We’re sorry.”
“A-Cheng, so long and you never said?” Jiang Yanli asks and she sounds sad, which Jiang Cheng hates.
“Well, it was kind of a spur of the moment decision and then it felt so natural that we never really talked about it again?”
“So you have been happily married,” Jin Zixuan says and Jiang Cheng nods.
“So very happily,” he agrees and Jin Zixuan looks at his own wife.
“Are you going to be mad at them for being happy?” he asks and Jiang Yanli deflates.
“Of course not,” she decides. “I am very happy for you,” she tells Nie Mingjue and Jiang Cheng then, and they nod, before Nie Mingjue sucks in a breath.
“Fuck, Huaisang,” he says and turns wide eyes on Jiang Cheng.
“We have to call him right now,” Jiang Cheng agrees and watches as Nie Mingjue fumbles his phone out of his pocket.
“Da-ge,” Nie Huaisang greets him warmly and Nie Mingjue looks to Jiang Cheng for strength.
“Di-di, listen,” he starts with and Nie Huaisang goes quiet on the other end.
“What have you done?” he then demands and Nie Mingjue cringes.
“Huaisang, Mingjue and I have been married for two and a half years now,” Jiang Cheng says when it becomes apparent that Nie Mingjue is not going to say anything.
“Nie Mingjue,” Nie Huaisang says and Nie Mingjue flinches. “You fucking asshole,” he says and Nie Mingjue’s face falls. “I am so happy for you, but you fucking suck,” Nie Huaisang says. “You will allow me to throw a party for you and I will not hear any complaints.”
Nie Mingjue and Jiang Cheng share a look and Jiang Cheng nods.
“Of course, di-di,” Nie Mingjue agrees.
“Huaisang, please don’t be mad,” Jiang Cheng adds and Nie Huaisang huffs.
“Of course I am mad. I have been planning your marriage for two years now and now you just tell me it’s already all done? That’s so rude. I mean, I truly am so happy for you, no questions asked, but I had the party and everything planned. You just ruined that for me and I am going to be a little bit mad for a while longer.”
“You can still do a party for us,” Nie Mingjue says and Nie Huaisang sighs.
“I know da-ge, and I will. Be prepared for the party of the century,” he threatens and then promptly hangs up.
“He’s not that mad,” Jiang Cheng reassures Nie Mingjue. “He called you da-ge, he can’t be that mad.”
“True,” Nie Mingjue says with a nod and then they both startle when Jiang Yanli clears her throat.
They both turn towards the table again and when they are met with equally threatening smiles from Jiang Yanli and Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng reaches for Nie Mingjue’s hand, who meets him halfway.
This is going to be a long lunch.
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ahundredtimesover · a day ago
i can’t get enough of the TLA couple. After I saw your post about jungkook’s pov when y/n was unconscious i couldn’t help but wonder what was jk’s reaction when he found out y/n is pregnant and how did he found out🙈🙈
i hope if your time will let you we will see some snippets from the life of the tla couple because they became one of my favs.
Hi, Viki! This was lovely to write, thank you for the request! 🥰 I hope you enjoy it because these two are just so soft. - This takes place at the end of part 03
Title: The Love After Drabble (03): You're gonna be a mom || Jungkook comes home to a surprise
WC: 3,050
Warning: pregnancy talk, light smut (kissing, breast play)
From: The Love After (werewolf!JK x human!reader)
“Hi, are you busy?”
You lay on your back with your phone on speaker, listening to your sister order what seems to be lunch at 3PM.
“I’m on my first break after 12 hours,” Baram replies, her slurping sound of her drink irritating you, causing you to wince. “And I’ve got 12 more after this.”
“Oh, that’s tough,” you sigh, hoping she gets more time for rest than she’s afforded, but knowing your sister, she thrives off this kind of pressure-packed environment at the town hospital; she excels in it, too. “How’s Hoseok taking it? And the kids?”
“Taking it like a champ, as always.”
You feel her smile over the phone as she talks about her mate, how Hoseok is like a one-man show at the moment, doing everything at home on his own while still showing up for his warrior duties.
“And the kids have been surprisingly behaved. I swear, that treehouse was your best idea yet. We owe Jungkook for building it for us. Thank you,” she continues.
“Well, it showed up in one of the landscaping books he got when he was building our porch. I just thought it might help the kids since you’ve been so busy,” you explain, recalling how you’d brought it up and Jungkook had been excited to build it for his nephews.
“It has,” Baram exclaims. “It’s helping mother, too, in a way. She sits on the porch and just watches them play. I think it keeps her mind off things.”
You hum, knowing that’s how she’s been dealing with your grandfather’s passing - just surrounding herself with people who remind her of him. She visited you just the other day and spent an entire night baking you a variety of pies, something she’s never done before.
“That’s good. At least she knows she’s still got a growing family to turn to now that she’s lost grandfather, too.”
“She knows, she always says so,” Baram says. “Anyway, I’ve got just a bit of time left. Did you need anything?”
“Yes, your help,” you mumble, recalling why you needed your sister in the first place. “I need your expert advice and uh, your support. Or something.”
Her interest is piqued, and you hear her tired voice turn curious. “Okay. Well, the last time you said those same words, you asked me to remove your IUD because you and Jungkook had finally decided you wanted to have children.”
“Yes, that is correct,” you confirm.
“That was a few weeks ago.”
“Also correct,” you hum, thinking back to that time then, when you had Baram’s kids over to babysit and they ran around your garden, their laughter echoing through the woods and you’d caught Jungkook’s tender smile at their sound - at the way they squealed and wandered into your herb and flower patches, at how they plucked out plants and asked him what they were, at how they had so much energy for hours but were the softest pups when they were finally asleep.
You smile at the memory, and how that night, Jungkook asked what you thought about finally having kids, wondered if you both thought you had enough love in you again to create love, and if you were ready after your grandfather’s passing, given the emotional and physical pain that losing him caused you.
But you knew that with the way Jungkook loved you, that you had enough love in you to want to create it with him, that you’re strong enough to handle anything now with him next to you. You knew that with the overwhelming love you had for him, you were ready to give even more of yourself by creating a family together.
You’d called Baram the next day and had her assist you to get off birth control, and Jungkook made love to you that night in a way he never had before, and that’s probably what got you here.
“Okay. So tell me how you’ve been feeling,” Baram bursts through your thoughts, knowing you only ever run to her for medical advice.
“Well, I’ve been feeling quite dizzy and nauseous. My supervisor demanded that I go home right after lunch,” you narrate, and you laugh at Baram’s remark that he probably didn’t want to be the subject of Jungkook’s ire if something bad happened to you under his watch. “And I keep urinating. And I suddenly can’t stand the scent of basil.”
She merely hums in response, and you bite your lip as you wait for her to say something, unsure if you’re nervous because you might be pregnant, or that you may not be. That seems to be the only plausible reason why you’re feeling like this because, like you’re always reminded, werewolves don’t get sick.
“Does your body feel different?”
“Yes, I just told you how I’ve been feeling!” You grunt, getting impatient.
“I know, but I don’t mean that,” she huffs, unable to express what she really means. “Do you feel like something’s going on in your body but you don’t know what it is? Like there’s just something new or different? You’re not a normal human anymore, ___. You can sense the inner workings of your body. I mean, that’s how I knew.”
You're the one who now goes silent, suddenly thinking back to a week ago when you’d woken up feeling disoriented, like your body didn’t feel like yours, as if you were numb but incredibly sensitive at the same time. You recall the moments you’d felt weightless but heavy, and that something was off but you couldn’t determine what it was, and you’d space out as you try hard to feel, to sense if there’s really life that’s growing inside you. Like now.
“Okay, I take that as a yes,” Baram giggles. “Look, I’m thinking you might be pregnant but we won’t be absolutely sure until you take a test. I could come over tomorrow, if you want. Or you could come to me, if you don’t want Jungkook to know yet.”
“You can come over. He’s with Namjoon in the city to meet some other pack leaders and won’t be back until Monday,” you say, suddenly missing your mate after he left early this morning. “I’ll take the test then and uh, see what happens.”
Baram bids you goodbye and leaves you with your thoughts as you mindlessly stroke your belly, the thought of having created a new life with Jungkook making your heart swell with pride.
It’s the first time this ever happened, and you’re glad that Jungkook isn’t even in town, as he would probably hear your gurgling sounds as you vomit your guts out even from a mile away.
You quickly wash up and walk back to the room, yelling to your sister to come in after you’d heard her open the front door.
“Do I look pregnant?” You ask, standing by your bed as you try to read her face, see if she could tell just by looking at you.
“You sound pregnant. Quite the morning sickness, eh?” She smiles, and it’s comforting to think that she knows exactly what you’re feeling, and how to calm you down.
You both get to work, with her handing over the test kit to you and you quickly doing your thing, calling her to the bathroom right after as you both stand by the sink, waiting for the line to appear.
And it does. Two of them.
You feel dazed for a moment, until you feel Baram’s arms wrap around you from behind, but unlike all the times she’s done it before, this feels different.
“You’re gonna be a mom, ___,” she whispers, meeting your glassy eyes in the mirror, with the softest smile you’ve ever seen on her face. “I’m so, so happy for you.”
Your tears fall as you nod, the reality dawning on you that you’ve created something with Jungkook, the manifestation of the love you both nurtured, that you worked hard for, that you let grow and live in you, that you both live out, after thinking you’d never feel that again.
But they’re here, forming inside of you, growing as each day goes by, and you can’t wait for Jungkook to come home so you can share this joy with him.
“How are you going to tell him?” Baram asks.
There are so many ways, you think. You could tell him outright when he gets home, or during a special dinner that you’ll prepare, or before bed as you read a book that he’ll probably ask you to read out loud, or when his hands and lips are all over your body, or after you’ve come down from your highs and he’s looking tenderly at you like he always does.
“I’ve got an idea,” you smile. “I think he’ll really like it.”
Jungkook comes home exhausted.
It takes a lot to tire him. Working and hunting don’t do that, so you could only assume the worst when you’d spotted the fatigue in his eyes and heard the way he dragged his body to the dining chair.
What was meant to be a negotiation escalated into a confrontation, one that turned physical because your allied pack just had to pick a fight with one of the groups they’ve been having issues with, Jungkook narrates, and Namjoon had to pick a side to, ironically, keep the peace.
“And then we encountered a pack of territorial wolves on the way home, and I’d expended much of my energy by then and I’m just so tired,” he exhales. “I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep… couldn’t see you, be with you,” he trails, taking your hand and gently kissing it.
“I just want a warm bath and a good sleep after we clean up,” he continues.
“No, I’ll clean up,” you correct him. “It’s been a tough few days, you need to get some rest. I’ll be fine here, don’t worry.”
He has an apologetic look on his face, and you feel bad that he feels bad for not helping around the house this once. But you convince him that you don’t need his help, and he kisses you deeply before he trudges to the bathroom and gets ready for bed.
He’s asleep by the time you enter the bedroom, and he’s snoring when you return after washing up yourself. You gaze at him as you slide into bed, quelling the bit of disappointment you feel at not being able to tell him tonight. He needs his rest, and that’s more important than giving him the news, even if you know that’s important as well.
His arm immediately pulls you closer once he feels you lie down, and you smile at the thought that it’s something he’d do even if he’s in the middle of a dream.
“Missed you,” he mumbles in your ear, his hand sliding up your bare thigh, sneaking underneath your nightgown, and directing your leg to lay on top of his.
“I missed you, too,” you look at him, marveling at his relaxed state with the sliver of the moonlight dancing on his face.
You peck his lips as a goodnight, and with his eyes closed, he leans in to chase your own, deepening the kiss as he feels your softness, something he hated being without.
He goes for another one, and another one, the kiss getting more heated than the last, and it’s not long until you’re both lost in the taste of each other, his hand burying itself in your hair while yours digs through his bare chest, your heartbeats racing once the yearning and desire creep in, overtaking you.
Jungkook lays you on your back and lightly sits himself on your hips, slowly removing your clothes while his eyes don’t move away from you.
“I thought you’re so tired,” you tease, the playful smile on your face telling him you know what he wants, and it’s something that you want, too.
“Yeah, but not for this,” he grunts, lowering himself to you for another kiss. “Never for this.”
You moan at the feel of his hot breath and his tongue on your neck and your chest, your body shivering once he reaches your pert nipples, the sensitivity quickly becoming too much. His one hand kneads your breast while the other travels down your torso, burning you with his touch, and your mouth parts at how good he feels, until you stop feeling him altogether.
You open your eyes, frustrated with him for abruptly stopping like that, but you’re met with furrowed brows and parted lips, and you can’t help but mirror his look.
“Is… is everything okay?” You stammer.
“Is there… is there something you want to tell me?”
His question catches you off guard and you try to recall if there’s anything you need to tell him, aside from the little secret you’re putting off letting him know because you want him to be more awake when you do.
“I do?”
You see Jungkook steady his breath as he sits back up, prompting you to do the same and lean your back against the bed frame. He touches you again - first your cheek, then your breast, causing you to shiver again, then your belly.
And his hand stays there.
“___… You’re… we’re… we’re pregnant,” he whispers.
Your eyes widen in surprise, thinking of how he could’ve known just by touching you.
“You can sense that?” You exclaim.
“Yeah, I can,” he says, taking your hand.
“Well, your breasts have gotten bigger, and you’re way more sensitive tonight than I recall,” he observes, and your pout causes him to teasingly smile, but it softens right after. “And I could sense a heartbeat,” he palms your belly, gently, lovingly, then he looks up to meet your curious eyes. “Actually, I sense two.”
“We’re having two babies?” You shriek.
You’re a mess of emotions as you realize exactly how all this is playing out, even more at the thought that you’re actually carrying two pups right now.
“We are. Wait, why do you look sad?” Jungkook panics, disappointment creeping in at the thought that you might not actually want this.
“Because this isn’t how I planned on telling you. And I only made one,” you pout.
“How did you plan on telling me? And only made one, what?”
