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worksby-d · a day ago
Pairing: Andy Barber x Reader
Summary: Andy catches on to one of your nervous habits.
Tumblr media
Warnings: None!
Word count: ~400
Hearing you stand up and quietly try to move your beach chair closer to his, he considers helping you for a split second before ultimately deciding to pretend he's dozed off. Beneath the sunglasses, you won't know the difference.
It’s harder to fake though when he feels your hand reach for his, carefully intertwining your fingers with his to pull his arm into your lap.
He figures you don’t even know you do it, but he's used to you grabbing his arm like that. He waits for your fingertips to begin brushing along his forearm and smoothing over his arm hairs. When he's wearing a button up or a sweatshirt, you'll roll up his sleeve first.
He never brings attention to it, but he can't help it this time. “What could you possibly be nervous about?” His sudden teasing voice makes you jump. “We're on vacation, honey.”
“You're nervous about something.”
“How did you know?”
“You're playing with my arm hair,” he smirks, watching your fingers freeze when he says it. “See.”
“Nuh-uh,” you scoff. “I'm just holding your hand.”
“No,” he chuckles, turning on his side to face you now. “You pet my arm hair when something’s on your mind.”
“It’s soft,” you shrug shyly, moving your hand again. “You condition it or something?”
“Condition it?” He laughs and cringes at the thought. “Is that a thing?”
“Probably,” you giggle. “Sorry, you can have your arm back.”
You let go, but he doesn't move it. “I didn't say stop. Just wanted to know what you're thinking is all.”
Holding back onto him, you sigh and roll over too so you're facing each other. “Nothing for you to worry about.”
“Hmm,” he hums. “You know I will though.”
“Yeah, I know,” you laugh, resting your cheek against his upper arm. “It’s nothing bad. Just don't wanna go home tomorrow.”
“Maybe we shouldn't,” he jokes. “Should just stay here and ignore reality.”
“Yeah right,” you laugh. “Someday.”
“Retirement plans, I guess.”
“Easy for you to say,” you huff. “You're a lot closer to retirement than I am.”
“Ah– Rude,” he mutters, playfully pinching your thigh. “I'm not that much closer.”
“Sure,” you nod slowly, feeling the warm sun begin to put you to sleep. “Keep telling yourself that.”
Tumblr media
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infxrity · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
♡ — Singing Break Up Songs a Little Too Passionately in Front of Them
Tumblr media
featuring :: most of them
warnings :: none
genre :: fluff, headcanons
want to read more of my work? here’s my masterlist
a/n :: Supercalifragilisticexpialidotias anyways reblog’s are very cool
Tumblr media
— ✿ They raise a brow but don’t make a big deal about it. Maybe you just genuinely liked the song, so they try to ignore you but they’d be lying if they said they weren’t a little bothered. You kept playing it though over and over obviously to get a reaction until they finally gave you one, saying the song sucked and you should pick a different one.
Tsukishima Kei, Kenma Kozume, Kenjiro Shirabu, Kageyama Tobio, Kentaro Kyotani
— ✿ If they did realize what you were doing they don’t care. They’re too busy listening to you sing even if you’re a horrible singer somehow they still find it cute.
Shinsuke Kita, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Suna Rintaro, Kuroo Tetsuro
— ✿They genuinely don’t care. You could sing as many as you want and they wouldn’t look up once from whatever they’re doing. Maybe try again next time.
Iwaizumi Hajime, Akira Kunimi, Aran Ojiro, Miya Osamu
— ✿They join in. They know this song by heart actually and you’re a bit concerned about how passionately they’re singing the song. When you stop and give them a look they go “what I thought we were singing a duet”
Oikawa Toru, Bokuto Kotaro, Nishinoya Yuu, Sugawara Koushi, Tendou Satori, Kuroo Tetsuro, Tadashi Yamaguchi (I’ll fight you on this) Hinata Shoyo
— ✿ They look so hurt. After every sentence they go “me? Do you mean me? Did I do something?” and they look even more hurt when you start laughing. You’d have to turn it off and reassure them it’s just a prank.
Bokuto Kotaro, Yachi Hitoka, Tsutomu Goshiki, Asahi Azumane
— ✿ They give you the silent treatment.
Tsukishima Kei, Kentaro Kyotani, Miya Atsumu
Tumblr media
© infxrity don’t steal my work Tris and Bambi are watching
Tag List - @devilgirlcrybabiey @escapenightmare @sweetlilymammamia @nishikina @pyobeul @kabieroun @animated-moon @tejxswini @p-ol @omiikeii @animebae100 @sscarchiyo @depressed-but-obsessed @maixcore
Tumblr media
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I remember him speaking about being passionate about rescue dogs. So how about a fic about Chris adopting another dog so Dodger can have a brother or sister? Maybe he would see a post on social media about a rescue dog or even find a street dog himself. Sorry if the prompt is weird. I have watched too many 'the dodo' videos today and know I can only think about giving a rescue dog a forever home. Damn my landlord for not allowing dogs in the building...
𝗥𝗲𝘀𝗰𝘂𝗲 𝗱𝗼𝗴
Genre: fluff
Warning: none
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Word count: about 600
Tumblr media
Chris loves dogs, everyone knew that. His fans, his family, his friends, dogs brought him so much joy by just doing nothing but being adorable.
A couple of years ago he got dodger and he was the greatest dog ever. He never expected to get another dog after that, but here he was getting another one.
~earlier that day~
You sat on the couch with your book on your lap and your feet across Chris' lap. Chris had his laptop resting on your leg as he browsed at whatever he was doing. The room was silence, nothing but dodger playing with his toy in the corner filled the room.
You turned the page in your book When Chris said something out of the blue. "We should get another dog."
You looked up from your book to him. "What?"
"we should get another dog." Chris closed his laptop and gently pushed your feet off his lap. "Wait, why?"
Chris stood up shrugging his shoulders. "Why not." Chris walked over to the kitchen. "I mean there's lots of dogs who need a loving family so why not getting dodger a sibling?"
You sighed. "Well, if you're going to get another dog let me tag along please."
Chris nodded, "of course. Come on beautiful, let's go get another dog."
꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷
You and Chris left the house and made your ways to your local pet shelter. Chris was extremely happy, the whole way there he couldn't stop talking about dodger getting another sibling. You couldn't help but smile at his giddiness.
When you arrived at the shelter you were quickly show to where the dogs. There were so many, you were quite sad that you couldn't get them all.
Chris made sure to stop at every cage and look at every dog. He let them sniff his hand and he pet them to see how friendly they were.
Just like you, Chris felt the same way. He wanted to adopt every dog, but sadly he couldn't do so.
"I don't know which one to pick." Chris exhaled loudly. "Well which one are you gravitated towards more?"
Chris pressed his lips into a thin line before answering. "Well I really like the lab over there. He seems calm and very Friendly." Chris turned his eyes over to the sweet dog that was very much looking at you both with the cutest eyes.
"well then, let's get him."
Chris lightly nodded, "you're right, let's get him."
Chris wasted no time getting the dog. He signed some papers and before you knew it he was all his. The name wasn't picked out yet because Chris wanted to wait until he figured out a good name, just like he did with dodger.
On the way home you stopped at the pet store and grabbed a few things for the new guy and Dodger before making your way home.
Dodger was already at the door waiting to greet you both, but was shocked to see another dog. "Dodger meet your new brother." Chris said to Dodger as you held onto his leash.
Dodger curiously sniffed at the dog before he slammed his paws on the floor in attempt to make play with the dog.
it worked. They both ran off through the house doing what they do as dogs. "looks like he took it well." You said with a little chuckle as you closed the front door. "Yep, can't be more happier with my two sons."
You shook your head grinning, "so did you pick a name for him yet?" You asked as you pulled off your shoes.
"hm.. no. What was a name you were thinking about?"
"I like the name Koda or Maybe Henry."
Chris frowned as he started to think. "I like the name Koda."
"Yeah me too."
"alright Koda it is now." Chris rubbed his hands together. "Let's go play with them."
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river-soul · a day ago
Tumblr Etiquette Suggestions
This is by no means an exhaustive list or even one everyone will agree with, but rather a collection of things for people to keep in mind so we can foster a fun/positive atmosphere. I’ve solicited advice from a lot of my mutuals and added in questions and comments I’ve received from others too. Feel free to reblog and add your own! 
I’ve split the list between general topics and those more focused on the reader and writer audiences. 
If you like something, reblog it
Nearly all writers live for reblogs. While you can also like, comment or send an ask, reblogs are golden because they spread our work beyond our followers. Unlike other platforms, likes and comments do nothing in terms of exposure on Tumblr. Only reblogs help get stories in front of new eyes. 
List your age on your blog
Please list your age or put 18+ on your profile so we know you’re not a minor. A lot of people will block blank blogs or those without an age listed automatically. Also, this goes without saying but if you are under the age of 18, do not follow or interact with adult content! 
Ask games
If you reblog an ask game from someone else, it’s considered polite to ask them a question in return. 
Don’t be afraid to reach out
In general, this community is very open and welcoming. It can be scary to post your first thot or story but we’re all very nice and don’t bite (unless you want us to). So if you’re thinking of taking the leap - do it!
For Writers
Be inclusive 
If you are going to write reader insert fic then you need to make sure your reader is inclusive of the audience who will engage in your work. Oftentimes white readers are seen as the default in reader insert communities and they should not be. For other white writers like myself this statement is for you - Tag your readers appropriately if you’re describing your reader in a way that makes them appear white (pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes), so others will be aware of what type of story they're about to consume. 
It’s fine if you’d like your reader to have a specific description. I sometimes write for a plus-size reader but I always make sure to tag it because nothing is more frustrating for people than getting thrown out of a story because physical descriptions are used when it’s been tagged as a general reader story. This also means avoiding creating moodboards that show a certain type of reader. Moodboards may not seem like a big deal but they can be a good visual signal to your audience whether or not you’re going to be inclusive in your writing. 
Additionally, acknowledge comments and be open to suggestions if you’re told your writing isn't inclusive enough. 
As a white person, I don't want to talk over anyone and there have been a number of Tumblr posts that describe this issue more in depth like this one here. 
Find your group 
Whether you are a new or old writer, it’s important to find people who will encourage and lift you up when you’re struggling and vice versa. There are plenty of fics that would have never made it out of my drafts folder without the help and encouragement of the small group of friends I built. 
If you’re looking for a way to make friends, there are several discord groups that exist for writers and readers alike. Commenting and engaging with other writers' work is also a fantastic way to make friends. Trust me when I say people notice when blogs only support themselves and never uplift others. Also, if you’re just starting out, try reaching out to other writers who are new in the community too and followers who engage with your work. I have built many amazing friends that way.
Your mental health comes first
If you’re getting trolling anons or dealing with a rude/difficult/bullying blog it’s ok to turn off anonymous asks and unfollow/block users. Your blog is your space, curate it as needed. It’s also ok to step away from Tumblr and writing in general if it no longer brings you joy or comfort. A hiatus or small break can not only be refreshing for your muse but also help your mood in general.
Do not ask other writers to boost your work 
When it comes to asking for feedback, this is something that naturally sparks from the friendships you'll make if you are an active member of this community. Asking a blog with whom you've never spoken before to take a look at your story will only make them feel as if you're trying to take advantage of their popularity. Try asking your friends, or making some before reaching out to someone you don’t know. 
There are plenty of people I beta for or spitball ideas with that started out as followers who engaged me with me a lot. We built up a friendship over time so when they asked for help I was more than happy to do whatever I could to support them. 
Some new writers assume betas are a necessity to post something because of their omnipresence in most A/Ns, but most of us began without anyone to look over our fics before posting. However, it never hurts to have someone read over your work for obvious grammar errors. If you’re looking for a beta I wrote a post about that here.
How to use tag lists
Never tag people on your stories who haven’t expressly asked to be, especially if they don’t follow you or you’ve never interacted before. Even if you are mutuals, ask! A lot of people have moved to creating a side blog to house their stories because the tag system on Tumblr is garbage. It can help your followers easily find new stories without having to dig through reblogs and other posts. 
Tag your stories appropriately
Be mindful of things in your story that could be upsetting or triggering for people. When in doubt, overtag or ask a friend to review your story and see if you are missing any warnings. This also means tagging characters correctly. Do not use character tags under RPF stories or include pairings that are not the main focus of the story.
Use a read more cut
When posting a fic longer than 500 words use a read more cut. On mobile you can do that by using “:readmore:” without the quotations and on desktop you’re looking for the button with three dots. There have been stories I liked but didn’t reblog because they failed to use a read more cut and I didn’t want to clog up my dash.
If you’re looking for more exposure, you can crosspost your stories on AO3 and Wattpad. AO3 does require an invite code so if you need one let me know! Also, Wattpad doesn’t allow short smutty stories nor do they allow dark fics. Be sure to read their content guidelines. 
Even if I don’t post often and only have a few pieces, am I still a writer?
Whether you’ve published one story or 100, you’re still very much a writer. Muses are fickle and plenty of writers (myself included) have gone through long periods where we didn’t write. I took a five year hiatus from writing before I joined the reader insert community back in November of 2020. Once a writer, always a writer. 
For Readers
Engage with us!
A lot of readers worry about bothering us with too many reblogs, comments or asks, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! As much as we are writing for ourselves, we are also writing for you too! We want to hear all your thoughts and feelings, no matter how silly you may think they are. I promise you, if you reblog or comment on something, you’re gonna make our day. We live for the ‘what if’ asks or sweet DM’s telling us what you loved. 
Unless you're rude… which leads to the next point.
Don’t be rude in asks or offer constructive criticism unless a writer specifically asks for it
Remember that writers are people too so if there is something about a fic you didn't understand or dislike, be mindful of your tone and phrasing when asking a question or commenting. Stop and ask yourself if you have a genuine question or are just criticizing something you didn’t like. In general, don’t offer constructive criticism unless a writer specifically asks for it. This post explains why fic writers don’t need your criticism.
Don’t kinkshame 
If you don’t like a kink or trope that’s fine, just move on! If you feel someone missed tagging a trigger, send them a polite message letting them know. Most of the time they will be more than happy to add it in the future.
Ask writers before engaging with them on potentially triggering or sexually explicit topics.  
Just because certain authors write smut or dark fics doesn't mean they want to get extremely graphic asks from strangers. We all have personal boundaries. Some asks we receive are overly familiar, sexual graphic or detail triggering content. Whatever the context, it's important to ask the author/content creator if they want to engage with you that way.
Don’t ask for updates or part 2 of a fic
Asking an author when a fic is going to be updated may not seem rude but it can be, especially if it’s from someone who has never reblogged or interacted with us before. We get dozens of these questions and all they do is suck the will to write from us. Same goes for asking for part 2 of a story. Especially if that’s your only comment. It’s fine to indicate you’d love to read more but at least take a moment to tell us what you like about the story in the first place. 
Nothing kills the muse faster than just getting “Part 2?” as the only comment. 
Please don’t emotionally dump on writers
Consider triggers or asking a writer before emotionally dumping on them, especially when you are asking to get a fic written out of it. Example: "I've had such a bad day because *emotionally dumps*. How do you think Steve would take care of me?" It’s a form of guilt tripping, even if you don't mean it to be manipulative.
Do not send the same request to multiple writers
This is self explanatory. It’s upsetting to work hard on a story only to see someone posted something similar because they also received that same ask. If you haven't heard back from the author you sent a request to within a week or so, you can ask (nicely!) if they got it and liked it so you know if you can send it to another writer after. 
Writers are not fic finders
Do not send asks looking for them to find a story for you unless they’ve stated they’re ok with it
Why don’t authors crosspost their work?
We get it, Tumblr is not the most user friendly website for fic searching but crossposting is a labor intensive process for a lot of writers who are already working with limited time. Others don’t see much engagement for certain characters or fandoms on other platforms so it’s not worth the trouble. For example, I’ve gotten zero engagement from most of the stories I’ve posted on Wattpad that have hundreds of likes and comments on Tumblr/AO3. Additionally, Wattpad doesn’t allow stories that are only explicit content aka smutty stories without much plot nor do they allow dark fics. Both will get you banned from that platform. Also, AO3 does require an invite code so a lot of authors are stuck waiting for one. 
What the heck do I do with tags when I reblog?
Whatever you want! Some people prefer to leave their comments in tags instead of the body of the reblog and others use it to organize their blog to make things easier to find. 
If I missed anything or you still have questions, my inbox and DMs are open!
Thank you @wakingbeauty-review @navybrat817 @starksbabie @stargazingfangirl18 @sweetlyscared @ozarkthedog @whoknowsanymore124 @syntheticavenger @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog @buckyownsmylife @ourladybinxthings @dreamlessinparis @minmu @brandycranby @ghotifishreads and @boxofbonesfic for your help putting this together and for looking over this long ass list! 
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bentobarnes · a day ago
「𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙣𝙜𝙚」
pairing : sebastian stan x reader
word count : 570
request by anon (thank you!) : show your breastfed baby your boobs.
warnings : fluff, breastfeeding, nakedness
note : I love how this turned out and it warmed my heart writing it
*feedback is appreciated. please reblog so it can reach more people♡
Tumblr media
You and Sebastian weren’t alone anymore. Four and a half months ago, your sweet little boy entered the world making you a family of three.
Sebastian was head over heels for his baby constantly being around to help you with him or just hold and kiss him.
Feeling the soft skin of your newborn so pure and fragile. He couldn’t stop himself from wanting to hold him 24/7 for the past 4 months.
Sometimes you two ended up in a fight for who should be the one holding him now. “But you already held him till now!” You argued but Sebastian thought else.
“I wasn’t at home all morning!” He pushed back but those fights never lasted long. Every time they ended up the best way possible.
Sebastian was spooning you from behind with you between his legs holding your little boy. His hand was wrapped around yours holding the baby.
He couldn’t think of any other place he wants to be at except here with his family. There was also something else.
He never imagined how well being a mother suited you. Yes, you may had dark circles under your eyes but that was because you were a mother.
As his head was nestled on your shoulder and his hand was wrapped around yours, he couldn’t stop admiring the breastfeeding baby on your chest.
If anything else, you both were sure that this baby loves your boobs as much as Sebastian does. He was a hungry baby always wanting some milk in his tummy.
After your baby was finally asleep, you and Sebastian had a little time for yourselves. The time that now, you appreciated and craved so much.
After a couple of hours, your peace was disturbed by your hungry baby's cries. “And that should be for me.” You groaned before kissing Sebastian.
“Hi, babies!” Sebastian whispered entering the room and brought you into a hug. “He is beautiful, isn’t he?” He referred to the eating baby in your arms.
“Just like his daddy.” You leaned even further into his back feeling his warmth radiating through his chest and his heartbeat.
It was a late afternoon and your baby was playing with Sebastian’s face positioned on top of his chest giggling.
“I saw this challenge of showing your boobs to your baby.” You told Sebastian laughing. “That should be a lot of fun!” He replied squeezing his baby’s hand.
“Let’s do it then!” You stood up from your place on the couch next to Sebastian and moved to the other side a bit further from your baby.
You took your t-shirt off leaving you naked in front of them. Sebastian’s eyes sparkled from the sight of your breasts, which were a bit fuller than usual.
It was because of the milk in them but god you were a goddess. “Hey, baby look at mama!” He said to the baby gently turning his head a bit to the side.
At the sight, your baby started chuckling and smiling making both of you laugh. His hands were curled into small fists beating at Sebastian’s chest.
“Slow down buddy!” Sebastian laughed taking the baby into his arms and lifting him. The baby moved his hands and legs like he was swimming, smiling in the air.
“I love you both.” Sebastian murmured and you looked at him with all the love in the world. “And I love you too my sweet boys.”
tag list : @lovie-barnes , @bbl32 , @littlecanadianlani , @iguana-eyanna , @meetmyblondemuffins
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boldlyanxious · 14 hours ago
Making Magic
Prompt for @maribat-october-rarepairs
My masterlist
Not a meet cute Monday just because it isn't Monday. So I tagged like it was. Hope that is okay.
