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#I usually size it down when I’m done but this one was a beast for some reason
orcawardseal · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
More fun with backgrounds and tengu + kitsune yaaay
(Also why are all my file sizes so big? Or maybe it’s normal to have like 40-60 MB if the canvas is big enough?? Maybe I have too many layers?? 🤔)
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samuslut · 5 months ago
fever pitch | kirishima eijirou
Tumblr media
It doesn’t take a Quirk to make Kirishima want to fuck you until you’re both collapsing, but it does help.
kirishima eijirou x f!reader - 18+
wc: 3.5k
warnings: smut, dubcon because kiri’s under the effects of a quirk, sex pollen, size kink, biting, overstim (male and female), oral (fem. receiving), cum eating, praise, use of daddy, hair pulling, kiri has long hair
author’s note: many thanks to @bakatenshii​ for the title and beta when it was like 6am your time <3 find the whorehouse’s intoxicated masterlist here!
Tumblr media
Waking up to missed phone calls, a handful of voicemails, and multiple texts from your boyfriend’s Sidekick at 7am isn’t how you expected to start your morning. Trying to decipher what had happened to the famous Pro Hero Red Riot while half-asleep is hard enough, and it’s made even more difficult when you have to figure it out from his Sidekick’s frantic rambling. You’d known he’d been patrolling overnight. It’s usually pretty uneventful, so you weren’t expecting to be jolted awake.
“There was an attack and Red Riot tried to take one of the villains down, but he didn’t activate his Quirk in time so he was hit by theirs! I took him to the hospital after. He got sent home about an hour ago, oh jeez, I’m so sorry! It’s all my fa—”
Hearing that was enough to immediately clear the remnants of sleep from your system, so you ended the voicemail and within minutes you’re out of bed and dressed. Your mind’s racing a mile a minute while you’re simultaneously sending Kirishima a string of texts and slipping on your shoes.
The twenty minute long ride to his apartment is anxiety-inducing. The calls you make are unanswered, and eventually you give up to scroll through Twitter to see if anything is trending. Surely enough, after a few taps on your screen, you see a tweet from a local news station:
“Fuck,” you curse under your breath, desperately clicking on the link to the article:
[Purchase the rest of this article for $1.99!]
“Of course,” you mutter, closing the tab and returning to Twitter. By the time you scrolled to the bottom of the #ThankYouRedRiot hashtag, you’ve arrived at his place. Calling him one last time on your way up the elevator, you breathe a sigh of relief when he picks up.
A couple beats of panting come through the phone speaker. “... D-don’t come, babe. I’m fine.” He sounds as if he’d just ran a marathon, and you could’ve sworn you heard something crashing from his end.
“I’m already here, come on, open the door.”
“Go home, please.” Every word is strained as if Kirishima’s will is like a rope pulled taut, threatening to snap at a moment’s notice. “If I let you in, I won’t be able to hold back.”
“Huh?” You lean against his front door, brows knitted together with concern.
“It’s this… damn Quirk I got hit by,” Kirishima groans, “I don’t know what’s happening but I’m going crazy, baby. My body is overheating, I—“ He cuts himself off with a sharp hiss, faint, wet slapping noises echoing in the background.
“Eijirou? Just come open the door so I can help you. I need to make sure… Eiji?” A broken moan has you trailing off, completely confused as to what’s happening on the other side of the door that you’re now slumped against, sitting on the bristly welcome mat that Mina had gifted Kirishima as a housewarming gift.
Kirishima grunts your name weakly, “Pin is 9347. Stay…” he cuts off again, and you hear him mutter a string of curses, “stay in the living room until I come out.” He hangs up abruptly while you wonder whether that was a warning or a demand.
Quickly unlocking the front door, you’re stunned in shock when you open it to see the state of disarray his apartment is in. Dining chairs are knocked over, a dozen half-empty water bottles and couch cushions are strewn across the floor, and the large red gears along with the rest of his uniform seem to have been discarded haphazardly from the front hall leading up to the bedroom.
While he’s not an insane neat freak like some of his friends, Kirishima also isn’t someone who’d leave behind such a mess on purpose. Did he do this in the last hour that he’s been home?
You slowly knock on his bedroom door with bated breath. “Can I come in?”
He grunts in response but doesn’t say anything to stop you from entering the room, where you’re overwhelmed by a wave of warm air and the heady smell of sweat, Kirishima, and something oddly… sharp? You can’t place it, but it doesn’t sit right with your senses.
A gasp is quickly ripped from the back of your throat as your eyes scan the room until they reach the massive, completely naked redhead splayed out on his king-sized bed, the covers and his many pillows—some ripped to shreds—decorating the floor. One of his hands is wrapped around his soft cock, unmoving, while the other dabs a bunched up wad of tissue across his chiselled abs, decorated by a trail of dark hair. Chest rising and falling with heavy breaths, Kirishima turns his head to look at you with hooded lids.
Did he just moan when you locked eyes?
“Don’t come any closer, ‘kay? I don’t know if this is contagious.”
“What the fuck? Are you okay?” Your legs are moving out of instinct, but before you’re able to make it to the bed, Kirishima growls, the sound low and threatening enough for you to freeze.
“I’m serious. Stay there.”
“Are you kidding me? You look terrible, let me help. Do you need me to get you some water or something?” Scanning his fully nude body, besides the unnatural pink tinge to his skin and the faded scars that adorn it, you notice deep red imprints around his arms and chest, like the vines he was wrapped in burnt him. He’s flushed all over, and his shallow panting makes it seem like he’s overheating. You take another step, and Kirishima’s face snaps to you, slowly starting to sit up and chucking the used tissue into the nearest bin.
“What did I say?” His messy, red hair sticks to his forehead and temples, and it cascades down his back in tangles from him tossing and turning in bed. “This Quirk… I swear, baby, it’s taking everything in me not to grab you right now and fuck you.”
His cock starts to stiffen before your eyes, blood rushing to the enlarged shaft. “Please,” his eyes bore into yours, slightly glassy as he flops back down on the mattress “just go home. You know I’m alive, I’ll be okay. Just gotta ride this out.”
“How can you say that when you look like you’re about to pass out at any moment?” As much as you’re concerned about your boyfriend, it’s hard not to stare at his bobbing cock, precum oozing from the angry, flushed tip and dripping onto his stomach. The sight alone is enough to make you press your thighs together. After all, your 7 feet tall, chiselled bodied boyfriend has been naked this whole time.
“Do… Do you need some help? So this Quirk that’s still in your system is making you… horny?”
Kirishima laughs, wiping away a bead of sweat that’s running down his forehead. “It’s making me miserable. But yeah, more or less. The doctors sent me home to quarantine until it’s gone, but fuck, it sucks so bad.”
“Let me help, Eijirou. Please?” It’s not like you wouldn’t get something out of it too. Kirishima is a wonderful partner in bed, and if you’re able to make him feel even a bit better, then you’re prepared to do whatever it takes.
He isn’t aware that his hand has wrapped around the base of his cock again, slowly moving up and down until he catches you staring and stops. Every step you take closer to him makes him twitch and his heart thump in his chest. “I-I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfy doing.”
“I want to do this.”
Sometimes you forget Kirishima’s a Pro Hero, and a good one at that. He’s always been your bubbly boyfriend for as long as you’ve been together, so it’s natural for you to forget. But in times like these, when he’s on his feet and carrying you to the bed so fast that you’re barely able to register what’s happening until you land on your back, you remember that he’s always holding back. The speed, the strength, all of it. There’s never a moment when he’s not keeping it locked up around you.
Right now, Kirishima is more than your happy-go-lucky boyfriend. He’s a barely contained beast, hovering above you while he’s got you caged in between his arms on either side of your head. You’ve never felt so small, as if it’s possible for you to feel even smaller around the mountain of a man.
Red hair covers your peripheral vision, falling from him like a curtain that keeps out the rest of the world. It’s just you and him.
And this stupid Quirk.
“You sure?”
“Mmhm.” Cupping his cheek, your hand laughably tiny compared to his face, you pull Kirishima down to kiss you, tongues intertwining and fingers lacing between his soft hair. “Ow! Hey!” You pull back when his pointed teeth nip at your bottom lip harder than he’s ever done it, running your tongue along it to make sure you’re not bleeding.
“Shit, I’m sorry, you ‘kay?” he asks, but it’s half-hearted. Burying his face into the crook of your neck, Kirishima licks a slow line down your throat, hardening his finger to run it down the front of your shirt and ripping it in half with ease. Kissing the newly exposed skin, he cups your breasts, thumbing your nipples until they pebble. “No bra? What a slutty girl. I could’ve died and you came here wanting to have sex?”
“No! I didn’t—ah!—didn’t have time,” you mewl, back arching off the mattress when he wraps his lips around your hardened nipple, lapping at it while he uses his other hand to tug your pants down your legs. He continues to work his way down, giving your nipple one last bite that has you gasping before kissing the valley between your breasts, your stomach, then finally over your clothed pussy.
It doesn’t take much for him to shred the flimsy fabric underneath his sharp, Quirk-enabled finger, the full scent of your cunt hitting him like a train. It makes his head spin, his mouth water, and his already painfully hard dick throb against the sheets. It’s shameless, really, how he immediately dives between your legs as if it were an oasis in a desert. He noses your folds apart, and the loud sounds of him inhaling has your cheeks heating up and you pushing against his forehead in embarrassment.
“Stop being weird!” You say that, but it’s not like you’re not turned on from it, feeling yourself getting wetter right in front of Kirishima’s eyes.
A large hand bats yours away, resting on the inside of your thigh and easing it apart so Kirishima can wedge his massive body between them. Trying to fit his broad shoulder alone means spreading your legs so far apart that a dull burn runs along your hamstrings. “Lemme enjoy it.”
It’s messy, the way Kirishima eats you out with a fervour. His tongue is everywhere—tracing along your slit, thrusting in and out of your hole until he’s rewarded with your sweet nectar. It drips down to his chin, it’s smeared across his lips, and the heavy moan he lets out vibrates your entire body.
“You taste so fucking good, princess. Give me more, c’mon.” Rough fingers spread your folds apart to reveal your clit, slick and shiny from his saliva. His tongue traces circles around it, alternating between gentle laps and sucking that has your toes curling, while dragging a finger down to your clenching hole and playing in the juices he’s drawn out of you. Working two fingers into your pussy, he hisses at the feeling of your walls clamping down on him.
“Fuck, you’re going to be so tight. You sure about this?” He says that as if you’re never not tight when taking him. As big as the rest of him, Kirishima’s cock, with its plum-shaped head and thick shaft, is always a struggle to take, regardless of how turned on you are.
While he’s rubbing at the spot that has you seeing stars, you force yourself to half-heartedly glare at Kirishima, his cheeks pink and glistening from your wetness. “You gonna fuck me or not, Eijirou?” He’s really got to be out of his mind to ask you that when your pussy is practically screaming at him to stuff it, arousal running down his wrists that gets cleaned up by his large tongue.
“But I don’t wanna hurt you.”
“If you don’t fill me right now, I’ll find someone who will!”
That’s enough to get his ass in gear, nostrils flaring as he shifts back up your body and slamming his lips against yours. Biting at your bottom lip—gentler this time—Kirishima drinks in your moans while your small hand reaches out and brushes along his dick, causing it to jump and pulse at the teasing touches.
Every nerve ending in his body screams at him to shove you up against the nearest wall and fuck you quickly, because even after cumming over and over to the point where Kirishima’s certain his balls have nothing left to give, he needs to have you. Quirk or not, he wants to see you all fucked-out with bliss with his cum dripping from your hole, in your stomach, and splattered across your chest.
You grip his cock, already knowing what he likes. Kirishima prefers a firm grip, and you love to deliver, able to feel the steel underneath all the veiny, soft skin when you have him in hand.
“I-it’s all yours,” he forces out through clenched teeth, resisting the urge to slam you on your back and just sink into you. Your touch against him feels like a slow fire, both from the overstimulation of his poor, overworked cock and the Quirk’s effects that makes him immensely turned on.
“... Want you, Eijirou.”
Another shiver runs up his spine as he pumps his cock in your palm, kissing your forehead in such a tender way that one wouldn’t think he’s already cum more times than he can count by this point. “I want you too, princess. Wanna be inside you more than my next breath.” A final kiss before he’s watching you fall back onto the bed, the crumpled sheets against your skin still soft and silky.
Tossing his big body next to yours, Kirishima strokes himself, twitching tip drenching his hand in more precum. “God, you’re beautiful.”
“You’re not going on top?”
Kirishima’s smile comes back, toothy and endearing. “I... I’m gonna need you to come up and take me first. Babe, I’ve barely been able to hold back this entire time and I feel like the second it goes in I’m going to lose it.” Pulling on your hand, he tugs you up until you sling your leg over his wide hips to straddle him. “There we go, atta girl.”
From this position, you’re able to see the rise and fall of his chest and the fires of lust brimming in his ruby red eyes. The heat radiating from his cock almost burns your skin as you roll your hips, letting it run along the seam of your slit and jutting up to hit your clit. Again and again you repeat the motion pleasure sparking through you as Kirishima’s cockhead rubs at your clit, coating it in sticky, translucent pre.
“You’re killing me, princess,” Kirishima groans, his jaw clenched tight.
Deciding to take pity on him, you lift yourself up and hover above his dick. He’s so big and thick that you gulp, but luckily his hands grip your hips, helping you lower yourself down. Inch by delicious inch, more of Kirishima starts to disappear within you, stretching you wide and leaving you with an amazingly full feeling. Rocking back and forth, your pussy devours his cock.
Angling his head down, Kirishima shudders as he watches. “Fuck, that’s so hot.”
While you can’t see, you love the fact that his eyes are on you and on the place where your bodies connect. Unable to wait a moment longer, you move, gravity doing its work as you slide down and take him to the base.
“Tell Daddy how good his cock feels, baby girl. Stretching you so wide like this, so fucking deep.”
“Feels—nghh—so good, ‘m so full,” you whine, feeling the tip graze against your cervix whenever you sink back down.
“That’s right, take all of me, just like that. Fuck me hard, yeah? Give Daddy what he wants.”
You want it just as badly as he does. Power and arousal rush into your system as you ride him, your pace awkward at first, but his steady hands help you find the rhythm. Instinct takes over as Kirishima sighs at how your cunt convulses around him, hands coming up to cup your breasts, tugging at your nipples as you bounce and grind yourself down on him until you find the perfect spot that makes your head go blank.
Calling out his name, pure pleasure and your orgasm wash through you, making you forget every bit of sense you have. “Daddy—Daddy, oh fuck, I’m—!”
“Shit, me too, baby,” Kirishima’s face contorts as the heavy sack of his balls, soaked in your essence, tingles, and he’s bucking underneath you. Thick, meaty fingers hold you tight as another orgasm pours out of him, milky, hot cum flooding your tiny cunt, the overflow dribbling down his shaft.
Falling on top of him with a sigh, the remnants of your orgasm starts to fade, but you’re not spared a second of reprieve before the world blurs and Kirishima spins you so that you’re underneath him. Within moments he’s back between your thighs, following the trickle of cum leaking out of your pussy in awe before pushing it back inside with two thick fingers. Your entire body shudders from your battered walls being touched once again, and you all but scream when you feel his tongue lap at your pussy.
“Can’t waste this,” he murmurs, entranced by the combined taste of both yours and his release, his cock rising to attention once more as another feverish wave of arousal rushes through him. “Tastes too damn good to stop.” His slick, cum-covered hand reaches down to wrap around the base, a sharp hiss leaving his lips from how overstimulated he is. He’s lost count of how many times he’s cum at this point, but it doesn’t stop the Quirk from making him want to keep doing it, hips stuttering as he fucks his fist and into the mattress.
Your hands wind into his hair again, anchoring yourself to the giant of a man as he slurps up cream that leaks out of you, the slight saltiness exploding on his tongue while you mewl his name. “Eiji, please… Too s-sensitive!” Kirishima responds by growling into your folds, the lower half of his face all flushed and a mess as he gives you a temporary break, littering your inner thighs with surprisingly gentle nips from a man with extra sharp teeth.
“Pretty girl, let go. Cum for Daddy again.” The hand stroking his cock comes back up to help him fold your legs up, making more space so he can tongue-fuck your hole that’s still drooling with cum. Each rotation of his tongue around your clit sends you spiraling further towards your incoming release, and it’s not long before another wave of pure bliss crashes into both your bodies as you cum hard on Kirishima’s mouth while he humps the bed until there’s a wet spot beneath him. Balls utterly empty, he only manages for drops of watery cum to seep into the mattress, but it still gives him a moment of relief.
Spacey and panting, you only just register Kirishima pulling you into his chest, your face squished between his soft pecs and your leg hiked over his thick thigh. “You okay? I pushed you hard.”
“Mmhm, ‘m just tired now.”
“You’re telling me,” he laughs, large hand rubbing circles into the small of your back. “Should’ve gone home when I told you to, baby.” Your breath slows with every passing second, barely able to nod when he talks to you, your mind floating in the clouds as a faint soreness starts to creep into your body.
“So... you’re gonna help me when this,” he brings your hand down to cup his finally flaccid and spent dick, “acts up again, right?” Grinning into your hair, Kirishima looks down at you fondly as you grunt in annoyance.
“I’m just kidding! Maybe.”
Tumblr media
tip jar!
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stickychicky · 5 months ago
First time with big dick daddy Zhongli (lip bite emoji)
NSFW under the cut
Bottom GN reader, gentle top Zhongli
Completely NSFW smut; stretching/finger fucking, lightly mentioned edging, slight (mostly mental) cock worship, explicitly penetration, slight breeding kink because I’m like that
I’m unhappy so smut time(I also have another writing in the drafts, it’s an orgy one heh)
I have a really big thing for dicks bouncing out of pants like wtf so you can expect a lot of that in these posts ig
I used a Chinese term here; “dage” is basically “big brother” (informal) and these types of terms are used for someone who is familiar or close to you. It is usually used with friends, family, and lovers.* Using “brother” or “sister” to refer to someone is not related to you is quite common in Asian culture (I’m vietnamese but I’m pretty familiar with Chinese culture myself aka xianxias and danmeis and all that) .* It’s not considered incestuous when used between lovers, it’s considered a pet name of sorts.* Please understand this is our culture and since Zhongli is Chinese, my head canon is that he is a “dage” kind of guy mf has a gege kink I stg
Chinese terms used here:
“Baobei” = my treasure, sweetheart, dearest, etc
“Dage” = big brother (pronounce “dah-guh”)
“Ge” or “Gege” = brother (the repeated one sounds more cutesy) (pronounce “guh” or repeat twice to get “guh-guh”)
Zhongli crammed another finger inside of you. And, panting as if he was the one on the receiving end, murmured:
“You’re doing so well. We’re almost there.”
You felt riled up and excited during the foreplay, at Zhongli’s first two fingers stretching you out. However, he had just inserted a third finger and impatience clouded your head, itching your veins.
Still, you tried to stay still, tried to keep quiet about your complaints. Trying to focus on the feeling and pleasure of Zhongli fucking you with his fingers.
Every so often when he slowly thrust his hand into you, he would wiggle it inside and rub along the walls of your hole.
It was becoming maddening, the pleasure only mounting, but Zhongli would always pause in his ministrations, still where he was in you, when you showed signs of reaching orgasm.
“Dage,” you whined, shaking your hips a little and feeling a hot rush of desire shoot through you as he easily pushed your offending hips down onto the bed with his free hand.
“Baobei, just one more finger, then I will let you have me.”
You wondered how big his cock would be for him to be over zealously attentive and careful about stretching you out.
Trying to eye the bulge where his cock would be in his pants, it was hard to see due to your position and the angle Zhongli was in.
Although it wouldn’t be hard to ask him to stop and let you see him for the first time, you were already almost done being stretched out and would soon see it anyways, and gave up using your sight to scope him out.> Instead as you fumbled around the bed, Zhongli letting out a questioning hum as he continued to dip his fingers in abs out of you, you attempted to cop a feel in between his legs.
“What.. are you doing?”
He had slowed his movements but had not stopped while in confusion at your actions, but when you grabbed a considerably hard bulge, he gasped then groaned deeply, accidentally jerking his fingers harshly into you, making it so that you moaned right after him.
“Zhongli ge,I just wanted to see how big it was, but now I know that I definitely need the fourth finger! I’m ready for it.”
You shook your hips teasingly on his stiff hand to prove your statement, that which quickly cooperated with your movements and fucked into you and spread out the fingers occasionally.
“Hm.. well, you may certainly have, ah, a look once you’re all ready for me. Hnn. And maybe just a bit more.”
Still groping his cock outside of his fine trousers, the normal composure in Zhongli’s voice crumbled slightly at the stimulation.
By using different movements and feeling with both palm and fingers, you surmised his length to be both girthy and of a pleasant size. He was not to monstrous, or average, which pleased you- fitting for your first time together.
He must have shifted his original cock for this reason.
A startle of pleasure from your sweet spot being rubbed broke you out of your shameless thoughts and a moan broke out of your mouth, unbidden.
Because Zhongli had spent so long stretching you with his fingers and lubricating them with oil from time to time, you were relaxed and felt open to pleasure form being fucked in your hole, burning arousal rearing its head.
“Fourth finger, baobei.”
And with that short statement Zhongli gently nudged at your entrance with his pinkie, met with barely any resistance as he slid the appendage in to join the other three fucking you.
“Z-Zhongli,” you panted. “This is barely a stretch, doesn’t this mean we-“
Zhongli drove his hand into you with a deep shove, the part where fingers meeting knuckle stretching you with a pleasurable, but burning ache.
“Oh, oh, oh..”
Writhing, you simultaneously pushed back onto his hand and away from the new and foreign stretch, letting go of his cock in the process.
The Geo Archon chuckled slightly in his arousal deepened voice, pulling out of you and slowly inserting his hand back inside of you.
“I surmise that you will be prepared in a few minutes’ time. Your body has adjusted enough to my hand that it should adapt quickly to a fourth finger.”
You panted on the bed, grunting every so often like a beast in heat, as the burning ache in your hole subsided to a pleasurable stretch again and you climbed closer to an orgasm.
He smiled gently, a small and elegant thing, if not for the erection in his expensive pants and his bare, usually gloved hands, shone from the lubricant used for fucking you.
“Alright, alright. You shall get what you desire, but didn’t you want to, ah, examine the goods beforehand?”
You gave him an unimpressed look and he leaned over to kiss your sweaty forehead apologetically. He turned back over, sitting you up as well, and began to undo his pants.
Zhongli stood up, dipping his thumbs in between his hips and pants before dragging his hands downwards, pulling down the garment and his underwear at the same time, and exposing himself to the air.
As soon as he pulled down his pants, you saw his dick bounce back into the air from where it was previously restrained, already erect. It swayed a little in the air, before steadying, but your mind kept replaying the scene of it bouncing into place, the length so long that it even hit the trail of hair on his abdomen.
Dripping a little and leaving a droplet of precum on the hairs.
The cock itself was a thing of beauty, its root hefty and inlaid with delicate veins, a smooth mouthwatering stretch of skin to the darkened, drooling tip that was dimpled with a slightly gaping slit.
A visceral want had you wishing to get Zhongli inside of your mouth right away, to suck and slobber on his cock and trace your tongue over all the veins and tease into the slit of the tip.
“Is it to your satisfaction?”
You swallowed, throat feeling empty and dry.
“It seems to be very good. May I test the quality of the product quickly before using it?”
Zhongli had by then discarded of his pants, and the rest of his clothes, left only in his garters and a plain button up that was loosened at the collar.
The contrast of his dick should have been obscene, but on the backdrop of his white shirt and with his elegant disposition, Zhongli’s cock was like the first stroke of ink on a canvas.
He nodded and sat down in front of you on the bed, spreading his legs and began unclamping the garter strips, sliding his shirt off, muscles rippling as he did so.
His nipples were dark and small, perfect accents on his scarred pectorals, tempting your mouth.
You quickly touched his wrists as he was about to strip out of the last piece of clothing and switched to holding his hands.
“Can.. can you keep the garters on? I like them.”
Zhongli smiled knowingly, speaking an affirmative, before touching your shoulders and guiding you to lay down on the bed.
He skimmed his nails over your body, exciting you and making you erupt with shivers, from trailing your collarbones to sternum, each side of your belly, the backs of your thighs and your arms.
You lifted your hips up in accordance to Zhongli’s wants, and he laid your bottom on an ornate pillow that cooled your hotter body temperature.
“It will be easier this way,” he said, as he positioned himself between your legs.
You thanked him, and he nuzzled your shoulder before going down to quickly flick your nipple with the tip of his tongue.
You gasped in surprise, and he took the chance to dig his thumb into your hole, pulling so that he could see the inside and dipping in slightly to test your resistance.
Just as quickly as Zhongli had teased your nipple, the warm, engorged tip of his cock pressed lightly against your tightening hole, guided by his hand.
He brushed your cheek with his spare hand, and unspoken question, and you held his hand to your face with your own, nodding.
It was big.
There was again the slight burning ache brought to your insides like when Zhongli had initially stretched you with his fourth finger, but he went far slower with his own cock stretching you.
You’d never felt so full before.
His length, while entering you slowly, was a steady force, unrelenting while driving into the deepest parts of you.
The intimacy made you shiver, tighten instinctively on Zhongli’s cock, until he shushed you and kissed you sweetly and tenderly.
Eventually, the same slow pace became not enough for you, just like his pace when he had used his fingers on you.
“Zhongli ge, please,” you laced your fingers together and clenched your hole to make a point.
Zhongli raised your intertwined hands to his face and kissed your hand before setting it back against the bed, bracing himself on you.
“As my baobei wishes.”
He had you cry out in the first thrust, first in shock and then in pleasure.
With the stamina of an Archon, Zhongli fucked you quickly and with an addictive rhythm; he would alternate between quick and shallow thrusts to make you relish the feeling of being penetrated over and over again; and he would fuck you with deep and slow thrusts to savor the tightness of your body, the wriggling warmth you provided on his cock.
Lost in a field of pleasure, you barely noticed your real, first orgasm of the night, powerful and rocking your body, making you squeeze down on Zhongli and force a strangled growl out of him.
Sweat soaked sheets dug into your back as you arched into Zhongli’s dick, twitching, tensed, riding out the sparks in your blood stream.
Your mouth was open in a silent scream, eyes unseeing but focused on your partner’s red face, sweaty and teeth gritted as he too focused on coming undone.
The Archon’s golden eyes snapped open at you, his eye make up smeared and thighs flexing as he stilled inside of you, his black garters painting for a truly debauched scene.
You reached out for him with your arms, him falling into your embrace, earlobes and cheeks burning hot on your neck.
“Zhongli ge,” you repeated, clenching his waist with your legs.
He was still as hard as he was in the beginning, carved his way deep is side of you, hot and slippery from the oil and his own precum.
“Call me Gege,” he muttered into the junction of your neck and shoulder.
“Gege,” you called out sweetly.
Zhongli tensed immediately before his cock twitched inside of you and he began ramming you, fervent and desperate, licking at your salty flesh.
“Li Gege, Li Gege, won’t you cum for me?”
He half growled and half yelled as he bit harshly into your shoulder, animalistic ruts having lost their rhythm and stiff dick pounding into you desperately and quickly.
It was only a matter of a few more seconds of mindless fucking that Zhongli finally came, grunting in your ear hoarsely, aggressively pressing his hips harshly into yours with every wave he felt, knocking you back with every push as if he wanted to rub all of his semen deep inside of you.
“So good.. so good.. my baobei, so good to me.”
edit: idk ab you but i saw a wall of text and i just 👁👄👁so i came back to fix it, , ,
I literally bit into raw ground meat twice today bye 😌⁉️the food was NOT cooked lol
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kingsuckjin · a year ago
Ungodly Beast
Tumblr media
✞ Pairing: Devil! Jungkook x reader
✞ Genre: smut, slight horror, Jungkook devil au
✞ Warnings: blasphemous content, y/n can't have children (hints at IVF), impreg kink, dick size kink, tattoo kink, fingering (f), thigh riding, oral (m and f receiving), face riding, dom! jungkook , rough sex, manhandling, degradation (f name calling), choking, kook has horns black eyes and a forked tongue, overstimulation (f), pain kink, ruined orgasm and orgasm denial (f), daddy kink, choking kink
✞ Rating: 18+ (M)
✞ Synopsis: You were sure about this, sure enough to summon Satan himself. A baby all of your own was all you had ever wanted, it was all you had ever dreamed of, it was the only thing your life was lacking. But what price would you have to pay for it? You thought in the beginning that there was nothing you wouldn't do to have your wish granted, well…
✞ Words: 5.1k
Tumblr media
Your hands shook as you held the slightly burnt and stiff paper you had found on your nightstand. You didn't know if you were shaking because you were tired, in shock that it had worked, or you were afraid. It had taken you years to do this, so many things needed to summon him, so many hoops to jump through, you had almost given up. But as you held the paper in your hands, the solid proof in words that you had finally done it, your fear, shock and any other negative emotions turned to overwhelming joy.
"Tonight, meet me at the bar you like so much. You know the one." 
The paper read so casually. You expected something more formal from an entity so powerful. It didn't matter though, tonight you were going to get what you had always wanted no matter the cost, no matter what the devil asked of you.
Tumblr media
The only time he isn't looking at you since you had arrived was when he threw back a shot like it was water. You couldn't even explain how good he looked in his white dress shirt that was buttoned down a few buttons and black dress pants. He could’ve been just a man who had gotten off work and wanted a drink, but you knew better. There was something about him that was dark and sexy, maybe it was the shaggy wavy hair dangling almost in his eyes or maybe it was the tattoos that littered his body. Despite how gorgeous he was, everyone at the bar stayed away from him almost as if he couldn't see him at all. The more you looked at him the more you could make out a depth and duality of his appearance. He looked young but not too young, as if he could be someone's younger brother, a puppy like look. As he threw back his second shot you could see  the sides of a black upside down crucifix on the side of his neck. 
  You had never seen him before, his shaggy wavy hair, his cold and cocky gaze, his beauty, yet you knew exactly who he was. You had spent years on this, only now to finally meet with him and be too scared to face him. You felt like a coward as you stared back at him. You felt so drawn to him as if he were silently beckoning you over to him with his dark but expectant looks, as if he already owned your soul. Maybe he did. You knew he had to already know why he was here.
