#I really hope God knows what they're doing
It really seems like you think James would jave just been Jake+, is this true or do you think Jake has any qualities that put him over Jamea?
It's complicated, because comparing Jake to James is always going to be comparing apples to oranges. Jake has a wealth of experience, the trust of his team, willingness to please authorities, military expertise, and a personal stake in the final battle. James has idealism, no need for his friends' approval, willingness to piss off authorities, fresh energy, and an original perspective on the final battle. They work best when they work together.
However, if Jake's plan in #53 - #54 hadn't worked, then I think command might have shifted to James. By #53, Jake is openly fed up with leadership and has burned the goodwill of most of his allies (Erek, the YPM, the Auximorphs). Jake still has people in his corner, most notably Eva and Toby, but he can't keep his own Animorphs from in-fighting and nearly comes to blows with his aunt. Everyone knows that Jake's goals for the war — save Tom, protect his team, save the world, in that order — are slipping out of his grasp.
By contrast, James is a lot more idealistic and still has his eye on the ball. Unlike Jake, James isn't naïve before the war and doesn't expect to escape with everyone's lives. In spite of a lifetime's abandonment and abuse and ableism, James loves humanity and thinks that there is hope for this imperfect little species. Jake thinks everything's going to turn out okay because everything always has so far. James knows that kids die all the time — he's watched friends die, knows he'll be watching Kelly and Pedro within a few years — but James will face God and roll backwards into hell because he can still control what he does with this crapsack life he was born into.
So James and Jake have a lot in common, in that they love their friends and would personally fistfight Crayak over the tiniest excuse. They have ironclad belief in the basic goodness of people, and a refusal to admit when they're beat. But Jake's hope for humanity is precious and delicate as gold, while James's is as fire-forged and relentless as diamond.
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maplemiyuki · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Heyyy, how y'all doing? This was just something I came up with for fun. I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoy this too!
Tumblr media
Aizawa: DAMMIT Y/N
Aizawa: Sorry force of habit. DAMMIT SHINSO.
Shinso: Not me either.
Aizawa: Then who set the house on fire??????
Present Mic: *whistles in background*
Tumblr media
Y/N: I slept for about twelve hours last night but I'm still tired, so let's go for another twelve just in case.
Recovery Girl: Thats a coma...
Y/N: Sounds festive!
Present Mic: Nothing in life is free :((
Aizawa: Love is free.
Eri: Adventure is free!
Shinso: Knowledge is free!
Y/N: Most things in life are free if you just steal them.
Y/N: If I die, my funeral is going to be the biggest party ever and you're all invited!
Present Mic: Wait, if?
Aizawa: Great the only party I've ever been invited to and they might not even die.
Eri: Hey its your turn to wash the dishes.
Eri: 'Kay but dishes first. And use soap this time please?
Hawks: I am NOT out of control, I am a law-abiding citizen.
Endeavor: Really? Name one law.
Hawks: Don't kill people?
Endeavor: That was my fault, I set the bar too low.
Principal Nezu: Where are you going?
Y/N: To either get ice cream or commit a felony, I'll decide in the car.
Aizawa: Bakugo, keep an eye on Y/N today, they might say something to the wrong person and get punched.
Bakugo: Sure, I'd love to see Y/N get punched.
Y/N: 👁👄👁
Aizawa: Try again.
Bakugo, sighing: I will stop Y/N from getting punched.
Shigaraki: If you had to choose between Bakugo and McDonalds, what would you choose?
Bakugo: Oh thank god, I'm saved.
Bakugo: YEAH! Wait what.
Toga: Okay, I get it, you've had a really bad day and seven people died-
Dabi: Twelve actually.
Toga: Not the point, look they're dead now, and who's fault is that?
Dabi: YOURS!
Toga: EXACTLY! No one's.
Your prompt:
Toga: Okay, help me please!
Dabi: Got two words for you.
Toga: I bet they won't be helpful.
Dabi: Your problem.
Toga : I was right
Y/N: I'm a reverse necromancer.
Tokoyami: Isn't that just killing people?
Y/N: Ah, technicality.
Tumblr media
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zero-cycle · a day ago
Hiya, I saw the mcsr charity event and am definitely interested in watching some of it - however, am a bit overwhelmed as I'm relatively new to it!
I don't know if you or anyone else in the mcsr community could recommend me any cc's to watch from it? I prefer it as vanilla as possible, as I am quite a beginner so don't understand all that much lmao and love all-advancements as well as just basic runs!
Absolutely no worries if you don't know! And thank you to absolutely everyone involved, it's a wonderful event and I'm so happy they're all doing this and they have so much community support.
Hiya anon!
Overwhelmed is very fair, honestly, the information given about the event is extremely barebones since it's assumed that you already are im the community and know those people, so I'll attempt to help you out.
Pure vanilla is going to be hard since barely anybody still runs nof3. The only people i can remember off the top of my head are all non-english streamers (Mathox is french, TuCara speaks spanish i believe and there's a handful of japanese runners still left like Tarokitchen) as well as aren't even participating in the event, so no luck there.
I'd also better fucking hope nobody's doing no reset AA (thank god elden elysaku is not playing in this right).
The "standard" suggestion you probably already know is Couriway (he/him, twitch.tv/couriway). He's done no reset runs before and runs without a calculator, which is the closest you'll get to vanilla. His chat is usually a mix of total beginners and experienced chatters/mods, so they'll be able to help you out as well.
Another runner familiar with no reset would be Moley (he/him, twitch.tv/moleyg). He's completed 999 to couriway's 1000 and I believe, but am not entirely sure that he did them without a calculator as well. I don't get to catch his streams very often because he's australian, but I can tell you that he once showed up to a tourney match against another top runner completely drunk and still won.
Two more "beginner-friendly" suggestions would be Mads (any pronouns, twitch.tv/madsenvy) and Eli (any pronouns, twitch.tv/elisthetic). Eli has to my knowledge never run before (they're mainly an artist) and mads' personal best is around 35 minutes last i checked, so both of them won't be using too many advanced strats like mapless, so you might enjoy them as well!
A potential option would be Fulham (he/him, twitch.tv/fulham) as well. His style of speedrunning isn't really what i would describe as vanilla or newbie-friendly, but he's announced he might coach some people during the event, so keep an eye out for that!
A last suggestion isn't because he's very beginner-friendly but as vouched by basically all of my friends, President Poundcake (he/him, twitch.tv/president_poundcake) is a great streamer and absolutely hilarious. He also has a decent amount of experience with completing no reset runs after doing a 100 no reset runs in a row challenge, as well as simply more people should be watching him.