Prompt: magic- Roynette
It was Marinette’s first Halloween in America so she made sure to get full exposure to the occasion. Her neighborhood was having a fall carnival so she signed up to hand out candy and do some face painting. She was really busy at first. She was setting up the goody bags to hand out while also doing face painting for the first few to arrive. Luckily she finished the bags up very quickly and she was able to do the face painting. It was a lot busier than she expected. There were so many families and it wasn’t just the kids wanting face painting. She barely had time for a break. But her break ended up forced as her paints ran out and someone went to go find more for her to use. Most of the people understood but kids were already over excited and there were a few who were pretty upset.
Parents worked to distract their kids with other activities while Marinette cleaned up her space in anticipation of having more supplies to work with. She also took a quick break so she would be ready for the next crowd. There was one little girl whose father couldn’t seem to console her. Marinette dug around for an extra treat to perk up the little girl before approaching. The father had sat awkwardly on the ground near Marinette’s station and was holding the child in his lap. Marinette crouched down to get to their level.
“Someone went to get more paints, so I should be back up and running again soon. Is there anything else you want to do while you wait?”
“I just wanna go home.”
“Are you not having fun here? I found a sticker. It's a bow and arrow like you have.”
“I can’t have the bow and arrow. My hair is all wrong.”
“Do you not want it braided?”
The man interrupted the conversation then to explain. “She wants the braid redone but I told her I couldn’t really do any better unless we are home.”
“No. That is wrong. I don’t want it how you do it. It needs to be a fresh braid. Like Eloise had at school.”
“I didn’t see Eloise at school. I don’t know how her hair was done.”
“Was it maybe a French braid?” Marinette asked.
“Yeah. Eloise said that is how princesses do it.”
“Do you want me to help you?”
The girl’s cheeks were still wet but her face lit up at the idea. “You can do it?”
“I know how. But it’s always important to make sure with your grown up before doing anything with a new person.”
“Daddy, please. She can show you how to do it right so you can do it for Halloween too.”
Marinette saw the moment when he went from ready to allow her to do his daughter’s hair to having to learn an unknown hair style. He looked down at her as she jumped up and held onto Marinette’s hand. He just couldn’t disappoint her by not at least trying.
Roy accepted the help from the lady working at the fall fair. She had introduced herself as Marinette and Lian had introduced them, excitedly telling the woman about her costume and all her favorite things. Marinette seemed a little blindsided by going from putting a braid in Lian’s hair to then teaching him how to do it. She moved really fast with her hair. Roy had to stop her and ask her to start again 3 times before she tried guiding him through doing it himself. He couldn’t seem to get the hair pulled up into the sections looking right without dropping all of the rest of it.
“I think I am hopeless. Why is this not working?”
“It’s just a new skill. It will take practice. Lian is doing so well holding still for this.”
Lian beamed up at Marinette. She had been latched onto Marinette immediately wanted to do everything to get her praise. Roy on the other hand was amazed at her patience with him. He ran his fingers back through his daughter’s hair one more time. He really didn’t like disappointing her for something that seemed so easy.
“Would you show me one more time and I will do it the best I can and we will leave you alone.”
Roy was feeling more like they were taking up her time. She seemed happy to help but someone had just stopped by to drop off the face paints for her to get back to her booth. She bit her lip nervously. Roy was realizing that they were taking up too much of her time and she didn’t feel like saying anything. He was going to tell her never mind but she spoke first.
“I can help. I just wonder if there is another way.” She paused and took a breath. “Would it be easier if I showed you while I did Lian’s hair and then you could follow along with mine?”
That was not what Roy had expected but it did seem to be a good solution. Lian would get her hair done how she wanted and Roy could watch and do it at the same time. He nodded his assent and moved behind the woman as pulled her hair down. Roy could clearly see she was beautiful, but he was mesmersized as she pulled down her long hair. It was very similar to Lian’s so that would probably help him quite a bit. He could see Lian was a little star struck by the woman. She loved receiving praise, especially from women. It had been Kor'i who had helped her pick the warrior princess costume that now required the braid.
Marinette was fully focused on Lian and trying to carefully demonstrate the braid so Roy shook himself a bit to pay attention to what she was doing and not how it felt to put his hands through her sweet smelling hair.
Marinette had not thought this through. She had approached originally just because the child was crying and she had felt responsible. But she had to do her best to focus when she got a look at the father. He was so sweet with his little girl but otherwise looked very ruggedly handsome with muscles straining at his shirt. All of that was before he stood up and moved close to her as they worked on braiding his daughter’s hair. Marinette thought she was probably at fault for not being clear on how the braid would work. She kept stumbling over her words and getting lost every time their fingers brushed. She kept telling herself that he had a child so he probably had a partner but after a few minutes with them it became clear he was raising Lian on his own.
She didn’t know what possessed her to suggest using her own hair for practice. She had just been thinking that he would still need to know how to do it and Marinette needed to finish up. That is the part where she should have stumbled over her words. Or she could suggest something like trying again later and she could see him again while not suggesting something that would have his hands gently moving through her hair. She demonstrated again how to pull up another segment of hair to be added to the plait strand. His fingertips brushed against her temple and she could feel the rough calluses even with his light touch.
She turned her attention back to Lian so she wouldn't be thinking about his hands anymore. It was hard to do with the feel of them against her scalp. She was counting down the minutes until he would pull the last sections of her hair into the braid so his hands would move away from her scalp. He leaned down close to watch as she got to the base of Lian’s head. She could feel him move over her and she froze, trying to at least keep her hands moving so he could see how to finish. She had to stop herself from releasing a hard breath when he got all the hair into the braid. His hands now rested on the back of his neck as he tried to keep all the hair together but separated.
After a few more twists, Marinette moved quickly with the rest of the braid. She could feel Roy gain confidence as he moved into doing something he had done before. Marinette tied a band at the end of the braid and turned back to tell him to stop. He was looking down at her intensely and handed her the end.
“I wasn’t sure if you wanted to keep it like that or fix it.:
“You have to keep it. It’s like me. We match,” Lian said.
“Of course I am keeping it. How does it look?”
“It is really good. Daddy, you did it so good.” she said to her dad before turning back to Marinette. "It's like magic. You must be magic."
“I don't know about that. It takes practice and patience. Your dad may still need to practice, but you are an excellent helper and sit still so well to get your warrior princess braid. You won’t even need me.”
“But you have to be there too. Just to make sure Daddy does it right and you can keep him company so he doesn’t get lonely when I go and play.”
“Well, either way I think you are set for the rest of today and you will be able to have it right for Halloween.”
“Daddy, can she come with us for trick or treating? I want her there.”
“I would love to have her walk around with us but all we can do is ask. She may already have plans.” Roy looked directly at her. “If you don’t have anything to do for Halloween, I would love to have you go with us.”
Marinette blushed at his directness and clear use of himself rather than him and his daughter. But she nodded her head. She didn’t get the chance to say anything else because Lian was giving directions for how the night would go.
“We will want to leave early to get the best candy. I can be Starfire and you can be Arsenal. He is the best one and then Daddy will have to be Red Hood.”
Marinette loved that he was so confident asking her out but was suddenly blushing when his daughter dictated how the night would go. She would have to look up what the costume was that would get that reaction.
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  Bunny Boy: Timeskip.
Tumblr media
In which as time has passed, Jungkooks sick mind might have finally infected yours as well- tainting his angel to one day go down to hell with him.
Tags/Warnings: graphic description of murder, touching without permission, graphic descriptions of disgust? dunno what to call it, Bunny Boy Jungkook being himself, we all missed his psycho ass lets be real, arson, someone falls down a construction site, oopsie, graphic descriptions of murder pt2, gore, blood, lack of remorse, psychosis, very twisted view of the world, you know me by now, smut, protected smut of course, the usual shabang, kids pls don't read, you'll do it anyways won't you
Jungkook has somehow lied himself to the top of the foodchain.
There's still a lot of things he can't afford, but then again, considering he's basically lived in a rat's nest with you a year ago makes his new home in the high top apartment complex in the middle of Seoul feel as luxurious as the most expensive suite available for rent in the entire country. He can sometimes even sneak in a bottle of champagne at the end of the month- a treat he loves to share with you at night, always amused by the way you turn bold the more your alcohol level rises. He enjoys seeing you so out of it, weirdly enough, but then again; you're at his mercy every second of the time you're sober as well.
You're allowed to exist, because he want's you to, after all.
But you've come to feel very much a sense of comfort with every controlling touch of his- a reassurance if you will, that no matter the case, you're still wanted at his side, still allowed to live and spend your life with him. It gives you confidence to have him show you off to his coworkers; his fond gaze and words dipped in honey enough to make you fall to his very feet- but then again, at least in the public eye, you have to uphold a certain sense of common courtesy.
Although you know, he wouldn't mind it either way.
Right now however, you know he'd be fuming, the hand of his coworker feeling heavy like led on your shoulder, not at all wanted there at all. You don't even know why he's here, why he's invaded your home like this, bottle of wine in hand as if that would somehow make it any better. You've tried to tell him he's not wanted here in the nicest way's you could think of, getting desperate as you realize you're not at all as good at talking as Jungkook is- because he's still here, still in your kitchen, still touching you and infecting you with whatever germs living on his skin, and you feel the need to vomit. No one is ever allowed to touch you but Jungkook, he always makes sure to keep you at a distance with people, hell, you don't even shake hands with anyone you meet-
"Listen, I know this may seem bold-" He starts, voice nowhere near as silky smooth as Jungkook's always was. It has a rough undertone like sandpaper, scratching and making your grit your teeth as you force your brows to stay where they are, not allowed to give away your disgust of the entire situation. Somehow everything about this man is absolutely vile to you, from the overbearing cologne he's wearing, to the tie that's horribly done- you always tie Jungkook's, you always make sure its nice and this man just seems so out of place here. He's too tall, too broad, too bold, too close. "But I've seen the way that Jungkook acts around you. Bosses you around." He says, and you can't help the way your expression changes slightly. "You don't deserve this. A woman should be treated nice- I could treat you nice." He offers, and you swallow down the bile rising as you realize what he's saying. He takes a step closer- and you take two back, until your back meets the kitchen counter. "You know I'm right." He says, and you decide to flee.
"I- I'm gonna uhm, heat up some f-food.." You say, escaping his presence by running behind the counter, occupying yourself with whatever you can find there. He walks past you with a sickening smile, something that makes you feel even worse in your skin, as you have to realize how he's tainting your home with his presence. He's touching things, leaving his traces everywhere, as he walks into the bathroom to relieve himself.
Jungkook won't be back home until the next four hours pass.
You have to protect your home.
You have to act this time.
He's horribly drunk- and he won't leave your house.
Your patience is wearing thin, having thought that once he was intoxicated you could get rid of him by talking him into taking a cab home- but you soon come to the conclusion that this was just the easy way out.
Was the world testing you? Were the gods testing if you had what it took to be worthy of staying at Jungkooks side? He has killed for you before, you remember.
Maybe you had to even it out.
The man on the couch is snoring, by now asleep as you remember his name. Yamato was his name- a former classmate of yours from long ago, a young man who never really gave you any attention at all. Not like he could compare to Jungkook ever- no one could, you remind yourself. Jungkook was your soulmate, your everything. And this house was now tainted in another man's presence. You shuddered at the thought, suddenly snapping.
The oven is quick to heat up as you stuff it with all the backing sheets you can find, almost burning your hand in the process as you become frantic. There's no use in caring for this house anymore, you didn't need any physical possessions anyways as long as you had Jungkook. He would make it better, he would figure things out. As soon as he was with you again, you could breathe- and for now, you had to try and not suffocate.
Smoke blurrs your vision, dipping everything in a faded hue as the fire alarm doesn't go off. Its not supposed to- Jungkook had forgotten to change the batteries in it, never really having gotten around to change them after taking them out and realizing he didn't have the right one's at hand. It was a silly mistake on his side really; or maybe a higher power setting the right scene for you to act on your love for him. You finally realized why Jungkook in the past had done the things he did. You only did them out of love as well- you only did this because it was necessary. It needed to be done.
The flames are now licking his up the walls, eager to eat up the wallpaper you both had chosen when you had moved into this place half a year ago. You can't be bothered with them turning black and peeling off the walls, rather fixated by the sight as Yamato on the couch suddenly coughs, falling to the ground from the lack of oxygen in his lungs. Your own burn as well, but you can't move, having to watch him as he looks at you in horror. "What're you doing?!" He rasps out, coughing. "Don't stand there-!" He yells.
Jungkook never yells at you, you think.
"My mom always said that we all get what we deserve in life." You say, as Yamato struggles to breathe. "But she always called her marriage a disappointment she had to settle for." You explain, sitting on the floor now as to not fall over from the dizziness in your head. "I've always been a good kid." You say, unsure who you're even telling this by now, since the man in front of you had stopped moving while the flames start to lick on his clothes, hungry as they devour the black slacks he's wearing. "And you're right." You say, smiling as you crawl over to him before you scoot back then the fire burns your arm. "I deserve better." You say, coughing before getting up. "While you all continue to be dissapointed." You say, finally grabbing your phone, and calling Jungkook- knowing by the sound of the faint firetruck somewhere in the distance, you don't need to call for them no more. As soon as he picks up, you're grinning from ear to ear. "Jungkookie.." You drawl, before laying on your back, coughing violently, phone falling out of your hands.
"Angel?" Jungkook asks, before he hears you coughing. "Angel-"
"Jungkook, isn't that your apartment?" Min Yoongi asks, a coworker and higher up of his, who's standing at the window that has a large view over the city- and he's right. The bright orange light, shining way too saturated to just be the living room light, was exactly your apartment you shared with him. He'd chosen is because of this specific reason- he can see it from his own office downtown. "Go." Yoongi says, and Jungkook can't even bother to put on a jacket as he runs down the stairs instead of taking the elevator, people staring as he runs past them as quickly as his feet can carry him. There's an ambulance, then two, then an array of firetrucks dashing past him, way faster than he is, and for a moment he thinks about jumping up on one of the ladders the cars carry- but they're too fast for him, so he just ignores all the red lights, almost getting run over on his way.
His mind is empty, no thoughts can make their presence known inside his head.
He can taste iron on his breath as he finally makes it to the scene, police holding him back as he watches the flames reach out of your shattered living room window. "Sir-"
"That's MY fucking Apartment burning, with MY fucking fiancé in it-!" He barks at them, unknowingly having started to cry already at the realization of your body still inside. What if you're dead? What if you're already gone? He already has the plan inside of his head to go after you, to reach you, when theres a stretcher carried out, a body on it. "Please- Angel! Let me through, I need to-" He barks, before the police nods to one another, letting him through so he can finally reach you inside the ambulance.
"Sir-" The paramedic asks, but Jungkook shuts her off instantly, sitting down on the small seat at the side, eyes wide open as they stare at the burns on your skin, and closed eyes- an oxygen mask on your face.
"Fiancé." He simply breathes out. "I'm.. her fiancé. We're supposed to get married in December this year.." He says almost without any sound, whispering it like the words were too delicate to say out loud.
"And you will, we'll make sure she come's through all fine." The paramedic hits the small window to the front of the car, signalling to start driving. "We've given her some drugs, that's why she's unconscious. Its safer this way until we know the extend of injuries." The paramedic tells Jungkook. "But I'm confident she'll be just fine." The lady smiles, as Jungkook can't help but reach out and hold your hand, softly, as if you'll break if he touches too hard.
At the hospital, he doesn't sleep. And when he does, it's always the same dream.
A memory he cherishes.
"It's so high up." You wonder as you stand on the balcony, dressed in a large white shirt and some shorts, ready for bed. Your hair is a bit unruled, but your face is bare of any makeup- relaxed, cheeks a bit red from the slight wind blowing. He liks you most like this, raw and unpolished, just for his eyes to see. He knows that his next action is the right one, as he looks at you like this. Walking up behind you, he wraps his arms around your smaller form, relishing in the feeling of you almost captured by him like this, with his head on your back, before he kisses the back of your neck.
"I know." He answers your statement a bit later. "It's nice, isn't it?" He asks.
You nod. "Like we're angels in heaven, looking down onto earth." You say, and he smiles, amused by your still so innocent way of looking at the world around you. You were his angel, after all. Untainted. Pure.
And all his.
"Oh?" You wonder, looking at a small black box he holds in front of you now, his head next to yours as his chin was placed on your shoulder. He's not asking you, after all. He's simply informing you.
"I finally managed to buy it." He says, as he opens the box, a small ring inside, that he pulls out, to put onto your finger. As he does this, you notice a similar one on his hand as well. "Now I can do this right." He hums warmly against your back, and you feel mesmerized by the sight of the small stone reflecting the city lights around you.
"Jungkook.." You start, unsure what to say.
"Just say yes." He mumbles against the shell of your ear, as you giggle.
"Of course I say yes. What else could I say to you?" You say, and he chuckles along, holding you a bit tighter.
"Smart girl." He simply says.
But right now, all he can really see is you in that hospital bed.
He's unsure what to think, considering he's by now been informed that there was another person in your apartment, another man at that, and he knows you'd never betray him like this. The only thing he can now think of is, why. Why was he there, and why did the fire start?
As you open your eyes, he leans over you, eyes locked with yours as you can't even manage to look around before he speaks. "What happened?" He asks, voice calm and neutral as he asks you that question, hands pressed against the mattress on either side of your head where he leans. "Why was Yamato at our house? While I wasn't home?" He questions, and your voice is raspy as you answer, able to hold his gaze.
"He came.." You start, clearing your throat a little. "Over with a bottle of wine. Said he.. didn't know you weren't home." You explain, and Jungkooks skin grows cold as you suddenly tear up. "I'm sorry Jungkook, I didn't know what else to do-" You start, as he shakes his head, holding your face as he forces you to focus.
"No no no, no freaking out yet. What. Happened." He asks, presses on, as you hiccup your way through the entire situation.
"He kept- kept touching me, Jungkook he- he used the bathroom, he talked bad about you, he kept looking at me-" You say, and Jungkook grows more restless. You wouldn't.. would you? "I had to." You say, suddenly calm again, as you close your eyes, evening your breathing. "He ruined it, Jungkook. He ruined our home, he should've never been there, I couldn't live there no longer, not after he was in there." You say. "I'm so sorry." You mumble.
"You set the fire?" Jungkook asks, now eerily soft-spoken as his hand caresses your cheek. "For what angel? Hm? What did he say?" He wonders.
"That you.. boss me around. That he could do better. Treat me better." You say, growing tired again. "You've done so much for me, I had to.." You mumble, not really fully there yet. "Jungkook, do you still love me?" You ask, and Jungkook connects the dots himself.
"Of course." He says, smiling down on you before he presses a kiss to your lips. "Now more then ever before."
It should've all ended there.
But now its Jungkook, who's got himself dug knee-deep into trouble. "So, all you gotta do is write a nice little amount to my bank account, and we're good." The man says, waving his phone around as if to taunt Jungkook. "After all, you wanna keep being able to spoil your soon-to-be wife, no?" He chuckles, and that's when Jungkook snaps, walking forwards.
Technically, to his own defense, he only wanted to intimidate the man.
Somehow, it felt weird to him, how he could basically re-imagine the way the guy must have popped open like the grape he'd stepped on this morning when he'd hit the concrete below, even though he hadn't seen it himself. But he had it coming, Jungkook assures himself, it was an accident, he chants in his head, as he feels his heart rate slow down, the phone equally destroyed next to the man on the ground- and the security cameras only capturing video, not sound.
Yoongi down below gasps as he opens the door and spots the pile of guts and bones on the ground, having been alerted by the loud crash. A look upwards was all he needs to connect 2 and 2. "Call an ambulance. Police too." He calls up calmly. "Lets hope you're good at acting." He mumbles, holding a hand to his mouth as he averts his gaze, before ushering the other curious office workers back inside, but not before falling forwards, stumbling so to say over the step into the office building.
Sneaking the SD card into his pocket.
