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Tumblr media
The Corset (Tony) - 2022
My followers on Twitter have managed to convince me that drawing Tony with a corset was a good idea (after drawing Sebastian sporting a vest corset HERE) 😁
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a christmas miracle
summary: when your usual christmas plans take a turn for the worse, you're resigned to spend the rest of the holiday alone. the rogers' aren't about to let that happen
pairing: dilf!steve x teacher!reader
word count: 1.2k
warnings: mentions of a broken bone and the ER, reader has siblings, christmas fluff, usual size difference (steve is 6'5, reader is vaguely shorter), sassy sarah rogers, the best friend bucky we all need
a/n: this is super short because i was planning to write this last week and post it on saturday, but then i simply Did Not. this hasn't been proofread, all mistakes are my own. i hope you enjoy just a little more of this sweet couple!
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Tumblr media
Christmas sucked. And not in that “I didn’t get what I wanted so I’m gonna complain about it now” kind of way, but in that “my dad’s in the hospital and my siblings live a plane ride away and are stuck in a blizzard” kind of way.
You had spent all of Christmas eve fussing in your parents’ kitchen with your mom, staying there the night before Christmas was a tradition, no matter how old you or your siblings got. Except this year was a lot quieter; your younger siblings lived out on a snowy mountain town in Vermont - the twins had always been hard pressed to be found without each other, and that extended to when your sister got an incredible job offer and couldn’t leave your brother behind. But a snowstorm had swept through the mountains earlier than usual this year, and they couldn’t make it to the end of their driveway, let alone down the mountain.
And so Christmas eve commenced through FaceTime, set up with Brooke and Zach at the head of the table, and everyone ate dinner with relative normalcy.
It wasn’t until about 3am Christmas morning that your mom woke you up in a panic - your dad had slipped on ice walking the dog and they had to get to the ER. You stumbled into some clothes and followed behind as an ambulance carted your dad off, and you helped your mom into the passenger seat and followed close behind.
After a few hours in the waiting room, once you had gotten news of your dad’s broken femur and a broken Christmas, your mom shuffled you out of the hospital, and told you to get back to the city before the weather got any worse; and that was how you ended up alone on your couch, the reflection of your miniature Christmas tree bouncing off the tears that had settled along your lash line. You didn’t know how long you stared at the twinkling lights, thoughts in some distant place, before your phone buzzed with a text message from Steve. How’s your Christmas?
The thought of telling him your sad, sordid tale brought more tears to your eyes, so you settled on telling him it sucked, and that was that. No sooner did you get his text asking if you needed some company did you hear a knock on the door, followed by the giggles of what sounded suspiciously like Sarah Rogers.
You opened the door, and were immediately greeted with a hug launched at you from Sarah herself, while Steve sheepishly stood on the front step with what looked like a tin of cookies in one hand, and a small wrapped box in the other.
“Hey,” he said, a smile lighting up his face as you held Sarah in a tight embrace. “Sorry we kinda showed up unannounced, Buck told me what happened and I wanted to see if you were okay.”
Of course, Bucky couldn’t keep his mouth shut to save his life - not that this was any real secret to keep. In addition to being Steve’s childhood best friend, he also taught across the hall from you, and had become your best friend through the years as well. You would never tell him that though, his head was already too big as is.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I figured you were busy with your own Christmas stuff and I didn’t want to dump my issues on you.” You let Sarah down as Steve stepped through the doorway, and she took it upon herself to study the stack of books that were left on your coffee table. He took her distraction as an opportunity to cup your face in his large hands, bending down to place a soft kiss to your lips.
You jerked away at the sound of a fake gag, and turned to see Sarah looking at you both with her arms crossed.
“As totally cool as it is that you all are dating or whatever,” you felt heat creep into your face at her words, not aware that Steve had told her yet, and he looked just as surprised you were as she continued, “I’m six, not dumb and I can see the lovey dovey looks, guys.” Though her expression was very serious - or as serious as all four feet of her could get - you and Steve both laughed at the words. There was something so comical about being lectured by a six year old, especially one that was your student or daughter.
“Anyways,” she continued, “kissing is like, gross and stuff, and I don’t want to see it.” And in a flurry of sass, she took the cookies from her dad and made her way to the kitchen as if she had lived there all her life.
You and Steve turned back to each other, a little in awe, before he placed another chaste kiss to your lips before following her into the kitchen, but not before thrusting the square package into your hands.
Standing in shock, you waited the minute it took for them both to come back, Sarah in Steve’s arms as she held two glasses of milk, and he carried the plated cookies in his other.
The three of you settled into the couch, and you pressed play on the movie that had been little other than background noise before they showed up. Sarah told you all about her Christmas - new toys and books and baking the very cookies you were eating with her grandma. By the time she finished her splendid tale, the cookies were gone and the glasses were empty and she was buzzing with excitement for you to finally open her present.
And inside is one of the most thoughtful gifts you’d ever received; a gift that made up for the shitty day and shitty circumstances. Inside was a mug, obviously hand painted by Sarah herself, that said World’s Best Teacher on one side, in her neatest handwriting, and two stick figures that must be you and her, holding hands, on the other.
You didn’t even feel the fresh tears rolling down your face until a pair of hands, small and soft, wiped them from your cheeks. Looking up, you sesawe that Sarah had climbed from her dad’s lap into your own, and wrapped her body around you until the cries subsided.
Once you finally ran dry, Steve closed the distance between the two ends of the couch, wrapping his arms around you both and creating the same sense of warmth and security you always felt around him.
Over the sound of the cheery Christmas music still coming from the TV, you swore you heard him whisper something like my two best girls.
Maybe Christmas doesn’t suck that much, after all.
Tumblr media
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Its my birthdayyyy 😈 i just turned 14 lol my sister got the coronavirus so i really cant go out on my birthday so i just have to stay home all day 🙋‍♀️ can i pleaseee request toman boys preparing a birthday party for y/n cuz she did alot and helped them sooo they just wanna do something nice for her ig? Sorry if its too much u can ignore this request
my darling, happy birthday!! happy 14th to u bub, enjoy ur day, ok? i fell asleep and woke up really late for my class so I'm sorry if i ended up posting this on the 16th but i hope u and ur sister are doing okay and ur day was well spent! thank u so much for requesting and stay safe always, we gon celebrate this together yep (・ω・)つ⊂(・ω・) <33
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: Toman x gn! reader
GENRE: fluff fluff fluff, humor, (not proofread cuz i got so sleepy)
Tumblr media
- Two days before your birthday, Hakkai was the first one to alarm the gang about it, not even realizing that he let out a secret a little too late but they knew they shouldn't spare a single moment to take it to their advantage. "You guys have any plans for the weekend? I'm shit bored all the time." Peh-yan sighs and Mitsuya eyes him.
"Right, the 15th, huh? That's Y/N's birthday." Hakkai calmly states, in contrast to the two who were sharing concerned and startled expressions now that they had to rush a plan. "Wait what?"
- The hectic schedule begins with Mitsuya sending an emergency text to their group chat, calling on their cells to let them in on this new found information and everyone seems to blame Hakkai, much less to blaming themselves for not even thinking about it at the first. "You could've told us sooner." Mikey scolds and they nodded their heads to his words. "Well—I thought all of you knew? What are we gonna do about it now?" And sharing the same links to their worry, they all shift their gaze to Mitsuya who already took part in expecting that they'd name him the handler for the event.
"Fine, I'll plan it and shit but everyone will help out. Not just me and Draken, alright?"
"Hell yeah! Let's do this for Y/N!" Chifuyu cheers which causes the rest of them to follow his glee at how ready they were to succeed with this.
- The sectioning of the plan starts by Mitsuya separating them by their abilities. He sticks to the division members and captains but for other instances, he's composing a team of three from different teams. "Smiley, Pehyan, and Baji—you three need to deny everything if they ask about what's going on, keep them distracted too—make sure Y/N doesn't even begin to think about it, okay?"
"Understood, boss!"
- The next day, those same boys were acting like stealthy undercover agents when someone brings up what you were going to do. They're invested on your answer all the way through. "Nothing strikes my mind for now but I'd like to spend it with the guys." You responded with a smile, a subtle imagination of the fun it contained if it turned into reality. Raising an eyebrow, Peh-yan scoffs while you walked his way and he half panics when he failed to construct his words.
"Oh, hey!" You greeted them, a bit curious to why those two were in your class. "You need something?" You asked them but Smiley let's out a chuckle. "None of your business." Baji says with a slight aggression to his voice as he receives a slap to the back, courtesy of the oldest Kawata twin.
"You suck at this." Peh-yan whispers. "Well uh, I'll see you then." You bid them good-bye and the curiosity sinks to you but you choose to pay not as much attention to it for now.
- "Draken, Chifuyu, and I will take care of the decor. Can any of you cook?" Mitsuya questions, eyes switching to every member while they shrug. The silver haired boy sighs, running a hand to his face at how he's carrying everything. "We can pitch in for the cake so you don't have to worry about it." Draken suggested and they nodded at his offer.
"I don't trust anyone else in the kitchen anyway."
- Mikey, Souya, Hakkai, and Takemichi were in charge of buying whatever the party leaders needed to have. Strolling in the mall with balloons in their paper bags, some streamers, and confetti bombs—they didn't really expect to see you sipping on your coffee with a bag of your own while your eyes dart to them and suddenly they were all pushing each other to detect who'd be able to lie the best. Their leader walked as far as he could and the three other chickens were left to hand the carry ons from one person to another. Unfortunately, Souya was the chosen one to converse with you.
"It's nice to see you here, Angry." You send him a smile but with the banter behind him, he horribly panics and covers your eyes, a kick to Hakkai for them to run and the two obey, scramming as the blue haired twin's chest began to pant.
"Souya? Is everything okay?" You asked him when he lowered his hand. He shakes his head in response while you tilt your head, blank spaces filling your mind at his bizarreness.
"Y-yeah! BYE BYE!" He simply walks out in shame.
- "I don't want to talk to, Y/N. We're avoiding them as much as possible, remember?" Takashi reminds, sewing for the banner with a needle in his mouth. Unbeknownst to them, you stood outside their room right where your name had been mentioned. Clutching the strap of your bag, you stopped in your step, taking a peak to Peh-yan and Mitsuya who were the only ones inside.
"Avoiding?" You whispered to yourself but Ryohei sees your figure and nudges on the person beside him. Both of you shared a glance until that same boy comes in front of you, hands on either side of your shoulders. "Peh?"
"Y/N-chan! Nope we're closed, Mitsuya's busy!" He ushers before shutting the door right to your face out of panic all over again which leads the president to be worried of your reaction. Though, when he opens the door, you're gone in a flash.
- The next day, the word has gone out that you've been suspicious of their doings and they're even more pressured to maintain the secret because you're asking them if they needed some sort of help when you see them but all they do is excuse themselves. "What's wrong with them today?" You asked, your back slumping from your lack of conversation with him. Since then, you did avoid Mitsuya for the mean time because of the homeroom incident, to which he absolutely feels guilty about.
"I think Y/N is getting the wrong idea. They probably think they did something wrong." He states. "We need to hurry up or else."
- The boys continue on—working extra hard even if they were facing arguments by a dozen of hours. "What if Y/N's allergic?" Souya asks, looking at the cake. "They're not... right?" His brother hinted. "Shit, I don't know!"
"Can you aim it higher? A little more to the left—no too much—stay—more to the side please!" Takemichi orders Chifuyu who was groaning from the arm strain. "Oi, let's switch! My arms hurt so much!"
"Okay so when Y/N comes in do we bomb the confetti the moment they walk in?" Mikey questions and Draken shakes his head. "They're gonna choke from all the paper."
- It is slightly concerning when the Kawata twins were suddenly paying for your snacks, giving each a critique just to know if you were allergic to anything. "How's that one taste like?" Souya asks.
"It's okay, the flavor is...average, I guess." You observed while the two share a glance, mentally cursing when they realized it was majority of the flavor they got for you.
"More food for Y/N!"
- There were stupendous remarks, often made by Takemichi and Chifuyu just to get a reaction out of you. "I sure don't like...metallic stuff!" Raising an eyebrow, you turned to the duo and with a pen ready to write, Chifuyu squints his eyes to you.
"What is your opinion on color? Do you like it scattered or-"
"Is this an interview?"
- You're more persistent in what they were up to but it does pain you that you resembled a plague at how they kept their distance around you. Draken tries to assure you everyone else is busy with a Toman meeting but you weren't updated on anything. It was a clear lie for the rest, especially Peh-yan and Souya who were jittery and too obvious. Smiley and Baji were the only ones capable of holding out until the end, keeping the conversation fresh without the mention of your birthday.
- Still, they really want to make this a special day for you. Because of everything you've done for them to respect them and defend them when needed, a display of gratitude is what you deserve. "I don't want Y/N to feel like we're ignoring them too much but I'm excited to see their reaction though." Takashi had a proud smile on his face now that the full view of the set up looked so much better than the rough first day. Chifuyu was panting beside him from taping all the balloons from multiple walls and Draken wipes his sweat who was done putting the rest of the banner on the high parts.
"Y/N's gonna love this!" Takemichi hypes up from behind. "Not bad. How are we gonna lure them in?" Baji asks.
"Maybe it should be Mikey." Hakkai suggests and the blonde disagrees. "I'll mess it up. Now that all of this is set up, can we talk to Y/N? Maybe they'll be out after school and we'd never know." Their leader proposes.
"I'll do it. I owe an apology to them anyway." Mitsuya volunteers which relieved the others for the task.
- Much to their excitement for your actual birthday, you ended up avoiding them in return. The last two days felt like they pushed you away for a reason and it's taking a toll on you at how clueless you were. When the second division tried to approach you, you ended up turning to a different hall, purposely throwing off his direction which strikes him. "What's going on?" He whispers to himself and the next couple of minutes were spent trying to catch your attention.
The moment you do look at each other, mans is terrified. There's a chill cascading from his lower back to his nape at how closed off you were and it dawns on him that the whole situation of avoiding you ended up on the bad side of their decisions. "Oh shit." He cusses.
- "H-hey, Y/N!" Hakkai greets you with a nervous smile and you could only give a bow to him, eyes intent on the floor as cold sweat drops from him. "Okay bye Y/N!" Peh-yan then, out of the many instances he's slipped up, took the opportunity by grabbing your hand.
"I promise—this time I really have something to show you."
- You were quiet for the rest of the trip, they decided that it was best for you have a blindfold on which doubles your anxiety of where you were going anyway. It doesn't help that they kept murmuring and the more you took a step, the more you dreaded waiting for them to greet you. "Okay, stand there, we'll let go." Hakkai informs you as you shake your head. "Wait—don't leave!" You cried and that was when no one else surrounded you.
Until a voice spoke, "Take of your blindfold, Y/N!"
- And as the fabric drops to you nose, your eyes were mesmerized by the sudden flash of light, surrounding the entire room. The decorations were well organized and a big banner that said happy birthday with a table filled with meals and gifts, even party hats with toy trumpets to celebrate. You covered your mouth out of shock, your heart not even letting it sink into you that this was the reason they've been avoiding you for a while. The words that ring in your moment of awe was, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" From all of the main captains and founding members of Toman.
Though, the confetti bomb didn't exactly blow up after they said it and Mikey was struggling so hard on pulling the object. "I can't do it." He complains while you let out a laugh. As a joke, Baji turned his gaze to you.
"Hey, Y/N? You think you can walk in again and let's do a retake?"
"Oh absolutely." You giggled at their inconvenience before obeying the long haired boys demands, walking in with a brighter smile than the first time and another chorus of happy birthday resonates through the building as the sound of the confetti finally working mixes with it. A rain of colorful strings and papers poured on all of you while you ran to them, catching them in an embrace.
- After hearing their plan with a couple of apologies here and there, you couldn't stop smiling and laughing at their stories of how close they were to giving in especially when you ignored them. "So? This was all the big fuss about?" You asked Mitsuya as he bids you a nod with a hand to your shoulder. "If it's all for you then it's worth it."
Mikey then brings in the cake, lit up in the amount as your age and they urge you to stand up. "We're thankful that you're here Y/N. We thank you for everything that you've done for us and we had a lot of fun planning this entire day out for you to enjoy, so, why don't you make a wish and let's begin your party!" He spoke with a smile to you and your heartbeat fastens at how lucky you were to be treated by such amazing friends.
They started to sing the classic happy birthday song, Peh-yan and Angry's voice casually above the others but they had to match that energy so even when the song was meant to be slow, the anticipation and rest they got now that everything was settled brought even more warmth to the room and a kick in the rhythm.
Closing your eyes as a wish is said in your mind, you blew the candle and with a few more embraces, they all began to cheer,
"Happy birthday, Y/N!"
Tumblr media
TOKYO REV : @strawberrieas @kwrg @raya-sano @kimrena-stuff @heavensbeloved @rosewood1999 @beezebub @l-luci @bekky06 @keiisukebaji @manjiroarchiviste @smileysmileysmiley @tendo-shairdye @toshiswifey @thispenguinrocks @kleesboom
OVERALL: @stesphy @itsmeaudrieee @crapimahuman @meguroshi @floydenai @dai-tsukki-desu @inu1gf
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Tumblr media
HueningKai x Gn!reader (they/them)
Genre/contents: oneshot, fluff, smut (skipable), light angst, crack-ish, kinda cheesy, strangers2friends2lovers, college au, fall/winter au?, artmajor!reader, popular!reader, reader enjoys fashion, kai & reader are a lil awkward at first, ft. txt/skz members, enhypen’s jake, & layla!
Summary: Sick of the heart eyes Kai’s had for you since freshman year of college, his friends gave him a little push in the right direction. That ‘right’ direction sending him into a spiral of false impressions, flirting lessons & over priced jeans.
Word count: 12.1k o-0
Warnings: brief slut shaming, suggestive jokes/scene, limited cursing, drinking, kai’s a lil insecure, sub!kai, dom!reader (more smut warnings when officially released)
Teaser under cut
The chime of the entry bell signaling the door had been opened caused Yeonjun to half-consciously glance away from his friends to the sound, before doing an aggressive double take with wide eyes. He kicked someone’s leg underneath the table, finding it to be Soobin who flinched with a whiny ‘ow’, before going to glare at Yeonjun. But instead, he followed Yeonjun’s head that was repeatedly gesturing in your direction. Taehyun watched Yeonjun and Soobin’s lack of subtlety with an unamused stare, finally huffing “For fucks sake.” and waving to you himself.
“Hey Y/n!”
At the very mention of your name, Kai’s head snapped up to see your smile as you walked over to their table. His swore his heart had jumped up into his ears to pound in his head, only being able to focus on it’s increasing volume and your shining eyes. Never once had he seen you at this cafe, that the boys would visit weekly. And yet, here they are. They are very much here. Right now...in front of me.
Oh gosh, he couldn’t do this. How was he supposed to sit there and be normal when this is the closest he’s gotten to talk to you since that day on the courtyard? Unless you included the few times you had asked him for an extra pencil, you were somehow always losing or breaking yours. You must be heavy handed.
“Hey Tae!” You greeted warmly, knowing him from your shared classes, as you were both art majors. Taehyun introduced you to each of the boys, and Huening Kai was convinced he almost had an aneurism when he finally had to introduce himself.
“Oh, yeah! I know you, we take language together.”
“Uh, y-yeah.” Kai laughed awkwardly at nothing and inwardly cringed. God, he hated himself right now. Unbeknownst to everyone, Yeonjun had already formulated a plan, not willing to let this strange twist of fate slip through his fingers. “Hey Y/n! I heard you almost enrolled in a fashion institution. Is that true?”
“Yup! But I finally decided on art. It’s always been my first love.”
Kai’s stomach dropped when he saw the glint of mischief in Yeonjun’s eyes, all the other boys easily recognizing it too, and silently cheering him on. He smiled lopsidedly, leaning on his elbow as he began. “Perfect! You might just be the exact person we need.”
You tilted your head as a wordless question, Kai momentarily distracted from his panic by your cuteness.
“Kai’s gonna confess to his crush at Chan’s Christmas party and he was wanting some fashion advice, maybe some good ole flirting lessons as well.”
“F-flirting?! Yeonjun!” The conniving hyung silenced Kai’s squawking with a single raised finger, giving Beomgyu war flashbacks. “Obviously I would help him with his lack of knowledge in the flirting department, but I’m afraid I’m too busy to help. And these losers over here have no game.”
Ok, now he was pushing it. The boys collectively all thought, but they continued to grin and bare it.
“Oh, sure! I’m not an expert in fashion, or flirting for that matter, but I’d be happy to help! I’m free this Saturday, if you want to meet up.”
Curse you for being such a caring, hopeless romantic! How was Kai supposed to get out of this now? Did he really want to get out of it? The truth came out from his lips before he could even process it.
“That sounds good to me! Should we...exchange phone numbers?”
“Yeah!” You smiled, pulling your phone out of your pocket and handing it over to him.
The boys were abnormally quiet as you got your coffee, a cookie, and left. The dam burst as soon as you were out of sight, all of them talking at the same time.
“Losers with no game huh?” Soobin inquired with a quirked brow, the other boys hooting congratulations and slapping Kai on the shoulder. The youngest finally gathered his thoughts enough to yell above all the other voices, his tone a lot more panicked than the others.
“Confess?! At Chan’s Christmas party?! What Christmas party!?”
“It’s on the eleventh, next Saturday. His parents own this huge mansion and they’re leaving early for the holidays. Since Chan can’t go with them until winter break, he told me he’s gonna have a party as soon as they leave.”
“I wasn’t even invited hyung.”
“Yes you were, pabo.” Soobin interjected, his finger raising to flick Kai’s forehead. “You were just too busy staring at Y/n to hear him. Don’t you see? This is a problem.”
“It is a problem, Soobin hyung’s right.” Beomgyu started, the normally playful boy taking a more serious attitude, leaning forward on the table to look at Kai with a loving yet stern stare. “You either need to make a move or let them go, which you clearly cannot do. So try. Otherwise you’ll regret it for the rest of your life, wondering what you could have had with them. It might seem stupid, but you have an opportunity here. I say you go along with it, get to know them, and if you still have feelings for them by the end of it? Tell them.”
Silence blanketed over them yet again, the weight of Beomgyu’s words making everyone look at the boy in question. Huening Kai only had to contemplate for a little bit, somehow feeling more sure of himself by his friend’s words, soon breaking out into a smile.
“Ok what?”
“I’ll do it.”
taglist closed 🏷: @skz-bb | Masterlist
💌a/n: this is a lot different of a writing style than I usually do but I hope it’s good..? It’s cheesy, but I’m hoping it’s a good cheesy lol - Cleo
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erwinsvow · a year ago
𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 | 𝐚𝐨𝐭 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐬
a/n: hey everyone! hope you enjoy these college headcanons! part two can be found here! warning for nsfw in jean's, and mentions of alcohol/partying throughout!
jean kirstein
jean shows up to college thinking it’s gonna be high school part two, and quickly gets put in his place
his old antics (for both school and girls) won’t fly anymore, so he tries his hardest at both
i personally see jean as not the smartest, most gifted kid (in college!) but definitely one of the hardest workers
this man comes in pre-law and changes to sports management real quick
he definitely plays some kind of club sport, lacrosse or basketball or maybe even both and he is way too into it
like club lacrosse is his life.
he 100% has eyes for cheerleaders, because he loves idea of someone rooting for him, and if you are one, then it’s instantaneous
he notices you at one of his games, giving a shove to conny and asking if he knew who you were
which is met with “what do i look like, a phone book?”
he builds up the courage to ask you out eventually, to which of course you agree, and it’s pretty much a happy ending after that
makes for a lot of sweaty, post-match sex, with him still in his jersey and you in your uniform hiked up
reiner braun
frat bro reiner is a business major with a focus on finance
reiner is the guy who dedicates 100% of his time to school during the weekdays, and the weekends are for the bros
he’s the first in the library, last to leave lecture because he stayed behind to get clarifications, and pretty much aces everything
halloweekend, he decides to drag annie and bertholdt to a party, because they are in desperate need of letting loose
probably dressed up as something mildly douche-y that didn’t require a lot of thought: a foot ball player jersey with eye black improvised by annie
he is a heavy-weight if you’ve ever seen one, probably on his fifth cup of cheap beer and not even slightly buzzed
annie and bertholdt are sloshed, so he keeps one eye on them to make sure they’re alright
you, on the other hand, are serving as designated-driver for the night and sipping on soda
i think any kind of sweet, innocent costume (angel, fairy, woodland creature) would get his attention immediately
he goes over to you to try to make conversation, and finds himself stumbling over his words even though he just swore he wasn’t tipsy yet
but you find it cute, and given how you have seen him before around campus, studying all the damn time, you’re pleasantly surprised to find a sweet, interesting guy making conversation with you at a halloween party
eventually, your friends take off with their hook-ups, and reiner is left behind alone too after making sure everyone had a safe ride home
with no one left besides you two and his passed out friends, you offer him and his roommates a ride back to his dorm
after dropping annie off, you arrive at the dorm and help lug a blacked-out bertholdt to their room
you say goodnight and as you leave, feeling bold, you leave your number on the whiteboard hanging on their door
so that then turns into coffee-and-studying dates, and eventually a relationship before too long
armin arlert
i think we all know what armin is like in college: marine biology major and history minor
this is an effortless genius, so unlike reiner, he doesn’t have to spend all his time studying
i think armin would be the kind of guy who has school and life figured out, and he slowly realizes a healthy relationship is the one thing missing from his life
there’s honestly plenty of people who want to date him, if he had ever cared to return any of their gazes
i honestly see him being oblivious, so when a fellow classmate asks if he wants to study together, he goes “oh, sorry, i wasn’t really planning on studying, but maybe eren wants a study-buddy, i’ll let him know for you!” instead of realizing that was someone flirting
so it’s the same for you
you’re taking the marine sci class as a last resort, everything else was completely filled up, and you just had to get out of that physics class
but all this talk about oceans and sea-creatures is even worse, somehow. to put it short, you’re struggling, and armin is the kid who raises his hand at every question without so much as jotting down a note during lecture
you know mikasa through a friend-of-a-friend type situation, and ask her if armin would be willing to tutor you sometime
doesn’t matter that part of the reason you’re doing so poorly is because you’re staring at the back of his head most of class
armin and you get together to study on a saturday evening, and what began as a recap on the history of the ocean quickly turns into laughing, talking, and then “you wanna go grab something to eat?”
for someone so smart, he’s really dense
he thinks you’re being friendly and doesn’t want to assume you’re thinking this is a ‘date’ even though you’re internally screaming
it takes you leaning in for a kiss after he’s walked you back to your dorm for it to click
needless to say, he wasn’t quite so oblivious after that
eren yeager
eren was determined to get into the same college as armin and mikasa
my man is undecided, and then sociology after he’s forced to pick
not exactly a fuckboy, not exactly a stoner, just somewhere in between
procrastinates doing work and submits every thing a day late, even though he probably would have gotten full marks if it was on time
him and mikasa decide to take a marine bio class with armin, and he ends up falling asleep during lecture
i don’t see him going for a goody-two shoes type that wants to reform him, because he just wouldn’t want to deal with that
it’s not a toxic relationship, but pretty close to one
on again, off again ever since the two of you met in a dingy frat basement, absolutely hammered, and hooked up
this boy does not want to admit that he’s caught feelings, but eventually it comes to that because he is very much the jealous type
catches you engaging in polite conversation with reiner and he is seeing white in seconds
he realizes he has to make you his
marco bott
the most wholesome nursing major with a minor in english because he is a sucker for lit
i don’t think there is any shortage of girls who want to be with marco, just given how sweet and genuine he is
that being said, i feel like the few time he’s wanted to pursue a relationship with someone, they haven’t reciprocated/just saw him as a friend
which isn’t the easiest thing to deal with, but because he’s a mature angel, he doesn’t hold that against anyone
instead, he kind of succumbs to this false idea that people want to be his friend, and not his girlfriend, which he’s a little insecure about
that’s why i think you and marco would have idiot best friends to lovers, featuring everyone around you knowing how head over heels you both are except the two of you
you two meet in a particularly challenging class, and not recognizing anyone, you both turn to the friendliest face in the room to make study-buddies with
over a whole semester of late-night cramming (and talking), scribbling smiley faces on flashcards, and good luck texts before the exam, you realize how much you’re gonna miss constantly hanging out with marco
and on his end, he’s complaining to jean about how after the final, you two won’t have any reason to keep talking
“so ask her out then, you idiot”
“she probably doesn’t think of me like that…”
“are you blind?” jean says, with a roll of his eyes
after the class has ended and you’re both headed back home for winter break, you work up the nerve to text marco one last time
“let me know if you ever need help studying for another class :)”
you have no idea that he’s over the moon, and that finally brings an end to your friendship, and starts your relationship
bertholdt hoover
mister bertholdt is structural design and architecture major
there’s basically six of those total in your entire college, so he definitely gets a bit isolated/lonely sometimes
he basically came to college with reiner & annie, and figured he didn’t really need more friends than that
so when they’re busy, he’s just by himself
annie definitely makes fun of him for not spreading his wings and flying out of the metaphorical nest, but he’s comfortable with how it is
not a huge fan of the party scene, and prefers a quiet night of studying
i feel like you and him would be the last two studying in the library most nights, and sometimes walk out together after the librarian reminds you both the building is closing
so, when reiner and annie drag him to a party one weekend, he’s shocked to see you there too with outgoing friends of your own
he’s used to seeing you in the bright fluorescent lighting of the library, so this dim, hazy room after the shots have already gone to his head is hard to take in
you two eventually end up talking after your friends push you towards him
“funny seeing you here.” “i could say the same to you.”
he already has a crush (you do too, but he doesn’t want to accept that) so the alcohol inhibits his usual caution
a little bit of dancing, a lot of sitting on the pavement outside while looking at the moon, stars, and each other, topped off with a first-kiss starts your relationship
levi ackerman
teaching assistant levi is a staple of your college
almost infamous, really
you count your lucky blessings that he’s still a year or so away from graduating with his ph.d. in molecular biology and that he’s ta’ing this microbiology class
you’ve definitely heard all sorts of rumors, but you really don’t know what’s truth and fiction
he definitely hasn’t slept with a third of his students (right?) but the lingering way he looks at you isn’t helping quell your thoughts
technically speaking, teaching assistants and students are not allowed to date, interact, etc
until the semester in which you are their student is completed, at least
it doesn’t take long after that for you two to constantly run into each other
“how’re your new classes going? any hot ta’s?” he asks, sipping his tea from the bookstore cafe. you choke on your hot chocolate.
all this being said, you’re an upperclassmen about to graduate, possibly start a ph.d. or masters program yourself. i see him teaching upper-level courses exclusively.
it’s not long after that you admit your feelings to each other, since after all, there’s no time to waste
erwin smith
you’re a second year masters program in the history department. your specialization is military history, so of course professor smith is assigned as your thesis advisor.
i mean, he’s only written several textbooks on the subject
on first sight, you can’t believe he’s a professor. because certainly, this is a some cruel twist of fate. he’s closer to your age than some of his colleagues.
you both try to keep it strictly professional
at first least. this gets gradually harder and harder
there’s a certain chemistry there neither of you can deny.
having a mutual interest in the same subjects doesn’t help too much either. suddenly, you guys are spending hours pouring over topics for his next textbook and your thesis.
the conversation continues over chinese food in his office, long after the rest of the building has cleared out for their friday evenings
“well, i won’t keep you any longer. i’m sure you have much better plans on a friday night than talking military policy with me.”
“there is no where else i’d rather be.”
hope you all liked it! :)
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jeyramarie · 11 months ago
Monaco- Tom Holland x Reader
summary: you sort of crash the boys’ trip.
a/n: i got inspo after the pics were posted, i hope this is somewhat good, idk😂 happy reading everyone 🦋
Tumblr media
You had never gone to Monaco before which made you very excited when your boyfriend had invited you. It was supposed to be a boys day but you had just got to London a few days from being back home and he wanted to spend every second he could with you. Harrison and Tuwaine were going too since the original plan was a guys trip.
You were all going to the F1 race which started on Saturday. Tom was with the Red Bull team which meant you were gonna get every VIP pass that ever existed. You all arrived on Friday which gave you a whole day to sleep. When you arrived at the hotel the first thing Tom did was flop on the bed.
“Ugh, i’m so tired.” he mumbled against the bed sheets as you chuckled and put the suitcases in a corner.
“I know, that flight was killer.” you groaned as you sat down at the cloud like mattress making you sight in relief. You closed your eyes for a bit as you heard ruffling in the sheets and the bed sinking next to you. When you opened your eyes you saw Tom looking at you with a cute smile, wanting to kiss you. So you placed your hand on his right cheek and gave him a soft kiss. 
“We should get some sleep.” 
“Oh yes we do, but you have to tell the boys. So they don’t walk in or anything.” 
“Right.. I’ll be right back.” Tom groaned as he left the bed and walked next door to see the boys. As he left you got up and got into your pajamas, took you makeup off and went under the sheets. While you where tying your hair Tom walked in and took off his shoes giving you a smile.
“All done, baby. Let’s go to bed.” he said and quickly got ready, then getting into bed with you as he quickly pulled you in for you he’d to rest on his chest. You both drifted off quickly feeling exhausted from the plane ride.
The morning came around rather quickly with you waking up first as usual. You expected to see Tom sound asleep but instead was met with an empty bed. You started to look around and were about to shout his name when he walked around the corner with breakfast.
“Morning, love.”
“Hi, you woke up early.” you chuckled and smiled as he walked closer to you. He put the breakfast at the foot of the bed and jogged to your side immediately putting his hands on your cheeks, pulling you into a sweet kiss. His lips moved softly against yours as you ran your finger tips down his abs.
“You ready for today?” he said getting into bed while eating fruit.
“I am, i’m just not sure what to wear.”
“Well leave the prettiest thing for tonight cause we’re all going to a fancy dinner.” you nodded and continued to eat talking about the day’s plan. Tom got up and got ready first with a pink t-shirt he bought with you, some jeans and random sneakers. You couldn’t stop staring at him cause even in simple clothing he looked hot. You settled for a tight crop tshirt and some baggy ripped jeans with your usual jewelry.
You walked out of the hotel hand in hand with Tom not feeling the need to hide your relationship since no one knew he was in Monaco that weekend. The car ride was pretty short making you grateful that you didn’t have to stay in a car for long. When you all got there, there were people waiting for all of you with VIP passes and wristbands.
The crew guided all of you to the main race track which consisted of walking in front of everyone. You saw so many people that you were gonna release your hand from Tom’s. You don’t know how but he knew you were gonna attempt to do it which made his grip tighter. He looked back at you and smiled while nodding giving you a reassurance. The walk to your box felt long as you saw everyone staring and photographing you. You all finally made it to the VIP room. It had drinks, snacks and a few people chatting over champagne on the sofas.
“Do you want anything, baby?” Tom asked breaking you from your trance.
“No, i’m okay.” you smiled as Harrison and Tuwaine called you both to go look over the railing down at the race.
“Did you see everyone with their phones?” Tuwaine asked being discreet, not wanting other people to hear.
“Yeah i saw them, this is gonna blow up any second.” Harrison said adjusting his watch while look back and forth between you and Tom.
“That’s fine, i don’t care anyway.” Tom said running a hand through his hair while letting go of your hand, leaning against the railing. The boys stared at you and gave you a sympathetic smile as they walked away to get some drinks. You fidgeted with your fingers as you walked towards him. You stood next to him as you rubbed one hand on his bicep making him relax.
“Are you okay? You seemed a bit annoyed back there.” you said softly looking at him waiting for him to make eye contact.
