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konsearring · a month ago
We should have known Tim’s love language was gifts/acts of service when he made sure to tape Wendy the Werewolf Stalker for Kon just so he wouldn’t miss any episodes
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babygirllookingforyou3 · 3 months ago
To all the Tumblr doms that tell us to drink water…
Does coffee count? 🥺
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imagine-your-nonhuman-fo · 2 years ago
Imagine offering your neck to your vampire (or otherwise hematophagous) F/O. They draw you close and hold you possessively, their head dipping over your shoulder. You shiver with anticipation as you feel them exhale a slow breath against your pulse, their lips almost touching your skin... but then, they lift their head just enough to whisper in your ear.
"That's not what I'm hungry for..."
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wasps-art · a year ago
Tumblr media
why did no one tell me - known local birdfish fan - about trilla-tru I did a bit of redesigning tho what I changed and why is under the cut if curious
So starting from the head and going down
her head fin looks too way much like hair in the comics for my taste - so I changed that, I think larger fins would flop over a little but in the end they’re still fins not hair so like yeah
I headcanon female xudarians are paler then male xudarians - but I had a hard time trying to trilla paler and making it still feeling like it’s her, I manged to make her skin slightly paler and changed her beak to be lighter, her fin I kept pretty bright bc a) that was what was giving me the biggest problem b) I imagine brighter head fins aren’t uncommon but aren’t the norm - maybe a hormone thing or something
trilla doesn’t have a canon eyecolour so I just kinda matched it to her fin
I changed her ear shape a bit just because
I gave her pretty simple makeup - I think makeup is very popular on xudar that plus her cape and earrings in that one comic makes me think she would like makeup and such
speaking of earring I also gave her a pair of earrings because of the same reasons as above
besides colour I tried to leave her beak alone since I liked the look of it - it’s large but short and just suits her really well
gave her gills bc I headcanon xudarians having gills
I changed her outfit - I feel like more lanterns would have clothes based off of their planets clothing - however bc of how loose I think xudar clothing would be, her clothing is actually based exercise clothing - also going off the paler headcanon I imagine women would dress in more muted colours and as such the green in trilla’s gl outfit is just more muted then if you were to put her next to say tomar tu - it’s not a huge difference but it’s there (I imagine it would be a comfort thing to wear a more muted green)
and the final change/not change - wings - I love love love xudarians with wings and am always so sad when wings are ignored or just forgotten, the spider alien called trilla “wingless” before and this can just be taken as the writers forgetting or not knowing about xudarians having wings - I decided that actually meant she didn’t have any - maybe something happen to one of her wings when she broke her elbow as a child and it had to be amputated and the other one also had to be for balance reasons - or maybe she just was born without wings
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knightwing14 · 3 years ago
If you were to have sex with Frankenstein’s Monster, could that be considered an orgy? Since he’s made of multiple people?
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redfeathered · 3 years ago
first episode of healer is down!
it’s got its ups and downs but all in all I’m intrigued! (as expected tbh)
the fighting scene on the trails? with the music? here for it!
Not even an hour in and I’m already full of emotions. This show will be my demise. I can feel it in my bones!
side note: it’s actually nice hearing a, a little bit more, familiar asian language in a show. I don’t know why I’ve waited this long to start a korean show?!
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icys-junkyard · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I was drawing gligar and ended up giving it Ingo’s hat. i couldnt resist continuing further and having it do Ingo impressions for the sneaslets (much to Ingo’s amusement) 
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kiiinz · 9 months ago
A story in 3 parts:
- I see death cure is playing on tv
- I watch about 3-5 minutes (y’know, that part)
- I turn it off because I’m already crying
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em-gremlin · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
┃ᐕ) ⁾⁾ comic i mentioned here!
Ingo has a persistent headache, but a cuddly demanding sneasel improve all situations so its fine~! Do you know that moment when you're cuddling a pet, and you can feel their little heartbeat? its so precious! (-^艸^-)
ingo isn't used to have pets that are soft, furry, and capable of snuggles, so extra serotonin right there!
