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#I wanna say that I'm excited to see the final result
meenah-chan · 26 days ago
I'm updating today 😃
Depending on the circumstances it might be done tomorrow and after that all is left is to edit/have it beta read 😀
I hope it turns out good 😔
I'm scared 😬😬😬
Tumblr media
Ohh~~! That's good to hear!! And I bet it'll be really good based on what I have read so far, so don't fret over it 😉😉
Just go with the flow and you shall find your way (〜‾▿‾)〜 (Okay, that doesn't make sense but I just wanna say it sksksk 😆😆)
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Lights, Camera, Lucha!
After being briefed by Romani (somehow...?) About the teeny tiny Caribbean Hollywood singularity, Rex and his main servant Quetzalcoatl along with Mash Kyrielight reported to the library to talk with Murasaki
(Wtf is with the timeline anyways?)
Quetz: Hola Murasaki! Master Rex and his main servant, Quetzalcoatl along with miss Mash Kyrielight are here!
Murasaki: oh! Good to see you! I'm just getting the script ready... won't be much longer.
Rex: cool...
Murasaki: actually, Mash I have a role that you'd be perfect for!
Mash: oh! I'm more then ready to play!
Rex: actually... can you let us know what the movie is?
Murasaki: hmm? Oh of course Lord Rex.
After explaining the general synopsis of the film.
Rex: hmmm... nope!
Murasaki: no?! What do you mean no?
Rex: I don't think that's a good enough film. Besides, what's mi corazon gonna do the whole time? She should included... in fact she should be the Star!
Murasaki: I mean... I can rewrite it a bit with her in mind...
Rex: actually! I'll help rewrite it completely!
Murasaki: is that necessary? We're kind of tight on time!
Rex: I actually have the perfect film in mind already!
Murasaki: really?!
Rex: yup! I kind of think of these things on my own often.
After some rewrites, they came with a completely different script!
Murasaki: do modern people enjoy this kind of film?
Rex: of course! It's super popular! And can have amazing results when done right!
Quetzalcoatl took a look at the script
Quetz: mi amor! This script actually seems amazing! I'm excited to play this starring role!
Rex: hell yeah!
Murasaki: this does mean we must recast completely. I am not certain the previous actors will be able to fill the new roles.
Rex: it'll be fine! Given the circumstances the proper servants will agree to it.
Murasaki: if you say so...
Mash: hey! Isn't that Moriarty over there?
Rex: huh, he's talking with Nursery Rhyme.
Quetz: mmhmm, anyways! Ignoring that!
Mash: should we really be ignoring him like that?
Murasaki: he seems like he may be a bit distressed actually.
Quetz, sarcastically: oh noooooo.... how unfortunate....
Mash: is everything OK Lady Quetzalcoatl?
Quetz: I'm sorry but I'm not over him trying to KILL MY HUSBAND WITH A METEOR!
Rex: also, Lady would technically be disrespectful since she's a literal goddess.
Murasaki, frantic: oh no! I didn't mean to offend!
Mash: he looks really troubled now
Rex: maybe we should go over there.
Quetz: uuuuugh...fine. but I'm not going, and I won't let mi amor go either!
She says this as she grabs onto Rex.
Rex, not even fighting it: guess you guys gotta handle it.
After Mash and Murasaki go over there, eventually Nursery Rhyme is seen leaving, then Mash comes over to Rex and Quetz.
Mash: Murasaki offered to let Mr. Moriarty join, but we need your ok.
Quetz: No!
Mash: that's a bit harsh
James, from over yonder: I'M SORRY OK!
Mash: maybe you can decide the roll at least?
Quetz: how about a random minion I beat up?!
James: *offended gasp!*
Quetz: gasp all you want!
Rex: he could be a notable minion? With a name? I could fit that in.
Quetz: suuuuure....! So long as I can harm him!
James: will letting you hurt me finally absolve me of that particular sin!?
Quetz: Nah! But I'll feel a lil better!
James: ugh...
Rex: ya really can't blame her... that was kinda traumatizing.
So the new script was written and Rex and Quetz were to go on and film this amazing and so much better film!
A/N: so yeah, after @hasspartacusdoneanythingwrong mentioned the idea, Quetz will now be the star of the film. It's a completely new film. I do have a vague idea, but kinda wanna see how the event proper goes down first before I continue on with that.
@hasishtardoneanythingwrong @hasereshdoneanythingwrong @haspaulbunyandoneanythingwrong @haskamadoneanythingwrong @hasbbdoneanythingwrong @hasnightingaledoneanythingwrong @renmeo @kazmetic @grievouslyxorvia
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whatnowhaya · 13 days ago
A long post ahead 3😅
So after taking three prescribed medications for a month now, I'm pretty sure if you cracked me open I'll be pouring out a pill factory😂 but nonetheless, the results are in and they're the following🤓...
But first I think I should say why I've taken them, huh? Well to put it simply in one word, I've been taking them to be "stable"; yeah that's it I guess, it's the easier, best way to say it- for now-😅 but it was worth it, I guess, cause according to the people around me they definitely noticed changes from day one, if not before ( I guess cause they finally listened to me but I don't wanna go there now) or how they expressed it " بتشتغل عالريحة" 😂 but here are some quotes I saved in my chore memory that was special hearing it from them; after all, part of going through this was for them, so here they are...
-My sister said: " I like this new Haya"
-I'm not a hugger And I don't like to be touched but my sister loves giving hugs and so when she hugged me, I let it be without "exploding" like I used to, I didn't hug her back but baby steps I guess😅 she gave a pleasant reaction to it🤗🥰
-My brother said: " she's " normal" now"
-”بتتذكري لما كانت تقومك و تصرخ عليكي عشان خلصت قبلك“
"remember when she used to shout at you so you'd stand up just cause she finished before you".
(It was in the context of us eating, I can't believe I was so mean and rude🙈)
-My friend said:“تغيرتي و هاد واضح، هاد اشي منيح إنو الأدوية شغالة”
" you've changed and it's quite clear, which is good, it's good to know that the pills are working".
(In the context of both of us being sceptical of taking medications, to begin with)
And much more of teasing by my siblings of old behaviours I used to do but I'm just happy that they're noticing these things and I know they mean well 💚💚
•Now what I've noticed, Uhm... put aside how the first 12 days or so I've been mostly tired and sleepy, lots of my "traits" were actually symptoms tbh😂💔 so I'm not quite sure how to deal at the moment; "the art of starting over" I guess is something I'm familiar with so that's what I'm doing.
I'm just glad my relationship with my family is improving, they mean a lot to me and the past year's things were a bit rough between us and so now I'm just enjoying it💚🧡
Tomorrow( May 2nd) is my second session and I'm hopeful and excited, not anxious as I was the first time but this time I'm letting him take the wheel, cause last time I spilt everything like I do whenever I meet someone new🤭🤣 so I'm conserving my energy and just letting him lead and we'll see what will happen...
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lost-in-jins-abyss · a month ago
BTS reaction to you drawing them
Tumblr media
(Every image source: pinterest or we heart it)
Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
Once you ask him to sit down with you in the backyard because you want to draw his potrait, he immediately grabs a stool for (only) himself and sits as still as a statue.
Jin, unsurprisingly doesn't make movements.
I mean what would you expect from a guy who stares at himself in the mirror for a good minute every hour ?
When you show him the beautiful rose you've drawn as him, he tuts.
"Hey I'm not that ugly~"
You roll your eyes before shooing him away and continue drawing flowers from the garden.
Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
Grumpy because he wants to sleep instead.
He gives you a blank expression even when you ask him to smile.
Dozes off so you have to restart again and again.
Until you come up with an idea
"Yoongi come on, get up."
"What, why ?"
"Oh, just come on."
If he wants to sleep, then he can.
You'll draw him like that
You did your best to capture how beautiful his relaxed features look
And he tried his best to not blush when you show him the result
Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
Laughs nervously when you say you want to draw him
"Why though ?"
"Just sit down hobiiiiii !"
After sitting him down, you went to your canvas and started setting your paints.
"Hey how's it coming along ?", A voice echoed from behind you
You turned and stared at him
"You're supposed to sit there while I'm drawing here."
Forgets to stay where he is because he wants to see how it's "coming along"
Wants to show excitement for you
Gets bored after three seconds
And starts pouting
"Hobi ! Don't keep changing your facial expression !"
*Pouting intensifies*
Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
Cannot sit still
Shakes leg up and down
"You done yet ? "
"Joon this is the fifth time you're asking and it's only been three minutes."
Seeing his troubled face you soften
"I know you're excited but-"
" Excited ?! Who said I'm excited ? I'm anxious !
" What if it's bad ? I don't wanna leave negative comments but I can't lie you know ?"
He rambles
You pout
"You don't think I can draw you well ? "
He starts shaking his head wildly
"No wait namjoon-" you stop yourself knowing it's too late
Now that namjoon had changed his position you didn't know how to continue drawing
You stare at your incompleted work before looking at him with a serious face
You chuckle softly before standing up and holding out your hand to him
"Come on Joon, let's just go inside."
Park Jimin
Tumblr media
makes the flirtiest expression he can
"Put your tongue back in young man !"
After a while he decides to stick to smiling
"You know my face hurts."
"You can rest now, I'm done."
When he sees the realistic drawing of him he smiles
"You like it ? "
He picks up a pencil and draws this ( ◜‿◝ )
"You should have just drawn this." He states still smiling
Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
"Y-you want to draw me ?"
Highkey Flustered
Very excited
Wants to make a very pretty face
But then he realises how much time it's going to take
So he makes this face instead
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"Taehyung come on !"
Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
You're not that great at drawing but you wanted to draw him
After taking a few art classes you finally decide to ask him
The end result wasn't the best but he smiled at you, impressed.
"You're doing great as a beginner !" (You are !)
"How about I draw you instead ?"
And then Master Leonardo Dikook unleashed
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taehyungsbabyygirl · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Genres: Light fluff, tinge of romance and wholesome(?)
Warning(s): The littlest bit of sexual tension if you squint
Fortune, fame, beauty.
Those are the things that people had associated you with.
Who does not know Y/F/N Y/L/N? You're basically in every magazine cover, every Youtube thumbnail and news headline. Surpassing Kylie Jenner as quote unquote The World's Richest Young Businesswoman and even beating Ariana Grande as the most followed female influencer on Instagram.
Who really are you? Well, to explain it simply to people who are unaware of you, your businesses and socialite status, you are the owner of a multi-billion dollar brand.
What started with a small online business at 16 which sells nightwear for women with affordable, cheap prices had bloomed into a luxury brand known for their elegant, classy clothing line, ranging from lingerie to formal clothing such as glamorous dresses to charming suits and tuxedos for both men and women.