“Just frustrating, you know? We can’t go anywhere without being worried about what people may think if they see us... I’m tired of that.”
“Well we don’t have to hide anymore. You can show me off as much as you want.” you smiled as your hand ran through the hair at the back of his neck. He turned his head and smiled standing up straight pulling you towards him by your waist.
“So i can kiss you in public now?” he asked in a sexy voice making you smirk.
“Yes, you can.” and with that he leaned into a sweet kiss making you place your hands on his jaw. When you parted he chuckled and pecked your forehead turning back to the race.
“Okay guys, ew.” Tuwaine said as he walked closer to the couple. You all laughed and Tom put his arm over your shoulder. He never let go of you for the rest of the race. You all stayed in the box the whole time only leaving it to look around. Tuwaine had scheduled a boat ride for all of you after the race was over. You all walked to the docks being photographed as you made your way to the boat. Tom gripped your hand tighter as the camera’s clicked.
The ride was smooth and pleasant. Filled with jokes and business talk, coming from Tom of course. Harrison and Tuwaine took many pictures for the gram while Tom admired you the whole time. When you were making your way back, the sun was starting to set. Which meant that you had to go back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. You settled for a long summer dress with some wedge heels and your handbag.
When you walked out, putting everything in your purse, your perfume filled the room making Tom look up from his phone. He stared in awe as you stopped walking to close your purse.
“Okay, boys we ready?” you asked and lifted your head to see Tuwaine and Harrison on the sofa and Tom standing up to go to you.
“We’re ready, let’s go.” Harrison said as he stood up and walked out of the room followed by Tuwaine. Tom pulled you towards him by your waist and kissed you softly as your arms went over his shoulders to pull him closer.
“Mmm, you look so good.”
“I do?”
“Yes, you do. We’re gonna have fun when we get back.” he whispered into your ear and walked away leaving you in shock. You walked out of the room and met the guys at the elevator. The ride to the restaurant was filled with sexual tension between you and Tom. You crossed your legs and he immediately put his hand on it to grab and rub and touch. No one commented on it, which was surprising to you.
The place was fancy and decorated with fairy lights which you absolutely loved. You walked hand in hand with Tom as he waved at everyone who recognized him. Suddenly, he pulled out his phone and recorded a very funny story for his instagram. The dinner went smoothly with Tom’s hand never leaving your leg. Tension growing and growing as his hand squeeze your thigh from time to time.
A few hours later, you were all back at the hotel room. You took of your heels letting out a breath of relief as Tom took off his long sleeve turtleneck sweater. You stood up and started taking off your dress when you felt a hot breath hitting your neck. His calloused hands going over your waist to pull you closer.
“What are you doing?” you asked as you turned your head to look at Tom.
“I told you we were gonna have fun.” he mumbled into your shoulder. You turned to him in his arms and kissed him as his hand went to the back of your dress, pulling down the zipper slowly. The kiss turned animalistic as each of your hands explored each other’s bodies. Making that night incredible fun.
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anonquack · a year ago
| And Me? |
Alex Quackity x Reader, Oneshot!
Word Count: 2262
Warnings: None! Just some curse words.
Summary: Seeing how much time you've been spending with Bad recently just doesn't sit well with Quackity, and he's going to make sure your attention is returned back to where it belongs. With him.
You had been messing around with what was coined the "Feral Boys" on a Saturday afternoon. Your takeout order was placed on your desk, neglected by the loud clicking and tapping of your keyboard. You all had been throwing around random stream ideas, which proceeded to be bashed by everyone.
"Guys," Dream groaned, frustration clear in his tone yet there was still that softness that let everyone know he wasn't actually mad, "we've been on call for 2 hours and still have no stream ideas we like."
"Maybe if Sapnap didn't complain about everything." Karl quickly quipped in, the grin that was probably plastered onto his face was visible to you even with it just being voice chat.
Sapnap clapped back just as quickly, a little more edge to his words but just the right amount of teasing too.
"Yeah? Nothing works with your schedule. We gotta fit these ideas in with your Mr. Beast-filled schedule."
Quackity let out a laugh that made you roll your eyes yet smile fondly as you finally turned to look at your food, taking a bite as the call jumped right back into their previous banter, a helpless Dream trying to regain control and get everyone to work together.
It served as background noise as you quietly ate your food, inputting or agreeing with someone here and there, your stomach grateful to finally be getting some food. You'd been too busy earlier, and now you had the chance to eat and relax on call with friends. No actual streaming or anything, but still with the burden of coming up with new and fun stream ideas.
As you took yet another bite, your gaze fell onto your phone as the screen lit up, a notification coming through. You set your food down and grabbed the device, clicking on it and smiling once you saw it was a message from Bad.
Unlike whatever mess this call was, you had scheduled to record a video with Bad, and you assumed this message was to confirm that he was now available to film. After quickly reading it, your assumptions were proven right.
"Hey, Bad just texted. I'm gonna head out. Try not to think too hard while I'm gone, okay?" You said as you grabbed ahold of your mouse again, cursor going towards the disconnect button.
There was a mix of 'Bye!' and 'You think of some too, then!' and Sapnap's backhanded remarks that told you he would indeed miss you. You smiled, about to click disconnect before he spoke up.
"Bad? What are you recording with Bad?" The question caught you off guard, not because it came from Quackity but because no one had asked.
"Oh, well, just for a youtube video.. and I promised him we'd chat since I miss him." You admitted, cursor dancing across the screen as you waited for a response, if there was to be any.
"How come we didn't get invited?" Quackity asked, voice a mix of feigned hurt and disbelief of being 'left out'.
You playfully rolled your eyes, noticing a message come in from Bad yet again asking if he could call now. "You spend enough time with Bad as it is. Get in line, right now its MY turn. Now bye!! Seriously." You chuckled, hearing the start of a protest before disconnecting from the call and moving your cursor onto Bad's chat, quickly pressing the call button and waiting to hear his sweet voice ringing through your headphones.
As the small ping notified everyone else in the call that you had disconnected, Quackity let out a small huff, followed by George's small laugh.
"What was that?"
"What was what?" Quackity replied with a tired tone, fingers lazily typing up some email he had been procrastinating on.
"Was that jealously I smelled, Big Q?" Karl teased, letting out a laugh that was so contagious, eliciting laughs from the whole call, even Quackity couldn't help but laugh before letting out another noise of disapproval.
"No, what the fuck? It's just they didn't even contribute any ideas. Just sat and argued with us, and then left to go hang out with Bad." He reasoned, it was a half truth. It didn't bother Quackity at all that you'd been 'unproductive', he enjoyed your company so much and these past two hours had left him with a tummy ache from laughing too hard.
What he hadn't enjoyed was you dropping everything to go on a call with Bad.
It didn't actually bother him, it was part of the bit they had going on, where he was a Skeppy 2.0 and had to fight the other Skeppy copies, in this case YOU, for Bad's attention.
He could feel a migraine coming through trying to understand this new emotion settling in his chest.
Sapnap let out an amused laugh, mumbling a 'sure' but swiftly changing topics in order to not start yet another argument.
It had been about 4 days since the call with the 'Feral Boys' and the recording with Bad. Since then, everything had ran smoothly and you'd been extra productive, focused on getting the video edited and posted as soon as possible.
Currently, you were ringing Bad as he streamed on the server, wanting to make a quick appearance and also just bug him for a bit since you missed him.
Since it was a rather chill stream, Bad didn't fight away your affection, instead encouraging that you hop on the server and play with him for a bit. You couldn't say no to that, how could you?
Before you knew it, you were off your bed and on your chair, in front of your computer as the Minecraft loading screen lit up your facial features and Bad told chat and you about an event that took place this weekend while he was out shopping.
The hushed laughs and sweet stories being shared were soon interrupted by Bad letting out an annoyed huff. "Quackity is spamming me to let him join the call. Is that okay, Y/N?"
You nodded, letting out a hum of approval as you walked towards Bad's avatar that was currently standing still since Bad tabbed out. "Of course."
"Okay, Quackity I'm live, what do you want?" Bad warned before tabbing back onto minecraft.
"Why are you guys calling without me?" There it was, the same tone he had 4 days ago when he was 'upset' he got left out. Your eyes looked at the small message on the bottom left of the screen that let everyone know Quackity had joined the server.
"Because.. whats wrong with it?" Bad asked, confused, before happily following that up, "I was actually telling them about my trip to the store over the weekend."
"Yeah, he was," you mused, "before you rudely interrupted." You assumed he was here for a bit, the Skeppy 2.0s fighting for Bad's love and affection, bothering Bad for a bit before letting the stream go back to being a relaxing, chill stream.
"Yeah? Well I want to hear the story too. You'll tell me too, right Bad?" He returned, the joking tone in his voice confirmed your assumptions. This was a bit.
Bad let out an exasperated sigh. These bits were never planned beforehand, they just happened and unfortunately for Bad it was happening during his chill stream. "What are you two going to fight about now?"
"I have one. Why were you guys recording without me? Hm?" The chat exploded with confusion and excitement for a new video from either Bad or you, possible video ideas being thrown around in chat.
"Because." You deadpan, "If you can do it, so can I."
"That's different." He says every single syllable with precision, as if he is preaching something of upmost importance. "You two spend way too much time together now."
Bad says something to try and interfere the banter he knows is about to take place, chat is going crazy about the Skeppy 2.0s fighting for Bad's love. "So much for a chill stream." He mumbles to chat as his character watches you and Quackity hitting each other. With your fists, since it was deemed a 'fair fight' by both.
After about 3 hours, Bad decided he'd had enough and began saying goodbye to chat. There was a content smile on your lips as you made your character crouch beside Bad's, letting out a small and content "Bye chat!". Quackity had stayed the 3 hours as well, and was yelling his own goodbyes. As soon as the stream ended, Bad let out a small laugh.
"Sometimes you two are just too much." He said, the smile evident in his voice. "Do you guys enjoy bothering me that much?"
"Aw c'mon, Bad. You know we love you tons. And you know damn well you enjoy it too." Quackity teased, which earned yet another exasperated sigh from Bad.
"Okay, well I'm heading to bed.. I'm exhausted. Thank you two, for joining me tonight.. I had fun." He said softly, which automatically made a frown appear on your lips.
"Of course, Bad! I had fun too. Thanks for letting us join. I'll call you tomorrow, yeah?" You offered, to which he hummed. There was a few more goodbyes exchanged before the ping notified you both Bad was gone.
There was silence for a bit as you finally got out of the server and shut minecraft off, wanting to rest your eyes for a bit. Maybe even head to bed yourself.
"You'll call him tomorrow, huh?"
Your eyes closed and you leaned your head back against your chair.
"Bit's over, Quackity." You chuckled, not up for yet another banter about who deserved Bad's love more.
"When's the last time we called? Now it's just Bad this, Bad that."
Your eyes opened, your eyebrows furrowed as you stared at his little profile picture that had its green ring fading around it.
"What?" You said in pure disbelief.
"You heard me." He mumbled. "Video recordings, streams, calls. And me? Nothing. Not one crumb."
"What about you?" You teased, amusement growing as you realized the past 3 hours had not been about Bad, at least not entirely.
"Don't make me actually say it." He complained, which only helped make the smile on your face grow.
"Use your words, Alex. I can't read minds." You gently bit at your bottom lip in anticipation, and in poor attempt to hold back the laugh that was threatening to escape.
"Where's my calls? My recordings. You can't just randomly strip away all your attention from me and dump it on Bad."
"I didn't even do that." You protested, before letting the laugh escape your lips. "Plus, you should be greedy over Bad's attention, not mine."
"Maybe it's not for a bit, asshole? Did you think of that?" He asked sarcastically, earning a scoff from you.
"So you want my attention yet you're going to proceed to call me an asshole?"
"Yes." He breathed out.
"You didn't deny it." You hummed in slight approval. Usually he'd shy away from showing any actual clinginess or affection, and yet here he was, declaring with his whole chest that he wanted attention.
"Because I'm serious. Do you think this is a joke? Is that what I am to you?" He said dramatically, to which you shook your head.
"Of course not." You hummed before smiling at the absurdity of this conversation.
Maybe it was the lack of sleep finally catching up to you and now you were imagining things.
"So? Does this mean I'm getting daily calls, recording videos with you, and streaming together whenever? Even on the alt?"
"Now you're just asking for too much."
"It's the bare minimum you can do for treating me so poorly and neglecting your responsibilities."
"Neglecting my responsibilities?" You repeated in disbelief.
"Yes." He declared. "Ignoring me for Bad is neglecting your responsibilities. A.K.A. me."
"I wasn't ignoring you, Alex." You tried to reason, though he would not listen to any reasoning.
"Yeah, yeah. So what? Do we have a deal?"
You paused and thought about what he was asking for. It really wasn't much, and he was most likely joking, but it was very endearing to see him ask for attention so openly. Especially from you.
"Did you miss me, Alex? While I was off on calls with Bad, talking about who knows what until who knows what time.. were you missing me? Thinking about me?" There was a teasing tone to your voice, but you also genuinely wanted to know.
It was clear that it caught him offguard.
"I mean.. yeah– what do you want me to say? No, fuck you. I didn't miss you at all. That's why I'm on call with you whining and bitching about how you don't give me enough attention and I want more. Specifically from you, please."
His last few words came out more hushed than the rest, and it brought a smile onto your face.
"You don't have to go on.. I'll give you the attention you want so badly from me." You said, the grin on your face growing more at the sound of happiness he let out.
"I guess directly asking for stuff isn't too bad, hm? I'll have to give props to Karl later for the advice."
You raised your eyebrows in amusement. "You asked Karl for advice on how to get my attention-?"
He let out a small groan, "Let's not talk about this with anyone, yeah? Just give me my attention and shh."
You hummed, "Whatever you say, Alex."
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turtle-go-brrrr · 11 months ago
Scratch my shell, I scratch yours
A/N: Heya! So remember two posts ago where I said I wouldn't write fics because I'm not confident enough in my writing to post it? Yeah, me neither. I started writing this at 6 am because I couldn't sleep and kept working on it during the day, so enjoy ^^(I got a little tired at the end, and i think you can feel it ;w; hope it’s good enough anyway!)
Also, I’m a sucker for platonic intimacy, and there is a severe lack of platonic x reader in this fandom
Fun fact: the Shell is both the Dorsal (part on the back) AND the Plastron (part on the front).
Requested: No
Pairing: None, platonic
Word count: 2500 +
Triggers: None
Summary: You make an embarrassing suggestion that they surprisingly accept.
The idea came to you in a random conversation you had as you sat on their couch.
"But wait, you can really reach everywhere? Like if I touch here-", you point to a crevice in the middle of his shell. "You're telling me you can bend your arm enough to get here?"
Leonardo gently takes your wrist and pull your hand away. "I mean, we have some of those telescopic scrubs to help, you know? Or we can just ask each other to get to the hard places if it's really complicated."
"Oh. Yeah, that makes sense."
You have been asking a few questions about their shells after Raphael started showing off some of his scars, fascinated by the intricate patterns you could see on your friends. The topic of cleaning has be brought up, and as your curiosity took charge, your brain decided to embarrass you as much as it could.
"Do you think I could help?"
Only the faint background music Mikey had set up earlier could be heard as your mutant friends looked at you, eyes wide open.
Oh, that came out wrong.
"Wait, that's not what I-", you start to explain your line of thoughts when you get interrupted by the smug look Mikey sent you, as he harbored a teasing smile.
"Oh? I didn't realize that's what you meant when you said you wanted to hang out more," he wiggles his eyebrows as your nervous laughter fills the room.
"Hold on, I can explain."
Silence again.
"Oh, you're actually listening?"
"I mean, I think we're all dying to know why on earth you'd want to take a shower with us. You're not usually this upfront with your affection," Donatello chimes in. He's not even looking at you in the eyes, but doesn't really try to hide that stupid smirk.
You take a deep breath, trying to focus on not letting the embarassement take over, but your voice shakes imperceptibly, and you can feel youself start to sweat. Great.
"Okay, so I was thinking : you guys always do so much for the city and never get anything in return. I remember Mikey told me that you guys love shell scratches, and now I can see that you have some trouble cleaning it, so maybe I can help with that ? Kinda like a massage sort of thing, it doesn’t have to be weird if no one makes it. Now obviously we’ll be wearing swimsuits, we’re not close enough for… you know… actually taking a shower together, " you try clearing your throat discretly. You hear a muffled laugh from Raph.
"Anyway, I think Casey knows where to buy the best animal care product. I think human stuff might not be suitable for your shells, and I read somewhere that water was the best way to clean a turtle shell anyways, but if you have suggestions just let me know what you usually use. Do you even have swimsuits ? Doesn’t matter, I’m sure we can find you some-"
As you rambled on, the slight shame started to wear off and you were able to explain your line of thoughts more clearly. The awkwardness of the situation seemed to settle down, even if your friends were absolutely going to tease you about it later. Leonardo seemed hesitant, though.
"I don’t know, man. Are you sure about this ? I don’t want you to feel like you have to. We can take care of ourselves, you know."
"I’m not gonna force you if you don’t want to, I’m just offering because I want to do something nice for you guys. You can’t really take a break, but you could at least relax a bit."
"I’m up for it." You didn’t expect Raph to agree so quickly, but maybe you should have anticipatd that as you look at the bags under his eyes. "I mean, the worst thing that could happen is falling asleep while getting a massage from a friend. Kinda sounds like a dream if you ask me. "
‘Well that was easy,’ you think as your face lightens up.
"Besides, we can laugh at them for wanting to shower with us. Didn’t think you’d want to be so intimate, " he purrs as he gives you a side glance.
Oh. Bastard number two.
"Alright. Sure. You know what, fair game, " you laugh it off. Mikey puts a reassuring arm around your shoulders as Donnie places his legs on your laps.
"We do have swimwear, so you don’t need to worry about that. And you were right about using only water to clean it, as human products tends to make us itchy afterwards. There are some types of oil we use sometimes to nourish our shells, however. I think the only thing we might need to look into is new brushes. The ones we have are, hum, barely hanging on."
You send a quick text to Casey and April to let them know about the plan after making a short list of supplies with Leo, who ended up agreeing.
It didn’t take that much convincing.
Saturday came fast. After getting all the necessary supplies with Casey, you both made your wait to the lair to join April. They had both agreed to help you in your task, because 'damn, they really need some appreciation'.
"When do you think they'll be back?" You ask Splinter as he offers you a cup of spiced tea.
"Usually around one in the morning, unless they were delayed."
Unless something went wrong.
But those dark thought quickly faded away as you heard the faint echo of Mikey's laughter as he recalled their night. Light chatter filled the room as they took off their gear and put away their weapons, and April hushed them to get changed and take a quick shower so they could get started and finally have some sort of a break.
You could see they were excited as they each went their own way, waiting for their turn to the shower.
When you live in the sewers and try to turn it into a living space, you have to do what you can with what you have. And sometimes, what you have is a large space that you can turn into a huge bathroom, with multiple showers and a large bathtub; but what you don't have is privacy. So big communal bathroom it is.
In this specific case, it's a good thing, because it means you can all chill together as you get to work on their shells. Once everyone was settled in, April motioned them to sit on some of the chairs you put up. She opens the bag Casey and you brought and starts getting the multiple brushes and bottle out.
"You have to understand that you guys are, uh, gigantic. So try to stay at our level, okay? And stay put, please. Anyway, here is what we've got for you: there are multiple brushes - one of each type for each of you - and some are harder than the others. Don't worry, we'll try not to scrub your shell off of you," she winks at that, and holds back a laugh at Raph's worried expression.
She continues. "We also found the oil Donnie told us about, and we bought multiple bottles. You'll have a stack for next time." She then gets one last bottle out that she puts aside.
"That one is for Splinter. To make his fur all soft and shiny," you butt in with an innocent smile. The old man deserves a treat too.
Casey laughs at that and says, "So, there's tree of us and four of you. Who is okay waiting for his turn?"
After a solid minute, Leonardo sighs and volunteers to let his brothers enjoy a well deserved spoiling session. Mikey, instead of sitting on a chair like a normal person, choose instead to lay down on the bathroom floor.
"You said it was basically a massage, right? Now it really feels like it!"
"Oh, good idea. I'm this close to getting a pillow and having the nap of my life," Donnie says, putting his fingers together.
"Your fingers are touching."
"I know," he gives you a side smile as he starts to get up, but you quickly bring him back to reality. "But there's gonna be water everywhere?" You sit down next to where he just was and watch as he goes back to where he sat, sending you a disapproving side glance.
"Let a turtle dream, will you?" He lays down on his stomach, puts his head on his arms, and scouts closer to you.
You watch Raph get settled on a chair next to Casey, putting his arms on the backrest as April hands you one of the harder brushes. Leo makes a quick trip to the kitchen and brings back some water, a few snacks, and a copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.
"Again," you start. "There's gonna be water everywhere. Are you sure bringing a book here is a good idea?"
He gives you a sly smile. "Gotta live up to my name."
"You know," Mikey interrupts. "Fearless."
"Oh. Right. Well, don't come crying when you drop it into a puddle then." But you offer him a plastic bag anyway, to hold his book with it in case he wets his hands.
"You sure you're okay waiting?" Casey asks him as he starts pouring water over Raph's back.
"Yeah, don't worry. I have things to keep me busy anyway."
It took one swipe of the brush from April for Mikey to start... what was the word? Churring.
A low rumble coming from his throat that had kind of the same function as a cat's purr, Donnie explained. It was an expression of contentment or happiness, that sometimes even happended when they needed reassurance.
"I can't believe you guys can purr and never told me." Raph doesn't even bother opening his eyes when he answers you, "We knew you'd take advantage of that. Didn't want to be babied by the tiniest human we ever met."
You went back and forth with the gruff turtle, always in good spirit though. Conversations flowed, laughter were exchanged, and everyone managed to lighten up. Master Splinter joined the group at some point, and was just glad to spend some time with his family - all of it. He also started to take cared of Leo’s dorsal, to his delight.
You don't exactly know when, but some time after Donnie started to let go some soft churrs as you scrubbed the dirt off of his shell, you stopped listening to the current topic and started to really focus on your task.
Scrapping the dirt hidden in between every crevice, rubbing the largest scales, you were surprised by the look of the bare shell of your nerdy friend. You never really stopped to observe this particular feature the four brothers harbored, not only out of decency, but also because it was always covered. Gear and clothes, backpack and tech, dirt and blood, there was always something hiding the intricate patterns of their shells.
You unconsciously slowed down to really take in what you were seeing, your fascination and curiosity taking over your wish to help.
"I don't know why, but I never expected your shell to be so colorful," you say after wiping away the dirty water from the left side of his back. You didn’t mean to say it at loud, but he doesn't answer you. However, you do get something from Mikey.
"Man, you should see mine! Don helped me create an organic paint so I can paint my shell without hurting myself with a bunch of chemicals, and it looks sooo damn good-"
"... Did they- Did you just shush me?"
"Shhh!" You whisper yell this time. You then give a side glance toward the sleeping turtle under you.
"Annw. Good luck waking him up."
"Yeah, I'm... not doing that. He needs his sleep," you laugh quietly.
It took the three of you around an hour to deep clean their shells. Even Raph was finally letting go and softly churring at the end. Mikey was loud enough to have trouble speaking, and Donnie was still asleep. Splinter was still working meticulously on his son, who, he could tell, had a hard time holding back the content churrs that threatened to spill out.
You get up and strech, feeling your joints crack and already anticipating how sore you’ll be tomorrow. The muscles in your arms were burning, and you couldn’t feel your butt anymore, but it was worth it. You’ve never seen the four mutants so relaxed before.
Remembering the oils, you went toward the towels to dry your friend’s back and give the final touch to, what you’d grow to refer to, your work of art. You gave a few head scratches to Raph, who was dozing off with a lazy smile, and went back to Donatello. You slowly dried his dorsal when you felt him shift under your hands.
"Hey buddy," you speak softly. He whispers a ‘hey’ you can barrely hear.
"I’m almost done. I just have to put the oil, then you can let it dry and go to sleep, okay ? " You open the bottle and get a paintbrush, with which you start coating his shell with a thin layer of oil. You can hear his soft churrs start again.
Casey accidentally dropped the bottle of oil on Raph’s back and was desperatly trying to gather as much as he could. "Shi- Fuck, wait-"
"Here, give me some. Thanks to you, I don’t have to open mine, " April said with a smirk. She helped him clean up before going back to Mikey, who raised himself on his forearms and watched the scene unfold with a tired smile.
It took only around twenty minute to put the oil on their shells and get it almost dried up. Once it was done, you helped Splinter and Casey clean up as April let her dizzy friends hold onto her, guiding them on their way to their room. Once it was all done, you waved Leo good night as Raph ruffled your hair and went to sleep. Mikey gave you a big hug and thanked you for the ‘bonker idea’ and made you promise to do it again soon, which you agreed on.
April was already sleeping in the big armchair next to the couch, Casey in a sort of little nest of blankets and pillows at her feet. As you made your way to the couch – your makeshift bed for the night – Donnie was passed out cold on it already. And, boy, does he takes up a lot of space.
You felt a hand on your shoulder and turned to see Splinter standing next to you. "I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you borrowing his bed for the night. "
"I– are you sure ? "
"He stole yours. He’ll live. " A gentle smile tugged at his lips as he guided you to your friend’s room, offering you a spare blanket and pillow. "Have a good night, Y/N. You know where to find me if you need anything."
”Thank you, Master Splinter.” You can feel your eyelid close on their own, and decide to finally call it a night. You got settled as best you could in the bed, and fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.
A warm breakfast would await you in the morning.
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mercy-burning · a year ago
Laundry Day
Pairing: Spencer Reid x fem!Reader Summary: Reader and Spencer meet again in the laundry room and decide to have some fun. PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4 / EPILOGUE Category: Smut 18+ (oral sex- male and female receiving, unprotected penetrative sex, slight exhibitionism?/potential of getting caught, slight degradation) Warnings: sex, language. (As always, if there’s anything I missed, let me know what I should include in warnings. I want to be as mindful as I can about what I post. Thank you!) Word Count: 3k
Note: Surprise!! I was going to wait to post this on Saturday but Taylor Swift had me feeling like dropping a surprise, what can I say? 😂 Anyway, I wasn’t going to make another part to Pretty Please, but for one thing, it did way better than I was expecting, so thank you all for your kind comments and tags! And also, @rainsong01 mentioned something that gave me an idea for a laundry room scenario, so you can thank them for this one! I had so much fun writing this and I hope you like it! Thanks for all the love! 🥰
Y/N hated laundry day.
There was nothing more boring to her than loading clothes into the washer, waiting, then loading them into the dryer, waiting, and then folding them and putting them away, not to mention the laundry room was kind of dingy and felt like being in a gross, scary basement.
Thankfully though, years of living in the same building had given Y/N a pretty decent schedule of when the laundry room was empty. It wasn't like she disliked talking to people, but laundry made her cranky enough, and the last thing she wanted was human interaction, making small talk with building residents that acted like they cared to know about everyone else's business.
So it was Friday night, 7 pm, which meant that depending on if she had to work, the only other person in the laundry room would be Olivia from down the hall, someone Y/N had only had a few conversations with, either in the laundry room or on the way out the door.
She walked in, silently thanking the laundry gods after hearing complete and utter silence as she made her way to the washer and dryer to the far left of the room. Then she reached into her pocket and realized she forgot her phone. Cursing, she settled on basking in the silence as she loaded her clothes in the washer one by one, at least grateful that no one would be bothering her with pointless small talk.
Until she heard the door open, as if the laundry gods decided they were angry at her. She tried not to outwardly groan, hoping that whoever it was would just say, "Hello," and leave it at that. Or better yet, not say anything at all and let her do her own thing. So she closed the washer and entered the quarters, knowing that it would be a long ten minutes. She could have went back upstairs to her apartment and waited there if she really wanted to, or grabbed her phone at least, but it felt like it would have been pointless, and so she just hoped it wouldn't be awkward.
Maybe I'll just go walk around the building aimlessly for 10 minutes.
But the laundry gods had other plans, apparently.
She turned around and saw none other than Spencer Reid, clutching a large cloth bag, presumably filled with laundry.
"Spencer? Hi," Y/N greeted, a small blush forming on her cheeks. The two of them hadn't really talked since their... escapade about a month ago. Most of the time Spencer was at work, but whenever he was home there hadn't been anymore thin wall scenarios or overhearing something she shouldn't. They'd seen each other in the hallway a few times, winking as they passed, but that was it. Y/N had to wonder if maybe it was just a once-in-a-lifetime thing, being absolutely fucked into oblivion by your neighbor so good that you couldn't walk for two days.
Thinking about it made her cheeks burn hotter, so she cleared her throat and only slightly avoided eye contact. "I thought you did your laundry on Sundays?"
Spencer shrugged, walking over to the machine set next to hers. "Normally I would, but I just got back from work and I needed clean clothes. It's... pretty empty in here right now."
"Oh. Yeah, that's why I do my laundry on Friday nights whenever I can. Everyone's either out or staying in relaxing. Laundry's already boring enough, right, who needs annoying small talk?"
He laughed, opening the washer and putting in some of his clothes. "Touché."
Y/N wasn't really sure what to say after that, so she sat on top of the washer and crossed her legs, swinging them a little as she waited.
"Look, I know you've already given your stance on annoying small talk, but... What are your plans for the weekend?" Spencer asked, and she turned her head to meet his gaze, immediately feeling butterflies in her stomach.
"Um... Not a lot, really. Other than some grocery shopping and a few other small errands, I was going to have dinner with my mom on Sunday for her birthday. We might have to cancel though because she might have to go into work, but we'll see... What about you?"
He shook his head. "I don't have anything planned unless I get called into work either."
"Oh... Well, if you ever feel like having some company, you know where I live," she joked.
Spencer laughed. "I might just have to take you up on that. Things at work have been kind of... stressful."
Despite her better judgement, she smirked. "I seem to recall a similar conversation between the two of us not that long ago, Bud. You're not trying to fuck me again, are you?"
She just couldn't help herself. Admittedly she was a little worried she was too forward, but in the end it paid off, because he turned to look at her, shutting the washer and grabbing quarters from his pocket. "Would it be so wrong of me if I wanted to?"
The low tone of his voice made Y/N clench her legs tighter together, her mind racing with all the things that could happen in the next few days, the next few minutes even... She thought back to the last time he'd fucked her, seeing his face between her legs as he completely unraveled her. She felt herself growing wet at the thought.
"Absolutely not," she finally managed to respond. She hoped he would come over to her in a few long strides, pulling her in and kissing her right there, but instead he simply said, "Hmm," and turned back to his machine, putting in quarters.
He could have been playing games with her again, but she didn't want to take the chance. So she grew bolder and leaned back on her hands, puffing out her chest to the air and tilting her head to the side, letting her hair fall and exposing her neck to him. "Well, we have some time to spare, babe. What do you say we make the most of it?"
She was genuinely surprised to see him blush and freeze in his tracks, fumbling with the last few quarters as he inserted them into the machine and started the timer. "R-right now?"
"Duh," she replied, giggling.
"Somebody could come in... O-or hear us." A twinge of worry dripped from every syllable as he spoke, and though Y/N's first instinct was to apologize for suggesting it and letting it go, she thought better of it after remembering what got them into this situation in the first place.
So she scoffed. "Oh, please. You weren't the least bit worried about someone hearing us before. Y'know... When you promised to fuck me so hard I would scream your name and everyone could hear, and then I did? And besides, even if someone walked in right now, they'd probably just leave and come back later. People probably have sex with each other in here all the time."
"I doubt that, this place is filthy. Hardly the right setting for something so... intimate," he replied more clearly, obviously trying to win this argument. Though, something told Y/N he really was a little bothered about how dirty the laundry room was.
She shook her head. "You and I both know that what we did wasn't intimate. It was downright filthy, so if anything it works perfectly for where we are."
"Y/N, I don't know..." He chewed on his bottom lip and shuffled on his feet, refusing to look at her.
"Well, I'm not gonna force you to do anything you don't want to do, obviously, but... You can trust me. I've been doing my laundry here basically every Friday night since I moved here, and since Olivia is working tonight, she won't be here, and neither will anyone else."
"Well, I showed up, didn't I? Anything could happen."
She sighed, a little tired of arguing but still wanting to win. Her body tingled and practically ached at the sight of him, needing to feel his touch yet again. Maybe it was slightly pathetic, but if there was just the slightest chance that he would fuck her like that again, she had to try her damnedest.
So she had another trick up her sleeve, silently praying to the laundry gods that they would take pity on her and grant her this one thing. "You're right, but don't you think that you coming down here just moments after me was bound to happen? Like after everything we've experienced, we were always meant to have a quickie in the laundry room of our apartment building?"
He genuinely seemed to think about it for a moment before shrugging his shoulders. "Truthfully I think it's more of a coincidence than anything that we showed up here at the same time."
There's your chance, Y/N, don't fuck it up, she thought to herself, hoping that with the seductive tone in her voice and the puppy dog look in her eye, it would be enough to get her what she wanted. "I was joking. Of course it's a coincidence, I just want you to fuck me."
He only stayed silent, fiddling with his hands and his eyes flicking between her and the floor before he caught her eye. In another attempt to entice him, Y/N batted her eyes and slowly spread her legs wide, scooting back a little so she could rest her heels on the top of the washer. "Don't you want to fuck me into the washing machine, baby?"
That was the last straw, the thing that pushed Spencer over the edge. He whispered, "Fuck it," to himself before striding over to her and cradling her face in his hands, bringing her to him and kissing her hard. She initially yelped at how harsh he was, but after a second she melted into him, leaning forward and bringing him closer.
She tried to wrap her legs around his torso, but he grabbed them by the ankles and kept them spread open, pulling away to look into her eyes. "Keep 'em open, pretty girl." The old nickname made her whimper, just like he knew it would, and his gaze burned into hers hotly for a few seconds before he bent down, kissing her inner thigh just below the hem of her shorts. She sighed as he trailed his lips and tongue along every inch of skin, switching to the other leg and giving it the same attention until he was ready for more.
Rather than pulling off her shorts and underwear, Spencer simply pushed the fabrics aside and immediately licked a long, flat strip up her pussy, to which Y/N sharply inhaled and reached out, grabbing his hair. He explored her just as thoroughly as he had the last time, his fervor unmatched and absolutely intoxicating as he pushed himself closer and closer, practically living between her legs. Due to the short time constraint and fear of getting caught, he didn't waste time teasing her, and he seemed determined to finish before the buzzing of the washer signaled clean clothes.
Naturally though, he couldn't not tease her, so just as she was about to finish with his lips wrapped around her clit, he pulled away and left her breathless and frustrated.
"Really? We're doing this again?" she huffed, pouting.
Spencer unbuckled his belt and raised his eyebrow. "All in due time, sweetheart. Come here."
Unsurprisingly, she did what she was told, jumping off the washer and waiting further instructions. It didn't take long for Spencer to move, only a few seconds passing by before he turned her around and pushed her against the washer, to which she instinctively bent her torso over it. She gripped the sides of it tightly as he ran his hands up her shirt and caressed her back, eventually using one hand to grip her waist and the other to lift her leg up, setting it on the washer. She readjusted, reaching her hands forward to grip the top of it as he slid his hand down her leg and toyed with the fabric of her shorts.
"Listen carefully," he said, causing Y/N's heart to pound harder in her chest. "I'm clean. Are you?"
"Yes," she stated simply, loud and clear, though adding a hint of desperation as to hopefully speed the process along. She knew this communication was important, but damn if she didn't just want to be railed into next week already.
"Birth control?"
