#I still don't like the first panel all that much but it tells the story it needs to
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Tumblr media
                                ECTOBER NIGHT  -  PAGE 21
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                         "Okay thaaaat's weird, thaaaat's suspicious."
At least I was able to keep up with the posting on time on Patreon for a lil while there @[email protected] It looks like schedules and me just don’t mix no matter how hard I try, if anything it’s like throwing a wrench into gears @[email protected] But well, you know that won’t stop me! I guess I'll just have to do what I can, when I can, all loosey goosey apple juicy 😤💖 You’d think I'd have learned to be a bit more patient with myself after all this time 👀
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On Spinner possibly dying:
The short version of what I'm about to say is that I am super on the fence on predicting Spinner will die being a hero. I don't want to say "I don't think he will" and jinx it, so I will remain in the middle.
But I want to point out some extremely worrisome things that he is doing right now.
The long version is this:
There's a lottttt of speculation going around right now that Spinner is gonna meet his end doing something heroic for Shigaraki. And while I'm not sure I'm fully convinced he's not gonna make it to the end of the manga, I will say that I do think what he's doing right now is going to make things worse, before it paves the way to make things better.
Because what he's doing right now is so incredibly selfless. Out of everyone remaining in the LOV, he's THE most selfless, the only one who has stopped putting all personal ambitions above someone else's (which, once selflessness goes beyond a certain point, it can so easily turn into a fatal flaw--per BNHA lol).
He's not even fully devoted to the movement he (unintentionally) became the face of. Not that he doesn't care about it, he obviously does (hence his commentary in MVA), but it wasn't why he joined the LOV in the first place, and it's not why he stuck around.
Tumblr media
Right now, he's most worried about Shigaraki's wellbeing, but also at the same time fulfilling those dreams of his. The problem is that...there's a very big misunderstanding between what Spinner is wanting to do, and what Spinner is actually doing.
What Spinner wants to do is help Shigaraki fulfill his dream of bringing that blank, new horizon. And in Spinner's mind that more than likely includes Shigaraki being himself, not possessed by AFO.
But unfortunately, what he's actually doing is making it much easier for AFO to keep manipulating Shigaraki and take hold of his conscience (he is obviously not doing this intentionally).
This actually goes back to the war arc, where the first big "uh-oh" happened--
Tumblr media
I know that this hand is what ultimately saved the LOV from death by heroes, but this hand was showing the gap of understanding between Shigaraki and everyone around him. The hand suppresses him, not liberates. So putting this hand that symbolizes all of the hatred in Shigaraki's extremely unstable heart kickstarted AFO's plans for fully taking over his body. And, again, please don't take this as me saying Spinner is trying to make things worse, but I'm showing that there is just....a very big misunderstanding between what Spinner is trying to do for Shigaraki, and what Shigaraki actually needs. These panels from the war arc do not quite make a good match for Spinner's true intentions:
Tumblr media
He remembered Shigaraki talking about how miserable he is, how angry he is all the time, never happy, and never to feel good again. And he's.....encouraging him to remember those feelings. That's...very similar to what AFO has been telling Shigaraki to do as well:
Tumblr media
This is worrisome because that rage is exactly why AFO was able to take over Shigaraki's body, consciousness, and the LOV as a whole. And Spinner, for lack of a better term, enabled it.
Now look, Spinner didn't have much choice. He needed Shigaraki to wake up, otherwise they would have been captured and likely killed tbh. So he did what he could. But the issue is that, even now, in the state Shigaraki is in, Spinner is still holding onto that hand.
Tumblr media
Which we readers know is a huge trigger of Shigaraki's trauma and hatred--WHICH only makes it that much easier for AFO to maintain a hold on Shigaraki's consciousness.
Tumblr media
Spinner doesn't know. How could he know? Shigaraki held those hands close to him the entire story, and it wasn't hard for the LOV to see that they were important to him, and I mean they eventually found out they were his family so...yeah. It's no wonder Spinner is thinking that keeping that leftover hand on hand (lol) is something that would help Shigaraki. The problem is, that hand really only makes things worse, and worse, and worse.
And, while Spinner is having major doubts about the state Shigaraki is in, he's still going along with Shigaraki's "bring it all down". He wants to help him out of the situation he's in, but he also wants to help get him what he wants, which as far as he knows, is destruction. So, reluctantly, he goes along with what AFO set out for him. It's not even something he's all that passionate about, but because he thinks it's for Shigaraki's sake, he's doing it anyway (with doubts).
Tumblr media
So, it looks like Spinner is getting to a point where he may turn on AFO and, as some others have predicted, die that way trying to help Shigaraki. Personally....I'm not sure. I don't know that he'll die. Or at least at the moment, I’m not convinced.
Spinner is kind of a wild card in that his baby arc can go a bunch of different ways, but fortunately? it does seem possible that he will be faced with and become more involved with the heteromorph issue than he ever intended, or wanted to be. It seems like he's at a point where he's willing to just, go along with whatever he has to if it means doing "right" by his boss, so to me personally it looks like he's gonna continue down this "face of the movement" path---and hopefully that leads him to the same type of ending as the LOV trio. Alive, change of heart, and reconciliation between the two sides. Which, in my opinion, would be more ideal than him dying, regardless of the reason.
So what I'm getting at is....things don't look good right now. There are several ways Spinner's story could go. The three main ways from what I can see are:
Going all the way along with being the "face" of the movement, and having a similar set up as the trio where he faces some kids and starts really REALLY questioning what he's doing, and if he really wants to continue down the path he's on.
OR, going all the way along with going against AFO and trying to help his friend. Logistically....idk that he would make that type of decision. The other two LOV members have an understanding that AFO could easily just, dispose of them if they started misbehaving. And Spinner is far from dumb, so he is aware of this fact as well (hence, reluctantly going along with whatever is happening). But it's possible he'd take the risk to be a hero to his friend, and as some are predicting, die doing so. If this happens, I would imagine it would lay down some ground work for Deku to go in for the final save later and not be a pointless death. Though...I'd rather him not die at all.
There is also the possibility that incorporates both of these options, except when he tries to be heroic, it ultimately fails because of all the reasons I listed above. He doesn't understand or get it--the kind of help Shigaraki needs. This would also be ideal because again, it would lay groundwork for the final save later. And with this, him LIVING, the whole racism analogy can avoid being ignored and glossed over in the story (which would also be ideal to not ignore something like that)
I'm really hoping that instead of going a route where he d-words, he goes the route where he comes to some sort of realization that the path he and the rest of the LOV are on is not going to bring anything positive to their lives. And along with this, he'll realize that Shigaraki needs help that doesn't include enabling his destructive plan. I'm really hoping that instead of d-wording, he's gonna bridge the communication gap between the heroes and villains (LITERALLY LIKE STAIN DID WITH ALL MIGHT) and give Midoriya that kick in the pants to go in for the save. My hope for this lies in the fact that Spinner acknowledged Deku as a true hero way long ago--
Tumblr media
Like yeah, it was long time ago, and Spinner isn't all that driven by Stain anymore at this point. But if he encounters Deku during this big battle that's about to happen, and maybe remembers Shigaraki's weird little fixation on the kid, it may spark him to try to connect with him and light the fire under him to go save Shigaraki. Since heroes save.
I think my main point is---I really don't want Spinner to die. And I think there are a lot of ways his story could go that DON'T result in heroic death. My hopes are high--because Horikoshi honestly seems reluctant to kill off any characters in general. But there's always that end-game drama to fear, so I can only sit here and hope that Hori chooses one of those more optimistic routes for Spinner.
Anyway, I'm so torn on what to expect for the Spinner living vs Spinner dying debate, so I thought I'd put all my concerns into one post lol.
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captnjacksparrow · a month ago
Hi! What do you think was the purpose of making Lee like Sakura? How does he even know her at the point where they first meet? She also doesn't have a nice personality and it's been said many times that she's not really good looking. Do you think Kishi was just showing that Naruto doesn't care if other people like her? We know Hinata and Sakura are beards. Do you think he might have been setting up something for them? Bc Sakura does eventually soften towards Lee, to the point of berating Naruto and picking a flower for him. Tbh I first thought that Kishi was trying to improve her character here. She was always portrayed as shallow, liking Sasuke just because he was good looking, attractive, popular, a genius, etc. She even cut off her best friend over liking Sasuke. I thought if she actually ended up liking Lee she could be redeemed because she initially thought he was lame, and he's not attractive (basically it would make her less shallow). Ooof but I was wrong, she actually gets worse after this. Still Sasuke obsessed, even wanting to abandon the village as long as she got to be with him, and then she's still the same at the end, actually chasing him down after he tells her no. So I was wondering what you think Kishi's intentions might have been at the time?
I can't say anything from Lee's perspective as to why he liked her or how is it relevant to his Character. Because most of the Konoha 12 wasn't given much relevance to the Story in Part 2. Like Kiba, Shino, Tenten, Lee, Chouji, Ino... There were there as Naruto's friends.
But I feel his crush on Sakura is a plot device to show the perspective of Team 7 Characters.
It's like you said....
Tumblr media
Here, Lee is just introducing himself and look at Naruto's face. Naruto was just clueless here.
This is totally a scene between two people. Lee and Sakura.
Do you think Naruto was needed in this panel???
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Whereas Neji was also doing the same thing with Sasuke, Like asking for his Name... But just in a Boyish way...
Look at Naruto's burning face. God!!! Naruto is extremely adorable.
So, this scene is an exposition to show Naruto just doesn't care if anyone shows interest in Sakura. (Romantically). Whereas it irks Naruto, if someone shows interest on Sasuke and his skills. (Non Romantic).
Tumblr media
Again, In this scene... Lee is openly flirting in front of both Sasuke and Naruto. But both have absolutely no interest on Sakura. Desperate ThathuThakus say Sasuke fell in love with Sakura on that time he acknowledged her about her Genjutsu abilities. If that's the case, Shouldn't he be possessive here???
Tumblr media
Naruto got his adorable burning face, when Lee asked for a Fight with Sasuke... While ignoring the fact that, Lee was still flirting with Sakura. Even Sasuke also don't seems to react anything.
So, This scene is an exposition to show that both Sasuke and Naruto don't care if anyone shows their interest in Sakura. (Romantically).
Tumblr media
This is another scene which shows Naruto's disinterest towards the attention Sakura receives from opposite Gender. Another Clueless Face!!!
Tumblr media
But, Sasuke also didn't bother about this... He was lost in his own thoughts as to what happened just now.. And how he beat those Sound ninjas... Didn't SS claim that Sasuke controlled his cursed seal because of Sakura's hug so he loved her all along??? Then shouldn't he be possessive about Sakura here???
Lee's fondness towards Sakura has no reaction from either Sasuke or Naruto. This is something the Author wanted to establish on multiple occasions.
Along with that.
This is also a reflection towards Sakura's character. Like what kind of man she really wanted.
Throughout the story, you might have noticed that... No one gives two figs about Sakura and her existence. Kakashi, as a sensei, Occasionally concerned about her safety. But other than that, no one cared about her or considered her as important.
But Lee was the only person who openly admitted that he likes her and displayed affection. Stood up for her when she was in Grave Danger... Acknowledged her Importance that, "Before we meet again, I'll have become a stronger man.. I swear it!".
Now imagine all of these were done and said by Sasuke... (???).
Sakura would've jumped with Joy, Didn't she???
And as it happens... Sasuke did what Lee did to Sakura once....
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In Road to Ninja Movie... (Not Written by Kishi but the entire story was his and screenplay was written by someone else).
So, Sakura loves her man to show affection, present her flower, prioritize her, care for her safety....
But she wanted all that from Sasuke!!!! Poor thing. When will she and her minions would realize that Sasuke, in his life, would never ever do these type of stuffs???
So, Being nice towards Lee is her way of being grateful for the fact that he is the only person to appreciate her and acknowledged her... And saved her life when it really mattered.
But it all went down the drain, the moment she ditched him in the middle of the road to pursue her Sasuke-kun in the Kage Summit Arc.
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super-peace-fangirl · a year ago
I've recently seen some misinterpretations regarding this scene so I wanted to share my thoughts.
Tumblr media
The criticism, which I personally find so unfair and wrong considering Levi's character arc in the final battle mostly revolves around: "Levi didn't even care about leaving the kids behind to the point he ordered Mikasa, Pieck and Falco to depart without any final/farewell words to Jean, Connie, etc" or "I knew it!!! Levi only cared about killing Zeke post-time skip. It was obvious he's gonna have NO motivation to fight"
I'm going to explain both claims from my own perspective.
1) About the first one, I think it is important to remember Levi's rational motivation in such critical moment. So the situation is as the following >>> The alliance figuring out the steam released from the hallucigenia is poisonous just like Zeke's spinal fluids and as many pointed out the reason there was suspect of them turning into titans came from the fact hallucigenia is the source of the titan power so it only makes sense for Levi to believe the Eldians exposed to the steam would transform immediately after. Did they have time to process the situation? No. Did they even have time to say goodbye? Hell no! It only took Levi, Mikasa, Falco & Pieck a few minutes before their comrades/families were titanized right before their eyes. There was absolutely no time for hesitation and as I've seen some people mentioned as well Levi was the only one who thought rationally and was able to make such decision in that moment. Was it painful for him? Of course it was! Was it hard for him to leave his comrades behind once again without even being able to say goodbye? SURE IT WAS!
Tumblr media
Is this the face of a person who doesn't care about leaving his family? I'm gonna leave the obvious answer to you guys.
Now let's get back to even the more logical part. You gotta ask yourself why Levi decided what he did. Had Levi, Mikasa, Falco & Pieck aka the last hopes of humanity's survival been caught in a horde of titans and eaten then who were going to defeat Eren? Marleyans who didn't even have enough cannons to face Eren (oh well the cannons had no effect on the founding titan either way) or Armin was supposed to take him down single-handedly? Think about it, who else but all these people together could kill Eren?
It's also worth mentioning what Levi tells Mikasa right after they had to abandon their comrades and people
Tumblr media
"We're the only ones that can kill Eren"
I think this part's even more proof of Levi's rational decision. Do I not love Jean and Connie? Of course I do. I'm not gonna lie, I'm still in denial about what happened to them and I'm hoping there's a way they'll revert back to being humans and if they really die I personally will find their deaths meaningless at this point of the story. However, I understand that they had no time for emotional talk. They had to defeat Eren and end this nightmare as soon as possible.