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pathetic-dumpling · 2 days ago
We've Come To A Crossroad (What Do We Do Now?) - Guard Dog AU
Rumors about what guards the casino begin to spread and grow, and based on the fact that no one has been allowed into the prison for months, Techno has a growing suspicion of who the casino's new guard dog is. Rescuing Dream doesn't go quite as planned.
this au belongs to the wonderful @stabbysideblog why has been hyping me up this entire fic tysm bro i really appreciate it (i also have a small tag list as the bottom, which i don't normally do, but if u got a notif at the bottom that's why :D)
Read on AO3 instead!
Warning: extreme dehumanization, manipulation, conditioning, torture, not quackity+sam friendly, PTSD, abuse/ve relationships, unhealthy dynamics, mental instability, referenced force-feeding, the process of throwing up, everyone is handling their trauma poorly, this could be a whumptober fic if I wanted it to be tbh, Dream has a shock collar
The more Technoblade learns about Las Nevadas, the more worried he gets. Not only is the country… empire… estate- whatever it is- becoming an economic powerhouse (a title that should only belong to him and Ranboo- who worked for their wealth), but some nasty rumors have been spreading about the place. Particularly about the fabled dog that guards the casino.
Now, Techno isn't stupid. He knows Sam works for Las Nevadas, and he also knows that Sam is the sole power running the prison. Not only does that kind of absolute power lead to loopholes for prisoner treatment, but nobody has been allowed in or around the prison since the casino opened. Which is worrying. Judging by the vague and fleeting description of the thing lurking in the dark corners of Las Nevadas, Techno has an idea of just what is happening to Dream.
So, as with all of his growing worries, Techno brings it up with the Syndicate. Everyone has something to say about Las Nevadas. Ranboo is worried about Tubbo's potential involvement with the country as it develops, and Niki states that something about it irks her the wrong way. Something about the same kind of sickeningly sweet words of freedom of expression and self that L'manberg was first built on. Phil agrees with Techno on the contracts and overreach of power starting to look a little too close to a government with nothing to rival it. So they decided to rival it and see precisely what they're dealing with.
"Ranboo, Niki…" Techno sighs. His ears flop down apologetically. "I love you guys, and I'm incredibly proud of all of the progress you've made, but I'm not sure I feel comfortable throwing you guys into a hostile environment like this."
"No, no… we- I… I understand, Techno," Niki says. She grips her hidden dagger tightly, pressing her lips together. Techno seems unconvinced.
"The only reason I'm taking Phil with me is because I know I'll be outnumbered, and I know how to work with him, alright? I don't wanna worry about you guys if something goes wrong. Me 'n Phil can and have found our way out of plenty of dire situations. I trust you with my life; I just don't trust your lives with me."
Niki sighs and smiles again, this time a little less tight. "You know I trust your judgment, Techno."
"I know, I know." Techno dips his head bashfully, scratching at his cheek. "Also. Uh. It would look a little suspicious if all of us showed up. We can't have them knowing we know something."
"I'm sure they'll get that message just fine from our strongest members showing up on their doorstep," Ranboo pipes up, handing off the invisibility potions he had been tasked with brewing.
"'Strongest' is a subjective word, Ranboo." Techno takes the potion, passing half to Phil, who is checking over his bowstring. "You two are better than us at plenty of things. You ready to go, Phil?"
"Yep!" Phil gives the group a thumbs up, smiling brightly. "Right. We'll see you guys when we get back from checking this shit out. Take care, don't burn down the house. You know the drill. We'll come back with reports, and we'll go from there."
Phil ruffles Ranboo's hair with a light chuckle and gives Niki a tight hug on his way out. His wings wrap around Niki briefly before he pulls back, ruffling them to puff out his feathers. Techno follows after, lightly bumping his forehead against wherever he can reach on the two before he and Phil are ushered out the door. Techno takes out his invitation to Las Nevadas, checking the ominous set of coordinates in the bottom corner. It seems like everyone had been sent some kind of invitation because nothing about it is personalized, but it gives them the country's location, so Techno can't complain about his random spam mail.
Phil breaks off from his side as soon as they arrive at Las Nevadas. He downs his 8-hour invisibility potion, shucking off all of his armor and tucking it away safely.
"Stay safe, Phil," Techno calls.
"You too, mate!" Phil's voice filters through the air around Techno, landing softly on his ears as Phil's form disappears into the distance. Techno, now alone, walks into the main entrance of Las Nevadas, passing the large sign, flashing in the dull sunlight. Techno follows the road into the country, passing countless large, beautiful, but ultimately empty buildings. The casino lights shine off the sleek metal and polished windows, creating various colors splashed and mixed together. Techno huffs, glancing around for any sight of Phil. There's nothing, not even the distant sound of Phil's wings flapping as he works. It's both comforting and terrifying.
On one hand, Phil and Techno won't get caught scouting out the casino. On the other, Techno is alone, something he's come to be very afraid of.
Techno walks into the casino, immediately greeted by flashing lights, bombarding him with bright colors and loud, repetitive sounds. A voice cuts through the barrage of sights and sounds, and soon enough, Quackity is walking up to Techno with a wide grin. Something glints in his eyes that makes Techno's hand grip where the hilt of his sword usually is. Quackity doesn't seem to notice as his smile widens, pulling at the scar running from his lip to his eye.
"Technoblade!" He says, throwing his arms out. He tosses one around Techno's shoulders the best he can, ushering him into the casino.
"Y'know, pal, I never really thought I'd see you out here," Quackity drawls, his hand tightening against Techno's arm ever so slightly before releasing. Techno's tail swished uncomfortably.
"Well, you know how it is," Techno chuckles. "I thought I'd come to see what the fuss is all about."
Quackity chuckles lightly, mirroring Techno. "Quite the fuss there is." His face rests into something a little more neutral, a closed-lip smile still finding its way onto his face as he regards Techno. Something uncomfortable flashes in his eyes, so brief that an untrained eye would miss it entirely. After a short, uncomfortable second, Quackity releases Techno's arm, taking a few steps back and dusting his hands off with showmanship-like grace.
"Well. I'll leave you to wander, Technoblade. Take your time, see everything Las Nevadas has to offer, and, of course," he chuckles, "spend your money wisely. Couldn't have you going into debt, could we?"
"...Yeah. Of course."
Something uncomfortable wells up in Techno's throat, and it doesn't leave until Quackity is far out of sight. He sighs shakily. His hand moves to grip around his communicator, hidden away in one of his many pockets, feeling for any kind of buzz that would indicate a message from Phil. He shorts when nothing happens, cursing himself for going so utterly alone into a place like this. To be fair, he didn't expect… whatever Quackity was.
He can't focus on that now. Techno has suspicions he needed to act on. Information to gather and people to find. He sets off, glancing around at every corner of the casino that might hide something. Every "staff only" entry, every window that seems suspiciously placed, every piston and dispenser he can't immediately find the use for, anything and everything the casino might have up its sleeve. He plays a few games, of course, but those experiences are primarily miserable. The games are too loud, the lights are too bright, and there are too many people, but he can't just waltz in and spend nothing. It makes Techno sad to see his gold taken from him, but he knows it's for a good cause.
Maybe an hour or so into Techno's exploration, a bit of movement catches his eye. He only saw it briefly, a small flash of the sparkling purple of enchantments, but it was something new. Techno quietly moved over to where he saw the flash of purple, glancing around the corner and stepping carefully. His hoofs scuff against the marble flooring, and Techno's breath catches in his throat.
There stands Dream, in a set of enchanted Netherrite armor that clearly isn't his own. It doesn't fit him at all, body completely dwarfed by the sharp edges. Techno cringes at the bruises he knows that will inevitably form. Techno steps forward, slowly, coming to a stop right in front of Dream. He doesn't acknowledge Techno.
"Dream?" Techno asks softly.
There's no response. Dream's face looks like there's nothing behind it. Like every human part of him was stripped away, and he was left in this dark corner of the casino. Ugly, purple bruises stain under Dream's eyes, and the more Techno states, the more he realizes that the armor Dream wears doesn't fit him because he's nothing more than a skeleton pulled together by a thin layer of skin. Bruises and scars litter every inch on Dream that's visible. His breathing is shallow, almost wet, and it stutters and struggles to leave his chest.
The part that makes Techno want to throw up the most is the collar around Dream's neck. Red, puffy scars bleed together with bruises, and Techno realizes with absolute horror that it's a shock collar. A dog tag fits neatly between too-sharp of collar bones. It doesn't have his name. It doesn't even have his fucking name on it. Just Property of Las Nevadas. Techno reaches out a shaky hand, almost scared that Dream will snap under even the most gentle of holds.
"What happened here, Dream?" He asks. Almost shamefully, Techno's hand stops just above Dream's arm. He's too scared to touch him. "What happened to you?"
There's nothing. There's nothing behind Dream's eyes. No light, no fear, just bone-deep exhaustion and a wild kind of desperation. Techno feels like he's going to vomit.
He pulls out his communicator. Damn being quiet about this and keeping the thing hidden. He calls Phil, eyes anxiously flitting between Dream and the small device as it rings.
"Oh, thank god. Phil?" Techno asks.
"Yes, mate?" Phil's voice crackles through the speakers. "Oh shit. You sound stressed. What happened?"
"Are you done?"
"Wh- uh… Yeah. Yeah, I'm done. Everything's mapped out, just like you wanted. Did you find something?"
Techno swallows. "Yeah. We're- we have to go. We need to start planning."
"Shit. Alright. I'll meet you by the sign."
"Yep. Yep." Techno starts walking through the casino. He rips himself away from Dream, but he feels like he left his heart behind to bleed out the longer he walks.
"Techno. Techno, stop." Phil's voice cuts through the growing panic. Techno stops. "You sound like you're panicking, mate. Take a deep breath. Calm down. Leave slowly and calmly, alright? Whatever the fuck you saw- Quackity can't know that you know. Get out, we'll talk, and then you can panic all you want when we get home, alright?"
Home. Home… right. The Syndicate is waiting for a report. For a plan of action. Techno starts walking, this time slowly, methodically, stepping out of the casino. He tries not to throw a worried glance behind him, but the bright flash of enchanted armor makes him seize up. Techno glances back quickly, but it's not Dream. It's Sam, and he's carrying something, but Techno doesn't want to think about it.
It takes everything he has to not run away from the oppressive feeling of the casino. Techno releases a breath he didn't know he was holding as soon as he reaches the sign, something thick and vile dislodging from his throat and finally allowing him to breathe. Phil appears at his side seconds later, clutching an empty bottle, looking half as bad as Techno feels.
"Holy shit," Phil says. "What the fuck did you see in there?"
Techno swallows. He reaches out, grabbing Phil's hand and holding it tightly. "I'll- I'll tell you later. We have to. We have to get home. We've gotta tear that place apart."
Phil's expression hardens, and he squeezes Techno's hand back. "Let's go, then."
They make it back home. Techno's chest aches. Ranboo and Niki want to know what happened, but he brushes past them, climbing up the ladder into his room. His heart, bleeding out on the casino floor, feels like it's finally caught up to him and lodged itself in his throat, filling it with blood. It makes him gasp for air. He takes out the map Phil had created, the key at the top showing everything Phil had found. Every flaw, every place functionality had been sacrificed for style, everywhere they would hide or place traps. He pulls out his own notes next, scrawled on several sheets of small paper he had taken while exploring.
Techno takes a deep breath. He thinks about Dream's gaunt form, the sheer nothingness behind his eyes, and gets to work.
Niki gingerly passes out the steaming cups of tea, sending a worried glance to Phil and Ranboo. Techno had gotten home days ago from Las Nevadas, and he hasn't left his room since. He looked shaken when he arrived home, but Phil seemed to know just as much as the rest of them.
"What do you think he saw in there?" Ranboo quietly pipes up. He holds his cup of tea gently, content to let the warmth sink into the pads on his fingers and palm. Phil shrugs.
"Whatever it was, it must've been fucked. He called me and just asked me if I was done like he was begging me to leave. It's… I haven't heard Techno sound like that in a while."
Niki hums. She sips on her tea. "Well," she says. "He knows that we'll help with whatever he plans. At least, I hope he knows."
"He knows," Phil soothes. "I've seen Techno isolating because he doesn't trust people. This isn't it- he would've moved out of the house by now. He's probably just shaken. He'll come out soon."
"I hope so," Niki sighs. "I'm worried."
Almost as if on cue, Techno slides down the ladder into the main room. He turns around, facing the Syndicate. They haven't left the cabin since Techno arrived home, and they all look at him with hopeful eyes.
"I… I have a plan," Techno says. He tosses a scroll onto the table, which Phil immediately reaches out and takes.
"Mate, you look exhausted. Did you sleep at all?"
"I actually just napped because I knew you'd say something. But. We need to do this. Like, now."
"Mate…" Phil starts hesitantly. He unrolls the scroll, reading over it quickly. "God, yeah, I guess… Okay. Yeah, let's head out."
Techno sighs, and his shoulders sag.
"Ranboo, Niki, can you guys please stay here in case anything goes wrong?"
Ranboo and Niki share a look, shifting uncomfortably, but they nod.
"We'll take care of everything," Niki says. Ranboo hums in agreement.
They gather supplies. Techno fills his ender chest and tucks one away safely on his utility belt, concealing it with the sash around his waist. Niki offers them golden apples, which Techno takes gratefully. Ranboo vwoops quietly, mimicking a comfort noise as he bumps his head against Techno's shoulder. The action makes him laugh, and Ranboo is relieved to see some tension drain from Techno's posture.
Techno takes Phil's hand tightly, and they head out again, and Ranboo and Niki see them off with kind but worried looks. Phil downs another invisibility potion, not letting go of Techno's hand until they're reached the entrance of Las Nevadas. They part with a quick squeeze before Techno feels the telltale breeze of Phil taking off. His wing had healed well, and as much as it pained Techno to keep Phil's flight a secret from the rest of the Syndicate, he couldn't risk anyone else finding out that Phil could fly just yet. He'll tell them later. Techno sighs and follows the road down to the casino.
He enters mostly unnoticed, only checking in with one of the random employees at the entrance. Techno isn't as nearly careful about discreteness as he was last time, walking swiftly through the casino. He retraces his steps back to where he first found Dream, almost stumbling over himself when Dream is nowhere to be found. His ears perk up, listening closely for the clang of armor or even the slight wetness of Dream's breathing.
He wanders around the casino, looking in every crevice he can with his ears perked. He tries to suppress the small noises that bubble up in his throat. He knows making calls would raise suspicion, more than Techno is already raising, and Dream wouldn't know how to respond to them anyway. His tail thrashes behind him. An hour passes, and there's still nothing. Techno's communicator buzzes with a message from Phil, which provides a small comfort. Okay. Two minutes.
In the middle of his frantic searching, Techno catches sight of Dream walking through the halls of the casino. Dream's eyes look sharp, calculating, but he falters ever so slightly when he sees Techno. He even stumbles in his smooth walk, making Techno cringe at how Dream's armor clangs against his body.
"Dream," Techno sighs. This time, he doesn't fear to reach out and grasps Dream's arm gently. He pulls softly, watching Dream's wide eyes as he allows himself to get pulled along. Or maybe he's too weak to resist. They don't have a lot of time, so they need to leave quickly.
"C'mon, Dream," Techno says softly, and Dream follows.
Techno steps back once, and then he pauses at the sudden look in Dream's eyes.
"Technoblade," Quackity says. Techno stops, looking over his shoulder. Quackity's arms are neatly tucked behind his back, but Techno doesn't miss the look he gives Dream. Dream immediately starts trying to pull his arm away, which prompts Techno to hold on tighter.
"What are you doing, Techno?" Quackity asks. His smile looks a fake sort of polite. It pulls at his face wrong with quietly concealed anger bubbling up to the surface.
"Oh, you know how it is," Techno says. He turns around casually, but he doesn't let go of Dream. "Just checking things out."
Quackity hummed. He straightened his spine out, Techno hadn't even noticed Quackity had leaned forward, and he tilted his head slightly. "You know, I really didn't expect to see you back here. You left before I could say goodbye, and, well… this place doesn't really seem like your scene, does it?"
Techno fixes his own posture. "I had business here," is all he offers.
Quackity hums and Dream pulls again. Techno doesn't let go.
"Well, I help but see you've got a grip on my, uh… employee." Quackity looks directly at Dream now. "He's supposed to be making his rounds of the casino right now. Why don't you let him get back to business?"
"Oh. Well." Techno cocks his head. "I can't socialize?"
"He's on duty," Quackity repeats. A small bite crawls into his voice. Dream tugs harder.
"Well." Techno starts walking, tugging Dream along with him. "I'm sort of on duty, too? I guess? Anyway, long story short, I need Dream for a bit."
"Techno, cut the bullshit-"
"Yeah, yeah, that's great." Techno waves his hand dismissively. Thankfully, before he had found Dream, he had made almost a complete loop back to the casino entrance. He could see the door already, which was a small blessing. Quackity follows behind them, nearly stepping on Dream's heels. He pulls out his communicator, probably dialing Sam.
On cue, Sam appears from behind one of the staff-only doors, skimming the situation before moving in. Steam is gently released from his mask in something Techno thinks is an intimidation method, so he mirrors it with a snort. Dream starts pulling harder than before, trying to move away from Techno and to Sam. Both Sam and Quackity were getting uncomfortably close, and Dream was getting more stressed by the second, tugging desperately against Techno's grip. Techno really didn't want to make a whole scene out of this, it would've been more trouble, and it's worth it to just go guns blazing, but the situation is looking pretty tight. He plucks his ender chest off his belt, tossing it to the ground and pulling out his sword. Sam pulls out his trident in response.
Just then, the door opens behind Techno. Phil appears around Techno, his wings, big and black, almost seeming to absorb the light around him. He holds up a button, drawing the attention away from Techno and Sam.
"Everybody stop!" He yells. "I've got a flying machine loaded with TNT right above this place."
Sam and Quackity pause dead in their tracks. They share an uneasy look. At Phil's words, the various players and guests of the casino stop. They see him, standing with Techno and Dream, standing off with Quackity and Sam, and panic fills the room.
"So let us go without any fuss," Phil adds with an easy smile. "With him, and I won't set it off."
"There's no flying machine above the casino," Quackity challenges. "Somebody would've seen you towing up. Bullshit."
"Who says I towered?" Phil's smile grows, and his wings fluff up behind him. Quackity's expression hardens with something akin to envy. Before he can speak, though, Sam whistles like he would with a dog. Techno's stomach drops at how Dream perks up, looking only at Sam.
"Dream, come," Sam says.
Dream tugs against Techno's hold, trying to walk towards Sam.
"Wh- no. Dream-"
"Come on, Techno," Sam drawls, settling into himself easily. "Dream wants to come back and stay with us. Just let him go, and we can act like nothing ever happened."
"Absolutely not," Techno bites out. He tugs Dream back, resisting the puny, woeful sound that escapes his friend. "He is not going back with you."
Sam hums. He stares Dream down, who pauses in his struggling. "Fetch."
Dream stills, and then he's grabbing Techno's sword out of his hand, nearly dropping it due to the weight. He swings, but Phil grabs Dream, pulling him just out of reach.
"Alright, fuck this," Phil says. "Techno!"
"Got it!"
Techno takes Dream and bolts out the door. Phil presses the butter, and the flying machine above the casino whirrs to life, dropping TNT down onto the building. Everyone runs out of the casino as explosions crash through the ceiling, screaming and yelling. Phil and Techno lead the group, running away from the casino and down the long road. Dream still struggles in their grasp, but being pulled along makes him far too unsteady on his feet for him to sort himself and try to hurt either of them, though.
His grip suddenly tightens on Phil, however, and he falls straight to the ground. Phil stops, looking back to see Dream on his knees, wheezing violently as his body convulses.
"Tech- Techno!" He calls. "What the- what the fuck's happening?"
After just a short glance, Techno knows what's going on. A quiet clicking sound fills the air, in time with every time Dream flinches. "It's his collar," he says. Techno leans down on one knee, holding his hands out calmly. Dream growls at him, but it's cut off by a sharp whimper.
"What? Collar?"
"I'll explain when we get home, Phil, but I need you to keep him still."
