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#I need to make an art tag

This is the first time I’ve drawn Indrid as just a plain ole big moth and let me tell you it was DELIGHTFUL

Based him off an Agreeable Tiger Moth (Thats the actual name and they’re ADORABLE)

I might ink this tomorrow, who knows

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I’m not doing inktober this year because this month is kicking my ass but I got a calligraphy pen to encourage myself to draw more so I doodled mimikyu. Happy october 🎃

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Hi I caved and made a furbsona

Also I did this unintentionally but her names means bird like and I found that cool/funny ajsgsfssh

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This is taking me so long to finish do u kno how hard it is to do this bs when u have 0 motivation

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You know what i want?

A vn/rpg type game thats like kikis delivery service

I just wanna be a young witch on my own in a seaside village trying to learn magic and make friends and fall in love

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My attempt at writing a Lazor Wulf scene with Katana Wulf


*Katana and Stupid Horse playing Mouse Trap Together, with Stupid Horse building the trap wrong*

Blazor Wulf: Kat, we’re going to the mall to get those bath bombs Lazor won’t admit he likes. You want anything?

Lazor: (muttering) they’d better not run out of the licorice tobacco ones…

*Katana huffing because he hates that nickname*

Stupid Horse: Wait, your nickname is Kat? That is so… awesome! It makes you sound like a superhero dude! (Using badass voice) IN A WORLD GOING TO THE DOGS, ONE WOLF IS GOING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO SAVE THE DAY, AND HE’S GOT NINE LIVES TO DO IT! KAT WULF!!! (Singing) Kat Wulf! He'll give you a sur-pri-ise! Kat Wulf! He’s going for the eyes-eyes!! Kat Wulf!

*Lazor, Canon and Blazor watching Stupid Horse sing and dance as their cousin does superhero poses next to him*


Lazor: stupid horse, stop making our cousin lame…




I’m grinning like a fool over here!! This makes me so happy! It’s so in character and silly I love it so much!!! Thank you so much for writing this my day is like officially made I sweaR 

Did a lil’ doodle ‘cause this is way too cute !!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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random haru sketch of his timeskip design
im trying to get more used to sketching digitally rather than tracing my traditional sketches

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