The brand name? After years of rebranding, it's finally official that the name is, Socialità. Fitting with your brand's target market which were rich socialites from across the globe. Of course there was a reason for that, considering that the materials were high quality, imported ones such as satin and silk from Japan, Egyptian cotton, and French lace, also the designing and productions team who were amongst the best in the art of fashion and exclusivity of everything that was made under the brand, without a doubt would result in a higher cost of production and simultaneously a higher price for the merchandise itself.
And all this success did not come easy, there were countless times when you wanted to hideaway and give up on everything you had invested on. At the age of 28, you finally got to where you are now, thriving with the business that you had built with your own bare hands from the confines of your own bedroom.
But, there was one thing that you were lacking in, the love department. Although you were pretty much well-known by youngsters to elders alike, luck does not seem to be on your side when it comes to romantic relationships. It's not that you weren't romantic or sweet enough, gosh you are a hopeless romantic actually, but you just somehow fall for the wrong person, time and time again.
All the people you had dated once you established a name in the fashion world were either self-centered jerks or gold-digging leeches who were only there for the fame and riches. It's as if you had dated way more men than Taylor Swift ever had, except, you don't call these people out in songs.
Aside from owning a lavish clothing brand and billions to your name, having to work with socialite circles, had granted you the socialite status too. You'd be lying if you say that no rich bachelor had tried to flirt around with you but, your previous horrible experiences with dating as a successful businesswoman made you put your guard up and in the end turning you into the most sought after bachelorette of the 21st century.
"What??? The Bachelorette?? Gosh guys, that would be a horrible idea." You shook your head, swirling the red wine in your glass before sipping on it.
It was a normal weekend evening for you and your peers aka your personal management team which consisted of Selma, Carrie, Lulu, Trey and Giovanni. Sitting in the dining room of your enormous mansion in Calabasas while drinking cheap wine and munching on Cheeto Puffs.
You just finished ranting about how you are so unlucky in love and that you're almost turning 30, without being cuffed to someone. In your opinion, people in their late 20s had already met that person and having good balance in their work, social and love lives but you're here having a nonexistent love life instead.
Tired of constantly listening to the same rants over and over again, Giovanni proposed that you put yourself in a controversial yet exciting TV show, The Bachelorette.
"Girllll you should give The Bachelorette a try, I mean I know that the show is basically scripted but it seems exciting, no?" Giovanni chirped.
"Oh my god yasssss! I'd have the time of my life if I'm surrounded by a dozen of good-looking hunks!" Carrie joined in and daydreamed.
You snorted and put your glass down on the marble surface of the table.
"Yeah but the men on there are usually insincere and only in it for their 60 seconds of fame and the winner of the show is probably just motivated by money. What difference does it make with me going to a private party or nightclub and getting to know dudes there?" You retorted; brow raising to your two friends.
"Sis, the difference is, these men would have to submit a form regarding their background and audition for the show! If you want, we could even be your reps during the audition. We know who are the best people for you!" Selma answered your rhetorical question while pouring herself another glass of wine. She's your PA and bestie so she knew how to reply with the same energy as yours.
Sighing deeply with your fingers pinching your nose bridge, you thought once, twice, thrice and made your decision. Well, what's the worst that could happen right?
"Fine, fine! I'm in with the idea. But if this thing goes south, I.Am.Out." The dominant businesswoman persona in you presented herself whilst the others, especially Giovanni, cheered upon your agreement with their idea.
After months of preparations for your big reality TV debut, it was finally the day for the first week of The Bachelorette. Although you're the one being the prize and the one being chased, you felt uneasy and nervous to meet the men who had passed the auditions to become contestants.
"Don't worry! Me and Giovanni made sure that we only let the best ones pass the audition. And when I say the best ones, I meant, socialites, doctors, businessmen and even kinsmen of royalty!"
"Only the best for our QUEEN!"
Those were the words that came out of Selma and Gio's mouths. Thankfully you have these reliable people to help filter through the applicants of the program. If you gave the show's producers 100% control over who comes in and comes out of the show, it'll be a hot mess and they'd probably choose the men based on their looks and bulkiness but not necessarily the brains and skills.
Throughout the audition process, all of the men's background and names were kept a secret from you by Selma and Gio, it'll be a surprise, they said and you trusted them with it.
Sitting at the back of a limousine alone, you started to fidget with the dangling diamond of your earring subconsciously; a habit that you developed whenever you had cold feet.
The vehicle was heading towards the villa where the first meeting would happen between you, the bachelorette and your suitors.
You and the production team had discussed about how the first meeting would be. You thought that the idea of having to stand in front of the villa's front door while the men arrive in limos were quite cringy and not to mention time-consuming and unnatural so you proposed the idea of having the men arrive in a first come first serve basis and sit in numbered rooms in the villa while awaiting you. In that way, you could see who was punctual and who was late. But the catch is, the contestants only have 5 minutes to chat up with you and leave a good first impression.
Alas, you finally reached the villa and stepped out of the automobile. Your dress was a satin, rosé coloured one with a modified A-line, basque waist and halter neckline; glamorous yet not over the top, suitable for a socialite like you.
Not wasting any time, once the cameras started rolling, you entered the ginormous villa and headed upstairs to the rooms, knocking the door gently before entering the space.
The first man you met was Kim Namjoon, he introduced himself as an engineer, a sound engineer. He was confident from the get go and eloquent too.
"Hmm an engineer ay?" You propped your head with the palm of your hand; leaning against the couch's back pillows.
"Yeah.. My family insisted I do that. I wanted to be a musician at first, and that's why I took up sound engineering now." He gave out a dimple smile which you couldn't help but grin at. They're adorable.
You liked his presence and how outspoken he was but sadly the 5 minutes were before you knew it.
Next, you met up with a gentleman named Im Jaebum. A winery owner. He gave you a warm hug from the first time you entered the room.
"I heard that you're a wine conoisseur yourself Y/N? I'd love to take you to Napa Valley where my winery is. I'm sure we'll have a blast there." He smiled and acted a bit smug.
"That sounds like a plan.. I'm not a person who would say no to wine." You replied with a light wink, returning the smugness to him.
Continuing on, after Jaebum, you entered a room which looked bigger than the previous two you'd been in.
By the big window, there was a man with broad shoulders who introduced himself as Kim Seokjin, as he turned around, he greeted you and pecked your hand.
"Nice to meet you I'm Kim Seokjin, just call me Jin." He smiled softly, inviting you to sit down next to him.
"Nice to meet you too Jin.. So what do you do?" You asked carefully; quite intrigued by how good-looking he is with the slicked back hairstyle he has.
"Well I'm a professor of English and Korean Literature. Probably one of the most uninteresting jobs among the other guys." He timidly admitted; being quite humble.
You immediately disagreed with his statement, telling him that literature components are fascinating and that educating people about it is a magnificent job.
Afterwards you conversed with a man named Park Jinyoung. He was also extremely dashing and he's a car dealer. But not just any car, the ones he sells are top brands such a Lamborghini, Maserati, Tesla and Ferrari.
"My job is amazing. Good money, good image, but there was something missing and I think we both could relate to that, we both are looking for love." He half-bragged which didn't really impress you but you agreed nonetheless.
As you politely excused yourself to move on to the next room, where the man was leaning back and scrolling through his phone. Fair skin and contrasting ebony coloured hair.
This guy gave off a cold vibe to you but that made you even more intrigued to get to know him.
"Hi..." You sat on the couch with him and he gave a small smile as he put his phone the side.
"Min Yoongi.. Nice to meet you." He extended his hand out to shake yours. A pretty formal greeting despite the consequences you two were in at the moment.
You two kept the conversation going by talking about your jobs and background. Everything you asked, he answered in all honestly and you liked that. The push-and-pull game was a fun one to play but with Yoongi, the small talk you had was chill and relaxed, the most natural one you had the whole night.
Up next was a kind looking male, taller than Yoongi who seem to be nervous about meeting you for the first time.
"Hello!" You greeted him with a bright smile to ease his anxiousness.
"Hi, hi.. I'm Mark Tuan. I'm an artist.." He abruptly greeted you back.
"Ooh! Like musically or..?" You tilted your head.
"Visually.. I draw and paint."
You led the conversation with the man since he looked very hesitant and awkward the whole time.
The next room had a bubbly and energetic man who was basically radiating good vibes as you entered the room. His name was Jung Hoseok. As you peeked into the room, he immediately walked towards you and gave you tight bear hug with a huge smile plastered on his face.
"Well besides my job as a paediatric specialist, I also enjoy dancing. Do you like to dance?" He jumped off the seat and proceeded to pull you up with him to playfully salsa. His actions made you laugh happily.
"You're so spontaneous!" You hit his chest lightly, still laughing at you guys' actions.
After the exciting interaction between you and Hoseok, you had to calm down and lower your expectations again after it skyrocketed because of the doctor earlier.
That's when you met a muscular man, if Hoseok earlier had radiated good boy vibes, this one radiated bad boy vibes.
He was Jackson Wang, a well-known socialite who is the heir of Wang Co. Ltd. A company which sells electronics such as smartphones, tablets and computers.
"Hello.." You said softly, slightly intimidated by the man's comparably bigger size to you.
"Hello, pretty lady." He took your hand in his and kissed it just like Jin had but his way of executing it was different. The male kissed each of your knuckle and it got you culture shocked.
"Oh wow.. Okay.." You laughed awkwardly as you looked at the man kiss your hand.
The conversation went well with him despite you noticing that he was practically staring at your with those deep brown eyes while you spoke about yourself to him.
The sexual tension was there and you were hoping, praying that the next man would tone down a bit and let you relax, thankfully custom jeweler, Park Jimin did.
"I'm a jeweler.. And can I just say, I adore these diamonds. You have remarkable taste." He proceeded to run his hand gently through the diamond earring you were wearing.
"Thank you! And I absolutely adore this choker you have on.." You reciprocated his action which made him smile softly.
Next up was the room of a private jet pilot named Choi Youngjae.
"Nice to meet you Y/N! I hope we could create good memories here. I'd love to bring you on a helicopter and show you the aerial view of California." He mused but you're not entirely impressed but acted as if you were in order to not hurt his feelings.
"Aww I'd like that. The view must be amazing!" You cringed at your own words but smart enough to mask it.
Hmm, you foresee someone who's potentially going to go home first in this show. His words lacked personality and character and not well thought.
Come on, you obviously had rode a helicopter and saw the aerial view of California. You ride it to work whenever the traffic is congested. He could at least thought of another country or state but instead he settled with Cali, the state where you are based in.
Disappointed, you moved on to the next room, surprisingly, the atmosphere was different, the area was dimly lit and the man sitting on the chair had his legs spread.
"Hi.." He spoke with a deep, low voice that caused you to bite your lip.
"Hello.." You smiled amidst the tense situation, making your way towards him.
"Kim Taehyung.. Fashion designer and owner of TH Couture." He answered without you asking.
