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#I trust Him
hughculber4 months ago
i want to know what plomeek soup tastes like...what is this spicy breakfast soup that has got all these Vulcans raving! if Harry Kim likes it then it must be good
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giotanner4 days ago
Luca Marinelli using gender neutral language 馃А馃А馃А馃А馃А馃А馃А馃А
(because in italian language it doesn't exist. We have the male gender for "plural" when "they" are male and female people . But when you want to write and you want to be RESPECTFUL you use "tutt*" (in this way it is GENDER NEUTRAL "them") and Luca, even if he doesn't use socials etc HE WAS SOOO RESPECTFUL and he knows it 馃槶馃А
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worstloki3 months ago
Loki, defending Thor in Midgardian court for some stupid stunt he pulled: your honor, this is wack! You鈥檙e really gonna lock up my client for one 鈥榖ruh鈥 moment.
Thor, facepalming: he graduated top of his class at Harvard...
Loki: ;)
Loki: it was only 1 major L your honour
Thor: please just take me away
Loki: to clarify he is NOt pleading guilty my lord
Thor: i am pleading guilty
Loki, kicking him under the table where it's visible to everyone: he is NOT!
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wiirocku10 days ago
Tumblr media
Psalm 28:7 (NLT) - The LORD is my strength and shield. 聽 聽I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. 聽 聽I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.
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bcintia22 days ago
鈥淎 bizalom olyan, mint egy rad铆r, minden hiba ut谩n egyre kisebb lesz,,
Azt hiszem most 茅rzem 谩t igaz谩n..
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technoseance3 months ago
c!techno putting his trust into c!phil's guts and instinct is so in character. he knew he has no chance of going out of that prison, he knows damn well he is never gonna get out of that prison
but he has a friend, a warrior for years with sharp mind and sharper instinct, the one who makes the calls when he goes and becomes the brawns
he KNOWS c!phil will break him out of prison, and he knows it will be easier to hopefully break c!dream out of prison
thats why he went in peacefully, fully confident that his old friend will figure his shit out
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jorgenotfound4 months ago
I have decided to have faith in Scott Smajor. he will give me what I want. george and quackity on the same team. amen
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emzwolf3 months ago
Tumblr media
Everybody listen up. Kripke gave them the rights. They have the rights!!! They may be starting with this, planning to end with the reboot we all wanted in five years time.
Jensen literally traded the shitty finale and his appearance on the Boys for the rights. He wouldn't have done that just for a John prequel.
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emi-bunnia month ago
Bro how come non of y'all put me onto Don from Your Boyfriend 馃鈥嶁檧锔弝'all fake for that.
He has safe older man vibes. The type of older man who'd teach me how to change a flat tire even though he'd rather be doing something else.
The kind of older man who'd go to a car dealership with me to make sure I don't get scammed
Safe older man 鉂ゐ煒 and I love him
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So the Merc upgrade was actually Roscoe working on the car鈥.
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parviocula16 days ago
I would give Smasher 20$ to tell me the story of what really happened at the tower.
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tiny-candies-and-cookies3 months ago
thinking about.,, characters that wouldn鈥檛 necessarily be preds but like their friend is scare and so they take them in and protect them for the time being until they鈥檙e somewhere safe or the prey feels better聽
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strawbugz16 days ago
its endersmile or prime boys ez dub pack it up gg
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just-a-nervous-bean9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Self indulgent sequence doodles of Thal in his early thirties, starting his 50-year 鈥渉ow high can i get at parties before I have to start rolling death saves鈥 arc. Just snuff for this, and a cold , bc self indulgent聽
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