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#I saw an owl!!!!!
hotchseyebrows · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
hi ma'am- i mean, hello, shit, how- how are you tiddies- TODAY, how are you TODAY
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obsessivefinch · 10 days ago
To everybody that doesn’t know: @homopsychology is a terf.
Yes, I had to unblock her to make this post, but I want everybody to know that, she is absolutely vile (I saw a post of hers, because I was using an old blog of mine to look at the owl house tag)
If anybody wants to send me hate. This post is more important than a damn transphobes feelings being hurt! She deservers it for being an open transphobe!
If she wanted it to be kept private, she could have not posted her opinions publicly. Like she’s SO open about it. I absolutely HATE her with my entire being. GOD, she’s the reason I started taken transphobia so much more seriously.
Not that I didn’t take it seriously before; she just made me realize that it’s actually a real thing people believe and is common... Yes, that was ignorant of me not to know, but at least I learned
Try to defend yourself, if you want @homopsychology, that why I tagged you, but with your pinned post being “I don’t owe strangers an explanation for my opinions” I doubt you will.
Point of the post?
Please just think about who you interact with. And block her. Terfs/transphobes should have no place in this fandom. At all.
Since mostly terfs interacted after homopsychology reblogged, here’s a post on how to identify terfs:
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tangerinemage · 13 days ago
now that the hype has died down... the witcher's (tv) magic seemed. really boring to me. visuals were probably as decent as you can get at that budget, but it felt pretty uninspired. definitely wanted to see more interesting takes on like. major powerful wizards. anything other than like lighting and teleportation/illusion magic.
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bowser14456 · 19 days ago
This has probably been done before but...
Emira: Don't you have to be stupid somewhere else?
Edric: Not until 4.
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novelist-becca · 21 days ago
When did you join toh fandom?
Oh boy…
I joined back in August…after Agony of a Witch came out. Basically I was spoiled before even joining the fandom. The ending of Agony of a Witch (like everybody else) had me hanging on the edge of my seat. So I looked into what the big deal was (which was pretty fast) and THEN got hyped up for Young Blood Old Souls.
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marjoree · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
We have way too many squirrels to do any kind of bird feeder but I can do this. 
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nightshadeowl · 24 days ago
Over the past day, I've very slowly been learning about the boat. Nobody speed up the process, I've progressed from initially just seeing a meme about getting your ass stuck in a canal and now we're onto learning that they've tried to get it loose with a few people's manpower and a bulldozer, things are getting good.
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demrrow · 25 days ago
I think Luz is tall(or grows to be tall) because otherwise she stays short(like me) and I would never wish this curse upon anyone
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snowy-meowl · 28 days ago
a photo from NCT, a ticket to one of their shows, a plane ticket to s. korea and nice & tidy student notes for all the stuff you have, had, and will have in uni. 💙
This is so wholesome and it would definitely summon me
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