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snazzydachshunds · 4 months ago
I love sports animes they'll be like 'this is everything I live for. it's the air in my lungs and the blood in my veins. I am not a boy I'm a hawk. a tiger. an australian brown swamp rat. nothing has ever felt closer to pure euphoria than this. and I swear, in that moment, a saw god cry and hit the woah and give me a pat on the head' and they'll literally just be talking about the epic highs and lows of high school football
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spectacledraws · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I am listening to Missing Link from Revolutionary Girl Utena ✌️
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zenchii · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jinx + Text Posts
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toughtinkart · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
can’t get enough of the 6’ tall sexy chaos faun and her law-abiding 3’ short king.
bonus confused orym under the cut!
Tumblr media
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osayum · 3 months ago
Jump the Gun (And Into His Arms)
Summary: Iwaizumi Hajime, 27, athletic trainer, educated in the United States, avid fan of Godzilla, and polo shirt aficionado. According to your best friend, you are also 27 and lover of men who wear polo shirts and/or Godzilla costumes. It is a match made in heaven if his arms can even be considered that.
Genre: fluff; comedy (debatable); meet cute; Tinder matchup; your best friend is referred to as Bestie; reader is a market research analyst because this is my self-insert; slightly ooc Iwaizumi because I usually write him a little more embarrassed and romantically clumsy than this
Word count: 2k. help
A/n: there is no plot. This is me getting carried away saying Iwaizumi Hajime, 27, athletic trainer way too many times.
Tumblr media
You thud into him, impact hunching you over for balance as you stutter back, and when you look up, your whole life flashes before your eyes. Your future actually. Your future is flashing before your eyes, but not so much flashing. He’s actually pretty solid and staring at you with a concerned but also slightly uneasy expression.
“Iwaizumi Hajime, 27, athletic trainer.” You whisper before you can even stop yourself. Hands cover your mouth a second too late, eyes widening at the words you just spoke into existence and you watch his face contort into actual horror.
You wish he’d take a step back so you have room to breathe. Should you? Or would that make you more suspicious? Does it even matter, because really, can you even recover from this?
When he finds his voice, all he says is, “Yes?”
It’s tentative and it feels like a loaded question. Like, yes, that is me, albeit I admit this unwillingly. Like, yes, that is me but how did you know that? Like yes, that is me but why did you say it like that?
“I– uhm,” You lift up the phone in your hand, pointing at it, but the excuse fades away because how can you find the words that describe what has happened in the last thirty minutes?
You hear your best friend screaming behind you before you even see her. Iwaizumi startles at the frantic sound and instinctively grabs your wrist as if to pull you back. (What the heck? Is this even real?) Hardly having any time to process the meaning of the physical contact, you’re pummeled from behind by your best friend.
“Give me my phone back!” She yells as she tries to crawl past your shoulders, reaching for your outstretched hand that is holding her phone, and consecutively being held by Iwaizumi Hajime, 27, athletic trainer as well.
“Miss. Can we calm–” He tries to start, but you cut him off with harsh whispers.
“Bestie. Bestie.” It’s a futile attempt to be discrete, but admittedly a valiant effort to save some bit of your dignity.
“Don’t bestie me.” She retorts back, aggressive as ever. Granted, you deserve this. A nice outing with your friend where she reveals she’s selflessly created a Tinder account for you over salad bowls and yuzu spritzers did not warrant a high speed chase on a lovely Sunday afternoon with her phone in your hand and her desperately trying to catch up after having to throw a wad of cash on the table since you decided to stiff the bill. You’ll zelle her later. “Give me my phone back. I can’t believe you! Just so you know, I’m totally messaging him now and I’m going to tell him all about–”
“Bestie, please get off me.”
The urgency in your voice makes her stutter, makes her look at you and whatever it is you’re trying to project in your eyes, (you’re hoping it’s desperation, drama, and dread – the triple d’s) she finds it. It all happens in slow motion, as if you witness a storm rally across her face – confusion to concern, and then when she looks up and registers that there is a world beyond only your two existence, does awe strike her face.
She hobbles off you and decides to clutch your upper arm for support.
“Iwaizumi Hajime, 27, athletic trainer,” she says as breathily as you did earlier.
Iwaizumi Hajime, 27, athletic trainer has been the topic of conversation for the end portion of your lunch. Your best friend had listed off a good deal of applicants she had swiped through, much to your equal dismay and reluctant curiosity.
