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#I pulled up to the window and the barista went
doeilovr · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
-> Jaemin x Reader, fluff, around 1k words
Camera in one hand you walked into a Café at midnight. Almost as if something pulled you into the building, you looked around, searching for the wall full of pictures you had spotted through the window.
Probably around 200 pictures were hung on one wall in the coffee shop, black and white, yet full of different memories and emotions.
You took a few pictures for yourself, trying to capture the feeling of the photo collection. You turned around, eyeing the man behind the counter, who looked like he was just cleaning the coffee machine.
Something about the boy made you want to capture him in a picture. But you would never do that, not without permission at least.
Still wanting to see the boy through your lense, you lifted your camera, taking a better look at him from the other side of the room.
His black hair was neatly styled and his white shirt went well with the blue apron he had on. You watched him turn around, taking in the features of his face.
His lightly pursed lips and his beautiful eyes that were staring right at you and “oh god”, you almost dropped your camera. Thankfully, it was hanging on a strap around your neck.
Your eyes were shaking as you stood there frozen, feet not able to decide in which direction to flee.
Absolutely conflicted you looked down to the floor, slowly making your way to the counter. You cleared your throat awkwardly, fidgeting with the hem of your flannel.
“I’ll have a coffee. One. Coffee”, you stammered, eyes fixed to his shoulder rather than his face.
The boy moved his head down to your level, catching your eyes. “You have to be a bit more specific than that”, he chuckled, a smirk playing on his lips.
You nodded, eyes moving quickly again to search for the menu. Your mind was empty, you were in no state to think about any of this right now.
“I’ll do the Amer- Namericano”, you corrected yourself, squinting your eyes to see if you really didn’t misread that.
“Alright. One Namericano. Anything else?”
You looked back at him with a smile, “no that’s all, thank you.”
You watched him turn around, beginning to prepare your drink. After a moment he turned his head back around, looking you up and down.
“You don’t have to wait here, I’ll bring the drink to you. Just take a seat”, he explained and you only hummed, walking away to take a seat in the back of the coffee shop by the photo wall.
The barista walked up to your table after some time, placing the drink and the receipt down. “One Namericano. Straight from hell”, he declared.
You glanced at his name tag as he was placing down the drinks, which read ‘Jaemin’. The name was fitting just perfectly.
“Sorry what?” Your head shot up to meet his eyes. Jaemin was smiling down at you.
“You’ll know when you try it”, Jaemin shrugged. You took a sip from the coffee, wondering what the barista was talking about.
And oh my god was he right. You almost spit out the drink, shocked from the amount of caffeine. “What in the world”, you gasped, eyes wide.
Jaemin chuckled, handing you a napkin, almost as if he was expecting your reaction. “Nine shots of Americano, sweetheart.”
You snorted, “oh, that explains a lot. But thanks, I’ll enjoy my drink.” You really didn’t mind the strong taste, it was just that you were shocked by these unexpected flavors.
“May I ask, are you a photographer”, Jaemin suddenly pointed at the camera that was sittin on the table.
You nodded, eyes wandering between your camera and Jaemin. “Yeah, no. I mean, I’m a hobby photographer, I guess. But I don’t do it professionally.”
Jaemin slowly nodded, “that’s cool.”
You gestured towards the photo wall. “What about those? Did you take them”, you raised your eyebrows, a smile spreading on your lips as soon as you saw the excitement in Jaemin’s eyes.
You could tell he was passionate about it.
“I’m like you. It’s more of a hobby. But yeah, expect like five I think, their all taken by me”, he smiled, examining his work.
You got up from your seat, standing in front of the wall again. “They’re really good. There’s this kind of familiar and cozy feel to them.”
Jaemin walked up next to you, “you think so?” He sounded genuinely curious.
“Totally. You’re really talented, Jaemin”, you praised, almost wanting to reach out and pat his shoulder.
Jaemin turned his head, a smirk appearing on his face once again. “You know my name?”
Realization hit you and you almost panicked again. “Well, I read it on your name tag when you served th- the drink”, you barely got out.
Jaemin leaned in a bit, “or was it because you zoomed in on me with your camera earlier?”
You swallowed the lump in your throat down, “what”, you nervously laughed. Voice unnaturally high pitched.
Jaemin laughed too, showing off his perfect teeth. “I’m just joking-“, he dragged out the last letters, raising his eyebrows, as if he was waiting for you to tell him your name.
“Y/n”, you smiled.
“Y/n”, Jaemin repeated. “A pretty name for a pretty person.”
You nodded, feeling your cheeks blush. “You too. I mean, you have a pretty name, too.”
You and Jaemin looked at each other in silence for another moment.
“But you didn’t take one”, Jaemin almost said to himself. “Why didn’t you just take a picture of me?”
You shrugged. “I wouldn’t do that without your permission. That’s kind of weird”, you chuckled.
Jaemin’s smile turned into a more shy one. “Oh, that’s very considerate”, he mumbled.
You nodded, the both of you turning to look at the photo wall again. “Then”, Jaemin began, “would you want to take one of me now? With my permission of course?”
“It would be an honor”, you answered, jokingly bowing a bit. Jaemin nudged your shoulder, another laugh escaping his lips.
He wanted one where he looked like he was captured naturally at work. You made him stand behind the counter, pretending to prepare a coffee.
“Like this?” He looked kind of funny holding the empty cup. You giggled behind your camera, “wait, look a bit more serious.”
Jaemin exhaled, barely able to hold in his smile. “Okay”, he posed again, this time with a more serious expression.
“Oh, yes just like that”, you cheered him up, taking a few shots. The more pictures you took the wider Jaemin’s smile grew. “Wow”, you praised, taking a look at the pictures.
“Do I look good?”
“If you continue like this, people might think you’re an actual barista”, you teased, keeping a straight face.
“Ha ha, very funny”, Jaemin fake laughed, leaning over the counter to also monitor the pictures.
“You’re really good”, he smiled, catching your eyes.
You pressed your lips together, flustered by the sudden compliment. “It’s all because of the person in front of the camera”, you winked.
“Oh”, Jaemin gasped, unable to not smile at your cute expression. You suddenly looked like you were regretting your choice of words.
“Is that you or the nine shots of espresso talking?”
You shrugged. “You’ll have to find out, Jaemin.”
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lostcoves · 12 days ago
– parisian nights 
Tumblr media
+ ft. tamaki amajiki
+ wc: 2.5k
+ format: one-shot
+ premise: tamaki amajiki, heir to amajiki enterprises, has it all. yet, all he wants is you. could a sudden trip to paris be enough to win your heart?
+ note: my piece for @bakugohoex​’s 3k collab! hope you all enjoy!
Tumblr media
tamaki amajiki, in a literal sense, had it all and anything he wanted was at a snap of his well-manicured fingertips. every luxury sports car, every trip to the tropics, every gaming system was only one lip pout to his daddy and mommy. he was spoiled to say the least but what kind of rich kid wasn’t?
it wasn’t until tamaki stumbled upon you that he took a moment to reevaluate his life as a rich boy.
you had humble beginnings, coming from a family of average societal standing. your family didn’t have to worry about money but they were nowhere close to the standing of the amajiki family. humble and modest, tamaki thought you were the cutest thing in the whole wide world! 
and what tamaki liked, tamaki got.
he remembered flashing you a fat tip for your service at the coffee shop you worked as a barista at. tamaki struggled with social interaction at times but all of that went out the window the moment he locked eyes with you. he found that he didn’t have to work on his social skills, as long as he had the money to buy the friendships and interactions.
he thought you were the same as the others, easily swayed by money.
yet, you weren’t. 
you rejected the tip and told him to put it in the communal tip jar for all the baristas shared from. tamaki was stunned but did what you asked of him. anxiety bubbled in his stomach and his facade of suave rich guy nearly cracked.
but tamaki wouldn’t give up so easily.
“morning, amajiki-san,” you greeted him every morning with that same gentle smile of yours. barely any customers were in the coffee shop, which tamaki preferred. he utterly despised crowds of people.
“good morning, (l/n)-san,” he returned the greeting and the smile.
“the usual?” you already got a medium-sized cup out.
“yes please,” he hummed. tamaki actually hated coffee, it made his anxiety worse but he would risk an anxiety attack if it meant he could interact with you.
you nodded and got to work, preparing a medium iced coffee for tamaki. he watched you move around from behind the counter, his eyes fixated on your gorgeous form.
“one medium iced coffee for amajiki-san!” you handed the coffee to tamaki.
“thank you,” tamaki fished out an envelope from his pocket, “your tip.”
you furrowed your eyebrows at the envelope and took it cautiously, “what’s this, amajiki-san?”
“your tip,” tamaki repeated. 
carefully, you opened up the envelope and pulled out its contents. 
“amajiki-san..” you uttered his first name, “what the hell is this?”
“two tickets to paris,” tamaki leaned against the counter, “well, the tickets are more of a formality. we’ll be taking my private jet to the city.”
“amajiki-san..” you sighed. 
“pretty please, (l/n)-san?” tamaki flashed you his famous puppy eyes. 
“why should i go with a guy i barely know?”
ouch, that hurt. 
“well, we can use this as an opportunity to get to know one another.”
you frowned, “i’ll have to think about it.”
“come to this address in a week from now at two in the afternoon,” tamaki got out a pen from his pocket and wrote down an address on a piece of napkin, “if you’re interested in coming.”
you took the napkin and nodded, “very well then.”
tamaki could only hope that you would come.
tamaki paced around outside the private jet, frantically checking his watch every two minutes. it was nearly two o’clock and you still weren’t near yet. you weren’t coming, tamaki decided, much to his dismay. 
“amajiki-sama?” the pilot poked his head outside the jet, “ready to take off?”
“no, not yet!” tamaki hollered. the pilot flashed a thumbs up and returned inside the plane. tamaki let out a heavy sigh, where were you?
“am i late?”
tamaki perked up at the sound of your voice. he saw your figure approaching the jet, the wind ruffling your white sundress and sunhat. a lone suitcase rolled behind you. 
“you came,” tamaki stated in surprise.
“didn’t think i was gonna show?” you chuckled.
tamaki let out a soft laugh and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, “yeah..”
“well, i’m here!” you smiled, “you’re gonna treat me to the trip of a lifetime, correct? why in the world would i miss out on that?”
tamaki’s heart fluttered at the sight of your smile, “well, what are we waiting for? let’s get this trip started.”
a flight attendant exited the jet and took your luggage. tamaki took your hand and guided you inside the jet. your lips formed a small ‘o’ in shock at the interior of the jet. it was much larger on the inside than it was on the outside with push-lined seats and entertainment systems galore. a person could live without worry in this jet.
“you own this?” you asked tamaki, as you took a seat in one of the comfortable looking seats. 
“my parents do,” he answered, “they use it for business trips.”
“i see,” you eyed at the approaching concession cart. the flight attendant before earlier was operating it and she offered you a wide selection of drinks and snacks. you ended up getting a plain green tea while tamaki got a bag of honey barbecue flavored chips. 
“so what made you decide to invite me on this trip?” you took a long drag of your green tea.
tamaki paused from munching on his chips. he cleared his throat, “i thought ‘why not?’ in all honesty,” that was a lie, tamaki wanted to impress you with a flashy trip to the city of love.
“do you take all the girls you’ve met on trips to paris?”
“only the girls i like.”
tamaki almost choked at his comment, his cheeks flushing a nice shade of pink. you raised your eyebrows at him in an act of bewilderment. tamaki attempted to change the conversation and informed you, “we should be there in thirteen hours, so it’s best to “get situated.”
you gave him a nod, “alrighty. well, i’ll be asleep so you have fun.”
tamaki opened his mouth to reply, only to given the cold shoulder as you reclined your seat and got noise canceling headphones on. he watched, as you situated yourself and promptly fell asleep. he chuckled, that was adorable.
a two day trip to paris, what could possibly go wrong?
tamaki gently removed your noise cancelling headphones from your head.
“we’re here, in paris.”
you let out a groan, as your eyes slowly opened. how long were you out? a couple of hours?
“you slept the whole trip,” tamaki laughed quietly.
“oh.. i did? sorry,” you murmured, rubbing the guck out of your eyes.
tamaki brushed a loose hair out of your face, “it’s alright.”
you blushed slightly at his warm touch but masked with a cough, “so! uh! whatcha wanna do in paris?”
tamaki blinked, he hadn’t planned that far ahead.
“would you like to see the louvre?”
japan had nothing on the bustling streets of paris. the sidewalks were filled to the brim with people mulling about, some on their phones with shopping bags and others chatting amongst themselves. the louvre was only a block away, crowded with tourists eager to see the mona lisa.
“no need to worry about the crowds,” tamaki gave you a smile when you two approached the louvre, “i set aside us a private tour of the musuem.”
“oh really?” you crossed your arms with disdain.
tamaki pouted, “would.. would you rather do a normal tour?”
you smiled, “yes please.”
the two of you pushed your way through the crowds and entered the louvre, you staring in awe of the artworks. tamaki concealed a small smile at your wonderment, he found it to be absolutely cute to watch. 
you’re more than a work of art, (f/n). was what tamaki wanted to say but he didn’t have the courage nor the guts to say it. 
“wow, the mona lisa is so tiny!” you commented to tamaki when you two found the famed piece of art. you were right, the mona lisa was surprisingly small. you grabbed tamaki by the hand and pulled him closer to the painting, “look how beautiful it is, amajiki-san.”
tamaki grew flustered at your touch but gave your hand a light squeeze, “(l/n)-san.. you can call me tamaki, if you want.”
you gave him a look and tamaki cursed internally. was it too soon to be on a first name basis?
“okay, tamaki.”
tamaki let out a sigh of relief.
“where would you like to go next?” tamaki questioned to you after the two of you finished your tour of the louvre. 
you pondered on the question for a moment. 
“let’s go shopping.”
tamaki patiently waited outside a fitting room, as you tried on various articles of clothing. he offered to pay– his parents gave him an allowance for the trip– and to his surprise, you actually accepted his offer. 
“you alright in there..?” tamaki asked, not wanting to walk in on you half naked.
there was some rustling and you emerged from the dressing room, “how do i look?” you asked tamaki, twirling around in your new dress.
tamaki gulped at the sight of the dress. its neckline highlighted your collarbone quite nicely and hugged your curves just right. he pulled at his collar and adverted his gaze, “er.. you look.. uh.. very nice..”
“i do?” you hugged his arm and pressed yourself against tamaki. he was sweating bullets now, “yes! y- yes, you d- do!” his eyes widened, not his stutter coming back at the worst possible moment.
“you have a stutter?”
shit. shit. shit. shit. shit.
“so wh- what if i d- do..”
“it’s cute.”
tamaki’s eyes widened.
“y- you th- think so?”
you nodded rapidly, “of course i do! i’m not gonna poke fun at it.”
tamaki coughed, “th- thanks.”
“of course,” you released your hold on his arm, “the night is still young, what should we do next?”
tamaki peered outside, nightfall was upon the city.
“a trip to paris isn’t complete without a visit to the effiel tower now, isn’t it?”
being on top of the effiel tower made the world seem so small. 
tamaki took a moment to enjoy the cold breeze that passed through his indigo locks, closing his eyes and just enjoying the feeling of being on top of the world for a moment. you stood next to him, doing the same thing. you hated to admit it but this had been the most fun you have had in a while. all thanks to tamaki amajiki, of course. 
“hey tamaki?”
“yes, (f/n)?”
“can i tell you a secret?”
tamaki opened his eyes, “of course.”
you stared out onto the city of lights and leaned against the guardrail.
“i never left japan until yesterday.”
tamaki laughed, “that’s not much of a secret. it was a little obvious.”
you scrunched your nose up in annoyance, “meanie.”
tamaki acted wounded, “that hurt.”
you rolled your eyes, “i enjoyed today. i hope you can ensure the same for tomorrow.”
tamaki looked down at his shoes and sighed, “i hope i can.”
“hey tamaki?”
“yes?” he looked up.
“what’s the real reason you invited me on this trip?”
tamaki hung his head down low.
“tamaki, look at me.”
he looked back up.
“tell me the truth.”
tamaki couldn’t lie to you anymore.
“it’s because.. i like you, (f/n).”
now it was your turn to hang your head low.
“why me, tamaki?”
tamaki pressed his lips together, “what do you mean?”
taking his hands into yours, the two of you were forced to look one another in the eye. you took a deep breath and began to speak your piece.
“i want to know the real tamaki amajiki. not this fake version. i think the closer we got was what happened in the fitting room. i get it, you’re rich.. but you didn’t have to whisk me away to paris just to confess that you had a crush on me, tamaki.”
“wh- what should have i done instead..?” not the stutter!
you half-smiled, “take me out for coffee, silly.”
was it really that simple?
“maybe i- i do that next time.”
“next time?”
fuck, was there not going to be a next time?
“there won’t be a next time until you tell me about yourself,” you gave tamaki a playful punch in the shoulder. he winced a bit but played it off. tamaki looked back out onto the city, “what would you like to know?”
“what’s it like being an heir?” you leaned against the guardrail.
tamaki tilted his head back and let out a long breathe, “exhausting.”
you cocked your head to the left, “how so?”
“my parents have high expectations of me. forcing me to go to college to study business for the sole purpose of taking over the company. this might sound silly but i wanted to study food science and become a nutritional therapist,” tamaki clasped his hands together tightly, “there’s no true freedom. money has a price and that price is your freedom. the public hounds you, the elite is full of backstabbers, and i just want to settle down with a nice girl.”
“and that nice girl would be?” you smiled.
“you, of course.”
you blushed at tamaki’s response.
“i would give up all the money i have if it means i can be with you,” tamaki confessed with tears in his eyes, “i truly mean it. i fell in love with you the moment i saw you in that coffee shop, (f/n) (l/n).”
“re- really?” now you were stuttering. 
“truly,” tamaki cupped your cheeks and bore his eyes into yours, “i truly mean it. i only want you, (f/n). i would give you everything and anything you could have ever wanted. i want to be there for you.”
“b- but you barely know me!” you protested.
“then let me get to know you,” tamaki fired back.
you were rendered speechless. you adverted your gaze from tamaki and he removed his hands from your face. tamaki bowed his head in disgrace, “i- i’m sorry, (l/n)-san.”
“it’s okay, tamaki!” you exclaimed, “really it is. i admire your fire. i want to get you better, as well. truly, i do.”
tamaki relaxed his shoulders and placed a hand against his chest in an effort to calm his rapidly beating heart. you looked heavenly under the lights of the effiel tower with your new dress and your pearly white smile. he just wanted to kiss your damn face already. 
“yes, (f/n)?”
“here,” you pressed a kiss to his lips. tamaki’s eyes widened for a moment before he closed them, allowing himself to get lost in the kiss. your lips tasted like the croissant you had earlier that day. tamaki could kiss you forever. 
“let’s get to know one another better before a second date, okay?”
tamaki was more than fine with that. 
one day, he’ll be yours.
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passionfruitbowls · 21 days ago
Adrinette April Day 1 - AU
Rated: G Word count: 611
Read on AO3
Marinette was greeted by the smell of freshly baked pastries and brewing drinks as she stepped inside the cafe, making her smile fondly to herself. It reminded her of her parents’ bakery where she used to help her dad haul heavy bags of flour and knead dough with her mum. Maybe, she sometimes thought, that was why she had kept on coming back to the place, because it had such a familiar feel to it.
“Hey, Marinette! How’s it going?”
Nevermind, that was the reason why. Adrien Agreste - the shy, dorky and undeniably cute barista who never had a bad word to say about anybody, and had become a sort of second best friend to her over the past three years.
He was standing behind the counter like he always was, wearing a dark grey apron over the top of his uniform with a big grin on his face (Marinette still had no clue how he managed to seem so happy all of the time).
“I’m good, thanks!” She replied, giving him a tiny wave before taking a seat in her regular spot by the window.
She then pretended to read the menu for a couple of minutes, even though she had known long beforehand what she was going to order. Surprisingly, Adrien seemed to know too.
“I assume you just want the usual?” he asked when he finally got a chance to stop by her table. She smiled up at him and nodded. Once her drink had arrived, she took a gentle sip from the cup and buried her nose in a copy of Vogue that she had been meaning to read for a while.
As the minutes ticked by people came and went, and staff members each did their shifts, but her and Adrien were the only two that stayed. He was currently working full-time, whereas for her it was a blessed day off (and funnily enough, her boss had told her just last week that she should get some ‘down time’ away from everything).
When Marinette finally checked the clock on the wall again, she saw that it was already three-fifteen in the afternoon, and Adrien was busy preparing for the next person to come in and take over. A few minutes later he sat himself down in the chair opposite her, looking rather tired.
“So, how’s work been lately?” He asked. She sighed and stared down at the rim of her now-empty cup, shrugging nonchalantly. Had she looked up, she would have seen him notice the dark circles under her eyes.
“Nothing too unusual. I’ve still got lots of designs to finish though, especially with this new line coming up in June.”
Suddenly a smile emerged on Adrien’s face, the mischievous kind that screamed ‘I’m planning something’.
“Hey, tell you what.” He said, “Once we’re finally both on holiday, I’ll pull money out of the bank and book us both a flight to somewhere nice. How does that sound? You did say you’d always wanted to visit Lyon.”
Marinette laughed and reached across the table to playfully punch his shoulder.
“Adrien! You can’t be serious.”
“I am, in fact, very serious.”
She shook her head in disbelief and laced her fingers with his, blushing slightly.
“You’re too good to me, you know that, right?”
“Hey, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t look out for you?”
Marinette considered telling him that a holiday for two was a bit much to be considered platonic, but decided to let it slide for now. She enjoyed having these quiet moments with him at the end of a long day, and she wouldn’t change it for the world.
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hikariakaashi · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i found you | keiji akaashi
pairing: barista!akaashi x reader 
genre: fluff, coffee shop au, exs to lovers
warnings: some swearing | wc: 8.1k 
synopsis: keiji akaashi’s been dealing with the morning rush of customers for ages. he’s used to dealing with the constant orders and recipes to remember. but what he isn’t used to is the new daily appearances of his ex. 
note: and she has arrived!! the longest thing i’ve ever written, my self indulgent barista fic that i’m now deeming my child. consider this my, i’ve been stuck doing finals stuff and now i’m done present, enjoy <33
also shout out to @alysken for beta reading and for listening to my countless brainstorming sessions abt this fic, ily <3
Tumblr media
the apartment was finally yours. sure it was covered in big cardboard boxes and random pieces of furniture, but it was finally yours. after spending four years in america sharing dorms with people you barely knew it was so nice to finally have a place of your own back in japan. unfortunately, the big move back home meant several things. first one being the fact that you didn't have your normal restaurants or stores nearby. 
it was a trivial struggle for sure, but it was a problem you definitely found annoying. all your favorite places were significantly farther away, even the ones you enjoyed before you left were a much longer drive than you anticipated. you sighed as you checked the time, it was 7 in the morning and you had pulled an all-nighter transferring your furniture to your new place. a yawn escaped your throat as those missing hours of sleep began to settle in. but you couldn't sleep, there was still so much to do.
you had only stopped by because it was adjacent to your new apartment. with your usual coffee place now a 16 hour flight away, you figured you'd give it a try. who knows? maybe it might become your new usual place for your morning caffeine. you opened the door to the cafe, immediately greeted with the sound of quiet bossa nova and the smell of coffee beans. the brick walls coming into view as you walked in. the interior was warm, dimly lit with white metal tables and chairs. occasional plants were strewn up on small shelves along with a few books for decor. you walked up to the counter to see a boy shuffling through the cashier behind it. a strange sense of familiarity lingering over him. he closed the cashier as you questioned the new weird feeling, your heartbeat picking up for an unknown reason.
"hi what can i get started for-" his eyes widened the minute they met yours. "y-y/n!"
"kei- akaashi??"
a small smile graced the boy's lips "hey, how've you been?"
it was a smile you could easily return "i've been good, what about you?"
"i've been good." akaashi found himself wanting to say more, but it's been years since he's last seen you. "h-how was america? how was university there?"
"oh! it was fine, kicked my ass though." you laughed. "but i'm here to stay now."
"really? that sounds great." he answers. someone behind you loudly coughs, catching your attention as you turn behind you to see the now forming line.
"oh shit i'm so sorry," you tell them before turning back to the boy in front of you. "just a medium flat white please."
he nods. "that'll be 400 yen." he tells you as he takes your card.
"that's much cheaper than the back in america." you mumble as he hands you your receipt, flashing you a smile. "thanks akaashi."
he nods as you walk away from the counter, leaving him to deal with the line of customers behind you.
it had been years since you last saw him, yet you could still remember your last encounter like it was yesterday. it wasn't a breakup you personally enjoyed, but it was definitely one easier than your other ones. mutual feelings, especially since you were moving far away, spurred it as you both decided that it would be for the best to focus on your education and that long-distance would do nothing but become an obstacle in the end.
that didn't mean the breakup didn't hurt. despite knowing it was for the best, you found yourself crying in his arms as he brushed through your hair, consoling you about your departure. the breakup was the last time you'd spoken to him, it was a conversation full of unspoken words. but he made sure to promise you that you'll meet again in the future, that someway somehow he'll make it happen. it was a promise that you made sure he upheld, as you hugged him for the last time in tears.
low and behold, it somehow came true.
akaashi found his thoughts in shambles as he tried to prepare coffees, stealing glances over at you as you stood in the middle of the store on your phone. orders and recipes became hard to remember and he found himself asking his coworkers on certain orders, to which they laughed about how frazzled he was. but he pulled through, calling your name as he holds your cup of coffee. you greeted him with a warm smile, the same one that made his heart do somersaults years ago, as you walk up to the counter.
"thanks akaashi." you tell him and he nods in response.
"my break's in five," he mentioned as he handed you your coffee. "we should catch up."
"yeah for sure!" you answered, thinking it would be nice to talk with the boy again. "i'll just wait here until then."
"great." he gave you a smile before going back to preparing coffees. you moved to sit near the window of the store on a bar stool, watching people and cars pass by as you took a sip of your coffee. five minutes go by like a blur as you hear the stool next to you move, akaashi sitting next to you. "how's the coffee?" he asks, snapping you out of your thoughts.
you nodded, after taking another sip. "it's really good! honestly, i might become a regular here."
"oh? why's that?"
you pointed at your apartment complex through the window. "i live there now," you answered. "and honestly the coffee here is really good and it's so close by so might as well."
"might as well." he repeats before a brief silence looms over you both.
"how've you been? what's going on with you?" you ask, quickly breaking it.
"i've been good" he answered. "finished university and i'm in an internship now while i work here."
you nodded. "that's great! i'm so happy for you!"
"yeah it is." he answered.
"are you still planning on going into writing?"
he shrugged "something of that nature, maybe working for a publishing company or something of that sort."
"still the same literature boy that i knew years ago," you mention with a smile. "that sounds so fitting for you."
"yeah well some things about me never changed." he opened his mouth, wanting to say more before his short five minutes were up but
the two of you turned back towards the store to see one of his coworkers waving at him. "break's up!"
you looked to him surprised as he stands up. "your breaks are that short?"
"no, it wasn't even a break." he responded with a smile "i just had a friend cover for me so i could talk to you."
your heart skipped a beat at his answer "that's so sweet of you, but go work! you have a job to do!" you stood up and jokingly pushed the boy back to the counter as he laughed.
"ok, ok i'm going," he said. "but it was really nice to see you."
"likewise," you answered. "good luck with the rest of your shift!"
"thanks," he caught sight of the long line at the counter. "i think i'll need it." he answers before disappearing behind a door labeled employees only.
you smiled to yourself as you watched akaashi appear back again at the counter, concentration laced in his expression as he returns back to making drinks.
"you're right keiji," you mumble to no one in particular. "some things don't change."
akaashi watched you leave the cafe as he was midway through pouring milk into a cup, almost spilling in the process.
"akaashi! watch it!" one of his coworkers called out.
"sorry!" he quickly answered.
he spent the rest of his shift like this, clumsily making drinks as his mind drifted back to you and the sudden encounter you both shared. it was what he found himself thinking about even until he got home.
"i'm home" akaashi called out.
bokuto peered out from the kitchen, a spoon in his mouth. "you're back!!" he called out, dropping the spoon on the countertop. "how was work today!?"
akaashi slumped onto the couch. "tiring, there was this whole morning rush today and i swear i couldn't catch a break."
bokuto sat down next to his best friend. "you never complain about work akaashi, was it really that bad?"
a faint smile curled onto his lips. "it wasn't all that bad, i actually ran into y/n at the shop."
bokuto's eyes widened at the sound of your name. "you did?? oh right! i forgot they moved back here."
"yeah their apartment is apparently close by."
"how are they? did you talk to them at all? was it awkward? do you think we'll be able to see them again? did-"
"bokuto," akaashi sighed, interrupting the boy's onslaught of questions. "i'm tired, i'll answer your questions later."
bokuto shot a smile at his best friend on seeing his exhausted expression before getting up. "ok, i'm gonna order food from that one place down the street, you want anything?"
"just my usual please."
"got it." bokuto says before patting akaashi's shoulder, walking back to the kitchen to grab his phone.
akaashi sighed as his mind, for the nth time that day, went back to your short interaction. he picked up his phone, debating on if he should text you. but when he found himself staring at your contact name, he had no idea what to say. his mind swung between asking how you were settling in, or if he should ask to make plans so you both can catch up. his finger lingered over the call button for what felt like an eternity, wondering if you would even have the same phone number four years later. but in the end, the boy just shut his phone, coming to the realization that maybe he'll see you again tomorrow.
and sure enough, he was right.
you walked into the shop bright and early. the warm rising sun peered into the windows of the once dimly lit cafe as you walked up to the counter, the same boy from yesterday standing right behind it, almost preparing for your order.
"hey akaashi!"
"y/n, you're back."
"i think i might become a regular here." you laughed walking towards his counter.
"already saying that after one visit?" he says smiling.
your eyes glossed over the menu "yep, it's so close by anyway. plus it's a lot cheaper than back in america." you gave the boy a smile, one he easily returns "could i have a macchiato please?"
"something different from yesterday i see?"
"i gotta try the other things here," you answered. "pick my usuals you know?"
the boy smiled at you. "i see, maybe tomorrow i'll recommend my favorites then."
"i'll be looking forward to them," you told him, handing him your card. "knowing you they're probably good." you say, dropping a bill into the tips jar before leaving the counter as the next customer comes up.
akaashi smiled as he took the order of the next customer, becoming excited at the fact that he'll see you again tomorrow. the rest of the day flew by much faster than expected, despite him checking the clock every fifteen minutes. for once, he found himself excited to wake up early the next morning, to get to work and deal with the morning rush. but most importantly, he found himself excited to see you and finally rebuild the bond you two had years ago.
his already brighter than usual mood instantly picked up when he saw you again the next day, walking into the shop with a smile on your face. "day three akaashi." you told him.
"welcome in," he smiled. "what can i get for you?"
"surprise me," you answered. "pick something you think i'll like, remember you said you'd recommend me something?"
akaashi nodded "alright then, that'll be 427 yen," you handed him your card.
"not gonna tell me what it is?" you asked.