If i forgot anyone, mcsrblr shout at me, thanks.
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solitary-bimble · 5 hours ago
Idk if you write Viktor 👉👈
But what if like reader thats like reader in the klaus fic meets Viktor when the sparrows meet the umbrellas n reader is a sparrow
N ben is all protective and tries his best to keep them away, n they sneak off n nsfw? 👉👈 Bonus points if reader is really shy
Indecency {ViktorxReader}
The Umbrella siblings zap into the Sparrow Academy instead of their usual. Reader, one of the lesser popular Sparrows, takes quite a liking to Viktor, and Viktor to them.
Gender-neutral pronouns used, implied afab, reader wears a skirt for easy access, autistic-coded
warnings/tags: foul language, smut, oral (f receiving), expedition, you know the drill
word count: 3,190
a/n: i hope i did this idea justice! for the sake of this request, I've written Viktor post coming-out, even though canonically he doesn't come out as trans until episode 2 of season 3.
Tumblr media
The Umbrellas and Sparrows unfortunate meeting had passed, and now the siblings were now wandering a park, looking quite rough, each holding their aches and complaining.
After Viktor's large explosion, we'll call it, one of the Sparrows very carefully approached him, helping him up.
He'd hesitated, of course, but took the help, and as he was walking out, looked over his shoulder at the Sparrow in question. Odd, they were. Didn't really speak, not even during the initial introduction. Just helped him up and stood back, taking the scrutiny from their siblings.
Luther was something something about having his ass hand it to him when he realized Viktor was nowhere to be seen, "Oh my God. Viktor."
As if on que, Viktor rounded a corner, coming out from behind the bushes, "Oh, Thank God you're alive." Relief in his voice.
"You okay?" Allison questioned, shifting her position on the arm of the park bench.
"Apparently, so is Ben.." Klaus commented.
Allison looked over at him with narrowed eyes, "Yeah. And he's a complete dickhead."
"They're all dickheads." Diego chimed, shuffling in discomfort.
"Dickheads who can fight." Luther said.
Amidst this conversation, Viktor sat down on a bench, holding the ache in his back. Despite all there was to think about, he could only think about one thing. That odd Sparrow.
And that odd Sparrow was getting their head talked off.
"(y/n), are you fucking crazy? You saw what that asshole did." Ben scolded, giving them a light shove to get his point across.
"Well, you guys initiated it!" They furrowed their brows, taking a step back, "I'd have done the same thing."
"You are not to go anywhere near the lot of them. Especially not that one." He ordered, negotiation out of the question.
(y/n) was a curious person, who sometimes did risky things. Ben didn't need to ask to know that (y/n) was going to want to interact with the Umbrella Academy.
"Fine." They stated before storming off, thinking all kinds of vile things, a soft light emitting from their fingertips, every light-bulb in the vicinity flickering.
Right, a little explanation is in order; (y/n)'s abilities consist of projecting a blinding light from their hands, but in order to be able to do this, there needs to be a source of electricity nearby for them to convert. Due to the fact that no one sees this ability as very useful, (y/n) isn't too highly sought after by the public, as their siblings are. Though, they are very well skilled in martial arts.
We look back to the Umbrella Academy, who now wander a wonderful park, attracting the curious attention of everyone they pass.
"What are we doing?" Allison suddenly asked, looking around.
"Ruminating." Five replied simply.
"Why is everyone staring at us?" Klaus questioned, as though it wasn't obvious.
"Because we look like the damn Village People just lost a fight." Diego stated, snatching the hat from Klaus' head.
"You know what, I need to go find Claire." Allison spoke over the bickering of Klaus and Diego, "I'll catch up with you guys later."
Viktor was snapped out of their thought, "Allison, no," He paused, "First let's get somewhere safe, clean up those cuts, and then we can go find her." He suggested.
"Man, I hate those guys..." Luther uttered from behind Viktor, who turned his head to him in confusion, finding him staring off at a building in the distance. Or rather the large billboard on the building. Beside another building with another billboard. Both displaying the same topic. Members of the Sparrow Academy.
Viktor narrowed his eyes in the direction of one of the billboards, the one that displayed the entire family, in search of one person in particular, who oddly stood at the back, behind the cube known as Christopher. Odd, he thought. They were odd. It was all odd.
Klaus sighed, "Keep working on it, big guy, you'll land one, eventually." He assured, giving Luther a firm pat on the back.
"Look at 'em, with their... stupid smug..." Luther struggled.
Klaus stood behind him, saying words of encouragement.
"...S...s.. smug..." He paused, finally giving up with, "Smugness."
A few days passed, each Umbrella sibling dealing with their own individual issues, and more. Marcus was nowhere to be found, presumed to have been kidnapped. Luther was also out of sight, but no one had noticed. Allison was heartbroken. Diego is a father, apparently. Klaus and Five are off on a road-trip. It was all going chaotically. And Viktor still had his mind set on finding out who that odd Sparrow was.
We jump to when Luther's love interest, Sloane, pulled him up into her bedroom, using levitation. He'd been wandering quite aimlessly when he heard her voice.
Viktor had just left Hotel Oblivion, trying not to think about all he had learned from Five and Klaus' adventure. That someone had killed their birth-givers before the lot of them were even born.
He found himself back at the park they'd first gone to after their initial meeting with the Sparrows, remembering his covert meeting with Marcus. Why he hadn't figured out their name, he didn't know. He knew everyone else's name. Why it bugged him, he also didn't know.
He felt the air whirl as someone ran by him in panic. It was odd, but he felt the need to look back. Even seeing the back of their head, he knew it was them. Their odd demeanor seeming to float off them.
"Hey-!" Viktor called, making them stop in their tracks.
Turning around, their eyes widened when they recognized him, "I'm not supposed to talk to you." Breaking the rules were not in their genes.
"Looks like you're not supposed to be out here either. What are you in such a rush for?" He raised an eyebrow.
There was a brief moment of silence where they contemplated his words, but ultimately decided to keep on their way home, "I need to go home." Was all they said before continuing on their run home.
Viktor only stood, watching as their figure shrunk over the distance, pursing his lips in thought.
Days passed when (y/n) finally decided they'd seek Viktor out intentionally.
They were sat, eating lunch in silence with the Sparrows. Ben was talking about trading the brief-case for Marcus. (y/n) was entirely out of the loop, but this was normal. And really, they had no interest in knowing. Marcus was never particularly nice to them. The only sibling they really ever spoke with was Ben, and even then it was a vague amount.
