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And to be fair, Fatgum is pretty highly ranked when there’s over 400+ heroes around. Don’t worry though, Shig will dust a few so he should be well into the top 50 pros then? Have you read the Team Ups Mission spin-off? Like so many different character teams, Miruko info, more Hawks! And oh my gosh, Fatgum’s Agency is officially my favorite I love it so much it’s so cute??? And your hc with the hoodie ohh boy, pls my heart. - arcanon

As someone who loves Durarara!! I say you should watch it but then again I’m also biased (and if you think you’ll love Masaomi, you’ll probably hate Izaya because of what he does my fav is a bastard but I love him).

Honestly the person who gets hurt the most in Durarara!! is Izaya all deserved but Masaomi gets injured quite a lot too now that I think about it…

Not high enough! If a washing machine can get into the top ten, so should Fatgum! (I really shouldn’t insult Wash considering he just saved a bunch of people most likely and probably dead…) Also, oof.

And no! I haven’t read it! Can you read it online?! I want to read it!!!

(More of the headcanon: Kirishima and Tamaki have one. Kirishima has to protect his from his friends while Tamaki uses his to hide in when his anxiety gets bad.)

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Me to my ex: Get over it, we're done. I'm done
Me: I think I'll have a nap
My brain: For the next two weeks all your dreams will be clusters of good memories of you two, have fun :)
Me: nooooooooOOOOOOOO
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i want to write something besides sex but everything that’s not sex is so hard and it’s not faaaaiiiiirrrr, why won’t words just come out of my fingers

like i’m trying to nail down the plot of the kidfic sequel and the broad strokes are fine but then i’m like “okay but how does she run into geralt and jaskier before meeting her contact, it’s not like she’s riding into town on a horse…and they can’t be at the tavern where she’s meeting the guy bc they have to arrive there the next morning and learn that [SPOILERS]…literally where in time and space do they fucking stop and talk to each other”

and i cannot figure it out and thus i can’t write the next part of the story. whereas a sex scene is basically a list of instructions and i just have to execute it, but i don’t want to, i wanna write the sequel

anyway basically i’m incredibly stupid and it makes my life hard

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for some reason i keep just .. thinkin abt When did john start growing out his hair. was his hair Always long ? or did he start growing it out when he was finally free of his family ? it’s Weird but for a lot of folx mself included cutting/not cutting/dyeing your own hair when you’re Free of Bad Environment or Taking Control of Your Own Life is a big deal and can b really empowering and. well i just Wonder

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Today should be my relax day. I shall be in my corner bed, with my blankets with the lights on. I shall not clean anymore today because I already have. I can hear screams from downstairs but also the soft pitter-patter of the rain. I am aware and awake, but not restless. I had half a cup of coffee. I shall stay upstairs by myself for the time being. Oh if only I could.

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