You took a deep breath as if it were your last before you stood, trying to hide your knees shaking while he sipped on a second drink. His dark eyes ran up and down your body in a way that reminded you of a panther sizing up its prey. Your heart sped up at least two times faster.
As you sat down in the stool beside him, he turned away from you and faced forward and silently up two fingers to the bartender.
"What do you want from me? You didn't drag me here just to say you're a big fan, did you darling?" He still didn't look at you as he spoke, instead, he took the shots the bartender sat down in front of him and pushed one your direction.
"I- you- do people do that?" You couldn't help but wonder. You doubted someone would go through as much impossible hell as you did just to summon him to see him.
"Humans are curious creatures, and stupid. You'd be surprised." He threw the shot back and finally looked at you.
It took you a moment to realize he wanted you to do the same, so you did. You could've sworn that the burn of the shot going down your throat was more fiery than usual, but you were too nervous to think too much about it.
"How about instead of you telling me what you want, I guess what you want." He offered as he narrowed his eyes at you as if to try to gaze through you into your soul. You knew he already knew, you could feel he knew. You came to the conclusion that he just wanted to show his power in the form of a party trick. Even before he had wanted to show off what he could do, you felt more than ever that he was possibly the most dangerous thing in the universe.
"Okay." You agreed.
"You want a baby." His reply was so fast it almost cut you off. "Because you can't have children." 
"Do you know everything about everyone?" 
"Maybe I do." Was his vague reply before he gave you a smirk and slowly leaned in "What if I knew everyone's deepest, darkest desires, huh? Wouldn't that be something?" He gave you a wink as he pulled back and retreated, so there was more space between you.
"Is that really what you want? A crying, screaming, child that you are forever attached to, even after it's no longer a child?" He lifted a brow as if he could change your mind, you had summoned the devil for this, there was no changing your mind.
"Yes." Your answer was simple and firm.
"You maternal humans truly baffle me. There's really nothing you wouldn't do for your children." 
You thought now of all the mothers who had possibly summoned him just to save their child. You felt a pit in your stomach as you wondered what they had to give him in return, perhaps their own souls, perhaps something worse.
"But if it's a baby you want, then a baby you shall receive." He reached over and put a tattooed hand over the top of your empty shot glass, and when he removed it it was filled to the brim with the same liquor as before. 
You picked it up and threw it back as you felt just a little more brave than moments ago.
"And what do you want in return? My soul?" You asked as you set the glass back onto the bar and felt the burn of the liquid once again traveling down your esophagus.
You were nearly startled when he let out a loud, closed eyed cackle of amusement.
"Do I look like some silly, simple demon to you?" His gaze refixed itself on you, it became hard and stern, letting you know once again that he was above you, he held more power. "I don't deal in souls, I'm a go big or go home kind of guy, the king of all bad and every sin. Plus, hell needs no help roping in you silly mortals, you all fall into the fiery pit that I call home all on your own." His brown eyes flickered over your body once more "What I want is something I surprisingly can't receive in my world."
He looked you over once more, but this time his teeth caught his lower lip and tugged. 
You stared at his mouth and felt your pulse quicken at the thought of him biting your lip just like that, or any part of your body really.
"I'll give you a baby darling, but I want it the carnal and mortal way. I only work, and you know what they say about all work and no play. It's not everyday I get summoned by…" he lifted a hand to your chin and let his thumb brush over your cheek "someone so.. in need." 
You could feel the heat from his hand even after he had dropped it, it was as if he had burned himself into your skin but in the most gentle way possible.
"I promise to make it worthwhile. Those are my terms for now. Keep your silly soul." 
Your mouth felt so dry, you swallowed to try to bring back the moisture to it as you mulled this over in your mind. You didn't expect the devil himself to offer to give you a baby. More so, you wondered what the baby would be, would it be more human or… him.
He tilted his head and his wavy dark locks fell away from his face, once again almost reminding you of a puppy.
"Something wrong? Not a good enough deal?" He questioned as if he were about to take it all back causing you to panic.
"No! No no, it's a good deal, it's amazing actually. But… it will be yours, right so…"
"It will be mine." He nodded. "Are you trying to ask if I want some form of visitation? I believe I've hinted at not liking screaming infants." He looked to mull it over for a moment "perhaps when he's older, if it's alright. I'd hate to be a dead beat dad." His smile was charming and very contagious.
"So… you don't do this often?" 
"You think I have a bunch of bastard devil children running around? No. He will be my only one. Don't you feel special darling?"
"I-I um…" you didn't know what to say. Did you feel special? Yes. It was both enthralling and terrifying to know no one had ever gotten this chance before, but you couldn't help but wonder why you were the only one.
"Getting back on topic here," he began as he took on a more serious tone. "do you agree to my terms? Sorry, I have to ask for clarity. Is it a deal? Would you really do anything to have a baby of your very own?" 
"Yes." You replied without hesitation. You had thought about it so many times even before summoning him, and there's nothing you wouldn't give to be able to hold a small piece of you, a life you created yourself. 
"So be it." His words somehow held finality, but his smirk read of darkness. Something in your mind told you there was no turning back now.
"So, how does this work… do I drive? Do you want to-"
He cut you off with a chortle of a laugh.
"Come here." He beckoned you closer with a quick sideways tilt of his head and a mischievous smile.
You stood from the bar stool and took a step closer to where he was seated, nearly enclosing the space between you both. You stood between where his feet rested on the bars of the stool, right between his legs. He brought his face closer and closer to yours.
"Close your eyes." His whispered demand sounded almost like the quiet hiss of a snake, straggling, as if it were coiling around your mind, entrapping and pulling you closer. 
Your eyes closed as you felt his far too hot breath on your lips.
The somber chatter of the not quite busy bar around you fell away.
"Just imagine you bring me home." He continued to whisper into the now surrounding silence as you did as he asked. You thought of taking him back to your place, quiet and dark.
"Just us in your bedroom… you ready to surrender to me, ready to make this baby." 
As he spoke you felt a little disoriented for a moment, all light that filtered through your closed eyelids was gone, all sounds were washed completely away.
You let out a small gasp as you felt the heat of his fingertips move slowly up your upper arm to your shoulder. 
"Eyes still closed? You're an obedient one, aren't you?" 
You heard the creak of floor boards around you and you swore they sounded far too familiar. Your thought was cut off by his breath right in your right ear, the warmth sending goosebumps spread as fast as fire eats gasoline over your body.
"Do you want to open them now?"
As your eyes opened the first thing that came to mind was that you were definitely no longer in the bar. You were now in your dark room, just as you had imagined, facing your bed. You were home.
You heard him pacing around your room before stopping at the window that overlooked the city. You lived about twenty floors up and the city lights from outside was what was keeping your bedroom dimly lit.
"Rich girl, huh?" He gazed out the window casually with his hands clasped behind his back. "Let me guess, family was poor but became rich fast when you were young?" 
Your mouth floundered at just how right but rude he was. Fortunately, he seemed to already know he was right, so he went on to ask you a question.
"Surely a girl with money like you can afford medical procedures to help make a child, right?"
"I've tried them all." Your response was quick this time "they just left me feeling sick and with even less hope. The doctors said it would take a miracle." 
He let out a short, sarcastic laugh as he turned around and took slow strides towards you, eyes locked on you but he looked shockingly different.
Gone were his brown eyes, his eyes were now a solid black throughout, like two marbles made of polished obsidian.
Two textured yet smooth looking dark horns had grown from the top of his head. They reminded you of rams horns in the way that they twisted, curled and looped once.
You weren't scared however, intrigued and in awe mostly.
"It doesn't seem like you mind that I slipped into something more comfortable, human form is hard to maintain." 
As he spoke all you could do was stare at the horns, they looked like they had smooth little bumps all over them.
"I don't mind." You told him quietly and he stepped closer until his body was just inches from yours, forcing you to look him in the inky eyes.
"You like it." He smirked with his accusation before ducking his head to the side of yours to whisper in your ear "Well that's not all of me I think you'll enjoy.
Your thoughts ran wild as you imagined what body parts he could be talking about and what they might look like.
He moved his face back to where it was just mere millimetres from yours, grazing his soft lips over yours in a half kiss before raising his hand to gently cup your cheek before connecting his lips fully.
Your lips drank from his as if it was the only water in a desert, an oasis.
His mouth refused to let your tongue in, like the gates of heaven that you'd never get into now.
He took you by the forearm with his free hand and led you, eyes closed, mouths attached.
When his lips came off of yours, you heard your bed springs sink in so you opened your eyes. He sat in front of you on the edge of your bed looking up at you.
His hands went to the bare part of your lower thighs, running them up to your hips, bunching up the material of your dress until your lacy black panties were revealed to him.
"Please get out of… this." He let his hands and material fall before yanking on the hem of the fabric, as if he were a confused child trying to determine where to begin on a puzzle. While earlier you might've nearly been fooled into seeing a soft quality about him, you still hadn't been. This was the only real moment so far that you had seen him for anything other than what he truly was, a horned beast, the opposite of almost that is good in the world.
You reached for the zipper on the dress concealed at the side and pulled it down. He watched as the cloth fell away from your body to the ground. You leaned over in only your dark sheer underwear to help get your heels off when he made a demand.
"Sit on my knee darling, face me." He sounded so strong and sure that any piece of nervousness or humility you thought you had seen in him moments ago, was crushed and burned to ash.
You did as he asked and straddled his still dress pant clad left knee. It didn't seem good enough for him however, because he placed his hands on your back and pulled you into him in one swift motion until your chests touched.
He pressed his lips back to yours as his hands drifted down from your back to your hips, harshly grabbing fists full of your flesh in his hands.
You let out a shaky breath into his lips as he guided your hips, forcing you to grind your already sticky core and throbbing clit against his hard muscular thigh.
"So needy." He mumbled into your skin as his lips moved to your neck "I'm not disappointed. You like the way my body feels against yours?" He continued to move your lips against his leg, taking full control of the situation and you.
"You have no idea what I'm going to do to you." He whispered making you clench around nothing and wish he was buried inside of you already. "I can hear your little mortal heart beating as fast as a hummingbird's wings. So fragile you humans."
"I'm not." You painted as you moved your hips on your own now, trying desperately to get yourself off in the only way he was allowing.
Your response earned you a quiet doubt filled chuckle from him. You knew for a fact you were fragile compared to this all powerful being.
“Is that an invite for me to hurt you? Hm?” he squeezed your ass hard in his hands and a weak whimper of a moan left your mouth.
He released the flesh of your ass he was harshly grabbing only seconds before you felt a slight sting of a slap in the same spot.
"Answer me." He let out his demand through what sounded like clenched teeth.
"Yes. Yes please. Please hurt me." You begged as he went back to controlling your hips, pushing you down harder onto his muscular thigh.
"That's all you had to say, darling." He whispered over your repeated moans. You were coming so close, so fucking close, when he stilled your hips and unhooked your bra. The moment the garment it carelessly hit his lap before falling to the floor, his very warm mouth was wrapped around a nipple. His wet tongue toying with the hardening bud felt so good you almost didn't notice… something felt different about it.
You let out a gasp the moment the thought crossed your mind. You could almost swear he had two tongues.
You had to know what the hell was going on in his mouth so you lifted his head by pulling at the back of his hair until his mouth came away from your tit with a slight pop.
You daringly kissed him hungrily, shoving your tongue into his mouth curiously searching for his. When you found it you used yours to explore his, and your answer about his tongue sent a slight tingling through you.
His tongue was forked, split in two at the middle.
Just as you figured his little secret out he broke the kiss.
"Find something you like?" He seemed to tease.
"Maybe." You didn't know if it was the shots you had earlier or if you were just pretending he was human.
"Want to see what it can do?" His question caused a spark to ignite inside of you, giving birth to a roaring fire of bravery.
You pushed him backwards on the bed, or more so he let you push him. He seemed to like your little show of power because you could see a slight smile as you crawled up his torso, kicking off the last article of clothing that he had yet to strip from you, your panties.
He caught on quite fast and helped guide you with his hands on your hips until they hovered right over his face. He hooked his hands over your thighs and pulled you down lower onto his face.
You sucked in a breath as you felt his forked tongue wasted no time in roaming your folds, teasingly avoiding your clit. You needed more and tried to rock into his face but the grasp he had on your thighs was strong.
You looked down at him between your legs and he cocked an eyebrow up at you, seeming proud of himself for teasing you.
“Please, please, please, I- I need more.” you begged, but his tongue continues to avoid any place that could get you off.
He put his hands flat on your back, lifted you up and laid you down on your back, switching your positions in a fraction of a second.
You were momentarily surprised by his strength, only because you momentarily forgot he was inhuman.
All was forgotten again when he used both sides of his tongue to play with your clit. You were so distracted by his odd tongue and the indescribable feeling of it, that you didn't even notice that he had slipped two fingers into you. It wasn't until he curved them and hit your g-spot with just the right amount of pressure that they were inside of you at all.
You were writhing under his movements, jerking your hips into his mouth. You were trying so hard to reach your high.
You looked down at your legs splayed, his mess of dark wavy hair and horns moving along with his mouth.
His black eyes met yours for a moment, but he didn't stop, instead he closed them and worked his tongue and fingers harder.
"Oh God-" you felt it coming, just as you braced yourself with your hands bunching your sheets, he pulled away from your body entirely and sat up on his knees. He watched your face go from ready, to surprised to disappointed, all while a smirk spread across his own.
"Fuck you-" you caught yourself and remembered you didn't know what to call him "Satan?"
As unbuttoned his shirt and stunned you with his perfectly carved abs, he spoke
"You know what would be fun?" 
He threw his dress shirt to the floor before undoing his pants and sliding those off as well.
He now sat on his knees in black boxer briefs, between your still spread thighs, palming the biggest erection you had ever seen, even in the dark like this.
You were far too busy admiring his body and the show to respond.
"If you called me daddy." He dropped down on all fours over you "Might as well, right?" He was right in your face, words sounding like a growl.
"I-" Your voice trembled as you looked him dead in the dark eyes. Within an instant his hand was on your throat while the other held him up over you.
"Did I ask?" His teeth were clenched, maybe harder than he clenched the sides of your neck to restrict blood flow. 
You let out a quiet moan and that seemed to fire him up. He pushed his still clothed cock against your bare core before shoving his tongue into your mouth for just a moment.
"If you want me to put a fucking kid in you, you're going to do and say what I want you to." 
He dipped his face into your ear as he eased the hold on your neck.
"Yes what?" 
"Yes, daddy." 
"That's right bitch." His tone was sinister but so delightful, you could feel it throughout your body raising goosebumps across your skin. It was as if your body was telling you something was just wrong but your brain was begging for him to fuck you in its hyper turned on state.
His mouth was back on your lips.
"Do you feel my big cock ready to ruin your pretty little pussy?" He asked as it rubbed between your folds, the fabric of his underwear creating friction on your clit.
"Yes, oh fuck, yes daddy." You noticed you were already panting and sweating, maybe it was from how warm his body felt against yours, maybe it was from all the need coursing through you.
"Tell me how badly you want me to fuck a baby into you." He demanded as he managed to get his underwear down and off. You didn't have to look down to tell how big his cock was, you could feel the girth of it against you.
Your hands now roamed his muscular back.
"I want it so, fucking, badly. Give me a baby." You purred out your answer but it seemed like a pathetic attempt at being sexy compared to all that he was.
You let out a little squeal of surprise as he pulled at your hair, yanking it back so your neck was exposed.
You could feel his warm breath ghost over it.
"You'd have to be a real special kind of dumb whore to want a baby with the devil, Yeah?" You could hear the smoke in his voice before you felt not just his warm lips on the sensitive skin of your neck, but his teeth too.
"Maybe your mama should've taught you not to play with the devil." He murmured after releasing the pinched skin between his teeth.
You shuddered at the feeling and his words.
You felt his cock rut along the outside of your soaking slit teasingly.
"Maybe that's just the kind of thing I'm into." 
He let out a soft pleasured hum either from your statement or from his now sickened cock rubbing against you once more.
"You know what? I like you." He almost sounded to be taunting you further. Someone like him would never like a mortal like you. He was the devil, he probably didn't like anyone. Still though, his words made your heart flutter, right up until he shoved the head of his cock inside of you making you gasp at the suddenness. 
He grabbed a hold of your hair once more and his solid black eyes looked into yours as he slowly sank deeper into you. His cock was thicker than you had thought, and longer too, you wondered when it would end or if he was just planning to impale you with it.To take him, your nails dug down into the only thing that made him seem human, his flesh until he had bottomed out against your cervix. You waited for him to move for just a moment, for him to slam into you, but instead he sat up vertically and grabbed your hips.
As if you weighed nothing to him, he pulled you fast and hard down onto his dick. Pleasure shot through you along with the pain of his size stretching you.
He looked down at you and your mouth that was dropped open in awe of him. You took him in, his rippling muscles, his twisting horns, the smirk on his face and all you could think was fuck as your cunt clenched around him at just the sight of this beast, this king, the man just as important as God himself.
He pulled your hips back and you knew what was coming, but the moment he slammed you back down onto his cock, he kept going, fast. He was using you to fuck himself, you were nothing but a rag doll right now to him, but the thought of that only made him relentlessly pounding you feel even better. 
His low, throaty groans and moans were just an added bonus to the raw, unbridled sounds of his skin slapping against yours.
"Oh my fucking go-" 
"Don't fucking say it." He growled at you "don't you fucking call his name when the devil is balls deep in your cunt."
You hadn't even realized what you were about to say, you were already so fucked out of your mind.
When he stopped you were worried you had actually offended him, you were worried he would stop and call the whole thing off.
He put your legs over his shoulders as he came back down over you, face to face, bending you in half with your knees against your body. His black bangs dangling in his face, black eyes peering through them, his hand going back around your throat.
He abruptly began fucking into you again, but faster as he squeezed the sides of your neck with his fingers.
"Who do you fucking belong to?" 
He was so deep inside of you and you felt so light headed that it was hard to control the moans that left your mouth. "Say it, fucking say who's whore you are." 
"Yours." You squeaked out and he let up on the pressure of your neck just as you came hard around every inch of him that he was making you take.
"that's right, show me, don't just tell me." He seemed amused by how your body responded to him, legs twitching on his shoulders, fingers digging into your sheets, eyes fluttering, mouth gasping.
As soon it was over you felt another one coming on, he wouldn't slow down, he wouldn't stop, his stamina seemed to be inhuman too. He was fucking you so hard you swore he was about to break your bed, or would by the time he came.
"You going to cum again? Desperate for that needy little pussy to be filled up with my cum?"
"Please" You whined, confirming to him your desperation.
"Cum." He commanded. "Do it whore, earn my cum." 
You didn't know if you could, you felt exhausted and drained. 
"You want me to fuck a baby into you? Want me to fill you up, pump your guts full of my cum?"
"Yes please yes." You begged feeling closer now.
"Your greedy pussy needs to milk every fucking drop of my seed, I'll fuck you nice and deep and fuck it into you so you can get pregnant." 
His dirty talk combined with his actions of grinding deeply into you detonated your orgasm.
"Fuck, that's it. Fuck I'm going to fill your cunt so full." He babbled.
Just as you thought it couldn't feel any better, you felt spurt after spurt of his cum fill you. It felt too warm to be human, it tingled in the weirdest way.
You watched his face as his jaw went slack and he let out a long hoarse moan. He gave a few more thrusts before sitting up still inside of you.
His head hung down and you thought maybe he was trying to catch his breath until you realized you were the only one breathing heavily.
He let out a very short laugh before pulling out of you carefully.
You reached for a pillow by your head to prop up your hips to keep from letting any of his cum dribble out before covering yourself up.
He was already halfway through getting dressed when you looked at him, you swore you could see a smirk on his face as he buttoned his shirt.
For a moment, and a bit too late, you thought about asking him to stay over, but you realized that would be silly.
Your eyes watched him until he was fully dressed and standing at the foot of your bed.
You saw his face now and knew for a fact his smile was sinister.
"I wasn't joking when I said your mom should've really warned you about me." 
You felt like he knew something you didn't and you were confused.
"You're not the only dumb bitch in your family you know. Mama came to me poor and hungry, pregnant with you." 
An unsettling feeling had reached its peak inside of you.
"She begged me to make her family rich so her daughter could grow up right. I agreed, but I always take something. Guess what I took?" He chuckled coldly.
As the answer hit you, you felt like sobbing, but your body just couldn't.
"Ever wonder why you couldn't have children even though you were perfectly healthy? Ever wonder why all those expensive treatments never worked? But don't worry, I'm giving you what you want. Good luck with my child, don't even try to hurt him. I'll be back in five years to take him."
You felt devastated and furious all at once, you went to speak but he interrupted with a fake pout.
"What? Not fair? Your mother said that too. I only agreed to let you have a baby. You're lucky in giving you five years with him." His smile turned sickeningly charming "just enough time to get attached. You really shouldn't make deals with the devil you know, but I guess it's far too late for that, even a generation ago." 
He was standing there one moment and gone the next, leaving you as alone and crying as hard as you ever have, even harder than the time you found out you couldn't have children.
Tumblr media
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searidings · 9 months ago
Kara moving in with her best bud Lena for Reasons (maybe her apartment is temporarily fucked up?) and now Lena has to watch her exercise/weight-lift/do yoga in a sports bra in her apartment
It’s already been a capital D type of Day, full of misogynistic potential investors and minor workplace explosions, when Lena opens her front door to the sight of Kara Danvers in a perfect-form downward facing dog on her living room floor.
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” she mutters, dropping her keys noisily onto the kitchen counter and making a beeline for the booze cupboard.
“Did you say something?” Kara asks angelically, transitioning smoothly into a cobra that very delightfully and extremely unhelpfully causes her biceps to flex like a Greek goddess. Her eyes, bluer than ever against the vast expanses of smooth golden skin on display above the sinfully tight cerulean sports bra she’s wearing, flutter angelically. She beams beatifically up at Lena from her yoga mat as if there’s any possibility her superhearing didn’t pick up on Lena’s words. As if she isn’t just trying to make Lena repeat herself for her own amusement.
“What are you even doing?” Lena asks a little more sharply than she intends, jaw clenched as she wills herself not to so much as glance in the direction of Kara’s exposed abs. She treats herself to a heavy pour of scotch, pauses to consider, then adds some more. “It’s not like you need to exercise. Like, at all.”
“Surely I get to indulge in whichever recreational activities I choose in my own home,” Kara replies cheerily, avoiding Lena’s carried-home-after-a-shitty-day snark with practiced ease.
“You gave up that privilege when you moved into my home instead,” Lena deadpans, Kara’s irrepressible affability in the face of her own bad moods beginning to chip away at her steely CEO armour. “That’s what you get for letting a flea-infested mongrel into your apartment—”
“Hey, Toto couldn’t help having fleas—”
“And not only that, letting it all over your couch, your bed—”
“He was cold! He just wanted to snuggle—”
Lena shudders. “You snuggled with that monstrous thing? I hope to god you burned the clothes you were wearing. And maybe the whole couch too.”
“Toto was not a thing, he fit perfectly on my—”
“And isn’t Toto usually the name of a small dog?” Lena asks incredulously, throwing back the scotch in one smooth swallow and pouring herself another. “That beast was almost taller than you!”
“Being a lap dog isn’t about size, Lena. It’s a state of mind.”
“A state of mind that’s meant your entire apartment has had to be fumigated. Twice.”
“And I’d do it again,” Kara says resolutely, pushing up into a high plank and inadvertently flexing her shoulders in a way that has Lena’s fingers slipping around the tumbler in her grasp. “Toto was homeless. He needed someone to take him in and love him, and I did.”
She drops to her knees and pushes back into child’s pose, tilting her chin up to gaze at Lena from between her extended arms. “Just like you’ve done with me.”
And Lena curses Kara and every one of her ancestors right back to the dawn of time for how endearing she is in this moment. For how physiologically incapable Lena is of maintaining her façade of annoyance in the face of those earnest eyes. God, when had she gotten so fucking soft?
But any thoughts of the blonde as cute or adorable evaporate into thin air as Kara pushes back up into downward dog, lifting one leg straight above her in a graceful arch. Her forearms flex as long fingers grip into the soft mat and Lena chokes a little on her next sip of scotch, eyes unfortunately, deliciously glued to the jut of Kara’s hipbone through her yoga pants and the toned lines of her tightened thighs.
“Seriously though,” Lena manages, turning away from the sight and congratulating herself on the fact that her voice is only slightly higher than normal. “Why do you even bother? It’s not going to tone you up any. Not that you need it,” she mutters into her scotch glass, tipping out the dregs of the bottle and reaching into the cupboard for a fresh one.
When she turns back to face the living room Kara’s cheeks are flushed, almost as if she’s blushing. Or maybe all the blood is just rushing to her stupid, unfairly attractive head.
“Yoga is about more than just muscle tone, Lena,” the blonde says disapprovingly, her gaze fixed on her mat. “It’s a mind-body connection. Mindfulness. Inner peace. It’s doing wonderful things for my stress levels.”
“It’s doing terrible things for mine,” Lena mutters, knowing Kara will hear her but finding herself increasingly uncaring as the scotch warming her throat begins to course hot through her veins.
“Then maybe you should get down here and join me,” Kara murmurs, voice low as she switches legs.
The blonde’s tone is practically a purr and Lena chokes for real this time, spluttering out the scotch attempting to find its forever home inside her lungs. Kara is behind her in a second, hand hot through the thin material of Lena’s blouse as she rubs gentle circles between her shoulder blades.
The offending appendage doesn’t withdraw, however, even once Lena’s regained full use of her airways and is wiping the tears from her eyes. In fact, it’s joined by a friend, and both of Kara’s hands slip up and over her shoulders quite without Lena’s permission, fingers kneading into the tight muscle.
“Wow, you are tense,” Kara murmurs, thumbs doing something absolutely sinful to the knots in Lena’s neck. The blonde steps closer, bracketing Lena against the cool marble of the kitchen island with her hips and it takes every single shred of self-control Lena possesses not to sag back into the hot body hovering against the length of her own.
Lena shuts her eyes and bites down on her lower lip, hard. Anything to keep from focusing on the warmth radiating off Kara’s oh God partially clothed body like a furnace.
Long dextrous fingers dig delicious into the tense set of Lena’s shoulders and she barely manages to hold back the breathy sounds of pleasure she’s fairly certain she should not be making at her best friend’s touch. Kara, if anything, seems spurred on by Lena’s restraint, fingers slipping inside the collar of Lena’s blouse to press firmly against her bare skin and oh God Lena is not going to survive this.
In fact, she can actively feel herself giving in to the pull, to Kara’s ineffable magnetism. She sways backwards just slightly, and Lena swears she’s not the only one who sucks in a sharp breath when their bodies fully connect. The frame pressed to her back is warm and firm and God, Kara is solid against her in a way that has all the blood in Lena’s body migrating south with pinpoint precision.
“Are you sure you don’t want to join me?” Kara whispers, her breath ghosting the shell of Lena’s ear and making her shiver. “I could walk you through some asanas. Might help loosen you up.”
Jesus fuck.
“Nope!” Lena squeaks, cheeks aflame, pushing away from Kara and snagging the bottle of scotch on the way to her bedroom. “I’m gonna go take a shower. Enjoy your practice.”
The quiet sounds of Kara’s chuckles follow her all the way down the hall.
Lena spends the first five minutes of her shower staring unseeing at the tiled wall, mind blank but for the image of Kara’s washboard abs over the waistband of her yoga pants, the firm press of her body against Lena’s back.
The second five minutes is spent in intense silent conversation with herself, administering an internal pep talk worthy of a high school spirit rally and trying to convince her racing heart to resume its regular rhythm.
The third interval consists of Lena shampooing her hair in mounting despair, trying desperately to foresee a way of surviving the next three days of cohabitation until Kara’s apartment is deemed safe and fume-free if the blonde is going to insist on doing distracting activities and wearing distracting sports bras and just generally being distracting the whole time.
It’s only by minute sixteen of Lena’s long indulgent shower that a plan begins to form in her mind. She steps out onto the bathmat, appraising the various towels slung over the heated rail until she finds one fit for purpose. Tucks it snug round her body and pulls her dripping curls over one shoulder before making her way back out to the living room.
She can pinpoint the exact moment the blonde notices her entrance because the quiet room is suddenly filled with a rubbery tearing sound as Kara, on her hands and knees for a spine stretch, rips the mat beneath her hands clean in two.
Lena bites her lip to hold back a smirk, watching as blue eyes track slowly up the expanse of her bare legs, unimpeded by the towel that only barely reaches to mid-thigh, and then up to follow the droplets of water tracking their way down Lena’s chest until they disappear into the soft fabric.
Kara’s mouth is hanging open, arms and legs splayed wide where they rest on either side of the torn mat, and Lena relishes the thrill of victory that zips up her spine like a firecracker. Two can play at this game, that’s for sure.
“I was going to ask if you were ready to order takeout for dinner,” Lena says, letting her own voice drop low as she quirks an eyebrow. Her gaze falls pointedly to the sad remains of Kara’s yoga mat and this time she can’t hold back her smirk. “But it seems your mind-body connection might still need some work. I’ll leave you to it.”
Satisfied, she turns on her heel and saunters back to the bedroom, Kara’s eyes glued to her swinging hips like a physical weight on her body.
Cheeks pink, heart pounding, she drops onto her bedspread as a heady combination of relief and pleasure courses through her veins. Lena hasn’t had a roommate since boarding school but maybe this cohabitation – temporary as it may be – will end up having a few unanticipated perks.
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vibraniumwing · 9 months ago
breaking point.
a neville longbottom x reader wherein neville finally reaches his breaking point when it comes to you
WARNING: nsfw, 18+ (really, don’t read if you’re not.),dirty talk, light choking, oral (female receiving), semi-public, slight praise kink, unprotected sex and just plain nasty nasty lmao
A/N: look, okay, i have discussed this headcanon with @minty-malfoy​ and @slytherinsunrise​ about how neville is actually a dom underneath his soft and fluffy exterior and i just really wanted to write this akdjaksjf i love vanilla neville but honestly this hc is the death of me.