"I'm gonna go out after lunch. I want to check out the library." (y/n) stated matter-of-factly, more to Ben than anyone else.
"Wear something warm." Ben muttered, taking a bite of his eggs.
(y/n) pursed their lips, not fond of the cold. Not because it's cold, but because winter clothes are so heavy and constricting, "I will."
"No, I mean it. You got home the other night shivering so bad, you couldn't stop." He sighed, turning to face them.
"I didn't even realize I was cold until I got inside. It's fine." They argued.
"You can wear Sloane's green cardigan. Not constricting, and it's warm." Ben suggested, looking to Sloane for permission, who nodded happily, not at all bothered.
"No, it's itchy. I'll find something warm, don't worry-!" (y/n) had grown frustrated at this point, and Ben decided it was best to just agree, not wanting to escalate it further.
"Alright, and don't stay out too long, we'll need you when we go to get Marcus." He muttered, continuing with his meal.
(y/n) only nodded, standing up and wandering off to their room to find something warm-ish to wear.
He sat there awhile, desperately hoping they'd show. He'd no clue why he was so invested in this, but he was.
Moving over to Viktor.
He was waiting around the exact same spot where'd run into who he can only refer to as The Odd Sparrow, still yet to figure out their name. He'd been waiting there since even before (y/n) had their conversation with Ben.
Hours passed, and conveniently, there they were, spying around, quite clearly looking for something, or rather someone.
Spotting him, they approached with care, not really wanting to get their shit blown up.
Viktor raised an eyebrow, shifting on the bench he was sitting on to make room for them, "I'm not gonna hurt you," He began, "I've no reason to."
They trusted him without question, a flaw really, and let their guard down, demeanor changing just like that as they sat beside him.
"You come looking for me?" He joked, a small smile playing at his lips.
"Yes." (y/n) replied, hilariously straight-forward, also likely not realizing he'd been joking with them.
He was lost for words for a moment, shocked by the honesty, though he appreciated it.
"Well, I don't think I ever got your name," He paused, clasping his hands in his lap.
"You didn't. It's (y/n)." They murmured, eyes downcast, "You're Viktor, right?"
"That's me," He clarified, "So, why did you come looking for me?"
"Um, I don't.. really know. I was curious about you, I suppose." They shrugged, turning their head to look at him.
"I've been curious about you, as well. Not knowing your name was.. really bugging me. I'm not sure why."
They sat in a comfortable silence a while before (y/n) spoke up, "What do we do now-?"
"Well.. do you have anywhere you need to be?" He questioned, (y/n) shaking their head in response.
"We could just.. hang out for a bit, then." He suggested, "If you want to, I mean."
(y/n) smiled, gazing back down and their lap, "Sure. I told everyone I'd be at the library. You want to go there with me?" They asked, soon realizing a library isn't most people's idea of fun, "Or.. would that be boring?"
"No, not at all. The library sounds great." Viktor said, pushing himself up, offering a hand, which (y/n) took with great joy, their nose scrunching out of happiness. They don't know anyone outside of the Sparrows, so being a bit touch-starved is to be expected.
He took note of this gesture, "That's cute. Your little nose scrunch." He commented, and before they could respond he spoke again, "Now, where's the library." He was unsure how different the layout place would be since.. he wasn't suppose to exist here.
It took them a moment to respond, still processing his brief comment, the tips of their ears tinting red, "I, um.." They paused, reminding themself which direction they were facing, "This way." They said, taking him by the hand, not thinking anything of it, leading him off.
Am I..? No. I don't even know them.
Viktor was all of a sudden questioning himself and his curiosities.
Why had he been so bothered he didn't know their name? Why had he been so eager to talk to them? Soulmates were never a thing he believed in.
It's simply just.. a random attraction. Who wouldn't be attracted to them? They're smokin'
The two sat in the library a while, conversing over their favourite books, sharing their favourite plot twists, their favourite story prompts and clichés.
These thoughts lead him down a spiral. An extremely horny spiral.
He shook the thoughts, but they remained right in the back of his mind.
He found (y/n) held a particular interest for indecent books. Extremely indecent books.
"You seem to.. really take a liking to books like this one." He commented with a laugh, picking up a book titled Sin's Temptation from the pile of books they'd accumulated on the table.
"Oh- yeah. It's.. I don't know. People don't really perceive me as being capable of.. y'know, being aroused. They think I'm childish because of the things I like, and the way I am." They shrugged, gently taking the book from his hand, reading over the blurb on the back, "But I can promise; I'm more than capable." They sounded almost upset.
"I haven't really had many sexual experiences, none where I've been completely and utterly myself. So, I read about them instead." They chuckled bitterly.
"But you articulate yourself so well, and from the way you've been talking about all these topics, you're very intelligent. How could anyone perceive you as.. a child?" Viktor was confused. Maybe it was because he's been well acquainted with people similar to (y/n). But he thought it was utter nonsense.
"I don't know. I know I'm not a child, so what other people think doesn't bother me so much." They explained, fingers tracing over the letters on the cover.
"Well.. I can tell you I certainly don't think of you that way." Viktor commented, quickly regretting it.
It took (y/n) a moment, but when it clicked in their head, their face heated up, turning an extremely noticeable shade of red.
They kept their head down, but a small mischievous smile stretched across their lips, and their foot nudged Viktor's beneath the table.
The combination of the thought of smutty book scenarios and Viktor's extremely attractive.. everything, was already enough to get them going. Of course, that much was obvious at this point, as Viktor had noticed their clear attempt to create friction between their shuffling thighs.
(y/n) looked up from the ground and at him, lips pursed, "Are.. can we-?"
"Can we..?" Viktor raised an eyebrow, of course completely understanding what they wanted, but also wanting full clarification.
"You know.." They uttered, biting the inside of their cheek.
"No," He paused, turning in their chair to face them, leaning forward slowly, "I'm afraid I don't." Voice sultry.
(y/n) frowned, too embarrassed to say what they actually meant, also presuming Viktor really didn't understand, so, to save themself some amount of embarrassment, they picked up the closest explicit book, flicked to a page containing the relevant content, and showed it to him, eliciting a laugh from him.
"I understand, I'm just playing with you." He explained, a smile present on his features, "Now," He paused, sliding off his chair and covertly crawling beneath the table, positioning himself between their legs, "Has anyone ever.. gone down on you before?"
"Sure, but they weren't any good.. Wait, here-?" (y/n)'s already flushed face only reddened more.
"Well, we could go somewhere more private if you want."