The male was quite blunt but his demeanor was alluring. There was a mysterious aura circling him, totally someone to keep an eye on. The conversation was as intense as Jackson's but the two of you had the same interest which was fashion so you didn't feel as awkward as when you were with Jackson.
After Taehyung, it is down to three more people, you were already losing momentum and excitement as you already had spoken to 11 men that night. Before entering the next room, you took a deep breathe and loosen up your shoulders.
In the room was a man, he looked the most different, he had a lengthy name, a Thai one.
"Kunpimook Bhuwakul, but just call me Bam Bam.. I know my name's quite long and I'm also more comfy with Bam Bam.." He bowed to you like a gentleman and smiled handsomely at you.
"That's an adorable name! Bam Bam huh?" You sat down and grinned at the latter.
"You think so? You're adorable-er" He winked at you and caught you off-guard.
As the five minutes of jokes and flirty pickup lines ended, you bid farewell to the Thai man, little did you know that the person you just talked to was related to the Thai royal family.
Entering the 2nd last room, there was a tall man, looking around the well-furnished room but as soon as you came in, his attention diverted to you.
He greeted you with enthusiasm, introducing himself as Kim Yugyeom, an app developer and gaming streamer.
"Gosh you're pretty." He said straight-forwardly while smiling brightly and hugging you snugly.
"And GOSH you're tall!" You replied with those words and the same smile as what he had on his face. At this rate, reciprocation is really your best friend when you don't know how to react or reply to a certain remark from the suitors.
You talked about the apps Yugyeom had developed and the variations amazed you. He had created tons of apps such as games, workout apps, e-commerce platforms, online stores and sorts. But when he started talking about games, you began to lose interest in the chatter. Games weren't your strongest suit but you were happy that he is passionate about them and sharing it with you.
Finally! The last room! Which meant that this person is the last person to arrive to the villa. You wonder who this latecomer is and when you got into the area, your eyes widened.
Jeon Jungkook? He was somebody you had worked with and still actively working with. He is the person in charge of the photography and videography for Socialità and seeing him on The Bachelorette is a huge surprise.
"Wait.. JK?" You didn't know how to react.
"Hey! There's my girl!" He walked towards you with his bunny smile and gave you a hug. You couldn't believe that this was happening, Selma and Gio must've put him in to pull a prank on you.
"One question. Why?" You laughed in disbelief.
"Can't a man try?" He questioned back cheekily.
You two continued the conversation casually without any awkwardness as the two of you had known each other already. That was when you got to know that he had taken a liking on you ever since you two started working together. Everything he told you had sounded sincere so far.
After the first meetings were over, all the men were put in the lounge to get to know each other's competition while you were interviewed by the crew regarding your first impressions of all of your suitors.
"Well everyone was pleasant. But there were a few who didn't pass my vibe check. I guess we just gotta see how it goes." You gave an ambiguous answer to the camera.
"Who do you think caught your eyes the most?" Henry, the producer asked.
"Hmm.. I don't want to seem bias, I mean this is the 1st episode after all but... Hoseok was fun to be around.. Jackson came off very strong. And well Jungkook too of course!"
"You seem to know him.." The producer stated.
"Yes yes.. We actually work together.. I didn't know that he'd want to participate in this show too." You shrugged and flashed a pearly white smile.
"Do you see anyone who might be going home soon?"
"Oof.. That's a dangerous question. That'd probably be ..."
To be continued (3 March, 12 AM, KST)
Author's note: Sorry for the delay guys! I underestimated the length of this chapter but I hope you guys like it! Don't forget to like and reblog this to show support! Also follow so you don't miss out on updates! This chapter is more of an introductory chapter so we'll be seeing more action and interaction between Y/N and de boyzzz.
Who do you think would be eliminated first?
Tagging @aretha170
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solar3lunar · 2 months ago
11.ℍ𝕖𝕣𝕠 ℙ𝕚𝕔𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕘⁂
After two days.
Tumblr media
Ayama Aizawa POV
I told my Dad I wanted take the bus to school, but he said no. It's was raining and he knows how much I love rain.
"If cats aren't outside walking in the rain. Then neither are you. Beside I don't need your braids getting too messed up when you get to school." He said. Since he was out of his bandages I had no choice but to get in the car.
"If it's stop raining later on I'll let you walk home, deal?" [Aizawa]
"Deal." [A.Aizawa]
Tumblr media
"Ayama what about you?" Hagakure ask. "Oh well it's kinda a long story." I said. "Well say it!" Mina said. And everyone nodded. " After the festival. I met my mother's older twin sister and brother Roxanne and Ren." I said.
"What!" They shouted. "Wow I can't believe it! Not only are you related to Merodī and Mr. Aizawa, but the Fox Twins as well!" Midoriya exclaimed.
I'm just glad I got to meet them." I said. "But Ayama why would they just now what to meet you?" Tsu ask. "Well, it's kinda complicated." I tell her
"Morning." [EraserHead]
"Good morning, Mr.Aizawa!" [Class 1-A]
"Ribbit? Mr. Aizawa, you don't have bandages anymore. That's good news." Tsu point out. "The old lady went a little overboard in her treatment." I swear my dad doesn't have respect for anyone sometimes.
"Anyway. We have a big class today on Hero Informatics." He said and got the whole class nervous for some odd reason. "You need codenames. Time to pick your hero identities." He said.
"This is totally awesome!" [Class 1-A, but Ayama]
'Is it?' I haven't ever thought of a hero name despite my family situation. Which kinda suck because now I have don't really idea what my name going to be...
"This is related to the pro hero draft picks. that I mentioned the last time we were in class together. Normally, students don't have to worry about the draft yet. Not until their second or third year actually, but your class is different.
In fact. by extending offers to first-years like you, pros are essentially investigating your potential. Any offers can be rescinded if their interest in you dies down before graduation, though." He explains.
"Stupid. Selfish adults." I heard Mineta say. "So, what you're saying is, we'll still have to prove ourselves after we've gotten recruited?" Hagakure asked.
"Correct. Now. Here are the total of you who got offers." He said. He then click his remote to show the total of offers we got.
Tumblr media
Top three:
Ayama: 6689
Todoroki:  4123
Bakugou: 3556
Tumblr media
"In past years, it's been more spread out. But there's a pretty big gap this time." My Dad points out. "Gah! That's no fair." Denki complained.
"Ayama got the most ahead of Bakugou and Todoroki?" Kyokā said in shock. "Woah. It's almost the total opposite of how they place in the festival. Ayama has so many offers." Kirishima said. I guess having pro heroes as family benefits me.
"They probably weren't excited about working with the guy who had to be chained up at the end." Sero said and to be fair... "If I scared a pro, they're just weak!" Bakugou shouted.
"That's amazing. You must be proud." Yaoyorozu said to me. "I guess... sorta.." I said. "People want us!" Ochaoco said shaking poor Iida back and forth by his shoulders.
"Despite these results, you'll all be interning with pros. Got it? Even those of you who didn't get any offers." My dad tells us.
"Oh, so, we're all interning?" Midoriya ask him. "Yes. You already got to experience combat with real villains during the attack on the USJ facility. But it'll still be helpful to see pros at work. Up close and personal, in the field. Firsthand." My dad explain.
"And for that we need hero names!" Sato exclaimed. "Things are suddenly getting a lot more fun!" Ochaoco said. "These hero names will likely be temporary, but take them seriously or..." [Eraserhead]
"You'll have hell to pay later!" [Midnight]
"What you picked today could be could be your codename for life." She said while she walks in the front of the classroom. "You better be careful or you'll be stuck with something utterly indecent." Aunt Midnight said. "Yeah. She got a good point. Midnight is going to have final approval over your names. It's not my forte." My dad tells us as he grabbed his yellow sleeping bag.
I'm trying hard not to laugh. I just had a flashback to what uncle Mic told me how my dad got his hero name. "Huh? Ayama! Are you okay??" Ochaoco asked me. 'It probably looks like I'm having a seizure.' "Yeah. I'm perfectly fine." I chuckled and wave her off.
"The name you give yourself is important. It helps reinforce your image and shows what kind of hero you wanna be in the future." My Dad said. "A codename tells people exactly what you represent." He said.
I then got handed two white board and handed the other one to Momo. 'Alright hero name...'
*5 minutes later*
Tumblr media
"Now, students , who among you is ready to share." My aunt asked and just like that one by one students went up to say their hero name. Some had to go back especially Bakugou.
Their was only three left me, Bakugou and Midoriya. I went up. "Ah Ayama. What's the name of the hero you want to be?" My Aunt ask. I showed the class.
"The crazy moon hero, Luna Lyric" [Ayama]
"That's it?" Kamninari said. "Yeah what's wrong with it?" I asked and why does he look so scared? Same witht he rest of my classmates. "Nothing darling it's perfect!" Aunt Midnight said. I nod and walk back to my seat.
Midoriya went up and said his hero name which was Deku, but he gave his reason why. Me and Uraraka look at each other and giggled looking back at Deku. Giving him a nod.
Tumblr media
Based on oldest to youngest
Bakugou- Ground Zero or Dynamite (I honestly don't know what happing with his pro hero name)
Ojiro- Tail man
Yuga- Shining Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling
Hagakure- Invisible girl
Sato- Sugerman
Kamninari- Chargeblot
Sero- Cellophane
Ashido- Pinky
Jirō- Earphone Jack
Iida- Imperium
Yaoyorozu- Creati
Mineta- Grape Juice
Kirishima- Red Riot
Tokoyami- Tsukuyomi
Uraraka- Uravity
Todoroki- Shoto
Koda- Anima
Asui- Froppy
Aizawa-Luna Lyric
*School over*
Tumblr media
"Momo what happened with Denki?" I asked her. I couldn't even get it out of Mina because of how scared she was.
"Well.." [Yaoyorozu]
"So basically! Mr. Aizawa and Midnight got super scary when Denki asked you that question about your hero name! And Mr. Aizawa scarf flew up along with his hair! And his eyes glowed red! Then Ms. Midnight was about to make him pass out." Mineta said,dramatically.
"That's pretty much what happened." Momo sighed. "I know why. Sorry about that Denki." I tell him. "It's not a big deal. I mean I survive, right? But I didn't mean to offend you." He explains
"You're good, Kamninari don't worry." I tell him then give him a wink. "You okay? Your cheeks are pink, Kamninari." [A.Aizawa]
I told them goodbye and I started to walk with Midoriya only to be told by Uncle All Might that he gotten a offer, by someone that use to train him, but he sounds scary.
I had listed one place. Which were my twin Aunt and Uncle. I think he could understand. Uncle Snipe told me my Dad might tense up if I didn't choose some one close. Which I can understand. But it not even like people are suspicious about me and my dad relationship. I still need to be cautious tho...
