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Had Jeralt been alive, how do you think Dimitri would have told him he asked for his daughter's hand in marriage? Or do you think he told Jeralt before his proposal to Byleth? Either way Dimitri would be so nervous he is so cute ♡
(A little headcanon drabbling, you say?)
Dimitri wouldn’t be nervous. He would be having a low-grade panic attack consistently over the entire six weeks it took him to work up the courage!
He had heard so many stories about how gallant and strong and witty Jeralt was from you. The man was an amazing leader, and a tender father who cared deeply for his child.
Very, very deeply. As in, whenever a man or a woman would proposition you for a date, or something similar… Jeralt had their asses in the dirt before they knew what happened.
The idea of proposing to you, and ask for that man’s blessing was petrifying. The King-Elect of Faerghus had been through Hell and back a thousand times. But he would have to do it once more.
You would try to reassure him when you caught him being particularly gloomy. Jeralt was a fair man, and he held Dimitri in high regard.
That would definitely plummet once Dimitri took him aside to ask this of him, but it had to be done. Besides, it’s not like he would try and kill the king, now, would he?
…Would he?
Of course, after six weeks of odd behavior and being avoided by a man Jeralt had taken under his wing like one of his own, he had already suspected what was goin on.
Besides, you may be quiet, but you weren’t one to keep things from your father. You’d hinted that something was on the horizon soon, and hopefully, he would approve of it. That something hit him late one night, after a few goblets of formidable wine with the fidgeting lion, himself.
“Sir Jeralt…sir…there’s a reason I asked you to come here, tonight. …Sir.”
“Other than enjoying a fine bottle of wine between friends?” Jeralt stirred the wine slowly in his chalice, eying his prey like a wild tiger.
Jeralt would have known his answer long before you told him what you suspected. He knew how much Dimitri cherished you.
Even though the poor king was bumbling over every word and stammering between breaths, the devotion he felt for Jeralt’s daughter was undeniable.
Of course, Jeralt would let him squirm for a while before relenting and giving him his blessing. He could think of no better life for you than what he always felt you deserved; one of peace, safety, and wanting for nothing.
That, and, of course, having someone who was so very in love with you he’d prostrate himself  on the floor to beg for your hand.
Jeralt would never forget watching the king of an entire nation getting on his hands and knees before him, asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage.
Him! A mercenary!
How could he say no afer a show like that? 
Jeralt would be sure to tease Dimitri every time he saw him for a solid month or two after that showingThe only thing he found more joy in was seeing that soft smile on Dimitri’s lips when you held his hand, your new engagement rings glimmering on each other’s fingers.
What a fine pair they make, Jeralt would think.
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Love always ...from a distance .❤️🌹💫
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- thomas aquinas
happiest of birthdays to you beloved @lovepattranite ♡
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Tumblr media
Despite the warm weather and bright sunlight, Rocinante was in full comfort mode, sporting his favorite striped sweater and a lazy smile as he approached Enel, standing by to wait for the other to set his book aside. Then he wasted no time in claiming that space previously occupied by anatomical plant studies, settling into Enel's lap as he swung his legs to the side over the arm of the garden chair, getting comfortable. Nevermind his innocent look, this wasn't his plan all along, nope.
Tumblr media
It’s a casual afternoon where nothing has been planned, they are both following the rhythm of the world, lazy and relaxed. He cherishes those moments where they are allowed to breathe for once, forgetting who they are and what are their duties, only sharing the best memories. Seated and half lump on his favorite chair, Enel doesn’t bother looking up when Rocinante arrives, for once not stumbling over him, his feet almost gracefully walking over the green grass. Enel turns another page of his book, ready to take a few notes regarding the summer garden he’s preparing before he senses the needy stare of his fiancé over him. Certain that Rocinante wouldn’t walk away, standing like a gargoyle by his side, Enel looks up with some mischief in the eyes, and eventually pushes his book aside.
“What, now? You have some cuddling emergencies?” Enel asks, while his taller lover decides to claim his lap as his new throne, swinging his giant legs over the arm, testing at the same time the resistance of the chair, both of their bodies quite large for that poor item. “Mmh… You know I was studying for our garden, right?”
Tumblr media
However, his tone is nothing but gentle, Enel hands automatically sliding around Rocinante’s body, one circling his arm, the other resting on the opposite arm chair, where he can brush the muscles of his back, hidden under the layer of his sweater. That’s probably the Rocinante he loves the most right now ; no uniform, whether he’d be the brightest or darkest one. He’s deprived of any mask, blond locks reflecting the rays of the afternoon sun, and his chocolate eyes gleaming with an aftermath of happiness and safety feeling. Enel secretly feels his pride swelling once again, certain that this state of pure blissfulness is only happening because of his presence. He’ll take the rewards anyway, a deep and content sigh escaping his throat, while he closes his eyes for a second.
Silently, he slides his left hand under his sweater, not seeking for any sort of sexual connection, but something rather intimate; the kind of touch he has never been able to perform on anyone else but the blond-haired man seated on his lap. He lets his fingers blindly follows the scars hidden there, each scratch receiving the most devoted attention, while Enel presses his cheek against his chest, his mind focused on the soft beating of his heart. It’s a melody he wouldn’t ever get tired of, always steady and calm, like background drums echoing as a quiet thunder, matching the pace of his own organ, whenever they are seated like this. While he continues to trail the infinite imperfections mapping his warm skin, all of them printed with memories, important, forging who Rocinante is right now, Enel slides his head up, his lips finding a shelter in the crook of his neck.
Rocinante tastes like a summer dawn, where the horizon is colored with the most vivid colors, red and purple dancing with ochre and silver, when the night is not entirely out and yet coming and enveloping the world like a soft veil. With the pressure of his lips, Enel can sense the strength of his training, the fragrances of rosewood and sandalwood coming from the products he uses to wash himself, marking his skin with manly scents Enel wishes to worship until the end of time because it smells like home. It should be forbidden to love someone the way he does, to be blessed by the adoration of both a demon and an angel, Rocinante’s morality always swinging at the edge of two worlds he’s terrified to fall in. One last greedy peek left onto his tan flesh, Enel eventually nuzzles there, unable to move.
“I wish the world could stop its motion right now…” Enel whispers, his hand traveling on his fiancé’s torso eventually falling down to cup his waist, his thumb describing gentle and slow circles. “To be God only to keep you there forever.”
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♡̷ im outta this f*cking world, i'm the best anyone has ever had, the type of person you won't find twice
i am literally a real life evie zamora, i came back spiritually, physically, and mentally unrecognisable, no ones doing it like me fr.
♡̷ i shock the world with my glow up, no one ever saw that sh! coming.
there is no other like me, im everyones obsession, everyone is irrevocably in love with me
♡̷ even on a bad day imma ten/ten.
everything is mine, everything works in my favour, i get everything i want in an instant
♡̷ i always keep people on edge and wanting more from my energy, my vibe is like no other, people want conversation with me for hours on end, my aura is so beautiful, there is no time better spent than with me.
i have the perfect self concept, everything in life is to my benefit. i deserve the world and more
♡̷ my manifesting abilities skyrocket, it's really f*ck tha physical, all is gifted to me.
im a f*cking rockstar, i got that pretty but intimidating, dark feminine energy. i walk in a room and am instantly met with respect, i exude high value, and abundance, i get harvard level hype and its 100% deserved
♡̷ i got everyone looking in my direction, watching for my next move, stalking my socials n’ tryna get wit what im on, im just that addicting ^_^
. *     .      ⁺   .⁺       ˚ . *     .      ⁺   .⁺  
my life hits so different, everyday is a new chapter, i always wake up refreshed and motivated for a new day, everything is happening for me, i am so blessed, i am that girl!
♡̷ my eyes are so alluring n’ attractive i put people in a trance w eye contact, my gaze is so intense it sucks people in..
i effortlessly stay on people's minds, im like a high u can’t come down from, i leave people with an unforgettable feeling
♡̷ i am in a completely differently league, no one will ever amount to me, ok? i have lines of people waiting for a chance with me
i’m truly centred, focused on myself and healing atm, no one can f*ck up my vibe, my energy is untouchable fr, i am worthy of everything, sexy + funny too <3
♡̷ my life is beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and in order, i go with the flow and never stress about having control or being obsessive, the essence of life flows through me and i am one with nature, only experiencing peace, love and understanding
i love looking virginal but truly being the sexiest maneater on earth
♡̷ i have infinite charm and charisma, my personality is minx-like and free, i'm always observed as mysterious, laid back, and ethereal, something about my energy just exudes confidence and a slight cockiness in a tiktok f*ckboy kinda way, i know im the sh!t period.
im my only focus, im centred on my self, self-centred i guess you could say ★
♡̷ everyone wants to be like me, b having a whole identity crisis when they run into me, they copy the whole blueprint
my bank is overflowing, my pockets are full – idk where i’m gonna put all this f*cking money!?
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obedience [kamisato ayato x reader]
cw manipulative controlling lovestruck ayato, breeding kink, body worshipping, female receiving, female masturbation , penetrative sex, mentioned of public sex, spitting and choking
read part one here • the song of the fic
also thank you for the 1.7k on the first part 🫶🏽 this is for @cheolinn the chronic ayato simp
Tumblr media
you knew when you saw thoma standing in front of the torii gate of the entrance of the grand narukami shrine that you were in trouble. deep, deep trouble.
“my lady,” he bowed and you couldn’t help to cringe at the sound of it.
you couldn’t help it; it was the yashiro commissioner’s order and he and the rest of the kamisato clan were just following orders. his absolute orders.
“thoma, it’s fine to call my name. we are not at the estate,” you muttered gently, almost apologetically as you called him forward, “what is it now?”
it’s always something with him.
“my lady shouldn’t be working,” your body shivered as he grabbed the back of your kosode, holding it down as his fingers travelled up along your spine. the bed shifted underneath you and you could feel his chin resting on your shoulder. you shot him a glance, rolled your eyes, shoving him aside as you continued to dress yourself up. “shrine maiden isn’t a job, it’s a responsibility,” you stood by the door, sighing before turning around only to be met by the sight of his bare chest.
“i need you here. your responsibility is with me,” he muttered, hands around the collar fixing the front of your kosode, before gently brushing strays framing your face. “how long can i wait until i can have you to myself all the time, hm? my patience is thinning, i don’t like sharing with miko.”
“until i’m blessed with a child.”
he chuckled, “oh, i can start doing that now.”
you never bolted out of the room so fast in your life. alternating life between the grand narukami shrine in the morning as a maiden and kamisato estate at night as the yashiro commissioner’s lady has become a conflict. ayato this, miko that, ayato here and miko there. but if you ever complain, he would never let you step foot outside, even out to the coridor. you’ll be confined to his side, not that you would ever complain but ayato can be handful. at the shrine is the only way you could be at peace; any visit from the yashiro commissioner would be strictly business and you could just observe from far, ignoring his sharp glance and pretending you didn’t even know him.
“my lord would like you to be back the estate as soon as possible,” you squinted your eyes, sure that it isn’t only the message he would sent thoma climbing the mountains for and the housekeeper knew it. but he seemed to be struggling to string up words; words that would sent you into another fight with the commissioner. words that would be the reason you’ll be tied to the bed drove into overstimulation. you knew that. have it ever stopped you from pushing his button? never. the marks cleverly hidden under your sleeves suddenly ached.
“tell the yashiro commisioner i’ll be back before dawn, as usual,” you dismissed yourself, rubbing on the marked wrist as you walked away. but thoma was persistent. he scrambled up the stairs, on tail as he shook his head.
“my lady-”
he stopped his track, as you turned around, annoyance etched on your face, “don’t call me that.”
“lord kamisato insisted now. and i can’t go back to the estate without you,” the man’s cheerful smile disappeared, concern etched on his face was something you find unusual. you could feel your own heart pounding in your ears. “please, y/n, let me accompany you home.” you contemplated your next move, staring at the paperworks you were holding for the upcoming event lady miko was planning. torn between your duties but the idea of sending thoma back alone without following the commissioner’s order was slight terrifying. if ayato wanted to be mad, he should be mad at you, not thoma.
“can you at least wait until i hand this to someone? just few minutes then we’ll go,” you sighed, nudging on the paperworks and you had never seen such a relief in the housekeeper’s eyes. thoma agreed while you rushed away, doing your best to delegate all works to your fellow maidens, apologizing profusely before rushing back to thoma. the long way home couldn’t feel more shorter, blood rushing all over you for some reason you were more nervous than before. the estate seemed so quiet except for the few guards, that wasn’t doing your nerves any good as you fought the urge to puke as you pushed the door.
as expected, kamisato ayato was in the middle of meeting. your eyes met from a cross the room and you never wanted to thank thoma for being so persistent into dragging you home as the commissioner was clearly not a good mood. chatters stopped and you watched as eyes turned to face you. “i’m sorry for interrupting, i’ll be waiting outside,” you bowed, flushed in embarrassment but he stopped you before you could ever grab the door. “no,” he spoke, “the meeting is done. we’ll continue this at a later time,” ayato muttered sternly and you watched as the people scrambled their way out, rushing past you like you weren’t even there until it was just you and him, in the empty room.
you bit the inside of your cheeks, contemplating your next move, thinking of ways to not agitate the already pissed commissioner.
“is there anything you need from me?”
he rested his head on his palm, eyeing you up and down, “is that how you address the commissioner?”
there it is, your head whispered and you fought the urge to roll your eyes as you made your way to him. you avoided as much eye contact as you can, getting down on your knees and placed your palm the floor as you bowed respectfully. “i’m sorry for the disrespect, my lord,” you muttered sternly, casting your own ego aside. you remained there, waiting for him to say a word but nothing came out to him. you heard shifting, clothes against the seat before you felt something cold against your chin.
the tip of his shoes, shiny thanks to his housekeeper rested underneath your chin pulled you up from the ground, forced to meet his piercing violet eyes. you clenched your teeth, unable to hide your annoyance as his face perked up, a small teasing smile grew on his lips. “someone’s a little angry. what is it sweetheart? do you need to be fucked again?” he asked, words laced in nothing but poison. you remained silent, lips pressed tight refusing to play his game. ayato smiled; you are breakable to him. he broke you once, he can do it all again. he let go of you, getting off his chair sitting face to face with you as his thumb gently swiping along your lips.
“you don’t need to feel ashamed, it’s all good. i know you can’t help it, it’s hard to deal with it when you didn’t get to see me last night, i’m happy to help you out now,” you grabbed his wrist, scoffing now you realised what his little tantrum was about. “i was helping with the shrine, i told you this before. you’re acting like a child, ayato. i thought i’m the lady of the house. if you want it, say it. don’t need to sent poor thoma my way because you didn’t get your daily fuck.” his smile didn’t disappear; only growing into a full grin as his laughter echoed the house. it startled you, you could feel the hairs all over you standing up.
“you’re smart. i’ll give you credit for that. that’s what i love the most about you,” his finger reached to squeeze your cheek playfully, “however, we gotta do something about your disrespectful running flaps.” he stood up, walking away further into the estate. you remained there, unsure if you were to follow him or leave until his steps halted. “come or do you want me to drag you all the way inside?”
“i still have work to do at the shrine,” you refused.
he turned around, “who said you’re working there still?” he said it nonchalantly, holding his hand out. “i told you, your responsibility lies here with me. you’re testing my already thinning patience so i took care of it. you no longer need to work there, you belong with me here.” you fought the urge to scream and threw a tantrum but everything is inevitable. you knew this day would come, sooner or later. you wiped your face, composing yourself as you walked towards him, eyeing on the hand he still held up.