"you'll find out later." he answered with a smile, giving you your receipt.
you dropped some change into the tips jar as usual. "thanks."
normally, akaashi could make drinks with ease. but when it came to this, he found himself struggling, so concentrated on making it perfect for you that it seemed like the recipe flew out of his head. he approached you with a wavering smile, your drink in hand.
"thanks akaashi," you say, gazing over the cup. "i guess i should try it then." you smiled. "i mean our little barista over here poured his time into it to make it special."
akaashi felt a faint blush in his cheeks, his heart beat slowly picking up as he watched you try it, searching for any sort of reaction. "so, how is it?"
"i think," you answered before flashing the boy a smile. "i think this'll be a new favorite of mine."
the boy felt himself relax at your response. "i'm glad, it's not a recipe on the menu though. so if you ever want it again just let me know."
"ooh a special recipe made for me?" you teased. "that sounds great! maybe i'll ask for more surprises," you said, turning to walk out of the store. "thanks again akaashi."
"more surprises huh?" he mumbled, watching you leave the store.
it was an idea he was more than happy with.
so, for the next few months, he continued to make recipes for you, recipes that weren't on the menu. while you tended to order drinks from the menu, to make akaashi's life a bit easier, every so often, you asked him to surprise you with something new. it became a fun little game of yours as he continued to experiment with drinks for you. your visits always brightened his morning, his mood picking up every time he saw you walking through the door. no matter how long the line was, how many grumpy customers he had to deal with, he always found himself with a genuine wide smile whenever you approached the counter.
you yourself looked forward to coming in also, looking to see what akaashi would whip up for you today. waking up became easier as you now had something pulling you out of bed. quick exchanges turned into conversations, as akaashi managed to fit in a quick break every time you stopped by to talk. conversations came much easier than expected, especially as you visited more often. despite the time apart, he was still the boy you knew years ago, the boy you understood so well and easily spoke to.
the boy you fell in love with.
"are you serious?" you asked, chin resting on your propped up hand. "you're telling me that mr. perfect man akaashi keiji didn't land a single date in the past four years?"
"nope," he answered. "i spent my time mostly with bokuto and konoha, or studying."
"wow what a nerd."
akaashi rolled his eyes "says you, it's literally a new country you were bound to find someone there."
you shook your head. "ok i did!" you protested. "just nothing super serious, ya know?"
"yeah i guess," he answered. "isn't this weird for us to be talking about?"
"why do you say that?"
"because...ya know..." akaashi stumbled. you'd both avoided the topic of your past relationship for a while, not wanting to touch on it during your conversations as you two were hesitant to speak out on it.
"oh...right." you answered. it was like a forbidden unspoken topic, both of you avoiding it like the plague. "i mean...we are friends now aren't we?"
"yeah we are."
"i mean if you don't want to talk about it that's completely fine!" you added.
"no no!" akaashi quickly responded. "we're friends yeah, it's fine."
"yeah...friends." you answered. "i-"
"akaashi!" the two of you turned back to the counter, watching his coworker wave at him to go back to work.
"i'll see you." he said, standing up from his chair.
"yeah, see ya." needless to say, you left the store feeling more dejected than when you came in. it seemed as if all the questions running through your head had been answered, both of you feeling an unsettling amount of guilt about how you should've been happy. questions were answered, closure was found and it left you both with a pit in your stomach. so, you remained friends, casually conversing about your lives every time you entered the coffee shop, laughing and smiling as you both shared random stories about your lives.
but deep down you both wanted more, neither of you willing to act on it.
regardless, you found joy in stopping by especially as akaashi found ways to stretch out this small break of his, spending more and more time talking to you. his mornings felt incomplete without your visits as they quickly became the highlight of both of your mornings.
today was no exception.
you opened the door to the café bright and early as always as the bright sun peered into the window, eyes lighting up after seeing only one other person in line. you locked eyes with the boy working the cashier as you walked up to him. "you're very late today" he says.
"hey akaashi," you answered. "so you're timing me now?"
he shook his head pointing at the clock "it's 1:15, you're usually here in the mornings"
"observant as always," you responded as your eyes scanned over the menu. "hmmm can i have a cafe latte please along with your phone number."
"sure that'll be-" akaashi froze as his mind processed the last part of your sentence. "wait my what?"
"your phone number." you answered with a laugh as you pulled out your phone, "i switched mine a little while back and lost your contact in the process, sorry." you gave the boy an apologetic smile.
"y-yeah for sure" he told you as he took your card. he did his best to suppress a grin, you were witty as always.
just like you were four years ago.
"i'll just write it on the cup," he says handing you your receipt.
"thanks, i appreciate it akaashi." you answered as you left the counter, making sure to leave a bill in the tips jar, making the boy smile.
he still wasn't used to you calling him akaashi. it felt all too formal to him. but after four years apart, he figured it was probably for the best, as he concluded that distance can lead to a lot of changes.
but he hoped that some things still were the same.
you greeted him with a warm smile as he approached the counter, your drink in hand. he slid you the cup and you examined it, eyes lighting up as you caught a glimpse of his phone number written on the side. "thanks!" you said excitedly.
"yeah of course," he answered, "i-" you walked off and out of the café before he could finish, leaving the boy behind at the counter.
a breeze welcomed you as you stepped outside, your mind going into overdrive at the realization that you left him mid conversation. you swung back and forth between going back in or just walking away. you regretfully chose the latter, walking back to your apartment complex.
akaashi debated going after you, abandoning his position at the counter to run outside and asking if you had plans that afternoon. but he decided there was no need. he had your phone number, he could just ask over text. so, despite his earlier conclusion, he walked away from the counter, asking his coworker to cover him while he rushed outside. luckily, you hadn't gotten too far.
"hey!!" akaashi called after you. at the sound of his voice you quickly spin around, catching sight of the boy running to you.
"akaashi?? shouldn't you be working?" you ask utterly confused as the boy approaches you.
"are you free for dinner tonight?"
"yes." the answer came on instinct, it spilled out of your mouth before you could even think about it.  your eyes widened at your sudden response but quickly calmed as you came to your senses. "yeah, i'm free"
he smiled "there's this place nearby that i think you'd really like, would...would you want to maybe come with me?" the blush on his cheeks was unmissable, but it made you grin.
"yeah for sure, pick me up at 7?"
akaashi's face relaxed at your answer. "sounds great."
"i'll see you then." you answered before catching sight of the boy's apron. you turned him around and pushed him back to the cafe. "now get back to work before you get fired!" you scolded. "you shouldn't go risking your job just to ask me trivial questions"
"alright i will i will." he answers, holding his hands up in surrender before walking back "i'll see you tonight"
"i'll see you" you say before the boy starts walking back to the store, disappearing inside. akaashi stood at the doorway in shock at his impulsiveness. it wasn't like him to abandon his job just to talk to someone, let alone his ex. in fact, he spent the rest of the day mentally berating himself for walking out on his job. yet he couldn't help but check the clock everyone 10 seconds, wishing that seven would come sooner. minutes felt like hours as akaashi continued to prepare countless cups of coffee and the minute the clock struck 7 he was out the door, on his way to your apartment complex, completely avoiding the exhaustion he felt after working a full day shift.
he had spent all day looking forward to this, nothing was going to mess it up.
he arrived in front of the apartment number you texted him earlier, swiftly knocking on the door as a yawn escaped his lips. the door instantly swung open and he was greeted with your warm smile "hey akaashi!"
"hey," he says, becoming confused as he watched your once wide smile turn into a frown. "is something wrong?"
"you need rest."
"i'm fine i ju-" he was interrupted by another yawn.
"see what i mean?" you stepped to the side, inviting the boy in. "have you been sleeping?"
akaashi shrugged. "kind of? between shifts and my internship i haven't been able to sleep much."
"ok ok why are you working full shifts?" you asked.
"because i need the money."
you sighed, "fair point fair point...when'd you sleep last night?"
"at like 3."
"when'd you wake up?"
"around 5:30."
"so you're living on two hours of sleep??"
"technically two and a half"
"uh- don't get all smart with me!" you quickly retorted
he sighed. "between reading manuscripts and making coffee, it's been hard to find some time to rest."
"i'm sorry i'm sorry!" the boy quickly answered, noting how the frustration on your face quickly disappeared.
"ok," you say, closing the front door to your apartment. "then i guess i gotta give you that time to rest." you begin to move towards your haphazardly placed couch in the middle of your living room. "sit, i'll order food from the place and we can eat here."
"no buts akaashi, stay," you told him.
"nope, i don't wanna hear it." you answered, silencing the boy's protests as you moved to grab your phone, ordering food.
his hardworking determined nature was something you always loved about him. it was what drew you to him back when you were still in high school. but it always pained you to watch the boy overwork himself and every time he did, he just brushed it off, just like how he brushed you off when you told him to take a break. you swore it was going to kill him one day. it was something else you noticed didn't change, even with four years apart.
"nice place you got here." akaashi teased after spotting the unopened cardboard boxes in the corner of your apartment that you were too lazy to unbox.
you moved to sit next to akaashi on the couch "forgive me for being messy," you answered, rolling your eyes. "i'm not like you mr. i'm so organized all the time." you mumble.
"actually my place isn't in too good shape either"
your eyes widen "wait huh?" akaashi laughs at your expression before nodding, waiting for you to come to the realization that he lives with utter chaos. "wait...bokuto?"
"and konoha."
"i'm sorry wait you live with both?"
"unfortunately," he answers laughing. "they were looking for a new roommate and called me like 50 times because apparently i'm the responsible one."
"and you are."
"i... anyway they offered me a room and i needed a place to stay." he explained. "it worked out in the end anyway. they aren't as bad of roommates as you think they'd be."
you smiled to the boy. "how so?"
"well for starters, they actually clean up after themselves when they aren't running late. they're much quieter than you think they'd be too."
"even bokuto?"
akaashi nods "even bokuto," another yawn comes out "especially when he sees that i'm super tired. but they can be really loud sometimes. i don't sleep too well on those nights."
"well..." you start. "my place is open if you need it."
you shrug. "i mean it's like...not set up yet but i do have an extra room." you meet his eyes to see the surprise in his face. "i- i mean if you don't want it that's fine. i mean it's really close to your work and it's such a surprising offer too like you don't have to take it if you don't want to it's ju-"
"i might take you up on that offer," akaashi interrupts. "but are you sure you'd want to be roommates with me?"
he brought up a good point, despite acting like friends now you couldn't change what happened in the past. it's been four years, things change, people change.
but maybe those deeply repressed feelings of yours didn't.
"we-" before you can answer the doorbell rings. “it’s probably the food,” you answer walking up to get the door, leaving those thoughts unsaid as you shoved them to the back of your mind. besides, it didn't seem like the best idea to live with your ex even if you were friends now.
you held the take out bag up to akaashi with a smile “food!”
“how much do i owe you?” the boy asked as you set the bag down on the table.
“on me, don’t worry.” you said.
“absolutely not.”
“akaashi let me pay.” you pout.
“you literally buy coffee from me every day,” he answered “not to mention the tips you keep leaving,” he held his hand out. “give me the receipt it’s on me.”
you sighed, caving as you did what the boy asked “fine, but i’m not buying coffee from you out of pity.”
“oh really?”
“it’s good coffee, plus i like seeing you.”
akaashi looked to you, watching you bring out the food from the bag. "you like seeing me?"
you gave him a smile. "yeah i do, honestly i'm glad we were able to reconnect and become friends again."
friends, akaashi felt a chill run down his spine at the word.
"yeah...i'm glad we could too," he answered, voice trailing off at the end. the frown on his face was something you didn't miss, but something you didn't address as you opened up the take-out boxes, steam coming from the food inside.
"well since you're the one paying, you should get to enjoy the food," you said, handing him a spoon. "now eat up."
"thanks..." despite the nice meal in front of him, akaashi couldn't help but sigh at the thought of being just friends. he wanted so much more, all those years of waiting finally lead him here, only to be denoted to a friend status. but what else could he have expected? too much time has gone by for you to feel the same way he did. even if he kept his promise from all those years ago, his mind wavered on if that truly mattered now.
you felt tears blur your vision as your arms wrapped around akaashi. "i don't want to leave japan," you mumbled to the boy who stood frozen in utter shock. "i don't want to leave you."
he slowly brought his arms around your shaking figure, pulling you in closer. "it's for the best," he mumbled, resting his head on top of yours. "you and i both know that."
"i don't want to," you repeated between sobs, unable to come up with any other excuse. his heart shattered, it screamed at him to never let go, to hold you in his arms for as long as he could, to not let you go because if he did you'd slip away from him for good.
but he did.
he rest his hand on your cheek, using his thumb to wipe away your tears. "i promise i'll find you again" he met your shining eyes, tears threatening to spill out of his own. "no matter if it's in two years or twenty, i'll find you"
"how are you going to do that?"
"life's full of surprises," he answered. "it gave me the wonderful surprise that was you," he took your hand, pressing a kiss to the back of it "and i know it'll surprise me with you again."
a smile broke on your lips "that made no sense."
"i know, but at least it made you smile," he pulled you back into his arms once more "when you come back, maybe we can pick up where we left off."
you buried your head into his chest. "maybe we can, but for now..." your voice trembled. you didn't want to leave him, it was the last thing you wanted to do. all you wanted now was to stay with him in japan, to go to university with him, to spend your life with him. but it was time to face the truth. if the world willed you to be together, it'll bring you back together.
"you have to leave." he finished, sighing. your time for now was up, now it was just a matter of whether it was up for good.
"good bye keiji," you whispered.
"love, this isn't good bye," he told you, pulling away to get one last look at you. "it's see you later."
you gave him a small smile amidst the tears, stepping back from the boy before turning away. "see you later keiji."
"see you later." he says, watching you walk off.
you turn back to give the boy one final look "i love you."
"i love you too."
akaashi's eyelids felt heavy as he drifted in and out of consciousness, but when he finally awoke, the place he found himself at was unfamiliar. he rubbed his eyes, sitting up as he took in the sight of the leftover food on the table from last night before looking down to see your couch.
"good morning!" akaashi followed the voice to see you standing in the hallway with a smirk on your face, arms crossed leaning on the wall.
"what time is it?" he mumbled.
"about 10 in the morning." you answered.
akaashi felt himself jolt awake at your response, immediately standing up from the couch. "shit i'm gonna be late!!" he called out before racing to the door.
"relax," you said. "you have the day off."
he stood frozen, hand over the doorknob before turning back to you. "wait what?"
you sighed, walking up to the boy before pushing him away from the door and back to the couch. "i called bokuto, told him to tell the coffee shop that you're sick"
"so you lied?"
"yep," you answered with an apologetic smile, to which the boy glared at you. "hey if it makes you feel better it's for your own good."
"how so?"
"well for starters," you leaned in closer to his face, to which the boy felt his heartbeat go erratic.
"w-what are you doing?"
"your dark circles are still huge." you teased.
the boy rolled his eyes as he shuffled away from you. "ok your point?"
"you need rest," you lectured. "how are you going to properly do your job if you can't properly take care of yourself?"
akaashi sighed "four years later and you're still lecturing me on this."
"some things never change," you answered as you stood up from the couch. "so today, you're taking the day off,"
"don't protest!" you said, walking to your small coffee maker in your kitchen. "you need it." you approached the boy again, two mugs of coffee in hand. "i figured i'd make you something today," you add, handing him the mug.
"thanks," he answered, taking a sip, eyes noticing how you were examining him for some sort of reaction.
"what do you think mr. barista?"
akaashi smiled at the nickname, "not bad."
"so what is it not good?"
"well it's not terrible."
you scoff. "you didn't even answer my question."
"fine," he answered. "it could be better."
"it's literally one of those prepackaged cup things," you added.
"oh no wonder."
"i-" you rolled your eyes, crossing your arms as you moved to face away from the boy.
he laughed at your actions. "but i appreciate the gesture, thank you."
you sighed, turning back to the boy before sitting closer to him. "fine, you're lucky i care about you."  your fake frown turned into a smile. "oh speaking of caring, you're spending the day with me."
akaashi met your eyes confused. "why?"
"because i care about you," you answer with a laugh. "besides, you need the day off, and knowing you, you're just gonna go back to work unless someone keeps you in check."
"how do you know that?"
"i know you," you answered standing up. "bokuto brought you clothes last night, besides i know just where to take you."
he sighed, giving up on protesting due to your insane stubbornness. "ok fine."
your eyes lit up at his answer. "yay! now go get ready we're leaving in twenty!" you responded, skipping towards your room, but not before peeking your head into the hallway one last time. "oh, i put your clothes in the spare room," you add, pointing to the door across the hall. akaashi nodded in response before watching you disappear once more into your room.
he left his finished cup of coffee in the sink before walking to the spare room as he wondered where you planned on taking him. despite living here for a significant portion of your life, he was sure you weren't too familiar with the area. so much had changed in the past few years, as businesses had come and gone. he started listing off potential places in his head as he got ready, from restaurants to small quiet shops to big crowded plazas. however, akaashi wasn't sure where the day would end up taking him.
but he didn't ever think he'd end up back here.
a sense of nostalgia hit him as he walked into the bookstore. the familiar wooden shelves greeting him as you followed close behind him. "ah i missed this place," you told him before walking to the nearest aisle. but akaashi stood in the doorway, frozen as memories of the two of you raced through his mind. it was yours and his go-to spot back in highschool. you spent countless hours in here together, reading through the books on the shelves, buying the ones you didn't have time to finish. it was where you first formally met, where you had your first date, where he told you he loved you. it was a treasured place to him.
every important memory he ever had with you rest in the books of the shelves, hoping that one day he'd find them again.
"i didn't think this place was still here," akaashi said, walking up to you examining a new book. "what's that one?"
you showed him the cover "lost and found," you answered. "the cover looked interesting."
"haven't we read this one already?" he asked.
"i'm not sure have we?" you asked, looking to the boy confused.
he took the book from your hands. "i think we have," he mumbled, eyes glossing over the back cover. "this is the story about that one explorer who found love."
"akaashi there's a lot of stories like that," you added with a smile, opening up the book to a random page. "falling in love was the last of his priorities," you read. "there was still so much for him to explore."
"but with her, it came so easily," akaashi finished. "see we've read this already."
your eyes widened. "oh my god yeah we have," you laughed. "i think it was one of the first ones we read"
"yeah it was, four years later and it's still on the shelf" he laughed.
"maybe we should buy it" you smiled, before walking deeper into the aisle. akaashi smiled to himself as he recalled sitting in the back of the store, both of you so determined to finish it despite your exam the next day because you were both so hooked on the plot.
"we should find another book to read together," you suggested, snapping akaashi out of his thoughts. "you know, for old times sake."
he smiled. "we should, it sounds fun." and with that, the two of you look through the aisles, searching for a title that piqued both of your interests.
you laughed as your eyes caught sight of a book "look this one's called found and lost." you pulled the book off the shelf to show akaashi. "and look there's another copy right here."
the boy took the duplicate, examining the cover. "it looks like it's a mystery kind of book."
"ooh detective work" you responded, eyes looking over the summary on the back. "it looks interesting, wanna read it?"
the boy met your eyes, giving you a nod. "do you think those chairs are still in the back of the store?"
you shot the boy a smile "no harm in checking." akaashi felt his heartbeat pick up as you took his hand, following behind you as you pulled him to the back of the store.
sure enough the chairs were still there, sunlight from the windows behind it peering into the small shop. "it hasn't changed since we were last here," he noted.
"aaah the nostalgia is just hitting me," you say, sitting on one of the chairs.
akaashi sat on the one adjacent to it. "like a truck," he mumbled. thousands of questions filled his mind, unsaid words he'd been holding onto for years waiting to spill out of his mind as he watched you open up the book. he didn't spare a moment to think before he said "hey."
"what's up?"
"why'd you bring me here?"
you blinked at his question before shrugging "not too sure honestly," you explained before opening the front cover of the book. "i thought it'd be a fun place for us to visit again."
you didn't get to finish a single line from the page before he asked his next question. "why would it be a fun place?" you met his eyes, the excitement that once rest in them now placed with curiosity and worry. "if anything," he started "it reminds me of us."
"is that a bad thing?"
“should it be?” akaashi’s question left you speechless, unable to respond as he looked to you for an answer, his face falling when he didn’t receive one.
"what am i to you?"
"a- a friend, why do you ask?" you stuttered, unsure of what he was getting at.
"do you remember that promise i made when you left?"
"o-of course," you answered. "you said you'd find me again, and you did."
"but now what?" he questioned. "we're here, what now?"
you were at a loss for words, he'd pitched question after question and you had no idea how to answer. the break-up ran through your head, replaying over and over as you tried to figure out what you wanted next with the boy. he was here, you had him with you once more, so why did you feel so empty?
you slowly closed the book, "i don't know," you mumbled. getting back together felt out of the question as you had kept your feelings for him at bay for so long. but now you were here, faced with the decision you never thought you'd get to have.
"i don't either," akaashi answered, eyes fixated on the ground almost scared to meet yours. "i didn't actually think i'd see you again."
"yeah." he answered. "i mean i didn't think you'd be coming back i thought you'd stay in america, settle down there and forget about me."
"easier said than done." you laughed. "america's expensive, i barely scraped by with the english i knew, and all the boys there are mediocre plus," you added. "you're hard to forget akaashi." at that moment, he became hyper-aware of his erratic heartbeat. you cared for him, you had for the past four years despite the distance, it was something that became utterly apparent to him now. but he sat there, debating on how you saw him, worried that if he made the wrong move he'd lose you for good.
you, on the other hand, came to the realization that you were playing a dangerous game, with losing him once more as your potential consequence. but you didn't care. despite the years that flew by, one thing didn't change. you looked back towards the boy, heart pounding out of your chest as you finally let your repressed feelings run free. "so be straight with me," you added, leaning forward on the chair, the distance between you almost closing.
"what do you want to do now?"
akaashi didn't have time to think before he closed the distance, his lips finding yours as he began to play this dangerous game of yours. the countless thoughts and worries that once flooded his mind instantly left as he felt your lips curl into a smile. akaashi had never been this impulsive in his life, so much of it was meticulously thought about and planned out. but with you, all logic flew out the window while the boy finally let his true feelings take over. his heartbeat went erratic as his hand moved into your hair, wanting to remember every aspect of this moment. it felt nostalgic, it felt familiar.
it felt right.
he kept his promise. he found you again and this time, he wasn't going to let you go. you pulled away, the initial internal panic disappearing as you looked back at the blushing boy in front of you. "does that answer your question?" he asked.
"a surprising way to answer it," you responded with a growing smile on your lips. "but yes, it did."
"now what?" he asked with a newly prominent blush and smile on his face.
"did we really just do all of that to circle back to the original question?" you laughed.
"i guess we did, although we may have a little more clarity than when we started."
your heart fluttered as the boy's eyes met yours. "let's try again," he said, meeting your surprised eyes. "let's pick up where we left off. i know so much time has gone by, but i think we were brought back together for a reason." he answered. to say akaashi wasn't thinking was an understatement, he'd waited so long for this opportunity, waited to find you and see you again. "so let's give this, give us another try...if you still feel the same that is."
"are you serious?" you answered. "did none of what just happened tell you how i felt?"
akaashi stared at you in shock. "i- i mean yeah but-"
"you're not usually this dense." you interrupted. "i feel the same as you dumbass," you said with a smile. "i have for the past four years and i would love nothing more than another shot at what we had." his heart skipped a beat at your blatant honesty. "now does that clarify my feelings for ya?"
he nodded. "yeah, it does," he pulled you back in, his lips finding yours as you felt yourself melt under his touch. you had no idea how much you missed this, this sense of familiarity, this sense of pure love. you had found it all again with him. he pulled away with a smile on his face, one that you easily returned with flushed cheeks. "oh before i forget." he added.
"yeah what's up?"
"remember that offer you made last night?"
you looked to him intrigued. "the one about you moving in?"
he nodded. "i think i might take you up on that offer, is that ok?"
"of course it is keiji," you answered.
"i can't wait."
the minute akaashi arrived back at his apartment with a new book in hand, he was instantly greeted with dozens of questions from his roommates. when bokuto and konoha found out akaashi was moving out they were sad, to say the least, but it was a sadness that quickly disappeared when they discovered he was moving in with you.
"haha!" bokuto laughed triumphantly, a proud smile on his face. "konoha pay up!"
"you bet on this?" akaashi asked, watching as a stingy konoha handed bokuto some money.
"of course we did," bokuto answered. "i said seven months, konoha said five,"
"wait you bet on me moving in with them? akaashi questioned, eyes widened.
"what did you think we were going to bet on you two getting back together?" konoha added, to which akaashi nodded. "please we already knew that was gonna happen."
"it was only inevitable." bokuto mentioned, giving his best friend a smile.
akaashi meanwhile stared at the two boys speechless. "really?"
the two of them nodded. "really." konoha responded.
"sooooo," bokuto started. "when are you moving in?"
"not today, but soon." akaashi answered, unaware of the wide smile growing on his lips, a smile both of his friends noticed. akaashi looked to his two friends concerned after seeing the smirks on their faces. "why, is something wrong with that?"
"no!" konoha responded. "there's nothing wrong at all." he walked up to akaashi, patting the boy's shoulder.
"are you sure you guys are gonna be fine without me?"
"relax!!" bokuto said, moving to stand next to akaashi. "we'll be just fine without you!!"
the boy couldn't help but smile at his best friend's answer, disregarding the thought of the sheer chaos that would ensue the minute he left. "ok." akaashi sighed. "if you say so."
"we know so!!" bokuto exclaimed.
"trust us, we'll be fine." konoha added, the two boys giving him proud smiles. "we're just glad you two finally got back together."
"yeah," akaashi mumbled. "me too."
so when the day came for akaashi to finally move in, he was overjoyed, arriving to your apartment bright and early only to be greeted with to you half awake and bleary eyed. "you're early." you mumbled, rubbing your eyes.
"good morning to you too," akaashi answered as he walked into your apartment.
"did you bring all your stuff?" you yawned.
the boy nodded. "it's in my car," akaashi walked to your kitchen, eyes scanning for the small coffee maker. "how'd you sleep love?" you said as he prepared your coffee.
"great," you mumbled, snaking your arms around his waist, resting your head on his shoulder. "although i wouldn't mind a few more hours."
"well," akaashi said, taking the now steaming mug from the machine. "maybe this will help."
you gave him a sleepy smile, standing on your toes to press a kiss to his cheek. "you're too good to me keiji," you mumbled, making the boy smile.
"be careful it's hot," he warned as you removed your arms from his waist, taking the mug from him.
you smiled as you took a sip. "thank you." he hummed in response as he picked up his own mug. "oh wait hold on a second," akaashi looked to you intrigued as he watched you grab something from the small table next to the front door. "i believe this belongs to you now."
akaashi held his hand out as you gave him the second key to your apartment. the boy looked to you with a warm smile. "thank you."
"no, thank you." you answered.
"for what?"
"for finding me." his heart fluttered at your answer before raising his mug up. "oh? what's this?" you asked, amused.
akaashi laughed. "to new beginnings."
"to new beginnings." you repeated, raising your own mug up before the two of you took a sip.
this felt right, this felt like the moment you had both waited four years for. the underlying promise he had made four years ago finally came to fruition, he found you and one thing felt certain.
that you were right where you belonged.
Tumblr media
pspsp reblogs help a ton!! <3
Tumblr media
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gladiowrites · 28 days ago
Macchiato Prelude
This is a companion fic for @kt-vunda‘s upcoming FF8 coffee shop au story! Please check out her other work and look forward to her upcoming WIPs. She has a lot of good ideas cooking and I highly recommend it! 
Tumblr media
Summary: When a website crashes and makes taking a large group order for a meeting inefficient, it’s within one’s best interest to head to the cafe itself to place it. Who knows, maybe someone cute will make the experience worth it?
Pairing: (light hearted flirting) Squall Leonhart & Kajol Zaman
Characters Involved: Squall Leonhart, Selphie Tilmitt, Kajol Zaman and Seifer Almasy’s eye balls and body fragrance.
Mirror Link: AO3 (and eventually Dreamwidth)
A crisp April breeze rattled the windows and floral arrangements around the Garden's area. Running errands as an administrative assistant sucked. What's even the point in doing menial tasks when there were interns on hand? The woman sighed, reminding herself that she volunteered because the mileage would be paid for and it was an excuse to get away from everyone at her job. Upper management and their visitors sure were a stuffy lot to be around.
Yet there was another pet peeve that the crimson executively dressed woman detested: long lines.
It would have been a non-issue if her order wasn’t large and Qudairah truly wished their site wasn't down. Calling was a nightmare because their line was consistently busy when she considered that as her second option. Nonetheless, she was here now and idly scrolling through her cell phone to catch up on the latest news in her group chat with her friends. Certainly made the time go by faster. The woman felt her turn coming up, she swipes to the Notes application to ensure that she had everyone's order present. The soulless look of a corporate employee must have been detected by the man that was about to finally take her order.
Snapping out of her daze, she noticed she was at the register and in front of a pale brunette man. He had a modest physique, broad shoulders, and strong arms that implied he routinely worked out. Qudairah had to admit, this angular-faced man had the most stunning grey eyes she's seen in a while. If she's getting paid to order coffee and confectionery items on the clock, she can stand to get paid for flirting with this handsome cashier.
"Well, I've never seen anyone as handsome as you workin’ here before." Her charming smile came into play as she casually pressed her scarlet suit against the counter.
He scoffed, masking a smile at such flattery before asking the customer service question of old, "How may I assist you?"
"That depends, can I add your phone number to my order?" She flicks her unique eyes back to her phone coyly. Ensuring that she scrolled all the way to the top, she brought it closer to her face in preparation. This prompted him to smirk but maintain a professional guise.
"I would rather not get fired, Miss." He bluffed effortlessly. While it was a cafe, he had to at least pretend to be professional. He seldom worked the register, but if this was the kind of attractive customers that came in… he would still continue to work behind the scenes. Squall admitted that she was easy on the eyes and bold. An accent not often heard around these parts but it helped that her voice was equally as attractive. Earthy, feminine and commanding-- it got his attention after all.
“It’s as they say, a professional in the streets,” The tone dipping suggestively. “And a freak in the sheets.” When she was about to begin reading her order, Squall clumsily asked out of pure interest to see how far this audacious woman would go. “Which one are you?” Realizing he said that out loud, he felt his cheeks burn as he was becoming brighter than the cardinal red shirt he was wearing underneath his baby blue apron.
“Wouldn’t you like to know handsome?” The evasion cued for the order she quickly reminded the handsome cashier that she would be giving to him. Enunciating her lengthy order, he quickly composed himself and did everything in his power to be attentive and enter it accordingly. Bouncing back from his almost embarrassing setback did help he took his professionalism seriously, first and foremost. When he finished, he asked a question that she knew would be asked: "Is there a reason you didn't order on our site?"
The inevitable sigh came, "It wasn't taking my order at first and then the site abruptly shut down due to maintenance." The glossed corners of her lips dipped into a frown. Typically, the man preferred to continue the competent guise and did not worry himself over the inconveniences of customers. It happens all the time, but this was a special case. It was unheard of the website going down abruptly during peak business hours and well, Squall realized how much he did not like that look on her.