Tumblr media
There are certain moments in time wherein people make promises to themselves about keeping things hidden from the eyes of the public, that no matter what would happen, they would carry this burden ‘til they’re in the grave.
However, with you acting like this, Neville is finding it hard to keep himself in place.
Neville swore himself into secrecy about keeping this alter-ego of his a secret due to the fact that it doesn’t fit the image that the public has set upon him. He knew he was this soft, little angel in the eyes of his friends and those who knew him; little did they know there was a beast underneath that façade of his.
His eyes watched you like a hawk as you travelled to-and-fro, grabbing items to put in your grocery cart as you dragged him all the way to a muggle one since you’ve running low on supplies back at home. 
He studied the way your face would contort into one of seriousness when deciding what brand to buy for pasta sauce, how your shirt would lift up just a bit and expose the soft skin underneath while grabbing things from a certain height and how innocent you looked in that shirt of his you decided to wear on your trip.
It was driving the lad absolutely mad at how gorgeous you looked without even trying and all he wanted to do was to pin you up against one of those shelves and show you how badly he wanted you. But he was stuck in his own restraints—physically and figuratively speaking— so there was no way he could do that.
Also, he just loved you too much to even do so suddenly.
You were currently working on dinner, mindlessly stirring as your head moved to the soft music that was playing through the kitchen. It was a rather cold day so you opted to wear or steal one of Neville’s sweaters that was a size too large for you. Your hands quickly moved to tie your hair in a messy bun and continue on with your task.
What you didn’t know, however, was the fact that the owner of the sweater you were wearing was watching you work silently. His jaw clenched shut as he fought with every patience he had to bend you over the kitchen counter and fuck you senseless.
Oh how he wished to do that, but he just can’t, not yet to say the least.
Of course, there are secrets that no matter how hard one tries to hide, it’ll uncover itself eventually. Unfortunately, one of those was Neville’s.
You had always thought of the idea that maybe your boyfriend isn’t as vanilla as he always was. You’ve always adored how gentle and caring he was when it comes to your intimate moments with him, how he was always aware of what keeps you over the edge and leaves you wanting for more. 
Yet you had always yearned for something that you don’t have the heart to bring up to the man, until you discovered what lies beneath his innocent little mask.
Coming home from a tiring day at work was never fun, but when you have a loving boyfriend waiting with warm cuddles and kisses, you wouldn’t mind the exhaustion at all; probably even looking forward to come home to that everyday.
However, instead of being greeted by your lovers warm smile, you met with silence the moment you walked into the door. Your eyebrows were furrowed in confusion since he was nowhere to be seen. Lightly making your way up, you heard soft pants come from your room. 
Your mind immediately went to a difference place, getting ready to be greeted by something very heart shattering but instead what you saw was something rather surprising as you peeked through the small opening of the door
It was Neville with his back against the headboard of the bed you both shared, low groans rumbling from his chest as he relieved himself from his stress, accompanied with strings of rather colorful words on how he wanted to make you know who’s in charge inside the bedroom.
Safe to say that scene left you hot and bothered for the rest of the night— and that you might have cooked up a plan on how to make your adorable boyfriend reach his limit.
Then you commenced your plan, wearing more of his shirts and sweaters around the house knowing how much he loves you to see you in them (which sometimes leads to them being scattered on the floor) and by tying your hair in-front of him, grinning at him cheekily when he goes silent by watching you do that.
You’d get a certain reaction from him whenever he catches you doing that, adoring how he’d have this entranced look while watching you and how he’d immediately be flustered after because you caught him. 
But to no avail- he knew how to control his urges and you weren’t having any of it anymore. As much as you love Neville for his patience and respect, you’ve reached your breaking point.
Neville was seated beside you with a certain flare in his eyes as you continued to palm him through the fabric of his slacks, his cheeks were flushed as he watched you casually conversed with Hermione from across the table, acting as if nothing was happening from under the table.
The woman had invited the two of you over for a rather fancy dinner and he was already losing his mind upon seeing the white body hugging dress you wore and you were really drawing the line with your discreet actions under the table. 
“Say Neville, are you really planning on teaching back at Hogwarts?” Ron asked, looking at your boyfriend expectantly with a curious grin. You looked over at your boyfriend who adjusted in his seat, “Oh yeah, I do actually. Professor Sprout’s about to retire so I’m planning to take over for her.” He managed to splutter out, adjusting his tie as you slowly quickened your pace against his pants.
As the table moved on to another topic, your boyfriend was quick to lean in and whisper, “Not here, (Y/N)” with a gentle tone, holding on to the last ounce of patience he had. 
You batted your eyelashes at him, a devilish grin plastered on your lips as you shrugged him off, “I have no idea as to what you are even implying, Nev.” you simply replied, retreating your hand from its position as you felt him starting to twitch under the fabric. 
The male threw his head back in annoyance at the sudden interruption of his pleasure before giving you a stern look, voice low enough so that only you can hear, “You know exactly what you’re doing and I swear if you don’t stop that attitude right now you’ll see what you’re in for.” He said, jaw clenched as you laughed at him softly, igniting his frustrations even more.
“Make me, Longbottom.”
And that was enough for the beast inside Neville to let loose, absolutely enraged at the bratiness you were showing him. He cleared off his throat and stood up, “As much as I love this party, me and (Y/N) have to cut the night short. I still have a few things to pack before leaving for Hogwarts.” giving his friends a rather sad smile and glanced at you.
The sudden change in his demeanor has left you wet in-between your legs, your heart racing as you gathered your purse and waved off to your friends. His larger hand instantly found its way to yours as he led you outside the restaurant and into a rather isolated alley and instantly apparated to your shared bedroom. 
He was quick to pin you against the wall, one hand holding both of your wrists above your head as the other was cupping your cheek, thumb swiping on your lower lip as he spoke, “Princess, I know you love me gentle but do you really think you deserve that? After what you’ve done to me?” his hips grinding against yours, feeling how hard he was underneath his pants.
Your breath hitched at the friction, shaking your head as your brattiness faltered all too quickly by the way he was acting, “No Nev, I don’t.” which led to him wrapping his hand around your neck as he lightly pressed down on it. “Don’t talk to me like that.” 
His usual gentle voice was coated with arousal making you moan, “No, sir. I’m sorry for acting like a brat” which made him groan in satisfaction at the way those words rolled out of your mouth. He then captured your lips in a heated kiss, feeling himself let loose as his hand slowly trailed down to the underneath of your dress, his fingers now ghosting over your heat. 
You felt his lips curl up into the kiss, “Aren’t you a dirty little one, you’ve gone the whole night without underwear on?” He teased, middle and ring fingers dipping into your pussy as he left open mouth kisses against your neck, sucking on the skin rather harshly. 
“So wet for me, aren’t you darling?” he whispered, ravelling in the lewd sounds that left your mouth mixed with desperate pants. You bucked your hips into his hands, begging for more friction as you felt your knees slowly start to give out from underneath. 
Neville slowly pulled his fingers out upon feeling your walls tighten around it, making you whine as he licked your essence off his fingers, letting out hum of satisfaction as he locked lips with you again; hand reaching over the back to unzip your dress, letting it pool to your feet, nimble fingers quickly undoing your bra and letting it join the clothes on the floor. 
“So beautiful” He mumbled, stepping away from you as he loosened his tie, “Be a good girl and lay down on the bed, princess.” His tone sends chills down your spine as you lay on the bed, watching him get rid of own clothes, mouth watering as you watch him stroke his length to soothe it from its aching need.. 
He then approached you, licking his lips as he lowered himself, eyeing how your heat glistened against the dim lit room, “So fucking wet for me.” He growled before diving  right into you, tongue dancing around your clit gently he curled two fingers inside of you, causing your hips to buck up in the process, moans escaping your lips which made the male groan. “Keep still, darling.” He said, his other hand gripping on your thigh tightly as he continued.
You tried your best to keep still, panting heavily as Neville continued to fuck you with his tongue and fingers, back arching as your hand was now gripping on his hair, the sensation too overwhelming for you as a familiar knot form once again. 
“N-Nev, I’m close” You said, only making him pump his fingers in and out of you more quickly, humming in approval which sent you into this state of pure bliss as you reached your high, coating his slender fingers with your juice. 
Neville was quick to lap whatever mess you had made, tongue darting out to clean his own digits as crawled up to your eye level, “You were such an angel for me now, weren’t you, princess?” he questioned, thumb brushing against your bottom lip again as you nodded, taking his thumb in-between your lips to suck on in gently as you locked your gaze with him.
His usual soft brown eyes were filled with lust as he positioned himself, expression faltering slightly as he waited for your approval, making your heart flutter at the fact that he still wanted your answer. With a single nod, he thrusted into you, groaning at how tight you were around him. “So.. fucking tight for me, isn’t that right?”
“Y-yes, Nev, all for you.” You answered, hips jolting up at the way he slowly started to move, teasing you lightly as he trudged on with this pace, making you whine, “Faster, Nev, please!”
Neville happily obliged in your request, pace picking up as his lips attacked all the soft spots of your neck, making you a moaning mess underneath him as he soon became relentless with his speed; your lewd sounds making him go wild, his free hand finding its way back to your clit, the pad of his thumb toying on it as he continued to go in and out of you.
Still sensitive from your first high, you quickly felt your second one forming as he kept his pace. “Go on, baby.” With those simple words, you felt your orgasm crash through once again, sending you a wave of euphoria as he rode out your high, eventually coming down from his own high too.
He gently pulled out of you and smiled, kissing your forehead, “Stay right there, alright?” He said, snatching his boxers off the floor and headed off to the bathroom before coming back with a towel in hand, waving it sheepishly. 
“Let me do the work, my love.” He said gently, cleaning you up before taking you into his arms, carrying you into the bathroom where the bathtub was full and ready to use. 
He gently placed you down and helped you hop in, the warmth of the water instantly relaxing your muscles, before situating himself behind you, a shy grin on his lips, a light pink dusting over his cheeks, “I wasn’t too rough, was I?”
You laughed at him softly, shaking your head gently as you sensed his fingers massage your scalp gently, cleaning you off. “No, Nev. You were great.” You answered, leaning into him gently as you teased, “Who knew you had that kind of side, my love?”
Neville chuckled at your words, carefully rinsing you off as he shrugged lightly, lathering his hands with soap as he ran his hands against your soft skin, fingers tracing the marks he’s left, “I’ve always had that side of me, I know that you know that, but I just kept on holding myself back because I didn’t want to hurt you like that.” He answered truthfully, voice laced with gentleness.
You turned to face him with a smile, leaning in to press your lips against his, heart jumping everywhere at how pure his answer was, “You don’t have to hide anything from me anymore since I’d accept you either way, Nev.”
And with that the two of you fell into a comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s company as you both got ready for bed once again, Neville doing all the work of changing the sheets and what not before letting you back on the bed and into his arms, peppering your face with a ton of kisses soon afterwards.
“Are you sure that I wasn’t too hard on you, love?” He asked once more, looking at you with a rather guilty look, to which you shook your head, giving him a comforting smile as you placed a gentle kiss on his lips, “You were perfect, my love, trust me.”
You felt him relax against you, holding you closer to his chest as he kissed your lips once more, smiling against them.
“I love you, (Y/N).)” “I love you too, Nev.”
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whump-whump-baby · a year ago
So your Fictional Universe has Horses in it
Alternatively: People Ride Horses in Your Fic, and you’re Not Sure What to Do About It
horse rider/owner and baby writer here, throwing you an infodump that will maybe help with the whole ‘There’s a Horse in the Background here but I Don’t Know What to Do With it’ thing I sometimes see in writing!
Inside this infodump: Horse riding, horse care, horse tack (equipment), falling off a horse (and what usually gets injured), horse lingo, and behaviour.
1. Tame that beast (aka, riding the horse)
a couple things here: Getting on the horse, getting off, steering, etc
Honestly, I’m only including this part because I find that a lot of people skip past the whole ‘getting on the horse’ bit and I find it hilarious. It’s not a weird thing but it can be weird to describe. I get it!
Getting On
Experienced riders will always mount from the left side of the horse. It's a weird tradition that doesn’t really make sense anymore, but it’s still followed because most don’t really see a reason to change it. It supposedly dates back to medieval times and has something to do with where a sword would traditionally be hung on a person’s hip- mounting (Putting your foot in the stirrup, grabbing up high on the saddle, pulling yourself up and over while using your foot in the stirrup to help yourself) from the left means you wouldn’t accidentally poke your horse with your sheath. Not sure if this story has any validity to it, but we all still follow the left rule unless we’re specifically getting a horse used to mounting from the other side for whatever reason.
Getting off
I have a bone to pick with this. Nobody gets off their horse by swinging a leg in front of themselves, over the horse’s neck in front of them, and hopping down facing away from their horse. It’s not the safest bet to attempt because 1. It actually requires a lot of hip strength to swing your leg like that without kicking your poor horse in the neck, and 2. It doesn’t give you a legitimate way to hold onto your horse after dismounting, which is inherently unsafe. Even if you are in possession of The World’s Best Behaved Horse Ever, you always want to be holding onto the reins. Riders usually dismount by leaning forward, swinging a leg behind them and over the horse’s butt, pivoting sideways on their stomach, and sliding down off the horse- keeping a hand on the rein and one on the saddle to slow their descent. That way you always have a hand on your wild beast, who may decide at any given time that the nearby grass is more important than standing still for your dismount. Plus, swinging a leg like that is basically impossible in saddles that feature a saddle horn, like a western saddle.
Tumblr media
It’s a little hard to see in this photo, but Geralt’s saddle definitely has some kind of high pommel to it- so he’d most likely dismount the normal way. It’s just easier!
Tumblr media
If you tried to dismount like that in this western saddle you would definitely bruise something.
Tumblr media
In this saddle (a Dressage saddle) you could probably pull it off.. but why?? All that struggle just to slide down on your butt and land funny, sprawled away from your horse. It’s just not worth it.
Steering and Etc.
Believe it or not, most steering movement actually comes from the rider’s weight in the saddle than their grip on the reins. If we’re looking at this from the realm of something like The Witcher (which is probably going to be my go-to media example because it’s still pretty recent) a relaxed turn is going to look like Geralt isn’t doing too much with his upper body, because he’d be weighting his seat bones in the saddle. Despite his saddle looking a little bulky, Roach could definitely feel it and respond accordingly- horses are pretty sensitive little friends and can feel most of what you’re doing up there, including looking down. (Protip, if you’re learning to ride horses, don’t look down- it’ll unbalance your upper body and make you pitch forward, unbalancing your horse and making yourself more likely to fall off)
A good way to have a character look experienced with riding is to describe someone relaxed but upright, shoulders back, hands closed but relaxed on the reins. They don’t have to be bolt upright, but at ease. A good way to describe a character with little to no riding experience would be to describe them as tense, probably hunching forward a little; hands too high or low and reins too long. See the lovely photos below:
Tumblr media
A Dressage rider: she’s looking pretty evenly balanced, is sitting tall but not bolt upright, hands are low, elbows relaxed. Wonderful!
Tumblr media
A Beginner: Absolutely no hate to beginners! We all have to start somewhere, But there’s definitely a difference in body language between this rider and our dressage rider. (Side note: PLEASE always wear a helmet on a horse, especially if you’re a beginner, good grief)
2. Horse Care
I don’t think too much needs to be said here, but there’s a couple things that are worth noting.
Most horses love a good brushing. They’ll even lean into it if you find an itchy spot!
 If your character has a ton of experience, grooming their horse makes a lovely backdrop for conversations. Riders usually brush their horses before and after riding, to remove dirt and mud and sweat. Manes and tails are brushed if you want to be detail oriented, and feet should always be picked out (A good chance for Character B to oogle Character A’s butt, if thats the kind of story you’re writing) to remove dirt and stones. 
When Not Riding
Your furry partner-in-crime should be untacked and eating grass somewhere. Untacked means all gear removed and put away for the day- in stories like The Witcher, tied to a tree branch or a rest area in a halter is fine. As a horse person it wouldn’t make sense to leave their tack on all night- you’d leave it nearby, but not on them. If your characters are just pausing for a break or something, it’s totally ok- but done for the day? Nah. Let your pony be naked.
Horses, like most prey animals, will hide injuries and illness until they physically can’t anymore. Small cuts and scrapes, dependent on where they are, will probably not give a physical response unless you manipulate them somehow (cleaning, applying antibiotics, etc). A horse may show discomfort by a number of signs, but if it really hurts your horse will probably shy away from your touch or may lash out at your hands to keep you from touching it. Signs of discomfort can be pinning their ears back against their head (aka Ow Ow OW, DON’T TOUCH IT, I’m UPSET) to straight up trying to run from you if they think you’re going to attempt to touch it (a more severe reaction for a more severe wound, like a deep cut/laceration/puncture etc). If a horse is in very dire straits you might get no reaction at all- your horse might be hanging its head low, not really responding to your voice or touch, appearing bleary eyed or dull eyed or sleepy. Generally that kind of severe behavior change is considered Very Very Bad and definitely grounds to call a vet for, especially if there’s no sign of physical injury.
3. Horse Tack (Equipment!)
Here’s a quick rundown of horse tack.
Tumblr media
All these pieces make up the bridle, reins included.
*Side note- Bits are not cruel, and riders choosing to use them with their horses are not abusive. Bits are a tool riders use to communicate with their horses and there are hundreds of metal finishes, textures, shapes and sizes to fit a horse with a bit that makes them happy and keeps them comfortable. There are some horses who refuse to take bits, and their owners usually turn to a bitless bridle to keep them comfortable- however this is not “kinder” just because of the lack of bit. These bridles are just designed to exert gentle pressure to tell the horse to slow or stop instead of the gentle pressure on the bit. Different horses prefer different things, and none of these things are harmful to the horse if used properly and with care.
Tumblr media
This is a diagram of a close contact or Hunter saddle, but the terminology generally applies to all different kinds of saddles. Girths are considered their own piece of tack and not as a part of the saddle. 
Riders who are riding consistently usually at least wipe their tack down with a wet cloth after finishing with it for the day. Because tack is almost always leather, well cared for leather lasts a lot longer if cared for. This is also a great thing to have a character talk over in a fic- have them clean tack while having a hard conversation, or maybe show how quick and not-great of a job they do on their tack if they’re angry or trying to get away from another character closeby. Lots of opportunities! (If you really want to get detailed, cleaning usually looks like: a damp cloth to wipe dirt off and then rubbing a leather conditioner into the tack, which may smell lovely or a little weird depending on the brand)
4. Falling off
I see you, whump writers. (and I love you.)
So You Want your Character to Fall Off:
Falling off is rarely graceful. It can be caused by anything from an unexpected trip to your horse spooking at something, to a jump taken at the wrong spot/speed/angle... opportunities are endless. I have fallen off my horse at the walk because he startled at a dog and I slipped to the side, and I have fallen off over jumps, because my horse actively tried to get me off, or because I just wasn’t paying attention and Oops, how’d I get in the dirt? Generally if you’re looking for a reason for your character to fall off, they are endless. If the one at fault is the horse common reasons are the rider becoming unseated and slipping back/forward/sideways by the horse startling (at legitimately anything sometimes, depending on the horse.. let your imagination go wild!) changing speed or direction suddenly. All of these things will affect how your character comes off and how they’ll hit dirt with what body part. IE- pitching forward will probably land you on the top of your shoulders, if you’re lucky- if not, you’ll land on your head. Most people will land on the tops of their shoulders as the instinct to protect their head kicks in, but sometimes gravity is a bitch. It happens.
This is where experience comes in, too- Experienced riders will usually react quicker and will try to save themselves, either grabbing onto their horse’s mane or neck or even just keeping a death grip on the reins as adrenaline kicks in- all of which keeps your upper body higher than your lower and can lead to landing on your bum/side/feet instead of your head. Beginner or inexperienced riders might not react that quickly and end up landing roughly. This is not to say that more experienced riders will always come out less injured than beginners, but that experienced riders sense of self preservation will kick in faster frankly just because they’ve fallen off more. This is also why you see more beginners breaking arms in riding accidents- as you learn to ride you are taught (if you were taught like I was) to NEVER throw your arms out to catch yourself during a fall- it’s more likely that you will land on top of your straight arm and give yourself a wicked compound break. Your instinct changes from trying to save yourself to trying everything you can to staying in your saddle. Self preservation is a wonderful thing!
If Your Character is Sick/Already Injured:
The motion of the horse, even in walk, is going to make them feel worse- especially any injury to the lower stomach area. That’s where the body absorbs most of the motion from the horse’s gaits, especially in the hips/lower abdomen. So if Character A has a stab wound in his stomach and Character B has gotten them into the saddle to bring them to help.... Character A is gonna be in some pretty decent pain until they can dismount. For head injuries the same motion might make them dizzy or nauseous. But, good news! If your character slumps forward completely while keeping their arms on either side of the horse’s neck, they will probably manage to stay in the saddle for a decent amount of time. Their lower body and leg (hopefully still in the stirrups) will keep them in the saddle unless jostled out of it. (This, of course, only making sense if the saddle in question doesn’t have a horn, because otherwise your character won’t be able to slump forward far at all. )If they manage to slip off the horse in this position, they’re going to land head/chest/upper body first, especially if only semi-conscious due to previous injuries. 
If dealing with any other injuries, getting on the horse might be nicer than walking but will definitely not keep anything still- any motion the horse makes will make the rider’s body move and jostle the injury, no matter where the injury is.
5. Wrapping it up: Horse Lingo and Behaviour
Horse terms are easy to find and but a google search away, but here’s some of the main terms:
Gaits: A horse’s movement. Walk, trot, canter and gallop with gallop being the fastest.
Aids: what riders use to communicate with the horse. This includes your hand (on the reins) your leg (squeezing to ask for gaits) and your voice.
(Riders talk to their horses! all the time. Even if just to say good boy/girl. Commonly we say things like hoooh, whoa, easy, no, etc. Sometimes just talking to your nervous horse helps calm them down)
Green horse: Inexperienced horse, usually new to being ridden, usually young.
Mare: Female Horse.
Stallion: Male horse, not neutered. Stallions can have a reputation for being hotheaded and sometimes hard to handle, but not all are like that.
Gelding: Male horse, neutered. Most people who have male horses will refer to them as geldings on paperwork.
Pony: a small horse. Not a baby horse. Just smaller.
Colt: Baby male.
Filly: Baby female.
You can probably use google for anything else without concern that you’re using a term that's unnatural.
My rule of thumb for writing behaviour is this: If it seems like a disney dog in a movie would do it........ it’s safe to say a horse wouldn’t. Writing a horse like a disney dog is too unnatural and will definitely make any horse people reading your story give an eye roll.
An example:
Your character has just dismounted their horse after a long ride.
A horse would: maybe sniff your pockets for treats (especially if you had some before you got on) stand next to you as you talked to someone, try to rub their head on you (scratches!! especially if they’re sweaty) maybe perk up at something in the distance if distracted enough
A horse would not: Shake their head at you, whinny at you, prance around and “smile” at you... roll their eyes at something you said... point like Lassie at something in the distance... etc. 
Horses definitely have personalities! They can be affectionate and snuggly, nervous or brave, flighty or stoic... but they don’t emote the same way a cartoon character would. The best example i’ve seen of horse interaction in media would probably be the horses in Disney’s Brave. If you pay attention to the way horses interact with each other and react to events in the movie, it’s pretty spot on!
Follow your gut. You can still have a horse with a personality, but if it feels too cartoony, it probably is!
This is a great infographic that explains body language as well.
Tumblr media
I hope this helps anyone who wants to include more horse interaction in their writing!
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What is Ro thinking right now? -𓆙
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
      Virgil had just gotten done brushing his hair when they heard the commotion outside the Manor.
      Ainsliee squeaks in surprise. She turns to Virgil, boiling over with excitement, gleefully translating the message he had already guessed;
      “Daddy’s back! He’s calling for us!!”
      She grins and rushes over to Virgil, pulling his wrist and dragging him up from his seat. Virgil huffs in annoyance — not at her, of course, but at the bear’s continued barking — and waves his hand,
      “Go on to him, then. But be careful, he’s still dangerous!”
      Without a word of response, Annie dashes away. He doesn’t even think she was listening.
      Virgil sighs, shaking his head. He trusts the Beast spirit not to hurt her, even with it’s unreasonable strength; After how careful the bear had been with him about an hour before, there’s no way he won’t show the same gentleness with his own cub…
      The more cautious parts of Virgil can still imagine her rushing him too quickly and getting crushed on accident, though, so he knows he can’t linger long.
      Virgil stands up to get dressed, still not excited to see his friends again. His stomach churns at the possibilities as he meanders towards a closet, silently hoping Lolth would just strike him down right now so he wouldn’t have to talk to them.
      He just knows they’ll be angry, he feels it in his bones — and even if they aren’t, it will certainly be awkward, and that’s just as bad! 
      (Better to be the first to anger, so you might lead the conversation, Virgil reminds himself as he wallows in dread. He won’t even have to fake his ire if any of them come back injured, which he already knows is unavoidable. Aside from his desire to keep them all unharmed, he really doesn’t want to be owing any more favors…)
      (And even more besides, if he could be petty, Virgil doesn’t want to go back outside. It’s cold and windy tonight, his hair is still damp, his limbs are still sore, his mom has his armor, and he doesn't want to put clothes back on, damnit.)
      Another resounding roar thunders through the night air, and then Virgil feels the entire tree-tower tremble with vibrations.
      Fully realizing that this dire bear is willing to climb the place and rip it open to find him, Virgil grabs the nearest warm-looking robe. He hastily slips it on over his bandages (and quiver belt, which he had already been wearing) as he makes his way out of the Manor.
      Logan watches Roman pace back and forth around the trees, in front of the spiraling stairway that leads up into the complex. He’s been incessantly huffing and stomping around like a petulant child, and Logan has no idea what to say to make him stop; He's been trying ever since the city was in sight.
      Janus and Remus are very pointedly not helping, with Janus giving Logan a meaner side-eye the longer the wailing continues, and Remus yelling back at Roman for no other reason than to join in being loud.
      Patton has less fear of the gigantic, angry animal, approaching the groaning beast and patting a hand on his paw,
      “Aww, c’mon now, Roman. We just got here! Give them a minute to come down,” Patton soothes in a soft voice, “Not everyone is as fast as a giant bear!”
      Roman looks down at him, acknowledging his presence, but he either didn’t understand Patton’s words or wholeheartedly doesn’t care. He softly shakes his paw to scoot Patton away, then rears up on his back legs, raises his arms, then lurches all of his body weight forward and slams into the trunk of the massive tree.
      It doesn’t visibly shudder at his attack — even at his size, these great home-trees of the Faewild are many times wider around than a direbear, and won’t be knocked down so easily — but the intent is clear, and Logan worries someone as sensitive to vibrations as Virgil would be quite frightened. So, Logan quickly steps in, using a more stern tone this time (and his Universal Speech,)
      “That’s enough! You are being impatient,” Logan scolds, “They will come down soon enough. One of them is injured. They can take their time if they wish to.”
      An angry whine interrupts his last few words, but still, Roman backs away from the complex. He keeps growling and barking, but at least he’s not trying to break the damn thing down.
      Right on queue, a little blue girl comes flying down the stairs like a missile, grinning wildly. 
      Logan sighs in relief, happy to see her in good spirits after how they had left off. Roman seems to feel the same, finally quieting down his complaints. He drops his head down to meet her when she approaches, sniffing her as she reaches up to hug his muzzle. She squeezes him as best she can from there, giggling when he pushes down a little to nuzzle her.
      Practically tripping over herself with energy, Annie quickly pops up to bowl Patton over in a hug as well, giving Logan a wide grin over his shoulder as Patton squishes her close to his chest. Logan couldn’t suppress a smile in return, even if he wanted to.
      Virgil appears at the staircase then, looking comically ethereal. His long, re-dyed hair and wide-sleeved elven robe blow in the wind, his expression soft and quietly observant; He looks much more like the picture of a dark-elven noble you would find in a storybook than the grizzled soldier they’ve been travelling with. Even his eyes have changed color, with his sclera turned black and his pupils reflecting pale moonlight. 
      Virgil spots Patton and Annie embracing, and relaxes at the sight of them. Then he turns his gaze on the rest of the team, and his usual scowl returns, eyes glowing red to match. Logan is almost comforted by the familiarity. 
      “Olath ilhar, You’re hurt!” Virgil growls, rushing down to meet them. 
      Logan grumbles to himself over the hypocrisy of that statement, looking over the bandages absolutely covering Virgil’s arms, legs and abdomen.
      Roman shuffles his weight on his paws when he sees Virgil approach, but Virgil holds a hand out to him, scolding,
      “Oh don’t you even start! You will sit and wait your turn!”
      To Logan’s amazement, Roman whines and sits down on the grass, looking thoroughly reprimanded. 
      (Well that is just not fair.)
      Virgil looks over each of them in turn, searching for wounds. He circles Patton first, alarmed by the bandages across his middle. The careful prodding of his hands remains in stark contrast to the snarl in his voice,
      “I wouldn’t have let you go if I knew you were going to be so reckless!”
      “You hardly let us go at all. And, only two of us are injured.” Logan corrects as if he can’t help it, not taking Virgil’s returning glare so seriously.
      “Three of you! Roman is barely standing. And that’s more than half of your party, yutrit'zarreth!” Virgil hisses back. He moves over to Logan and stalks around him, searching him as well.
      “I’m fine, Virgil, I didn’t even get near the battle.” Logan protests, shrugging off Virgil’s patchwork cloak in order to return it.
      Virgil bares his teeth, still unconvinced. Logan sighs and sits through his examination, though he can’t help but complain to himself about how unfair Virgil is being. 
      Reminding himself of Virgil’s wounds, Logan uses their proximity to examine his bandages. They seem fairly well-wrapped, but it’s clear he hasn’t had any magical healing since they saw him last, and the bags under his eyes are dark even for Virgil. Every day it seems Virgil is stretching the limits of what levels of pain a person can ignore — by all accounts, he shouldn’t be conscious right now, much less standing.
      The last few battles, Logan had tried not to think too much about why Virgil does this, and even less about how he became able to. But, at this point, it’s become obvious that he has a very serious problem. Logan’s going to have to do something if he doesn’t want Virgil to drive himself into the grave...