Being married, she thinks it’s time for you to settle down. You don’t share those opinions, but entertaining the fantasy never hurts. That is, until she swipes through Iwaizumi’s profile. Your best friend, as best friends do, immediately notices your interest beyond a superficial one. Educated in the United States, avid fan of Godzilla, polo shirt aficionado, and a cute picture of him and his friend in front of the Hollywood sign has you sold. His friend, despite being put in a headlock by Iwaizumi Hajime, 27, athletic trainer, is equally attractive, but in a more symmetrical kind of way, the one that society accepts and puts in magazines. This guy, on the other hand, exudes big brother energy. There’s a sturdiness to him, a capability that you can rely on and you’ve always been attracted to people that can take care of you.
“Ooohhh,” Bestie smiles when she finds you staring at his photos a little too long, “you like this one.”
“You do!”
“I do not.”
“Oh my gosh, you do!”
The back and forth lasts much longer than it should and before you know it, you’re running out of the restaurant with her phone in tow before she can cause any damage. You were looking for a low-stakes date, one for shits and giggles, not someone you actually want to impress because you know you’ll definitely fail to.
And fail you do.
“We’ve established that.” The object of your desire looks at your best friend dryly and it’s then you notice that he still has your hand around your wrist. It’s massive. You want to shriek your way out of his grip but just the weight of his limb holds you in place. It feels like a trial run, one that ascertains all your assumptions. Capability exudes from his touch and tone alone. Is it possible to fall in love at first touch? “I am Iwaizumi Hajime, 27, athletic trainer.”
““Holy crap. When Tinder said you were 1 kilometer away, they weren’t lying.”
He ignores her statement, instead inquiring, “You are?”
“The bestie.” She grins, sweetness of spring upon her lips. Suddenly so well-behaved, she shoots you one side glance of warning before continuing her introduction. “27, Bestie’s matchmaker.” Then she shakes your upper arm, indicating to you. “And this is the matchmakee.”
That’s hardly a word but neither you nor Iwaizumi correct her.
“Also 27 and lover of men who wear polo shirts and/or Godzilla costumes.”
He gives you a peculiar look. “You like guys who cosplay as Godzilla?”
You open your mouth to retort but Bestie interrupts you once again. “If you're the one doing the cosplaying.”
“I don’t.” You and him both say to defend yourselves. That thoroughly entertains her, and when she glances down, her grin widens with her eyes full of manic and mischief.
“That’s okay. They’re also great at running and love it when men hold their wrist.”
His reaction time is much slower than you expect. He stares at where the two of you are joined for a second too long. You watch the way the tips of his ears flush, like red dye fading into water. He drops your hand immediately once he processes the sight. You grip your long lost wrist into your other hand, holding them in front of your face to hide the embarrassment growing behind it.
This is exactly what you had been trying to avoid but Bestie revels in it, especially Iwaizumi’s flustered look. Poor guy was living his life normally and unexpectedly crashed into not one, but two trainwrecks consecutively.
“Sorry about her.” You try to amend this situation even if it’s hardly salvageable. Your pride has slipped down the sewer grates, but maybe you can save Iwaizumi from her lack of shame. “She’s in one yuzu spritzer too many. Low tolerance for citrus. Scurvy or something.”
“I think scurvy is when someone is actually lacking vitamin C in their diet.”
“You did not strike me as pedantic from your profile,” Bestie observes beside you and you shove your elbow into her ribs, making her wheeze out the final word. She’s said enough and you know you’ve ruined this poor man’s day. He’ll probably call his mom about it, or maybe his therapist if he has one because this truly is one traumatic incident.
“We’re going to get out of your hair now,” You start tugging your companion out of the situation, eager to put this behind you. “Sorry about this whole thing.
��Hey, hold on.” He grabs your wrist, the same one he just let go of, and darn that authoritative tone. It leaves no room for no so you stop in your step. The three of you make an obstructive train on the sidewalk that requires people to awkwardly move out of their way to avoid you. He immediately lets go again when Bestie whistles out an easy there, Tiger accompanied by a playful grin. When you get a chance, you’re calling her wife because for some reason, she can’t behave herself without her. 
You wonder why he keeps doing this. Latching onto your wrist like an eel, only to spit you back out as if you’re not his favorite flavor, as if he mistook you for matcha when in reality you’re wasabi. You won’t lie. It stings, at least a little.
The flush is back in his ears and dripping down to his neck like sunset bleeding into dusk. He hides his lips behind his fist, glancing down, before clearing his throat and staring directly at you. You almost flinch at the intensity of his gaze.
He says your name, last name then first. “Right? 27, market research analyst?”