You sigh, knowing that he’s not gonna let this go. You went from being excited to tell him, to accepting that it will have to wait tomorrow, to now being a tiny bit disheartened because you really wanted to surprise him. But it’s out in the open now, and there’s really no other better time than this moment.
You reach for a little package from the drawer of your bedside table and place it in front of him, opening the box to reveal a set of yellow baby mittens that you knitted yourself over the weeked.
“I was gonna show these to you tonight, but you were too tired so I planned on doing it tomorrow,” you explain, “but you had to go and spoil my surprise,” you pout again.
Jungkook doesn’t tear his eyes away from the cutest thing he’d ever seen, and he takes the mittens, so tiny against his large hands, the adorable ribbons adding a touch of elegance to it.
You made this, with so much love, he could tell. It’s beautiful and perfect, just like the little ones you’re carrying in your womb.
“Hey, say something,” you nudge him, suddenly becoming nervous.
“I… I can’t. I’m speechless, ___,” he looks at you, his eyes glassy. “I’m sorry I spoiled it but I just, I felt it and I just wanted to make sure it’s real,” he sighs, a tear finally sliding down his face. “I was wondering when it was gonna happen, and I just… I mean, I’ve been waiting and I’m just so happy.”
His lips quiver and you smile at the sight of Jungkook, bare in heart and body and soul just like you are, as you share the joy of knowing you created love in its best form.
“Well, I did get my IUD removed not long ago and then you pretty much sexed me up like you wanted to put a baby inside me that same night and uh, you did; two, actually,” you laugh, and he revels in your sound, knowing there’ll be two more joining you in just a few months.
“Not a normal human,” he playfully shrugs.
You gaze at Jungkook as he continues to stare at the mittens, as if he’s already imagining the tiny hands that will be warmed by them, and this look of his is priceless.
“I love you, Jungkook,” you say, and it’s what makes him turn to look at you. “I love you so much and I just know we’re going to have an unbelievably happy life with our two angels. I just know it.”
He delicately places the mittens back in the box then sets it aside. He takes you in his arms and cradles you, wanting to express in more ways just how much he loves you, and that he knows you’re going to make his place a home for your children, the way you lovingly did for him.
Because you’re home - you’re the heart of it, the foundation of it, the light of it. You let all the scared and lonely parts of him heal, and even if it took a while, once you were both here, you never failed to show him what love is like, what home is like, what giving what’s left of yourself to another is like, and that’s how he knows you love him.
“I love you so much, ___,” he kisses you deeply. “And I believe we were in the middle of something before I spoiled the surprise.”
His smile is sweet but his eyes are full of desire, and you give in like you do every single time.
Because he’s home - he’s the heart of it, the foundation of it, the light of it. He let all the cold and broken parts of you heal, and you’ll spend every moment of your long life together making sure he knows that, that he feels that - that he’s love, and the most beautiful form of it is what he deserves.
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imagine-knowing-a-name · 17 hours ago
you ever eaten shark?
Summary: Jeff’s first time meeting Yelena doesn’t quite go to plan
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 1888
Warnings: Jeff is sad :(
A/N: just saying, @wolferine did the research about eating shark, thank you for that
Part of The Jeff Fictional Universe
Tumblr media
Today was the day Jeff had been waiting for, where Yelena came to visit. He’d heard all about her from Natasha, and how much she’d love him, but up until this point she’d been too busy to come over. So this would be his first time meeting his aunt, and needless to say, the land shark was very excited.
He’d been pacing in circles around the garden up until the moment the doorbell rang, at which point he beamed up at Natasha, then excitedly ran round in circles; had he not been so intelligent, you’d have thought he was chasing his own tail. “I’ll go get it” Natasha chuckled, leaving you to calm Jeff down and get him ready. Clint had also come to visit today, but he’d come over so often to do who knows what, that neither you, Natasha nor even Jeff paid him any mind.
“Jeff, Jeff, calm down little buddy” you huffed, trying to at least slow him down, but he continued with the excited bounds. “Jeff” you repeated more sternly, and he finally stopped, looking up at you with a wide smile and a hanging tongue as he panted.
“We’ll go meet Yelena in a bit, okay? we have to get cleaned up first, see? you’re covered in mud from all your running, and after that little spinning incident you’ve covered me with mud”
“Yeah, I know you were excited. I’ll go run you a bath so you can wash off while I change my clothes, how does that sound?”
You scooped him up, getting even more mud on your clothes, just so he wouldn't traipse it through the house, before depositing him in the bathtub and starting the water running. You could hear him happily splashing about as you pulled out clean clothes.
It was only after you scrubbed Jeff clean that you thought to get changed yourself. He'd excitedly jumped up and down in the tub, dousing you in muddy water. You towel dried him, then left him to behave himself as you changed, but, of course, he didn't.
Jeff knew Yelena was just downstairs, and he was far too impatient to wait for you to be ready, constantly nudging and butting at your feet to hurry you up, until eventually you gave in.
"Fine, Jeff, I still need to dry my hair because of you, so you run on ahead and say hi"
"Mrrr!" he squealed, performing one last spin on the spot before dashing downstairs.
Natasha had heard you run upstairs, and the conversation you had been having with Jeff the whole time, so she knew you and the land shark would need a little longer to get ready.
Still, she brought Yelena through, chatting about what the younger Widow had been up to since she'd last come to visit. Natasha took her into the kitchen to say hi to Clint, though she still wasn't quite sure why he was here, but he killed some time and kept the conversation going longer.
"Should we move into the living room?" Natasha suggested after a bit, once Clint had finished making a sandwich for himself with their food.
"Do you have a dog?" Yelena almost shrieked, spotting the bed in the corner of the room, "Oh, but you told me not to bring Fanny, are they not friendly? I think they would like me"
"Oh it's not-" Natasha tried to interrupt, but Yelena was on a roll at the thought of her sister getting a dog,
"And it has a shark toy? oh, that is very cute. Natasha, do you remember when the Red Room gave us shark for like, a week?"
What none of the people in the room has noticed, however, was Jeff's entry into the room. He'd slowed himself down as he neared in an attempt to surprise the newcomer, but only reached the doorway before hearing the topic of conversation.
Jeff tilted his head, listening in to see whether he'd heard correctly. His eyes widened when Natasha gave an exasperated agreement.
"You've eaten shark?" Clint asked curiously, still yet to notice the land shark in the room. "What was it like?"
"Can we not-" Natasha began, only to be talked over by her sister once again,
"It was kind of like chicken in taste. A lot chewier though, kind of stringy, but it was nice!"
By this point, Jeff was trembling in the doorway. This was not the aunt he had been hoping for. "I know it's illegal now, but I can find you some if you want to try, I have my ways to get it"
Jeff screeched, bolting from the room as quickly as his legs could take them.
"what was that?" Yelena asked, "was that Y/N?"
Natasha swore quietly, turning just in time to see a grey tail tip disappear behind the entrance, "oh god that was Jeff"
"Who's Jeff?"
"Clint could you please explain, I need to go check he's okay" Natasha grimaced, already halfway up and out the door.
You were still in the process of drying your hair when a high shriek echoed around the house. You paused, and seconds later Jeff thundered into your room, bashing the door open with his head and stopping, staring up at you with tear-filled eyes.
You set everything down in an instant, crouching and opening your arms for Jeff to run into. "Jeff, what happened? What's up buddy?"
"m-m-" he shrieked again, unable to get his usual mrrr out. You didn't push him, cradling him in your arms and reassuring him as he trembled. You'd never seen him so upset, not even when you'd rescued him from literal torture.
Natasha burst in another few seconds later, panting from having to run up the stairs. Jeff yelped, tucking himself further into your chest and burying himself in your arms. Something Natasha had done must have scared him, you concluded.
"Natasha, what did you do?" you scolded in a hushed whisper, putting your hands over where you thought Jeff's ears might be; you still weren't really sure where he heard from.
"It wasn't- can I explain without Jeff present?"
"Jeff is shrieking and shaking and he won't even 'mrrr', he came to find me and he needs comfort"
"Y/N, I really need to. Otherwise he'll be more scared"
"Fine." You conceded, carrying Jeff gently back into the bathroom and running some shallow water for him to splash in while you and Natasha talked outside. He didn't splash though, he just lay, still trembling, in the centre of the tub. "I'll be back soon Jeff okay, I'll sort this out" you promised, shutting the bathroom door behind you.
As soon as it clicked shut, Natasha began her quick explanation, "Yelena was rambling and she saw Jeff Jr. and it reminded her of how we'd occasionally be served shark meat on the Red Room, and Yelena being Yelena she said it out loud, and we didn't realise Jeff had walked in the room"
"You let Yelena talk about eating shark when we have a shark in the house?!"
"I thought he was with you! he's a lot quieter than you when he's on his own so I couldn't hear him approach! Obviously I would have stopped her if I'd known"
"So now he thinks the aunt he was so excited to meet is going to eat him" you frowned, "but why was he afraid of you?"
Natasha's face gave it all away, and you gasped, "you didn't..."
"I might have admitted I ate shark too"
"Natasha! That could have been Jeff's grandpa!"
"I'm pretty sure it didn't have legs"
"You wouldn't know, because it was all cut up into chunks for you to eat"
"That's not the point! The point is that Jeff is scared of me and Yelena, and probably Clint too for asking questions"
"... Clint's still here?"
"Yeah he was making a sandwich downstairs"
"That food thief"
"And now he's explaining Jeff to Yelena"
"I'm kind of regretting giving him that spare key. But anyway, what are we doing about Jeff? He thinks you might eat him!"
"I will explain very kindly that I won't"
You glared unamused, Jeff wasn't going to accept that, but then your eyes trailed to the side, seeing the pack of Jelly babies on the bedside table.
"Jelly babies!" you exclaimed,
"Excuse me?"
"We eat gummy versions of ourselves, convince Jeff you and Yelena ate gummy sharks, they must exist somewhere."
"... yeah, that's a better plan"
"Hey Jeff" Natasha began softly, entering the bathroom with you in tow. The shark trembled, his tail splashing to propel himself into the farthest corner.
You walked ahead, sitting beside Jeff and stroking his fin, "there's been a bit of a misunderstanding buddy," you informed him, nodding at Natasha to continue.
"Well, when you heard me and Yelena talking about eating shark earlier-"
A soft whimper cut her off
"-well we were talking about gummy sharks, like gummy worms, remember them? just shark-shaped, they're very rare"
"Mrrr?" Jeff said hesitantly, looking up at Natasha for the first time, then at you for confirmation.
"Yeah that's right Jeff" you nodded, "but we understand you getting scared"
"Mrrr" Jeff confidently agreed, then, with his playfulness returning, he dipped his head into the water and whipped it up, aiming directly, and accurately, to splash Natasha.
Despite the soaking, she laughed, "yeah I guess that's equal payback for scaring you, sorry Jeff. But do you want to meet Yelena for real this time?"
He nodded, and you hoisted him out of the bath, letting him trot downstairs between the two of you. Natasha has sent Yelena and Clint a text to inform them of the slight lie, but apparently, the man had already left. You really needed to put a tracker on him, it would stop him startling you every time he appeared in the house.
Yelena was waiting patiently in the living room though, leg bouncing as she awaited the land shark she'd made a very poor first impression on.
"Mrrr!" he beamed, running off ahead to meet her properly, and jumping up to put his front feet on her knees.
"You must be Jeff" she guessed, "I am Yelena, Natasha's sister"
"He knows that already Lena. He's a smart shark"
"I know, I know, I just want to make the proper introductions. I always thought you would get a cat, but he is more similar to a dog, I like him."
"He's been very excited for your arrival" you chimed in, "excluding that slight first meeting earlier"
"I am very sorry about that Jeff" Yelena apologised sincerely, "I hear you have been told I was talking about gummy sharks. That is true. Natasha and I ate some... very chewy... chicken flavoured... gummy sharks."
"Mrrr?" Jeff opened his mouth, pointing into it with a finger.
"He's asking if you can get him some to try" you translated, "he wants to know what they're like"
"Well, I mean-"
"You did promise you could source some for Clint earlier, remember?" Natasha glared, daring Yelena to contest.
"Yes, I did. Very rare. But for Jeff, I guess I'll find some of these gummy sharks"
"I think that sounds fair" Natasha smirked, knowing the challenge she's set her sister now, "an equal payback for scaring my son."
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dreamsfever · 9 hours ago
Elliot x reader where reader is the school flirt but she isn’t ready to be in a committed relationship because growing up she never saw anyone in her family in a healthy relationship, so the thought of being trapped in a loveless relationship scares her but Elliot is ready to prove her wrong.
pairing — elliot x perez!reader
warnings — a hint of angst but overall fluff, reader is maddy's sister, cursing.
summary — growing up in a family without any influence of a healthy relationship, your faith in romance faded with time—but there is one person willing to show you that love doesn't always have to break.
note — wow this is such a good request! i loved this concept but i particularly didn't like how it turned out so i'm rlly sorry if this sucks lmao, i hope you like it anyways and don't hesitate to let me know what you think <3
you jumped at the sound of your name, shutting your locker close with a thud that should've have been that loud after the small scare.
"jesus christ." you breathed out. your heart was beating a tad bit faster now that your brain had some seconds to recognize the voice that pronounced the call of your name. "fuck, elliot, you scared me..."
you allowed yourself only a quick glance towards elliot's face before passing past him with hurried steps down the school hall.
he was the last person you wanted to see right now, but you also couldn't just get away from him all of sudden without looking suspicious, so you didn't try to stop him when you heard the sound of footfalls that indicated elliot was following you close behind.
"did i do something?"
"what?" you almost choked on air at his question. it was hard not to stutter. "the hell you're talking about?"
you knew you couldn't afford to look at him or it would hurt you even more, so you fought back hard the urge to turn to face him when elliot catched up to you. you could see the conflicted expression on his face by the corner of your eyesight now, and a sharp stab of pain shot to your heart.
"hey, stop," elliot's touch was gentle when he lightly grabbed on your arm to make you stop walking. he didn't need to try hard for you to give in. "just talk to me."
"i am talking to you."