      While he lets himself worry, Logan also notices the belt of Virgil’s quiver is strapped right over his bandages. 
      “Are you wearing that against your bare skin?” Logan scolds before he can stop himself, “What about the wound on your back?”
      “Don’t worry about it.” Virgil grumbles, though bringing it up seems to have scared him off. He snatches his cloak from Logan’s hands, pulling it in under his robe and fastening it so it lies between the robe and his skin, then slinks away, glowering. Logan can’t help but think he’s misstepped, somehow.
      Virgil has already moved on to look over Janus, who also tries to shoos the archer away, insisting he’s unharmed. Virgil hisses at him, too, but quickly moves on to Remus anyway.
      “Get inside and rest, all of you!” Virgil orders as he prowls around him, examining the bruises on his sides and back with gentle touches, “We’ve already lost too much travel time as it is, at this rate we’ll never make it to the Capital.”
      “What about Roman? I doubt he can fit inside, are we just going to leave him out here??” Patton whines. Virgil snaps a short, sharp laugh and glares at the bear,
      “Yeah, for all I care.”
      Roman groans at him, and Virgil snaps something back in Drowic. Logan doesn’t know if he can actually understand Virgil’s words or just the tone in which he’s saying them, but Roman is certainly respecting his orders more than he did Logan’s.
      (Logan quickly reminds himself that Virgil had once claimed to be a Ranger, and answers his own questions on the matter.)
      “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Logan advises carefully, taking note of Virgil’s mood. He keeps his tone as soothing as possible as he explains,
      “This is his first time shifting, we should stay to make sure he doesn’t do anything reckless. Besides, specifically as a bear, he will grow distressed if we leave his sight.”
      “You’re just saying that because you want to study him.” Janus supplies unhelpfully, apparently living to annoy him. Virgil doesn’t respond, though, and Logan can tell that his reasoning got through to him.
      Remus rolls his eyes, quickly growing bored of their debate,
      “Well, I’m certainly staying with Brother Bear over here, and the three of us have a long overdue heart-to-heart scheduled for, ehhh, right about now~!”
      Virgil pretends not to hear him while he studies the bruise on Remus’s back. Remus frowns at being ignored, turning on his heel and grabbing Virgil’s shoulders to stop him in his tracks,
      “Let’s have a little chat~! You aren’t getting out of this, slick.”
      Virgil glares holes into Remus’s chest, then turns away from him, hissing his discomfort the entire way. Janus looks similarly displeased, leveling an unfriendly look at Remus before taking his hand and following along.
      Logan and Patton follow the three of them, Annie holding Patton’s hand and instructing Roman to follow behind.
      Virgil leads them to a vacated barn, instructing Roman to lie down and wait. Annie nestles in next to his side, and Logan and Patton join her, watching Virgil lead Remus and Janus back out. Virgil keeps himself several paces ahead of them, looking like he might lose his nerve and bolt at any minute.
      Logan and Patton share an uneasy look, only able to speculate about what happened between Virgil and the odd duo…
Tumblr media
      Janus doesn’t say a word, worried about getting himself in trouble before they even start the conversation. Virgil already seems tense, and Janus doesn’t ignore the way he positions himself closer to the Manor complex than to the barn.
      Once he’s satisfied they’re far enough away that Logan can’t eavesdrop, he very rigidly turns to face his two old friends, waiting for someone else to start.
      Janus and Virgil just glare in each other’s directions, both refusing to be the first to get vulnerable. (At least Virgil’s eyes are glowing faintly red, so Janus knows where they’re pointed, and where the hell Virgil is.)
      Remus stands with his hands on his hips and glances between them impassively, knowing it’s only a matter of time until one of them cracks.
      Despising the awkward silence more than anything else, Janus finally smirks,
      “Well, you look terrible.”
      “What are you doing here?” Virgil growls, shifting his gaze between the two. He still hasn’t looked either of them in the eye, just glaring at the grass by their feet like it’s done something to offend him; something it took many years to get Virgil to stop doing.
      “Oh, you know I just love the Faewild,” Janus grumbles, folding his arms defensively, “But, this time, I must confess we were mainly looking for you.”
      “Why?” Virgil growls even lower, his eyes turning even brighter red. Janus rolls his eyes at the aggressive display, 80% certain Virgil is simulating it this time.
      “What do you mean ‘why?’” Janus scoffs, quickly growing annoyed, “It’s been so long, I was starting to wonder if you’d gotten lost!” 
      Janus expected the cold reception, of course, but he’s never exactly been lauded for his temper. Remus steps in, knowing a spat is imminent if he doesn’t. He chuckles,
      “You fucked off in quite a rush, but you did say you were coming home eventually.”
      Virgil’s jaw drops.
      He quickly shakes himself out of it and resumes his defensive posture, but the damage was done; The same shocked look spreads to the other two. The three just stare each other down, all of them growing more confused by the minute. 
      Virgil breaks first, looking away at a suddenly very interesting rock as he mumbles,
      “…You expected me to come back?”
      Janus can immediately read the implication under the words; the question Virgil is afraid to ask. He feels his chest constrict a little at the thought, too winded to keep up his usual snark. In all of the visions he had seen to prepare for this moment, Virgil had never reacted like this. Usually he ran, and often he was angry at them or scared of them, but never…dejected.
      “Darling, of course! How could you assume anything else?”
      “I don’t know,” Virgil huffs, shoulders raising up to his ears, “Maybe it was the huge fucking fight we had seconds before I ran off for two fucking years— Aren’t you mad?!”
      “No!” Janus and Remus shout at the same time, with varying levels of surprise and distress. Virgil’s still on the offensive, glaring at them.
      “Fuck off! I almost took your whole arm off, and then you leased that dweomer, and Remus lost it—”
      “That’s not the first time we each went a little crazy, Virgil.” Janus shakes his head, subtly motioning down to his ankle,
      “That’s part of the reason we’ve stuck together for so long, remember?” 
      Virgil smiles a little at the reference, an inside joke between the three of them he thankfully hasn’t forgotten. Still, he seems reluctant.
      He turns a bit towards them now, though he’s started picking at his nails, like he does when he’s really nervous. His eyes are wide and startled, but he still won’t look up,
      “That time was… different. Something happened. I think I…” He shakes his head, steadying his voice before he continues, 
      “No, I know it this time. I’m not going crazy, something cursed me in that cave! All I remember is us knocking over some altar with a crystal on it, and now I can do magic on the surface?! And I got all paranoid about every little move, and I tried to run off for good!”
      “It wasn’t a curse. At least, I don’t think so.” Janus sighs, looking down at his hand, which is now covered in dragon-like scales under his glove. “And it wasn’t just you, either.”
      Remus grins, focusing on drawing forward that strange energy he now houses. He holds out his hand, letting Virgil watch as he conjures the usual smoke effects he’s always been able to summon, now along with some unusual yellow lightning flashing within.
     “Me and Deedee also got some cool new powers~! And some other weird stuff, too!”
      Virgil slowly creeps forward to get a better look, still apparently deciding whether he should be afraid or angry. Very slowly, he reaches up and lays one of his hands on Remus’s, then raises the other. Janus and Remus watch as Virgil’s eyes glow blue, and a cluster of lightning grows out of his skin, dancing around his fingers. A moment later, both magic effects fizzle out with a sharp crackling sound.
      “Where did you learn that?” Janus hums, mildly impressed, though he already knows the answer. Virgil shrugs, looking back towards the barn,
      “Logan’s been teaching me how to control it. I’m still not great at it yet, but I haven’t accidentally killed anyone in several days.” Virgil sighs. He looks around at his friends, finally looking them in the eyes, though he still looks a bit like a frightened animal. Slowly, he adds,
      “I still don’t know how I feel about this,” He admits, then sends a short glance at Remus, “But, you and your brother have to do something together in town, right? So… We’re all going in the same direction, anyway.” 
      “And you’re set on these new guys?” Janus sighs, trying not to sound disappointed. Virgil shrugs.
      “I don’t think I can leave them yet. I’m making progress, but I still need Logan’s help…” Virgil looks back at the barn, an annoyed grumble returning to his tone, 
      “And, these three are kind of pathetic. I really don’t think they’ll make it in one piece without us, anyway.”
      Janus chuckles in agreement, not at all surprised. Remus flips his hair with a smile,
      “Oh, so there’s an ‘us’ now~?”
      Before Virgil can even blush at the slip, Remus is laughing again,
      “Well then, it can’t be helped~ Looks like the three of us are coming with them!”
      “Of course.” Janus nods, “As much as it pains me to waste my time with such irksome people, it would be convenient for us to travel together. And, according to Logan, you need a sorcerer’s help with the whole ‘training’ thing.”
     (Janus avoids adding a snarky remark about how “that also proves that you never should have left to begin with,” though it is difficult.)
      “I’d rather it be you then some other high class know-it-all I haven’t met. One is enough.” Virgil admits, though he can’t resist rolling his eyes at Janus’s snark.
      Now, a bit of a smirk has returned to Virgil’s face. He looks between the two again, blushing slightly and fiddling with his hands again to distract from his brain. Virgil himself is unsure whether he’s more afraid or hopeful. Not that he would ever admit to the latter.
      “So… you really aren’t mad?”
      “No, dear. If any of us have a right to be, it’s you.” Janus sighs. Virgil whines in complaint,
      “But— Two years is a long time for you, you can’t just let me get away with that!”
      “I was busy with something, anyway, so it’s no big deal~” Janus sighs, not quite willing to admit to himself whether or not it’s a lie. To silence Virgil’s arguing he holds one hand out to Virgil, and focuses on melting away just that little section of his glamour.
      Green and yellow scales are revealed all along his hand and wrist, and Virgil gasps for a moment, reaching over to touch them. The look he gives Janus then is devastating, the last of the fear easing out of his shoulders as the memory of that night washes over him.
      “This is what I was scared of?” Virgil frowns, sounding more than a little disappointed in himself, “Your scales are spreading?”
      “There’s much more to it than that,” Janus quickly corrects him, letting the phrase carry a lot of weight for him, “But we can get into that when you’re awake enough to process a more detailed conversation.”
      “I thought you were just born with them. Are you supposed to grow more?”
      “No, I’m not. Like Remus said, you aren’t the only one who was affected.” Janus shrugs, “We both have physical mutations, though not quite like your scars. Remus already mentioned what happened to his wings, didn’t he?”
      Virgil turns to him expectantly. Remus holds his hands behind his back and grins,
      “Ooooh no, I’m saving that surprise for something special. After all, now Roman’s here to see ‘em too, and you know I can’t resist dramatic timing~”
      “Before you keep insisting you’re too dangerous to congregate around,” Janus muses lightly before Virgil can say another word, “You’re not the only one with new temporal magic.”
      Janus takes a tiny amount of pleasure in the momentary horror on Virgil’s face. As a treat.
      “Oh, don’t get all worked up, my love~” Janus teases, patting Virgil’s arm, “I’m not able to affect time in any real sense, I can only predict the future. That’s how we were able to track you somewhat reliably.”
      “That’s terrifying.” Virgil grumbles, “Are you guys having bursts like mine??”
      “Nope. Aside from the visions, which can sneak up on me at times, I’m perfectly in control of my magic.” Janus smirks, “Remus has been having a similar problem to yours, when he gets excited. Not nearly as large-scale, though it can occasionally be dangerous.”
      “And I revel in the chaos of it, so no skin off my back~!” Remus grins. 
      They fall into silence again, though it’s a bit more comfortable now. Virgil shuffles from foot to foot, not quite sure how to end the conversation, or disperse the lingering doubts and awkwardness hanging between them.
      (As much as Virgil can try and dismiss his old feelings as “part of the Madness Roman cured,” there’s still a lot about that night that still doesn’t feel right in Virgil’s gut, and he doesn’t know how long he wants to wait for a longer explanation.)
      (And, though their parting altercation has been mostly dismissed, it’s still been two years since he saw them last. Virgil knows how much non-elves can change in that time. What if even now, with everything said and done, they still can’t go back to the way they were before? What if they’re different now, and they don’t get along as well as they used to? Should he really want to, anyway??)
      Sensing his worries and eager to put them to rest, Janus peels his other glove off as well and steps forward, very gently taking Virgil’s hands.
      “Are you angry?” He asks, softly and genuinely. 
      “You can be upset, Virgil. A lot has happened, it’s okay if you need time.” Janus sends a glance in Remus’s direction, prodding him to help. Remus gives Virgil one of his ‘dazzling’ grins, trying to reassure him that they don’t hold any grudges.
      Virgil relishes the familiar feeling of Janus’s hand, shoving aside his remaining worries. He’ll deal with his lingering doubts later.
      (Their arrival has added an incredible number of new problems to his plate, but he’s frazzled and exhausted. His best friends are back, and they don’t hate him. At least for tonight, that will be enough; God knows he has enough to worry about right now, anyway.)
      Virgil shakes his head, voice still sore from earlier that day, and nearly boneless with exhaustion. Janus and Remus share a knowing look, well aware Virgil is hiding something but too overwhelmed to get into it now. 
      “Let’s just head back in and rest for tonight.” Virgil sighs, brushing his hair behind his ear. He turns to Janus, frowning,
      “In the morning, you’re going to have to tell them about the sorcery thing. And, probably also about being a snake. Logan never leaves it be at one question.”
      “Ugh! You people won’t let me keep any of my secrets!” Janus complains, folding his arms. He already knew he would need to come clean, but that doesn’t mean he has to enjoy it. He tilts his chin up in an expression of faux-contempt, tone mocking,
      “Fine, but only if you promise to actually sleep tonight. I wasn’t kidding earlier, you look like shit.”
      “That’s not fair, someone has to keep watch!”
      “We have a twenty-foot bear in there, who is going to sneak up on that? You’re being ridiculous.”
      “But what about when Roman changes back in the morning? Someone has to be awake to help him!”
      “I will, then!” Remus scoffs, “I’m his brother, he’s not gonna want anyone else to see him naked. Besides, we all know damn well you’re going to wake up the second anyone moves, hypersensitive ass.” 
      “Oh, shit.” Virgil hums, “We should pick him up some clothes before we head back in…”
      “Ooooh, can I pick them out~?” Remus grins evilly. Virgil slaps his arm, trying not to laugh,
      “No, leave him alone! He’s probably gonna be scared at first. You can bully him later.”
      “You’re such a buzzkill! I don’t remember you being this lame.”
      “Say that again when I have the energy to kick your ass.”
      They playfully shove and bat at each other the whole way up the stairs, being careful of each other’s wounds while threatening to throw the other off the balcony. At the same time, they move slowly, considerate of Janus’s leg and eyesight. 
      Janus watches them and suppresses a fond smile, his cold heart warming at how quickly they’ve started to ease back into their usual dynamic...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Begin Level 3: The Past is Never Dead 
You can now save your first File in Level 3 with the Game Menu!
Save Files:
File A.1: Communication      ?
File B.2: The Heart of the Matter      ?
File B.3: Angel’s Epithet      ?
File B.4: Pack Tactics      ?
File B.5: Lay Bear the Breast      ?
File B.6: Lay Bare the Beast      ?  
File B.7: Moonlight Dancers      ?
[ !!! WARNING: Save File Limit Breached! ]
[ Which file will you DELETE? ]
…What a curious title. I wonder what it could mean…
...And it looks like you’ve unlocked something new in the Game Menu!
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fluffymisha97 · 4 months ago
Falling, Fallen - Part 5
Tumblr media
Summary: Now that you and Chris had shared that very first moment - kiss- what will happen next? Does it stop at kissing or will more happen between you two?? 
Warnings: Language. 
Word count: 4,410 -ish 
Tumblr media
“So, now that the ‘kids’ are washed and taken care of, what do you suppose we do now?”
Chris gave you a rather suggestive smile before inching closer to you.
“Well, I think I can think of a few things that we can do.”
“Oh, really?”
“And what might that be?”
“I think I’d rather show you.”
You raised an eyebrow at him but decided to go with the flow.
“This is what you had in mind?”
“Yes absolutely.”
Chris caught you off guard once again. You’d been positive that what he’d meant was for you two to keep sucking faces but apparently you were the one with your head in the gutter. Chris had prepared for a movie night in the living room. He had thought of everything. You could spot every kind of movie snack and different kinds of beverages too.
“You look surprised that this is what I meant.”
“What no, it’s nice and all… I just thought you were going to suggest something else.”
Chris smirked at you as he threw more pillows on the big lavish couch.
“You do really have a dirty mind.”
“Shut up.”
“Although I could try to feel you up during the movie if you want to.”
Chris wiggled his eyes at you with mischief written all over his face.
“Eye’s on the screen Mr.Evans.”
He grinned at you but looked at the giant tv screen. He was surfing through Disney+ trying to find a movie.
“What’s your flavor?”
“Anything- Well no, something that doesn’t make you cry. It’s too soon for you to see me cry.”
“So, I guess all the Disney movies are no-go?”
“No, no we can still watch Disney...Just not The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Dumbo, Bambi and-...”
“So basically none that are actually good?”
“Pftt no? There’s other movies than the ones I mentioned.”
“Beauty and the Beast? Lilo and Stitch and all those other princess movies- Wait, I think I usually cry when the beast is shot. So, that one is out too.”
Chris chuckled at you but ended up finding Lilo and Stitch. You sat down on the huge couch with a small amount of space between you and Chris. You waited for his move not wanting to overstep or do something stupid. Chris saw your hesitation and reached out for you with one arm gesturing for you to come closer. You scooted closer and ended up curled in by Chris’ side. Chris leans down and presses a small kiss on the top of your head. His face remains close for a few seconds. He inhales for a second altering you.
“What’s wrong?”
“You smell like me.”
You shot up feeling embarrassed.
“Oh God, sorry. I should’ve asked if it was okay for me to use your stuff-”
“Y/N, it’s okay. Don’t worry.”
You leaned back in your seat feeling at ease.
“I like it...It’s a nice smell on you.”
The pups were quietly playing on the ground or lying by your feet. Chris grabbed the big bowl of popcorn and placed it in his lap so you could both reach. You were highly engrossed in the movie. Halfway through the movie you were starting to feel stiff in the neck from sitting, you stretched your limps and Chris moved so that you could lay your head on a pillow in his lap. You laid down on your side propped up on the pillow. Chris loved how caught up in the movie you were. He stole a few glances every now and again. He smiled whenever your muffled laugh or giggles filled the living room. As the movie progressed, Chris looked down at you when he heard some sniffles. Never had he seen someone so cute trying to hide their tears like you did.
You thought you were being all stealthy and discrete but no...Your head shaking from the rumbling caused by Chris trying to keep himself from laughing was proof enough that he knew. You immediately sat up and flicked his shoulder for laughing at you. He only raised his hands in ‘surrender’ when he saw your moist cheeks and pointed finger. You looked like a cute angry kitten.
“Shut up… I forgot about this part.”
“I didn’t say anything.”
“You didn’t have to. Your body shaking from laughing at me kinda gave it away.”
You couldn't be mad at him when he had such a sweet and goofy smile on his face. You let out a breathy chuckle as you wiped the tears away from your cheek. Chris reached out and brushed a tear away from your other cheek.
“I think it’s cute.”
“This is not cute...This is me trying not to ugly cry in front of you. That kind of stuff shouldn’t happen until at least several months in maybe even a year.”
Chris smirked at you and reached out for your hand bringing you closer.
“So, you’re saying that you’re gonna stick around for several months or more?”
“Who knows?...”
Despite the teasing and flirty tension, Chris smiled at you like a kid on Christmas.
“I like the sound of that.”
You ended up with your back against Chris front sitting kinda sideways with your head leaning back on his shoulder. It felt nice sitting like that with him. What felt better and really good were the few small pecks and kisses you ended up sharing. It didn’t feel forced or wrong. It felt good. When the movie was done, he had the next one lined up. You briefly went to the bathroom and returned shortly after where Chris sat waiting for you. The dogs had climbed up on the couch and laid a little further away from you guys all snuggled up. You quickly snapped a picture of the dogs as you looked at the photos, Chris sneaked up behind you.
“Can you send that to me?”
A small peck on your lips and he had gone to sit down patting the space next to him. You sat down and with a small sigh you fell into a comfortable little bubble. It seemed like Chris had gotten a little more bold after you’d kissed. He held your hand, or a very light hand lingering on either your shoulder or by your knee. Everytime he was no doubt about to ask you if you were okay, you only placed your own hand on top of his or leaned closer to him to reaffirm his actions were okay. Each time you heard him breathe out and relax. You let out a sigh of contentment. You could easily get used to this. Halfway through the movie, you let out a small yawn.
Tumblr media
The next morning:
You woke up in a bed, a king size bed. You shot up looking around. The daylight seeped through the windows, making your eyes hurt. You looked for your phone but it was nowhere to be found. You went to the bathroom to do your business, where you saw your own reflection. Damn girl. Whoa. You splashed a little cold water in your face to wake up and went to find Chris. You found him humming along to the radio in the kitchen. Both Bailey and Dodger laid on the floor close by in case something fell from the sky, meaning food.
You let out a small cough and Chris immediately turned around greeting you with a smile wider than ever.
“Good morning. I hope you slept well.”
“Morning? Are you sure it’s still morning?”
You looked at the clock on the wall and it was past 10:30.
“So, speaking of sleeping… I slept here. In your house. In a bed.”
Chris looked unsure about what you were saying and continued making his way around the kitchen.
“The thing is I don’t remember actually leaving the couch to go to bed...The bed that I woke up in, or was it your bed?”
You sat on one of the bar stools and leaned forward on your elbows. Chris stood on the other side of the kitchen aisle with a rag draped over his shoulder.
“Okay. One, you slept in my guest bedroom alone. I carried you to bed because you’d fallen asleep on the couch.”
You cringed hearing that he’d carried you. Embarrassment fills you to the very core.
“Oh God...You didn’t? You actually carried me...You should’ve left me there.”
“Please, I have a nice couch but it’s not that nice. Besides, you weigh like nothing.”
You hid your face in your hands feeling utterly embaressed and stupid.
“Please don’t, Chris.”
A warm hand grasping your right one snapped you from your thoughts.
“Hey, it’s fine, Y/N. Don’t think bad about yourself… You’d be uncomfortable there and I couldn't bring myself to wake you. You looked so peaceful. I hope I didn't overstep or anything like that.”
You found some reassurance and comfort in his soothing voice and touch so you chose to let it go which was the right thing to do. You gave his big hand a small squeeze and smiled at him as he went to turn off the stove.
“So, now that I know that I didn’t fly to bed and I slept alone… Where did you sleep then?”
“I slept in my own bed alone- well not alone. Those two fellas joined me.”
Your eyes nearly went out of your head.
“Bailey slept with you- you guys?”
“Yeah. Hope it’s okay.”
“No, no it’s all good. It just surprised me. That’s all.”
“Are there any other questions that you need answered?”
You looked down feeling stupid again.
“No, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t say that. You have nothing to be sorry for.”
You finally looked around and saw what Chris had been doing.
“You made breakfast?”
“Yup. Can’t let you go home on an empty stomach.”
“That’s sweet of you but I should probably get going...I probably overstayed my welcome and Abby’s probably waiting for me- OH GOD, Abby! I have to call her and let her know that I’m okay.”
Chris nodded his head and gestured to the counter. You went over and grabbed your phone.
“I plugged in your phone when I woke up. It was about to die.”
He was right. It had barely reached 25 % power. Oddly enough there were no messages or calls from Abby. There was only a text from last night with a winky face. You were in the middle of writing Abby when Chris rounded the aisle and stood next to you.
“How about this? You stay and have a late breakfast with me and I take you home afterwards properly fed.”
“Chris, I don’t know if-...”
“Please. It’d be rude to have me eat all of this alone.”
He gave you the best puppy eyes you’d ever seen on a grown man. The last straw was him kissing the back of your hand whilst giving you the puppy eyes.
“Okay, then. I’ll stay. Let me just text Abby and tell her I’ll be home later.”
Chris did a small victory dance and waited for you by the kitchen table. You typed in the message for Abby saying you were coming home later and that you were fine. You put the phone on vibrate and went over to Chris who pulled out your chair for you.
“Wow, this is like a feast for 12? Do you have any other guests coming to join us or?”
“Just us. I figured go big or go home.”
“That you did.”
He had made scrambled eggs, toast, gotten fresh fruit and more. More than you could ever eat. You ate some strawberries and relished in the sweet taste. You caught Chris staring at you.
“What? Do I have something on my face?”
“No, no. You just look cute.”
The heat rushed to your cheeks and like many times when feeling flushed, you looked elsewhere. Chris took a deep breath before looking at you.
“So last night, we had the moment.”
You cleared your throat and looked at him again.
“Yeah, a few of those moments happened.”
“Yes, that was-...”
“Good...Very good. So good that I was hoping there would be more.”
You give him a cheeky smile as you prop another strawberry into your mouth. After swallowing, you look at him again.
“You’ve gotten a bit bold since last night where we had those moments, huh?”
“Maybe. Can’t hurt to try?”
“Suppose not- wait, what?”
Chris began leaning in to kiss you and your hand shot up and created a barrier between his lips and your own. Chris looks taken back before he leans back in his chair.
“Or not?… Sorry if that was over the line I just assumed-...”
“It’s not that, at all, Chris . I just haven’t brushed my teeth and it’s kind of gross?”
“You think I care about that?”
“You don’t?”
“Oh! Well, you should.”
“So, it seems...But I don’t. So?”
Chris tried once more but you leaned further away with an awkward look on your face.
“Okay, now you’re going to hurt my feelings.”
You go to swat his shoulder only to have your hand grasped in a tight hold in his larger one.
“Look, I have a morning routine and mouth-hygiene is a big part of that which means brushing my teeth before smacking lips with someone. You got up a lot earlier than me and you have no doubt brushed your teeth, right?”
“Riiight...So let’s say that you’d gone through your ‘morning hygiene routine’, then would I get a kiss?”
“Well, yeah?”
“Okay then.”
He brings your hand to his lips and presses a small kiss to your knuckles.
“In the meantime, you can kiss this.”
You lean closer to Chris, his eyes going wide thinking you were going in for a kiss after all. Chris smiles widely and leans in too. Just as the distance between you is getting smaller and smaller and your lips are about to meet. You reach for a big strawberry on your plate and pressed it to his waiting lips. Chris let out a small groan as he opens his eyes to see your adorable grinning face as he realizes he’s kissing a fruit instead of you.
“You’re so lucky that I find you cute.”
“I know.”
You giggle and watch him chew and swallow the fruit. You eat and talk for the next 25 minutes or so before clearing out the table and cleaning up in the kitchen. Chris disappears for a moment while you finish up in the kitchen. A few seconds later, he appears in front of you holding a toothbrush. The toothbrush was still packed in its original case. All shiny and new.
“Is that for me?”
“Yeah. I figured I couldn’t let the lady not go through her normal morning-hygiene-routine. What kind of host would I be then?”
You smile at him before grabbing the toothbrush from his hand.
“Thank you.”
“No problem. Now go and brush those teeth like you’ve never brushed them before.”
You laughed with him and gave him a small pat on the chest before moving around him in the direction of the bathroom. You were met with quite a sight. Several of the drawers were opened and ransacked through. No doubt trying to locate the very object you were holding. You gently close the drawers and brush your teeth. You don’t really know where to put the toothbrush so you just put it back in its case and left it on the sink countertop.
As you find your way back to Chris, you lovingly watch the dogs jump around playing with each other. Chris sits on one of the bar stools while seemingly reading what looked like a book. You looked at the cover, ‘Stillness speaks’ by Eckhart Tolle.
“Is it any good?”
“Huh? What?”
“The book?”
“Oh. Yeah, it’s pretty good if one likes to read.”
“I do like to read.”
“Another thing we have in common.”
You grinned at him and watched him put in a bookmark and set it aside.
“Thanks for the toothbrush again.”
“Really, it’s no problem.”
“I hope you didn’t go through too much trouble finding an extra one.”
“Naaah. I had one lying around.”
You raised your eyebrows at him but his sheepishly smile melted any snarky- alike remarks you had lined up and ready to go.
“Lucky for me.”
“Lucky indeed.”
Chris motions for you to join him by the kitchen isle. You quietly walk over to him where you find yourself planted in front of him. With searching eyes and caution, Chris wraps his arms around your middle and pulls you closer. Your hands go to his chest where he is still, worried that your hands would stop him but they stayed right where they were.
“So now, that we’re all brushed and washed, I think there’s something we discussed doing?”
“Hmm, what’s that now?”
“I think you called it ‘smacking lips’.”
“Ohh right. Yeah, that.”
Chris grinned at you sporting a goofy smile as you grew more and more comfortable in his arms. You were both liking how easy and natural it felt.
“So, do I get to-...”
You placed a finger to his lips, silencing him.
“You’re going to ruin the moment by asking if you-...”
Your finger was brushed off and his lips were on yours before you could say anymore. You silently hummed feeling his soft lips. Your hands found their way around his neck as his larger hands went around your waist keeping you in place. Kissing shouldn’t be this good. But it was with Chris. You’d kissed some guys but Chris was far from any of those. You moved synchronously. You let out a small gasp as his tongue swept across your lips asking for permission which was gladly granted.  
Chris' hands never wandered to the ‘no-zones’ which was greatly appreciated. If they went anywhere else it was because you’d given him the ‘go’ otherwise he remained to be a gentleman. Kissing Chris turned out to be rather intoxicating. It left you breathless and wanting more. Chris pulled away and pressed a few kisses to your cheek and jaw. Your mind felt a little foggy and you hung onto his biceps for support. Chris couldn’t help but look at you in awe and mischief as he looked at your now slightly swollen and extra plump lips.
“Woah, that was…”
“Yeah, we can repeat the success again? I’m good either way.”
You hid your face in his chest as you felt hot all over. He wrapped his arms around you once again bringing you even closer.
“I’m sorry, just teasing you- Do you want to go and sit down?”
“I’m good here. Unless you’re not? Kinda leaning on you quite a lot aren’t I?”
Chris grabs your chin making you look at him, his blue eyes making you dizzy.
“I’m perfectly fine right here.”
He closes the distance between you capturing you in a kiss once again. You giggle into the kiss as he unintentionally tickles you.
“You’re all pepperminty.”
“I know, brushing one’s teeth can do that.”