“fine, have it your way. on one condition. i’ll agree for a child if we were married,” your voice trembled, but you refused to back down. a marriage would secure everything, a future for you and a future for your unborn child. grand narukami shrine couldn’t be your home anymore so if ayato wants to play the game, you want to make sure that you’ll at least get a fair chance of winning.
ayato tilted his head, impressed couldn’t even describe the feeling bubbling inside of him as he gently caressed your supple cheeks. “so romantic. i wouldn’t think my love are capable of proposing. i was planning to do so after a couple of dinners maybe,” he closed the distance between you, face hovering over your own, “fair enough, you want to have a wedding, you’ll get one. but don’t think that’s enough to get you out of your punishment for leaving me alone last night.”
his hand was cold as it interlaced your own, your feet were on its own mind as you followed him. “ayato, it’s barely past noon,” you whined, his grip was tight. you are a flight risk and he wasn’t gonna let you go. he pushed you in the room, door shutting behind you and his lips were immediately on you before you could say anything else. “i don’t give a fuck about the time. if i want you now,” he breathed against your mouth, “i’ll get you now. i’ll fuck you on the fucking throne in front of the tri-commission if i want too.” his words ran down your spine, sending shivers throughout your body. not because how turned on it made you feel but the fact that he would made it come true.
he had always been serious when it comes to you. your mind wondered to how many times he made his threat came true; times where you were bend over his desk on his paperwork, made sit underneath the table, pushed against the tree of the chinju forest, pressed against the door as he spoke to thoma all with his dick buried deep in any of your available holes.
kamisato ayato’s threats were never empty.
pushed against the wall knocked a whole air out of your chest, his hands worked fast, undoing wraps of your clothes until his palm were against your skin. faint bruises littered your skin, healed bite marks and dent where he, interestingly found a way to bond you with ropes, all his doing and something about it made you felt more pride than shame. had he finally warmed you up to accept him? maybe. was it your aching cunt talking? probably too. it was hard to think when he was worshipping every inch of you.
for every clothes he tried to shed, you followed too. your cold hand against his bare chest made the lord sighed in pleasure. “i like it when you touch me,” he whispered, hand on top of yours as he guided it to his chest, another around his neck. you could feel the rapid heart beating right in the palm of your hand, scoff out of your lips made the man wondered.
“huh, the yashiro comissioner has a beating heart,” you shrugged, “i’m surprised.”
“ouch, had i not shown you enough how much my heart beats for you? had my vision be a pyro, maybe i would’ve melted your cold heart easier, my love?” he cooed, sending your own heart pounding a mess as he abandoned your lips and sunk onto his knees. his name came out of lips barely a whisper as he placed your leg above his shoulder. lapping your thigh, tracing existing marks with his sharp fangs and hoarse tongue that made it trembled.
your fingers gently raking his light strays backward, looking up to you, he looked so innocent. your face flushed in embarrassment, something he enjoyed seeing as his warm breath tickled your burning loins. he was far from innocent. it never started with a small little lick. eyes bored deep on you as his tongue ran up along your slit. swirling and lapping on your lips until it settled around your swollen clit. you were aching. every licks and flicks only made you grip his hair tighter but he didn’t budge.
the only time he would ever look up to you is with a mouth full of your cunt.
arousal dripping down his chin as he continued his assault, making sure to brace your weakening knees from crashing down. you threw your head back hard, unable to even look him back in his eyes. breathing hard with drools dripping down the side of your lips. “a-ayato, slow down,” you cried, desperately wanting to get off but he hummed, ignoring your cries and soldiered on.
you tasted sweet, like nectar. he worked hard to court you and its nothing but pleasure to be the only one worth tasting it. slurping like his last meal, prodding into your throbbing holes while your hips bucked forward against his nose. you wanted to get off so badly, needy almost making you want to beg. his tongue replaced his fingers, buried deep in you as he rested his cheek against your thigh. he looked almost lovestruck.
“you look pretty.”
your face warmed up it made your cheeks hurt. the more you felt embarrassed, the wider his smile was; his wrist didn’t even rest, pressing against your spongy wall harder. “s-shut up,” you cried, hand moving to smack him away. his hand caught your wrist faster, kisses landed on the inside of your hand, down to your palm and the tip of your fingers. you couldn’t fight it, the way he worshipped you, every corner of your body was like a playground for him to play. you were mesmerized, fingertip brushing against his soft lips, tongue cold against your pad, lapping and licking. it was surreal, how much pleasure he could give from sucking on your digits.
your fingers left his mouth with a soft pop, slicked with his saliva and he led it to your clit. he pulled away, falling on his ass, leaning back against his hands, “touch yourself,” his order was simple. he was bare, rock hard both his stare and his cock. “i wanna see you get off, that’s your punishment,” he cooed, head tilted aside in fascination. you could hear him, not that you don’t know how, it felt different with him watching. your cold hand pressed on your swollen clit, and you could already felt your belly tensing. small circles but it was getting harder for you to focus. you could feel yourself getting wetter, the slick sound of your wetness echoing the room and your heavy breathing.
ayato didn’t move, completely hypnotized by you.
the cold wind hardened your nipples, clamped between your fingers. your eyes lidded, rolled back. moans choked in the back of your throat, rambling between his name and things you wanted him to do. you were begging.
that’s how he knew he won.
because beggar can’t be chooser and when they are desperate like you, you’ll do anything to get what you want. and you want him. you were feeding him words he wanted to hear, nothing he could ever coax so easily. even if it was just a love drunk words, he’ll take it. he twitched, but he was better that that. ayato’s mouth dried up, eyes trailing the slick coating the inside of your trembling thighs, his own leaking down on the wooden floor.
throwing his ego out of the window, you almost crumbled to the floor when his mouth latched back on you. “a-yato, fuck, fuc- m’cumming, fuck,” you whined, pressing the back of his head further. he was rougher, needier with hands pressed against the soft mound of your ass, he drove you off the edge. the tensed knot building inside of you snapped and you came on his tongue that was hungrily waiting to lap your sweet arousal.
he didn’t give you time to come down from your high, turned you around and pressed you hard against the wall. his warm breath lingered against your skin, hand around your throat tight with the other around his shaft seeking your aching hole. the stretch was all you need, groaning as his tip slipped in so easily. “have i not fucked you well enough, you kept getting tighter and tighter,” he mewled, pushing deeper until he felt resistance, tugging your head backward. “you’ll be ruined when i’m done with you. you’ll never get anyone better than me, you’re mine, y/n,” his finger clenched your cheeks, forcing your mouth open as he spitted in you. you tasted yourself on your tongue, unfazed by the unhinged look in his eyes.
you are his from start. you are the one foolish thinking you’ll ever leave his side. you can lie to everyone, pretend his glare never ever made your legs buckled but when he’s deep in you, ayato is all you can think about.
he was done playing childish game. you could feel it all when he started moving, every inch of you untouched from his cock. his hips slapping hard against your ass leaving stinging pain. every whine out your throat only made him grip harder. you were numb and dumb completely overstimulated by his roughness. one hand hooked under your thigh, lifting it up giving him a wider access to your wet cunt. his name rolled out of your tongue so deliciously like a prayer constantly ringing in his mind, sending waves of pleasure down his spine.
“too quiet for today, i miss your snarky remarks. have my cock made my lady dumb? aren’t you just the prettiest slut?” he kissed your neck, tongue lapping your salty skin. you nodded frantically, feeling his teeth brushing against the shoulder blade. butterfly kisses he scattering all over you contrasted the rough thrusts that your hips pushed back against to meet him halfway. your trembling fingers slid down, finding your clit again. you could feel it again, the urge to cum all over him and you want it.
the ecstasy of pain and pleasure driving you wild. the heavy pants and deep moans out of his throat made it all so easy. he never denied your needs, reading you all to way as his thrusts sped up. you swore the wall you were pressing against where trembling and shaking on its foundation but you couldn’t care less. his palm pressed on your lower back, putting you in new position gave him deeper access of your cunt, surely to bruise. “please, h-harder, please, please,” you whimpered, he could see pool of tears threatening to spill at the edge of your eyes.
“beg better,” he sneered.
“fuck, ayato, please, i’ll do anything! everything whatever you want, just please,” you choked out, tears pooling now staining your flushed skin. “you always say nice things when you want to cum, it feels like i wasn’t using you well enough. this is not fair,” he clicked his tongue, teasing the lobe of your ears with his tongue. pulling away, not missing the sound of your whine, he threw you on the soft bed, gathering your legs in one hold.
“tell me,” he tapped your abused cunt with his cock, head aside smug look plastered on his face, “who owns this cunt?” he spitted on it, running his cock along your slit.
“you, it’s all yours, f-fuck ayato, please.”
he smiled, “that’s my girl,” and he slipped his cock back in.
you didn’t fight anymore, knuckles white from clenching on the comforter. ring of white formed on the base of his cock as he watched it disappeared in and out of you. he wasn’t selfish, happily providing his fingers on your clit. he was getting closer to his own high too, and his thrusts were sloppier than before. your eyes crossed path, the way he looked down on you, so predatory almost made you cum right there right then.
“oh, y/n, i’m gonna fuck you round and full of my cum,” he grinned, “then m’gonna fuck you round and full with a child.” your body shuddered with the thoughts as he pressed your legs down to your chest, “fuck, your cunt tightened, you really want that don’t you? you wanna me to make you a mother huh?” you nodded in compliance, slurring yes and please out of your mouth. “please, c-cum in me,” you stuttered, your trembling hand resting on his cheek. his eyes widened in joy.
that’s what ayato wants, pure complete obedience from you.
who was he to deny you every needs? everything you want from now on would be his pleasure to give, starting with this. he hummed in agreement, with every brush of your cervix, your velvety walls clamped on him tighter. you were close to cumming and he’ll coax it out of you. nails left its crescent marking as you clutched desperately on. he was not showing any sign of slowing down. your head were empty from his touch, only the echo of your skin together. you felt floaty. you could hear his chuckle, his little coos and teases. your body tensed, snapping you out of your empty thoughts as you let it all out.
the waves of orgasm sending you back into reality.
he continued to rock against you, your throbbing gummy walls sending him into deep desperation to chase his own high. pushing your legs aside and wrapped around his waist, his lips met yours in a feverish kiss. his bone pressed against your clit, he was rougher than before. his hair stuck in his sweaty forehead, he groused and tensed, rocking you and the headboard hard against the wall until you gasped.
you could feel it, his cock twitching deep in you as he spilled his warm liquid straight to your cervix. he had never had an orgasm this intense, beads of sweat dripped down from his furrowed brows on your cheeks, he was seeing stars. he took his time, jerking the base as his spasming cock continued to spill its content in you. not that it matters as the white dripped out of your ass down the slit of your cunt. he marveled down on his mess.
you laid in silence, completely lost track of the time from your little adventure startled only by the feeling of his lips on your cheeks. you felt hollow, your body ached badly as you came down from your high but you were missing him. you want more.
“there’s my love,” he brought your hand up, gently laying a kiss right kn your knuckles, “you were gone for a second, i thought i’d break you completely. don’t you dare leave me okay?” you nodded but something in you isn’t pleased.
his eyes widened as you pushed him, head flat on the bed as you looked down on him. taken him by surprise as your hands caught his wrists in time pinning it down beside his head. he could feel himself twitching underneath you. your eyes darkened.
ayato smirked, “my,my what have i done to you, my lady?”
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Kamisato Siblings, at your Service!
Tumblr media
A/N: This is just pure brainrot. Planning to give this a part 2 but we will see if my motivation is still up to do it.
Summary: Honestly it’s just you whaling for the siblings lol
Warnings: SAGAU (i think thats it honestly)
Ever since you were isekai’d to the world of genshin. You were expecting for the worst outcome because of the countless impostor AU’s you’ve been reading, instead you were greeted by peaceful winds and kind npc’s who couldn’t identify who you were.
People weren’t enraged when you set foot in mondstadt. They saw you as a traveler from a different nation. Though the 5 star characters did recognize you. They recognized you and they all got down to their knees and worshipped you. They were all quick to offer their riches and services to you. Diluc even offered to be your personal bodyguard. Which made venti jealous and proceeded to fight the red haired man, claiming “I’m Barbatos! The god of anemo! I should be the one protecting their grace!” Which just further resulted to more conflict. You didn’t want to be caged and constrained. So while everyone was at each others necks, you flee from mondstadt and seeked shelter in an abandoned house somewhere in between liyue and mondstadt.
It’s been months since that predicament. You heard from passerby’s that mondstadt has spread word to the other nations that the divine creator is somewhere in teyvat. It honestly just made your life a hassle. You were constantly moving from one abandoned house to another. You even have tried to stay at the island near mondstadt that wasn’t on the map but to no avail. Apparently jean and venti remembered you taking them there (when you were doing the quest) and stationed guards there to assist you just in case you went there.
Liyue, on the other hand, had the adepti’s travelling from place to place everyday just to see if they can finally find their missing creator. Xiao was the one who always finds you. Which was irritating because you’re just so tired from going to another place on repeat. The geovishaps try to buy you time from escaping but they were only 2 hits for xiao before they die. You curse yourself from giving xiao such monstrous build. You were lucky at the last time you escaped xiao he was fighting cryo and hydro abyss mages with multiple cryo and hydro slimes. He was getting freezed constantly, buying you enough time to run to liyue harbor and fitting yourself in a box that was in a ship headed to inazuma.
Yeah- your acolytes are annoying to escape from.
As you stayed in an abandoned house somewhere in narukami island, you found out that genshin still works in your phone. You spent your days playing genshin even though you’re inside the game. When you heard that Ayato was the new character being released, you were on a nonstop grind. Apparently playing genshin while inside genshin has it’s benefits. You had infinite welkin and BP, making your life so much easier when farming for primogems. It wasn’t long before you managed to get enough money to bring the yashiro commisioner home. As you stared at his banner, you prayed to any archon and even to yourself (because you’re God, apparently) and wished for him. The night sky was suddenly filled with shooting stars in the colors of blue and occasional purples. You were in awe at the sight. ‘So this is how wishing looks for them’. Unbeknownst to you, everyone from inazuma went out of their houses, relieved to see the creator still well and alive. They wonder who is the lucky person who will be given the blessing of connecting with the divine creator. Who is the person that will get the golden star. As you hit 75 pity, you finally saw that golden star. And when you looked above the sky, that golden star brightly glowed in the dark sky. You even mistook it as a firework. But it wasn’t. You closed your eyes, fearing on losing another 50/50.
Ayato was calmly watching their creator blessing them a myriad of shooting stars. Feeling the relief of their creator being well and still caring for teyvat. His eyes widened as he saw the golden star that was glowing brightly. He felt a pang of jealousy hit him when thinking that it means their god had blessed someone in inazuma with their everlasting presence. He remembered the countless times Ayaka and him waited for their golden star, only to not be blessed. Those feelings were amplified when thoma received not one, but three purple stars. He wouldn’t mind getting atleast a purple one. Even a blue one. But all those feelings and memories disappeared as he saw the golden star was directly falling to him. “No..” he whispered as he held his hand out to the star that slowed down when it came near his palm. The star glowed brightly and he was instantly filled with warmth. Ayaka was also shocked at the sight in front of her. Ayato tears fall from his face as he heard a faint voice of the divine creator telling him “Welcome home, Ayato!”
You squealed when you saw ayato came home. “WELCOME HOME AYATO!!!” You exclaimed as you jumped up and down in joy. You were so overjoyed that you forgot the one problem you encountered while farming.
You couldn’t farm their ascension and talent materials for some reason.
As you sat down again, being bummed out by that. In the corner of your eye you saw your phone glow. Glancing back down to the device you were shocked to see the banner changing again.
It was Ayaka’s banner now.
You looked at your phone and to the night sky and thought ‘well, there’s no harm in wishing for the other sibling is there?’ And with that, another wave of blues and purples filled the night sky.
You swear you heard a distant cry when the gold star fell somewhere near the kamisato estate again.
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etheralyonn · 3 months ago
appreciating each other is an important part of a healthy relationship. filling their hearts with love and softness as they rail you. — body worship + soft sex
ft. hanma, wakasa, manila!mikey, bonten!kakucho
cw: 18+ only! unprotected sex, creampie, scars mentioned, body worship, oral (m!receiving), fluff, comfort sex, bathtub sex
an: requested by @21-06-1996 ( for hanma ) and @wakasasearring (for wakasa) !! i hope you like it as much as i enjoyed writing. likes and reblogs help a lot and are appreciated!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“have i ever told you how much i love your hands? these tattoos, your fingers—” your palm press against his. your hands are so small compared to his and it's making him dizzy. cute, his mind erupts.
“why?” he is breathless when your fingers latch around his skin. “it's beautiful” your lips part, the warmth of your mouth inviting as your lips suck his milky skin. “it makes me feel safe” you conclude, taking the other hand as your press soft kisses along the kanji of his 'punishment' tattoo.
you bat your eyelashes, gazing at his golden orbs. his throat feels dry, heartbeat erratic. the ink speaks to you in ways that shuji struggles to. blooming a smile, you kiss his hand, murmuring love poems with your lips. in the dark thorns you feel while you're outside in crowds, his hands hold yours gently, assuring you safety.
like a child to their mother, you feel belonged and gleeful in his arms. “that's the first time someone has ever told me that” he licks his lips, words heavy in his throat like a lump, “that they feel safe with me” his voice breaks, lips quivering and he wonders how you always manage to make him feel vulnerable in a comforting way.
hanma considers you his goddess as you sink on his length, taking him to the brim. your nails leave crescent marks on his chest as you bounce on top of him with a rhythmic pace. your legs are tense but oh god it feels so good. warmth filling your sides as his hands snake around your hips, bruising it as your quiver in his gaze.