She swallowed nervously, hoping it wouldn't change his mind. "I'm not on it."
"Noted," is all he said, before deftly moving her shorts and underwear to the side and slamming into her with no warning. She yelped, leaning her head back as he pounded into her, the cold metal of the washing machine digging into her skin. It was the best kind of painful pleasure, only made better when he gripped her hair into a makeshift ponytail and yanked her to him, deepening his angle inside of her and hitting that sweet spot every time.
"Spencer, I'm..." She could barely breathe, and she loved it, already feeling herself start to unravel.
"Close already, pretty girl?" he purred in her ear, right before pressing a wet kiss to her neck as he craned her head to the side for better access. "Figures... You've always been so easy to please. Such a good, needy little slut for me, huh?"
Y/N groaned at the new name, and it spurred him forward, encouraging him to push them both further into the washing machine as he moved his hips harder. "Please," she gasped, only seconds away from losing herself.
"Tell me what you want," he growled in her ear.
She squeezed her eyes shut and spoke as clearly as she could, not caring how loud she was being. "I wanna cum! Please, Spencer, please!"
"Do it," he grunted, giving her a few more deep, purposeful thrusts to aid in her high. "I got you, pretty girl." That's what did it for her. She yelled out as her body tensed and her walls fluttered around him, everything absolutely burning and blinding until eventually she was spent.
Spencer held himself inside of her for a few seconds, bringing himself closer to the edge before he roughly pulled out and away, leaving Y/N empty and alone. She was tired as hell and completely fucked out, but still she wanted more than anything to help him, ever the needy little slut, as he'd so eloquently called her. So she turned around, peeling herself away from the washing machine and dropping to her knees in front of him, not waiting for him to say anything.
She promptly leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around his cock, wasting no time hollowing her cheeks and setting a fast pace sucking him off. It had somewhat taken him by surprise, but he welcomed it, gathering her hair away from her face and watching as she went to work, practically worshipping the ground he stood on. Eventually she pushed herself all the way forward, allowing him to hit the back of her throat. Instead of pulling back to breathe, she held herself there and gagged, looking up at him with tears in her eyes before removing herself, taking two deep breaths, and going right back to work.
"Look at you," he mused, his voice barely there but with enough volume that allowed Y/N to hear him. "You look so good, pathetic and choking on my cock. Such a good fucking girl, fuck—"
In no time he was gripping her hair tighter and his breathing started to falter. Y/N held herself still as he came in her mouth, most of it hitting the back of her throat and all of it coating her tongue. She moaned around him, blinking tears away and running her hands over his ass until he pulled away from her and let go of her hair.
Standing up, Y/N swallowed most of his cum but purposely let some of it spill out of her mouth and down her chin, to which she used her middle finger to scoop it up and slide it back into her mouth. She kept eye contact with him the whole time, watching as his tongue flicked over his bottom lip before he bit it softly.
Once she was done cleaning herself up, Y/N ran a hand through her hair and smiled. "See, that wasn't bad at all. No trouble."
"Yeah, I'm pretty sure the only trouble is you. Eavesdropping, making me fuck you in a semi-public place, et cetera..." He laughed as he pulled his pants up and re-adjusted himself as though nothing had happened.
"Don't act like you don't like it," Y/N teased, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing a deep kiss to his lips. He laughed against them, pulling her closer by her waist and resting his hands there when she pulled away.
As if to signal the end of their... whatever they were going to call it, Y/N's washer buzzed and she turned around to attend to her laundry. As she transferred the clothes from the washer to the dryer, Spencer came up behind her and brushed the hair away from her neck.
"You know, I wasn't trying to be mean or anything when I... called you a slut. I would never want to be mean to you or anything, and I'm sorry if that made you uncomfortable."
Y/N almost laughed, amused again by how dominant he was during sex but then immediately a big 'ol softie once it was over. It was such a fun contrast, and truthfully, as much as she loved his dominant side, she wanted to see more of his softer one. So she turned around to meet him and caressed his cheek, smiling kindly. "I know you don't mean it to be mean. It was hot. And I appreciate you checking up on me, it's sweet. You're sweet."
Before he could say anything, his washer buzzed. So he settled on leaning forward, kissing her cheek, and walking away to do his laundry.
The two of them worked in silence for a while, just enjoying each other's company until they realized they both had to wait for the dryer. 20 minutes.
"Round two?" he asked her with a mischievous grin.
Y/N returned it and took a step towards him when the door opened, laundry gods be damned.
"Oh, hey guys!" Olivia from down the hall chirped as she walked in, striding to her own station.
At least they had the rest of the weekend.
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stevesharrlngtons · a year ago
i measure time by days spent away from you.
roman godfrey x reader
summary: while you’re off on a girls weekend, roman is left missing you.
word count: 5.9k
a/n: ingredients: just sweetness. instructions: read when you are feeling sad. results: good feelings resulting in feedback 4 the writer (-:  
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe you’re being such a baby about this.” 
“Fuck off,” Roman grumbled in reply, moving to lay flat against the mattress with a huff. 
You just laughed and continued to fold clothes into your bag. You were very meticulous when it came to packing, wanting everything in your suitcase to be stored efficiently to maximize space. Roman always teased you about it. Although, each and every vacation taken together, he always complained that he couldn’t fit everything he wanted to bring in his suitcase. You’d counter his irritation by offering to help him pack next time, and he’d always roll his eyes stubbornly.
But, you wouldn’t have to hear his snarky comments or annoyed ramblings this trip, because you were leaving Roman behind in Pennsylvania. 
Destiny had invited you to her bachelorette party in Atlantic City for the long weekend, and you had happily accepted. You had been awaiting this girls trip for weeks and you were excited that it had finally arrived. You didn’t have many female friends anymore, having grown apart from the ones you made in high school and college, so the opportunity to have some good old fashioned girl time was overdue. While you and Destiny were close, you had never met any of her other friends. You were silently hoping to come out of the weekend with some new buddies, a few good stories, and plans for future adventures. 
“I just don’t understand why it’s three days…” he said, watching you riffle through the closet for a party dress. 
“Hardly,” you snorted, “I’ll be gone tonight, tomorrow and Sunday morning. You’ll barely even notice.”
The sound of you moving hangers around covered Roman’s pouted not likely.
Roman had been dreading your departure all week and now that it was here, he was stewing in self pity and pubescent angst. He didn’t want you to fly to New Jersey and go partying with a bunch of rowdy women, he just wanted you to himself. Which he knew was selfish and borderline unhealthy, but he didn’t really care. He liked you right by his side, slung under his arm, safe and sound. He wasn’t used to you going out with friends and especially not for so long. If you were out for an evening, you were back and in bed snuggled to his chest well before dawn. 
“I just don’t see why you can’t fly out Saturday morning, do whatever Destiny wants, then fly home in the evening,” Roman sighed, waving his hands lazily in the air. 
“What kind of loser does that? It’s like showing up for the birthday party and leaving before the sleepover,” you took a dress from the closet and walked to the mirror to pose with it infront of your body. 
“You hated sleepovers as a kid,” he argued. 
“I never wanted to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor,” you shuttered, “but when I’m promised a nice mattress, along with tons of drinking and dancing? Count me in for the sleepover and all the party favors.” 
“So, what?” Roman pushed up to rest on his elbows, “You’re just going to get wasted and dance? You could do that here, y’know?” 
“You wanna go dancing with me, Rome?” you shifted your eyes from the dress to look at his reflection in the mirror. 
“You know I’d go with you if you asked…” 
“Then, we should totally go dancing next weekend, baby.” 
You turned to place the dress you had been modeling in your bag and Roman groused petulantly. He watched closely as you folded the slinky designer dress on top of your other clothing and toiletries, smiling when it fit perfectly. You mouthed your checklist to yourself, counting off on your fingers that you had everything you needed, before you zipped the suitcase shut. When you had finished, you shuffled around on your knees to look at him.
“What if I fly down with you and we could get our own room? Have some hotel fun?” he raised an eyebrow and you just shook your head at his pleading. 
“Ro, this is a girls weekend, meaning no boys allowed. Including you.” 
He once more threw himself back down on the mattress in theatrics. 
“You do know that Peter lives here now?” you walked over to the bed and hopped on to straddle his hips, “How can you be mad at me for leaving you to have a fun weekend with your best friend?”
“Peter has plans.” 
“I know for a fact that he doesn't,” you took Roman’s face on your hands and pivoted his chin to look at you, “so go out with him. Have some fun, get drunk, do whatever you can’t do when I’m here.”  
Roman let you handle him completely, his neck limp and suggestible. He stared up at you with sad emerald eyes. 
“What if I make some calls and get the jet? I could get it here in an hour and you could go to New Jersey and be home before dinner?”
You just smiled and leaned down to kiss him softly, “I love you.” 
“Is that a yes?” 
“It’s a no, but I still love you.”
Again, Roman slumped and sulked.  
You looked down at your moping boyfriend and kissed his jaw affectionately. You knew that Roman loved you, but you weren’t entirely sure why he was throwing such a fit about your leaving? Sure, he liked being with you, doing things with you, fucking you; but he wasn’t one of those partner’s who was lost without their other half. Roman did plenty of things alone, even went on the occasional business trip all by his lonesome and never put up this kind of fight before. 
You had mentally chalked it down as him being a possessive worry wart, which is why you already had plans to text him often to ease his mind. 
As you continued to lay soft kisses to his skin, there was a honk outside followed closely by a buzz of your phone. Your car had arrived to pick you up. Roman groaned as you sat up. 
“I gotta go, baby.” 
“Five more minutes?” 
“I don’t think I can ask the driver to do that,” you hummed as you pushed yourself off him. 
You went to the door and you looked over your shoulder to see Roman still laying down, a scowl on his face. 
“Are you gonna walk me down, at least? I’d like to say goodbye to you.”
Roman’s scowl deepened before he released a deep breath and pushed up from the mattress and walked to you. When he reached you, you made a move to grab your bags, but Roman beat you to it. He picked up your luggage without any haste and left the bedroom without a word or backward glance. You just rolled your eyes at his childishness and followed him, catching up with his long legged strides to wrap your arms around his waist. You pressed your cheek firmly to his back, and wound your fingertips in the fabric of his shirt. It made walking down the stairs a struggle, but Roman didn’t move to peel you off, which you appreciated. 
“You off?” Peter asked from the living room, lifting the remote to pause whatever he was watching on TV. 
“Sure am,” you said from behind Roman, giving him a gentle squeeze. 
“Have fun, will ya? Say hi to D for me.” 
“I will,” you grinned as Roman stayed silent. 
You could see Peter's face screw up with confusion on Roman’s stoic behavior, but kept his mouth shut on the matter, something you were thankful for. There was another honk from outside which prompted you to start to drag your oversized boyfriend to the front door. 
“Have fun!” Peter called again, his voice muted by the closing door. 
Once outside, Roman handed off your suitcase to the town car driver. The man took your luggage, then opened the backseat door swiftly for you to enter, waiting expectantly. 
“Give us a minute,” Roman said, dismissing the driver with a little too much hostility. 
The driver gave no indication of being offended by Roman’s tone, as he nodded and went to put your bag in the trunk of the car and then returned to the driver's seat. When he was out of sight, Roman looked you in the eyes. 
“You really sure you wanna go?” 
“Really sure,” you responded with a quick nod. 
“I guess I can’t talk you out of it then, now can I?” he frowned. 
“Roman, I promise you everything is going to be OK. I’ll be fine there, and you’ll be fine here.”
“That’s not what I’m worried about,” he slumped his shoulders. 
“Then what is it?” 
Roman just shrugged. Too stubborn to admit how much he would miss you. 
You sighed, “Well, whatever it is… I’m going to miss you.” 
Roman took his hands from his pockets and placed them on your hips. 
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll miss you, too.” 
You slid your hands up his chest to meet behind his neck, pulling him close. 
“I love you very much,” you placed a chaste kiss to his lips, which Roman chased. 
“Love you, too.” he returned, giving you a much longer, more passionate kiss. 
When you pulled apart, Roman spoke again. 
“Text me when you get to the airport, when you board the plane, when you take off, when you land, when you actually get off the plane, what kind of car you're taking to the hotel, get me the driver’s info if you can --” you interrupted his rambled list. 
“I will, I will do all of that and I will tell you when we get to the hotel.” you said in a soft, placating voice. You smoothed your fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck and felt tiny goosebumps form along the skin underneath. 
“Fine, fine, OK.” Roman’s jaw tightened. 
You leaned up and pressed your lips to the tensing muscle, “I love you and I promise to keep you posted, but I gotta go. I don’t wanna miss the flight.” 
Roman nodded stiffly, but said nothing. 
You began to wiggle away from his hold, when Roman decided to swoop down one last time to kiss you. You were sure the driver was retching by the sheer amount of times you both had done so, but you didn’t care. You loved this silly man and would drown him in smooches to his heart content before you left. 
When your final kiss ceased, you both with labored breathing and gloss swollen lips, Roman let you enter the backseat of the town car and shut the door behind you. 
As the car drove away, you unrolled the window and leaned out the opening, blowing him a dramatic kiss as you swayed your arm in the wind like a 19th century on looker to a parting ship. Roman watched you with a stilted smile until you disappeared down the road. 
Tumblr media
When Roman came back inside the house, Peter was waiting for him.
“So, the ol’ ball and chain is out for the weekend. What are your plans?”
Roman said nothing to him as he began to march up the stairs, hand clenching the rail. 
“I’m thinking strippers? Huh? Could be fun?” Peter walked to the staircase and watched Roman until he receded into the hallway without a reply. 
“Maybe rent the fight on pay-per-view? Get some beers?” he called louder. 
Still he only received silence. He rested his chin on the banister and waited a moment before he yelled, “Fine, be a pussy and cry that your girlfriend is gone!” 
The sound of a door being thrown open was Peter’s first response, followed by a verbal one. 
“I never said no, Jesus! So fucking fine, let’s go to the strip club, asshole.” 
Peter smirked as he heard Roman’s indiscernible grumbles before he shut himself right back into his bedroom. Roman liked to pretend he was complicated, but Peter could play him like a fiddle. 
Tumblr media
Roman was surrounded by body oil, neon lights and gyrating women. A few years ago, this would have been his heaven, his domain. But now, it all felt trivial and antiquated. It felt played out and pathetic. With the neck of a beer bottle cradled lazily between his fingers, he watched on as the beautiful women of the club stripped from their skimpy costumes and revealed themselves in new and arousing ways. 
Peter, who sat next to him at their small circular table, was transfixed by the women around them. Reclined in his seat with a smile on his face, his eyes followed the dancers as they spun around poles, as they groped and shook themselves. Roman knew that he should have the same appreciation for the dancers as his friend. He knew that he should be calling over the ones who eyed him up and down with lust, he knew that he should be paying for private dances until his bank account ran dry. But he didn’t want to. He didn’t feel like it, at all. 
Peter picked up on his friend's lack of enthusiasm when he found him slipping his phone from his pocket every few minutes to check for notifications. He let out a snort through his nose, one that was muffled under the booming music, but still heard by Roman. 
“What?” he asked as he tried to discreetly put his cell back in his front pocket. 
“Nothing,” Peter hummed, raising his eyebrows, “Just find it funny.” 
“Find what funny?” 
“That you’re so whipped.” 
“Fuck off,” Roman scoffed, taking a swig of his beer. 
“Sure, sure, whatever. It won’t make you any less whipped, though…” Peter smirked. 
“I am not fucking whipped.” 
“Yeah? Then why do you look like you just put your fucking dog down when you should be looking like a kid in a candy store? Huh?” 
“I’m just not feeling it, OK? These girls are ugly. If I see one more cesarean scar I might vomit,” he sneered. 
“These girls are all tens and you know it! You’re just being a pouty little whipped boy because your girlfriend’s gone.” 
Roman’s face hardened as he turned to glare at Peter, “Fine, y’know that? Fuck you, you goddamn prick. Have fun with these busted bitches. I’m out of here.” 
Roman shot from his seat and slammed his beer on the table, causing a few other patrons to look over. He was already gathering his things to leave. 
“Hey, hey, hey, cool down, bud,” Peter said, trying to pacify a Godfrey level tantrum, “I was just joking around, OK? I’m just bustin’ your balls, that’s all.”
Roman’s mouth pressed into a thin line as he loomed over the table with a glower in his wide eyes. 
“C’mon man, just sit,” Peter pleaded, “Don't be weird about it, just sit.” 
Roman eventually relented after a long pause, collapsing his long limbs back into his chair with a loud sniff, his posture rigid. Roman picked his beer back up and took a pull from the bottle. 
“Look, I really was just kidding around, alright? Don’t take it to heart or anything,” Peter said, leaning toward his friend so he wouldn’t have to talk over the music. 
“Yeah, Ok. Fine,” Roman replied, refusing to make eye contact by letting his gaze wander around the club. 
Peter sighed, “I get it, alright? I do. When you’re in love, things are different. You have blinders on to everything but that one person, and as easy as it is to make fun of, it’s not a bad thing, Roman. It’s good, and it’s a good feeling to have.” 
Roman finally looked over the table to Peter, whose gaze had wilted and saddened. He could practically see him thinking about Letha, her face forming and twisting in his irises. 
He swallowed thickly before he slapped Peter on the shoulder in a search to break the tension, “No hard feelings. I’m gonna head out for a smoke, yeah? And I promise when I get back I’ll have a better time. OK?” 
Peter pursed his lips in an attempt to ward off the bubbling curse of his fallen love's memory and nodded, quickly downing the remainder of his drink and calling a waitress over for another. 
Roman took his jacket from the back of his chair and headed for the exit. Once outside, he collected his pack of Marlboros from his pocket, then a cigarette and the lighter that fit snuggly beside each other. 
As he sucked on the filter under the club’s awning and fluorescent flood lights, he felt his phone vibrate. He scrambled to retrieve it from his jeans and read the text hurriedly. 
just got to dinner and im ordering a vodka soda and thinking of you. miss u already, ily!
Roman’s heart flipped and fluttered in a way that made his cheeks tinge with pink, while a smile fought to curl on his lips. As he quickly typed out a reply, a little voice in the back of his head told him that maybe Peter was right, maybe he was whipped. 
drink slow, baby, remember what happened in ibiza when you had to many lol
And immediately after
i love you too, keep me posted
When he pocketed his phone once more, Roman pondered. Flicking the ash off of the end of his cigarette, he decided that there were worse things in life than being in love with a woman, and being devoted to her. If that made him whipped, then so be it. Though, he would never admit that to anyone but his consciousness (even a bit painfully at that).  
Tumblr media
The sheets were warm with body heat and Roman had lost the cool side of his pillow hours ago. He tossed and turned. He shucked off the blankets, just to retrieve them moments later. His limbs danced under the sheets in search of comfort and a portion of the bed that wasn’t sticky with his sweat and a high temperature. His hips hurt from laying on his sides and his shoulders hurt when he rolled on his back. He was crawling out of his skin with discomfort and soreness as the moon illuminated the bedroom. Around 1AM, he had tried to close the blinds, but they only ever budged for your magic touch, and Roman had only mangled them into an unrelenting slope. 
Roman had checked his phone every ten minutes since he got under the covers. He had texted you a succinct good night around eleven and had received a jumbled good night in response. He had typed out a text that had bordered on passive aggressive, asking about how your night had been going and how much you had had to drink, but deleted it before he hit send. He was doing his best to avoid playing into the overbearing, resentful boyfriend role that he felt he was in. You deserved to let loose, he just wished he was by your side as you did (and not thousands of miles away).
He had typed another text out just after midnight, then another after the blinds incident, but deleted those as well. Part of his pouting was pretending that you didn’t want to be bothered by his messages, so he would just lock his phone and return it to the night stand each time. But, that was before the irritation had set in on his bones and just the thought of trying to fall asleep made his skin waver and blister. 
But he still didn’t text you. 
Because this time he called. 
He shuffled around as he listened to the phone ring in his ear, squirming under the covers as the top sheet seemed to be holding his ankle hostage. He felt an overwhelming urge to snap and strip the bed of its clothes and throw them all out on the lawn, when he heard you begin to pick up.
“Ro?” you shouted into the receiver, the loud blare of club music accompanying your voice. 
“Hey, you’re still out?” he asked, twisting his leg around erratically until his ankle was free. 
“I can’t hear you! Hold on,” you said loudly again, followed by muffled shuffles as you moved through the crowd.   
“Wait! Hold on! Roman! Wait!” he heard your far away voice say as you exited the club. 
The music grew further away and the static shuffle ended, Roman could finally hear your voice and only it. 
“Sorry ‘bout that,” you giggled.
“Having fun?” Roman asked, trying to mask his interest. 
“Yeah,” he could hear your shrug, “dancing is lots of fun.”
“You sound like you’re having fun.” 
“Well, I can be lots of fun after a few Moscow Mules,” you chuckled at your own joke. 
“Switched from vodka sodas?”
“Yeah, the other girls were drinking them so I thought, ‘Hey! Why not?’”
Roman could hear the sound of your high heels echoing on the pavement. 
“How are you getting along with them? No bad blood?” 
There was a beat of pause on your end before you sighed, “It’s hard to make new friends, Rome.”
“Did something happen?” Roman felt a flare of anger in his chest. 
“No, no,” you replied, “they’re nice girls, I think I’m just in my head about it.” 
“Are you sure, baby?” 
“Yeah, everything's fine, really. I am having a lot of fun.” you reassured. 
“You sure?” 
“I mean, they’re nice. They are… but they’ve all been friends for years, and I’m just this new girl coming in and trying to fit in with them. That’s the only bad part; feeling like I have to prove myself or something… I don’t know. Girls are weird,” you peeled away at the skin on your lip as you spoke. 
“They’re excluding you? The fuck is wrong with those fucking women? Who the fuck do they think they are?” Roman’s heart beat began to accelerate and suddenly sleep was the last thing on his mind. 
“No, of course they aren’t excluding me. Destiny wouldn’t let that happen and you know it,” you said, “it’s just… they all have inside jokes and years of history together and y’know, here I come, Destiny’s new friend whose main bond with her is weird vargulf trauma.”
“I swear to God, baby, if I hear anything about them bullying you, no one will ever find the bodies. I’ll drain those snotty bitches for you,” he swore. 
You replied with a light hearted giggle, “I highly doubt that will be necessary. But is there something very wrong with me, that you threatening homicide for me, sorta turns me on?” 
Your comment was the pin to burst the anger that had begun to balloon in his chest. 
Roman snickered, “No, at least not to me. I think that’s what makes us work together.” 
You made a noise in thoughtful agreement.
“Roman? Can I ask you something?” 
“Why aren’t you asleep? You came home from the club hours ago.” 
Roman let a beat of silence come over the receiver as he collected his thoughts. He was slightly embarrassed by the reason, and while he had come to the conclusion there were worse things in the world than being whipped, he didn’t want you to know how whipped he was for you. 
“Jus’ hard to sleep alone,” Roman mumbled into his phone, picking at a loose thread on the duvet. 
He heard you snort a laugh and twinge of shame flared in his belly. 
“Ro, you sleep without me all the time! I’m the needy one who can never sleep without you, remember? We go over this everytime you go out of town.”
“What? So, I’m some frigid monster without feelings? I can’t miss you? I can’t possibly not be able to sleep without you because I’m such an unfeeling asshole?” Roman carped defensively. 
“Mm, baby, I love when you put words in my mouth,” you were happily drunk, so while this could have been said with malice and venom during a fight, you said it with warmth and giggles now. 
“I never said that you are unfeeling or cold or an asshole. You are sometimes, but that’s beside the point,” Roman grumbled bitterly as you continued, “You’ve just never brought up not bein’ able to sleep when you’re away, is all. You go to Tokyo quarterly and it’s never come up when you get home.”
A jumbled, muffled response came from Roman’s end as his cheeks burned red. 
“What? Ro, I can’t hear you?” 
“I said, I… Jesus, fine. I said that I always refill my sleeping pills when I leave, ok? I pop an Ambien or two and that’s how I can sleep away from you,” he confessed, “and I don’t know, I guess I forgot to refill them before you left. So, yeah, whatever.” 
You didn’t immediately reply to Roman’s admission and his stomach began to churn with hot worry. Rationally, he knew that you wouldn’t ridicule him or tease him for his attachment to you and his acknowledgement of it. But the irrational side, the side that grew up with Olivia Godfrey as his mother, who would dull out affection only as a form of manipulation, made him feel sick. 
“Oh, Rome,” you cooed, your voice tender and comforting, “I never knew that… I, that’s actually really sweet.” 
Roman’s shoulders dropped, “Yeah?” 
“Yes! I think it’s very sweet. We can’t sleep without each other. I think it’s cute. I think that means something.” 
“Something good?” 
“I’d say so.”
Intense warmth flooded under Roman’s skin and filled his body with loose relaxation. He could hear the smile in your voice, and he could see you swaying in your heels, propping yourself up on a brick wall that bordered the building, and he knew you were wishing it was him. He wished it was him, too. He had never felt such a perverse envy of brick in his life, because it got to feel your soft skin and caress your flowing hair while Roman was a million miles away, craving the taste of you. 
Roman wished he could curl up inside your voice, that he could let your syllables embrace and pet him, let your sentences of sweeter things and kind compliments rock him to sleep and help him forget how far away you truly were.
After a few silent moments of simmering in each other’s long distance affection, Roman reluctantly spoke.
“You gotta go back in soon?” 
“Probably,” you gave a heaving sigh, “I don’t want them to worry or anything.” 
“Or have them give you shit for being whipped,” Roman said with a forced chuckle. 
He knew that this showed another chink in his armour, that his vulnerability glowed from underneath his comment. Sleep deprivation and loneliness was taking a toll on his filtering ability. 
“Pft,” you blew out the sound from your lips, “they already know that I’m whipped, Rome. I’m not much of a secret keeper.” 
You disclosed this without any stuttered worry or fear. You told Roman of your love and devotion to him without having to grit your teeth or wipe your clammy hands on your pants. It helped him feel comfortable in admitting his affections for you, but it was still much harder for him than it was for you. He knew that he needed to continue to work on divulging to you often and regularly of his love, because whenever you did, it filled Roman with the most remarkable and indescribable feeling. The feeling of stability and trust and happiness and the giddy feeling of knowing that the person you love most reciprocates. And Roman wanted most in life for you to feel that same way. 
“I miss you, Rome. I love you so much, but I gotta go,” you said, breaking through his thoughts. 
“Yeah, yeah, of course. I miss you, too. I love you,” Roman hoped you could hear his sincerity through the phone and your drunken haze. 
When you hummed contently, he knew you had. 
“Bye, baby,” 
“Make sure to text me when you’re back at the hotel, ok?” Roman interjected quickly before you hung up. 
“‘Course, honey. I love you!” and with that, the line went dead. 
Roman still tossed and turned and ached for your presence in his arms, but your short conversation had helped him eventually lull himself to sleep. His dreams were filled with short vignettes of you, sparks and flickers of your face. 
Tumblr media
Just after mid-morning on Sunday, you gently stuck your key into the lock of your home’s door. You had texted Roman after you had boarded the plane home and when you landed in Pennsylvania, but you had yet to get a response. You were hopeful it was because your high strung boyfriend was still asleep, something you knew he needed.
After your over the phone heart to heart in the early hours of Saturday morning, Roman still only got fitful rest. Saturday night was much of the same, as he sent you a litany of text messages, ranging from attempts to sext to requests for Netflix show recommendations. You were beginning to feel slightly guilty for the sleep you were able to get on your hotel queen, but you mainly accredited your ability to fall into the grip of slumber from the copious amounts of alcohol you had consumed over the weekend. Even now, the effects of the alcohol still had you in a clutches. With sunglasses perched high on your nose and four Tylenol simmering in your stomach, all you wanted to do was finally be back in Roman’s arms and kiss him wherever your lethargic lips could reach. 
Once you had opened the door, you heaved your suitcases over the threshold and set your keys in the crystal dish that held Roman’s as well. You stretched your arms over your head with a squeaky moan, and inhaled deeply the smell of your home. There was something so comforting about coming home, no matter the extent of time away, and smelling the scent that your living space held. The smell that your senses accommodated to, the smell that you didn’t notice every day. Your and Roman’s shared home smelt like warm fabric softened linen and Roman’s favorite pine candle he had a stockpile of. It smelled like a hint of lemon from Anna’s disinfectant and a tad like cigarette smoke that lingered on Roman’s clothes. It smelled like Roman’s wafting cologne that made your knees buckle and your stomach flutter, and you swore you could smell your own in the air somewhere too. Maybe Roman had sprayed it in the air to comfort himself? You wouldn’t ask him if it was true, but it made you smile anyhow. 
You made your way deeper into the house, headed for the kitchen in search of a Gardorade and a granola bar before you went up to join Roman in your bedroom. Though as you rounded the corner to look into the living room, you were surprised to find Roman splayed out on the couch. Folded underneath his head was his pillow from upstairs, and draped over his lanky limbs was the thick duvet from the guest bedroom. The excess fabric pooled on the floor next to him, most of it having slipped off his body. 
Your heart thudded in your chest as you looked at him. His plump lips were spread and his jaw was lax. One of his arms was thrown over his head and the other over the back of the couch, while one of his legs had fallen off the cushions, causing his foot to lay flat on the floor. He must have been running on fumes for him to be so deep under while laying on the stiff designer couch so loosely. 
After a few more moments of admiring him, you decided to obtain your food before you went to wake him. Of course you had the option to leave him be, but you knew when he woke he would be angry if you came home and didn’t. That, and you wanted to be in his attention, even if it was just two and half days, you had missed him. 
With a few bites of your granola bar chased down by Gatorade, you walked over to Roman. You set your items down on the coffee table as you knelt next to his head. His nose scarcely scrunched and his eyelids twitched. You placed a gentle kiss to all three and he started to stir. 
“Roman? C’mon, wake up,” you whispered, brushing back a curled piece of his hair that had fallen on his forehead, “I’m home.” 
He let out a throaty groan as his eyes fought to flutter open. His adams apple bobbed and he pursed his lips before his beautiful emerald green eyes were revealed to you between languide blinks.
“Hey,” you grinned, finger combing his hair, “you finally get some sleep?” 
“(Y/N)? How long have you been home?” he asked, voice graveled from slumber. 
“Not even five minutes.”
“And you didn’t wake me?” 
“I’m waking you now,” you smiled, gripping his hair playfully. 
“Mmm,” he hummed, his arms that had been flung behind his head coming to grip you waist, “come here. C’mere, c’mere, c’mere.” 
You giggled as Roman grappled you with sleep soaked limbs to pull you on top of him. When he did, he brought his other arm down to snake around you, keeping you firmly to his body. You moved your hands up to cup his jaw, kissing him listlessly on his cheeks. 
“I missed you. Oh, I missed you,” you uttered and Roman’s arms tightening. 
“Fuck, God fuck, I missed you. I missed you so much,” Roman keened sleepily. 
You were sure he was being more candid because of how tired he was, but you didn’t care. 
“You’re never leaving again, ok? Never leavin’ my side again. Taking you everywhere with me from now on,” his hand skirted underneath the hem of your sweatshirt, his finger eagerly exploring your missed skin, “never letting you leave my sight.” 
“I’m ok with that,” you purred in his ear, kissing him with finality on his lips, “I don’t want to be anywhere you’re not.” 
Roman gave you a heavy lidded expression of pure bliss, “You make me happy.” 
“You make me happy, too.” 
You smiled down at him and propted yourself onto your elbows to get a better look at him, “Let’s go upstairs, baby. Our bed is better than this couch.” 
“Nah,” he groused, pushing you back down to his chest with a huff, “just here, just like this. Too tired to move.” 
“You sure?” 
“Yeah, things are better now anyway.” 
Your cheeks ached from smiling as you nuzzled your nose to the column of his neck and Roman’s chest rumbled with happiness. 
Roman’s fingertips pressed into your back with comforting pressure and his other hand moved down to slip into the back of the waistband of your pants to feel the skin of your ass. 
He felt such a flood of contentment, he wondered just how he had survived at all these past few days without his fix of your skin, your smell, your kisses and you. He buried his face into your hair and ignored the way some of it found its way into his nose as he inhaled. He ignored the kink in his neck and the pain in his shoulders and the fact that he had accidentally ripped down the blinds in the bedroom the night before. Because now, nothing else mattered except you. Roman wished he could tell you just how he felt, all about this feeling. He wished he could tell you how he loved you with the entirety of his being and that you truly made him happier than anything else in the world. He hoped he figured it out soon, but for now, he knew this was enough. 
Tumblr media
i hope you enjoyed! if so, i would love to hear your feedback (-:  and i know i am overloading you on fluff, but a very angsty story is in the works!
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luvsherleafs · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Auston Matthews inadvertently introduces his best friend in Toronto, Gabriella Clark, to his childhood friend, Matthew Tkachuk and somehow the most random of meetings turns into something no one was expecting - least of all Matt and Gabi!
Word Count: 5552
I want to thank @puckngrind for creating this beautiful banner for me and being the voice of reason as I wrote this over the last eight months. It's a little idea that took on a life of it's own. And to @myhockeyworld87 and @yessy2012, who beta read the first chapter. Thanks for everything!
Leafs Girl
Chapter One - The Ask
“Auston, do you,” Gabi started to ask after coming into Auston’s apartment, but stopped when she realized there was another voice. She looked around as she entered the living room, but only saw Auston on his laptop, looking at her like she should continue.
“Where’s the other voice coming from?” she asks, walking over to him and peeking over the top of his laptop. “Oh, well hello Noah Hanifin,” she smiles.
“Aren’t you supposed to be on a date right now Princess?” Auston asks, ignoring her interruption.
“Yeah, that didn’t quite go as planned so I wanted to see if you'd had dinner,” she continued, eyeing the computer as she sat beside him. “And it’s a little rude to not introduce me to your hot friend as he’s now part of our conversation.”
Auston sighs. “What was wrong with this one?”
“Oh, taking a call to loudly discuss his fantasy football league while being rude to the waiter and saying that my co-workers were just overpaid buffoons made me think escaping was a plan. I used my SOS and left,” she narrowed her eyes at him, then turned towards the computer screen. “Hi Noah, I’m Gabi, and you may or may not get to play against Auston next week depending on whether I kill him before then.” Noah starts to laugh.
“Pretty sure our boss is not going to let you kill me,” Auston interrupts. “Go change and then we can order dinner.”
“Perfect. See you next week Noah,” she waves goodbye, heading to her apartment to change. “Oh and Noah,” she calls back. “Can you ask Tkachuk if he would do a girl a solid and run her best friend through the boards?”
Auston groans as Noah starts to laugh. “I’ll be sure to tell him your request.”
‘Perfect,” she calls as the door closes.
Auston glares at him as Noah can’t stop laughing. “Stop encouraging her.”
“Oh dude, Chucky is gonna love her....this is going to be fun to watch."
Saturday night hockey in Toronto is legendary. It's Hockey Night in Canada most nights with Toronto being the featured early game most weeks, and a western Canadian team being the late game. However, on a night when a western Canadian team was in Toronto, the game took on a bigger feel. The fact that Toronto and Calgary were both having amazing starts to their seasons meant there was a huge buzz in the building - even for morning skate.
Gabi was busy as she always was on a game day. She was making sure that post-skate media availability was set up when she heard a ruckus down the hall. Looking up she saw the arrival of the Flames. Their staff had been here since before her 7:30 am arrival, but their players were just coming in for their pre-game ice after the Leafs time.
"Nice goal last night, Mr. Hanifin," she called when she saw Noah.
"Miss Gabi, did you really watch or catch the highlights on Sportsdesk?"
