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jvnky30mkvn · 18 minutes ago
wait i just had a follow up discussion with my sister about lovely writer's ending and we came to the conclusion that gene is dead question mark question mark
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fruitchester · 2 hours ago
the really awful thing is that. i thought chuck was a cool guy. like he was funky and chill and ate chinese food in his underwear while going through dean's porn on his laptop. he sang too loud in the shower. he would warn you to hoard toilet paper above all else. he was a semi-functioning alcoholic who scared easily. he was just super funny and seemed like an all around nice guy. i absolutely hate that he got turned into "the ultimate villain" cause. it was done fucking horribly. like he could have been this big scary bad and i know he was but all i could see when i looked at him was s4 through s11 chuck and. it just didn't make any sense it's like they threw his character and development etc out the window in favor of trying to go out with a bang and achieve this ultimate ending or something but it didn't work. like arguably chuck was a horrible villain and i'd like to think it's cause he was never meant to be one in the first place. like his character just wasn't built for that
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notscp · 3 hours ago
i think .. that connor probably highly enjoys reading. although he may not know much of the world or how it works thanks to the INCREDIBLY heavy censorship the foundation puts him through, there’s really nothing more he loves more than a good book and soaking up new information like a sponge. He’s the kind of guy who would adore libraries and love to read every book in said library, even if that just isn’t feasible for him to do so.  
Additionally, Connor absolutely still has that DEEPSEATED need for love and affection/ attention from a lifetime being deprived of it. He can’t even remember the last time he was hugged -- and while Natalie does date my Connor in the past I think she was terminated for failing to do her fucking JOB and choosing to fool around w her patient rather than do reports and actual mental health checks. anywho, that only really supplied him with SOME of the touch that he has been craving for years ... and he hadn’t gotten much of it in IKEA dimension either. 
So basically what i’m saying is if you were to hug him or give him any gentle touch -- the gentle touch he’s never had before, he would probably do one of three things. He’d freeze up, he’d hold you back so tight because he doesn’t want the touch to end and hold you SO close ... or he’d cry, and barely even realize why. He really likes the touch, but has a hard time expressing that he does verbally. It’s all in his body language, though. He’s always wanted to just be held. To feel safe. To feel like he matters as a person. To know he’s cared for. It’s a shame that he’d never get this in the foundation...
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alittleemo · 9 hours ago
my fatal flaw is going to sleep late every night of the week except for fridays, the one day i dont have literally anything to do the next day
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dead-silxnce · 11 hours ago
👀Ghoul backstory?
Ghoul backstory:
born ever so slightly before Battery City was created (like. 3-4 years i think, but i can’t really check atm because the notebook that has timeline stuff is buried under something somewhere) in a family of Better Living scientists;
because of their family’s standing there were, of course, perks they enjoyed- like going to a private daycare, adults fussing them a little more in hopes to get on their parents’ good side etc- but also downsides like generally having very few interactions with their family and the ones they did have were...most often than not less than pleasant;
their parents opinion of them seemed to range somewhere between praise for doing something above their level, acting like they’re purposefully trying to make them look bad or ruin their work as revenge (which like. they were 4?? what 4 year old is out for blood?) or just lukewarm “i am supposed to tend to you”. Not a lot of emotional availability, but a lot of basis for holding themselves at standards even higher than their parents’;
they went to public school for about a year before being pulled out because they were really struggling with reading and writing. Turns out they had dyslexia, but with the help of our friendly neighboring Better Living Industries that got swept under the rug of experimental tech meant to erase disabilities rather than accommodate those who have them. Ghoul still struggled with this stuff pretty much their entire life, but now it was passable as them “not trying hard enough” rather than “they can’t tell these two words shapes apart” and “similar letters get mixed up sometimes” with a side of “they’ve read this paragraph 10 times now and they’re about to start bawling ‘cuz they understood nothing”;
at 9 they get sent to The Academy- which is the gifted children program, but on steroids- because they showed an interest in chemistry (it’s short-lived, but you get sent to the Academy for one thing there’s no going back from there) and because their parents are Better Living’s best scientists they’re expected to excel in all their classes which, for the most part they do!