“you make me feel so good baby” his eyes half shut, sweat sheen on his skin as he solely focuses on the feeling of your walls squeezing him tighter with each stroke. your lips suck on his tatted skin, moans reverberating against his 'sin' tattoo as you whisper sweet praises.
“feel so, g-good shuji. i love- you so- much” you choke on syllables. his mind is going crazy at the way you are basking him in your love. “fuck!” he grunts, abdomen tense as he feels his high. you feel it in your gut too. your thighs tense, trembling on both sides of his figure as you sink down again. it feels euphoric. hips stuttering as your sweet liquid fills warm against his cock.
coming down your high, you hold his hands as you whisper “i love you” against his lips. taking his hand to your face, your lips plant messy kisses on his tatted skin. the love flowing to his heart as his white spurts leak out from in between your thighs. a final peck to the palm of his hand and your gaze meets his golden orbs.
“you are the best thing that has happened to me,” your voice sweet like honey. a peaceful smile glazes his lips,“I am so blessed to have you. never let go of me.”
“i never want to.”
your fingers tangle in his dual-colored hair. the sudden cold breeze from the open window lifts it, dancing on the air before settling on the softness of your palms. you smile against his head, planting a kiss on his crown. it makes him feel loved and a small smile tugs his lips.
“what are you doing?” he sighs. love fills his heart at the glistening gaze of your eyes.
“nothing, i just love your hair” your knees dig on the warm bed as you lift yourself to get on top of him, throwing your thighs on both sides of his frame. his smile is pure, showering on you like a blessing. your lips trail soft kisses along his jaws and chest, sweet affirmations let out for him.
upon reaching his hip, you suck on the skin, faint scars visible on his skin. “i love you so much” you whisper. sucking the skin harder, tainting purple marks. you lower yourself. your breath is hot against his shaft as the tip leak with pre-cum.
“shh... let me take care of you tonight” you cooed. your tongue drag against his shaft before sucking on the flushed head. shuddering at the warm contact of your mouth around his girth, his hands come to grip your hair immediately. rolling your tongue around his cock you take him in fully slowly, inch by inch.
you feel him in your throat. squeezing him so tight he's not sure if he can last much longer. the rhythmic bobbing of your head has his eyes glossed over, tears prickling the corners. it feels so ecstatic, so intimate as your hands come to lace with his.
“so good- i think i'm gonna-” a gasped groan reverberated out of his chest, letting you know that he is close. your eyes shut as your cheeks hollow, sucking him so well. pulling away, his white liquid spurts against your skin, staining your chest with it.
his cheeks are flushed with a deep shade of red as heavy breaths leave his parted lips. “thank you for always being gentle with me” he chokes out before sinking his lips on you. so warm and soft, just the right way to make you giggle and smile afterward.
“i love you”
you sigh, head resting on his chest as his body sinks comfortably in the material of the couch. peering through your eyelashes, his eyes are half lidded but focused on you— as always. you hum, hands lifting so that your fingers trace the dark ink on his neck.
the dragon tattoo stared right back at you. retelling stories that made him who he is today, broken but still him. he is still him with all his flaws and scars. mikey looks at you with fondness, a gasp escaping as you softly kiss his cheeks and down his neck.
your touch soothes his cold heart and his grasp on your waist tightens. “i love you so much, manjiro” your knees dig the material of the couch, trapping him in-between your soft thighs. running your fingers on his chest and abs, tears bead his eyes and a hoarse whisper leaves his lips, “kiss me.”
your mouth is warm against his and you're so gentle with him, it makes his heart melt. melting kisses on the parts where he is insecure about as you wrap your hand around his girth, aligning it with your cunt, you sink on his cock. he's stretching you so well, broken moans leave your parted lips.
your sweet arousal drips down your thighs as you bounce on top of him, each stroke of his cock making your eyes cross, but his hands come up to hold your waist. gently squeezing your skin as if grounding you. “baby” he coos as he feels your walls clench around him.
“it feels so good—” you whimper, your mind filling with euphoric pleasures. your muscles tense and hips stutter. sweat glaze your heated skin as your chest heaves up and down. you look so pretty like this. mikey thinks you're an angel as you press your forehead against his softly, smiling down on him.
“oh- fuck!” he grunts, painting your walls white with his liquids. his eyes close, cock throbbing inside you as he holds your body gently. “i love you, every part of you. even the parts you don't like” your sweet words vibrate against his earlobes, your face glowing and a wave of warmth fills him.
water splash as your legs wraps around his waist, peering through your eyelashes, you notice kakucho lifting himself from the warm water of the bathtub. a smile resting on his face as his arms come to snake around your waist. trapping you in his warmth, he pulls your body closer to his chest.
“you're so beautiful, kaku” you mumble against his skin. your lips press against his scar, his eyes closing as he let himself bask in your love. guiding his cock in your cunt, it feels so good when your walls squeeze around him, soft whines let out for him to ponder. “baby” your lips sink on his, a quick kiss before you pull away, “i love you” you whisper in between your kisses.
his eyes are becoming glossy as your hands cup his face gently, fingers tracing his scar and the tattoo inked on his chest. his hips snap against yours at an unrelenting pace that has your lips parted, sweet whines let out for his ears. but your soft gaze never leaves his eyes, and the realization that you love and accept every part of him settles on him.
as if the weight had been lifted off of him, he smiles, clashing his lips on your skin. “i love you” he whispers against your neck, trailing the kiss down to your chest. the wet contact of his balls slapping against yours has your cunt shamelessly fluttering around his girth. “ah- kaku- feels s' good—” you sob, body tensing with immense pleasure.
his teeth nibble your skin, so soft and tender, it makes him dizzy. “you're squeezing me so tight, baby” he grunts, hips pulling back only to thrust harder, hitting that deep spot that has you writhing in his arms. your moans only get louder. you feel your abdomen tighten, thighs squeezing tight around his frame as you come undone.
panting, you plant soft kisses along his jaws and chest, sucking on the skin around his tattoo lightly as you feel him spurt his sweet liquid inside you. you feel his cheeks shade crimson, eyes still hazy as they try to focus on you. “i'm so glad you're mine” your lips sink on his again, as if you just can't get enough of each other.
“i haven't been this relaxed in ages” holding your face gently, his thumb rub soothing circles on your cheeks, “thank you for always taking care of me” and his love has you tearing up because you know how much you love each other.
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twistfantasies · 9 days ago
I loved the "sleeping with a plushie" fic!!!! Could I request a part 2 with Vil, Trey, Lilia, Azul, and Kalim?
A/N: Awwww yea we gotta part 2 here. I have a few other requests in the box asking for more of this prompt, and so we'll be seeing more in the future (some characters overlap and i'll just put links). Not gonna lie, did not expect the first part to blow up like it did. Hopefully I can recreate that heart-throbbin' magic y'all loved once again! I'm putting Vil in part 3 since he's an overlapping request, and I like to keep things at a 4 character limit!
Prompt: They see you sleeping with a plushie! Characters: Lilia Vanrouge, Trey Clover, Azul Ashengrotto, and Kalim Al-Asim Warnings: None! Very long. I need to stop going on tangents Part (2/?): Previous Next
Trey Clover
Not to boast, but it's Trey's "thing," to be the level headed one of his dorm. The Queen's right hand.
The saint sent from above to protect all under the dictatorship
The one who carries blessings of goodwill in the form of sweet delights and cares for all his underclassmen
Heartslabyul's beloved "big brother" that all students look up to and see as a beacon of peace
....pfffft. Quite the "reputation" he has, if one could even call it that. You don't, that's for sure. Not after watching him get kicks from his little pranks, or strategically avoiding any conflict unless (1) it's absolutely necessary, or (2) he can benefit from it
Sure, the man has a good heart and takes no joy from other people's sadness. He is the definition of 'neutral good,' but by the seven do the students of NRC put him on a pedestal.
Maybe it's because he's spent so long next to Riddle? Perhaps when compared to him, Trey's way of neutralizing the atmosphere has amplified his 'saintly-ness'? Whatever it is, you never bought into it. He was just a man who couldn't say 'no,' because he dislikes confrontation.
In fact, you often found his life a comedy show. Trey was like a dog-walker being dragged in different directions by multiple leashes. He just wanted to be left alone to his own devices, yet there was always someone looking for him. Requests upon requests, tasks after tasks; all looking to this supposed angel that has no desire to fly. You would watch from the sidelines, and eventually Trey caught on to this onlooker of his misery
In the beginning Trey thought your involvement was coincidental. Being friends with the majority of his dorm is likely why you are always around, right?
Wrongoooo. All assumptions of you being his 'innocent bystander,' crumbled when heinous cackling seemed to follow in his wake. He made the mistake of acknowledging you when the Ace/Deuce duo had somehow blown up the kitchen and were begging for his help. Silent signals screamed "please get me out of this," as he stared you down in the distance. And what did you do??
Just gave him a thumbs up, mouthing the words 'give me a good show' with a cheeky grin
That day, Trey discovered why you truly stuck around. Not for his dorm-mates, not for your friends, or in search of a favor. You came for him, because your sick kicks came from watching someone other than yourself get tossed around like a rag doll
In a way, Trey's role in Heartslabyul is the closest any student will experience to the life you lead at NRC.
Trey doesn't kick you out or tell you off. That's unnecessary since you're not hurting anyone (except his pride, just a tad). He leaves you be, but don't expect to always get off easy. Oh no, he can play the game too. He'll subtly volunteer you to lend a hand when he is 'unavailable,' and slip teasing notes into your hands when passing. Playful glares sent across the room, harmless pranks in your tea-time snacks, levitating the chair you're in to kick you off, selling you out when the troublemaker freshmen want to have fun...Trey plays the game well, letting you get the blunt end of his more mischievous side. The one only his close friends have picked up on
Although now he's reached an impasse, where one side wants to perform the ultimate prank and another wants something more akin to a hidden desire. The day had been odd, with you not appearing once around his dorm after classes. By this time there would normally be some trouble brewing or you'd surprise him with a prank of your own. Keeping him 'on his toes,' as you'd often say
Yet there had been no sight of you. Not a trace of your presence anywhere in sight. A very rare scenario, one even more oblivious Heartslabyul students noted. Instead of favors Trey had to deal with questions of your whereabouts, each making his heart squeeze a bit tighter than before. Something wasn't sitting right.
It's near curfew when he gives in, slipping on a light jacket over his pajamas and beginning to make rounds around his dorm. "Seven's forbid if this is another one of your jokes...just you wait," he grumbled and flicked on a flashlight. If you were not here then he would turn in and use a pastry delivery as an excuse to stop by your dorm. A tampered pastry as penance for worrying him, of course.
Trey walks the length of his dorm halls twice, checking corners and spaces you could hide in. Only when the clock chimes again does he exhale in defeat and begin the walk back to his room. He enters, turns off his light, and right before he climbs into bed is when he sees it.
A small opening of his closet door, and poking out is a familiar shoe.
"Are you serious? Please don't tell me..."
Trey eases himself towards the door to peer inside, and when his assumptions are confirmed he pushes the door open in full. There you were, on the floor of his closet and dead asleep. Trey can't even begin to wonder how you got in or how long you had been sitting in there. The box of markers and stickers on the floor give him an uneasy feeling, as if he was very close to getting an overnight makeover if you hadn't fallen asleep
He crouches down with a sigh, moving to shake you awake when he sees something that makes his breath halt. Disregarding the nest you've made in his clothes, your hands had his little sibling's stuffed dinosaur in a death grip. They had given it to Trey as a parting gift. He treasures it of course, but plushies aren't really his thing so it was stored away for safe keeping
You appeared so calm. A complete contrast to the menace he's grown fond of. He reaches a hand out to adjust your head to a more comfortable position, and lingers for a moment when your breath fans his skin. Trey pulls back slowly, smiling softly and admiring his work.
He eyes the markers on the floor once again and gets an idea. There's no way he can sleep soundly with you here, so as recompence you will soon be walking around with his trademark clover drawn onto your face
In permanent ink
Lilia Vanrouge
"Is not there a saying humans have about my kind? Fufufu, to 'have ears like a bat,' yes?"
Lilia knew about you long before you even thought of approaching him. Do you remember that fateful day in the cafeteria, in which he picked up on your table's idle gossip about his dorm? He had indirectly chided you all for nosiness and not being forthright.
What a hypocrite, considering he has been snooping in your personal buisness since the day you arrived. He hears everything, sees everything, and most definetly knows everything. His wisdom is well beyond the years of the children at NRC, and he knows an omen of chaos when he sees it
You. You are the omen of chaos. A being from another world with ideas unlike the people surrounding him. He's seen many things, but interdimensional travel is new. To say you had piqued his curiosity is an understatement
and chaos did you bring. Everywhere the Ramshackle's prefect went, drama followed. You have this pull that makes others gravitate towards you. They resist at first, treat you poorly, and eventually something cuts the hanging thread and you've solved problems that have brooded for years. You unknowingly create disarray, which unfolds into peace. Lilia has never seen such quick handywork.
"The mirror makes no mistakes. Rid your eyes of rose and see for yourself," he had said to Sebeck one evening. The child disliked how often his master disappeared to visit you in the night. You were a bad influence in the eyes of many. A non-mag with the headmaster's favor, who sends unsuspecting students into over blot. You were the scapegoat to blame for all the destruction, and needed to be sent home.
Sebeck could not understand why Lilia trusted you so much. Lilia trusts few despite his relaxed demeanor, yet you've earned it so quickly. How can the vampire feel secure in letting Malleus visit you day after day, or letting his son laze around your dorm during downtime. There were times when Sebeck himself faltering and buying into your charms, before snapping back to reality. Time and time again he's attempted to convince his masters of your dangerousness, only to be brushed off and told to look at you more closely
"It seems you need a little push. How about a story?" Lilia relents, albeit amused at his pupil's desperate attempts to both resist your pull and protect others from what isn't a threat.
When you had first been brought to Twisted Wonderland, Lilia noticed your shine instantly. Your aura was unlike any other in the room. He watched you appear in the ceremonial robes, utterly confused and clutching your arms protectively around your chest. A mouse in a room full of snakes.
For a time, he left you alone under the assumption that Crowley would send you back to your world. When that failed? He bided his time, watching you and learning. An enigma with no records to go off of, so all he could do was observe and make mental notes
During this time he felt a one-sided fondness begin to grow. He never had roses to blind him from the start, but your pull was infectious and disarming. He allowed himself to settle and let you act freely
At least until Malleus took an interest. Like Sebeck, Lilia was wary of the bond you both were forming, despite how you are seemingly unaware of who Malleus is. No one else would dare call him something like 'hornton'. With no other options and Diasomnia's recent involvement with the Savanaclaw over blot incident, Lilia resorted to some underhanded work.
He snuck into your dormitory during the night in hopes to find information. An identification card, diary, passbook, cell phone- basically anything he could use to learn more about your predicament. He started in the living area, bypassing the ghost trio and moving across all surfaces without a sound. Finding nothing, he made his way to the study area. Again. Nothing. Ramshackle was by no means large, and eventually his search lead to the only room with dim light coming from inside. Your bedroom.
He went in, sticking to the shadows and avoiding the illumination of the fireplace. He notes how most of the room looks inhabited, with nothing sticking out aside from a small book on the end table next to the bed.
Lilia picks it up gently, and opens to skim the contents. In doing so he catches a peek of your sleeping form under the covers. Grimm lays on the other side of the bed, snoring away in the light of the fire. You face away towards the darkness, curled into a ball around a small plush he has never seen before.
No, that's not quite right. You carried that with you on the day of the ceremony. The only thing that seemed to cross dimensions at your side...
He'll have to ask more about it, and you. Though perhaps it may be the key to getting on your side.
Lilia looks down at the book in his hands, before putting it back unopened and in its origional place. He crouches down with a furrow in his brow, and pushes down the plush in your arms to uncover some of your face. Upon closer inspection, he sees dried trails of tears on your cheeks and dark circles underneath your eyes. His fingers trace them gently, and he wipes the water stains clean.