Tumblr media
When I opened the door to fine both cats at the door. "Oh! You guys were waiting huh?" I said as I pet their fur and hung up the keys and took my shoes off.
I go to the bathroom and wash my hands. Then went to refill Leo and Nebula bowls. "I guess I should change out of my uniform." I thought out loud.
I go to my bathroom upstairs and spend a good three minutes looking for my shower cap. "I know she didn't scratch a hole through my shower cap..." Nebula is lucky I got extras.
I got in the shower for a good five minutes. After I got out I quickly got dry and put lotion on like always then put some sweat clothes on.
I start to wash my face with my wash cloth but my nose and cheeks felt hot. "Ah!" I hissed I put the wet wash cloth down and grab a dry wash cloth.
"Ayama?" [Aizawa]
"Upstairs!" I shouted. "Why does my face burn do much!" God this hurts. "Ayama." I turn around still holding my dry cloth on the bridge of my nose. "My cheeks burn."I tell him.
"Take the towel off." He said. "But dad it's burns." I said. "Down."He said. I sighed taking down the dry wash cloth. "Huh. The burning stop." I spoke.
My dad looks a bit shock but not too shocked. "Well what is it?" I asked. "Nothing to make a big deal of. You just earned another part of your mystical quirk." He tells me. I look at the mirror in front of me
White sparkles. Just like mom expect her's are a golden color. "Dinner will be ready in a few minutes." He tells me as he goes back down stairs. "Mk." I feel two paws on my leg. I look down only to see Nebula wanting my attention.
"You're lucky I love you." [Ayama]
Tumblr media
Taglist: @mypimpademia @angiebug101 @yvesssss @her-majesty-kiara @blackweebtrash @bubblime​
If you want to join go here: sunsetvalley
Tumblr media
~Luna Lyric~
~Universe navi~
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hitoshiikigai · 3 months ago
Foreign Feelings
Tumblr media
anon request: Hiya there Sen!! I love your blog and i would love to read more of your writings. Can i request an imagine for being like a first year european shy student and becoming Nekoma’s manager, she slowly develops a crush for kenma but doesn’t know how to express her feelings because of language and because she thinks kenma won’t return her feelings
‪(o_ _)ノ彡☆ a/n 「i made it gender neutral, i hope that's ok and if it's not, i can change it to your liking! also, this is my first romance fic in my whole life, i hope it's satisfactory(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ i feel like i just forgot the slowly part-」
‪pronouns used: they/them
‪word count: 2.8k
Tumblr media
You continuously repeat your introduction in your head as you wait for your turn. It's ok, you can do this, you've learnt this in basic Japanese lessons, it's just a few lines. Nothing too complicated!
The voice of the person behind you breaks the chant in your mind, "I'm Haiba Lev and..." Your thoughts block out the rest of his introduction. Is he a foreigner too? That name definitely does not sound Japanese but you note of his perfect pronunciation- a screech of a chair moving startles you and you're suddenly aware of the eyes of your new classmates staring right at you.
Sucking in a deep breath, you stand up, doing a bow, the Japanese words tumbling clumsily out of your mouth, "I'm (Y/N) (L/N)- no wait- (L/N) (Y/N), please just call me (y/n). Nice to meet all of you." You keep your eyes on your desk as you bow once again before sitting back down. You pretend not to notice the murmurs and sounds of interest about the two foreign students in their class, busying yourself by preparing your things for the lesson.
Mechanical pencil on the right. Pencil case right above your notebook. The ruler-
"Psst... Hey, you're not from Japan, right?" You turn around to meet glowing green eyes that somehow made you feel like you were looking into a cat's eyes instead. You nod and he grins in what you could guess as excitement. However, before he could say any more, he was cut off by the teacher signalling the start of class.
Maybe he's a potential friend?
Tumblr media
After a few lessons of trying to keep up with the lessons taught in Japanese, your brain's finally granted with a break from trying to translate and you can't help the sigh that escapes you as you rest your cheek on your table, closing your eyes.
"Hey Y/N! Wanna have lunch with me?" You open your eyes to see your tall classmate looming over you- right, his name's Lev. Or should you call him Haiba?
You quickly weigh the pros and cons of eating with him. He seems like a nice person to be friends with and having a non-Japanese friend in this less-than-familiar country could definitely do you some good, maybe your Japanese can improve faster as well. But... you were planning to just find some nice quiet spot to listen to music in hopes of preventing the growing headache, a result of an overwhelming first day.
Well, there's no harm, you suppose... "Sure, I don't mind," you agree and you search for your wallet in your bag as Lev waits patiently.
Once he sees you're ready, he smiles widely and starts walking to the cafeteria most likely and you follow him, having to walk slightly faster to keep up.
"Where are you from? I'm half-Russian but I can't speak Russian. Oh! I know a few people here already! I visited the school before the school year started and made friends with people from the volleyball team. I'm actually gonna join the team once they start taking in applicants and-" Lev rambles on and you could only hum or nod, insert a few words of your own when he asks a question until you reach the cafeteria.
"Lev! Here! You're late!" You see a student with black messy hair that spikes up everywhere except for the fringe that covers his right eyes waving his arm. Lev bounds up to the table with you in tow and you can already see a few curious eyes examining you. Your gaze sweeps across the table, an uninterested guy playing with a switch catching your eyes a tiny fraction longer than the others before you look down at the floor, shuffling just a bit behind Lev, your current shield.
"This is Y/N, my new friend! They're not from Japan and I thought I could show them around," Lev claps his hands on your shoulders and moves you forward, putting you right in the spotlight.
Oh no. Ok, deep breaths. A simple introduction, no big deal. It's definitely a smaller group, better than a whole class.
"H-hi..." You clear your throat, cursing yourself mentally for the stutter, and repeat yourself with what you hope was a stronger voice. There's a chorus of greetings and before you even realise, you find yourself squished between Lev and a friendly-looking guy with a buzzcut, who you soon come to know as Kai, after a round of introductions.
Tumblr media
How did you end up here? In a gym full of flying balls that could accidentally hit your face anytime? With your arms full of water bottles that you just filled up? You definitely did not sign up for this... Ok, well technically you did, you just didn't know what was in store. Try being a manager just for one practice, they said. Somehow, it feels like you were tricked somewhere along the line.
You hand the water bottles to the boys, jolting slightly when your hand unintentionally brushes against Kenma's. He thanks you quietly and you only nod in acknowledgment, avoiding any form of eye-contact with him and quickly moving on to hand the rest of the water bottles out before going back to the sidelines to watch.
It's really amazing watching them play. Everyone seems so coordinated with each other and the teamwork is seamless. Despite that, there are a few individuals that pique your interest: Yaku who seems to be able to teleport anywhere in the court, Lev with his tall and powerful stature, and more importantly, Kenma with his smart plays. It's like he calls the game, dictating where and how the ball goes and it's a whole experience observing him. Of course, the other members are amazing in their own ways, watching the team play is like watching a well-oiled machine working.
"How are you, Y/N?" Kai asks from beside you, wiping his sweat and giving you a warm smile.
You peel your eyes away from the quiet setter to answer Kai, and also to make sure you aren't caught staring at the certain player, "It's..." You try to find the correct words in your brain as Kai waits patiently for your answer. "It's nice... to watch. Everyone's good." You blush in embarrassment at the simple words you used, not having the full vocabulary to communicate what you really want to say. Kai, being the angel he is, makes a noise of approval and gives another warm smile which at least make you relax.
"If you need help with anything, you can ask any of us," he tells you before going back to the courts. You bow to him which he only waves off, laughing amiably.
After attending a few more practice sessions and having lunch with the team almost every break, you've grown a bit more comfortable with them, especially with Kai and Yaku, along with Lev. The team always tried their best to use simpler words whenever they spoke to you and you're definitely grateful for their efforts. However, there's just one person you've barely interacted with:
Kozume Kenma.
Tumblr media
The third years obviously noticed the lack of interaction, especially Kuroo and he made it his own personal mision to try to get the two of you to talk to each other more, albeit with many difficulties.
"Come on, Kenma. You don't think I don't notice you paying attention anytime Y/N talks? You're not exactly very slick, you always pause your games just for Y/N," Kuroo nudges Kenmas side with his elbow which Kenma slaps away in irritation.
"Shut up Kuroo."
Kuroo leans in closer to Kenma, "You can't tell me you don't notice Y/N staring at you during practice? Blushing whenever you're 5 metres away from each other? Or when-"
"Kuroo, please just shut up," Kenma groans and glares at his switch, clicking away at the buttons and suppressing the urge to scream in anger as the words 'GAME OVER' flash on the screen. Instead, he closes his eyes, inhaling deeply before letting out a long sigh.
Kuroo smiles knowingly before his eyes shift over to something behind Kenma.
"Kuroo-senpai? Kenma-senpai? Has Kai-san arrived yet? I need to ask him something..." Kenma stiffens as your soft voice reaches his ears. He bristles at the 'senpai' title attached to his name, wanting you to just rid of the honorific altogether. He was supposed to tell you, in fact, he had been wanting to tell you to just refer to him casually just like everyone does but he never got the chance. How could he when your conversations only last 30 seconds long each time?
Jump. Jump. Duck. Ju- GAME OVER.
He pressed down his buttons more aggressively, a frown slowly forming on his face. Why couldn't he be more talkative? Why is talking so hard? Why is talking to YOU so hard? Lev does it so easily, Kai too, and Yaku and... and just everyone in the team but him.
You stare in concern as you watch Kenma play angrily with his game and you look to Kuroo for answers only to be met with a shrug.
"Yaku will be running late, some class meeting or something," Kuroo stands up and stretches, walking out of the gym, "Meanwhile, I'll go get my things."
The sounds from Kenma's game filled up the awkward silence and you take a moment to steel yourself, walking towards Kenma. "A-are you okay, Kenma-senpai? You look... angry?" At your question, Kenma's fingers still and the sounds suddenly stopped.
Kenma looks up at you and places his switch on his lap before looking away. "I'm okay... I'm not angry." He mumbles and you smile in relief at his words. "Do you want to play?" He suddenly offers his switch to you and you blink in shock, never really having known or seen him to ever share his switch with someone, simply rejecting anyone- save for that tangerine boy from another school- who tried to even get their hands on his beloved switch.
Noticing your hesitance, he places the gadget on the bench, between the two of you, letting you take your time. You look back to search for anything that will clue you in if he doesn’t actually want to do this, but finding none, you gingerly take it, careful not to drop it or at least try to not leave any embarrassingly sweaty fingerprints. You feel Kenma shifting closer to you to get a closer look at the screen and you don’t know if you feel lightheaded from him being the closest he has ever been that you can actually feel body heat radiating from him or from forgetting to breathe. Trying to focus on the little digital character instead and your fingers clumsily hitting the buttons, a contrast to the way his nimble fingers moved with muscle memory.
