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#I think it’s pretty poggers!!!
dirt-and-scrivles · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“Pokémon AU” where Tommy goes around with Shroud and a rock painted to look like a poké ball, throws the rock at people and then has shroud attack once they’re distracted
Collaborative comic with @r4tc00n that we did out of nowhere on an because why not, go check out his blog as well he does some awesome art there :D
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dandelionfr0g · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
(image description under the cut!)
just a lil doodle page:)
ID: Four separate drawings of five characters, if you're counting the sheep. From the top left to bottom right is a drawing of Technoblade with braided hair and rounded glasses, a doodled Tommyinnit with a green scarf, an unnamed original character with hair in a bun and a flower crown and Ghostbur floating in a starfish position beside Friend the sheep. The dsmp people are drawn as their characters, not the real life creators. End ID.
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raining-acid · 4 months ago
8H cringe for sam? :0 (the color palettes name made me literally giggle out loud)
Tumblr media
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f-eelgoodinc · 2 months ago
Internet slang is really ruining my worklife cuz I was about to tell a Korean businessman something was based
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enchantmentable · 9 months ago
i meant to go to bed almost three hours ago but now i have dream smp brainrot and too much energy to sleep sO analysis time:
tonight absolutely did not go according to dream’s plan. and you know why?
he didn’t account for tommy.
correct me if i’m wrong, but things didn’t really start going to shit until sapnap jumped in and pointed out dream’s own words from a few days ago. i’m almost certain george wouldn’t have fought back against dream’s decision with nearly as much passion as sapnap did, and dream’s decree would have been accepted without much trouble.
sapnap talked to tommy earlier today. he was clearly already worried about dream including him and george in that whole “i don’t give a fuck about anything” speech (he wouldn’t have mentioned it otherwise, right?), and tommy basically confirmed that fear. he may have come to that conclusion on his own eventually or he might not have, but that’s not the point. the point is that sapnap did realize that dream didn’t value their friendship over something as seemingly petty as a few music discs, and he’s absolutely the sort of character who’d want to do something about that.
now let’s rewind for a moment, because who do we have to thank for that?
everyone say thank you tommy!! 👏
everyone say thank you to tommy for being such a genuinely kind, honest, and good person that he’s instinctively liked and trusted by everyone, including someone who he’s historically been pitted against time and time again!! 👏👏
everyone say thank you to tommy for proving technoblade wrong bit by bit in this: heroes do win, and tommy still remains just that—a hero.
that calls for applause all around 👏👏👏
remember when this post was about dream
anyway. i sincerely believe dream underestimated tommy. even on the brink of exile, he’s still managing to fuck with dream’s plans <3
so no, i don’t think dream’s intentionally cutting himself off from george and sapnap. i think he meant to keep them on his side because deep down, he does care about them, and it is infinitely better to have people on your side than not, even if they could be used as leverage. (and let’s be real. even that ‘leverage’ may not have been able to convince dream ‘god complex’ wastaken to step down, but we’ll never know now, will we?) point is though, i’m almost certain he didn’t mean for tonight to end up like this.
but the thing is, that’s all only to an extent. he only cares about his friends to an extent, he only needs other people to an extent.
this outcome—dream ending up completely alone and abandoned by his closest friends—was not intended by any means, but i truly doubt dream is upset about it either.
if he needs to be alone, he can be. that’s what’s truly terrifying about him as a villain.
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kirbyofthestars · 4 months ago
You're swag and neat
Tumblr media
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farfran · 5 months ago
this q&a is just a serotonin generator.......... i am swaying in my seat in happiness ghGHKJHGKJ
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valorblooded · 2 months ago
if i were to... dm a one shot for tumblr mutuals... i’m talking about dnd, would that be fun or what?? (no prior need to know how to play dnd required)
of course you’d play your muse and it can be cool like murder mystery or like a whole fantasy adventure that would happen over discord...
would anyone be interested in something like that? 
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str33t-r4t · 10 months ago
i’m not much of a writer, but i came up with a concept a few hours after the final war. 
schlatt and wilbur are bound to the land of l’manburg after they both pass away. they’re stuck haunting it, due to all of the harm they’ve brought upon it. they watch over their former citizens as they rebuild the destruction, leaving them to reminisce on their actions.
it’s the blame game first, schlatt blaming wilbur for the destruction of manburg, wilbur saying schlatt shouldn’t have run in the first place. but at the end of the day they both come to terms with their mistakes and convene on top of the hill where the white house used to reside, and they observe the reconstruction of their former home. they’re happy their citizens were able to move on from their mistakes. blah blah blah stuff like that :)
it’s mostly angsty and sentimental, but i thought it was pretty neat!
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