"Ah. I had nothing to worry about it seems," he whispers, removing one of his gloves to pat your head soothingly
Lilia ends his story, with a soft look in his eye as if he's looking through Sebeck and not at him. The man in question appears more confused than before, with his master's story only being another riddle to sort through. He fails to recognize the true meaning behind it, but understanding Lilia has never been easy.
Azul Ashengrotto
Okay, Azul prides himself in his quick thinking but this may have been overkill. Blessings come in dangerous packages.
Let's rewind a bit so the above line makes sense.
You see, Azul is an ocean dweller. He only recently got used to his land-legs, and do not even mention how flight lessons are going. He will not answer and your existence will be ignored for the rest of the day.
No, he is not being immature. He simply chooses where to place his efforts wisely and that conversation is not on his list.
With that said, you can discuss with him the plans you have set for the long weekend. He would be absolutely delighted to hear what you'll be doing and he can thwart
You see, he has been looking for the chance to take you to his mother's restaurant and show you around the ocean. Just some friendly bonding, y'know? He's not quite comfortable going in his oct-form with you just yet, but mayhap you'd like to peruse may of the shops in his hometown. You could go to dinner, admire the scenery, he could confess his love for you, you can study for next week's exam, and the trip could just be perfect if you'll only cancel your current plans!
Yet, you seem to be dodging the topic.
"You know prefect, it almost seems like you don't want me to know how you'll be spending the weekend. Should I be concerned?" he pretends to appear suspicious, but actually feels hurt by your secrecy.
Azul will admit to removing some disruptions from your time together in the past. He may have been planning to do the same in this case; but still, outch. You don't have to put it so bluntly.
In any case, the last thing Azul expected you to say is that you'll be camping. He remembers how you proposed the "team-building," excursion to Crowley last week. An attempt to get students from different dorms to develop better relationships
The idea was vetoed by the council instantly. None of the dorm leaders wanted to go the extra mile aside from yourself. The only one not to vote was Malleus, who wasn't present like usual.
Azul personally could see the social benefit of a camping trip since it could double as recruiting for his dorm; however, he was already plotting this spontaneous weekend with you.
He berates himself for taking too long and for discounting Malleus' vote. It seems that after the initial denial, you had gone to the fae with your idea in hopes of getting Crowley to still allow the trip. It would simply be more informal, with you leading the event.
Needless to say, with Diasomnia seconding your idea it was a hit. In just a week you had advertised, planned, and gathered students from multiple dorms to go camping for two nights.
Azul is stumped and slightly proud. You look so pleased with your efforts and genuinely excited to see the event through. He has no idea how all this went on under his nose this entire week (*cough*lovesickfool*cough*), but he feels his heart shrivel along with his plan to spend the weekend with you
Well, when in Rome do as the romans do
"Do you have room for three more?"
Alrighty. Azul has never been camping, let alone spent the night outside while on the surface. But there is a first for everything and he is determined to get your attention this weekend.
Naturally he drags the tweels along, no questions asked. Jade is pleased since this is a chance for mushroom foraging, and Floyd is looking forward to messing with the other students during the night. Azul packs all his "necessities," literally dragging multiple suitcases of junk because he spent the entire night reading about camping and the possible dangers
He is not getting ripped to shreds by a bear, or hypothermia from not having enough blankets, or mosquito bites. He brings multiple cans of bug repellant and sunscreen. Fuck mosquitos, the remind him too much of the fanged fae but tinier
Needless to say, Azul brings many things. Enough to make you wheeze and truly see the paranoia hidden beneath those gills of his
He brings so much, that he forgets to bring a tent. Ironic, isn't it?
This makes you laugh even harder. He tries to hide it and send one of the tweels back to fetch it, but forgets that they're mischievous twats
"Oi Shrimpyyy~ Azul forgot his tent, can he share with you?"
He was going to kill Floyd and eat him for supper. If he was in his true form there would be ink everywhere, but Floyd can choke on it. He can choke and then he can-
"Oh? Sure! Go ahead and put your stuff in my tent Azu" - can go enjoy as many of Azul's snacks as he wants. Oh Floyd, he has always been Azul's favorite of the twins. Always so unpredictable and lively.
Azul practically floats over to your tent and sets his stuff inside. He tries to appear indifferent, maybe a bit reluctant out of respect for you. He isn't fooling no one with that doe-struck expression. He is a 'happy camper'
Night rolls around, and as everyone settles in for the night so do the two of you. Only when he's in his pajamas, inside the tent and in his sleeping bag does it hit him
He's about to spend the night outside, with you less than five feet away, and oh seven why did he pack the cheap pajamas? You're going to see his bedhead in the morning and-
oh crap
He was so lost in his thoughts that Azul missed you say goodnight. He's already mentally slapping himself for that, but what's worse is the way you're sleeping
You...you have an octopus. A fluffy, soft, cuddly octopus that you're using as a pillow.
"A-ah...ah..aHH," the man is shaking and biting on his fist to not scream and wake you up.
No way in hell this was pre-planned. Yes he would be flattered if you got that knowing he would be here but the thing is that you expected to sleep alone. That is yours and who knows how long you've been sleeping with it
He can't do this. These emotions. You have to be screwing with him he just-
Don't you want to hold a real octopus instead?
Kalim Al-Asim
The gods were punishing him. He did something bad and they were coming. Kalim doesn't know when, where, what, why, how- but he's got the bad tingles and that means karma is going to knock right up at his door
Oasis? C-can an oasis change the tide? hehe (click link. skip to 4:00)
Everyone calls him silly, but when the literal embodiment of sunshine tells you that something bad is about to happen then SOMETHING BAD IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN PEOPLE
Ahem. In short. Kalim is on edge, and by default so are you. He's not spewing prophecies or anything and he definetly does not want to cause you any distress. However, he has been unnaturally clingy.
Which is saying something, because as one of your closest friends Kalim already spent nearly every hour of his free time at your side. Now he wants more, making sure that you have an escort everywhere
"Not to worry! It's just a few more hours of fun time, right?" he says when you note his anxious fretting. If he has such a bad feeling then why not go somewhere safer than following you?
You don't say this to push off his worries, but because you believe them and want him to feel safe
No what you don't know, is that Kalim's bad feelings never involve himself. They're normally about things like the weather, finances, or people. Gut feelings, the ones where you just know
and his gut feeling is like a compass, pointing straight at you
You can argue that trouble seems to follow you everywhere. You're the notorious prefect that everyone seems to hate and love at the same time, y'know? Battling over blots and slaying bad cafeteria food on the daily
This is different for Kalim. You are different for Kalim.
He's a klutz who relies on Jamil for nearly everything, but he's reliable. He never wants to see you upset or fearful if he can help it. He wants you happy! So if he can stop something, even if it's just this once, he's going to y'know?
"Are you sure? I can come watch! We can have dinner together too and go swimming- or anything really" he said in a rush. You had an important exam for flight lessons that was during his alchemy lesson. He can always may up his coursework but you-
want him to go to class. Okay, but be safe alright? Wear your gear and come find him after class
He should not have left you, or at least asked someone else to watch out on your behalf. Kalim's classroom was situated to overlook the practice fields, and from the window he was able to see your class go out for exams. You appeared confident at your turn, making him giggle at your 'I'm so serious hohoho look at me' façade. He put his beakers down despite his partner's whining, and watched as you soared up into the air on your broom and fly the exam course
only for his heart to drop when a spelldrive disk hits your back and sends you falling into the trees
At some point his lab partner joined to watch, and cringed when the disk made impact. Next thing Kalim knew, he was running out of the room with his professor yelling after him
and now? He's sitting in the nurse's office and holding your hand. The fall knocked you unconscious, but you managed to get away with only a couple bruises and a sprained wrist. The largest bandage being around your torso where the disk hit.
It's weird. This is clearly what the ominous feeling ws warning him about, yet Kalim feels worse now than he did before. It's an empty feeling, where all he can do is keep changing the wet rag on your head and waiting for you to get up.
Someone knocks on the door, and when Kalim tears his eyes from you there's Jamil standing in the doorway with soured eyes and a backpack. If anyone believed Kalim's 'fortune stomach,' it was Jamil.
"Did you bring it?" Kalim take the bag, and opens it to see a plush elephant. He had given it to you as a present when you first became friends, and he always sees it on your bed.
You once said that it reminds you of him. That elephants are smart, goofy, caring, and adorable. The last compliment rang in his hears longer than the others, but he was happy a gift he picked with love had reached you.
For the first time since you fell, he grins and places it under your non-injured arm. as if knowing it's there, you pull it closer to your chest.
"No matter the situation, you're the cutest in the world," he says, adjusting the elephant so that he can hold your hand again, "don't tell any of my siblings I said that, okay?"
He gives your hand a squeeze, staring at your interlocked fingers and smiling to himself.
"I won't leave. Not ever again. Just you wait, we're going to have so much fun when you wake up, and forever beyond"
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justallmybnhabrainrot · 19 days ago
cw: nsfw rant, Virgin!deku, gender neutral reader, frottage, dryhumping, light dirty talk
okay so Midoriya Izuku would be the most beautiful virgin I cannot stop thinking about it
Cause like when would this man have had time to lost his virginity??? Or just be a young man??? Fuckin never okay but I am here to fix that
This man gets some peace and quiet and time to just grow up and attend normal fucking classes because surely colleges must exist in mha because I say they do now
He gets to be happy and chill and he gets to fuck for the first time as a fuckin treat
But until then, oof Virgin!deku is so cute like can you imagine
This man’s has gotten so tall in his adulthood, no matter how tall you are, he is taller, and pretty much whenever he kisses you for longer than ten seconds, you can feel his erection through all your clothes, against your stomach
It’s kind of hard to miss I’m just sayin
And you don’t miss it so every time you stop kissing to look up at him with that little smirk, Deku flushes bright red all the way up to his hair and puts his (fucking ginormous) hands on your shoulders to hold you away
He apologizes, can you believe that? He’s too busy being bashful and gentlemanly to realize your hand is itching to wrap around that cock, to see if you even can-
But no he just smiles and takes your hands in his and tries to get back to what you were doing before you had him panting into your mouth and grabbing at your hips
One night, one Netflix and chill night that ends with you straddling him, you just have enough, because there’s only so many times you can feel his dick twitch beneath you before you lose your mind
He’s giggling beneath you, so flushed and sweet and nervous, and his hands are so gentle on either side of your rib cage and Jesus he is always so gentle and you’ve just kind of had enough
Your hips that were hovering over his, grazing him every so often in a way that had his whole body arching up into yours, grind down hard against that delicious bulge in this pants and the sound Deku makes is fucking magnificent
“Wanna make you feel good, Izuku- wanna feel you and touch you-“
“babyyy” he doesn’t say that, he whimpers it “you don’t have to”
“I don’t have to, but I want to, Izu. I want to feel how hard I make you, I want to feel how much you want me. Don’t you want me, baby?”
yo the man almost cums right then and there. The combination of the ‘baby’ and your pretty, needy voice and the grind of your hips against his cock gets rids of any thoughts of stopping or waiting and replaces them with “fuck.”
And Izuku, bless his sweet, big heart, can do anything he puts his mind to
“pretty, pretty baby how do you taste so good”
“fuck you’re so warm, if I fucked you right now I’d melt”
“you have no idea how much I want you, how much I think about your your face and your voice and your body, this fucking beautiful body”
and the entire time, this man is playing you like a fiddle, his hands wrapped tightly around your waist and moving you back and forth on him like you weigh nothing because, to him, you don’t
And you know what finally tips him over the edge, what has him making a mess of himself and shuddering under you?
It’s you putting your hand in that gorgeous head of dark curly hair and pulling so you can kiss and lick and bite at that beautiful jawline.
Those dark green eyes go wide and wild as you soak in all the rapturous noises of Izuku’s pleasure, and he is whimpering on the verge of tears when you finally relent.
The look on his face after you make him cum for the first time is precious and a sight to be seen.
It’s only rivaled by the eager and just slightly afraid look on his face when you get on your knees and pull down his sweatpants to clean him up with your tongue.
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adalynn-is-lost · 20 days ago
When you fall asleep on him
Tumblr media
Albedo - your weight on him surprises him at first, not knowing you were this tired. He'd usher you to bed if he knew. But as it is, he has you on his lap, unable to go anywhere - and actually, he doesn't even want to! He thinks about your words that he always works so hard and deserves more breaks... This will be his break then. Watches you in fascination, how your eyelids twitch, how you occasionally grumble something and bury your head further into him. His heart is doing backflips during that and he can't help but smile softly. He's lucky to have you.
Ayato - who said he needs to attend to his duties? Thoma in the doorway? Not when he has a precious treasure in his lap - you. He quietly sends him away, you're his priority now. He looks so smug that he has you in his arms, your trust and tiredness very endearing to him. He re-arranges you so you don't wake up in any pain, finding your original position quite hurtful for the neck. Then, he just keeps holding you, occasionally trying to write some documents but he gives up on that pretty fast. Kisses your hair from time to time.
Childe - he's on cloud nine. He'd carry you to a more peaceful location, your weight on him having almost magical effect on his mind. He can't think straight - his thoughts revolve around you and you only. He'd kiss your hair, brow, cheeks, just because he can't contain his excitement. If you start stirring awake because of that, he'd shush you and reassure you that it's okay to continue sleeping. He'd stare down anyone who'd dare to come too close to you.
Kaeya - his face softens and so does his heart. He quietly watches you, wondering what his next course of action will be. In the end, he decides to just pull you closer and sit in a way that would hide your sleeping face - that's only his privilege to see. He feels so blessed to have you with him and he wants to tell you everything... but he knows he can't, not yet. Instead, he just softly tells you he loves you with all of his heart. He would move mountains for you if it would make you happy.
Kazuha - chuckles and starts holding your hand. Starts thinking about all the words he could use to describe you in this peaceful state. Eventually he can't help himself and has to start running his free hand through your hair, hoping it has a calming effect on you even when you're unconscious. He keeps smiling like the idiot in love he is during the entire time. Might write a haiku or two about your angelic beauty later.
Scaramouche - blushes and is really tempted to wake you up immediately just so he can feel his dignity return. But as he looks at your calm face, he can't do it and instead he pulls you closer to him. Whispers to you what he's too scared to say when you're fully awake. His entire speech is ended with a shaky "I love you". His blush didn't subside one bit - actually it might have gotten worse. It's okay though, there's no one to see him. He feels happy and starts considering telling you the same monologue once you wake up.
Xiao - freezes. Refuses to move even a tiny bit, he's too scared he'd wake you up and he wants anything but that. His heart is hammering in his chest, he's so warm inside from the fact you trust him enough to fall asleep with him around. He would protect you no matter what, he made a promise to you that he'll keep you safe and now you're extremely vulnerable and he takes his duties very seriously. Watches you sleep in a wholesome way.
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welcomemysentence · 6 months ago
what for do you yearn
(2.9k, t, post s2 geraskier fix-it, also on ao3)
A little ways down the road…
The night’s gone long at Kaer Morhen. They’ve all been up drinking and laughing in this odd new peace, this hope that none of them quite know what to do with. Ciri’s been in bed for ages, tired out as she is from her training, and now the others slowly head up too.
They haven’t been left alone, just the two of them, since before the battles. Since before Voleth Meir. Since, well.
Yen told him to talk to Geralt about this ages ago, but there had been a whole slew of easy excuses not to, including but not limited to several ends of the fucking world and the simple fact that Geralt seems not to want to in the least little bit.
Maybe it’s something in the air, maybe it’s Yen’s blessing, maybe it’s the question in Ciri’s eyes every day as to why Geralt insisted a non-magical bard stay in the keep for extremely magical battles, or maybe Jaskier’s just finally fucking drunk enough to try tonight, before Geralt makes an excuse to go to bed.
“You know, you never answered my question.”
Geralt stiffens, across the table and a few seats down. They’re not sitting across from each other. Geralt is always careful to leave space between them that wasn’t there before the mountain.
“I asked,” Jaskier says, quietly, “is this what pleases you. Finding Ciri. All of this apocalypse stuff we’ve had to muck through.” He swallows the last of his ale, his mouth feeling like parchment. “You told me you thought ignoring it would make it go away and you were wrong, that’s what you said. You didn’t tell me if this is what you want. Now I know you’re typically awful at answering questions properly so I don’t know if you even noticed, but—”
“I noticed.”