"you know that's not what i mean." and you did, in fact. you knew elliot wanted you to talk to him about why you were acting so damn strange, but a part of you was afraid to make yourself fragile by showing him one of your most vulnerable parts.
your throat contracted to the point where you felt like it was hard to breathe.
you shouldn't have even let elliot come that close to you, you never allowed anyone else to do that. but that night, when you met him at the new year's party, you couldn't deny it when you realized, within minutes of conversation, that you liked talking to him—that was enough for you to realize he was different than all the other guys you had ever been with before. you also just couldn't say no when he flashed you that flirting grin that he wore so well and asked you out on a date.
that one date turned into two, then three. then, when you last expected it, you were already looking forward to every day you knew you'd be able to see him at school. you were already checking your phone every few minutes in anticipation of the silly texts he would send you everyday because they always managed to put a dumb smile on your face.
you looked up at elliot and, as he held your gaze, you remembered what you shouldn't have let yourself forget in the past days: the farther away you stayed from love, the better off you would be. you looked away.
but elliot wasn't going to let you go just that easily, it seemed.
"look, i didn't miss the way you started ignoring my calls. or how you didn't answer to any of my last texts. and right now i'm noticing that you can't even look me in the eye..." he paused when a brief huff of frustation escaped his lips. "but if i did something to upset you, please let me know and i can promise you that, whatever it is, i'll fix it."
it felt so unfair that elliot thought this was his fault. he did absolutely nothing wrong—in fact, the boy had treated you better than anyone else ever did. you couldn't just let him keep thinking he was the problem.
so you said: "you want me to tell you what happened?"
"i really like you, elliot." you blurted, then swallowed hard before taking a deep breath to gather up some courage so you could stare into his eyes again. "like, really like you. and realizing that made me terrified because i don't think i'll ever not be too afraid to let myself fall in love."
you waited for the feeling of regret to come sinking after you said those words out loud, but it didn't.
your thoughts ran back to all the reasons why this was probably the first time you were admiting your feelings for someone. you thought about your parents, who lived in the same house, shared two daughters, but could go days without talking or even looking at each other. you thought about your sister, maddy, and the countless times you'd have to hold her while she cried the night away after nate hurt her. you thought about how you scared you felt of turning into your parents or your sister.
but still, you didn't regret telling elliot how you felt about him—honestly, you felt light. for some reason, you were fine with the realization that you didn't mind at all the feeling that it would be easy for you to fall in love with the boy standing in front of you.
"y/n..." elliot started after a beat of silence. there was somthing different in the way he was looking at you now. you couldn't quite decipher it until you heard his next words. "i really like you, too."
the words hit you like a punch in the gut, because before you could even allow yourself to feel happy, doubt came rushing back in. the kind of doubt you've been feeling your whole life, every time someone tried to enter your heart, the kind of doubt that clouded all your coherent thoughts.
the feeling must have caused a visible change in your expression, because elliot took a step closer to you. the next second, he was holding both sides of your face with his hands.
"don't look at me like you don't believe it, because i have never been more honest in my life." he reassured you. his voice was clear, not faltering. "i—y/n, i can imagine how hard it must be for you, but you can't give this up before even giving me a chance."
"i think you're right." you admitted in a whisper. it was a miracle elliot even heard you with how low your voice came out, but he did—you could tell. "but you have to know you'll have to be patient with me."
"trust me, i will." elliot said with a smike thatyour own lips mirrored. you didn't say it, but you already did trust him. "whatever you need."
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supercap2319 · a day ago
Golden Light & Shields
Ikaris x Male Reader
A/N: The full first part of my preview story from the other day. Pietro, Tony, Natasha live in this version. Steve never went to the past and the Marvel shows happened.
Tumblr media
For 7000 years, Ikaris wondered about his purpose in the world. He understood that he was supposed to protect sentient life in order for them to evolve and save them from the Deviants, and when he came to earth; it was no different. It always felt like something was missing and he thought he found that missing piece in Sersi, but not even she and her love could fill his empty hole. After all the Deviants were destroyed (supposedly) Ajak told Ikaris the truth of their mission.
They were meant to preserve life on earth to prepare for the Emergence. For the birth of Tiamut the Communicator. After he learned the truth Ikaris distanced himself from Sersi, from the world and promised himself he wouldn't get attached to the people of this planet when he knew what was to come.
That promise was broken the moment he laid eyes on Y/N Maximoff, a young man who, along with his brother and sister, was experimented on with an Infinity Stone and gained incredible power. He intrigued Ikaris, and the Eternal wanted to get to know him better, so he followed him to a coffee shop one day, and the two hit it off instantly. This is their story.
“You okay, Iceberg?” Y/N asked his boyfriend. Ikaris had been staring out the window for a good 15 minutes. He didn't move a muscle, which was kind of creepy. Ikaris was brought out of his thoughts at the sound of Y/N’s voice. The young boy was playing that Smash Bros. game again, and he was that electric mouse creature.
Ikaris smiled. “Of course, dearie. Why do you ask?”
“Because you've been staring out the window for a good 15 minutes,” Y/N said as he paused his game. He rose and walked towards Ikaris as the older man made room for Y/N to straddle his hips. Ikaris’s big and warm hands traveled down Y/N’s body as he shivered at the contact. Ikaris chuckled. “Something wrong, Duckling?”
“You're not funny, Iceberg,” Y/N said. “Penny for your thoughts?”
“It's nothing.”
“You sure?”
“Yes, I was just… Deep in thought,” Ikaris said.
Y/N raised an eyebrow. “You thinking? I didn't know you could think,” Y/N teased him.
“Oh, someone’s got a smart mouth. Maybe I need to keep it busy,” Ikaris got up and the young Maximoff wrapped his legs around Ikaris and put his hands on his neck as he used his super speed to speed them to Ikaris’s bedroom. The Eternal gently set the young Avenger on the bed as he began to attack him with kisses. Y/N moaned against his boyfriend and weaved his hands through Ikaris’s soft dark locks. Ikaris lifted Y/N’s shirt and began to nip and suck all along Y/N’s chest, the young man moaning and squirming beneath Ikaris. The Eternal smirked. “Now, now, be good.”
“Iceberg, puh-puh-please?” Y/N begged.
“One day, my sweet boy, I promise,” Ikaris said. “I'm going to make your first time unforgettable.” Ikaris and Sersi had been each other’s first time, and it had been magical, but Ikaris wanted to make it even more special for Y/N. Especially, since the Emergence would soon be upon them. Ikaris didn't want to take Y/N’s virginity if it meant he would lose him in the process. He was having second thoughts about Arishem's plan. Ikaris kissed Y/N one last time before getting off him and heading back to the living room. Y/N looked down at the erection in his shorts. Damn you, Ikaris. “Hey, what am I supposed to do about this?” Y/N called out.
“You're a big boy. Take care of it yourself,” Ikaris called back with a chuckle.
“Fucker,” Y/N mumbled.
“What was that, Duckling?”
After Y/N took care of his… Problem. He and Ikaris order some pizza while Ikaris retold stories of his adventures with his, as Y/N liked to call them, brothers and sisters. No matter how many times Ikaris told Y/N these stories, he always had a little glint in his eyes as he listened. It was adorable. “So, when can I meet them? Your family?” Ikaris looked up from his food. “You want to meet the others?”
“Yeah, after all your stories. I'd really like to get to know them.”
“It's a bit complicated, Duckling. We're all kind of spread out at the moment,” Ikaris said. He really did want Y/N to meet the others, but not right now. He needs to find them first. “When can I meet your brother and sister?”
“You can meet Pietro whenever you want. He's living with Clint and his kids and Kate Bishop on a farm. Wanda, on the other hand, it's a bit more complex,” Y/N said. “After what happened at Westview, she's been trying to figure out her new powers by herself.”
“Perhaps you should go visit them. At least for a few days,” Ikaris suggested.
Y/N raised his eyebrows. “Why? Trying to get rid of me? Having an affair with another man, or maybe even a woman?”
“Of course, not my sweet boy,” Ikaris said.
“Good. Because if you did, I'd have to mangle that handsome face,” Y/N teased as Ikaris smiled. That's when Ikaris decided to tell Y/N the truth, well, half of the truth.
Ikaris licked his lips nervously. “Y/N… What if you were given orders to do something and for many years you believe those orders should be followed no matter what, but then one day, you realize maybe you made a mistake and those orders shouldn't be followed.” Y/N was silent for a while and Ikaris feared he said too much. He never told Y/N about the Emergence, but now he would definitely be suspicious. “Well, Steve always said that a good soldier knows how to follow orders, but sometimes you just have to follow your heart, no matter who gave the orders. Why do you ask?”
“No important reason. Just curious. I saw it in a magazine earlier today,” Ikaris lied.
Y/N frowned. “You're not lying to me are you, Iceberg?”
“Of course not, Duckling.”
Y/N nodded his head. “Okay, if you say so.” Ikaris hated lying to Y/N, but it was necessary. To protect him. After dinner, the two sat down and watched movies together. Ikaris liked romance movies, and Y/N liked horror films. They watched one after another until Y/N got sleepy and fell asleep on Ikaris. He was snoring softly and Ikaris smiled. It's moments like this that he envied humans. So carefree and ignorant about the final days of their world. The Eternal carried Y/N to his bed and tucked him in, but he would not be laying with him because he had a mission. A new one. He was going to stop the Emergence and save this world, save Y/N, no matter the costs.
Ikaris wrote Y/N a note explaining everything and told Y/N he'd be back and not to follow him. He placed a gentle kiss on the young man's forehead, as he opened a window and flew off into the night sky, tears streaming down his face.
Y/N woke up the next morning alone in bed. That was weird. He always woke up with Ikaris by his side. Maybe he was in the kitchen making something to eat. Y/N yawned and stretched the sleepiness from his body as he got up and relieved himself, before washing his hands and brushing his teeth and hair as he headed to the kitchen, only to find it empty. Y/N frowned.
Maybe Ikaris went to get breakfast somewhere. He did it sometimes when Y/N was still asleep. So, Y/N made some coffee and put the TV on for some noise, and waited for Ikaris to return. He never did. Y/N grabbed his phone and checked for any missed calls or texts. He called Ikaris many times, but he never answered him back. Y/N checked everywhere for some indication of where he went, and that's when he found the note on the nightstand.
Y/N read the note, and it explained the Eternal’s true mission. How they were meant to preserve this world for the birth of a Celestial. All life would be destroyed in the Emergence. Ikaris apologized to Y/N for lying to him and how he was going to stop it and save this world. Y/N was shocked at first. His mouth opened. Then he began to cry. Ikaris lied to him and left without saying goodbye. Then he was angry. Completely pissed as he stripped himself of his pajamas and changed into some clothes as he packed his bag and stuffed his superhero costume inside. He was going to find Ikaris and murder him for what he did.
Y/N had no idea where Ikaris went, but he had an idea of who could help find him. He googled the name Sersi, and he found a pretty woman who worked at the Natural History Museum in London, England. Y/N never met Sersi, but he knew this was her. After debating on whether to run all the way to London or fly on a plane, Y/N chose to fly. Tony wouldn't mind the costs. This was an emergency, and he was heading to London on Avenger's official business, so it would be a crime if he didn't go and do some investigating. Y/N hopped on the first flight from New York to London. It was a six-hour flight and by the time Y/N landed; it was late in the afternoon.
Y/N used his super-speed and ran to all the Natural History Museum and searched for Sersi, but he was told she was out for the eventing for a birthday party for Dane. Y/N wandered around London hoping to find Sersi or even Ikaris, but no luck. It was dark when Y/N decided to find somewhere to stay for the night. That's when he heard a roar in the distance. Y/N frowned as he decided to investigate. He changed into his costume and headed in the direction of the roar.
Y/N surveyed the situation and saw two women. One of them was Sersi, and a man standing in the middle of an empty street. There was a giant hole in one of the stores and suddenly, there was a blast of golden light as a creature flew out of the damaged hole in the wall. The monster hit a light pole and fell in the middle of the street. A man walked through the crater in the wall and was revealed to be Ikaris.
“Ikaris!” One of the women cried excitedly.
Ikaris smiled. “Evening ladies,” he said, glancing at both women.
“Watch out!” Sersi cried. The monster tackled Ikaris and the two of them slammed into an oncoming double-decker bus as it tipped over and was about to smash Sersi. Y/N super sped over to her and placed his hands above his head and caught it. Sersi looked at him, shocked. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” Y/N gently placed the bus down on the ground and checked for any passengers. The only person was a bus driver, but luckily he was hurt.
Ikaris noticed Y/N’s presence. “Y/N?”
The creature scaled across the side of the building and took a swipe at Ikaris, who floated out of the way and blasted the creature with his optical energy blasts. The creature was hit as part of its skin was burned off. It roared in anger as it set its sights on Y/N and charged towards him, as the youngest Maximoff sibling's eyes flashed light blue and a shield formed around him and the others as the monster tried to break through. Y/N grunted and focused as he lifted the creature up with telekinesis and threw it back as Ikaris blasted it into a nearby river.
Ikaris floated back down as the shorter of the two women threw her arms around him in excitement. “Ikaris. It’s good to see you.”
Ikaris smiled gently. “It’s good to see you, too, Sprite.” Ikaris turned to Sersi and the other man. He held out his hand. “I’m Dane.”
“Hello, Dane.”
“Well, I guess you must be the pilot.”
Ikaris turned to see Y/N standing there as he walked towards him. “Y/N? Y/N what are you doing–”
Whatever Ikaris was going to say was cut off as Y/N punched him in the face. Ikaris was taken aback and stumbled a bit as he looked at Y/N, who had a fire in his eyes.
“Well, I suppose I deserved that,” Ikaris said with a chuckle. “Just like I taught you.”
“Actually, Steve taught me that one,” Y/N huffed.
“Y/N I know you’re mad–”
“–Mad, Iceberg? Oh, no, no,no. I’m beyond mad. I’m a burning inferno,” Y/N said.
“Y/N I’m sorry–”
“–Sorry for what? For sneaking off in the middle of the night? Or leaving me a Dear John Letter?”
