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#I thought it was funny
cattgirl4 hours ago
My therapist was on his phone during our session today. I could see it in the reflection of his glass cabinet thing in his office
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penoid4 hours ago
fun fact i got into h*mestuck when i was 10 but i didnt even read the comic, i just watched slideshows of the trolls crying to christina perri songs and fanmade comic dubs and shit on youtube, and i thought it was like a heehee funny but also sad and edgy fantasy comic for emo kids? but then i ended up actually reading it when i was like 12 and was like Wow. This Kinda Sucks Actually and dropped it by the time i turned 13
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gracesledomas5 hours ago
was it your tag about s-ing his soul through his d? WAS IT YOU, ANA, DON'T LIE
y'all were making me feel insane so i literally went through my entire matthias tag and i found out that the softville and the hotel trivago tags are actually mine KSNSKSNSKSNSK but the d one isn't!
but anyways i here's some of the tags that have me concerned about my mental state <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and the worst of all.... me @ me: girl are you okay?????? ksnsksnsks
Tumblr media
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givegeoffdeadflowers6 hours ago
*In a Devildom hospital room, where Deedee is in bed*
Diavolo: Ok, so Barbatos and I just got done talking with the doctor...
Lucifer: What is it?
Mammon: Will Deedee be OK?
Diavolo: do I say this?
Deedee: Just spit it out. Am I gonna die?
Diavolo: Oh no! The exact opposite actually!
Barbatos: Deedee, you're pregnant.
*the brothers gasp*
Asmo: No way!
Satan: Deedee, do you know what this means?!
Deedee: Hell yeah, I do!
Deedee: I finally get to fulfill my dream of being a MILF!
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azuneekun7 hours ago
Stardew things that make my ape brain go on a rampage:
Clint considered a closer friend of emily in the wiki but not Shane ???
Tumblr media
- (canonically) Easily talks to Emily and even tells her funny chicken stories to the point where she even asks for more. (clint 3 鉂 event.)
-Good enough friends that during Emily's 8 heart event, he makes no complaints doing her requests. (emily 8 鉂vent.)
-Close enough that Shane even gets Emily to help him make a video for a contest! (Shane 7 鉂 event.)
- Dances with Emily during the flower festival (even though he doesn't have to, he still does. Yes the dance is voluntary because if you dance with Emi, he stands to the side to watch, no problem).
- (Canonically) Can't hold a decent conversation with Emily. At all. (Clint 3 鉂 event, Clint 6 鉂 event, and everytime Clint talks to you about her.)
- Emily asks you if you're friends with clint because she's worried about him being lonely, and reassures you he's even a kind person-- but if you saw her 8 鉂vent, later on at a random day she tells you she's sad because she thought Clint was her friend, but he doesn't seem to even wanna talk or look at her anymore?????
( because clint thinks you have a thing for her??? even if you do or don't, that means he isn't interested in being emily's friend anymore because he 'lost' her to you??? Clint even congratulates the farmer and acts all sad and mopey like...bro!!! 馃槨 )
(Emily 8 鉂vent, Emily 8+ 鉂 dialogue)
-If you are a female farmer and you take him out to the movie theater, HE WILL HIT ON YOU. He has dialogue where he ASKS you if this invitation was a date! Which means his feelings for Emily werent even sincere?! (Clint's movie theater dialogue)
Don't go telling me it's because Clint is anti-social or 'shy' when Shane and Sebastian are literally THE anti-social ones who straight up tell you if they don't want to talk.
Penny and Harvey are written to be shy and awkward too but are still being decent!!! 馃挗馃挩馃挩馃挩
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jemamore9 hours ago
the true desires behind every character in lovely writer is that they all want to be loved and accepted for who they are, and this includes aoey, and i will continue to be an aoey apologist for the rest of my days
#lovely writer#the more i focus my thoughts on aoey the more the miscommunication from gene and nubsib bothers me#the usage of 'consent is sexy' on this site bothers me#its refreshing and nice that sib says he will meet gene were he is#but hes outed him several times in a joke#hes pushed his comfortzone as a joke#gene slept with him because he felt like he had to#if he had communicated that he feared sib might be drugged then they probably wouldnt have slept with each other before he was fully ready#aoey didnt have any right to joke about drugging someones drink which was my fear from last episode#but he did remorsefully apologise to gene#he was drunk and his self destructive behaviour is to push people away and hurt others because all hes known back is hurt#aoey shouldnt have lied about drugging someone to make them worried#but gene should have told nubsib about it#gene didnt have to sleep with nubsib because he thought he had to if sib was under the influence of viagra#and i wish i could have found some of that scene funny when sib is chasing gene#but nubsib deserved to know what gene was worrying about not just about geting dicked#sometimes they don鈥檛 communicate properly and it really irks me#aND WHICH LEADS ME BACK TO AOEY BECAUSE HE HAS NEVER HAD A FUCKING CLUE WHATS GOING ON EVER#he was a wizard fanboy and thinks gene is cute but no body has ever communicated to him the fact gene is already seeing someone else#i do not blame aoey for being bitter and over reacting and it tipping into his self destructive coping mechanisms#because as far as hes concerned hes unlovable to the point even his coworker refuses to kiss him on screen and no body was ever honest#anyway ill end my ramble#its nearly 3am#and i have been truly put into a blender during that 90 minutes i paused so many times for a breather#bl drama
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sleepingfancies9 hours ago
Honestly will never forgive nor forget when I got detention bc I forged my mom's signature on an absence pass and when I explained to the principal that I did it bc I had severe untreated anxiety and was too debilitatingly afraid of making my parents angry by admitting I missed the bus ONE day the principal responded by telling me he could never trust me again and that I'd "essentially forged a doctor's signature on a pharmaceutical" and said he expected better from me but now he knew not to
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roughentumble11 hours ago
OH OK the fic is going for an empress!ciri tw3 ending, where temeria is allowed to become a nilfgaardian vassal state, but also since it's been literally hundreds of years since blood and wine happened, toussaint happens to have been reabsorbed and forgotten about and now the area is just. Nilfgaard.
that's why there's temeria but no toussaint
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tawnyowlgirl12 hours ago
me, at 6am this morning: i really need to be more positive about my job.
my diary:
me, at 6pm tonight: so, i quit my job today.
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ensoua12 hours ago
why are chess name so ridiculous ill see a move named something "horse apocalypse" and ill go "funny joke haha" and then i look it up and it turns out it was used exactly once when stanley oswald, late chess champion, had an opponent ghost him and played his finals against an ant that climbed on the chess board
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imranchsauce13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
heres an angsty drawing of dusk and a drawing of a recolor oc i made in 4 minutes.
also new sonic art style that i like a lot !!!! :)
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