2) Now regarding the second claim, I think there are already many great meta writers who pointed out the obvious but I'm just gonna leave some panels and notes to emphasize how much such criticism about Levi's not but a misinterpretation.
Let's get back to chapter 135 where Levi literally told Mikasa he will act as bait in order for them to defeat the titans the founder Ymir sent their way
Tumblr media
He knew Zeke's still alive somewhere from Hanji's words so if he only cared about killing him why would he try to sacrifice his life for the kids to proceed with their plans before taking down the monke?
Levi risking his life to save Jean's in the same chapter right after the above panel
Tumblr media
"Levi's all about killing Zeke at this point. He doesn't care about his kids any longer" is what the criticism says. I don't think I need to explain this further because the panel is proof enough how much he cares for his kids.
Right after saving Jean Levi's injuries worsen but he still continues fighting to protect them
Tumblr media
The reason for his leg injury is saving Connie
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And lastly, about him caring for humanity
Tumblr media
"We're doing both"
Levi's the first person who actually said they have to kill Eren and save Armin among the corps. If he only cared about killing Zeke why would he suggest they have to consider both options? Why would he repeat himself in the very recent chapter again (about killing Eren) in order to end this nightmare? As I've said many times before Levi could've killed Zeke and fulfilled his promise a long time ago but he prevented himself from doing so because he assumed keeping Zeke alive was the best option for saving humanity.
Bottom line Levi’s promise to Erwin was never even about mere revenge. The man said it himself, “I will give meaning to your deaths” and he’s only able to do that through saving humanity. I’m not saying he didn’t hate Zeke considering all the suffering Zeke brought to Levi’s comrades. However, it is important to remember Levi was always ready to give up on killing him if his existence benefitted humanity. Killing Zeke wasn’t his sole purpose in life as some like to put it.
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a-mended-pact · 9 months ago
Let the Right One In
Tumblr media
A/N: So this is for @boldlyvoid 's challenge. I had so much fun writing this. Even though I'm still super anxious about posting my stories. It's been a pleasure and an honor getting to know you Em. Congratulations on reaching 2k! 🖤
Warning: Mentions of insecurities. Maeve Donovan. Faking a death.
Word count: 2,082
It was midday when I heard knocking on the front door. I was half tempted not to answer. Spencer was away on a case and neither him nor I were expecting anyone. Anyone that would come over at all was away on the case with him or states over. So who could be coming over unannounced? I clumsily headed towards the door. My fuzzy socks are making it difficult to stay balanced on the hardwood floor. A knock came again. It was gentler this time. 
I looked through the peephole and saw a small woman looking around nervously leaning from foot to foot. “Who is it?” I wondered if I could at least get a name. 
“I’m here to see Doctor Spencer Reid. I got his address from Aaron Hotchner.”
  My face blanched at the sound of Hotch’s name. It had been quite some time since anyone had mentioned him. After he went into protective custody with Jack even though the reaper was dead he still chose to stay away. Contact with him was rare and slim. I quickly opened the door and watched her jump back slightly. 
“Who are you?” she asked. She looked around the same age as him. She is actually quite beautiful. I wonder how Spencer knows her? 
“ I’m Y/n Reid.” She tilted her head to the side as she studied me.
 “I didn’t realize Spencer had a sister.” She finally met my gaze and smiled.
 “Is he here or do I need to come back at another time?” A small laugh escaped me 
“No, I am not his sister. I am his wife.” I crossed my arms over my chest and locked my foot in place behind the door keeping it only slightly ajar not letting her see into our home. 
Her face shifted to one of slight surprise. “Oh well I better just go then.” She went to turn away. When a thought crossed my mind.
 “Wait, I can call him if you’d like and let him know you are looking for him. What’s your name?” I was wondering whether this was a good idea or not to even call him but i had already offered and i am already in far too deep to turn back now. 
She stopped not turning to face me again. “My name is Maeve. Maeve Donovan.” 
Maeve. Why did I know that name? Why is my brain going off with alarm bells? But why do I know that name? I watched as she vanished from the hallway down the flight of stairs never turning back around to look at me. 
I slammed the door shut as I racked my brain on if I should mention this to Spencer at all. Especially while he is away on a case. Maybe I should wait until he gets home. He should be home later tonight. At least if the weather was alright over in New Hampshire. He had left me a message earlier this morning to let me know the case was solved and it had started snowing there but their flight wouldn’t be ready till a little later. 
He should be home in about an hour now. I will wait. I’ll definitely wait.
When Spencer walked through the door he looked sluggish and about ready to just collapse. The exhaustion clearly got to him from not getting enough sleep while he was away. He took off his satchel and his suit jacket. He began undoing his tie as he walked his way into our bedroom. Not even making eye contact with me. 
He came back out moments later in nothing but his flannel sweatpants. “Sorry I know I should have said hello to you. I just felt like I was suffocating in my clothes today.” As he spoke he made his way to the couch where I sat at one end.
 Once he sat down he leaned down and put his head in my lap. I gently started running my fingers through his hair while scratching his head. 
“That feels really nice.” His voice was soft and he let out a quiet sigh as he relaxed into the couch and my lap.
 If I wasn’t petting his head I was gently caressing his back with my fingertips. I know I needed to tell him. I was just so nervous. I knew somewhere deep down this would be stressful to him. The day already has worn him out so completely. It was like he needed my touch to recharge himself. I began biting my lip as my hand stopped on his lower back. 
“Hey, Spence, A woman came by to see you today. She said she got your address from Aaron.” He made a humming noise to let me know that he heard me. “Her name was Maeve Donovan.” I felt his back muscles tense at the sound of her name. He sat up immediately. 
“Wh- what did you say?” He looked at me as if I had just grown an extra head or as if I had just spoken another language.  “Mae-” He cut me off. “No, I heard what you said. I don’t need you to repeat yourself. It’s not possible she was at the door. She is dead. She’s been dead for years.” 
He pushed himself up off the couch, the muscles in his arms flexing more than usual. He was more tense than I have seen him in a long time. The last time I saw him this upset or stressed was when he first came back from prison. We were just dating back then.
“I am going to go call Hotch.” he moved quickly to grab his phone when he finally reached it. It began to ring. He looked at it for a couple of seconds before he answered.
“Hello?” His eyes widened slightly. I watched as he clenched his jaw and tears brimmed his eyes. 
“M-m-maeve?” He leaned himself back against the wall. His breathing became irregular as he slid himself down the cold panel. At the same time I saw a couple of tears leave his eyes.
I sucked in a breath and sighed. Was this going to be the end of us? Now that all the stories Spencer told me of her came back once he said that she was dead.
She was his first love after all. It would only make sense right?
====Spencer’s Pov=====
My vision was blurred beyond recognition. I could hear my blood pumping in my ears as the sound of her voice drifted in and out. This isn’t real. It’s not possible. I watched her die. I saw her. She was pronounced dead at the scene. I mourned her. It’s been years. Nearly a decade.
“Spencer? Can you hear me?” I felt my tears stream down my face, nodding as if she could see me. 
“Yeah, Yeah I can hear you.” My voice cracked as I answered her. 
“Just like old times huh? It’s so nice to hear your voice. I’ve missed you.” My breath hitched at her words. 
I felt my heart hammer in my chest. I glanced up to see if I could find my wife. She was watching me with concern but otherwise she hadn’t moved not yet. All the guards Y/n had torn down throughout the years started building themselves up higher and higher. 
"H-how are you alive? I watched you die." The horrible memories of that fatal day still haunted me. What am I supposed to do now?
Do I still have feelings for her? Is it wrong if I do? I don't know how to handle this. What should I do?
"That's why I came to see you earlier.  It was an idea that I came up with at the last minute.  So I faked my death." Her voice was calmer than my breathing.  I felt the walls Barricading around me to keep me safe. I was suffocating.
I wasn't sure I had heard her right. I could feel my ears ringing as the blood in me ran cold.
"You faked your death and made me believe for a decade that the first person I ever loved died a brutal death because you wanted a new life?" My tone was harsher than I anticipated.
I felt my wife's hands run through my hair in a comforting manner as she lowered herself to the floor with me.
I glanced at Y/n as tears streamed down my face. The memories of Maeve and my feelings for her wreaking havoc on my heart.
"Darling, I think you should hang up. For now anyway." She whispered it as her hand lowered to the back of my neck giving me a gentle message. 
My back stiffened. I was so caught up in my own nightmare I hadn't realized that this is probably a living one for her.
"Spencer. I can expla-" I cut off the call before she could even finish her sentence.  Y/n was right.
"You have a lot you need to process and I'm sure you didn't want to say anything you would regret. I'm sorry if I've overstepped." She looked a little nervous as if I was gonna snap at her the way I had Maeve 
I gently grabbed the hand that was touching me and brought it up to my lips placing a kiss on it.
"Nonsense. You are my wife. You were right. I should have hung up. I just. I don't know how to explain what I was feeling." I could feel my breathing begin to slow slightly as I tried to match her breathing to get mine back to normal.
It was like my world paused for a moment and began to spiral faster than I could catch my balance. I felt air fill my lungs when I heard her voice but yet I was left gasping for oxygen. 
The very thought of Maeve brought back so many things I thought I had dealt with prior to now.  I leaned my head against my wife's shoulder as I just let the tears fall.
I felt awful having her comfort me over another woman. Yet I couldn't bring myself to completely care. She was the one offering me comfort.  
She held me in her arms. Whispering to me that things will be okay. That we'd figure things out.
I truly didn't deserve her. She loves me so unconditionally it's unnerving. That's when my phone went off again.
It was the same number Maeve had called me from.
I glanced at my wife. Who just watched me. That's when I fully knew and decided something that had been bothering me for over the past hour or so.
I let my phone continue to ring as I cupped her face. 
"You...you make me feel special and good and all these things that I still don't have the words for yet— good things… things I never thought I deserved to feel.” I pulled her in closer letting our lips caress one another.
"I love you Spencer.  You don't need to say all of this right now. I know you are still-" She tilted her head to the side as if she were trying to figure me out.  "Cluttered and that's okay."
I kissed her harder than I've ever kissed anyone before.
"I’m not in love with her, I’m in love with you”
I have no real idea on if she needed this reassurance all I knew is that I did. I wanted her to know out loud what she meant to me. I couldn't imagine a better partner. A better lover or a better best friend than her.
 I wasn't going to have her doubt everything about us. Not for anything.
I stayed close to her as my phone kept repeatedly going off until eventually it stopped. I was still figuring things out. 
Knowing that Maeve was alive before I met Y/n would have changed my life completely but now? I didn't want anything to change.  For once I was happy. I had someone in my life who put me first. Who cared about me. Who wasn't afraid to hurt my feelings as long as it kept me safe. She loved me for me and all the mess in between who I have yet to become.
She saw me for me. I wasn't Doctor Spencer Reid.  I wasn't a federal agent or a professor to her. I was just Spencer.  The man for some ungodly reason she chose to love. 
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villainsandvictimsalliance · 10 months ago
Okay but, people tend to forget AFO is not the main problem of the hero society. This is not a "if you take down AFO, everything will be okay" story. Why? Because AFO or not, there is always another threat and the heroes can still make bad decisions.
Let's take a look at the panels of Tenko Shimura: Origin.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tomura, narrating: “That's why I wanted to hear it from you all. All I wanted was that one phrase...”
We don't know exactly which phrase Tenko wanted to hear, but using the context and given the parallels with Izuku, it probably was something along the lines of "you can be a hero".
Before this panel, Shigaraki explains that in his house the one rule he father established was "no talking about heroes". While you read this chapter, you're gonna notice no one in the family shows their quirks. Kotaro was a bussines man and that was his house, so everyone probably did have quirks, because Tenko is certain he's gonna have a quirk in the future, so his parents must have some quirk for him to believe that.
Underlined, we have some keys to understand why Tomura is like he is. Please let's remember he's the one narrating, so we're seeing the world through his eyes.
Tomura, narrating: “Children can be surprisingly self-centered and straight-forward, the words of a grown-up are absolute”.
He's telling us that he took very seriously everything he heard back them and this makes sense. Children see grown-ups like they are very powerful and they know a lot. This take us to the following sequence:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kotaro, speaking while slapping Tenko twice: “That person wasn't your grandmother. That was a demon that threw away her own children. Listen up, a hero is nothing but... Someone who hurts their own family for the sake of helping others”.
First of all, Kotaro says children, in plural. Did Nana had more kids? Why we always see Kotaro as an only child and why does he use the plural?
Another interesting thing is that he applies the term "demon" when he speaks about Nana Shimura, his mother. Normally, we see that term related to AFO. So since the beginning, Tenko was forced to believe that hero = demons.
This is because they hurt their families to help others. This line is fabulous because again and again on the manga, you're gonna find stories of people hurting the ones they love as a sacrifice for greater good. Some examples: Endeavor with his family, Overhaul hurting the man who saved him and Eri in order to improve his mafia, Kota's parents dying while doing hero work, Izuku worrying his mother while he tries to become a hero, etc...
Yeah, we're comparing two abusers there to two cases of true heroes, why? What justifies that? Even if the intention is good, they are still hurting their loved ones. That's the whole point of Nana's story with Kotaro. She left him in order to save the world and wished him the best, but by abandoning him, she set a hatred in him that destroyed not only Kotaro, but everything around him.
That was also the point of the whole Class 1-A fighting Deku to make him understand he could not just go and take down AFO on his own. He was hurting them to save them? How did that make sense?
Tumblr media
Tomura, narrating: “This house... was one my father built”.
The chapter following that one, we see the origine of Tomura Shigaraki. That Tomura just said is deadly important because he's specifying it was his dad, Kotaro, who pushed him down the villain road.
Also, on this panel we got Tenko begging on his mind for someone to save him, but not his mother or sister, neither his grandparents did it. There at two factors playing on here: A person making another person understand something with violence, people saying aside without doing a thing.
I bet you recognize that pattern on the manga.
That same afternoon, before the whole Kotaro dragging his son inside to hit the hell out of him, Tenko had felt his hand aching. We can presume his quirk awakening had nothing to do with the beating Kotaro gave him, that means the urge to kill or the hatred have nothing to do with decay.