"Well, you should probably know that one of my favourite things is watching Eichel lose," she responded, moving down the hall. "And I did watch, I considered it as reviewing game tape for tonight." She stopped in front of him.
"Who's your friend, Hanny?" A voice behind him asked. Looking around Noah, Gabi got her first up close look at Matthew Tkachuk, and felt a flutter down her spine. She also noticed the look he gave her as she gave one back.
"Chucky, meet Gabriella Clark, Executive Assistant to the President of the Maple Leafs," Noah started. Matthew gave him a surprised look.
"Come on Noah, you looked me up? And I know you had to to get my title because Auston definitely does not know it, " she giggled at the look that garnered from Matt. "Did you ask him?" She looked between him and Matt.
"Ask me what?" Matt asks, confused.
She glared at Noah. "Seriously? Shouldn’t have sided with Auston, Dude." She turned to Matt. "Well, I asked Noah to see if you would do a girl a solid by slamming her bestie into the boards." Matt looks at Noah for clarification.
"Auston. She wants you to check Auston. And speak of the devil," he nods down the hall.
"Princess," Auston shouts. "Stop flirting and get back to work."
Gabi flipped him off and turned to Matt. "Don't hurt him but please, one rocking hit. That's all I ask. It’ll keep him humble."
"I'll see what I can do." Matt watches her as she walks towards Auston. Noah shook his head.
"Chucky, be careful if you want to go there," Noah comments, pulling him into their room. "Auston will kill you."
"Might be worth it," Matt mutters with one last look before starting to get dressed.
As game time approached, Gabi was finishing up some last minute things in her office before heading downstairs to check-in with the guys to make sure they didn’t need anything. As she passed by the interview room, she made funny faces at Mitch as he was doing a pre-game interview. She wandered down to the two touch game to see how loose the guys were. She could always tell what kind of game they were going to have by the level of chirping and competitiveness during their pregame ritual. And tonight it was high, loud and full contact apparently.
"Well aren't you fancy," Morgan commented, taking in the sage green sweater dress and brown knee high boots Gabi had chosen for the game.
"Ohh Princess is out to impress," chirped Will as he made her twirl for the full effect.
"Didn't want to disappoint with your suit game being so strong today," she retorted. "I can't have you guys being the prettiest in the room."
"Has nothing to do with a certain curly headed menace from the other team now, does it? Don't think we didn't notice that little flirtation this morning," Jake pulled her in for a side hug.
"I have no idea what you're talking about," she huffed. "I wasn't flirting," she stated, watching the guys play.
"So you don't want to know about him asking me about you," TJ says, waiting to see your reaction.
"Really?" Gabi turned to him. "What did he want to know?"
"Same thing he probably asked me," Mitch chimes up as he joins the game. "Whether you have a boyfriend or are dating someone," he ticks off.
"Whether you're coming out tonight after the game," TJ continued.
"Okay okay. Enough. You guys are just teasing now," she glares at them. Her phone beeped with a message from her boss that required her attention. "Gotta go. Play hard, score often and make smart choices," she fist bumped as she turned to head up to the Leaf box.
"And Auston," she called. "I'd keep your head up," she finished with a wave.
Sitting in the Leafs box, tablet out and a beverage and snacks at the ready, Gabi settled in for warmups. She loved to watch the little kids along the glass trying to get the guys attention to get a puck. She watched as Mitch and Auston scanned the signs to see a likely candidate to toss a puck to. She saw John tapping the glass where Aryn was with Jace and Axton, laughing as the baby recognized him, him bouncing up and down.
“How were the boys feeling?” Brendan asked as he walked up to stand by Gabi.
“Well, if you go by the chirping and full contact two touch game, this is going to be a good one “ she answered.
Her eyes wandered to the Calgary end of the ice and she saw Noah fishing pucks out of the net for the next line rush. She then spotted Matthew interacting with a little girl in her Flames Tkachuk jersey. He pointed at her and then tossed a puck over the glass, her catching it, jumping up and down with excitement. She then fist bumped him through the glass before he headed back to warmups. Gabi smiled, turning to answer a question from one of the scouts.
The game was a fiesty, hard fought battle. Auston was in beast mode in the offensive zone and defensively; TJ was blocking shots and Jack was in brick wall mode. It was in the third when Auston went behind the net to dig out a puck that Matthew hit him like a freight train. There were pushes and yelling back and forth, whistles and linesmen separating them and sending them to their benches.
And there may have been a little smile on Gabi's face when she thought how Matthew had done her a solid. And how she may now need to thank him.
After the game, Gabi packed her stuff up and headed down to the dressing room with Brendan and Kyle. The two men were chatting about the game and Gabi was checking her phone when she saw a message from an unknown number.
Unknown: so want to do me a solid and have a drink with me?
Gabi wondered which one coughed up her number, figuring it was Mitch. Before she could answer, six foot three inches of pissy, kinda sweaty best friend was standing in front of her and if looks could kill she would have been a goner.
“Good game, Papi,” she pats his chest right on the Leaf logo, a subtle reminder where he was standing.
“Oh Princess, don’t think playing cute and innocent is gonna get you out of this one” he growled in her ear.
“I told you to keep your head up. Not like the two of you don’t get all confrontational every time you meet. How was that hit on me?”
“Oh I don’t know, maybe the “That’s for Gabi” comment?”
Gabi groaned. “I’m sorry,” she couldn’t look at him. She really didn’t mean for the two friends to get into it. “Don’t be mad at me,” she whispered, regret making tears fill her eyes.
“Come here,” Auston pulled her into a hug. “Jesus, don’t cry. Then I really would deserve it.” He rubbed his hand up and down her back. “Just means you’re buying the first round.”
"Why sure Mr. Hotshot NHL Guy, the little executive assistant would love to buy your first round," she responded sarcastically.
Her phone beeped with another message. "If that's Chucky, tell him he's buying the first round," Auston moved towards the dressing room.
She checked her phone.
Unknown: It's Matt. Are you okay? She thought about how to respond to that, wondering if he had seen her and Auston’s small confrontation.
Gabi: well, celebrating two points, so yeah
Matt: don't rub it in, Princess. It's not a good look. And that drink?
Gabi: I'd love to. See you soon. She responded, looking up as Brendan waved her into the room. Time to close out the work day and get ready for what could be a very interesting night out.
Gabi came out of the Leafs room, done for the night and ready to have some fun, especially with a day off the next day.. She caught a little body that was trying to run down the hall before she could get into trouble. “Miss Luna, where do you think you’re going?” Gabi gave her a squeeze while trying to decipher the excited squeals. Then she started making grabby hands, leaning to the left.
“She obviously wants to see me,” Jack says, pulling her out of Gabi’s arms and tossing her over his head, the giggles echoing down the hall. “The guys are almost ready and should be out in a minute,” he continued tickling Luna. “So, that check,” he looks at you.
“I know, I know. I shouldn’t have asked,” Gabi sighed. “Am I gonna get the Dad look of disapproval? Or a Dad lecture? OMG, please tell me I’m not going to get the disapproving look and the lecture from John.”
“Actually, I was going to commend you on your creativity in motivating Aus. And I know that wasn’t your real intention.” He continued to play with the little girl before continuing. "I want you to be careful with Chucky. He's a great guy, but he has a reputation for playing on the edge and sometimes falling off it. I don't want my second best girl to get hurt." She nodded at his warning.
"Second best?" she nudged his arm.
"Right after this angel," he laughed as Luna spotted Jake and almost launched out of his arms to get to her dad.
"I see how it is," she laughs.
Jack throws an arm around her shoulders and squeezes. “Princess, pint sized blondes are my thing,” he laughs. “Besides, I think there is someone trying to get your attention.” he nods to where Matt and Noah are walking down the hall. He kisses her temple with a “be careful” before tickling Luna again as they head towards the rest of the waiting family members.
“The boys are almost ready,” Gabi advised as the two Flames walked towards her. Just then the door to the dressing swung open and Auston and Mitch walked out. Mitch grabbed her in a hug, and moved on to meet his girlfriend. Auston slung an arm over your shoulder and planted a kiss on her temple, eyeing Matt as he walked up.
“We good?” Matt asks Auston. Gabi swung her head between the two of them.
“Yep, but just a friendly reminder, she’s ours.”
“What the fuck?” Gabi grabs Noah’s arm and turns towards the exit. “Come on, Noah, I need a drink while this pissing contest happens.”
“Sure you don’t want to watch?” he mutters to her.
“Nope,” she pops the P. “I’d probably just kill Auston on my own, and then you guys would have to help me hide the body.” They headed out the doors to the guys favourite bar. “So, you played a decent game,” she pokes him with an elbow.
“Just decent?” he queries, nudging her back. He looked over his shoulder to see if the combatants had followed. He winks at them. “Aren’t you supposed to be having a drink with Chucky?" He whispers in her ear.
"I will, but Auston is being weird. Was there more said on the ice?" she asked quietly.
Noah looked behind him again to see how far back Matt and Auston were. He liked Gabi and thought she should probably know what was said.
"Auston warned Matt not to mess with you. That you weren't just a one nighter and if that was what he was after to stop before he started."
"Of course he did," she groaned. "Well, he has no say in what I do," she mutters. She slowed a bit to let the boys catch up as they got to the door to the bar. Noah turned and started talking to Auston, giving Gabi a wink before walking into the bar with him, letting Gabi talk with Matt.
"Can we talk for a sec?" She turned to Matt who nodded.
"Of course," he said, pulling her to the side of the door.
"I shouldn't have asked you to hit Auston." He went to protest, but she stopped him. "No, I shouldn't have. You two are friends and I shouldn't have put a wedge there. But it doesn't mean he has any say in what I do. Best friend or not, he shouldn't have said what he did on the ice and I'm sorry if he said something stupid. Still want to have that drink?"
"Most definitely. But first, I know he only wants the best for you and you didn't ask for anything that wasn’t going to happen anyways. I was gonna end up hitting him at some point. So don't worry about me and Auston," he pulled her in for a hug. "Now, let's go have that drink so I can work my way into best friend status."
Gabi nodded, taking his arm and heading into the bar to get to know this intriguing guy with the wild curls and bright blue eyes.
After that first night when they met, Matt and Gabi continued talking and getting to know each other. It started with good luck texts before games, pics of where they were and what they were doing. After a bad game in Tampa, Matt actually called and just hearing her voice talking about something mundane just settled him down. Their schedules were completely opposite. He would be in Calgary and she’d be in Boston. When she was in Toronto, he’d be in Dallas, but they always found a time during their day to call, even if it was only for a few minutes.
Matt laughed when she sent an SOS from a dressing room in New York with a “Help! I hate trying on dresses and Mr. Fashionista has me locked in here until I find my gala dress!” Then she started sending pics to get his opinion. She took his breath away when he saw them, and Noah who was beside him looked at him when he groaned.
“What’s up with you?” Noah asked, grabbing his phone for a look. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed, swiping through the pics. “Which one did she pick? She’s definitely hot in all of them.” Noah glanced up and saw the look on Matt’s face. “Oh, wow. She's my friend too, Bud and I can think she's hot. No need to kill me.” Noah looked at him and stated, “You really like her.”
“Who does he like?” Johnny dropped down on the other side of Matt before he could answer.
“No …” Matt starts as Noah says “Gabi.”
“Excuse me? You like Gabi, as in Leafs assistant, Gabi?” he shakes his head. “You can never do anything the easy way, can you?”
“We’re just friends,” Matt states.
“How often do you talk to her?” Johnny asks.
“Every day,” Matt mutters.
“She’s my friend too, but I do not talk to her every day,” Noah looks at him. “Does Auston know you two are talking all the time?”
“I haven’t said anything, and I don’t know if she’s said anything to him. It’s not any of his business anyways.” Noah and Johnny exchanged a look.
“True, but he’s a better ally than an enemy. Just don’t let a girl come between you. You’ve been friends for a long time.” Johnny tapped his shoulder before heading to the weight room.
“He’s right, you know. Auston can be a dick when he wants to,” Noah stated. Matt looked at him. “And she’s my friend too. So be very sure where you want this to go before you take this any further,” he stood and moved to follow Johnny. “Oh, and tell her I like the green one.”
Matt chuckled. “I’m sure she’ll be thrilled you saw them. And you’re right, the green one is hot.”
Matty: they’re all great, but the green is my fav, And Noah loves it too
Gabi: how did Noah see it? Nevermind. I don’t want to know. So the green one?
Matty: yep the green one…..and you should get the blue one….it’s beautiful too
Gabi: Aus likes the blue one….but I think I like the green one ;) so maybe I’ll get both
Matty put his phone in his locker and headed to the weight room. He had a lot to think about.
A few days later, Gabi was working on her laptop when there was a knock on her office door. She glanced up to see a bouquet of beautiful pink and white flowers in a cut glass vase, being held by her bestie. She looked at him warily before asking, “What did you do?”
“What?” Auston exclaimed. “Why do you think I did anything wrong?”
“Why else would you be bringing me flowers?”
“For your information, I happened to be passing reception when they were delivered and offered to bring them up to you.” Auston walked them over to her desk.
“Who are they from?” Gabi asked.
Auston shrugged. “Look at the card maybe?”
“Wow, I’m impressed you didn’t look,” she reached over to take the card out of the bouquet while smelling the beautiful bouquet.
“I thought about it, but figured you’d hurt me. And I suspect they are from Chucky.” he sat on the corner of her desk, waiting for her to open the card.
Auston watched a soft smile come across her face when she read the card before tucking it away in her purse and sniffing the flowers again.
“Can I ask you something without you getting mad at me?” She nodded for him to continue. “Where do you think this thing with Matt is going?”
She sighed, sinking back into her chair. “I don’t know. I like him. He’s fun to talk to and the more I get to know him the more I like him. But we are with different teams, in different divisions and time zones. We play them twice a year. Other than the off season, when would I see him?”
“Long distance is hard. Hell, being in the same city with our travel schedule is hard. Put two travel schedules and home bases on opposite sides of the country together - it won’t be easy. Everything would be against you.” She started to protest. “I’m not saying it can’t be done, but is a relationship what you want?”
“I don’t know,” she sighed. “You aren’t asking anything I haven’t asked myself. There are so many things that are against it, but I think I might like him enough to want to give it a shot. Damn, I sound crazy.”
“Okay, here’s what we’re going to do. When you get home tonight, get changed and come to my place and we’ll discuss it all, drink some wine, eat some dinner and watch your boy play.” Gabi nodded. “Hey, don’t think about it right now.” He stood up from her desk and leaned down and pressed a kiss to her forehead before heading to the door.
“Aus,” she called. He turned back. “Thanks. You’re a decent best friend.”
“I’m better than decent,” he retorted. She laughed as he headed out. She stared at the flowers for a minute, before taking a pic and sending a text to Matt.
Gabi: They are beautiful. Thanks for making my day. Have a great game tonight! Make good decisions!
She hit send and then turned back to the work on her desk.
Matt was getting ready to head to the rink when his phone started ringing with Auston’s name flashing across his screen. He wasn’t sure he was ready for this call but answered.
“Hey what’s up?” he started.
“Not much. Are you ready to play the ‘Nucks tonight? I’ll send you my critiques.''
“You’re watching?” Matt asked, surprised.
“Yeah, Gabi is coming over for wine, dinner, hockey and to talk about you.” Matt choked on the swig of water he had just taken.
“Excuse me?” he choked out.
“You heard me. The flowers put a smile on her face, by the way. She loved them. So, I’m going to ask what your intentions are towards my best friend?”
“Now? Before a game? Of course you are,” Matt sighed. “I like her.”
“I should hope so. I like her but I don’t send her flowers.”
“You and Noah, asking the tough questions. To be honest, I haven’t felt like this about anyone before. I think not being in the same place has made us friends first. And that’s different for me. And before you ask, I haven’t been with anyone since I met her.”
“Interesting. What are you going to do about this?”
“No clue. If she was here or I was there, we could go on dates. Hell, I’d be having wine, dinner and a hockey night with her instead of you.” Auston laughed. “Has she been seeing anyone?” Matt asked.
“To be honest, in the four years I’ve known her, she’s never dated much. You know what this life is like. Add in the fact that she really has twenty-three intimidating protectors, and most guys don’t even approach her. That’s why the wags were setting her up - and that did not go well. The last one of those was before you guys were here and she ended up getting takeout with me cause the guy was a jerk.”
“Obviously an idiot,” Matt scoffed. “Do you think she’d want to try this with me?”
Auston thought about whether to share the info he had and nodded. “I kinda do. We’ve all noticed she’s been happier in the last few weeks. She barely complained when I made her find her dress for the gala.”
“Oh, she complained. Just not to you,” Matt laughed. “Did she get the green dress?” he asked.
“How did….she sent you pics. And yes, she got the green one. I got her the blue one.”
Matt checked his watch and said, “I gotta get going,” Matt started grabbing his wallet, keys and bag. “Are you okay with me and Gabi trying this?”
“You are both my friends and if you both want to try this, I’ll support you. But break her heart and we have a problem. And I already know I’ve said it before, but she’s like another sister, so I’d kick your ass. Have a great game. Your girl will be cheering!” Auston hung up and Matt headed to the rink, moving his head into game mode.
Gabi took a quick shower before changing into some leggings and a Leafs hoodie before grabbing her phone and keys, stopping to admire and smell the flowers from Matt before heading to Auston’s. She knocked and opened the door with her key, calling out softly as she came in.
“In the kitchen,” he called. “I ordered Chinese,” he set a glass of pinot grigio in front of her. “Should be here in about ten minutes.”
Gabi took a sip of the wine, savouring the crispness. “Oh, this one is nice. Good choice,” she saluted him with her glass. They talked about practice, the upcoming road trip to Florida and how his sisters were doing. After the food arrived they ate at the island before moving to the living room to turn the game on.
As Gabi settled into the corner of Auston’s ridiculously comfortable couch, Auston pulled up the Flames/Canucks pregame show and casually stated, “I talked to Chucky today.” He watched from the corner of his eye as her head whipped around to face him.
“Excuse me?”
“I talked to Chucky. He’s kinda excited you’re watching his game. Not so excited that he can’t have date night with dinner, wine and game watching with you, but what can I say?”
“So, you just randomly called Matt on the day he sent me flowers and we had plans to have dinner? Did you have a good chat?”
“I found out why you were so amenable when I locked you in the dressing room while dress shopping. How many pics did you send him?”
“A few. I needed an unbiased opinion and for someone to know where I was in case I went missing,” Gabi muttered.
“No, you wanted the guy you have the hots for to see you looking sexy. I’m onto you now,” he wagged a finger at her. She stuck her tongue out at him.
“Whatever,” she retorted. Settling down and watching a bit of the pre-game show, Gabi was deep in thought. “Can I ask you something?” Auston nodded. “I’m assuming that during your conversation, our discussion from this afternoon came up. Any insight you want to share?”
“I can tell you that you both realize that long distance is going to be hard. And you are going to have to work at it, and have a great support system. I also know that he has been thinking about it as well,” she nodded for him to continue. “You are one of my best friends and I want you to be happy. Until you started this friendship with Matt, I don’t think you were happy,” he held up a finger when she went to protest. “You love your job, and you love your friends, but I see how you look when you watch Jake with Courtney or John with Aryn and the other couples. I kinda envy them too. It’s why you let the girls set you up on those horrible blind dates. But if Matthew Tkachuk is the one you want to be your person, then I am going to be here to support you and him.”
She thought about what he had said. Her and Matt’s schedules were almost completely opposite from each other. This was going to take a lot of work and a lot of trust. She knew that she really liked talking to him, whether it was good morning texts, or a quick call on the run. There were facetimes while on the road from hotel rooms across the NHL. But she worried that it would be different in person.
“What if when we are face to face it doesn’t work? What if being together is horrible?” she asked.
“Do you really think that will happen? That night we all went out after the game, we could all see that you two had chemistry. You were like a new couple already after one night. If you want this and you work at it, you could have what you want - your person.”
“What about the other big one - what are people going to think about us being together? He’s not exactly the poster boy for the Lady Byng.”
“I will admit that Chucky walks the line and sometimes he falls on the wrong side of it. And you’re right, he is never going to be a Lady Byng nominee. But off ice, he is one of the best people I know. Look how he treats Taryn and his Mom. He would do anything for them. Matt has a very small and tight circle around him and I’ve never seen him this way with anyone like he is with you. Noah says the same thing. You can’t let what other people will think affect your decision.”
“To be honest, I haven’t felt like this about anyone ever.” She sighed. “I want to try this and you are probably not the person I should be telling first.”
Auston snickered. “I promise not to tell him,” he pulled her in for a hug. “Okay, so while we watch this game, let’s take a look at our schedule and his schedule and let’s see if we can find you a date night.”
And while you watched the game, the two of you found a few possible date night options. You had even tentatively looked at flights. And when the game ended in a win for the Flames, you headed back to your place to get ready for bed.
Gabi: You had an awesome game! Four Points! Get some rest and we’ll talk tomorrow. Hugs
When Matthew was done with the media and had finally gotten a shower and into his street clothes, he grabbed his phone and saw messages from his Mom and Dad, and one from the person he found himself looking for more and more. He checked the time, and saw she had sent it about an hour ago and knew he’d have to wait to call her as she was probably already asleep. He smiled and sent a good night message before heading home for some much needed sleep.
Gabi: So, what do you know about New Jersey?
Matt read the text and wondered where this was going. “Hey, Gio, when are we in New Jersey?” he called out to his captain.
“In a couple of weeks, we will go there along with Boston, Washington and then Columbus.”
He called a quick thanks, while he opened the league schedule to see that while the Flames were in New Jersey, the Leafs were in Philadelphia. Bells dinged in his head.
Matty: I know that you are in Philly when we are there…..want to have date night?
Gabi: Find out your flights and times arriving. I have the night off before we play….I can slip away from the team and head your way….if you want
If he wanted? Who was she kidding? He pulled up the email with their east coast road trip info in it to see if they could make this work. And there it was, the Flames flew in the afternoon before and had the night off. He wasn’t sure what there was to do in Jersey, but knew he wanted to see her and didn’t care what they did.
Matty: We fly in that afternoon and have the evening off. Want to go on a date with me?
Gabi: Hell yeah! Call me when you’re home!
And just like that, they figured out their first actual date. It didn’t matter that they were going to be in New Jersey, it was the fact that he was going to be able to physically see her and just spend time. With Johnny’s help, he figured out a nice place to go for dinner and then they could wing it before she had to head back to Philly. But it was an actual date.
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atlafan · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
a/n: hola!! So, I’m posting the first 7K here since this is just one long one-shot. I hope y’all will join patreon to continue reading the rest of the story. I worked really hard on this one, and for whatever reason I feel like this is some of my best writing. Enjoy!
Words in total: 38K
TW - mentions of abortion/planned parenthood
Some angst, mostly just two people being idiots
Smut - slight daddy!kink, slight soft dom
Being the new kid in school is never easy. When you’re in elementary school, it’s exciting. Everyone wants to know you and be your friend, but in middle school…the kids judged you on day one. Orla Murphy and her family moved to Boston halfway through fifth grade. It would have been one thing if it was summer, she’d be able to slide in undetected. She could just pretend she was from a different elementary school and be done with it. But no, her father got offered a new job in the big city that he couldn’t turn down. Orla’s an only child, so it wasn’t even like she could mope and complain with a sibling. It was just her and her parents, and even though her mother was a bit more sympathetic to her daughter’s misery, it didn’t make Orla feel better. 
So, here she is, on her first day of school on February 1st standing in front of a classroom of kids she doesn’t know, being forced to introduce herself and where she’s from.
“Go on, Orla, tell us a little about yourself.” The teacher says with a warm smile.
“Um…I’m Orla Murphy, I just moved here from Vermont. I’m from a small town where the whole school is the size of this classroom.” She looks down at her snow boots before looking up at the teacher.
“Wow, this’ll be quite the adjustment. What do you like to do for fun?”
“I draw and listen to music. I play Barbies, um…that’s all I can think of right now.”
“That’s fine, thank you, Orla. You can have a seat now.”
Orla goes back to where she was sitting before she got called up to introduce herself to her home room. She slumps down into her seat and listens to the morning announcements. The bell rings and it’s off to math. The class goes across the hall to the other teacher.
By the time lunch rolls around, Orla isn’t feeling much better about her new school. She had brought lunch, and wasn’t sure who to sit with. Her class has two assigned tables, but she doesn’t want to take anyone’s usual seat. She contemplates going to eat in the bathroom until someone taps her on the shoulder.
“You can sit with me and my friends, if you want.”
She turns around to look at a boy with a mess of chocolate brown curls on his head, a pair of round glasses resting on the bridge of his nose, and braces gracing his smile.
“Oh, um, thanks.” Orla blushes and follows him to one of the tables.
“I’m one of the few people that brings lunch too, everyone should be over soon. I’m Harry by the way.”
“Hi.” She says shyly.
“What kind of a name is Orla?” He asks, biting into his apple after they sit down.
“It’s Irish…”
“Cool! Does it mean anything.”
“Golden princess, or something like that, I don’t really know. My dad’s Irish and I guess his grandmother’s name was Orla so they named me after her.”
“That’s really cool. My mom just liked the name Harry, and now that’s my name.” He shrugs. “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”
“No.” She says, and pulls her sandwich out of her lunchbox. “Do you?”
“Mhm, I’ve got three older brothers, I’m the youngest. My oldest brother is a senior in high school, isn’t that cool? He’s going to college next year.”
“Does he drive you places?”
“Yeah! And sometimes he lets me sit in the front seat without my mom knowing. He’s the best.”
Orla felt like she was finally starting to open up, but Harry’s friends joined their table and took over the conversation. They acknowledged her, but didn’t make any effort to pull her back into the conversation. Harry noticed this and didn’t like it. She excuses herself a few minutes before the bell rings to go use the bathroom. There’s a study block after lunch where all of the kids in class could get a jump on homework, or read.
“Okay, everyone!” Mrs. Sampson, the teacher, cheers. “We’ve got a very special treat today. It’s Harry’s birthday, and his mom sent him in with cupcakes for the whole class!” Harry stands up and smiles as Mrs. Sampson places a birthday crown on his head. “Harry, would you like to pick someone to help you pass out the cupcakes?”
“Sure.” He nods and looks around the room. Many kids raise their hands with excitement. He spots Orla looking out the window with her chin resting on her fist. “I pick…Orla!”
Her attention snaps over to Harry while everyone looks at her. She stands up and walks over to him and takes a tray of cupcakes to help pass them out. Once everyone has their cupcakes, and a carton of milk supplied by Mrs. Sampson, the kids are allowed to sit with their friends and chat. Soon, some of the girls start talking with Orla, and it helps her feel more welcome.
By the end of the day, all of the kids are dismissed to go to their lockers and grab their backpacks before getting into their bus lines or go wait for their parents to pick them up. Orla sees Harry at his locker and she works up the courage to go talk to him.
“Hey, um, why’d you pick me earlier?” She asks him.
“Huh? Oh…I don’t know, I didn’t like that my friends were ignoring you at lunch. So, I just thought if you passed out the cupcakes with me more people would talk to you.” He rubs the back of his neck and grabs a card out of his locker. “Listen, I’m having a birthday party this weekend at Roller World, you should come.” He hands her the invitation. “The whole class is coming, it’ll be fun.”
“I’ll, um, I’ll ask my parents…thanks, Harry.”
“Don’t mention it.” He smiles. “Are you taking the bus home?”
“What number?”
“That’s my bus! You weren’t on it this morning.” He closes his locker and they start making their way to the auditorium where the bus lines are.
“Yeah, my mom wanted to drop me off this morning to walk me into the office so I could get my schedule and stuff.”
“Cool, where do you live?”
“I’m the second to last house on the left of Langston Ave…number twenty-four.”
“You can’t be serious. That’s literally right across the street from where I live! I was wondering who moved into that house. I’m number twenty-seven.”
“Whoa, that’s freaky.” Orla blinks.
“Well, at least you know you have a friend close by. We can wait at the bus stop in the mornings together if you want.” The two go into their line and wait as the teacher on duty keeps them at bay. “Do you wanna sit together?”
“That’s okay, I’m sure you have other friends you usually sit with.”
“Yeah, but none of them are new and exciting.” He scoffs. “Unless…uh, if you don’t wanna sit with me that’s totally fine.”
“No, I do! I just didn’t want you to think you had to offer.” She blushes.
“You’re funny, you know that?” He gives her shoulder a nudge with his hand, and the teacher lets the kids know they can go to their bus.
Orla follows Harry outside and onto bus eleven. He grabs a seat in the middle of the bus and sits down. Orla sits down next to him and smiles. The two talk the whole way home. Harry listens as Orla explains what her dad does for work and why they had to move.
“You’re gonna like living closer to the city, I think. It’s really fun to ride the trains and stuff.” Harry tells her.
They get to their stop and make their way off the bus. Orla’s mom is waiting outside on their front steps for her with a smile on her face.
“Um, thanks for being so nice to me today.” Orla says to Harry.
“You don’t have to thank me. Don’t forget to ask your parents about coming to my party on Saturday, okay?”
“Okay, bye.”
“See you tomorrow.” Harry smiles before crossing the street to his house.
“There she is! How was your day? Was that a new friend?” Orla’s mom gives her a big hug and kiss.
“Mum, stop!” She pushes her mother off of her and they both go into the house. “I got invited to a party on Saturday, can I go?” She hands her mother the invitation Harry had given her.
“Sure! I think I can make this work. I knew you’d make friends right away.”
“I didn’t make friends, I just made one. His name is Harry.” Orla sits down at the kitchen island while her mom makes up an after school snack for her.
“One is still good, Honey. I know this move hasn’t been easy for you, but I’m so proud of you for making it through your first day.” Mrs. Murphy sets down some peanut butter covered celery sticks in front of Orla. “Were your teachers nice?”
“Mhm, Mrs. Simmons is my homeroom teacher, and she’s my English and Social Studies teacher. Mrs. Rayburn is my math and science teacher from across the hall. We had a study block after lunch and we had cupcakes cause it’s Harry’s birthday. Tomorrow we have art after lunch.”
“That’ll be fun.” Mrs. Murphy smiles. “Wait until Dad gets home, he’ll be so happy to hear how your first day went.”
On Saturday, Orla takes a deep breath as she walks into the roller rink. Her mother is right behind her making sure she gets in safely. Orla grips the gift bag with Harry’s present in it as they walk further in.
“There they are.” Orla says to her mom, and they make their way over to the other kids and their parents.
“Orla, you made it!” Harry beams and gives her a high five. “Put that down, we can go get your skates.” He tugs her along to the counter while Mrs. Murphy says hello to Mr. and Mrs. Styles.
“Hi, Monique Murphy, I’m Orla’s mum.” She shakes both of their hands.
“You just moved in across the street, right?” Mrs. Styles says. “We’ve been meaning to come over to introduce ourselves.”
“No worries, I’m sure you’ve been busy putting all of this together. Your son has been so sweet to Orla these past few days.”
“We’ve always taught him to treat others with kindness. Um, is your husband at home, or is it just you two in that darling cape house?” Mrs. Styles asks.
“Oh, Shawn’s doing some unpacking for me. I work from home, and I needed him to put my desk back together and all that.”
While Mrs. Murphy gets acquainted with the other adults, Harry helps Orla lace up her skates. Many of the other kids say hello to her, but mostly keep to their established friend groups.
“Have you ever roller skated before?” Harry asks her as he helps her stand up.
“No.” She wobbles and latches onto his shoulders. “Maybe I should just sit this out. I don’t wanna slow anyone down.”
Harry rolls his eyes and takes Orla’s hand to help her get to the rink entrance.
“Come on, Harry! We’re gonna race!” One of the boys says.
“In a minute, I’m hanging with Orla right now.” He looks back at Orla as they both get onto the rink. “Okay, so you’re gonna glide right and left.” He spins around to take her hands, and starts slowly skating backwards. Orla looks at him with wide eyes. “I play ice hockey.”
“Oh, cool.” She swallows, and grips his hands as she follows his movements.
“There you go, you’re doing it!” Harry cheers her on. The DJ announces that cosmic skating is about to begin, and the rink goes pitch black. Neon lights turn on around the rink and everyone starts cheering. “Think you’ve got the hang of it so I can skate beside you?”
“Yeah, but you can go with your other friends. I don’t want you to think you have to babysit me.”
“I don’t think that.” He moves beside her and takes one of her hands. “It’ll just be easier to guide you like this.”
Orla ends up having a fun time with Harry, and she even warms up to some of the other kids. She learns that Logan, Owen, and Matt are Harry’s three best friends. Logan takes Orla’s other hand at one point and helps her skate a little faster with them. She laughs with all of them and gets the hang of skating on her own. Eventually it’s time for pizza, cake, and presents. Orla sits next to Sammy and Frida, two of the girls she was getting friendlier with in class. Harry starts opening his gifts. He gets some action figures, a new Bruins jersey, skate laces, and then he gets to Orla’s gift. From the few days Orla had spent getting to know Harry, she had learned that science was one of his favorite subjects. So, she got him a make your own volcano kit.
“Wow!” He exclaims as he pulls the kit out of the bag. “This is so cool! Thanks, Orla!” He smiles at her.
“You’re welcome.” She says back quietly.
After they eat, the kids go back for a few more rounds on the rink. Others go off to play in the arcade area. Kids start getting picked up by their parents, and Mrs. Murphy lets Orla know it’s time to go.
“I’m really glad you came.” Harry tells her.
“Me too, thanks for inviting me. Um, see you on Monday?”
“Yeah.” Harry pulls something out of his pocket. “I won these at the arcade, they’re just rubber bracelets, but I don’t need two of them. Do you want one?” He holds up the red rubber bracelet that has Roller World imprinted into it.
“Sure, thanks.” Orla takes the bracelet and slides it onto her wrist. She watches as Harry puts his own on.
From that day on, Harry and Orla were the best of friends. They did everything together. She’d go to his hockey games, and he’d invite her over to do homework after school. In the summer time they’d go swimming in his pool, and Mr. Murphy would grill them up some burgers. By the time eighth grade hit, the teasing started. Their friends told them to just kiss already, and they’d ask why they’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. Orla didn’t like Harry like that, as cute as he was. He was just her friend, and she liked it that way. Did they go to the eighth grade dance together and have a conjoined end of middle school party? Sure, but that’s what friends do.
High school is an entirely different ball game. They lived closer to the high school, so they didn’t need to take the bus. Harry and Orla would walk together every morning. They were put into different homerooms because of their last names, but they had many classes together. They were able to choose their seats so they made sure to sit together whenever they could. They had the same lunch period with their friends, so it was easy enough to get through the day. Orla tried out for the girls’ volleyball team, and she got on, so Harry would make sure to go to her matches. He made it onto the varsity hockey team, so Orla continued to go to his games as well. Again, people continued to ask if they were dating. This was mostly because Harry got more handsome by the day and girls were starting to express their crushes. Orla was pretty in her own right, but she was too shy to even look to see if anyone was looking back at her.
They went to school dances as a group, but they always danced to slow songs together. The summer between freshman and sophomore year of high school, the duo got jobs working at a retirement community restaurant that only hired high school students as servers. This meant new friends, and new people to hang out with after work. Most nights someone would host a fire in their backyard, and most nights this led to making stupid decisions. Orla and Harry didn’t drink, but they did smoke weed every once in a while.
“I don’t wanna smell like it, my parents would freak out.” Orla says to her friend who’s about to pass the joint to her.
“We could shotgun it.” He says.
“What do you mean?”
“I can inhale it and pass it to your mouth.” He smirks.