“I wasn’t breaking up with you. I just wanted you to understand that I was leaving for a while,” Ikaris said.
“Yeah, well, you should have just told me,” Y/N said.
“I'm sorry, Duckling. It was for the best.”
Y/N opened his mouth to protest, but Sersi interrupted. “I'm sorry to interrupt, but Ikaris, who is this?” She looked at Y/N curiously.
“You're joking, right, Sersi?” Sprite asked her. “That's Y/N Maximoff. One of the Avengers.”
Sersi looked at Y/N in shock. “Oh, I'm sorry. Please forgive my rudeness.”
“It's alright,” Y/N said. “ The people call me Prometheus.”
“Nice to meet you, Y/N. I'm Dane.”
“Hello, Dane.”
“What brings you here?” Sprite asked.
Y/N pointed to Ikaris. “I was looking for him.”
Ikaris walked next to Y/N and placed a hand on Y/N. “Y/N’s my boyfriend.”
“Boyfriend?” Sersi asked.
“You're dating an Avenger?” Sprite said.
“That's right.”
That's when the police showed up. Their sirens blared as a crowd started to form. Helicopters with cameras at the scene. Y/N sighed. “Wanda, Pietro, and Steve are going to kill me for this.”
“We should leave now,” Sersi suggested.
Sprite focused and a golden energy appeared around them all as they disappeared from sight.
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natashxromanovf · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Here We Are
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin × fem!reader
WARNINGS: a lot of dialogue, mentions of food, please let me know if there’s anything i missed!
REQUESTED: {x} by anons, fake dating AU, fluff
SUMMARY: The reader really needs to be seen in a good light to pass the class so when she finds out the teacher thinks really highly of Remus it may not be so bad to be associated with him.
A/N: Thank you for the request, both of you! i hope you like it :) i’m really sorry this took so long and i hope it doesn’t suck too bad <33
CREDITS: gif credits to @patrick-stewart, prompt credits to @creativepromptsforwriting
Tumblr media
“Please,” you say as you walk behind Remus, trying to convince him to agree. You’ve found yourself in a not so pretty situation - you’re on the edge of not passing the class. McGonagall said that if you behave, she’s gonna let you pass but that’s you we’re talking about. You’re not necessarily a bad girl but you’re not a saint either. The teachers hate you anyway so maybe if people would think that you’re Remus’ girlfriend, they would suspect you’ve changed and maybe then she would let you pass.
“For the last time, I won’t pretend to be your boyfriend!” he whisper-shouts, turning around so he’s now facing you. You stop too, almost running into his chest.
“Remus, please. Do you think I would be asking you for such a big favor if I had another choice? I need to pass this class, don’t you understand?! My parents will kill me if I don’t. And you know that I’m not joking, you’ve met them.” you finish, practically begging him by this point. Your parents are... special to say the least. They’re not bad parents, not at all. But sometimes, living up to their expectations is hard. They always expect you to be perfect: good grades, amazing friends, never getting into trouble; and it’s hard. Having a perfect sister doesn’t help either. She passed all classes with exceptional grades, so not making this class is practically your funeral. You’re already behind because of the bad grades but actually not passing? Your parents would absolutely lose their shit.
“Okay. Fine.”
“Really? You would do that for me?”
“Yes, Y/N, I said I’ll do it,” he states, and you throw your hands around his neck, pulling him in for a hug, the feeling of excitement and gratefulness taking over you.
“Thank you, thank you so much!” you exclaim as you pull away and start jumping, a small smile appearing on Remus’ face. This is going to be amazing; not just because you save yourself from your dreadful parents, but it’s also an opportunity to get to know him better.
You’re currently standing in front of McGonagall’s class, waiting for your fake boyfriend to show up. You let out a sigh of relief as your eyes lay upon his walking form, his friends right beside him.
“Finally!” you shout as he stops in front of you, his face serious. You take his hand and interview your fingers, his friends putting on surprised faces. “I see you haven’t told them yet?”
“Nope,” he laughs, with you joining him. “Guys, this is my girlfriend Y/N. Y/N this is Peter, James, and Sirius.”
“You and him? He’s your boyfriend?”
“Well, a fake one but yeah, James, he is my boyfriend.”
“Okay, I’m even more confused now,” says Sirius as he tries to process this new information.
“I need to pass this class and Remus is doing me a favor so since McGonagall thinks very highly of him, it may not be so bad to be associated with him.”
“Mhm,” Peter hesitates, looking from one to another in a pretty funny manner.
“Well, um, if you weirdos don’t mind, we really have to go in,” you utter, sweetly smiling at them before pulling Remus behind you, sitting down beside him.
The lesson is going well so far, you acting like a responsible individual while trying to appear as Remus’ girlfriend for the teacher to notice. To your luck, she did and Remus played along just fine. He played amazingly actually - you almost forgot he’s not your real boyfriend, becoming so caught up in the act, and let’s just say his performance didn’t help either.
“Miss Y/N, can you stay a moment please?” McGonagall asks as the class ends, earning a small smile from you.
“Of course professor,” you reply, muttering a quick “bye” to Remus, not letting him leave without a kiss on the cheek.
“I can see your behavior has drastically changed. I like that, keep going like this and you’ll pass with ease,” she explains, earning a soft nod from you.
“Thank you,” you say as you stand up and leave, a winning smirk playing on your lips. The plan is officially a success.
It’s a peaceful afternoon, the sun shining through your window, Hogwarts and its surroundings beautiful as ever in this late springtime. You’re in your room, reading a book as you hear a knock on your door. Rolling up from your bed you mark the page where you stayed, getting up to open the door to an unknown visitor. A figure of a tall, sandy-haired boy appears before you, recognizing him in a second.
“Hey, Remy,” you softly say as you open the door wider, inviting him in without words. He enters without hesitation, sitting in a chair he always sits in when he’s in your room. “I love the book,” you mutter excitedly, showing the almost read piece. “It’s amazing, thank you for letting me borrow it.”
“Of course. I’m really glad you like it,” he murmurs, watching as you sit beside him. The fake dating thing has been going on for a couple of weeks now and whilst it’s hard to believe it, a beautiful friendship developed with the faking. To be honest, it surprised you too but truth be told, this is one of the best friendships you have ever had.
“So, how are you? Got any of your great pranks in the plan for today?” You ask jokingly, earning a quiet chuckle from Remus.
“No, not really. I mean, not that I’m aware of,” he says as he puts his arms in the air defensively, pulling the same reaction out of you.
“Fair enough,” you reply, both of you falling into a comfortable silence. The peace is soon disturbed though, with a big bang coming from the common room downstairs. You jump on your feet, already half the way down the stairs when Remus catches up with you, only hoping nothing bad happened. Of course, it hasn’t; it was just another one of Sirius’ and James’ stupid ideas.
“You idiots!” you shout, hitting James on the back of his head.
“Oi, what was that for?!” he questions, dramatically putting his hand on where you hit him.
“For almost giving me a heart attack, you dumbass!” you whisper-yell, threateningly putting your arm up as if you’re going to hit him again.
“Well we’re sorry for disturbing your peace, princess,” Sirius says sarcastically, earning a murderous glare from you.
“Okay, let’s just all calm down,” Remus cuts in, pulling you away from the sometimes annoying boy. “What were you two doing anyway?” he finally asks, putting himself between you and the two friends.
“We were trying to pull a prank when a first-year came in and destroyed everything,” one of them explains, earning an eye roll from you. Of course, they were, what were you even thinking? Every time something explodes it’s always the two of them, sometimes even Remus joins. To be honest, you secretly love their pranks; it’s like their little thing but it can be really annoying sometimes.
“it was an amazing one too,” the other adds, a chuckle escaping your throat.
“I’m sure it was,” you calmly smile, the annoyance leaving your body just as fast as it came.
“Thank you! At least someone appreciates my effort,” implies James, looking at Remus as though he just betrayed him in the worst way possible.
“Oh, c’mon, it was one time!” Remus replies, putting his hands up defensively. “You’re unbelievable, you know that right?”
“That was a rhetorical question, you don’t have to answer it,” he quickly adds, knowing damn well James would answer with something that’s beyond stupid. That shuts James’ mouth which slowly starts to pout like a toddler that didn’t get the candy he wanted.
Just then McGonagall walks in, scaring the shit out of all of you. It’s weird for a teacher to appear in common rooms of the houses, even though they are the headteachers of the house.
“What are you doing here, professor?” you politely ask, moving a little closer to Remus, a reflex you gained in the past few weeks without even realizing it. He protectively puts his arm around your waist, something he started doing after all this time of pretending.
“I heard something explode, is everything okay?” she concernedly asks, figuring out what happened in a matter of seconds once she scans the room and sees who’s the only one there. “You two, again, really?” she disappointingly questions, obviously done with these two.
“I- Well how do you know it was just us, they are here too,” Sirius says as he points at you two, an unbelievable expression appearing on your faces. He’s really going to snitch even though you haven’t done anything? Oh, that bastard-
“We haven’t done anything ma’am,” Remus quickly jumps in, his defensive side coming out, knowing what this could mean for your final grade.
“Oh, I know Mr. Lupin, don’t worry,” she sweetly replies, a sigh of relief escaping your lips. “You two can go up, I’ll deal with these two,” she adds, rushing you up to his room.
You obey without hesitation, not wanting to get into any trouble for something you didn’t do. Truth be told, if Remus wasn’t there, she would probably accuse you too - you’re glad he defended both of you, not just himself. He could’ve just cared about his ass but he didn’t, he vouched for you too.
“Thank you,” you murmur after you’re safe inside his dorm, sitting down on the bed.
“For what?”
“For defending me. You know, not just yourself,” you thank, a sweet smile painted on your face.
“Yeah, of course. I couldn’t just leave you there, especially not with so much at stake,” he affirms, returning you the same expression.
It was his smile that got butterflies to erupt in your stomach. He was a friend, at first, but in the last week and a half or so you’ve caught yourself staring at the boy more times than before. You noticed his smile and the way he furrows his eyebrows when he’s focused. How dark chocolate is his favourite, how he likes the bitter-sweet taste of it.
Or how he trusts you now, enough that he told you his secret. How his friends were surprised, because he needed years to tell them, and even then, they had to figure it out themselves. They teased him for it, but they’ve never seen him happier than when he was with you. The way he talked about you, it was like he fell in love without even realizing it. He was blind but everyone else could see it - everyone else but you and him.
And now here he is, standing in front of you with that pretty little smile of his, those chocolate brown eyes staring right at you. There’s a newfound beauty in him that you haven’t noticed before, even though it was right before your eyes this whole time. You got lost in his orbs and he in yours; it’s like this invisible force is pulling you together, and before you could react you’re in front of him, so close that you can feel his breath on your lips. You look up from them to his eyes, searching for any kind of hesitation. He nods as if trying to say that it’s okay and that he wants it too. Thus, without missing a beat, you attach your lips to his.
It was nothing like you imagined. It’s almost like time stopped. You could be kissing him for a couple of seconds or for several hours as long as you know. But after some time, the urge to breathe became too strong, making you pull away even though you didn’t want to.
Too shy to look at him, you just stay there for a second, eyes closed, leaning against his forehead. He does the same, his thumb stroking your cheek. You haven’t even noticed when he put it there but it doesn’t bother you, not even slightly. You can feel the heat traveling up your neck and reaching your cheeks but you don’t care.
“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” he’s the first one to speak, breaking the comfortable silence you were in.
“Really?” you ask, surprised.
“Yes. That’s one of the main reasons why I didn’t want to pretend to be your boyfriend. I knew that I couldn’t just pretend and that after some time, I'd catch feelings. And I did. But your grades were going up and I didn’t have the heart to break it off so I just kept going, I kept pretending,” he explains, a stunned expression appearing on your face.
“I had no idea,” you murmur, your voice higher than usual.
“Yeah, and I had no idea you liked me too but here we are,” he grins, a laugh escaping your throat.
“Here we are,” you whisper as you cup his cheek too, pressing another soft kiss to his lips.
Tumblr media
HP taglist: @voidmalfoy @cunningambitousdetermined @pad-foots @mahjaabeen @sexysirius @pregnant-piggy @lilylovegood @catching-the-train-to-hogwarts @leossmoonn @msfandomfreak @pottahishotasf @johnmurphyisqueer @mirclealignr @griffxnnage @cupids-crystals @fairydxll
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darklove9314-blog · 12 hours ago
“What are you doing in here?” A fierce voice whispered jerking Cassian awake as he looked to Mor whose pale blonde hair caught in the moonlight of Nesta’s room or rather the room they had put her in after she had first turned.
Cassian glanced over to Nesta now, watching the rise and fall of her chest. Her form similar yet different.
“What are you doing here?” He asked readjusting himself careful to avoid his wings. Madja had told him that it may take weeks if not months for them to heal. And had even advised him to not go anywhere except the townhouse for the next couple of weeks. But Cassian was never good at following instructions.
“Rhys wanted someone here when they woke up. And seeing as how both you and Az were injured, Feyre is in spring, and Rhys is a total mess, I figured I would be the best person for the job. Now I ask again what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be resting, not in this house waiting for her to wake up.”
Cassian looked to Nesta again, taking in the rise and fall of her chest and the pounding of her heart. He forced himself to look away when he addressed Mor.
“She’ll need someone here when she wakes up.” Cassian told her.
“I’m here, you don’t need to worry about-“
“She doesn’t know you.” Cassian snapped, Mor looking at him in surprise at first before her face settled in annoyance.
“She doesn’t know you either. You just barely met her nearly a month ago and have had a handful of interactions. None of us really know her. The only two people that do are her sisters and they can’t help her right now.”
“Which is why I’m here. You may not think so, but I know her more than you do. I’ve-“ He snapped his mouth shut careful not to say anything about that time at her fathers house. The time he had brushed a kiss over her neck. How her body leaned into his before she realized who was making her feel that way in the first place. He could never tell a soul about that, because telling another person would make what Cassian had suspected about them even more real and he didn’t think he was ready for that. They both weren’t.