“I should try it…”
“I didn’t know if I should’ve tossed it out or where to put it. I just left it in the bathroom.”
“It’d be a waste throwing it away, right… Maybe I could keep it here for you? If we should ever find ourselves in a similar situation… That way you have one to”
You found yourself at a loss for words. Part of you was shocked by his suggestion but another part got all giddy inside. Chris wanted to keep your toothbrush. Here at his house. Your silence made Chris uneasy and started doubting if he’d gone and misread things.
“Or...Or not? Forget it, it was a lot and probably too much.”
“It’s cool...I guess, it’d be a waste throwing it out. Not the worst idea.”
Chris’ face lights up hearing your words. You share a smile before ‘casually’ moving on to another subject. 
Tumblr media
You small talk and kiss for quite a while until a buzzing noise interrupted your bubble.
“That your phone?”
Chris shakes his head but checks his phone anyway. He nods over to your phone where it still was plugged in.
“I think it’s yours.”
Excusing yourself, you check your phone. It lights up with messages from Emmett, Abby and most surprisingly your Grandma checking in. You call Abby trying to figure what’s going on.
“What’s wrong, Abby? I checked in with you-…”
“Have you forgotten all about your plans with your grandparents? You invited them over for a big brunch? There’s no brunch and no you for them to greet in less than 20 minutes.”
“Shit. I’ll be right there.”
You ran to find your bag and coat. Chris returned from the kitchen watching your hurried movements.
“Y/N? What’s going on?”
“I need you to take me home now. Like now. I-I should’ve been home now.”
Chris taken back by your words looks down.
“I’m sorry if I offended you or anything I didn’t mean to and maybe it was presumptuous to act like I did just now but-…”
In the middle of wrapping your coat around yourself, you look up at Chris.
“What? What are you talking about?”
“I scared you off, right? isn’t that why you’re running off now?”
“Wha- No, no, no… Not what’s happening right now. Sorry, Chris it’s not that. I just need to get home now. My grandparents are coming over in less than.- now 15 minutes and it takes 10 minutes to drive home.”
Chris looks a bit uneasy and unconvinced by your explanation. You’re putting on your shoes when Bailey joins you by the door.
“Chris, I forgot I had plans with them and that’s all. Nothing else is wrong. I promise.”
Chris nods and grabs his jacket and shoes. Bailey and Dodger barks at one another presumably saying bye before you leave the house.
Chris marches to his car and you do the same. Chris quickly lets Bailey into the dog ‘cage’ in the car making the pup whine.
“I know, honey you hate it but we’ll be home in no time.”
Chris drives within the limit and you anxiously bounce your leg up and down. His hand leans over and gives your knee a light squeeze. A short while later, you’re parked in front of your apartment. You let out a groan as you spot not only your parents car and grandparent’s car.
“What’s wrong?”
“My mom and dad are here too. Didn’t really expect that.”
Chris gets out of the car and goes to let Bailey out. Chris shuffles over to you as you dig through your bag trying to locate your keys.
“Aah! There they are.”
You practically jump to the building as you unlock the door letting Bailey in and turning around to face Chris.
“Chris, I-I…uhhh.”
“It’s okay, go.”
You smile nervously and quickly press a kiss to his lips.
“I’ll call you.”
“Looking forward to it.”
As you get to your apartment, you smell food cooking. You go inside where you can hear your parents' laughter and Emmett’s voice booming through the room.
“There’s the woman of the hour.”
Emmett goes over and takes your bag for you before whispering in your ear.
“You’re welcome. I did my best with what I had.”
“I love you.”
“I know. Now go and change. I laid out an outfit for you. I’ll keep your family entertained in the meantime.”
You briefly wave to your family before disappearing into your bedroom. As you take off your coat, you realize that you’re still wearing Chris’ clothes. You groan before mentally face-palming yourself for being dumb.
“Y/N, I’ll always be there to help out but I think you’re pushing it a bit close today and- OMG, you had sex?!”
Abby shrieks and you quickly cover her mouth and tugs her inside your room.
“Could you yell any louder? I don’t need my family to think that I’m some slut.”
“Even if it’s true?”
You flip her off as you find some underwear.
“Okay, I found that short film I did last month but you should probably get out- Y/F/N Y/L/N, be still my beating penis…you got some dicking last night. Go girl.”
“Shut the door and shut up. NO, I did get any dick-ing. I simply laid on a bed and slept. ONLY slept. I fell asleep.”
They both shared a look before looking at you with disbelief written all over their faces.
“Sure... You’re wearing his clothes?”
“Because mine got wet!”
“AAhh! I knew it.”
“Because I fell into the tub!...Argh, enough of this. Get out there both of you before I throw you out.”
“Fine. We want all the details later then.”
You grumpily nod your head and let out a sigh before changing. As you finish up in the bathroom, your phone chimes.
Chris : ‘So, funny thing. You forgot your clothes at my place.’
You : ‘I figured that as much. And I have your clothes here.’
Chris : ‘Interesting. ;-) -- Well, we can talk later. Go be with your people.’
You go out and properly greet your parents and grandparents.
“We were worried that you’d forgotten about today.”
“What? No, I just had some plans yesterday that ran longer than I thought.”
Emmett explains ‘your menu’ and people begin to dig into the small feast.
There’s plenty of small talk going around the table. You love how both your parents and grandparents include Abby and Emmett whom you’ve known forever. It’s like extended family. You talk about work and what’s going on in your life. Well, you tell them almost everything. Your mom and dad announce their next place of traveling. They’d always been free spirited and gone where the wind blew them. Emmett and Abby are engrossed in conversation with your parents while your grams and granddad close in on you.
Your granddad hugs you again.
“You should’ve invited him to come with. He looked like a decent and nice fella.”
You freeze and look at your granddad who only caress your cheek with a grin on his face.
“Oh, uhh…He’s just a guy that…It’s not like there’s a label or anything. It’s just-…”
“I wouldn’t care about labels, honey. All I care about is if he’s making you happy and from the looks of it he does. Especially if you forget plans with your old folks here... then he sounds like some guy.”
You can’t help but smile at your grandad.
“Now tell me about him.”
And you do. You tell him all about Chris. You and your grandad always had a tight and special relationship. But more of yours and your granddad’s relationship later, for now you couldn’t stop yourself as you gushed about Chris.
Tumblr media
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hpalways · 4 months ago
Yaksha’s Destiny || Xiao
DARKNESS was the biggest fear held by fellow Yakshas. This power bestowed upon you and many alike gave an opening to the pitting shadows that raged within your chambers. Some days, it wasn't as bad -- other days... it felt like you were getting ripped apart into shreds, taking in all your willpower to battle against it. It was tempting, to give in and call it quits. Life for a Yaksha wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. There were always too many demons and not enough heroes. Especially for a weaker one like you, anger and frustration would stem from these battles, only to eat at you later on. 
Today was one of those days. The sky was a stormy sea of clouds, with the Gods crying from the heaven above. Droplets prickled down your bare skin, cold to the touch. While in the mountainside, you had stumbled upon demonic energy, so there was no choice but to finish them off. 
Dodging the monster that lunged at you, you took out your polearm. The hydro vision on your hip gleamed brightly in the setting. Taking a turn, you could feel power surge to your arms. As you were about to jab your weapon into the demon's abdomen, they had ducked in time. Shit. You had underestimated this one.
Its body rammed into you, knocking you off your feet. Air left your system, causing you to groan in pain. Just as it was about to sink its teeth into your arm, you rolled over on one side and jumped back to your feet. Fingers clenching tightly around the metal stick, you pushed your hind legs and tried to stab at it another time. Your speed and reaction time was too slow. Too damn slow. Too damn weak. Gritting your teeth, you began to use up more of Yaksha's power, drinking the exhilarating taste of freedom. It was so addicting... often times, you'd wished it'd never stop. 
A burst of water shrouded from the weapon, circling the demon until it was surrounded. With one, clean fell swoop, you sliced the demon and the energy faded away. The deed was done. 
Falling to your knees, your entire body was shaking. Face contorted and in pain, nails dug into the earth to feel wet mud. Your body would not move -- it could not. Stilling there as if you had just been paralyzed, hungering thoughts plagued your mind... Thoughts you wished weren't yours. Letting out a disgusting whimper, similar to that of a wounded animal, you bit down on your lip, hard. Blood dribbled down your chin, painting the grass in crimson. Tugging at your mask, you stared at it for a moment. A sigh let out. 
That was a close one. Crashing to the ground, your chest heaved up and down in exhaustion. 
A figure suddenly entered your peripheral vision. Climbing up to the ridge of the mountain was Xiao, his dark teal locks blowing along with the harsh winds. Donned in his usual robes, he was as attractive as ever. The first time you stumbled upon him -- one of the famous five -- you nearly forgot to breathe. You had referred to him as Alatus then, starstrucked by such a powerful being. 
You would never not awed by him. The way he held himself would always come to remind you of the big gap in strength between the two of you. Maybe you did establish a relationship with this all-mighty Yaksha, but this inferiority complex was tugging your strings more than you'd like to admit. 
At the same time, he provided you the distraction needed. He kept you grounded, which prevented you from going mad. He was the only one who made you feel human, if that was even possible. 
Golden amber hues landed on you, withholding an unreadable expression. He walked up to your beaten up form and sat down, unbothered by the rain. Struggling to get yourself into a sitting position, you looked out at the view in front. 
"You used up too much of your power again," he murmured. 
"Do you think I don't know that? I had no choice," you sighed. 
His sharp eyes narrowed further. "You were being careless."
"It happened. There's nothing I can do to change it." His anger barely dwindled and the scowl only deepened. "Come on, Xiao. I don't want to talk about my mistakes when I'm with you. Busy as we are, I barely get to see you as of late. Can't we just enjoy our brief time together?"
That got him. His eyes softened at your words and he reluctantly nodded in agreement. Seizing the victory, you laid your head on his shoulder, feeling warmth even upon this cold weather. The rain was starting to let down too -- perhaps Xiao was the lucky charm.
"What have you been up to?" you inquired. 
"Demons. Monsters. The usual," he responded. His cheeks tinged with a soft pink all of a sudden. "I... I also got you something."
Your ears perked up at the sound of this. Lifting your head, you watched him in curiosity. He took something out from his robe pockets and slowly opened his palm. Laying there was a blue, glowing object. Shaped as a butterfly, it was gorgeous. You had never seen this kind of butterfly around these parts. He must have traveled far to have found it. 
"It's a crystalfly," he mumbled, averting his eyes in embarrassment. Your heart raced at his actions. He was too cute. Before meeting him, you could have never imagined the Vigilant Yaksha to possess such qualities. "I saw it and... thought it would look good in your hair."
"Oh, I love it. Thank you," you whispered breathlessly, touched beyond words. This was exactly what you meant with how Xiao could easily brush your problems away with a smile.
Before you could stop yourself, you leaned in and kissed his lips. They were soft as petal leaves. He returned the gesture immediately, arms wrapped around you in a warm embrace. Digging your fingers into his hair, you kissed with a ferocity that was never present in your fights. This was to release the pain you dealt with today. As long Xiao was here, you were going to be okay. As long as he was by your side, you were going to be okay. This era of demons and gods will end someday, leaving you a happy future with him. 
You tasted him. His lips. His mouth. His entire self. He tasted of mint. He tasted of life. He tasted of iron. The kind of metal tang found in blood. Sighs were exchanged upon each kiss, breathless but the two of you would not let the other go. Your lips trailed down to his jaw, peppering his baby-soft skin with a few nibbles here and there. He let out a gasp. 
Finally you pulled away, giggling at his flustered state for your bold moves. 
The end was nearing. He picked up the crystal fly and reached up to your [h/c] hair. While he gently pinned it down, you could only focus on his swollen lips. He was beautiful... and you loved him so. 
"[Y/N]," he said, interrupting the honey silence of the mountains. "If you are ever in trouble, just call my name and I will come to you. In any circumstance, avoid overusing your power."
This bliss that left you giddy disappeared as quick as it came. All that remained was the harsh, cruel reality. Brows knitted together in offense and you quickly shook your head. "Why would I do that? I'm a Yaksha. What kind of Yaksha seeks help from another? This wounds my pride, Xiao. Is your faith in my skill and strength that low?"
"No. That's not it," he argued, features twisted in desperation. "Why won't you let me protect you?"
"Unbelievable," you merely scoffed, staggering up to stand. "I have to go. I'm sure you do too."
Ignoring his blubbering protests, you jumped down upon ledges until you reached ground level safely. He didn't understand what you had to go through. He never had to face judgement from those who didn't believe in you. Strong enough to battle the demons both externally and internally, Xiao was different from you. But even so... even if his words meant that he only cared for you, it hurt like you had been just stabbed. 
You were willing to prove to him that you could stand on your own feet. He was going to eat his own words. So would the other Yakshas who looked down on you your entire life. If you trained hard enough, surely improvement could be gained. Right? It wasn't as if destiny could determine what you could accomplish already. 
Approaching the forest that was said to contain many strong demons and monsters, you surged ahead, with eyes filled of challenge. 
There, sitting in a nook was a cave, Sensing a suffocating presence, you knew you had hit a jackpot. Sneaking across the grassy lands, you stayed silent. The tall, towering trees were beginning to look a lot more ominous. Tiptoeing to the edge of the cave, you peered in to find the energy unbearably strong. One staggering breath later and you went forward. A roar let out, signaling that it knew of its intruder. Shoulders tensed up and sweat beaded your forehead, but you couldn't stop now. No matter what, you were going to go through with it. 
It was a beast. Fangs gleamed in the darkness, nearly the size of your weapon. Having woken from its slumber, its terrifying eyes landed on you. Claws swiped the air, which you barely avoided in time. Fear had seized you with a hand, choking you until you could barely move. This was a terrible, foolish move. There was no way you could beat such a demon. 
Calling in more power, it filled you up at the core. To waste no time, you delved right into battle, slashing at the monster. It had little to none effect on it. With a lazy swipe of its arm, it slammed you right into the cave's walls, causing you to spit out blood. Pushing yourself up, you tried again, putting in more power to your weapon. Adding hydro to the mix, the weapon hit its arms. It caused the monster to roar in pain, but that only made it more angry. Barreling straight to you, similar but much more frightening than the last demon, it pounced on you, pinning you down to the ground. 
Drool left its mouth, splattering all over on your face. Its claws dug into your side and you let out a piercing scream. You were so fucking sick of this shit. Why was it destined that you had to stay weak? It was so unfair you wished to cry your heart out. 
The last of the powers was used. Pushing the demon's hold on you, you stumbled up and felt thrill run through. It was delicious, but your mind was also beginning to grow hazy. "X-Xiao..." you uttered out. 
The Conqueror of Demons arrived as soon as you called, anxious to apologize for his insensitivity. What he didn't expect to see was a battlefield. A large and strong demon was torn apart to pieces, the iron smell of it so strong, it was gagworthy. Sitting on the pile of bones was you, dark, gruesome scratches decorating your arms and legs. A deep gash was bleeding from your torso and your [e/c] eyes were dimmed; at the same time, they held a crazed look in them. 
His face paled and his body grew cold at the sight. You did the thing he last wanted to happen. Already too far in and consumed by the darkness surrounding your whole life, you were looking at him not with love, but with bloodlust. "I'll kill you, Xiao!" you screamed at the top of your lungs. 
Climbing down, you tried to run to him. But your footsteps halted and you crashed to the ground. Spazzing out as if you had just been electrocuted by lightning, the Vigilant Yaksha slowly approached you, tears streaming down the side of his face. He kneeled down, cradling your head in his lap. "Don't leave me..." He hit the ground in fury. "Dammit! Why didn't you listen to me!?"
Consciousness returned but you were on the brink of death. The wound was deep, but so were the demons. It was raining again, so you forced a small smile out. "I'm weak. It's my fate," you whispered. "At least I won't have to suffer through this darkness any longer. It's over. I quit. You won, my demons. I am yours to keep."
"Shut your mouth," he snarled. The rain had turned into a storm, adding fury into the mix. "Please. You can make it through this. Don't leave me yet. It was going to get better. An era with no more demons to haunt us. You said so yourself." 
"That was just a stupid dream."
"Don't fucking say that," he growled, flinching as if he'd just been slapped. You were supposed to be the optimist here. It meant that this death was real... and that you would accept it with open arms. "It's going to happen. So hold on. Let me find someone to save you."
Your head shook and you winced. "We all learned this since young. We'll die if we let our power consume us. It's impossible and you know it."
"Stop," he choked out, lowering his head until his hair covered his broken expression. "Then don't talk. Save your breath."
You ignored his words. "Thank you... for the crystalfly. Does it look pretty on me?" you murmured.
He heaved out a sob and slowly nodded. "I've never seen anyone more beautiful."
"I love you."
"I love you too."
"And I'm sorry."
"I am too."
"Protect... the people... like you always do, my sweet, Vigilant Yaksha." Your voice grew more raspy by the second, for the pain was getting unbearable. 
You fluttered your eyes shut and the pain faded. On the other hand, Xiao's pain grew, the scars and trauma there to haunt him, for a life and infinity.
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astaroth1357 · 8 months ago
Leviathan's Odyssey 7:
Mammon: Levi!!
*Mammon is the first to leap forward and run across the beach, faster than Lucifer could stop him. His enthusiasm, however, seems to wind down considerably when his brother doesn’t make any move to meet him… and then he retreats back to the others when a massive, serpentine head rises out from the water by the shore. This new beast is not quite as large as the one from before (which likely was Levi himself in some kind of horrific second form) but it could still swallow any one of brothers whole and looks very hungry and eager to do so… particularly when six other heads just like it come up to join the fun*
*Levi stops the clamoring hissing of the monstrous serpent with only the raise of a hand, leaving Lucifer to assume whatever it is, must be completely under his thrall… an impressive feat for a creature that size…*
Levi: This is Lotan. Don't mind him.
*as their formerly missing brother starts his stride across the beach, a growing knot begins to twist in the pit of the eldest’s stomach… The kind of feeling one gets when they’ve realized that they’re out of their element... but they’re up against someone else who very much is. Fighting to keep a composed demeanor, he waits until Levi’s right in front of them before responding*
Lucifer: You look well, Levi... I’m glad. Though I’m surprised you've turned up here of all places...
*Leviathan, maybe amused by the statement, sticks the end of his trident into the ground by his feet before smiling*
Levi: Same goes for you, but this is just my first stop. *he shrugs nonchalantly, glancing all his brothers over until his eyes land on… well, a new face*
Levi: And what’s that thing...?
*Lucifer follows his eyeline to baby Satan, currently peeking his blonde head out from the safety of his shirt. He had almost forgotten he was still holding him...*
Lucifer: Oh, well… I suppose this is your new brother…
Levi: You stole a kid??
Lucifer: Well, no. He’s uh... it’s complicated.
*Levi looks a tad confused but leans down to get a better look at the boy. Again, much to Lucifer’s surprise, their seemingly fearless child attempts to hide his face back into the fabric…*
Levi: Huh. Looks like your guppy’s shy. *he flashes yet another shark-toothed grin… where he had developed such a maw is a mystery to Lucifer… None of his brothers' teeth get that sharp*
Lucifer: He’s not usually… *one of his hands instinctively goes to shield Satan’s head. A part of him hopes that it’s only Levi’s appearance that he finds scary… but a greater part of him fears there’s more to it than that…*
*it doesn’t take Levi long to look past Satan and back to the others, all of whom are still grappling somewhere between a state of shock and guilt*
Levi: Well. I’m happy you all found each other. Up here... *they watch for a moment as his slitted eyes narrow slightly...*
Levi: ...without me.
*Mammon is again the first to step forward, putting a hand over his own chest*
Mammon: I looked for ya when we-
*he could continue but Levi cuts him off with a sudden spike in volume, picking his trident back up from the sand*
Levi: -and just look at the house you got! *he lifts the weapon over to the Demon Lord’s villa, sitting perched on a scenic hill above the beach* Doesn’t it look just… nice?
*the twisting in Lucifer’s gut is only getting worse… he doesn’t like where this is going…*
Lucifer: The house isn't ours, Leviathan… We’re borrowing it. We live somewhere farther inland...
*the way that Levi’s eyebrows raise only further cement his fears… For a moment, he swears he sees something flash in his eyes but it's gone too fast to identify it…*
Levi: So that means you have two then?
*they all watch in confusion as he bends down to scoop some sand between his fingers…  letting the white grains slip slowly from his grasp*
Lucifer: Two…? Two what?
Levi: Two territories. On dry land. *Levi watches the sand pour to the ground, seemingly mesmerized by how it falls, before returning back to his brothers*
Levi: I bet that really must be nice. Really… really nice. *Lucifer sees the look in his eye change again, but this time the darkness lingers… radiating what he can only describe as pure malice and envy*
Levi: But that doesn’t surprise me. You guys have always had it better than I have…
Mammon: Huh..? *Mammon raises an eyebrow, apparently blindsided by his comment* What the hell are ya talkin about, Levi?
*Lucifer can’t help but shoot a look at him, even for the innocent question. There’s something very different about the Levi before them right now… They shouldn’t risk giving him ammunition. Unfortunately, Levi’s eyes only narrow again but this time into deadly thin slits*
Levi: What am I talking about? Isn’t it obvious?? Or are you still just as dumb as ever, Mammon? *Levi sweeps his trident out to the side, baring his pointed teeth in a silent snarl*
Levi: All of you had it so much better in the Celestial Realm than I did! Mr. “Always Perfect” Lucifer and his stupid little lapdog, Mammon! Oh how everybody looked up to you! *he jerks his trident towards a frightened Asmodeus, the anger in his eyes only intensifying*
Levi: And then there’s you! Always sneaking out to parties and sleeping who knows where, but were you ever cast out for it?? No! Because you’d always go crying to Lucifer to get your way!!
Lucifer: That’s enough, Levi-!
*Leviathan’s tail lashes the beach sand, kicking up a cloud of white behind him and they hear the low hiss of the seven-headed beast still very much watching them…*
Levi: Shut up! I’m not done!! *his trident next jerks towards Beel and Belphie, the older of whom currently pushing the younger behind his back defensively*
Levi: And then there’s you two! Who could ever get enough of hearing how everybody loved the twins?? “Did you see what Beel did today?” “Hasn’t he gotten so big?” “He’s a shoe-in for seraphim for sure!” And if you had just stayed in your goddamn place, Belphie, then NONE OF US WOULD EVEN BE HERE RIGHT NOW!!!
Lucifer: LEVIATHAN, I SAID ENOUGH!! *Lucifer’s beach clothes quickly evaporate as they get replaced by his demon form, black wings towering high above his head, but Levi remains undaunted*
*the sky above them darkens as growing clouds bloat out the artificial sun, the sheer intensity of Levi’s rage apparently beginning to disturb the sea around them. The waves suddenly start getting choppy, bubbling up and crashing into each other furiously...*
*for a moment, Lucifer is astounded how Levi’s emotions alone could have such an effect on the currents, but that’s only until he looks a little closer… It’s no current or wind changing the waters, it's a horde of creatures struggling for space above the water’s surface: tails, fins, tentacles, and heads of all shapes and sizes breaching the formally calm seas to make their presence known. In a matter of moments, they find themselves outnumbered not by the tens or hundreds, but by the thousands… An ocean’s worth of monsters calling for their blood from across the shore…*
*as the brothers realize what they must be seeing, a collective horror casts over them… Levi himself takes a few deep breaths and raises his trident back to the army, quieting his troops once more, but they remain near the surface to watch for his orders. Dormant, but far from absent in their conflict… A tense silence hangs in the air but Lucifer is the first to break it with a quiet, harsh whisper*
Lucifer: Leviathan… What is the meaning of this? What are these things and why are you here?
*Levi slowly lowers his trident and glares back at his brother with a look that’s not smug, nor boastful. It holds nothing but anger and contempt for him and seemingly everyone around him...*
Levi: Shouldn’t it be obvious, Lucifer? I’m still a general, aren’t I? So what if my men look a little different now... *he digs the end of his trident into the sand, keeping his head aloft in a way Lucifer had only seen him do on the battlefield*
Levi: I want better land. I’m here for more territory and I’m starting with this beach. *though his voice is assured and commanding, Lucifer narrows his eyes at him just as Levi had done before*
Lucifer: No. I can’t let you do that. *Levi, of course, doesn’t back down for a second*
Levi: Well, too bad it wasn’t a request.
Lucifer: This beach and the land it’s attached to are all property of the Devildom and its ruler, Lord Diavolo. I cannot and will not just let you take it. *Lucifer’s words actually seem to give Levi a pause for thought, but more out of surprise than anything*
Levi: Wait, did you just say “Lord” Diavolo…? *he thinks for a moment before a smile finally comes back to his face, though this time with an air of mockery* Did you just call the Prince by his title? Don’t tell me you’re his lackey now, are you…??
*Lucifer, to his credit, doesn’t flinch or look away… but he doesn’t look particularly happy either*
Lucifer: I remain my own man, as I’ve always been… But I owe my loyalty to the Prince and I will oversee his interests as I see fit. *it seems regardless of his answer, Leviathan still snorts at him*
Levi: So you are!! And here I thought I’d never see you take a knee to a demon! Just how low have you sunk now, huh? *Lucifer opens his mouth to respond, but Mammon beats him to the punch*
Mammon: Would it kill ya to just shut up already, Levi?? We ain’t just gonna let ya take what you want! *despite his brother’s outburst, Levi only continues to look amused*
Levi: And you really think you can stop me?
*he raises his trident once more and an unearthly chorus is sung from the waves, a deadly hum of hissing and growls emitting from his waiting “soldiers,” itching to attack on his say so. Many most likely already having the reach or capability to pluck the other demons from the sands where they stand*
Levi: … you and what army?
*Mammon’s silence appears to be his answer as he glances anxiously to Lucifer… the rest of his brothers doing the same. In times like these, they all turn to the eldest to come up with a plan, but it seems that this time, Lucifer finds himself with limited options… He takes a moment to study his family’s faces - then the savage crowd of beasts surrounding them - with an expression that’s near unreadable…*
Lucifer: … I can call Lord Diavolo from here. What are your demands?
*there’s a sharp intake of breath from his brothers, not a one expecting him seemingly to back down so quickly*
Mammon: What?!
Asmo: Lucifer?? You can’t be serious!! *though his brothers are stunned, Lucifer doesn’t take his eyes off of Levi while still maintaining his stoic expression*
Lucifer: If this is the bed he wants to lie in, then so be it… 
*he and Levi glare at each other momentarily, before the other finally says something in response*
Levi: Tell your prince that I’ll start flooding Devildom within the next twenty minutes… If he hands over his territory willingly, then I’ll let him evacuate anyone living on it. Otherwise, it makes no difference to me.
Lucifer: If that’s really what you want… But Levi? *Lucifer waits until he has his full attention to make his point clear… His expression may have even softened some… Is it with worry? Maybe even disappointment?* 
Lucifer: Don’t do anything you may regret…
*Leviathan looks at him for a few seconds more, before turning his back to them entirely*
Levi: … You have my demands, don’t you? *as he starts to walk away, Lucifer says something else just barely loud enough for him to hear*
Lucifer: You’ve changed… Leviathan.
*for a split second, Levi’s steps falter… but he doesn’t stop nor turn back to respond*
Levi: I’m just who I need to be… Lucifer.
Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
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startanewdream · 9 days ago
Summary: Padfoot helps, James makes a fool of himself and Padfoot interrupts.
Or Lily's job as a dog walker is eventful.
All in all, that’s the thing that Lily has been saying the most every day since she agreed to walk over that little beast that was released from hell exclusively to torment her.
The worst part is that this beast looks cute. Extremely cute, with the darkest and shiniest fur she has ever seen, warm brown eyes that look hugely sorry whenever he does something wrong (which seems to be all the time). Lily adores him except when Padfoot is misbehaving.
Again, all the time.
Every day since the first time she walked Padfoot, Lily has promised herself that she will inform his owner that she can’t do it anymore. But every day his owner looks at her apologetically, pays twice what they agreed on and winks at her as if asking “can you come back tomorrow, pretty please?”
Now, the double money is nice, Lily needs that job, the dog’s owner is not bad on the eye, but what makes her go back the next day is that Padfoot, that insufferable hellhound, comes back to nudge her with his wet nose, looking at her with his adorable eyes, and he looks so innocent that Lily agrees before she can think better.
But this is it. Seven days later, Lily is ready to finally give up, because Padfoot has done something graver than forcing her to change directions in the middle of the street so he can chase after pigeons, weirder than making her invade a house so he can chat with the cats and worse than invading a flower shop so he could sniff the flowers (and destroying half the plants in the process).
Padfoot pulled her towards a stranger.
For all his size, Padftoot isn’t an aggressive dog; but for all his size, when he is set into something, Lily and her one hundred and forty pounds can’t hold him, so before Lily can do anything more than scream (“PADFOOT, NO!”), Padfoot is running down the park, dragging her along, jumping towards a man and throwing him in the ground.
A second later, a full second in which Lily has time to reconsider every choice in her life that leads to this moment, the momentum throws Lily over the man in the ground.
And then for five very good seconds, Lily forgets all about Padfoot—if she thought about him, she might even thank him—because of every man in the world the dog could choose to jump over, he chose someone absolutely gorgeous. Lily notices first his face, his widen hazel eyes shining behind rectangular glasses, and a few wisps of his dark messy hair falling over his sweaty forehead. Then she sees his tanned skin, from his face to his chest—and when her eyes drop to his chest, she realizes he isn’t wearing any shirt, only some jogger pants, and she is thankful for the bright summer day because gods, he is fit.
Her hand over his chest twitches, and Lily swears she can feel his quick heartbeat—or perhaps it’s her pulse that is running quick, and Lily knows it was not the adrenaline of before.
“Wow,” he whispers, his voice mellow and deep and talking to her, and there is only—
Only a dog between them, licking the stranger’s very beautiful face, taking his glasses out.
“Hey, hey,” he says, laughing, and Lily remembers her current situation.
She jumps apart, knowing her face is deep red (and that embarrassment is only half the reason).
“I am so sorry!” she tells him, trying to pull Padfoot away. The man sits (damn those abs), hugging the dog, letting him keep his ministrations. “He has never—”
“That’s okay,” he tells her, grinning at her (damn this smile). “You are not a good boy, are you?”