“Oh…” She furrows her brows. Harry isn’t paying attention to the interaction between Orla and Trevor, the sixteen-year-old boy who Orla secretly had a crush on. “Wouldn’t that be like kissing?” She giggles.
“Maybe, would that be a bad thing? If I kissed you?”
“You wanna kiss me?” Orla asks, but before she can get an answer, Harry’s hand finds her shoulder.
“My dad’s here, we need to go.” He says into her ear.
“Oh, um, okay.” Orla stands up.
“If you wanna stay longer, I can drive you home.” Trevor says.
“You’ve been smoking.” Harry says, stepping in front of Orla. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He takes Orla’s hand and tugs her along.
“Harry, where’s your dad’s car?” Orla asks when they get to the front of the house.
“He’s not here, I just said that so Trevor would leave you alone. We’re only a block away from home, let’s just walk.”
“Trevor wasn’t bothering me though.” Orla says to him as they start walking.
“Well, he was bothering me.”
“He was pressuring you into taking a hit off his joint.”
“No he wasn’t. And since when do you care if I want to smoke? It’s not like it would have been my first time.”
“I have some edibles in my room, we can have those.”
“Harry, you ruined something that could have been really special.”
“Yeah? Like what?” He huffs, walking slightly ahead of her.
“Trevor was going to kiss me, and I really like him.” Harry stops short and turns around to look at her. “And you know that would have been my first kiss, so…it would have been special.”
“You wanted your first kiss to be with a guy you would taste like weed in front of a ton of our friends?”
“No one was watching us.” She looks down.
“Why do you like him?”
“Because he’s cute and funny, and he always helps me buss my tables at work.”
“Is that all it takes?” Harry scoffs.
“What’s your problem? You flirt with girls all the time, you know.”
“Girls flirt with me, and news flash, I haven’t kissed anyone either. It’s not like I’m being hypocritical.” He rolls his eyes and starts walking again. Orla crosses her arms over her chest and follows behind him in silence. They don’t say another word to each other until they get to their street, and Orla starts to walk away from him towards her house. “Where are you going? I thought you were sleeping over.”
“Think I’d rather just be alone right now. I’m too annoyed to spend another second around you tonight.”
“You’re being a baby.” He follows her across the street and they both stop at the front of her walkway.
“And you’re being a jerk.”
“Why would you want your first kiss to be with someone who’s just trying to get into your pants?”
“He’s not like that.”
“Yes he is! I heard him, okay? I heard Trevor talking to Eric at the dish drop off. He…he has some bet with him that by before summer is over you two will have gone all the way.”
“You’re lying.” Orla’s eyes start to water.
“I’m not, why would I lie to you?”
“I don’t know!” Orla sprints off into her house. Harry sighs heavily and goes to his own house.
Mr. and Mrs. Murphy have already gone to bed, so Orla’s quiet as she makes her way up to her room. She washes her face and brushes her teeth before getting into her pajamas. She sits on her bed with her laptop so she can watch TV to calm down. About twenty minutes later, Harry’s climbing in through her window. She looks over at him with a pout and puffy eyes. He doesn’t say anything to her, all he does is cup her jaw and press his lips to her. Her eyes nearly pop out of her head. Before she can even do anything Harry steps back from her.
“Now we’ve both had our first kiss.” He mutters, cheeks a deep shade of red. “I care about you, and you care about me…so it’s special.”
“Oh…well…thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” He goes back over to her window, ready to climb back down. “Date whoever you want…just trust me about Trevor, okay?” With that he leaves.
She touches her fingertips to her lips and flops back into her pillows. Her first kiss was just with her very best friend, what could be better?
“Logan asked you to junior prom!?” Harry shrieks when Orla tells him after school.
“Shh, yes. I told him I had to talk with you first.”
“Well, do you want to go with him?”
“Not if it’s going to put you in a pissy mood.” She smirks.
“Do you…like Logan? Do you think he’d be a more fun date?”
“It’s not that I think he’d be more fun, but…you know he and I make out sometimes, it’d be nice to go with someone that I could be a little more intimate with. Besides, you have a crush on Josie, why don’t you ask her?”
“Because we go to every dance together.” Harry takes a deep breath. “Go with Logan, it’s fine. As long as you and I still take separate pictures together.”
“Of course! Oh, thank you, Harry!” She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses his cheek. She’s about to walk away from him to go tell Logan, but he wraps his hand around her wrist. She furrows her brows as she look at him.
“But for senior prom, let it be known now, no matter what, you’re mine.” He’s as serious as a heart attack. For some reason, Orla’s mouth feels incredibly dry. She nods in understanding and Harry lets her go. “Go on, go tell your lover boy.”
Orla runs off to go find Logan, and Harry rolls his eyes. He ends up going to junior prom with Josie, who was overjoyed when Harry asked her to go with him. They all have a good time, and they end up having a big sleepover party in Owen’s basement. The lights are dim, and the air is a little smokey. People are drinking, others are staying sober, no one is pressuring anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. Harry can’t help but glance over at Orla every once in a while. She’s sitting on Logan’s lap in a hoodie and joggers, but her hair and makeup are still all done up. They’re kissing and giggling, and Harry feels like he’s going to be sick.
“Let’s play truth or dare!” Frida shouts. Everyone gets into a circle on the floor, and they use a glass soda bottle to spin. Owen spins first, and it lands on Harry.
“Truth or dare?” Owne smirks at his friend.
“Dare.” Harry says confidently. Frida whispers something into Owen’s ear and he nods.
“I dare you to go into the closet with Orla for eleven minutes in heaven.”
Everyone falls silent. Harry and Orla look at each other, and then they both look at Logan and Josie.
“It’s not like they’re going to do anything. I say go for it.” Logan shrugs.
“This is so stupid.” Harry huffs and stands up. Orla follows behind him and goes into the closet.
“Timer starts now! We’ll let you out when it goes off!” Owen yells to them as he turns the music up.
Harry and Orla both cross their arms over their chests as they stand face to face in the cramped closet. They don’t say anything at first, but Harry breaks the silence.
“I think this is, like, the gazillionth time someone has dared us to do this.” He shakes his head.
“Sounds about right.” She sighs. “I’m so glad no one knows we were each other’s first kisses, they’d die if they found out.”
“Yeah.” Harry runs a hand through his hair. “Did you have fun with Logan tonight?”
“Mhm.” She smiles. “What about you and Josie?”
“She’s nice enough, I’m not really sure why I was crushing on her so hard for. She’s not really my type.”
“That’s too bad, I’m sorry.” Orla frowns. “I didn’t think you really had a type.”
“Well, I do.” He snaps. “Doesn’t everyone?”
“I don’t know.” She shrugs. “I don’t think I do.”
“Why do you like Logan?”
“He’s always been sweet to me. I think he’s cute, he helps me with my history homework. And he’s a good kisser.” She grins.
“Is that all you’ve done together? Just kiss?”
“Yeah, I would have told you if something more happened.”
“So…no second base?”
“Has he groped my boobs? No, I’m not ready for something like that yet.” She laughs.
“I thought second was, uh, blow jobs.”
“I thought that was third.”
“No, third is fucking.”
“Then what’s home plate?”
“Being in a relationship.” Harry laughs, and so does Orla.
“That’s fucked up.” She shakes her head.
“Do you think you’ll get to any of that with Logan?”
“I don’t know to be honest. I’m not really worried about it. I’m just going with the flow with him. Why do you care so much? I know he’s one of your oldest friends, but-“
“That’s not why I care. I just…” He steps a little closer to her and tucks some loose curls behind her ear. “I know how sentimental you get about things, and I’d kill him if he ever did something to hurt you.”
She looks up at him. She can feel his minty breath fanning over her skin.
“You can’t be my first for everything, Harry.” She says quietly.
“Why not?” He whispers. He’s just about to lean in when the door swings open.
“So? Did anything happen?” Frida asks excitedly.
“Nope, sorry to disappoint you all yet again.” Orla says, and brushes by all of them to go grab some water.
Harry walks out of the closet, and they all continue their game. When they finish, they all go back to just hanging out. Orla takes her place back in Logan’s lap.
“Do you wanna go somewhere private?” He whispers to her.
“To do what?” She whispers back.
“You know.” He wiggles his eyebrows at her.
“Logan, I’m really only into kissing right now. I don’t want to do anything else.”
“Wouldn’t it be nice to kiss in private, though?”
“We do that in your car all the time.” She laughs. “I’m having fun with everyone right now.”
“You just don’t wanna sneak off because Harry’s here.”
“That’s not true.” She frowns. “I just know what I’m personally not ready for. I…I don’t have to explain myself to you.” Orla stands up and grabs her sleeping bag and pillow.
“What, you’re not going to sleep next to me now?”
“I never was.” She throws her things down next to Harry, and buries her face into her pillow.
“You okay?” He asks, rubbing her back.
“Why is every guy a jerk? Like, why is sex the only thing on your pea sized brains.”
“Because our brains are pea sized.” Harry smirks. “We don’t have room to think about anything else. Did Logan try to pull a move?”
“Sort of. He asked if I wanted to go somewhere more private, and I said no, and he said I was only saying no because you’re here, but that’s not the case at all. I just don’t wanna go further than kissing, and he couldn’t comprehend that.”
“Do you want me to talk to him?”
“No, I think that’ll just make it worse. It’s not like we were dating, it doesn’t matter. I just…do you think Josie will care if I sleep next to you?”
“Oh, her mom picked her up.”
“Like an hour ago…after I politely declined a hand job from her.”
The two burst out laughing and get into their respective sleeping bags. Orla cuddles up to Harry’s side and he throws an arm around her. For the first time in a while, Harry’s able to fall asleep with ease.
The pair ended up going to the same college for undergrad, of course. No one expected them to go to different schools. However, their majors were vastly different. Orla wanted to be a Physical Education teacher, and Harry wanted to be a pediatric surgeon. So, while Orla was in her education courses, Harry was balls deep in biology, anatomy, chemistry, and calculus. Harry was assigned a roommate at random, another pre-med student; his name is Neil. And Orla ended up rooming with another girl from their high school who she didn’t know that well, but she figured it would be better than rooming with a stranger; her name is Katie.
During their freshman move-in, Harry got his shit settled and then went to help Orla. Their families all went out for lunch, and then it was just the two of them. Luckily, they were put in the same dorm, Harry would just be down the hall from her. Katie was an education major too, but her concentration was in social studies. Her and Orla would have a few basic education courses together before breaking off into their respective concentrations. She made it onto the women’s volleyball team, and Harry decided he’d just play intramural hockey when the season rolled around so he could focus on his classes.
Harry would go to all of his Orla’s home matches. As things got busier during the semester, they weren’t able to see each other as much during the day. They made up for it at night in the library or in their dorm rooms. The two had grown comfortable with one another over the years, so Orla had no problem just hanging out in a sports bra and spandex shorts around Harry, and he had no problem just wearing his boxers around her. One night, Harry was hanging out in Orla’s room while Katie was at work. They were laying in bed watching a movie. Orla was wearing one of Harry’s old Bruins shirts and a pair of cotton panties. Her phone keeps buzzing, and Harry’s just about had enough. He pauses the movie and sits up to grab her phone.
“I’m muting your fucking volleyball group chat. I’m getting sensory overload from all of the buzzing…” He furrows his brows at the screen. “Why are they all asking you if you asked me something yet?” He looks up at her. “What do you have to ask me?”
“Nothing, it’s stupid.” She snatches her phone from him. “They’re stupid.”
“If it’s stupid then just tell me what it is.”
“Can we just watch the movie?”
“Give me your phone, I need to know.”
“No.” She hugs her phone close to her chest.
“Orla, just tell me what it is!”
“Give me your phone!”
Harry and Orla start wrestling on her bed. She’s not wearing a bra so sticking the phone down her shirt won’t work. She does the next best thing and shoved it down the front of her underwear. Harry pins her down by holding down her wrists.
“That’s not fair.” He says.
“It’s my phone.” She tries to wriggle out from underneath him, but he’s stronger than her. The phone buzzes again, and she grunts. “Harry, just let it go.”
“I’m literally not going to be able to sleep unless you tell me.” The phone buzzes three times in a row. Harry watches as Orla bites down on her bottom lip and looks away from him. “Oh my god, is that buzzing against your clit?” He laughs.
“You did this to yourself.” He presses down against her to keep the phone even closer to where it’s effecting her. “Just ask me whatever it is and I’ll let you go.”
“You’re such an asshole!” She wraps her legs around his waist to try to flip them over, but her legs just aren’t strong enough. The phone buzzes again and she groans. “What are you gonna do, make me come you sick fuck?” She starts laughing from how absurd this whole thing is.
“I’m not the one who shoved my phone down my underpants.” He laughs. “Just tell me.”
“No.” Three more buzzes. “Fuck.” Harry’s eyes widen as he looks down at her, and she gasps. “Are you hard?!”
“No! I…my dick twitched!”
“Because you’re moaning!”
“Harry, I swear to god if-“
The door opens and Kate comes in. She stops short when she sees Harry on top of Orla.
“Oh shit, I’m sorry.” Her cheeks heat up.
“It’s not what it looks like!” Orla shouts as Harry scrambles to get off of her. She takes her phone out of her underwear and takes a deep breath. “He was trying to read my texts and we started wrestling.”
“Right…” Katie puts her things down and grabs her shower caddie. “I’m gonna go take a shower. I should be back in about thirty minutes.”
“We weren’t doing anything.” Harry says.
“Mhm.” Katie scoffs and leaves the room.
“Will you go to my volleyball formal with me next weekend?” Orla says to Harry.
“What? Is that what you had to ask me?”
“Orla, why were you making such a big deal about this?”
“Because the girls were making it seem like the formal is a big deal and…I know you have a lot on your plate right now. I didn’t want you to feel pressured.”
“You’re ridiculous, you know that? Of course I’ll go with you to your formal. It’s just one night, it’s not a big deal. I’m doing well in my classes, I’m not worried.”
“You got so stressed your cried two weeks ago.”
“I was overwhelmed during midterms, you know I have test anxiety.” He hops off her bed. “Don’t sweat it, okay? Just text me the details.” He yawns. “I’m headed up to bed.”
“Gonna go rub one out?” She smirks.
“No.” He blushes. “I’m gonna go play video games with Neil. Have fun masturbating with your phone.”
“Don’t need it. I have stronger devices.” She grins.
“Yeah? Need help using them?” He teases.
“Get out!” She laughs and throws a pillow at him.
Harry blows her a kiss before he leaves and she blows one back. When Katie comes back in after her shower, Orla’s put herself to sleep. Well, actually she’s watching TV on her phone with her earbuds in because she doesn’t want to listen to Katie give her shit about Harry.
The night of the formal, Orla wears a simple little black dress that’s also strapless. She slips on a pair of black flats as well. Katie helps her get her hair up into a cute messy bun on the top of her head while Orla does her makeup. (Orla had Katie help her flatiron her hair to tame it a bit. She usually loves her curls, but she’s been experimenting with different looks.) Around 10PM there’s a knock on their door.
“Come in!” Orla shouts.
“Ready to go?” Harry asks and nearly chokes on his tongue when he sees Orla. “Wow, you look really nice.”
“Don’t act so surprised.” Orla rolls her eyes.
“Want me to take your pic in front of the tapestry?” Katie asks.
“Yes, please.” Orla smiles and hands her the phone. She poses with Harry for a few pictures, and then they head out.
“Aren’t you going to be cold?” Harry asks her on their way to the volleyball house.
“Nah, we won’t be out for long.”
They make their way into the house about ten minutes later. There’s a table set up like a bar for everyone to make their own drinks at. Harry sticks with beer while Orla goes for a rum and coke.
“Hey, O.” Ben smiles at her. Ben was a junior on the men’s volleyball team, and he’s very cute. “Saw you on defense at your last match, you looked great out there.”
“Thanks.” Her cheeks heat up, and she takes a sip from her cup.
“You come here with anyone?”
“Just my friend Harry.”
“Friend, huh?” He grins.
“Mhm.” She nods and takes a step closer. “He’s off talking to Chloe and Heather.”
“Not very nice to leave his date unattended.” He steps a little closer to her. “Especially when she looks so gorgeous.”
“Ben.” She giggles and gives him a playful push.
“You guys had one hell of a season. Aren’t you only one of, like, three freshmen to start this year?”
“Yeah, something like that.” She smiles.
“Gotta look out for the short ones I guess.”
“We’re pretty sneaky.”
An hour or so passes, and Harry can’t find Orla anywhere. He’s starting to get worried so he ventures through the house to see if maybe she went to the bathroom. She’s not in the one in the main hallway, so he goes upstairs.
“Where the fuck did she go?” He says to himself. He had been in the volleyball house plenty of times for various parties, so he had a good lay of the land. He goes to the larger bathroom, and opens the door.
“Ah, oh my god, B-Ben.” Orla’s head rolls back, allowing Ben to kiss on her neck. There she was, sitting up on the bathroom counter with Ben’s fingers knuckle deep inside of her.
“Orla?” Harry says.
“Dude, get out of here!” Ben shouts.
“Oh my god, Harry!”
Harry’s face flushes and he shuts the door immediately. He quickly goes down the stairs and weaves through the crazy amount of people in the house. He had been buzzed, but what he just saw totally sobered him up.
“Harry!” Orla shouts after him, but he doesn’t stop, he needs fresh air. “Harry, wait!” He pushes the front door open and sucks in a deep breath. “Harry! Oof!” She rams into his back and stumbles backwards.
“Get someone to walk you home, I can’t even look at you.”
“I thought he locked the door! And to be fair you didn’t knock.”
“I couldn’t find you for over an hour, excuse me for worrying about you.” He scoffs and turns to look at her.
“I was dancing with Ben and then we went upstairs, I’m sorry. I should have texted you.”
“Since when do you let random guys finger fuck you in bathrooms?”
“Um, Ben’s not a random guy. I’ve known since school started, what the fuck? I…I’ve been fingered before.”
“What? By who?” He shakes his head. “You know what? It doesn’t matter.” He chews on his bottom lip for a moment. “Why wouldn’t you tell me?”
“I told Frida.” She rubs her arms up and down. “It’s as far as I’ve gone, and I’ve never taken my clothes off to have it happen…”
“Did you do anything to him?”
“I gave him a hand job.”
“Was that your first time doing that?”
“Oh my god!” Harry runs a hand through his hair. “I don’t even know you anymore.”
“Are you going to tell me you haven’t done things? I’ve heard rumors, you know?”
“I’ve dry humped, that’s about it. No one’s ever seen my dick.”
“No one’s ever seen my vagina, not that that’s any of your business. There are certain things I don’t want to talk about with you, can’t you understand that?”
“I understand, I understand perfectly fine.” He goes to say something else, but he just shakes his head. “Come on, you look like you’re freezing.”
“That’s because I am.”
After that night, Harry let out his inner manwhore. During the spring semester, he fucked so many girls he lost track of their names. He didn’t tell Orla a single thing. He fucked all summer long without saying a word to her about it. When Orla first had sex the following school year, she slept with the same guy for the entire fall semester. It didn’t end well, though, which led to her crying into Harry’s chest for over an hour. That night they both opened up about everything, and agreed that keeping things to themselves wasn’t a good idea.
Undergrad flew by. Orla passed all of her certifications, and even found a job teaching phys ed at the high school level. She’d have all summer to work her ass off to save up some money and build her savings before starting fresh at her new school in the fall. Harry got accepted into all of the med schools he applied to, and was having trouble deciding.
“NYU is offering me the most amount of money…” He tells Orla one night.
“If…if you go there then you’ll probably end up working at a New York hospital.”
“Have you heard back from Harvard Medical yet?”
“No, and at this rate I bet I’m not getting in. Besides, they’re known for offering shit grants. My parents can’t afford to help. All of their money went to their lawyers.” Harry rolls his eyes.
After Harry’s freshman year, his parents told him they were getting divorced. His three older brothers had long since moved out, and with Harry gone his parents realized they just weren’t right for each other anymore. He didn’t take it well. This may have led to him fucking a lot that summer, and the absurd amount of tattoos he got.
“Then I guess…I guess you’re going to NYU.” Orla swallows. “You should do it, it makes the most sense, and you’ll get a great education.”
“Harry!” Mrs. Styles shouts from downstairs. “You got a large letter from BUSM!”
“Holy shit, I forgot I applied there.” Harry says, and the two race downstairs. Harry rips open the large envelope and gasps. “Oh my god! I was accepted in to BUSM’s MD program. Holy fuck, they partner with Boston Medical Center for their surgical residencies.” He looks at his mom, then Orla.
“Are they offering you any money?” Orla asks.
“Orla, um…do you mind if Harry and I go over this together? I’m going to need to FaceTime his father to discuss everything.”
“Oh, sure! Yeah, this is a big family moment. Come by later if you want, H.” She smiles and leaves.
“They’re offering me a decent amount of aid, Mum.” Harry says as he reads over the letter.
“Honey…don’t you want to get out of Boston? NYU could be a great experience for you.”
“Mum, BUSM is a prestigious medical school. Why would you want me so far away?”
“I don’t want you far away, I just want you to have some life experience, meet new people.” She chews on her bottom lip. “I don’t want you to stay here just because you don’t want to leave Orla.”
“That’s not why I want to stay.” Her mother gives him a look. “Okay, maybe I want to stay closer so I don’t have to be far away from her. Can you blame me? We’ve been best friends since the fifth grade. I couldn’t imagine only seeing her once every few months, and then I’d probably have to move out there full time, and she’s only certified to teach in Mass.”
“Honey, you’ve never had a stable girlfriend. Maybe being away from Orla could help you do that.”
“I just haven’t met anyone, it’s not her fault.”
“You’ve liked her since the day you met.” She laughs, astonished at his ignorance.
“No, I’m not one of those guys that’s only friends with a girl because he wants to date her.” Harry rolls his eyes.
“I didn’t say that’s why you were friends. I just think if something was going to happen between you two it would have happened already. So, stop wasting your time waiting for her.”
“I’m not waiting for her to do anything. She’s my best friend, and she’s always going to be my best friend. BUSM makes more cost-effective sense. Think of how expensive the hole in the wall apartment I’d be living in in New York would be. I could definitely find a better priced place here, or I could commute for a bit to save money.”
“If you’d rather go to BUSM, then go. But make sure you’re doing it for yourself and not just to stay close to Orla.”
“I’d say it’s about 80/20.” He smirks, earning him a swat to the arm from his mother. “I’m kidding! It’s more like 60/40.”
“Jesus Christ, go call your father and let him know the good news.” She sighs.
Flash forward to present day – eight years later. The pair are twenty-eight; Harry is an attending pediatric surgeon at Boston Medical Center, making absolute bank, and Orla is at her third high school in six years because budgets keep cutting funding, which means P.E. teachers aren’t exactly in high demand. She lives in a small one-bedroom apartment, she’s constantly exhausted, and she wishes she had chosen any other profession. She coaches the girls’ volleyball team for extra money, and works at a bar on weekends and in the summer.
Harry and Orla are still the best of friends. They’ve made it through a lot of ups and downs. Through it all they’ve always had each other. He’s currently seeing a girl named Bailey that he met at a bar near work. Orla is going through a dry spell, but she’s not dwelling on it.
The school year had just ended, thank god, and she has Sunday through Tuesday off from the bar. Orla takes some time to go through her wardrobe and get rid of any dingy leggings or tee shirts. She has a strict budget for clothes because she’s constantly having to replace her athletic wear. She’s chilling on the couch Tuesday evening watching Property Brothers: Forever Home when she hears the jingle of keys on the other side of her door.
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chiliiscereal · a year ago
Chosen last: part two
Rottmnt x reader
Tumblr media
Summary: reader worries that their new friends are becoming exactly like their old ones, unaware that they’re ditching them to prepare a surprise
Platonic, of course!
Part one: https://chiliiscereal.tumblr.com/post/650808822043115520/chosen-last
“I’m SOOOoO gonna beat you, Mikey!” You gloated, smashing your fingers over the remote buttons and narrowing your eyes at the tv.
“Ha! In your dreams, baby!” He responded gleefully. He leaned forward and concentrated harder than you’d ever seen him.
It was your annual video game competition. Once a month you and the turtles (and April of course) have one day dedicated to seeing who was the video game champ.
Mikey won last month, Donnie won the month before, Leo won the three months before that, and Raph came close but April defeated him.
You were absolutely determined to win this month.
Surprisingly, Leo was on the couch behind you and rooting for you.
“Go y/n! You got this!” He shouted when your video game car passed Mikeys. He even jumped out of his seat, nearly spilling the popcorn.
“Why are you rooting for y/n??” Mikey accused lividly. “I’m your brother!!”
“Y/n hasn’t won a single competition! Besides, you won last month!” Leo smirked, sitting back down. “It’s hilarious to see you this worked up.”
“Oh you and Dr. Delicate touch are gonna have a looooong talk later.” You snorted.
“Hell yeah he is!” Mikey growled.
Before you could say anything else, Raph entered the room.
“Hey, guys, sorry to cut things short but... Dad needs us to clean!” He blurted out quickly. “Sorry y/n but you should probably go.”
You waved him off, shutting the tv off. “Oh, I can stay and help!”
“No! I mean, it’ll just be boring trust me.” He intervened and took the remote from you hurriedly. He even grabbed your arm and pulled you off the floor. “You don’t want to help clean! It’s fine!”
“Hold on, we have to clean?” Leo groaned. “We cleaned last month!”
“Yeah, why aren’t we fighting Splinter on this?” Mikey stood in Raphs way when he tried to push you out of the room.
You wriggled out of the red masked turtles grasp. “Come on! Don’t you want someone to help you debate this with Splinter!”
You were on the rats good side ever since you bought him the exclusive Lou Jitsu movie box. All the turtles knew this.
Why didn’t they want you on their side?
A small part of you whispered past insecurities but you brushed it away.
Raph sighed, clearly nervous. “Guys we gotta do... the thing. We gotta clean the thing!” He looked at them as if searching for help.
“What thing?” Leo narrowed his eyes.
“The THING. You know?” Raph cleared his throat. “You don’t want to know, y/n. It’s super gross.”
You placed your hands on your hips, suspicious.
“You know... the thing April mentioned a while ago?” Raph tried again, making some loose gestures that you couldn’t really understand.
Somehow, though, Mikey and Leo caught on.
“Ohhhh, the thing!” Mikey exclaimed and immediately began clearing away the snack mess that had been left from the video games.
Leo joined him. “Yeah! Dude, you don’t wanna be here to clean the thing.” He shoveled as much garbage in his arms as he could. “You can just head for the door and come back later! You know, when we don’t have to clean?”
Hesitantly, you grabbed your bag. “Okay..?”
What was this thing they had to clean?
Did they really think it would gross you out?
And why did it take them so long to catch on?
Whatever. It was probably more shenanigans. It didn’t mean anything.
“Alright then,” you stepped away from them slowly, “I’ll just head out.”
The turtles stood in their spots stiffly and waved goodbye.
You rounded the corner to walk over to the ladder, unsure of what to think.
They didn’t normally act like this...
But maybe Splinter just really wanted them to clean?
But why weren’t you allowed to know what the Thing was?
And April apparently already knew about it...
Maybe it was just that you were still relatively new to the friend group.
Yeah, that made sense.
Before you could touch the ladder you heard voices.
Two voices.
Coming from Donnie’s lab.
Well, might as well go say goodbye to Donnie right?
You shouldered you’re bag and headed over, standing in the doorway and knocking on the wall so he’d know you were there.
He and April were both sitting together looking at a computer.
You didn’t even know April was there! Well, she might get kicked out for cleaning day to. Maybe you could both do something together!
The duo looked up, panicked, and Donnie quickly shut the computer off. “Ah! Y/n! I didn’t know you were here!”
You frowned, a little hurt. “Today was the video game competition? I was here just like the last... five months?”
April gave you a too wide grin and shut the laptop. “Well! What... uh... what brings you to the lab?”
You shifted uncomfortably. “Raph and the others kicked me out cause they need to clean a Thing? They said it was really gross, and I came in to say bye to Donnie and maybe see if you wanted to go get ice cream or something?”
April turned to Donnie, wide eyed. “Well... I... I can’t exactly... I have a...”
“She has to help clean the Thing as well!” Donnie filled in for her.
Now you were really confused. “But... Raph said it was too gross for anyone other than family.”
“It’s fine!” April waved you off. “But let’s get ice cream later! Okay?”
You gave them a small wave and turned around. “Yeah... okay.”
That Saturday you found yourself walking down the street with one of your old friends.
She wanted to get frozen yogurt and had a coupon for a “buy one get one free”.
Normally you’d have said no. But the turtles AND April denied you every time you asked if you could hang out!
So you said yes.
Just like old times.
“I’m SO sure Jake likes me.” She grinned to herself as she typed away on her phone. “Hope you don’t mind but he’s gonna be at the frozen yogurt shop with us!”
“Oh.” You mumbled. “I thought it’d just be you and me.”
“It’s fine!” She waved you off. “He’s nice! He’s not like the last guy... uh... what’s his name?”
“The guy who told me I was a prude or the guy who told me I looked better with makeup?” You couldn’t help but spit out bitterly.
“The first one.” She eyed you strangely. “And what’s with you today? You’re more pessimistic than usual.”
“That one was Brian. And I’m fine.”
She turned back to her phone, the two of you weaving through the new York crowd.
You’d rather be with the...
The turtles?
You stopped, hearing familiar voices coming from the alley.
“How could you forget!”
“You think I just meant to?!”
“Guys, shut up, it’s not a big deal, okay? There’s still time to figure this out.”
“Easy for you to say! You’re just gonna make up another lame excuse and leave!”
“I will not!”
“Can’t we just wait for April in peace?”
“No, because RAPH forgot about-!”
You cleared your throat and entered the alley.
The boys were huddled together, arguing. Quickly they jumped apart and tried their best to act normal.
“Heyyyyy, y/n!” Leo gave you awkward finger guns. “Didn’t expect to see you here!”
Mikey looked like he was trying to say something but couldn’t find the words.
You were suddenly less excited to see them. “Hey’ didn’t expect to see you guys either!” You bit the inside of your cheek nervously. “What’re you... what’re you doing here? I thought you were too busy to hang out?”
“We are!” Donnie nodded. “Very busy.”
“Yeah and dad grounded us from hanging out with people so-.” Raph added, only for his plan to fall through when April showed up from behind them.
“Guys! I got the-!” She stopped, spotting you. Whatever was in her hands she hid it purposely behind her back so you couldn’t see it. “Y/n!”
You fixed them with a small glare. “Too busy to hang out?”
You didn’t want to sound clingy or desperate, but now it just felt like they were going out of their way to avoid you.
“Well, you know, April doesn’t count! She’s practically family!” Raph chuckled.
That was enough for you to make a decision.
“Well, I’m kind of with a friend right now! I’ll... I’ll just talk to you guys later.”
You backed out of the alley, surprised to find yourself looking forward to meeting the new boy your friend was chasing instead of seeing whatever goofiness the turtles were up to.
You’d survived without them before.
Surely you could survive until whatever this was passed.
“Hey girl your birthday’s coming up!” Your friend mentioned at the lunch table the next day. “I’m Definetely taking you bowling! We’ll bring all the girls, maybe even Jake!”
You didn’t even like bowling.
You didn’t even like Jake!
He was just like all the other boys she’d dated.
But it was better than just sitting at home and waiting for the boys to explain their recent behavior.
“That sounds great.” You muttered, stirring your salad half heartedly. “Can’t wait.”
You went back to sitting with your old group since this whole thing started.
You didn’t have anyone else to sit with! April would disappear during her lunch hour and say she just was going out to get lunch, but she never did that! Ever!
A part of you believed that maybe they finally realized you weren’t worth being friends with.
Maybe you were always meant to be the hermit.
“You excited?” One of your friends asked. “I am! I’m gonna invite Jaxon to go with me and I’ll get dressed up-!”
You tuned them out immediately.
What was the point.
They were talking about it like it was their party.
Not yours.
Just like every other year.
Another day went by.
You found yourself with those same girls again.
They were planning the ‘bowling birthday party’ and coordinating rides. But, of course, there was no room for you to carpool with them.
“Hey, y/n!” April shouted across the lunch room.
You debated about ignoring her, and then debated about just getting it over with.
Ignoring her seemed easier.
“O’Neil, what do you want.” One of your friends asked almost boredly.
Crap, April was right behind you.
“I just wanted to talk to y/n!”
You didn’t bother turning around.
“I know you heard me. Why aren’t you sitting at our table?”
You clenched you’re fists under the table. “You haven’t been here, April. Besides I have other friends.” You finally turned to face her.
She narrowed her eyes.
But, not from anger.
“Well... I’m back now!” She grinned, placing her hand on your shoulder. “Also, Mikey wanted to know if you wanted to have ice cream with the guys later tonight?”
One of your friends burst out laughing before you could even answer. “This Mikey guy is real?”
Another one snorted. “Who’d have known?”
You tried to laugh it off.
You really did.
But that proved harder than you thought.
April placed her hands on her hips. “Excuse me? What do you mean by ‘who’d have known’?”
“You know what y/n’s like!” The friend beside you waved her off. “She hardly talks to anyone! He’d probably think she’s boring.” She turned to you. “Right?” She elbowed your side when you said nothing, as if she were joking with you.
You straitened your lips into a thin line and nodded. “Yeah... right.”
“So, when we go bowling for your birthday, do you think Jake will like my blue dress or my-?”
April slammed her hands on the table. “Hold on, you think this is all some game?”
Your friend shrugged. “We’re just playing with her! She knows it’s a joke!”
“Was it? Cause I couldn’t tell!” April huffed.
“April, drop it.” You mumbled. “It’s fine.”
“No, it’s not!” She nearly yelled. “You guys haven’t been a good friend to her at all! You forgot her birthday present last year and you make her walk everywhere-!”
You stood up from your seat. “I said stop, okay?”
Surprisingly, she did.
“It’s fine. Just leave it alone.” You walked over to the trash can and dumped in your long forgotten food.
She frowned. “Fine, if you don’t want me to do this, I won’t.” She walked next to you, casting a look over her shoulder at your table. “Even though I’m right.”
You said nothing.
What could you say?
“Hey, I... I gotta go talk to the guys.” April bit her lip and glanced at the door. “Can you possibly come to the lair? Tonight? Around... five?”
You set your tray back in the pile with all the other dirty ones. “Yeah, I can try.”
“Great thanks!”
April was out of there faster than you could say ‘hot soup’.
Wouldn’t you know it, five o’clock rolled around.
You didn’t want to go.
You really didn’t.
Well, you did, but you honestly thought this was going to be them ditching you.
All the signs were there.
Instead of over thinking you decided to just go. Don’t even think about it.
You arrived at the lair quietly, taking your time stepping down the ladder.
All the lights in the kitchen were off.
All the lights in their skating room was off.
By now, it just felt like this was one big joke. Did you misinterpret April? Did the guys even know you were down here? Ugh what if they were doing this just to laugh at you?
Finally, you got to their living room.
You clicked the light on.
You nearly jumped out of your skin when the four boys, one girl, and one rat dad jumped out.
Even a happy birthday banner?
Decorations with your favorite colors?
Your favorite movie ready and waiting to be played in the tv?
“Ha! Look! Y/n’s speechless!” Leo chortled.
“Happy early birthday, dear friend!” Donnie waved to showcase the room. “April told us your friends were having a bowling party on the actual day, and that you probably needed a little something fun, so here we are!”
“We got all your favorite things, facts checked by the master!” Raph patted April’s back.
“We even got your favorite video game from the store!” Mikey bounced over to the tv and picked up the disc case.