Phil, while confused, nods, wrapping his arms around Dream's body and restraining his arms. Techno manages to get his hand by Dream's neck, pulling back when Dream bites him but tries again after Phil gets a hold of his head, too. Techno unbuckles the collar, and it immediately detaches from Dream's frail throat.
"What the fuck," Phil breathes. Techno sighs, gently dragging his hand across Dream's throat as soon as his body goes slack. Techno doesn't know what does it- maybe the shock, the pain, or the months of starvation and abuse it must've taken to put Dream in the state, but he's out cold. He picks Dream up carefully, swallowing something down when he notices how Dream clutches to the collar, even in his sleep.
"I couldn't leave him in there, Phil."
Phil sighs, wings sagging behind him with the movement. "Yeah, I know, mate. You would've told me this was an… extraction… rescue mission. I would've headed over a lot faster."
"I didn't want you to object." Techno ducks away when he says this, ears drooping slightly.
"Mate," Phil breathes. "We all saw how shaken you were when we visited this shit-show the first time. Plus, Dream looks…." Phil trails off, looking pointedly at Dream's neck. "I wouldn't object, mate. I trust you. I trust your judgment."
Silence hangs heavy between them.
"Niki and Ranboo do, too," Phil tacks on, bumping Techno with his wing. Techno nods.
There are no Nether portals to Las Nevadas.
When they arrive home, Dream is still asleep and still clinging to his collar. He whines pathetically every time Techno tries to take it away, and despite what it stands for, Techno doesn't have the heart to take anything else from Dream. Niki and Ranboo had taken care of everything from health potions to food, which Techno was thankful for because Dream certainly needed some of that. Niki greets him at the door, almost screaming when she sees what he has in his arms.
"Techno-" she starts.
"I know, I know. It's a long story, I promise. Thank you so much for preparing everything, but I don't know when he'll wake up or how he'll do around people. He's a little aggressive to Phil and me, and I don't want anyone else getting hurt, so I'm going to have to kick you out now."
"Wh… I…"
"I'll explain everything. Just. Like. Give me a day, please."
Niki's eyes land on Dream's frail body, and Techno can see Niki's concern well up in her chest. At least she isn't demanding that Techno throw Dream outside or give him back to Las Nevadas.
"What has he last eaten?" She asks, stepping to the side and allowing Techno to deposit Dream on the couch.
"I don't know. Me 'n Phil are gonna check over him and see how much work we've gotta do. Where's Ranboo?"
"Uh- he went to the Nether for potion ingredients."
"Great. Can you make sure he doesn't come back to the cabin? I don't want him seeing this."
Niki swallows, and she nods.
"Thank you, Niki." Techno bows his head. "Take care of yourself. I'll explain everything soon."
Niki heads out not long after, squeezing past Phil through the door. Phil closes it gingerly, casting a look towards Techno.
"You've got everything taken care of?"
"I hope so."
Phil nods. He pulls up a stool next to the couch, leaning over Dream's form. His face scrunches as he looks Dream over, murmuring to himself softly as he traces the sharp edges of Dream's body. Obviously, he's been starved, but there's plenty of evidence to add physical abuse to the list. They don't know what kind of conditions Dream was held in for these past few months but based on what little they witnessed, there seems to have been some extreme mind games happening, too.
They do what they can. Dream coughs up almost every health potion they try to give him, and trying to get some food in him is looking like a worse and worse idea the longer they try to treat Dream. He seems even skinnier without his armor, every protruding bone and bruise on display without it. Techno takes the collar out of Dream's hands softly. His heart aches at how Dream's fingers twitch around nothing until Phil moves to inspect his hands. Techno can't take it away- not yet- despite the awful feeling that settles in his stomach because of it. So he does the next best thing. He rips out the small metal prongs and files down the edges, breaking the collar open and disrupting all the Redstone packed inside it. At the very least, the collar isn't functional anymore.
Techno loses track of how long he and Phil work, but when they're finally done, Techno drops Dream off in a bedroom they had created for when Syndicate members stayed the night. The bed is nice and comfortable, and it shouldn't press on Dream's unprotected bones too much. He should be comfortable here. Techno hopes that he'll be happy here, too. He doesn't know what he's just disrupted in Dream's fragile mind by taking him out of Las Nevadas. He knows he had to. Dream was withering away in there, and it would've stayed that way, but he can't help the inevitable guilt that'll come when Dream starts trying to figure himself out again.
Dream wakes up in a bed, which is weird. Sam told him dogs don't deserve beds. It's soft and comfortable, and there's more than one blanket and two pillows. Dread grows in Dream's throat. He did something wrong; he just knows it. He's disappointed Sam in some way, and this is punishment. It's a trick, a new way to teach him a lesson; Dream just knows it. His armor is gone. Where is it? It's not hanging anywhere.
Dream nearly falls out of the bed, trying to pull himself off it. He knows he shouldn't be in it, and the longer he is, the more upset Sam will be. He needs to show Sam that he knows his place- that he'll be good. He won't sleep in anything he's not supposed to, and he won't say anything he's not supposed to, and-
This isn't Dream's room. Where is his plant? Why does his neck feel empty? With a sudden spike of panic, Dream notices that his collar is gone. Oh god. He finally did it- he pushed Sam off the edge, and this is the last Dream gets before he's kicked to the stress.
Sam is the only person there for him- what will Dream do? How will he get food? How will he know what to do with himself? He can't- why isn't he in his room? Where is he in the casino? He's never seen this room, and he knows the layout of the building like his life depends on it (it does, it does, Sam will be upset if he gets lost, Quackity will be angry-). What room is this? Where is he?
Through his frantic searching, Dream finds his collar hidden amongst the sheets of the bed. A deep breath releases itself from Dream's chest as his fingers trace over the leather. He still had his collar. Something- something must've happened.
Dream glances around the room as he slips his collar back on. It pushes it against his skin, and Dream checks the tightness just to make sure he's done it right. He can barely get his finger between the leather and his neck. Perfect. Just the way Quackity likes it.
The door creaks behind him, and Dream is suddenly glad he's fallen to his knees like this already. He feels drowsy, and through the panic, he feels slow. He definitely wouldn't be able to react promptly like he should. Dream quietly berates himself, keeping his eyes low as a figure steps into the door. It's obscured slightly, but judging by the broad shoulders, it's Sam.
"Dream?" That's not Sam. Dream tenses, sucking in a sharp breath. Techno? What is he doing?
"Dream, c'mon, buddy." Techno drops to his knees, and he shouldn't, he shouldn't because only dogs belong on the floor, and Techno is so much better than that. "Come on, get up."
Techno's hands are carefully placed onto Dream's shoulders, but he's already scrambling to stand. This has to be a trick, right? Where's Quackity? Dream risks a glance around, but he can't see anyone else.
"Whoah, hold on, okay," Techno chuckles nervously. "Pace yourself here, Dream. Are you… you feeling alright? You hungry?"
Dream's stomach tightens at the mention of food. Okay. Okay. He knows what kind of day it is now. Techno is just… He doesn't know why Techno is here or what he's doing. Maybe he's come along to help. Dream feels sour at the idea of being too much for Quackity and Sam to handle. He tries! He really does. He tries to be good. He swallows back the guilt and nods like he's supposed to. Yes. He's hungry,
Techno sighs with something that sounds like relief and pats Dream's shoulders lightly. "We've got some bread for you if you think you can handle it."
...bread? They've never tried bread before. Quackity likes to stick with steak, meats, anything thick that'll make Dream gag. Sam just uses leftover produce. He wasn't going to voice his confusion, though. He hadn't been given permission to speak, so he just nods again, and Techno smiles. Okay. Good. He's never worked with Techno before. He doesn't know the right answers from wrong. Doing what he's trained to seem to work so far, though.
Techno tells Dream to follow him, which he does without a word and without hesitation. His hip clips a table he hadn't fully registered, and Dream stops dead in his tracks, ready for Techno to turn around and yell at him for being so clumsy. Instead, though, Techno asks if he's okay, and lacking a better response, Dream nods. Techno sighs, and his ears droop, which nearly mesmerized Dream. Sam's ears never flicked or perked like Techno's do.
Techno brings Dream to the kitchen. Phil is there, wings drooped against his back and making some tea. His eyes light up when he sees Techno, then Dream, and his expression morphs into a tight smile. Phil is here. Where's Sam? Where is Dream? He glances around, starting to feel incredibly uneasy at the realization that this isn't the casino.
"Hey, mate," Phil says gently, putting down his cup. Dream's attention snaps back to him. He shouldn't have let himself wander like that. "How are you feelin'?"
Dream's attention turns to Techno. Can he speak? Is he allowed to respond? Techno looks busy, though, and doesn't tell Dream anything. Doesn't even look his way. That's okay, though, because Dream usually knows what to do when he receives nothing for instruction. Well. If it's Quackity. Or Sam. He doesn't know what he's allowed here. So, deciding to play it safe like a good dog, Dream doesn't respond. Phil follows Dream's trail of sight with an uneasy look. His wings pull closer to his spine, fluffing up ever so slightly. Dream doesn't react.
Techno pulls out three chairs but doesn't tell Dream to sit, and dogs don't belong at the table, so Dream stands and waits like he's supposed to. Begging for scraps is what bad dogs do, and Dream is a good dog. His eyes follow Techno's hands, though, tensing when he picks up a knife, but it's never turned on Dream. Techno cuts a slice of bread, steam escaping from the warmth of the inside, and turns back to the table. He looks a little surprised to see Dream still standing.
"You can sit," Techno offers. Dream nods and sits down where he stands, making himself comfortable on the floor. Techno looks… unsettled with this action, casting a worried glance at Phil at the table. He doesn't tell Dream to move or get up, however, so Dream sits still. He meets Techno halfway and reaches out to take the bread when it's handed to him. They've never handed the food to him before. To be fair, that was during Dream's exercises, and he was blindfolded for those, so it would've been a mute sentiment. Techno looks at Dream like he's expecting him to eat, and never one to disappoint, Dream takes a bite.
The bread is… good. It's really good. Dream hasn't tasted something so nice in a long time. It's warm and light but sweet on his tongue, but not in an oppressive way, not like Sam's pies or Quacity's meat. Dream takes another bite. He chews. He swallows. Techno smiles and sits down across from Dream.
"Don't eat too much," Techno gently chides after a few more bites, and Dream immediately stops. Techno looks a little confused and tilts his head. "Are you… done?"
Dream nods because that's what he is supposed to do. He's supposed to stop when he's told. Techno looks... displeased. Dream chose the wrong answer.
"Look, I just don't want you to get sick, is all. Do you feel sick?"
Slowly, Dream shakes his head. He was really enjoying the bread.
"If you can take a couple more bites, I'd say go for it. We kinda need to get some food into ya."
Dream nods again and slowly takes another bite. He watches Techno for any indication that this is the wrong choice, that Dream has made a mistake, but it never comes. He finished the slice, finally starting to feel his stomach cramp, and Dream tucked his hands into his lap.
"Alright." Techno sighs. He leans back on his arms, tilting his head slightly. Dream stares at his hands. Where is Quackity and Sam? Dream isn't in the casino anymore, but they should still be close by, right? He glances around, eyes scanning the room he's in. The walls are bright off-white, with Pella-style windows. It's warm with various finances and chests. Cozy. Small. Not the casino. He already knows that, but outside there's… nothing. Snow. There's not supposed to be snow anywhere near the casino. Quackity doesn't like it.
Panic crashes down on Dream like a tidal wave. Where is Sam? Where's Quackity? How did he get here? What's going on? Why did he wake up in a bed with his collar removed? His collar. Dream touches it, feeling dents in the material. Has Techno done something to his collar? Why haven't Sam and Quackity come for him yet?
Dream's breath picks up until he feels like he's dying, barely able to grasp around the air being forced out of his lungs. Dream tries to scramble away but slips on the wooden floor. He shouldn't be here. He needs to leave, needs to get back to his room, he has duties and work to do at the casino, and- Techno reaches out, using one hand to cup his cheek and makes Dream face him. Dream suppresses the whine that bubbles up in his throat when Techno makes eye contact and won't let him break away. Quackity says he sounds pathetic and disgusting when he whines.
"Hey, hey, what's wrong? You have to tell me what's happening."
Permission to speak. Dream swallows, thick and heavy, and nearly chokes on it. "I don't- I don't understand. Wh- where's Sam?" Dream heaves. He has to get back. They'll be upset. They'll be mad at him for leaving home and abandoning his duties. Memories of yesterday crash down on him, only making it harder and harder to breathe. He had failed. Sam gave him instructions, and he couldn't follow through. He didn't do what Sam wanted, and now the casino is nowhere to be found, and-
"Look," Techno says, gripping Dream's shoulder, "you don't answer to Sam anymore, all right? You don't answer to him. You're out. We took you."
Dream stutters over a breath. His grip on Techno's wrists loosened, even though he hadn't even noticed he grabbed on. Dream answers to Technoblade. He understands now. Techno took him, and this is his new job. Panic loosens on his throat the longer the thought settles into Dream's mind. Breathing is still tight, but he knows he's okay because he's supposed to be here. Techno did something to his collar because he belonged to Techno. It makes sense now.
Dream nods. Maybe Techno will be a little more lenient on Dream. Techno's first thing for Dream was to eat, which Sam only let him do as a reward for a job well done. This was his welcome home gift probably. A bonus for coming to his new house. "I understand."
Techno's grip falters. "You… do?"
Dream nods again. He takes a shaky breath, trying to relax into Techno's hold like he would with Sam. He's Techno's now. Techno will look out for him, and he'll be good and earn his keep and his food, and he'll do everything expected of him.
"I understand," Dream confirms. Quackity liked it when he confirmed questions. Maybe Techno will too. "I'll do good, I promise. I'll trust you."
Techno's hands suddenly tighten on Dream's shoulder. It's almost painful, and Dream flinches before he can even process it. Dream feels like he's made a mistake.
"Techno…" Phil starts, but Techno is already pushing himself away from Dream and staggering up. Dream lowers his head, moving his hands to rest palm-up in his lap. He's made a mistake, and these are just the consequences. Phil steps over, and Dream flinches, but he knows this is necessary. He's messed up, he's upset Techno, and he'll be punished, and he'll learn. That's how it's always worked.
"Techno." Phil touches Techno's shoulder, catching his attention and drawing it away from Dream. "Dream might think that we're… you know."
The horror on Techno's face is nothing short of heart-breaking. He grips Phil's hand, almost throwing it off of him. He steps back, eyes catching on Dream's crumpled form.
"No. No, I'm not- I'm not going to own a guy, Phil." Dream's head snaps up. "I'm not- he's not mine, he-"
"Techno." Phil steps forward, taking Techno's hand in his own. "We don't know what he was fucking told in that place. He's waiting on you to speak, Techno. I know. I know, okay, but he's…." Phil looks behind him at Dream, who immediately looks away. "Do you think he can… take care of himself right now?"
"Don't talk about him like he's not here," Techno pleads. His eyes move to Dream. "He's here. He's with us, Phil. He's not… I…"
Techno's gaze lingers on Dream for far too long to be comfortable. He can't just command Dream; he can't act like Dream is nothing but a servant, a personal guard, a fucking guard dog, but… he has to know. "Dream," he says softly. Dream's head snaps up in response. He looks to Techno but never makes eye contact. "Up."
Almost robotically, Dream stands. He tucks his arms into his sides and keeps his attention on Techno. Techno breaths out shakily.
"Oh my god, Phil."
"I know, mate. I know."
Dream glances between them, looking almost confused. He dips his head back down, placing his hands behind his back. Maybe they want him to stand differently? He hadn't been told he was on duty, but perhaps they expected different things from him here. He shifts his stance, moving to stand like he was when Techno first found him. That had been a bad day, and his form was sloppy, so maybe this is better. When he looks up for approval, though, Techno just looks sick. It makes Dream's stomach drop. He doesn't know what to do. What is he doing wrong? He hasn't been given any instructions outside of 'stand.' Isn't that what he's doing?
Swallowing his fear, Dream stutters out, "Instructions, please, Sir."
Techno makes a noise Dream can't recognize, and then he's pushing past Dream. He's ashamed of the sound he makes when Techno's shoulder bumps to his and sends him stumbling to the side. He claps a hand over his mouth, trying to cut the sound off to not make the situation worse on himself. The kitchen falls silent between him and Phil.
Phil steps forward, too, but Dream doesn't move. He's done something very, very wrong. He'll be lucky if it's just Phil who handles his punishments. The ones where both Sam and Quackity were involved were always the worst. Then again, he doesn't know Phil. Phil might be more ruthless and cruel than Sam and Quackity combined. Dream tries to suppress the shaking in his limbs, no matter how fruitless the task may be. Then Phil steps past him, towards the door. Dream's head lifts, confused, looking over his shoulder to Phil.
Phil's hand hovers over the doorknob. He looks to Dream, distress written all over his face. What had Dream done that was so bad? "Dream? Hh… stay- stay here, okay?"
Wordlessly, Dream nods. Phil leaves. Dream stays.
Dream's feet hurt, but he stays. He's hungry, and the bread has gone cold. He has to use the bathroom, so he closes his eyes and breathes deeply. He has to be good. He keeps his hands behind his back except for the occasional fidget, touching his collar or picking at his fingers. Dream stays. Maybe if he doesn't move at all, he'll get punished less. It doesn't matter in the end. He's ready to roll over the second Techno gives the command. He knows he's done something wrong- he'll just have to learn! He'll just have to learn.
It starts snowing outside. A breeze flows through the house. Dream stays. He's thirsty. Dream doesn't know how long he's been standing, but it doesn't matter. He is good, and he will be good, and he'll prove to Techno that he's not a useless dog. He can follow instructions, and he can listen, and he can behave.
He'll learn. He'll behave. He'll stay like a good dog should.
From Dream's position in the kitchen, he can't watch the door, but Dream, he's listening. His heart picked up when he heard two sets of footprints approaching the door, one heavy enough to be Techno and the other light enough to be Phil. Then the door opens slowly, and the hushed voices they two were speaking in come to a complete stop. Dream hears a shaky breath but keeps his head down.
"Fuck," Phil breathes.
"Fuck, I- I told him to stay." Phil sounds more dejected than anything. Dream can't figure out what he's doing wrong. He bites the inside of his lip until he draws blood. The taste fills his mouth, continuing to spill even as he swallows it down.
Techno steps around Dream's body, eyes lingering on his form. Dream straightens his back a little more if it were even possible. He's good. He's good- he stayed, he did what they told him to. Techno looks sad, and Dream can't understand why. Why isn't he good enough?
"Dream, did you… were you standing like this the whole time?"
Dream nods. Techno averts his gaze, putting a hand over his mouth and swearing quietly.
"Okay…" Techno drags his hands down his face. He looks at Dream briefly, then starts muttering to himself quietly. "Let's get some health pots in you and then get you in a bed, huh? You look exhausted. Let's get you… let's get you taken care of."
...What? But Dream was bad. He doesn't get potions or care or a bed when he's bad. A sound bubbles in Dream's throat, a small question, but Techno doesn't acknowledge it. Instead, Techno reaches a hand out, briefly, before abandoning the idea. Dream keeps his eyes on the ground, trying not to pick at his hands. Sam didn't like it when he picked. Quackity said it was annoying and that he was getting blood everywhere. Techno leaves, but he doesn't tell Dream to follow, so he stays in the kitchen, waiting for Techno to come back. It's a few long, grueling minutes with Phil hovering in the background, but Dream does his best not to move. He's waited this long, so he can wait a few more minutes. He ignores the ache in his limbs.
Techno returns and hands Dream a health potion. It feels heavy in Dream's hands. He swallows back the fear in his throat, memories of being force-fed potions to keep him from dying every day flooding his mind. Dream can't tell if this is a punishment for a reward yet. There's no malice behind Techno's eyes, no anger, but potions always mean punishment in some form. He can hear Quackity's voice in the back of his head telling him to roll over, but he resists. He'll do what Techno tells him to, and for now, all Techno has asked is that he drinks the potion. It's obscenely sweet-smelling, making Dream want to gag. Regardless, he takes a deep breath and swallows the whole thing down because that's what Techno wants from him.