Waiting to receive her payment but not in much of a hurry, he assured her, "I'll check with our tech to make sure this doesn't happen again." Nodding, her initial smile returning to brighten her mood and face. He figured making someone’s day didn’t hurt sometimes, it brought a euphoric feel-good emotion.
"I'm not too worried, I got to talk to a handsome barista I've never seen before." She winked. Squall's cheeks tinted pink as she continued, "So what’s your name handsome? The S in your name tag stands for…?" His name tag was hidden by the apron since he did not like customers knowing his name. Besides, he was in the back anyway, so why did it matter?
Yet seeing her furrow her brows in attempting to guess was cute. "You don't look like a Sebastián... unless?" She tilted her head, unsure if that would suit a face like his. A pretty boy with angular features, a built body, and resting bitch face. Maybe Sebastian did suit this guy? She wasn’t certain of it.
The brunette in question pulled a grimace before chuckling, "No, Squall. That’s my name." He fumbled a little trying to introduce himself, innocent blunders.
That name colored her impressed with how brightly her eyes lit up. Such an obscure birth name. "As in a turbulent storm, a tempest?” Sighing wistfully as her eyes temporarily cast off and away, thinking of the possibilities. “That's poetic." She affirmed while returning her gaze back to his.
"The name’s Qudairah, but most people can’t even pronounce that,” Squall could immediately see why, the accent and the ‘r’ rolling threw him for a loop. Very much a different origin from his. “I go by Kajol, which means beautiful eyes.” She introduced herself. Squall admitted that the name-checked out. The violet-blue eyes with the hazel center truly captured him. He didn't know anyone with eyes like hers, yet people would make the compliment with his own.
“Is there any reason you go by Kajol?” He sounded out her name slowly, it was two syllables, but it sounded strange on his own tongue. Squall couldn’t help how stiff and dry that question sounded, but he was genuinely curious. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have bothered asking. It was that simple.
Grinning since the ball was in her court, she shrugged, “It’s my middle name and it’s easier for those not close to me. Even my office door says Kajol instead of my real name.” Handing her card to pay, as he took it to finish the transaction. He hummed at the response, still sounding out both names in his head. He wanted to know where she was from, but her order wasn’t going to complete itself.
“Well, Miss Kajol—” Squall started, trying to uphold some semblance of professionalism amidst this flirtatious banter.
“Call me Kajol, or Kaj for short, beloved.” Her skin mahogany skin radiated suddenly when she winked a full eyelash at him. He faltered in suppressing his smile, so he handed her the receipt that had sat too comfortably.
Hm, beloved?  Squall thought curiously, unfamiliar with that term of endearment. Before he knew it, it was replaying in his head which soon became an echo chamber. “Well, your order will take some time. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.” He assures as she assents with a nod before gesturing to the table nearest the door that she would be sitting.
When he went to turn to get more medium-sized coffee cups, Selphie appeared magically right by his side. It rattled him because Squall did not hear any footsteps or the jangle of her keychain in her pocket. She was short, but she was a powerful force to reckon with. The auburn-haired brunette adorned her favorite sunshine romper underneath the river blue apron they all had to wear, her nametag worn proudly with all the flowers drawn on behind the laminated tag.
She wore a mischievous smile that Squall internally quaked over.
“ So~ ” She started with a tone intended to tease him.
“Kajol? Kaj for short? Beloved?” The ability to resist suggestively wrangling her eyebrows was not with her. Squall being flirted with openly and honestly by anyone was always hilarious to witness considering he was seldom interested. Yet, this random woman dressed in crimson, curly hair, warm brown skin that enjoyed the sun’s kiss, and an attractive accent came out to snatch their store prodigy’s attention.
“You helping me with this order Selphie?” Changing the subject since it’s simpler to focus on work and then on any attempt of Squall having a love life or interest in anyone. His coworker was supportive of him and easy to talk to. Just, not right now.
“Sure!” Her tone too enthusiastic for his taste because he knows something will follow. “We can discuss why you’re so awful at flirting while making this order.” She stated matter-of-factly.
“The order first, please.” This is as close to begging Squall was going to get. Especially since he turned his head to double-check on the customer and met her eyes while she was talking on her phone. Her wave was the flirty finger wave with a single-dimpled grin attached to it and he felt himself crumbling. Was he only now noticing that there was a dimple on her left cheek? Squall did not want to appear rude so he attempted to wave back. It was a quick short wave in comparison to hers and he wondered if that was good enough. Stiff fingertips weren’t good for waving in the manner she did, so he hoped it was alright.
The order took approximately twenty or so minutes to do with help. Not that he would have minded taking a few minutes longer on her order since it forced for his blonde-haired brother, Seifer to come in and fill in at the register. The cologne he wore was the first sign Squall even knew he was there, a signature scent that was woodsy but not overbearing to be around. Opposed to some of the customers that come in bathed in their signature body fragrances and the employees knew who it was based on the scent.
It warranted a double-take for the blonde considering the amount of coffee and teas made were enough to stave off high school teachers that deal with freshmen all day. All of them in the unused catering size cup holders due to Cid’s poor judgment in ordering the wrong size some months ago. Another note to him was Squall did not call out the order otherwise he would have heard it coming in from the back. A two-man job when it could have utilized the other workers at their stations? Needless to say, the big brother decided to make a mental note of this and did not press straight away.
With all the drinks together, Selphie brought out a small steel trolley cart and put the smaller sizes on the bottom and the larger sizes on top. Her thinking behind it was simple: “Don’t need to pull your back when she has to put this in her car. The large drinks would be a base for the smaller ones.” Work smarter not harder. This is one of the reasons why Squall enjoyed working with Selphie, she thought of the small details while he oversaw the big picture of just accomplishing the task.
She gestured for Squall to take the handles of the trolley as she saunters towards Kajol. There was a flash of panic on his face, so he couldn’t help but strain his ears over the customer chaos to hear what his friend was trying to say to the impeccably dressed woman. It was the usual song and dance of employee-to-customer interactions, telling them that their order was ready and if she would feel comfortable if they rolled it out to her car. She agreed and proceeded to compliment her and her partner for their assistance. The glance in Squall’s direction caused him to straighten his back and the hairs on the back of his neck to stand. He doesn’t need to toot his own horn, but it was no big deal to him. Just a young prodigy good at most things, simply bad at dating. He would like to believe he would get better with time.
When Selphie allowed for Kajol to lead out the door, Selphie held the door open for Squall to carefully roll the cart over the little bump at the front door and down the slope into the parking lot. To ensure Squall had all the help needed, she followed out behind him. The car she drove matched her outfit, a sleek crimson red vehicle that beamed brightly in the spring sun. He couldn’t help but wonder if the sun intentionally beamed down on her and made Kajol more radiant than she initially was under the fluorescent lighting earlier.
She walked over to the passenger door, leaning forward to recline the seat all the way back to make room for the hefty order that was going to be placed next to her. Squall must have slipped up in his assistance because the second she bent over his eyes bulged and his full attention was roused. He whipped his head to look at other cars, pretending that he thought he heard someone. Yet out of the corner of his eye, Selphie’s emerald eyes and brunette brow just arched in Squall’s direction. As the man was trying not to be perceived, he could see her features becoming smug by the second. Selphie won’t let this go. They may have discussed the type of features Squall enjoyed in someone, but he wasn’t going to make an ass out of himself like this.
Focusing her attention on the customer, Selphie resumed her saccharine customer service voice, “Would that be all for you ma’am?” Her hands were placed behind her back as she asked.
“Oh absolutely! Thank you so much for your help, the both of you.” Kajol flipped her curly dark hair back behind her hair. Squall questioned why nature at that moment decided to make the wind flirt with her hair as it lightly wisps around her face, so he cursed the timing instead.
“Be sure to come back! We would love to help assist you!” Selphie clasped her hands together and grinned sincerely. Squall nodded since that seemed to be appropriate.
Selphie allowed enough comfortable silence to pass before she looked at her brown combat boots one by one. Kajol walking around Squall to get to the driver seat. Suddenly Selphie mentioned how they were swamped and she needed to go help her fellow associates, before hip checking him out of the way to take the cart. Confused he realized that this would mean he was alone with her, again. Out in the parking lot with the rustling of the wind and the honking of the cars during the lunchtime rush on the interstate nearby the Garden’s shop.
She had a business card and a pen, casually she mentioned off-handedly, “I genuinely appreciate the help. I think this establishment should consider a catering service.” Smiling, she wrote down on the back of the card.
“You are not the first to mention it, but you are one of the few that have actually placed an order worthy of a catering service.” He chuckled more to himself. The others that have suggested the idea were people that ordered 4 coffees and a few small sandwiches at most. Nothing amounted to the twenty-seven he and Selphie had to put together.
“I think it would be a good idea! I also enjoy how clean your Garden is as opposed to the one nearest me. I frequent that one out of habit, but who knows,” Slotting the card between her fore and middle finger while extending her arm out further towards the brunette, as a means to take it. “The service here was phenomenal and I wouldn’t mind coming by again.” She regarded him with another dimpled grin.
Stepping forward, he took it without thinking too hard about it. Realizing that now they were standing outside together, he noticed that she was much taller than he originally thought. She wore heels making her an inch taller than him, but without them, Kajol was already at eye length with him. Violet gemstone eyes with an earthy center…
“My personal phone numbers on there, beloved. If you flip the back of it, I think you should consider partnering with that small shop on the back. I love frequenting there.” As she was saying this, she was getting inside her car readying to leave.  Her window already rolled down so she could lean her frame against the door to continue the conversation.
“I’ll be seein’ you, Squall.” She backed out of the parking lot carefully and drove off. Squall couldn’t help but feel in awe, but maybe that went to show how limited his romantic life really was. Looking down, her phone number was sharp and meticulous but her name was signed in a thoughtful signature in comparison to the doctor’s scribble he saw her put in on his screen earlier. Flipping the card, he noticed the name of a bakery he had seen in passing before. He knew that Selphie had mentioned it a handful of times: Ma’s Bakery. The store’s phone number was there along with their business hours.
“Maybe I will run the suggestion by Selphie and my mother.” He mused as he flipped the card to the back, looking over the number given to him several more times as he turned to walk back inside the building.
Now I need to ask Selphie what’s the proper etiquette for calling someone back. Squall sighed, feeling anxious considering he wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to finagle with customers. Good looking ones with eyes that actually were beautiful.
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sun-flower-children · a month ago
Felix with MC that has wings
Tumblr media
A/N: Yes @demon-paradise​ I totally can write that :) awww thank you so much :’))) I might have changed some details on accident so I’m sorry in advance but yeah not too much based on canon.
When you first entered the world you were how you were at the convention. Wearing your handmade, but still well crafted, Sunstone Order Knight uniform and in a very much basic human form. When you were surprised by the feeling of a sobbing crying form you still had a normal human silhouette. When you met Anisa and Sage in the fire-lit office you still looked the same. You continued to look the same while you lived in their “secret” headwaters and learned about the world around you as well as how to defend yourself. 
Felix mentioned how he could sense the magic flowing through you and that it also felt relatively knew. You told him all you could about the convention with the glowing from inside a glass box. You don't remember quite touching it but you felt leaving the place you were at to be in the place you are now. You were trying to just not randomly let out bits of magic and not turn anyone so Felix taught you breathing excessive and other techniques to help you with control and letting gout the amount that you intend.
After touching Rime’s magical book that Felix unearthed from the depths of the study’s couch you had felt a strange stirring and a wave of tingles, kind of similar to those one would get when listening to asmr but all over the body, then immediately feeling a sharp pain in your back. The initial shock left you in almost a coma state and you woke up on your bed. You were laying on your stomach and felt an unnatural amount of weight on your back pushing down into the mattress. Experimentally stretching your arms out and feeling grossed out by the slime like liquid that was covering the bed on both sides of you. You felt a little bubble of panic popping inside of your stomach and starting breathing in slowly to calm yourself down. You focused of the soft feathery feeling that’s tickling the back of your knees. ‘That doesn’t feel so bad’ you think to yourself.
Bringing your arms in at a 90 degree angle, preparing to push yourself up, and surprisingly feel that you couldn’t. There was too much weight for you to push yourself so easily. You open your eyes a look toward the window and see that the sun had just started pushing against the horizon. Your eyes wander towards the floor-length mirror on the opposite side of the room and see that your shape on the bed wasn’t what you expected it to be. you could make out the bump for your head but then there was a giant and lengthy curve before seeing the subtle shapes of your feet.
Now abandoning the calm breathing technique you start to panic. Without thinking you flung yourself off the bed and onto the floor. The weight crushing you and pushing you to the floor. You slide yourself, shaking and struggling, reaching for the nearest chair to push yourself upwards. Arms shaking from being bed ridden for a while and creaking under all the pressure. ‘How long was I on the bed’ you think once again to yourself. Finally bringing yourself high enough to bringing your knee off the floor and immediately crumbled again, your head hitting the edge of the chair. Your groan was loud and cut through the silence that you didn’t quite realized was so deafening until now.
Enough time had passed where you were struggling to get on your knees that now the sunlight was peaking over the bottom of the window sill. Your knees gradually warmed up and were ready to bring you into the vertical position you have been working towards. when looking at your feet you was long feathers sweeping the floor and tickling your toes once in a while. Breathing hard, sweating and shaking with pain and also from being used so quickly after not moving for so long. Your back ached and you could truly stand already trying to stay in decent posture only to fall backwards and feeling the flames of pain searing up your back. Tears flowing of the sides of your face and you angrily cried in frustration. You could stand as long as you hunched over so that the weight on your back wasn’t dragging you down as much.
Looking into the mirror you saw the wings that were now behind you. The weight that you could feel pulling tender skin down and stretching it in every which a way as you moved. You were too tired to feel the shock you would have otherwise, delirious with the pain. Giving up on standing you flung yourself to the wall space by the mirror and leaned against the nearby bookshelf. The sounds of footsteps could be heard. But lighter smaller ones, not those of soldiers or even a large cat man. Too weak to properly defend yourself from whatever it maybe your curled up into a ball, arms over your head. Your new wings instinctively moving to circled around you like a shield.
The door opened and someone walked in. “(Y/N)?” a soft voice called out.
‘Felix’ you thought, recognizing the voice but not moving. Instead you made a noise that was meant to be “here” but instead came out as more of a painful groan.
He moved towards you and could hear him in the space in-front of you.
“Barista, are you...” he pauses,”...let’s get you back into the bed.” still in the same tone of voice he used before. You made a weak noise in defiance, not wanting to go through the hassle of moving again. After the faint noise of Felix muttering something under his breath that wasn’t in the speaking language, you felt some of the weight lifted and almost thought that the wings had come off. you look up seeing a rather disheveled Felix; his glasses skewed and off center. He held both your arms and led you slowly back to the bed. You were wearing someone bed gown but the back was either cut or ripped open because you could feel the cold breeze much more easily on your back.
In the new mornings light you noticed that you wings were the same color as you hair but a but darker and much more silky and shiny looking. “Like one of those L’oreeel commercials.” stumbles out off your mouth. Felix stops and looks at you, probably confused but you aren’t looking at him, before bringing you to sit down on the bed. You leaned down slowly to lay back down again, this time on your side. The wings moving out to make a more comfortable position. Felix sat down and began to explain.
Most of the information was lost on you as you kept fading in and out of focus. But you understood that the magic book reacted to you being not of this world and having magic in a way that wasn’t at all anticipated.The wings somehow had to do with some history thingy that may or may not have happened before and maybe something else happened but you didn’t catch it. Some more things happened. Something else about Sage panicking in the corner when it happened and Anisa freaking out and yelling at Felix and something else. Guards maybe have came. Did he just say that they made you pretend you were a doll in the Earth stuff room when the guards came in looking for a leaf gremlin? That’s not right.
“And that about sums up what happened during the week you were, uh, developing a new, uh...” Felix looks at your new wings and the open flesh on your back,” wings.” He sighs a deep sigh. “(Y/N) are you hungry?” That would make sense since you haven't been able to eat in a while but you didn’t feel hungry. You wanted to move and change clothes. Maybe take a shower because the slime has gotten into weird places.
The next few weeks was basically you trying to relearn how to move. You learned that you have to lift your wings with your back muscles to make it easier to walk around normally. The giant baths now became very useful with all the extra space being very accommodating of your wings. The best you had ever felt during this entire period was when the four of you went outside, not long after you showered, and you opened your wings to the fullest. Really stretching them and fluffing them out. Hearing the awes of the people around you admiring your wings.
Later that day Felix and you had a little dinner date, if you will, on one of the higher balconies. He explained that your back had started to grow two lumps and slower grew. The way he described all the slime coating your wings reminded you of that one scene from the Matrix. You accidentally said that thought out loud which then resulted in you explained what the 2009 world was like, explaining technology, then getting into the movie itself. The entire time you were explaining to him about Earth he was looking at you, nodding and asking more specific questions every once in a while.
Once the group had gotten more used to your wings and making sure that they were healthy, everything began to lighten up. Sage would make cat vs bird jokes, Anisa would try to come up with ways to make life more comfortable, which then ended with you moving to another room with a bigger door ( it was closer to Felix’s so you didn’t complain).
The first time you tried to fly, he was so worried and had his spells ready to catch you ( which did help the first few times). Eventually you got it; not being able to go for long amounts of time but could glide. Everyday working out with Sage to get those wing muscles going so that you could launch yourself vertically from the ground.
Felix thinks its so cute when your wings also react with you, though he will never tell you. The way the puffed up, to make you look bigger, when he was around his father. Or when he would kiss you your wings would relax and touch the floor. When you are really excited they would do a ton of tiny flaps. Felix would love to clean your wings for you. They are massive and it does take a lot of time but this is something that he wants to do for you because he feels like it’s partially his fault.
Felix loved you wings. Hey thought they were so beautiful and made you a literal angel in his eyes. The way they shined in the sun was almost like how you would brighten his day with your laugh. If the two of you were sitting close he would either pet your wing(s) or even closer so you wings circle the two of you. The little privacy bubble was always welcome but also made him feel like it was more intimate. At some point you would hug him and the wings would then engulf the two of you; makes him feel so safe, wanted and loved. You quickly caught on to this and made sure to do it more often. Felix will sometime get overwhelmed in public and you would use your wings as dividers and creating a safer space away from whatever stimulated him. On warmer days you would create a cool breeze by gently flapping your wings. When people try to catch you for your wings he goes full ape shit on them because how dare they try to touch and harm his dear barista, his dear angel (Y/N)
“Your wings are beautiful (Y/N) “ he would say randomly one day.
“ Aww thank you Felix. I’m so happy you like them” you said while smiling at him.
Felix looked away, trying to hide his blush, and brought his book up closer to his face. He was tempted to look at you when he heard you softly giggle but restrained himself from doing so. The rest of the afternoon would be spent stealing secret looks from each other and smiling yourselves when one sees the other doing something cute.
A/N: I might make another lil’ story, a kind of part 2, depends how well this one does :)
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quackquackrubberduck · a month ago
note: this story is inspired by how I, when I traveled to DC, picked up the wrong suitcase at the airport. I obviously didn’t meet Jake in the process, but it was still pretty memorable. (actually it was a fckn nightmare, but I can laugh about it now) anyway, here’s some nerdy Jake for you, enjoy :)
pairing: Jake Tapper x female Reader
words: 4.8 k
warnings: swearing, mild smut, questionable star wars references (blame my bf, those are his takes)
Tumblr media
1. the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way
“Cmon, open, you stupid thing.” You muttered, fumbling with the lock of your suitcase. You were supposed to be at the job interview in only three hours and you needed to get ready and change into professional attire soon. But said outfit was in your suitcase and the lock was obviously jammed.
Against your better judgement, you started rummaging through your small hotel room in search of something to break the lock with. The rational part of your brain knew that this wasn’t necessarily a good idea, but you were desperate. This job was the opportunity of a lifetime and you’d be damned if you turned up there looking anything but your best.
You finally found a small knife hidden in a drawer of the wardrobe. You didn’t even want to think about how it got there, but you couldn’t afford to be picky now. You tried sticking the blade between the two pieces of the lock, when you suddenly realized something. The luggage tag was dark green. This wasn’t your suitcase. Fuck.
You were on your feet in a second, taking your phone and calling the airport hotline. You needed this handled, fast. You described the situation in all its direness to a pretty unimpressed lady from the service hotline. She told you that there hasn’t been any luggage left behind that fit the description, which could only mean that whoever the owner of the suitcase in your hotel room was, he likely made the same mistake and took yours home with him. You mentally slapped yourself for buying that unremarkable black suitcase, thinking that should’ve gone for red.
“You still have to come back to the service terminal and hand over the luggage item you falsely took with you, ma’am.” The woman told you, still sounding terribly bored. Her job probably wasn’t the most exciting one.
“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
You quickly hung up, grabbing the suitcase in question as well as your purse before sprinting out of the door.  You hailed the first cab you saw in front of your downtown DC hotel.
“To the airport and make it fast please.” You told the driver the second you got into the backseat, dumping the suitcase between your legs.
Lucky for you, traffic was flowing and the trip to the airport didn’t take too long, but you still checked the time every two seconds, your fingers thrumming nervously against the cab window.
Finally at the airport, you threw the money at the cab driver before jumping out of the car and running into the terminal, your eyes scanning the giant hall for the luggage service desk. The second you spotted it; you made your way over. Getting closer, you couldn’t ignore a deep, aggressive voice sounding over the usual buzz of the arrival hall.
“No, ma’am, no you listen to me now. This suitcase is of tremendous importance, the documents in there are incredibly valuable. I want it to be taken care of right now.”
The voice belonged to a man standing in front of the service counter, and judging by the way he was gesticulating, he was pretty angry. But what really drew your attention to the guy was what was next to him. Your suitcase. You ran towards it, dragging its identical twin behind you.
“Sir, excuse me, I think we both have something the other person could be interested in.” you panted, slightly breathless from running.
The man whirled around to face you, and for a moment you were totally struck by how handsome he was. He appeared to be several years older than you, but his grey hair, tall stature and commanding presence made for a really attractive appearance. Also, you couldn’t shake off the feeling that you had seen him before, but you couldn’t place him for the life of you. He looked at you for a brief moment before his eyes shot to the piece of luggage next to you.
“Oh, thank god.” He exclaimed, and almost yanked the suitcase out of your hands. "Next time, watch out whose luggage you’re taking.” He snapped. That’s rich, you thought, as if he hadn’t picked up the wrong one as well.
"Hey, no need to be rude.” You muttered, but he didn’t hear you, he was already back to talking the woman behind the service counter,hopefully explaining that everything was solved now and saving you some time. Your own suitcase was still standing next to the stranger, so you decided to just take it.
“You still need to fill out this form, Ma’am, Sir.” The woman said, and both of you groaned but complied. After hastily scribbling down your details, you bid the lady goodbye and ran back to the cab rank.
The clock was ticking, you still had to get back to the city to make it to your interview in time. A quick look onto your watch confirmed your fears, it already was too late to go back to the hotel, you had to change in a restroom somewhere. You contemplated and decided to take a ride back into the city first and find an opportunity to change there before the commuters would block the freeway.
A cab was pulling up and you already made your way over when suddenly, the man who took your suitcase cut you in line and opened the door of the car. You were not having that, raising your voice to call him out.
“Hey, Mister, that was my cab. You better get in line.”
 “I’m in a hurry, I have to be on air in an hour.” He snapped back, but you were unimpressed.
 “You could be needed in the damn White House in an hour for all I care, I have a job interview, and this is my cab, so step back.” You were usually a patient person, but this guy has been testing you too much already. He raised his hands in a mock defensive gesture before speaking up again.
“Maybe we could split the cab. Where do you need to go?”
 “CNN headquarters.” You replied reluctantly, it wasn’t like where you were headed was any of this mans concern.
 “Interesting, that just happens to be my destination as well.” The stranger mused, now grinning at you. “So, how does splitting the cab sound?”
You begrudgingly agreed and sat down next to him in the backseat. As the engine started going, so did the wheels in your head. He had said that he had to be on air, and he needed to get to CNN as well. Oh…
 “What did you say your name was again?” you asked, nervousness now fairly evident in your voice.
 “It’s Jake. Tapper.” He said, mockingly extending his hand.
Well Shit. That’s why his face has been so oddly familiar.
You quickly introduced yourself as well, awkwardly shaking the offered hand.
“Sorry, I didn’t recognize you with those glasses.” You added meekly, feeling like dying of mortification. As it happened to be, the position you were aiming for was with the politics department of CNN, and while Tapper wasn’t your potential boss, he definitely was a big shot, being the lead Washington Anchor and everything. Great first impression.
“So, you said you have a job interview at CNN?” he asked, a hint of smugness in his voice. He could clearly sense your embarrassment. “Which department?”
 You were definitely blushing now. “Politics.”
"Oh, well best of luck then, hopefully we’ll be colleagues soon.” He said, and you couldn’t make out if he was being serious or just messing with you.
The rest of the ride was spent in silence, you checked the notes you prepared for the interview one last time and if the man next to you was aware of what you were doing, he didn’t care, eyes glued to the screen of his phone. His presence did nothing to calm your fluttering nerves, your leg was twitching like crazy, and he noticed.
“Settle down.” He said quietly without looking up from his phone. His deep voice had a soothing effect, calming you for a brief moment.
When the cab pulled up in front of the CNN building, Jake got out first and held the door for you. Your nervousness came rushing back with a vengeance as you laid eyes on the big red sign over the entrance.
“When you get in, it’s the first elevator on the right, 5th floor.” Jake said, giving you a sharp nod before disappearing into the crowd filtering in and out of the huge glass doors. He could’ve at least said goodbye, you thought.
You quickly made your way inside, there was only half an hour remaining and you still had to find a spot to change, preferably one with a mirror because you certainly looked wild after all that running around. Luckily, there was a spacious restroom right next to the elevator and after you put on your work attire and a bit of makeup, you felt slightly better equipped for the task ahead of you.
 The interview went incredibly well, so well that you did a little happy dance on your way back to the elevator, the relief and hope for getting the job putting a pep in your step.
You rode back down to the lobby, where you decided to treat yourself with a nice caramel Frappuccino from the coffee cart. You were just about to get your purse out to pay when a familiar voice called out from behind you.
“Here, let me get this. And a black coffee please.”
Jake Tapper stepped up beside you and put the required money on the counter. He looked like he had just come off air, there was still a smudge of studio makeup on the collar of his dress shirt, and his hair was meticulously styled.
Again, his presence was slightly unsettling to you, even more so with him being in his anchor attire. Before you could reply anything, he grabbed your cup, which was almost overflowing with whipped cream and syrup, from the barista and handed it to you with a slightly disgusted expression on his face. “I wanted to pay for this atrocity of a beverage to make up for my rude behavior earlier, but now I’m doubtful if I’m really doing you a favor.”
“To be quite honest, I pity you for drinking black coffee while I can enjoy this.” You replied, taking a deep sip of the drink, sighting as its delicious sweetness covered your tongue. “But thank you.” You added. “Everything is forgiven, you were just as stressed out as I was.”
Jake watched you with an unreadable expression for a moment before he opened his mouth again. “Still, my apologies. The documents in the suitcase were of a very delicate nature, a source gave them to me, they could’ve caused quite some trouble in the wrong hands.” He paused for a moment, as if he was thinking of how to continue.
“Anyway, how did the interview go?” he asked, his voice bare of any teasing now.
“It went pretty well, I’d say. They told me I’m going to hear from them in about a week, which is good, that way I’d still have another three weeks to pack up my life in Phoenix and move here should they offer me the position.”
“Phoenix, huh.” Jake remarked, taking a sip from his own coffee. “That’s a long way. What made you decide to apply for a job that would require you to move all across the country?”
“Phoenix is great, but its Phoenix, you know. Things are different down there, slow-paced, you always feel like you’ll never be on the frontline, especially when it comes to covering politics. And DC is where the magic happens, so it was the only logical choice for me.” You replied.
 “Well, I can’t argue with that. But make sure you’ll bring a coat with you should you get the job, compared to Phoenix, DC is artic.” Jake noted, the glint of humor making his eyes appear warm and open. He really looked handsome when he smiled, you noticed, there were little wrinkles around his eyes and his teeth were perfectly straight and white.
 “I’ll keep that in mind, but I’m sure I’ll find something to keep myself warm once I’m here.” You said, looking directly at him. Somehow, this man brought out your flirtatious side.
He chuckled again, a low and pleasant sound. It sounded downright sexy, and you could feel a small shiver going down your spine. He and reached into the pocket of his suit jacket, retrieving a pen. He scribbled something onto one of the paper napkins that had come with your coffee order and handed it to you.
 “If you get the job, just contact me and I’ll make sure you have every amenity you need to properly settle in.” he said, and by now he was blatantly flirting with you, something you did not mind at all.
 “I’ll be sure to stay in touch, Mr. Tapper.” You spoke. “But I have to run now. Thanks for the drink.”
 “Goodbye, Ms. Y/L/N. I’m looking forward to giving you the grand tour on your first day here. And it’s Jake, please.”
 You got the job. The next weeks were a blur of goodbyes, moving boxes and apartment hunting. You barely had a moment to breathe, and it was only when you packed your final stuff into your black suitcase that you remembered Jake Tapper, and that you were supposed to contact him. You had kept the napkin with his number in your purse, and when you fished it out and dialed, your heart sped up, fluttering like a bird inside your chest.
You hung up before even hearing the first ring. What you were trying to achieve with this call? He had been clearly flirting with you back in DC, and now you were about to start working for the network he basically was the face of. And yes, he was funny and attractive, but getting tangled up with the big star before you even got a foot in the door there didn’t sound like the best idea.
You decided to let it slide. Your career came first now, you had worked too hard to let a fling get in the way of that.
 The first day was a crazy whirlwind of impressions and faces, and when you finally settled into your little secluded work booth, you felt a tad overwhelmed by all the input. You were about to set up a little framed picture of your parents, when you felt someone approaching your desk. Before you could turn around, a coffee mug was placed in front of you, filled to the brim with whipped cream and all kinds of toppings and syrup.
“I didn’t know your exact order, so I just requested the one that looked the most repugnant.” A deep voice said from behind you, and your heart started beating faster. It was Jake Tapper. “You didn’t call.” He stated. “I had to find out through the grapevine that you got the position.”
 “Thank you for the coffee, this actually looks perfect. And I’m really sorry for not calling, the last weeks have been crazy, I just forgot.” You lied, trying to look as apologetic as possible.
 He leaned onto the edge of your desk, his arm crossed in front of his chest. He looked really good, still in his casual clothes, his hair falling into his face. His dark eyes were fixed on you, and the look he was giving you was so intense that you felt your palms starting to get sweaty. You felt your resolve not to get involved with him crumble more with every minute in his presence.
 “No offense taken.” He said, and the timbre of his voice made goosebumps break out on your arms. “Unfortunately, it’s already too late for me to give you the office tour. But let me make it up to you. Drinks, tonight after work?”
You decided to have some of fun with him, he was acting a bit too self-assured for your liking. You stretched your arms out above your head and let out a yawn. “Today was so busy, I just need to go home and get some sleep. But how about you ask me later again that week, maybe I’ll be free then.”