Padfoot barks happily, looking very proud of himself.
“I’m really sorry, he doesn’t usually attack people and—” she looks at his dishevelled state (she is not admiring his body once more, she is not), with grass on his hair and dirt on his pants, not to mention all the drool over his face. “You are all dirty—”
“I was already in need of a shower,” he says distractedly (stop imagining him all wet). “I—oh.”
He doesn’t seem very concerned, but he turns his elbow to reveal a scratch from when he fell.
“Fuck, I’m so—”
“It’s no big deal,” he assures her easily. “I—”
“His house—I mean, his owner’s house is just across the street, let me help you.”
“Hm.” He seems strangely bashful. “Actually, I—”
“Just let me help you, please. I’ve been fixing his mess all week.”
“Hmmm.” He still seems opposed to the idea, his good hand scratching Padfoot’s hair almost absently. The dog looks very innocent there, standing with his mouth open, breathing fast. “I am James.”
“Oh,” she smiles at him, and his whole face alights with a grin of his own. “I’m Lily. Now that we know each other—”
“I’ll let you fix this mess,” he agrees, nodding, and when he accepts her hand to help him up, Lily tries to pretend she doesn't feel all the sparks.
Because Padfoot always knows when he did something wrong, the return to his house is quiet and peaceful. He walks pompously, the image of the most behaved dog in the world, seeming glad about something that Lily can’t see.
Not that she is paying much attention, to be honest.
“So, what were you doing back there?” she asks, keeping her voice nonchalant.
“Meditation,” he says, and under her surprised look, James chuckles. To Lily’s dismay, he has picked up a shirt out of his bag, though he still looks very well. “Si… my best friend told me I had too much energy, I should try something to ease my mind.”
“Did it help?”
“Not very much. I was almost relaxing, but then there was this lady screaming and a dog—”
“I am so—”
“I’m joking! You really need to ease your mind too!” He throws her an amused laugh. “And what were you doing in the park?”
In answer, Lily shakes the leash in her hand. An adorable blush spreads over his cheeks.
“Yeah, of course, forget that I asked.”
Lily giggles softly. “Well, you may have hit your head,” she teases, though she is sure he didn’t.
“I hope so,” he whispers, and when her gaze meets his, the red in his cheeks intensifies. “I swear I don’t make a fool of myself usually. So—do you work with dog walking for very long?”
“Just one week actually—my first job is this little beast here.” In answer, Padfoot barks once more, proudly, agreeing with her.
“Padfoot is a nightmare,” James agrees, only fondness dropping from his voice as he stares at the dog.
Lily frowns. “How do you know?”
“'Cause he jumped over me?”
“No, how do you know he is called Padfoot?”
James blinks. “His tag?”
Lily nods slowly. “I guess… We are here.”
James has already stopped even before she says anything, but Lily doesn’t notice, busy opening the small gate to the backyard. Padfoot jumps once more, and this time she lets him loose, knowing he will only be running towards his favourite toys.
“You can wait there,” Lily tells James, indicating a few benches under a parasol in the backyard. “I’ll find some medical kit.”
James sits where she showed him, and he seems to struggle with something for a bit before— “I’d try the guest toilet, first drawer.”
Lily nods; it’s where she had thought first. She opens the door to the house with the spare key that Black has lent her—he won’t be back until seven, if she isn’t wrong—and finds her money over the kitchen table (double plus some more as if he knew that his dog would misbehave once more—very likely given his historic). But she moves forward, going to the toilet in the hall and, in the first drawer of the cabinet she finds a first kit aid.
James is waiting patiently for her, while Padfoot carefully offers him each toy for James to throw.
“He really likes you,” she tells him, sitting next to James. “It took me two days of bargaining to make him let me grab one of his toys.”
“I am a trustworthy person,” James says playfully. “You seem to think so.”
“I do?”
“Well, you just brought me here.”
“I trust Padfoot, he has good instincts. And I am sure Padfoot would defend me if you tried anything,” she says.
“I better not do anything then,” he says, and Lily bits her lip. She hadn’t meant like that.
She cleans his wound, using it as an excuse not to look at him. “Anything bad. After all, he threw me all over you today, so who knows.”
“Well, I’m not complaining,” James says, even as he grimaces when Lily applies alcohol over his wound. “Actually I’d consider rewarding him.”
“You hated meditation that much?” she teases, now bandaging his arm.
“Nah, you were just the most exciting thing that happened to me today. This week. This year—not that I was excited, I mean, not that you wouldn’t make me—I just mean—”
“James? You are babbling.”
“Making a fool of myself, sorry.”
“It… it was actually cute.”
“Oh.” He looks at her, his eyes shining. “Do you enjoy making men fool themselves around you?”
“That's exclusive of you, actually.”
His grin seems to radiate joy now. “So… how much of a fool I would be if I asked you to dinner with me tonight?”
“No dogs to disturb us?”
“No dogs allowed,” he says, and Lily swears he is getting closer.
“That seems perfect,” she agrees, her gaze falling to his lips (full and they look so soft)—
The backdoor opens violently and then Padfoot jumps from the place he had been quietly waiting on the floor.
“Missed you too, Pads!” Black cries, kneeling to accept his dog’s attention. Then he looks ahead and his gaze goes from Lily to James, his mouth opened in surprise.
Lily jumps, suddenly aware of her situation. At her side, James is shaking his head. “Mr. Black! I am so sorry, I can—”
“Sneaking around, James? Thought you wouldn't be back until Sunday!”
Lily blinks. “You know each other?”
“Ah, Evans! That’s my best friend!”
James lifts his hand, running through his hair. “I was going to tell you—”
“So… so that’s why Padfoot ran to you?”
“I didn’t know you’d be there—”
“And you just let me make a fool out of myself?”
“Hmm, can anyone tell me what’s going on?”
“I’m out. That’s what's going on. I’m leaving.”
“I'm so sorry, Lily, I didn’t mean, I just—”
“No, just… no.”
She shakes her head, walking away, and as she reaches the gate, she feels something brushing her leg, and Lily lowers her eyes to find the familiar black dog glancing at her.
“I haven’t a clue what the hell is happening, but you’ll be back tomorrow, Evans?” she hears Sirius asking, and Padfoot bends his head to the side as if he is asking her the same question.
Lily touches the dog’s head, caressing him under his ear, and his tail swings hopefully for her. His pupils are huge, looking like the most adorable dog in the world, and he barks softly at her before turning his head; Lily follows his gaze to see that James is looking at her, looking very sorrowful and as pleading as Padfoot.
She turns away.
“No, you’ll need to find someone else,” she says and forces herself to close the gate without looking back.
(to be continued. Don't hate me)
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conflatemochi · 7 months ago
Wonderful News (Uvogin/F!Reader)
This has probably been done a thousand times before but I've had this stuck in my head for a few days and I can’t focus on writing anything else. 
Wonderful News
Summary: You’ve gotten pregnant with Uvogin’s child and want to celebrate this event with him before he leaves for his next job. 
Pairing: Uvogin/F!Reader
Content: Fluff, slight mention of suggestive activity, pregnancy, character death
Word Count: 2138 Words
You wanted to wait a few months to tell him. After all, with how unpredictable these sorts of things could be, you wanted to be absolutely sure. 
He would be home any minute now. The gentle giant that was your boyfriend had gone out to by you some snacks, (insert food craving) to be exact. You could tell by the look on his face that even he thought it was rather peculiar but he didn’t question it. Actually, you were rather surprised that didn’t tip him off at all. Then again the man wasn’t always great with subtlety. 
Eventually you retired to the kitchen table after your feet began to grow sore from pacing around the house for so long. You were debating the best way to tell him. Should you just tell him straight up, or should you do it a more clever way. Maybe putting a bread bun the oven? But then again he might think that you were just randomly cooking a piece of bread. 
“Hey babe! I’m home!” The door slammed open, and both his voice and the sound of grocery bags rustling brought you out of your thoughts. Instinctively you ran to the door and leapt into his arms. He was only surprised momentarily but he dropped the bags and caught you with ease. 
“Welcome home Uvo,” you said, pressing kisses across his face. He grinned proudly, and you squeaked as he dipped you, pressing together your lips passionately together. He easily dominated the kiss, holding you close to his chest. Your eyes flutter close as you let yourself be swooned by his technique. 
As much as you wanted to keep going, you were dedicated to your intentions today. Uvo would be leaving for another job tomorrow, and from past experience you knew that it would be difficult to get ahold of him. He could give you an estimate for how long he would be gone, but even that information could be unreliable sometimes. And you really really wanted to tell him in person.  So you gently cupped his face and pulled your lips away from his regretfully. Pressing a kiss on top of his head before coyly slipping out of his grasp. 
Uvogin pouted at you as your attention went to the grocery bags with the requested items in them. Though when you ruffled his hair and told him ‘we can continue later’, his toothy smile returned. He followed you into the kitchen like a puppy. He took a seat at the table you were at previously (which was a bit comical, since it was obviously too small for him) and watched you as you began to unpack the food from the bag. Though eventually his eyes wandered, mapping out the way your hips swayed. 
“I can feel you staring you know,” you said. Getting (insert food item one) and (insert food item two) out on the counter. 
He grinned, leaning against his own hand. “Shit babe, I can’t help it. You’re just too beautiful not to stare at.” Though his attention was then diverted to the concoction you were currently creating. “No offense Y/N...” he inquired, “But does that... actually taste good?”
You felt your eye twitch, but you remembered that he didn’t know any better. Just for emphasis, you took a big bite. “Yes, it does.” You said. 
With the expression on Uvogin’s face, you could tell he was not convinced. But at this point you didn’t care about his opinions about your food choices. You were hungry and were going to have your food. 
 “You know, if I didn’t know any better Y/N, I would have thought you were pregnant or something.”
You halted mid bite into your food. Setting it down you fell quiet. Glancing away from him. Well that went by faster than you thought it would. You tried to gather your thoughts - figuring out what to say in response. 
“Y/N...?” Uvogin was puzzled by your sudden quietness. However, when you looked at him and gave him an awkward smile, it all seemed to click in his head. 
“S-surprise?” you said weakly. “I wanted to tell you but I-” Uvogin stood up, marching towards you. A million different things came to your mind. His expression was unreadable. Was he upset? 
His massive hands cupped your shoulders. Both of you made eye contact. “Babe... Y/N... are you really...?” His tone was unusually quiet, though he seemed to want an answer from you. 
You took in a breath, trying to prepare yourself for anything. “Yes, Uvogin, I’m pregnant.” 
As soon as the word ‘pregnant’ rolled off your tongue, he fell on his knees with a deafening thud. You instinctively tried to ask what was wrong, but your question turned into a yelp as his arms lunged around you, pulling you close. “U-Uvo?” 
The side of Uvogin’s face was pressed to your abdomen. Due to his size, instead of his head being place around your mid-section it was more up beneath your chest. Steadying your hands on his shoulders, that's’ when you noticed his shoulders were shaking. There was faint chuckling coming from him. “You’re.... pregnant...” he let out a happy sigh. “God... I’m so happy....” 
Uvogin’s reaction made you feel elated. For a brief moment you were worried. But to see him so overjoyed with this news made happiness bloom in your own heart. You began to stroke his hair as he continued to nuzzle your body, whispering to the life that was beginning to form in your body. Then he looked up at you with his signature grin. He reached out with one arm, cupping your face and bringing you down to kiss him. Your arms slowly wrapping around each other. The kiss started out soft and sweet, but then it grew more and more passionate. He scooped you into his arms, and your legs wrapped around his waist. Immediately he began to head towards the bedroom, and before you could inquire about the food you were leaving behind, he pressed a finger to your lips. 
“I want to celebrate with you. Right now.” 
You both were bathing in the afterglow. Bodies still hot and sweaty, legs still entangled. Uvogin’s head was pressed against your chest, occasionally pressing butterfly kisses against your collar bone. 
After several minutes of just laying together, Uvogin broke the silence. “Now I’m sad..”
“Why is that Uvo?”
“Because I have to leave my pregnant darling alone for who knows how long?” He grumbled. “I want to be there with you every step of the way.” 
As cute as pouty Uvogin was, you felt the same. It was terrible timing. You knew that with the vague details he had given you that your boyfriend’s job was quite dangerous. To be honest, you wish that you could just not let him go. That he could just stay with you. It wasn’t too often, but some of the injuries he sustained when he returned home did concern you. And with a job like that, there was always the possibility that he might not return at all-
You stopped your thoughts. Not wanting to get emotional and ruin the moment you two had. Swallowing it down, your hands went for his hair again. Just something about stroking his head helped calm you down. 
Uvogin looked up at you. Stroking your cheek in turn. “Don’t look at me like that babe. I’ll be home before you know it...” He scooted up, pressing your foreheads together. “I’ll be back... so wait for me.”
You smiled and nodded. “Of course. Always.” Your fingers entwined and he pulled your hand to his lips, Kissing your knuckles. “And when I get back,” He paused, his lips ghosting your ring finger. 
“Y/N, I want you to marry me.”
Your eyes watered. “Uvo...”
“I’m serious,” Uvogin grunted, his face heating up. “I wanted to ask you for awhile, but I couldn’t find the right timing. But my boss said that after this job, we will have awhile to have times for ourselves. So I want to take that time to properly get our lives together.” He held you against his chest. “I know that I’m not the greatest guy to be with, and I can’t guarantee that we will ever have a peaceful life. But with you by my side Y/N, I feel that I can take on anything...”
You nodded, the tears flowing down your cheeks. But happiness twinkled in your voice. “Yes... Yes Uvogin. I want to marry you...” The both of you kissed, a promise between the two of you. 
“Now... hurry up and return home okay?” 
~~~ Two months later ~~
How could it have gone wrong? Despite a few mishaps here and there, they were for sure that everything was going smoothly. Uvogin had properly demolished the Mafia forces as well as the Shadow Beasts. 
But all it took was one individual. A faceless figure with chains. They managed to retrieve the man the first time, but when Uvogin wanted his vengeance against his former captor, he was never heard from again. He wouldn’t have been gone this long and not told anybody. The man would have been back by now, or at least called to brag about how he smited the chain bastard. But there was nothing.
They were certain Uvogin was dead. 
Life needed to go on. This job needed to still happen, Chrollo and the rest of the troupe would see through to it. They would find the man with the chains and destroy him. 
But there was one underlying part that everyone was reluctant to do.
“So... who wants to break the news to Y/N?”
It was no real secret. Secrets were almost impossible to keep within the Troupe. Of course you didn’t have the details of what exactly the Phantom Troupe did, but you had met some of the members. Also, it was obvious that Uvogin had loved you. When jobs were finished, he would always talk about how he looked forward to coming back home to you. The members knew when you texted him or called because his usual cocky grin would soften into an expression that he never showed towards other people. So it was no surprise that no one wanted to be the harbinger of unfortunate news. 
After some awkward silence, Nobunaga sighed. “I’ll do it...” Standing up, he typed your number into his phone. He had a soft spot for you, being that you were his closest friend’s significant other. Nobunaga was the first member and friend which Uvogin had introduced you to which meant something. Nobunaga could see how you changed Uvogin, and how you could calm the usually rambunctious man with ease. If anyone was going to tell you, it would be him. 
In some small part of Nobunaga’s mind, he hoped that you wouldn’t pick up. Each ring was so painstakingly long. His heart dropped when he heard your voice. 
“Hello? Who is this?”
“O-Oh! Hi Y/N! This is Nobu, Uvo’s friend!”
“Nobu! Hi, how are you?” Your voice sounded so cheerful. Nobunaga felt his stomach tie in knots. 
“F-fine,” Nobunaga said with a gulp. “Just wanted to check in to see how you were doing...”
“Oh I’m fine,” you said. It sounded like you were busy - cooking perhaps. “Thank you for asking. Is Uvogin that worried about me?”
The name coming from your lips made Nobunaga’s heart squeeze. Shit. He thought he could follow through with this but that was proving to be increasingly difficult. “Yeah. About Uvo-”
“Tell him don’t worry. The baby and I are doing just fine.” You chuckled. 
Nobunaga felt his blood run cold. Before he could stop himself, he asked. “B-baby? What baby?” 
This time the Troupe members present turned to him. Eyes wide. Pakunoda had a hand over her mouth, and even the usually collected Machi let out a ‘shit’ as she ran a hand through her pink hair. Nobunaga could only vaguely listen as you replied, “Eh? He didn’t tell you? I thought you would have been the very first to know. Aw shucks, he probably wanted it to be a surprise...” 
Nobunaga glanced at the other members. Trying to look for answers but they had none. 
“Nobu? Nobunaga are you still there?”
He snapped out of his shock. “Yes sorry Y/N. What were you saying?”
“Its funny that you called,” you said. “I just came back from the doctor, and wanted to give Uvogin some updates, but I guess he must be busy.” Nobunaga could only listen as he tried not to get emotional right then and there. The guilt slowly bubbling up inside him as he heard how excited you were. When you seemed to realize you were rambling, you apologized playfully. 
“Anyway, what was it that you wanted to speak to me about?”
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jojosprostate · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
[Warnings: minor stomach bulge, minor cumflation talk, voyeurism]
“...You would like me to what?” As always, your capo’s expression is nigh impossible to read. You reach out and grab Illuso’s hand before he bolts into the reflection on the window beside him, before he can leave you to sit alone with your leader and the consequences of your request. 
“I-I know this is a lot to ask, and I know we’re overstepping a lot of boundaries here, but Formaggio already refused to help us out and we were thinking you might be interested-”
“In fucking you?” Risotto’s crassness shocks the two of you into silence. To be honest, you weren’t even sure he had ever had relations with another person. You knew almost nothing about him aside from the power of his stand and his ability to lead. Human needs like sleep, eating, fucking- all seemed beneath him somehow. 
But you had a feeling. For a while you felt his black and red eyes watching you and Illuso. Perhaps it was out of responsibility, but there was always something in his gaze that said otherwise. He stared a little too long, only really looked at you when Illuso had you in rather compromising positions, assigned you to help him with missions that really didn’t require your expertise. When Illuso confided in you his secret desire to watch you being thoroughly destroyed by a massive man- you knew it had to be Risotto. 
“Well...” Illuso starts sheepishly, “...yeah.” You shoot him a look that conveys just how great you think his skills of persuasion are. Before you start to try and backtrack, Risotto’s low, measured voice interrupts you. 
“Come here.” 
It takes you a second to register that he’s speaking to you. Your heart pounds as you practically jump up from your seat and walk around the large oaken desk where Risotto is sitting comfortably. You stop in front of his chair, and swallow hard. He eyes you up and down and , despite being fully dressed, you feel like you’re already naked in front of him. 
Your own eyes wander up his massive thighs to the sculpted trenches of his porcelain abs. Even sitting down, he’s tall enough to look at you straight at eye level. Being this close to him, so close you can almost feel his body heat, smell his unique scent, the scale of how large he is frightens you. 
And you want him more than ever. 
Without a word, Risotto reaches out and pulls you forward. You climb onto his lap with little resistance, groin stretching as you straddle his meaty thighs. He must be able to hear your heart slamming against your ribcage. You’re so excited you can barely breathe. You place your hands against his belted chest and marvel at how small they look next to the backdrop of his muscled pecs. 
Risotto places his large hands on your waist and turns to Illuso, “You said the word...destroy?” He inquires, absentmindedly sliding his hands down your thighs and toying with the hem of your skirt. You try not to whimper as one hand wanders farther up as the two discuss you like you’re not even in the room and glides dangerously close to your core. 
“I want to see it all,” Illuso practically salivates, shifting in his seat as your underwear is exposed to him, “Ram her little pussy until she can’t even see straight, make her forget my cock even exists.” Risotto tilts his head and turns back to you. 
“Is that what you want?” He muses, boldly squeezing the soft flesh of your behind and stretching you open. You take the opportunity to wrap your arms around his neck and grind your crotch against his own. To your surprise, he’s rock solid- and an absolute monster as expected. 
“Please,” You whimper, gyrating your hips onto the mound in his pants, “I need a real man to fuck me, not a pathetic little cock like his...You can do whatever you want to me capo, I’ll do anything for you.” You hear Illuso unzip his jeans. 
It’s all Risotto needed to hear. In a swift motion, his lips are on your own, devouring you like a starved beast. One of his hands tugs the wet cloth of your panties to the side and rubs at your soaking folds. The other pulls down the left side strap of your dress and immediately begins to massage your bare breast. All you can do is shamelessly rub yourself against his fingers as he manhandles you to his heart’s content. 
Illuso grunts as he strokes himself to the scene unfolding before him. His girlfriend being utterly dominated by their enormous leader sends all the blood in his body straight to his dick. You look like you’re in utter ecstasy, moaning as Risotto’s thick fingers slide into your pussy one by one, and Illuso can barely keep himself from shooting his load right then and there. 
“How eager...” Risotto mutters after leaving you breathless from his assault on your mouth, “Have you truly wanted me this badly?” You nod furiously as his fingers work you open, adding a third to stretch your body enough to accommodate his size. His thumb rubs circles around your clit and your head falls limp against his shoulder. 
“F-fuck...Ris- capo, I can’t, please...” For the first time in all the months you’ve known him, a small smirk tugs at the corner of his lips. 
“Cum for me, gattina, show Illuso how good I make you feel,” The sudden use of a pet name sends you careening over the edge. You viciously hump his fingers as he penetrates you in a steady rhythm. It feels like fire rushing through you as you orgasm, crying out for your capo so desperately.  
You barely have time to recover before Risotto’s measured patience has run thin. He pulls all four- though you couldn’t even remember when he slipped a fourth finger inside of you- sticky fingers out of your clenching hole and presses them to your lips. You accept them eagerly, moaning as your own taste hits your tongue. 
“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, that’s hot...” Illuso groans, using precum to rut into his closed fist. 
“Don’t speak again,” Risotto orders, pulling his fingers from you and lifting you onto the desk with ease, “Be silent, and let a real man show you how it’s done.”
You lay back on the desk so that you’re able to see Illuso fisting his cock upside-down. Risotto shifts your body like you weigh nothing more than cardboard and lines his throbbing cock with your entrance. You spread your legs and look down to gaze upon his member for the first time. 
A mixture of panic and arousal slaps you across the face. 
That’s going to hurt. 
Illuso sits up so that he can see Risotto’s length, and almost gasps. Melone had shown him massive cocks- ones that have the circumference of a can of soda or look like baby arms- but this looks impossible. His cock is somehow even more erect just thinking about Risotto stretching your walls beyond all imagination, filling you up so fully that he’ll be able to see the mound of his member as it penetrates your belly. 
Just the tip of Risotto’s cock burns like hell, and you’re thankful he took time to prepare you. As he slowly inches further and further inside of you, he thumbs a teardrop you never even noticed forming from the corner of your eye. 
“You feel...incredible,” Risotto praises, his usual air of mystery broken the slightest bit as he concentrates on the way your walls grip his length. He thrusts slightly forward and you moan at the burning stretch, already feeling so full you can hardly stand it. 
It’s a full five minutes before he’s finally seated balls-deep inside of you. Part of you is terrified that once he moves you’ll just snap in half, but the other part of you knows you would thank him anyway. When he finally starts to give shallow thrusts in and out of you, you cling to his forearms for dear life. 
“C-capo, holy shit,” You mewl, trying to keep your breathing under control. Ever movement he makes feels like it’s hitting your guts, but as time goes on the pain and discomfort begin to melt into a distinct type of pleasure. Your thoughts are nothing other than Risotto. Your body is filled to the brim with Risotto. You’re aching to feel every inch of this man. Risotto, Risotto, Risotto. 
Your hulking leader finally finds a rhythm in his thrusts that has you moaning his name over and over. Illuso moves around the room and watches, shocked, as your pussy stretches wide open to take Risotto’s thick length again and again. 
“Gattina,” Risotto growls in your ear as he hunches over you, swallowing your body whole, “Is this what you wanted? To be completely devoured by me? To feel a cock finally fill you up for the first time?” 
“Yes, yes, yes!” You practically shout, content to close your eyes and feel Risotto absolutely wreck your body with his own. Something presses on your abdomen and you realize it’s Illuso, other hand furiously jerking himself off. He feels the bulge of Risotto’s cock beneath your skin just like he imagined it, and within seconds he’s shooting semen into the palm of his hand. 
Risotto continues to snap his hips against your own, and it feels like he’s fucking your throat through your pussy. He kisses your neck and chest as he cants into you, breathing growing more erratic. 
“Look at me, stretching your little hole...” He pants, thrusting so hard that his heavy balls slap your ass with each movement, “You’ll never be able to feel another cock again,” 
“I love it!” You groan, nails digging into Risotto’s back as he laps at your jaw. The familiar sensation of sweet pleasure creeping up your spine makes you arch against him. He’s impossibly deep, in your psyche it feels- you might really never be able to fuck another man again after this. 
His name spills from your lips as you orgasm again, milking his hefty cock as he continues to destroy you from the inside. He chokes out a grunt in response, cock twitching as your walls clamp his length like a vice. 
“Take my seed, gattina,” He mutters, low and feral, “I’m going to fill you so full of cum you’ll be able to see it-” One of the most arousing sounds you’ve ever heard escapes him, a low, breathy groan of your own name. The warmth of his semen spreads through your abdomen, and you can’t help but try to wrap your legs around him to make sure you take every last drop. 
For a while, the two of you stay attached on top of the desk, trying to catch your breath. Illuso is sitting in Risotto’s chair, clearly exhausted by the ordeal. Once you finally peel away from one another, Risotto wipes your disheveled hair out of your eyes and peers down at you. This time, his feelings are written all over his face. 
You’ll definitely be doing this again. 
*all original work is my intellectual property. do not edit or re-upload.
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black-mesa-slut-voice · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ More info below the cut! ]
Due to popular demand, I finally made a ref sheet for the species my Swap Benrey’s belongs to- the Errantel. 
Their name, originally, had no human translation, since they are not from Earth. Benrey himself describes it as loosely translating to “Unkillable hobo”, though Tommy thought it was too long, and seemed... rude, almost. So, with the help of his friend Forzen, they came up with the term Errantel; a combination of the words for “immortal wanderer” in french. 
Biologically, Errentel are very interesting species, as they’ve earned their reputation for being “unkillable”. They’re essentially the equivalent of giant, interdimensional tardigrades. They can withstand nearly all conditions- the vacuum of space, temperatures hot enough to usually make things combust, and temperatures nearing true zero. This grants them safety when they manage to worm their way through dimensions and travel to different planets that might be otherwise inhabitable. 
Not only that, but they are also proficient at rudimentary “shapeshifting”- they can compress and expand the mass of their form, ranging from very very small to extremely large; rivaling skyscrapers. Their average size is normally a healthy in between- the size of a two-story house (the size that Benrey took during the final battle). 
They can also shift the amount of limbs, mouths, eyes, and other features they possess, with some restrictions mentioned above. This allows Benrey to take an arguably very humanlike form to better fit in with his coworkers.  Their diet is extremely varied. Their near unkillable state and rapid healing is because of their physiology. In short- their body is made of completely different things than ours, so they need a wide range of nutrients and minerals to stay healthy and unkillable. This is what causes the most competition amongst them- sometimes even eating other Errantels for the specific nutrients in their bodies. 
Socially, they’re sapient; generally human-level intelligence, sometimes slightly above (mostly due to their outstanding lifespans). How they are seen, however, varies wildly between dimensions, planets, species and societies. In some places, they’re considered normal people. They could, arguably, wander into a space McDonald’s and get a job, and be treated as a normal person. In other places, they’re considered wild beasts, to be avoided or even hunted for sport. 
Amongst their own species, they’re pretty extreme. Honestly, because of their extreme lifespans and nearly unkillable status, the only thing keeping their population in check is... well, their own species, and the fact that they’re so widespread. 
When an Errantel meets another (or honestly, any species they see as ‘equals’), they see them as competition. Rivals, in a sense. One of the few things that can truly threaten them. And so, their main goal is to remove that competition by any means necessary. This can go one of three ways:
Put enough distance between them that they don’t have to compete. This is pretty easily done, considering they can worm through dimensions and travel through the void of space to reach entirely new planets.
Kill each other. Errantels are, unfortunately, highly cannibalistic. The can and will eat other Errantels if they see them as threats, or even as weaker. Some of them will even eat their eggs and young in times of duress or if they simply don’t want to have any at the moment. 
Become partners. And I don’t put that lightly- Errantel ‘partnerships’ are almost complete codependency; putting their full trust, safety, heart and soul into each other. They’ll trust each other with their lives, share their food, young- and even other partners. It’s not unusual to have a group of 2-5 Errantels all in a polyamorous partnership. This eliminates the competition and threat of death through a much more friendly way.
So, a meeting between two Errantels usually starts as a long winded display at a distance, dancing around each other and judging whether or not they’re going to partner up, fight, or flee. There are no half-measures among them- you will almost never see two Errantel hanging out together for fun. Though, of course, in a social situation, most of them can behave long enough to share a space in a formal environment (think about having to go to a meeting with your ex. Sure, you don’t like it and there’s tension, but you put up with it for formalities). 
When communicating, Errantels use a communication system composed of a high-dense light, sound, and color they can expel from their mouth, which can help communicate emotions both visually and sensually (”Sweet voice”). My guide for Sweet Voice is the same one I use for the Errantels.  They’re very intelligent, however, and commonly learn other languages as well. 
When it comes to reproducing, Errantel can go two ways. They can reproduce both sexually and asexually! All Errantels have both bits, so any Errantell can reproduce with another. When done sexually, it’s pretty much only ever with those they’ve partnered with- there’s very little ‘infidelity’ amongst partnerships, or even one night stands for single Errantels. The children produced are just like humans in where they can have features of both parents, though other mutations are pretty common. 
When done asexually, it is something they can choose to do if they want a child but either don’t have any partners, or their partner can’t reproduce for some reason. Young produced this way are usually very similar to the parent- if not identical- but not always! Due to variations in DNA and self-alteration of sexual cells, as well as mutations, asexually produced young are usually slightly-off versions of the parent. Joshua, for example, was created this way- he’s almost identical to Benrey in every way except for a slightly different skin tone, and different colored eyes. 