“Do you think I’m that much of a fool? Do you think I don’t know what’s going on between you two?”
Cassian narrowed his eyes slightly.
“Even if you did, it’s none of your business.”
Mor rolled her eyes. “Then stop pretending. You can’t change what happened to her or her sister. None of us can. What happened, happened and it was awful, but you can’t blame yourself for what happened to her. You had no part in it.”
Cassian felt his temper flare. “She died because of us. Her body was violated because of us. She-“
“She died because of Hybern!” Mor snapped, her head snapping to Nesta, but she remained asleep.
She took a deep breath before looking back to Cassian.
“I refuse to let you blame yourself or any of us for this. Ianthe sold them out, Hybern used them to make a point…”
“And we were the ones who paved the path for them to do so.” Cassian snapped back. “We got them involved, because we needed a place to meet those God damned queens. We didn’t have to involve them, but we did, we may not have betrayed them, we may not have put them in that cauldron, but we still played our part in the reason why they suffered.”
“Cassian, it’s not that-“
“I felt her die.” Cassian blurted out making Mor’s eyes widen. Her eyes glanced over to Nesta who had started to make noises in her sleep. Nightmares. Cassian knew them all too well.
“That’s not-“ Mor trailed off before looking in between them. Truth. Her power was the truth.
“You’re mates.” Was all she said. There was no question in her voice.
Cassian leaned back on the chair, his eyes flickering to the ceiling.
“It was like every horrible thing I have ever done had come back to haunt me in those torturous moments. Yes I saved my brother from a fatal blow that may have killed him, but it came at a cost. “ He looked at his wings and then back to Nesta who tossed and turned in her sleep, kicking at her blankets. Mor had given her a night gown and had possibly discarded the one from the cauldron. He shuddered at the thought.
“I thought that the worst possible thing that could happen to me was what happened with my wings, but this-this is far worse. I would rather feel my wings torn to shreds a thousand times then to feel the pain of her dying again. She was in danger Mor, and there was nothing I could have done to stop it.”
Cassian’s gaze focused on Nesta, on that horrible encounter. 
“I heard her screams, I felt the pull of the bond, her panic, and then the worst thing happened...I heard her heart stop beating and when it started to again, that’s when I knew that I failed her. That we all failed her. And there’s no coming back from that.” 
Before Mor could even considering answering, deep sobs wretched from Nesta’s mouth, her body shaking violently as Cassian sprung to action. 
“Nesta.” Cassian said moving closer to her. 
“No.” She moaned out, her nails digging into her palms. “Get-Get away from me.” 
“Nesta, it’s alright. You’re safe now, you’re-” 
Her sobs grew louder as she thrashed around in the bed clutching onto the sheets as if they were a life line. A scream tore from Nesta’s throat, shattering Cassian’s heart as he didn’t think, he just moved. 
“Cassian...don’t-” Mor warned but he wasn’t listening not when every scream that came from Nesta broke his heart. 
“Nesta! Nesta!” Cassian shouted grasping onto her, careful not to hurt her. He had to find a way to wake her up. 
Her hands went to his chest, shoving at him, her sobs and cries wounding him like a thousand blades. He touched her face, her eyes flying open as she tried to catch her breath taking in the room. Her eyes bewildered, lighting up like silver flames. 
“Wh-What are you doing in here?” Nesta snapped shoving him away and pulling the sheets above her torso covering herself. 
“You-You were having a nightmare.” Cassian explained to her, trying to remind himself that she was hurt. That she had went through hell in that cauldron, no matter how much her pushing him away had hurt. He understood why. 
Sher had woke up with him holding her in his arms after she had recently been attacked. He swore he still saw the bruises that had formed on her arms from where the guards had held her down.  
“So you decided to climb into my bed to wake me up? What the hell is wrong with you?” She snapped. 
“He was just trying to help.” Mor interrupted, Nesta’s head wiped over to her. 
“Why the hell is everyone here? Where-This isn’t my home. Where are we?” She asked looking at both of them. 
“We’re in The House of Wind.” Cassian told her, she gave him a confused look. 
“The House of What? You know what, never mind. Where are my sisters?” She asked pulling her knees up to her chest. The gesture so human that if it wasn’t for her pointed ears Cassian would assume she still was one.
“You-You don’t remember?” Cassian asked as Nesta’s haunting gaze flickered over to him, narrowing. Good. Her fire was still there. He just had to keep it that way.
“I’m sorry after everything that’s happened to me in the past few hours, a lot of things are-foggy. Everything happened so fast. just-Where is Feyre?” 
Cassian and Mor spared a glance at each other before Cassian answered Nesta hoping that he would be able to do this. 
“Feyre is gone. Tamlin took her to the Spring Court.” Cassian admitted to her making Nesta’s eyes go wide and making her sit straight up, her chest rising and falling as she looked around the room. 
“No-That-She wouldn’t go to him- She wouldn’t even go near him. Why-” Her grey blue eyes swung to Mor. “Why would you let her do that? Why would Rhys let her-” She paused springing off the bed, fumbling slightly due to her new legs, and going to the dresser , pulling it open. Mor and Cassian went on full alert as Nesta yanked a cloak from it and threw it over her shoulders. 
“Nesta? What are you doing?” Mor asked as Cassian made his way to Nesta. 
She whirled on him, her face burning with anger. Anger that he had never seen.
“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m going to get my sister back from that monster.” Nesta spat taking one step as she tripped over her Nes limbs and Cassian caught her. She hissed, but Mor was already on it.
“Nesta, she chose to go with Tamlin. She chose to go there as Rhys’s spy so she can see how affiliated Tamlin is with Hybern.”
Nesta’s gaze narrowed, her face scrunching up, she stepped out of Cassian’s embrace. He felt the loss of her in an instant. The bond crying out, trying to sing to her to come back to him. She felt it, her gaze focusing on him, on his torn wings. Before looking away.
“Where is Elain?“ She asked, avoiding, she was trying to avoid what was happening to her.
“Nesta, I don’t think it’s such a good idea to-“ Cassian started, but his gaze burned into him.
“I need to see her, she must be going through hell.” Nesta told him, but he was curious what she was going through. The change wouldn’t be easy on her either. She even avoided glancing at the mirror to see her ears. Her new body.
“I can take you to her.” Cassian told her. Her gaze softening slightly, but still held every bit of steel that he was used to by her.
“I don’t need you to escort-“
“You can barely walk.” He stated, cutting her off. He didn’t want to do it, but the way she had been struggling. It would take her a while to get used to her new limbs. To this body that wasn’t entirely hers.
“Well, I have to get used to this new body at some point, so I’ll just go to her. No matter how long it takes me to get there.” She said moving slowly as Cassian followed her. Mor holding her breath to see what happened. 
Nesta fumbled slightly getting to the door, a look of frustration on her face, her hand pressed firmly to the door, her forehead pressing to it. Her breaths coming in and out. Cassian dared to take a step closer. 
“Nesta.” He breathed. 
“Leave me alone.” She snapped. 
“Nesta.” He tried again reaching out towards her, his hand about to land on her shoulder when he heard the “ Don’t!” Before he was hit with an unforeseen power and grunted as he hit the wall, Nesta’s eyes growing wide. A look of fear crossing her face as Mor stiffened, now on full alert. 
“I-I didn’t mean to-“ Nesta stated looking down at her hands staring at them as if they were her worst nightmare.
She took a step towards Cassian as Mor stepped in between them. Cassian groaned slightly. But stood up shooting a look to Mor to back down.
“I think your powers are coming to the front.” Cassian said making Nesta look up at him, horrified,
“What the hell are you talking about?” Nesta asked.
“Most fae-“
“I’m not fae.” Nesta snapped, making Cassian pause. Denial. She was in denial. He didn’t blame her. Not after what she had just been through,
“Cassian, perhaps now isn’t a good time for her to hear this.” Mor suggested making Nesta cut cold eyes at her.
“Don’t talk about me as if I’m not here. And don’t suggest that you know what I can and can’t handle.” Nesta turned back to him. “What do you mean powers?”
“Nesta, I know this is hard, but you’re fae now, and most fae have powers and abilities.”
Nesta looked to the floor, pressing her hand to her temple.
“I can’t believe this.” She muttered.
“Nesta, I know this is hard, but I promise you, we’ll get through this together. You won’t be alone in-“
“Leave me alone. I want to be alone.” She stated going towards the window as Mor’s hand wrapped around Cassian’s arm. Before she turned back to Nesta.
“I can take you.” Nesta looked to Mor, “To Elain, I can take you to her. She’ll need you just as much as you need her. I promise I’ll leave you two alone as soon as I help you there.”
Nesta glanced around, contemplating.
“I’d like that. Thank you Morrigan,” she stated as Mor looked as Cassian, her look promising that she would take care of Nesta as she escorted Nesta to Elain’s room leaving him alone
(Thanks for reading everyone!!! If you want more ACOWAR Cassian set during the time Feyre was in the Spring Court please let me know)
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deepmochi · 2 days ago
Astrology Notes
Tumblr media
Please Read 🙋🏼‍♀️ Disclaimer: these are observations from people I know. Just take what resonate. If you get trigger go drink some water, don't take it personally. Also, I did this with the majority of people, not the minority. From 5 people, 3 follow the same pattern. Again, TAKE WHAT RESONATES ONLY. [Edited]
[◇] Toxic Cancer sun men can be very traditional. They hope women would settle for them, but they will cheat with everyone. They say "but you are the one"😒.
[◇] Sagittarius men sun are what I call "one of the kind". They usually are well-liked by everyone.
[◇] Aquarius sun girls have a great style and taste in food, but they lack taste in some friendships they have. Bestie you friends are mean not edgy. Wake up!
[◇] Venus in the 2nd folks attract people that buy them things or give them money without them asking. People show them love and appreciation with materials. People see these natives as a gold digger, but their reality is different. I have this placement, and my friend buy me things without me asking.
Tumblr media
[◇] Leo women and men sun are egocentric when they want attention. In many cases in the past, they were neglected. Their caregivers didn't give them right amount of attention.
[◇] Libra men sun tend to follow the crowd rather than their desires, meanwhile Libra women sun will follow their vision. However, both can be people pleasers.
[◇] Scorpio sun women aren't scary or too sexy as people portray them at first sight. Scorpio moon is the scariest one, but they don't show it. Scorpio rising the sexiest at first sight. Scorpio sun is the nicest during the first meeting.
[◇] If I could give a rising to Howl, I will say he is a Pisces or a Libra AC, and Sophie is a Virgo rising. The reasons are that Howl has transformed many times during his lifetime and he needs balance in himself. Besides, Sophie needed to accept her differences in terms of beauty; she was too judgmental of herself. For Sophie, beauty or self-worth was a deep issue. For howl, was accepting his desires and needs.
[◇] Earth moon and earth sun combo tend to be insensitive with other people. Even though the truth is necessary, sometimes they need to respect people's feelings, just listening to others first.
[◇]Same Venus sign synastry is so lovely, this pair really understand each other struggle. Platonic relationships too. They use telepathy.
[◇] Sagittarius placements don't cry? Well, the majority of them don't cry often. They see it as a weakness or waste of time (moon or sun). If they do it, they won't tell you.[edited]
[◇]Fire signs are so impulsive; yeah, Aries is the one people mention the most. Aries are impulsive with actions, words and thoughts combine, while Leo is with their goals and values. Sag is with adventure and philosophies. Thus, Leo and Sagittarius are also impulsive af never forget this.
Tumblr media
[◇]Saturn can also talk about delays, so look closely to your house because it shows where you can see delays. 1st house: body image or identity, 2nd house money/finances, 3rd h: sibling relationships or communication skills, and more. The sign is why or the causes of the delays.
[◇]Scorpio Venus has a playful side that people don't mention. Yes, they are hot, but they are also cute and playful with their partners. They have secret jokes or they tease them s/o often too. Funny time, not sexual.
[◇] Pisces men sun have issues with their mother. I have seen so many Pisces men dating older women or single mothers because their mothers didn't offer them love or attention.
[◇] Pisces moon women will find each other. I am a Psices moon, and I met other 3 amazing / beautiful women. I admire them. Also, my toxic /bully ex friend in school was a Pisces moon.
[◇] Sagittarius moon don't know how to be empathic with others. It's not like they are mean. Nonetheless, they are not good with emotions and feelings, especially men.
[◇] Ironically, the most sarcastic sun signs that I ever met were Scorpio and Taurus suns. Pure sister sign level. They both enjoy dark humor. I really like their humor.
Tumblr media
Take care, and thanks for reading my astrology notes. 💚 Stay cute and safe, my lovelies.
©2022, Deepmochi
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Natasha x Reader Magic part 7
Summary: You're trying to help Wanda gain more control over her powers. She reminds you that Natasha is waiting anxiously too know where you stand with her.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"You're not very good at this are you" Wanda said. It was more of a statement than a question.
"Hey I'm new to this alright I don't think your friends thought this whole thing out. I might be a powerful witch but that's because of my heritage, and it's not like I trained myself." You explained to her with small laugh propping yourself up on your elbows. The two of you was sprawled out on the ground taking a break from training.
"Why didn't you just tell them you weren't a good teacher?" she asked curiously.
"Because I wasn't exactly aware of the Avenger's intentions when I met Natasha." You said looking away as Wanda turned to you when you mentioned the redhead.
Wanda didn't know the whole story about what happened between the two of you. But she knew Natasha's mission was to find you and bring you in. Somehow that led to the you and her falling for each other, and when the truth came out. The relationship took a turn for the worse she also knew Natasha missed you like crazy. She didn't want to push the subject with you, but at the same time Natasha was like a big sister to her.
She hated seeing her friend in turmoil, and not being able to do anything about it. Especially after everything Natasha did for her even after the Westview incident.
"You know her heart still yearns for you everyday. I'm pretty sure she's in the surveillance room watching us now considering. It's the only time she gets to see you these days."
You let out a groan falling back onto the ground. "Wanda I seriously don't need this right now."
"Why not? You're going to have talk to her at some point especially after what you said back at the farm."