 For a brief moment, Jakes eyes were transfixed on your thin blouse stretching over your chest, just like you intended. There was a voice in the back of your head, screaming at you to stop acting stupid and turn the man down. But you ignored it, he was too intriguing, too alluring to just send him away.
Jakes eyes snapped back to your face.
“I’m sure we can find another day. I’ll just visit you again.” He said, giving you another intense look.
“Sounds good for me. I have to finish unpacking everything now, but thanks again for the coffee.” You smiled cheekily, scooping up a dollop of whipped cream with your finger and sticking it into your mouth.
 There was just the smallest hitch in Jakes breath, but you noticed. Strike, you thought gleefully. “I’ll see you around then.” He said, his voice slightly stained, before he disappeared in a hurry.
 You leaned back into your chair with a smug grin, taking a deep sip of your hot beverage. That went surprisingly well. You pushed the nagging thought that getting into something with him was not a good idea aside. A couple of drinks wouldn’t hurt.
You felt a small sense of triumph when Jake already returned the next day.
“For a man who claimed to be so busy back at the airport, you certainly have a lot of free time to visit me.” You greeted him with a cheeky grin.
“I was on this floor, so I thought I’d stop by to say Hi.” Jake said. He was wearing his glasses today and it was doing crazy things to your body. You weren’t sure if you could reject another invitation, but still decided to play it cool.
 “Well, lucky me, I guess. Hi. No coffee today?” you asked, giving him a little fake pout.
 “I see, I already spoiled you.” Jake chuckled, but his eyes were affectionate.
 “You could make it up to me, though, maybe by buying me a drink tonight after work?” The smile that flashed over Jakes face made you forget any regret you might have felt about giving in so soon. Being the reason he smiled like that felt really good.
“It would be my pleasure. I’ll be on air until five, so I pick you up here at six?”
“So you’re just assuming that I’m going to work overtime?“
 “It’s your first week on the job, of course you work overtime.” Jake shot back, grinning.
He was right, of course, you still had to learn your way around the department, so you decided to stay an hour longer each day to get the hang on everything.
 “Just be here at six, smart arse.” You joked, and instantly regretted it, afraid you were being overly comfortable with Jake. But he just winked at you and walked away, a slight spring in his step.
 Jake was punctual, picking you up from your booth at six sharps. He was acting like a real gentleman, holding the door to the office, the cab and the bar he picked out, a cozy place in downtown DC, away from Capitol Hill and the possibility of running into someone familiar.
 The black suit he was wearing and the martini he had ordered gave Jake a very James-Bond-like look that you enjoyed immensely. You made a terrible “shaken, not stirred” joke that, miraculously, still made him laugh. Conversation was surprisingly easy, Jake could contribute something to basically any topic you broached. His vast knowledge of…well, everything was simultaneously sexy and intimidating, something that could be applied to his whole persona.
 It wasn’t like he was a completely different person than on his show, his sharp observations and cutting sarcasm were still very much there, making you a bit hesitant to voice all your opinions freely. But there also was a lighter side to him that didn’t appear on television. For example, he was a huge nerd. You just uttered “Star Wars” a single time and spent the next twenty minutes listening to his detailed ranking of the entire movie franchise. At first, you were just feigning interest, but he was so passionate about the topic that you couldn’t help but get interested. When you confessed that you had never seen a Star Wars movie before, Jake wasn’t having it.
“Ok, this can’t stand. Friday, my place, were watching Star Wars. I can’t let you run around that uneducated.” He replied, and your heart took up pace like a racehorse. Going to his place was a huge step after just one date and really knowing each other for only three days. But as much as you wanted to decline, you wanted nothing more than to spend some more time with this man, against all reservations you had.
 “I have a master’s degree from Brown, don’t call me uneducated.” you said, reaching out to playfully slap his arm. But he caught your wrist mid-air, making blood rush to your face because of the grip of his fingers against your skin.
 “Careful, Y/N.” he murmured. Why was his voice suddenly so deep and sensual? Your eyes met, and for a second, the air was buzzing between the two of you. Then Jake let go of your hand, and the moment was over. But you could still feel a lingering prickle at where his skin had touched yours.
 “So, what do you say?” He asked, his voice back to its normal tone. You had to decide quickly, not about watching Star Wars but about what kind of message to send to Jake. Coming over to his place was a risk, were you ready to take it?
He looked at you, waiting for you to say something, and his eyes were so damn hopeful.
“Sure, why not. But there better be snacks.” You replied. Here goes nothing.
It was Friday, and you stood in front of Jake Tappers apartment door, a bottle of wine clutched in your sweaty hand. You weren’t sure what one was supposed to bring for a Star Wars movie night, so you decided on a white wine you liked to buy for yourself.
 A moment after you rung the doorbell, Jake was already there, almost as if he had been waiting behind the door. You smiled at him, presenting the bottle.
“I hope you like white wine.” you said. Wow, what a lamer starter, you thought. But Jake graciously took the bottle and stepped aside to let you enter the apartment.
“I love white wine, thank you very much.” He said, sounding genuine.
 His flat was nice, clean and surprisingly void of clutter. You had never been to his office but back at the bar he had talked about collecting a lot of historical stuff back, he obviously kept all of that at work. There was a nice, comfortable looking sofa, but it was the table in front of you that made your eyes light up.
 “Oh my god, Jake, this is snack heaven! You really outdid yourself.” You exclaimed, beaming at him. There were chips, dips, popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels and even jellybeans.
 “You said you wanted snacks.” Jake said, matter-of-factly and you took a moment to really look at him. He was dressed casually today, wearing a grey jumper that looked incredibly soft, and jeans. Overall, he looked fantastic, and you could feel your heart starting to beat faster when you were thinking about sitting close to him on the sofa.
 “How about you make yourself comfortable, I’m going to pour us some wine and then we can get started.” Jake said, disappearing into the kitchen. You sat down on the sofa, it was really cozy. You had to keep yourself from snuggling back into the cushions, reminding yourself that you were not at home here and this was still very much Jake Tappers apartment. A moment later, the man himself came back, carrying two glasses of wine that he put down in front of you on a small spot of the table that wasn’t occupied by snacks.
He sat down next to you, keeping a respectful distance.
 “So, we are going to start with the fourth movie, which is actually the first movie that was filmed back in 1978, they made three prequels later but nobody that considers themself a true Star Wars fan would introduce someone to the franchise by watching part one.” Jake explained. Seeing him so passionate about this was really endearing, even if you weren’t a hundred percent sure what he was talking about.
“You have my complete and total trust in this matter, I am here to learn.” You joked, and Jakes responding chuckle made warmth bloom in your belly.
The movie was really good, you were intrigued by the characters and the storyline, but what was even better was watching the film with Jake. Some people were annoyed by others talking during a movie, but you enjoyed the occasional fun fact immensely, and Jake was a walking encyclopedia of Star Wars trivia.
“Did you know that the guy who did Darth Vader’s voice and the actor who played him never actually met?”
 “During the trash compactor scene, Mark Hamill held his breath for so long that a blood vessel in his face popped, that’s why they only took shots from one side, pay attention to it and you will notice.”
You quietly munched your popcorn while he was talking, watching him with keen interest bothering on fascination. Star Wars fan Jake was glorious in his nerdiness. How was this the same man that was ripping apart politicians every day on television and snapped at you at the airport?
 “I’m sure someone told you this before, but you a such a nerd.” You grinned, playfully throwing a piece of popcorn at him.
 “I consider myself the nerd king.” He declared, voice so deadly serious that you couldn’t stop yourself from bursting out laughing. Jake turned around to look at you. Why was his face so mesmerizing? And why was he suddenly sitting so close to you?
“Your laugh is beautiful.” He said quietly. And then he was kissing you. Your brain tried to catch up and make sense of the sudden new development, but Jakes lips were too soft and his hand on your tight to warm and heavy for you to focus on anything else. You responded enthusiastically, tilting your head to deepen the kiss and wrapping your arms around his neck. His tongue slid across your bottom lip, teasing you until you opened your mouth.
 His hands were on your hips now, pulling you closer until you were sitting on his lap. He leaned into the back of the sofa and slid his palms down your sides until they settled on your ass. You started to softly grind your hips into his and your body went into overdrive as you felt the evidence of how much he was enjoying the kiss pressed against your core through your jeans.
“Jake.” You moaned against his mouth. “What about the movie?”
 “Fuck the movie.” He whispered, attacking your lips again, his hands squeezing your ass.
Breaking the kiss, you brought some distance between your faces to look at him with mock indignation.
“Don’t let your nerd friends hear that.”
 “My nerd friends would tell me to shut up about Star Wars when a woman like you is sitting on my lap.” Jake responded with a smirk, and you couldn’t argue with that.
He kissed you again, and needless to say, you didn’t finish the movie.
Jake took you to his bed instead, slowly undressing you, kissing and touching every inch of your skin he could reach in the process. He slid between your legs, entering you in one fluid motion and your hands stayed tangled in his hair as you moved against each other. His eyes never left yours, and from the way he looked at you, you knew that this was something real. When you hit your peak, your guttural cry of Jakes name was all it took for him to follow you over the edge.
Afterwards, you snuggled up against him and silently thanked the fates that you had picked up that wrong suitcase.
(about 6 months later)
“I can’t believe ours really are the last ones.” You groaned, leaning onto Jake while stifling a yawn. “I just want to go home.”
 “You slept the whole flight, Y/N, and I’m sure the luggage will be here any moment. Patience, love.” Jake replied, sounding rather tired himself.
You had just arrived from Barbados, your first holiday together. It had been amazing, nothing but eating, swimming and relaxing for two weeks. But it was the middle of the night now, and you had already been waiting at the baggage claim for thirty minutes.
 “Just stay here and let me lean on you and I’ll be fine. You have to watch me anyway, not that some grumpy, hot stranger mistakes my luggage for his and I meet him at the service desk and fall irrevocably in love with him because of that.” You said, letting out a soft chuckle.
Jake just wrapped his arm around you, pulling you tightly against his chest.
 “That’s why I got you that nice red suitcase for your birthday, can’t let that happen again.”
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callitdreamland · a month ago
forget about time and space : malcolm bright
pairing : malcolm bright x gn!reader (soulmates au)
requested by : 🌺 nonnie 
warnings : the longest piece i’ve ever written, language, a lot of description, mentions of food and gunshots, slight angst, too much fluff for our own good, no y/n, reader's gender isn't specified
word count : 2,940
notes : this took me ten years but here we are! i listened to a lot of arlo parks while writing this (and it probably shows) and the title is taken from 'clouds' by børns, which also heavily inspired the end of the story. please forgive me dear nonnie for the amount of time this took me. thank you so much for requesting, i hope you enjoy! x
Tumblr media
The clock was playing its languid song as papers rustled under the agitated hands of your partner. Under the aggressive, yet somehow not bright enough glow of the neon light, the young man was desperately trying to make sense of the words and numbers in front of him. It was early, too early maybe. The rest of the precinct was still silent, save for the secretaries dispatching calls and retrieving mail in the adjacent open-space.
The slam of Malcolm’s pen against the wood made you jump as you were methodically tracing a mindmap of the clues and suspects on the glass board. The red marker screeched as it deviated from its trajectory, your teeth clenching at the sound. 
"For God's sake, Mal," you groaned as you turned to face the reason for your erratic heartbeat, who actually stood much closer to you than you had initially thought. Not that you really minded. "I was managing to stay focused, for once."
"Did I scare you, darling?" he enquired, an eyebrow raised in fake surprise. Tired eyes crinkled as he grinned, chestnut hair mussed after hands ran through it one too many times. The nerve on this man. 
The interrogation was met with a soft sigh and a barely audible fuck you as you went back to the task at hand.
"Oh well I'm down if you're down, you know," Macolm chuckled, and you could hear the smirk playing on his lips. 
At your lack of response, he pulled you towards him by your belt loops, a habit of his to get your attention. As your foot stomped firmly on the linoleum, deliberately expressing your annoyance at your partner's antics, his voice rose again, softly this time.
"Are you mad at me?" 
"Malcolm, you know I can't be-" you spoke up, but he interrupted you. Again.
"Let's go get breakfast somewhere, just the two of us,” Malcolm suggested, or rather commanded, as he draped your jacket around your shoulders and gently pushed you towards the door like a parent would their fussy toddler. “Before the others get here and start being annoying."
If that's what it takes for you to actually eat something, you thought.
Looking at the young man greeting everyone he came across in the building as you both sauntered towards the entrance, you realised it was impossible for you to remember when your relationship with Malcolm Bright had turned into this. A shy, hesitant friendship had become bold and fierce, all sharp wit and clever remarks. 
Wool, silk and leather. His sweaters, his ties and the couch in his living room where you had spent too many nights pondering about cases or the universe. An intimacy you had rarely experienced in the past, laced with burning stares and comments heavy with innuendos you hoped no one was catching onto. Comfort, ease and warmth. Discussions, hugs where the other lingered just a tad too long, a shoulder to cry on when times were tough and both your minds refused to let you rest. You recalled the whiskey bottles, their smooth glass reflecting the rising sun on the half-empty food containers as you snored in the armchair, Malcolm frantically searching through reports after another white night. 
What was it? A baby blue feeling teething on your ribs and stretching within the confines of your heart. The kind that makes the mind hazy and the hands unsteady. Nothing was certain, but you knew that you’d get the moon for him to hang above his bed if he asked you to. And that was enough for you.
On the way to the café, Malcolm was intently listening as you babbled about the characters from the latest series you’d decided to watch, and it was a nice distraction from the rest of the world. People walked past the two of you as you talked, some of them mumbling into their phone, others holding hands with kids. But it was the laughing young man with his arm thrown over his partner’s shoulders – all oversized shirts and platform shoes – that brought a smile to Malcolm’s lips. Young love blossoming just like the flowers in Central Park as spring rolled around. That made him wonder if he’d ever get to experience this. In a world of soulmates and tattooed arms, he felt out of place.
Did Malcolm Bright have time for love? Deserve to feel the arms of a lover wrapped around his waist when he’d wake up, to know that he had someone to come home to? As doubtful as he was, Malcolm truly was more scared of letting go of the relative control he had managed to develop over the years. With a name and a reputation like his, maybe a bare bicep was the best option – not that he really had a say in the matter. What if his soulmate, courtesy of the universe who seemed to always be against him, was someone like his father? What would happen then? Words and rumours travelled fast, and the newspapers’ headlines were already making their appearance in the profiler’s mind, acid yellow letters over another picture of him looking exhausted beside his mother and Ainsley...
“Earth to Malcolm Bright,” your voice dragged your partner out of his own head. “Do you copy?”
He let out a curse, shaking his head and sent you a smile, the kind that reached his eyes, the kind that he only used with you. But you didn't need to know that.
"Sorry darling, just got lost in thought. You know how it is."
Not exactly convinced by his explanation, your eyebrows furrowed, but you let him be. For now.
"So, what do you want to order?" Malcolm hoped to change the subject, now that he had noticed that you had stopped in front of your usual café. 
What a fucking stupid question, he scolded himself afterwards: the baristas knew you so well they had started to prepare your drinks and pastries as soon as they had seen you through the shop window. A black coffee and an almond croissant for Malcolm, a lemon green tea and a slice of chocolate cake for you. The perfect balance between bitter and sweet, you had once declared.
"Well, look who's finally decided to show up," Gil sighed, glancing at your paper cups and the crumbs on Malcolm's coat as you walked into the meeting room.
You just threw a soft sorry his way, not wanting to start an argument, and joined your teammates in front of the board. Half an hour had passed, and Dani had started working with JT on some more research while you studied the mind map so closely you thought your eyes were going to pop out of their sockets.
Something hit the table and Malcolm sighed, for what was probably the tenth time since you had gotten back. Time for him to start pacing a hole in the floor. Again.
"Hey, careful with the evidence, Bright," JT groaned, obviously as annoyed as the rest of the team.
"Sorry, I just don't get it. Why aren't we getting anywhere with this? Why can't I understand anything?"
You could hear him grow frustrated, and without even turning around, you spoke up in a doomed attempt at calming him down.
"Mercury's in retrograde. That might be why, Mal."
Dani and Gil chuckled, waiting for Malcolm's usual argument about how astrology didn't have anything to do with his life, mentally preparing for the back-and-forth that normally ensued. But nothing happened. Instead, the profiler gasped, grasping the pieces of paper he had previously chucked onto the table, nose almost glued to them now.
His reaction was surprising, to say the least, and you leaned over the table to see what had caught your partner's attention. Then came the words you never thought you would hear from him.
"Darling... you're a genius."
A grin spread over Malcolm's face as he slid the papers over to where you stood with the rest of the team, excitedly pointing at them.
"We found those next to the victim, but they don't have anything to do with him. I mean, they kind of do, but not in the way that we had thought of…"
Gil cleared his throat, raising his eyebrows to signify to Malcolm that he had to stop rambling.
"Sorry, I'm getting there. We thought these numbers were a code, some kind of secret way of communicating. But they're coordinates! Celestial coordinates, to be precise, they help trace the movements of the planets in the Solar system." 
"So we're searching for an astronaut who has murderous tendencies?" Dani inquired, clearly confused.
Not even leaving Malcolm the time to reply, you circled a picture of a red-haired man on the board.
"Alan Matthews. I did some digging, and he got his Masters degree in Astrophysics a couple years ago. He was apparently a great student, but he never went on to do a PhD, and no one ever understood why he had given up like this." 
Gil cursed loudly, running his hand through his hair.
"And where can we find him?"
"There's something that looks like a date on the very last page," Dani declared, almost out of breath. "And it's today's. Twenty-third of March."
"There's a talk on the structure of galaxies held by someone called Doctor Owens at the Museum of Natural History at noon," JT's voice echoed as he poked at his phone.
A glance at the clock told you it was nearing eleven, and that's all it took for Gil to start giving orders left and right, the officers in the open-space jumping into action. You slipped on a bulletproof vest underneath your jacket, and grabbed Malcolm's arm as the team ran to the parking lot. 
"So I'm a genius, right?" you smirked at him, trying to hide how flattered you felt.
"Don't get used to it, darling. It was in the heat of the moment."
He winked at you before kissing your forehead and climbing in Gil's Pontiac, leaving you a flustered mess next to Dani's car. That was the second time Malcolm Bright had surprised you today, and you couldn't decide if you liked it or not.
Gil had called for the museum visitors to be evacuated, and the rest of the operation went smoothly. You watched over Doctor Owens, gun at the ready, while JT and Malcolm caught Alan Matthews backstage. A few shots had been fired, the deafening sound poking holes in your heart.
Your partner's arms were a welcome relief as the rest of the officers left for the precinct. Vests had been discarded, paramedics sent back to the hospital and the museum had closed for the day. You hated missions where you couldn't work with Malcolm, the inability to watch over him and the uncertainty that came with it almost as sickening as the idea of him being gone. And he loathed them as much as you did. He'd wreak havoc if anything happened while he was away from you. But you didn't need to know that.
Back at the precinct, you were slouched down in one of the padded chairs, a cup of tea sitting untouched next to you, growing colder by the second. Malcolm was sat on the table, his feet dangling off the edge, nearly brushing against your knees with each movement. Gil had asked you both to let him, Dani and JT interrogate Matthews. You've done enough for the day, he'd said, not allowing any kind of negotiation. Your partner was growing restless, his mind going a million miles an hour.
"You called me darling earlier," you said, out of the blue.
His eyes gazed directly into your own as he repressed a chuckle.
"I always call you darling. Never heard you complain about it before, have I?" 
Oh how you hated the way his nose crinkled as he smiled and how his teeth pulled at his bottom lip when your face grew warm. You shrugged, trying to appear casual. Which, all things considered, was not an easy endeavor with Malcolm being so close.
“It was the first time you did it in front of everyone, that’s all.”
Caught red-handed. 
“It was just out of habit, I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable,” he explained, praying you wouldn’t catch on to his blatant lie.
Even if it had, in a way, been out of habit. Darling, darling, darling. Your name like a scratched record, your face the cover of his favourite album, playing in his mind whenever he was awake. Which seemed to be often these days. He wondered what it would be like for it to be you. He didn’t even know if you had someone. He realised that neither of you had ever brought up the topic.
Gil barged in the room, eyeing your cup of tea as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. A quirked eyebrow in your direction, a nod on your part, and he knocked back the honeyed brew before Malcolm could ask him how the interrogation had gone.
“So what did you get? A killer who blamed his mood on the planets?”
“You’re the one who was supposed to tell us this,” you scoffed, sharply pinching his thigh as he hissed. It wasn’t exactly his fault if he had been distracted lately.
Gil handed you the investigation report.
“You know how our first victim was a secretary at Columbia? Turns out Matthews got rejected from Columbia when he applied for his PhD. Blamed it on the secretary, thinking he had never passed his file on to the competent authorities, before he realised his results just weren’t good enough. Doctor Owens is the one who rejected him,” your boss sighed, clearly annoyed at having had to deal with another pointless crime. “Matthews burned the rejection letters, which is why no one knew what had happened to him. He left the coordinates and today’s date as a symbol, to show that his intelligence would always prevail.”
A collective sigh echoed between the white walls, the neon light making your head pound as the night had started to fall.
“But anyway, our job here is done,” Gil resumed with a pointed look in your direction. “JT and Dani have already left, you two should get going too. Good work today.”
And with that he left, still holding your frog-shaped mug, leaving you and Malcolm alone. The consultant didn’t utter a word, simply standing up and draping your jacket around your shoulders, mimicking his actions from this morning. Your hand wrapped around his upper arm as you made your way back home, the both of you too tired – or lost in your own minds – to say anything. You left a kiss on his cheek and wished him good night when you stopped in front of your doorstep, making him promise to get some sleep for once. Malcolm’s blue eyes crinkled at that, before he turned around and crossed the few streets that separated your building from his. 
Your bathroom was your first stop once you’d stepped over the threshold. It had been a long day, the phantom weight of the bulletproof vest resting heavily on your back, the feeling of Malcolm’s lips still burning a hole on your forehead. 
A flash of red in the mirror caught your attention as you wrapped your frame in a towel. Slowly raising your arm, you saw the sentence there, wonky crimson shapes tracing the words that had rung in your head for the better half of the day.
You’re a genius.
Maybe it wasn’t him, you reasoned. But who were you trying to fool? You had seen this handwriting times and times again throughout the years, you could probably copy it in your sleep now.
Mercury’s in retrograde.
Still processing what the silver mirror reflected, Malcolm almost laughed at the irony of it all. Of course it was you. He was the one who didn’t believe in astrology, the one who had, despite his demons, hoped for a soulmate, the one who had prayed for his to be you. And there he was, your words standing out on his skin, cherry gouache on a white canvas. 
His doorbell ringing, prompting Sunshine to squeak in distress, pulled him out of his trance. He swung the heavy panel open, not even bothering to button his shirt – which was, in hindsight, probably a very bad idea if the person behind the door hadn’t been the one he expected. 
“It’s you,” you breathed out in unison.
Malcolm chuckled at that, his fingers coming to wrap around your wrist, drawing you closer as the door closed slowly. Your cool palms rested on his stomach, the contact the closest you had ever been. His eyes searched yours, unsure of what the next move was supposed to be. Let go.
“Would it be alright if I kissed you right now?”
A strangled hum left your lips as you nodded, and then everything around you became Malcolm Bright. He was the only thing you could smell, touch and taste, and you gladly let yourself be overwhelmed as your back hit the door, mind cloudy with him. When you pulled back, Malcolm’s shirt was halfway down his arms, your jacket a pile on the floor. 
Later, as you both laid under the covers, drowsy with takeaway food and love, you had explained to him what effects Mercury being in retrograde could have. He shrugged, still not convinced, and snuggled against your chest.
“Seems like everything is working pretty well for us, darling.”
“Oh so no more genius, now?”
You let him shut you up with a kiss. 
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nonbinaryemonugget · a month ago
A Cursed Blessing- Chapter 2
So I got some asks for a taglist and so there is one now! :D If you want to be tagged in future chapters, just let me know!
Warnings: Ghosts, death, food/drink mention, anxiety mention, panic attack mention, migrane/headache, homophobia, racism mention, car accident mention, blood mention, screaming. 
If you find any need for warning, please tell me! 
Pairings: Platonic Dukexiety (This may turn romantic, I’m not sure yet..) Not in this chapter, but there will be Remile.  Also Remy and Emile are nonbinary because I’m nonbinary and I say so.
Summary: Virgil is tired. Ghosts want to talk to him. Virgil’s parents want to make sure that Virgil is 100% normal. Luckily, Remus knows a thing or two about helping Vigil. 
The dead and the alive were starting to blur together as Virgil’s headache grew. Halloween was approaching and with it, deadlines, screaming ghosts, and the stress of the upcoming Halloween play. Stress meant headaches, and headaches meant it was harder to tell the living from the spirits. This meant he had gotten strange looks for mumbling his coffee order to a dead barista, who had helpfully replied she was, indeed, a ghost.
Remus noticed his friend’s behavior as well, chalking it up to anxiety. Virgil usually got stressed as the holidays grew closer, and this Saturday was no exception. In fact, Virgil was even more stressed than usual, because his parents were coming into town.
Don't get Virgil wrong, he loved his parents. But more in the, “I love you because you’re my parents and you raised me,” than “I love you due to your personality.” While Remus had had zero trouble coming out to his parents after telling Virgil, Virgil hadn’t even bothered trying. He knew his parents were homophobic, along with their fear that Virgil was going to walk around saying that he could see dead people.
He had been adopted by his parents when he was a newborn, so his skin was, yes, a shade darker than his parents. His hair was a darker brown than his mother’s. And his eyes were the worst of all. When he was a year old, his eyes had slowly transitioned from their deep dark brown to heterochromia (the only hetero thing about him-) with one bright green eye, and one deep purple.
His parents never met Virgil’s eyes, hating how wrong they were. They weren’t exactly racist (though, Virgil wouldn’t be surprised) but they stiffened when Virgil’s differences were pointed out. They hated any reminders that Virgil, in theirs, wasn’t normal. 
So yeah, Virgil was stressed. He needed to convince his parents that he was doing fine, not having any relapses, and seeing ‘fake’ ghosts. He needed to convince his parents that he was straight. He needed to convince his parents that yes, his anxiety meds were working fine and yes, he’d been to see the therapist they’d recommended.
Virgil would’ve gladly gone to the therapist they’d recommended for his anxiety. But if his parents had anything to do with it, that therapist knew all about his “ghost troubles” and would report anything out of the ordinary back to his parents for an extra paycheck. As for his meds, they were doing fine. Could be better, but he was tired of scheduling appointments only to get a stronger dosage or a newer bottle and told they’d work this time.
Remus knew this (minus the ghost bits), and when he saw Virgil’s tired eyes when they went out for coffee, he gave an apologetic (and somewhat abashed) smile and squeezed his shoulder lightly.
“Sorry I made you stay up all night before your parents came over,” Remus said, tapping his fingers restlessly. “Will they be mad?”
“If they knew what we were really doing, then yeah. But I’ll just tell them we were working on a school project. Besides, I think George is pretty happy with the ways things turned out.” Virgil took a sip of his coffee, knowing that caffeine made his anxiety worse but also knowing that caffeine eased headaches and not passing that opportunity up.
Remus brightened at the mention of their dead friend, and he began an endless chatter of information he’d found on a Mr. George Harris, and even found a picture. Virgil tuned him out, which he didn’t usually do unless it was a day like this, occasionally nodding his head or offering an “Mhm.” Instead, he kept his eyes flicking between the ghosts around him today.
All of them were already becoming more desperate for release from the world, except for the few- like Remy- who still had all of their soul and wits about them. The ghost barista was one of them and she stood off the side, attempting to sweep up crumbs that phased through her broom. She waved at Virgil and went back to work.
The next ghost was the man in the bloodstained fedora, obviously growing more urgent in his need for escape. He was attempting to make his way over to Virgil, to beg him for help, but Remy, who had followed Virgil to the cafe, kept pulling him back and confusing him.
There was another ghost, a girl with short hair and a beanie, standing just outside the cafe, on the crosswalk where she had died. She repeated her actions helplessly, holding up a hand, crossing the street, turning suddenly as she saw a car, screaming, and fell as an invisible echo of a car hit her.  Then she vanished, appeared at the beginning of the crosswalk, and started over.
These were the spirits so trapped in their death they were forced to relive it until Virgil found a way to send them along. She was in such a public spot though, that he had trouble talking to her, much less figure out what she was missing. He closed his eyes a little, eyes still on the girl, trying to figure it out. Trying to…
“Virgil Ann Raine-Storm!” Virgil jolted abruptly, splashing coffee on his hand. “Oh- shoot- sorry,” Remus handed him napkins, staring at him. “I was losing you again. But that’s not important, your parents are here.” He said in a hiss of a whisper, trying to warn Virgil.
Virgil sat up, adrenaline pumping through his veins and waking him. He nodded, murmuring a thank you. He glanced over to the counter, where his mother and father were ordering their drinks. He leaned forward slightly, acting like he had been talking to Remus the whole time, and Remus played along excellently.
“So, anyway, when I finally got to class, it turns out there wasn’t even class that day!” Virgil said, waving his hand and then taking a sip of coffee. Remus cackled, despite hearing the story before. In fact, he’d been there with Virgil when the event took place. Their act was believable, though, and when Virgil’s parents slid into the booth (his mother next to him and his father next to Remus), they were smiling.
“Hello, Virgil honey.” His mother said, giving him a nervous smile and squeezed his shoulder. His father grinned, bumping his shoulder into Remus’s, “And hello Remus. Nice to see you two are still friends.”
“Hi mom, hi dad.” Virgil gave his mother a side-hug, smiling easily at them. “It’s great to see you guys again.” Lies again. He hummed slightly, sipping on his coffee. His mother’s gaze relaxed a little, locking eyes with her husband and smiling. Virgil was doing fine.
“So, Remus, how you been?” Virgil’s father asked, and Virgil instantly relaxed. He’d passed the test, whatever he’d done was right. Remus chatted with his father about random things. His brother, his parents, school, etcetera, etcetera. Virgil tuned it out, bouncing his foot nervously and glancing between his parents.
He finally broke into the conversation, asking where his parents would be staying. Don’t say my place, don’t say my place, please, please, don’t say my place-
“Oh, there’s a little hotel nearby. You know, just next to the Denny’s?” Virgil nodded relief flooding through him. It would’ve been considerably harder to convince his parents that he had given up ghosts if they lived with him for the weekend.
His mother rested her hand on her husband’s effectively trapping Virgil (and Remus) in the booth. Virgil was certain that if he had reason to look under the table, he’d see their legs blocking any exit through there.
“So, Virgil, have you been on top of your schoolwork lately?” His mother asked, pursing her lips. Virgil nodded, grinning nonchalantly, even though his heart was pounding and a million different worries were pushing against each other, shouting to be heard above the others.
“I’m doing fine, mom. Ree and I study together a lot so…” It wasn’t a lie, he was doing alright with his work. But he was anxious about the questions to come. Remus played around on his phone, his foot resting atop Virgil’s in an attempt to comfort him.