This is really important because Tomura argues that he knew what he was doing, that he wanted to kill them, but we only see him really trying to kill his father after Kotaro hit him again, triggering his hatred. He did not intend to kill Mon-chan or Hana or his mother or his grandparents. He did not intend to kill Kotaro at first.
Tomura thinks of himself as a monster with a hatred so deep, he killed his family. But the truth is, Tomura was a 5 years old kid being abused while no one did anything.
Tumblr media
Tomura, narrating: “Somewhere deep within my heart, I had always wished something like this would happen. The itch finally went away”.
If you have met a 5 years old, you know how intense things can get. And I repeat, Tenko at the moment only thought of killing his father in the end, after Kotaro hit him one last time.
Now, we know Tenko had the itch from before his quirk and we saw Nao (Tenko's mother) saying they didn't know what he was allergic to. But with this piece of information, we could speculate that the itching is a result of a traumatic event, it being his father abuse and his family negligence. See how the itch goes away after Kotaro is dead, but it comes back soon after.
Tumblr media
Tomura, narrating: “I killed my family. After that, I left home and ran away. I had no idea what to do. What am I supposed to do now? Someone... Anyone... Tell me. Help me!”
Please, let's remember the importance Tenko gave to the words of a grown-up. At moment he was really vulnerable. No one was there to take care of him and of course no one was looking for him, because his family was dead.
Tomura narrating: “The guilt swelled up in my throat, and I couldn't even spea.”.
There's an interesting tradition of the word infant referring to someone who cannot talk, but I'm not gonna explain that one on here.
What I want us to focus on, is in the guilt Tenko was feeling. That's the feeling of someone who knows they've done something wrong, which means Tomura regrets what he did. You know how kids sometimes tell you to die and then come back running asking you to please don't die? Yes, that's normal at that age. Excepto usually kids don't have the equivalent of a gun in each hand to actually do some damage.
Tenko is feeling guilty and here comes me theory: Tenko's itching is not just related to his hatred, but also related to his feeling of not being enough.
“Dad hates me because I don't have a quirk yet”, “My father's house continues to deny me”, “my family defends my dad and not me”, “I can't be a hero”, “if I want to be a hero and heroes are demons, that makes me someone evil too”, etc.
Tenko grew up being constantly punished. He repressed himself a lot. So of course, in his mind being himself without restraints was the same as being a bad person. And at that moment, he had just done something unthinkable.
Tumblr media
Tomura, narrating: “The more densely populated a place is, the more trouble that occurs, for the most part. Trouble of a higher urgency than a lost child, of course. But even so, in this society overflowed with heroes, I couldn't help but wonder if no one coming to save me was my punishment for killing my family”.
See how he's constantly pushed aside for not worthing enough? For not being important? All those people were just reaffirming his insecurities. And even worst, he was punishing himself. In his mind, he was already the bad guy, the villain. At the age of 5 years old, Tenko stopped seeing himself as a victim.
Tumblr media
Tomura, narrating: “If only he had done something... If only she had done something... I thought the itching went away, but... If, at that time, just one person had extended a helping hand...”
He wanted to be loved, to be protected, to be forgiven. Yes, he wanted to be forgiven. The kid AFO found on the streets wanted forgiveness more than anything, because his father never forgave him not even once and because he has done something terrible, so the kid was seeking comfort and someone to tell him everything would be okay.
Funny because, along the manga, society reinforces time and time again his worst traumas. Since the origin of this character, his story has always been about redemption. About what violence causes, about how the real problem is how people turn their heads when they see a victim and wait for the heroes to save them, but what about humanity?
AFO is just a figure, but the hero society was built on the people and their beliefs, on their needs and requests. Why they loved Stain so much and hated Shigaraki the way they hated him? Because they only have access to the surfaces and yes, the hero society is superficial. That's exactly why All Might's smile and "everything will be okay now" is their symbol.
Tumblr media
Tomura, narrating: “Maybe the itchyness would have gone away”.
There's a whole symbolism of people extending and taking hands in this manga. What it's curious is that a lot of pro-heroes and UA students have stated that they want to be the type of hero to "take a child's hand" or they have focused on children. We've seen it in the history of Izuku with kids, Shoto and Bakugo on the remedial arc, Iida Tenya and Iida Tensei as Ingenium, Kirishima with Bakugo, Iida with Izuku, All Might with Izuku, etc.
Ultimately, all those heroes are training to be able to save kids like Tenko. Funny right?
But it was AFO the one who found him (I still think there's more to this story, because are we supposed to believe AFO found Nana's grandso by pure accident? Hmmm). AFO did what normal people and other heroes should have done.
And the explanation he gave to Tenko... The things he taught him and the things Tenko believed in... The way AFO made the itchyness go away...
That's a whole other meta.
Our goal here was to prove Kotaro was the beginning of Tenko's traumas and villain story. AFO feeds on accidents like this one, taking advantage of every person the system rejected. AFO mostly reinforces the ugly side of things, because the dude is such a dick that he doesn't even do the hard work.
My next meta is going to be about how AFO created Shigaraki Tomura and how Shigaraki was born because Tenko Shimura wished to be forgiven. Until then, I guess.
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dethkomic · 2 months ago
Thanks for making the music tutorial! Do you have pointers for making comics and especially when it comes to keeping with it? It's like every time I start, I never finish or I get two pages in and don't continue. Any advice for that? Sorry this isn't totally an art question.
On here and my main I've been getting a lot of asks about comic production and design and art and writing and... boy howdy, so much great stuff I wish I could sit down with each and every one of you guys and talk your ears off about. Never think you have to ask me about one thing or another on here. I love getting asks like these!
So, again, maybe this is owed a longer explanation when I find the time to do so, but I can absolutely give a few pointers right now:
#1 - Do your best to write your ending first. Everyone's going to tell you this, and it's crucial when it comes to a lot of storytelling outlets, be they prose or comics, or as I'm finding out -- even stuff like songs. Write with the knowledge that your ending is there, and you will write confidently. Write without an ending, and you risk not knowing how it all comes together and getting discouraged for feeling way over your head. And that last part is absolutely me, even though I'm getting better at open-ended things... it still happens. Often. Doing this also helps you to figure out what happens along the way, what you can leave out, and the all-important thing that is pacing. Oh! And don't think you have to have every single minute detail of your story figured out. A pretty good feeling for how things wrap up is better than none at all.
#2 - Throw interesting things into your comic at all times. And I don't just mean major plot points. Those are awesome and if you can manage it, do it. But if even if the simple act of including something you really enjoy drawing (I do this a lot with animals and vehicles) gets you to open up your drawing pad and start making a new page of comic art, then the day is won! And about that bit with the major plot points...
#3 - Don't save your good ideas for later. If you have a good idea for your story, use it as soon as possible. Don't hoard the good stuff if you can easily throw it in, sooner. You'll keep your interest (and probably your audience's!) by revealing interesting bits of your story, your characters, your interactions and more, by telling them the moment inspiration hits. And you'll think of other cool things to fill in when "later" comes. I promise.
#4 - Don't sweat the art, sweat the story. If I drew dethkomic with the same kind of mania I draw a lot of my other stuff, we'd be here all year waiting for a new update. Especially when it's a hobby/fancomic/just for fun kinda thing. Whole-assing your art is great, but panels fly by the reader's line of sight so quickly, they'll barely notice a fair amount of half-assing if your story's good. And a half-assed story with all its imperfections is better than a story never told. Certainly go ahead and save your best arting for the important panels, but if you only managed to draw three fingers on a character in the background of an establishing shot, nobody's gonna care.
#5 - Just do it. This is the hardest one on the list. Sometimes, you just gotta say "My people want to see this!" enough times in your head that it gets you into your work. Don't worry if anyone is or isn't reading/will give you likes. Don't worry if you think you've taken too long a hiatus for whatever reason. Don't worry if you think it's pointless. Finishing a comic is a great effort and not for the faint of heart. Don't downplay the difficulty of doing any labor of love, really. Shit's hard. But it's fun. And give yourself a break because you're allowed to fail at updates and change your drawing style and re-do chapter 2 fifteen different times. It's okay. You're making comics! And that's awesome!
And I'll be your number one fan if you do end up making one. Please let me know. You know why?
Because dethkomic loves you! Thanks for the ask!
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rays-of-fire-and-ice · 4 months ago
Okay but am I the only one who hopes if we get a new manga arc that we get more Izuru, Renji, and Momo interactions?!
Tumblr media
This is one of my brot3s, and it's such a shame to not see them interacting as much beyond the Soul Society arc. If I remember the correctly the most we got was Izuru saving Momo from Ayon with Shuhei and worrying about her wounds, and Momo being glad to see Renji after the remaining Shinigami gather up to go to the Soul Palace (there might be other moments and I'm sorry if I can't remember them!).
Remember their past where Momo charged in to save Shuhei, a man she barely knew, and was then backed up by Renji and Izuru? Remember when Momo and Izuru were worried about Renji when he was going rogue? Remember when they were by his side after he was defeated by Ichigo, and then how Momo stood up for him against Byakuya (BYAKUYA!) and Izuru had to reign her in? Remember when Momo visited Renji while he was still recovering in his jail cell or how guilty Izuru felt for raising his zanpakuto against Momo? Remember how it was Momo and Izuru who presented Renji with the lieutenant's rank in the above gif? I sure as heck do!
But you know what else would have been awesome to see?
When Renji and Izuru came to visit Momo while she recovered in the Fourth Division, because you can't tell me they didn't come visit her at least a few times, or at least congratulate her when she made a full recovery and returned to her duties.
I'm sure sometime before the Full Bringer arc Izuru and Momo reconciled with one another about what actions they took against each other during the Soul Society arc, and I'm also sure Renji would find out what Momo did on his behalf when Byakuya turned his back on him.
How did Renji and Momo react to Izuru's new arm and the fact he has METAL RODS PROPPING UP A LARGE HOLE where the right side of his chest used to be? Am I the only one who wants to know this?! They've known this guy for decades, know he went through a hard time when Gin was revealed to be one of the traitors, and now he has this to deal with, they've gotta be feeling for him! Heck, how did they react when they found out he was critically injured during the first Quincy attack and needed to treatment in Twelfth Division?
On a side note: It's implied through his character design in the Hell one-shot (which remember is set 10+ years later) that Izuru is still using this prosthetic arm, he never got an organic arm even though the technology is there for him to use. Please tell he at least got the hole in his chest closed up! As awesome as the panel of him reappearing to take on the chicken Lilles is, it's sad to think he's still have that hole there.
How did Momo and Izuru react to Rukia's pregnancy and then the birth of Ichika? Surely they were one of the first people to come visit Renji and Rukia after Ichika's birth!
On another side note: you can't tell me that Renji hasn't told Ichika about his Academy days with Izuru and Momo, or that Momo sometimes baby-sat Ichika, or that Izuru (along with Momo) didn't divulge embarrassing stories about her dad. You also can't tell me neither of Momo or Izuru would be surprised if Ichika took up an appreciation of eye-wear and bandanas like her father has.
Anyway, that's my rant. All of this is to say I hope we get to see more of these three interacting in the future if we're getting a new arc/getting filler in the upcoming anime! I don't expect them to be as close as they once were, but gosh it would be great to see them TALKING WITH EACH OTHER.
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Undiagnosed Autism-spectrum disorder in The Michells Vs The Machines
I'm sure that more well educated people have put two and two together in this film but I really, really want to put my own spin on it from my experience. For me, as an aspie, film is one of my biggest interests. I love studying and more than anything I love watching and rewatching films. My latest favorite movie was one that I just watched last night for my family movie night, The Michells Vs The Machines. I also went 17 years of my life asking myself the same question that both Rick and his daughter ask each other, what is wrong with him/her?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Well, I'll tell you, in my firmly undiagnosed autistic opinion for far too long, that this family is full of people with undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder. When I was watching it with my parents my mom made the comment that "the dad was a jerk" and maybe "he just didn't love his daughter enough to let her be her own person." I thought that was so not seeing the bigger picture even though it was only fifteen minutes into the film. I have felt like Katie so much with my own dad. My dad is a computer nerd and a physics major for those of you that don't talk to me very often. That means in laminas terms that he's extremely smart. Way smarter than I will ever be in my entire life. Both of my parents are insanely smart in their own rights. My mom is a CPA accountant. But that isn't what I wanted to talk about here. I want to discuss the effect of undiagnosed autism and what it can do to a whole family when they all have it and just don't know that they do. This will probably go on for quite some time so you may stop here or read below the cut because this also has the probablity of getting super, duper personal.
We'll start with Katie! To me, Katie is one of the most relatable characters that I have ever come across. She's a film nerd, which alone has made her supremely relatable as somebody who is thinking about going into a degree in film studies. I am more of a critic of film than somebody who wants to make her own film but nonetheless, there were SO many little moments that I related to. The first thing that I personally noticed and related to was the stimming technique that Katie has. She chews on her hoodie strings. As somebody who has chewed on the drawstrings of hoodies far too often long before I was officially put into the Aspergers box. Aspies are also known to stick with one "special interest" for the rest of their lives if it's one that is wide enough and varied enough to make it applicable. For Katie, that's film. For me that's animation. I appreciated that little detail of most of her dialogue being references to other films because as a lover of films and movies in general I could go for days on just fumes and movie references that nobody else understands. The little things from her hair being perpetually messy (same that's a whole ass mood like I just learned over quarantine how to tye my own hair back), only having one earring in her ear at all times, the way that she dresses and draws on her own hands, this was just me when I was first in high school. I was one of the few people that wore shorts underneath all my skirts/dresses. Everyone who knew about looked at me like I had grown a third eyeball.
Aaron, the younger brother, also just oozes spectrum lil buddy out of his every pore from his being. I do think that they should have picked somebody capable of doing a bit of a younger sounding voice (I know what they were going for, but like Ben Schwartz has become a huge deal in both voice acting and live action before switching mediums.) His special interest is actually quite a common one, he loves dinosaurs. I've met a bunch of people on the spectrum that are fascinated by dinos and what they meant for the world as well as the universe as a whole. To me, there was one scene specifically that was the scene where Katie was lightly teasing him when they were going to the half assed dinosaur extravaganza. For me, this was SO relatable because both of my parents will mess with me about my interests most of the time it's when we go to Disneyland, they'll tell me that we actually aren't going to land of magic but to Timbuckto (hopefully one day they'll say some place else just to switch things up.) I related so hard to Aaron's protesting and whining in this scene since that is always my reaction to doing something that I want to do but get told that I can't do that thing.