Not even a second later, Dream feels like he's going to throw up. The familiar taste and smell make his stomach lurch, trying to reject the potion, to stop the pain that always follows it. Dream clamps a hand over his mouth, dropping the bottle onto the hardwood floor. It doesn't shatter, but Dream thinks it cracks, rendering it useless. Dream whimpers, trying to swallow around the gagging and heaving that takes over his throat. Techno is saying something, but he can't hear it. He can't breathe. Dream's chest hurts. Tears prick his eyes, and he curls in on himself, making weak, little sounds and trying to swallow everything down.
Dream gasps as he finally swallows everything down. The hand he pulls away from his mouth feels wet, and Dream can't even begin to imagine how pitiful he looks. His face is probably red, tears are streaming from his eyes, and he's still squeezing in on himself, gasping for air like he'd been choked. It must be pathetic. It must be gross. Dream can imagine how Quackity would berate him for this, repeating the words in his head as he tries to get a hold of himself. He's already done enough. He's broken a bottle, he's upset Techno, he hasn't even been following directions correctly! It's his first day, and he's already done so poorly. It's not his fault! He doesn't know Techno- he doesn't know the way he's supposed to behave! He feels so lost.
Dream misses Sam. Sam was always clear about what he wanted from him. Sam gave orders for anything and everything he wanted. Sam made sure Dream was always kept in line. Dream didn't have to guess for Sam. He's gotten so bad at guessing. Hell, even Quackity knew what he wanted from Dream and demanded it without hesitation. Dream fights back the tears in his eyes. Quackity hated it when he cried about little things like this.
A hand is placed on Dream's back, making him flinch. He drops to his knees immediately, ducking his head before he can be forced into position. He hopes he was good. Dream knows he wasn't perfect like he should be, but maybe he was good enough. Techno didn't want him to get sick, and he'd never really been able to stave off something like that before, so he did something new all to please Techno. Maybe Quackity would've been proud, too- he always got frustrated when Dream got sick. Sam might've given him a small pat or sent him back to his room for it. No. He's not- he's Technoblade's. Sam and Quackity aren't here anymore to watch him. Dream doesn't know if Techno thinks what he's done is worthy of a reward. Probably not.
"Dream…" Techno trails off.
Dream nods. He sniffs, gathering himself quickly. He's done this plenty of times with Quackity to know what to expect at this point. He wipes away a stray tear before straightening out his spine. He looks anywhere but Techno's face as he slowly leans his head back, baring his neck. His tag jingles softly as it hits his collarbone.
"Hold on, what- what are you doing, Dream?" Techno asks softly. "You can, uh, you can answer. Verbally."
"The potion bottle, sir," Dream's voice is scratchy like it's clawing its way out of his mouth. He clears his throat, taking a deep breath through his nose. It always feels different with his head tilted back. "I broke it."
Techno sucks in a sudden breath, dropping to Dream's level and gathering him up. He pulls Dream to stand, making Dream open his eyes in confusion.
"There's no need for that," Techno says, making eye contact with Dream. His voice is slightly strained, which makes Dream swallow nervously. "We're not gonna- we're not gonna put a hand on ya, okay?"
Dream blinks. His brows furrow. How will he know when he's done something wrong, then? How will he learn? How will he get better? If there are no punishments, then how- oh. Wait. Techno likes Sam's approach more. He'll just take away Dream's food when he's bad. That makes sense.
"Dream? You copy?"
Dream nods softly, and Techno breaths out a sigh of relief.
"Alright," he drawls. He looks over Dream, shivering from the cold, struggling to stand, looking halfway in his grave. Techno sends a worried glance to Phil, who gestures encouragingly.
“Alright, well, uh… you look tired, Dream. Why don’t. Why don’t we get you back in bed, and you can sleep until you start feeling better?”
After a moment’s hesitation, Dream nods again. With Dream’s permission- or the hollow form of it that Techno can weasel out of him- Techno takes him back to the spare room. Dream hunches over slightly as he walks, and Techno swears if he had a tail, it’d be tucked between his legs. Techno focuses on the collar around Dream’s neck, though. It looks uncomfortable, and Techno can barely stand seeing it against Dream’s bruised skin. If Techno would burn something just by looking at it, he would.
When they arrive back in the spare room, Techno has to essentially pick Dream up and place him on the bed to keep him from lying down on the floor. He doesn’t address the confused look on Dream’s face or the obvious questions Techno can’t stand to answer right now. He brings the blankets up over Dream’s fragile form, tucking him in tightly to ensure he won’t struggle out and so he’ll stay warm.
“You’re sleeping here,” is all Techno says, and Dream seems to understand. Slowly, his hands reach up and loosen his collar slightly, and Techno has to suppress a gag at the way Dream lovingly traces the edges of the object. Techno is probably right in his thoughts that the collar was used to control Dream, used as a punishment, and the scars and the bruising are enough for him to hate it. Dream touches it lovingly, though, and Techno can’t bear to get rid of something Dream holds that fondly.
Dream falls asleep, laying straight on his back. Techno sighs as soon as Dream’s breath evens out into something a little less strained. The tension drains from his shoulders as he breathes, trying to focus on anything besides what Quackity and Sam have done to Dream. His ears perk at the sound of soft knocking against the doorway, turning around to see Phil with a cup of water cupped gingerly in his hands. He slides into the spot at Techno’s side, offering a tight smile as he places the cup on the bedside table.
“This is a mess,” Techno groans.
“It’s a process, mate,” Phil says. He shrugs, wings moving with his shoulders. “I’m happy to have Dream think that I’m… in charge… if it’s too much for you.”
“Nah.” Techno tries to sound nonchalant, but he knows Phil isn’t buying it. The tips of his fingers burn with the need to help and protect and take that stupid collar off of Dream, but he resists.
“I can do this,” he says. “I have to. It’s… it’s for him. It’s to make him better.”
all the people who asked to be tagged or were very excited for this fic and might miss it or something idk:
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anlian-aishang · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 11: Incubus
Tumblr media
"Anlian hereee ~ the inspo hit hard and I couldn't help myself. Welcome to the filthy island of filthy devils. Please enjoy, sinners."
Word count: 2200
Tags: nsfw, levi x reader, canonverse w/ deviation, death mention [no major character death], brief blood mention, incubus!levi, fem!reader
Tumblr media
Please -
god, karma, anyone
- send me a sign
anything to wake me up from this nightmare.
Staring at your ceiling, tears saddled on the edges, this was not what you thought you were signing up for. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. You should have known better.
It used to be something you dreamed of, one night - just one night - of the room to yourself. All that you asked for and more. Now, you would be sleeping alone for the foreseeable future, until five more sorry soldiers decided to make that same mistake - enlisting in the Scout Regiment - and taking the spots of your roommates who would never be back.
An insatiable anger, a maniacal madness. You ripped those stupid fucking belts off your body, tore yourself free from the canvas coat, cursed at the wings of freedom that flew you straight to hell - cursed yourself for signing onto them.
Fists bunched in your hair, straining to make sense of it all. Had you gone to hell or had hell come to you?
// // //
Those snores that you used to hate, tonight, you learned they were not what woke you up, but the sound that lulled you to sleep. Without their tosses and turns, there was no reassurance that you were not alone. How long you had been lying in the bed, how long you had been immersed in pure darkness, it was impossible to tell if the black you saw was your vacant room or the insides of your eyes.
Even harder when you caught that figure out of the corner of your eye. A swift shadow on your wall, then your ceiling. A tinge of fear was soon smothered by a blanket that made its weight in indifference. Maybe you had joined them in death.
Convinced further by the distant call of your name, especially when it came closer and closer. Convinced until you heard its tone - low, unfamiliar, sinister. Perhaps you were with them, among the dead, but they had departed you on their path to paradise - a path that a guilty survivor was unworthy of going.
Just a few steps in front of you came the figure that turned your fears to reality. You had never known how it would take form - if it even could take form, but it was something you had no question of now. Approaching your bed, a silhouette made wide with wings, eyes pierced through you, guzzling you whole, interrupted only by the sway of his bangs as he sauntered - step by dauntless step.
Not a monster underneath your bed, but a monster atop your bed. You tried to scream, get up, run, anything - but you were made paralyzed, nothing made of your efforts. At your struggle, you swore you caught a glimmer of a smile.
Is this… Is this just a dream?
Reading your mind, “Oh no, princess,” tongue slithered on the last syllable, “I’m real.” Razor sharp fingernail traced all your softest spots, forcing a gasp that surely would have woken your roommates. He felt your tremor beneath him - an impossibly wide smile, teeth blindingly pristine, “Can’t you tell?”
A series of harsh blinks. Head tossed from side to side, trying to wake yourself up. Arm shook as you reached to your nightstand, clutched the glass of water, and splashed it on yourself. Awake as ever.
“W’Wh -” you stuttered, “W’Who are you?”
“Name’s Levi.” Long tongue dipped to your stomach. In saliva, white hot candle wax, he spelled it out for you - L e v i.
Your eyes only started to adapt. No moon, a starless night, your only light source a deep red aura that encompassed your visitor. Outlined in scarlet were fangs too pointed, tattoos too intricate, a figure too immaculate - Inhuman.
“W-What are you?!”
Levi shifted to his side: long legs crossed at the ankles, hand in his hair propped himself up, “Depends on who you ask.”
To the higher-ups, he was the strongest of the damned. On Earth tonight, he was your incubus. Leviathan was his underground name, but he thought that may be too jarring, in case all the rest of this wasn’t already. He wanted you to remember him - so he settled on something tangible, Levi, burned into your skin.
He would not lie, he was objectively fearsome - the demon most capable - but as long as you did not ask, he felt no need to share. His priorities were far from frightening you, grounded only in pleasing you.
“But all you need to know, sweetheart,” Levi licked his lips and drifted closer, eyes dead set on yours before they started to sliver, a gentle pinch of your chin brought him to whisper into your lips, “is that I’m your dream come true.”
Eyes widened at first, but something about his touch so secure, so sound, it was as if he had disintegrated all of your hesitation. He did not pull, but you found yourself leaning into him - eyes fluttered shut, lips pushed for connection. Almost. Almost.
“But first,” all points of contact instantly terminated as his figure floated to a hover above your bed. Your body instinctively reached for him, but was stopped in its tracks: his hand flattened into a stop motion, a snide not-so-fast grin, glass barrier summoned between you both. Past your desperate reflection, you watched him lick his fingertips and snap: a scroll as old as the millennia and a sparrow’s quill pen appeared beside him, melted through the pane, and landed within your grasp. “Your consent.”
A consent to enter you - a consent to enter the human world.
It was not a one-night-stand, had you read the fine print, you would have realized that. Instead, the fearsome opposite - that Levi would join you in this world forever. All he needed was to convince one human to allow him to break their barrier, to shatter his underworld shackles and climb to earth. Just one signature. A prize so valuable, he would do anything for it - crawling through the depths of hell just to become your slave for the night.
He wished you no harm, in fact, it was his own self-sworn oath - to do well by those who had done well on him. He may wreak havoc on earth, may make the world his enemy, but he promised that if you let him, he would protect you from all of it. Simultaneously nothing and everything to do with you.
It was not his first attempt at escape. Previous attempts were made on what he deemed the scum of the earth - a suicidal maniac with a boundless hunger for revenge, a backward beard who dreamt of a people’s euthanization, a ruthless leader who would throw away the lives of others to achieve his own selfish dreams. No matter how heartless they were, he had failed to convert them. But maybe, that was just the problem. Perhaps there had to be a heart to win over in the first place. What if his ticket to true evil lie in a fallen angel?
It was that possibility that brought him here tonight, and how surprisingly easy it was, when you hurriedly signed the contract. No need for the speech he had rehearsed, how good he could make you feel, how his abilities were beyond the realm, a heavenly high brought to you straight from hell. It seemed that the goddess had already been tainted - wicked finger hooked, beckoning him forward, sultry look in her gaze mocking, Talk is cheap - now, do your worst.
Unique among those dwelling down there, Levi always came through on his promises - never telling a lie - especially for a pretty little thing like you.
// // //
Wound up in his world, the simultaneous stoppage of time and the passing of it. Failure to notice as the clock ticked from midnight to one, from one to two, from two to three to four.
Vicious tongue swiped your jawline. Teeth turned to blades on the cusp of your ear. Lips seized your neck, breast, thighs. Marks made in that instant, ones that would stay forever, lest you forget about the night that you said fuck the world.
Too fucked-out to realize how fucked up he was. Fingers that shredded you raw, a length that tore you in two - as you began to pulse around him, as your climax grew inevitable, Levi could not help but snicker. Throughout this endless night of sex, you had failed to even question - What a coincidence how all of your roommates just so happened to die on the night of his visit. Their deaths thanks to his divine intervention or the nature of the Survey Corps - you would never find out. Too innocent for your own good.
But maybe that wasn’t it either. Levi knit his brows and clenched his teeth - the first human to make him think. Filthy words spilled past your lips, utterly possessed by pleasure, signing over humanity’s damnation solely to satisfy your own lust - maybe you were no saint, maybe you were just like him. In all the realms he had transpired, in all the years he had lived, you were the first - angel, human, demon - the first one that he could see himself in. For good or for bad - he would not let you go.
His added intensity, blood-curdling, hair-raising. An impossible arch in your back was a pathetic attempt to handle him. Levi tsked his tongue and shook his head, a cool low chuckle caused chills to course through you - adorable how quickly a mere mortal like you could succumb. In another life, he would train you better - night after night.
Only you had ever managed to draw an ounce of sympathy from the underworld’s coldest. The whine of a bitch in heat, overstimulated tears as you strove to have him as long as possible, breath caught at all its checkpoints - you were destroying yourself as he was. “Oh…” Levi let a sigh of pity escape, you poor little thing...
His first ever act of mercy. Ending your suffering. Ending his visit. His first ever heartache. All his efforts now, relentless in the chase of your peak.
“Don’t hold back, darling,” Canine grazed your ear, blood scraped onto his tongue, a taste he would savor forever, “You’ve earned it.”
Fingers clinging to the edge, Fuck!
Leather boot stomping your grip, Fuck!
Forced to let go, “Oh, fuck!!”
A scream that told him that his work was done. A scream that woke yourself up. A scream that must have scared him away.
Heart pounding, ears ringing, a flurry of breathless pants. You strove to silence yourself in the frenzied search for any signs of your incubus. In the dark, you saw nothing. In your physiology, you heard nothing. See no evil. Hear no evil. The only trace was a warm throbbing at your middle, the gradual flow of stardust throughout your veins, the wash of calm that always followed your orgasms and that began to quell your wild imagination.
It was not the first time that you were gifted an orgasm in sleep. Maybe this dream was simply the explanation for all those prior times.
You were content with that.
You would have been content with that.
// // //
Bright morning sun so jarring after the dark night that had transpired. The light was no longer a warm welcome to the day but rather a glaring mirror, forcing your sights on the sin that you indulged in last night, the sin that still clung to you now. You crossed your arms and clutched your shoulders, shivering, and swore that your cotton still held his scent: not sulfur or burn like the rumors said, but of over-steeped tea and wilted roses. An angel on your shoulder tried to convince you, It’s just the mug you left out too long, it’s just the flowers from your mother that you forgot about. The devil scoffed, You know better.
Alarm bells rang throughout the barracks, bouncing off the walls of your now empty bunk. A particular rhythm to them, though, told you not to head to the cafeteria, but to gear up and get to the grounds. Added to your headache was a dull memory, where have you heard this before? A lack of sleep was hitting - the failure to recount your first day in the regiment, complement to the aching sting between your legs.
Uniform clumped up on the floor, you recalled stripping it off in haste. Now donning it slowly, clothing yourself in the proof - a chilling shroud of evidence that last night was no dream.
Eyes glazed over as you wandered your way to the field. On your way, a peek towards the sky, Are you out there? Drawn down to your sifting boots, Or are you down there? Thoughts interrupted by a salute, a silence, then shouting.
“Attention, all!” Shadis’s voice boomed through the frigid air, “Recruited by Erwin Smith, dragged up from the underground, as of this morning, these three will be joining you in the ranks!”
Dragged up from the underground.
“Introduce yourselves!”
No introduction needed.
A jet black head of hair, one that did not reflect, but swallowed all light. Steel grey eyes so uninterested, like everything was dead to him. Empty void circles pushed his irises to the brim, causing his gaze to look near pitch black, like he was dead inside.
No matter the tacky uniform, no matter the disguise he had put on, you would recognize him anywhere.
And it seemed he would you, too - as that soulless stare peered down to you with a smirk and a speech that only you would know, “Name’s Levi.”
Tumblr media
// Kinktober 2021 Masterlist //
Tumblr media
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goldenskyeng · 2 days ago
you’re dating Ben casually nothing is labeled but you’ve seen him struggling lately so you have been taking it slow. His friends ask you to join them at the match because they know how much he likes you and he sees you in his jersey after the win and doesn’t know how to react ps I love when you write for Ben
Tags @layazul @alexajanecollins
You've never put a label on it, you've been dating for six months and as much as you want him to ask you to be his girlfriend, you've also seen him starting to struggle, fancy date nights out replaced with movies or just a FaceTime call.
"Can't make it tonight. Starting for once."
He's not even texting, sending short voice notes and you can hear the buzz of changing room around him as you get a text from Mason.
Meet me out the front of SB in 15. He needs you.
You've not been to one of his games in a long time, not since the Champion's League final and you're nervous, shifting from one foot to the other as you wait for Mason.
"Everyone's here, you've got this pass, just put this on yeah? It's gonna make his day."
Your head is in your hands as he gives away a penalty, you can see the look on his face as he scans the crowd, relieved when he doesn't spot you.
"Should have gone in." You mutter as the keeper saves his shot, he's lucky that they turned it around to be 2-1, but as something flashes up on the screen the entire stadium is going mad, you're grinning from ear to ear as you see everyone crowding around Ben, his name being shouted as the goal scorer.
He's walking right past you at full time, jumping out of his skin as you grab his hand.
"What? Don't recognise me?" You laugh slightly, turning to show him his name on your back, his mouth falling open and tears forming in his eyes as one hand covers his face.
"Y-you? What? What are you-"
"Mason asked me." You whisper as he hugs you to him, muttering again and again about how much it means to him that you're there, he's speechless for most of the evening as you gush about how proud you are, him telling you it was the perfect surprise.
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aro-culture-is · 23 hours ago
Well, I'd like an advise or maybe an opinion.
(English isn't my native language but I hope It'll be understandable)
To be honest I could never understand romantic love or sexual attraction. When I was a kid, I used to think that when I'll grew up could understand and then fall in love as everyone does.
When a was a teenager I really tried to feel love. Always and everywhere I heard that I needed it, all TV shows, movies, music, books, even people, everything or almost everything always turned around romantic love, but I couldn't felt it myself. It was like if I were missing something, like I was incompetent, like something about me was so wrong because I simply couldn't, when according almost all people in the universe it's the most important thing. That feel love was what makes a human a human but I couldn't feel it and I was so angry against myself.
Several times I chose a boy I tried so bad feel something, anything. Tried to heard romantic songs and imagined that I felt in that way. Even after "Love is Love" become a popular phrase I tought that I needed get in love more than ever, with anyone while it were love. (Yes, I was silly)
Sexuality wasn't better, I couldn't understood why people, all my friends wanted sex I felt weird, like a child who wasn't mature enough but I had hope that one day I'll could feel it. I remember seen how all teenage series or books main characters wanted sex, how It was so important and people who don't feel in that way were weird or robots but it doesn't matter 'cause at the end they'll get "The right one" and they'll taste how incredible sex is.
"When I'll older, I'd feel all these beautiful things and... at the end I'll be normal" was something I tought a lot when I felt weird, strange and wrong against myself.
Last year I found Aromatic and Asexual Tag. I couldn't belive it but I wasn't sure how I feel aboult it. I'm so scared, too afraid that never I could feel love or have a sexual attraction.
I feel like I'm born without something so important, incomplete, boken.
Honestly, these types of messages are always so hard to respond to. I personally never felt bad about being aro or ace, when I used to be ace, and so it's hard for me to relate. The best I can do is to offer some of the reasons I feel okay as myself, an aro individual, and hope that something helps.