Virgil’s dad grinned. “Martha, leave the boy alone! Obviously, he’s doing fine.” He shot Virgil a wink. “Meet any girls lately, Virgil?” Virgil grinned at his dad, knowing they were both faking their easiness. His father was double-checking his son’s sexuality. Virgil was making sure his dad still believed he was straight.
“Well, there’s this girl in one of my classes. Red hair, glasses. She’s pretty.” He looked out the window a second as if pretending to think about the made-up girl. His father clapped Remus on the back, “Well that’s great! Ain’t it Remus?”
Remus, startled out of his phone, grinned up at him. “Oh, you should hear him go on about her. He’s in loooove” He shot a wink Virgil’s way, who pretended to be annoyed with him, throwing a napkin at Remus.
“Do you know her name, son?” His father asked, obviously thrilled that Virgil was doing so well. When Virgil, unable to come up with a name so fast, shook his head, his father just grinned and offered some advice.
Virgil’s mother was less easily convinced. “Mhm, that’s nice dear. Virgil, hun, have you been to the therapist we recommended?” Virgil shifted slightly, opening his mouth to say the phrase he’d gone over a hundred times before his father interrupted.
“Oh, come now, Martha. He’s obviously doing alright. He’s more relaxed than he has been in a while. I think that the therapist is doing a great job. I think Virgil is doing a great job. Quit being so hard on him.”
Virgil’s mother pursed her lips, glaring daggers at her husband. “Well, Frank, I just want to make sure Virgil hasn’t had a relapse lately.” Virgil’s father faltered. Virgil stepped in before it turned into an all-out shouting match.
“Is that what this is about?” He asked, despite knowing full well that that was all this was about. “I haven’t. Not since… Well, you know.”
His mother looked at him, scanning his face before sighing. “I’m sorry, honey. I just worry about you.” Virgil crossed his arms, huffing.
“I know mom, but I’m fine.” Virgil looked toward the window. Remus nodded, butting in, “Don’t worry Mrs. Raine! VeeVee’s doing good! I’ll keep an eye on him if you’re that worried.”
“Oh, thank you, Remus. But if- if Virgil is really doing okay-” Mrs. Raine was interrupted by her son, who was sipping his coffee idly.
“I am.”
“And Frank thinks it’s alright..”
“I do, honey. Virgil is fine.”
“Then I guess there isn’t really anything to keep an eye on.” She gave a smile, ruffling her son’s hair, and Mr. Storm grinned. This was fine. Virgil, Frank, and Martha. A perfectly happy family.
If only, Virgil thought, crossing the street with Remus and trying to ignore the ghost-lady screaming in his ear. Things would be so much easier.
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jaehyunssslut · a month ago
Bad Blood- NCT 127
Tumblr media
Pairing: NCT 127 x female reader (main pairing tho is jaehyun x female reader)
Genre: horror, angst, some fluff, smut at the end
Warnings: blood, injury detail, swearing, smut (unprotected sex [be safe kids], nipple play, spanking, cum eating, fingering, car sex, a little bit of dirty talk, there’s probably more lol)
Words: 7,329
Taglist: @spearb1108 @nakamotocore @bobateastay @yyukhae @jaes-sweaterpaws @notnctu​ 
Jaehyun has been running for god knows how long. All of his friends are dead, and they were all murdered by him. Someone he thought to be his best friend. All he knows is that he needs to get away from him as far as possible. 
The sound of leaves crumpled under his feet as he ran through the woods, his breathing becoming heavier as each minute passes. The pain in his shoulder and chest started to get worse, but he didn’t think about that. All he could think about was getting away. “You can’t get away from me”, he said, getting closer to Jaehyun.
Who knew someone you used to call your best friend could turn into a psychotic killer?
About 48 hours ago
Jaehyun woke up to the sound of his alarm blaring in his ear, moving his arm to turn it off. He sat up and ran his hand through his hair, before getting out of bed to get ready for the day. He walked into the bathroom and did his usual morning routine, and then went to get dressed. He decided to wear black ripped jeans, black boots and a grey hoodie. Once he was dressed, he grabbed his phone, wallet and keys, and left the house towards his car. 
The drive to the coffee shop wasn’t long, only a 10 minute drive. Once he arrived, he got out of his car, locked it and went inside. The sound of the door opening alerted the barista behind the counter, who is a friend of Jaehyun’s. “Hey Johnny”, Jaehyun greeted him. “Hey Jae. The usual?”, Johnny asked, to which Jaehyun nodded. As Johnny was making the drink, he suddenly spoke up. “Did you hear on the news this morning?”, Johnny said, making Jaehyun confused. “No, what happened?”
“Another body was found in the woods last night. They said there were multiple axe wounds on the body”, Johnny said, and shivers went down Jaehyun’s spine. “Shit”, Jaehyun exclaimed, and collected his drink from Johnny. “That’s the fifth one this month”, Jaehyun said before taking a sip of his drink. Suddenly, the sound of the door opening again got both of their attention, and Yuta walked in. As soon as he walked in, Johnny and Jaehyun both stared at his face. 
“What the fuck happened to you?”, Johnny asked, noticing the black eye. “Me and Areum had another fight last night and, uh, she hit me. So I ended it with her”, Yuta explained. “I’m gonna be honest with you. I didn't like her to begin with. She seemed too… obsessive and pushy”, Jaehyun said, earning a glare from Yuta but he agreed with him. 
The coffee shop started to get more crowded as more people entered. Suddenly, a flustered y/n came running through the door, startling others in the coffee shop. “I’m sorry I’m late, I overslept”, she explained to Johnny, and ran to the back to get ready for her shift. Jaehyun’s eyes didn’t leave her once, until he felt someone flicking his forehead, making him yelp. 
“Dude, you’re making it so obvious that you’re in love with her”, Yuta said, chuckling. “So what if I am?”, Jaehyun said, sipping on his coffee and making Yuta choke on his. “Did you really just admit you’re in love with y/n?”, Yuta asked and Jaehyun realised what he said, making his eyes go wide. Yuta chuckled at seeing his wide eyes and changed the topic of the conversation. 
All of a sudden, the sound of Jaehyun’s phone got his attention and he checked it to see what it was. It was a message from Taeyong.
Taeyong: yo, where you at?
Jaehyun: I’m at the coffee shop where Johnny works, I’m with Yuta if you want to join :)
He replied back, waiting to see what Taeyong says. Not even a minute later, Taeyong replies back saying he’s be at the coffee shop soon. “Who was that?”, Yuta asked. “Just Taeyong asking where I am. He’ll be joining us soon”, Jaehyun answered. 
10 minutes had passed and Taeyong entered the coffee shop, his eye bags darker than usual. He saw Jaehyun and Yuta in the corner and went over to them. “Hey guys”, Taeyong said. “You look like shit. Have you not bee sleeping?”, Jaehyun asked, worried for his friend. “Not really. Had trouble sleeping last night. Think I fell asleep around 3am”, Taeyong explained. He sat down opposite Jaehyun and they all continued on with their conversation.
A couple of hours had passed and when they decided that they should leave, Taeyong spoke up. “Hey, this is going to sound really weird but, I was wondering if you guys wanted to check out this abandoned building I found in the woods”, Taeyong said, which made Jaehyun and Yuta look at him suspiciously, but they agreed anyway. I mean, it’s not like they were going to get murdered. Right?
Yuta and Taeyong left the coffee shop, whilst Jaehyun decided to stay, wanting to be there for when y/n finishes her shift. He scrolled through his phone to pass time and checked the news about the body found.
Body found in woods early this morning with numerous wounds on the body which was suspected to be inflicted by an axe. When the body was found, the temperature of it was cold, so the time of death must have been around midnight.
As Jaehyun was scrolling through his phone, he didn’t notice someone walking up to him. “You’re still here?”, y/n asked him, making him jump and causing her to laugh. “Yeah, I wanted to stay here until your shift finishes. I mean, if that’s ok”, he said, making y/n smile. “If you want to stay here for a few more hours, go ahead. Why don’t I get you something to eat while I’m here”, she said, Jaehyun noticing a twinkle in her eye as she spoke to him. “Now that you mentioned it, I am kind of hungry. I’ll just have a slice of cake”, Jaehyun said and y/n nodded, walking back to behind the counter and Jaehyun looked out the window. 
y/n came back with a slice of cake and gave it to Jaehyun, thanking her. Before she was about to turn back around, Jaehyun lightly grabbed her wrist. “Uhm, this is going to sound strange but, Taeyong mentioned about going to this abandoned place in the woods tomorrow and I was hoping you’d come with me because I ain’t going to lie, I’m scared. Especially with these murders that’s been going on and…”, Jaehyun continued to babble on so y/n held his cheek to get him to stop, which startled him. “Don’t worry, I’ll come with you if you’re that scared. I’ll be your knight in shining armour”, she smiled causing Jaehyun to chuckle, and he unconsciously nuzzled his face into her hand. y/n saw that and it caused her smile to grow and she rubbed her thumb along his cheek. “Right, I’ll leave you to eat your cake in peace”, she said before turning back around and headed back behind the counter. 
Jaehyun ate his cake while scrolling through his phone (also accidentally getting crumbs down his t-shirt) and once he finished it, he placed the fork down on the plate. He continued to scroll through his phone and his mind kept wandering back to the body that was found, and what Taeyong said when he first arrived.
“Had trouble sleeping last night. Think I fell asleep around 3am”
No, it had to be a coincidence. Taeyong would never.
A few more hours had passed and y/n’s shift has ended, and she collected her stuff from the back and left with Jaehyun. “They found another body in the woods?”, y/n asked, her voice full of fear. Jaehyun nodded and a shiver went down y/n’s spine. They arrived at y/n’s car and Jaehyun hugged her goodbye, y/n returning the hug, melting into him. She could smell his cologne, the smell of vanilla, and along with the chocolate cake he ate and the coffee. To some, that wouldn’t appeal to them but to y/n, she loved it, she did work in a coffee shop after all. As Jaehyun pulled away and turned around to leave, y/n put her hand on his arm. Jaehyun faced her again and wondered why she stopped him.
“You know, you’re not very good at hiding things”, she spoke, making Jaehyun confused. “What do you mean?”, he asked, causing y/n to laugh. “For the record”, she got closer to his face, “I’m in love with you too”, and at that, she placed a kiss on his lips. It was soft and sweet, she could taste the coffee and chocolate on his lips. Jaehyun moved forward and y/n’s back was pressed up against her car, Jaehyun’s hands on her hips as their lips molded together. Little did they know, someone was watching them. He sat in his car, watching the two of them kiss, a frown on his face. He wanted Jaehyun all to himself, but he saw that he’s in love with someone else. 
“I’ll get you all to myself Jaehyun. You’ll see”, he said with a smirk on his face. 
Jaehyun and y/n arrived at the abandoned place in the woods, which they come to find out is an abandoned mental asylum, mid morning. Jaehyun thought instead of both of them going separately, he picked up y/n on his way. They saw Taeyong, Yuta and Johnny there, along with others. The other people there were Haechan, Mark, Taeil, Doyoung and Jungwoo. “Ah, I see you two finally showed up”, Taeyong said when he saw Jaehyun and y/n. His focus went to their hands, he saw they were holding hands. “Wait, are you two together now?”, he asked, making Jaehyun and y/n look at their hands. “I guess we are”, y/n replied, kissing Jaehyun’s cheek, making him smile. 
Taeyong took a deep breath and carried on talking. “Ok, let’s check out inside, shall we? Unless you guys are cowards”, he said jokingly. Everyone looked at each other and hesitated, but they all went inside eventually, Jaehyun and y/n the last ones to enter. 
“Ok, why are we here again?”, Doyoung asked, kinda annoyed that he’s awake at this hour. “Just wanted you guys to explore with me, that’s all”, Taeyong said, everyone getting suspicious about why he wanted them to go ‘just exploring’ with him. “Ok then, let’s split up then”, y/n suggested, everyone looking at her. “Since there’s 10 of us, why don’t we go in 2’s to explore”, Jaehyun suggested and everyone agreed. The pairs were Jaehyun and y/n, Mark and Haechan, Johnny and Taeil, Yuta and Jungwoo, and Taeyong and Doyoung. Once the pairs were decided, they all split up and went their separate ways to explore. 
Little did they know what was going to happen. 
Mark and Haechan walked around and checking in rooms, making sure nothing pops out to scare them. Suddenly, Haechan stopped and Mark looked at him confused. “Mark, something doesn’t feel right”, Haechan said, fear evident in his voice. “Why, what’s wrong?”, Mark asked. “I don’t know, I just know something bad is going to happen”, Haechan started to get anxious and Mark tried to calm him down. “Hey, hyuck, look at me. We’re in an abandoned mental asylum, remember? Thousands of people have probably died in here from when this asylum was open. Maybe that’s why you’re feeling anxious so, just try not to stress, ok?”, Mark tried to reassure him, which seemed to work as Haechan nodded and continued to explore. 
Yuta and Jungwoo were joking round while walking, trying to lighten the atmosphere around them. “Hey, Yuta?”, Jungwoo asked out of nowhere. “Yeah?”, Jungwoo replied. “Since we are inside an abandoned mental asylum, do you think a lot of people, you know, died in here?”, Jungwoo asked out of curiosity. Yuta stopped and thought about it. “I think so, yeah. I think some people were tortured, some died due to suicide and I don’t know, some were probably just too ill and died from natural causes”, Yuta replied, the whole atmosphere around them becoming more depressing from that conversation. “Well, whatever happened to them, I hope they’re in a better place”, Jungwoo said. Jungwoo has always been a sweetheart and wanted the best for everyone, he never wants people to be in pain or distress.
Johnny and Taeil were also looking around, checking rooms, when they came across something that spooked them. An axe. With blood on it. “Uhm, why is that there?”, Taeil asked. “Didn’t you say that the body found in the woods had wounds from an axe?”, Taeil asked again, Johnny nodding. A shiver went down both of their spines, both of them now regretting coming here. 
Jaehyun and y/n walked hand in hand, talking about whatever came to their mind. y/n was looking at the graffiti on the wall when all of a sudden, she felt herself being pushed into one of the rooms and the door closed. It was only until she realised it was only Jaehyun that she relaxed. “What are you doing? You freaked me out, you butthead”, y/n said making Jaehyun chuckle. He pushed her up against a wall and put one hand against the wall by her head and the other hand on her waist. “Would it be weird of us if we made out in an abandoned mental asylum?”, Jaehyun asked y/n, making her gasp. “Unless you want to walk through this creepy ass asylum back to the car to make out”, Jaehyun said while chuckling, y/n lightly hitting his chest. 
Before they knew it, their lips were against each other, moving in sync. Both of Jaehyun’s hands are now on y/n’s waist while her hands were in his hair. One of Jaehyun’s hands moved from her waist down to her thigh, and wrapped her leg around him to push her further into the wall and the kiss got more intense. Jaehyun bit y/n’s bottom lip, making her gasp, which gave him the opportunity to stick his tongue in her mouth. A moan left her mouth and she tugged on Jaehyun’s hair, causing him to grunt and the grip on her thigh and hip tightened. Jaehyun pulled away which made y/n whine, but he started trailing hot, open mouthed kissed down her jaw and neck, sucking and biting, eliciting a loud moan from her. He sucked purple spots onto her neck, happy with his work as he placed kisses over them.
The hand that was on her hip travelled under her t-shirt and y/n felt his hand on her stomach, the skin burning. Jaehyun then proceeded to take her t-shirt off and threw it on the floor and attached his lips back on hers. He grabbed both of her thighs and picked her up, placing her on a table on a table near the wall beside them. He spread her legs and situated himself between them, his hands playing with the waistband of her sweatpants, his hand going inside her pants ever so slowly she didn’t realise it until she felt Jaehyun’s hand cupping her clothed core, causing her to gasp into his mouth, feeling his smirk against her. 
Taeyong and Doyoung were looking in a random room but when Doyoung went to turn around to talk to him, Taeyong was nowhere to be seen. “Taeyong?”, Doyoung called out, hoping to get an answer. He turned around again when suddenly, someone whacked him over the head, causing him to fall to the floor. 
When Doyoung woke up, he saw that he was in a weird room, which had no windows. He noticed that the door was locked and he was panicking. “Well, well, well. I see you’re awake”, someone said. “What are you doing? Why are you doing this?”, Doyoung asked him. “Because, you see, I don’t like that Jaehyun has other friends. And I want him to myself so, I’m sorry”, he said, and he got a knife out, and Doyoung tried to get away but it was too late. Doyoung screamed before the knife slit his throat, blood dripping onto the floor. 
Everyone heard Doyoung’s scream which caused them to stop. “Was that Doyoung?”, Yuta asked, and starting running to where the sound came from, Jungwoo following after him. They managed to find where the scream came from, the others arrived not long after. Jaehyun and y/n were the last ones to arrive, both of them straightening out their clothes. “Did you….. Di you guys fucking makeout?”, Johnny asked them, making both of them flustered. Yuta opened the door, and the scene in front of him made him scream. Doyoung’s lifeless body on the ground, surrounded by his own blood. Everyone started to cry at seeing their friends dead body. But there was someone missing. 
“Hey, where’s Taeyong?”, Jungwoo asked. Suddenly, Taeyong showed up out of nowhere, and when he saw Doyoung’s body, he also screamed. “What the fuck happened?”, he yelled to no one in particular. “He was obviously murdered. Someone slit his throat”, Yuta said, noticing the slit along his throat. “Taeyong?”, Yuta asked him, making Taeyong look at him. “Yeah?”, Taeyong replied.
“Where were you around the time Doyoung was murdered?”, Yuta suddenly asked, wanting to know as the others aren’t likely to be near as they arrived at the scene after him and Jungwoo. “Wait, you’re not thinking that I did this, are you? Cause that’s absolute bullshit”, Taeyong retorted, sounding annoyed that he’s being accused. “Who else could it have been? There’s no one else here”, Yuta yelled, about to hit Taeyong burn Johnny stopped him. “Yuta, stop. There might be someone else here with us for all we know. Don’t just assume it was taeyong just because he wasn’t he when all of us arrived”, Johnny exclaimed, Yuta sighing and nodding his head.
No one saw the smirk on Taeyong’s face as he looked down. But they did hear the low chuckle from him.
“Why the fuck are you laughing? This is not fucking funny you ass”, Yuta yelled, making Taeyong look up. “Oh, I’m laughing because you guys are so stupid. You guys honestly agreed to come here without giving it a second thought? Wow”, Taeyong said and his laughing got more manic, scaring Mark and Haechan. Taeyong suddenly walked off into the darkness and everyone else realised.
Taeyong murdered Doyoung. But why?
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”, Yuta started shouting and Johnny tried to calm him down but nothing seemed to work. Out of the corner of his eye, Jaehyun saw y/n shaking from fear. He turned to her and hugged her, her melting into him while more tears flowed down her cheeks. 
“I knew something bad was going to happen”, Haechan said to no one in particular. “I thought maybe it was because we’re in a abandoned mental asylum where thousands of people had died but, no. Oh god, Doyoung is dead”, Haechan said and he started hyperventilating, realising what’s just happened. Mark tried to calm him down by holding him. 
Suddenly, Yuta stopped yelling and started walking in the direction Taeyong went. “Where are you going?”, Johnny said, alarmed by Yuta’s sudden movements. “I’m going to find Taeyong and beat the shit out of him. Don’t even think about following me. If things go south and something happens to me, get the fuck out of here, all of you”, Yuta said, making everyone worried about how reckless he’s acting. “Yuta are you sure that’s a good idea?”, Mark asked, now managed to calm Haechan down. “He murdered Doyoung, what else do you expect me to do? Nothing?”, Yuta said, sounding pissed. He then turned around and went to find Taeyong. “Not to sound pessimistic but”, Taeil said, “this isn’t going to end well”, to which some nodded and others just stayed silent, not knowing what to say.
Yuta looked everywhere, trying to find Taeyong, but it seemed like he’s nowhere to be seen. “Taeyong, show yourself, you fucking coward”, Yuta yelled, hoping to get his attention. Out of nowhere, Taeyong showed up, startling Yuta, But what startled him even more is what Taeyong is holding: a gun. Yuta stood his ground, trying to show that he isn’t afraid when, in fact, he was terrified. But he didn’t want Taeyong to know that. “You know, that’s not very polite”, Taeyong said, pointing the gun at Yuta, aiming the gun at his chest. “Why are you doing this? Yesterday, you seemed…. Not psychotic. What changed?”, Yuta asked calmly, trying not to anger Taeyong even more. Taeyong just laughed and cocked the gun, making Yuta jump. “You see, I don’t like that Jaehyun has all you guys when I’m supposed to be his best friend. I enjoyed being his only best friend before you lot showed up”, Taeyong said and Yuta scoffed. “I see, so you’re just jealous. How pathetic”, Yuta soon regretted saying that as he felt a sharp pain in his side: Taeyong shot him. He felt to the ground, screaming in pain and held his side where the blood was coming out. Taeyong dropped the gun and straddled Yuta, punching him. “Guys, run! Get the fuck out of here”, Yuta shouted to the others, hoping they could hear him. Taeyong’s hands then went to Yuta’s neck and wrapped his hands around it, gripping it in his hold. Yuta struggled against the grip, trying to get Taeyong to let go but unfortunately, his fate turned bad as Taeyong grabbed the sides of his head, and twisted it to the side, snapping his neck. “I’m so sorry it had to come to this, Yuta”, Taeyong said, stroking Yuta’s cheek. He got off his lifeless body and just stared at the body.
Everyone turned their heads in the direction where Yuta went when they suddenly heard him scream. The shock soon turned into horror when they heard a snapping noise. “Oh shit, no, I’m out of here”, Taeil said, running towards the exit to get out. Everyone else followed Taeil but, since the abandoned asylum is so big, it’s like a maze so they were afraid they would end up lost. 
Taeil was the only one who managed to get out, running out the exit and through the woods. He turned around to see if anyone followed him but he saw no one. He stopped and seemed confused. “Hello?”, he asked, wondering why he was the only one out. He started walking back, until he felt something sharp clamp around his ankle. He screamed in pain, falling backwards. He saw what was on his ankle, when he saw a bear trap. Blood was pooling out of his ankle, making Taeil feel a little lightheaded.“What the fuck!?”, he yelled. Suddenly, Taeyong popped up in front of him. “You stupid, stupid guy. You really thought you could escape?”, Taeyong said, smirking down at Taeil, tears rolling down Taeil’s cheeks. Taeyong walked towards Taeil and Taeil tried to move backwards, but unsuccessful as Taeyong grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him towards a tree, and sat him in front of it. Taeil was shaking of fear, wondering what Taeyong is going to do to him, when he saw Taeyong reach into his pocket.
“You really shouldn’t have agreed to come here. I knew you guys were too naive”, Taeyong said as he held what looked like silver wire in his hands. “W-what’s that for?”, Taeil asked, not knowing why he asked that, and Taeyong chuckedl. “Guess we’re going to find out”, he said as he grabbed the piece of wire and wrapped it around Taeil’s neck several times, making sure it dug into the skin of his neck, and tied it behind the tree. Taeil struggled to breathe as the wire dug into his neck, nearly cutting off the circulation. Taeyong smirked at Taeil struggling and decided to make him suffer even more by pulling the wire, making it go further into his neck. Blood starting trickling down his neck, and the colour in his face started turning blue in colour. Suddenly, Taeil stopped breathing and his whole body went limp. 
y/n was running and she looked around her, realising she’s lost. “Jaehyun? Johnny? Guys?”, she yelled, hoping anyone would answer. She arrived at a flight of stairs, and she decided to walk up them, wondering if any of the guys were up there. But, to her dismay, she became even more lost, causing her to shake. She turned around at the sound of someone calling her name. “Jaehyun?”, she called out, getting a response back. “y/n?! Where are you?”, he asked. “Stay there, I’m coming to you”, y/n responded and went to walk down the stairs when, suddenly, she felt someone push her from behind and she fell with a scream. She tumbled to the ground and hit her head, knocking her unconscious. “Y/N!”, Jaehyun called and ran to her, and that’s when he saw Taeyong at the top of the stairs. “You fucker, just leave us alone”, Jaehyun yelled at him, making Taeyong walk down the stairs. “That’s not how you talk to your best friend, is it?”, Taeyong said, causing Jaehyun to scoff. “Best friends don’t murder people”, he said, and Taeyong raised his arm when suddenly, Jaehyun was knocked over the head and then he saw black.
When Jaehyun woke up, he felt his whole body in pain. He touched the back of his head and he felt something warm and sticky, so he looked at his hand and saw there was blood. He noticed that y/n is nowhere to be seen and he got worried, hoping something bad hasn’t happened to her. He got up and went to find the others. He stood up and stumbled, but managed to get his balance and tried to run, but opted for walking fast instead due to the pain. “Johnny? Mark? Anyone?”, he called out when suddenly, he ran into someone, scaring both himself and the other person. He soon realised that it was only Haechan, but he then realised that he was shaking in fear and crying. “Haechan? What happened?!”, Jaehyun asked and Haechan tried to form a sentence, but couldn’t so Jaehyun told him to breathe.
Once he was able to form a sentence, he spoke. “It’s Mark. He.... he’s dead”, Haechan said and the colour from Jaehyun’s face drained. Haechan left and Jaehyun followed him. And that’s when he saw Mark: hanging from the ceiling, a noose round his neck. Haechan fell to the floor, crying his eyes out and continued shaking of fear. Johnny and Jungwoo suddenly showed up and saw Mark’s lifeless body hanging from the ceiling. “Oh shit. Oh god, why is this fucking happening?”, Johnny said, tugging at his hair out of frustration and anger. “Wait, where’s Taeil?”, Jaehyun asked. “I saw him heading for the exit so I’m assuming he left. I hope he got out so he can, maybe, get some help or something for us”, Johnny said. 
“Sorry to burst your bubble but, poor Taeil is dead too”, Taeyong said, making everyone look at where the sound of his voice came from. “For fucks sake, just leave us the fuck alone, you bastard”, Jaehyun yelled. “Sorry, no can do. Not until I have you all to myself Jae”, Taeyong said and everyone just scream in both terror and frustration and Jungwoo and Haechan ran in the same direction whilst Johnny and Jaehyun ran in the opposite direction, wanting to get far away from Taeyong as possible. 
Haechan and Jungwoo ran upstairs to try and hide from Taeyong, hoping to find a safe hiding place. The ran and suddenly stopped when they looked through a window, and saw Taeil tied to a tree. His neck covered in blood and his skin pale. His head nearly severed off from his body from the wire tied around his neck. Jungwoo suddenly started feeling sick at the scene in front of him and Haechan screamed. 
“I see you found Taeil, then”, Taeyong said out of nowhere, Jungwoo and Haechan turned around and saw him standing there, and they saw he was holding an axe: a bloody axe. “Why the fuck do you just keep popping up out of nowhere? It doesn’t make any fucking sense. You literally turn up where we are and I don’t like it”, Haechan said, trying to sound brave. “Poor little Haechanie, are you scared? Well, I’ll get rid of your fear for you”, Taeyong said and Haechan was confused about what he was going to do, when suddenly, Haechan felt himself being thrown out of a window and landing on something sharp. “Haechan!”, Jungwoo called, and he saw that Haechan landed on a sharp piece of wood, piercing through his chest. Haechan started coughing and blood came out of his mouth and his chest, the blood staining his shirt. His body suddenly went limp and he stopped moving. 
Jungwoo turned around and went to hit Taeyong, but Taeyong was faster, and he striked Jungwoo with the axe. The axe hit his shoulder, making his cry out in pain. Taeyong pulled the axe out of his shoulder and struck again, this time in Jungwoo’s chest. He pulled the axe out of his chest and dropped Jungwoo’s body to the floor, leaving him there to bleed to death. “One more person to go, and then you’re mine forever Jaehyun”, Taeyong said to himself, smirking.
Jaehyun and Johnny ran towards the exit, hoping to at least get out of here uninjured and alive. They both managed to escape and saw that it’s now darker outside, and started running through the woods, when they saw Taeil’s lifeless body. “Oh, my god, oh Taeil”, Jaehyun said with tears rolling down his face when he felt Johnny patting his shoulder. “J-jaehyun?”, Johnny said, his voice wavering. Jaehyun looked at where Johnny was pointing to, and saw Haechan’s body, also lifeless, on a sharp piece of wood. His face pale with blood dripping from his nose, mouth and seeping through his chest. They were both crying at this point, just wanting to leave and go home. 
They both started running again when Johnny suddenly fell, his ankle caught in something. “What the…?”, he said when he felt himself being pulled. “Jaehyun, help!”, he called and Jaehyun tried to help him but he wasn’t quick enough. Johnny found himself being lifted into the air and saw that his ankle was tied to some rope. “Oh, look what we caught. A Johnny”, Taeyong said when he saw Johnny in the air, Jaehyun  body froze in fear. “I’m sorry it has to end this way for you”, Taeyong said to Johnny and, suddenly, a bunch of arrows aimed for Johnny and they struck him. Some struck him in the chest, some through his head and one in his neck. Blood started trickling from his chest, neck and head onto the floor and that’s when Jaehyun unfroze and started running again.
“Just fuck off and leave me alone Taeyong”, Jaehyun yelled, still running from him. He heard laughter behind him getting closer, and he tried to run faster. Until he tripped and fell. He tried to crawl away as Taeyong got closer, now walking this time, and Jaehyun backed up into a tree. “If I can’t have you, then no one can”, Taeyong said, and raised his arm. Jaehyun closed his eyes, tears flowing down his cheeks, while he waited for impact. But, out of nowhere, someone whacked Taeyong over the head, knocking him to the ground. Jaehyun opened his eyes and that’s when he saw the person he loves with his entire heart: y/n. “y/n? I thought you were dead, oh my god”, Jaehyun said and got up and kissed her hard, her kissing back. When they pulled away, Jaehyun hugged her and cried into her neck. “Hey, sshh, I’m here”, she stroked his hair as she tried to calm him down. “They’re all dead and I couldn’t do anything”, he cried even harder and y/n cried with him. They both pulled away when they heard someone behind them moving. That’s when they noticed Taeyong has gotten up.
“You fucking bitch, I should have killed you when I had the chance”, Taeyong spat, and y/n and Jaehyun started running again, hand in hand, through the woods. They came across a little cabin as they were running and decided to knock, hoping someone inside would help them. “Hello? Please help us”, y/n called out. Suddenly, an old man opened the door and saw them. “What are you two kids doing out here? Oh no, what happened to you?”, the old man asked, and that’s when they heard shouting in the distance. 
“You can’t hide from me, you bastards”, Taeyong shouted, and the old man looked confused. “How is that even possible?”, the old man asked, making y/n and Jaehyun confused. “What do you mean sir?”, y/n asked. “That young boy who’s chasing you?”, he asked them, both of them nodding. “Yeah, his name is Taeyong and he murdered all of our friends”, Jaehyun said and the old mans eyes went wide. “Lee Taeyong? But…. he died last month. He was murdered in that abandoned asylum in these woods. He was strangled to death”, the old man said and that’s when it clicked for them. No wonder he was able to move around so quickly in there. “And your friends who were murdered by him? I’m pretty sure that they’re stuck here too, their souls I mean, from what I heard from this myth”, the old man explained. 