(y/n) went to suggest the bathroom, but then observed their surroundings. No one in sight. And the thought of doing such things in such a place gave them a thrill, "Um, no. Here's good.." They murmured, peeking down at him.
"You're totally digging this, aren't you-?" Viktor let out a soft laugh, gently gripping their thighs.
"Well-" They went to speak but were quick to cut themself off, a soft mewl escaping their lips as Viktor brushed a thumb over their throbbing heat, pushing their academy skirt up with the other hand, "I.. I read many different books with many different scenarios and I've always-" They paused, pressing their lips tightly together as Viktor pulled their underwear down, letting it fall to their ankles.
"Keep talking." He said, face inching toward their sex, hot breath already stimulating them.
"I, um, always particularly enjoyed-" Another pause as his lips made contact with their lips, tongue sliding seamlessly between them, "Y..you're awfully skillful with y- Hah~"
"Keep telling me about those books.." He mumbled against them, the vibrations sending them about crazy.
"I-ah, I'm trying.." They kept their voice down, not wanting to attract the attention of the librarian, who was a mere 10 steps away, though luckily obscured by the bookshelves by the table they sat at.
(y/n) was in absolute heaven as Viktor's tongue effortlessly slipped and slided about their warmth, biting down on their finger in an effort to keep quiet, small squeaks and mewls managing to find their way out. The lights seemed so dim, and all noise from outside disappeared as they threw their head back in bliss.
While his tongue did the work there, one hand squeezed and grabbed at their left thigh, and the other massaged gentle circles on their right hip, sometimes stopping to dig into their skin ever-so-slightly.
Soon they were reaching their high, almost to be pushed over the edge, when the librarian poked his head around a bookcase, "Hey, just letting you know, I'm closing up in about five minutes, I know it's early, but I've got other business to attend to." He explained.
Thankfully the librarian was at an angle where Viktor was not at all visible, because he kept going, and he was hitting all the right spots, making all the right moves.
(y/n) gritted their teeth, smiling and nodding politely at the clueless man, "Yeah.. I'll put all these away, no problem." They said quietly, managing to hide the shakiness of their voice as they approached their limit.
The librarian gave a simple nod before wandering back off to his desk.
When he was out of sight, (y/n)'s one gripped onto the table, nails digging into the wood, the other tugging at their own hair, "Fuck, don't stop, I'm so close-!" They squealed as quietly as they could, eyes scrunched shut with pleasure.
Viktor had no intention to stop.
He felt them quivering, heard them heavily breathing as they hit their high, and his tongue continued working them through it, before they reached down with a shaky hand, tapping him gently on the head, slouched back in their chair.
He poked his head out from beneath, admiring their disheveled state. A sight to behold. Hair knotted from where they'd been gripping onto it, body trembling, eyes brimmed with tears simply from the sheer pleasure.
"You're the hottest thing I've ever seen, holy shit." He about whispered, wiping his mouth before pulling their underwear up for them, and coming back up.
He crawled out from beneath the table and stood beside them, bent down to meet their level, "That feel good?" He chuckled. He knew it did, he was no fool.
They only nodded, mouth agape, eyes flickering from Viktor's eyes to his lips. They puckered their lips as to ask for a kiss, which was happily given. It wasn't at all heated. It was short, and sweet. Exactly what (y/n) needed after that pleasantly overwhelming experience.
A moment passed before they composed themself, fixing their hair and skirt, "I, erm.. thank you.." They uttered, eyes downcast.
"You're so very welcome." He smiled, cupping their cheek in his hand.
The two agreed never to talk about it to anyone, not for the foreseeable future.
"That was so... Indecent.." (y/n) murmured as they exited the library, hands brushing each other's as they walked side-by-side..
"You don't.. regret it, do you? If you do, I'm-"
"Can we try it some other place next? I'll do it this time if you want. You can give me pointers and tell me what you like. I'll need practice if this is an ongoing thing. And harsh criticism is always welcome. I think I might enjoy being degraded, and also..." They trailed off. A long ramble. The two of them were certainly on the same page.
Breaking rules and being indecent was fun.
~ fin ~
Tumblr media
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keniaku · 2 days ago
my lawd i saw your thoughts on least favorite interpretations of gojo and i must say i agree with everything wholeheartedly!
i love satosugu as much as the next person and I'm not denying the fact that they're tragic but good god do some fans romanticize their relationship more than it should be, like gojo is absolutely NOT only capable of being a human when he's with geto, geto isn't his literal humanity. gojo was always a human that was shaped into a figure of god in their world, to say that he's only humanized when he's with geto is down right absurd and takes away from his character. i sincerely hope that when someone says gojo is a god they mean it in a metaphorical sense because as far as I'm aware and what we've seen i am 100% convinced that gojo doesn't think of himself as a god either, it's just how he's perceived, see? even majority of fans see him as a god. he is a lonely man that is struggling to build a better world and not let the past repeat it's self, he is pushing forward.
it's like some fans just really want gojo and geto to be each other's only center of thought even though we know that's not true.
mhm it's undeniable that they're both very important to the other, their relationship changed them both and left deep marks with how they're the only one who could understand the other's loneliness, being the other's only best friend even after 10 years on opposite sides. but they're not each other's only world. some people seem to think that those two things are mutually exclusive and it's just... man
it's sad that some fans see him like that bc he's so much more than his unparalleled power. he's not only the strongest, he's also gojo satoru, and he's painfully aware on how human he is, how he can't change the world by himself despite his powers. he's god-like in strength, but he's the furthest thing from a god
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grampstaxidermy87 · 21 hours ago
Hello! I was wondering if you could write a Dwayne x GN! Reader?
Basically he comes to their house because they didn’t come to the boardwalk and he just sees them crying in their room. He helps them calm down and cheers them up :).
An: Hello my darling anon! I would just like to apologize for the wait, real life has been rough the past two months, I also may have strayed from the ask a tiny bit so If you wish for me to write something a bit more specific then please do not hesitate to ask!
Nonetheless I do hope you enjoy my Lovelies.
A Touch Of Care
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dwayne x Gn!Reader
Warning: swearing, slight angst, unrequited love,comfort, tooth-rotting fluff,Dwayne being the best.
Summary: Dwayne is a bit of a worrywart, but he’ll find soon enough that it’s for a good reason.
He knew he was probably being ridiculously clingy, but could anyone really blame him? It had only been two days since he last saw you and yet worry continued to swirl in his chest, pouring into the pit of his stomach with each passing minute that you weren't by his side.
You were just friends as far as anyone besides him knew, unable to make that leap into confessing how much he wished you were more. His fear of ruining what you had was much stronger, so he never told the guys why his chest felt so heavy whenever you weren’t around. Why his entire being was aching to see those alluring (E/c) orbs of yours that were always so full of life and wonder.