You turned your head to the side to look her in the eyes raising your eyebrows in question.
Wanda chuckled "don't act like you don't remember y/n. she is taken even if I'm talking to her right now."
You reached out to smack Wanda on the shoulder for even remembering for those words. Did you mean them? Of course you did your feelings for Natasha never went away. You just felt betrayed and part of you was scared that if it wasn't for Wanda needing your help. Then Natasha would've never stopped that day to watch your show, and the two of you wouldn't be together at all.
"Y/N you're a witch nothing about your love life is going to be simple. I know she lied to you about her intentions, but she didn't have to pursue a relationship with you to build trust. She could've just pretended to be a super fan or something. There are a million ways Nat could've went about recruiting you, and she chose to fall in love. I don't think it was an accident it was unexpected for both of you, and fate that it happened the way it did." Wanda said flicking you on the forehead to keep your attention.
"Okay love guru since you can read my mind let's get back to training." You replied trying not to think about how much truth there was to her words. You got to your feet and held out your hand to Wanda who took it letting you pull her up. But as you turned away to put some distance between the two of you. Her grip on your hand tightened and she tugged you back. You made eye contact with her and saw a mischief gleam in her eyes.
"If I make any progress this time you have to go talk to Natasha deal" She proposed.
You swallowed trying to come up with a reason to say no. Time couldn't be a factor considering you would have to talk to her at some point. It'd been a week since you started coming down to the compound to train Wanda, and every time you made sure to wait outside for her to. Decrease the chances of you bumping into her, and Wanda could use the motivation. "Fine it's a deal" you conceded.
Wanda nodded letting you go and getting ready this time. Her hands lit up with red energy as she prepared herself for whatever spell you threw at her.
The most important thing about her being the Scarlet Witch was that she didn't have to use words to cast spells or hexes. She was just a natural but because Wanda wasn't aware that she was a witch. Her knowledge and spell casting skills weren't all that great, so you decided to start there before moving on to her reality altering ability. That was power even you knew little about because of how dangerous it could be.
"Alright I'm going to use a simple hex just block it and counter it." You told her raising your hands. Wanda did the same watching you carefully because of how fast you were.
Your lips twitched upward forming a small smirk as her only warning. Before you threw your hands and shouted out a hex. A blue bolt of energy came from your hands heading straight for the ground beneath her feet, and not her. Like in the past couple of times Wanda was tempted to just jump out of the way. But she knew that you would scold her, and she would lose the deal.
Blocking your attacks weren't really a problem for her, but having a fast counter was. You could easily throw up a shield to block her energy blasts. That's why you was pushing her to use a different attack. Wanda threw a ball of red energy towards the ground just as the blue bolt reached her to cancel it out with one hand. With the other she uttered one of the spells you taught her. Red energy shot out her hand towards you and wrapped you in a cocoon. Preventing you from being able to use your hands at all.
"Wanda you did it." You exclaimed happily
"Yeah I did I guess this means I win" she asked with a smile. This was her first time beating you in a magic duel actually using a spell.
"Yeah you win now you do remember how to release me right?"
Wanda acted as if she was thinking about for a second to make you panic for a second. But with a simple wave of her hand the cocoon was gone and you were free again.
"I guess that's it for today we can pick this up again in two days if that's okay with you."
"It sounds perfect I could use sometime to go over some of the books you gave me." Wanda agreed grateful for the small break because the two of you had been training nonstop. You were getting ready to create a portal back to the Sanctorum when the energy cocoon wrapped around you again.
"We had a deal y/n you have a redhead to talk to" Wanda reminded her tone strict.
"Does it have to be today?" You moaned
"Yes" was her sharp reply.
You knew that she wasn't just going to let you go without a fight, and you ended the training session. Because you were tired not to mention it wouldn't be so bad to go freshen up and rest inside the compound. While you loved staying with Stephen and getting too know him better. He could be strict when it came to training you in sorcery magic. You could use a break from him.
Wanda dropped the cocoon again and turned to go inside knowing that you were right behind her. She led you to a guest room to wash up in private before going to find Natasha. After freshening up you changed into sweats the team kept for the staff and fellow agents. Steve told you that Nat was holed up in one of the conference rooms. The compound had like so many of them so you just wandered around until you finally found her.
Natasha was sitting in a chair with her feet propped up on a desk. There was plate with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on it cut in half. She had one half in her hand and was busy eating, there was no activity in the room. So you figured she was just hiding out in here maybe to just think, or watch your training sessions with Wanda. Either way she didn't look happy at all, and a pit formed in your stomach at the thought. She was upset because you left your relationship with her hanging in limbo.
"I hope that's not your dinner" You said taking tentative steps into the room. Wanda said she would be thrilled to see you again, but you wanted to take things slow just in case.
Natasha pulled her feet down from the desk and turned the chair around. At the sound of your voice her eyes widened in surprise when they landed on you. She couldn't believe that it really was you.
"Y/N you're here um yeah this was the plan for dinner. I'm not really good in the kitchen unless it's fixing a bowl of cereal, or a sandwich." She replied holding the sandwich with a small smile.
"And here I was thinking you were perfect everything" You shot back giving her a smile in return.
"Nope I'm almost perfect at everything, but there's a few things even I suck at." Natasha looked away "like telling the truth I'm sorry for lying to y/n."
The pain in her voice made your heart feel as if someone stuck a knife in it, and twisted it. Is this what she felt when you pushed her away, and refused to talk to her.
"You didn't lie to me you just withheld very important information. I was upset when you told me why you really needed me, because I felt like you were basically using me the whole time. It made feel like that our relationship wasn't real, and my love for you was a waste since there was no way. You could feel the same way about me if all you ever wanted out of me was my power." You explained not realizing that you just revealed your true feelings for her.
"Y-y-you love me" Natasha sputtered nervously standing up.
You groaned closing your eyes and smacking yourself on the forehead. There was no way you could just take it back now. "Yeah I do I love you Nat which is why I need to know that this is real."
Natasha walked over and took your face in her hands. "Of course it's real y/n I know the circumstances of us meeting wasn't ideal. But that doesn't mean my feelings were fake. I held off telling you for the truth for so long, because I was afraid not only would it destroy the trust. I worked so hard to build between us, but you would hate me. The night you got attacked by those hunters I was planning on telling you when I got home."
You reached out caressing her cheek "I could never hate you Nat even if I tried. How we just start over right here?"
"That sounds nice" she nodded her head and her eyes closed. As you leaned forward to capture her lips with yours in a heartfelt kiss. You pressed your forehead against hers when the two of you finally broke apart.
"There is one more thing you need to know before we start over." Nat panted a bit out of breath
Your eyes flew open to gaze into hers "and what's that?" You asked a bit worried.
Nat pressed a quick kiss to your lips before answering. "I love you too y/n."
The smile on your face grew until your cheeks started to hurt, and your arms wrapped around her waist. In a blink of an eye you disappeared without her in your arms, and teleported into the guest room. You let out a laugh falling back onto the bed with her on top of you. Natasha had her face tucked into your neck getting her breath back. "Seriously y/n I love you but I hate your teleporting."
"Oh come on if you're going to be in love with a witch it's something you have to get use to."
Natasha lifted her head so she could look down at you "Thank you for giving us a second chance."
"You should thank Wanda she's the one who made me come and talk to you. She mentioned something about your heart still yearning for me."
Nat let out a groan and rolled over so she was laying next to you. "I'm going to kill her next time I see her."
"Hey I think it's cute my heart was yearning for you too" You laughed turning over to your side. Your arm reached out and curled around her waist pulling her closer. "Let's just hold each other for a minute then I'll whip us a real dinner."
Natasha hummed at your proposal snuggling into your embrace. "So you can cook?"
You snorted "Not really if it's not microwavable but I do know a spell or two that can conjure up a delicious meal."
Natasha turned to face you so she could kiss you again, but this time neither of you wanted to pull away. When she did break the kiss it was too climb back on top of you caging you inside her arms. It was safe to say dinner became a distant thought when the two of you were still wrapped up in each other's embrace five minutes later.
Taglist: @wandanatvoid @yelenabelovasgf @romanoffomixam @xxromanoffxx @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @emril-osvigne @mellowladyangel @shayzulia @catswag22 @musicinourlips @simpforflorencepugh1 @everythingnat-billie
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forever-rogue · 2 days ago
do more modern! boba fett please 🥺 he's the loml, the coffee shop au is so cute 🤧✨ i'm thinking of a meet cute at a library? if ur willing to write it plss? 💕
Tumblr media
AN | Library meet cute! Library meet cute! And uni!Boba!😌
Pairing | Boba x Fem!Reader
Word Count | 1.5k
Warnings | None
Masterlist | Star Wars, Main
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
It was a quiet morning today, which gave you ample time to put away all the returns that had been piling up throughout the otherwise busy week. Not that you minded of course, you loved your part time job at the university library and all that it entailed, but sometimes it was a lot to handle basically on your own. Dropping the last stack of books onto your cart, you decided to push it towards the other end of the library and work your way back to the front desk.
Deciding to take advantage of being alone in the large building, you pulled out your phone and turned on some music, singing along quietly as you immersed yourself in the numbered organizing system the library utilized. You weren’t even sure how long you were zoned out and focused for until you were interrupted by someone clearing their throat loudly.
It caught you so off guard that you almost jumped out of your skin as you dropped the book you were holding. Before you could even move to pick it up, the man that had scared you had picked it and was holding it out to you.
“My apologies,” he grinned as you swallowed the lump in your throat before letting yourself meet his eyes. It was almost enough to render you speechless again, “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”
“N-no,” you stammered as you took the book from him, trying to not to rudely stare at his handsome face, “it’s okay. I wasn’t…I zoned out. I shouldn’t have been listening to music anyway, it’s just so quiet when no one else is in here.”
“I quite liked your little concert,” he teased as you felt your entire face warm up, “I’m sorry to have interrupted.”
“Please,” you couldn’t help but giggle - actually giggle at him. Ugh. What was going on with your brain so suddenly? Maybe it was him and his dumb, beautiful face; the dark, soft eyes, with a mop of dark curls and a lilting little smile. Stop, stop, stop. Your interaction had been less than a minute so far, you couldn’t help him get to so soon, “I, ugh…yeah. Is there anything I can help you with?”
"Actually you can," he smiled softly, "I'm here to pick up a hold."
"Oh," you were almost disappointed that it was something so simple that wouldn't take long. You'd have been more than willing to spend time helping him with whatever he needed, "of course. Holds are at the front, I can grab it for you."
Gesturing for him to follow you, you took your sweet time getting back to your desk area. You wanted to linger in his presence and soft, warm scent as long as possible.
"What's the name?" you looked onto the self for all the various holds you'd pulled.
"Omega," he offered as you instantly felt your face pull into a frown, "she asked me to pick up her hold."
"O-oh," you made a small sound before scanning the shelf for the name. It was only a few seconds before you grabbed it and set it onto the counter, "there you are. Everything she requested."
"Thank you," he looked at you with a curious twinkle in his eyes; probably because your voice had shot up about two octaves, "my sister claimed she was so busy that she couldn't possibly stop in to get it herself. Somehow I got stuck coming in."
"Oh," sister. Alright, you could work with that. Maker, you cursed your silly little brain, "well, midterms are just around the corner. We're all just trying to survive!"
Smooth recovery. Real smooth.
"Yeah," a crooked little smile tugged up the corners of his mouth, "we are. I'm Boba, by the way. I don't know if you need to put that down anywhere for your records, or just wanted to know."
Okay, but that was actually smooth. He was good.
"Boba," you repeated softly, pretending to make a note, "very good. Well, you're all set then."
"Better get going or I'll be late for class," he slid the books into his bag, "see you around."
You were sure he whispered your name as he walked out and at first you were concerned as to how he knew it but quickly remembered your name tag. You really hoped he would be back.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───-
Despite your best efforts to keep your thoughts solely focused on work, your mind kept drifting back to him. It was almost embarrassing how much he lived in your mind.
But maybe luck was on your side because after a few days of missing him, he made his way back to you.
"Hello there," he caught you off guard as you did some reading of your own since it was fairly quiet.
"Boba!" you jumped lightly in your seat as you found him leaning against the counter, "h-hi! I, umm...hi."
"Hi," he smiled, resting his chin on his propped elbow, "how's it going?"
"Umm," biting your lip, you grabbed a post-it and marked your page before closing the book, "'s alright. Been slow...obviously."
"I hope that means you'll have some time to help me out," he raised an eyebrow as you eagerly nodded, "I have some very specific things I need and it might take some time…"
"Lucky for you, I have nothing but time right now," you slid off your stool and walked around the counter, "what can I help you with, Boba?"
And so it came...a thing for Boba to show up during the evenings you worked. You hadn't even told him your schedule but he appeared to be very perceptive and figured it out quickly enough. He always came under the guise of needing help or looking for something. But you both knew, or least you hoped it was so, that Boba didn't need much help with anything.
Oftentimes it would just end up being the two of you, talking later into the evening as he followed you around as you closed the library down. Sometimes if he didn't have a long time to stay, he'd bring you a coffee or some sort of sweet treat to "help you pass the time without him."
You liked it - him - but it also scared you how effortlessly you feel into this routine with him. You wouldn't have minded him as a friend but you really wouldn't have minded him as more than a friend. You liked him - he was easy to get along with, funny, smart, kind, and handsome. What wasn't to like?
"Hello again," Boba's gentle greeting pulled you out of your thoughts as you looked up from your computer screen and grinned at him, "how are you?"
"Boba!" you didn't even bother to mask your excitement, "it's been so boring. I've seen like one person all afternoon. How are you?"
"Better now," he agreed, "you've been the highlight of days."
"Oh," your eyes widened as your whole face flushed with warmth at his words. Surely, he was just being nice, "oh. I-I agree. Having you around has made things a lot better."
"So I'm guessing it's not going to be too forward if I ask you out?" No. Surely he wasn't asking you out...that would be ridiculous. He was...well, he was him after all, "I can practically hear the gears turning in your head. Yes, I am asking you out on a date. Like you and me and a nice dinner."