Linda is more of your traditional mom but I think that she's on the spectrum as well. Just a more... normalized version as opposed to her family. She's able to be a teacher, she's able to interact somewhat normally around her neighbors. If anything, she reminded me of my own mom. This independent, takes nobody's trash (especially not her husband's), strong minded, and amazing mother who is completely in control of everything. She knows the special interests of her children and is constantly thinking of what will make them happy. Whether it be taking a detour for something dinosaur related, reminding her daughter that her dad loves her no matter what, and even something as simple as watching something that her daughter made and put her heart and soul into. I can't tell you how many times my mom has watched something with me. She watched my first anime Soul Eater with me when I was 12 and ever since then has been trying to get me to watch other shows with her. She's a lot like Linda, your loving, but firm mother who just wants her family to work things out.
Whew boy. This one is going to be probably where I cry. Comparing my dad to Rick is... something that I did consistently when I was watching the film. He's the strong but silent type usually, unless your me and he's just this constant annoyance when I'm trying to do something. He could be seen as just a "Jerk" but I think that is the undiagnosed aspie talking. Rick and Katie just struggle so hard to see eye to eye because their special interests can't intersect to save their lives. This, this hurt me because so often I struggle to relate to my dad. Especially when he talks to me about computers or physics. Now I took physics but without having been in quarantine and having him as my live in tutor I would have failed, not gotten an A. This has resulted me in saying things that I don't mean in the heat of the moment when we do argue. It doesn't happen nearly as much as it used to back when I was in middle school but when it happened it was because of one thing. I lied. I used to lie a lot because I felt so unworthy of being his daughter because on my best days I am not technically smart. You want to know how many nations of the world there were in 1991 when the original Animaniacs was airing? You want to hear my Dot Warner impression? Did you ever wonder how to recognize a specific voice when your watching anime? Have you ever had to watch a panel of your favorite anime voice actor just to laugh at something? No, well I did. But ever since I have started taking a quarter off from community college I have realized something. I am not technically smart. I struggle at learning the rules for math. My dad can do this with his eyes closed but me, I struggle and look like a complete moron. It took years for my dad and I to see eye to eye. Sometimes I still wonder if I was the product of some laboratory experiment of what would happen if two intelligent people came together, fell in love, and expecting that the daughter was smart I was the reject. Watching this movie with my dad I saw so much of my relationship with him on the screen. Struggling to relate to one another, fighting and getting into arguments about petty things, and not being able to be in the same room as one another without heated words because I didn't get him.
The scene that I related to the most when it was in terms of how much Katie just doesn't understand her dad was after he was nabbed by the machines. When Aaron asked her why she said those things to their dad and her simple answer was "I don't know." This. This right here was when I saw me. So many times I've gotten into heated arguments with my dad when he has simply annoyed me at the wrong time and I've just blown up in his face. Then I regret my actions and not know how to apologize for losing my temper with him because "I don't know" just doesn't seem like a nearly acceptable answer. I felt this in my soul because it happened especially often before I was diagnosed.
When I was diagnosed, things started to get better with my dad and I. We haven't had a fight in nearly four years now. He watches cartoons with me now to try and relate to me, it's mostly Pinky and The Brain but it's more than I could have ever asked for. I love my dad so much, more than anything in the entire world. This movie is so, so good at telling a story about how a family of undiagnosed aspie's and people on the spectrum struggle to relate to one another because their special interests are different.
Special interests and family's are especially difficult and I applaud this movie so loud because of the way that it was able to treat the subject matter with integrity and honesty. I'm sorry if this analysis got a little bit long in the toof but thank you for sticking with me! I really hope that if you watched the film you loved my analysis.
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blueteller · 3 months ago
"Trash of the Count's Family" Review Series: Chapter 0
I've realized something quite terrible today.
I joined the TCF/LCF fandom recently and I wanted to see some reviews, since reading comments and seeing other people's reactions is half the joy of being in a fan community. Except, when I tried to check out some reviews...
I couldn't find any.
Seriously, I can't find any reviews!! Anywhere!!! This is criminal! How can there be no reviews?! This series is quite popular, or at least it seems like it! There's plenty of fans on tumblr! Why is the review section of this fandom like a barren desert!?
Then, came my moment of enlightment:
if there are no reviews, then I shall make them myself 😎
Reviewing the webnovel would be an incredibly daunting task, I'm not gonna lie (with over 770 chapters, it would take years!), so I'll stick with the manhwa for now. There are currently 77 chapters out (almost exactly 1/10th of the whole story – nice!), so I'll have plenty of material for a while, before I run out.
Just so you know – I like analyzing stuff, but I do not consider myself a harsh critic. I'm inclined to be more forgiving of things I actually like, in contrast to how many errors I can find in something I disapprove of. However, I will try my best to acknowledge flaws and be a fair judge of content.
With all that said – let's begin Blue Teller's TCF/LCF review series. Please enjoy!
Trash of the Count's Family Manhwa: Chapter 0 (Prologue)
Tumblr media
The first chapter is numbered 0, as it serves as a prologue instead of an actual chapter. It mirrors the webnovel well in that aspect: as the book also starts with a prologue, told in 1st person point of view – unlike the rest of the story, which has typical 3rd person POV. It is an important detail, as the majority of this story's comedy comes across through various misunderstandings. It would be impossible for the reader to experience them fully if we were stuck in Cale's POV. But the prologue being in 1st person POV also gives the novel that classic isekai vibe: which is fairly misleading, as we will find out in the future. I believe it is a deliberate move on the author's part. But we will get to that later... much, much later.
We begin with a dark background. Then, fire appears. Ominous. Something terrible is going on, the reader can already tell.
Then we get the title "The Birth of a Hero".
With flames connecting images, we get exposition about a book: classic fantasy isekai premise, with a Korean teen (kinda?) as the protagonist. We see our MC, Choi Han, meet people in a certain village, then return one day to find them all dead. The narrator explains how Choi Han was pure and innocent before, but the incident causes him to snap and kill people for the first time, in revenge for the villagers who were like family to him.
The panel with Choi Han's enraged expression is pretty amazing, as we can still tell that his facial features are supposed to be young and soft, despite how twisted they are in the moment. There are subtle shadows around his eyes, and sparks float around him: partly because the village is burning, partly because they symbolize the spark that made such a kind-hearted person go on a bloody rampage.
In the next several images we see Choi Han fighting and killing the assailants: the artist displays their skill with dynamic images. You can tell Choi Han's movement in every frame, despite the pictures being still. It is very well done.
While the scene isn't nearly as bloody as it probably should have been, you can tell the artist is under obligation to censor most of the violence, including the gore. There are splatters of blood visible in several shots, but not much of it. Considering how bloody this webnovel is – in the most literal sense – some fans could take that as a bad sign. However, I am not a big fan of gore either, so I can't say I mind it... There's still some blood, so it could have been much worse.
We can still tell that Choi Han definitely, very much murdered a bunch of people. I don't care if the scenery isn't entirely covered in blood, even if technically it should be. (It was probably also easier to draw, to be honest.)
The next is another close-up of Choi Han and to be honest with you, I can't tell if he's sweating or crying. Either way... it looks very painful and quite heartbreaking. You can tell that revenge did not give Choi Han as much relief as he would have hoped.
The narrator explains that Choi Han failed to get any information from his enemies, and once he snapped out of his blind rage, he was overcome by despair.
Next we see Choi Han burying the villagers and crying (this time it's definitely crying) while swearing revenge. The narrator tells us that Choi Han then truly understood sadness, and Choi Han leaves the village, ending the dark background which had been present since the beginning. The dark introductory part is now officially over.
Next, we see a noble crest of a Golden Turtle, with a shell shaped as a rocky mountain. Choi Han arrives in a city, which to my knowledge is either called Weston, Westin, or Rain City, depending on translation.
Next we see the face of our true protagonist for the first time, and to be honest – the style is kind of weird for me here. I noticed there are numerous images where there is only one character present, and yet for some reason, the author refuses to draw their eyes. It's certainly a convenient shortcut in drawing, and I've seen some mangas and animes apply this technique. However, usually that's reserved for background characters, character's with faces yet-to-be-revealed, characters standing far away from the viewer, OR characters hiding their emotions.
While you could argue that OG Cale (original Cale, the character before our MC's transmigration) is a mysterious figure and thus not showing his eyes is justified... it's not the only moment where I find the use of the "no-eyes" technique extremely awkward. I will be definitely mentioning more in the future, as I think this author has a problem with it. It doesn't look terrible, but... it doesn't look good, either.
Anyway, Choi Han gets angry at this noble "ruffian" (BTW, Choi Han's "no-eyes" shot look much better, at least there's a fringe and shadows covering them – as it should be!!) named Cale and beats him up... with a lamp? LOL, that part wasn't in the novel?? But it's kinda hilarious. I approve. You can make so many puns with that: "Allow me to enlighten you, Young Master~!" 😂
(Also, how the heck a lamp like that works in this world?? There's no electricity here... I assume it must run on mana or something. Eh, whatever.)
Then finally, we are given the first look at our true protagonist, Cale Henituse; in all his bare-chested glory, haha.
I admit, I am kind of a prude, so I don't like looking at the shots of Cale's bare torso very much. But I can imagine the crowds of thirsty fans eagerly thanking the author for the fanservice. I checked the novel just to be sure, and while Cale looks at his body in the mirror and comments that it is very handsome and fit, it does not mention whether he was looking at himself naked or not. I mean, he takes a bath soon afterwards, so it's not a big leap of logic, but... Let's face it, the author just wanted to draw Cale half-naked. Very well, who am I to judge. Since this novel has no romance in it, this is the most action those poor thirsty fans will get. Enjoy it while it lasts, I suppose. Next time Cale exposes his skin to this extent, he will definitely be dying or something.
No, wait, there's also that bathrobe scene in like 50 chapters, isn't there...? Darn, the author really likes drawing Cale exposed. Ok, have some fanservice as a treat, why don't you... I'll just politely avert my eyes.
Anyway, we are finally meeting our MC, Cale, aka. Kim Rok Soo, the transmigrator who fell asleep reading a novel, and the next day woke up as one of its minor villains. We see a glimpse of Cale's old body, and all we can tell is that KRS has (probably) black hair, a fit body and a black outfit. Pretty non-descript.
KRS, which will be called Cale from now on, looks at himself in the mirror, and thinks that this is bad. His expression is kind of cute, as you can tell through the sweat drops that he's distressed, but he keeps a rather calm expression in spite of the situation. This will become a trend, because even though the Manhwa made Cale more expressive than in the webnovel, he's still someone who appears calm almost all of the time. It will cause quite a lot of misunderstandings in the future.
Cale thinks about his situation and provides some background about himself: he was an orphan who didn't have friends or family to miss back home. So, he decides to make most of this new chance at life.
We get more shots of Cale as he considers his lack of scar, and who OG Cale was as a character. Once again, I really love his expressions. They're very calm and thoughtful and they really fit his character a lot. The author truly came up with an excellent design for the MC.
There is some more of exposition monologue, which the author birlliantly illustrates with images of the room Cale is currently in. It's a clever technique, as they are clearly from Cale's POV, and we get a better idea of his surroundings and the atmosphere. Simply put: Cale's family is loaded, and you can tell from every item in the room. Very good use of "time" by the author.
We also get the first "chibi" image of Choi Han, and it's adorable.
The panel of Cale's Very Serious Face as he states "For now, let's try not to get hit" is the first glimpse of comedy in TCF. It all starts with Cale's very simple and very selfish motive: he doesn't want to get beaten up by Choi Han, the protagonist of "The Birth of a Hero" novel. Cale's very simple plan will soon become very complicated, and the viewer can tell from the dramatic ZING effect in the background. Cale, darling, I have a strong feeling it won't turn out quite as you hope...
Another shot of Cale's naked body, the biggest thus far, please spare me I am a poor little prude over here... also, I can hear all the thirsty fans fainting and nosebleeding over here. My goodness. That's enough of that bathing scene, thank you!
We finish off with Cale stating his dream – to live a peaceful life – and that's the end of the prologue.
Nakedness aside, this chapter was a very solid introduction. The art style is very nice, and depite my nitpicks I think the author is really talented. The story is framed in an interesting way with a glimpse of humor, which will get explored later. Overall, not a bad start, not at all.
Feel free to leave comments!
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dioko · a year ago
how the guys are when theyre drunk lol idk
Tumblr media
Characters — Bakugou, Kirishima, Denki, Sero, Shinso
Content — x gn! reader pairing, aged up headcanons, mentions of alcohol, drinking, literally iss just fluff/crack
A/N — I thought these panels of the boys were super cute -- enjoy!!
Tumblr media
— i would like to first say he boasts a lot about being able to hold his liquor
— i mean... he's eh, he's okay, can fake being sober for about half an hour
— then the alcohol HITS
— have you seen the way he is when he's calm
— that, now 1000x
— my guy is having an identity crisis in the middle of a party
— "'Tsuki? Katsuki, you okay?" Gently as possible, you shake his shoulder, but he doesn't feel it because drunk ignores it.
"Ngh," he groans back at you.
— Soulless eyes LMAO staring into absolutely nothing
— gets super touchy, but in a subtle way
— he just pokes your hand/plays with your hair
— I'm sorry he throws up real bad all the time, no matter how much he's drunk that night
— will remember pieces of his unsoberness the next day
Tumblr media
— holy smokes, you didn't think he could get anymore riot-y
— jus imagine 7-foot-tall Red Riot losing it over a game of MarioKart PLSS
— keeps his quirk activated for absurdly long times for no reason at all
— if you try to touch him though, he'll immediately deactivate wherever you're trying to reach (ie. his shoulder) so he doesn't hurt you accidentally
— tells a lot of stories
— i don't know if it's this image in particular of him, but i get radical drunk party uncle vibes from him
— cries
— soooo cheesy
— "Ahh, baby," he grins cheekily, "you're so beautiful!"
"Thank you, Eiji. You're drunk, let's go."
"Yeah, just gimme a sec," he stops moving.
"Wanna admire your face. M'so lucky to have ya," he slurs.