Also, because they don’t differ at all between what’s in their pants and travel so many dimensions, Errantel have little care for gender or how they’re perceived. Most will go by whatever neutral pronouns a language has, or will simply use any pronoun- though of course, some do enjoy being gendered and are free to do so. 
Errantels also lay eggs. They’re usually in batches of 1-3; any larger and you risk the parents eating the extras to save resources. They’re usually the size of chicken eggs, and Errantel will often shift down smaller during this to hide away and go unnoticed. 
A freshly hatched Errantel simply looks like a very small adult- except for the fact that their ‘fur’ is white instead of black, and they’re usually much more covered in it. As they become juveniles, their white fur quickly starts molting away into the signature black color. 
Tumblr media
Once their fur is molted into being fully black, they’re technically able to survive on their own. However, good parents often keep them around much longer than this, until they’ve reached full and true maturity. Once they’re old enough, they usually voluntarily leave to go find their own territories and partnerships!
 Errantels can continue to breed throughout their whole lifetimes, and so their territory will often be surrounded by the territories of their children- and so each child reared often has farther and farther to travel to reach an uninhabited space. This can be quite dangerous, but most make it. And thus,  the whole cycle starts again!
So this is what your Benrey is? Sort of. Mainly just my Swap AU Benrey and Joshua- my other Benreys are all completely different, really.
What the fuck is your Swap AU? It’s my Roleswap AU for HLVRAI. Benrey is the scientist and Gordon is the guard, etc etc. You can find out more about it here, and this is the tag I have for it on my tumblr!
Can I make an OC of this species? Fuck yeah! Go nuts, dude! The only thing I ask of you is that 1) You give credit if anyone asks what they are, and 2) send them to me! I’d love to see them! 
If I do make an OC/Use this species, does it have to be HLVRAI? Nope. Because they travel dimensions, they can arguably appear in any media- if you want you can use them for anything. Original universes, other fandoms, other AUs of any sort, etc etc! Same rules apply as above- credit, and I’d like to see them!
Can they be albino/melanistic/piebald? I’m gonna say yes because it’s cool as hell. Love that shit.
My question isn’t answered here! Help??? I have an ask box and you are 100% welcome to use it! I’d love to talk more about these guys and anything I didn’t cover.
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anothertimdrakestan · a year ago
Stealing Clothes From The Batboys/YJ Boys HC!
i wrote this on my phone due to immediate inspiration from a lovely anon!
"can i get a headcanon with the batboys and more if you can of how they react when their girlfriend steals theirs clothes? i love you're writing so so so much!"
Dick Grayson:
- you always steal his sweatpants even if they're like 4 sizes too big
- they're always a little worn and soft and smell like him
- you'll have to pull them up every 60 seconds but that's why you love them
- slipping them on when you wake up and starting to make breakfast, dick will come out of your bedroom and his heart will melt on sight
- he'll come up behind you and pull the waistband back effectively pulling you into his chest
- he'll toy with the drawstrings and waistband, feathery fingers dancing around your waist while you move around the kitchen
- he's the boyfriend that lovessss when you steal his clothes, eventually you'll run him out of sweatpants and he'll just go buy more, no questions asked. it warms his heart seeing you engulfed in his clothes
Wally West:
- Wally is a jacket king, he's constantly in different colors and sizes and types of jackets but he is very attached to them and often won't let you steal them
- but there's a secret to the jacket lifestyle, the t-shirt he wears under said jackets
- the t-shirts are slightly worn and unbelievably soft and they smell so strongly of your lovely boyfriend theyre your all time favorite steal
- often they might have a little hole or stain so you'll wear them around casually or sleep in them
- he makes fun of you when you both go to bed because you walk straight to his closet to pick out a shirt
- it makes his heart melt seeing you wear his t-shirts while he's away on missions, and having his warm and comforting smell on you 24/7 makes you miss him a little bit less
- he will steal the t-shirts back and wear them around to make sure his cologne is still there, for certain favorite t-shirts there will be all out wars for who gets to wear them, usually they end in tickle fights and him giving in calling you a thief even though he loves it
Jason Todd:
- jason's hoodies hit different i swear
- they're ginormous, soft, and beautiful
- the sleeves are way to long and when he sees you standing in one of his hoodies waiting for him after patrol he can't help but laugh
- "babe i know you love my hoodies but i'm scared it's going to eat you"
- he likes to pull the huge hood over your head laughing while you flail the hoodie sleeves
- when you're cuddling he likes to toy with the drawstrings and make little bows like the giant softie he is
- he will spend a whole day looking for the hoodie to complete his outfit then see you in it, he can never be mad when he sees the giddy look you get from how huge his clothes are on you, he's convinced you're the cutest thing in the entire world and no one can prove him wrong
Gar Logan:
- you're dork boyfriend unashamedly has hundreds of graphic t-shirts with terrible science puns or sarcastic logos and he'll beg you to wear them
- like any normal girlfriend you try to steal his hoodies or even will try on his beast boy suit as a joke but this boy will beg you to twin in punny t-shirts with him
- you're trending on social media like 24/7 from candid pictures of you and gar wearing t-shirts that say "i'm stupid in love with ->" or "i love her more than joker loves the batman" and other terrible graphics
- you like to style his band concert t-shirts into edgier outfits and it'll always blow him away
- "damn babe i need to go to more concerts if you're gonna look like that!"
- gar's love languages are affection and giving so you always let him shower you in his clothes and cuddles
- it always puts a dorky love-struck smile on his face when you steal his t-shirts and make epic outfits out of them and you'd do anything for your lover boy, who doesn't want to rep their boy???
Tim Drake:
- Tim has an eccentric style, and the two of you will often share clothes like jackets, maybe even pants, or hats (zendaya and tom holland vibes)
- he's always asking you for style advice and color combos that will look good, he's the first to tell anyone how amazing you always look and how talented your eye is for clothes - he tells everyone how you constantly take his breath away
- while you're day time style is amazing, it's in your own home that you give Tim a real show
- the best way to take his breath away is to slip on one of his button down dress shirts after a night of passion
- seeing you dressed in only his shirt, many of the buttons undone will physically knock the air out of his lungs
- feigning innocence you'll toy with the buttons and casually flirt until he's ripping the shirt off telling you he'll buy a new one
- occasionally you'll style outfits with his dress shirts, tucking them in pairing it with your favorite blazers, it feels like you've got a little piece of Tim rooting for you all day, the perfect pick me up during a rough day
Bart Allen:
- Bart is convinced you are the cutest thing to walk the planet and will actually vibrate through the floor with excitement when you steal his clothes
- your (and his) personal favorite is one of his many baseball tees
- this kid has at least 20 different colored shirts and you're pretty sure he wasn't even a baseball player, while he looks undeniably handsome you like to steal the shirts because of how soft they are
- he loves how the shoulders are too big and a little droopy, the sleeves are a little too long making you roll them up to your fore arm to get anything done, and he can feel his heart flutter noticing how you're always bunching up the material or trying to tuck it into your waistband
- seeing you in his shirts makes him all warm and fuzzy, he physically cannot keep his hands off of you if he tried
- when you cuddle he'll cling to the soft fabric with one hand, the other securing you to his chest, whispering something about how perfect you are before he devulges into light snores, keeping you secure and warm, his cologne intoxicatingly warm and comforting, automatically lulling you to sleep with him in minutes
Damian Wayne:
- Dami doesn't love you stealing his clothes, he likes it when you slip on his t-shirt or sweater after a long day and he'll usually expect it back
- but the best thing to steal from your cute boyfriend are his adorable turtleneck sweaters
- these knitted black sweaters are the softest material known to man but stealing them is so difficult because Damian doesn't like parting with them
- the face he gives you when you meet up in public while wearing one of his turtlenecks is too cute, a mixture of pride that you're engulfed in his property and also some mild amusement that you successfully snatched one of his turtlenecks out from under his nose
- "mhm beloved i like your shirt, tell me where did you get it?" his snark is always unmatched
- one of his favorite things to do when you're wearing his turtlenecks is pull the material up and over your mouth, effectively quieting you with your own shirt
- the playful glint in his eyes while he toys with the collar makes you smile like a child, loving how his inner goofy side comes out when he's with you
Jaime Reyes:
- there is no better clothing item to steal from Jaime than the iconic gray drawstring zip up hoodie
- this boy really goes through at least three a month if not more so he doesn't mind you snatching a few for your own closet
- he likes to grab on either side of the unzipped jacket and tug you into his embrace, his lips meeting yours while he toys with the fabric
- you take his jackets everywhere, he loves that you're rarely caught without one - he thinks it's adorable that you don't like to be without him
- his scarab genuinely thinks you're safer wearing his jacket and will throw a bit of a fit if "mate is unsafe! protections protocols active!" so you've taken to tying them around your waist, slinging them over your shoulder, and have even tried to crop or bedazzle a few to make a bomb outfit if thats you're style!
- the jackets are always worn and well loved, sometimes they'll have tears or burn marks from his scarab getting upset but you never mind the imperfections, they're what makes each jacket special
hope you enjoyed let me know who your fav was!
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chasing-starlights · 5 months ago
I Kill Giants
A/N: Bestieee, bestieee I have an issue I can’t stop writing g/t fics~ On a serious note this is a problems someone stop me.
Anyways, here’s an AU no one asked for in which Roman, known as the giant slayer by many, comes across a ‘giant’ that doesn’t act like all the ones he’s killed before.  Enjoy!
Roman killed giants.
Giant slayer was what they called him, and he claimed the title with pride. For his people, he would do anything and sacrifice everything, as long as humans continued to live. They were already few in number, small colonies here and there. They could never gather in groups larger than a couple hundred, large towns easily attracting the monsters.
“On your left Roman!” It didn’t take anything more from his partner, Remus to make the hunter duck, avoiding the massive hand that swept at him. Roman pivoted then, aiming an arrow charged with dark matter at the towering monster, letting out a huff of air before he fired the shot.
It hit the giant straight in what seemed to be his eye, Roman wasn’t completely sure. Giants looked nothing like humans, grotesque monsters that reminded the human of a mesh of organisms rather than one being. They didn’t speak either, only growling and snarling like wild beasts. The giant before him roared then, thick black liquid spilling from its wound.
“Now! While it’s wounded.” Remus spoke the words Roman already thought, not waiting for his partner to finish before he charged straight at the monster. Remus charged as well, aiming low and cutting at the giant’s legs. Roman went in for the kill, unsheathing his sword and concentrating. Slowly dark matter spilled out over the weapon, wrapping it in an unbreakable shield of darkness. With a yell Roman jumped up, slashing the neck of the giant with a powerful swing, letting black liquid ran down on his little form.
Landing Roman sighed, watching the lifeless body of the giant fall over, making a pissed expression at his blood-soaked clothes.
“Fuck, this will never come out.”
“One hundred? A mere hundred for a giant of that scale? You take me to be a fool eh Rania?” Remus slammed his hand down on the table, arguing for at least a hundred and fifty gold coins for taking down the giant. Rania only raised an unimpressed eyebrow at the young hunter, tsking in annoyance.
“No, I don’t think you’re a fool Remus, I think you’re a greedy, stuck-up idiot. I bet Roman did all the work, yet I don’t see him complaining?” Remus and Rania spiraled into a fight then, and it was hard to believe the two of them were friends, let alone childhood friends. Roman watched the two argue for a bit more, Rania seeming seconds away from pulling out her pistols and blasting Remus away. Then he heard a noise.
It wasn’t remarkably loud or quiet, just a thud. It was a simple, soft thud that he could tell came from somewhere in the forest. Rania’s shop was on the edge of town and Roman stiffened when he contemplated what could have made such a sound in the middle of the woods. It had to be a giant.
“Remus, if I don’t come back by sundown evacuate everyone from town alright?” Roman quickly spoke the words, only pausing to make sure his partner heard before heading out. Remus didn’t care to ask what Roman meant, knowing that humans carrying dark matter, could hear, see, and smell things normal humans couldn’t.
“Just be careful, alright?” The words were only met with a nod before Roman left, swiftly heading towards the source of the noise. It wasn’t long before the thuds, shakes, and tremors of the earth confirmed his suspicions, the hunter slowing down once he was close enough.
Roman hid behind a tree, peering out to scan the area. He had come across a clearing, with trees broken and pushed to the ground, an obvious sign of a giant. He was certain now that there was one around, but it was the voice that confirmed it.
“Oh my gosh, where the hell am I? It’s just shrubs everywhere...definitely not the city.” The sound boomed through the forest, making Roman suck in a breath, mind racing to process what he just heard. The giant was talking, he had never heard that before. Even more confusing was that it was English, not some random giant-language. Roman followed the voice cautiously, coming to another clearing and almost freezing at what he saw.
It was a giant person.
The human–giant–thing was a big as giants usually were, yet it looked entirely human. No confusing anatomy that had Roman and Remus struggling to find its vital points to take it down. Cautiously Roman watched as it sank into the ground, seemingly in despair, resting its head in its hands and...crying.
“Holy crap. I don’t know where I am...where everyone went. Will I ever see them again? Not even Patton?” The sight, frankly, irked the giant slayer. Everything in him screamed to run around, come up at the giant from behind and slash the exposed neck until it died. His hand even itched for his sword, yet is his heart... his heart sympathized with the giant.
Was this some new species of giant? Was its appearance a ploy to lure humans and lower their guard? If it was it was dangerous, extremely so. He would have to slay it–as much as his heart told him not to–and bring its corpse to be analyzed by scholars. This new kind of giant needed to be known to the public, before more humans died by its hands–snap.
Roman hadn’t seen the branch until he stepped on it, the sound echoing in the silent forest. He cursed all the animals for avoiding the obvious danger of the giant, breath held in his throat when the giant looked up in surprise.
“Is...someone there?” Roman’s heart beat wildly, mind already racing for a plan. He could stay still or run, either way, he still had to cut the giant down. Surprise was always an advantage in killing the massive beings, but he wasn’t known as the giant slayer for nothing.
“Please, if there’s s-someone there. Please help me…” The plea made the hunter pause, the arrow he started to pull from his quill placed back with the rest. It didn’t sound like a ploy, making his heart twist and thoughts clash against each other. No...he should just kill it, things never went wrong when killing a giant, just slaughter the beast and be done with it–
“What... what do you need?” The words spilled out of the hunter without him wanting them to, inwardly cursing at himself. The giant gasped then, scrambling up towards the sound of his voice.
“Oh, oh thank goodness, please I’m lost–”
“Don’t come any closer!” Quickly Roman yelled the words, stopping the giant mid-step. The creature seemed confused then, hurt even, blinking back tears in surprise. It was looking above the trees in Roman’s direction, searching for someone most likely the same size as him.
“Maybe I’m hallucinating…?” The giant murmured low, disappointment plain on his face. Roman should have just let the giant continue thinking of him as a hallucination, slay it while it was distracted, but the sadness in the giant’s eyes coaxed the little hunter to speak again.
“You’re not. I’m here just...invisible! Now tell me what you need.” The lie was ridiculous, with the giant obviously not believing him, frowning in response. It must have listened more closely this time, because the giant instantly glanced down, searching through the trees for the source of Roman’s voice.
“No way…” Before Roman could react it stooped down, face mere inches away from the tree Roman stood behind, having caught his little form amongst the trees. In alarm Roman lept back, his reflexes causing him to unsheathe his sword and resume a fighting stance. The giant seemed alarmed then, as if he were the one in danger, drawing back and raising his hands in surrender.
“Woah! No need to fight! Sorry, I just...uh...I wasn’t expecting you to be so small…” Roman’s eyebrow twitched when he said small, but otherwise did nothing, prepared to fight at the inevitable moment the giant stopped it’s act. However, the giant only nervously chuckled, reaching up to scratch the back of it’s neck.
“If I’m seeing tiny people, I’m guessing I’m definitely not in the city anymore, let alone Earth. Um… would you mind telling me where I am lil’ guy?" Roman ignored the insulting nickname, instead speaking just loud enough for the giant to hear.
“You are in Blackspore Forest...what is this Earth you speak of? Is it a kingdom?” Roman almost shuddered at the idea of a whole kingdom full of these massive human hybrids, watching the giant softly chuckle at his question.
“No, no it’s a–never mind that’s not important. Just know that I’m not from here, I’m from a very, very far away place so I don’t know much about how this world works.” The giant had been crying earlier but seemed to be almost...calm now, smiling as it squinted to peer at Roman in the forest.
“Would you mind coming closer…I won’t hurt you I swear.” Roman would gamble with Remus one thousand gold pieces that the giant would do the exact opposite, but regardless he inched forward until they were mere meters apart.
Everything in Roman was screaming at him. His body was rigid, prepared to move at any time he thought he was in danger, eyes already finding several routes to escape by. He assessed the giant easily, planning multiple ways to take the massive creature down. He discreetly gripped the hilt of his sword, prepared to charge up dark matter at a moment’s notice.
“Wow, you’re like, smaller than my hand. Is everyone around here this size?” The words made Roman stiffen, why did it want to know? To terrorize the town and massacre them all? Roman couldn’t let something like that happen. Never again.
“You’ve wasted my time long enough beast. Tell me what you want, or I will have to take care of you myself.” Roman took out an arrow then, charging it with dark matter and aiming it at the giant. The creature only laughed, eyeing Roman’s weapon as if it were a toy.
“I hate to disappoint you little man, but I don’t think that’ll work on–” Roman shot, purposely missing the giant’s head. His arrow collided with the trees behind the massive creature, creating an earth-shattering boom. Slowly the giant looked back, eyes widening at the clearing behind him–as if the arrow had exploded and burned everything to ash.
“I’ll give you till the count of three, one…”
“Okay! I’ll talk don’t shoot! I was minding my own business when this truck came out of nowhere and hit me, next thing I know I woke up here. I don’t mean any harm I swear! I’m just lost!” The story, frankly, sounded utterly ridiculous to the hunter, making Roman raise an eyebrow in disbelief. But then again, a human of this size was just impossible… at least in his world.
“ you eat humans? The question made the giant gag, staring at Roman as if he had asked him to cut off his own head.
“What? That’s disgusting, ew no–I’m not cannibalistic why would you– oh. Oh please don’t tell me there are giants here that eat humans.” The giant covered his mouth in shock, as if he were the one becoming Roman’s dinner. The hunter only slowly nodded in response, watching...genuine horror spread across the giant’s face.
“Yes...though giants usually don’t look like you.” Roman added that last part almost as a way to comfort the large creature, watching the giant tilt his head in confusion.
“Well, what do they usually look like?” Roman opened his mouth to answer before an ear-shattering roar rocked through the forest, making the giant before him flinch and Roman curse out loud.
“That… that is was a giant looks like.” At his words the “giant”  Roman spoke to looked at him with terror, staring at the grotesque, massive fusion of animal heads and limbs wobbling menacingly through the forest. The giant seemed to hold back a gag, body locked in fear of the monster it saw.
“What.. what do we do?” Roman tsked at his words, somehow feeling as if this creature really was just...a very large human. The hunter walked up to the shivering giant then, patting its knee before pointing a finger up at its face.
“We? You’re staying here, where it’s safe. I’m going to kill that thing, then come back and get you.” The giant seemed alarmed then, slamming a hand down in front of Roman when he tried to leave.
“What do you mean kill? You’re smaller than my middle finger.” Roman turned back to look at the giant with a dull stare, really...the audacity. Easily the hunter jumped, launching himself over the wall of flesh that was the giant’s hand. He smirked when he heard a surprised gasp then, turning to give the shocked creature a mock salute.
“I’ll let it pass since you’re new to this world giant. But my name is Roman–though most know me as the Giant Slayer, now stay put and wait like a good boy, yea?” He didn’t wait to hear the giant complain, racing amongst the trees, happy that for once he didn’t follow his instincts.
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archonanqi · 6 months ago
fragile as dust / 11 - dreameater
Tumblr media
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a/n: Please let me know if you’d like to be added to a taglist for this story. Thank you all for the kind comments! ;-; @fishyfish-y @writingmi @just-some-stars 
ch 11 | dreameater
The memories you had of the rest of the night were fragmented, incoherent — just a few rare flashes of consciousness.
You did not know how long you were stuck within the amber, but you knew fear, and darkness, and suffocation; felt the energy draining right out of you into the crystal. Though you had briefly been resigned to your fate, the thought of Zhongli suddenly had you struggling with renewed vigor. 
You wanted to see him again. You wanted to live. 
For as long as you could, you tried to stay conscious. You thought about Zhongli’s eyes, how they twinkled gold under any light. About how warm his hands had been, holding yours. His hearty laugh, and how it stole your breath away each time you managed to coax it out of him. The knowing smile he wore as he told you stories and corrected the ones you were reading. His voice, rich and deep; his lips around your name— 
The mercy he had shown you, where he had been well within his rights to be cruel. The way he had taught you of a life worth living. 
There was a strange, cold heat between your collarbones. Perhaps, you wondered absently, the amber was reacting with the jade in your necklace. For a moment, it seemed like it would burn a hole right through your throat, but after a while, the heat subsided.
Somewhere along the line, your thoughts shifted from a steady mantra of Zhongli Zhongli Zhongli to: Rex Lapis . 
Though you were sure that the former Archon received no lack of desperate prayers, even with his apparent death, you still prayed fervently, offering contracts that you’d find some way of fulfilling: you would bring Osmanthus Wine to his statues, you would learn to use your Vision, you would learn to fight and defend Liyue from monsters—
Somewhere outside the pitch darkness of the amber, you heard a loud whoosh; and even through the sap, you could feel the familiar warmth of Geo. Of Zhongli’s Geo. 
You could barely let yourself hope, even as a brilliant golden glow shone through the thick walls of your prison. Even as the amber cracked open with a deafening groan, slowly at first, then shattering into millions of fragments. 
You found yourself on your knees, savoring the damp mud against your skin and the cold air deep in your lungs. Solid arms gathered you, gently bringing you to your feet. 
You threw out your hands and wrapped them tightly around your savior, despite the hideous pain in your wrist, deeply breathing in the scent you had long since begun to know as “home”. 
“You’re safe now,” Zhongli murmured, “I’m here.” 
You blinked back the relief that welled up in your eyes, a sudden bout of exhaustion and pain rendering you limp in his arms. 
“I’m sorry,” you whispered into his chest, “I’m getting mud on your coat.”
Zhongli made a noise you had never heard him make before, sort of a laugh but not quite. “ Oh , Hansi ,” he shook his head. “My coat is the least of my worries. Are you hurt anywhere?”
“I think my hand is broken.”
“Hmm.” Zhongli gently lifted your arm, examining your swelling wrist with composure that you didn’t think 
Behind Zhongli, in the dim light, you noticed a small movement amidst the grass. Suddenly, you remembered where you were, the danger you were both in. “Watch out!” you cried, gripping his sleeve with your good hand and trying to run. Without his support, your legs immediately buckled, but Zhongli caught you before you hit the ground. “Zhongli, be careful, the Adepti— they’ll kill you—”
Zhongli exhaled lightly and to your bewilderment, showed not even the slightest hint of panic or fear on his face. With a gloved finger, he gently pushed the damp hair from your cheeks, then looked up at the mountain where you came, eyes sharp. Suddenly, you were no longer afraid. 
“ She is under my protection .” Zhongli’s voice was not loud, but even more than usual, it was resonant. Before you gave in to the heavy calm of sleep, you swore for a moment that you saw the amber ends of his hair glow the same warm hue of his eyes. “ Do keep your karst crawlers in check, Mountain Shaper .”
The next time you slipped back into consciousness, you awoke to a rhythmic swaying. You blinked the sleep away from your heavy eyelids, peering up, and your heart skipped a beat. 
Zhongli was carrying you effortlessly, one of his hands under your knee and the other supporting your back. 
Your cheek was pressed firmly against his solid chest. Was it your imagination, or was his heartbeat… too slow, each resonant thump far too many seconds apart? 
It was freezing. The amber had kept you insulated, but now that you were out in the air again, your damp hair and clothes caught the bitter windchill and made you shiver. Zhongli paused in his steps.
“You’re cold,” he asked, and without waiting for a response, began shrugging off his coat. Your protests died on your lips when he gingerly draped you in it, carefully avoiding your broken wrist. The residual heat from his body offered a much welcome warmth. You inhaled deeply into the silk and hoped he did not notice.
Between the rocking of Zhongli’s footsteps, the gentle moonlight, and your newfound comfort, sleep found you quickly once more.
You never thought that you’d see the woodlands outside Zhongli’s house again, yet the welcome and familiar sight greeted you the next time you opened your weary eyes. 
“Are you able to stand?” He asked. You hesitantly nodded, then crumpled immediately when he gently lowered you to the ground. 
“Actually,” you corrected, grabbing onto Zhongli to steady yourself, black spots on your vision like ink stains, “no.”
With furrowed brows, Zhongli deftly removed one of his gloves and pressed the back of his hand against your clammy forehead. “You have a fever,” he stated, “Go get changed—” The world lurched, the black spots growing bigger and Zhongli’s voice becoming distant. “Hansi? Hansi, stay awake—” 
When you dredged yourself back into consciousness, you were inside the warmth of the house, sitting on the side of your bed. Zhongli was meticulously, slowly, peeling the wet silk off of your damp skin, and though you felt a brief surge of shame through your haze of torpor, there was no judgement in his gaze — only concern.
As he raised your arm to wrap a large coat around you, you realized that your wrist had been put into a splint, wrapped neatly in a small white towel. 
After Zhongli was finally satisfied with the layers upon layers of clothing he had piled upon you, he covered you with a thick blanket. You supposed that it was a cause for concern that despite everything, you were still cold, but for the moment, you were so comfortable and content that you did not mention it. 
Finally, Zhongli stepped back, and you noticed the empty space on your windowsill. Oh . “I’m so sorry,” you suddenly blurted, the horrible memory of what had happened that night suddenly rushing back. “I lost the dragon’s tooth. We were attacked by an Abyss Mage, and- and--” 
Zhongli’s thumb gingerly brushed over your lips, quieting you instantly. “As long as it protected you, it has served its purpose,” he said, as though you hadn’t just lost a priceless heirloom from his old friend. “What matters is that you are safe.” 
You fell into fits of feverish sleep. 
The grotesque chittering of the Abyss Mage, the blood on Xiangling’s fingers, and the endless hungry darkness of the amber swirled about in your mind each time you closed your eyes. 
Several times, you found yourself waking up with Zhongli’s name on your lips, but each time, the chair by your bed remained empty. 
You would not remember this, but: at some point of that night, you found yourself once more in the realm of cloud and dust of your dreams.
Relieved, you looked up in search of the familiar silhouette of Zhongli, to once more watch him in peace and quiet. 
Instead, you met golden, reptilian eyes, each the size of dinner plates.
A monstrous dragon was curled in a wide circle around you, the berth of which scaled larger than Zhongli’s house. Its scales were like terraced fields, each one shining its own spectrum of brilliant, iridescent gold. For a moment, you were enamored by how beautiful — how oddly familiar — the beast before you was. 
But mostly, you debated begging for your life.
Its mighty head was lowered just enough that you could see it was looking straight at you, and when it opened its mouth to speak, it revealed rows of huge, wickedly sharp fangs. They looked just like the tooth you had lost. You dropped to your knees, pressing your forehead to the ground, knowing now who stood before you. 
“She will not remember this dream ?”
The dragon’s mouth barely moved, but its deep, guttural voice seemed to shake the world itself. You raised your gaze slightly and saw, under the dragon’s head, a young man with dark hair and green-blue undertones. He was also staring at you intently, and unlike the dragon, there was disdain clear in his eyes.
“No, Rex Lapis,” he said, shortly. “Not when I’m done.” 
“How is she faring ?”
“I can’t tell until I consume it,” the young man shook his head, and vaguely, you realized they were talking about you. “But the dream is stable, and so it seems, is her mind. Rest assured that Jueyun Karst has not broken her like it does so many other mortals.” 
Rex Lapis’ body, all scales and sinew, seemed to visibly relax.
“I must apologize for placing this task upon you. But it is imperative she does not remember this when she wakes up. I fear that she is not yet ready for the truth.”
The young man exhaled in quiet resignation. “You gave me my name, and you released me from an endless darkness,” he said, and with a deft wave of his hand, donned a beastly fanged mask over his face. “At your request, I would lay down my life a thousand times over, Rex Lapis.”
“Thank you, Xiao . Do proceed.”
The dragon cast one last lidded glance at you, dipping its head as if to leave. You don’t know where within your lungs you find it in you to whisper: “ wait .”
To your absolute astonishment, Rex Lapis did, once more turning to look at you expectantly. 
Rex Lapis. Giving you the time of his day. You hadn’t cried in a very, very long time, but you thought that you might just start right then and there.
“Speak, mortal,” the young man — had Rex Lapis called him Xiao? — snapped, crossing his arms. “Don’t waste his time.” The curtness stung, but it helped snap the fuzzy panic right out of your head. 
“Your majesty,” you bowed low once more. Was that how you were meant to address an Archon? You certainly didn’t know! “Wh— why did you give me a Vision? Was it a mistake? Do you— do you want it back?” 
The words felt as stupid coming out of your mouth as they did in floating around in your head. 
You heard Xiao snort incredulously, but Rex Lapis stared at you for a moment, unblinking and as still as a rock. You had begun to wonder if “begging for your life” was still on the table, when the dragon’s massive head shook gently from side to side. 
“A mistake? ” Even in his deafening timbre, you could hear incredulity. The clouds, the dust, the ground beneath your feet seemed to sway. “ Is that why you have not told...?”
There was a brief pause. 
“My dearest Hansi, nothing I have done for you is a mistake.”
If you weren’t already on your knees, hearing your name rumbled from between his fangs would have brought you to them. It was not the first time , you realized, something deep within you rearing its head. It was not the first time you had heard that guttural voice utter your name. 
“Rex Lapis, if I may be so bold as to ask,” Xiao asked, “just what is this mortal to you?”
It was not the first time you had met Xiao, either.
“She is under my protection” , the dragon responded shortly. “ As I once was under hers.”
Under his… protection?
All at once, you realized whom the dragon’s golden, iridescent gaze reminded you of. Your lips formed around his name, just as Xiao stepped forward and raised one clawed hand.
You woke up to the soft morning light, your head once more feeling like it had been stuffed full of cotton. Though you didn’t know how it was possible, you felt hot and cold at the same time. 