Jaehyun and y/n were confused about that so the old man explained that if you get murdered in a certain place, your soul is stuck there forever. Suddenly, the old man saw Taeyong getting closer so he went back inside his cabin and came back with a shotgun. “You two kids better move”, and both y/n and Jaehyun did. As Taeyong started charging at them, the old man pulled the trigger of the shot gun and it hit Taeyong, making him disappear. “What was that?”, Jaehyun asked. “Rock salt. Helps get rid of spirits”, the old man said. “Now, you kids better get out of here”, and they both hugged the old man as a thank you and they ran out of the woods, and back to Jaehyun’s car and got inside. Jaehyun started the car and they both got away as far away as possible. 
Jaehyun drove for about 20 minutes, before he pulled into an empty parking lot. He stopped the car and looked at y/n. “Come here”, he motioned for y/n to straddle him to she unbuckled her seatbelt and went to straddle Jaehyun, him helping her. Once she situated herself on him, he held her hips and admired her face. Some cuts and cruises on her from when she was pushed down the stairs, but apart from that, she looks fine and Jaehyun is relieved. “Are you hurt anywhere?”, he suddenly asked, making y/n shake her head. “Thankfully, no. What about you? Are you hurt?”, she asked him. “I’m pretty sure I have some bruises on my chest and there’s still a slight pain in my shoulder but apart from that, I’m fine. ”, he said. y/n leaned in and hugged him, placing her head in the crook of his neck and Jaehyun suddenly felt tears on his neck. Sniffles escaped y/n as she cried into his neck, Jaehyun rubbed his hand up and down her back as he comforted her. y/n stopped crying after a few minutes and she moved her head to look at Jaehyun. Jaehyun wiped the tears from her face and stroked her cheek. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Jaehyun leaned in and kissed y/n softly. 
The kiss started slow and sweet, one of Jaehyun’s hands went from her waist to cupping her face. y/n unconsciously grinded her hips into Jaehyun’s, causing him to groan in her mouth. Hit bit her lip and she opened her mouth, signalling Jaehyun to stick his tongue in her mouth. Jaehyun’s and y/n’s tongue both fought for dominance, and Jaehyun’s won, their hips grinding into each other and moans leaving their mouths. y/n’s hands travelled from his hair down to his chest, feeling his toned chest through his shirt, and then grabbed the hem of his t-shirt to take it off. He pulled his lips away from y/n’s and lifted his arms up so y/n can take his shirt off. There were a few bruises on his upper chest, so y/n kissed the bruises. She then attached her lips to his neck and started sucking, leaving purple hickeys up and down his neck and collarbone, moans leaving Jaehyun’s mouth and he threw his head back. y/n felt Jaehyun get hard under her and she decided to tease him by cupping his bulge through his pants, making him groan loud. “Fuck, babe, don’t tease me”, Jaehyun moaned, which turned y/n on even more. y/n proceeded to take her shirt off and unclipped her bra, freeing her breasts, her perky nipples hard. Jaehyun licked his lips at the sight and leaned forward, attaching his lips to her breasts. One of his hands gripped one breast and fondled it while his mouth was attached to the other one, his tongue playing with her nipple before going ack to kissing. y/n let out numerous of loud moans as Jaehyun started sucking on her breast, and his hand started playing with her nipples. 
“Let’s take this to the back seat, shall we?”, Jaehyun suggested and y/n agreed, climbing off Jaehyun and heading to the backseat, Jaehyun slapping her ass causing her to yelp which made Jaehyun laugh. Before y/n lied down, she took her shoes off and slipped her sweatpants down her legs, then threw them into the front seat then laid down on her back against the backseat. Jaehyun proceeded to do the same and threw his jeans in the front seat, leaving both of them in just their underwear, both of their top half naked. Jaehyun got on top of her and attached his lips to her collarbone, sucking more purple spots. He then found her sweet spot and sucked harsh, knowing how to make y/n feel good. One of his hands travelled to her clothed core and cupped it, making y/n moan. Jaehyun smirked into her neck and he moved his hand into her panties, teasing her by rubbing her clit. She squirmed under him, wanting to be touched. 
“Jaehyun please finger me. Use your fingers on me, fuck, please. I need you”, she moaned out. “You don’t need to ask twice angel”, he said before insert a finger in her hole, moving it in and out slowly, feeling her wetness on his finger. y/n arched her back a bit at the sensation and Jaehyun, being the tease he is, inserted another finger and the pace of his fingers got faster and she clenched around them. y/n could feel her orgasm coming and she asked Jaehyun to go faster, which he did. Before she knew it, she came all of Jaehyun’s fingers, Jaehyun licking her juices off his finger and moaning at the taste. He leant down and kissed y/n, tasting herself on his lips. Jaehyun took off his boxers and threw them to the side and, before y/n knew what was coming, he pumped his dick before inserting himself in her cunt, making both of them moan out in pleasure. “Fuck, princess, you’re so tight. Gonna stretch your pretty pussy out with my cock”, he moaned out, making y/n even more wet. 
His thrusts started to get faster and his grip on her hips got tighter. He wrapped y/n’s legs around his waist so he has more room to thrust into her. As his thrusts started getting sloppy, he felt y/n clench around him, y/n close to her second orgasm. “Jaehyun, I-i’m gonna cum”, y/n moaned out. “Cum for me baby, cum all over my cock”, and after that, her juices spilled out onto Jaehyun’s cock and not even a few seconds after, Jaehyun came too. “Did you like that, baby? You came all over my cock, and I filled you up nice. Such a pretty baby”, he said before kissing her cheek. He went to pull out, but y/n stopped him. y/n motioned for Jaehyun to sit up, so he did and y/n stayed sitting on his dick for a few minutes. y/n soon started moving up and down, her breasts bouncing. Jaehyun threw his head back and y/n bounced on his dick, gripping her hips. “Fuck princess, you know how to make me feel good, don’t you? You pretty slut, my pretty slut”, he moaned out, making y/n moan too. One of his hands went to her ass and slapped it a couple of times, making y/n fall forward but she balanced herself on him. She’s sure she might have a handprint on her ass tomorrow but she doesn’t care at this point, all she cares about is Jaehyun. 
y/n continued bouncing up and down while Jaehyun’s hands played with her ass, squeezing and spanking it. “Jae”, y/n moaned out. “Yes baby?”, he replied, kissing her neck. “P-please spit in my mouth”, she moaned, making Jaehyun look at her with wide eyes but then smirked. “Open wide, baby”, he ordered, and she opened her mouth wide, and then Jaehyun spat in my mouth, making him moan seeing y/n take his spit. “You’re a dirty little whore, aren’t you?”, he growled and gripped her hips again, probably going to leave bruises on her hips tomorrow, and he grinded up into her. “I think I’m going to c-cum”, y/n moaned and soon after, she came to her third orgasm. Jaehyun came again after her and then he felt himself grow soft in her before pulling out, using his fingers to finger her again, making sure the juices don’t spill out.
y/n and Jaehyun stayed in each other’s arms for a while, just hugging, before they cleaned themselves up and got dressed, before going home. Jaehyun held y/n’s hand the whole drive home and he picked it up and kissed it now and then. “Hey, y/n?”, Jaehyun suddenly spoke up. “Yeah?”, she answered. “Sorry if this is so out of the blue, and I know we’ve been friends for a while and we haven’t been dating long but, uhm, I was hoping uh, would you like to uhm…. Ah fuck”, he struggled to say. y/n kissed his cheek to calm him down. “Hey, it’s ok, try again”, she reassured him. He took a deep breath and tried again. “Do you perhaps want to live together? You know, especially with what’s happened and stuff and I want to be closer to you”, Jaehyun explained, and y/n had a big smile on her face. “Of course I would”, she replied, making Jaehyun smile. 
They are really horrified and upset with what’s happened to their friends, but they’re glad they still have each other. Yeah, they feel guilty for just leaving their friends dead bodies in the woods, but they were too afraid to stay there. Hopefully they’ll carry on with their lives and start afresh, now that Taeyong isn’t coming back for Jaehyun.
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artbakugou · a month ago
Hii so i have one more request! So can you do bakugou and y/n go out shopping and a girl flirts with him and y/n brushes it off but then she keeps showing up somehow when they go out and one day y/n snaps and says bakugou should go be with her instead of them ?
can it be like angst to fluff type vibe yk😩 okay thank you 🙏
A/N: i love this idea sm thank you ! <3
flirting | fem!reader x bakugou
warning: cussing , angst , fluff.
passing all different type of shops, bakugou hold your hand tightly in his. you two were now at the mall looking for some new clothes. bakugou’s mom invented you over for dinner and you convinced bakugou to come with you to find a good outfit.
“what do you think about these?” you asked lifting up a pair of black mom jeans “eh” was bakugou answer. honestly what did you except, it’s bakugou.
after trying them on you decided to get them “okay i’m going to pay for these. can you please go to the coffee shop and get me a hot cocoa?” you asked your boyfriend which he quickly rolled his eyes but nodded his head, walking away.
“thank you have a good day, too!” you said to the cashier after she checked you out. walking to the coffee shop to meet up with bakugou, you walk in to see him standing next to the counter ordering your drink. you smiled and walked towards him.
your smiled dropping when you see the barista with a cheeky smile having her hands all over your man. bakugou being bakugou brushed her hands off of him with a disgusted look. this made you smile again, you knew he was faithful to you.
“hey babe” you kissed him on the cheek, hugging his side. looking at the barista, you see she has this disgusted look on his face, with some kind of jealousy. “where my cocoa?” you asked looking straight in her eyes.
“order number 7!” another voice called, interrupting your staring contest. “that’s ours, let’s go” bakugou said grabbing you hand and dragging you out there.
a few days passed since the coffee thing. bakugou never mentioned it and neither did you. ”i need to go back the shop where i got these jeans” you said while pulling the pair out the closet “why?” the ashy blond asked “nothing wrong with them i just want more of this kind” you smiled up at him.
“i’ll be back by 5 maybe?” starting your way out of his dorms “wait i’ll come with you i need to change that stupid shirt the old hag gave me” bakugou said following you.
“i’m feeling kinda hungry” you said rubbing your stomach. “let’s go see what the coffee we went to last time has, i saw some really good toast there” you said. “tch” was the only response you got from your boyfriend.
after ordering, you two found a table and sat down “oh shot i think i forgot my phone at the jeans shop!” you jumped for your seat “i’ll be back” you walked out the coffe shop.
getting your phone quickly, you made your way back to where bakugou was. walking to your table you saw the same barista from last time , flirting with your man.... again. “didn’t she get the message last time?” you thought.
“bakugou!” you called, catching the attention of both of them “so bakugou is your name huh?” you heard the blonde barista say with a smirk, bakugou scoffed “get me my order” he simply said looking out the window.
“i found my phone” you said sitting back down. looking at the barista who was still standing next to your table you gave her a questioning look “do you need anything?” you asked raising your eyebrows.
she just scoffed and walked away. “someone’s got an admirer” you teased your boyfriend “shut up, she’s nobody to me” he said with a joking look on his face but with a serious tone in his voice, making sure you knew you were his only one “i know” you smiled at him, softly rubbing his hand.
you, mina and denki were now walking down the mall ... again “god i feel like i live her with the amount of times i’ve been her this week” you said giggling.
mina needed a new phone case and denki wanted to get a new choker so they also brought you with them.
“hey isn’t that bakugou?” denki asked, nodding his head toward the direction. turning your head you do see bakugou, alone. or so you thought. that dumb barista is at it again “omg she really won’t back off?” you scoffed.
denki and mina looked at you confused and you quickly explained the situation of what happened. they both nod and look back at bakugou and the girl. you had enough when you saw her looping her arm around his.
you quickly turned the other way and walked away. you heard denki and mina calling your name but you ignored them. using your quirk you teleported back to your dorm room.
a week passed since that. you haven’t talk to bakugou really. everytime he tried talking to you, you either ignored him or answerd in a dry way and bakugou had enough.
“what the fuck is your problem?” you barged in your room, jumping in your place from the sudden loud voice “what?” you asked in a dry tone.
“no don’t “what” me you know exactly what i’m talking about?” he said coming closer to you. “i don’t but whatever” you replied, walking around the room and acted like there wasn’t a angry blond boy in there with you.
“you know what? fuck you. when your done acting like a baby and actually you wanna, i’ll be in my room” he spit out. this pushed down the edge “fine don’t forget to call your girlfriend from the coffee shop you fucking asshole.” you yelled at him shutting the door on his face.
you thought this whole interaction was over but you were wrong when you heard the door you closed a few seconds again open up again with a slam.
“are you serious? that’s it? that’s your problem?” the blond asked you with a confused , angry face “yes that’s my fucking problem! i saw you and her at the mall ! being all lovey dovey!” you yelled back at him
“i wasn’t there with her! are you serious right now!? this is how you see me?” he replied “oh don’t bullshit me, just admit that you were with her!”
“i was only at the stupid place because i was planing on getting promise rings but that stupid woman was there with her friends group and they were all over me! you probably walked out before you saw me finally snapping at her and telling her to fuck off!” he finished, leaving you dumbfounded.
“what?” you asked in a quiet voice “yeah but i guess you can’t trust me, so i don’t see a reason to stay in this relationship.” he said walking towards the door again “no bakugou wait please!” you called out, grabbing his hand, pulling him towards you.
“i’m sorry i’m so so sorry. it’s just she didn’t leave you alone and you didn’t tell her to ‘fuck off’ like you usually do when people you don’t like are around you, so i thought you were interested in her” you sob into his chest. you feel his arms slowly wrapping around your shaking body.
“i care for you and only you.” he said in a quiet voice, his head now resting on top of yours.
requests are open! just please read the rules before!
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hikariakaashi · a month ago
action! | suna rintaro
please the idea for this song fic was a late night epiphany haha. i went between like ten different characters but i stuck to suna bc why not? but for real though i hope you all like it! <33
genre: fluff, some angst | wc: 1.6k
inspired by the song action by dpr live!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
suna wasn't one to remember things.
most of his life consisted of things he'd much rather forget. from the piling up assignments to his chaotic teammates, the boy found himself wishing he could ignore the world around him.
but it wasn't until you entered his life that things started to change.
maybe it was your intoxicating smile or the adrenaline-filled adventures you always dragged him on. but he knew one thing for sure, he wanted to remember every aspect he could about you. from the way you spontaneously hummed random songs to how you flipped through the pages of different magazines taking second glances at things that caught your attention. he wanted you imprinted in his mind for as long as he could. so, he began filming, recording the little moments he shared with you hoping that he could capture even a fraction of the happiness and adrenaline you gave him. his phone storage was the last of his concerns, he just wanted to keep track of every euphoric moment he had with you.
he remembers the first time he saw you. it was just as if you met him yesterday.
it was another cloudy morning. suna would rather be anywhere than standing in the long line at the coffee shop, waiting for his caffeine fix in order to start the day. but something in him stirred as he heard the sound of someone reciting their order. his ears pricked up as your voice made its way through the busy hustle to him.
"could i have a large americano please? oh! with an extra shot and extra ice please!"
it was as if the world went silent, your voice the only thing suna could hear as the surrounding morning rush of the coffee shop melted away. he watched you walk away from the cashier, peeking his head out from the line only to catch a glimpse of you stuffing change into your pockets. it made him smile. your eyes meet his for a brief moment before suna quickly turned his head to look in the other direction, attempting to avoid embarrassment as you caught him staring. his mind was so focused on you that he didn't even notice he was next in line until the cashier called him up.
"what could i get started for you?"
"uh...could i have a large americano please?" suna instantly answered, unaware he was repeating your order until he added. "w-with an extra shot and extra ice."
it was something that didn't go unnoticed by you.
the cashier nodded in response, tapping buttons on the small screen. "that'll be 570 yen."
"oh okay," suna mumbled handing his card to the cashier, silently cursing himself for ordering that after hearing the price.
"thank you," the cashier cheerfully replies, an obviously fake smile plastered on their lips. "have a nice day!"
"you too," suna answers, walking away from the cashier.
you find yourself intrigued as you steal a glance at the boy after overhearing his order, a tired expression painted on his face. you watch the boy walk past you as he sits in a table near the big window at the front of the store. suna, on the other hand, steals glances at you, watching as you scroll through your phone waiting for your order to get called, completely unaware that you're doing the same.
"i've got a large americano with an extra shot and extra ice for y/n!"
your ears perk at the sound of your name.
"i've got a large americano with an extra shot and extra ice for suna!"
suna's eyes dart towards the counter as he leaves his spot at the table. the barista gives you both a confused look, before checking the labels on the cups again.
"have a nice day you two," he hesitantly adds, sliding your drinks to you both on the counter.
you look over to the boy standing next to you, his expressionless face looking down at the cup of coffee in front of him. "you've got excellent taste in coffee," you awkwardly laugh.
"oh," suna lifts the cup up, examining the label. "thanks."
you nod. "i really needed an extra boost today," you add, taking a sip of your coffee. "i just pulled an all-nighter because i waited until the last minute to finish my paper. i know, kind of my fault and all. i should've finished it but honestly, i was just not in the mood, and i-"you met his gaze, his eyes seemingly uninterested in what you had to say. "oh, sorry i'm rambling," you give him an apologetic smile as you start to turn away.  i'll just-"
"no keep going," suna blurts out. "i'm interested, keep talking."
you give him a warm smile as you begin to walk to the table he was once sitting at. he pulled out a chair as you sat in the one across from it, setting your coffee on the table. as the two of you found yourselves floating from topic to topic, you lost track of the time.
suna watched you with a smile as you sprinted out of the coffee shop after coming to the realization that you were about to miss the deadline for your paper submission. his eyes moved to his phone, eyes widening slightly as he caught sight of the time.
with you, every worry disappeared. it was as if your presence magically lifted all the weight off his shoulders. he no longer worried about his turbulent practices or quickly approaching deadlines. he only worried about when he could see you again.
but suna had no idea how he ended up walking into the same store this time with you by his side just a few short months later. days blurred into months, as your conversations stretched for hours on end. but the boy couldn't have imagined that he'd end up going out with you.
suna had spent so long trying to forget the calamities of the world around him, that he forgot what it was like to want to remember. your name, your face, your little habits. suna wanted to remember and memorize it all. you were like the eye of the hurricane he called his life, amidst all the panic and chaos, you were what kept him calm. the bustling environment seemed to melt away as suna felt a tug on his jacket, meeting your gaze.
"what are you ordering?" you asked your boyfriend with a smile.
suna's eyes pretended to scan over the menu, his order already laid out in his mind. "a large americano," he gave you a small smile. "with an extra shot."
"and extra ice," you finished laughing as you recalled the last time you were both in the shop together. it hadn't been long since you first met, however it felt like you knew him all your life. you walked up to the cashier with a wide smile.
"good afternoon! what can i get for you today?"
"can i have two large americanos with an extra shot and extra ice?" you asked, turning back to your boyfriend who approached you at the counter.
the cashier nodded as suna handed over his card. "i remember you two," you both looked at the cashier confused. "yeah you both ordered the exact same drink a long time back."
you nodded "yep that was us."
"it seemed like quite the chance occasion."
"yeah," suna answered before looking at you. "what a coincidence."
"more like a twist of fate," you smiled as you both walked away from the counter, suna's hand in yours as you both walked over to the same table you sat at all those months ago. "it was a good twist though," you added, sitting down in one of the chairs.
suna sat in the one across to you. "how so?"
"it gave me you." the boy felt his cheeks grow warm at your answer, giving you a lazy smile. you both turn to the counter at the sound of your name being called, suna quickly stood up to grab your coffees to which you thanked him with a smile.
his life felt like a movie, each moment feeling like it could live on the big screen. you were his movie star and he was your cameraman, capturing every aspect he could of you. from the way you anxiously bit on your coffee straw to the way you aimlessly scrolled through your phone, eyes lighting up when something caught your attention.
you gave suna a wide smile as you caught sight of him pulling his phone out. suna began laughing as he watched you create a makeshift clapboard with your hands. "ready?" suna nodded, focusing his camera on you "and action!"
the sound of your hands brings the boy back to reality. he blinked as he watched the now faint memory freeze with the end of the video. he sighed, pressing delete before swiping to the next video. suna couldn't help but play it, knowing that he could never make you laugh like that again. he swiped through every video, reliving the once happy memories before hitting delete. your smile on the screen seemed to mock him as did the call button when he stared at your contact name. the need to call you was so tempting. there was so much suna wanted to do, so much he wanted to say.
but none of that mattered now.
he sighed as he quickly swipes out, knowing he'd regret it later if he tried to call you. his eyes land back on his extensive cameral roll filled with videos and pictures of you and him. from the mirror picture you took before your anniversary date, to the videos he took of you next to the city skyline, everything seemed to taunt him.
he regrets filming the videos, he regrets his wasted efforts in trying to remember.
all he wanted to do was forget.
Tumblr media
pspsps you’re so hot when you rb <3
Tumblr media
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guksauce · a month ago
Tumblr media
One Shot
Pairing: Knj Barista x Reader AU
Word Count: 1,398K
Rated: E
One Shot Warnings: Flirty Namjoon, Coffee Genius, Extra long descriptions for no reason DON’T COME FOR ME.
Author: @guksauce
Notes: 💜Let me first just thank Kim Namjoon for being an absolute amazing person. For being a king. For being our president. For loving us. He is and forever will be protected. 💜 And thank you to those of you who give this story and myself all the love 💖
Soundtrack: Click here!
Tumblr media
It's a chilly mid-September tuesday night in Seoul, South Korea. You’ve had one of the toughest days you've had since you moved here about seven months ago. You hate your job. You struggle with the language. Your “friends'' still call you “the new girl who doesn't talk much”. And the boyfriend you had for just over 3 months called just in time for you to open your chicken salad sandwich you packed for lunch and hadn't realized it probably went bad about 2 days ago, to promise it wasn't you but him. So, since midnight youd been venturing around town in hopes of clearing your mind to no avail, passing closed store after closed store until you spotted a cafe across the street just as dark clouds rolled over the city and started to sprinkle drops of rain.
The shop emitted a golden glow, the sweet scent of roasted coffee beans and cinnamon rolls, the earthy smell of flowers that had long since closed their buds on the patio, and a small white neon sign that reads “Open 24 Hours”. Inside the walls were painted half natural forest green and half italian cream, accented only by the oddly shaped and dimly lit lanterns hung from high ceilings. The floor is all original wood, magazines and comics lean in every direction in wire baskets nailed to the wall. In the back, a few drunk friends laugh at each other's jokes and share a bottle of Soju. In the corner a string of fairy lights illuminates 2 musicians. One of them sits at an electric piano. The other stands with a golden saxophone pouring from his puckered lips. Together they play a gentle jazz tune that sets and perfects a warm ambiance.
The bar has been intricately carved with designs you associate with 1920’s Gatsby. Rows of jars with rich chocolate colored coffee grounds line the counter and it's easy to see with a glance out the large front window that the steaming espresso machine has done a wonderful job of fogging the glass. But behind the bar is a man teetering on a stool with a book in one hand and a spoon that stirs idly in his mug in the other, the silver lightly tapping the ceramic. His eyebrows are slightly furrowed and features thoughtful and pensive, so obviously enchanted by whatever world he had transported himself to to even realize anyone had entered. You didn't mind. It gave you a moment to stare without it being too awkward. Silver hair fell lazily over the crown of his head. Sharp eyes held soft onyx irises. His sleeves were rolled up on his white knitted sweater revealing a warm butterscotch tan on his arms. The rips in the knees of his black jeans showcased his toned thighs but casually complimented his modern black Oxfords. He looked clean and comfy in a way that made you want to crawl onto his lap and cuddle him. God knows you needed it after the day you’d had.
With careful steps, you approach the counter and climb onto one of the stools, pulling off your layers until you are left in your favorite sage green hoodie. “I admire your ability to get lost and enjoy it.” You say and peak over the bind of his book. You catch a glimpse of the gold name-tag attached to his sweater and read the name Namjoon in your head. In a rush he drops the book and scoots his mug to the side, steam and a fresh herbal smell lifting and wafting in your direction.
“And miss all this exciting stuff going on in here right now?” He motions to the relaxed atmosphere around the two of you and you smile.
“Are you a smartass to all of your clients?” You follow his teasing demeanor. Namjoon leans his elbows on the counter and you count to three to keep from staring at how the strands of hair fall from where they had been tucked behind his ear.
“Only when they look like they need to smile.” This time you dont stop yourself from staring, the dimples deepening in his almost childlike cheeks making you all but melt and giggle. Slipping off of his stool, Namjoon readys’ a mug under the machine and distorts his features into something out of a TV show and very awkwardly questions you.
“May I interest my lady in one of many forms of coffee this evening?” The voice and accent he's chosen is awkwardly broken british and makes your entire body cringe, but it's ridiculously endearing and impossible to say no to. You nod and perk up in your seat to get a good look at the process of coffee making as he begins to turn knobs and scoop ingredients into different cups and spoons. You don't bother telling him that the extra pump of hazelnut he put in smells too nutty, or that the roast is too dark, or that you've never had whipped cream on your coffee before, because the concoction he sets in front of you looks like a dream.
You're not sure how much time passes or how much of your life you've explained to him by the end of your third coffee together. What you know is that you never want to leave his presence. Forever, it seems, he expresses to you how much of a philosophy buff he is. Gets teary eyed talking about the many ways he's done his best to live his life through the wise words of men and women he admires. He teaches you words in Korean you'd never had the opportunity to use, as well as words he was starting to call you when the sky started to lighten up and the rain poured a little heavier.
“Yeppuda. Pretty.” He would say softly. “Aleumdaun. Like you.” He’d been shameless in his use of them. You had no idea what he was saying but you were enamored by how pretty they sounded coming from his mouth. If you scoot any closer to the edge of your stool, you were going to fall off, but the more you sat in front of him, the more that feeling of wanting to cuddle him itched at your insides. Especially when the blue haze of a new day was shading his face in different ways, casting new light here and there.
“What does that mean? Aleumdaun.” You repeated and he laughed at the way it came out a jumbled mess as though you’d swallowed a mouth full of water. He adjusted in his seat, and leaned close enough to you that, had you leaned forward just half an inch, your noses would have touched. Maybe even your lips. You give yourself a second to imagine how he might taste. Lips like cocoa. Tongue like whipped cream. White mocha and peppermint candy cane breath warming your cheeks.
“ you.” Just as the words slithered out between those perfect cocoa lips, the blush firing up your cheeks induced a dark, melted chuckle to rumble deeply in his chest just as the bell hanging above the entrance rang out, bursting the all consuming bubble of the rainy romantic ambiance you both had created for yourselves. Blinking rapidly, you clear your throat and suck your bottom lip between your teeth, chewing nervously as the woman enters awkwardly, tying her apron around her waist. The stool under Namjoon creaks softly as he greets her and wraps a scarf around his neck, shrugs his denim jacket over his shoulders and helps you into your coat.
The sun breaks between the clouds just long enough to cast a warm ray of light through the window, a sparkling mix of dust and brown sugar particles swirl in the air. Silver strands of hair catch the reflection and glow like moonlight and you suddenly absolutely cannot stand the thought of having to part ways with this enchanting man.
“Lets have breakfast.” Maybe it's too forward of you but the longer you stand here with Namjoon, the better you imagine the future of your life and you were not about to deny yourself the magical connection you shared with him. He almost looks surprised but his features soften and his dimples beg to swallow you whole as he takes your hand and answers with a voice made of honey. “I thought you’d never ask.”
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eggtoasties · a month ago
socks of fate
Pairing: Sugawara Koushi/Reader
Rating: G
Summary: Maybe the red string of fate is actually cute patterned socks.
Word Count: 1.8k
AO3 Link: Here
Sugawara burrowed further into his jacket against the cold chill of early spring. He walked faster towards the café and relaxed his shoulders once he opened the door and basked in the warm heat. Looking around the coffee shop—light wood with brass fixtures, floor to ceiling windows admitting bright afternoon rays, and an abundance of greenery—he found Daichi and Asahi at a table against the side of the wall.
Catching their attention, Sugawara waved and headed towards them. It had been a while since they had all seen each other—busy with work and adult lives—but, they always made an effort to meet up at least once a month to catch up.
Home-bound, he walked towards his childhood friends. He came up to the table and Daichi and Asahi stood up in response. Asahi spun him around in a bear hug, engulfing Sugawara’s smaller frame. Sugawara pat Asahi’s back and teasingly felt up his biceps through his shirt.
“Still working out, man? You look good,” Sugawara said with a teasing wink which made Asahi blush and stammer.
“Don’t fluster our little man baby,” Daichi said faux-sternly, lightly slapping the back of Sugawara’s head. “It’s good to see you Suga; it feels like it’s been ages.”
Sugawara pulled Daichi into a bone crushing hug, slightly lifting Daichi onto his tiptoes making him chuckle.
“We just got here a few minutes ago, let’s all order,” Asahi said excitedly. “I tried their iced dirty chai with caramel and sweet cream a while back and it was incredible. Daichi blinked at him—he had forgotten Asahi’s sweet tooth. Both feeling bad for the barista, Sugawara and Daichi nodded indulgently to their friend.
The trio went up to the counter and headed back to their table with their drinks. Although it had been a few weeks since Sugawara had talked to his two friends, they fell into easy conversation as if no time had passed between them. They caught up on work, family, friends, random tidbits of gossip, and chattered about nothing in particular.
While absentmindedly listening to Daichi lament about one of his coworkers and Asahi’s gentle consolations, Sugawara looked at his friends seated across from him. It had been years and years since high school. Gone was the round curve of their jaws and the rosy glow of adolescence. Although they were sitting, Sugawara noted the air of confidence that seemed to emanate from the cut of Asahi’s strong shoulders and the pull of authority that orbited around Daichi.
“Hello,” Daichi questioned, waving a hand in front of Sugawara’s face, “are you even listening to me?” he pouted. “I was saying how Hitoshi-san is definitely stealing my lunches and you were too busy spacing out,” he finished with a huff. “Or were you just thinking of Asahi’s arms?” Daichi said, laughing at Asahi’s embarrassment.
Asahi self-consciously crossed his arms over his broad chest and looked away from his snickering friends only to still as something caught his eye. Daichi quieted as he looked past Sugawara as well. Sugawara’s placating trailed off when he realized he had lost their attention and started to turn backwards in his chair.
She was walking towards their table, hips swaying and hands fiddling with the lid of an iced drink. Sugawara turned back, rolling his eyes at their idiocy. He had forgotten that they regressed five years when someone pretty caught their eyes. Trying to start conversation again, he took a plastic knife and tapped it against the side of his cup in mock seriousness. “Gentlemen, if you would be so kind to bring your attention back to me—”
She had walked a little past their table, giving Sugawara what he thought was a dismissive glance—starting with his face and ending at his feet. Rude, he thought to himself, when she suddenly stopped, ice and coffee slushing against the side of the plastic cup, and spun to face Sugawara.
She looked intensely at his honey eyes and he felt his cheeks reddening. From his periphery he saw Daichi tense up and Asahi jump a little at the incoming confrontation. Sugawara smiled nervously and wondered what he possibly could have done to be in the middle of her warpath and immediately tried to apologize.