Which is why this was bothering him so much, Everything was fine as far as he knew. The two of you had spent an amazing night together on the boardwalk with Laddie, the little kid had taken to you quicker than any of the vampires expected. But Dwayne couldn't have been happier to see the boy who was practically his son get along with his best friend and crush so well.
The little boy saw you as his (parental preference) already so it was only right that as his ‘father’ you both played the part…right? God he was desperate.
After a long night of rides with bellies filled with cotton candy and icecream it had quickly become time to go back to the cave, the sun just about to rise forcing you to part ways with your nocturnal friends.
Perhaps it had been his biggest mistake allowing you to go home instead of coming back to the cave with him and the others, he should have convinced you to come home with him since it was closer than your house.
That brought another wave of worry, what if something happened to you and he was too far to save you? What if you needed him right now and he was too busy procrastinating and self doubting on the boardwalk?
"I'm sure (Y/n) is fine Dwayne, they're probably just busy." David patted the brooding man's back causing him to stiffen.
The blonde gave him a small reassuring smile, "You know…If it's really bothering you, you could always go and check on them yourself." Dwayne pondered the thought, realizing that David had a point, it was only 10:00 so he had more than enough time to swing by and peek through your window...you know...just to check in.
"Watch Laddie for me." David gave him a look as if the brunette really had to ask before motioning for him to hurry. Hopping onto his bike Dwayne revved it once before ripping off onto the street, ignoring the few humans who yelled as they almost got hit in the process.
David shook his head before turning to the terror twins,”Let’s Hope those two finally just get over their fears and kiss already.”
Paul snickered and elbowed Marko,” oh they’ll be doing a lot more than kissing.” The curly haired cherub rolled his eyes, “Dude they’re like a sibling to me stop being gross!” He hissed before the two began wrestling, David merely sighed and looked away to continue puffing at his cigarette.
Though he truly wished his coven brother luck, he knew Dwayne didn’t need it. Anyone with two working eyes could see you two were truly meant to be.
During the drive through the quite streets he tried to think of what he would say if to you, Different ways he could apologize if he had done something to upset you to the point of avoidance.
Perhaps you found out about his…more than friendly feelings towards you and felt uncomfortable.
Shit…maybe he should have gotten you your favorite sweets or even a book.
His mind was spiraling and before he realized he was sitting in your driveway and staring up at your house.
Taking a calming deep breath, he slipped off his bike and approached the side your bedroom window was on, he had never been more grateful that you didn't have neighbors close by as he floated up and latched onto the sill to sit.
He was relieved to see the curtains were pulled apart slightly, allowing him just enough room to peek through for any signs of your form.
There on your bed was his beloved friend, sat curled up into a ball with a stuffed elephant hugged tightly to your chest, it was worn from constant use and probably still smelled like the cologne he had accidentally spilled on it during one of your sleepovers at the cave.
He had offered to wash it but was pleasantly surprised when you shot him a glare and turned it away from him, talking about how it made you happy that it smelled like him. That way if you ever felt lonely or upset when he wasn’t around you could just hug it close, imagining it was him would bring you comfort.
He swore his heart almost started beating again that day-
So with the way you were hugging it with your face buried in its soft squishy body he could tell something was seriously wrong, hesitantly he tapped on the glass and caught your body flinch in surprise.
He couldn’t see your face clearly seeing as how you refused to pull away from the elephant as you slipped out of bed and slowly shuffled towards the window, a blanket was wrapped around your shoulders but he could still see the smallest bit of the shirt you wore underneath.
Dwayne didn’t wear shirts, very rarely if anything. But when you mentioned how cute it was when couples wore each others clothes in passing one night the other boys couldn’t even try to hide their laughter when the very next hour he was suddenly wearing a black band tee after disappearing for a minute, and he supposed it was okay if you borrowed it for a little while…
Boy oh boy did you test his restraint the first time he caught you wearing that shirt…and only the shirt.
The memory brought a warm smile to his lips that didn’t even last a second before the curtains pulled apart and the plush finally lowered to reveal his beloved with tear-stained cheeks. You stared at him silently before slowly unlatching the window and pulling it up.
"Baby doll, what's wrong?!" His face dropped and he moved to cup your cheeks,his brows furrowed with worry as he used his thumbs to wipe away some of your tears.
“Dwayne..” Was all you could pitifully whimper and that was all he needed to hear before quickly moving inside and collecting your fragile body in a tight hug.
His strong arms lifted you up off the ground before walking over to the bed, sitting on the edge with you balled up on his lap he allowed for you to let out your sadness into his bare chest.
He could care less about the salty wetness on his skin, his first priority was you…always you.
He knew it was best to give you time to collect yourself before speaking, and he had all of the time in the world to wait for you as he rubbed your back and gently rocked you as he kept you close.
“It’s okay love, I’ve got you. Let it out.” Out of all the boys he was the best at comforting others, he was the one with the best shoulder to cry on.
Yes you knew the other boys cared for you, but they all struggled to comfort when another person is upset. Which is why when times like this happened,when all you wanted to do was crumble, Dwayne was right there ready to take all the pain away.
Gaining back the ability to breath normally again was a long effort, but soon enough You were soothed by his gentle hands rubbing calming motions over your back.
“That’s it baby, nice and slow. Take your time.” His voice rumbled through his chest where your ear was pressed against.
“I’m sorry…I didn’t want you to see me like this.” His brows furrowed and he gently pushed you away enough to look at your face, tilting his head to try and catch your eyes which we’re looking anywhere but him.
“Sweetheart, why wouldn’t you want me to see you? We’re friends right? I want to be here for you just as you’re always there for me.” He was confused when he saw the slight wince at the term ‘friends’ before you quickly schooled your expression.
Standing up you turned away and put some distance between yourself and the confused vampire, “That’s just it Dwayne…We’re friends.”
You spoke before whispering,” That’s all you’ll ever see me as…just your human friend.”
Why was there so much emotion and disdain for it? He began to question himself, hadn’t he shown you that you were more than that?
Hasn’t he shown you just how much he cares for you?
Shit, he couldn’t lose you. He loved-…wait.
With racing thoughts came a startling realization.
He loved you, really truly loved you. He didn’t want to just be friends, he wanted to love and cherish you like you deserved.
But in his own selfish needs to keep you by his side in fear you’d leave him if you knew of his love, he had held back…and it seemed like he had for far too long.