— it gives you butterflies hehe
— remembers everything that happened
— aware of drunkenness but not in full control of it
Tumblr media
— the sad, philosophical drunk
— no like seriously, he says some thought-provoking things and talks too much about growing facial hair to actually look 27
— but then theres a shift and he starts crying sldmdkksks
— makes himself sad and gets super paranoid
— "Nononono, y/n, stay right here," he gestures to his side.
— forgive him, he just wants to keep you safe from the ever-intimidating fork on your table
— he WILL bring up his pet dog from when he was 11 and how it went to a farm 🙂
— but don't worry, he's adorable
— lots of compliments, and he doesn't really expect you to say anything back UNLESS he's saying 'i love you'
— "Y/n, y/n, y/n, y-"
"Denki, what?" You laughed.
"I loooveee you," he slurs, "now say it back."
"Say what back?" You toy with him.
He frowns, "say 'i love you, too'."
"But you already know I do!"
Tumblr media
— sober drunk don't even try to fight me on this
— the way Sero can hold his liquor- my god
— he can maintain steady conversations and you would never know he was drunk, except for the slight wobble in his steps
— he also stops filtering what he says and becomes weirdly honest
— the downside is he barely remembers what happens the next day
— "Hey, y/n!" He skips into your apartment like nothing; it's these days at 2 in the morning that you forget why you bothered to give him a set of keys.
"Sero - it's past midnight!"
"Yeah," he rolls his eyes, "why are you still awake?"
"I could ask you the same thing!"
He actually sits and talks to you for a really long time before he finally slips up and-
"Wait - Hanta, are you drunk?"
"What, you'd think I'd randomly drop into your house in the dead of night on a normal day?"
"Well, I mean - you're you!"
He thinks about it, "touché."
Tumblr media
— creepy quiet. like you think he's quiet normally? get ready suckers
— a man of many actions - becomes a lot more expressive when he's drunk
— scratches the dilf™️ stubble out of drunken habit
— it's so funny wtf
— lowkey he gets possessive
— "Yeah! So, then I tried going to-" you stop abruptly, feeling something warm squeeze your arm. "-'toshi? What're you doing?"
Without a word, he tries to pull you away from your friend.
"Wait, wait - sorry!" You shrug at them and follow the purple haired man, "Hitoshi, what are you doing?"
— he doesn't know where he's going either lmao
— tells you to talk, he wants to converse but at the moment he's physically incapable of saying more than a couple sentences
— WILL answer any questions you ask him [get those secrets 😩/j]
— "So, did you pull me away because you were jealous, Hitoshi?"
He purses his lips. "Mhm... can't say."
"Yes you can! I'm trustworthy," you nod knowingly.
"So?" You urge.
"I... I..." he falls asleep. Passes out, whatever ya wanna call it.
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captnjacksparrow · 3 months ago
I’m a strong believer that Sakura shouldn’t have been on team 7. It’s a big price to pay making one of your main characters nothing more than a shield and it’s just a waste IMO. Yeah, it’s to show Naruto’s selfless love for Sasuke, but I’m sure plenty of people would still recognize it if Sakura was a side character like Hinata was. If you’re gonna make a main trio, at least make it so all are enjoyable characters to watch. Don’t make a complete and utter bitch one of the mains we’re gonna follow for 700 chapters. And let’s face it, team 7 was never a love triangle. Sakura was just a 3rd wheel and nothing more. And a third wheel can still be good! Harry was a 3rd wheel with Ron and Hermione for 7 years, but everyone still loves them because he’s not like Sakura and he supports them and their relationship.
Yes, Naruto and Sasuke have an amazing story, but I wanted them to have a friend who wholeheartedly supports and loves both of them. Not a asshole who tears them apart and never truly cared for either boy. Make Team 7 like Team Minato, like the Amegakure Orphans, I don’t care! A trio shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of promoting a bond. A gay shield may have been needed, but team 7’s third member didn’t need to be a part of that, at least for me. Sorry if I’m sounding repetitive, I’m just pissed the main trio was ruined for the sake of Naruto and Sasuke, as much as I love the pairing.
Alright, Ted Talk over.
Well, Making Sakura into a likeable person would have definitely improved mine's, your's and everyone's viewing experience for sure... And I didn't have to make this face 😩🤬😡 everytime she appears onscreen.
But all the Main trio you've mentioned here consists of Hetero Pairings. YahiKonan, ObiRin, Ron/Hermione. Team 7 is widely different from this.
But more than being a Gay Shield... There's a big probability that we wouldn't have even found out that Naruto being attracted to Sasuke romantically, Thanks to Sakura.
And why do I say that??
Now... Just remove your SNS lens... And tell me what you infer from this panel???
Tumblr media
"Sasuke, Where are you?"
Don't tell me this looks Gayyyish. It's actually nothing but Naruto was wondering as to where Sasuke was. It's a very simple panel. Atleast for now.
But now compare the above panel with the following and see how you feel!!!
Tumblr media
"Sasuke-kun, Where did you go?"
Tell me what's the difference between the first panel and this one??!
She was totally brain rotten about Sasuke and was worried as to where he was... just like Naruto. We may hate Sakura but can you tell me that this is just some Platonic or Sibling-esque feelings???
No, Right??
Sakura's resigned posture and worried look shows that she loves Sasuke Romantically.
Take this another panel...
Tumblr media
Naruto : Has he not recovered yet?
Sakura : Or Did something happened to him?
Both are saying the same thing... And showing the same feelings. But somehow, Naruto's reactions will never be seen as anything more than Friendly. But Sakura's expression will be seen as a Romantic Gesture. It's not just 1 or 2... There are around 17+ panels in this manga where Naruto and Sakura reacts the same way when it comes to Sasuke. And believe me, it's these little things that made me question Naruto's feelings... Like I didn't know exactly why but at some point I couldn't ignore them.
So, Naruto's panel alone will not give away the nature of his Feelings. At the very least, it might look like he is thinking about his Close Friend.
Now, if there's no entity called Sakura, I am pretty sure many of those Naruto's gestures would've been easily passed under the label of Friendship. But add Sakura to the mix, you get a suspicion as to why they are reacting in a similar way. Atleast, Perceptive viewers does.
If Sakura was a likeable 3rd wheel with feelings towards Sasuke, then nobody would notice Naruto's feelings....
Or If Sakura is a likeable 3rd wheel with no feelings towards Sasuke, then Naruto's gesture would be passed under friendship.
It's kind of a Catch-22 situation, you see. It's like I agree with what you say but also, Narratively... I understand why the author did what he did.
It's very very easy to write a Hetero Romance... All you have to do is to make a Girl and a Boy stare at each other for 30 secs... You can see a crowd who would shout Yay, Romance overflows!!! But to portray a Realistic Gay Romance in such a non-progressive Art Medium needs such a sacrifice.
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simplysparrow14 · 10 months ago
Nasiens Is A Girl And Is Disguising Himself/Herself As A Boy.
Tumblr media
So after binge reading most of the sequel manga to Seven Deadly sins -- Four Knights of the Apocalypse -- And ruminating for quite some time, I've had this weird sneeking suspision about one of my favorite characters so far, Nasiens.
Nasiens, the Mad Herbalist, is in fact a girl disguising herself as a boy. One of the things that really stuck out to me about this is Nasiens's eyelashes. Call me crazy, but the fact that Nasiens bottom eyelashes are so profound in so many of his pictures and manga panels is something that has had me whipped and curious since the moment he strolled down the stairs of his home to make Percival his Guinea Pig.
And you may be thinking, 'eyelashes is a weird thing to notice on a character?', and you'd be right. Most of the male characters in NNT and 4KOTA don't have bottom eyelashes. The Mangaka clearly has a gender drawing style -- Females are often drawn with full bottom/top lashes, while males are drawn with full top lashes and hardly any bottom lashes at all.
Some examples:
Tumblr media
'but wait, Gowther has lashes. But Gowthers also a boy! and Golxinia has eyelashes and he's a boy also' and you'd be right. But people tend to forget that in the case with Gowther -- Gowther is a doll, specifically a doll made to resemble Demon!Gowther's lover -- Who was, in fact, a girl. Everyone needs to remember that the Gowther that we know was created with the physical appearance of a male, has the voice of a male, who canonically uses He/Him pronouns, but ultimately has the face and softness of a woman.
Tumblr media
And when it came to Gloxinia , the first fairy king, we all remember that wig-snatching revelation where we all thought that Gloxinia was a weird female demon who used tentacles as a magical weapon, only to do a Rupaul's drag race level wig-snatch and revealing that Gloxinia was in fact, not a woman, but a very pretty man who also happened to be the first fairy king. Gooped and Gagged we were, truly.
But anyway the whole point for that little comparison is that the Mankaga clearly likes to set up expectations regarding characters appearances and then subverting that expectation. A normal average fan who didn't hear Gowthers masculine voice and only saw a picture of him in the maid outfit would clearly think that he's a woman, only to be whiplashed in reality. Same with Golxinia, as we were when Golxinia did his wig-snatch.
Meaning that the Manakga could just be doing the reverse -- let the audiance beleive that Nasiens is a boy, only to rip the rug out from under everyone. Nasiens isn't a boy -- He's a girl.
Another thing:
Do I think that Nasines is one of King and Diane's kid? No, not really. Mostly because it just seems unlikely, mostly on the account that 1) Nasiens doesn't truly look like a KingXDiane child. Yes, I know that the mangaka has same face syndrome, but I've personally seen worser same-face syndrome by other mangaka 2) It be a weird plot thing to have the child of DianexKing be seemingly lost/abandoned to a random gorge.
I could be wrong, but personality I think that King and Diane's Kid is Gawain, a Arthurian Knight who also shared the same ability as Escanor in that his power waxed and waned with the sun. Like, its obvious right? Escanor's power that made him grow extremally buff in the daytime and scrawny in the nighttime would be a perfect match for a child between the extremely tiny, lanky fairy race and the extremely tall Giant race, who's body is already a weird amalgamation of two different races?
Another thing that I noticed is Naisnes other pysical attribes -- specifically his lips in the color spread. And I know, 'his lips, really?'
Tumblr media
Yes, really, because I find it so strange that one of the male characters had his lips colored specically like a womans. Case in Point, A few of the women in the color spreads and manga covers. Elizabeth has her lips colored. Rosa had her lips colored. Even Anne has her lips colored.
Tumblr media
Now, you could say that it was most likely a coloring accident and that the mangaka made a mistake in the coloring.
While, yes, valid, I argue it’s not. Mangaka’s, especially ones that use copies and other alcohol based markers, do rough sketches with the markers, swatching them multiple times to see what colors would look good together. Meaning that during the mangaka’s sketching process, he clearly picked out the copic marker and liked it’s color so much that he used it to shade the mouth of one his “male” presenting characters.
‘But why doesn’t he use the lip color for the other colored drawings?’ Because 1) most of the time, Nasiens doesn’t have his lips flat — either he’s shouting or has his mouth open. And 2) sometimes magaka’s are lazy and copic markers are expensive to replace if used frequently. 🤷🏻‍♀️
another color spread: Its kind of hard to see, but you can sorta see that Naseins bottem lip is a lighter pink-ish beige shade than the normal tan shade used for his skin color.
Tumblr media
'but what about his chest? If he was a woman, wouldent he have breasts?' Yes and No. I say this because, biologically speaking, if Nasiens was indeed a girl, he would have breasts. But I also say no in that throughout Seven Deadly sins, there were quite a few female characters who were very, very flat chested.
The last thing that I wanted to mention is some manga panels that I think really drive in the notion is a few manga panels that are just… interesting in hindsight.
The first one Im going to point out regarding Naseins is Anne's initial meeting with him. In this panel, Anne clearly remarks to herself that Naseins "has a secret" about himself. Now I know this panel is pretty vauge, considering that that secret could be literally anything in the world. But again, I find it so fascinating that
Obviously we have Donnie's comment about Nasiens. When Donny and Percival are leaving to restart their journey, Donny kind of jokes about how Nasiens was crying like a girl over the fact that Ordo was back to normal. He also jokes about Nasiens giving Percy a farewell kiss of gratitude, and then when Nasiens is trying to tell Percival that he is his first, true friend, Donny is freaked out because he believes that Nasiens is about to confess romantic feelings for Percy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I bring this up for two reason s-- 1) This mangaka loves to foreshadow the shit out of something, and from my experience from reading Seven Deadly Sins, I am often in fear for every single sentence this man writes in his manga panels. 2) I find it so weird that donny would joke about Nasiens' feelings, especially within the context of him acting like a girl, not once, not twice but three times.
The next is with Anne, Percy and Nasiens. Anne and Percival are clearly having a very tender and somewhat romantic moment as Anne is forcing medicine down Percy's throat by kissing him, very much like Elaine did with Ban. But what's special about the scene is that Nasiens' expression is that its one of shock -- almost as if he didn't expect it to happen (and he didn't). He then looks away, almost as if he's looking at something that shouldn't be viewed or gawked at. Its a very tender moment between Anne and Percy, and he's choosing to respectfully look away in order to give Anne and Percy privacy. I've also heard a bit of a theory that Nasiens may be a little bit jealous of Anne. A lovely mutual by the name of @arcl has a pretty good post pointing it out, so you should definitely check it out here.
Again, this could be just me Pepe Silvia-ing it up in here and reading too far into things, but its fun and I love the thought of this mangaka doing another wig-snatch, double-take, knocking you on the floor type reveal like he did with Golxinia.
Well, if Naseins isn't Naseins, then who is he/she?
Simple: Naseins is Iseult of Ireland.
I know that sounds a bit of a stretch, considering that we're not even 30 chapters in with Four Knights of the Apocalypse, but hear me out:
I consider Iseult for two things: 1) Iseult's role in her story with Tristan and 2) Nasiens' vaguely weird backstory.
There is a wonderful video by Jopseph Campbell that speaks about Tristan and Iseult. Its very fascinating and very informal and you should defiantly check it out if you have the time.
I would also like to point out that in most retellings of Tristan and Iseult, one of the main plot devices used in order for Tristan and Isuelt to meet is that during one of Tristan's fights, he gets poisoned and in order to get healed, he heads to the one person who can cure the posion within his blood. Now granted the stories, its often Isuelts mother (somehow also named iseult.) who could cure the poison, but the point still stands.
and it just so happens that in 4kota, we somehow have a person who deals in poison within the party.