“Your socks!” she said brightly.
The boys froze in confusion and Sugawara felt the heat rise to his ears. Daichi and Asahi peeked under the table and didn’t even try to hold their laughter in. Sugawara had worn open toed sandals that day. Socks and sandals are a look he constantly insisted to his judgmental friends—birks, he argued, are also comfortable. But, at that moment, he was regretting not going for a more weather appropriate boot. One that would cover the pastel yellow chickens dancing across his ankles. With easter egg hats and baby bunnies. It was a gift from his mom—what monster would deny their mother, Sugawara was internally monologuing.
“A-ah, yeah they were a gift—” he choked out.
“We’re twins!” she shouted gleefully. Setting her drink on their table and reaching down to her boot, she unzipped the side zipper and started one legged hopping in attempts to pull the shoe off. Finally freeing her foot she presented her sock to the table.
They were clearly from the same brand, but instead of the easter motif, her yellow chickens were gathered around a Christmas tree and leaving milk and cookies out for chicken Santa.
Adorable, Sugawara thought.
She wriggled her foot at them before moving to put her boot back on. Teetering a little to the side, about to lose her balance, she let out a little squeak, windmilling her arms to remain upright.
Shooting up from their seats, the boys leapt up to try and catch her, but Sugawara was the first to place one steadying hand to her lower back and another on her shoulder. He ignored the little smirks Daichi and Asahi sent his way as they sat back down.
“Oh my god, thank you,” she said breathlessly. “That would have been so embarrassing,” she muttered to herself. Zipping her boot up and straightening, she looked at the trio and flushed. “Well, thanks for letting me expose my feet to you guys,” she joked while picking her drink back up.
“Thanks again,” she said to Sugawara and walked towards her friends who had been watching and were currently laughing and pointing good naturedly at her.
Dazed, Sugawara looked back towards Daichi and Asahi. Daichi looked incredibly amused and Asahi had placed his elbows on the table, hands cupping his cheeks, looking doe-eyed at Sugawara.
Ignoring them, Sugawara crossed his legs and took a sip of his drink.
“So…” Sugawara drawled, twirling his straw. “Lunch thief?” he said weakly, preparing himself for the onslaught of teasing.
As their drinks slowly emptied and seconds and thirds were bought, Sugawara couldn’t help but sneak glances at her. Her back was towards him, but he could see the way she talked animatedly with her hands and nodded vigorously at her friends. He saw the way she threw her head back in laughter and heard it ring across the café.
As the trio’s conversations were dwindling to an end and the sun was lower in the sky, Asahi and Daichi ganged up on Sugawara.
“God, just ask for her number,” Daichi grinned.
“You kept looking at her—I’m pretty sure all her friends noticed too,” Asahi supplied. He dodged as Sugawara’s hand came to swipe at him and Asahi laughed at his friend’s embarrassment.
“C’mon Suga,” Daichi said, “worst case scenario she says no.”
“But who’d ever say no to our Suga baby,” Asahi crooned, exaggeratedly batting his eyelashes.
Huffing, Sugawara complained, “Worst case scenario is that she says no,” crossing his arms as they laughed.
Before they could continue making fun at him, Sugawara delivered swift kicks to Daichi and Asahi’s shins, making them both bang their knees under the table and scowl at him. Running a nervous hand through his hair and trying to look nonchalant, he glared meaningfully at his friends as she started to walk towards him. He tried not to stare while he pretended to make conversation with a disgruntled Daichi and a pouting Asahi, but he tracked her coming closer and closer from the corner of his eye.
“So,” she started, hands in her back pockets swaying slightly on the balls of her feet.
“And that’s why you need to cut down on salt—” he looked at her and felt his pulse in his throat. “Hi,” Sugawara squeaked, sending a kick specifically at Daichi.
“So,” she said again, “I was wondering if we maybe had more in common than just our superior taste in socks,” ending her sentence at a slightly higher pitch. She twirled a strand of hair around her index finger watching Sugawara’s reaction. “Would you wanna get a coffee sometime?” she asked, eyes crinkling down at him. “But if not, totally fine,” she said quickly, “you don’t have to feel obligated because of our, uh, sock solidarity,” she laughed.
Sugawara’s brain stopped and he swore he could feel his heart in his mouth. He felt a surge of relief that he didn’t have to ask her out, and stared at the way her hair fell around her shoulders. He had the urge to run the tips of his fingers across the ends to see if it felt as soft as it looked. Feeling a sharp pain in his shin, he jumped in his chair and shook himself from his stupor. Feeling the blood rush to his cheeks as he realized he had been staring in silence, he nodded enthusiastically.
“Yes, I’d love to get coffee,” he said quickly, elated at the way she brightened at his response. “H-here,” he fumbled with his phone as he passed it to her. Punching her number in with a grin, she gave his phone back.
“Thanks,” he said softly, staring at the contact information on his screen. “How’s next week Saturday? Twelve-ish?” Sugawara said eagerly, unable to keep the smile from his face.
“Sounds good to me,” she said humming to herself. Looking to her right where her friends were unabashedly watching, she laughed. “Text me!” she said, walking away, “see you soon, chicken!” waving at his table.  
Waving back at her in a stupor, Sugawara felt as if his brain had left his body. He hardly heard Asahi’s whoops of encouragement or Daichi’s gentle teasing—he felt his pulse reverberate in his skull. He looked down at his feet and grinned.
As she left the café with one last wave, Sugawara beamed at the two in front of him and shot up from his seat. “Yes!” he shouted, pumping his fists in the air.
Daichi and Asahi leaned into each other and snickered. “Suga, you didn’t do anything,” Daichi said.
In response, Sugawara put his hands behind his head, and stared into the rafters.
“Look at the stupid grin on his face,” Asahi giggled.
Sugawara grinned impossibly harder.
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raphaelshusband · a month ago
[i] am [l]ucky t[o] ha[ve] [you] | saphael one shot
Raphael Santiago stretched out on the king's bed. He waited a moment for the heaviness to disappear from his eyelids and stood up, sliding his feet into the fluffy slippers. He picked up a cozy scarlet robe from the ground and threw it over him. He walked over to the heavy red curtains and then opened them. A winter landscape greeted him. Each smallest plant was covered with a layer of cold white fluff. He left his room and headed to the kitchen. He descended the red and gold carpeted stairs, running his hand along the cool silver railing.
Raphael started the coffeemaker and placed a mug under it. After that he found a pack of cigarettes, he opened the window to let in some fresh, cool air. Brunet leaned against the windowsill and puffed out gray puffs of smoke as he looked at the snow-covered spruce trees in his garden.
As the cigarette was nearing its end, he put it out in the ashtray and went with the coffee to the living room. He sat down on a gilded couch and a Siamese cat jumped on his lap. Santiago smiled and scratched Amor behind the ear. After a while he heard the doorbell.
Por que demonios?
Ignoring his appearance, he entered the hall and opened the door. His friend was standing on the stone steps. The boy was wearing only a hoodie. He was all red in his face and his hands were slowly turning a bluish color.
"Simon? Por el amor de Dios, what are you doing here? Come in!" He schouted and pushed his friend inside.
"R.. Raphael.. I promise that I won't stay here for long.." He stammered out, teeth chattering.
"You're not going anywhere, come on." Raphael pushed him onto the couch. "Dios, Simon, you have frostbites. Wait, here" he ran upstairs. Raphael returned with a blanket over his shoulder and a bowl of cold water. He stood in front of Simon and wrapped him in a cozy, dark blanket. "I'll make you tea."
"R..Raphael.. no.. don't be silly.." he whispered.
"Simon, you're definitely hypothermic, you need to keep warm," he ignored the boy's protests as he put the kettle on. He realized his appearance and, embarrassed, quickly knotted his robe. Amor, not understanding the situation, rubbed his head against Lewis's knee and began to walk on his lap. "Amor, get off" Raphael ordered, handing the mug to the brown-eyed man in one hand. He took the other one gently in his hands and gradually began soaking in cold water. "I know it's cold, but if I put it in hot, you'd be in pain.. now tell me what happened."
Simon started to cry.
"I'm a Jew, right?"
"Of course."
"My.. my mother is very religious, but also homophobic. I know.. she doesn't show it, but she is.." He sniffed, took a deep breath. Santiago took care of his other hand. "I admitted to her that I am gay," the Mexican looked up quickly. "She t.. threw me out. I don't even know if I can come back for.. for my things.."
"Oh, Simon.." the dark-eyed man stopped and wrapped his arms around the boy. Simon hid his head in the hollow of Raphael's neck and sobbed softly. "Shh.." he placed a gentle kiss on his friend's hair. Simon pulled away from him and stood up.
"I'll go now.. I won't disturb you .."
"Are you kidding? It's cold as fuck outside! Did you eat anything at all?"
"I ate yesterday.. but I found ten dollars in my hoodie so I can go to..
"No." He interrupted him. "You're staying here" Santiago grabbed hm by shoulders and draped in the blanket again. "You'll warm up, I'll give you a clothes to change, and you'll go take a shower. I'll make you something to eat."
"Raphael, stop.."
"I insist" he cut short. I look after the people I love. "What have you been doing all this time?"
"I was wandering the streets.."
"Eres un estupido! You should have come to me right away, not in the morning with frostbites! Drink tea. I'm going to change" he said and returned to his room. When he changed in the dressing room, he take warm pajamas and a fluffy towel from the wardrobe. Then he went back to Simon. "Go take a shower, mi sol. I'll make you breakfast and you'll sleep. Okay?"
"Sure.." he grabbed things and started climbing the stairs.
"First floor, you go to the end of the hall and turn left. First door."
"Thanks" Simon smiled weakly. Raphael went back to the kitchen and filled forgotten cat bowls in the process.
Thirty minutes later Simon was in the kitchen. Santiago offered him a plate of croissants. Brunet sat down in front of the boy.
"What about school?"
"I can't go back. Mom is a lecturer there. Probably everyone knows about it by now."
"Have you thought about changing direction? From what you told me, your mother chose accounting for you. Simon, you love music. You should go this way."
"I have no money .." he replied softly. 
"I could hire you. In my coffee shop," he leaned forward. "You'd show your customers your musical talent every Friday or.. I'd just teach you the role of a barista."
"What? N.. no, no. I can't accept this offer," he shook his head. "I have enough of your help today.. I really appreciate it, but.. it's too much.."
"Think about it, Simon. It might be a good solution."
"Alright.. let me think it over .."
"Come on, I'll show you where you'll sleep" and began leading him to the second floor. When Lewis lay wrapped in sheets, he really wanted to grab Santiago by the wrist and tell him what he felt. He wanted to tell him I love you. But instead he muttered softly:
"I'm lucky to have you."
end of the part one.
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ten ways
Book: Open Heart
Warning: So sweet your dentist would be concerned Rating: General Pairing: Bryce x F!MC Word count: 6500+ Author’s note: I finally wrote something that isn’t angst and oh god is it long. I spent so much time on this so please please consider reblogging and let me know what you thought of it, and maybe check out my masterlist while you’re at it.
There was truly no better way to start off senior year than arriving late to her first class. 
In her defense, she had left the house early. For once in her life, she was actually going to be early to school. She was so proud of herself, and was so certain that she had extra time that she allowed herself to stop at a drive-thru and get a drink as a reward to herself. Everything was going according to plan. 
That is, until the lady in the car in front of her decided she wasn’t pleased with her order and made the barista redo it; and to make sure he didn’t mess up her order a second time, the barista was extra careful. And extra slow. 
She groaned as she watched the time tick pass minute by minute. Just her luck. 
She watched the barista hand the drink to the lady in front and breathed a sigh of relief. Yet, the car didn’t move, not a single inch. The drink was already in her hand, but the lady just had to continue to talk with the barista. 
She cursed under her breath and banged her head on the steering wheel in frustration. She must’ve been more aggressive than she was expecting, because her horn went off, and loudly at that.
She jumped back in shock at the noise. The lady poked her head out of her car window and immediately began lecturing her on how rude she was being. At least, that’s what she assumed she was saying, she really couldn’t hear her with her windows rolled up. She bit her lip, gave a little wave, and mouthed an apology.
Eventually, the lady finished her rant and left the drive-thru. She got her drink, no longer a reward and more of a consolation, and sped to school.
There weren’t any other students in the parking lot by the time she got there, only a reminder of just how late she was. Shoving all her things back inside her backpack, she locked the door and hurried into the building.
Of course, her first class just had to be with Mr. Anderson. Any other teacher would have just let her tardiness slide, but not him, never him. She opened the door to his classroom, and any conversation that had been going on stopped. 
More than a dozen pairs of eyes turned their attention to her, and she wanted to melt into the floor right then and there. 
“Nice of you to finally join us,” Mr. Anderson addressed her. He narrowed his eyes at the nervous student, leaning against his desk as he sized her up, “if you’re done being a distraction to my class, I’d appreciate it if you would take a seat.
She swallowed roughly and nodded. He went back to lecturing the class on how his classes would be conducted, and she did her best to find a seat as quietly as she could. Instinctively, she made her way over to where her friends were sitting.
Bryce moved his backpack off the desk next to him and quietly whispered, “I saved you a seat.” 
She gave him a grateful smile and mouthed back a ‘thanks’.
Sienna leaned forward, “Anderson really wasn’t amused with you, huh?”
“I swear he hates me,” she insisted.
Bryce rolled his eyes, “he doesn’t hate you, Boo.”
“Bryce is right,” she said, “everyone knows he just hates women,” she stressed the last part with exaggerated disgust.
Late-night study sessions had evolved to become code for hanging out at Danny’s house and messing around. 
Sienna was dating Danny, so naturally, she had become friends with him and his friends by association. Sienna, Aurora, and her were actually trying to study. Danny and Elijah were discussing the school football team’s chances of winning their next game, and Jackie and Bryce were in the kitchen getting snacks and undoubtedly bickering about something completely irrelevant. 
“Okay, Sienna,” Aurora held up a flashcard, “what can you tell me about the defenestration of Prague?” 
“Uh, people were thrown out of windows for fun?” She replied, barely having read that chapter of the textbook.
“No- well, actually, I suppose you’re technically not completely wrong.”
She let her body fall back against the back of the couch and closed her eyes. If she had to stay there any longer, she would’ve thrown herself out the window. 
It wasn’t that she didn’t want to hang out with her friends, it was just that after a long day of school, she wasn’t exactly thrilled to spend more time with the people she had already spent most of the day with. 
“Sorry I’m late, I just spent the better part of the last hour trying to explain to a group of freshmen that I won’t be dating or teaching “my ways” to any one of them,” he shuddered dramatically as he walked into the living room where everyone was.
“Ah yes, I almost forgot I was friends with the Bryce Lahela,” she said overdramatically.
He rolled his eyes but decided to amuse her nonetheless, “what can I say, I’m just clearly superior.”
She scoffed but refused to dignify him with any further response. Instead, she closed her eyes and pretended she was back at home under her warm, soft covers. 
“I brought you food.”
That caught her attention. Cautiously opening an eye to see if he was telling the truth, she was met with the sight of him holding up a bag of fast food that he must have picked up on his way over. She couldn’t help the growing smile on her face as she sat upright. 
“For me?” She asked.
“Of course, Munchkin” he handed the bag over to her, “you skipped lunch to finish up the science project you were behind on and I’m certain you haven’t gotten around to eating anything yet,” he said confidently.
She happily pulled an order of large fries out of the bag, “have I ever told you how amazing you are, Bryce?”
He smiled, “not often enough.”
“Well, you are. So amazing.”
She had just finished the fries and was looking through the back to see what else he had gotten her when Danny called out to her.
“What are your thoughts on Rafael?” He asked.
She tilted her head, “he’s okay, pretty cute. Why?”
“He told me he likes you, even wanted me to ask if you were single?” Danny said nonchalantly.
Sienna immediately got invested and joined in on the conversation, “she is very single, and I for one think they would be a great couple!”
She could feel her cheeks begin to heat up, and suddenly she found the hardwood floors very interesting, “I don’t know…he actually likes me?”
“That’s what he told me,” Danny replied, “can I give him your number?”
She weighed her options before giving a careless shrug, “Yeah, why not?” 
“You and Rafael? I knew this day would come,” Aurora commented.
“Okay, we’ve talked about this long enough. We need to study,” she insisted, pulling out her textbook.
“I’d rather not fail this test,” Bryce agreed.
Everyone begrudgingly went back to their previous activities, and Bryce took that opportunity to fill up the space next to her on the couch. She flipped through pages of her textbook before coming to a stop. She passed the textbook to Bryce and pointed to a large picture on the page.
“This one’s my favourite,” she said. 
“Wanderer above the Sea of Fog,” he read,  “you’re a fan of Caspar David Friedrich?”
She shrugged, “I guess I’m just a fan of the Romantic moment in general. Everything was so creative and beautiful. I just think it’s crazy how this painting holds so much emotion.”
Bryce frowned, looked at the painting, then back at her, “it certainly is romantic.”
She gave the painting one last look before she began flipping through the pages of the textbook again. Bryce watched her curiously as she read over the vocabulary words for that week. After a while, he decided to say what was on his mind. 
“So,” he broke the silence, “you and Rafael, huh?”
“Yeah,” suddenly, the furry carpet on the floor looked beyond interesting, “I used to have a crush on him in middle school, remember?”
His mouth broke out into a smile, “Sienna and I used to tease you about it all the time! No wonder you’re so bad at chemistry,” he joked. 
“I happen to be pretty extraordinary at chemistry, thank you very much.”
“Hm, I think that botched experiment that nearly killed Mrs. Durnam tells a very different story,” he said, and she playfully punched his arm. 
“She’s still alive, isn’t he? Plus, you were the one who didn’t make me double-check!”
He had an amused look on his face, “keep telling that to yourself, babe.”
He was tired, the sheets were too hot. It had been a long day, his body was exhausted. The air in his bedroom was too cold, his mind was tired, too. If he would just close his eyes and stop thinking, he’d be asleep in mere minutes. Now the sheets were hot again, so he kicked them off. Then the air was too cold, so he pulled the sheets over him again. Not thinking ironically proved to be harder than perceived. Go then if you must, but remember, no matter how fooli- damn it, Sophocles, damn your terribly beautiful words.
Bryce threw the covers onto the other side of the bed and sat up. He wasn’t going to get much sleep that night no matter how hard he tried, anyway, no need to lie to himself. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, if there even had been any sleep in the first place.
There was no doubt that he was tired both mentally and physically. But emotionally? His heart was eternally restless when it came that. He crossed his room and sat down at the expensive wooden desk, fully accepting that getting any rest that night was no longer a viable option.
The bright light from his computer was a harsh contrast to the darkness of the room, but his eyes adjusted soon enough. Bryce didn’t even know what he was doing on his computer in the middle of the night. 
But his subconscious knew. His fingers opened up the application and started scrolling. No, no, yes. God, no. yes, definitely, perfect. And that went on for an hour or so, though Bryce wasn’t exactly keeping track of time. He’d be near-dead at sunrise, but he wasn’t going to get any sleep until he finished. 
When he actually did finish, he smiled contentedly to himself. A wave of calmness washed over him, and before he knew it, he was face down and lost in his dreams asleep.
He looked terrible the next morning. Well, as terrible as Bryce Lahela could look. He still dressed as great as always, even styling his hair with a little more volume than usual. He was still sharp as ever in class, but anyone who really knew him could tell that he was a total mess. 
“Hey, you okay?” She asked during lunch in Mr. Jericho’s classroom (He had been kind enough to let a bunch of teenagers spend lunch in his class; the cafeteria just wasn't cool enough for them).
“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine.”
She cocked her head to one side, “no you aren’t, spill.”
“Don’t worry about me. I actually have a little something for you,” Bryce fished his phone out of his pocket.
“You have something for me?”
“Sending it now. Aaaand…...check your phone!”
She raised an eyebrow and cautiously unlocked her phone to look at the text he had sent to her.
“Sophocles and Serotonin,” she read off her phone, “ what is this?” 
“I made you a playlist of songs that I thought you’d like.”
“Seriously?” A smile emerged on her lips, and Bryce couldn’t help himself but to reflect it, “When did you even have the time for this?”
He shrugged nonchalantly, “I happened to have free time last night.”
“With Mr. Anderson's early deadlines? I smell a steaming hot pile of bullshit, Lahela,” She looked up at him, a teasing lilt prominent in her tone, “I appreciate the playlist even more now that I know you took the time out of your night to make it. Thank you, Bryce.”
She leaned forward on the desk she was seated on and pressed a kiss to his cheek. He froze like a deer in headlights, and if she noticed, she definitely didn’t say anything. He compiled himself back together before she could notice that his usual smirk wasn’t as smug as it usually was, and leaned back against the desk behind him in an attempt to look cool. 
“So, what’re you doing after school?” He asked in his best casual voice. 
“Rafael and I are going to see a movie.”
“That’s actually still a thing?”
She shot him a look that made him raise his hands up in surrender, “Yes, it’s still a thing. He’s a good guy, I really like him.” 
“But is he good enough for you?” He crossed his arms, eyes not leaving hers. It wasn’t that Bryce didn’t like Rafael. Rafael was great, but no guy would ever be good enough for his best friend. 
“He is,” She said with an eye roll, “why do you care anyway?”
“Just looking out for you, Sweetheart.”
“I can take care of myself perfectly fine, Scout.”
His eyebrows shot up his forehead, an impressed look across his face, “trust me, I know.”
Summer felt like an eternity ago, when in reality, it had been less than two months ago The yellow-orange leaves and updated Starbucks menu was enough to convince anyone that it was already October. 
It took a lot of sweet-talking and a tiny bit of bribery to convince Bryce to attend the Homecoming football game, but with Sienna’s assistance, she eventually got him to cave. She wanted him there, but more importantly, she wanted him to give her a ride there. 
Of course, she could have taken her own car, but she would much rather not waste her own gas when she could take advantage of his instead. It wasn’t like it mattered to him, his parents paid for his car, insurance, and gas anyway. Plus, the seat warming function in his cushy Mercedes Benz was a huge incentive.
She spent most of the ride over to the stadium raving over the seat warmers, and he spent most of the ride making fun of how obsessed she was with said seat warmer. Eventually, they parked outside and paid for the entrance fees. 
“It’s kinda co-” before she could even finish her sentence remarking the cold weather, Bryce handed her a comfy looking (and feeling) sweatshirt. She looked down at the maroon sweatshirt, then back at him, her mouth slightly ajar, “You brought an extra sweatshirt for me? I didn’t even ask.”
“You didn’t need to,” he shrugged. 
She put on the sweatshirt and stared at him with wide eyes. Bryce glanced at her, bit the inside of his lip, then shook his head, “Don’t go thinking I care about you or anything now, Lovey. I couldn’t have you taking the sweatshirt I’m wearing, then I’d freeze up. 
She looked up at him with a smug grin on her face that made him regret bringing her the sweatshirt in the first place, “Yeah? Is that really all it was?”
“Yes, that’s all, Sunshine,” he did his best to act all annoyed by her questioning, but instead found it endearing in the end. 
It took him a moment, but eventually, he came up with a half-decent excuse, “besides, you know my grandma would kill me if she knew I let you freeze. I swear, sometimes it seems like she loves you more than she loves me.”
“That’s because she does,” she pointed it out like it was the only possibility, “can you blame her? I’m funny and adorable. You’re just a grumpy old man that I had to drag to this game.”
“That’s it. Take the sweatshirt off, I hope you freeze,” he said with the dirtiest look he could muster and she had the audacity to throw her head back and laugh.
She reached into her bag, and after digging around, she pulled a five-dollar bill out of her wallet. Thrusting the money into Bryce’s hand and pushing him in the direction of the concession stand, “here, go get some popcorn for us. Maybe then you won’t be so irritable once you get some food in you, I’ll find us some good seats.’
Bryce grumbled something about “you’re irritable” but nonetheless ventured off towards the concession stand. 
She climbed the steps up the stadium and immediately found Sienna and Danny sitting in the student section, all decked out in their school colours and face paint. Sienna greeted her with a warm hug. 
Pulling back, Sienna took note of what she was wearing, “is that Bryce’s?”
She looked down at the Stanford sweatshirt she had wrapped around herself, “Oh yes, it’s pretty comfortable, actually.”
Sienna pursed her lips and mulled over the new information, “What’s going on between the two of you?”
“What do you mean? We’re friends,” she shrugged.
“And Bryce knows that?” She paused, “Do you know that?”
She narrowed her eyes at Sienna, “Yes, of course I know that. I’m dating Rafael now, okay? Bryce and I have always just been friends, and that's all we’ll ever be.” Sienna nodded her head, “Okay, okay. If you say so, I believe you. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt, I care about both of you.”
“There aren’t any feelings between Bryce and I, don’t worry,” she said, but those words didn’t leave her mind for the rest of the night.
Bryce had spent a significant amount of the week dreaming about the coffee and cookie dough ice cream that was waiting for him in the freezer.
It was his favourite flavour, and there was just enough left in the carton for one last bowl of that sweet sweet goodness of a food. He had promised himself that he wouldn’t eat the last of it until he really deserved to. After spending his afternoon being productive and studying for the test he had tomorrow, he decided that he finally earned that delectable bowl of unhealthy but utterly delicious caramel-colored ice cream. 
He made his way down to the kitchen, humming an upbeat tune and sliding across the smooth marble floor in his most comfortable pair of socks. Bryce had made it all the way to the freezer, barely moments away from the compartment holding his currently most prized possession when a hasty knock at the front door stopped him in his tracks.
He paused. He was oh so close to getting to his ice cream; maybe it was just a delivery? He debated answering the door or ignoring it and getting the ice cream first. He was starting to lean towards just going for his bowl of ice cream when there was a knock at the door again. With a scowl on his face, he abandoned the freezer and any hope for happiness he had left and made his way to the front door.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” He said in surprise when he saw who was standing at her doorstep.
“I didn’t know who else to go to. Sienna’s out with Danny, and Aurora and Jackie aren’t good in situations like this,” she spoke quietly and sniffled in between sentences, trying not to let any more tears fall down her cheek, “sorry, I just-”
He interrupted her by pulling her into the darkening sky and into his house and arms. She melted into his touch and gripped his shirt tightly as she hugged him back. 
“What happened?” he asked softly, rubbing circles into her back with his thumbs.
“Rafael and I broke up.”
Bryce sighed softly and rested his chin on her head. He bit his lip and weighed the options in front of him, before he came to a reluctant conclusion. He pulled away just enough so that he could look her in her teary bloodshot eyes.
“I think this is the part where we break out the ice cream.”
She offered him a slightly trembling smile, “ice cream couldn’t hurt.”
He led her to the kitchen and began digging through the freezer while she hopped onto the counter beside him. He hid a frown from her while in the process of pulling the nearly empty carton of coffee and cookie dough ice cream out of the freezer.
“You wanna tell me what happened?” Bryce asked, retrieving a bowl from one of the cabinets.
“It wasn’t even a bad break up,” Despite her words, she still wiped at her tears using the sleeves of her shirt, “we mutually agreed that it was best for both of us.”
She nodded, “he’s just...not the one, I guess.”
Bryce felt something twist and turn in his stomach, and he knew it wasn’t right to be happy when his friend was so miserable, but he was anyway. He did his best to hide the smile that wanted to form at the corners of his mouth, “I’m sorry, Cupcake.”
She laughed, “Cupcake?”
He rolled his eyes, but the grin on his face remained, “I’m trying something new, okay? Running out of nicknames.”
She couldn’t help but match his infectious smile, “you’re not gonna have any ice cream?” she asked as he passed her the bowl.
“Nah, not in the mood for it,” he lied.
“Did you get enough sleep last night, Hon?” She was already in mid-yawn when he had asked the question.
She held a hand over her mouth and nodded, “yeah, I’m fine. Why?”
“You look terrible.”
She scowled at him, “wow, just what a girl wants to hear. Anyone ever tell you you’re one hell of a charmer, Lahela?”
“You’d be surprised, actually,” he gave her a teasing smile, “so who’s the cause for your sleepless night?”
“Napoleon Bonaparte.” She made an emphasis on the textbook in her hands, “Why’d I ever let you convince me to take an AP class with you?”
“Because you so desperately enjoy spending time with me?”
“Nah, that’s not it.”
“Ouch,” Bryce held a hand over his heart, “you really stayed up late studying for the quiz?”
“Some people have to study, okay? Not everyone is as gifted as Bryce flippin’ Lahela.”
“Flippin’? Really?” He stifled a laugh.
“We’re at school, gotta keep it PG,” she shrugged, “so yeah, I stay up and study sometimes. High schoolers aren’t supposed to get a normal amount of sleep, it’s not a big deal.”
“Yeah, well, sometimes I worry about you.”
She tilted her head to the side and gave him a small smile, “you don’t need to worry about me, Bry.” 
“Believe me, if I could just shut it off, I would. Look, I’ll make you a stack of flashcards next time so you can get more sleep.”
She was about to say something in response when her phone rang in her pocket, “I should get this.”
She went out into the hallway to answer the call, and Bryce turned back to his lunch, not even bothering to hide his growing smile. 
He jumped at the sound of a voice and turned to see Sienna sitting at the desk across from him. Had she been listening to them the whole time? He had completely forgotten she was there; a fact he certainly wasn’t about to share with her. 
“Yes, Sienna?”
“Do you have a crush on her?”
Bryce blinked a few times, certain that he hadn’t heard Sienna right, “Excuse me?
Sienna rolled her eyes, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, “You heard me right. I’m not blind, Bryce. I see the way you look at her when you think no one is focusing. Do you have a crush on her?”
“That’s ridiculous, where’d you even get the idea from?”” He made a face like he was disgusted by the very thought of it. 
“Oh, I dunno, you just do whatever it takes to make her happy. Not to mention that you have a different pet name for her every time I see you two, seems pretty affectionate to me, Bryce.” She did always have a talent for laying out the facts.
“We’ve been friends since before I could remember, of course I care about her. And so what if I have a nickname for her? It doesn’t mean anything.”
“It’s not like you have a nickname for anyone else.”
“I call you...Si...all the time,” he paused to rethink what he just said, “I have a nickname for everyone.” 
“We both know that’s a load of B.S, are you really telling me that you don’t like her?”
“I don’t like her,” and it wasn’t an exact lie, because the feelings he had for her had progressed far beyond liking. 
“There’s nothing people appreciate more than a hand-made gift, right?” She said and pulled out a ball of azure coloured yarn.
Bryce crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back against a wall, “Sure, except maybe a nice Rolex or a new car.”
She gave him a look, “I don’t know what it is about me that makes you think I can afford a Rolex or a new car. I’m an unemployed high school student, my only income comes in the form of birthday cards from my grandparents.”
“Well, I’m sure Sienna will love the scarf you make for her.”
“Yeah, how hard could it be?” She muttered and stared blankly at the mess of strings in her lap.
His eyes widened a little, “Wait, you’re telling me you’ve never crocheted before?”
“I'll get the hang of it soon enough,” she pulled up a beginners guide on YouTube, and five minutes later, she had a knotted pile of yarn in her hands. She huffed in frustration and began to aggressively pull at the yarn.
“Let me help you.”