Jaskier’s ears heat. He stares into his empty mug.
“Jaskier,” Geralt says, and fuck, Jaskier hates it, hates the way Geralt saying his name still makes heat curl in his belly, hates the tender, tired tone of it, like Geralt’s always exasperated with him even when he hasn’t fucking done anything. “I…”
Jaskier waits, his foot tapping anxiously against the stone beneath the table.
Geralt sighs.
“...fuck. Never mind. It’s late. Go to bed.”
Something in Jaskier’s chest splinters, shifts sideways to stab at an old, old wound.
Jaskier shoves back from the table. He takes a few steps. And then—
“You know what, no. No. Not fine! Fuck this, fuck you, Geralt! I—” his voice cracks. “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t stand coming here and seeing you open up to fucking everyone else, after all this, after I’ve been there since the damn beginning, after everything I have done for you, you still can’t even talk to me and you won’t even tell me why—”
“Calm down,” Geralt says, lip curling at his mug, and Jaskier goes hot down to his neck.
“Oh ho ho, don’t you fucking dare! Are you kidding me? You must be joking, honestly.” He paces the length of the table, fussing with the edges of his shirtsleeves. “Geralt,” he says, “I’ve fought for you. I’ve defended you. I changed the way the world sees you. I’ve—I’ve been tortured for you,” he says, his voice cracking again, and this time he sees a muscle in Geralt’s jaw twitch. “The things I’ve given up, the things I’ve lost…” He sighs, scrubbing his fists over his eyes. “You know I’d do it all again in a fucking heartbeat. A human one, even, not your damn slow witcher ones. You know what I mean. It’s just—” He sets his jaw. “Yennefer’s not the only one who’s sacrificed for you. And all I did was ask a question. You used to talk to me, Geralt, just a bit but you did and you don’t anymore and I still don’t even know why—”
“Because it’s you!” Geralt roars it loud and sudden, slamming his fists on the table. Jaskier flinches, stumbling where he stands. “It’s you, it’s different, damn it Jaskier, I can’t just—”
“What?” Jaskier asks, uncomprehending. “Why?”
“You’re the only one who asks if this is what I want!” Geralt shoves himself standing, glaring at Jaskier now. “You’re the only one who sees me as what I am, who I am, not the means to an end or a curiosity or a monster, not an arbiter of destiny or the person I could be or the savior of whatever the fuck else needs saving—”
“Then why does that mean you can’t talk to me anymore!” Jaskier yells, flinging his arms out.
“It doesn’t matter what pleases me, does it?” Geralt shouts back at him. “I’ve got a destiny, I’ve got Cirilla to take care of, so what does it matter what I want?”
“That’s real fucking convenient!” Jaskier is horrified to find heat prickling at the corners of his eyes. He turns away from Geralt, burying his face in his hands. “Fuck, every goddamn word I ever write is about you, ever since the bloody day we met, and you can’t even muster up an—”
“You know the answer!” Geralt says, his voice quieter now, rougher than Jaskier’s ever heard it. “You know the answer, Jaskier. You know it’s the same reason I left you on that mountain.”
“And what’s that?” Jaskier shakes his head, staring up at the rafters. “Say it. Say it.”
The silence that follows seems to fill the room like the toll of a bell. When Geralt speaks, it’s very, very soft.
“I can’t.”
Jaskier bites his lip hard enough to bleed.
“You mean you won’t.”
“No, I mean—”
Jaskier spins.
“But you want to?”
Geralt stares at him from across the table, the torchlight reflecting in his eyes. His gaze is steady. He’s looking at Jaskier, really looking at him, for the first time in a long, long time.
“Yes,” he says.
Jaskier’s been burned, beaten, tortured, cursed, and worse, yet he didn’t know he could hurt this badly.
He’s not sure he can survive it.
“You’ve got a shit way of showing it,” he says, his voice very hoarse.
“I know.” Geralt says. “I can’t.”
Jaskier swallows again. He stares at his sleeves, and then no, fuck, bad idea, that’s the best way for tears to slip out, best look up at the ceiling again. There we are. There we go.
“You know,” he says presently, sounding undeniably miserable. “You’re allowed to have good things for yourself sometimes. It doesn’t all have to be destiny and bullshit. What’s going to happen, Geralt? The world’s going to end if you let yourself have something you choose, instead of sacrificing every part of yourself for it?”
“Maybe,” Geralt rasps, and Jaskier lets out a sad little laugh, shaking his head.
“This is worse than if you didn’t want me at all.”
“I know,” Geralt says again.
“Fine, then. Fine.” Jaskier takes a deep breath. “Well, Geralt. Life, as they say, is too short. You’ve got to do what pleases you, while you can.” He straightens. “And I can’t do this anymore. I promised myself, on my way down that mountain, that I would never come back to you unless you stopped taking me for granted. And I broke that promise. But I’m not going to break it again.”
“Jaskier,” Geralt growls, making as if to move around the table to him.
Jaskier doesn’t look at him. Not this time.
“Goodbye, Geralt.”
One week later…
The tavern is packed with adoring fans, cheering him on, filling his cap with so much coin it overflows, and Jaskier’s forced to stuff his pockets to the point of overflowing. He actually needs to pause before the end of his set to head to his room and drop some off in the little lockbox he had to purchase, and when he returns to the stage, it’s to thunderous applause.
This is what his performances usually merit, these days. Especially since it’s been a while since he’s been able to really perform, having been busy with…well.
But now he’s back. And he’s got everything he ever wanted. A veritable arsenal of hit songs, an audience throwing itself at him, free flowing coin and food and drink. And of course, judging by the looks he’s getting, he’s spoilt for choice of partners should he choose to take one for the evening.
Jaskier’s lip trembles. He stares down at the new lute in his hands, one of the priciest on the market. It plays just fine, but it fits strangely in his arms.
He takes a deep breath.
“I hear you’re alive…how disappointing. I’ve also survived, no thanks to you.”
It feels just as good as ever to cry the words. Like digging a nail into a wound half-scarred, painful but savagely nearly cathartic.
“Did you ever even care?” he growls, “with your swords and your stupid hair?”
Jaskier pours the fragments of his heart into the song, the crowd going wild as he croons and howls.
“After еverything we did, we saw, you turned your back on me—”
And that’s when Jaskier sees him.
The world seems to go very still.
He almost didn’t recognize Geralt. He’s not in his armor, he’s got a cloak covering said stupid hair, but it’s him, it’s him, tucked in the corner. The tavern’s door hasn’t swung open since Jaskier got back from his room, so—he must’ve been here for the whole song, at least.
For a moment, he almost drops his lute. He almost runs back to his room and slams the door.
But instead…
Fuck it.
He’s a fucking bard. And no, it’s never mattered so much. But this is what he can do best.
Jaskier closes his eyes and musters everything he has. Every ounce of pain and heartbreak and fury, every bit of hopeless love he knows he deserves to get in return, and he forces it all into the clarity of his voice.
“What for do you yearn?
Watch that butcher burn!
At the end of my days when I'm through
No word that I've written will ring quite as true
As burn
Burn, butcher, burn
Burn, butcher, burn
Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn
Watch me burn all the memories of you.”
The lines start out a snarl, and then fade to a hoarse whisper, as they always do. Because as the crowd erupts into applause and Jaskier sinks onto the stage, he knows he’s never been able to truly burn everything Geralt is to him. He thanks the crowd, smiles and bows, but in his head he hears his own voice from what feels like a lifetime ago.
I’m weak, my love, and I am wanting.
He makes it away from the crowd and to the door of his room before Geralt pushes his way through to him.
“Come to gloat?” Jaskier snaps, fumbling with his key. “Or what, do you need my help again, because I thought I fucking told you—”
“I fucked up.”
Jaskier’s never heard him sound like that before, not once in decades. He’s so hoarse it almost sounds like he’s been crying, which is ridiculous, but when Jaskier looks at him, though his jaw is as set as ever, Geralt’s eyes are red-rimmed, his pale face blotchy.
“Say that again?”
“I fucked up,” Geralt repeats, frowning as if he’s irritated with the very words he’s saying. The jerk probably is. “I’ve been fucking up, with you, because it was the easiest thing for me to do. But I can’t do any of this without you.”
“Fuck you, you didn’t come back for me.” It comes out clipped and far too vulnerable. “You can’t say you missed me when you didn’t even come looking until you needed me.”
“I know,” Geralt says, “I know, it was—easier for me. Not to have you right there while I was trying to do the right fucking thing for once.”
“Because I’m a distraction,” Jaskier says, finally getting the key in and jamming it rather forcefully, “from your real destiny.”
“You know that’s true,” Geralt says, and Jaskier savors the note of desperation in his voice. “Fuck, Jaskier, that song—”
“What about it?” Jaskier says haughtily, crossing his arms over his chest.
“It was…very…”
“If you’re about to insult my singing again, Geralt, I swear to fucking Melitele—”
“No,” Geralt cuts in, and then softer, “no. It was…edifying.”
Jaskier snorts, incredulous.
“Glad I could enlighten you.”
“Fuck, I mean—” Geralt groans. “It was agony, Jask.” The nickname cuts wrong after months of disuse. Both of them wince at it. “Jaskier. It…it’s a good song. I could really feel what you were saying.”
“It hurt,” Jaskier says dully. “It still does. Like a flame, and now I know what that actually fucking feels like, if you recall, and yes, I’d still say the metaphor is apt.”
“I—” Geralt hesitates. Jaskier stares in at his rented room, lovely and lavish and lonely. “I deserve it.”
“Yes, you very much do. That’s why I wrote it.” Jaskier sniffs, strutting inside and lighting his lamps. “Not that it’s about you anyway.”
“Oh, shut up.”
Geralt steps inside and closes the door behind him.
“Why are you even here?” Jaskier asks, setting his lute in its case.
“To ask you to come back to Kaer Morhen with me,” Geralt says, and oh, the number of times Jaskier’s fantasized about that line, wracked with self-loathing as he clasped at himself.
“With you,” he repeats. “Geralt, I guess I fucked this up once before, so let me make this as clear as I can.” Jaskier takes a deep breath. “I’m not coming back into your life unless you actually want to be to me…what you want to be to me.”
Geralt swallows. Nods. Jaskier’s shaking so badly he’s sure Geralt can see it. Can probably smell it or something, fucking witcher senses.
“You were right,” Geralt murmurs.
Jaskier scoffs. “I know.” He clears his throat. “Erm. About what, this time?”
“You’ve always been right,” Geralt says softly. “I’ve been…punishing myself. For a long time now. And I thought that was all right, that I could take it.” He sighs, shaking his head. “But I was punishing you too, and you didn’t deserve that. I was punishing you for doing nothing but—er. Nothing but, well—”
“Nothing but loving you,” Jaskier finishes quietly. It’s like one world ends, a new one begins, just to hear the words said, at long, long last, aloud.
Geralt gives one, jerky nod of his head.
“Jaskier,” he says seriously, stepping closer. “I’m not worthy. I never was, but even less so now. But I will try to be. If you let me.”
And Jaskier really, truly thinks about it. If he can trust this, if it feels worth taking the chance, the risk. He looks into Geralt’s hearth-fire eyes, the tremble in his mouth, the furrow of his brow.
“You’d better try really fucking hard,” he says at last, and oh, he’s never seen Geralt smile like that before. Not like that. Not in utter joy, not in sheer, overwhelming, relief.
“I will,” he says, his voice scratchy. “Jaskier. I will.” He swallows hard, Jaskier watching the muscles in his throat work. He steps closer, and Jaskier does not step away. “Could I…?”
Jaskier’s breath catches in his throat. He tries at once to memorize this moment, the way he feels, the warmth of Geralt’s body, trying, instinctively, to capture it for a song. But that’s not quite right.
This isn’t something that will need to be transformed into something palatable. This isn’t something Jaskier’s going to have to work out through his work. That will come, perhaps, because fuck if Jaskier’s head isn’t more alive with the muse than it’s been in ages, but right now, all he wants is to be in this moment, where he’s been wanting to be for almost as long as he can remember.
“Yes,” he says. “Yes.”
It’s a gentle kiss. Tentative and soft, almost chaste. Just the brush of Geralt’s mouth to Jaskier’s lips, Geralt’s palm on his cheek.
It’s brief and impossibly tender, yet it feels explosive somehow. The terrible intimacy of it, the way they’d come so close to this exact moment a thousand times before and it had never, ever happened and now it finally has. Jaskier feels some of the shattered pieces of his heart just barely begin to hope to piece themselves together.
Geralt touches his forehead to Jaskier’s, after. He’s breathing heavy, as if he’s just been in a fight. He’s smiling.
“It’s you, you know,” Geralt murmurs. “The answer.”
Geralt huffs a laugh. Jaskier can feel Geralt’s breath on his mouth.
“What pleases me,” he says softly. “It’s always been. Always, fucking always. It’s been the truest, most impossible part of my life.”
Jaskier shakes his head as best as he can without moving too far from him.
“It’s possible now, butcher. Don’t you fuck it up.”
“I won’t,” Geralt promises. “I won’t.”
They end up curled into each other on Jaskier’s bed, making plans to travel back to Kaer Morhen tomorrow, but mostly just being close, breathing each other in, letting this new reality wash over them both.
Burn, butcher, burn, he’d sang. His pain had been a flame, scarring him anew every day. He’d kept it lit all this time because he’d held onto hope, he couldn’t help it.
He doesn’t need that flame anymore. He has Geralt now, he really, truly does. And it’s time, it’s finally time, to start to heal from those burns.
Jaskier looks at Geralt now, earnest and vulnerable, there in the firelight.
“I love you, Jaskier,” Geralt whispers.
Jaskier lets Geralt take him into his arms, and, at last, he blows out the candle.
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sidemari · 6 months ago
• Voicelines about you pt. 3 •
Characters included: Aether, Albedo, Ayaka, Arataki Itto, Ganyu and Razor x Fem!Reader
Art: I found it on Pinterest, it's from a donghua (chinese animation) called "Heaven Official's Blessings"
Tumblr media
A dear anon asked me for more voicelines, I guess here they are :)
Aether 🌼
About (Name): She's one of the only people of this world that really helped me in my journey to find my sister, so I keep the memories I made with her with love in my mind and heart. Paimon likes her a lot too and she never stops rambling whenever (Name) is around, so I constantly have to take her away from my flying-friend if I want to talk more. Oh, today is very windy, so the Windwheel Asters must be spinning quickly. If I was in Monstad, I'd visit Windrise with (Name) to gather some of them while we talked. It's a shame I'm far away from her.
Albedo 📚
About (Name): She's... Much like me, I guess. We find relationships quite troublesome and we aren't the most social pair out there. Yet, she has a quality I'm trying to develop properly: she is always trying again, always trying to find good in people and hope in this world. Other than that, she helps me in my lab from time to time. Dragonspine seems to be less harsh and less dangerous whenever she's around. Ah, thank you, you remembered me I have to finish a painting of her. I'll make sure she has this art piece as a gift of our friendship.
Kamisato Ayaka 👘
About (Name): Ah, (Name)-San! Oh, she told me I hadn't any reason to use those honorific with her. Well... Our time together is always peaceful and amusing. She's gentle with me and calm enough to deal with my inability to understand some of her habits. For example, she once took me to... as she said 'fool around' in some places of Inazuma. I wasn't used to being out in public for so long only in order of having a great time, or to eat something and talk about ordinary things. (Name) feels like I should have more fun in my life and she offered help to unwind my mind whenever she's around. I guess I'm talking too much about her, right...? It's only because I love- I mean, I like-... I am not sure... What is this weird sensation?
Arataki Itto 🐮
About (Name): Uh, she...? I don't know a lot about her, I'm going to be honest. But I have to say that she seems to be a good soul to be around. I don't know why, but she seemed to feel a little cornered the first time we've met... Perhaps it's because I'm way taller than she? Or is it due my make-up? What? My horns? Pff, they're way too nice for her to fear me. Anyways, she told me one day she thinks my little bull is cute. I guess that counts as a compliment?
Ganyu ♥️
About (Name): O-Oh, I'm surprised you're asking me about her, since I'm not the best person with words... Um, anyway, I do enjoy her company, perhaps way too much for my own good. It's just I feel so comfortable and secure every time she's by my side... I'm grateful that I've met her some months ago. What?! Who told you about that-? Ah, her... Yes, I do let her free to touch my horns, even if I feel shy whenever she does so. But her fingers are so delicate, her caresses on my hair are so calmly made that I once slept on her lap... She didn't wake me up, I guess she saw I needed to get some rest. We also collect some Qingxins - my favorite flower - together from time to time, just so I can be around her. I have this crown she made of those flowers for me once and I even did a trick on it so the Qingxins will never die. I'm sorry, I tried to make you understand how much I love that pure-hearted girl but I'm not sure if I managed it.