“Right,” You hesitate the same way he did when the two of you first bumped into each other.
“I recognize you. I just matched with you on Tinder.”
Hardly processing, excessively blinking, “You? You just matched with me on Tinder? You swiped right on me?”
“Yes.” He chuckles nervously. “Did you not want me to?”
“Want? Yes. Expect? No.”
“Well, I did.”
“Iwaizumi Hajime, 27, athletic trainer just matched with me.” You mutter the sentence quietly to yourself, like a pep talk because the reality of the situation is hard to accept.
“Hajime.” He says, “just Hajime.”
“Just Hajime,” Bestie teases into your ear but still loud enough for him to hear.
“Oh my gosh. Are you sure you don’t want to unmatch after all of this?” You gesture into your companion’s general area. “After having to deal with this?”
“Well I’d rather go on a date without the matchmaker, but no.” He agrees softly and just the way he looks makes your heart burn. You want to squish him like a teddy bear for being so cute even when he looks rock solid. “I have my fair share of nosy friends. Nothing can compare to the way they act in public.”
You wonder if the friend from the Hollywood sign is one of them.
“I can tell when I am not wanted.” Bestie slips from your grasp and points her finger between you two. “But don’t forget that this happened because of me. I want to be mentioned in the wedding vows.”
Then she walks away, whispering into your ear that she will be at the FamilyMart across the street.
“Sorry.” This is what? Your third time apologizing for her? “She likes to jump the gun.”
“You like to jump into my arms.”
You open your mouth, pleasantly surprised by his statement, and try to defend yourself but find yourself speechless. Skimming past the golden curves of his shoulders and aiming your gaze at his biceps, you shrug.
“Yeah, I think I do.”
His entertainment is contagious, you think when his blushy chuckle makes your cheeks go taut.
A shake of his head, verdant eyes look at you, saying your first name, just your first name, testing it out on his lips. It’s not graceful but it washes onto you, smoothing out along your skin like a shower that transitions from cold to just right.
“Hajime.” You say, fighting the urge to complete his full biography. 27. Athletic trainer. Man I’m going to marry.
You quickly cross the last thought out. Bestie must have contaminated your brain for a second.
“Will you go on a date with me?” He asks.
“Will you cosplay as Godzilla for me?”
“I do not own a Godzilla costume.”
“Fine. I guess I can settle for one carry in those biceps of yours.”
“That, I can do.”
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glazeliights · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just a regular day in the mindscape
Tumblr media
new houseplant <3
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asofterduckburg · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thevalleyisjolly · 26 days ago
At any given time, there are no less then a dozen rumours and two dozen tales surrounding Professor Widogast of the Soltryce Academy.  He’s secretly an archmage who not so secretly tells the Cerberus Assembly to fuck off every other week or so.  He once dated Archmage Becke when they were schoolmates together and lived to tell the tale.  Every cat wandering the school halls (of which there are a sudden and inexplicable number) is actually a polymorphed Professor Widogast.  He used to work as a mercenary, and fought cults.  The cat napping in his office is also a polymorphed Professor Widogast.  He learned dunamancy by seducing a high-level Dynasty spy.  He writes Zemnian fairy tales in his spare time.  He used to be a Volstrucker and may or may not have assassinated Archmage DeRogna.  He spends his weekends fighting gods.  He invented golf.  He’s got a perfect memory and can recite your assignment back to you word for word if you question his grading.  He and Volstrucker Grieve were sharing spell books in the library’s Restricted Section last week.  He’s met King Dwendal.  He once stopped a war.  He moonlights as a pirate.  He’s actually a werewolf.
If you actually ask Professor Widogast about any of the stories, he’ll look at you with an uncomprehending expression and deny everything before throwing in an off-hand comment about the current phase of the moon.
(The silver beer stein sitting prominently on a shelf in his office was Beau and Fjord’s idea, although Caduceus was the one who suggested the wolf design.  Certain people’s complaints that he could at least be a were-cat were unanimously shot down)
((It’s possible that 90% of the rumours and stories surrounding Professor Widogast at any given time were started or shamelessly encouraged by various members of the Mighty Nein.  Veth was exceedingly proud to discover that the collective student body and faculty had already voted her boy Hottest Professor eight years running))
(((Astrid and Eadwulf take turns submitting his name every year.  He’s always looked so pretty when he blushes, and it’s not like it isn’t true)))
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