And if you felt butterflies in your stomach as he occasionally positioned your fingers on the correct button, the butterflies immediately flew away the moment Lev walks in the gym and you were left with just tingling fingers.
Tumblr media
You cradle the box of apple pie you bought in a rush from the bakery, trying to tidy up the ribbon you tied around it to make it more presentable. You had asked Kai about what Kenma liked because you knew there was no way you could write or even say anything close to romantic in Japanese, so you figured out you could give him little gifts, you know, actions soeak louder than words, that kinda thing? As you think of the many ways you could say something wrong by declaring your feelings to him in a foreign tongue like unknowingly saying something ridiculous, or stupid, or even worse, something dirty! Lev’s incessant teasing and mock-kissing noises only stopped when you reached the gym.
“Oh? Y/N-chan, who’s that apple pie for, I wonder,”Kuroo gives you a knowing look and blatantly stares at Kenma, who just seems unbothered. You try to reason yourself that he was only concentrating on his game. Ignoring Kuroo, you take a tentative step towards Kenma, making sure you’re in his line of sight before thrusting the box to him, “For you Kenma… Uh, enjoy it!” You blurted out before brisk walking to the equipment room to take refuge, not even waiting for his reaction.
You hear the muffled shouts of the boys and you can imagine them crowding Kenma. You wince in sympathy.
During the whole practice, you had to deflect the many looks and questions the boys gave you. Thankfully, Kai managed to stop them before it got too much. A godsend. Before any of them could corner you after practice, you zoomed past the gym doors the moment you were done with your manager duties, forgetting that you had barely paid any attention to Kenma the whole time.
Tumblr media
“Lev, do you know who’s this from?” You ask Lev, holding up the canned drink that was left on your table.
“Oh, that’s from Kenma. He came here earlier to place it there. He honestly could’ve just asked me to pass it to you but he said I would lose it or something. How mean,” Lev huffs but you can only focus on the fact that Kenma went through efforts to make sure you received it.
Tumblr media
“Thank you for the apple pie yesterday. It was really nice,” Kenma took a seat beside you, on the same bench you first played his switch together.
“T-thank you for the drink! It’s my favourite,” you smile shyly. The corner of his lips curl up, just ever so slightly, which you think was the trick of the light.
Kenma gives his switch to you, now a weekly routine for the both of you on days he finishes class earlier. The distance between you and him grew smaller and smaller until your elbows brush against his at any slight movement.
This is it. This is the moment. You made a mental deal with yourself a week ago. If you win this level today, the one where you always lose, you’ll confess to him and if you don’t, you’ll simply leave your feelings hidden and buried deep in the safe in your heart.
Your eyebrows furrow in concentration, refusing any help from Kenma (Kenma just ignored the tiny sting in his heart when you did).
In the meantime, Kenma takes the chance to watch you, sharp, feline eyes studying your features. The stray baby hairs peeking out after a long school day, the slight sheen on your skin from the hot and humid gym, the determination in your eyes. Determination? To beat the level? He restrains himself from chuckling at your cuteness. This felt very different when he watches Shouyo play his video games. Kenma just really feels different any time he’s around you.
You abruptly stand up and cheer, “I did it! Kenma, look!” You show him the screen with the words ‘MISSION COMPLETE’ flashing repeatedly on the screen. You grinned widely at him and he smiles back in fondness.
Suddenly, you go all quiet, which concerned Kenma. “I have something to tell you.” At that, he tilts his head, urging for you to go on.
“I… IlikeyouKenma!” Your words end up being stringed together but from the widening of his eyes, he mostly likely understood.
“You do?”
You nod with pink dusting your cheeks, your fingers fiddling with the ends of your blouse. You’re prepared to get rejected, maybe even move back to Europe and never show your face to him again. And if not, at least you could quit the manager position to avoid any future confrontations with him.
“I like you too, Y/N,” he replies softly, but it was definitely audible in the quiet gym.
And if all else fails- wait what? This time, it’s your turn to look at him wide-eyed, processing what he just said.
“Y/N! Did you leave me for your boyfriend?!” The doors burst open with Lev boisterously shouting, Yaku walking calmly behind him with a twitching eyebrow.
You backpedal away from Kenma, dropping the switch in surprise and you scramble to pick it up, saying a stream of apologies to him, wiping away the dust and checking for any cracks.
Yaku, being more aware of the mood, kicks the back of Lev’s knees, adding a smack to the back of the head for good measure, hissing, “Shut up, you idiot!”
You make eye contact with Kenma before bursting into giggles, him just letting out a snort. You’re just glad you managed to confess before Lev could confess for you.
[1 New Message]
Kenma: wanna beat the next level after practice? you can come over to my house for dinner
You: yes! i’d love to!
Tumblr media
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1-800-channie · 4 months ago
Guardian Angel (Final)
Tumblr media
PAIRING | Angel Chan & Female Reader
GENRE | Cute / Angst / Very Suggestive
WARNING: This part contains heavy make out sessions 
TYPE | Long Fiction
WC | 5000+ Words
SUMMARY | “After suffering more than you could handle, God sends you a heaven made gift. He sent you a Guardian Angel. His name is Christopher Bang Chan and he is the most handsome creature you have ever laid your eyes on. Will you be able to live with him everyday without any kind of second thoughts? Will Chris be able to take care of you without falling for you? Something tells me that it won’t be. But if, the both of you fall in temptation, there is a punishment that will hurt more than death.”
[Part 1] [Part 2]
( 40 Days Left)
It was predicted to be one of the hottest days in summer, the sun would be very high and the temperature would rise all to the top. That’s why you choose the beach as the location for your date.
Chan’s eyes had a special spark that day, they were shining as he gazed out of the window. The both of you were on the train on your way to the beach. He was sitting across you, a wide smile that could save the world placed on his lips. His adorable dimples were popping out in the most adorable way. His blonde hair was curly and healthy. His locks were longer, which caused him to push his fingers through his hair to get it out of his face.
“Y/N, you're staring…” Chris said, smiling.
“I was admiring you… You look so handsome today.” You complimented the Angel, and he hid his face behind his hands cutely.
“Stop, you're making me shy!” He complained adorably, giggling at you happily. Truth being said, Chan has never felt so happy and in love before. You made him feel soft and mushy and he loved it. He loved everything about you.
When you reached the destination, both of you went looking for a place to stay. The beach was crowded, everyone enjoying the sunny day to rest and relax their minds. There were people sunbathing, eating and playing on the salty water. Chan was inspecting everything like he has never been there before, and you found it lovely.
Under the sun umbrella, Chan had his large hands on your back, applying the sun cream as best as he could. When he was finished you felt his hand tapping on your shoulder two times. You turned around and started to apply some of the cream on him too.
"We gotta be safe, my Love." You joked, talking about the sun cream, but biting his earlobe just to get a reaction out of him.
"I don't know if I can be safe if you keep teasing me like that!" Chan remarked annoyed.
The only thing you did was kiss his lips and run towards the water, keen to refresh your heated body. You loved the feeling of the sand between your toes and the smell of the wild ocean.
As soon as your toes came in contact with the freezing water, you took several steps back and cursed under your breath. Chris was right behind you, and when he noticed that you took some steps back, he was confused.
"Baby, won't you get in? Is there something wrong?" His smooth voice interrogated you, worried.
"Oh... It's just... The water is really cold..." You giggled shyly, as the sun started to burn your back.
"Oh really? Then this is my revenge from teasing me then..." Before you could process what he was talking about he picked you up, bridal style and made his way into the immense ocean.
As you were about to complain, he threw you into the water which resulted in your body going completely underwater. The cold liquid made you shiver, but soon enough your body felt much better about the heat.
You immersed yourself from the water looking incredible and surprised your annoying date. Your hair was dripping wet and pushed back, the water drops falling from your body was just a perfect sight to admire.
"See? You can try to tear me down, but I will come back stronger and prettier." You said lifting your chin in a superior way as you pouted. Chan made a disgusted face.
"That was cringe. Don't say it ever again." Chan warned you as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into a salty kiss.
The kiss was gentle and engaging. His lips acted slowly, his tongue was gentle against yours, making you want to whine. Your lips parted, so you guys could get your breath back, and Chan bit your bottom lip to tease you.
"Chan, stop..." You whine timid, an adorable grin on your lips.
"I stopped... See?" He nudged himself from you, moving the water around him. As you were about to praise him, he pushed you inside the salty ocean once again.
(30 Days Left)
Chan and you became sort of a couple, but with no labels. This was the kind of life you wish you had forever: the angel would wake up by your side every morning, kiss your forehead and prepare you breakfast. Every time you came back home after a long day, he would be waiting for you, so he could hold you and kiss you with his talented lips.
Even though it was a sunny Sunday, you and your angel decided to stay home and maratone on the Twilight movies. Chan had his head in your lap, as your fingers were lost on his soft blonde locks. His eyes were completely glued to the screen.
Knowing exactly what scene was next, your heart started to beat faster, not ready for the questions Chan would do. He always questions everything. As soon as Bella and Edward started a full makeout session you felt Chan shift in your lap. Suddenly he stood up straight in front of you, blocking the view of the movie.
“Does being kissed on the neck feel that good?” He asked, eyes analysing your face carefully looking for signs.. You felt your cheeks paint in a warm red from the risky question.
“Yes, Chan… It does. Now please, stop blocking my view. I want to watch the movie.” You said, avoiding his eyes. Chan pressed his lips together and took a couple of steps closer to you, not convinced by your answer. His next action made your whole body scream in embarrassment. Chan sat on the sofa next to you and gripped your hand while he said: “Sit on my lap, please.”
You stared at him with widening eyes: “What- What are you talking…about?” Chan looked at you with an annoyed face. Tired from your shyness he wrapped his arms around your waist, lifted you from the sofa and settled you in his strong thighs.
“Make me feel good…” Chan demanded somehow innocently, not knowing what road he was choosing.
You chewed the inside of your cheek and closed your eyes while a long sigh left your lips. Your hands gently settled on his strong chest while you leaned forward, ready to have a taste of him. Chan wasn't expecting your warm lips to have such an impact on him… but he loved it.
Seductively, you started planting little kisses all over his neck, starting softly so you don't scare him. After a few kisses, Chan seemed relaxed in your hands, so you took the action further. You licked the side of his neck, tracing the sexy big vein. That seemed to excite him because his hands moved to rest on your waist heavily.
“Y/N…” He moaned, but you were too busy to give him an answer. His skin was soft and it was driving you crazy. You wanted to mark him up, so your teeth bite his skin gently but enough to mark him. After the bite, your tongue traced the fresh mark. Loving the way his skin smelled, your nose brushed all over his neck.
After a few kisses and bites, Chris’s neck and collarbones were beautifully marked by you. Finally, you let your eyes open and stared at the angel. Eyes closed, lips parted and red cheeks. Feeling your eyes on him, Chan also revealed his orbs and stared at your eyes for what felt like an eternity and then kissed you.