"Oh okay," you stared at your hands for a moment, almost as if you were wishing they could somehow come up with an answer for you, "yeah, umm, I'd like that a lot."
"Great," he gave you one of those easy, lazy smiles you'd come to adore so much, "then that's settled. When do you get off?"
"It's still like an hour," you couldn't believe this was actually happening, "you don't have to wait, we can just go some other day. Really, I'm sure you've got other things you'd rather be doing."
"Nope," he insisted as he hopped onto the counter and sat down, "I've got all the time in the world. And you're worth waiting for; besides, it's only an hour. It's not that long."
"You sure?"
"Of course," he insisted, "you've really been this oblivious the whole time?"
"No! I mean...not really," you shrugged innocently before lightly swatting his arm, "I'd hoped but wasn't sure if I was reading the signs right and didn't want to think too highly of myself."
"You should," he reached over and gently grazed his fingers over your cheek, "now come on, let's kill an hour before I finally take you out on a date."
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rightsforbrunomadrigalonly · 17 hours ago
Head canons of Bruno with a S/O who suffers from chronic illness.
Tumblr media
{A/N: ✨⌛️Here I am, suffering at work yet again dreaming about Bruno being here at my side once more. I adore this man so much and I think about the non stop comfort and compassion he’d show his significant other. Of course I’m self projecting my misery into my work again, but what else is new here el oh el ✨⌛️}
{Word count: unknown I never keep track on head canons lol}
{Warnings 🚨: talk of chronic illness}
I want to start this off by saying, he knows his sister cannot fix chronic problems like the ones you suffer from, and he feels incredibly guilty about it.
It’s not like it’s something he can control, just like your sickness isn’t something you can control, but the idea of living with a healer who can’t help eats away at him.
He’d still ask Julieta to cook you something to alleviate your symptoms and pains. While her food can’t permanently rid your body of it’s suffering, her meals are like a little bandaid for the problem.
He’d be patient and tender towards your emotions when you feel so uncomfortable and irritable. Anything you need he’s so attentive and eager to help with.
Every time you’d whimper and groan, complaining reflexively, he’d just push your hair back from your face and kiss your forehead.
Bruno: “I know mi vida, I know. Try and get some rest, okay? We don’t have to leave the bed today if you’re feeling so miserable, we can just lay here all day. Oh! I could put on a performance for the latest chapter of Todos Mis Hijos Rata! It’ll be great, just what you need to feel better! See Erika just found out that her prima Vanessa has been sleeping with the father of her children, Juanito! Just stay right there get comfy, I’ll go get the rats!”
Every little bit of effort the man goes through to make you feel better, sends your heart flying. Plus his telenovelas are a great way to distract your brain from the pain.
I cannot stress this enough, but he is SO good at validating your feelings and pain. Even if it’s not something physical he can see, he always makes sure it’s clear that he knows you’re suffering.
You don’t have to overthink things around him. If you say that you feel sick, he’ll accept that answer and immediately work towards aiding your discomfort. He never once questions how you feel. It’s a relief not to have to over explain that you feel sick because you have a silent illness that doesn’t show.
On your bad days where you suffer from intense flair ups, he doesn’t leave your side. He’d do anything and everything humanly possible to make you feel better. He makes sure you stay hydrated and brings you food from Julieta every few hours. Even if you feel like you can’t eat he makes sure your body is holding the nutrients it needs.
Bruno: “here mi vida, Julieta made this for you. Try a bite, it may make you feel better….I know you feel sick to your stomach but hey, a little food may make you feel better. It’s just a bland arepa no queso. The dough should uh um…should absorb some of the extra acid in your stomach and uh make you feel a little better…that’s what my sister said at least, and I-I trust her. Eat up my vida.”
You can’t help the way your lips fight their way into a smile. While you most likely won’t eat a thing, you appreciate the efforts. For his sake you’d at least nibble the arepa throughout the day.
If you're suffering through a flair up and you've got important plans you cant cancel, he'll make sure to stay close in case you need him.
He's constantly covering for you to help ease any embarrassment you may feel about disappearing for long periods of time to alleviate yourself.
If somebody notices your gone, without hesitation he’d come up with an excuse, even if he is a terrible liar.
Antonio: “where’s Tia? We were just gonna start playing fetch with Pearce.”
Bruno: “O-oh, Tia had to u-uh take care of something really quick. How about I step in for a bit until she comes back? Sound good, kiddo?”
You feel so safe venting and sharing your problems with the man. He’s an amazing listener. He never interrupts and will let you ramble on for as long as you need.
He always says the sappiest cutest things at the end. Guaranteed to make you smile like an idiot.
Y/N *tearing up a bit*: “I feel bad whenever I have to bail out on your family, mi amor. What if they hate me for it? I just- I feel guilty. I wish I didn’t have to disappear all the time and I wish I could be there more. God it’s so embarrassing when I just have to get up and leave in the middle of a conversation because I’m in agony.”
Bruno: “Don’t feel guilty mi vida. I know you can’t control these things, it’s okay. Nobody’s perfect ya know? A-And at least you only disappear for like 10 minutes tops, I disappeared for 10 years and they still welcomed me back like nothing ever happened aha….I’m just saying mi vida, my familia is pretty understanding and if they aren’t? Well, I’ve learned that getting my family’s approval is something I can live without. If they don’t like you for something you can’t control, forget them. I-I don’t care what they have to say about you, and neither should you Y/N. Illness or not I think you’re perfect.”
Why is he just the perfect man!!
You could literally climb into his lap and cover his face FULL of kisses.
You do. Without hesitation. Flustering the man silly.
You’re absolutely blessed to have a partner so understanding and loving.
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njisano · 2 days ago
Yuta is the love of my life, so can I request the baby missing her Yuta-nii so much that she accidentally teleports herself all the way to Africa and he just spends his time with her? Maybe she shows off her wiggly-woos? also, whether they remember to tell Gojo about this is up to u lol
scarlet witch! baby fushiguro! reader & older brother figure! yuta
jujutsu kaisen x reader
masterlist of the series
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warning(s): major anime/manga spoilers for jjk
i've been waiting for a request with yuta because i've only written about him like twice and that's it ??? hhhh :( thank you so much for requesting this and for being patient! i highly think he deserves a break from training and to hang out with scarlet bb fushiguro, happy reading dear anon <3
before you read: in case you've forgotten, one of your headcanons as the scarlet witch is that they can only sense 'cursed energy' from you whenever you exhibit your wiggly-woos. when you don't, they sense nothing. please see my general headcanons and other written works for scarlet bb fushiguro from the masterlist of the series!)
Tumblr media
despite panda being your favorite, you discreetly loved yuta more out of all the second year students of tokyo jujutsu high. you barely see him at school because he's all the way in africa training. you had grown tired of saying goodbye to him and only seeing him like once or twice in your life. you even begged gojo to book you a ticket and take you to africa because you missed him that much, but gojo refused to.
incredibly upset by this, your emotions heightened your chaos magic. the next thing you knew everything became red and you were no longer in japan. the energy you expelled was so intense and powerful that when you ended up arriving where yuta was that he ended up summoning the cursed manifestation of rika as a reflex—mistaking you for a special grade curse.
yuta and his mentor, miguel, was incredibly confused and shocked to see you appear out of nowehere and sense your immense 'cursed energy'. once you had calmed down and realized your yuta-nii was standing there in front of you, your chaos magic had dissipated along with the red in your eyes and hands before running towards him, naively running past the cursed manifestation beside him and hugged his pant leg.
"[name]?! is that really you?"
"yuta-nii! yeah! it's really me!"
yuta immediately got rid of the cursed manifestation before picking you up, holding you in front of his face, making sure he wasn't seeing things and that you really were there.
"who's this kid?" his mentor raised a brow at you, glancing at yuta after. "and what was that about? you sensed that 'cursed energy' right?"
"she's gojo-sensei's daughter—well adoptive. she's the younger sister of fushiguro, megumi." yuta explained to miguel briefly, now holding you firmly with one hand. he turned to look at you, blinking. the energy radiating from you was suddenly gone, it was as if you never had 'cursed energy'.
"how did you get here, [name]? where's gojo-sensei?" yuta asked, slightly panicking. "since when did you had cursed energy?"
"magic!" you say naively, showing your hands to yuta. he and his mentor's expression turned into an exasperated when they saw glowing red trails of your wiggly-woos on your fingers. "it's magic!"
"does gojo even know you're here?" his mentor inquired, concerned with the fact that you literally just appeared out of nowhere without your father and that japan was miles away, but at the same time—the thought of you being gojo's child kind of pissed him off.
you immediately shook your head, whining. "please, don't tell my daddy i'm here! he doesn't know."
"but, [name], what if he finds out you're missing? you need to go back.."
yuta tried to reason with you, but you held onto him tighter—wrapping your tiny arms firmly around his neck and buried your face onto the back of his head desperately.
"please, i really missed you, yuta-nii. i barely see you at the school!"
since you were already with them and they literally have no idea how to return you to gojo, defeatedly they agreed not to tell him. miguel gave yuta a break from his training and asked him to take full responsibility of you which he agreed to without any second thoughts. this made you incredibly happy and that you smothered his mentor with lots of hugs and 'thank you's.
yuta was just as happy to see you, but he was still concerned with the fact that you sneaked behind gojo's back to come see him and apart from that, this was his first time seeing your wiggly-woos. just like the other students and gojo when he first got you, yuta really thought you didn't have 'cursed energy'. he was actually impressed at how you were able use it at such a young age.
yuta showed you around his mentor's homeland and introduced you to the sorcerers there that helped him train. you gladly listened to his stories and experiences in africa with interest. you also got to eat delectable food that wasn't in japan. he also showed you the katana he uses.
you asked him to teach you to swing a sword, but yuta told it was dangerous so you ended up pouting in defeat. to make up for it, yuta handed you a small wooden sword that could barely cut a thing and you two ended up playing swords safely.
as he told you his stories, you told him some of yours. you told yuta about your wiggly-woos and showed him again by making the two of you float. once again impressed, but this time with your ability to control your wiggly-woos.
asides from showcasing him your wiggly-woos, you taught him the baby shark song you loved so much and got him to dance along with you while you sang it. you also got him to chase after you and play a game of tag with you, but yuta ended up panicking when you he lost sight of you and found you on top of a tree instead. yuta insisted on playing a different game after tag.
next, you rambled while either holding his hand, sitting on his lap or being held in his arms. yuta was very fond of listening to your bizarre stories and laughed at how you incorporated sound effects and exaggerated hand movements as you spoke.
having you around washed away his stress and exhaustion. yuta had been training every single day and night, it's been so long since he had gotten a breather from the same routine. it was a nice change of routine when you came to see him. you noticed how he seemed to lacked sleep due to the visible bags under his eyes, so you purposely fell asleep in his arms after a long day of spending time with him.
when miguel, his mentor, went to check on the two of you. he found yuta peacefully napping beneath the shade of a tree with you sprawled against his chest. the sight irked a smile on his lips.
maybe the gojo's child isn't so bad, he thought. not only were you naturally talented at a young age, but you had this bewitching yet calming aura around you that was enough to give warmth and comfort.
after napping with yuta, you figured it was time for you to go back. though you were a bit reluctant and uncertain, you knew gojo was going to freak out once he finds out you've been missing. you manifested your magic once again, ready to go back to japan. but before you left, you embraced yuta tightly and told him how much fun you had and how you learned a lot from him. you also made him promise that he'll come to japan soon.
"take care of yourself, okay yuta-nii? don't make me and your friends worry." you buried your face onto his pant leg while clinging onto him like a koala bear.
yuta chuckled at how you were talking as if you were the older one and ruffled your hair, "i should be the one saying that to you, [name]. will you be alright?"
"i don't know, but i'll see!" you giggled, which caused yuta to sweatdrop from worry and concern. "coming here was an accident actually."
yuta was stressed out again. "then, how are you going to get back? is gojo-sensei going to kill me?"
"i'll figure it out.. eventually." you smiled sheepishly.
after some time, you finally figured it out and went back home much to yuta's relief. he doesn't want to get scolded by gojo and his mentor if you weren't able to get home in a nick of time. once you had dissipated from his sight, your last goodbyes, along with his promise to return, echoed in his head, prompting him to smile.
back at home, it turned out to be one in the morning in japan. lady of luck was on your side today because gojo was still sleeping. however, the next morning you accidentally outed yourself to gojo. so, much for keeping secrets.
"good morning, kikufuku. did you sleep well last night?"
gojo handed you nearly burnt pancakes, placing them in front of you before kissing your forehead.
"i had fun! i saw yuta-nii and we hung out." you claimed before pausing, your eyes widening in realization. "i mean.."
"huh? yuta?" gojo looked at you, confused. "that's impossible! he's in africa, baby. you must have had a good dream that it felt real." he shrugged it off with a chuckle, thankfully.
"yeah.. just a dream." nibbling on the pancake gojo cooked, you smiled at him a bit too innocently.
you hope that gojo bought it.
Tumblr media
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just-a-desparate-fangirl · 2 days ago
Sweet lies| Dean Winchesters × reader
Summery: it was them against the world and in the end world won…
Warnings: Moc!Dean, ANGST, Violence, kinda an asshole Dean, major character's death, no happy ending
A/N: I suggest to read this twice so you’ll understand the meaning of the title and the first line ;)
Tumblr media
It was all a lie
Two people poisoned with the unfair drug of burden injected since they were kids, meeting each other and realizing they aren’t alone in this gray looking cruel world. Falling in love like they never have before so that their heart plays its own rhythm when the opposite person smiles. Together they cure each other, paint that gray world in rainbow colors and take away the bad smell of cruelty with the heavenly scent of their eternal love.
If the tales were true, happily ever after should’ve happened by now. A lifetime ago. After every salty tear and songful laughs we shouldn’t be looking at each other like this.
He shouldn’t be looking at me like he want to carve out my heart with bare hands and I shouldn’t be looking at him like it’s my last night on earth and soon I’ll take my last breath in his arms.