Tumblr media
again, this could just be me having my tin-foil hat on too tight and reading too much into things.
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Inked [Part 05]
Tumblr media
Images from Google | Dividers from @firefly-graphics
Title: Inked [Part 05] — Intimacy Summary: After being released from the hospital, Jensen stayed with you and he got to know you a bit more. Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader Squares: — Warnings: AU, mention of an abusive relationship, insecurities, fears, low self-esteem Word Count: 1.6k A/N: After some months of not updating, a new chapter has arrived. I've still planned one more, but I don't know if I'm gonna continue updating it because I don't know where the story is going. Anyway, enjoy this chapter.
| Masterlist | Inked Masterpost | Previous Chapter |
Tumblr media
After being released from the hospital, Jensen helped you to settle down, in your now clean, apartment. You knew Dani too well; she probably came back to clean after leaving the hospital the night before.
Your doctor wasn't too happy about your decision to leave the hospital, but thanks to Jensen, he was able to convince him since Jensen swore he was going to take care of you, and if any symptoms were back, he was going to rush you to the hospital.
Once you were comfortable on the couch, Jensen said “I’m gonna get you something to eat, okay? You just relax.” you smiled at him and he left towards the kitchen.
You grabbed your phone and turned it on, it started to vibrate notifying you of the unread emails, private messages, and all that was unread. You sighed, work never worried about your health, but when you opened the notification panel, you got a surprise, all your coworkers had texted you wishing you a speedy recovery and that they couldn’t wait to have you back at the studio.
Your eyes got full of tears, you haven’t felt that kind of love in such a long time, you had found an amazing group of friends, a new family.
While waiting for Jensen, you texted a thank you message to Dani, she was an amazing friend, you couldn’t do enough to thank her for everything she’d made. She texted you back and kept talking for a while.
Tumblr media
Around ten minutes later, Jensen came back from the kitchen with two bowls of food. He handed you yours and you thanked him with a smile. You weren’t hungry, but you couldn’t refuse the meal because he cooked it, especially for you.
Both of you ate in silence, you wanted to bring up a topic for a conversation but you couldn’t think of anything else rather than Dani telling him about your past. You overheard them talking about it, and you knew he probably had a lot of questions.
“I assume Dani had told you about my past relationship,” you said breaking the silence.
“Not too much, she may have mentioned something but she just said that you had a rough time after” he explained and you just nodded
You thought about opening up to him, not in full detail, but he deserved to know why you were so distant with him when you went to get tattooed.
You liked him and you knew he liked you, or at least he liked the girl with whom he exchanged messages, but you were scared of talking, you didn’t want to end up with a broken heart again.
You finished eating the food and sighed, “My last relationship almost cost me my life,” you said breaking the silence once again. Jensen looked at you and stopped eating, “You don’t need to tell me…” he started saying but you interrupted him, “please, you need to know about it,” he nodded letting you know that you could keep talking, extending his hand in the process for you to take it.
“You probably noticed that when we met, I was different. I was not the same person who texted you in the first place, “you started explaining, “actually, I was trying to be someone else, it’s just…” You exhaled and started to play with Jensen’s fingers, you were trying to distract your mind and not get overwhelmed.
Jensen never pushed you to talk, he let you take your time to either continue the conversation or change the subject. You took some deep breaths and continued talking, “my ex-partner abused me in so horrible ways that I felt very insecure when I had to talk to you. I felt the need to pull up a mask to feel confident enough to get the tattoo, you admitted, “to be honest, I didn’t know that to expect.” you finally said looking at Jensen.
Jensen sighed, understanding your behavior the day before, he takes a deep breath before saying “sweetheart, you don’t need to pretend with me” Jensen said caressing your knuckles, “I just wanted to meet the girl behind the text messages that has me crazy” he admitted with a small smile. You looked at him deep in his eyes for a second and then looked at your hands, “I know is stupid, but…” you started but your voice broke before finishing your sentence. Jensen moved closer to you and hugged you. All the stress you’ve been bottling up was finally out, you broke down in Jensen’s embrace. He held you as long as you needed and even helped you to calm down when it got too much. He was an amazing human being.
After crying for what felt like hours, Jensen handed you his water glass for you to take it, “we don’t want you to dehydrate again,” he joked and you chuckled, giving him a genuine smile for the first time in the whole day.
Tumblr media
Jensen needed to get back to his place to rest, he had to work the following day. You were aware of this but you weren’t ready to let him leave yet, you weren’t ready to be on your own.
He noticed your change in your mood, “What is it?” he asked, “Uh, would you like to stay and watch a movie?” you asked shyly, “of course, sweetheart” he said with a smile.
You turned the TV on and put on a random movie. Jensen stayed closer to you, having his hand connected to yours or putting his hand over your knee, caressing it.
Even though you were comfortable with the way Jensen was with you, he kept looking at you for any sign of discomfort, but you didn’t show any. Slowly, you started to lean against him, soon your head was laid on his shoulder. You haven’t felt this comfortable with someone in many years.
After getting comfortable with Jensen, he moved and you froze in place. Was it too much?
Jensen moved his hands from you but put them around you, hugging you tightly. But you were still frozen in place, blaming yourself for getting too comfortable with him.
“Hey, it’s okay,” he assured you, “I just wanted to get you more comfortable” he explained, you just nodded and leaned more against him. You tried to feel comfortable but your body was still rigid. Jensen started to caress your back, slowly and patiently, your body relaxed.
Tumblr media
By the end of the movie, most of your body was on top of Jensen’s. Neither of you moved once the credits started to roll, but you knew that Jensen needed to get at least a few hours of sleep, he had a busy day the next day, you couldn’t keep him up any longer.
You tried to move from his embrace, so he could leave to get some rest, but Jensen tightened his arms around you, “let’s stay like this a bit more” he said, “please” he begged, making you lay on his chest again.
You stayed laying on his chest in silence enjoying his company in silence, but then you broke it, “Jens, we need to go to bed, you have work tomorrow,” you said, stating that he was going to stay at your house. Jensen sighed, he knew you were right, but instead of moving you out of his embrace, he made you straddle him.
Now, you were face to face with him, inches away from his lips. He lifted both of you and he laid down a bit more. Now, you were basically laid down fully on top of him.
He started to play with your hair and scratch your scalp, “Baby, I’m not going to work tomorrow,” he starts explaining, “I promised Dani that I was going to take care of you. And that’s what I’m planning to do.” he adds.
“Dani rescheduled the appointments for the following days so I could stay with you until you get better.” He says, and then asks “if that’s okay with you, I would like to stay with you here.” You looked at him, he moved some hairs behind your ears and you nodded.
Tumblr media
Your faces were still inches away, you could feel his breathing on the crown of your head, it was just a matter of one movement for both of you to kiss, and that was up to you.
Jensen was still playing with your hair when you looked up at him. Unconsciously, you bit your lip, he pulled one of his hands around your back and sat up again with you straddling him.
You gasped at the sudden movement and you thought he was going to kiss you but instead, he started to caress your neck with his free hand. He pressed his forehead to yours, the tip of your noses touching each other. Both of you sighed, you were still looking at him in the eyes, you took a deep breath and leaned in against him, cutting the small distance between your lips, and kissed him. He didn’t kiss you back immediately, you knew he was waiting for you to break it, but when you didn’t, he kissed you back, lovingly, sweetly, passionately.
When the need for air became necessary, you broke the kiss and smiled, Jensen kissed your forehead, leaving his lips there for a little longer. You hugged him and put your face at the crook of his neck and inhaled his scent.
Before moving from his embrace, you pecked his lips and said “thank you for taking care of me,” he smiled, kissed you back, and said “anything for my girl.”
Finally, you could be you with him.
Tumblr media
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loreolympuscrit · a year ago
Hello! I've decided to make a little analysis of the whole "Persephone situation" we have going on in LO. And I have a feeling this is going to be long, so I went ahead and made my own account since I don't want to flood peoples asks, lol.
I want to iterate now, I haven't read *that* chapter in a very long time. I'm currently going off of memory, feel free to RB and add on! So without further ado...
[ tw for r*pe, subjects alluding to it, etc. ]
I've noticed in the recent few months that the whole "Apollo nonsense" has seemingly just...faded out. And honestly I'm a little glad. The sooner we can forget that scummy plot, the better it will be for the rest of us victims.
Now, r*pe plots in of themselves aren't bad things. But there's a time and place for them. You have instances where it flows into the stories nicely, and it makes sense for said chatacter to endure it. Then you have instances where it's used for plot movement.
In media, creators like to use the trauma of women to get two chatacters together. Chatacter A gets assaulted, character B "helps them out of it." Character A is almost always a woman, and Character B is almost always a man. Creators like to use this plot to fuel something we call the male savior complex.
This isn't an exception in LO. You have Persephone, the victim, an innocent young girl who gets pressured into sex by an overpowering, dominant male figure. And after that you have Hades, her "savior" of sorts. He swoops in and saves the day, and "fixes it all".
A lot of times, as I said before, these plots are just used to push the two love interests together. And its an awful thing to do. You see this in LO, with how Persephone immediately gets closer with Hades after the incident. Let me be clear, I have no issue with these plots, if they're done right. But ones that are used solely for plot and shock value piss me off.
I can't quite articulate my thoughts well, so please excuse my hopping about and tangents (i also have adhd, so thats why i get sidetracked lol) but one of my biggest issues is how Hades was in Persephones bed, the scene of it all, days after it happened. You see Persephone asking him to stay with her, they sleep together!
Tumblr media
In the bed, where she was r*ped. By a man of Hades same size and stature. I understand that she finds comfort in him, but you have to understand, the wound would still be fresh. After an incident like that you feel absolutely disgusting. You do not want to be around anybody, especially men. I myself would have been horrified to sleep in my own bed, and with a man, at that.
Its unrealistic. They glamorize Persephone summoning him and asking him to stay. It's like its insinuating that Hades is her savior. Which I find gross. They've known one another for what, a week? Two weeks? Why would she be confiding in a man who she's barely known? Cuddling up to him? A more realistic thing to do would have been to make it be Artemis, at the very least. Her "best friend". This is in chapter 113.
A second issue of mine is within chapter 70, where Eros finds out about Persephones assault. The whole scene is just so...glamorous. It's supposed to be upsetting and melancholy, but the whole mood just seems off to me. The tone, the colors, the shifting. But ESPECIALLY Eros' whole line before he finds out.
Tumblr media
Really??? What? Whats so different from virgins and non virgins that you can't control them? Aphrodite is the goddess of sex, and Eros is the god of love. Here we see this pedestal, yet again, for the virginity. It's like this sort of protection. Purity culture is horrendous, and this comic isn't any better with it. This line just insinuates that virgins are these pure "uwu" little beans. But also...why is he tapping into Persephone in the first place? Isn't that a little odd?
Now, let me move on to mood and lighting. Within a scene, you can tell what we're supposed to be feelings due to how the scene presents itself. Lighting and angles play a key factor. In the confession scene, its very bright and soft. This is conflicting, due to how heavy it is. Just...Look at how it looks before vs after Eros finds out. The whole sequence is so glowy and glamorized, and the lighting has little to no change afterward. Its romanticizing the discovery, plain and simple. Especially the whole "Eros crying" panel.
Tumblr media
Other issues I have with how this is handled is Persephones attitude. She doesn't have the mindset of someone whos been recently traumatized. I would be okay with her demeanor if she hadn't been flat out told she was r*ped, due to many victims not comprehending it until years later. But she knows.
She lets herself continuously be around Apollo. She lets herself be cornered with him, when people are around. It isn't particularly bad or odd, I know within myself that I'm not one to stand up when men are acting this way with me, but there's always other people around. She can subtly seek refuge with them.
The only time she shows her trauma is for plot convenience. This can be seen in the later episodes before and after the finale, her finally "snapping" due to it. Other than that, theres no signs. Trauma fluctuates, yes. Things blur in and out, memories shift and fade. Old feelings push out for new ones. But that thing that happened to you, it's always going to be there. You're always going to be weary.
I get angry with this plot because of the glamorization. With the "we have to save her, oh the bean!" Complex. Hades is her savior. He's the one that pulls her out of her stasis. The positions shes in, the way the panels look, this is clearly meant to show that Hades can make it all better. These panels show that savior complex and the glamorization. The position Persephones in, the way she clings to him, the way hes the first thing in the frame. Hes her savior.
Tumblr media
A man. No therapy, no family, no friends, a man shes known for a little over two weeks. Persephones trauma makes her "unstable". This insinuates that people with trauma have no control, that they're always going to lash out. This...Isn't the case. Most of that trauma, especially regarding r*pe, is hidden away under a lock and key.
Don't even get me started on the pregnancy scare plot. I won't talk about that right now, because I'm not comfortable enough with it. But its horrendous.
Within the comic, we see Persephone infantilized and sexualized over and over after the assault. And it's just...a thing that happens. No question. With some dude she barely knows. Now, I'm Asexual, so I can't particularly speak much on this, but I know that I would NEVER be back on my two feet regarding sex and attraction after that. I'm still not fully recovered in terms of thoughts and feelings surrounding that.
You just feel gross, when you're sexual after that. Or when you see yourself naked. That comfort of having your body to yourself is gone. Yet we see constant panels of Persephone comfortable in a bra and panties, a bathing suit, short dresses, all of that. Theres no signs of discomfort of her body. No self loathing and disgust upon seeing herself.
It's just handled poorly. Its unrealistic, and she doesn't show signs of trauma aside from her two outbursts after seeing Apollo. I have more to say, my brains just fried, so I apologize!
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This ending .... I can name 500 reasons and I will name them right now, because I don’t think I’m the only one who is upset with how things turned out. (Also, A positive message for all of you at the end)
Update: after reading more theories from fellow RM bloggers, and sleeping over it one day, this entire chapter might be an april fools... Don't fully lose hope yet beautiful people. It's me just giving a review on a possible fake April fools chapter
After following this franchise since 2013, so nearly a DECADE. this ending is a pure disserve to the entire fandom. I feel like Yams has rushed it just for the sake of being done with the entire manga. So many things are left open, characters and their developemt are reverted back all the way to chapter 1 or are left even worse than that...