“We have cake, baked by me, and your favorite sodas!” Splinter gave you a toothy rat grin.
“And as for the gifts,” Raph chuckled guiltily, “you kind of caught us trying to get them at the store! April told us it was coming up but we forgot and had to rush to get things ready.”
You honestly didn’t know what to say...
You didn’t have any words!
No one had ever done this for you before.
No one.
Not even the friends that you’d known for years.
A small tear slipped out against your will as you brought your hands to cover your mouth.
“Hey, what’s the problem? You’re supposed to be happy!” Leo dropped his party hat and rushed over, brothers behind him.
You wrapped them up in the biggest hug you could give them. “Thank you so so so much! I... no one has ever done anything like this for me!”
The family gladly returned the gesture.
“Ah, so they’re happy tears. Excellent.” Donnie nodded to himself. “You are happy with this, right?”
You released them and stepped back. “Definitely happy tears.”
April draped her arm over your shoulder. “Well then, what are you waiting for! Let’s get started!!”
That night was probably one of the best nights of your life.
For once, you weren’t chosen last.
You weren’t the extra.
You weren’t the plus one.
You weren’t taken for granted.
Let me know if you have any ideas for a part three! Possibly one where the turtles find out about the readers friends? 😏
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tommysparker · 9 months ago
Never Forget You [Chapter 4]
A/N: hey y’all. just wanna say sorry for the posting schedule change. life is about to get hella hectic with school and the move sooo yeah. every second Saturday I will be posting! it’ll defiantly give me a chance to write more as well so im not rushing out chapters. anyways ive rambled long enough, enjoy :) 
Warnings: angst. theres fluff too but its fluffy angst?? im not sorry hehe. long italic paragraphs = flashbacks. 
Tumblr media
From an outside perspective, one would assume the four of them were deep in thought, perhaps even communicating telepathically via the Force. They would only be half correct, as all of the Jedi were indeed thinking, but none of their trains of thought overlapped.  
Anakin and Ahoska were in the pilot seats, glancing at each other every other minute or so. They could feel the tension build thicker with every passing planet. The only sound filling the room was the faint running of the engine that kept the ship moving. 
You and Obi-Wan sat across from each other, neither one daring to make eye contact. Apparently, he was quite serious about the “not speaking from now on” agreement. It’s for the best, you kept telling yourself. However, the awkward silence that filled the ship made it harder to believe that. 
Out of all the things that could happen to you at the moment, this was by far the worst. 
On Gyfil, you had grown quite used to the sound of silence. In fact, over time you began to prefer it as opposed to the buzz of the towns. However, this was a different type of silence, one that had you bouncing your knee in anticipation for Anakin to announce you finally landed. 
Master Yoda had called you all for a mission briefing. There was a supposed Separatist group meeting on Ostor, given the intel you received from a client on your previous mission. The four of you were sent to listen in on it. 
“Young Skywalker and Padawan Tano, back up you will be. Great risks on Ostor, there are. Careful, you must be.” He turned to Obi-Wan and You. “Master Y/l/n, guide them you must do. In charge of the mission, I am putting you.” 
A sense of pride filled your body but you quickly humbled yourself. “Thank you Master.” 
Master Yoda smiled and turned to Obi-Wan. “Infiltrate the meeting, you and Master Y/l/n will. Stay together, you must.” 
Obi-Wan would have laughed at the irony. Mentally he still is. Stay together, you must. After the last conversation between the two of you, he had doubts about how that plan would go. However, for the sake of the mission he was willing to lift the deal made. 
You stood quietly, not being able to handle the loud silence any longer. “I’ll be in my quarters until we land,” you announced, making a point not to look at Obi-Wan and keep all attention to Anakin and Ahsoka. 
You left without sparing a glance back. 
He waited until you were out of view to let out a long sigh, running a hand over his beard and hunching forward. 
Anakin was the first to speak. “That was the worst thing I’ve ever had to endure.” His shoulders shook as he made a disgusted sound. “Glad it’s finally over.” 
“Just focus on getting us there in one piece, Anakin,” Obi-Wan snapped, immediately followed by, “apologizes, I didn’t mean to sound so...aggressive.” 
“So much for being able to hide stress, huh?” 
He smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes. “Some things are harder to deal with than others.” 
“Is Master Y/l/n ‘some things’?” Ahoska asked innocently. 
Obi-Wan pondered for a minute, deciding the best way to answer. “Master Y/l/n is...many things.” 
“Like what?” 
Gorgeous. Strong. Kind. Perfect in every way. “They are highly skilled, almost as well as I am, if not better. A fine Jedi and a valuable member to the Order.” He stopped there before he’d say something he’d come to regret. Best to keep professional thoughts. 
“I still don’t understand why the Council sent them away like that. Surely there were other Jedi that could have completed the mission,” Anakin commented. He knew his former Master wasn’t satisfied with the answer they were all given but would never admit it. He had to push him to find the truth. 
“Whatever reasons Master Yoda and Master Windu had for picking Y/n are between them. You must stop questioning the Council’s intentions, Anakin. It will land you in very big trouble one day.” Obi-Wan says as if he hasn’t second guessed the Order as a whole before. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. The less you question things, the easier life is. 
“That’s why I keep you around, old man,” Anakin said in a teasing manner. Hearing Obi-Wan let out a light chuckle made him feel a bit better as they settled into silence once more, this time more comfortable and light-hearted. 
A bit more time had passed before Ahsoka spoke up. “Why don’t you ask Master Y/l/n what really happened?” 
Obi-Wan sighed. He should have known better than to believe she would drop the topic. Like Master, like Padawan. “It’s none of my business. Frankly, it’s none of ours so I suggest we leave the subject alone.” 
His answer, apparently, wasn’t good enough. “I’m gonna go ask them.” Ahsoka stands up to leave but is stopped mid-movement by Obi-Wan’s protests. 
“No!” He looked at Ahsoka’s slightly stunned face, and chose to ignore Anakin’s smug look. “Fine, I’ll ask them. But only once, and if they don’t want to indulge me then that is the end of it. Do I make myself clear?” 
Meanwhile, you sat alone on the bed in your chosen quarters. It made you feel relaxed, in a way. Before leaving, you were extremely extraverted, always going out of your way to make acquaintances with everyone around you. The life forces around you at night kept you alive, it gave a sense of warmth and comfort to lull you to slumber. On Gyfil, there was none of that. You had to rely on your own warmth to comfort yourself to sleep. No lush trees or animals to provide even the smallest bit of connection. It was just You and the Force. Sleeping for the first time in the Jedi Temple after returning felt like a sensory overload. Everything was loud, and rough. You could feel it coursing through your veins at the speed of light. No matter what you did, it was too much. 
You didn’t sleep the first few days. Eventually you got used to the noise, but not enough to get a decent amount of rest at night. There was one sound that sometimes made it impossible to sleep, one Force signature that kept trying to break through the walls you put up to protect yourself when you’re most vulnerable. What scared you the most was the fact your own signature subconsciously fought back against the walls you put. You refused to acknowledge it, choosing to fall into a deep meditative slumber and stay alert as opposed to any actual sleep. Whoever it was would not get into your head so easily. 
Knock knock. Obi-Wan stepped into the room once his presence was made known, gently shutting the door behind him. “Y/n…” 
You looked up and squinted at him. “I thought we agreed to not speak?” 
“Yes, well, that proves to be a bit tricky now doesn’t it?” He smiled tightly and crossed his arms over his chest. 
You huffed out air in a sorry attempt at a sarcastic laugh, shaking your head a little. “What do you want, Obi-Wan?” 
It was neither hostile nor endearing. It was simply his first name. To him you sounded tired, and judging by the way you sat on the cot, leaning back against the cold metal wall with your eyes half opened, he presumed his assumption was correct. He spoke gently, “Anakin estimates we should be coming out of hyperspace and landing soon.” 
“I figured.” It wasn’t your intention to be stoic but that's how you’ve been training yourself to speak to the man in front of you. The faster the conversation ends, the faster he leaves. 
Obi-Wan, however, was not having it. “How are you feeling? I know it hasn’t been that long since you returned from your previous assignment.” 
You shrugged, staring up at the ceiling. “I’m fine.” 
“No one who says that is ever truly ‘fine’ Y/n/n,” he says, taking a step closer to the bed. “I know you. What’s on your mind, darling?” 
You slowly met his gaze, debating whether to open up or keep yourself closed off. On one hand, the idea of exposing your anxieties to someone didn’t feel right to you, letting someone know about your weaknesses and insecurities. However, you knew in order for the mission to succeed you would have to be willing to work with Obi-Wan and to do that a sense of trust had to be built. Rebuilt, technically. 
“If you wish not to speak, I understand.” He hesitated turning his back to you, “excuse me.” He was about to make his leave before you interrupted. 
“Obi-Wan, wait,” You sighed, shifting so there was room for him to sit on the bed. “Sit.” 
He did as he was told, eyeing you carefully. “Honestly, I don’t mean to pry.” 
“It’s fine.” You knew his intentions and as pure as they were you cannot bring yourself to tell him the truth. “I admit that I...am slightly concerned about the mission.” 
It wasn’t the answer Obi-Wan was hoping for, but he was willing to hear anything he could get out of you. “You have nothing to be worried about Y/n/n. You’re an extremely capable Jedi and I have no doubt in my mind you will lead us through it.” 
You smiled, only slightly but a smile nonetheless. “Thank you.” 
“You’re welcome.” He smiled back. 
Your eyes locked tight with each other, and everything around you became emptiness. A void surrounded you both and the presence of the other was all that could be felt. 
“Staring competitions are pointless.” You rolled your eyes, sitting up straight and attempting to return your meditative state. 
“No they aren’t!: Obi-Wan argued from his spot across from you. 
“All you do is stare at each other until someone blinks. Waste of time.” 
“Nuh uh. Master Qui-Gon told me that--” Obi-Wan stood up, “--‘The eyes are a window to the soul’--” you laughed at the bad attempt he made to mimic his Master;s voice, “--therefore staring competitions can be a very good battle tactic.” 
“Jedi don’t do battles, remember? We’re peacekeepers.” You looked up at your friend. “Besides, you just want an excuse to get lost in my eyes.” 
Obi-Wan grinned. “You know me so well.” 
So much has changed about the man in front of you, you could hardly recognize him. You never allowed yourself the pleasure to examine what you missed out on. One moment he was a young man who looked like he could take on the universe, and now all you could see was one tired man doing his best. Oh, how the mighty have fallen, is what the old You would have teased. But post-living-ten-years-by-yourself You was different. In a way, you understood. Although you didn’t fight any life-threatening battles and put yourself in the line of fire every week, you have worked tirelessly towards the same goal. 
Like this moment. 
For once, it was quiet. You felt yourself relax slowly, focusing on the one noise that soothed your anxious mind. It felt warm and...close. Something you haven’t felt in a long, long time. 
Obi-Wan leaned closer, his heart reacting faster than his brain. He felt a warmth he had been longing for over a decade. When he reached out, he no longer felt desolate. He wanted to hold on to the feeling and never let go. 
But alas in time of war, small moments of peace only last for so long. 
“Hey! We’re here.”  
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soft spot | Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
summary: Bucky, the diner owner pining for the reader, a regular at the diner and best friend, for years.
a/n: i wanted to post a Peter Parker fic but i had writer's block until i came to this idea. it's based on a few of my fav Luke and Lorelai moments from Gilmore Girls combined into this one fic. i hope you enjoy! as usual, feedback is very much appreciated and my requests are open. (you don't need to watch Gilmore Girls to understand it)
warning(s): fluff, teen pregnancy, absent father, pining.
Tumblr media
“Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee,” you repeated, your chest pressed against the counter, an evil smile on your face. He turned to face you and placed his hands on the counter, the chanting stopped. You purse your lips trying to contain your smile.
“You know it ruins your body, slowly corrodes your insides, and makes you die really really young, right?” he says squinting at you as he makes hand gestures.
“That’s the intention,” you say smiling up at him showing your teeth. You both stayed like that for a few seconds until he turned around, grabbed a mug, and the kettle from the coffee machine. Still squinting at you, he poured the coffee in the mug and slid it over the counter to you.
“I really hope it’s soon,” he grumbles, throwing the kitchen towel on his shoulders, and walks (or stomps) back to the kitchen. You sat there, coffee in your hands, smiling as you took a sip.
The door rings open and you hear a familiar voice. “Did you get one for me?” you turned in your bar stool to look at the figure that walked up to you. The beautiful girl who you delightfully brought into the world almost 16 years ago, Leah.
You shook your head, fake-pouting. A grumble came from the teen, something you could very much relate to; caffeine deficiency. “I tried, I tried but Bucky’s in his element this morning,” you shrugged your shoulders, stretching to the left to see if he was still in the kitchen.
“I’m gonna get one myself. He likes me,” she turned to face the kitchen, chanting his name as you did earlier. You hear them arguing as you enjoyed the drink in your hand. It was white noise to you — the arguing, especially in Bucky’s diner. With him being the crabby man you’ve always known him to be, it was basically daily routine.
“You were right, he is grumpy this morning,” she said when he walked away again, this time to the back. “Wonder what happened,” she said, shrugging as she took a sip of her coffee.
People in the town have always talked about how similar you both were; you and Leah. Sometimes it did feel like you were looking in the mirror and reliving your teen years as she told you stories about her day and it would scare the fuck out of you.
“Hey, so birthday planning. Let’s go,” she patted your forearm, waking you from your thoughts, excited to turn 16. You sat up and giggled, feeling excitement running up your spine.
“Okay, so we’re gonna have it at home this year,” she nods. “After last year’s event, I vowed to never again go to a Ms. Patty party,” you both shudder, remembering the massive drunken embarrassment you had to go through at your 15-year-old’s birthday party. “Before that, we’re going somewhere special, a surprise if you may. Then we’re going shopping, which thank god your birthday is the end of the month. Cause how could we have lux on your birthday without a paycheck. We’ve got a date with your dad, says he wants to finally actually give you your gift in person this year? And a massive birthday cake with your face on it by the one and only Sookie, as per tradition,” you yap, fast-paced.
“Wait, we’re meeting dad?” she asks, cutting you off. You nodded fast, feeling the caffeine kick in. She smiled, looking down at her mug. And that’s when you felt beat up. When it came to Christopher, it always put a smile on her face. Maybe they were right. You were alike. So easily manipulated by the one man in both of your lives, who is only always there when time and circumstances met his convenience. Something naivete and youth made Leah fail to realize.
“Okay, kiddo. We’ll discuss birthday matters this evening, it’s almost 8,” you picked up her bag, gravity pulling your hand down soon after. “Woah, wormie, what are you carrying? Bricks?” you teased.
“You never know how much reading I can get done with all the waiting we do in school,” she whined after downing her coffee. She kissed your cheek and left the diner.
“God, that kid is something special,” you hear Bucky say as you both watched her walk to the school right opposite the diner. You turned around looking down at your mug, Bucky noticing a frown on your face. “What’s wrong?” he asks, bending down to look at your face.
You looked up, smiling a little. “It’s Leah’s dad,” you scrunched your nose. You never talked about Chris with anyone in the town except with Sookie and Bucky, the name and subject a sensitive topic to you. Never saying his name as if terrified some sort of evil would be summoned. Your relationship with him was beyond complex. You were best friends before anything, you-me-against-the-world (or against parents and the rich community you were brought up in), you knew him like the back of your hand. You still see him as such but since you found out you were pregnant, it all took a different turn and it wasn’t something you felt was right for either of you.
“He called again,” Bucky’s voice annoyed, rolling his eyes. He’d met him once and it was the most awkward, testosterone-filled conversation you’d ever witness. You snickered, knowing how he, as much as you, despised talking about him. “Hey,” he touches your forearm with his leather-gloved forefinger. You looked up at him. “If anything, you come to me,” you half-smiled.
Everyone in this small town knew about the mother-daughter dynamic you and Leah had. Hearing how she turned out great with just you raising her was something you heard very often, something you wished you felt through every fiber of your being. But you didn’t. And Bucky knew you struggled with that, trying his best to remind you every time you doubted. More often than not, she reminded you a lot more of Bucky than Chris, since she grew up knowing Bucky more than her dad.
“Thanks, old man,” you said, snickering behind your mug. He backed away from the counter, his grumpy face showing again. His eyebrows furrowed and his cheekbones prominent. He hated it when you called him that. He may be over a hundred years old but technically he was your age, he would remind you. “There he is!” you cheered, laughing at his frowned face.
“You have a problem,” Bucky said, taking the mug from your hand, and you slid the bill across the table. Still maintaining your gazes, seeing a small smile starting to form on his lips.
You were known by the whole town to be completely oblivious, seemingly being the only one who doesn’t know how Bucky has been pining for you for years. Even from Mars, the love he held for you in his heart could be seen. He tried several times to ask you out on a date, getting closer and closer each time he would try but something always had to happen right at the time he wanted to spit the words out of his mouth. A coward, as Sam, another regular at the diner, would call him when he realized he'd been staring at her.
You did, however, think about dating him once after having a moment with him in the diner. It was late, and you wanted coffee after a bad date. Nearly kissing until Kirk came into the diner to get his emergency late-night burger. You brought it to Leah’s attention, but to that she immediately declined, saying it might ruin the best coffee in town for the both of you.
Saturday rolled around; Leah’s birthday. You woke her up at 3 a.m., another annual essential where you would tell her the infamous story of the day she was born.
“What do you think of your life thus far, my dear?” you brushed her hair as your lied down next to her.
“I think it’s great,” she yawned.
“Any complaints?” you asked, and she shook her head. “I think you’re a great cool kid and the best friend a girl could have,” you said to her lovingly.
“Back at ya,” she answered.
“And it’s so hard to believe that many moons ago I was lying in exactly this same position,” you looked up at the ceiling, flashbacks playing in your head.
“Oh boy, here we go,” Leah said. You shushed her and continued the story.
When you walked into the diner, you were greeted by Bucky at the front door. You frowned at him, being too close to you, your hands hovered over his chest. He opened an arm to gesture you to a table by the window on your right. When you looked, your jaw dropped. He decorated the table. He laid a beautiful lace tablecloth, with a vase filled with flowers in the middle and balloons next to one of the chairs and Leah’s favorite; a rainbow cake, with a lot of frosting.
“Bucky, what is this? This isn’t you. And flowers?” you looked at him, eyes in disbelief. He shrugged. “This is amazing,” you touched the table cloth, mouth agape. “Thank you, Bucky,” you hugged him, his face red to which you were too busy to see.
He walked away, knowing your order before you could tell him. The Y/N Special he printed in the new menu. Leah came into the diner, you sat up and smiled as you waited for her reaction. “What is all this?” her jaw dropped as well.
“It’s all Bucky,” you shook your head, as she caressed the lace tablecloth. “Where he got this tablecloth? No idea!” you leaned in, whispering loudly.
“Bucky, you big ole softy,” she said to Bucky who came with your regular. He blushed when she gave him a hug, quiet as he walked back behind the counter. Your eyes followed him, still surprised by his adorable gesture.
“Hey, remember what I said about dating Bucky?” you asked her, still looking at Bucky who was taking orders. She hummed as she gobbled down her food. “Do you think it’ll work out if we did?” you asked again.
“Honestly, I think it will,” she said, cheeks stuffed with food. “Especially after this,” she gestured to the decorations. “But yeah, I do,” she said after swallowing her food, following your gaze to look at him.
It was the first time she’d ever okayed a man in your life other than Chris. You both loved Bucky especially after what he’s been through. The grumpy demeanor he displays justified.
Lane, Leah’s best friend walked into the diner, squealing as she hugged and wished her. You stood up with your order and walked to the counter to allow them to chat.
“Hey, Buck,” you said, seeing him clean his toaster. He hummed, his back still facing you. “With your expertise displayed on the very lovely table there, could you help Sookie out with decorating my place while Leah and I frolic about town?” you asked, chewing on your waffles.
“Yeah, sure anything for my best customers,” he said as he grunted, fixing the toaster.
“Why don’t you use your tools?” you asked, pointing at the toaster with your knife. Stopping what he did, he turned to shoot a glare at you.
“My toolbox is sitting in your lovely home collecting dust because you could not and will not bother to give it back to me,” he complained. You snickered knowingly since you purposely brought up his toolbox.
“Well, it’s the only thing in the house that warns burglars that there could possibly be a man in the house,” you said melodramatically as you enjoyed your food. He grabbed the knife and fork out of your hand, your hands up in the air and mouth open. You placed your hands on your lap and sighed.
“Fine, you can have John back,” you said. His eyebrows crossed in confusion and frustration. You had a track record of being stubborn and playful. Something everyone who knew you grew to normalise.
“Not every non-living thing needs to have a name,” he said, putting the utensils back on your plate.
“Yes they do. I could tell visitors that John is in the living room sitting on the floor,” and you continued to yap Bucky’s ears off until you left to bring Leah on her birthday adventure. Reminding him that you left the decorations by the couch at home and he could use the key hidden under the turtle statue.
It was almost 1 a.m., Bucky heard a loud voice from outside, he dragged his feet to the window and opened it, sticking half his body out. Flinching when he saw a stone coming in his direction. “What the hell are you doing?” he shouted at you in your pjs, holding a pillow under your arm. He was wearing short-sleeved t-shirt, something you barely saw him wear.
“I’m homeless! I’ve got nowhere to go,” you shouted back. You heard a window open at the next building and turned to face it. An old man appeared out of the window.
“Hey, would you shut up? It’s late!” the old man with his thick Boston accent shouted at you. You looked at him and then at Bucky then back at him and burst out laughing. “Would you please get her the hell outta here?” the man said to Bucky and went back inside. He went down to get you, groaning as he walked down finding you, still in a fit of laughter.
“The resemblance? Uncanny!” you said, still laughing as he grabbed your arm and pulled you into the diner.
You helped Bucky set up the mattress after looking around his apartment and teasing him for things he owned. Being friends with him for years, you’d never been in his “home” above the diner before.
“What made you homeless tonight?” Bucky asks as you fixed the bedsheet together.
“Everyone else passed out drunk, even Chris,” you said. Shocked that you brought up his name, he fiddled with his fingers as he sat by his dining table. “I’m still kinda drunk. That name slipped out of my mouth,” you said, laughing nervously, sitting next to him.
“What did he do this time?” he asked looking up from his hands.
“Surprisingly, he was nice. He was a dad for once but he hasn’t left so we’ll see what happens,” you sighed. Bucky knew the reason for your uncertainty with raising Leah was because of Chris. The seed of doubt sprouted after years of Chris reminding you that you couldn’t do it alone which made Bucky’s blood boil.
“At least she’s not pregnant yet,” you said, running your hands against the wooden dining table.
“Oh yeah, I forgot about that,” he said. “You were 16?” he asked.
“15 and a half,” you pointed out. “Ruined my 16th birthday, my mother said. What a disappointment it must have been for my parents to have me,” you looked at him.
“Can’t imagine anyone seeing you as a disappointment,” he shook his head and you sighed.
“You know, Buck. Seeing what you do for Leah, I bet you’ll make a great dad one day,” you mention, examining his face. His eyes looked sleepy.
“You make a great mom. This whole town can vouch for that fact. For how young you were when you had her, 15 and a half? Every parent makes mistakes but you make the mistakes seem like fun,” you chuckled. “You were never alone in raising her. The town has played a part in raising her with you much more than Chris ever did so I don’t know what the fuck he’s talkin' about,” he says, a lump formed in your throat.
“Yeah, it’s just the daughter part I, uh, I don’t have down yet,” Bucky exhaled through his nose. You thought about a recent fight you had with Leah about the boy she’d been dating. Something you brought up as a problem because you were terrified of possible outcomes. But you knew he was a great boy, Dean. Sweet, charming and a gentleman.
“You looked great tonight,” you placed your hand on his, you felt the cold metal against your skin. You’d never really seen his metal arm, always hidden under the sleeve of his leather jacket and gloves. His signature look, even in the summer. You stroked his metal hand and even though he couldn’t physically feel your touch, he felt goosebumps form on his skin. Physical touch was never a part of your friendship.
He smirked, raising his brow and tilting his head making you roll your eyes. “I don’t mean you don’t look great all the time, you do, and,” you groaned. “Don’t be cocky now,” you clicked your tongue, laughing, still smirking at you.
“You looked great too,” his voice cracked, coughing to clear his throat. “y/n,” he called your name, his voice lower and deeper.
“Yeah?” you whispered. His eyes softer than you were used to, finally seeing his blue eyes.
“Would you want to go on a date with me sometime?” he asked, eyes looking at your lips then back to your eyes. He felt his palm get sweaty, heart thumped loudly in his chest he swore you could hear it. He’d always have the words play in his head but he never thought the moment would ever come.
You felt your cheeks burn, you never thought he’d ever ask you. He studied your face to predict what you were gonna say, cringing a little expecting a bad answer or a laugh.
“I would love to, Buck,” you bit your bottom lip. He let out the breath he held, smiling as he shifted in his seat. After years of pining, he finally got to take his favorite girl on a date.
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nanaminokanojo · 10 months ago
BLOOM | Sukuna X You | Part 3/3 [COMPLETED]
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS: Sukuna X You | Gojo Satoru | Geto Suguru | Shoko Ieiri | Maki | Fushiguro Toji | Baby Megumi | Megumi's Mom (OC) CHAPTER COUNT: 3/3 WORD COUNT: 10,900+ GENRE: romance | fluff | slight angst | smut | ooc sukuna | female reader | modern au CHAPTER TRIGGER WARNING: profanity/strong language | alcohol use | age gap | smut/sexual intercourse SPOILERS: N/A
collection masterlist
one two three | Bloom Masterlist
“You up for it?”
You were sitting at your usual spot at Maki’s. It was still quite early so the pub wasn’t as crowded as it usually is, and it was a weekday. You were there to meet Sukuna but the owner suddenly started chatting you up like she usually does, beating around the bush for a bit before she finally asked you a favor. Apparently, they’re under-staffed and is in need of another waitress but hiring a new one was out of the question since it was a temporary post, just until the person who really works for her recovers from a broken ankle.
“It’s just from four in the afternoon to eight on weekdays, and since you’re usually hanging around here during those times, I thought of asking you. We’re just really short of hands for the next week,” she said, flashing you a rueful smile. “I asked Ieiri but she’s in the middle of her internship.”
Maki had been there for you before, talking to you when you had issues you couldn’t share with your friends and always giving you free non-alcoholic drinks during your exams, and you didn’t see anything wrong with helping her out for once. You’ll earn from it, too. “Sure. When do I begin?”
She clapped her hands excitedly which took you aback. She’s always so tough, barking orders here and there or putting rowdy customers in their proper places, that you didn’t really expect her to be all giggly and excited all of a sudden. “You’ll do it?”
“Yeah, why not?”
She hugged you then. “Oh my god, Y/N. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
You waved her aside, chuckling. “It’s fine. It’s for a week anyway. No big deal.”
She sighed in relief. “You don’t know how much weight you’ve taken off my shoulders, so it is a big deal. Okay for you to start on Monday?”
You nodded.
“I’m giving you all the cherry blossom tea smoothie you want.” She grinned cheekily at you then. “And speaking of cherry blossoms, I noticed you and Sukuna coming here together. Are you together now?”
You felt your face heating up at the mention of the man's name but you shook your head. "Not yet."
You chuckled awkwardly. "We're working it out, I guess. We're not exclusively dating though and he isn't my boyfriend..." You felt a bit uncomfortable at the thought. It's the first time you're saying it out loud, what Sukuna isn't to you, and you had to admit the notion was kinda disappointing. But the problem was with you. "Yeah...just that."
"He likes you though. I see the way he looks at you." Maki smiled knowingly at you. "Does this have something to do with your no dating policy? It's ridiculous if you ask me. Sukuna is a good man."
Ah, straightforward as always. "I know that. That's why I'm letting him have a go at changing my mind."
"And is he successful so far?"
"He's almost there." You frowned then, catching her comment about him. "You seem to know him well."
"We go way back," Maki explained. "My old man still owns the pub when he was a student and he came here all the time listening to me and that old geezer fight."
"Oh. That must have been a sight."
"Plus he's friends with my cousin, Toji."
You tilted your head in question. Sukuna never really talked about his friends, and he has never introduced you to any of them. It’s the first time you’re hearing about that side of him. “Really? What was he like back then?”
Maki snorted. “He was an idiot who had too much time in his hands. He’s smart, but had a penchant for mischief. I mean, I guess you already figured that out just looking at him. Nobody really thought he would end up to be this big-shot architect.”
You laughed. “Really?”
“Toji’s influence, I guess. That one’s a bigger idiot.” She looked deep in thought for a moment then said, “Why his wife chose him instead of Sukuna is a puzzle.”
You were confused. You did not know what she was talking exactly, and why her cousin’s wife should have chosen Sukuna was beyond you. For some reason, you didn’t have a good feeling about it, then you remembered what he told you before about dating just one person.
Could it be… “No…” You didn’t even realize you said that out loud until Maki held onto your hand, squeezing gently.
“I’m sorry. I said too much.”
“Well, don’t stop now,” you found yourself saying, unable to help it. “Is the situation what I think it is? Your cousin’s wife…He told me before that he only ever steadily dated one girl. Is it…?”
Maki nodded, grimacing. “They cheated on him six years ago.”
“So, he lost his girlfriend and best friend?” You felt your heart break at the thought. You might not have known him back then, but you couldn’t help but feel bad on his behalf.
“Yes. I’m not saying it’s his fault, but he’s hardly ever there since he was busy.”
“It’s not enough grounds for them to do that!” you stated loudly, feeling genuinely hurt for him. Damn, if he dated just one woman ever and never had a relationship again before you – for six years – then that spoke volumes of how much it affected him afterwards. You caught yourself and flashed Maki an apologetic look. “I’m sorry.”
“Understandable.” She sighed. “He went overseas and didn’t come back until just two years ago. Guess why he came back.”
“To attend their wedding.”
You didn’t know what was more messed up, but you also know Sukuna to be a genuinely good person. If he disappeared for that long only to come back to attend his best friend and ex’s wedding, then it only meant he totally forgave them. If he was giving another relationship a chance, particularly with you, then it also meant he has healed. How he could be so caring and affectionate towards you despite what he went through astonished you, but maybe that’s just how he really was as a person.
“Are they okay now?”
“Yes.” She laughed slightly then. “You should see how he dotes on Toji’s son.”
Maki ruffled your hair, seeing how you’ve reacted. “Just one piece of unsolicited advice, Y/N. If you decide to be with him, be certain about it and don’t ever hurt him.”
You only nodded, taking her words to heart. She was right. Just as you were afraid to be left alone, nobody deserves to be hurt like that. You wanted to be angry at the fact that his own best friend did that to him but at the same time, you were proud of him for coming out of it while maintaining a good view about the whole concept of relationships and perhaps love. It radiated in the way he treated you, and all the effort he is putting into making things work despite your hesitations.
He arrived a few moments later, showing you that crooked smile of his. You both had one beer, and over that, he asked about your day and he told you about yours. When you were finished with your drinks, he said, “Mind going out for a drive? I wanted to tell you something.”
“Okay.” You couldn’t meet his eyes after what Maki told you, and several times, he asked if you were okay to which you responded affirmatively, trying to keep your emotions at bay.
Sukuna took you to the cliffs just around the city limits, parking his car a few yards from the edge enough to have a good view of the sea of lights below. When he killed the engine, you disembarked from his Jeep, walking closer to the edge when you felt his hand on your arm.
“Not too close to the edge,” he said, looking at you with concern written all over his face, but before he could ask what was bothering you, you said, “You were going to tell me something.”
At that, he sighed as if in long-suffering. “Yes, that.” He looked at you seriously as if he was going to tell you something grave only to end up saying, “I’m going to be away for two weeks starting Monday. I’m going to London.”
Momentarily forgetting about your conversation with Maki, you blinked, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. “Why did you have to look like you’re about to tell me you’re going to be executed or something? Jesus, Sukuna.” You laughed despite yourself.
“Don’t laugh. I’m annoyed.” He pouted. “Aren’t you sad? Two weeks is a long time. I won’t get to see you, and I have to check for time zones if I want to talk to you over the phone.”
You held his hand, twining your fingers with his before raising it to plant a kiss on his knuckles. “I will miss you, but you don’t have to be so upset about it. I’ll be right here when you come back. Stop being all dramatic.”
“I’m not!”
“You’re funny.”
He rolled his eyes, but then said, “So, before that, I was planning to take you to meet my best friend and his wife on Saturday. I’ve been telling them about you…”
The rest of his words faded, the only thought registering in your head was how he mentioned his best friend and his wife. You were going to meet them. You couldn’t say no to that given that they seem to play integral parts in his life despite what happened. “Okay.”
“You’re gonna love their little boy,” he said excitedly.
“But really, Y/N? You won’t have a whirlwind romance with some college brat while I’m away?”
You let go of his hand, stepping back. You didn’t like the sound of that. Not one bit. Not when he was speaking from experience. “What do you take me for?!” The words came out a little harsher than you intended, the resentment you felt for his previous relationship resurfacing.
He arched a brow at you, puzzled at your outburst. “Y/N, I was kidding.”
Not able to hold back anymore, you turned away from him as tears started flooding your vision. You didn’t even know why you were crying over the whole thing, and you just felt like an idiot as you faced him again, frantically drying your tears.
“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” He looked alarmed as he held onto both of your hands, stopping you from wiping harshly at your face. “Why are you crying? Is it because of what I said?”
You shook your head. “No…no. Can I hug you though?” you asked and he almost laughed as he himself drew you closer, wrapping his arms around you. “You never have to ask.”
You did the same, holding onto him tightly, hoping it was enough for you to get rid of any feeling of hurt left in him if there was any to begin with; that it was enough for him to be at ease where you were concerned when he goes away. Still, you wanted to make sure. You stayed like that until you’ve calmed down, thinking you were doing it more for yourself than for him.
“What brought this on?”
“You won’t get mad?” you asked between hiccups, looking up at him.
“Why would I?”
“Promise me first. I just don’t want to hide anything from you and it’s been bothering me.”
“Okay. I promise.” As if to emphasize his words, he pecked you on the tip of your nose. “Now what is bothering you?”
“Since you mentioned your best friend,” you began, “Toji, right?”
He eyed you, nonplussed. “How did you know?”
“Maki told me…” You started tearing up again. “She-she told me w-what happened. Everything…so I know…Please don’t get mad.”
He clucked his tongue. “That woman. Seriously.”
“I’m glad she told me and I’m sorry if I pried, but I can’t…”
“Is that why you’re crying?”
“Because they hurt you.”
His expressions softened. “Silly.”
You pulled him close, wrapping your arms around him. “It’s not silly. Nobody deserves that, least of all you. You’re always so good to me, and I can’t imagine anybody doing that to you, least of all your best friend.”
Sukuna’s hug tightened a tad, placing his chin on top of your head. “No sense crying about it anymore, Y/N. I’ve forgiven and forgotten. It wasn’t their fault if they felt that way when I went away. They found common ground, I guess. Toji thought he was losing his best friend and she felt the same way.”
“If it isn’t too much to ask, I want you to get to know them, too, just like I want to be close to Satoru, Suguru and Ieiri. They’re important to me.”
“You mean it?”
“Yes.” You met his gaze. “If they’re important to you, then I will do that for you and meet them.”
He wiped away your tears then. “Thank you.”
“Don’t sweat it,” you mumbled, breathing in deeply. “Sorry you had to see me like this.”
“You don’t have to hide anything from me.” He shrugged then, snickering. “Maki’s timing sure is impeccable.”