Wondering how many days had passed, you sat up slowly, but even that small motion made you retch. 
You’d had a dream. You didn’t remember what it was, but it was vitally important— that much you knew. Thinking about it too much made your head hurt. Giving up for the moment, you reached out for where your cup usually was; yet your fingers wrapped around something smooth and cold. 
On your bedside table, next to a cup of steaming tea, sat the dragon’s tooth — the only indication that it had ever left the house: a charred ring where it had met the Abyss Mage’s fiery shield. 
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princessbatears · 8 months ago
The Crash
The Crash Series #1
Pairing: Werewolf Paz Vizsla x Female Reader Summary: When Paz makes an unfortunate miscalculation that leads to him crashing his ship on your land, you find yourself helping out the injured wolf without realizing he’s also a man. Warnings: seizure, mild injury, dead chicken, swearing, brief non-sexual nudity Words: 2.5k Tags: personal werewolf lore, Paz’s mother would disapprove of his dumbness, Reader wants to kick the dog’s Mandalorian owner’s ass, raw is always best A/N: This is the first thing I’ve ever written for Star Wars in my life. While I’ve tried to do my research, please forgive things that might not be correct. 😅
A huge thank you to @hdlynn for betaing this! Also, to @aerynwrites @maybege @stubbychaos @datmando for encouraging me to push myself creatively! 🥰
Tumblr media
Paz was careful when planning his atmosphere entrance to Croria, just like he is when entering any planet atmosphere with a moon or moons. He checks its orbit cycle and speed and chooses a landing area that would be day when he arrives. It always works.
Except when he’s an idiot and fat-fingers the coordinates. It’s not until his ship has entered the atmosphere and he feels the familiar prickling under his skin that he realizes he fucked up royally.
There’s only seconds to try to correct the mistake. He punches at the Furor’s controls in an attempt to redirect the ship with a hand that’s already feeling too large for his glove. His jaw pops loudly as it dislocates. Fuck fuck fuck!
It’s too late. He has to get his beskar off before the unyielding metal suffocates his changing body.  He yanks his helmet off, then his gloves. How long had it been since he’s done this to himself? Five years? Ten? A long, long time.
After what feels like an eternity, he finally manages to slough off the rest of his armor. He needs to get out of his clothes off, too, but his legs buckle as they start to reshape themselves. It’s only by awkwardly throwing himself to the side that he avoids nailing his crotch on the arm of his chair.
Now on the floor, caught in an uncomfortable series of spasms as his body loses the structure of a man to become the Wolf, he’s unable to remove anything else, so he endures the indignity of his clothes splitting. That hadn’t happened to him since he was a teenager, still learning the process for transforming. He can just envision his mother saying, arms crossed, “I taught you better than this, Paz!”
The ships’s alarms are going off, their piercing sound too much for his now long, hyper-sensitive ears. Why is it so loud? He needs to turn it off, it’s killing his head, but he can’t move yet. His half-formed leg slams hard into the side of the cockpit and a snarl escapes his canid mouth.
The blaring sound seems to be getting more intense, the pitch and speed increasing. His hands and arms are finally formed and he claps his hands over his ears, flattening them to his head.
It’s probably only about a minute before he’s fully beast. As soon as he knows his bones and joints can support him, he pushes himself up to all fours and shakes his whole body to rid himself of the prickly pain.
He only has a few seconds to wonder why the alarms won’t stop before the ship collides with the ground, sending him flying into the ceiling of the cockpit and then hard onto the floor again. His head cracks against the metal and everything goes dark and silent.
- - -
The deafening bang in the distance jolts you awake. From the barn, you can hear your flock of chickens begin to squawk and your cow snort and bellow anxiously. You rise from your bed and look out the window. It’s a cold, misty night and hard to make out anything besides the silhouette of trees. For a second, you think you dreamed it, but then you see the flicker of orange to the west. Fire.
You grab your jacket and boots and rush outside. Near the center of your homestead, you can now see a large shape and flames shooting out of it. Was it a meteor? Those usually happen in the summer, not the winter.
As quickly as you can, you hurry towards it. You’re about halfway there when you realize you should have brought some heavy blankets or something to try to contain the fire. You can’t afford for it to spread across your land and ruin the soil and destroy trees for upcoming crop season.
Deciding it’s better to see what you’re dealing with first, you keep going. As you reach the crest of a steep incline, you see that a small craft has crashed near the pond. Thankfully, the fire seems contained, but you’re concerned about whomever might be in it.
“Hello?” you shout in basic as you run to the ship. You know next to nothing about how space ships work, having lived in the boonies of Croria your whole life, but the damage seems to be minimal. The flames are already dying and nothing has exploded. “Is anyone in there? Are you hurt?”
No response.
Pulling the collar of your coat over your nose and mouth to protect yourself from the smoke, you get closer. You can see the door hatch on the left side towards the top. It’s closed, but the fire isn’t anywhere near it. Gingerly, you touch the metal exterior of the ship with the back of your hand. It’s not going to burn you, so you grab onto a ledge and begin climbing.
You’re near the top when the door opens, the ramp extending automatically towards the sky. The vibration through the ship forces you to clutch as tightly as you can until it finally stops.
To your surprise, a massive dog’s head pokes out. There’s a gash on its temple, which is oozing blood down its face. It’s so much bigger than any canine you’ve ever seen. For a second, you think it might be a loth-wolf, but, as far as you know, those are extinct.
When its shoulders and front legs appear, you’re certain this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The legs look like furry humanoid arms, but are extremely long and have massive five-fingered hands. The creature pushes itself up and out of the opening, its body definitely dog-like, but at least four-hundred pounds, maybe more.
“Hey!” you call softly, not wanting to startle it. It turns towards you, teeth bared in a snarl. Each one looks as big as your hand and very sharp. Your heart pounds harder. “I’m not going to hurt you, I promise,” you add hastily. “I want to help.”
Its snout wrinkles slightly as it sniffs at you. You’re still several yards away, but you’re sure it has no problem gathering your scent. Hopefully, that scent will prove you’re friend, not foe.
The dog visibly relaxes,, then drags its rump and rear legs out with a soft whimper. The legs are canid, with paws the size of a small tree trunk. It settles on all fours, using its hands like feet. You notice it immediately shift its weight off the right shoulder. What species is this? Is it sentient? You decide you’d better assume so rather than risk offending it.
“Your ship’s on fire, but it seems to be contained.” You crane your neck in the direction of the flames, which are already dying down. The smoke isn’t thick enough up here to even make you cough. “Come over this way, I’ll help you down. Be careful of your head, that’s a nasty cut.”
The beast cocks its head at you for a moment. You can’t tell if it doesn’t understand your words or if it’s just assessing you.
“Do you speak basic?”
It nods, and then almost immediately shakes its head. With a loud huff, it shrugs with its good shoulder.
“I’ll take you back to my house, patch you up. Then, tomorrow, we’ll see what we can do about the ship,” you smile.
It nods again. There’s no doubt it understands you, even if it can’t speak your language.
Just as the dog alien prepares to move towards the edge of the ship that you’re on, its yellow eyes suddenly widen and it scrambles back down through the doorway.
“Hey, what are you doing?” you shout.
A moment later, it’s coming out again. Knowing that its got a bad arm, you walk carefully over to the hatch. There’s no way that you can haul it up, but maybe you can help. “I’ll help you.”
Instead of taking your proffered hand, it shoves a blue helmet into it. You frown, recognizing the design from your childhood lessons. This is a Mandalorian helmet.
“Is someone in there? Are they hurt?” You peer through the hatch into the darkness below. “I can go get medical supplies.”
But you’re gently nudged back. The dog shakes its head.
“The owner of this isn’t in there?”
Another silent no. Your heart sinks. Did the Mandalorian escape the ship before you arrived and leave its companion inside? That was a really shitty thing to do. But why not take the helmet? It was beskar, you could tell that much. The strongest metal in the universe. Why not take it for protection?
Unless… the owner is dead and their body is inside. But why would the dog want the helmet?
It lets out a sharp cry that’s quickly stifled as it heaves its body outside again. That wounded arm really needs to be looked at. “It’s all right,” you say soothingly. “We’ll figure everything out tomorrow.”
With a short nod, it takes the helmet from you. Then, without warning, it leaps off the side of the ship to the ground. You want to cry out a warning, but it’s already landed on its rear legs without stumbling. Well, okay, then.
Once you’ve reached the earth yourself, you walk over to the dog, which stands almost eight feet tall when fully upright. “My house is over there.” You point.
It cradles its injured arm to its chest while carrying the helmet to the other as it walks. Its gait is strange, like its body isn’t intended to walk on only two legs, but it’s obvious that the creature is moving slowly so it doesn’t outpace you. You can only imagine how fast it can move when on all four.
Glancing at the blue helmet, you wonder again where its human companion is. What happened?
- - -
When the woman’s homestead comes into view, Paz is very relieved. He’s exhausted and in a lot of pain. More than he wants her to know. His shoulder feels torn, his head is throbbing, and he’s weak. What he needs more than anything is meat. It takes a huge amount of energy to transform. His hope is that she can feed him so he doesn’t have to spend more hunting and risk passing out.
The scent of several domestic farm animals waft towards him on the wind. How badly he wants to eat them. His stomach growls loudly.
The woman chuckles at the sound. “I’ll fix you some food.” There’s a warmth to her voice that soothes him. He’s smelled the kindness and concern on her. She means him no harm.
The house is small and he has to drop onto his good front leg to walk through the doorway. The pleasant odors of warm spices, clean linens, and freshly chopped wood greet him. Although he catches the faint whiff of others who are not her, there is nothing strong enough to indicate she lives with another person. He wonders at this, how she survives without a family on such a desolate little planet.
She immediately goes to the kitchenette and opens the conservator. A fresh whole bird sits on paper on a shelf. Paz begins salivating immediately.
“I can cut this up into parts and boil them, if you’d like? Not fancy, but it won’t take too long.” She sets the bird on the counter and pulls a large knife out of a drawer.
Limping over, he shakes his head. He grabs the fowl in his teeth, lays down on the floor, and begins to rip its body apart. The meat is savory and juicy, sliding easily down his throat and into his belly. His helmet sits forgotten nearby.
“Raw, got it.” She sounds hesitant, though, and he looks up at her face. Her brows are knit together in a frown. He’s not sure, suddenly, if she’s displeased that he’s eating this meal on her floor. Definitely should have taken it outside before chewing it up. Too late now, he supposed.
The woman grabs a dish towel, runs it under the tap, and then crouches by him. She doesn’t hover above him, which he appreciates. He hates that. “I’m going to look at your head. Is that all right?”
He nods, bones crunching between his teeth.
Her fingers are gentle as she pushes aside the sticky fur by the wound. It hurts, but he keeps the instinctive growl inside. He focuses on the thick thigh in his mouth while she washes the cut and cleans the side of his head.
“I’ve got a little bit of bacta I’ll use on that. It’ll have you fixed up in no time.”
Quickly, he puts his good front paw on her leg, shaking his head. He doesn’t want her to waste that, not when transforming back will heal him.
“It’ll only hurt a little,” she smiles, misunderstanding. “I’ll be right back.”
Paz whines, putting enough pressure on her knee to make it hard to stand. Dank farrik, why can’t he communicate with her properly? It’s obvious how little she possesses and he’s not about to let her give him more than this chicken, especially not precious medicine.
“You don’t want it?”
Again, he shakes his head.
With a sigh, she shrugs. “We’ll see how it is in the morning, I guess. Now, let me look at that shoulder.”
Before he can stop her, her hands are on his wounded shoulder. The snarl rips out of him instinctively and she quickly releases him, moving back a little. “Sorry, I should have warned you.”
He covers the inflamed spot with his free hand, giving yet another shake of his head. It’ll heal, too, she doesn’t need to mess with it.
Her heart rate had immediately elevated when he showed his teeth and he could still smell her anxiety. It hadn’t been Paz’s intention to scare her. He lowers his head, lightly nudging her arm in what he hoped was a reassuring gesture and wagging his tail.
It works because her heart and breathing slow, and she smiles. Her fingers graze lightly over his ruff. It feels nice. She continues to pet him until he’s licked every last morsel of the bird from the wood floor. It’s not as much as he usually needs, but it’ll give him the strength needed to transform back when the time comes. Now, he needs sleep.
“I’m afraid my bed isn’t big enough for you, but I’ll bring out some blankets to make the floor comfy.” She strokes the top of his head, then the base of his ears. His tail thumps automatically at how happily relaxed he feels.
Before he knows it, he’s got a nest of woven blankets around him. “You rest. Tomorrow, I’ll go look at your ship and see if I can do anything for your owner.” The way her eyes drift to his helmet, he knows she thinks he has a master that’s somewhere out there.
Paz offers her a toothy smile of gratitude before resting his head on the floor and closing his eyes. He’ll wake up as soon as the moon sets and go back to his ship to see how bad the damage is. Hopefully, it’ll be an easy fix and he won’t have to bother this woman again.
- - -
The sun hasn’t even risen when you wake the next morning, needing to go tend to your chickens and cow. You creep carefully out of your bedroom and into the main part of the house, not wanting to wake the dog. The poor thing needs its rest.
What you see in the kitchen stops you dead in your tracks, though.
A large form is buried under the blankets, but it’s definitely not as massive as the wolf. And the single bare leg that sticks out is absolutely human, not canine. What the actual fuck?
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cause & effect || chapter 6
Tumblr media
➵ your work friend, kuroo, has a tiny favour to ask. unfortunately, that favour includes convincing his family that you’re very much in love with him and have been for a while now. let’s just say it’s easier than you’d assumed.
warnings: f!reader, divorce mention?
wc: 3.3k
m.list | ch. 5 ↞ ch. 6 ↠ ch. 7
You’ve never seen this many people packed into Hibaya Park before. Well, not in person.
The Tokyo Christmas markets seem to have persuaded everyone in Japan to coalesce in this one specific location, ambling past each other in a nebulous pool of beanies, jackets and the occasional red-nosed face.  
The sheer size of the crowd would usually be enough to pique your anxiety. But, having roughly one-hundred and ninety centimetres of man to cleave a way through the fray for you makes it a little less daunting. You’ve opted not to hold his hand tonight – you don’t need to, after all – but you’re not above clinging to his sleeve for your personal sense of security. Losing your human ‘battering ram’ isn’t high on your to-do list.
The two of you had arrived just before sundown, catching the last bit of light the early December sun could offer. The markets themselves are even more charming than you’d expected; rustic, European-style stalls, pine trees wrung through with ‘fireflies’, bright displays and more ornaments than could ever be reasonable. Even the naked trees of the park itself have been wrapped up with glittering lights.
It feels a bit like walking through the stars. You’d almost believe you’d walked into a little universe. Almost.
But, it’s just a little too tacky to let you lose yourself in the magic.
A large polar bear sits on a room, overlooking the swarm below as he’s lit from within. An almost absurd amount of short Christmas trees crowd around the walkways, and you’ve half a mind to kick them down after nearly being assaulted by several facefuls of pine branches. Kuroo’s fine though; the worst thing that’s happened to him is nearly tripping over a small child. Thankfully,
And, of course, the consumerism of it all. But you’re more than willing to let yourself fall prey to it for tonight.
Lines of nutcrackers stand to attention at one stall, wreaths dot the wall of another, handmade ornaments on which a stall attendant would paint a name for and couple-hundred extra yen lie delicately on a beautifully pastoral-looking bench… You don’t need any of it, but you want to buy it all.
And how could you forget the food?
Mulled wine, bratwursts, pretzels… There’s so much choice it’s immobilizing; you only have so much money. What are you supposed to spend it on? What did you even have space for in your stomach? You’ve already eaten so much, and you’ve only just arrived at the mid-point.
In the centre of the markets, tall wooden tower plays house to delightful wooden dioramas, rimmed with candles. Not only is it purportedly fourteen metres tall, but it’s also apparently imported straight from Germany’s famous Christmas town. You’d read somewhere that the markets were even officially backed by the German Embassy – but that’s not of much interest to you at this current moment.
Not when you’ve caught sight of yet even more food.
“They’re so cute!” You coo, tottering towards a stall stocked full of cookies. Snowmen, Christmas trees, gingerbread santas…
Kuroo grins, dawdling after you and leaning over your shoulder. “The reindeer look pretty cute.”
He’s not wrong. Their noses are red and their necks are wrapped up in little green scarves.
“Look at the little elf though,” you coo, pointing at a rosy-cheeked face capped with a pointy green hat.
Kuroo chuckles, his eyes following your finger. “There’s bloodlust in that smile.”
“Sh!” You hiss, eyeing the lady behind the counter discreetly. If she’d heard Kuroo’s joke, she doesn’t respond.  
“Hello!” She piques, smiling at you warmly.
“Hello!” You beam at her with a little nod, turning your attention quickly back to the cookies. They’re so meticulously decorated, the details landing perfectly between charmingly rustic and artfully neat.
“Five for a thousand and three hundred yen,” the lady behind the counter smiles, tilting her head at you.
You nod. That’s not a bad deal – if you had a thousand and three hundred yen-worth of cash on you. Unfortunately, you’d just blown the last of your coins on two homemade snowglobes. One features two deer sharing a scarf, the other two penguins nursing cups of hot cocoa.
All you can do is stare at them forlornly, praying that you’ll be able to find time in your schedule to come back to these markets.
“I’ll take two of the reindeer, one elf, one snowman, and one Christmas tree,” Kuroo from behind you. You’re not sure if he meant to sound like he was arranging a meeting time with a potential investor, but his tone is adorably business-like.
The lady nods in response, picking up a paper bag and a pair of tongs.
“Good choices,” you nod. “You could make a little diorama with that.”
Kuroo laughs, smiling at you. “That’s your first thought, huh?”
“Got a problem with it?” You peer up at him as threateningly as you can muster. Unfortunately, you’re well-aware that it’s likely not very intimidating.
“Not at all,” Kuroo grins. “It’s creative.” He pauses, tilting his head to the side for a moment. “Maybe our next advert should be a short stop-motion with a cookie volleyball match.”
“That’s a terrible idea,” you grin as you prop yourself up on your tiptoes, digging your hands in your pockets. “But I do think we should partner with a bakery.”
“Yeah?” He’s raising an eyebrow at you, but he hasn’t done a very good job of scrubbing that smile off his face.
“Mhm,” you nod. “They can just make a bunch of volleyball cookies and half the proceeds go to us.”
“That’s not the most effective business model,” Kuroo chuckles.
“So?” You shrug, plopping back down to your usual height. “We’d probably get free stuff out of it.”
Kuroo snorts, a smirk slowly spreading across his face. “I see, I see… so your interests come first then?”
“Over the company’s?” You hum, tilting your head at him. “Of course. Exploit the rich where you can, Kuroo.”
He laughs again, eyes and cheeks both bright like candlelight. “Ah, so that’s how it is, hm?”
“I’m going to eat the rich,” you nod. “But don’t worry, I’ll spare Kenma.”
Kuroo shakes his head with a chuckle, turning his attention back to the stall. The lady is done packing the cookies into a little paper bag, carefully folding over the top and placing a little bow sticker to close it.
The two of them finish off the niceties, the exchange of money and ‘thank you’s, and finally you were on your way.
A few steps away from the stall and Kuroo comes to a stop. You don’t notice, utterly mesmerised by the next stall you’ve set your sights on – yet another stall dedicated to German-style Christmas ornaments.
“Wait up,” Kuroo calls.
You spin round on your heels to face him.
Kuroo plops the paper bag on the top of your head, the integrity of its balance be damned. You clamp your hands around it before it has a chance to slip off and spill all the cookies across the ground like confectionary crime scene.
“Careful!” You squeak, lifting the bag off your head and clutching it to your chest.
Kuroo just grins, sticking his hands in his pockets and ambling off.
“Wait—” You totter after him with a look of sincere bafflement on your face.
“Think of it as an advance payment,” he grins.
Wait, what?
You pout at him as you hold the bag closer to your chest. “Are you sure?”
It feels a little wrong. You don’t know why. Maybe it’s just because he’s spending money on you. There’s always a dash of guilt when someone gives you something for free. Your best friend might tell you to unlearn that, but that’s easier said than done.
“I’m sure,” Kuroo chuckles, winking at you. “It’s the spirit of the season, right?”
You can’t argue with that.
When Kuroo had suggested going to the Christmas markets, you’d jumped at the chance. Work commitments hadn’t left much time to get into the spirit of things; that, and worrying about how you were going to handle your own family this year was a whole other beast of burden you hadn’t geared up to fight yet.
The chance to spend some time with a friend doing something enjoyable seemed like a port in the storm.
Technically, it classifies as another ‘fake date’. Although, it’s a little difficult to tell the difference between what’s a ‘fake date’ and what’s just spending time with your favourite work friend Kuroo Tetsurou. Not that you’d ever let him know he’s your favourite; you’d hate to think about how much he’d tease you for that one.
And frankly, it’s easier to think these little ‘dates’ as just spending time with a friend; that certainly takes the pressure off. That is what you’re doing, all things considered. It’s just that you’re also fooling is family into thinking you’re his loving girlfriend.
You’re trying to shrug it off as ‘not that big a deal,’ but you are starting to feel a bit like a bitch for it. But it’ll probably be fine so long as no-one gets attached, right?
A shiver racks your body as you stand there, staring into the swell of the crowd. It’s so cold, and it’s not relenting. You’d brought a nice, thick jacket and you’re wearing thick woollen tights underneath your dress, but apparently that’s not enough.
You cup your hands in front of your mouth and huff into them in a poor attempt to warm your frigid fingers. Once sufficiently warmed, you clasp them around your neck. It doesn’t provide as much reprieve as you’d like, but it’s something.
“Are you okay?” Kuroo asks, tilting his head at you.
“Yeah,” you smile up at him as you drop your hands to your sides. “Just a bit cold.”
You start preparing for the scolding, mentally gearing up for grumpy looks and the verbal admonishment for not taking better care of yourself.
It doesn’t come.
“Here,” he murmurs, looping his scarf around your neck.
You stand there, dumbstruck, as he tucks the ends over your shoulders with gentle hands, the tips of his fingers accidentally brushing your neck. You’ve held his hands plenty of times before, but apparently anything even mildly tender is enough to set you off.
If your cheeks weren’t already bitten red by the cold, you’re sure they’d be bright with all the bashfulness of a high schooler trying to greet the hot upperclassman everyone has a thing for.  
“Thank you,” you manage to say, looking up at him with wide eyes.
You’d always laughed at talk of Kuroo being the oblivious heartthrob of the office. But maybe the aunties are onto something. He’s tall, charming, and easy on the eyes. But he’s still a dork, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously.
God, you sound like such a teenager, you think to yourself. You’re a full-grown woman; you’ve got a wage job and everything. A handsome man giving you the scantest bit of attention shouldn’t be enough to make you feel like you’re going to vibrate out of your body from pure elation alone.
Besides, you know this isn’t necessarily special treatment; he’d doted so much on Kenma during your little visit to his house that you’d forgive someone for mistaking them as an overbearing father and his reserved son.
Despite appearances, it seems in Kuroo’s nature to dote. You’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it comes from his grandmother.
But it seems that although that weird little moment, Kuroo’s completely unphased.
Maybe you’re just lonely. Or horny. Probably both.
Kuroo tsks, shaking his head. “You know, you should’ve thought about this.”
You scoff at him. “Excuse me?”
“It’s winter,” he grins. “You should’ve come prepared.”
“I did,” you whine. “I just didn’t know it’d be this cold.”
“That’s a rookie error,” Kuroo tuts, shaking his head. “How many winters have you lived through now? Twenty-two?”
“Why are you talking like you’re from medieval Europe?” You snort.
“I’m matching the theme,” he says, not missing a beat as he gestures market around you.
You roll your eyes, trying to shamble together a quick comeback.
Kuroo’s phone erupts with a vicious ring.
You both jump, catching each other’s eye with amused smiles.
“My bad,” Kuroo chuckles, fishing it out of his pocket.
He glances down at the screen. His face warps into a grimace. It’s quick, so quick that it seems mindless.
You don’t have time to ask who it is before he’s tapped the screen and held his phone up to his ear.
“Oh, hey!”
You stand by silently as he listens to whoever’s on the other end of the phone. All you can make out is illegible chatter, obfuscated by the crappy phone line and the general din of the crowd.
“Good, good,” Kuroo nods, digging his free hand into one of his jacket pockets. “Work’s busy, but… I’m good.”
You try to sate your curiosity as best you can by turning to a little stall. The table’s cluttered with all kinds of Christmas trinkets, the attendant a ruddy-cheeked woman who reminds you of your work aunties.
“Huh?” Kuroo’s tone is stuck somewhere between casual and clumsily formal, like he’s dancing a very fine and unstable line.
“Oh, right…” He clears his throat. You don’t need to look at him to know he’s rubbing the back of his neck bashfully. “Yeah. You heard right.”
His expression sours further. “I… I don’t know.”
It must be a family member. That’s the only way to explain this strange tightrope he’s tiptoeing along.
“Sorry about that,” he sighs, running a hand through his hair. “It just slipped my mind.”
You entertain yourself with a little bear ornament. He’s wearing a lovingly crafted Christmas hat and a Santa jacket that’s just a little too tight for him.
Out the corner of your eye, Kuroo looks like he’s a child being scolded. “I’m sorry.”
This time you try to preoccupy yourself with a snowflake, painted an icy blue and with detailing so intricate you can’t believe it was painted by a real human being. The patience it must take for something like this…
Meanwhile, Kuroo’s expression warps into one of shock and panic. “Wait—I—But—”
Your first instinct, as it usually is in situations like this, is to comfort whoever’s experiencing distress.
But as you look up at Kuroo’s face, you don’t quite know what to make of it. He looks dumbfounded, for the the most part, with gormless eyes and his mouth crafted in a little pout. Whatever’d just happened, it was a surprise.
A pleasant surprise should be worth celebration, not something that piques your alarm.
But there’s just enough panic in Kuroo’s eyes to be concerned.
You take a step closer and tilt your head up at him. “Are you okay?”
He looks to you after a long moment, still a little out of it. “Yeah…” He swallows. “That was my mum.”
“Oh, really?” You try to keep your voice as neutral as you can muster. If your bafflement shone through, Kuroo makes no acknowledgement of it.
But that was his mother? You’d never begrudge anyone for having a complicated relationship with their family – lest you want to be the world’s most condescending hypocrite, of course – but Kuroo seems so… family-focused. It seemed pretty obvious that he really, really loves his family; and nothing had seemed forced during the time you’d met them.
Although, his mother wasn’t present at that little gathering. Had Kuroo even spoken about her in any great detail before?
“She, uh…” Kuroo brings a hand up and rubs the back of his neck, casting his gaze away from you. “She wants to meet you.”
Something about his expression is… off. It’s like he’s a little reticent, like he doesn’t want you to meet her.
“Isn’t… isn’t that what we’re doing?” You frown. Something’s going on. But you have no idea what. There’s too many possibilities, too many reasons he might feel a certain way about one of his parents. But you don’t want to pry, and—
“My parents are divorced.”
A silence. One you’re not quite sure what to do with.
But that one statement is enough to give you the context you need.
A monsoon of questions thrashes through your mind. How old was he when it happened? Was it amicable? Or was it an absolute shitshow? Was he well-looked after during the ordeal? Or was he forgotten? Worse yet, was he used as a pawn?
But you don’t ask any of that.
“I’m sorry,” you murmur, placing a tentative hand on his arm.
Kuroo shakes his head. “It’s fine. It was ages ago.”
You’re well-aware that something like that being ‘ages ago’ doesn’t mean much. Hell, something being ‘ages’ ago can make things worse. Formative years and all that. You want to tell him that it’s okay, that this is the sort of thing people take ages to process. It’s still taking you a while to deal with it, after all. And you’d only been what, thirteen? Fourteen?
Kuroo’s eyes seem to be begging you to drop it. Not here, they say, not now.
“So,” you say, seeking even a modicum of cheerfulness. “I met your dad’s side of the family?”
It’s an obvious question, but hopefully talking about them will make him feel a little better.
“Yeah,” he nods. His eyes don’t light up, his features don’t soften… nothing. “I only planned on introducing you to them,” he admits.
“Right,” you nod, putting your questions on the backburner. “But now your mum wants to meet me?”
“Dad mentioned you, apparently,” he says. He’s far too nonchalant about it, in your opinion.
His dad had mentioned you. He thought you were worth mentioning. Well, perhaps it was simply a case of sharing information, but still. You’re being perceived as Kuroo’s partner; you’re being discussed in the context of being Kuroo’s partner.
And sure, that’s what you’d signed up for. But talking about this sort of thing over a cup of hot chocolate and actually experiencing it ‘out in the field’ are two vastly different experiences.
“When did she want to meet me?” You ask. It feels a bit like you’re scheduling a meeting with a prospective sponsor. You’re already mentally filing through the template of questions you’d ask; should you bring out a template and start filling it in? Maybe that’ll make things feel less scary.  
“This weekend,” Kuroo says. He looks a bit like he’s stepped on a stray piece of Lego.
“This weekend?” You echo, your eyebrows quirking up. Well that’s sudden, you think.
Kuroo runs a hand through his hair, chewing on his bottom lip. “I can make up some excuse for you.”
“I’m willing to go with you,” you say.  
Another silence. This time, it’s shared in mutual surprise. Where’d that assurance come from? You certainly don’t know.
“Are you sure?” Kuroo asks, raising an eyebrow at you. “You don’t have to.”
“Well…” You bite the inside of your cheek, gently parsing the thought in your mind. “It’s more polite for me to go than not, right? It might seem like I’m snubbing your mother.”
The words coming out of your mouth don’t quite feel like roleplay. It’s hard not to notice how much it sounds like you’re genuinely concerned about this; like a real girlfriend would be.
Well, you think to yourself, even if this isn’t real I don’t want to be rude.
And besides, if you put in a little effort, it’d reflect well on him, too.
“If you’re sure,” Kuroo says after a long moment.
You smile up at him, hoping – praying, really – that it offers him a little solace.
Kuroo smiles back without a word. He just brings a hand up and ruffles your hair gently for a moment, gazing at you with a new kind of fondness. One that makes your head feel a little lighter.
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