Ganyu, marry me, please, I swear I'll make you happy, my baby <3
Razor 🫐
About (Name): (Name), right? She helps Razor training talking! Um, talking is still hard but I always try my best around (Name) because I want to make her proud. She collects Woolfhooks around the Wolvendom with me and she often cooks steaks and potatoes for Razor! So yummy! Ah, my Lupical feels comfortable with her presence, so I guess she's already part of my Lupical too. At least I think she's part of Razor's family :)
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cellophaine · 7 months ago
You're My Religion (Part II)
Part I
Pairing: Priest!Matt Murdock x F!Reader
Word Count: 2884
Warnings: Priest kink, improper acts with a priest, unprotected sex. If you think you will get offended by the content of this fic, please, DO NOT PROCEED.
Author's Note: It's here! The second part of YMR! I don't know why but this part came to me quite easily. I hope you'll enjoy this one! :)
As always, any likes, comments, reblogs, feedbacks and ask submissions are greatly appreciated!
Prompt requested by: my lovely dovey friend @juniebugg <3
Tumblr media
Fuck him.
Fuck your fucking boss for making you stay so damn late. By the time you got out of the office, it was already 9:30 PM. The sun had long gone, dipping below the city skyline, bringing the temperature down with it. You swung your bag across your body and grumbled as it did little to ward off the cold. The slight drizzle of snow caught on your hair, brushed against your cheeks as you continued your path home.
Leaving work late had been a regular occurrence for you in the past week. Your boss reprimanded you for not putting your best into your assigned project, hence making you handle not only your part of the work but also other little and time-consuming tasks. As much as you hated your boss, you had to admit he was right. A certain priest had always taken up the majority of your thought, and only more so after what happened. It didn't matter how much you determined to forget him, to erase the feel of him on your skin, your lips; he wouldn't leave your mind.
Standing before the crosswalk, you contemplated for a moment before stalking down the quiet street, the one you had been avoiding for the past week.
You walked past many different and exciting places on your way to work, but nowhere could draw a reaction from you like Clinton church - an adrenaline thrill that heated your cheeks, making your heart beat faster. You used to go by the place every day, and sometimes, you would catch the rare, blessed sight of Father Murdock. Then, when there was enough time, you would draw on his attention, and he would always answer your call.
Even though your new route was longer, you took it anyway since you couldn't bear the thought of running into him, much less the mere glimpse of him. And, after the day you had, you didn't want to deal with the holler and whistles from the drunkards that seemed to be at every corner of this city.
Your feet carried you closer to Clinton church as you spoke out loud, assuring yourself.
"What are the chances that you will run into him? None, zero- ah shit."
Fate had a way to toy with your patience and the irony that was your life, as you saw Matt from where you stopped abruptly. He was sitting on the bench, with a soft layer of snow covering him. The white dust had woven into his hair, perching on his shoulders, making his dark silhouette stand out before your eyes. You stopped a reasonable distance away, still close enough to see the redness on his nose and cheeks. A puff of white smoke slithered out between his full lips as they parted slightly. He looked like he was the main subject of a painting - peaceful, with the walking cane resting on his chest, the black tip of it drew the passerby's attention to a face that could only be sculpted by God himself.
As it turned out, God did have favourites.
He must have noticed the subtle change in the surrounding noise, and there was no point in staying in silence anymore. So you spoke.
"You should go inside. It's cold…."
"… as you could probably tell."
You mumbled the last part to yourself, feeling foolish. Matt stood up quickly, and your name burst across his lips in a rush. The snow on him fell to the ground; his cheeks seemed to get reddened even more if that was possible. He cleared his throat, using his cane to feel for the surrounding environment.
"I've been trying to get a hold of you."
"Have you?"
Your casual tone rushed the words out in one go; your gaze fleeted back and forth from his face to the empty street. It was as if you were high on alert, watching out for anyone who might be able to catch on to what happened between the two of you. Your body tensed up at the thought, and your headspace just grew warier.
"Yes. I've been waiting out here for you, every night since that night."
Your heart thumped hard at his confession. It had been snowing every day for the past week. The winter was coming at a rapid pace, and it was hardly ever known for being merciful.
Your voice softened at the edge.
"I meant it when I said I was sorry, for... for committing such an atrocious act with you, for selfishly dragging you into my mess. So I thought it would be best to spare you the guilt and maybe, the memory of what I've done by staying away for good."
"Starting by taking a different route to work."
You chuckled bitterly. Guilt was a basket of rotten fruit, attracting flies and all the dreadfulness that gathered at the centre of your heart, weighing it down. But you couldn't throw it away, for what you had done to Matt wasn't something that you could forgive yourself. For it was not up to you.
"You didn't let me finish my thought when you ran off that night."
You shrugged, more than to yourself than him.
"Was that necessary? I knew what you were about to say."
A moment of quietness followed. Just when you thought Matt agreed with you, his gentle tone indicated otherwise.
"No, you didn't."
He stepped closer to you. Under the flickering streetlight, his face was earnest, open and vulnerable.
"Yes, I did. You would tell me how reckless I was, how I sinned, how I would be damned to Hell..."
"…and how you never wanted to see me again."
That was the worst part.
His gloved hand came up to rest at your chin, tilting your head up to meet his unsighted gaze. And you let him, for his tender touch was irresistible.
"You were wrong. I couldn't stop thinking about you, even before … our kiss."
This week couldn't have been any more confusing. You sucked in a deep breath, couldn't quite believe your ears.
"You feel guilty for dragging me down a sinful path. What if I told you you had nothing to worry about? What if I told you …."
He swallowed hard.
"… that I have been a sinner since the day you walked into my life? And that your kiss only sealed my fate. You didn't ruin me. I was already ruined."
You took a small step back, but his grip on your arm was firm yet, gentle, locking you in place.
"You don't know what you're talking about, Father Murdock."
His head dipped slightly at the formal title spouted from your lips. But his face was absent of shame, only determination and adoration.
"But I do. I've never been more sure. You plague my mind, and I know… I know that it's bad, but I only want more."
"You might be my damnation, but you're also my salvation."
You found yourself speechless, unable to form a sentence since he had already taken your words away. While you might be unable to say anything in return, you knew what would happen next. Matt was aware of that too, and he had absolutely no objection.
As soon as the door was locked behind you, you gravitated towards each other like magnets. You devoured his lips with desperate urgency, and he was just as eager to match up with your pace. Matt's cane joined your bag on the floor, and you stepped back, guiding him with you. Matt dipped his head, trying to catch your lips, but you pulled back and whispered into the heady air in between.
"There's no going back if we do this."
He pressed his forehead to yours before angling his head, giving you a soft touch of his lips on yours.
"I don't want to go back."
Your response was swallowed with as Matt slanted his mouth over yours, more firmly this time, taking your breath away. You tugged on each other clothes; the urgent act was pure hunger and desperation.
You pushed his jacket off his shoulders, letting it fall to the ground carelessly, revealing him in the dark button-up shirt, with the priest collar in place. You whispered hoarsely at his ear, surprised at your ability to speak a coherent thought at this moment.
"You will be the death of me."
You accentuated the confession with a pull on his earlobe between your lips. Matt groaned loudly, and you swore he had just gone weak at the knees. His reply against your cheek didn't help to tame the burning desire you felt inside.
"I could say the same about you."
You left a scattered trail of clothes as you stumbled your way to the bedroom. It was impossible to keep your hands and lips off him, and it seemed like Matt struggled with the same thing. You stepped back, taking a moment to gaze upon his naked torso. What secret was Matt keeping? Because he was shredded. Your eyes took in the cross necklace dangle from his neck, roaming over the hard planes of his chest, tracing the ridges of his abs, following down to his cock - hard and heavy. You swallowed hard, feeling the tiniest sliver of nervousness at the pit of your stomach.
Matt pulled you flushed to his body as you stepped out of the final item on your body, making you gasp out loud. His erection prodded at your belly, and you felt a wave of excitement wash over your skin. You tugged his head down, trying to connect your lips, but he defied your wish. Before you could question it, Matt whispered hotly against your nose.
"Let me worship you."
He dipped his head, pressing wet kisses along the arc of your neck. His hands on you were slow, torturous. They teased, tortured, played with your sensitive body. He took his time, learning you, finding your buttons that he could push, over and over again, pulling soft sighs from you. He gradually made his way down, kneeling before you. The sight was indeed something to behold, as it was something you thought you would never see.
But the sight soon vanished behind your eyelids as you closed them at the first contact of his lips on your cunt. He started slow, lazily, as if he had all the time in the world. Your hand moved to fist in his hair, pulling on the soft strands. You liked this too much, the feeling of him devouring you, and you couldn't do much else other than move your hip to meet his mouth. Whimpers escaped your lips as the sensation intensified to the point it was almost unbearable, making you throw your head back; your legs shook at his relentless force on your cunt. Matt pulled your folds between his teeth, applying the tiniest amount of pressure, and you hissed out in a mix of pain and pleasure. He stopped immediately, gazing up at you with concern in his eyes.
"Too much?"
His lips glistened with your arousal, his eyes glassy with lust. A shaky breath escaped your lips; your voice shook after what he had done to you.
"No, you're perfect."
You pulled him onto his feet, slamming your lips against his fiercely, feeling a great need of him inside you. Inspired by your new mission at hand, you pushed him onto the bed, guiding Matt to lean on the headboard after you set a pillow behind his back. You caged him in between your legs; your core ached and dripping for him. You draped your arms over his shoulders, one hand caressing his neck, the other bracing on the headboard behind him. You lowered yourself onto his cock, inch by inch. The heady moans that spilled out of your mouth were inevitable as he stretched you. You struggled to take him in, finding it hard to form words in your breathless state.
"You're… you're too big."
You groaned out with great effort. His cock pushed against every part of you, hungry for more, encouraging your core to take him in deeper. Matt groaned into your mouth, his voice husky.
"You can take it."
His hands were holding onto you, helping you go down onto his cock. You gasped out loud as you sunk to the base of his cock; the burn made your head fuzzy with bliss. Your breath caught in your throat as you rode him with his help. It was slow at first since Matt wanted to make sure he didn't hurt you. His breathing was labour, matched with yours. At this moment, you and Matt became attuned to each other's language, and you knew it was time to increase your momentum. Matt dug one hand on your hip; the other came up to knead at your breast. Your hand came up to squeeze at the other one, nudging it at the base, using the movement to let the soft tissue brush against his face as an invitation - one he was eager to accept. Matt opened his mouth, catching your breast between his teeth. The sensation drove you wild, as his tongue toyed with your nipple, his mouth worked wonder, sucking and nibbling hard. You hoped that would leave marks on your skin; then, they could serve as a reminder of who you belonged to when he wasn't in your bed.
His hip came up to meet yours, erratic and uncontrollable. You bounced wildly on his cock, and he bit down harder on your flesh, pulling an obscene moan from your lips. His hip stuttered as he came inside you; the fluid coated your inner wall. His cry was deep as if it was ripped from his chest, encasing in the four walls of your bedroom. You could feel the fluid leaking out of your core, dripping along the seam of your entrance. The intense tightness accompanied by the thought of Matt making a mess inside you triggered your release, making you scream his name with abandon.
Matt held you in his arms, lowering you onto the mattress as you slumped on his shoulders. He pulled his cock out, laying down beside you; his gaze never left you. You turned your head to look at him, still deep in bliss. Your hand reached out to caress his face, staring into his unsighted eyes that you adored.
"Do you regret it? Do you feel guilt? Shame?"
You got your answer when he propped himself on his elbows, dipping his head to kiss you. He felt for your hair on your temple, now damp with sweat, and brushed it back. The kiss was tender, filled to the brim of your heart with affection. And assurance.
"No, not one bit..."
"... and I can show you just how much I mean it."
Here you were, lost in euphoria, in pure bliss as you found yourself to be underneath him this time. Matt pounded hard into you; the force was vigorous. Brutal.
Matt spoke above you through caught breaths and moans, his voice husky, full of heat.
"Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul."
You choked out a breathless chuckle, finding it ironic how he had the nerve to recite a Bible verse to you at this moment while he was fucking you senseless.
"If this is how good my soul can feel with you, then I have no regrets."
The corner of his lips lifted as he nudged your leg to wrap securely around his waist. Matt lowered himself, bracing a hand on the space beside your head; his other hand sought out to hold yours tightly as if he never wanted to let you out of his grasp.
This felt different, more intimate, allowing him to penetrate you deeper. His face was angelic; his gaze focused on a point on your face that he presumed were your eyes. The cross at his neck dangled in front of your face, gleaming before your vision. And it inspired you.
You angled your jaw up to catch the pendant between your teeth. Laying your head onto the pillow, you let him feel the pull you made on his neck that he, undoubtedly, noticed. He flashed you a sinister smile, hooking his hands under your knees. He ran his hand along your legs, nudging them to rest on his shoulders. The change in the angle made you scream out even louder, but the noise from your throat was muffled with your mouth and teeth on the silver cross. He kept on his brutal pace, pulling the air from your lungs. The burn in your legs mixed with the punishing force of his thrusts into your ruined cunt pushed you over the edge. You came, pulling him with you after a few more pumps. He pulsed inside you, and you felt that familiar rush of warmth in your core again. You could feel his guttural groan at your proximity, through the slight trembles of your legs.
Matt pressed his forehead against yours as you caught your breaths. You could feel him, still hard and throbbing inside you. So you kissed him, again and again, begin a long night for the both of you. A long weekend perhaps.
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poisonpeche · a month ago
Tumblr media
Side to Side | Levi x You
Levi x Reader Smut | Warnings: 18+, MDNI, NSFW, Vaginal Fingering, Dacryphilia, Just being fucking filthy truly, Slight Angst, Reader is Fem Bodied, Reader is Switch, Levi is Switch, Squirting; this is my first smut piece so be gentle with me xx.
Word Count: ~3k
Art by me 🖤 Link to my Art Shop in my Tumblr Bio.
He always has a way to find you.
When you’re drowning in the details, an endless stream of thought and worry, or any other crime life seems to throw at his sweet girl. He swears if he could take you away from it all, he would. One day you won’t have to worry about bills, or survival, and this temporary struggle will all just be some frayed memory covered up by better days ahead.
He never wanted you to know the life he lived as a child and his stomach turns knowing he might be failing you through this. A decade by your side and you both got laid off within a few weeks of each other. He can’t help but curse whoever the fuck is out there for this cruel twist of fate. He doesn’t want to see you break like he did so long ago…You can’t. He won’t allow it. Not you.
Levi is keen to always bring you back. He adores you in all of your seasons and he made a promise to you to always lead you home. His patience is unyielding and never wavers for you no matter the cost. Tonight is no different.
Unlocking the door with a gentle turn of his hand, he intends to keep that promise.
He finds you sweetly nestled in the blankets of your bed. Chest rising and falling in an effort to self soothe from the difficult couple of months you’ve had adjusting to your new job in the city after you lost your dream position. Square one with less pay. You deserve so much more. When others can’t see what he sees in you, he can’t stand the delusion, the outright downplaying of your talent. He wonders if you will ever know how brave you are just by existing. Still trying to find the best in your life despite the odds. He knows how hard you try despite it all. For yourself. For him. You’re meant to have every comfort in this world and he is determined to give it all to you in time.
Carefully putting away his things in your bathroom and changing out of his clothes heavy with the burden of work, he gives you a few moments of peace before coming to your side.
A dim light is thrown throughout the room, your only company while waiting up for your partner and a chastising glow looming over you despite your best effort to keep it together. Just for another day of barely hanging on. Fighting exhaustion was futile once again, as you were swiftly swept under by sleep. Finding comfort in rest started to feel like a punishment, the guilt racking through your thoughts with relentless force…Can I find another job that pays better? Are we going to lose everything? Will we be okay? And yet, you succumb to it against your will.
But God, does it feel so good to runaway for once. Funny how your mind can be such a blessing and a curse; your constant reminder that your life is on a razor’s edge of being completely fucked and a source of blissful escapism. An image begins to form in your mind’s eye, coming into view. Delicate hands starting at your ankle, slowly grazing upwards past your soft muscle and skin daring to slow even further as they become more bold taking a more dangerous path once they hit your knee, trailing over your inner thighs.