And so, Saturday came and you held onto Sukuna’s hand as he helped you out of the Jeep after parking in front of a two-story house with pale yellow walls and white shutters. Before it was a small, well-tended yard surrounded with white picket fences, very much like the house you grew up in under the care of your grandfather. A small, plastic slide and swing set was placed on the grass along with a tiny bike and some toys in the sandbox.
“You okay?” he asked, interrupting your reverie. When you nodded, he said, “You’re not gonna cry, are you?” making you smack him on the arm. “Ow?”
“Serves you right.”
Just then, the door opened revealing this couple you assumed to be the Fushiguros. They looked good together, both with raven hair with their equally dark-haired little boy who looked about eighteen months old, all chubby cheeks and pudgy cuteness.
Toji was this big, hulking man with a vertical scar on the right side of his mouth which oddly added to his charm instead of marring his handsome face. He was carrying his little boy in his muscular arms, taking the edge off his tough looks. He was the first one to approach.
"Hi. Y/N, right?"
"Yes, hi." You shook his hand, smiling genuinely despite your previous notions regarding him and his wife who also stepped forward, taking your hands in hers. She was beautiful, too, and she gave you this feeling of coming home with her bright eyes and kind smile. You couldn’t blame Toji for falling for her, then again, Sukuna used to be in love with her, too.
"You're so pretty!" she said as a way of greeting. "I'm Mirai. It's nice to meet you."
Toji glanced at Sukuna, the gesture injected with meaning. "It's nice to finally meet you. Typically, he's quiet, but he won't shut up about you."
"Shut up," Sukuna muttered.
"It's nice to meet you both." You chuckled. "He isn't quiet around me either." Then your eyes shifted to their kid. You weren't exactly enamored with the idea of children, but you understood what Sukuna meant. "Hi, little angel," you couldn't help but say to the boy who was looking at you with wide, sparkly eyes framed with long lashes. "Your son is lovely."
"Thank you," Mirai returned happily, watching her son reaching for you. "Aww, Megumi likes you."
"Megumi," you repeated. "Blessing?"
"Yes," Toji said proudly and you gathered from his statement that he named the baby.
You looked towards Sukuna as if for assurance as you reached out. "May I hold him?"
"Sure." Toji handed Megumi to you and you followed after them as they led you and Sukuna into their home, marveling at how well-behaved he was, just leaning against your chest and sucking on his thumb, all warm and smelling like baby powder and everything that reminded you of happiness.
The two men went to the living room to catch up while you went to the kitchen with Mirai who was curiously asking you one thing after the other.
"Sukuna told us you're a student. What are you studying?" she asked as she stirred something in a pot.
"Comprehensive literature," you answered, untangling Megumi's hand from your hair.
"Are you sure you're okay carrying Megumi?" Mirai threw you a rueful smile.
You nodded, beaming warmly at the child. "I don't mind. He's so adorable."
Mirai smiled lovingly at her son. "Isn't he? I was so happy when I first had him and saw how much he looked like his dad."
"Yeah, he's like a mini version of Toji. He has your eyes though."
“Thank you.” She grinned. "So, how long have you known Sukuna?"
"Just almost half a year. Around that."
"Guy's whipped for you, Y/N."
"I heard that!" Sukuna called out from the living room. He suddenly entered the kitchen, plucking Megumi off your arms saying, "My turn. How's my favorite boy?"
You just snickered, your thoughts elsewhere. It got you wondering if you would even have met Sukuna if things didn't turn out the way they have. You were picturing Sukuna standing beside Mirai instead of Toji but you just couldn't and it got you contemplating that maybe things ended up the way they did because that's what's meant to be.
As opposed to your resentment to what they did to him, you were now glad, perhaps even thankful and more understanding of Sukuna's reasons for letting things go and remaining friends with them. Because if those things didn't happen, you won't have him. Because if they didn't turn out that way, you wouldn't be watching him being all silly and adorable with Megumi, giving you a picture of what kind of father he would be when he did have kids. Because then, you wouldn't be considering the possibility of a future with anyone…with him.
Then you froze as your feelings for him became clearer. Because why else would you be spending all your time with him, being close to him and getting to know him? Why were you so keen on making sure he was happy? Why were you hurting on his behalf? Why was the world suddenly a better place despite the fact that you're supposedly alone?
It was simple. You're in love with him.
"Y/N?" you heard his deep voice resonating from inside your head then louder as your vision began to focus. He was standing in front of you with Megumi in his arms.
"You okay? You were spacing out."
"Just thinking." You bit your lower lip, looking apologetic.
"Getting lost in your own world again, I see?" he teased.
"Getting lost in yours is more like it."
He and Miriai looked at you at the same time, the latter giggling pretty much like Ieiri whenever you told her about Sukuna. "You two are so cute."
You brushed the comment off, approaching her. "How can I help?"
You set the table with Toji's help, listening to him talk about Megumi and Mirai with such profound fondness and pride. Just like Sukuna, his appearance was an irony to his funny and soft personality it was disconcerting.
"It's great to have guests over. We rarely do this but Sukuna comes here every Saturday, and well, he isn't a guest anymore," Mirai said as she fed Megumi.
"Thanks for having me then," you replied, still fixated on their kid who was babbling about with his mouth full while he repeatedly knocked a plastic spoon on his high chair.
The conversation was light, circling on their old days, but you knew they were trying to skirt around the ugly things. Mirai regaled you of how Toji got the scar on his mouth. Turns out he and Sukuna were street racers at some point. "Easy cash," as the former had put it. "I mean who wants a part time job if you earn thousands a night?"
"So, what do you plan to become after you graduate?" she asked you again.
"A writer, maybe?"
At that, Sukuna started telling them about your date at the fancy restaurant and how you pretty much nailed the story of the lone old woman who gave you wine. "She's amazing like that," he said fondly, absently patting you on your thigh.
"I'm sure Y/N here finds you impressive, too," Toji teased. "Right, Y/N?"
"Yeah, he smells awfully great it's making my thoughts incoherent," you sallied, "But jokes aside..." You let your voice trail off on purpose, gauging his reaction.
"What?" he prompted.
"That's for me to know," you finally stated, making the couple laugh.
"No fair!"
After lunch, you helped Mirai clean up. Megumi was asleep in his crib after his meal and the guys stood by the backdoor, enjoying some beer. You dried the plates quietly while she washed and told you about Toji.
"It's like raising two kids, really," she told you. "He doesn't pick up after himself and our Megumi is more considerate than he is."
"But you love him," you teased.
"With all that I am." Her eyes strayed to Sukuna then. "Cherish him. Don't let that one get away."
At her words, you felt the same hurt you did when you first learned what the real deal was with them from Maki. You blood boiled out of the blue as thoughts started racing in your head a hundred miles per second. How dare she say that to you when she herself let him go? How dare she hurt him like that and yet keep him as a friend?
The sound of something breaking brought you out of your trance, and you realized the plate you were wiping had fallen onto the floor. But your attention was on her, your steely eyes hard and intense as you said, "You're the last person I expect to be telling me such things."
You stepped away from her only to be met by Sukuna's disappointed expression, but you ignored that as well as you turned away. "Excuse me,” you said, bowing slightly as you walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, grabbing your bag before walking out of the house.
The crisp autumn air blew coldly against you, ruffling your hair and your dress as you stood there, not really knowing where to go or what to do. Suddenly, you felt stupid for saying something like that to Mirai when she had been nothing but nice towards you, her and Toji. You also liked their son. And judging by how Sukuna looked at you, you had this niggling feeling that you've ruined it all, eating at you from the inside out.
Just then, the door opened and closed behind you. You didn't have to turn around to know it was Sukuna who followed you out. You've grown so accustomed to his presence that at times, he only had to look at you and you already understand what he wants to convey.
"Y/N, sweetheart, what's going on?" he asked, trying hard to keep the edge off his tone.
You didn't turn to face him, afraid of what you will see. "You heard what I said. Do I really have to explain?"
He walked around you, grabbing you by the shoulders, shaking you slightly. "I thought we're over this. I thought I already explained this to you."
That doesn't cut it, you thought but opted not to say it. He might have told you that he has forgiven and forgotten, and although you weren't involved in it, you still felt displeasure whenever you remembered it. It wasn't as if Mirai and Toji did you wrong, and it wasn't as if you had the right to say shit but she didn't have the right to tell you anything either knowing to herself what she had done. You didn't want to hear anything from her about what you ought to do and decide where Sukuna was concerned. It just didn't sit right with you.
"I know. I'm wrong. I get it," you snapped, shrugging his hands off you. "I wanna go home." You started walking away from him, but you stopped when he said, "What is wrong with you?"
You turned back, breath snagging as you let out a mirthless chuckle. "What is wrong with me?" you repeated, your voice coming out soft but with a bitter edge to it. "I know I am wrong for blurting out the things I did, and I am sorry."
"Y/N –"
"But don't strip me of my right to be angry when Mirai tells me to cherish you and not let you go as if she has any right to do it," you cut him off. "I didn't have the right to call her out on her transgressions to you, but don't tell me I can't cry or be mad at the fact that you had to go through all that because I care too damn much for you!"
Your eyes started to fill with tears as you regarded him, seeing the world come alive with blossoms dancing in the wind while in reality, the world was at its last legs, leaves falling all around you. Whenever you looked at him, you felt like everything was flourishing, filling your existence with beautiful things in an abundance of colors. "I'm so in love with you that I can't bear the thought of you getting hurt. I hate it when I know you're tired but you still smile for me anyway. I hate it when you look disappointed whenever I hesitate and couldn't make up my mind."
"I'm sorry for reacting the way I did. I was being a jerk, but that's how much I love you. I love you, Sukuna, more than I can possibly tell you. I can't pretend I don't."
"Say that again," he murmured.
"What?" you demanded gruffly, too caught up in your emotions to comprehend.
"You said you love me. Say it again." Now he looked like he was about to cry, eyes glistening even as he smiled wide with joy, drawing nearer and taking your hand in his.
You sighed in relief, feeling your chest loosen up. It felt great saying it out loud. Beyond just great. "I love you."
The moment you let go of the words, you were wrapped up in his warmth, his arms tight around you while you listened to the thundering beats of his heart. He held you at arm's length, looked deep into your eyes as he cupped your face and leaned in to claim your lips in a brief kiss. Spring has come in the middle of autumn, filling your senses and making you feel like you could fly. He held you in place, eyes closed as he touched his forehead to yours, letting out a shaky laugh.
"Do you mean that?" He opened his eyes slowly and you were lost in their depths as you nodded. "Yes."
"You haven't asked, but I happen to be just as in love with you if not more."
"I already knew that. How can I not when you show me every day? It's comforting to hear you say it out loud though." You smirked at him. "You know, when you don't think I'm asleep."
He stiffened against you. "You heard that?"
"God, it was so hard to keep my eyes closed and stop myself from reacting when you told me you're in love with me."
He clucked his tongue. "You waited this long to respond to me?"
"I told you I didn't wanna give it to you half-assed. I’m giving you my heart just as I want yours, and if you’re ready to entrust it wholly to me, I can’t just reciprocate with pieces of mine."
“You had it since the first day we met. I didn’t have to see everything else to know you’re the one who owns it.” Sukuna kissed you on the forehead, hugging you to him and just standing there with you, watching cars pass by the road, reveling in his proximity and his warmth. You didn’t need much of anything if you had him.
But then you broke out of his hold, realizing the mess you’ve made.
"What is it?"
"I have to apologize to our hosts. Stay here," you stated, walking back to the house to find the couple in the living room, standing there as if they were expecting you to come back. Without hesitation, you bowed before them. "I sincerely apologize for what I said. I should not have said that to you, Mirai. And it isn't my intention to indirectly hurt you, too, Toji. I'm sorry."
"What is this girl saying?" you heard Mirai say as she approached you and hugged you tight. "You silly girl. We deserve that and we don't deserve Sukuna. Everyone just gave us a free pass, and we were glad you were brave enough to say it to us like that. You have nothing to apologize for."
Toji shook his head. "No, Y/N. Thank you. For loving Sukuna and for giving us the chance to finally forgive ourselves, too."
At that, you smiled, nodding in understanding.
When it was time to leave, Megumi woke up and you had the chance to say goodbye to him, too, holding onto him until you had to get out the door.
"Visit us anytime, Y/N," Mirai said, winking. "Sukuna doesn't have to be with you."
"So, you're throwing me away cause you have Y/N now? Some friends you are," he sniped, causing another round of easy laughter.
"I'll come by soon," you promised, pecking Megumi on the cheek. "See you, angel."
"So, you're officially together now?" Suguru asked, helping you pack for the trip to the mountains Sukuna had planned, scheduled immediately after his return.
"Two weeks ago, but he had to go to London," you said, and in the next second, Ieiri and Satoru both brought out their wallets, handing bills to Suguru.
"I knew there was something different when he drove you home that afternoon."
"I can't believe you three are betting over my relationship with Sukuna," you muttered, zipping up your small luggage.
Suguru won fair and square though. He had been right to ask from the start when he walked in on you and Sukuna making out on the porch when the latter dropped you off. The drive then was quiet but you had the shut the guy up for teasing you about that "one hell of a confession," as he had put it. But he immediately took control, shoving you against the wall beside the door and kissing you stupid.
"What did I say about raising her on my own?" Suguru gloated, slinging an arm over your shoulder much to the annoyance of your supposed two other parents.
Satoru scoffed. "I was the one who did the hardest job of interrogating him the first time he came and brought our little girl dead drunk!"
"Yeah, he said you're intimidating," you told him, chuckling, and he positively glowed until you said, "But he said you apologized afterwards so..."
Suguru and Ieiri laughed hard at him.
"On a more serious note, Sukuna isn't gonna be as lucky the moment you get hurt, Y/N," Satoru stated calmly and the other two nodded in agreement. "Just putting it out there."
You would do the same for them, too, so you also agreed. "And if I'm the one causing him shit?"
"That's on him, too," Suguru said, ruffling your hair. "You're our princess, Y/N. It doesn't matter who's right or wrong when the time comes. You'll probably get an earful from us, too, cause we like the guy, but you will always have us first."
You clucked you tongue. "You're all being dramatic, but thanks. Much appreciated."
"It's the first time you're going steady with anyone. We're just making sure we've covered all the bases," Ieiri stated.
"Yeah, and before we forget..." Satoru took something out from under your bed, handing it to you.
You eagerly looked into the bag, thinking it was a present but you wanted to throw it at his face the moment you found out what it was.
"I got the bigger sizes cause Sukuna looks loaded in that department. Special edition, ultra-thin in – wait for it – mixed berry flavor." He winked. "Wrap it before you tap it."
"Ha ha, Satoru. You're really funny." You motioned to hit him, but laughed with him nonetheless as you rummaged through the bag. "Where the hell did you even get these?"
"Ordered them in from Amsterdam. You're welcome, princess."
"You're fucking weird for handing me rubbers, but thanks, dad." You handed the bag back to him. "You're giving them to Sukuna yourself though."
And that he did when Sukuna arrived to come pick you up, strictly telling the man to open it in private much to the latter's confusion. Still, he accepted graciously.
"Don't open that thing," you said the moment you were in his car.
"That makes me want to open it now," he said.
You clucked you tongue, and shook your head. "Do that when I'm not looking." You tilted your head to have a better look at him, reaching over to make him face you. You frowned at the dark circles under his eyes. "What have you been doing in London?"
"Not sleeping enough is one of them, and I'm jetlagged." He took your hand in his and started planting butterfly kisses on your fingers. "I missed you."
"I missed you, too." You cupped the side of his face and leaned over, pecking him on the lips. "You're going to sleep the moment we get to our destination."
"But –"
"No buts." You took the key off the ignition. "And I'm driving." You got out of the car, rounding it to the driver's side, opening the door. "Scoot."
Sukuna grinned at you. "Is being bossed around what it entails to be your boyfriend, sweetheart?" he asked, swinging his legs towards the door.
You moved closer, standing between his legs. "And if I say yes? Do you want out?" you asked, flashing him a sultry smile as you drew closer to him, your breaths mingling.
"I can't say I don't like it." He kissed you, deeper than the peck you gave him earlier.
"It's safer if I drive," you spoke against his lips. "Move."
"Just this once," he acceded, moving towards the passenger side while you climbed behind the wheel, gunning the car out of the property. But opposite to his words, he was asleep not an hour into the drive.
You never really realized how long two weeks could be until you had to wait for Sukuna to come back safe and sound. Though your time had been occupied by your studies and every other thing you did, you were always distracted by your phone, waiting for his messages and calls that you had to find yet another distraction in the form of a new video game you've gotten over the mail just two days after he left. But that was just momentary as you finished it in three days of continual gaming. You even went to visit the Fushiguros the weekend prior much to Mirai's delight just to have a semblance of familiarity where Sukuna was involved but it just made you miss him more.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, indeed. You could just laugh at yourself over the past days, thinking yourself selfish at the thought of not wanting him to go anywhere you couldn't easily reach him. But now that he was back, you are back to normal, and you knew you have to come to terms with accepting that it is a part of his job to be away from you every now and then if things are going to work out for the two of you.
You're whipped, and you know it. You've accepted that. Now, it's just a matter of not allowing yourself to become too dependent on his presence.
Sukuna woke up when you stopped for gas three hours later. Why he had to choose such a far off place to bring you to was beyond you, but you weren't complaining in that you'd go wherever he was, but it was more for the fact that he came straight out of the airport and yet he was traveling again and by car, too.
"You okay?" he asked while you munched on gummy bears, standing against the Jeep as you filled it with gas. "We can switch."
"I go on farther road trips with the boys and Ieiri every time we have the chance. Stop worrying about me."
He whined sleepily, his voice coming out thick, trapping you against the car with his body. "You're crabby today. It doesn't feel like you miss me."
"Oi, I had to order a new game just so I won't send stupid texts telling you to come back home. How dare you doubt that?"
He burst out laughing. "So you were nerding out while I was away?"
"Pretty much. Don't run away when one day, you walk into my room and find a monster holding onto my controller in the middle of pizza boxes and a whole lot of other mess. That's me needing to be brought out of my hole."
"Hey, don't do that when I go away for business trips." He looked seriously worried now. "You should do your normal routine."
"So don't say I didn't miss you because I was nearly that monster nerd I was telling you about." You popped a green gummy bear into his mouth. "And I'm still driving."
The drive continued for another two hours with you reaching the foot of the mountain at the side of the highway where you really had to switch with Sukuna since you didn't know the way.
"You didn't bring me here to murder me, did you?" you quipped, seeing how thick the forest was on the one-lane road going up the mountain. It was such green world that you almost wanted the feeling of being lost
"Probably. You're too bossy today."
"Hey, that's me being nice."
"I won't. I have other things in mind to do with you." He grinned mischievously at you, winking to which you just shook your head.
Soon enough, you reached a small, traditional village which was pretty much turned into a hot spring resort. Sukuna stopped at the largest building in the vicinity, telling you to wait in the car as he disembarked, returning very shortly later with a key dangling on his thumb. The drive continued for another twenty minutes until he parked in front of this old-style house which didn't look old at all, located at a much more secluded area of the resort. He handed you the key, telling you to go ahead while he unloads your stuff.
Yup. There was nothing old about the facilities at all with the south-facing side made entirely of glass that looked over the private hot spring and a view of the mountains beyond that. The kitchen was as modern as it could get, and judging by how Sukuna was carrying bag after bag of things into the fridge, he planned to cook during your entire stay there. You took over the job while he carried your luggage into the house. Poor thing did the shopping before coming to pick you up without telling you.
"Go shower and sleep. I can handle it from here," you told him when he entered the kitchen again, muscular arms crossed over his wide chest, eyeing you appreciatively.
Instead of doing as he was told, he came up to you, standing behind you, hands fastening onto your waist as he drew your hair to one side. He nuzzled your neck, slowly making his way up your jawline where he pressed his lips and lingered there for a bit. You smiled, reaching up with your hand to place it on his cheek.
"You need to rest, my love."
"Say that again," he whispered.
"You need to rest?" You teased, feeling him nip at your ear. "My love?"
"You keep annoying me today."
"You keep commenting about how I'm behaving today," you countered, facing him. "Come on, let me boss you around for now. You really need to get some shuteye."
"You'll let me boss you around later then?"
"Back already?"
You looked over your shoulder as you combed through your hair when you heard the sliding door open. A smile graced your lips seeing as how Sukuna looked better, more well-rested and more like himself after a long sleep, only coming to at nightfall. He took a dip in the hot spring after dinner and was returning from it.
He came in wearing that dark blue yukata provided by the resort, feeling your face grow hot when you realized you were ogling him yet again. How can you not when the garment hung loosely over his shoulder. He didn't bother tying it properly, and from the partition of the robe, you can see the broad expanse of his chest, the smattering of inked patterns following the sinews of his form.
It wasn't the first time you were seeing his tattoos, the artistic floral and tribal patterns making themselves known to you that day you woke up to him naked from the waist up. However, you did not realize they expanded all the way down the right side of his body, all the way down to the outer area of his thighs. Since he was just wearing a pair of boxers underneath the yukata, when he stepped forward, you were able to see it, and as curiosity won over you, you didn't look away even when he raised a brow at you, the ghost of amusement playing at the corners of his mouth.
You stood up, walking slowly towards him, stopping when you were less than a foot away. Your eyes shifted hesitantly between his face and that area of his anatomy silently asking for his permission to see more of it but your hands refused to move midway.
"What is it?" he asked, not exactly sure as to what you were trying to do.
Biting your lower lip. "M-may I..." You couldn't say it out loud so you pointed at his tattoos, feeling a lump forming on your throat when you realized how bold you were being.
"You don't have to ask," Sukuna whispered, taking your hand and placing it on his chest, warm and alive underneath your palm, while he drew his robe apart, eyes intent on you as you followed the expanse of skin that served as a canvass to the artfully-made representation of the four seasons in a single branch of a cherry blossom tree, meandering downwards. From his chest going down the length of his side, your hand traced over the colored patterns of smaller branches that progressed from summer to winter. Your fingers lingered over his iliac crest where new buds of the familiar pink blossoms that promised spring were immortalized on his skin.
Sukuna's breathing had deepened the moment your hand reached lower, and you relished the fact that you had that effect on him, too. You could feel heat behind your eyes as your blood rushed up to your head at the realization that you could do that to him, and even greater than that, the reality of just how much you wanted this man in front of you, how much you wanted to make him yours in every sense of the word and how much you wanted to be his and his alone.
In the dim light of the moon that was filtered by the mist rising from the springs through the open sliding doors, you looked up at Sukuna, the man you love with every single fiber of your being, leaning your head on his chest, listening to his beating heart that mirrored the thrumming in your chest.
You brushed your lips onto his bare skin, trailing kisses across his chest before looking up at him and letting yourself be devoured by those deep, hooded eyes as you stepped even closer.
"You're beautiful," you breathed out, pulling him down towards you, tears pooling in your eyes when he finally kissed you, taking your breath away.
Sukuna's large hands roamed your body as he continued to mold your mouth against his, his tongue pushing between your lips which you welcomed with your own, loving his taste, hot and wet and stirring you alive. His hands were warm and nimble as he kneaded the flesh of your hip through the fabric of your kimono, traveling lower to where the garment parted so he can slide his hand underneath. They made their way to your ass, squeezing hard before he slid lower, hooking both of his hands under your thighs. He lifted you up, urgently maneuvering your legs to wrap around his waist.
Neither of you came up for air even as he walked deeper into the room where the bed was, pawing and hungrily devouring each other, what began as a gentle kiss turning into a scorching show of dominance as you both took from each other, not quite getting enough.
"I love you," he rasped, breathless as he nipped at the shell of your ear. "I want all of you."
He then continued kissing you, seizing you at the back of your neck, roughly nibbling on your lips then progressing towards the columns of your throat, spreading the V that formed the collar of your robe. You ran your fingers through his hair, intoxicated by his scent, your toes curling as his hands travelled to outline the sides of your body possessively.
Sukuna then returned to your lips after leaving open-mouthed kisses all over your chest and collar bones, and you kissed him back just as fervently as he pressed you down against his clothed crotch, making you shiver as you felt stirrings at the pit of your stomach. You gasped at the feeling of him poking against your thigh but before you could recover, he entered his hot tongue into your mouth again, gently luring yours to mingle with his. You just let him have his way, not quite believing what was happening as you felt your skin bursting into flames wherever he touched you.
Sukuna lifted you slightly off the bed, putting you down so that you were facing away from him. From behind, he guided you towards the pillows and snaked his hands around your waist, reaching for the sash of your robe and tugging on it. When he was successful, he tossed it somewhere on the floor and reached over your shoulders, slowly feeling for the lapels of the robe, making sure his fingers brushed against your skin, sending jolts of electricity all over your body as he peeled the garment off you in deliberate and calculated slowness, coupled with his mouth following the train down your nape to your shoulders before he pushed you face down on the bed.
"Oh god," you whispered, fighting for air as he gathered your hair to your left shoulder and licked the shell of your ear. "What are you thinking about? You're too stiff. Relax," he said in that deep, sensual voice that turned your legs to jelly.
You grabbed onto the pillow, anticipating what he was gonna do next when you felt his febrile tongue making a trail on your right shoulder, the action morphing into sloppy, wet kisses going down your bare back until you could not feel your robe anywhere near your body anymore. He has already undressed you.
You were on edge and just hyper aware of everything he was doing and every single touch he left on your body made you feel like it was leaving a mark and being absorbed by every cell in your system. It felt good being this close to him, being touched by him and you wouldn’t really mind if he marked you everywhere. You wanted to be his and you wanted the world to know.
His hands travelled everywhere it could touch, pushing you to the edge and making you feel like you were burning slowly, the kind that made every corner of your body tingle with anticipation. What you didn't realize was how tight you were holding the pillow to yourself until he suddenly mentioned it.
"Hmm?" Your voice came out at a higher pitch, making you want to smack yourself. This was that you wanted and yet you were being all jittery.
He chuckled softly, stopping his ministrations. "What are you doing?"
At that, you pushed yourself off the bed a bit and turned your head sideways to meet his gaze from over your shoulder. “Sorry, I’m just…”
“Overwhelmed,” you whispered, chuckling slightly. While it wasn’t your first time, everything felt new with the added sensations that your deep emotions for him were throwing into the mix. “How do you want me?”
He turned you over on your back, chuckling. "For starters, cut out the pillow hugging." He pried the thing off your arms and chucked it against the headboard. Sukuna then hovered over you, pinning your hands on either side of your head then began his assault on your neck going lower and lower until he reached your left breast and started licking and tugging on your nipple, his other hand busy kneading the other.
“You are beautiful,” he said, mouth moving against the swell of your flesh while his other hand took possession of the other hand, tentatively squeezing with his long fingers.
You let out a moan, craving for more but not certain whether you could take it or not with your heart feeling like it was going to burst out of your chest. You wanted him to touch you more and as if he read your mind, he returned to kissing you intensely until you thought you couldn't breathe, well aware of how his other hand was taking off your panties. Your heart was beating erratically in your chest as you anticipated the moment, but halfway down your thighs, he raised himself a bit and laid himself on top of you, burying his face into your hair.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked cautiously as he raised himself slightly, looking into the depths of your eyes as if he was looking right through you.
Cupping his face, you rose slightly on your elbows, pressing your lips at the corner of his mouth. "A hundred times yes. I'm yours," you said with all the conviction you could muster in your hazy state – love drunk, kiss drunk, Sukuna drunk.
At your response, he latched his lips onto the skin of your neck, kissing lower and lower, passing over your breasts where he lingered, biting and sucking gently. You hissed as you watched him progress downward, his mouth doing all the magic from the valley of your chest down to your stomach, his hand reaching for the garment he had taken off you halfway down your legs, discarding it. The rough pads of his hands brushed over your thighs, pushing them apart as he lowered himself between them.
You let out a sharp cry when he licked a long stripe on your nether lips, his hot tongue swirling over your sensitive nub. He hummed in approval upon tasting you while he teased your folds with two of his digits. Without a warning he simultaneously pushed his fingers into you and sucked on your clit, building a rhythm that had you seeing stars with every thrust, coaxing out whimpers from your slightly parted lips. Your hips bucked towards him when you felt him reaching deep enough to touch your sweet spot again and again.
Sukuna anchored his arms around your thighs, his elbows on the mattress as he held you steady, continuing to lap at you and move his digits inside you as you felt that familiar sensation of coming undone, guiding you through it until you released so hard your juices squirted out despite his fingers still inserted in you, making a right mess of his mouth, chin and hand.
You spasmed against him but he didn't let go, continuing with his ministrations. He removed his fingers from inside you and started eating you out like a starved man, catching all of your essence from your initial orgasm and cajoling you into another one as he shoved his tongue right into you.
Your hand reached down, fingers tangling with his cherry blossom locks, not knowing whether you want to push him or keep him right where he was. He moaned as he felt your walls clenching, the vibrations caused by his voice stimulating you further, and in no time, you were releasing into his mouth again, your high hitting you like a speeding truck, slamming onto you and leaving you a shaking mess.
Your chest heaved up and down as you tried to calm down, chuckling in between each intake of breath when you felt Sukuna planting ephemeral kisses on your feverish skin, working his way up this time, worshipping your body before catching your lips in his where you tasted yourself on him.
"Can I eat you forever?" he asked with a groan. "You taste exquisite, my love."
"Alright," you panted, "But before that..." You looked him in the eye, running your hand down his chiseled abs until you reached the band of his boxers, excitement filling you as you palmed his crotch over the fabric. You snickered when his whole body seized on top of you, but you were just as out of breath feeling how massive and warm he was against your palm. You bit your lip as your hand moved, rubbing him slowly. Sukuna's eyes drooped a little as he drank in the clouded look in your eyes.
Satoru wasn't wrong about the condoms, and it further got proven to you when you pushed Sukuna’s underwear down and he rose up to his knees, finishing the job. You swore your eyes were going to pop out of their sockets when his length was released from its restraints, slapping against his stomach, thick, long and standing proud, its pink tip leaking precum that dripped down, following a prominent vein on its underside. You never wanted to put anything in your mouth as much as you wanted his dick, but the idea of it stretching you and ripping you apart from between your legs was more intriguing.
Sukuna smirked down at you. "Like what you see, sweetheart?"
"That's an understatement." You swallowed hard, taking you herculean effort to look at his face instead. "I don't just wanna look at it though."
He reached over to the nightstand, taking out that familiar bag from Satoru, quickly rummaging through it. "I'd be insulted if that's all you wanna do." He said as he took out a packet, about to rip it but you shook your head, taking it away from him.
He arched a brow at you. "You don't...Are you –"
"Stop asking me if I'm sure. I'm certain as I'll ever be." You smiled at him. "Or maybe I'll change my mind if you keep asking."
Laughing, he bent down, positioning himself between your legs as he took possession of your lips once more. You took a deep breath when you felt his tip nudging between your folds, teasing you while he busied himself with tracing the topography of your body as if committing it to memory.
Watching him now, you wished you've met him earlier in your life, loved him longer than you have at present. If you knew someone like Sukuna would come to care for you as much as he does, even in acts that are mostly governed by sheer instinct and senses, driven by need and lust, you would have combed the earth to find him. He cares so damn much for you that you knew he will find it in him to stop if you just said so even at his own expense.
"Sukuna..." his name spilled from your mouth, wanting him all for yourself, body, heart and soul. "Baby, please..." You were pleading, but for what, you didn't know exactly.
"Yes, my love?" he questioned, a smug grin playing at the corners of his mouth as he watched the mess that you are beneath him. "Tell me what you want."
"You," you whimpered, raising your hip to meet his cock, hard and burning on your skin. "I want you," you breathed out, the delicious torture in your voice coming to a crescendo when he thrust in agonizingly slow, making your wish his command.
He stretched you, gradually, gently as if he was afraid to break you, but your breath hitched for a different reason entirely. His girth left a slight burn as he pushed in, the rapturous feel of him invading your space and being wrapped in your flesh making a heated mess out of you as you grabbed everything you can get a grip on – the sheets, his shoulders, the pillow nearest to you – trying to anchor yourself from the sudden high of knowing he was inside you.
Your eyes watered at the sheer thought of being connected to him so deeply, and you found yourself falling to blissful surrender when he finally bottomed out. You felt him twitch inside you, but instead of moving as he wished, he cupped your face, delicately brushing his fingers over your flushed cheeks. He had that look of disquiet as he examined your expressions.
"You okay?"
You nodded, beaming in your state of stupor. "Please…move."
Sukuna begins to do as he was told, sliding in and out and acquainting you to his rhythm, his intense eyes hooded yet intense as he regarded you, aware of every nuance of your expressions with every single thrust. He started picking up the pace when he felt you wrap your legs around him, hitting you deeper every single time.
Pleasurable groans elicited from Sukuna's lips as he held himself up, driving his hips against yours repeatedly. "You're so tight," he rasped, his snagged breaths hot on your ears. "You feel so good."
"So good," you repeated, completely going out of it when the mere brushing of his rod against your walls drove you over the edge. You clenched tight around him and he let out a groan, eyes rounding when he realized you were close.
"Let go, baby. Cum for me," he said between pants as he pounded onto you unrelentingly.
You spoke broken syllables of his name as you came around him, riding you through your high. Acid white flashes started to flash behind your eyelids, your back arching from the bed as you keened loudly, too enraptured and absorbed in the pleasure that he was giving you.
However, before you could even recover, Sukuna lifted you off the bed, holding you against him so that your breast were rubbing against his taut chest. You wrapped your arms around him, gripping onto his shoulders while you sat astride him on your knees.
"You'll give me one more, won't you, my love?" he said, thrusting up to you whilst he gripped your waist so tight you knew you will have bruises after, making you meet every single push of his thick length.
Both your moans filled the room along with skin hitting skin, the friction between you two kept at bay by the sheen of sweat that covered your bodies. He held onto the back of your neck, roughly kissing you, your tongues dancing the lovers' minuet. Your lungs begged for air, but you were reluctant to be released from Sukuna's wild kisses while he fucked you senseless.
"Fuck," he growled through gritted teeth. "I love you," he whispered repeatedly like a mantra.
You felt him getting harder inside you as he hastened his pace, ramming into you faster and stronger, and in no time, you were screaming out his name as you came undone again with him following shortly after you did, a deep groan falling out of his mouth in a dragged out note when he spilled his seed inside of you, making you feel even fuller, your walls throbbing around his softening length.
Spent, you both fell back on the welcoming softness of the mattress with him still inside you. He landed on top of you, catching his breath while he rested his head on the crook of your neck while you wrapped your arm around him, your fingers carding through his damp locks.
“You’re amazing, Y/N,” he purred in hushed tones once he caught your breath.
Your brows furrowed in perplexity. “I didn’t do anything.”
He shook his head, pulling out and rolling away, his eyes between your thighs, watching as your mixed juices dripped down on the sheets. “I’m not just talking about your body and how you felt. That in itself is amazing, but I’m referring to everything that you are.”
You felt heat creeping up your neck, all the way to your scalp. Abashed, you covered your face with your hands. “Don’t say things like that. You’re making me a shy mess. Geez.”
“Hey, look at me.” He clucked his tongue when you didn’t move, taking your hands off of your face. When you finally did as you were told, he said, “I mean it. Sometimes, I can’t believe you’re real.”
“I should be saying that. You’re so kind to me, and I feel how much you care for me every single time you say or do something. And I’m just selfish, really.”
“No, you’re not?”
“I am, Sukuna. I want you all to myself from that time you first kissed me, but I didn’t really do much to make that happen because I’m also a wimp, so thank you for going the extra mile for me.” You smiled slightly, feeling your eyes fill with tears.
“Stop saying that.”