He wasn't gentle like he used to, he was hungry. His big, veiny hands pulled your waist closer so you're sitting on him fully, and not on his things. His hands were resting under your ass, feeling you.
Air was caught in your lungs and you moaned against his lips, loving his bold moves. Chris gave you only a few seconds to get back your breath before he was after them again. You sucked on his bottom lip, and Chan took the lead of the kiss again as his tongue entered your mouth, looking for yours. Slowly and almost like they had their own life, your hips started to move against his.
That seemed to catch Chan by surprise and he pulled away from the kiss. Lips red and wet, eyes sparkling and uneven breathing. Again, he stared at you like you are a heaven made creature. He stared at you like he was trying to make a mental map of you. Overwhelmed he told you to stop everything.
Worried that you took a step further than you should, you stood on your feet and avoided Chan’s eyes as you hugged yourself feeling guilty.
“I'm sorry if that was too much…” You apologized, teary eyes and hurt voice. Too scared to face him.
Chan remained silent for a few seconds, trying to calm down his racing heart. Then he also stood up and involved you in his strong arms.
“It's okay. You did nothing wrong.” He whispered in your ear, trying to comfort you. His hand found your jaw, and he lifted your small face, so he could look at you. “Let's finish the movie?” He asked with a caring smile. You nodded and sat next to him.
( 20 Days Left)
You never thought Chan was the jealous type, but apparently, he was. Everything was going perfectly fine until you mentioned that Changbin came to visit you at work earlier that day and gave you a warm hug. You never intended that he was touchy with you, nor that you like him in any way but that is not what Chris understood.
“Well, if you like him that much, you should be with him,” Chan mumbled while he washed the dishes, avoiding you.
“I don't like him that way, Chris.” You assured him. Wanting to help, you walked closer to the sink but Chan made eye contact with you and pushed you away.
“Why are you acting this way? I told you I don't like him. I told you I don't want him!” You explained again, your voice louder. The situation was pissing you off.
“That is not what you hinted with- he gave me such a warm hug-” Chan copied you, voice louder just like yours. He was mocking you now. Great.
“I don't wanna argue with you. You are not my boyfriend, wait, you are no one to tell me who I should be close with!” You yelled at him, and then, when he stayed silent, you knew you went too far.
You thought taking a shower would help so you let your body stay under the warm water, hoping it would wash away all that angriness inside of you.
“Am i not important to you?” Chan asked, standing by the bedroom door when he noticed you finished showering. His eyes fixed on you while you brushed your hair. Usually, he was the one to brush it.
“Of course you are important to me. I never said the opposite thing.” You responded coldly. Your sighs were avoiding his because you know you would start crying otherwise.
“Im sorry, Y/N… I never meant to hurt you.” Chan apologized in a low voice, while he sat on the mattress of your bed. “I’m just scared you find someone better than me…”
When you heard those words, you left the hairbrush on the bathroom and ran to Chan and hugged him. That reaction caught him off guard, but soon, he wrapped his arms around your waist, and brought you to his lap.
You wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his chest. With your head hidden in his strong thorax, you confessed shyly: “There is no one better than you, Chris.” With that, he smiled and hugged you tighter. Knowing that you may feel the same as him.
( 10 Days Left)
A few days later you decided to go grocery shopping with Chan. Unlucky as you are, when you were leaving the store it started raining. You ran from the water with Chan by your side, holding your hand. Arrived at your place shortly after.
Chris was laughing like a little child that just got a present. He loved the way his blood rushed to his veins from the adrenaline. He missed this.
“I loved it!" He giggled, while drops of water rolled down his face dropping from his hair.
“You loved to run in the rain?” You asked, and Chris nodded his head cutely. “We should shower, or we’re going to get a cold!” A shiver ran quickly on your body from the cold clothes.
Chan’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “Can we bath together?” He proposed with a smirk on his lips. Truth is that he has been acting riskier than he used to. His touch lingers longer than usual in your skin. His kisses feel more powerful and hungry, unlike the first ones, soft and sweet.
“Are you sure it won't be too much?” You asked worried. The memories of what happened last time clouded your mind.
Chris walked towards you and cupped your face with his freezing hands. “Of course not. You know I trust with all my heart…” You felt your cheeks burn by the affirmation, but you smiled while your cheeks were squished by his long fingers.
Excitement filled your veins as you stared into each other's eyes. Chan's hands were suddenly warm as they started to unbutton your shirt after you gave him permission. Button by button, the tension started to grow between your bodies. Inside the small bathroom yours and Chan's heavy breaths were the only noise, but outside it was still pouring.
When your damp shirt was fully unbuttoned, Chris reached for its sides and slid it off of your arms slowly, leaving you only on a bra in front of him. You couldn’t handle yourself and kissed him, devoured his soft lips like they were cotton candy. As your lips distracted him for a few seconds, your hands reached his sweatshirt and you pushed it up, hinting that you needed it off.
Chris left your lips for a brief moment just to take it off, and then his lips were on you again, but this time, they were busy loving your neck. He kissed, bit and left bruises all over your tender skin, loving the way you tasted.
He reached for your jeans and unbuttoned them after you gave him a small nod and a shy grin. He should probably feel nervous, or embarrassed, but Chris was calm and enjoying every single second. He loved you, so he wasn't uncertain or scared, he was safe.
As you stood only in your underwear in front of the angelic creature, you felt yourself get shy all over again. Your body was heated and aching, aching for his touch.
“Take those off…” You murmured, pointing at his jeans. Chan smirked, somehow finding cute your nervousness.
While maintaining heavy eye contact with you, Chan’s skilled fingers unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled them down, seductively. Your eyes were very curious,so you left your orbs admire his muscular body.
Wide shoulders, tan skin that glowed under the dimed light, perfect abs and strong thighs. This man was truly a work of art. You wanted to worship him, feel him, touch him, devour him.
Impatient, you reach for your bra and undo it. You sighed when the tight feeling faded away and tossed it on the floor. Without making eye contact, your shaky hands also pulled your thong off.
You were fully naked in front of Chan, and he wasn't holding back his curiosity just like you. His eyes were admiring all your shapes, curves but especially your perky nipples, that always seemed to excite him in a special way.
“You are so sexy…” Chan whispered, taking your hand on his as his eyes focused on your sighs. “My turn.”
Instantly your heart started to jump rapidly. You will see Chris fully naked for the first time… You closed your eyes nervous, and he laughed.
“It's okay, love.” He assured you. His hands gently cupped your face and he forced you to stare into his eyes. “Are you sure this is alright? For me, it's all good.”
“Yes, I want this. I want you.” You said certainly. There was no more shyness, no more uncertainty. You pecked his lips and turned the water so it would start filling the bathtub.
The water started to pour, hot like you were feeling. A thick fog started to settle all over the tiny bathroom. Soon you got in the tub and let the water warm your whole body. Your hands pushed your hair back and you took a quick glance at the Angel:
“Aren’t you coming?” You asked sarcastically, knowing really well that he was starving for you.
He didn't answer, he just got in the water and sat down in front of you. You approached him and attacked his lips in a sensual kiss. Your lost hands found its way to Chris’s scalp, and you started to pull his hair just enough for him to feel you.
The position you were in was uncomfortable, so Chan invited you to sit on his lap. You bitted your lip as you sat on him, even though you wanted him, you were still nervous.
“You alright?” The Angel asked, his hand reached for your cheek and he caressed it, lovingly.
“Yes.” You responded with a smile. Your eyes were fixed on Chan’s, as you tried to look behind them. You just needed something to assure you that you are safe in taking this step forward.
“I love you,” Chan said, almost like he read your mind.
“I love you too.” You confessed, satisfied.
There was no more hesitation, you are his and he is yours. You are one. You trust him enough to love you fully.
( Last Day )
Chris knew his purpose. He was supposed to be your protector, the one that stays by your side and takes care of you, he was supposed to be your guardian angel, not your lover.
He thought all that of this was stupid. He knew from the very beginning that this would be the death of him. How is he supposed to hear your laugh, see you smile, hear you sing, see you every day, and not fall in love? It was impossible.
When Chan finally built up some courage and told you that he was going back to heaven because he broke the rules, you couldn't believe him. You started crying, your whole body was shaking in fear.
He will be taken away from you, after all of this… You thought begging would help, so you begged, desperately.
"Please, please Chris don't go..." You begged in tears, even though there was nothing he could do, you still hoped to be with him.
"Baby, I can't do anything... We broke the rules..." He whispered close to your red lips as your hurtful sobs started to echo inside the bedroom.
There was nothing else he could do unless accepting his fate.
"I can't live without you... Chris, I love you..." You confessed to him with sour tears rolling down your cheeks as you locked eyes with his.
His heart started to beat incredibly faster against his rib cage. He wished he could go back in time and not accept the plan, he wished he could love you freely. You were his love, you were the girl he was waiting for all this time, and it's unfair that he was an Angel and you a human.  
"I love you too." He said certain of his words, as his lips started to peck your wet face. Chris's plump lips felt cold against your cheeks as warm tears kept on falling from your eyes.
He will be taken back to heaven, and then receive his punishment.  He couldn't fall in love, it was his most important rule... but you always gazed at him with so much passion that he couldn't help it, he loved you.
The Angel sat on the bed, his large back on the wooden headboard and pulled your weak body against him, your back upon his muscular chest. As his voice sang you your favourite song, you pecked his hand, that had his fingers intertwined with yours.
His usual warmth was gone. His body felt frozen and distant, he wasn't the same anymore, he will never be the same, not when he witnessed what love is, not when he touched you, not when he thought you could be his... But you can't.
The drops in your eyes didn't seem to stop falling and your head was starting to ache from all the crying. Your heart was broken, and the pieces were scattered all over your body and you could feel it beating irregularly inside your brain.
After the song ended, your lover stayed silent. He was able to hear your heartbeat, he was able to hear the raindrops falling from the sky, as sad as the tears escaping your eyes. At that moment, he could feel and hear everything, but it all felt empty.
As if your body knew that the end was close, all the memories with Chris passed in front of your eyes fastly like a depressing movie: the first time you saw him you were so scared and impressed with his holy body and features. He was always so pure and sweet; You remembered all the times he cooked for you, the food was always tasty and missing a bit of spice but you didn't mind; All the times he prepared a warm bath for you when he knew you needed to relax. He even washed your hair for you, those angelic hands never failed to make you feel better.
You remembered how it felt to kiss him for the first time. It was magical like your soul was dissolved with his and you guys become one. It felt so warm and sweet, it felt like it was meant to be.
You remembered the first time he made love to you, he was so scared to hurt you. The Angel kissed every inch of your frame and made you feel like you were in actual heaven. He knew all the places to touch you even though he had never touched you before, he knew you so well.