You don’t even need to see his face to know his hands. The masterful way he builds you up before even thinking about beginning his innocent touches…until they aren’t. Maybe they weren’t ever meant to be. This is the gift he can give to you with no money, no power, or influence. He’s just a man, your man, making his way in life the same as you and he will give his mind, his body to you for as long as you’ll have him. His touch is always there even when he isn’t. That’s how deeply you cradle him in your subconscious, adoring him even through your restlessness. The love of your life.
You shift into his phantom touch, chasing an impending high, what only he can do to you.
He catches it from the corner of his eye while he’s rinsing his face from the day, droplets falling from his lashes and the black strands just above his silky undercut. An arched back, your arched back, taunting you in your sleep. He shamelessly watches on from the other side of the room, drinking you in with an amused smirk on his lips. What are you thinking about at this hour, sweet girl?
Almost as if he asked the question aloud, you respond in perfect time, “Lev’, please.”
His eyes widen in awe at the sight of you and you break your fall from the bend of your back, gently wrestling yourself to your side facing away from him. The cover falling to frame the curve of your hip, leaving you fully exposed with your back on display and your ass mocking him from afar.
“Please what, love?” He plays into your hand with a burning curiosity, softly asking in earnest. You’re still asleep, but he loves to toy with you like this. Somehow your charm and wit beam even in your half-baked haze. He loves that about you. How fiery and sharp-tongued you are, but when you’re alone with him you unravel so easily, showing him only the softest and most vulnerable parts of you. Only for him. Your self proclaimed weakness is why he fell in love with you. You are so many things, but your duality endlessly fascinates him. He is often so controlled and constant while you are passion in its purest form. Hearing you call out his name like this? He’s done. He’s already yours for the night. For every night.
He slowly walks to the bedside, now only a short distance from you as he settles down into the sheets with his feet on the floor, twisted around to face you with his hand outstretched behind him, inching closer to you. Looking over his shoulder, his gaze over your body pulls him down so naturally and effortlessly, a subconscious force; something else begins to take over.
And then, he smells it. And he knows without your clever answer. Even after ten years together, your arousal hits him through his heart like it was the first time and he visibly shudders with a deep, dark inhale to test his theory. Like he even needs to, but he’d bottle you up if he could. Eyes falling back as he rolls his neck towards you and back in disbelief with an exasperated laugh mixed with a guttural, shaky sigh. A scent like yours opens up the most primal desires inside of him, and both of your troubles begin to melt away. We will always have this while we lose it all.
He leans in fully on his side brushing his nose against the curve of your shoulder and neck, spooning you softly, listening to your labored breaths and watching his baby break apart at her own pace. What he would do to crawl inside this fantasy with you…or play a part.
As soon as you sense him there, you instinctively push your hips back with a gentle grind, a soft moan leaving your lips, and a dream that has now begun to feel deliciously real. Even on your side now alongside him, your back begins to curve, twist and arch into place, pushing you deeper into his crotch while your neck cranes further into his sharp jaw, his lips now making contact with your ear from behind.
At your gracious invitation, Levi provokes you further, giving the production in your mind the shameless direction it needs, delivering his first line so softly only for you.
“It’s okay my baby I’m here now.” Tongue gently falling forward, he licks an unbroken line up the contour of your neck to the shell of your ear, arching in tandem behind you with a tighter hold. “I know how hard you tried to wait for me.” He catches your earlobe between his teeth, laving over the bite. “You always try so hard for us love, even like this. Come back to me,” he pleads.
You sigh and twist in response to his lowered words, ass flush to his hips. The dark tint of his voice drawing you in without a fight, bringing you closer to the surface by inches, but too slow for your liking.
His left hand snakes under your arm, meeting the plush skin of your stomach, passing over your ribs, and sliding over your sternum to palm your throat so lovingly that even Levi is overwhelmed by how sweetly you accept his touch and welcome him to your bed, your home you both made together amidst it all. Together you always make something so beautiful while everything else seems to fall apart.
He encourages your head further back, so he can finally look at your face, your expression flitting between pleasure and frustration as you breech the surface of your dreams. He engulfs you in his hold, pressing you close to the warmth of his body, reaching forward to kiss the edge of your lashes. At the end of his small kiss, he slides his open mouth backwards up your cheek, teeth grazing as his breath fans out over your skin. You meet him with the intensity and instinctively drop your jaw open to unknowingly mirror him. Even sleep can’t take you out of sync with him.
His hand leaves your throat, sliding upward over the curve of your neck to hold your jaw and temple against his own, burning cheeks flush together. “Come on sweet girl, come to me. Let me see you and those eyes…I know you’re trying. I don’t want to leave you like this.” His final words sit heavily in your mind, finally rousing you from the darkest shadow of sleep with your eyes opening in a haze trying to determine if you were really free from your dream when this reality was just as lovely.
“I missed you, sweetheart.” The words drip off your tongue and always break his heart with your sincerity. You’re always so saccharine coming to, and when you use this name he feels just as pliant and tame. He doesn’t deserve it after everything he feels he has a hand in putting you through, but the selfish parts of him relish in the endearment. Maybe he could be sweet for you. Or you, for him. You always are.
“I know love…I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Never can. Don’t wan’t to.” His hand cupping your jaw drags back down your body, gripping your skin with more fervor than the gentle touches he left you with before. He moves to the hem of your panties, stopping and rolling his fingers in a small circle below your navel. You gasp softly at the abrupt end in movement, curling your body closer into Levi, grinding in a deeper swivel over his crotch in time with both of your shared breaths, hardening to the touch with each movement of your hips.
“Missed your hands on me, Levi.”
“Did you?” You nod weakly in response, at his mercy now.
“Where, love? Tell me where and I’ll give them to you.” He breathes into you, desperation edging into every word.
“No…I’ll show you instead.” He sighs out taken aback by your sudden dominance. There she is, the girl that can’t resist to lead no matter how much she may try to destroy herself with doubt. He’ll never let you no matter how hard you try at times. God he wished he could convince you even after all this time he still believes in you like the first day he met you in college when he thought you were utterly untouchable. Too good for anyone, even him.
But you’d never even dare to encourage his own insecurities. Your heart would never allow it. You’ve never made him doubt his confidence in himself, in you. He thinks about all those years ago when he first saw you. Young and so new to the world, hanging out of his passenger’s side window with your eyes closed and your head tilted back on the sill. Much like now. Exactly like now. You’re older now, but just as beautiful. Time has been as kind to you as you have been with everyone that has the pleasure of knowing you, loving you.
Your hand covers his own, fingers interlocking side to side like your bodies against each other now as they travel downward, slipping under your panties together, a moan leaving both of your lips in unison. Turning your heads towards each other, you look at one another with only pure adoration as the rest of the world falls away. It’s only you and him together now; soft moans and touches the only legacy to your name. Both sets of eyes turn downward, watching your shared movement, a silent plea.
With your hands steadfast and laced, Levi’s middle finger grazes over your clit first, and you slowly throw your head back, opening up the space for him to move forward and catch your mouth in a hungry kiss, immediately rushing into a stronger embrace through your lips alone. Teeth clash without a second thought and you both swivel your heads in the opposite direction to change the angle into a deeper, desperate kiss.
A single finger of yours lifts from his hold while your others remain locked together to meet him alongside your clit, rubbing smooth circles with him, matching his pace, sending a tremor though Levi’s body, vibrating your pussy against the lace of your underwear, the friction only drawing out more of your arousal and Levi falls apart.
“Look at you, always wanting to help, hm?” His response alone has you moaning for more of his words slipping through the cracks of his half-cocked smile. “Let me take care of you for once, my good girl.” You shake your head softly in protest and he lunges forward further, taking your nipple in his mouth rolling the plush of his lips until you’re straining against them, a pang of arousal throbs in your core. He knows he can edge you just by your chest alone, so sensitive to his touch, the movement of his tongue only heightening the sensation felt by both of your fingers on either side of your clit.
In a wordless response, you hook both of your fingers together, impatiently sinking into the velvet of your folds in tandem, slick pooling around both of your knuckles.
“Fuck, my baby’s so wet isn’t she? How long have you been like this, love? ‘M make it better for you, I promise. You waited for too long.” He says in shock while your scent permeates thickly through the air consuming his every thought. He only thinks of you now. It’s always been about you.
But this is not another moment without him you want to deny yourself of like so many that pass throughout the day apart, and you lead him further down still, fingers hooked, into your entrance that flutters while adjusting to the both of you as you thrust in together.
Gasping for dear life you manage to push him over the edge. “Make me wetter, Levi. I know you can.” Just when he thought he couldn’t take your smell teasing him senseless, your words put him into a panic as he lets out a low moan into the night air. You push him into a frenzy, hooking his fingers upward and he feels you follow suit inside of you, mimicking his every moment.
“I’ve got you love just hold onto me…Yeah, like that…I’ve been thinking about you just like this, begging for me, fucking yourself on my fingers. Using me. Wanna make you squirt on me like you did last time. Down my fucking throat, if you’ll let me,” he’s reeling with every grip around you both at his words. If he keeps talking like that you’ll scream.
He begins a slow thrust that you harmonize with so beautifully, following just behind, never leaving you without stimulation. The pads of both of your fingers brushing against each other. The pressure swells in below your stomach and you tighten around both of your movements, getting lost in your shared touch. He’s talking so close to you now, and yet you still can’t hear him over the blood rushing in your ears. Your eyes are both pinned at the movement below, breath hitching at his disgusting words.
“Do you have it in you?…How much can you give me? You give us so much baby what’s a little more…Fuck, just let me taste you again like that.”
He rubs over the soft ridges inside you, causing your muscles to swell against you both and bringing you alarmingly close at his soft taunts. You pull your finger from alongside Levi’s to relieve the pressure and bring it upwards in between yours and his lips. Without provocation, you both lunge toward the slick dripping off your finger, fighting over the last drop, tongues pushing over and past each other mixing both of your saliva in with your arousal, an obstructed kiss. But to get the last word, you shove your glistening finger into Levi’s mouth, pinning his tongue down, causing him to gag against the elixir you’ve concocted together. He pathetically attempts to curl his tongue around you while tears begin to gather on his lash line. All for you. Mine.
“You’ll get every drop once I get to taste your tears,” your jeer maims him and has him nearly biting down on your fingers lodged deep in his throat, his teeth leaving throbbing indents against the bone.
If Levi believes your smell deserves to be bottled and treasured, then his tears are your prize. How many times will you make him cry out from tonight or until the end in torment and exaltation? The anguished thought always pushes you to the edge, pushes you to crane upward and lick his tears breaking free while he hopelessly chokes on your fingers.
Their taste alone has brought a thin sheen of sweat to your skin. Sweet, salty, subtle. Just like Levi. And you want more.
As a challenge, he slips out of you trailing the remains of your dripping cunt over your inner thigh, to your side, and then hooks his hand underneath the back of your left knee, folding it upward to the ceiling and into your side, closer to him as he spoons you. Your obscenely wet cunt catching the cool air on display.
If you get his tears, he only takes in return.
“Give me your fucking pussy. I want all of you. Now.”
A loud moan escapes you in surprise while his eyes rake up and down you with his growl. He’s bolder than ever and begging to ruin you even after all this time. Promising. No matter what it takes just like every other promise he’s made and kept throughout the years. Always here to lift you from the pain of shouldering this life and all of its unpredictability, finding you and leading you out of the spiral of doubt and confusion, to your home within each other.
And you’ll let him take you. Until the end.
Next Chapter
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leviathans-watching · 5 months ago
could we have part two of awkward/embarrassing situations the brothers have been in?
awkward/embarrassing situations the dateables (& luke) have been in
Tumblr media
includes: the dateables, luke
wc: .4k | rated g | m.list | part 1
a/n: hello!! i hope this satisfies you! sorry it took so long. my inbox is open to chat, request, and leave feedback so stop by!!
please like & reblog iff you see this <33
Tumblr media
➳ diavolo forgot he was having a meeting with lucifer very early on in their partnership so was totally unprepared for him to show up, especially since lucifer is always politely early. this meant he was in a ruffled black robe with thick slippers on, pink facemask applied when lucifer rang the bell. barbatos, assuming diavolo was presentable (a horrible assumption, really), let him in, and that’s how diavolo instantly lost most of the respect lucifer had for him.
Tumblr media
barbatos rarely ends up in embarrassing situations. he’s simply too prepared for that. however, every once in a while something he didn’t see coming happens. the worst was when everyone assumed he and diavolo were a thing for almost all of high school, and eventually, the rumors got back to the demon lord, who wanted to give him the shovel talk. barbatos ended up switching to a new timeline after that since he didn’t think there’d be any way he could look that timeline diavolo or his dad in the eye ever again.
Tumblr media
➳ simeon has one secret. and that it’s that he has an awful singing voice. most angels are blessed with angelic vocals and all that, but simeon never was. i’m talking cats screeching, nails on a chalkboard bad. the only person to know about it was luke, who swore he’d take it to the grave. one time, solomon but portaled home and didn't go through the front door, leading simeon to think he was still home alone. so he was doing chores singing to himself, and before he knows it, he’s viral and the laughingstock of the devildom. even lucifer teases him about it, albeit subtly!
Tumblr media
➳ solomon is practically shameless, so he doesn’t feel awkward, even when everyone else most definitely does. however, one time he was attempting some love magic that went terribly wrong, resulting in him falling in love with lucifer. not a fun experience, especially since asmo only made it worse, reducing his filter more than it already was. lucifer was remarkably calm about it, but solomon still has nightmares where he waxes about his red eyes.
Tumblr media
➳ luke is easily embarrassed so there’s not even one particular moment for him. being talked down to like a child? being called chihuahua? having to put himself through the mortifying ordeal of interacting with the demons every day? all of them are equally horrible anf he never gets a moment of peace :( (however, when he grows up and remembers how he acted, that will no doubt be the most embarrassing thing to him)
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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blooming-violets · 2 months ago
how about slow, sweet, peaceful mornings with peter:] maybe a moodboard or a playlist i love all the things your mind comes up with <33🥴
I was so torn between a sweet, golden sunlight moodboard or a rainy morning one. Since I'm sitting here with my window open and listening the rain tonight, I couldn't help but go for the rainy vibes. Besides, there's nothing cozier than dark, rainy mornings.
And in the Morning, I'll be with You
[tasm!Peter x reader]
Spotify Playlist (this isn't my playlist but it goes nicely): Rainy Morning Coffeehouse
Tumblr media
"Pst," you whispered into sleeping Peter's ear. "Wake up."
"Mmm," he rolled onto his back with a groan and gave you a sleepy smile. "Five more minutes."
"That's what you always say, sleepyhead." You pressed a kiss to his temple and rolled out of bed. The thick wool socks donning your feet kept the chill from the wooden floorboards away. You grabbed your robe and wrapped it around your body, snuggling into it. It was a chilly Spring morning. Usually the sun would be poking it's head through the cracks in your curtain but today it had decided to sleep in, much like your boyfriend. You could hear the sound of the rain pattering against the windows and pulled back the curtains admire the drops chasing each other down the glass panel. The street lights lining the sidewalk cast a hazy glow of warm light over the wet pavement. There was nothing more inviting to you than a rainy weekend. A perfect excuse to stay curled up inside with your lover.
You started a pot of coffee and leaned against the open doorframe to admire Peter as he slept. He had opted to stay home last night. The two of you had binged Netflix and ordered food. You had spent the night laughing, kissing, and enjoying each other's company. This mornings storm was a blessing from the universe to keep him locked inside with you even longer. You relished every moment you got to spend with him.
You tore your eyes away from his sleeping face and grabbed a mug once the coffee was ready. The smell would wake him eventually. He couldn't resist a fresh pot of hot coffee. You poured your cup and curled up into the wooden chair next the kitchen window. On second thought, you decided to push open the window. The earthy smell of wet dirt blew in with a gust of wind. Droplets squeezed their way through the screen and dotted over your arm. You could feel the wetness gathering on your face and you closed your eyes with a smile, taking a small sip from your mug as it warmed you from the inside out, enjoying the feeling of peace and isolation that came with a heavy rain fall.
The sound of a camera shutter caught your attention. Peter was lowering the camera from his face as he stood in the doorway.