To start with, "normal" was a goal I could never reach. Ever since I was very young, other kids always identified me as the outsider. I'm neurodivergent, mentally ill, chronically ill, and agender. Normal kids could run in gym. Normal kids didn't feel weird and unsettled when they were called a girl or boy. Normal kids could nap around each other, and did not worry uncontrollably about having a cruel prank pulled on them if they slept. Normal kids would talk with other kids, and did not enthusiastically spend hours tiling patterns with shape blocks. I was not a normal kid, and I knew pretty quickly that I never could be.
When I first came across aromanticism and asexuality, my response was more or less "oh, neat! more terms in this community that I don't understand." It took another year before I truly took a look at them and had a dawning awareness that they fit me. I wasn't worried about not having romantic relationships or sex - neither seemed like my type of thing. Neither romance nor sex would, in fact, really be my thing up until I was 15.
I had an orchestra concert on my birthday that year. Of course, it always seemed to line up that way - I played in a concert every birthday from my 9th through my 18th. This one would end with my standpartner asking me out - and me saying no, I'm sorry, I'm not interested in people that way. She was very upset, but took my answer at face value. The problem was... she was from a very, very rich family. Every single person I talked to all night, and through the week would tell me I should have said yes - have I seen the clothes she wears? Have I not noticed that they were expensive? (I hadn't, actually.) It didn't matter if I didn't love her - she was rich and I should have said yes anyways.
I carried that with me. I kept talking with her, discovered our highly interconnected friend group, and realized that she was fast becoming my best friend. I introduced her to someone who she then dated, and got her out when I saw the red flags piling up. People kept talking about how I should give her a chance. So... I did. And the emotional labor kept piling up.
TW for discussions of unhealthy relationships, dubious consent in sexual encounters, and mentions of suicide baiting and suicide threats. Skip to bolded green text to avoid this content.
Looking back, there were red flags very early on. She asked only with her hands and took my surprise and physical reactions as consent. She and I were both living in abusive environments and highly depressed - but while I could and would try to bring myself back when I got too far, she wouldn't. She'd discuss how I was the only reason she stayed around - and how, if I left her, she might commit suicide. I soldiered on, dumping emotional labor in.
A boy with a crush on me suicide baited her in hopes of making the emotional ask on me so bad that I'd lean on him and break up with her. After the messy conclusion of that experience - so traumatic that I have PTSD flashbacks around it at times - she determined that she was too much of a wreak to talk to me. I told almost no one of what had happened to me - but I was blamed for her condition and not "helping" enough when it was over a month before she recovered emotionally.
End of TW.
I learned that society thinks romantic relationships are a beautiful thing we should all aim to have. I learned that they could be awful, and society would deem it my fault if it wasn't. Of course, some people had good relationships - but during the near year in which I dated someone who I thought was my best friend and dearest companion, I never felt like she did towards me. I never grew more comfortable with any romance. I just learned how to suffer more in silence and help others.
I like being aromantic. I like being queer. These communities have taught me that I am worth more, and deserve better than to force myself to perform romance for an unrelenting crowd. I've been encouraged to learn more deeply what brings me joy, and to let go of expectations that were never going to bring me joy. I learned that I could redefine what romance and sex and children meant in my life.
I can still support my friends in their romantic endeavors, even if I find it, in all honesty, confusing. I can have sex if I want to, and establish boundaries. Even if I don't want to be a parent, I can always help with child-rearing. I am allowed to be me.
And really? The saddest thing of all was when I couldn't be me, and I had to listen to society even when it meant harm to my well-being.
Not being aromantic.
- mod axel
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butterflyemi · 15 hours ago
NOTE: Thank you for requesting anon! Ganyu is one of the characters I kin in Genshin Impact so I’m happy that you requested this!! Have a nice day/night! <3
Tumblr media
TAGS/NOTES: GN! Reader, mentions of violence, fluff, crack, reader has a vision. I apologize if the characters are OOC. Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3
-You’re a few years older than them and you used to babysit Pah-Chin and Peh-Yan when they were toddlers.
-They’ve always thought your vision was magic and as they grew up, they realize that you weren’t lying to them and that you actually have magic, sort of- So they just had to introduce you to Toman.
-They literally dragged you to one of their meetings and since you adore them very much. 
-You showed the captains including Mikey and Draken, your vision. They were so amazed that they wanted to get to know you more <3
-They feel bad for you once they realize that you don’t have a hobby and that even in your free time, you would only work.
-So guess what.
-They made a plan to hang out with you and show you their own hobbies.
-Emma and Hinata volunteered because how can they not. They literally were stunned when they first met you and plus you are so sweet to them.
-Like, you’re drop dead gorgeous in front of their eyes.
-Mitsuya, Peh-Yan, and Pah-Chin would definitely invite you to Mitsuya’s sewing club.
-Mitsuya teaches you how to sew and he’s surprised to see how much of a fast learner you are! <3
-Baji and Chifuyu invite you to feed and pet stray cats and they’re so happy that you enjoyed it.
-Baji, Smiley, and Mikey all made an agreement to not do anything reckless around you such as burning cars. 
-They know you’re sensitive-
-Draken and Muchou would remind things that you forgot which causes you to be embarrassed because you’re the older sibling figure here.
-You force Mikey to eat healthy food. You don’t want him to keep eating sweets since it will make you sick and you do not want anything bad to happen to him nor the others.
-The first time Hakkai and Souya met you, they couldn’t help but look at you for a little longer. Please, it made you so flustered that they were staring at you for too long.
-Mitsuya apologized to you for their behavior.
-The boys are always ready to defend you. They hate seeing you get upset because of peoples comments on your body type.
-There was this one time where Smiley burned a guy’s car for calling you names.
-Pah-Chin and Peh-Yan love calling you ‘Big [Sibling] [Name]’ and thats when the rest of the members started calling you that too.
-Draken and Mitsuya are mostly the ones who would check up on you everyday. Telling you that you should take a break or they would just tell you that they want to hang out with you.
-Sanzu doesn’t talk to you much but he does like you for wanting to protect his king.
-Takemichi is so amazed by your vision and how hardworking and determined you are.
-You knew about the boy being a time traveler or time leaper.
-It was obvious, something like this is normal to you since you get to experience monsters everywhere back in China.
-You’re so soft to them but when in battle you’re brutal and strict.
-You have to stay away from the boys when using your vision, you might end up killing them-
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sl-walker · a day ago
Blindsided, Part 3
Read prior parts here.  Sign up to be tagged when this fic (or any of mine!) updates here.  Read it on AO3 here.
Where were you? Obi-Wan wondered, looking at the Jedi, whose earnestness could be read even without the Force. Where were you when our master was torturing us? Why weren't you keeping us safe then?
But truthfully, even as he thought it, Obi-Wan knew that wasn't really fair.  Even though he had been raised to disdain Jedi, he was able to avoid blind hatred of them thus far. He did think that they were hypocritical fools; that they were too beholden to a Senate that Obi-Wan knew well was corrupt, that they refused to acknowledge any other Force discipline as legitimate.  Still, hating them seemed pointless, especially since, if he had finished his training, he would have been expected to interact with them.
Maul, on the other hand, had been steeped in fear and loathing of them from before he even had memory. Where Master meant Obi-Wan to be able to interface with and possibly manipulate the Jedi, Maul had been raised to slaughter them.  A one-two punch, if only Obi-Wan and Maul hadn't broken free. One to set them up, the other to knock them down.
Frankly, against Master Sidious, the Jedi didn’t stand a chance.  It wasn’t fair to wonder why two Force-sensitive boys had slipped under their notice; their Master had decided it such, and thus, that was how it was.
In fact, Obi-Wan was sure that the only reason he and Maul had managed their escape was that Master had never anticipated how true their feelings turned out to be for one another.  That Master had not realized that by punishing them for the mere transgression of kissing as teenage boys -- though punishment was not anywhere near a severe enough word for what had actually happened -- he had pushed them into the same desperate corner together.
"I can't-- the chip--" Obi-Wan stammered, thinking fast and playing on his hunch for all it was worth. "My master can trigger it remotely."
"The zabrak is currently captive and under complete control," the Jedi said, tone reassuring. Which was what Obi-Wan wanted, of course, but that little kernel of information made ice start balling in his guts. The Jedi kept talking as if he had not just casually dropped a threat to half of Obi-Wan's soul, adding, "This facility has a medical unit. We should be able to detect and remove the chip easily.”
The thought of anyone being able to keep Maul under ‘complete control’ was worrisome, put mildly.  Even as Obi-Wan nodded and forced his face into an expression of relief, under the layer of ‘pitiful slave’ he was projecting with his mind and body both, he frantically tried to remember any clues as to what had happened to his partner.
He knew Maul had gone down fighting, anyway; he didn’t need to remember anything to know that.  Or to know how much of a potential tragedy that could be, too.
Please be all right, he pleaded in his mind, into the nothingness where his connection to the Force and his awareness of Maul’s presence in it would normally be.
“Are you sure he won’t-- won’t be able to hurt me?” he asked aloud, twisting a piece of his ragged shirt in his fingers.  This disguise of his was turning out fortuitous. “He’s made me-- do things--  I-- I didn’t want to do them, but he was able to--” Obi-Wan gestured at his head, as if indicating his mind and whatever imaginary transgression Maul had performed on it. “I tried to fight him, but the punishment was--”
It felt dirty to be casting Maul into such a role, especially as it was so wildly against his nature.  But the Jedi’s pale eyes were looking evermore sympathetic as Obi-Wan went on.  Part of it was his ability to bend his own Force signature, of course; to bury the darker parts beneath of what he wanted to project.  His mental discipline was so good that he didn’t even need access to the Force to form those defensive layers.
It was something Master Sidious had not known he could do, to project layers of half-lies and misdirections on top of a deeper truth, and there was only one being in the galaxy that Obi-Wan knew for certain could see right through it.
“He won’t hurt you again,” the Jedi assured, taking his comm out of his pocket. “Once we get you scanned and the chip removed, we can-- decide where to go from there.  We have mind healers who can help you.”
Obi-Wan watched as the Jedi commed for guards as backup.  A smart move; even if the Jedi was showing compassion and wanted to believe that Obi-Wan was a victim of some terrible set of circumstances, he was taking precautions.
Not that it would do him any good, Obi-Wan thought abstractly, as he nodded and picked at the frayed cuffs of the ratty tunic he was wearing.  But until Obi-Wan could get the collar off and find Maul, the Jedi would remain none-the-wiser over what was inevitably going to happen.
He could work out how he felt about how close he came to a life amongst the Jedi later, once they were safe again.
 Tag list: @doorsclosingslowly - @emphasisonthehomo - @blackat-greneys - @shadowmaat - @sammelbegriff - @vengeful-nerd
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trashywormeateroffics · 2 days ago
The right universe.
Summary: After Y/N's life turns upside down, she's full of grief. Somehow, one day, she manages to travel to the MCU, where she meets her favorite characters, including a certain god who seems willing to establish a friendship with her. Suddenly she's enwrapped in this new world, where everything she loved in a screen is now reality. How will she react? Will she be able to deal with the ghosts that haunt her? Or will she let them consume her? Will she be open to accept the love she is offered? Read to find out!
Category: F/M. 
Relationships: Loki/reader. 
Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Sam Wilson, James “Bucky” Barnes, Vision, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov, Stephen Strange, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Bruce Banner, Thor, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, other minor appearances of other characters but these are the main ones, Pepper Potts, Loki (Marvel).
Additional tags: Loki/reader - Freeform, Avenger Loki (Marvel), Loki & Tony Stark Friendship, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Fluff and Smut, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, Fluffyfest, Slow Burn, Friends to Lovers, Mutual Pining, Pining a lot because we love to suffer, Domestic Avengers, Tony Stark Has A Heart, Tony Stark is a parental figure, Natasha Romanov Is a Good Bro, Everyone is a good bro, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, y/n, After Infinity War but no one died and the purple bitch was defeated, Missions, Y/N is a universe traveller, Grief, Therapy, Protective Loki (Marvel), Loki in love.
Chapter 10:  Do you think I'm cool?
Y/N was currently walking down the street with a nervous god by her side. They were heading to Peter's high school to pick him up, since she had asked him to join. It was the first time he was out of the compound since he arrived, and some people were staring, unable to let go of the events that took place here under his army's force a few years ago. It had been a few weeks since their first training session, and they had gotten more close.
“I told you this was not a good idea.” He said, glancing at her. She was about to say something, but thought better of it. It was probably hard to have so many people hate you for a mistake of your past, one that you didn't completely choose. So what she did was the best idea she could think of. Loki was surprised when she took his hand, but didn't pull away, instead interlacing their fingers together. She gave him a squeeze, letting him know that she was there, that he wasn't alone facing this, and when he looked at her, Y/N smiled softly at him.
Soon enough they arrived at the school, right when the kids were pouring out of the big doors. Peter saw them and started running towards them, but he fell to the floor due to a leg getting in the way.
“You should be more careful where you step Penis Parker!” A boy said, surrounded by his friends, who were all laughing at a humiliated Peter.
“Hey!” Y/N came closer to them, letting go of Loki's hand and helping the spider-teen up.
“Ooh, looks like Penis needs his girlfriend to protect him.” The boy said mockingly.
“I'm sorry, do you think that you're funny? With what? That 2010's humor?” She asked him, her tone getting more angry by the second. “You're a poor excuse for a bully, not even good jokes...” She said, shaking her head.
“And who are you?” He said, frowning in annoyance.
“Y/N,” she answered.
“I don't even know who you are.” The boy said, dismissing her.
“Keep being an asshole and you will.” Y/N said, a sickening sweet smile on her face.
“Am I supposed to be scared?”
“You can do whatever you want, all I'm telling you is that if you continue to test my patience and bother him, I will not hesitate in gutting you like a fish and stuffing your mouth with the remains of your organs.”
“Ooh, an empty threat. So scary.” Grabbing the knife she had strapped on her hip and looking straight into his eyes, she threw it, the knife sinking exactly into the toe of his shoe, brushing his fingers.
“Is that a tangible enough threat for you?” She asked, smiling sweetly.
“H-hey! We were just kidding…” He raised his hands in surrender and when Y/N didn't make a move towards him, he signaled to his friends with his head, all of them leaving.
She turned around to a shocked Peter and, surprisingly, an equally as shocked Loki.
“That was so cool!” The spider-boy said and she laughed breathily.
“Come on, I'm hungry.” She told him and the three of them headed to a place she knew all too well.  
“And did you see Flash's face when the knife hit his foot? And the way she threw the knife, it was awesome!” Peter said to Loki, who just stared at him agreeing but silently, not that he needed to speak, since the spider-child was doing all the talking while Y/N was ordering their shawarmas, a vegetarian one for her.
A few minutes later, she arrived at the table with a tray.
“This one's for you, itsy bitsy…” She said handing a wrapped paper with something inside to Parker, “This one's for you Lokie dokie, and this one's for me!”
“Lokie Dokie?”
“Your name is so great for nicknames, I can't help myself!” She said, making him smile and roll his eyes.
“Can I call you Lokie Dokie too Mr Loki?” Peter asked but before he could deny the kid, Y/N interrupted him.
“Of course you can, he would love it!” She knew he wouldn't love it, but she loved teasing him and he knew that, so he didn't say anything. “So, what were you two talking about?”
“The spiderling here has been gushing about how cool you are.”
“Ooh,” she sang. “Do you think I'm cool Loki?” He rolled his eyes.
“Beyond the fact that the word is not a part of my daily lexicon, yes, you were very cool .”
“Ha! He thinks I'm cool.” She said to Peter, who laughed with her.
“I said were .”
“Yeah sure Lokie Dokie.” Parker said, making Y/N laugh and eventually making Loki, reluctantly at first, join in too.
Loki decided to join dinner with the team, the word decided loose, since Y/N dragged him there much to his annoyance.
“I'm tired of you eating alone in your room every day, you are coming to dinner with the rest of the people!” She had said.
“I do not eat alone, you are there.”
“Yeah yeah, you are not going to sweet talk me out of this Lokes.”
And that's how he found himself in this situation. Eating in an uncomfortable silence next to Y/N, with the rest of the Avengers, who suddenly were as quiet as if a mouse had eaten their tongues.
“Okay everyone, I was thinking,” Y/N began, “what if we get a dog? Or a cat? Ooh a cat would be lovely! So tiny and adorable, little meow meow.”
“Absolutely not.” Tony said.
“But guys…” She drew out. Everyone else chuckled.
“Y/N, with all the missions, who is going to take care of the animal?” Bruce asked.
“Well, I still don't go on missions, and we are a lot of people, but if the situation ever presents itself where no one is here to take care of the cat, Fury will. Or Maria. Or May, Peter already told me she has no problem.”
“You already asked?” Tony inquired.
“Um, yes and I may have also called a vet and I may have also booked an appointment after we adopt the cat for tomorrow at five pm.” She said, sheepishly. “But, of course, if it's a definite no, I can cancel it. But I would really love it if it was a yes.” Y/N added quickly.
Everyone seemed to think about it and she did the puppy dog eyes, which always cracked Tony out of all of them.
“Stop that.”
“I'm not doing anything…”
“Tony,” Nat said, “cats are great company, and Y/N will be responsible, you know that.” She looked at her friend with a wink and she smiled. Tony sighed in resignation.
“Fine. But you take care of it.”
“Yes!” She put a fist in the air in celebration. “Thank you GeniusBillionairePlayboyPhilanthropist!” She said, putting all the words together and making everyone laugh and roll their eyes.
Walking down the hall with the god, she told him:
“I'm getting a cat Loki!” He smiled at her, only because he found her excitement adorable, even though he did not understand what all the fuss was about for a simple midgardian pet.
“Do you have a name for it yet?” He asked.
“I don't know, I have names but I think when I see them I'll know.” He hummed and she turned around to face him, since they arrived at her door. “Will you come with me?”
“Me? In a shelter... of animals?”
“Yeah… you, the fearsome God of Mischief in a shelter, adopting a cat. How does it sound?”
“It sounds… nice.” He said truthfully. It did, it was a normal thing, a kind thing to do, to adopt an animal in need of a home. And to do it with her, the first real friend he has had in more than a millenia, a wonderful friend honestly, was just… perfect. “I'm looking forward to it.”
“Me too!” She responded excitedly and in the heat of the moment wrapped her arms around him. He stilled and that's when she realized what she had done. “I-I am so sorry Loki. I didn't mean to-”
“It's alright.” He interrupted, he was not angry, but was too shocked to even think about saying anything more. “I will see you tomorrow mortal, sleep well.” And with that, he turned around and left.
Once in his room, his thoughts were overwhelming. He did not despise the hug, it was just strange. The only one who hugged him was always his mother and it had been a long time since he last saw her, and Thor perhaps, but it was that bone-crushing embrace that he hated. Y/N's embrace was soft, but tight. She was hugging him with intention, but not enough to hurt him. Would she think that he did not like it? Or perhaps that he was upset with her? That was what worried him the most. He had known Y/N for a bit now, and even though they didn't tend to talk much about it, she was a very apologetic person. Sometimes much much more than necessary. And it was just as hard for her to express her emotions as it was for him, their difference lying in her being more open with people and him being closed off. So her hugging him was a lot for Y/N too. And instead of reinforcing that, he ran away like a coward. Tomorrow he was going to make it right.
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corkytheguar · 14 hours ago
Saw your post about most of the yandere!dorm leaders overblotting. Can you do a similar one for Jamil and Idia?
The post in question.
Not even gonna lie, when I posted it, I was hoping someone was gonna ask for Jamil.
Same disclaimer as before, at the time of writing, Ignihyde's chapter is just beginning, so I'm going to improvise the reasons and circumstances of Idia's Overblot from what we've seen thus far. Also, I haven't seen D*sney's Hercules (so I can't even make a guess on Idia's unique magic), but it was serendipitous that the only myth I do know of is the abduction of Persephone.
Warning for unhealthy relationships (yandere is synonymous with toxic, and I write it purely as a horror trope, no romanticisation), mentions of stalking, manipulating, guilt-tripping, jealousy and kidnapping.