“You? Know how to knit?” She raised a skeptical eyebrow at him. 
Bryce rolled his eyes, sitting next to her and taking the “scarf” out of her hands, “This is crocheting. You don’t even use knitting needles”
“Apologies. And how do you even know how to crochet?” 
“I may or may not have taken lessons a couple summers back to impress Alisson Rivers?” He admitted, quickly untangling her “progress” and began to expertly thread the loops of yarn together. He held up his work to her once a pattern had begun to form, “being incredibly sexy has its perks,” he jokingly winked at her. 
“I hate that you’re good at everything.”
He snorted and gently began to move the work into her hands for her to finish the rest, “Not everything, maybe just most things.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,”  She waved him off, now laser-focused on the project in front of her and determined to get it right that time. Bryce gave her tips and advice every once in a while, but for the most part, he let her work on it by herself. She was a fast learner. 
“Sweethea-” Bryce cut himself off, remembering the conversation he had with Sienna earlier. He cleared his throat, “you’re never gonna get it like that.”
She looked up at him with furrowed brows, “What?” He swallowed roughly and shook his head, “It’s nothing.’re going to wanna pull the yarn a little tighter or it’s all going to unravel before you’re even finished.”
“Oh,” She gave him a thankful smile, “thanks, Bryce.”
It was almost 2 in the morning, and she knew that getting any more than four of sleep was out of the equation at that point. She wasn’t exactly trying very hard to sleep. She had tried to refresh her Instagram feed maybe two dozen times now, but it wasn’t as if anyone was going to post in the middle of the night. And even so, Instagram was doing a fairly poor job at keeping her mind distracted. 
Sighing out in frustration, she threw her body back onto her bed with a loud sigh. She wrinkled her nose and finally caved in to her temptations, navigating to the facetime app on her phone. Hesitating one last time, she tapped his contact with her thumb. The phone began to hum as she waited for him to pick up. 
“Hey, Bry. I know it’s late,” she said when he finally answered the phone. She frowned when he realised he was still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, “sorry, did I wake you up?”
“No, no. I couldn’t sleep anyway,” replied his groggy and raspy voice. 
“I know you’re lying, Bryce. Don’t worry about it, go back to sleep”
“I was already up.”
“No, you weren’t. It’s really fine, don’t let me bother you.
He stopped rubbing his eyes and looked at her firmly through the camera, “Maybe I was asleep, but I’m up now, aren’t I? Don’t worry about waking me up. Besides, I’d much rather be talking to you.’
She pursed her lips, giving him a doubtful look. He was too polite to ever tell her if she was bothering him. She couldn’t tell if he genuinely wanted to talk to her, or if he was too courteous to tell her otherwise.
He noticed the look she gave him, “Don’t look at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“Like you don’t believe me. I would’ve stopped being friends with you years ago if I didn’t find all your annoying habits endearing as hell. I promise,” he shot her a smug smile that almost made her wish she hadn’t called him up. 
“How kind of you,” she said sarcastically.
“I try,” his grin widened, if that were even possible, “so what did you want to talk to me about?” 
She chewed on her bottom lip and shrugged, “I dunno.”
“You don’t?” Bryce narrowed his eyes and leaned closer to the camera. After he had examined her carefully, he leaned back and crossed his arms, “Yeah you do. What is it?”
She shifted uncomfortably by how easy it was for him to see right through her. Once more that night, she caved, “Earlier, when you told me to tighten the yarn. You stopped yourself from calling me ‘sweetheart’.”
He tensed, but she didn’t notice, “I mean, what’s so unusual about that? That's a perfectly normal thing for someone to do.”
“I know,” she nodded, “but you always call me some cheesy pet name. Always. So, did something happen? Are you mad at me?”
He raised an eyebrow and shook his head, “No, of course not. Everything’s fine,” he paused, “that really upset you?”
“It’s just that you’ve always had a nickname for me, I guess I got used to it.”
He laughed through his nose and couldn’t stop the amused smile from spreading across his lips, “Okay, Boo.”
“Am I finally going to get to see your mural?”
Bryce rolled his eyes, “It isn’t my mural, Love. It’s the senior mural, it’s not like I’m painting it.”
“Yeah, but it was your idea,” she gave him a playful nudge, “I don’t know why you haven’t told me what it is yet. I’m sure if the amazing Bryce Lahela designed it, it’ll be the best senior mural this school has ever seen. 
“Don’t get your hopes up, Babe. I’d hate to disappoint you.”
“You could never disappoint me,” she said matter-of-factly, “you’re Bryce Lahela.”
They turned the corner to see their fellow senior, Kyra Santana, working on the mural. The previously beige wall was now covered in black, gray, and light blue paint. In the middle of the painting was a figure made up of colourful handprints standing above the blue-gray ocean in front of them. 
She stared at the mural with an open mouth. She glanced from Kyra, to Bryce, then back to the artwork in front of her.
“It was my idea to make the figure all colourful with the handprints,” Bryce said, “I thought it would be nice to let our class literally leave a mark on this school.”
Kyra smiled at the mural and set her paintbrush down, “I was a great idea, the splash of colour is just what it needed,” she turned to her, “what do you think?”
“Like it? No, I...I love it, it’s perfect,” she turned to Bryce with wide eyes, “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, this is my favourite painting.”
“I noticed--don’t give me that look. It’s not like I care that much, you just never shut up about this painting. It’s annoying, really,” he muttered, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck and looking down at his shoes.
She smiled and turned her attention back to the mural, “I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this. I can’t believe you remembered.”
“Of course. It’s worth it, seeing how much you like it.”
There was a beat of silence.
“You’re the kind of person I could fall in love with, you know that?” She didn’t take her eyes off the wall that the mural proudly sat on, and Bryce was glad.
Maybe if she had looked at him, she would have seen his breath catch in his throat and his eyes widen just a little bit. If he was the kind of person she could fall in love with, then why didn’t she? Bryce was flustered, and if she had noticed his lack of response, she didn’t mention it.
Their high school was filled with rich kids. Their high school also had a debate team with a minimal number of members. These factors resulted in Bryce and her having their own separate hotel rooms when they attended a debate function in Washington D.C.
After a long day of debating and watching other teams debate, she and Bryce walked side by side down the narrow corridor to their respective rooms. Every now and then, they sneaked looks at each other when they thought the other wouldn’t notice.
Bryce cleared his throat, “So that guy in the blue shirt asked me for your number.”
She glanced up at him, “He did? Did you give it to him?”
“What? Why not?”
“Thought he was out of your league. I told him you snored like an ogre and gave him Jackie’s number instead,” he said with a careless shrug.
She gasped and shoved his shoulder, “Are you kidding me? You know I don’t snore, he was cute and interested in me!”
“Can’t imagine why.”
She scowled, “For your information, I’m adorable. I’m funny, enjoyable to be around, and have a high tolerance for assholes who shut down opportunities for their friends. And I’m extremely attractive, which is an added plus.”
“You don’t need to sell me on reasons why you’re dateable,” he chuckled softly.
“Oh yeah?”
At that very moment, they turned to face each other. Their teasing banter stopped when they realised that they were only inches apart, able to hear every inhale and exhale of the other. His gaze flickered down to her lips, and it was only for a second, but she hadn’t missed a single bit of it. 
Bryce took a step back and cleared his throat, standing rather uncomfortably, “It’s late, we should go to bed. Goodnight.”
“Goodnight,” she echoed before they both hurriedly turned around and stepped into their own rooms.
Had he almost kissed her? Did that really just happen? Her mind wandered as she leaned against her hotel room door. 
Maybe she had just imagined it. She shook the thought out of her head and grabbed a sweatshirt along with a pair of shorts out of her suitcase. Maybe she would stop thinking about it after a good night's rest. She changed, brushed her teeth, and was about to turn the lights off when she felt that nagging feeling bubble up in the pits of her stomach once more.
It was naive to think her mind would stop racing that night if she didn’t confront Bryce about it. She set the covers that were in her hands down and made her way out into the fluorescent-lit hallway. She had made it all the way to his door when she stopped herself. 
Was that really what she wanted to do? If she brought up their almost-kiss, would they ever be able to go back to being friends? Did she even want them to go back to being just friends? She bit her lip and glanced back at her own room door. She should’ve just gone to bed, it wasn’t worth putting their entire friendship on the line. But then again, she would always wonder what could have happened if she never followed her gut.
She raised her fist to knock on his door, but before she could make contact, the door swung open. They once more stood face to face, their wide-eyed expressions mirroring each other. For a moment in time, all that stood between them were the accelerated heartbeat and the flutters they felt for one another. 
Bryce’s arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Her hand had found its place on the back of his neck and guided his lips to hers. His eyes were half-open, sneaking glances at her to assure himself that he wasn’t dreaming. Her overwhelming scent and the feeling of his hands threaded through her hair were all too real.
He pulled her into his room, kicking the closed door behind him. Placing both hands on his broad chest, she pushed him back onto the bed and climbed on top of him, straddling his hips.
Thoughts were racing in her mind. She tried to put reason to the way he gripped her waist so tightly that there were sure to be bruises there the very next day. She tried to put reason to the way his pupils dilated as she went in for another kiss; she came up empty-handed. 
There was no way she felt the same, Bryce told himself. There was no way that she loved him the way he loved her. For as long as he could remember, he had been in love with her, and for as long as he could remember, she had only seen him as her friend.
He missed the warmth of her lips when she pulled away, but he couldn’t help but admire the way her lips were slightly swollen and her hair was a mess. Her eyes were mesmerising, and the way the light highlighted the softness of her skin made him fall even more. He took that moment to memorise every line and curve of her face, forever branding that memory into his head. 
She leaned in to kiss him again, but he pushed her away this time and sat up, “Stop. we...we can’t do this.  This can’t just be a one-time thing.”
He felt his heart twist inside his chest and he clenched his jaw, “Because I love you.”
Her lips curled up in a smile, “I love you too.”
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Love Will Find a Way: Chapter 26
Tumblr media
The warm, sweet taste of caramel trickled down her throat from the Styrofoam mug locked between her lips; the ever-present odor of coffee grounds and the chatter of local patrons filtered throughout the small enclosure.
The flaky croissant laid aimlessly on top of the plate; her fingers picking at it like you would a scab that was trying to heal, she sat at a table that was parked towards the back; her eyes surveyed the surroundings and slowly made their way back to the window, where she watched bystanders pass her by without a second glance.
At that moment, she spotted an all too familiar face, the tall medium build man who attended her baby shower extended a small wave; to which she reciprocated. Her dark brown iris’ traced his movements, from when he entered the establishment to the point where he stood in front of her, after an exchange of nervous smiles, Sean pulled out the chair and sat down.
“Hope you didn’t wait too long”
“Listen, I’m glad you called…for a minute there I was worried that you’d written me off completely”
“No…I’ve been meaning to call, it’s just that…well things have been a little hectic lately”
“Hey, I get it. So, is Rafael going to be joining us?”
“Sorry, but he’s working on a pretty big case now…it takes up a lot of his time…” Alexa’s face saddened as she lost eye contact with Sean, the change in her demeanor caused a look of concern on Sean’s face; his hand slid across the table and landed on top of hers in a comforting gesture. Immediately, their eyes regained contact.
“Is everything ok? I mean, I know it’s none of my business but…”
“No, it’s ok…I can’t keep things bottled up, can I?”
Sean folded his arms on top of the table as he gave Alexa a reassuring nod, she took a moment to collect her thoughts, from there; the buildup of loneliness and frustration faltered with her telling’s of how Rafael seemed to focus on his job more than the responsibilities at home. The continuation of her account of events caused a few tears to form, at one point, she turned away from Sean and blinked to stop them from streaming down her cheeks; the same hand that held hers earlier made a place on Alexa’s shoulder in another gesture of comfort and sympathy.
“Hey…hey, it’s going to be ok”
“I mean, I know I should be more patient with him. His job asks a lot of him, but at the same time…I feel like I’m going through this pregnancy by myself”
Even though she wasn’t a part of his life anymore, there was something inside Sean that still cared for her, and it pained him dearly to see this strong, courageous woman reduced to a weeping mess. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, an idea formed in his head.
“You know, Central Park’s not too far from here…maybe we could go for a walk, a little fresh air might do you some good”
Alexa nodded in agreement at his suggestion, one of the baristas walked by their table just as they were getting ready to leave, Sean signaled to the young woman and asked if she could fix a to go bag for the tea and croissant that Alexa had yet to finish.
The woman informed him that she’d be back with his request shortly, as soon as it was recieved, the contents of her meal were placed inside. Outside of the coffee shop, Sean whistled for a cab and instantly one drove up in front of them, upon entering the vehicle, instructions were given to the cabbie to deliver them to Central Park, a good 20 minutes passed just as they reached one of its prominent entrances.
Once he received his tip, Sean headed out first, then went around to the other passenger side door where he carefully lifted Alexa from the cab; the yellow vehicle drove off the moment they reached the sidewalk. During their stroll through the vast landscape with its picturesque scenery, a newfound sense of calmness and wellbeing overtook Alexa, then as if a spark had been lit; she began to converse with Sean about his new life, as well as his relationship with Sonny’s cousin.
Essentially, he became an open book with her, as he shared stories of the intimate and special occasions they’ve enjoyed as a couple; Alexa was reminiscent of the many times that Rafael treated her to romantic dinners or displayed small tokens of affection.
Their light-hearted laughs echoed along the trail, for the first time in a while, she felt the blissful tenderness associated with having someone to share her innermost thoughts and provide comfort/ reassurance. As the hours ticked away, daylight began to fade against the Manhattan skyline, Alexa noticed the dwindling sunlight and quickly glanced down at her watch, then gasped at the lateness of the hour.
“Oh, my god, I better get going, Rafael could be home any minute”
“Alright, I get you a cab”
The two of them returned to the entrance where they originally entered, Sean waved down an oncoming cab, after she was seated; Alexa relayed to the cabbie her intended destination. Before it could depart, Sean looked over at her, he expressed how much he enjoyed their time together and reiterated that he was always willing to lend a sympathetic ear; a smile of appreciation graced her face, then she offered that they should set up another time to meet.
“Yeah, that sounds great”
“Alright, I’ll call you with the details”
The cab drove away from the curb as Alexa and Sean waved good bye to each other, from that day forward, the former lovers became practically joined at the hip. Whenever Rafael worked late, Alexa invited Sean for days where they could sample some of the exotic cuisines at the numerous restaurants in Manhattan, enjoy the various theatrical productions on Broadway or gaze at the collection of art at one of the museums.
On one of the nights that she was left in the solitude of the brownstone, Alexa took it upon herself to allow Sean to come over, when he arrived; she smiled gleefully then gestured him inside. He scanned over the layout of the two adjoining rooms and became in awe at the overall design, and placement of every piece of furniture.
“Wow, this place is amazing, did you hire an interior decorator?”
Alexa laughed, “No, we did this all ourselves”
“Still, it’s pretty good”
“Wait until you see the upstairs”
Acting like an impromptu tour guide, she leads Sean up the stairs, the bathrooms and master bedroom were up to par in the sense that they were styled in a normal fashion, but as Alexa put it, the true masterpiece was the nursery.
The light switch flipped on to showcase the oak finished dresser that sat next to the doorway, the changing table planted at the far corner, the antique rocking chair that stood by the window and the crib; with the same oak finish as the dresser, propped up against the wall on the right side of the room. The walls were covered in a coat of light purple and soft blue palettes, Alexa sauntered over to the crib where her fingers grazed along its wooden texture, a soft smile stretched across her face while memories of the day that she and Rafael built the frame of the bed that their daughter would lay came into fruition.
A small toolbox sat beside him as they held up one of the bars, with a small screwdriver in hand, every piece was inserted and screwed into the right slot; while at the same time, his body shifted from one position to another; his posterior became an immediate source of attention to the mother to be, Alexa ogled at him like a horny teenager.
The event that followed the completion of their daughter’s crib involved a lot of tender kisses and the sensuous, passionate exploration of their bodies. Gradually, her mind made it back to the present, she finished showing Sean around before they retired to the living room; they sat on opposite ends of the couch but remained at a close distance.
“I got to tell Lex, you have a good thing going here”
“I know…hey, listen…I want to thank you for everything, I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you and I appreciate you letting me bitch about my problems”
Sean chuckled, “It’s no trouble believe me, I know this isn’t easy for you…but I’m always here if you need me”
“You know it’s funny, I can’t even remember the last time Rafael and I sat down and talked about anything…or even the last time we held each other, every time he comes home…he just passes out on the bed”
The look of sadness that haunted her that day at the coffee shop returned, but Sean moved in and cupped his finger under her chin, he tilted Alexa’s head so that it was facing his.
“Things are going to get better, I promise”
The kindness and sincerity of his words allowed a bright smile to form on Alexa’s face, then as if her body had a mind of its own, her arms wrapped around Sean in a hug. The warmth of another person’s body caused a sensation of closeness and security, as they slowly released from their embrace, Alexa met Sean eyes.
The energy that was coming from his dark blue orbs pulled her into a deep trance, all that she felt was the attentiveness and warm hearted tenderness that had long been forgotten, suddenly, her lips ghosted his. In a split second, Alexa pressed her soft, gentle lips on to Sean’s; an image of Rafael flashed through her closed eyelids and at that moment, Alexa pushed herself away from him.
“Oh, my god, what am I doing?”
“I’m sorry…I should have…”
“No, I’m the one that needs to apologize…you’ve been really nice to me and I’m feeling very vulnerable right now…her voice trailed off, but right then, an overwhelming sense of dread washed over her as a small shiver ran down her spine; Alexa felt like she was being watched. She turned to face the entryway of the living room where a tall figure wearing a three-piece suit and carrying a briefcase stood, the expression on her face was one of pure horror when it became apparent that it was Rafael. The look in his eyes culminated into one of pain and murderous rage.
“What the hell is this?!”
Alexa and Sean leapt from the couch in a manner that two teenagers would if their parents walked in on them making out, she held up her hands to convey to him that he needed to calm down, meanwhile, Sean positioned himself behind Rafael while Alexa kept the focus of his rage on her.
“I know this looks bad, but right now I need you to take a breath and not do anything stupid”
“Why the hell is Carisi’s cousin’s boyfriend in my living room kissing my pregnant girlfriend?!”
Alexa’s eyes welled up, she struggled to explain to him that this minor discretion was the result of her being overwhelmed with loneliness and despair and that Sean was blameless in all of it, but then he intervened.
“Look, this isn’t her fault…I took advantage of a vulnerable, young pregnant woman…right at that moment, Rafael’s fist connected with Sean’s face, as he fell to the ground; Alexa screamed. In a daze, Sean tried to regain his footing while he was nursing his throbbing jaw, meanwhile, Rafael reestablished eye contact with Alexa, his face contorted into one of pain and hurt.
“How long has this been going on?”
“Nothing has been going on…we’ve just been hanging out…and he was there for me when you couldn’t be. Rafi…please believe me when I tell you that I love you and only you” she cradled his face in her hands, eyes pleading with him to listen and believe her words; but alas, Rafael took his hands into hers and pushed them away. In that same instant, he stormed upstairs and into their bedroom, but not before he slammed the door; tears began to stream down Alexa’s face just as Sean was about to approach her.
“Don’t…just don’t”
It was then that Rafael reappeared with a suitcase in his hand, without so much as a cursory glance, his hand grabbed the doorknob; he was halfway out the door when Alexa begged:
“Please don’t leave, I’m sorry…I’m really sorry”
He said nothing.
“Rafi, please say something…just talk to me”
“I’m sorry…I can’t even look at you…I…I have to go”
The door closed behind him, Alexa broke down and started sobbing, Sean attempted to offer to go after Rafael, but was shut down. He insisted that she shouldn’t be left alone but once again, Alexa didn’t waiver; after Sean’s departure, she crept upstairs and curled up on the bed. Throughout the rest of the night, Alexa cried harder than she ever had in her entire life; her pillow drenched in tears…what have I done?
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Chapter 8: Come over
Tumblr media
Warning: creepy Peter, unlawful use of magic and technology. Yandere responses from Peter and kidnapping.
Chapter 7 - masterlist  The music was blaring throughout the coffee shop. You were trying to grind the coffee beans but more people kept coming to the counter. The new manager came upstairs with her heavy boots.
She turned down the loud music and sighed before returning back downstairs. You and another barista barely paid attention to her. You two just worked on the orders to get rid of the growing line.
You were grinding the coffee beans when the bell above the door chimed. Your back was towards the door, your coworker was outside on her smoke break. So it was just you and the three customers. Peter held on tightly to the strap of your book bag.
He walked over to the counter with his shoulders pulled back. He cleared his throat loudly to get your attention. He let his eyes move slowly up your legs.
You turned around and almost screamed. The small mug came crashing down to the ground after you knocked it down. The mug was shattered into big pieces.
You bit down on your tongue to focus on something other than your beating heart. “Hey, I brought your things over. Ned was too busy to bring it himself. I wish you would have just asked me.”
The two of you stood in silence, you slowly moved over to the counter. “Can we please talk?” He gave you puppy dog eyes. You tried to find your voice to answer him.
“We can’t, I’m really busy here at work. Thank you for bringing my things. You can just leave it by the counter.” You wanted to sound strong but it came out like a squeak.
“Are you that afraid of me? I haven’t done anything to hurt you. I’ve always loved and respected you.” You looked down at the ground. “Peter, I can’t do this right now. I don’t even want to see you again.”
He dropped your bag on the ground. The bag hit the floor with a thud. You winced at the loud sound.“Have it your way then. All of this would have been easy if you just talked to me. But don’t think this will be the last you see of me.” Without letting you get a word in he was already at the door. You calmed your shaking hands.
After your encounter with Peter, you waited for your coworker to come back before you dashing to the bathroom. You sat in the bathroom and cried your eyes out. The wet tears sliding down your face. You don’t even understand why he was acting like this.
Maybe Peter was always a little unhinged and you were too dumb to see it. You wiped your face with tissues before heading back out to the front. You put on a smile and finished up with your shift.
The sun was setting as you walked home to your apartment. Your book bag was slung over your shoulder. You chewed on the twizzler as you turned up your block. You opened the front door and walked over to the elevator.
You yawned as you thought about all the work you already missed because you just had to leave your things at Peter’s place. Thankfully your teachers gave you an extension after you told them about your crazy stalker Johnny. You got to your floor and slowly walked to your apartment.
Your door was open before you could get your keys out. You stepped inside and called for your cat. You whistled for her but she never came. Your couch was slashed up. The coffee table was broken in two halves. Your tv was face down on the ground, the screen was most likely shattered.
You dropped your book bag as you ran to your bedroom. The pillows were slashed and red paint was all over your blanket. The window was broken, you looked in horror at the state of everything. Some of your clothes were shredded.
Some of your clothes had red paint all over them. The bathroom mirror was shattered. Glass from the mirror was in the sink. Your shower curtain ripped down from the rod.
You called for your cat again but she didn’t meow. She had to be gone, someone took her away. You fell to your knees and you brought your hands to your face. The lump in your throat got too big to swallow. You could feel the tears coming again as you cried.
Your phone started to ring. You grabbed your phone and put it against your ear. “I’m sorry about the apartment. The guys don’t like it when I get sad, I’ll make it up to you. All you have to do is come over.”
“Fuck you!” You screamed into the phone as you pulled it away from your ear. You hung up on Peter but you kept screaming at the phone.
Peter put his phone down on the coffee table. Josie was resting on Bucky’s arm as he rubbed the cat's fur. “I guess it’s time for part two.” Peter pulled his laptop and typed away on his computer.
“This will make her learn not to mess with you.” Bucky said as he rubbed the cats belly.
You shut the washer machine before heading back upstairs. You hauled your laundry basket with you. You had already thrown out the tv and coffee table. The clothes he destroyed were in the bin. You yawned as you walked to your bedroom.
You put your basket back in the corner. You walked over to your bed and laid down across it. You scrolled through your phone for an alarm system. Everything was so expensive, that you started to look for new apartments.
But those apartments were also expensive. Fuck living in New York. You even started looking for people who needed roommates but with your salary there was no way. Definitely since you won’t be getting your deposit back. You screamed as you put your phone down.
You sat up and opened your laptop. You mine as well get some work done before the due date. You pulled up your school login when you got an email from your advisor about your grades. “What the fuck?” You said to yourself as you read the email to yourself.
“I’m on academic probation.” You went to check your grades and you had all f’s. You sent a quick email to your advisor saying it was a mistake. Your grades were good yesterday when you checked. Your phone dinged and you looked down to see a message from Peter.
All it read was “come over, don’t make me come get you.” You gagged as you deleted his message. You decided to push through and finish your work. You finished up early and got put your things in the dryer.
You made ramen noodles as you waited for your blanket to dry. The smell of the ramen made you relax a little. You thought about how maybe your mom was right. You couldn’t stay here in New York, not anymore. You pulled up some tickets and found one for Friday, three days from now.
You booked the one way ticket back home. You shot your mom a quick text saying you would be home Friday. She didn’t even ask you why, she only said she would have your bedroom clean. And that she was still proud of you no matter what.
You felt like such an idiot. You didn’t understand how you got here to this moment.
“Looks like she’s going back to California.” Tony took a bite of his burger, the lettuce and pickles falling on the plate. He showed Peter the phone, “time to put the plan in high drive. She obviously isn’t going to come back willingly.” Peter chewed on his fries, he scratched at the paint on the wooden table.
“I know what to do. Don’t worry about it, she isn’t making it on that flight.”
The rest of the three days went by fine. You quit your job and pulled out of school. You finally sold those stupid gifts and got a shit ton of cash back. So everything was looking up. You were going to miss Josie but there was no way you could have found her in three days.
Your suitcase was sitting by your front door. Today was the day. You were finally going to leave this city behind. You grabbed your suitcase and rolled it behind you. You closed the door shut behind you.
The landlord grabbed your keys and said sorry. But the landlord just walked away. You called an uber as you made your way down the steps. The black car pulled up and you put your suitcase in the trunk.
You barely looked to see if it was your Uber. You were too busy looking at the messages some of your old friends sent you. Your driver had her hat covering her face.
You couldn’t see her red hair or the red glow from her hand. You put your headphones in and listened to Ariana Grande’s new album. The red glow swirled until it was wrapped around your head. You felt your limbs start to go limp, your eyes started to get heavy.
Wanda watched as you fell asleep and slumped across the backseat. She snickered to herself as she pulled the car to a stop. Peter opened the car door and got inside. He lifted your head up before resting your head on his lap. He pulled your shirt up to feel the small baby bump.
“Thank you Wanda.”
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namstruck · a month ago
“where jungkook gets invited to his long lost ex-lover's wedding and can't help but hold back tears from remembering their happiest memories, reminiscing the good times they shared in their young love,”
WARNING; angst! non-idols au!!
Tumblr media
❀ ❀
𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚋𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚠𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚘
𝚊𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚎𝚍𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚌𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚢 𝚘𝚏
**** *** 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙼𝚒𝚗 𝚈𝚘𝚘𝚗𝚐𝚒
𝚂𝚊𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚍𝚊𝚢, 𝚝𝚑𝚎 21𝚜𝚝 𝚘𝚏 𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚌𝚑.
❀ ❀ ❀
❀ ❀
good morning kook!
let's grab some coffee!!
jungkook fixes the wrinkly collar of his checkered buttoned up shirt, patiently waiting for his order of a tall macchiato. hoseok was still in line waiting to get served since he had arrived later, even though he was the one who invited the younger for a cup of coffee in the first place.
"order for jungkook!"
the said male who was lost in thought comes to reality and receives his coffee, thanking the female barista. finding a small table for two, he pulls the steel chair from under and slide himself in, the coldness of the base still sending chills down his spine due to the thin material of his pants. eventually, hoseok comes along and sits, watching jungkook fidget with the cardboard piece of his own cup. taking a sip, he begins to start a conversation with him.
"so," he hesitates, "are you going to the wedding?"
he knew it. this is why he invited him, just to ask about the invitation. he knew when hoseok chipped in to pay for anything he would always want something in return.
jungkook sighs, fiddling with his cup again. "should i?" he bites his lower lip waiting for some kind of sign that maybe he should go.
"hmm well i mean it's not like you're obligated to go but i bet it'd be nice and maybe start over with him yknow?"
"he's getting married seok, he's not having a meet and greet. plus," he sighs, "it's not like we ended on good terms.."
hoseok scratches the back of his head, sighing quietly too. "yeah. i know." of course he knew. he knew how destroyed jungkook felt, he was there the moment his heart split in two. he could never imagine the feeling but just witnessing it gave him an idea of it. "let's just go," hoseok gently places his hand on top of the younger's, "just you and me."
jungkook fixes the collar of his buttoned shirt, folding it carefully trying not to wrinkle the edges, and pats his chest through his black suit. before heading out the front door, he makes sure all of his necessaries are in his pockets and as soon as he finds that they are, he leaves his place and goes to his small, navy blue car. he hesitates to insert the keys, trying to decide if this was still a good idea.
no. yes. no? maybe..
without much thought anymore, he starts his car. the engine roars loudly making the car shake a bit. typing in the address on his phone, he takes off.
once he arrived, he parked his car, turning it off but stayed inside. his hands felt slippery on the leather steering wheel, the tight grip becoming painful from the friction. this was bad, coming here was bad. maybe if he went back home he could take the chance of not risking anything. before placing the key in the ignition again, jungkook hears a couple of taps on his side of the window.
opening the car door he's greeted by him and is asked if he was coming or not. jungkook swallows, his throat dry and painful. once he got out, the small beep that signified the car was locked made his spine shiver even more. why was he so nervous. it was just a wedding. the wedding of his ex-boyfriend. they waited in the formed line to be checked to see if they were on the list to enter the church for the wedding they were invited to. looking up, he could see how wide and tall the chapel was, the cross and decorations shiny and well kept.
he just really hoped the sky was in his favor.
yoongi's bride was pretty, long, honey hair, a cute round face, and a slim body with a small waist. it seemed he had a type. jungkook wasn't going to lie he felt pretty much betrayed. he was watching the live of his life get married to his replacement so easily. seeing how he received her from her father's arms wasn't easy, he wanted it to be him. jungkook wanted yoongi's happily ever after to be with him, not her.
but this was all just yoongi's way of saying he was better off with a normal relationship, not with a guy. the younger wanted to cry right then and there, to scream when they shared their vows and kissed. that was supposed to be him, he'd promised.
jungkook sets the coffee mug on top of the counter beside yoongi's piano, currently playing on it. the older walks in the music room as he, for some time now, could hear its echo throughout his house. it took jungkook a while before he felt a pair of eyes watching him, turning around to see his boyfriend leaning on the door frame, smiling at him in awe. but he continues playing, remembering every note he was taught by the master himself.
it wasn't until yoongi's slippers patted onto the tiles of the room, stopping a few steps later as he sat next to the boy. extra keys are played, the melody mixing into harmony now. the song now in full effect.  the whole time, the older staring at jungkook with just love in his eyes it seemed excessive, but not to him.
"i must be the luckiest man alive to have someone like you."
"and why is that?" jungkook asks playfully.
"maybe because," yoongi smiles, "the sky is in my favor~"
yeah right. what a fucking lie.
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