"You looked too beautiful. I didn't want to ever forget it." He walked over to you, his bare feet padding over the floor, and wrapped you up in a hug from behind. You felt him nuzzle his face against the top of your head and heard him inhale the scent of your hair. Your body relaxed into him. True bliss.
"Come back to bed," he murmured into your neck, leaving a trail of soft kisses under your ear.
You thought about debating the fact that you were in middle of drinking of your coffee. He knew you only liked it when it was still boiling hot and steaming. But, not even the allure of sitting next to a rainy window enjoying the morning, could distract you from Peter's pull. You were putty in his hands. There was no contest when it came to him. You let him take your hand and lead you back to your bedroom.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and collapsed back into the sheets with a soft laugh. You immediately entangled yourself in the warmth of his arms and rested your head on his chest. He threw the blankets over your heads to block out the rest of the world.
Under here, it was just the two of you, no other responsibilities except to love the other.
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aeracuratea · 3 months ago
Visual Readings ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Go with your instinct, whatever visual you are drawn to has the message from your higher self.
Once you have chosen your visual, feel the energy of the message and keep an open mind to what you might not know consciously.
Please note that visual readings are conducted solely for entertainment purposes. You are responsible of your own life and choices. Aeracura tea is not accountable for the any individual's interpretations.
Edits by me The following are edits by me: ♡ Card Captor Sakura Tarot Card Gif ♡ All three Visual set
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✴ Blessing your Visuals ✴ I allow to the wisdom of my own inner temple and allow my soul’s true voice to step in and put aside any ego or personal interruptions upon this reading.
I activate the portal of my heart as the gateway between heaven and Earth.
May the guidance and messages only ever be kind, clear, supportive, and helpful.
Image 1
Tumblr media
Celine is primarily a feminine French name that means "heaven." I'm hearing “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle. She believes the lyrics tell the listener that they have the ability to create their own heaven on earth and is song about peace of mind. Have you been feeling hopeless lately? This is a sign reminding you know you are closer to your happiness than you believe. Just a state of mind away. You can start where you are. If you’ve lost a loved one and have been missing them lately, this could also be a sign from them to let you know they are always with you in all your glorious moments and in moments of need.
If you’ve been feeling hopeless lately, look to what you’ve been doing lately. Have you been procrastinating? Stop procrastinating and do what you need to do! You are adding stress to your subconscious in exchange for that temporary happiness of avoidance. Is your living space cluttered? Clean and declutter your living space!! This really does reflect your inner energy. Without even realizing it you’re also obstructing your breathing, in return obstructs your clarity. Stop hoarding, and ask yourself do you really need that item that you haven’t thought of in years? The process of cleaning and decluttering is such a therapeutic process, you will feel your energy clear up. If you feel overwhelmed by this idea, start with something small everyday! It adds up, and you’re still reaping the therapeutic and energetic rewards! Have you not been making time for yourself? Stop prioritizing others. If you look at the bottom left corner of the image you see the words, “WARNING! ATTENTION!”, that’s your higher self screaming! You are just as important as anyone and everything you’ve been putting first. When you put aside time for yourself, you allow yourself to fully dive into your energy without outside influence. This is important as we can subconscious pick up other people’s energies without realizing.
If you’ve been missing a late loved one, they want to let you know if you’ve seen any coincidences that make you think of them, those aren’t coincidences. Those are nudges and energetic signs from them. They live through your thoughts, that allows them to manifest into the physical signs. They want to tell you, “I’ve always been here with you”.
Image 2
Tumblr media
The paper crane, its symbolism conveys a powerful message of optimism, peace and unconditional love. It also shows up in your reading to provide protection and a sign of good fortune and longevity. The practice of origami became a leisure activity and a popular affordable gift to friends and family. During the Hiroshima bombings, there was little girl named Sadako Sasaki. She was the exposed to radiation. The exposure sadly developed into leukaemia. She made 1,000 paper cranes in hopes of having her wish to be cured granted. As time went by, she decided to change her wish for world peace instead of her own life. The origami crane continues to symbolizes Sasaki’s selfless wish for world healing.
You have the power to heal. You have great prosperity within you to share. You may or may not realize, but you manifest prosperity. Have you ever received gift cards, extra tips, found random money, won prizes, or have received discounts/items you’ve wanted on sale? These are little signs of alignment with prosperity. If you haven’t, you will. But you will have to let go of the scarcity mindset. The faster you let go of the idea that you don’t have enough, the faster prosperity shows up in your life in so many ways. When you fully feel the flow of prosperity, it is time to share that to the world. What are ways you could practice feeling abundant and heal others? Tipping the barista or your server, and showing gratitude. Donating to charities (please do research on the charity) you feel make a difference, no matter how small or big. Buying a coffee or tea for a friend, or paying/putting money towards the person next in line’s order! How does this heal others? It brings their vibration up! You’re showing up through gratitude and love. Don’t under estimate the energy and power you radiate. Sometimes your good deeds come at the best time. Sometimes your actions can be someone else’s blessing.
Image 3
Tumblr media
In this Visual we focus on the triangle. In spirituality, triangles have been interpreted as the “flow” state we tap into while doing an aligned activity. This is where the mind, body and spirit connect, and is the best time to accomplish tasks. Take this as a sign that you have a spiritual power ready to be unleashed. The third eye is shaped like a triangle, it is also known as the “Anja chakra” in Hinduism.
Stay focus. In the photo you can see that the background is blurred. This can also serve as symbolizing tunnel vision. Right now you can be feeling a lack of purpose, indecisiveness, issues digesting new information, and/or paranoia. Activate your third eye. You can do this by sun gazing, and practicing the creation formula “Intention + Action = Creation”. Action doesn’t always have to be moving your body, it can also be mental action through visualization. To help elevate your visualizations, diffuse/roll essential oils and hold crystals specifically to activate the third eye. The following are the recommended crystals: Amethyst, Blue Tiger Eye, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite and Sodalite. The following are the recommended essential oils: Clary Sage, Cypress, Frankincense, Juniper, Patchouli and Vetiver. Note: Please do your research on the essential oils you buy. There isn’t a proper FDA procedure that ensure that essential oils are pure. They can label it pure if it at least has 30% of said essential oil, while the rest is filler. The essential oils won’t work as well if it isn’t pure. Activating your third eye will bring big changes in your life. This will lead to shifts that transforms your physical, emotional and mental realities. You will have clarity on your higher purpose. Situations and people who do not serve you anymore will bring you intense contrast. It’ll feel like a tower moment. It is no longer avoidable, change is coming.
For some of you, this could be a sign of a love triangle or third-wheeling. Which circles back to activating your third eye. If you’re in a love triangle, is worth it? If you are the third party, you might want to back out. Anything that is meant for you, will be. I would wait it out, until your love interest figures it out. This might also serve as a reminder of your worth. You deserve a love that doesn’t make you question yourself and the relationship. You should never be someone’s after thought. If you’re struggling with being a third-wheel, what bothers you so much? Speak up! Remember, no one is a mind reader. No one is going to know what bothers you, unless you say something. Is there anything you can do to involve yourself more, so you don’t feel left out? If you feel like nothing is being resolved, take yourself out of that situation. Distance yourself until you can heal what is triggering you about this situation.
Thank you for reading
Hope these messages have guided you or helped with some clarity! Please take what resonates with you and leave the rest, as this is a general reading. Wishing you a blessed day ✨
Tumblr media
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manifestingnoobie · 7 months ago
self concept affirmations i think could be useful
I have an amazing and perfect self concept, mindset, and mental diet.
I can easily change my assumptions to my own benefit.
Life goes according to my desired assumptions.
I have the solid assumption and unwavering faith that my desires are inevitable no matter what.
I always assume my desires and the best in life.
I am a master at manifesting my desires.
It is easy for me to stay in the state of the wish fulfilled.
Manifesting my desires is fun, easy, effortless, and instant.
I am detached from any negative circumstances from the 3D.
My 3D reality only reflects my desires.
I am the Goddess and operant power of my reality.
Life is a dream I can fully control.
Miracles and blessings occur regardless of my state of mind and emotional state.
Life gets better each and every single day.
I feel SO amazing, happy, and fulfilled more than ever before.
Life is only spontaneous and unpredictable in favorable ways.
I can manifest my desires with any emotional state and state of mind.
All I need to do is affirm and acknowledge my desire and it will manifest.
I am so grateful, lucky, and blessed.
Everything works out in my favor.
Life keeps working out a lot better than expected.
I always get what I want or better.
I can be, do, and have anything I want.
Why should I worry when my negative thoughts never manifest?
I believe in myself and my power.
I love myself truly, deeply, generously, and unconditionally.
I am the priority and main character.
The only thing that’s on the pedestal is myself.
I am the bad-ass bitch that’s above it all.
I have all the love, peace, and happiness I need within.
I am hot, sexy, confident, and beautiful.
I am good enough.
I am worthy.
I am fit to love and be loved.
I am so incredibly loved, I feel amazing and on top of the world.
Everybody loves, adores, and cherishes me.
I am satisfied in all of my relationships
I am smart, knowledgeable, and wise.
I am independent.
I am in great mental health and physical health.
I am free from negative and intrusive thoughts, doubts, and limiting beliefs.
I am financially abundant.
I am limitless.
All of my desires are mine and here now.
I am a magnet to my desires.
I have the most beautiful thoughts and imagination.
My wonderful, human imagination is the only true reality.
My 3D reality has no choice but to conform to my desires.
My life is fulfilling in all aspects; family, friends, love, career, money, you name it!
Everything about my life is so easy to live.
I can’t believe my life is THIS perfect!
I manifest all my desires instantly.
There is no time lag, the 3d conforms to my desires instantly.
All my desires manifest in less than 24 hours.
The 3d rushes to fulfill all of my desires.
Why do all of my desires manifest instantly?
The 3d conforms to my desires alarmingly fast.
Because I am God, I know for a fact that I manifest my desires instantly, perfectly and without fail every single time
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crown5 · 3 months ago
Time with You
Ran x reader
Genre: fluffy fluff fluff, insecure!Ran so maybe angst if you have similar insecurities?
Summary: you’ve spent a lovely life standing by Ran and experiencing the worlds wonders. As you grow old Ran begins to doubt his appearance, what if he’s no longer handsome to you? Y/n makes sure to help Ran understand how much she truly loves him.
A/N hi guys! Rlly nervous posting this it’s my first time writing 1.3k! I feel like insecurity amongst men isn’t talked about enough so I wanted to make this fic, I hope you enjoy lovelies <3
Tumblr media
It was true, what they said. That when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. And it did. You and Ran have spent the last 23 years in bliss, having married at 20, dating at 15 and friends since as long as either of you could remember.
From running after Ran and Rindou around the playground from when you were kids to having your first kiss with the elder Haitani in highschool, life spent with Ran felt like blessings no matter how hard the world around you two got.
Sitting on your porch you reminisce about all these memories, you’re 40 now, Ran 42. The sun warms up your skin and you let out a content sigh after taking a sip from your lemonade.
“Enjoying the new view?” You hear the familiar voice of your husband as he takes the seat next to you.
After years of begging, your husband finally gave into your persistence and retired from his gang affiliated life and moved to a house in the countryside.
“How could I not? Everything here is so pretty, including my very pretty husband” you cooed, ushering him to scoot his seat closer.
Ran hums as he moves his chair closer to you, taking your hand in his he rubs circles on your palm with his thumb.
‘A bit odd’, you think to yourself, your charming lover has almost never missed the opportunity to relish compliments and eat them up, regardless you brush it off. You spend the next hour sitting in silence with small commentary here and there, peaceful and tranquil moments like these are all you need to feel full of love.
A week passes and you don’t miss the way Ran has brushed off compliments and overall smiled less, you’ve asked him if he’s feeling down multiple times yet he denies that there is anything wrong. But you notice, you notice the way he stifles his laughter, the way he avoids eye contact when you praise him with compliments, and most of all you notice the missing presence of the shit eating grin that he always wears.
Sighing, you close your fridge, realising you need to do some grocery shopping for dinner tonight. “Ran, love, we need to grab some groceries,” you call out, poking your head into the living room but noticing no signs of your partner. ‘He was just here though?’ you think as you walk towards your shared bedroom, only to notice the washroom light on and door open.
Planning to scare your husband, you tiptoe to the wall beside the washroom, trying your best to stifle the giggles threatening to spill. Yet as you come to a stop beside the washroom you see Ran standing in front of the mirror, smiling and then unsmiling and touching the skin by his eyes. Your heart drops as you realise that he’s critiquing the gentle smile lines that adorn his eyes.
His eyes glance over to you in the mirror and he immediately places his hand down, “hey, didn't see ya there hun,” he says in a painfully forced upbeat voice.
“Yeah, was tryna scare you heh,” you smile softly at him, “you feeling ok?”
He turns his body to face you and leans against the counter, “ of course I am,” he grabs you by the waist pulling you in between his legs, “I got my pretty baby with me ,what else do I need?” A small smile graces his lips but you could tell it was forced.
“Hmm, ya sure?” you raise your eyebrow.
“I’m sure,” he boops your nose with his own.
You don't say anything as the two of you look into eachothers eyes. “Ok, one, liar,” his turn to raise an eyebrow, “and two I think it's absolutely adorable you think you can lie to me Haitani, there's a reason I’m your wife.”
“y/n I-”
“And three, you don't have to talk to me right now about it if you're not ready, that's ok just please don't lie alright? I’m yours babe, in your corner so you can lean on me too, even if you're heavy as shit.” He lets out an actual chuckle at your last comment before lowering his gaze onto the floor. Bringing you closer to him he places his head on the crook of your neck, resting for a few minutes before he speaks again.
“Thank you,” he murmurs, “not much I can hide from you, huh Mrs. Haitani,” you can feel him smiling against your skin.
“Mhm, never eveh eveh,” you fondly joke, “you don't have to talk about it right now.”
“I.. I want to,” he leans back to look into your eyes, “just not used to this, don’t know how to talk ‘bout it.” You hum, and run your fingers through his hair. Ran's always struggled to voice his insecurities, so used to the laid back facade he puts on 24/7, that you usually had to guide him through these intimate moments when he chose to be vulnerable with you. “That's alright, how about you start by tellin’ me what emotions you feeling, yeah?” he nods at your words.
“I think.. I think I feel insecure about how I look,” he hesitantly speaks.
“And why’s that?”
“Well, we’re getting old, and God help me you get more beautiful every passing second,”
“Ran, babe, this bout you” you jokily tut, and he grins.
“Hm, unfortunate really, could talk about you all day.”
“You really tryna change the topic right now?”
“Stop, dumbo.” You both laugh, knowing full well that he has the habit of avoidance.
“Ok, but yeah, we’re growing old and I’mmm, well I’m getting crows feet and wrinkles around my mouth, probably cuz I smile so much, and I love smiling with you, you make me happy, and I don’t want to stop but I feel like I might not look handsome to you, you wont like the way I look, and I know you wont leave but like you can do better and maybe I should get surgery or stop smiling to slow it down or I, I don’t know, I don't know- I don't like how I look and-”
“Shhh, it's ok, it's ok.” He didn't realise it but he had begun to ramble, tears slowly fell down his cheeks. You grab his face in your hands and wipe away his tears with your thumb, “take deep breaths hm?”
He nods, “ ‘m sorry,” he murmurs in a quiet voice.
“There’s nothing you need to apologise for,” you bring him closer to your chest and envelop him in a hug. “Listen, first and foremost, your feelings are completely valid ok? Secondly, baby you are oh so very handsome to me, there's not a man on earth who I think is prettier. I, genuinely, am so baffled, it sounds so cliche but I wish you could see yourself from my eyes, you’d understand that my heart and soul feel so full just by seeing your smile even when I’m pissed off you’re stupid little smile brings so much warmth to my heart,” you rub his back as you feel him tighten his grip around you.
“Thank you y/n, for listening to me and reassuring me.”
“Always baby, and to be completely honest, the crows feet are hot.”
He shoots up and looks down on you, “wait what?”
“They’re hot, makes you look so damn sexy im not gon lie,” you say with a deadpan face, “makes me wanna fuck you.”
He tilts his head back and lets out a laugh, “oh God you really know exactly what to say to make me happy,” he looks back at you with a twinkle in his eye and before you can question him he bends down hooking his arms around the back of your legs and hoists you over his shoulder.
“Ran!? Oh my god Ran put me down,” you yell in between laughter.
“No can do, princess, you just said you wanted me to fuck you, no?”
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