An extra heavy warning for the implication of a murder-suicide in the last bullet point of Idia's part, it's not outright stated but it is heavily implied. I've tagged this with "murder suicide tw" but let me know if there is a better tag I could use.
Jamil Viper
Jamil would befriend you alongside Kalim proceeding the Magift scandal
By which I mean, he wouldn't necessarily want to befriend you, but he would because Kalim wanted to be friends with you
Though he was pretty amused and intrigued by both you and Grim ever since he witnessed the fiasco at the entrance ceremony and Kalim being set on fire
He’s a bit aloof, so finding out he considers you a friend does come as a surprise, but at least he shows it sometimes through subtle favours
Things like helping you with schoolwork and telling you the ways you can work certain teachers to look at you more favourably, he’s very observant so he definitely has a lot of tips to give on how to make your school life more bearable
Still, even if he weren’t a yandere, Jamil would avoid confessing to you before the Overblot
Simple reasoning: he’s used to having to share, or even give up, everything for Kalim. It bred a lot of resentment, especially when he got accepted into Night Raven College which was supposed to be something he could have all to himself… until Asim senior pulled some strings.
Because of that, he is terribly possessive of anything he can claim as his own, and is the type to hide whatever he likes from Kalim
Which started including you. The moment he realised his feelings, which was fairly soon after developing them, he started distancing himself from you
It broke his heart, don’t misunderstand, but he’d rather pine from afar than have Kalim try to take you away, or be forced to get over those feelings because he can't be better than Kalim, not even in things that should be typical of a guy his age, like relationships
In his mind, no matter what it is, if he wants it, Kalim is bound to take it away from him, so it hardly matters whether Kalim has shown any interest beyond friendship or not
Soon enough, the only times Jamil would be socialising with you was when Kalim would invite you over to Scarabia or want to sit next to you during lunch
(Which only makes him hate Kalim more, sure, he’s the extroverted preppy one, and Jamil is literally ignoring you, but must you really speak to the dorm leader so much? Right in front of his salad?)
It’s a sort of enchanted circle, Jamil tries to not talk to you as much so Kalim doesn’t “steal you away” -> you spend more time with Kalim than with Jamil -> Jamil resents Kalim even more, and pines for you even harder
When the winter holidays roll around, he’ll be the one seeking you out, telling you about how Kalim’s lost his mind and asking if you’d be willing to help his dorm, like you’ve helped the others
(Will lay it on thick so you’d feel too guilty to say no)
Jamil would take full advantage of the situation, as befitting of someone in a dorm that prides itself on careful planning
When hypnotised, Kalim would be downright horrible to you, maybe not violent, but “he” will definitely insult you and degrade you, even going for just the things you were most self-conscious about. Funny how he knew just what those things are, huh?
Not to worry, though, Jamil would be right there to pat your back and tell you that nothing Kalim said was true, and that he has no idea why the dorm head is suddenly acting like that. Jamil's the one who’ll always be there for you, he's not unreliable like Kalim, you know?
Really, it’s his way of making sure that, even if Kalim were to try and steal you away, you’d reject him
In all other areas, too, you’d think Jamil is just an angel, he makes sure to give you his own water if you forget (or drink all of) yours during the marches, he’ll check in on you in the evenings to make sure you’re fine (and not planning on escaping), he'll give you extra servings of food and be sure to make your favourites more often, and so on.
His Overblot is still preceded by the same things, the Octavinelle trio busts in, Azul “exposes” him and, as a result, he loses his shit
The timeline branches when he, literally, kicks you all out of Scarabia, or, rather, when he kicks almost everyone out
As in, he only kicks out the Octavinelle trio, Grim and Kalim. He kept you with him
He wouldn’t want to use his unique magic on you, but don’t challenge him. When he tells you to worship him, he wants (and expects) you to do it of your own free will, because you want to do it
He doesn't want the validation of knowing you think the world of him, and him only, unless they're your own words
He’d probably chain you to his little makeshift throne in the common area, but don’t worry, the chains are pure gold, because he still “loves” you and wants you to be by his side as an “equal”
Or about as equal as you could be in that situation; he’d still want you kneeling next to him, speaking only when he speaks to you and answering in “Yes, Jamil”, “I love you, Jamil”, “You’re the only person that matters to me, Jamil” and variations.
Don’t talk back to him, don’t insult him, don’t disrespect him, don’t treat him like anything other than a lord, and do not mention Kalim
He’ll make you “admit” that you only need him in your life and that you hate Kalim just as much as he does
That said, when he’s already lost all tact and care in his Overblot, if you fight him too much, he will use Snake Whisper on you to make you more docile
He can whip you into shape later, but, for now, he just wants your eyes only on him
When he recovers from the Overblot, he’ll still try to keep what happened on the down-low and pretend to care for Kalim, but he will become a lot bolder and more aggressive with you in regards to his feelings
Since you already know his true nature and feelings, he decided it would be smarter to try and monopolise your attention and time as soon as possible instead of continuing to pretend like he couldn't care less
While he would refuse to use his unique magic on you after the Overblot, he would be openly hostile towards anyone towards whom you show even a sliver of interest
He's actually not half bad at making poisons, you know? Being able to recognise most of them by scent alone comes with that plus
Honestly, even if you have bad judgement actually have feelings for him, he would still delude himself into thinking that you’re going to leave him for someone else, so he’s always going to be alert and making sure you repeat every day how he’s the only one who matters in your life and how you belong to him only
Once he realises you're in his grasp, he's not letting go for anything. He gave up on enough aspirations as is.
Idia Shroud
Now, the original premise was “before they Overblotted, they were already friends with you” but to be honest... you probably wouldn’t even notice he existed
He’s very withdrawn and, though he would become infatuated very easily with you just by seeing you here and there and hearing about how amazing you are to help all those other dorms, he wouldn’t seek you out
He’d stalk the hell out of you, though
Less in person, more digitally. When you get a phone, minutes after you make a Magicam account, he already knows the username and has followed you.
Through that, he’ll find any other info about you that he needs, your favourite foods, hangouts, music, shows, everything that he can use to “bond” over and make socialising and befriending you easier
And for someone like him, finding out things hidden under the hood, like emails and passwords and linked accounts, is just as easy as looking at you post a meal captioned with "the fave"
He’ll try to befriend you over the instant messaging function on Magicam, with an account with a fake name, his first message would probably be a response to one of your stories about some show you just binge watched
“No wayyy you like that too??? I’m like the biggest fan of that show. Who’s ur fave character?” type of message.
The conversation will more or less flow naturally from there, and you’ll even become internet friends, but he'll never tell you his actual name nor show you what he looks like
It’s because he was afraid that you’ll think “Oh, that loser shut-in who never talks to anyone and is obsessed with games and anime and weird movies?” and start avoiding him
He’s a little insecure
The second reason is that he doesn’t want to risk you realising he’s literally on the same campus as you and that you can actually talk face-to-face, because he doesn’t want to embarrass himself by stuttering and being awkward around you - it’s so much easier to communicate when you have the time to properly type out your thoughts (and erase anything weird before hitting send)
He’ll tell you you can lean on him, vent to him, confide in him, all of that (and he will try to keep it about as equal as possible, though he can’t help be more interested in hearing about your matters than sharing his own)
Idia wants you to become emotionally dependant on him
He’ll be incredibly envious of the other dorm leaders’ when he starts hearing about how you’ve been helping them, and he’s incredibly envious of the Heartslabyul duo for always being around you, but there’s not much he thinks he can do
He thinks that, as he is, he has no chance with you, so his goal is to make you trust and adore him through your online interactions. The long-term goal is to make you love him way before his IRL awkwardness can have a major impact in how you see him
That said, he wasn’t imagining your first meet-up to go exactly the way it did
So, the Overblot gang got themselves abducted and turned into test subjects. You should have known Crowley would make you do all the work, really
So when you properly meet Idia face-to-face (without even knowing he’s your “best friend”), it’s while you’re yelling at him to let you see your friends
And you might think he’s an ass and a sadistic stoic bastard for just standing there, mouth slightly agape, but quiet as death, but he’s actually mortified
He does not know what to say. He wants to tell you that you shouldn’t be treating him so harshly when he’s the one who was always there for you, but he has just enough social tact to know that 1) you still don’t know that he’s your online pen-pal and 2) now is not the time to reveal that
Idia is pissed off all the same though. How dare you treat him like that? He’s the one who listened to you rant about your “besties” at 1am, he’s the one who was offering you reassurance and comfort when you were stressed out of your mind, he was nothing but kind and supportive to you, and you’re here? Yelling at him? For doing his job?
“Is, is it… is it b-because you like one of them?” he stutters out before he can stop himself. Of course you do, right? Riddle is so mature and responsible, Leona is athletic and aggressive, Azul has his own business, Jamil is reliable, Vil is the epitome of good looks, and Idia? Is some awkward dork who can’t hope to compare to all those ultra rare characters. Of course you wouldn’t choose him
While you’re busy thinking “What the hell does that even mean?” his mind is going a mile a minute, by the time you blinked, he’s already convinced himself that there’s no way you’ll fall in love with him when you have so many better options
So the logical conclusion is to take away all the other options
It took all his courage, and his face was practically overheating by the time he mustered up the strength, but after a moment he grabs you by the bicep and starts dragging you away
He’ll start mentioning things you told him through instant messages that he knows you’ve told only him until you add two and two together
And if you still don’t get it, he’ll just outright show you his phone, and the account you've been messaging since the winter holidays
He thinks that’ll make you trust him more
Idia will keep you locked up in your own little cell until he figures out what to do, but he doesn’t confess yet. He wants to make sure you can’t reject him before he takes that step, as he feels like fainting when he even thinks about confessing
But after dealing with five Overblots already, you won’t just give up, right? Your cells are close enough to others that you’ve figured out a way to subtly communicate, and soon enough there’s a plan in motion to bust out of there
To keep it short, I imagine Idia’s Overblot would come because of something happening to Ortho
You’ve already heard stories about Ignihyde’s dorm head and his “younger brother”, and even the OB gang clued you into the terrifying things Ortho is capable of (despite his appearance) so it was obvious from the start that, should Ortho come across you in your escape attempt, it is imperative that you incapacitate him
And though you didn’t know that much about the Ignihyde brothers, you knew that Idia cared a lot about Ortho, so when he sees you and Grim kneeling next to Ortho, his torso sparking and legs mangled, desperately trying to fix him, the only thing you could say was, “We didn’t mean to.”
He’s not listening though. Idia is disappointed in you. He thought you would know better. Wasn’t everyone going on and on about how kind and empathetic you were? And now you've just tried to kill his own baby brother?
He grabs you by your arm, his bashfulness completely gone, keeping you next to him while he casts spell after spell trying to fix up his brother, and he’s managing it pretty well, but doesn’t notice the blot accumulating on his magical pen
He’s ranting all the way through it, about how he can’t believe he was preparing everything for the most perfect confession fit to feature in a AAA dating sim, and you just broke his heart by hurting the person most important to him, after he did what is possibly the hardest and scariest thing for someone like him to do - initiating social contact in the first place!
He's guilt-tripping you hard. He loves you so much, he was the one who fell in love at first sight, and not only were you off talking to and flirting with other guys, but now you go ahead and try to break his heart before he can even tell you he loves you.
Between those feelings and overusing his magic, he Overblots fairly quickly, at which point everything becomes more “clear”
One of the most famous love stories from his land is that of when the Lord of the Dead met his wife. He fell in love with her at first sight (much like Idia did with you!), and, in order to show her how serious he was, he abducted her. Sure, sure, it was “morally wrong,” but she returned his feelings! With time
You should have turned and ran to your nearest ally the moment you locked eyes with Idia, whose smile was a little too wide for comfort. The sharp serrated teeth on display did little to tune down the fear factor
The moment he’s sure Ortho is stable, he takes hold of your hand, surprisingly softly for someone who was about to confess that he had been stalking you ever since you were admitted to NRC, that he was in “love” with you and that he wanted you to return with him to the Isle of Lamentation, where you'd be locked up with him, and you two can lead the perfect shut-in couple life he had always dreamed of
He doesn’t let you get a word in edgewise, he’s finally got the courage to tell you his true feelings, so you can’t reject him, that’s not how it works (and he’d know, what with possibly hundreds of dating sims under his belt), you have to return his feelings when he worked this hard. You wouldn't break his heart twice in one day, would you?
The charons can take care of the runaways, surely his parents won’t mind him abandoning his job, just for a little while, if it means he’ll be able to tell them he’s finally found someone, after they'd been nagging him for ages about it
You might be able to get in a “I don’t even know you” while he’s catching his breath between rants about your future life together, but he’s not listening to you
Though if you continue fighting him even after days, weeks, months of being kept as his prisoner, he might actually lose all patience and hope to live out a typical love story with you, which isn’t as good as it sounds
Because Idia is still a man who mistakes fiction and reality often and has internalised a lot of really gross ideas present in the media he consumes. If you refuse to work together with him on what is obviously a meant-to-be relationship, he would take it to mean you’re simply star-crossed lovers, meant to be, but you just don’t want to give in
He can’t just let you go. If you won’t be his in the land of the living, you will have no choice in the other world, and he won't mind speeding up that transition for the both of you
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Whumptober #15- Feed a cold, starve a fever
“I need to go...” Jackie groaned as he tried to push himself off the couch. The cushion was so invitingly comfortable, his aching body screamed and protested for the hero to lay back. It was just a cold. Nothing he couldn’t walk out.
Jackie didn’t have time to rest. The more time he wasted, the less time Henrik has. He has to find him... he promised—
A violent cough wrenched out of him and that’s when Jackie loses the fight against Chase, who kept pushing him back on the sofa.
“He... He n-needs me...”
“Jackie, you’re sick. C’mon, man. You have a super high fever. Maybe we should run another cold bath…” Chase replied with worry, even more so when he easily shoved Jackie to lay down. Lips press together when he feels his forehead with the back of his hand, worry evident in his eyes. “You need rest. I’m sure the neighborhood can hear you coughing out a lung.”
“Why won’t you let me s-save him?” Jackie croaked, tears welling up in his broken indigo eyes. “I-I gotta bring him ho-home... I gotta—“
Nausea is quick to take over and he has to roll to his side as he dry heaves. His vision blurs the father out, and the only thing he can focus on is the thunderous beating of his heart. He is not one to get sick, but ever since Henrik has been gone he has been nothing but a walking mess. The hero can feel Chase’s hand rubbing his back in a soothing manner, and even then it feels so wrong— He doesn’t deserve it... he doesn’t deserve any rest until he finds Henrik.
“For the love of god, you should be in bed rest!” Chase panicked. “If the doc was here he would want you rest! He wouldn’t want to find out you’re being a dumbass to yourself because he’s—“
Something clicked in Jackie’s mind. Those words... somehow made him angry. Indigo eyes slowly lift to stare at Chase, though what Jackie sees is not the father... Hatred soon fills the hero’s indigo eyes and before Chase has a chance, Jackie’s hand wraps tightly around the father’s neck. A yelp full of surprise and despair slips out before panic sinks in, Chase gripping the hero’s hand tightly in an attempt to feee himself.
“You—“ He growled through clenched teeth. “How dare you fool me as Chase... Now it makes sense why you wouldn’t let me go.”
“Kh—! Jackie, i-is still m-me!” Chase chokes out, tears rolling down his bloodshot eyes. “I c-can’t... breathe— Jackie.”
“Tell me where he is!” Jackie yelled at Chase, his grip tightening. “TELL ME WHERE HENRIK IS, ANTI!”
Chase’s eyes look pleadingly at the hero before they started to roll back. His struggles slowing down. Though, mere seconds later Chase is suddenly dropped to the floor, the father not wasting time in taking a big gulp of air. What follows next has Chase jumping in place. Jackie laid on the floor unconscious. Even if Chase’s vision was still spotted with black dots he still moved towards the hero with caution yet worry.
“Chase, are you okay?!” Another voice called, and before Chase knew it Marvin engulfed him in a tight hug. “What the hell happened?”
“I—“ Chase coughs, maybe he shouldn’t be talking. He almost got killed by his friend. Wary eyes stare at the unconscious hero, “D-Did you...?”
“Sleeping spell... I’ve been working on perfecting that just so he can sleep...”
“He... He thought I was Anti.” Chase whispered, and that only made Marvin’s brow furrow with deep concern.
“The fever must’ve gotten to him... not just that but everything else...” Marvin sighs. “From now on I’ll look after him, I don’t want a repeat of this.”
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✨🌷🧸 hi friends, please interact with this post if you’d participate in a writing challenge to celebrate 4k followers with me! 🧸🌷✨
here’s what i’ve been thinking: a super versatile writing challenge where i give a list of some prompts in many categories (fluff, hurt/comfort, angst, smut) so that everyone can find something they like, with very loose guidelines/tons of flexibility on things like word count (like literally you could write a one paragraph blurb and it’d be awesome!!!!), deadline, sticking to the prompt, etc. i want everyone to have fun and feel free to do as they want with this so i promise i’d do my best to make everything as accommodating as possible! i would also write a few works for the challenge as well of course :-)
i’m kinda scared it wouldn’t get much participation since tumblr’s felt kind of dead as of recently so i just wanna get this feedback to see if it would be worth it/if i should start more prep!
oh — and please please know that everyone would be invited to write something, not just my writer mutuals! i would so love to see some of my followers give writing a go — i think you guys would come up with the coolest stuff even if it’s your first time 🥰🥰
tagging some wonderful friends and writers, please help spread the word: @nony-bear @worksby-d @steebsbabygirl @kleohoneyao3 @jtargaryen18 @mianorth @astrorogers @just-one-ordinary-fangirl @chanelfaerie @strawbeariefaerie @honeydulcewrites @burberrybaby @a-little-counter-esperanto @fairyevans @sapphireplums @balenciagabucky @riverevelations @trashywritestrash @ambrosiase @winterrfalconn @mariessecretfantasies @stuckysdumbbitch @candy-and-writing @belovasbrat @agentofbarnes @stargazingfangirl18 @nsfwsebbie @mypoisonedvine @starksbabie @sweet-dreams-steve @heck-heckers-hecking @fangirlofallthings @goodgirlforbucky
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Heart Shot: 1
Tumblr media
In which Jungkook finds a broken and partially dismantled Android, and does what every normal person would do.
Take it home.
Tags/warnings: Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077, Fixer Kim Seokjin, Ex Corpo Jung Hoseok, Android Taehyung, Android Reader, Android Jimin, Mentions of Prostitution, Illegal activity, drugs and drug usage, Discussion of Past Abuse, Night city, min holly, yes that is a warning, Body modifications, graphic description of violence, Blood, Murder, Ripper doc!Yoongi, Ripper Doc!Seokjin, Ex Nomad!Jungkook, Oppression, Minor Character Death, Guns, Graphic Description of Corpses, social anxiety/phobia, panic attacs, ah yes I'm back at it again aren't I, Smut, because of course, protected intercourse you know me, MTBA
He’s seen you from his window when you’d been thrown onto the pile of clutter and garbage this morning, and he’d waited for someone to pick you up. But now, after having returned from his nightly grocery shopping (because people are scary, especially old ladies during rush hour in the produce section, his skin shivers just at the thought of it), you’re still there.
Truth be told, now that he’s closer, he can see why you’re here; your arm is pretty much facing the exact opposite way it should, bruises coloring your skin. You seem to be a pretty outdated model too, having had repairs already if the patches of mismatched skin here and there where anything to go by. You’re also barely dressed anymore- something that makes him a little shy to look at you actually, even though you’re technically not fully human. It's obvious you're not- the already stolen parts here and there revealing your mix of biological and mechanical parts. He can see some lights here and there, dim, but still signaling the small spark of life left inside.
Your model is just supposed to look like human- not act like it.
Maybe he’s just overly attached to androids- his best friend Taehyung being one making his heart ache for your fate. He has come to learn that while you’re not supposed to, you are capable of actually learning and processing very human emotions,understandingthem even if given some time and a helping hand. Taehyung for example doesn’t really differ much from himself anymore, the android being able to be sad, and cry, and laugh, and understand jokes and sarcasm.