Mikasa’s worthless character development/ Aaronmika’s horrible toxic codependent relationship 
Oh honey... Let’s start with how horrible Isayama has treated her. We were all rooting for her, because we all felt like she was so misunderstood. She had a horrible childhood and imprinted on a guy who treated her like trash 99 percent of the story. And then, slowly but surely, she starts to realize she has to stop obsessing over him in the uprising arc with the help of a real man who treats her like a queen, more importantly, he treats her like a real human being. This man sees her for her abilities and that she has the power to be self dependent. She learned parts of herself, that she was able to work together with him like no one else could.  She learned parts of herself she was unable to do so if she kept obsessing about Aaron. All this love, care, mutual understanding and RESPECT these two shared. 
but...NAH FUCK THAT, right Yams?? Throw all this development away, all this bonding. Let’s make the main female lead even more yandere than she already was in the first season. Let her make out with his decapacitated head (like dude, this is also pure disrespect to Aaron’s dead body btw) and let her obsess even more about the guy who has treated her no better than a piece of toilet cloth 99 percent of the time. The guy who was never really appreciative in front of her for saving his ass billions of times, who always pushed her away, who yells at her and snaps at her whenever he can instead of reasoning and talking calmly with her in mature way. (EVEN PARODY YOUTUBE CHANNELS WHO DONT SHIP ANYTHING MAKE IT A TROPE WHERE AARON TELLS MIKASA HE HATES HER GUTS WHENEVER HE CAN) 
Then after all that, suddenly Yams tries to last minute persuade us Aaron’s always been head over heels for her???  He should have build their relationship better which he hasn’t even tried to do so... He must be thinking his fans are stupid for eating this from his hands.    
Like seriously??? What is this??? 
Tumblr media
Isayama is just fully contradicting himself. It’s like someone tipped him off with a buttload of money for him to write Aaron like this to satisfy shipping needs and to cash in those extra money’s from it. Even if he tried to cater to Erem*ika, this is not how you write a loving and caring couple which people will root for. 
Tumblr media
This next two panels just freaking infuriates me to the core of my soul. I can’t even describe how dissapointed I am with Mikasa. 
Why is she clutching that head so obsessively like that?  Why is she walking and turning her back away from her comrades? After everything they have done for her, after all they’ve been through?! After everything Armin has done? Standing up for Mikasa, beating up Aaron for hurting her. I feel like even Jean, Connie and Sasha have cared more for her in a healthy way.  Sure, Aaron cares for her romantically too apparently (What a twist Yams :)), but has he aided her to becoming a mentally healthier individual? Has he aided in her mental stability? The answer is a big fat NO!  All I see between these two after today’s raw Chapter’s are too Yandere obsessed individuals who have no clue on how to maintain a healthy relationship. 
Love should only go as far as the heart can endure and it seems like her character is not willing to be aware of that. Even Armin was able to let go of Aaron in those latest panels. Why does her entire character resolve around this guy??? I really do not understand. Her Ackerbond and her age is not an excuse for her to throw her life away like this. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shonen’s disgusting portrayal of women 
I’ve seen this countless of times in the many years I’ve watched anime. SasuS*ku from Naruto, Ichih*me from Bleach, Shinji and that oranged hair girl from Neon Evangelion.. Why do these women get decreased to simpletons with one single goal? And that is to obsess over a bland male lead who either treats them like trash or doesn’t notice them up until the last last chapter (LITERALLY WHAT YAMS HAS DONE). Some go even as far as the male leading wanting the kill the female love interest and yet the female lead is still in love with them???. It’s disgusting for him to write the MAIN female character this way. 
It’s dissapointing we believed in Isayama doing Mikasa’s character right. That she’s finally being able to let go of her codependency and to live for herself maybe live in Hizuru and find more about her roots???, but every single time she shows some improvement, it’s burried deep in the ground again by the Author. It almost seems like a lowkey kink of some of the male Mangaka’s to write about a girl obsessing over them no matter what. I see this so many times to the point that I truly stand behind it that some of them might have this fantasy. 
Tumblr media
I wished he didn’t portray her last panels like this. Everyone else is living their lives while Mikasa is still grieving about him. I’m not saying she’s not allowed to grieve and everyone takes it at their own pace, but cmon... Show her living her life too. This is too much. Her being next to his grave and grieving him as her last panels just shoves it in our faces that YET AGAIN, BEING OBSESSED WITH AARON IS ALL HER CHARACTER STANDS FOR. 
I truly despise how Isayama handles her grieving, kissing his decapacitated head, carrying it around like some handbag, and her last panels being thissss.
The world leaving Paradis alone miraciously after all that??? 
It’s so weird and out of place with so many political feuds and disagreements between the world and Paradis, the entire Rumbling happening and we can see Mikasa just chilling outside in Paradis with no one bothering them. You can see the rings of the walls in the picture below.  I don’t know the exact reason behind as the manga is still in Korean, but from what I see, the story went the route of: throwing a happy ending without enough proper reason and  it was all fixed just like that in a snap! It doesn’t fit the entire narrative of attack on titan for things to be so peacful out of nowhere. When it comes to the narrative, how things work in that world, how hard it is to achieve peace, everything made somewhat sense up until chapter 138. 139 seems so so out of place...  It’s like I’m reading a chapter from a totally different manga. 
Tumblr media
Aaron Yoghurt got defeated so easily/ Aaron’s character assassination
The build up on the first part of the rumbling was great, those kids carrying coins. You could feel humanity’s fear and Aaron’s hatred in those pages. As if he truly had a goal and he has turned away completely from his comrades and his closest friends with no return. The world seemed truly doomed, but he  got defeated just like that. He was in the nape all this time (because screw the warhammer power of hiding yourself elsewhere in his ginormous titan body). There is no master plan as we all expected, and in the end he just acts all yandere in the paths with Armin and that’s it... They massacared his entire character as well. Many fan theories created a better ending with his character. Him being reincarnated as Historia’s baby would be so much better. For him to still keep on seeking and to strive for power. It has always been his motive. It’s his personality from the start until chapter 138. Even if things are okay, to keep on going and to seek that adventure, but then.. He’s so weak and directionless suddenly.. It’s so weird... This is not Aaron at all???
Using Aaron for him this entire post, because I don’t want others to invade our tags... :)))
Historia’s baby 
Tumblr media
The only panel we got from Historia’s child was this. Just a normal kid, normal life... Why did Isayama put so much effort in highlighting Historia’s pregnancy if it was nothing too spectacular anyway? It seemed he had major plans for this kid and for their development too??? It’s again, big plans, big developments, big relationship dynamic, but all  got thrown out of the window... 
Don’t read the next sentence if you are a minor :’) 
It’s like almost ejaculating, but stopping right before it and repeating that every single Arc.
Tumblr media
My energy when writing about this chapter is the same as Nostalgia Critic and his hatred for atla the live action
In Conclusion...
I know us fans should not be deciding on how this story should end, because this is Isayama’s story after all, but I truly wished for him to wrap up things much more rounded. There are so many unanswered questions... Again, I think for the sake of being done with this manga, he rushed all of it. He’s become a millionaire from this story and now his pockets are jammed full, I guess he doesn’t need to put in any effort anymore, right? Perhaps a controversial opinion, but I really wished he cared for his fans a little bit more with this last chapter by giving some answers that make sense at least. It’s his fans who gave him this platform and the opportunity to tell his story and for him to at least give in a bit of effort especially in the last chapter is the least he can do. Rivamika being canon or not, he truly rushed it without thinking much about the entire story line. He expanded it so much, he didn’t know how to bind it all together.
Even after all this, I’ll still ship them in the headcanon type of way. I do give credit to Isayama for giving us a template for such a beautiful dynamic between Levi and Mikasa. He decides to waste it, but that doesn’t mean we have to.  I want to thank all the people with amazing writing skills, the ones who give us beautiful art like @carmenlee @phit chan @vialesana​ and many more. I want to remind all of you that we can create something beautiful of our own and we don’t neccesarily need canon lore for that. The art I’ve seen, the fanfictions I’ve read have touched me deeper than Isayama ever could at times.The Mikasa in our mind is appreciate of Levi, is mature, classy and has a strong will for herself. They spend their remaining days together peacefully. Keep writing, keep drawing, stay creative. 
I love you all so so much, I’ve only been publicly active since March, but thank you Rivamika fandom for giving me so much joy as a lurker these past 7 years <3
Tumblr media
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Something potentially angsty: What sorts of things make Legend feel dysphoric? And how does he cope with dysphoria? Hopefully he gets some help with that from his partners.
for anyone who'd potentially be triggered, I'll put it under a cut. also it's a little long, predictably hehehe :3c
cw for mentions of menstruation, sex, and genitals. 18+ discussion lol duh
y'know, when people talk about dysphoria, they usually mean body dysphoria, but that's not all there is. trans ppl who don't have bodily dysphoria probably have social dysphoria, and that's like. a big thing. that's like your whole life, how you interact with people, how people see you, etc. using the right pronouns and your gender presentation is super important so you can interact with people and they see you how you want to be seen (and there's a bit about that later in Confidential).
so, as of right now in the story, he's not horribly dysphoric. Legend used to be way worse, and Rav has helped a lot with that. and once he starts T, that helps as well. it just makes you feel better! kinda how you think you're supposed to feel.
but uhh periods kinda fuck him up emotionally. those stop shortly after starting T, but until then he needs the standard stuff to combat menstrual woes, plus lots of hugs and general comfort. i wish i could metagame him a diva cup to use, but T works better in the long run imo lol.
Legend doesn't have much bottom dysphoria rn (thank you Ravio for helping with his confidence and beating down his insecurities, which were mostly born from not knowing if Ravio would like him like that, to loop back to the social dysphoria thing. tho Legend does have to jump a mini version of that hurdle whenever a new person is introduced to the polycule's bed, but it's never as bad as the first) but he does have some top dysphoria. he binds, so that does help, but for my fam with tiddies, y'know how when you get home you yeet off the bra? same thing with a binder. wear it too long and it starts to hurt your ribs, tho i think with the construction of Legend's stays (how they're boning and not spandex panels like modern binders) it might not be so bad? idk i'd have to look more into corsetry (again vhdsvnldsk). BUT YEAH the stays have gotta come off eventually and when Legend feels a little more dysphoric about it, he'll layer and just opt out of any of his partners touching his chest until he feels better about it, bc it's usually not a huge problem for him. and he will eventually get top surgery! after the quest when he has time to be still for a recovery period lol
stuff for how his partners help him with looks/body dysphoria is they compliment him! they tell him he looks handsome and point out little masculine things about him. clothes help a lot, especially things tailored to fit and lay on the body a certain way. his partners know what things make him generally euphoric. they let him take the "leading position" in kisses and tuck themselves into his side to hug and cuddle. he likes taking care of them and that is traditionally a masculine thing, and sometimes leaning into stereotypes isn't a bad thing. they break out the cheesy titles ("my good sir!" "my liege" etc) and flirt with him, make him laugh, and help him feel better in general. they kinda play damsel in distress sometimes to get him to help them ("Legenddddd, this box is too heavy, I need my big, strong, heroic boyfriend to come lift it for me!" "[flustered] ...oh holy gods, fine..."), bc he feels best when he's useful. Wars might invite him to spar if they both feel good and the weather's nice! so yeah :3 they help improve his mood and throw in affirming compliments, on top of distracting him from the issue.
if he's having a more gnc presenting day and wants to wear a skirt or something and he's feeling iffy about it, it's a lot of the same stuff. he still wants to be seen as a man, and his partners will still do the affirming thing and offer to not go anywhere that day so he can wear his skirt in peace and not have to worry about being Perceived by anyone less understanding. he's more likely to wear stuff like that out and about in other people's eras, like Wild and Odyssey's.
Legend is my very specialest trans baby and i love him sooo so much, i want the very best for him.
-Kio, local trans who's perhaps projecting just a little vndkvnkls
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Chapter 316: BBQ is capable of critiquing BNHA and… Oh boy.
Let's start this off properly, Horikoshi's typical quality of writing has been diminishing in recent chapters, but this week it was so different that it didn't even feel like Horikoshi was the one who wrote it.
To be clear, I'm not blaming Horikoshi for the issues I'm about to bring up. The man is criminally overworked, usually doesn't even get the final say in what makes it in the final drafts, and even in his other rough patches he's still produced decent chapters that hold up amongst the grand scheme of things. This feels like something else is going on behind the scenes, and while I have my suspicions on who/what might be the culprit behind it, I choose not to share it at this time because if I name names some people might go off on a crusade, and that's not what I want.
I just want to be clear that I'm not blindly firing off shots in the dark, but despite my frustrations I want to wait to see if this gets resolved down the line, and while I do I can complain about the specific reasons this chapter left such a bitter taste in my mouth.
Buckle up, buttercups, because we got a lot of points to cover.
Where's the Gun?
Not a literal gun, but I mean Chekhov's Gun. It has always been a staple of Horikoshi's writing and the reason so many of his long-standing plot lines have paid off so well.
Chekhov's Gun is a writing principal that if you see a gun on the table in the first act of a play, it will be used in the murder that happens in act 2. Basically, the author should include details that are relevant to the story and not betray the audience by leading them in one direction and at the last minute pull the rug out from underneath them to go in another direction.
Horikoshi has done this to phenomenal success in the past. Just as one example, he dropped hints about Nomu being human experiments early in the series but held off explicitly stating it for a while. He hinted at the loss of Shirakumo in the main narrative and that he was important to Aizawa and Mic as well as approved it for Vigilantes so when it was revealed that Kurogiri was Shirakumo's body, not only did it narratively make sense but it also pulled in Eraserhead and Present Mic's emotional stakes into the battle with the Doctor, and then when Ujiko reveals he was after Aizawa's quirk the whole time it made the payoff for Mic punching him in the face all that much better and brings the weight of his crimes and the impact they have on the victims full circle.
That's 3 different guns paying off in the long run: the Nomu, Shirakumo, and both Mic and Eraserheads' personal arcs past the loss of their childhood friend and that they could finally finish processing their grief and avenge him in full righteous fury instead of chalking it all up to cruel chance.
He has left details, some particularly innocuously, in plot lines like the Touya Todoroki reveal, Hawks' backstory, Shigaraki's blood connection to Nana Shimura, even with Mr. Compress's backstory, and more. When re-read, these details become more obvious and usually leaves us with a greater sense of satisfaction in the plot knowing that twists and turns were not only planned, but built up to and hinted at for us to find so the payoff is that much better and it feels purposeful instead of just shock factor.