“But it’s true. You’re always the one putting in the effort.”
“Because I want to.” He suddenly sat up, pulling you by the arm to lift you up when you gasped, feeling a sudden jolt of pain at the base of your back and the joints on your thighs at your sudden movement. “What’s wrong?” he asked, alarmed.
You raised a finger, moving on the mattress on your own while you held onto his arm for support. “Give me a moment.”
Sukuna regarded you with wide eyes. “Did I hurt you?” He sat beside you, wrapping arm around your shoulder and soothingly rubbing your arm. “Are you aching anywhere?”
“A bit, but it’s the good kind.” You smirked at him. “You’re amazing,” you said, imitating his tone earlier when he said you’re beautiful, your eyes traveling to his crotch. “You wrecked me, my love.”
He didn’t know whether to laugh or be upset. “You say the most outrageous things and it doesn’t help that you don’t hold back either.”
“Too shocking?” you offered.
“Scandalous!” he quipped, chuckling and you joined in on the laughter, the merry sound breaking through the stillness. “Can I carry you now?”
“Sure.” You lifted your arms, latching onto his neck, letting him take you to the bathroom.
“Let’s wash up and take a dip.”
You nodded and let him have his way around you, standing on the shower stall with him as he did everything while you just held onto him, your legs still wobbly. He kissed you on the cheek, the action soft and delicate, filling you with happiness. You can’t believe he is real.
“I’m sorry if I hurt you,” he spoke against your skin.
You pulled away from him, placing your hand on either side of his face, and with a triumphant smile, you said, “I’m not. Never will be.”
“I love you.”
“I love you more. Don’t argue.” You pecked him on the lips.
Sukuna beamed at you toothily. “Alright, sweetheart.”
He carried you out of the bath and out of the sliding doors that led to the hot spring, setting you down into the water carefully as if you’d break if he didn’t take caution. The hot water felt glorious on your skin, immediately melting the knots of your muscles as you sat between his legs, both of you submerged chest-deep.
“Damn, that feels good,” you sighed, mollified as you leaned against Sukuna’s broad chest, closing your eyes in bliss. “I can stay here forever.”
“Are you talking about the hot spring?”
“Yes and no,” you said without hesitation. “The water feels nice, but it wouldn’t be complete without you holding me.”
“You’re being sweet now after bossing me around earlier?” He wrapped his arms around you, placing his chin on your shoulder. “We can always come here when we both have free time. And I’ll always hold you like this.”
“I like that.”
“I love you,” he mumbled, nuzzling on the spot below your ear and breathing in deeply. “You smell divine.”
“I know. I smell like you.”
“Thank heavens then cause that’s what seemed to lure you to me,” he kidded.
You just smiled, reaching blindly to place your palm on his cheek, trying to get a semblance of reality although it was already staring you in the face, the emotions and sensations he has making you feel very much real, but you seem to be in a dream state, unable to come to terms with the fact that spring has finally come for you in the person of the man whose arms held you tight and close to his heart.
“Yes, my love?”
“Thanks for existing."
So, I made Megumi's mom's name here "Miriai." I made her an OC because I can't just keep referring to her as "she/her." It's quite confusing. I hope this doesn't bother anyone. I cringed, too, trust me.
Okay, Toji is also OOC here. Haha! I went all the way with conjuring these characteristics and since Sukuna, my love, is super soft here (he has cherry blossom tats XD), why not Toji, too?
Anyway, I would like to say thank you to everyone who read this fic! Stay tuned for more. Love you guys :)
Additional notes are available in the masterlist, particularly on the reasons why I wrote some things the way I did.
Thank you so much for reading. Likes, comments and reblogs are deeply appreciated! Hope you enjoyed it.
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starryevermore · 10 months ago
Prompt/Smut Idea “Does my being half-naked bother you?” For Lee Bodecker 😌😌
laundry day
note: i'm including this in my modern tatted!lee au cause i can't help myself :) this will be included in the main storyline with features a tiny!reader (tiny referring to height)
warnings: 18+ MINORS DNI, implied smut, pet name (sweet cheeks)
i DO NOT consent to my works being reposted, translated, or published on any third party site or app. if you see my work posted on any platform that is not my tumblr, my wattpad (starryevermore), or my ao3 (illiterate), it has been stolen and reposted without my permission.  
reblogs and feedback encouraged. 
my blog is strictly 18+. by clicking on the links or read more, you are agreeing that you are an adult. any minors found interacting with my blog will be blocked.
Tumblr media
You loved Lee. Really, you did. But damn him for constantly trying to rile you, and damn him straight to hell for being so good at it. There was just something about him that set you on fire, made you want to spend every moment with him. Forget all the responsibilities, all the obligations. When you had him, that was you ever needed.
He knew that, and he liked to take advantage of that every chance he could. Which was why he'd taken to practically strutting around the house in nothing but his boxers.
And that was beyond unfair. You'd told him the night before that you had planned to spend Saturday catching up on chores—chores he made you neglect by picking you up and throwing you into bed like you were a little rag doll before having his way with you until you couldn't even think straight. And he'd even agreed to find something to keep himself busy while you got the house in order.
Turns out the two of you had very different ideas of what "keeping himself busy" entailed.
He'd been on your heels the entire morning, taking care to brush up against every. single. chance. he. had. It was funny the first few times, giggling and indulging in his affection. But the more he did it, the more he got in your way while you were cleaning, the more annoyed you got.
And, as you transferring a load of clothes to the dryer, the bastard had the audacity to ask, "Does my being half-naked bother you?"
You scoffed as you turned. "Usually? No. But right now? You bet your ass it does."
"Oh, is that so?" he chuckled, tugging you against him as the dryer started to rumble. "Cause I don't think that's true. Think you like this more than you wanna admit."
"Lee, I just wanna finish the chores."
"What's there left to do? Just gotta fold those clothes when they're done, and we got plenty of time before that," he reasoned, peppering kisses down the back of your neck. "C'mon, sweet cheeks, lemme have a lil fun."
He spun you around, before lifting you up and onto the washer. "Fine," you said, "but you better make it worth my while."
He was already tugging at you pants, mumbling, "Oh, sweet cheeks, you already know you're gonna be more than happy by the time I'm done with you."
come celebrate with me!
Tumblr media
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Crazy Rich Avengers
Chapter 1:
Summary: You and Peter have been dating for a little over 6 months and have not yet met the Avengers. You were getting curious as to when you would meet them, until you get an invitation from Tony Stark himself, inviting you and Peter to Wanda and Vision’s wedding in Hawaii over Spring Break. You thought that it would be nice to go and finally meet everyone, but what will you think after you’ve been tested by the team?
*Based on the movie Crazy Rich Asians, each chapter will be a different scene from the movie. There will be 15 chapters. Also includes a GIF from the movie scene at the beginning of each chapter.
Tumblr media
A/N: I’ve had this series planned for a little while now, and I just got this chapter done and edited and I feel really good about it. I didn’t know if anyone would want to read this until I posted about it yesterday and got some really good feedback, so thank you all who liked it and asked to be on the taglist so much! This chapter is the first scene of the movie, just some things are switched up to fit Peter and the Avengers. Just note that this one is kind of short and nothing much really happens in this chapter since it is just the beginning, but hopefully the next one is a bit juicer. 
Warnings: swearing and fluff 
Word count: 2166
Chapter 1
“Okay class, make sure to email me those presentations by Monday. I don’t want to keep reminding you guys over Spring Break because I’ve still got a life outside being a professor.” The whole class laughs at your professor’s bluntness. It kind of reminds you of your friend from high school, who would always spoke her truth, even when no one asked for it. You packed your things and waited for a clear space to exit your row. Who knew so many kids would be in a business class? Not you apparently. You were a culinary student at the Institute of Culinary Education or ICE for short. Your dream was to become a baker and own your bakery, hence the business class. This was your last class of the day, and you couldn’t wait to see your boyfriend. You two had been dating for a little over six months and it was the best six months you could ever ask for.
You exited out of the classroom, finally, and made your way towards the elevator. On the way down, you looked through your messages and saw that you had five new texts from Peter.
Peter: Hey babe! I’m out of my photography class now. (1:15)
Peter: Waiting by the couches (1:15)
Peter: I miss you (1:17)
Peter: I’m hungry. Let’s go to that pizza place for lunch. I really want some of their cannoli’s (1:20)
Peter: Y/NNN!!! WHERE ARE YOU??? (1:23)
The elevator stopped at the lobby and you walked over to Peter, who sprang out of his seat and practically ran over to you. He hugged with the force of what you assumed felt like ten tons just based on how tight he held you. You laughed at his clinginess and pushed him off of you.
“Dude my class ran like ten minutes late. What’s the matter with you?” you laugh.
He held your hand in his own and smiles at you. “Just missed you is all. Did you see my text about the cannoli’s?”
“Yeah I saw it.”
“And?” he asks hopefully.
“Aaaaaand what?” you played dumb just to see his cute pouty face.
“Can we get cannoli’s?”
“Yes, we can get a cannoli.”
“Ah! You’re the best! Cannoli’s!” he yells at an insane volume for someone who’s just walking down the street. This earns you both a weird look from the people on the sidewalk. You were about to kiss his cheek until he just took off down the street with your hand still in his. You guessed you never knew he liked cannoli’s so much. Maybe you should try out a recipe and make him some one day.
You get into the pizza restaurant and sit down across from each other and waited for the waiter to take your order. You order your drinks; Peter gets Diet Pepsi and you get a Sprite. Both of you talk about how your classes went and held each other’s hand while you talked.
“So, I’ve got to do this project for my class,” Peter began, “And my camera is at the Compound, so tomorrow I’ll be a little late getting home.”
“Okay, that’s fine. Oh! Speaking of which,” you slam your palms on the table, which makes Peter jump a little. “When am I going to meet them? I mean we’ve been dating for going on seven months now, and I still haven’t met them. And I know they know about me because I got a message from Nat telling me happy birthday two weeks ago.” You raise an eyebrow at him waiting for his answer.
“Speaking of said topic, that reminds me. We got invited to Wanda and Vision’s wedding. And it is next Friday in Hawaii, which is perfect because a) we don’t have classes because it’s Spring Break, and b) I know Hawaii is one of your bucket list places.”
Your jawed dropped for several reasons. One, it’s Wanda and Vision’s fucking wedding! You never met them, but from the way Peter talked about them, you could tell they were meant to be. You always thought that they were like what you and Peter had times one hundred.
“Are you serious? They’re having their wedding in Hawaii?”
“Yeah. They thought that since Mr. Stark – “
“What can I get you two today?” the waiter asked breathless. You didn’t even realize how busy they were.
You looked up at him, “I’ll have a slice of the cheese pizza please?”
“And I’ll have two slices of the meat lovers. And can I get three of your best cannoli’s please?” Peter smiled at the waiter as he wrote down your order.
“Alright that’ll be right out.” He walked away almost jogging to get your order in. Goodness they were slammed.
“As I was saying,” Peter continued. “Mr. Stark has one of those beach houses in Maui and so, they thought that it would be the perfect place for them to tie the knot.”
“Wow, so, we’re invited? Like we’re going to Maui and attending the wedding? And meeting everyone?” you asked now slightly worried.
“Yeah,” he drags out confused. “That’s what kind of what ‘You’re Invited’ means.”
“I know, it’s just…this will be the first time I’m meeting them and I always imagined it would be at a like Sunday dinner type of thing. Not a fucking Avengers wedding!”
“It’s okay, I know they’re gonna love you no matter what.”
You take a sip of your drink, “This is also works out for another reason because MJ has been asking us to come see her ever since she moved to Kahului.”
“All the more reason to go.”
You both get your food and Peter immediately starts on the cannoli’s that he’s been longing to eat and practically moans at the taste of them. You get the check and pay and tipped extra for your waiter, because they need to be paid way more than minimum wage. The two of you walk out and head home so you can spend the rest of the night together.
“So, when do we leave for Maui?” you ask, swinging your intertwined hands between the two of you.
“Umm, I believe on Saturday.”
Today was Thursday so that means that you only had tonight and tomorrow to pack for a whole entire week. “Shit! I have almost no clothes washed, are you kidding me?” you yell. “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”
“I just found out this morning!” he yelled back.
“Okay, well it’s a good thing tomorrow I don’t have classes because now I have to do laundry all damn day.” You reach your shared apartment and go to change clothes and you go straight to the laundry room, faster than Peter could imagine. All of your good, cute clothes had to be air dried and so that’s what you did first. After half hour of folding, and drying, and hanging up clothes non-stop, Peter came in wrapped his arms around you.
“Baby, you’ve been here for forever, come sit down with me,” he pleaded.
“I will once I have all the clothes done, but until then,” you pat his cheek. “I can’t.”
He sighs an ‘okay’ and plants a kiss on your cheek and walks away. About twenty minutes later you had gotten all the laundry done and went to join Peter on the couch. He was watching reruns of Brooklyn 99 which was one of your favorite shows. He put his arms out and made grabby hands and you leaned into his touch. You laid your head on his chest with the rest of your body sprawled out on the couch. He put his arm around your shoulders and kissed the top of your head. You looked up and kissed his lips and sat up just a bit straighter. One of his hands went to the back of your neck and the other rubbed your thigh, and you relaxed even more into him. Your right hand carded through his hair and the other sat splayed on his peck, slightly gripping his shirt. You two stayed like this for what felt like hours, just basking in each other’s comfort. You pulled back to breathe and gave him one last kiss before going back to your original position, laying on him.
“What do you wanna watch?” He yawned.
“Well since your yawning and –“ you yawned this time. “And so am I, let’s just take a nap.”
He hummed in agreement and led you to your shared bedroom and he changed into just a pair of sweatpants. You laid down and he did shortly after. You turned, facing him as your chests were touching. You stared at him for quite a long time before you even realized that you were. His face scrunched up that was so cute you wanted to take a picture.
“Nothing. You just look cute,” you said back.
“I love you.”
“I love you more.”
“Nope. I do,” he challenged.
“That’s impossible because I love you to Jupiter and back,” you kissed his nose, ultimately shutting it down because you were tired. School had kicked your ass this week and you hadn’t really had anytime to just lay with Peter. You scooted down a bit so, you could lay your head on his chest, your legs intertwined, as he held you against him so tight that nothing could slip in between you two.
The next morning you had woken up extra early to make some French toast for you and Peter. You got out the bread and butter and the rest of the ingredients and started cooking. Since you were the one who was in the culinary department, the silent agreement between you and Peter was that you would cook, and he would clean your mess. You tried to not make too much of a mess, because you weren’t that mean. After a couple more minutes you got breakfast done and at that exact moment you put the toast on the plate, Peter comes waddling out with his hair a mess. It was almost like it was scripted like a scene in a movie.
“I smelled French Toast,” he smiled.
“Mhm, I thought that I would be nice and cook breakfast for you this time.” You pecked his cheek and gave him the syrup.
“Eat up and get ready for a long day of packing suitcases, babe,” you winked at him.
“Oh boy.” You didn’t hear his sarcasm often, but when you did it always made you chuckle.
He went over to the couch and you followed setting up the coffee table and turning on Spongebob to watch as you ate. You turned towards him and smiled and received a kiss on the nose. Today was going to be a good day, you thought.
It was now four thirty in the evening and you and Peter were packing up all your belongings into your suitcases. “Okay so you need your swim trunks, flip flops, sunglasses, and what else?” You ask.
“Is that just for swimming?” You nodded. “Then yeah I think that’s it.” You went over to his drawer grabbing his trunks out along with your swimsuit. You had all your clothes spread out into separate piles consisting of swimwear, pajamas, nice shirts, casual shirts, and wedding attire. Peter grabbed all of his clothes and stuffed them into his suitcase and you did the same. After that you went to the bathroom to grab all extra stuff that consisted of teeth and hair products, and everything in that category. Peter went into the kitchen to the medicine and started to pack anything that might be needed for allergy’s and whatnot. You figured you would pack your purse of carry on items before you left tomorrow morning.
After two hours of packing and double checking, and once the bed was cleared, you flopped down face first and groaned. “I’m so exhausted,” you huffed.
“Aww, is my baby tired?” He asked this as he pressed feather-light kisses to your neck that always made you shudder.
“Yes,” you say as you awaited a kiss on the lips. He happily kisses you, slow and lovingly, and you feel like you could stay there for eternity. He pulls away for minute to catch his breath. “We should probably figure out what we want to do for dinner.”
“How ‘bout leftovers? There’s still some enchiladas or lemon pepper chicken in the fridge.”
“Ooooh, let’s do chicken.”
You get up from the bed to heat the chicken up in the oven. “Imma make some garlic cheesy rice too!” You shout from the kitchen.
“Sounds good, baby.”
You two make your dinner and eat in a comfortable silence, watching TV. You both decided to watch one more episode of Parks and Rec before calling it a night, and Peter figured it would be smart to go to bed early since you would both have a long day of checking flights and meeting the Avengers tomorrow; and that was tiring by itself.
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Sometimes You Have No Option
Pairings: Romantic Prinxiety
TWs: scar mentions, mostly just vague nothing too graphic at all, very quick mention of the ‘heat death of the universe‘, it’s one throwaway line but just to be safe!
Summary: Virgil wonders what Roman gets up to on his adventures that leaves him battered and bruised. What he finds isn’t what he expected....
There was always this unpleasant feeling that followed Virgil whenever Roman came back from traversing the mindscape on an ‘adventure’; sometimes he’d come back bruised and bashed, other times he’d sport a limp, but nearly every time, Roman would come home with new scars.
Virgil couldn’t understand the appeal of it, though far be it for him to say anything about it. Sure, maybe it did hurt a little seeing someone he cared about come back each time more banged up than before. 
But that's none of his business, right?
Virgil wondered just what Roman got up to each time he went out. He’d never seen the things Roman could conjure outside of the main mindscape; some called it the ‘imagination’ but they were already within the imagination technically. No, what Roman would conjure was more like a simulation within the mindscape, as far as Virgil understood it. Like adding an extension onto a home…. Only to tear it down once you were done with it in the end. 
Perhaps calling them ‘daydreams’ was a more accurate comparison.
There were many times Virgil would let his own imagination run wild with the kind of journeys Roman must have gone on. Forests and kingdoms, perhaps a seafaring adventure if Remus agreed to not set the kraken on him. Or maybe he branched out even more. Something like the spaceports of Treasure Planet, or something more akin to a spiritual journey you’d find in a Ghibli movie. Who knew what Roman was up to most days, honestly.
It was a lazy Saturday in the mindscape when Virgil finally decided to ask Roman about it.
He hadn’t necessarily planned to do so, but Logan and Patton were both busy elsewhere, and all Virgil had to do was watch TV and contemplate the inevitable heat death of the universe when Roman had returned. Mismatched eyes latched onto the creative side as the prince made his way to the kitchen. He winced as he watched Roman root around for frozen peas and press the bag to his left cheek.
The injury was just out of Virgil’s sight, but as Roman turned and made eye contact, he could see the beginnings of a bruise forming. Despite the way the sight made Virgil’s lips pinch into a frown, Roman met him with a smile that made his stomach do flips as he made his way over to the sofa,
“What’s that look for, Woe Troham?”
Virgil snorted, “Wow, we’re getting obscure with the nicknames now? You’re really earning that extra credit in Emo Studies, Princey.”
Roman rolled his eyes fondly and sat down next to Virgil, careful of the anxious side’s bunched up legs, “You do realise we ALL went through Thomas’ emo phase, right?”.
Virgil rolled his eyes, “Whatever...”, he was about to leave the conversation there when he remembered the matter at hand, “Hey, uh, Roman?”
“That’s what they call me, yes.”, the creative side smirked playfully, “Typically preceded by ‘Prince’ but I’ll cut you some slack this once.”. Virgil wanted to slap that smirk away. Or maybe smooch it. The jury was still out on that one.
He sighed in mock annoyance, “Can we cut out the nonsense for once, Romano?”
He bit his lip to stifle a chuckle at the insulted huff Roman let out. 
“Okay, seriously, I was gonna ask what happened,”, Virgil continued when Roman fixed him with a perplexed frown, “Y’know, to cause that.” .
He freed one hand from his hoodie paws to gesture to the bruise under the frozen peas in Roman’s hand. Said creative side shrugged, “It’s nothing to worry about, Virge. I’ve had far worse before.”.
Oh great, because that’s what Virgil was absolutely dying to hear. 
The words left his mouth before the anxious side could stop them, “.. Can I see?”
Okay, that had to have crossed a line, surely. Those scars were probably super traumatic or heavy with meaning, or perhaps they were-
“Okay.”, Roman shrugged. He was already hauling his shirt off by the time Virgil had registered how casual Roman was about this whole thing. He was about to voice his confusion when Roman’s shirt fluttered to the floor; leaving Virgil with a moment of gay crisis, but even more so a feeling of unease in the pit of his stomach.
Roman’s entire torso was covered in scars. Some were fresh, likely only days old, while others were already paling with time. The anxious side had no idea where his hands obtained the audacity to trail themselves along Roman’s skin without permission, but the creative side seemed content to let him continue.
Surprisingly confident fingertips traced valleys and trenches of healed and healing skin, only ever stopping on each route if Roman protested. Virgil had no idea why Roman let him even do something that felt this intimate in the first place, but the question that bubbled out of his throat instead was, “What…. Happened to you?”
He expected Roman to turn away, to dramatically cover himself once more, perhaps muttering a barely audible “some things are left unsaid” or “it’s…. Personal”, and then he’d retire to his room while Virgil did the same and let his mind swim in it’s usual cloud of anxious self depreciation. 
What Virgil did not expect was for Roman to immediately start pointing them out and listing every single cause like it was his grocery list.
“Well!”, Roman began, pointing to a scar on his left hip, “This is one I got from accidentally laying down on a light bulb.”
The prince pointed to more scars as he went, all too oblivious of Virgil’s stunned silence, “This one here is from running through corn stalks with my shirt off, and that one was a mosquito bite I scratched, which yes I know you shouldn’t do that, but you know how dreadfully those itch.This one here is from the time I tried to fight a goose- Oh! And this one I procured from falling out of a window during an impromptu tickle fight with Remus-” 
“Why does anyone try to fight a goose?!”, Virgil blurted out. Of all the rapidfire information his brain just tried to absorb, he wasn’t sure why that was what his brain latched onto, but he couldn’t exactly take back the question now.
The anxious side watched Roman’s expression take on a distant, stoic edge, but having known him so well by now Virgil knew the prince’s fake dramatic long distance stare a mile away. “Sometimes,”, Roman began, and Virgil did his best not to give a fond huff of annoyed laughter at the creative side’s faux drama tone, “The goose leaves you no option-”
Virgil couldn’t stifle the peal of laughter that slipped through his teeth and betrayed his irritated facade. The whole conversation had been an emotional rollercoaster but Virgil was mostly just happy that even if Roman was constantly getting into scrapes, at least it was nothing overly serious. By the time Virgil had stopped laughing, he realised Roman had also fallen victim to the case of the giggles.
“You’re ridiculous, goddamit, Roman!”, Virgil snarked weakly, the gentle smile he wore betraying any attempt at true irritation. Roman simply continued to beam at Virgil, brilliant and bright, a beacon of pure adoration. 
“That’s a rather funny way to pronounce ‘handsome and dashing’, but I’ll take it!”
It’s unfair that Roman got to be so well put together while Virgil was just standing there, hands still resting on Roman’s bare chest, blushing up an absolute storm. Something about the way Roman smiled at him - so gentle and adoring - made Virgil want to do something crazy. 
Like kissing him.
He should kiss him.
No, wait, he absolutely should NOT do that.
In fact, Virgil caught himself just as he was leaning towards Roman, intending to turn away. However, Roman’s arms snaked their way smoothly around his waist, keeping him close but still remaining loose enough that Virgil could break away if he wanted. 
“.... Virgil, can I ask you something?”
Roman’s voice was hesitant, a little less sure of himself than his expression implied. To save himself from embarrassment by not subjecting Roman to any barely passable attempts at a verbal affirmation, Virgil nodded bashfully. 
Roman’s gaze landed on Virgil’s lips then settled back into half lidded eye contact, a small quirk of laughter dancing across the prince’s features.
“Am I the only one who’s been subtly flirting this entire time? Because if so, I am going to be utterly scandalized.”
Even Virgil was surprised by the relieved laughter he let out; it was the ugly kind that gave away just how smitten he was with Roman. He tapped his fingers against Roman’s chest, humming playfully.
“Hmmm, looks like you’ll just have to be scandalized, pretty boy.”, he teased.
Roman’s shocked expression was too cute, how could Virgil resist? The anxious side sighed out a low chuckle, rolled his eyes, and lent forward to reward him with a much earned kiss.
We love us a couple of pining dorks
Based on this post and so I tag @count-woe-laf as promised!
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BnHA Chapter 291: The Endeavor Pamphlet
Previously on BnHA: Dabi showed up atop Gigantomachia’s back and was all “you’ll never guess who I really am!” and the readers humored him and were all “who?” and he was all “TODOROKI TOUYA” and we were all “WOW └(・。・)┘ OH MY GOSH I WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED”, except for Shouto and Enji who were GENUINELY SHOCKED. Anyway so Touya was all “and guess what I’m doing right now!” and before anyone could even try, he was all, “STREAMING MY EMMY-NOMINATED MINISERIES ‘HELLO, I’M EVIL BUT ALSO TRAGIC AND SEXY, NOW LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT MY DAD WHO SUCKS’’, THAT’S WHAT.” And everyone was all “oh my god” and Touya was all “ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪” for basically the rest of the chapter, and that’s pretty much it! Oh, wait, except for the part where he also doused himself in bleach in a fit of pure theatrics, which is actually pretty much the main takeaway from the entire chapter really because it was just wild af. ANYWAYS.
Today on BnHA: Horikoshi introduces Baby Touya, the world’s most enchantingly sweet character, and is immediately all, “I sure can’t wait to tell you guys all about how his fucking jaw burnt off.” Thankfully he doesn’t (YET), and we cut back to the present pretty quickly, where Dabi explains how he took all of his brain cells that should have been used to stop him from pouring bleach over his head, and instead put them all toward his big brain plot of releasing an elaborate video detailing Endeavor’s various abuses and crimes, and even throwing Hawks under the bus as well because WHY NOT. He then leaps off of Gigantomachia’s back (like I said, no brain cells) all set to blast them with a Prominence Burn, only to be stopped by none other than THE LEGEND HIMSELF, MOTHERFUCKING BEST, PRETTIEST, NICEST, MOST OUTSTANDING MOTHERFUCKING JEANIST. Who’s no doubt outraged by the crime against hair he witnessed only moments earlier. GO GETTIM JEANY BOI.
so I haven’t had time to answer any of them because this has been the stupidest week, but I just wanted to tell you guys that I received no fewer than nine asks about Dabi’s hair. which, in a week filled with election memes and tumblr’s most cursed fandom briefly rising back up from the dead, is a pretty impressive feat for him if you ask me. like, I know I was making fun of it basically nonstop, but it sure did generate a lot of discussion so maybe I should rethink my opinions on Dabi’s PR strategies now, idk
anyway. it’s Saturday. time to catch up on this shit. let’s see how fucked the Todorokis are
Tumblr media
“thanks for being all right” the fuck
who allowed this child to be so cute. I’m serious. who signed off on this
how could a child this adorable possibly want to murder his equally adorable baby brother. please, your honor. there must be some mistake here
guess how prepared I am to read all about Touya’s tragic past. mm. that’s right. zero ready. none ready
Tumblr media
listen you guys. I just want to take a moment to appreciate that Horikoshi Kouhei did one of two things here. either (1) he planned it out FROM THE VERY START that Touya would be born with red hair Because Fire Powers, but would then have his hair turn white due to trauma, thus making the Dabi/Touya connection very slightly less obvious, although Let’s Be Real Who Are We Kidding. OR, (2) the anime got it wrong and gave him red hair, and rather than allowing this plot hole to continue to exist, Horikoshi took it upon himself to concoct this elaborate storyline and pretend it was never a plot hole at all! in which case I sure hope someone at Bones is sending him a VERY nice Christmas card this year. got this man sweeping up all your messes for you. you’re just lucky he has some sort of wild compulsion to address these things
Tumblr media
FATHER AND SON. how sweet. :| still zero percent ready for any of this btw
Tumblr media
and Enji’s smiling at him. he’s so proud of him. but then Touya won’t be able to do it, and Enji’s gonna stop training him, and Touya’s gonna feel like a failure and keep pushing himself in order to try and win his dad’s affections back, because that’s all kids fucking want, all they want is just love, that’s fucking it, you couldn’t just give him that?? and then he’s gonna immolate himself fflkdlskfh THERE YOU SEE HORIKOSHI, I KNOW THE WHOLE STORY ALREADY, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THE WHOLE “SHOW THEM THE DEAD DOG” THING YET AGAIN YOU PIECE OF SHIT
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I keep pressing the emergency stop button but this industrial tragedy machine just keeps on chugging along anyway, I’m pretty sure this thing is not up to code
Tumblr media
:| I am so sorry sweet boy, Horikoshi is only getting started with you
Tumblr media Tumblr media
but he wasn’t actually a child to you, he was just a little puppet child for you to live vicariously through!! and then you went and did the same fucking thing with Shouto afterwards and never learned your lesson until just six months ago!! fucking hell, Enji
so now he’s all “Touya is dead, that’s an unforgivable lie” fflkdhflk motherfucker does he look dead to you. if you really think that, tumblr and twitter have got a little over five years’ worth of archived theory posts to show you
oh shit Touya’s countering with “it’s an unforgivable truth”, which, damn. I actually think Horikoshi’s dialogue is one of his weaker points as a writer a lot of the time, but that comeback was snappy as fuck
Tumblr media
actually guys, now that I’ve seen how ridiculously fucking cute baby!Touya was, I can almost understand why Shouto and Enji never put the pieces together before lol. any passing similarities would have easily been dismissed on account of he’d need to be at least 10x more adorable in order to get the full resemblance
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gotta say, so far The Endeavor Pamphlet is just about as spicy as I could have hoped
Tumblr media
(ETA: Natsuo’s face as he watches his beloved dead brother come back to life only to literally and metaphorically set everything on fire in one fell swoop is :/. why must you do this to me Natsu. can’t you see I’m trying to throw a Welcome Back Jeanist party here.)
Tumblr media
btw I neglected to mention this last week, but yes I do recognize and appreciate that this is Can’t Ya See-kun himself whom Horikoshi has chosen to be the face of this existential crisis which the general public is about to experience. rip CYS-kun
Tumblr media
excuse me. putting aside the implications of Dabi sharing this context-less murder video of Hawks with the entire world for a moment, I just have to pause for a sec here, because when exactly did he get a chance to edit this all in?? complete with voiceover that seamlessly ties in with the prerecorded footage of him with DNA test results sans shirt?? you’re telling me this motherfucker, with all the smoke that was in the room thanks to his own quirk, somehow got a PERFECT SHOT of the PRECISE MOMENT when Hawks drove his feather knife into Jin’s back, using his MAGIC CAMERA THAT HE I GUESS HAD THE ENTIRE TIME IN THE POUCH RIGHT NEXT TO HIS BLEACH BOTTLE, and then immediately somehow got this very next shot as well FROM AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ANGLE
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and this after I just wrote that whole long paragraph positively GLOWING about this man’s ability to plug up a plot hole. jfc. just scratch out every damn word I said lol. just forget all of it
are you fucking kidding me, the footage was from the cameras Skeptic planted on Hawks??
Tumblr media
that’s... actually... okay you know what, it still doesn’t make any sense in the slightest, but the determination to address it nonetheless... just, dammit... I feel like I’m constantly at war with myself over whether or not I want to shake this man’s hand or slap him lmao. whatever, then!!
anyway, since Shouto and Enji can’t actually see the damage that Touya is dealing to the hero industry even as they speak, Touya is taking it upon himself to give them the highlights
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think it’s a testament to how much Endeavor cares about Hawks that he managed to zero in on that comment even amidst all the craziness of his eldest son returning from the dead to announce how he’s been carefully plotting their destruction for years and years. like, he heard “Hawks” and his face immediately went like that. you think he’s worried that Dabi did something to him? because he’d be right to worry lol
so the Endeavor Pamphlet narration is now explaining all about how Hawks totally killed the Number 3 Hero Best Jeanist as well! yep... he sure did... totally...
Hawks, that is. lol. not Jeanist. NO, JUST MY POOR HALF-DEAD WINGLESS BABY SON
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
interesting! we suspected as much, I think, with the clues that Ending dropped, and the little flashback right after the name reveal. still not clear how Dabi found out about it though!
looooool okay here we go, breaking out the heavy-handed holier-than-thou shit now
Tumblr media
you know, I do find it interesting how trying to model themselves after All Might’s noble Symbol of Peace image has kind of ended up being the heroes’ undoing here. like, I could write a whole essay on this, but what it basically boils down to is that they were all trying too hard to be perfect. All Might went out there and did his thing and was amazing, and so the powers-that-be built an entire system centered around this seemingly-infallible person, and they acted like the system was infallible as well. and so most of the population ended up becoming complacent over the years, and meanwhile the people who were unfortunate enough to fall through the cracks understandably wound up disillusioned and perceiving the heroes as these false idols
anyway, but I think one positive takeaway from this is that the new up-and-coming generation of heroes represent a breakaway from that system. like, imo what we’re witnessing is the downfall of the Perfect Hero, and the rise of the imperfect hero. and this new generation doesn’t shy away from their failures or pretend like they never happened. they pretty much can’t pretend, because their failures are all right out there in the open for everyone to see. Bakugou Katsuki, just to name one example off the top of my very biased head, has had his own personal character journey basically play out right in front of the media’s eyes. his humiliation at the sports festival, his kidnapping by the League, and all of the fallout afterward. this isn’t someone who can ever go out there and convince the world that he’s perfect. but what he can do, instead, is show the world that he’s trying. that he’s trying with everything he has to do his best, to be the best. rather than this untouchable godlike image, it’s instead the image of someone painfully human who is nonetheless striving with everything he’s got to keep moving forward, flaws and all, and work his way to the top
and ultimately I think that’s going to be a much more positive image to send out to the world when all’s said and done. because rather than merely inspiring awe, heroes like that inspire people to take action themselves. or at least that’s what I hope! and not just Bakugou, but the others as well. we’ve got Shouto, whose own personal trauma is being aired in front of the whole nation even as I sit here ranting. we’ve got Deku, who cries at the drop of a hat, and who fought to become a hero despite being quirkless (and I think it’s only a matter of time before that eventually becomes public knowledge as well). tl;dr because I’m getting way too long-winded here, but these kids have effectively been humanized in a way that the old generation never was, and I think that’ll go a long way towards building trust between them and the people they’ll someday be protecting, and inspiring the next generation in hopefully a much healthier way
anyway so where were we. ...oh yes, Dabi was explaining that heroes only protect themselves, and is presumably building up to his grand conclusion of “therefore you should all just let the villains take over and burn down the world”
omfg. YOU GUYS
Tumblr media
so now Dabi’s leaping off of this ninety-foot-tall gargoyle man like that’s a normal, smart thing to do. unless he can fly too now? saw his dad doing it back at Fukuoka and was all “hmm”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lol he and Deku both look so determined but they’re basically sitting ducks. their “oh shit” faces do look remarkably like their “TIME TO SWING INTO ACTION” faces but don’t be fooled, they have one good arm and about six pints of blood left between the two of them. looks like this one’s all on you Shouto
Tumblr media
y’all. can’t even talk right now, my brain has completely shut down lol. just. ...
  °˖✧◝( ̄▿ ̄)◜✧˖°
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