“Oh (Y/n)…” shaking your head you hugged yourself tighter, turning back to him with fresh tears falling down your cheeks.
“I’m not asking for you to return my feelings Dwayne, just please forget about it. Nothing has to change between us-“ He stood up and began slowly approaching, causing you to step back with every step forward he made.
“-I won’t bring it up again so please, I-I’ll be back at the boardwalk in no time. I’m sure the boys are w-waiting for you..” Your back hit the wall as he stopped just inches away.
His looming figure blocking out the light from the lamp on the bedside table, casting a shadow over you. Yet even with the darkness hiding his face you could see his glowing yellow eyes filled with emotion, it caused your heart to skip a beat by how intense they were.
“I’m not going to forget the fact that the very person I’ve loved from the moment we met shared my feelings.” His voice was low and soft as one hand came up to the wall beside my head, while the other cupped my cheek. His thumb brushed away the tears as he watched my reaction.
It felt unreal…as if the possibility of him returning my feelings had never even crossed my mind.
This was somehow more impossible than vampires being real…and look where I was now.
It still astonished you that he had stuck around this long, hell even the boys still roped you into shenanigans after all this time.
But now you supposed it all made sense, he liked-no- loved you from the very beginning. It only made sense that he would keep close.
“Come back to me baby, where’d you go?” A hand tilted your chin up to look into those intense yellow eyes,much closer than before. Dwayne’s breath danced across your lips due to the closeness, a shiver rolled down your spine as the temptation to kiss those plump limps filled your mind.
“Sorry..” he chuckled lightly, a fond smile forming as he nudged his nose against yours.
“Don’t be, you’re cute when you space out like that.” Flustered by his words you tried to pull away, forgetting you were against the wall which meant your pitiful attempt was useless.
“So what now…it’s clear that we both have strong feelings for each other.” He hummed and watched your lips move with a distracted gaze.
“Well, now I’m going to ask you out on a date, and if you say yes then we’ll go from there. We don’t have to rush or force anything.” Ever the considerate gentleman, it brought relief and a lifted weight from your body.
“Just one day at a time?” He nodded,”Exactly, so then. (Y/n) (L/n), will you do me the amazing honor of taking you on a date?” He melted at the adorable smile that spread across your face, stars shining in your (e/c) eyes that made him stare at you in awe.
“Why my handsome Dwayne, I would love nothing more.” He grinned and wrapped his arms around your waist,tugging you close and finally pressing your lips together in a long awaited kiss.
All we needed to finally get that final push to happiness was just a touch of care.
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doctorofmagic · 12 hours ago
Hello, do doctor strange had any horror comics? Or close to it?
I really, really love horror but didn't have time to explore it in works. I think it was one of the many reasons I got drawn to the character because of horror potential. I wasn't really into marvel but what if episode 4 was what got me back and loved Stephen, and got interested at the fact that he's now like an eldricht God? In a way?
And I wondered if there's horror, eldricht horror, or him becoming powerful that's close to what if strange in comics?
Creepy as it is, I loved the part when he disguised himself as Christine, because the scene reminded me of la beldame(?) and few fey mythology. Where the illusion is so good and real but if you noticed anything wrong the illusion fades and you die.
Asdfg, sorry, he's such an interesting character, dsmom was close but sad when it was supposed to be horror heavy by the first director
Tumblr media
1) Surprisingly enough, horror stories in Stephen's lore is actually pretty rare. The closest to a comic horror story with Stephen that I can think of are two:
- Marvel Comics Presents #79 (featuring Freddy Krueger, that’s right)
Tumblr media
- Doctor Strange v2 #16 (first encounter with Mephisto)
Tumblr media
I could add the first Midnight Sons team-ups but honestly? They're not... scary, you know. To be completely honest, I hardly find his stories "horror". He has his fair share with vampires and monsters and demons but they're far from scary. Not like the Fantastic Four: Road Trip or the Darkhold tie-ins, for instance (you can check these out in case you want some horror not related to Stephen, though).
BUUUT if you're interested in eldricht vibes, you really need to read Doctor Strange v4. Bachalo is GOD with those and established a very nasty magic world for Stephen.
Tumblr media
That said, Episode 4 my beloved. I absolutely adore that episode and everything about it, including the horror. And it's really sad that we're not getting Scott since he's AMAZING with horror, but meh. I don't really care that much about the MCU anyways.
2) My favorite books are Doctor Strange v4 and Triumph and Torment. I have tons of favorite stories but those two are my bread and butter and the reason why I love Stephen (and Victor) so much <3
Thank you for passing by, I hope these recs inspire you!
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animatedtext · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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searidings · 6 months ago
Ngl the whole "She wld have ripped national city apart at it seams" was ..truly life changing and I liked it so so much I screenshotted that part of the fic so I can look back on it wherever I am when I want that extra OOF to my heart. Its like I know Kara loves Lena and would do anything for her but to know she would have absolutely gone ape shit and berserk if anything happened to Lena? Lena trying to escape but slipped down the cliff and Kara just swoppong in because she heard her scream? And Kara not being on speaking terms with Alex and even using her sueprgirl status as leverage to protect Lena? Kara choosing Lena over absolutely any and everyone? Kara making sure others KNOW she is ready and willing to choose Lena over them? Can u even imagine how Lena feels knowing Kara has her back like that? Like sure the whole lying thing caused a strife but I imagine Lena would probably be shook to her core to see Kara defending her with everything she's got.