None of that happened this chapter.
Lady Nagant has zero business being in this plotline. She was never hinted about before this arc, and her existence does nothing to tell us about the plot moving forward or the world that they're trying to change. Nothing her existence provides actually has any bearing on the universe or tells us anything we don't already know. But that's not how she was presented.
In the beginning we're given a glimpse of her helping Overhaul escape from Tartarus. The focus on her was odd enough to begin with as a new character, and the fact that she didn't look like she fit the profile of someone who belonged in Tartarus was like a flashing neon sign saying, "Pay attention! This new character is important!!!" She then shows up later with Overhaul in hand to attack Deku out of the blue. We get her talking about how she thought Overhaul might be useful and her disillusions with Hero Society. We catch her mannerisms with eery similarity to Hawks only to find out immediately after she was a senior colleague in the HPSC. Never once to my knowledge has Hawks referred to any of his senior colleagues as a "senpai" - not even his fellow heroes - and when he catches her in midair, he uses the words, "Don't die on me, senpai!" as if she's near and dear to his heart.
The entire character arc is set up for her to have known about Hawks and grapple with her desire to help people and her fear of re-creating what she hated, and this also set up Hawks to be the successor who succeeded where she failed and helped bring her to a place where she could be a hero without guilt again. What actually happened?
They're strangers.
They have never actually met before, and while he seems to know a lot about her, she doesn't even seem to have any idea of who he was - at least as far as being another hero under the thumb of the HPSC. So ALLLL that setup, all that gesturing, and all of the potential themes that would be right at home in an arc like this goes completely out the window.
Her story doesn't tell us anything new. The HPSC bad. We knew that. They're not above throwing innocents under the bus to achieve that goal. We knew that. They preyed upon young hopefuls with powerful quirks with the intent to maintain the status quo. We knew that even if the fact that Hawks isn't the only one now makes more questions than answers. We know that these young heroes can never say no under threat of steep, life-shattering consequences. We knew that already.
So what does Lady Nagant even bring to the table?! The entire "you're just a puppet doing what you've been told" angle is a little tired and out of place in this point and time with actual anarchy in the streets (not to mention hypocritical considering she was a blind puppet following orders and offers zero actual solutions that supposedly fall in line with her heroic nature), and it could have been left to any number of other villain characters who could have executed on the theme better - you know, like Shigaraki who's justification this entire time has been, "hero society doesn't make people safe, it just makes them feel safe" from the moment of his inception.
So from that angle she's unnecessary.
Her presence messes with the continuity of the series as well. If Hawks is supposed to explicitly replace her, that would mean that he wasn't just a fluke find on the commission's part and grabbed to mold into their own special superweapon; and that also would mean that her killing of the former president was before he was discovered which should put her at least in her forties. If this isn't the case, and he was meant to simply replace her in a "special agent" case, that still begs the question of how many more gifted children the commission preyed upon and are still out there.
And maybe the worst kicker for me is that something stinks. The way the art in this chapter is presented, if you completely blanked out the speech bubbles, is the same setup I had before - Hawks reaches out to his former mentor and pulls her from the brink of despair with a moving message about why he never gave up hope in being a hero who could actually make a difference.
Again, this is not what we got. He claims he knows her, and it's implied to have been a deep, personal character witness; but at best he only knows about her from secondhand sources. Even his reasoning as to how he never lost hope doesn't vibe with his character.
We have gotten so many cool one-liners for Hawks, but there has always been a consistent tone and imagery with them.
"Those who can fly, should."
"I don't belong in a cage."
"I'm free of my shackles."
"Can I be a shining light, just like him?"
What we got was, "I'm an optimist to a fault" which was the wording the official release went with and was by far the best iteration I have seen, but even this falls short of being truly in character for him and answering her question properly.
@mikeana made an edit of the titular panels for us Hawks stans this week with dialogue we and a few other friends felt was more fitting not only with the imagery of the chapter itself but internally consistent with the specific expressions Hawks uses in his heartfelt, personal dialogue. I just tweaked it a little bit more to fit what I was going for in our original conversation.
Tumblr media
Which brings me to another concern.
2. What's the point?
There was no use for Nagant in the series as she's been presented so far. But more than that, Hawks has no business in this fight to begin with. He literally did nothing to earn this emotional moment, and this should have been Deku's moment.
We were teased in an interview with Horikoshi that Hawks was going to get a special moment as an important end-game character as a "shining light" of hope for others to follow as well as promises for Ochako to have another moment in the spotlight to make a difference.
If this was Hawks' shining light moment, it wasn't necessary, and it does nothing to move the plot forward or develop characters in any true or believable way. It just happened because plot. This should have been Deku's victory through and through, and even he is the reason BOTH Hawks and Nagant made it out alive instead of painting the street below them.
Deku's victory was stolen from him, too. It sours the other promises made to us about other characters moving forward, as well, if this really was Hawks' "Shining Light" moment.
By the way, did you forget about Overhaul? Me too!!! What was the point of getting our hopes up about reintroducing this beloved character with the implications this was a major arc setup to have him scream about pops and then get detained with no clues about what's going to happen to him besides, "Say you're sorry to Eri, and you get to see pops"?!
All this posturing and clumsy narrative flailing only actually succeeded in getting Deku in front of AFO again for plot when we already know Mr. Potato Head could summon, show himself to, or find Deku at any time he wanted. But instead we get this time skip with a bunch of heroes completely mended walking into a big, spooky mansion for AFO to evil monologue at Deku for… *counts*
Only to then give him the "I want YOU!" point over a pre-recorded message and the final nail in the coffin to me that something is off.
3. Ex-pu-LOOOO-SHUN!
Tumblr media
It's become almost a game among friends to count how many explosions have happened since the end of the war arc - and specifically fake-out explosions. In the end of 311 we get All Might's car attacked via explosion and Deku cornered by Nagant only for All Might to be fine in the next chapter. In 315 Lady Nagant herself explodes in a blaze of glory to once again not be dead.
Gee! I wOnDeR if aLl the heroes were AcTuAlLy cornered and KiLlEd in that explosion in the mansion!
None of us do. They're fine. We're going to see it first thing next week. The shock has worn off, and it's repetitive and annoying at this point. There is no cliffhanger despite how the framing might try to tell you otherwise.
The writing has been moving far too quickly and clumsily with no explanation in sight, and even character interactions are being cut short to the point of them being meaningless and empty.
This doesn't even feel like Horikoshi's bad writing. It feels like someone else is trying to call the shots and rushing him through these final bits of the series, and he's run out of things he's previously set up for months and months to reappear so someone is trying to get Dabi-reveal levels of attention with arcs and storylines that don't have the build-up to result in a satisfactory payoff.
4. At least it can get better... I hope.
Maybe those who share my suspicions or know what particular suspicions I have are with me in believing that this is a temporary disappointment and we haven't seen the last of the writing that's captivated me for years. I don't blame Horikoshi for these glaring faults that all came to a head in this chapter.
It CAN get better later, and I think it WILL- we just probably are going to have to wait for it. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the Hawks panels we got, maybe edit the last few chapters to be more in line with something more like the BNHA I know in a "fix it fic" fashion so I don't groan in anticipation of how long it might take us to get there.
See you all next week, hopefully on a much brighter note.
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bakugo17 · 3 days ago
Before you say I'm hating on ochaco and izuocha because she is ' ruining bkdk' I'm gonna say that I love the idea of them beign bffs cause this is what they are. After I read the manga I kinda have doubts on their bff statues because of how much Ochaco is determined to loose her feelings for izu and how much they are apart. I still fave hope for their friendship to come again one day cause from what it seems, ura is the first girl deku talked to🙂.
But I'm saying this to you it's not canon and I don't like the idea of it being so because of what these feelings did to ura. She changed as a character in the story. Her feelings for deku consumed her mind and her abilities of becoming a hero and for izuku it was only like ' wOw A giRl TaLkeD To mEeEEE!!!,,,;;;!;!;!;!;'. And in some sircumstaces it caused her pain for understanding that here feeling are not going to be returned in the near future, so this is why in the manga while she was fighting with Toga she said that she is forgetting them. Then Toga said that it's because she did the same with her one setiments and it lead her in being a villan. AND IT'S BECAUSE OF PAIN!
Don't tell me that it was only lovely dovly whit your crush and you didn't have your heart braked at least one time. (Maybe it was ok, but it's still rare to end up with ur crush on a long therm relationship ship) I'm not hating, I'm being realist and I see some similarities in our world and theirs.
Izuku, did he think at least one time of ochaco in a more that friend way as she did for the first time?
And you see when izuku rejected Toga, she was like WELLP I'M OVER IT NOW. I WANNA KIIILLL!!!!! This is what ura did but only by forgetting her sentiments for him.
Tumblr media
You see, she also said it herself. She before said I'll follow izuku's path to succeed in many moments like in the sports festivals. But now look in the panel above. You can't tell me that she is not over the childish habits.
There in the cover of one of the Mangas.
Tumblr media
She is facing the other way looking determined as ever. She finally got it that if she continues to chase impossible love, her hero dream will be more difficult to achieve.
And a little remark here, the whole page is colored in bkdk color. And if I'm not wrong it's because for the sake of the bkdk moment Hirikoshi wanted to show and also uraraka who had her fight with Toga and gave up on deku's love to ever be returned. So this book is more in the bkdk way and the picture of Ochaco in the first panel is to show that she finally is taking her one way. Just like izuku did by taking the first steps with all might, then take example on katsuki only then to do all the rest himself.
In life you always are supported by people that helps you give you tips, but one day you also need to do the next level yourself to accomplish you goal. Like ura did.
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occamshipper · 4 months ago
Hey, pretty sure you saw the news about the pilot orders on the 'you-know-what' network. Just wanted to check in and ask a few questions since you're one of the most knowledgeable people in the fandom (especially when it comes to television - I've learned a lot from your posts 😁)
Anywaaayyy... I'm just gonna list 'em out below one by one to make it easiest. Feel free to respond in public or in private your call:
1) Seeing as how Nexstar is now the majority stockholder of the network (or on its way to being), when these new shows premiere is the boycott still in effect? Because it looks like there's actual thought being put into what's being renewed or ordered (at least in terms of audience... Winchesters will focus on teen John and Mary, Gotham Knights and Justice U are either teen or college age, Powerpuff Girls and Zorro are young adult age, rumored All-American spinoff; only show targeting a possible AD2554 audience and not 18-34 seems to be W: Independence). If the boycott is still in effect, would this affect chance of renewal for The Winchesters? Or would it be a "watch and see but don't do any socials for it?" Or does it get pushed off onto HBO Max even if the show is watched but the network still fails?
2) Just because there's a pilot order for it, do you still think the W:I spinoff has more legs than it did the last we heard about it? At least the plot summary seems long enough that it'd need 2 napkins to hold lol. And, despite it paining me to say it - the plot summary for it does intrigue me, as it seems like they listened to some of the criticism (a more interesting overarching mystery, not being based on stories of kids being locked up). Then again, it's only a summary and there are still ways it can go wrong, especially if they don't do their due diligence when depicting native american characters (which, given the network's history with diverse voices, seems... something to definitely to keep an eye on). Also is it too early to start fancasting? Gen for the widow and J*red as the rogue 🤣
3) Is this like most other C-space-W orders and renewals where it's just throwing stuff against the wall to see if stuff sticks (which is why the W:I prequel got pilot greenlit if it's barely that far along) or do you see this as something with deeper impact as all the stuff that got ordered was either related to its old cash cow or its new money makers?
4) How insufferable do you expect *that* splinter of the fandom to be now that there's a W:I announcement? Also, if this prequel does come to order, do you think they're gonna take the L on the original series after season 3 and maybe tie the two together for a syndication deal (even if the prequel is only 1 season, they can probably meet the syndication 100 episodes between the two, though I doubt that's a legitimate way of getting to syndication).
5) Your odds on whether the prequels are gonna air on the same night, with W:I getting the 8pm slot with the Winchesters getting 9pm (W:I being first on the call sheet, in a sense 😉).
Thank you!!
1) I was already considering how to reroute the boycott into targetted demand, to be honest. Forcing a crash-and-change was the entire point, and learning what to support once Nexstar was officially in charge is the way to drive decision making in the future. The AA spinoff is more than rumored, it got a full announcement and panel. Honestly, the drive would ofc include supporting the WInchesters, and other shows doing things right. We can't decide what all that is, but for example Nancy Drew needs some live support even if its digitals are great. Now is the phase to start telling the new decision makers how to do it RIGHT, and that's just as much by demand. Make Nexstar start getting views and making money. Whether HBO orders it if CW goes under is in the air, but they can probably make CW last until at least 2024, and if it stops fucking itself, as fa ras 2026 or 2028.
2) Not really. The napkin thing was proverbial, there's a reason I mentioned Kripke's five year plan in comparison. Notice it's a very similar level of treatment. Same thing. Now they're saying "show us what that looks like." -- still not gonna support it, sorry. Not about to make the CW lean back into that aged demographic when it has decisionmakers able to do better.
3) Well this isn't a CW order, that's an error in reporting. While I'm sure they're coordinating with the CW, CBS has put in to order Independence to pilot and WB has put in to order Winchesters to pilot. Their child company is not yet involved beyond the standing episode commitment for the Winchesters, but the episode commitment is contingent on WB's moving forward. However, with Winchesters making it to pilot, that means as long as WB likes it, they show it to CW, and then CW basically auto-orders it to series, and fulfills the commitment. The order will be somewhat different with Independence and the others, but Independence is at least Optioned, so similar. Not as deep as an episode commitment but kinda owning the rights to the rights, so there's interest, but they can sit on that and hold that longer.
4) They're insufferable every day. Who cares? But yeah, I went over things like the "Taking the L" over here (x)
5) Yeah, I doubt it. They'll want to try to pose it as a money property and spaced out. Frankly I consider the spinoff more likely to be a summer show for next year, but we'll see where that shakes out. But otherwise Jared's gonna be double working his same writers and crew in the same season. Meaning they either need to be different airing seasons, one cancelled, or a bunch of exhausted and distracted creatives all around.
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