I’m not afraid of him.
No matter how many monsters we face, no one is or will ever be more afraid of Dean Winchster like he is afraid of himself.
He is afraid of his emerald eyes because they’ve seen too much evilness that no lights of hope are found in them. He is afraid of them because he can’t read them like he does with everybody else to see if they’re trustworthy.
He is afraid of his mind because it’s with full with endless urge of revenge and nothing else.
He is afraid of his bruised heart which doesn’t recognize the flavor of sympathy anymore.
He is afraid of the painful looking mark on his arm which glows golden whenever it senses a certain kind of emotion.
But he isn’t afraid of the power that runs through him. It makes him stronger and confident.
Because what’s a fearless body with a fearful soul.
This mark holds misery and pride.
The Mark of Cain.
Everyone is afraid of it even if they don’t admit it. Afraid of what it does and how can someone be bold enough to even consider having it.
Still there were different opinions.
Many call it a curse.
Many call it a blessing.
I call it a revelation.
The mark carries a great burden as Cain himself said.
I’m afraid of it, of its consequences but I can never be afraid of the one person who wears it, a selfless man wo made the sun shine in my darkest nights.
But I could be afraid of the shell of a man that has now been replaced with an empty hearted always furious person.
Because that person is not Dean Winchester, the greatest hunter I know.
He is not Dean Winchester, a boy who cares for his family more than anything and would sacrifice himself for them in a heartbeat.
He is not Dean Winchester, the love of my life who cleared my eyesight and showed me a new colorful version of my long dead world.
Now I wonder how can someone so familiar become a stranger in a this short amount of time.
“Where’s the blade Y/N?” He asked furiously his eyes shooting daggers at me.
“Dean you are getting out of control I can’t give it to you.” I answered almost too quiet to hear.
“I am getting out of control? Those sons of bitches should get what they deserve after what they did to her.”
“Dean I know how much Charlie’s death hurt you but-“
“ Don’t. Just don’t say her name. You and Sam brought her into this, into something that she never should’ve been involved in. It’s your fault she’s gone so don’t even talk about you knowing how much her death hurt me because you don’t.” He said accusingly pointing his finger at me.
I felt like I’ve been stabbed in the chest multiple times but even that wouldn’t hurt as much as him saying Charlie’s death, someone who was like a younger sister to me, was my fault. I knew involving her was a bad idea but the damage is already done, she’s gone.
“Dean I am so sorry-“
“ I don’t need your apology!” He yelled his voice much deeper than usual. “I was the one who had carry her out of that fucking bathroom and held her guts in place with my hand. I had to wrap her lifeless body in that white sheet and I had to put her on fire. You don’t get to be sorry.”
“We were trying to help you-“
“I don’t want your fucking help, just leave me the fuck alone, when will you realize I don’t need you in my fucking life.” And this being said he grabbed my shoulders pinning me to one the bookshelves causing some books to fall on the floor.
“that’s a lie, you need me just like I need you.” I said looking into his faded green eyes.
“Oh sweatheart maybe you’re that pathetic but I’m not. I.don’t.need.you.”
That nickname held some of my best memories. And now probably some of the worst.
“Hello sweetheart I’m Dean Winchester, what’s yourname?”
“Thanks for saving our asses sweetheart.”
“It’s okay sweetheart I’m here now.”
“I love you sweetheart.”
“You make me the happiest sweetheart.“
Meeting Dean Winchester changed my life. Going from a homeless hunter with no family to having one of the most unique yet broken families in the world was a miracle. No matter how messed up our lives were, I was thankful for having people who would always have my back.
We solved everything together, any problem. And we will fix this one too I know it.
“You know what, you don’t even have to tell me where it is. I know my idiotic brother well enough to know where he hid a stupid blade.” He finally let my shoulders go und went to find the blade until I stopped him by gently putting a hand on his shoulder.
“You know I can’t let you do that Dean. We are worried about you, you’re angry and the mark is taking control. Going after the Styne family won’t make you feel any better. It’ll just make everything worse.”
He slowly turned around but I didn’t move my hand.
“Trust me, killing those bastards will make me feel better because that’s what they deserve.” He said not showing any emotion at all.
“You really want to go after them?” He rose his eyebrows meaning the answer is yes. “Then you have to go through me because I can’t let you out of here Dean.” I placed both of my hands on his cheek silently trying to begging him to stay.
He took a deep breath, closing his eyes almost relaxing at my touch. Almost.
Then he just pulled away and tried to walk away again when I grabbed the arm, right where the mark has been carved.
He looked at my arm and slowly looked up into my eyes.
And for the first time after 6 years I didn’t recognize him. We’ve been through some real crap but I always saw my Dean in the eyes of the reckless hunter. Now he was gone but I’ll bring him back I know I will.
“You are making a mistake.” He threatened, his voice quieter than ever.
“Then saving you would be my greatest mistake.” I said smiling.
“You can’t save me.”
“I know I will.”
We looked at each other for a few seconds which felt like hours. Until he grabbed my arm I had placed on the mark and that’s when I saw it.
The mark was glowing.
I hissed when he twisted my arm behind my back, pinning my back to his chest he put his other arm around my neck tightly just enough to keep me in place.
“Don’t make me do this Y/N.”
“You aren’t doing anything, it’s all the mark and you have to fight it Dean. Don’t let it control you.” I wiggled trying to get out of his hold but he was almost unbeatable with the mark.
“That’s where you’re wrong.” He softly whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. „It’s all me“
“I tried to warn you-“ I felt his arm which was holding mine behind my back slowly let go and it made its way to my waistband where I always kept a silver knife.
“-but when do you ever listen.” When I knew that he had found the knife I moved my head back, hitting him in the face, causing him to stumble back. I turned around and saw he managed to keep the knife in his hand. I tried to run to put the bunker in lockdown until he grabbed a fistful of my hair and threw me back making me land painfully on my back.
“You started this.” He said calmly looking down at me, clearly showing he doesn’t care.
“And I’m gonna finish it.”
I saw his fist flying towards my face so I rolled over and quickly stood up before he could do it.
“I don’t want to hurt you Dean.” I tried to step away when he slowly stepped towards me, until my back met the wall.
“That’s not gonna be a problem.”
His fist met my face multiple times causing my skin to break and making me groan. He kneeled me in the stomach and grabbed my shoulders and harshly threw me towards one the bookshelves. The whole shelf fell on the ground and books went flying everywhere. I was just a few steps away from the shelf has landed.
I heard his footsteps and stood up once again trying my best to not slip. I took a sharp breath in my back hurt because of being thrown over more than once.
Again I tried to get out of the library and go to lockdown the place.
But I stopped in my track when I saw the tip of my own silver knife sticking out of my chest.
“I didn’t want to do this.”
That was the last sentence I ever heard from Dean Winchester. He sounded regretful, like kid accidentally breaking a plate but not wanting to admit he did it.
I let out one last shaky breath and let myself to fall on the floor. My last thought being me not succeeding to save Dean. But I knew Sam and Castiel will try their best.
Just like that I was taken by the sweet taste of darkness.
That’s how you unknowingly ended our story. When you were back to your senses and turned to the next page to read the rest of our book, you were met with the painful and blank end not remembering you ripped out the rest of the pages.
And in that moment all the colors from the world we built together were gone again, the sweet smell of love not noticeable anymore and you were yet again injected with burden.
But it’s okay, because-
It was all a lie, remember?
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shellbilee · 9 hours ago
Just in case anyone was interested, here are the giant list of WIPs I am currently working on, because clearly I have no self control to finish things before I start new ones. My new years resolution was to write and post more this year, so all going well, I’ll have one up by the end of the week!
If you’d like to be tagged in anything, please just ask!
B xx
In no particular order - 
Senses - Matt Murdock x You/Reader fic
I just started watching Daredevil and holy hell I am HOOKED on a certain blind lawyer, PLEASE let me join this fandom. The start of many Matt Murdock fics, please get ready for SMUT
Untitled TASM fic - TASM!Peter Parker x You/Reader
Fluffy and a little bit of hinted smut - though this may change as I get closer to the end!
Would You Like Some Company Part 3 - Chris Evans x You 
A smutty finale to parts 1 & 2, that is really just porn with a tiny bit of plot
Untitled Sebastian Stan One Shot - Sebastian Stan x OFC
I started this as a gift for someone and then writers block hit me hard, both smut and fluff. My first ever Seb fic!
Classic Chapter 17 - Henry Cavill x OFC
Next chapter of my Henry series. At least I’ve finished mapping out the rest of the story,  only another 15 chapters to go ahhh
Untitled Chris Evans Mini Series - Chris Evans x OFC (or reader)
In which OFC/reader gets stuck in Boston during a snowstorm over Thanksgiving, and winds up spending the holiday with the Evans family. She’s engaged to her fiance back home but finds herself connecting and falling hard for Chris. Fluff and a whole lot of angst!
Upended, Chris Evans Mini Series - Chris Evans x OFC
OFC’s sister passes away unexpectedly and she takes over the care of her niece and nephew, moving to Boston to continue her sister’s wishes for her kids. She’s losing all control, doesn’t know what to do because kids were never in her plans. Meets Lisa Evans during a breakdown and later Chris. Fluff, smut and angst!
Anchors Away Mini Series - Chris Evans x OFC
OFC meets Chris on a cruise holiday. Summer romance in the tropics ensues. Fluff & smut. **This is quite literally almost finished and just needs editing. I just, don’t know, am not super happy with it!
It takes two - Steve Rogers x OFC (or reader)
Steve Rogers finally gets to have his dance. Years later after Peggy’s death, Steve decides to fulfill her wish and goes to a dance studio to learn how to dance. Meets the down to earth, old at heart studio owner and falls in love with her.
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bunnybokuto · 16 hours ago
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* day eleven: non-binary tooru oikawa + gn reader *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Tumblr media
✧ description: fluff. non-binary tooru oikawa has always wanted to experiment with makeup, but never has because he was ashamed. reader knows how to do makeup and is implied to wear it, but otherwise is gender neutral. ✧ word count: 775. ✧ link to masterlist. ✧ minors, do not follow me. cis people can interact, just don't make any disrespectful comments or you will be blocked.
Tumblr media
“are you almost done?” tooru whines, squirming uncomfortably on the bathroom counter. “my butt’s starting to hurt from sitting here.”
“sit still!” you gasp, pulling back with the mascara applicator in hand, “if you don’t stop moving, you’re going to make me poke your eye out!”
“be careful with me! i’d never be able to play volleyball again!” he shrieks, jerking back quickly and nearly hitting his head on the medicine cabinet.
maybe that’d knock some sense into him, you think.
“volleyball?! you wouldn’t have an eye, tooru!”
“well i’d rather be half blind than useless…” he pouts.
“stop being dramatic,” you soothe. “i need to do your lower lashes, so make this face,” you say, showing him the famous face that pulls down your lower lids and makes you look like, well, a fish.
tooru complains, “how am i ever going to be pretty if you make me do such hideous faces…”, but he does it anyway, trying so hard not to flinch when you get the wand so close to his eyeball.
despite the fact that when they were younger his sister had always insisted she could make him pretty with her play makeup, he never let her, so he’s never done this before. he’s never tried on any eyeliner or mascara or even a fun lip tint; the closest he’d gotten to having makeup on him was when a drunk person he’d made out with at a bar left their lip gloss’ glitter behind on his lips.
he liked it, and took a photo of himself so he wouldn’t forget to buy some lip gloss “for his girlfriend” next time he went to a convenience store. it ended up sitting unused in his bathroom drawer, and he felt a little bit ashamed about the whole thing.
tooru always thought he’d get made fun of by his team if he wasn’t able to get any makeup off before practice or that they wouldn’t take him seriously anymore knowing he liked that kind of stuff, so not only is his impatience caused by his boney butt on the white marble countertops, but it’s because he’s wanted to try this out for a long, long time. really, he should’ve known better, because none of his aoba johsai teammates cared what he did as long as he was happy. they wouldn’t care if he came to practice in heels— as long as he could play.
and you don’t care either; as long as he’s still your tooru inside, you don’t care how much of himself he changes or how he dresses or if he wants to wear teal eyeshadow and silver glitter eyeliner.
as long as he’s yours, you’ll be with him through it all, even when he complains that you’re taking too long to make him pretty after being so shy in asking you to, batting his eyelashes and whispering nervously, ready to play it off as a joke if you didn’t take it kindly. it all started with a “can we.. try something new? can you.. make me pretty?” and a “what do you mean, tooru? you’re always pretty to me.”
after twenty minutes of torturous patience, you’re finished with your masterpiece. tooru doesn’t just look pretty, he looks beautiful.
he looks like himself, more than ever.
“go ahead and look, tooru,” you say, clicking the cap back on the soft pink lip gloss you’d just put on him. “you’re finished.”
fear and anxiety sitting heavy in his stomach as he turns toward the mirror slowly, because what if he doesn’t like it? what if he’s all wrong about everything and he’d just making a fool of himself in front of you? what if—
he’s pretty.  
i’m pretty, he thinks as he admires the soft blush sitting on his cheeks and the boldness of his eyes that pop out so wonderfully just like he’d always imagined. tears well up in his eyes as he sees himself for the first time as pretty instead of just tooru, and without giving it much thought, he kisses you with all the love in his heart, tenderly holding you and trying to show you what his words can’t describe— that he’s so grateful that you’ve given him this gift. that you’ve helped him get closer to himself. that he’s thankful that you love him even when he feels like someone else or tooru to the second power.
when he pulls back, you’re both breathless and flushed from the deeply intimate kiss that’d seemingly come out of nowhere, and when you ask, “uh, tooru…?” all he does is smile and say, “sorry, is pink not your color?”
Tumblr media
for my love, cloud. @crybabycrisis​
Tumblr media
✧TAGLIST✧ - ask to be added or removed - @crybabycrisis @natsuonii @katsahi@dilfphobes @benis-boi1 @cryptids-and-ghouls @rii-bows @bunny-bouquets@daydreamingdiaries @adobeadhd @slut4samu @thighridingsamu
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