God, I love that fic so much every part was screenshot worthy tysm for ur service ur a hero I cantlrave enough kudos
nobody look at me im losing my shit
Tumblr media
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fairytale-lights · 9 months ago
I am just finding out that apparently making very close friends (I guess that's like found family) that stay together and/or having a very close family is more common in books than real life and I don't like it
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mihawque · 3 months ago
Okay you know what no I'm not done with the live action cast. Garp is good, Coby also looks okay, you know what I can not accept? Helmeppo being good looking
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gottagobuycheese · 7 months ago
suddenly violently nostalgic for the experience of being in some random hotel room halfway across the country with almost no friends or vague acquaintances, balancing a laptop on two pillows and an empty pizza box with my back against a broken radiator and my phone held at a really uncomfortable angle while I try to record my part for the holiday song at midnight-thirty and send it in before our choir teacher wakes up in six hours
#if I can't do group music as a regular part of my adult life I might actually die#if I can't do any music I will DEFINITELY die#I didn't expect to be nostalgic about covid-era music rehearsals but here I am#I miss zooming into rehearsals!!#it's been so long I barely remember what it was like seeing everyone in person anyway#but I know they're all preparing for the winter recital already#and they get to do it in person#and I'm...ignoring emails#god don't you just love growing up#ignoring emails like a PRO I am#hobbies?? who needs 'em#what if instead of that I spend four hours after work turning our spreadsheet into an enviable piece of BEAUTY and ORGANIZATION#Cheese's personal molasses#...okay but I really do need to answer those emails#today I was able to stay on top of work (mostly) AND make that beautiful spreadsheet AND take out the stinky trash#AND THROW OUT/WASH THE CONTAINER FULL OF STINKY MOLDY RICE#SO I WILL CALL THAT A SUCCESS#tomorrow will be the day for professional life...I hope#our boss is out for training and the person who was covering her ended up being covid positive (yikes) so the new person has no handover#...which probably means I should get to work early so I can make that spreadsheet even more thorough and beautiful#but here I am#one in the morning#getting emotional about getting to sing loudly and badly in hotel rooms that were closed to the general public :(#oh huh I never did end up making sink ramen#that sink was pristine I so bet I could have#I think I actually packed a sponge one week in preparation#sadly never went anywhere with it#and I can't use it in a fic until I test out its capability#but SOME DAY
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art--school--wannabe · 4 months ago
i think i’m facing what might be like the hardest choice of my life and by that i mean i know which option would be like.. healthy for me but regardless of what i pick it would still mean having to sacrifice a huge important part of my life and i feel as if i have no time to even think about it even though i technically do but like given the circumstances no amount of time to think this over will come up with an easy answer for this
#like this is like.. my partner and having a future with them vs literally everything else in my life#and like.  i understand where they're coming from.  because god they're homesick and this country fucking sucks#and just that apathy and that pain and that feeling of being in an uncaring capitalist hellscape god.  god it's fucking terrible#but like.. my family is here.  my friends are here.  my entire life i've never left the east coast and this..oh god#i'm trying to say canada.  i'm really trying to say canada but even canada's a scary fucking idea for me#because i've never been that far away from my family and the last thing i fucking want is to not be able to come home if they need me#and i'm not really all that independent yet i need time to figure my shit out like#we couldn't even realistically get an apartment rn and like i know they're a dual citizen but like#how do i describe the position that puts me in though???  because i've always kinda sucked at making and maintaining friendships#and sometimes i need to go home and talk to my family to just really process anything#and i can't have those ties cut off i just can't#and what if we didn't last and we were already living there???  what would i do then????#in fucking ireland or wherever????  i'd just pack my shit up and fly back to america and start over???#like i don't want to run away or some shit i want fucking change and to not be in this situation#but i know leaving this place is what they need.  and so like.. i don't know.  i don't know#i don't want to have to choose.  i just.  i can't live like that i don't want to have to make that choice#and my partner's not the type of person to stay in contact with their exes so like.  god i'd hope i'd be different but#like.  i don't want to be exes what the fuck i want to be with them i love them why does this have to be a choice#i don't know what to do with like.  any of this.  but i think this is what's had me so like horribly depressed#ok not just that definitely but it's been a factor these past few days#and the depression's only been building these past few months like#god.  fuck i don't know#please don't reblog this anyway
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boy-above · a year ago
there's a couple users™️ in the fandom where every time they make a post complaining abt something it's almost like it's targeting me specifically AHDHDHFH
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nigerianing · a year ago
honestly could not have known how much my dislike of "christians" would become so much deeper this year 🥴
#also didn't know it would interfere this much with my own faith but alas... yikes!#cant even stand talking to some of my friends anymore and it's not even like they're saying anything bad i just...idk :/#like i used to roll my eyes and be like well hopefully i guess when one of my friends would talk about hope in God for things to get better#but now i literally stopped her and told her i didnt want to hear anything like that right now. i felt kind of bad but like....#i've always kind of known that my 'morals' and beliefs were a stark contrast from the christians and teh community i grew up with#and i thought i had gotten to the point where i was okay with being considered a bad christian especially by my own family#but nowadays i just... even see the point of identifying as a christian lol idk like that whole community is in like a whole diff world#and now im understanding that's why i was always incredibly uncomfortable being a part of any christian community or group#coa everytime i tried...it just felt off i felt kind of alien. like i was trying to do some of what i thought a good christian would do#and growing up not just christian but catholic and having to go to church every sunday and knowing only christianity#and tehn moving to america and still trying ro maintain that bc that's what i was supposed to do. then falling off and not going to church#but then rediscovering my faith for myself amd knowung that what the church said was wrong was absolutely not wrong at all#and strengthening my own belief system and relationship with God but always feeling like i would always lack Something#because i wasnt connected to the christian community and actually disliked christians#to wherever i am now. in limbo? idk. is the word agnostic?#i think the epiphany really happened when my mom basically implied i was going to hell. like straight up said:#''i dont want to be in heaven without my daughter'' after she went on some homophobic rant idk i tune her out when she starts that#but i was kind of shocked that she came out and said that and i just laughed and was like....what#and she doubled down djndksjsjs jfc. i don't even see any point in arguing or talking abt this with her especially right now#with my dad's diagnosis she's gotten like...even more.. idk IDK who knows anymore 😳🥴🥴🥴🥴#anyway if u read all of this dumb shit im so sorry lmao
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tomas-adriah · 9 months ago
sooooo.....im super excited to have my first nendroid, and i might be delirious but im glad it would be kuroo lmao
#i might be in the midst of kuroo loving hours#fine. i'll admit it. i adore kuroo#finally splurged for once and caved#but this kuroo is for my bestie but since im also in quarantine he gotta stay with me for a bit#god i don't want to keep him w me but im growing more and more attached shit#the other nendroid option would have been gojo so im not as keen lmao#i bought gojo purely so i could resell him later at a higher price im so awful#like forget buying gold and selling it later get a gojo nendroid instead#so im trying to not be as attached and just...give it to my friend for their birthday#the thing is though uhm they moved far away so im like?? oof#they're also going to stay there for a longer period and i have no idea what im exactly doing with my future (like i do butalsoanythinggoes#still i don't want to keep too many things as i plan to unhaul a lot of books and donate clothes cuz i have too many stuff#i might move again soon if all goes according to plan and its within a year#and i don't want my family just having so much of my stuff? like i hope to take most of my things w me anyways to move#and i don't like lugging a lot of cargo w/ me across country#as much as possible all can be fit in one plane ride back.#(i know that's virtually impossible but again; i want to be able to be ready to LEAVE)#i also don't want to stay for longer period of time over there either#like enough essentials to go by really#so nothing big like a shit ton of books i have#i'll probs keep my reference books back home still but even THEN you know?#im probs gonna start investing more on digital storage and video games xD#not much on physical books either#omfg please disregard this im just ranting at this point
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sohlaelwaylly · a year ago
Eryka, the rage that I felt reading through Cris Moroccos meatball video comments is indescribable. How the fans welcomed him and were glad to ‘see a familiar face’ it seemed to me that they’d just take the old bon appetit in a second if it meant pushing the racism under the rug.