The rain that was falling from the dark sky strongly, suddenly stopped. A calm silence spoke for brief seconds before a bright colour filled your cleaned bedroom.
"The time has come... I have to go." Chris whispered in your ear as you felt his safe embrace leave you on the cold bed.
"Chris..." You cried loudly, your whole body trembling. You stood up on your bare feet and an urge to throw up suddenly hit you. "I love you so much..." You sobbed as you ran towards him, ignoring the symptoms that your weak body was giving you.
You just want to hold him one last time.
You couldn't feel his flesh because his body was vanishing at a slow pace in tiny shiny dust. At that moment, it hit you. That was real, he was going to be taken away from you, and there is nothing you could do to stop it. You wanted to cry aloud and yell for him to stay, but it wouldn't change a thing... Not when the worst sin was committed.
"You won't remember me, so it's ok. It won't you hurt anymore." He smiled melancholy, tears in his caramel-coloured eyes. "Your memories will be erased and I will be nothing..." There was a visible sadness in his happy voice and it was breaking you even more.
"I won't ever forget you..." You grabbed his veiny hand. "I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU CHRIS... YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE..." You yelled in pure horror as you watched him smile for the last time, before vanishing completely.
You fell on your knees on the clean purple carpet that was on the wooden floor and yelled as loud as you could with your hands in your head and a painful hurt voice. An idea came to your mind and with shaky legs, you ran all over your apartment, looking for something to sign. You find a black permanent pen, so you write on your wrist, in big black letters, a small note that will help you remember him, tomorrow.
But right after you finished writing the last word, your head felt like it exploded and your body fell on the floor lifeless.
You woke up naturally, without your alarm, on the bed. Your body felt heavy and lonely. Your mind was calm but your heart was anxious. As if your heart knew something was missing, it started to beat stupidly fast and an urge to cry hit you like a cold shower.
You held on to your shirt right on the heart spot as you cried your eyes out. The reasons were unknown but you felt like you needed this, you felt like you needed to mourn. A black thing on your wrist caught you by surprise, and your eyes stared at it for a while, trying to comprehend it, but nothing came to your mind.
« You must remember his name, Chris, he is the love of your life. » You read in your mind, and as soon as his name was pronounced by you, you felt empty.
What is this? Who is he? Why is your body reacting to him this way? Your mind was a mess, and even if you wanted to think about it you couldn’t. Work was calling for you. So you got up from the comfortable bed and got ready for work. An empty feeling consuming your whole body from head to toe and clouding your eyes.
You locked your front door and walked over to the sidewalk. There were just a few people on this cold winter day, and they were too busy to notice you.
They were either lost on the warm coffee cup; talking to someone that was walking beside them or playing on their phones. You checked the busy road two times, your eyes scanning the cars as they passed by. Your head was still heavy from the mysterious crying, so you could barely open your eyes. You signed, before taking two fatal steps forward into the wet road.
A loud honk woke you up, and you shut your eyes completely waiting for the car to hit you. Instead, you felt something on you, pulling you back gently and saving your life.
Your eyes scanned all over the road once again, and no one was by your side. There was no one close to you… What just saved you? What pulled you back…? Your heart was beating against your chest brutally and your whole body trembling, scared.
A sudden feeling of safety filled your heart and you felt yourself calming down.
Chris smiled at you, standing right there in front of you as his hand tried to touch your cheek, but you couldn't feel him. His eyes were sparkling and he wanted to hold your body, but you wouldn't feel a thing.
His punishment was to be close to you, every single day until you die, without being able to talk to you or touch you. His punishment was to see you laugh, but not for him. His punishment was to see you fall in love, but not with him.  
It was so much worse to be there and not being able to touch, talk to you or smell you, than dying completely. But he couldn't do anything, because he committed one of the worst sins an Angel could do, even though he knew the consequences. It was his fault that he fell in love with you.
Maybe there was a way to make him come back to you, but he would have to trade his light, for darkness.
A/N: Hello beautiful Stars! I am back. The part 2 is here, i hope it was as good as you imagined. I had so much fun writing this and im proud of myself for finally posting it.
Again, I need to give a special thanks to @xiaojunssmile for helping me revising my work. I appreciate you a lot, you are the best. I love you ❤
Rebloggs, likes and comments are always appreciate it. Thank you.
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with Obispo ‘Bishop’ Losa.
Request: hermaaaaaana, hello😊 literalmente que llevo veinte minutos pensando en que te puedo preguntar but i think i got it. so if it’s okay for you, i would like to request a headcanon with bishop in which he mets the reader for first time and it’s love at first sight or something like that, only if you are comfortable with it. Thank youuuuuuu💖
BY @aquamento
Tumblr media
Word count: about 1.9k
Aurora says: this writing hasn't been edited, you may find some grammar mistakes, I'm sorry about that!
Gif credits: to my wonderful @sonsofeorl ✨
Masterlist. You can subscribe to my broadcast list, to be notified whenever I post a writing!
Tumblr media
“Please… tell me that bike is yours”.
Bishop is stationed in front of the Reyes carnicería, with the rest of his crew at both sides. His eyes are glued on your anatomy, touring the random tattoos all around your arms and enraptured on the way your hips move covered by a pair of black bike shorts. His heart stops when he sees you hanging the meat packet by your teeth, to wear the leather gloves, before keeping your order on the bag of your Harley.
Wearing the helmet, while you sit on top of your motorcycle, you raise your eyes feeling strongly stalked. You can't help but chuckle wearing your sunglasses, before turning on the engine. Chewing a mint gun, you pass them away with a funny smirk installed on your face. Probably, they have never seen a girl like you, and you're not actually surprised after seeing how women are in Santo Padre. You have three kinds: uptight, too old or too used. And you look like candy at a school gate. Mayans are the children.
He begs and prays to run into you, riding the city every night at the same hour, around Felipe's carnicería.
He doesn't lose hope for almost one month. But after this much time, he starts to be desperate. Bishop could have memorized your plate, but he was too busy admiring your mere existence.
Taza tried to help him, by using the database statewide using the model of your bike. But there were too many results, with different names of men and women, and none based on Santo Padre.
He has suddenly fallen in love and he doesn't even know your name.
Until he met you again.
Sipping by the straw of your cup of coffee, you're checking some messages of your father. You have forgotten your laptop in Santa Madre and you need it for work, so you're trying to convince him to bring it to your new town.
Frowning confused by the male hoarse voice, you raise your eyes from the screen, finding a middle-age man with a dense moustache over his smile.
“Do I know you?”
“I'm Obispo. Obispo Losa, but you can call me Bishop”. He offers you a hand, narrowing it with your left one in an awkward move that makes the two of you laugh. “Southpaw?”
“Got a coffee in my right”. You reply shaking your hand.
“I stopped you 'cause I like your bike”.
“Ain't selling”.
“I wasn't trying to buy it, it's just a compliment”. He says wearing his gloves, bowing down his head for a second. “I run the scrapyard, in case you need a rechange, or something”.
“It's good to know it”.
You watch him leaving you there, puckering your lips while you turn slightly, before continuing with your walk.
He was nervous as fuck trying to you, but it looks like that his trap can works on you.
And actually, it does. He has woken up an interest in you. Not because of his kutte, but because the way he had of licking his incisors with the tip of his tongue when you laughed.
These small details not everyone pays attention to.
And you take the bait. His bait.
You didn't have any excuse to visit the scrapyard, so with all the pain squeezing your heart, you hammer a nail in the back tire of your bike. Almost dragging it for one mile, you reach the place. That's going to cost you some bucks, but it's worth it. Anchoring the kickstand close to the office, you follow the rhythmic latin music to flood into a crowded yard. Sounds like a party. Looks like a party. With the hands kept in the back pockets of your shorts, you lean over your tiptoes trying to find the owner.
“Need help, mami?” A mexican accent makes you turn to your left.
“Yeah, 'am looking for… Obispo?” You say wrinkling your nose at the man with long black hair and a cigar on his lips, having a smoke.
“Yo! Prez!” Turning away, the man yells another name you can't understand.
Your orbs find the darkest ones, but what you see instead of what you were expecting provokes you some bitter shivers. On his lap there's an exuberant woman, wearing nothing but a short skirt and a white lace bra, and one of his hands caressing her thigh. Who the fuck is that guy and who the fuck does he think you are? Regretting your decision of coming, you turn over your steps to not continue looking at him, crossing your arms over your chest almost kicking the dust with the tip of your sneakers.
“You came”. He sounds excited, but somewhat nervous.
“Yeah, and now I would prefer to haven't done it”, you think to yourself.
“Yeah, I just… had a problem with a wheel and a nail”. You reply, shrugging your shoulders. “But that guy can attend me, you don't have to. I mean, you were occupied”.
“Is she jealous?”, he thinks to himself.
“I have time for you, querida”.
Wrong words. You're not going to fall again, not after what you have seen.
“I only need a wheel. I will come back tomorrow evening”.
“Don't you want a beer?” He sounds disappointed and a little annoyed, raising a hand over his shoulder to point at the party happening behind him.
“No, thanks”.
Watching you go is painful. A kind of sorrow that he never thought that he could feel.
After telling his brothers what happened, they counsel him to wait till the next day.
But you don't go to the scrapyard. You don't want to see him, even if you know that you have to pick up your bike.
Finally, you come back two days later.
Knocking the metallic door, you walk inside the office. The man who attended you the first time and another with strange hands receive you.
“I came for the black and red Harley”.
“Yeah, mami, give me a second”.
The men disappear from the place, while you take a seat on an old leather couch, crossing one leg above the other; moving it impatiently. But again, you have to take off your eyes from the screen of your phone, hearing his voice calling you.
“The bike is ready”. Obispo says with a fleeting smile appearing on his face.
“Good. How much do I own you?” You ask getting up, trying to not look at him too much and focusing on the bill he offers you.
“Nothing, it's on me”.
“Thanks, but I wanna pay”.
“Well, ain't gonna charge you”. He sentences with a chuckle.
Puckering your lips with a forced smile, you pass him away to step out from the office, looking for your bike.
“Hey, wait”.
“She's just a friend”.
You pretend that you don't know what he's talking about, making him snort rubbing the bridge of his nose.
“The girl. In the party. She's just a friend”.
“Bueno, congrats”. You just reply, about to walk away again.
“I was wondering if you would like to hang out one day”. These words stop your legs. “Have some beers, a ride, maybe a dinner. Or a lunch. Whatever”.
He's trying. He's trying to fix up what he fucked up. And you are not sure about what response you can give him back. You want to say yes, but, for what? To end like his friend? Sitting on his lap almost naked, surrounded by drunk bikers?
“Sorry, I ain't your type. Don't lose your time”.
You can't believe what you just said, sounding so rude and proud. Bishop frowns.