their academy years are both some of the best and worst because they got to be away from their parents for 4 years, but they also had to keep up with classes and extracurricular activities they were signed up for with absolutely forewarning; namely calligraphy (so derogatory) and french;
they still know french because their teacher was fucking terrifying, but also because they also associate it in part with an old friend who used to help them avoid the wrath of said teacher. I’m getting ahead of myself, though;
at 10 years old they run away for a night to the Lobby because they’re scared out of their mind of a test they couldn’t physically bring themselves to study for. Some jackasses pick on them, they get rescued by some juvie kids and by the end of the night those kids end up becoming their friends;
they don’t absolutely tank their test like they thought they would and their escapades into the Lobby continue- sporadic at first, only to slowly become a one/twice per week trip after nightfall;
by this time, however it became quite obvious Ghoul was neurodivergent, so BL/ind put them on pills that, unlike most of their products, actually helped them focus and be able to do more things than before, though since they were introduced so early they kind of fucked up Ghoul’s brain a little. There’s a reason they refuse to drink and have the lungs of a coal miner despite being only 20 at the time of their death(s);
by 11 they kind of begin to catch on that the other kids are purposefully avoiding them, so they decide “screw it, i have real friends down in the Lobby, so who the hell cares?”;
they had an absolute blast with said group of friends ever since they started hanging out and one year later it only seemed fitting to choose an official name- before that they went by “Angel” which was the nickname the friend i mentioned earlier gave them- and named themselves Ghoul;
like, halfway through being 11 they hear one of the older trans folk casually talk about being trans and go, “wait, there a word for that??” which was a fun time. Turns out wanting to be kind-of-sort-of-a-boy-but- not-quite is not an universal experience. Shocking! /s /lh;
at 12 they meet Kobra and they’re both. Understandably, weirded out by each other because students with different majors aren’t explicitly forbidden from occupying the same space, but it’s generally not a thing that happens. Alas, they were both too awkward to walk away so they cornered themselves into becoming friends, pretty much;
for a year and some months they both go together to the Lobby and have shenanigans that build Kobra some character other than “scary crow cadet that will deck you if you look at him funny” and those are some of Ghoul’s fondest memories from the City;
ranking high on the list of their least fondest memories is Better Living trying to convince them to end their friendship with Kobra because they were “distracting him” when they were both 13. No matter what threats they used or what extra work they silently handed them over, Ghoul simply refused ending their friendship until they threatened to send them back home and tell their parents about their little escapades to the Lobby;
that night they got into their first and only serious fight with Kobra because he could tell something was wrong, but Ghoul wouldn’t tell him and there was a lot of shouting that ended with Ghoul telling Kobra to get the fuck out of his room and cried for about an hour before leaving to the Lobby without him because that had become their safe place;
not safe enough though because it turns out one of their friends got shot trying to escape the City and all they had left was a stupid little lockbox they threw as far as they could off the sky train station platform;
they get about 3 hours of sleep before Kobra wakes them up absolutely fuming and tells them he knows everything and that they’re getting the fuck out of the City. Ghoul doesn’t have the energy to even think it through as they throw a bunch of clothes and some random trinkets in a bag and the two teens are off into the night;
some part of them is almost upset with how easy they got away, but they don’t have time to dwell on it for long as they crash in one of the car wrecks at the Junkyard Motel;
the Zone 2 mailbox is just outside the Junkyard, under an old dead tree, and hung from its branches they find a key necklace that belonged to their old friend. A key they were supposed to use on the lockbox they chucked away in a fit of “everything sucks ass”, but took regardless of that they weren’t supposed to only have the key. That was the beginning of what’s often referred to as “Ghoul luck” at the Diner because they simply have unbelievably bad luck;
their next pitstop is Tommy Chow Mein’s storefront at the Paradise Motel in inner Zone 3 where Kobra picks a fight with Cola who just. Kind of makes sure he doesn’t hurt himself or them and waits until he tires himself out. Cola offers to take in Kobra who refuses because there’s no way he’s leaving Ghoul and then Cola offers to take them both in which Kobra reluctantly agrees;
one truck ride later and Cola drops them both on WKIL’s doorstep, thus uniting the Fabulous Killjoys for the first time. The end.
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passingthetime · 13 hours ago
I'm honestly surprised people don't seem to use St.John's wort as a recreational drug...
#does it just not have the same effect for others?#i drank st john's wort tea on its own for the first time#before i used to drink a mix with valerian and lemon balm which have a sort of sedative effect#so those i think softened the effect of st. john's wort#becasue damn that stuff had me running around the house with a grin and babbling on joyfully#i decided out of nowhere to set off to the pub alone even!#it was like some stimulant!#i heard people combine it with kratom to self-medicate for depression#but i honestly don't think i'll ever combine it with kratom that sounds like waaay too much#i was way fast and careless with just this kratom sounds like a baad idea#but my depressive thoughts and gloomy mood definitely disappeared from it!#i'm no longer experiencing the same excited glow as when i drank it#but i'm still feeling so calm and serene#it's super interesting#sometimes i'm surprised people don't think of certain things as really effective when they are things i very clearly experience the effect#like do various substances just affect me easier than others?#two cups of coffee can put me on a caffeine high too#though i do only experience it with stimulants interestingly#i feel the effects of caffeine and kratom a lot more than anyone else i know#and apparently st. john's wort too#i'm really glad this plant just happens to be a thing readily avaiable#it might just save my life for the time being#will definitely be important in staying productive and functioning until i get to therapy#rambling
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maghrebim · 13 hours ago
love kids but their weird parents who are obsessed with gender roles are loathsome. “*points to a 2 y/o* i just know he’s gonna grow up to work with cars and tractors, he loves them :)” ma’am he’s 2 and you literally only give him toy cars and toy tractors and show him cartoons about cars and tractors he barely knows other stuff exists HOW could you possibly know that
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