Like I was pissed before reading the vulture article. I thought, where is the solidarity, chris? For him to stay and have kept quiet during these 4 months really shows where his priorities lie. I honestly defended him in my head, made excuses for him but after Sohla herself said what she said about Chris, makes me vvv done with him, but also brad and andy.
God!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
[Please see rant in tags]
#Answered#Anon#I know we're like not supposed to watch the video but I did and I hated the vibes it was so weird and uncomfortable for me because obviousl#It would be why wouldn't it be??? They're avoiding the problem#And then he said like I need to be here to tell stories about this stuff like meatballs and I'm like Sir???? These are not the stories that#Even need to be heard???????????????????? Have u no awareness??#Anyways yeah tha rticle made me lose my mind the comment section made me lose my mind people were like 'how can you blame him for staying#He's got a family to feed' and I'm like??? He's still the test kitchen director??? He still has a job for the magazine??? He's choosing to#Get supplemental income from video???? Like no it's not out of necessity??????#And yeah the comment section was just full of absolute fools that made me angry and ruined my day and those are my thoughts on that#Also Brad and Andy have lost my respect everytime I see Brad on my Instagram page I get a li'l more annoyed#He's so vocal about the wrong things like???#He doesn't seem to want to truly learn what's wrong and that's what's frustrating. His understanding seems very surface level#Anyways I haven't seen the new video yet and also I'm sorry for responding so late I was trying to get the energy to just rant#I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself :)#More: I'm thinking about how Chris has been silent like he said nothing of substance during the video it was all fluff and like God.#He really was told that he had racist hiring practices and decided to do nothing about like. How can that be something someone who wants to#Do better would do???#Also just like..... People really are just so desperate to act as though nothing is wrong and everything is fixed as though these aren't#Systematic issues that still haven't actually been addressed by corporate like..... BA refuses to do anything meaningful on any level?????#For some reason????#Like I see the attempts by editorial to push more no white recipes and jazz and I so appreciate it but like God. The foundation is shit#I can't imagine being able to rebuild anything good when they refuse to dig it out first
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springawakeningpdf · a year ago
NEW CLIP: “Burn”
#skam brighton#this is what i like to call a MOMENT in al's hot boy summer#hot in the literal sense :) it's arson time :)#literally he's hot he's a boy he's writing like he's running out of time and he's very mentally unstable but he's HOT#also i have had a very good day today :)#i can't remember if i posted about it on here#but i applied for a national arts mentorship programme with queens university#and i got a phone call from them today that they're 'very interested' in me#and they haven't said i've been shortlisted yet but they're told me when and where the event for shortlisted people is#and they mentioned they've been looking into matching up other artists to me..... so i'm really hoping i'm gonna get in#it's a really good opportunity as an artist but also from a careers/academic perspective#also i applied with a song from my autism musical and the church scene from skambr s3 e4 c5#to show Range and such. i really want to get in because it would literally be Life Changing for me.#and it would let me get some of my work performed professionally AND i would get paid#but if i don't get in i'm going to be doing driving lessons instead and hopefully getting my license which would be cool too :)#but god. the idea of being able to work on my musicals with a professional mentor all summer would be amazing#and it would basically be my first ever job/internship which would be So Cool#because i wasn't in school when i was supposed to do work experience and now it's too late for me to do it#but being able to do work experience with an actual theatrical professional... someone who Understand theatre and will help me improve#my mum called the organiser of the programme today to confirm that she knows i'm applying (because i'm a minor)#and she was like 'oh i support isaac so much and will do anything to help him get to where he wants to go'#and i felt like SUCH a rachel berry esque theatre kid in that moment. i felt like a kid on dance moms but in a good way.#but my mum isn't a Theatre Mom. she's just really supportive and kind <3#anyways enjoy the clip besties. i really like it <3#OH also ms olivia rodrigo's new album tonight. very excited for it#i'm a pisces mars so i enjoy her music very much (a very gay little sentence)#if skambr was a real show i would love to see a parallels post of the good 4 u music video and this clip for Fire Reasons#ALSO nick/bree/rori good 4 u amv. nick/liz/james drivers license amv. sandy/sophie/esther deja vu amv.#anyways just got hit with the inspiration to write a song <3 see you tomorrow besties
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tenspencerriedplease · a year ago
Weird Red Flag I’m aware of because my mom uses a lot of cutesy terms she thinks are fun: if a guy tries to police the way you talk run for the fucking hills. Every guy I’ve ever known to try and police my mom’s way of speaking has always been an abuser. Usually in more ways than one.
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bataranqs · a year ago
#annika reads seasons of blossom#i don't know why i read the comments when they make me so mad awoeijgkld#ya girl's a fool#anyways i hope everyone has blocked this tag by now so i can talk freely#waiojgdlk#people who get mad at jaemin's mom maybe haven't been placed in an environment where they can reflect on this kind of stuff#but i feel really earnestly that she wants the best for her kids#and it's hard for parents to listen to their kids bc they're so much older so they feel they know better and have more life experience#and i'm not saying that's right but just#she's so fucking human and fragile and i want to hold her so badly and give her happiness and i'm glad she seems to have it#and yeah taking care of a kid is a full time job but also human beings have their lives and you can't live it for someone else like#yeah it is kind of her fault but it's also something that jaemin and hamin had to get over themselves#hamin didn't get over it but i'm sure jaemin will#i'm not phrasing this the right way but like#to say jaemin's mom is in the wrong and hate on her is just ignoring so much of the real and human bits of her character#she wanted hamin to do well in school bc she was anxious about his future#and when she said to jaemin that he just had to be happy she didn't mean that he had to like fucking. act happy and fake all the time#she meant that for real that no matter what she wanted him to be happy from the bottom of her heart for real for real like#god it makes me so upset that she was literally grieving and breaking down and probably thinking she was the worst person in the world#and she tries so hard and says to her son that he doesn't have to get good grades or do well he just has to be happy#and he took it the wrong way because he was a kid and didn't get it but that's just.#to judge someone for not being completely composed and perfect in such a moment of grief makes me so angry#i want to scream#anyways this webcomic is so good oidjkgwerg
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