Jungkook just can’t leave you alone like this, he decides.
He brings the groceries up his apartment before walking down again, doing what every sane person would; he picks you up, struggling a bit as he notices you’re definitely a lot more broken than he thought. Your hip seems completely dislocated, making it hard to maneuver you around without doing more damage. He feels as if he’s doing something illegal, internally cursing when a can falls to the ground and makes a loud cluttering sound on the pavement below. But he isn’t- there’s no law that forbids him to take someone else’s trash.
So he brings you upstairs into his apartment, laying you on his couch as he gets to work. Work meaning, making himself something to eat before taking a nap, just to forget he’s brought an almost naked female Android into his home and getting spooked at your lifeless form on his couch.
He starts by noting down some things on his phone, making sure to keep track of spare parts he has and ones he’ll need to buy. There’s also some stuff he will need to search online for, probably needing a tutorial on how to change and fix certain things he doesn’t yet know. Jungkook is gifted when it came to technology- numbers and systems way more honest and reliable than people could ever be. He likes that about those things the most, and its one of the main reasons taehyung and him get along so well. Because Taehyung, as an android, can do a lot of things very well.
But Taehyung, as an android, also can’t lie.
No one knows why they can’t, they simply don’t. And so the purple haired young man has become a pretty well known name for cheap but well done repairs, working at a very small business run by a man named Kim Seokjin, alongside Yoongi, a human with modifications. He’s technically deaf and had lost his arm in a car accident long ago, but had managed to tune himself some mods, something that’s extremely hard to do- and after showing his softer side while repairing Taehyung, Jungkook had become a friend to the grumpy older guy. After searching for some parts online on his phone, he decides stop by his work and ask for some stuff.
So, how will he get you there?
Dressing you in a sweater and sweatpants that are both way too large for your form, he picks you up after wrapping you in a blanket, his consciousness unable to quite see you as a lifeless being. You remind him a lot about what his dad said his mother was when he'd met her; vulnerable, lonely, and someone else's trash.
But someone's trash was another one's treasure, so his father had said.
Now, his mom was a regular woman, nothing too special about her. But she was also a runaway, forced into the adult industry to somehow make money to survive. He somehow can see his father in himself as he brings you to his car, carefully placing you in the trunk since he didn't have any seats in the back of his car- something he should definitely get fixed in the future.
He's always been like that. Something that was useless and broken to someone else, was something with value to him.
Driving around the city he realizes just how unfit he is for the modern society of where he lives. Vulgar and obscene advertisements bathe the streets in colorful neon lights, kids playing around with an empty beer can. They seem completely indifferent to the skimpy clad lady walking past them, asking a man something he'd rather not know.
This was just what it was like nowadays.
The familiar garage comes onto view a few minutes later, Yoongis dark blue car parked in front of it, signaling that he's at work today. Jungkook opens his car door to step outside, coughing as the dust from the ground blows into his face. The weather has been dry and hot for a while now, global warming a now desperate concern no one seems to take seriously anymore. He opens the metal door and walks inside, greeting someone sitting on a chair while Seokjin works on the man's hand, goggles on his face to see better what he's doing. "Oh? You're not on duty today." Seokjin says, and Jungkook nods.
"I know. I.. actually Texted Yoongi-hyung, didn't he say anything?" He asks, before the man of the hour walks through, taller man behind him as he goes up to greet Jungkook with a pat on the back. The silver haired man puts his hands in his pockets, Taehyung behind him stoic as always.
"You brought her?" Yoongi asks, voice a bit raspy. He probably took a nap, something he loves doing whenever he doesn't have any work going. Taehyung always tends to worry about his sleeping schedule being all over the place, however, there's no controlling Min Yoongi.
“Yeah she’s uh.. in the trunk-.. wow that sounds awful.” Jungkook says as he walks towards his car with Taehyung and Yoongi besides him. Yoongi chuckles a bit while Taehyhung stays stoic- the android simply not that expressive with his emotions. When Jungkook opens the trunk, Taehyungs optics seem to zoom in and focus, face falling a bit as he scans the shape you’re in.
“Thats a rough one. Tae, help me get her out yeah?” Yoongi says, unable to do it all on his own due to his arm- so Taehyung ends up pulling your body out of the trunk before carrying you into the garage. You’re still wrapped in a blanket, a small but meaningful gesture by the purple haired guy, who walks behind them. Yoongi pulls it off as soon as you’re on the table reserved for situations like these. “Damn. Let’s scan her, see what we got.” He mumbles, before running a program after connecting some cables and other items, noises coming from the machine above as soon as it starts.
“She’s not that old.” Taehyung comments, causing both other men to glance at him. “I actually know her. Her very easily manipulatable character made her a good fit for the nightclubs.” He tells them, as he looks at your face; your eyes closed, frozen in an almost sad look. “She never attempted to go against her masters or customers. She's what people would call 'soft' I guess..” he says lowly, a serious look on his face. Taehyung himself had been used as a nightclub dancer in his past, so it made sense that if he knew you, it would be from his time when he still worked there.
“Well, now I found her, so I’ll fix her and she can decide for herself.” Jungkook exclaims positively, while Yoongi taps and clicks away at the computer close by.
“I don’t think she will.” Taehyung says, making jungkook frown in question. “She won’t be able to be fully independent right away- she has to learn, Jungkook. Her basic system isn't made to be independent.” He tells him. “If you do not intend on keeping her, I’ll take her in instead. Otherwise all our work will go to waste and won't be worth doing in the first place.” He says, as Jungkook suddenly grows defensive over you, taking a step closer to your body.
“N-no, I’ll keep her, I’ll teach her too!” He says accusingly, a hand on your arm, while Yoongi sighs.
“No offense but you barely ever leave your apartment.” The older man explains.
“Your social skills are severely underdeveloped Jungkook.” Taehyung comments, making jungkook gasp in offense.
“I’m perfectly fine! I just.. don’t like people.” He says with a pout, looking down at you. He doesn’t know why he’s getting so riled up- why he’s already getting feelings of attachment towards you.
“We can talk about this when it’s time. For now, let’s just say she’ll be a lot of work.” Yoongi comments, urging the other two to look at what he’s seeing.
Jungkooks frown deepens as he looks at the list of damage and injuries to your biological and mechanical parts, internal system having noted down all traumatic instances go all systems of your body; bio, mechanical, and also mental.
And while he reads what he sees, he's reminded why he hated people.
Jungkook keeps asking questions and stares like a vulture ready to strike, nervous at any click of Yoongis tongue whenever something doesn’t quite work the way he wants it to. He also keeps nagging Taehyung to be more gentle with you, arguing that no, just because you’re unconscious doesn’t mean he can just rip out parts or “be so aggressive” when handling you.
In reality, Tae is actually very gentle- making sure never to push on any part too hard, careful to make sure every single thing he fixes sits perfectly in your body later on. He's especially careful with any biological parts, asking for Seokjins help a lot more often than usual just to make sure he really is doing everything right. But jungkook is a perfectionist, and suffers from a horrible case of passenger-syndrome; nervous that something could go wrong and overly observant, noticing every single tiny misthap that happens.
And there’s so much to do.
Jungkook had realized early on that there were a lot of things wrong, but now that he’s seen the amount of damage, his heart broke a little. Your ribs had been broken by blunt force Taehyung had said, and he himself could only imagine what you’ve been through. Your arm had been broken in several places, needing to be replaced entirely, while other parts could be fixed with a little bit of creativity and spare parts. At least your biological parts and internals were still relatively unharmed and functional.
Jungkook makes notes every time he realizes that you could use an upgrade to anything.
He takes you home after finishing the biggest repairs, Yoongi advising him to wake you up in a more friendly environment than their garage, though Taehyungseems a bit unhappy with that. Jungkook however agrees, this time placing you in the passenger seat of his car rather than the trunk- by now seriously attached to you, so much so he even makes sure you have it comfortable on the couch back at his apartment, before he places his laptop and all his software equipment on the table close by.
Hardware wise you’re good to go- a little outdated, but it should work nonetheless. He's been given medication for your biological parts, a detailed prescription letter along with it. Now, he’s gotta do what he can do best; setting up a new core system for you.
He’s got a lot to choose from- he could go for a regular firmware such as the ten basic characteristics that are available online, but eventually decides to make up an entirely new one just for you, playing around with his previously used one's that have been proven to work on others to create something unique. After learning about your past character from Taehyung, he’d decided to give you something similar to a companion system, leaving enough room for initiative behavior and active learning. You should have the power to make your own decisions, to build your own life- he’d just be a friend at your side. Setting his name as the developer, he uploads the data, noticing the sun rising behind his admittedly dirty windows.
He really needs a nap, he decides.
So he leans back against the couch, sitting on the floor as he falls asleep pretty much instantly- Not noticing your body move, soul coming to live right next to him.
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bokettochild · a day ago
My Spidey-Sense Is Tingling
Whumptober Day 7 - Numbness/Blindness/Helplessness
It's late, by a lot. But my computer shut down a week ago so I think I have a reasonable excuse for that. This is a companion piece to A Royally Awful Prank, and describes Legend's half of the prank. You do not need to read that to enjoy the whump, but it would definitely provide context for why everything is happening here.
Hope y'all enjoy!!!!
He stumbles as he walks. It’s purposeful, but Sky and Hyrule fuss with every trip or wheeze of breath, and he can hear the others murmuring in concern.
Good, he wants them to worry, he wants them to be distracted and fussy, and he wants them to be upset later, but first he has to play up his part. Fable will handle the most of this, let him rest, let him watch, but he has to get them to Fable first, and play up his ‘ailment’ as much as possible so she has something to build off of.
Usually, Legend isn’t one for pranks, much less those of the revenge sort. They’re tedious and, well, he always struggled with where the lines were drawn. What counts as going too far? What are the circumstances of that line? Obviously killing and maiming were out of the question, and he didn’t really want to hurt the others, no matter how stupid they’d been, but he’s not sure where here would be going too far.
Letting them think they’ve hurt him should be fine though, the worst that will happen is that someone bursts into tears or thinks that he’s actually dead or something and that they’ve killed him, but Fable will be there to stop any of that. She’ll sweep in like the elegant princess she can be on good days, and be worried and confused as she looks at them, and then she’ll turn to him, see that he is a painting on the wall, and she will panic.
The vet snorts, pretending to cough into his sleeve violently even as Sky keeps trying to get him to slow down to otherwise help him. Hyrule reaches out as if to pat his shoulder, but the kid pulls back last moment, hesitation and shame on his features while he lets Sky handle things.
He almost feels bad that he’s going to make the kid feel worse, but it was just like Uncle used to tell him; you have to nip a bad thing in the bud and stop it from spreading throughout the orchard. The man had been talking about real buds and branches and bad trees, but that doesn’t stop it from holding true now; he needs to nip this sort of misdeed in the bud and stop the others from prying and disregarding privacy.
Gnarled thumbs run over the cracked instrument in his hands as he grits his teeth. To the others, they might think he’s in pain, and as they finally reach the castle wall, he takes a moment to lean against it, wheezing softly while the others murmur and fuss behind him. No one’s said anything beyond a gentle reminder from Hyrule that they don’t need to push forwards if he’s not well, but he knows how he acts, and while he’s not proud of it, he knows that any injury he has that doesn’t bleed will get ignored as long as he can get away with. Blood? He's cleaning it away as soon as possible, more often than not biting his tongue in disgust and trying not to smell the stuff or look too hard at it. Other injuries though, they could wait. It didn’t really matter if he was sore when there was a monster to face, and it’s not like he could count on there being a day when something wouldn’t be hurting.
As is, he knows pain well, like an annoying sidekick that insisted on tagging along after he started adventuring and wouldn’t go away no matter what he shoved at it. That said, he knows how to make his pain look real, and the distress he can feel radiating off of his team is a sure sign that they believe every second of it.
The passage he’s used since forever it still there, and even though the gazes of the others change from worried to confused as he pulls himself up the ivy towards the top of the castle wall, he eventually convinces them to climb up after. Time stares at the stuff distrustfully, but once Four points out the stealthily woven ladder hidden and twisted amid the vines, the old man follows. It’s an effective trick, one that’s lasted years and several invasions; unless you know there’s a ladder, the ivy looks too dangerous to risk climbing, and it’s that exactly that he and Fable had been hoping for when constructing a path for him to visit by.
The looks he gets as they emerge into the castle garden and then enter a small side door, rather than one of the large ones, are just as annoying as he’d thought they would be. Hes too busy pretending to be struggling to really address the problem though, and as they walk down the hall, he makes sure to stumble extra hard over his own feet, only barely catching himself when Hyrule’s fingers brush his shoulders in an effort to grab him. He sighs as he rights himself, tired and in pain and done with the behavior of his brothers, both in act and in reality, and he leans against the wall in an exhausted manner.
He’s careful as he lets the ocarina drop from his hands, and he lets it tumble down his leg until it reaches the floor before he allows the power in his bracelet to pull him fully into the wall, a sharp shriek sounding as he does so.
No one can hear him anymore when he’s merged with the wall, even if what they say and do is as clear to him as if he was standing with them, and it’s his intention to just close his mouth the moment he’s one with the stone and relax in the second dimensional world until Fable ‘breaks his curse’. Once the others have repented and vocally admitted where they were wrong, she’ll ‘free him from being cursed’. It’s a good plan, he thinks. No one will be hurt, but as long as they think that by damaging his things that they trapped him in the wall, unable to escape, they’ll hopefully think twice before touching his shit again. And until the words have been spoken, his plan is to just hold still and watch his sister act. He’d doze or relax, but his painted form will reflect what he’s doing, and he’s not capable of passing out or sleeping in this dimension.
That’s his intent, to watch and wait, to close his mouth and hold still, but the moment his hand is sinking into the wall, pulled by the powers of Ravio’s bracelet, the scream on his lips stops being fake as an agonizing pain shoots up his arm. He pulls against it., tries to pull away from the wall, digging in his heels as the stabbing sensation travels up the length of his arm to dig at his chest and pull him in. Like a snake consuming its prey, the force of the bracelet closes its teeth on him and pulls him in, pulls him flat into a world that’s darker than he remembers, one that’s more distorted than he remembers, and one where the shouts and screams of the hall outside are muffled behind the sound of his own screams.
There are no words to his panic, only the instinct to flee, to turn the other way and escape the pain that digs into him from every direction, as if someone was destroying his painted form in the world outside, ripping him to sheds slowly and savoring every second. He can almost hear Yuga’s laugh, almost see Ganon’s teeth, feel the blade of the Four Sword slashing across his shoulders and Veran’s claws over his cheek. The life is being sucked out of him, Onox is standing over him with his claws extended and Din is in danger and-
“Leg..d! L...end! ...ou...ear....s?!?” He thinks it might be the captain’s voice that calls out to him, he’s not sure, but he latches onto the sound, trying to use it to pull himself back into the world where his lungs aren’t heaving for air and his own screams of agony aren’t filling his ears.
There are other voices, words being called, Fable’s high lilt joining in, but he’s too busy trying to free himself. Never mind their prank! Never mind teaching the others a lesson! The moment he pulls free he’s just going to forgive whomever it is who catches him, because if this keeps up any longer, he’s not going to be able to stand when he breaks free.
When. Not if. He’s going to break free. He has to.
He tries forcing his will into the bracelet, tries to activate it and tell it to send him back into the dimension where Fable’s sobs aren’t drowned out by everything around him.
It’s like there’s a weight on him, something pushing him against the wall, pinning his hand in place so that even if he tries to move, to shift the slightest inch, he’s still frozen in place, unable to do anything, say anything, or even see. He can’t see his own fingers in front of his face, and the faces of the others on their side of the wall should be there. But they aren’t. There are no heroes where he can see them, and only Fable’s voice rings out over the hall beyond, voice fading as the rushing in his ears increases and the screams that echo all around him only continue to make it worse.
He’s fighting it, pushing against the weight that settles over him and pins him in place. He tries to envision the hall, tries to imagine the faces of those outside, tries to focus on the tremble in his sister’s voice and the grating rumble of Time’s stern one. He tries to think, tries to listen, tries to do anything to escape, even if only in his head, but it only grows, the pain building up within and without and ripping him apart molecule by molecule. He’s past his pain threshold. He’s still screaming, still begging the others for help as tears prick at his eyes and his heart trembles.
He passed his pain threshold ages ago, and were he anywhere else he would have fainted dead away, or even dead, ages back. But he can’t pass out in painting from, and he can’t sleep here either; he’s tried. He’s trapped instead, trapped with his whole body being ripped apart and sewed back together while the stiches are twisted and pulled tight, only to be cut again with another sweep of power from the cursed ornament on his arm. His arm that should have been numb by now, but which instead continues to feel everything that throbs through him and through to his chest, wrapping around and squeezing ribs and heart as the sensation of being stabbed repeats, something pressing closer and closer to his center while his throat runs more and more raw.
He’s lost all connection to the world by the time Ravio is playing the repaired Ocarina, He’s faded into his own mind to only what shoots through him and the force that crushes him ever flatter. For a brief moment, Fable’s voice warbles through the darkness, incomprehensible, but hers, and for the briefest of moments the pain fades as something swipes over him only to pull back and allow a fresh wave to wash over him. There’s nothing he can do about it though. He doesn’t even know how long he’s been here, doesn’t know if it’s been minutes of hours or even days, time is nothing and only darkness and muffled sounds can be sensed beyond the raw screams that tear from his aching throat and the white pain that flashes through him like poison and tears across his chest like claws, Ganon’s claws, digging in to throw him to the side, only to swipe clean through as his body fails to move in response.
Fable’s voice raises into a shriek, there’s a murmuring beyond the veil that holds him into this dimension, and then the world around him trembles, the claws digging deeper and the pressure on his arm increasing closing tight around him like the bracelet itself is being melted down in Four’s forge, being shrunk until it’s branding his flesh and burning through the skin and all the way down to the very bone, pressing, pressing, pressing-
And then there’s something else.
A hand is closing around his, gloved fingers closing around the ones that have lain still and frozen for Nayru knows how long, and he’s being pulled. He has no power here, no control, and even if he’d wanted to fight back, he’s still unable to move beyond how the hand pulls him.
Light floods his vision, and the pressure around him fades. There are no claws, no teeth, Veran’s cackles and Ganon’s growls have died away into the worried murmur that quickly fades to nothing. Blackness swallows him up again, even as the world fades once more, and even though he fights against it, the pain doesn’t return. It’s fading, along with all else, and when he realizes that he pushes himself into it with a final breath.
Legend’s body falls still, white and breathless on the floor of the castle halls, and when Hyrule’s gentle hands pull him up again, the vet is no longer breathing, heart stuttering to a stop in his chest while the heroes panic and his sister sobs. The vet has already faded, and the sobs of his brothers will not, and do not, wake him.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jake peralta + you're the one that i want from from grease for anonymous
pairing: jake peralta x reader
warnings: awkwardness
fandom: brooklyn nine nine
lyric: “if you're filled with affection, you're too shy to convey meditate in my direction”
Expressing his emotions properly wasn’t one of Jake’s fortes. He becomes awkward and trip over his words. This especially happened to him whenever he was around you. That was just how much he liked you but how could he possibly tell you that?
Jake’s tried over and over again but he could never get his confession out in a way that you could understand. Eventually not only was Jake getting frustrated with himself but you were also getting frustrated and confused. You weren’t sure why your coworker always acted so strange around you.
Not able to hold in your annoyance any longer, you accidentally snap at Jake one day. You were out on patrol together when he started rambling. “Jake, if there’s something you need to tell me you should just say it” you groan.
Your outburst takes Jake off guard and only makes him even more uncomfortable. In a desperate attempt to regain even a small bit of composure, Jake takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry, I… I’m uncomfortable with emotions” Jake admits. “I guess what I’ve been trying to tell you for a long time now is… I really like you [Y/N]”.
Blinking in surprise, you now start to babble like Jake had just been. Looks like the shoe was on the other foot now. “I um- oh wow I-I like you too Jake”.
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