“My type? And which is my type?” Now, you have offended him, watching him intertwining his hands under his abdomen. Expecting.
“Cheap makeup to leave marks. Lingerie and short skirts. Laughter when something isn't funny. Work hard to look like a man's trophy… Definitely, I'm not your type. I mean, you must be however you want to be, but… sorry, that's not my game”.
“That isn't my game either”. He replies tilting his neck to the left side for some seconds. “I prefer the ones who call me out when I'm being a pendejo”.
“Mommy issues?” Making fun of him, you raise both eyebrows. He chuckles shaking his head. “Thanks for the wheel”.
You don't need no man, but could God please send to you a normal one?
Bishop feels fucked than ever. Annoyed. Bothered.
He tries to figure out how to make it up to you, but he has never had to do something like that.
And his brothers can't help him either.
So he plays one of his best cards.
Be sincere.
The next time he sees you walking around, he makes to stop the whole crew behind him. Jumping off from his bike, he crosses the road with a slow sprint to not being run over. Rolling your eyes, you don't stop your path. Not even when he reaches you.
“Can you listen to me for a second?”
Placing himself in front of you, the man takes off his sunglasses.
“I'm hurry”.
“One sec—”.
“One”. You just say, counting it about to walk away. A hand around your left wrists holds you.
Hearing him beg to you wasn't on your to-do list for today. Facing him with no gesture on you lets him know that you are granting him a second.
“You're gonna think I'm crazy because I have never fell in love at first sight, but when I saw you the first time I fucking swear that you stole my heart, querida. I have been looking for you for a month. Every night. Same hour. Trying to catch the opportunity of talking to you. And maybe, just maybe, I tried to find you by the model of your bike”. You can't lie. You weren't expecting that confession. “I really felt like shit when I saw you in the scrap. The way your face changed when you saw that girl sat on me. And I'm really sorry”.
You don't have a word to reply. Confused. Overwhelmed by a lot of sensations running through your body.
“I ain't the kind of man who… you know what I'm trying to say. And I didn't mean to offend you”.
He keeps silent, waiting for you to say something.
“This has been more than one second”. You try to joke, a little nervous. And you make him laugh again.
“Listen, I know a place with the best meat in the whole California, and a lot of different sauces to dip in. It's forty minutes away, but we can have a ride together”.
“Sounds good, but… I'm on my way to work”.
“We can go whenever you want”.
Bishop isn't going to give up, and you know it.
“You said you're in a hurry, let me take you to your job and think about it on this ride”.
You finally accept, knowing that he's not going to accept a decline as an answer.
And when he finds out that you work in the hospital, he's totally amazed.
And he earns your number after being so sincere with you.
“Maybe, just maybe, I put the nail on purpose”. You confess then, walking backwards to the entrance, facing him with a smile on your face.
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chromium7sky · 7 months ago
The Devil Wears Armani| chapter 11
A/n: amg, finally updated this one 😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖 you guys can follow this story with #damirae , #devilwearsarmani and #fashionistaau tag
2 weeks. It's been two weeks since the last video call. Raven have been pouring her attention on working the suit that she has planned for Damian Wayne to wear for the Gala.
She had done the cutting, the sewing and all, and what's left is doing the embroidery. She chosen the gold thread selectively which give the vivid glow and bring out the majestic value to the wearer.
The embroidery are complete within 95% thanks to a specified sewing machine which she bought with the price money she won before during the her first fashion competition. It helps alot.
The date of Gala approaching like crawling on the thread of time and for the final touch, she combined all the pieces into a handsome looking suit.
As she put the wardrobe on the mannequin, she took a step back and see it as a whole picture. With her both hands, she makes the photograph gesture to capture the feels of how Damian would look like if he wears them.
Contemplating and satisfied she felt after she iron the suit and store in special cover suit. She looked at the calendar and looks like she has extra two weeks before Gala.
Speaking of Gala, she wondered what would the dress look like since it was Damian who made for her? Would it be shoulder bare? Would it be one piece dress? Raven rubbed her chin as she wonder then she noticed herself on standing mirror. Slowly she spin to the left then to right as she look her body shape contour. If she was designing her own dress she probably went with thick fabric drape style. Simple, elegant and exclusive.
Her eyes glanced at the clock that's shows 10.30pm.
She blink her eyes. How come she didn't thought of it. What would his design for herself? She did shown her sketches to Damian but won't he shown his? Curious, curious.
Raven imagine what if she asked, Damian would probably say, ' you don't trust me? Tsk tsk.' Raven sighed as her hand run down her face thinking about that. "Maybe I'll try to ask tomorrow."
Suddenly, a bleep sound indicate a message comes in. Raven blink then looked at her phone screen.
"Girl, You busy today?"
- Karen
It's been a while. Raven smiled then diligently answered the question.
"Not quite. Just finished designing a suit. What's up?"
She hit send.
Then came up another message on her inbox.
"We got party tomorrow at Viva La coast at Riverside. Wanna come?"
Raven narrowed her eyes then humming. Should she go or not? Perhaps she need a time off after that intense week. A little entertainment doesn't hurt.
"Sure. You pick me up?"
" For course, sis. 😘 See you at 8pm, tomorrow."
"On it.👌"
Raven smiled then landed on her bed. As she let out her relief sigh she put her phone at table nearby.
As she sleep, she dreamt of something pleasant. She's at fountain garden where surrounded by fragrance flowers and palm-like trees.
She notice her dress has gold accent along with silky texture clothes. Slowly her hands touched the dress she wear, felt it's smooth surface.
Her heart stop as she felt a hand holding her waist. Slowly she turn her head over her shoulder and -
Her eyes wide open as soon as she heard her phone alarm. She blink once then twice, trying to process her thoughts. When a sprinkle of dream remembrance filled in her her head, her cheeks start to blushed. Her hand quickly grab her pillow beside her and buried her face beneath it.
"O dear, don't tell me it's him that I'm dreaming about last night." She let out her sighed. She had fallen for him.
A message bleep chiming in her phone makes her peek under the pillow and quickly she reached for her phone.
A message from him.
'OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG' Raven's heart start racing. "Wh-Wha...H-How...." She tried to question reality, how on earth he's messaging her. Right now?
"You're awake?"
Raven bit her bottom lips as she look at her phone screen. Her finger diligently working on touch screen pad.
"Just awake. Can't sleep?"
She hit send button. Then for a few second she received his reply.
"I just had dream about you...
You look beautiful."
A dream? She blinked. Then another message comes in.
"Still busy working on the suit?"
Raven biting her lips to keep it as a secret but it's almost 25th like in 5 days away, so....why not? Her finger tapping the keyword on screen replying him.
"Actually I've finish the suit."
She replied. Another thought hit her and she quickly tapped it on the phone.
"I did promise making for dinner right? Maybe tomorrow?"
Again she send the text.
Interval in 2-3 second, her phone bleep it back.
"That would be great. I'll bring something as surprise."
Surprise? Raven mind start racing, mostly to that forbidden thoughts. What kind of surprise? She bit her lips and start typing.
"Well uh, I hope it's not a refrigerator you're bringing."
She shaked off those thought and try keep the conversation as innocent as possible.
"No. It's not. It's something, you probably would like it. 😏"
Raven looked at the emoji face he send. Did he send an emoji? Damian Wayne doesn't use emoji while texting or emailing.
"Well, alright then. See you tomorrow?"
She hit the send button.
Then a message came in.
"Can't wait to see you.♥️"
Raven flopped to her bed and her face now are red tinted. What is this? Why is this feeling so intense? She closed her eyes retracing her memory between them. Those bickering and end up with hot make out along intimate session in his office.
"I guess we should discuss about this terms of relationship." She talked in her pillow.
She has complete all the order that has been request by some local boutique and some are from online website. She's quite amazed with things that happens after the talk show incident where Damian said about Raven going to Wayne Gala this week.
People start to shift their attention to her especially her design clothes. Does Damian intend to promote her? She rubbed her chin then sudden, Mona, her assistant knock her door.
"Come in."
Mona peek behind the door, she smiled and slowly walk to her boss. " You have received a gift!" The assistant handled to her a parcel.
"A gift?" Raven whisper under her breath. Could it be Damian? Her eyebrows furrowed. She took out knife letter and slowly cut , unwrapped the parcel and she saw an apparel, black with velvet felt. There is the tag at the collar says Draco.
Her eyes widen. Draco? You mean Melchior Draco?
"Who is it? Your lover?" Mona feeling excited.
"No. This is from my competitor." Raven cover the box and push it away. Her head suddenly filled with painful memories about her and Melchior encounter. The way he flirt her before her first joining competition, the betrayal, and stolen her design to built his empire.
Her heart boiled with anger which in result she crumpled her paper nearby which made Mona a bit fall back by her intimidation.
"I'm sorry about that, Miss." Mona bow her head quickly apologize for not realise what is going on.
Raven snapped back from those memory and quickly look at the paper . " Oh!" She's surprise and quickly she try to straighten up the paper she crumbled. " No, no, it's okay, Mona. It's nothing." She smiled. " You can go now."
" Ah, alright then." She nod and walked to the door and-
" By the way, boss, there's a caller said he's from metropolis daily planet wanted to interview you about being guest at the gala." Mona turned to her as she spite out another appointment.
" Well, set it tomorrow then." Raven tidy up her table and throw the parcel to the bin nearby.
"Uh, you threw that?" Mona pointed at the parcel inside the dustbin.
"You want it?"
" looks beautiful." Her assistant fidgeting.
Raven smiled and took the parcel. She dust a bit. "Take it and wear where I don't see it. Or else I end up burn them with hellfire." Raven eyes shown deep hatred and anger.
"Ok boss." She smiled, quickly snatched the parcel and run to the exit.
As she was alone in her office, she slump in her chair and sigh heavily. "I guess he's also in town too." Her finger tapping on her table creating random melodies.
Its 7.55pm, Raven now waiti g for Karen to pick her up as she lingers in her living room. She's wearing a one piece black dress decorated with golden and black labuci make it more fabulous looks.
She look at her phone to kill her waiting time until she stumbled on a post by E fashion news.
"Top trending designer DRACO are in town for launching their latest collection 'BLAK MAJIK' "
As raven read the article, she felt upset as she remember Melchior stole her ideas in doing a line fashion about magic before she presented the ideas at her first fashion show competition.
As she read the article, the sound of the car honking makes her jolt and quickly look at the window. It seems Karen has reached at her apartment block, quickly she goes out and greet Karen who parked at the entrance.
"I heard that bastard Melchior are in town." Karen slowly stirred her cocktail as her and Raven where sitting on a table outside of the Viva La Coast restaurant.
"Yeah, I did read the article about it." said Raven as she drink her pina colada. " So, who are we waiting for again?"
"I forgot to tell you, Kory won't be able to join us. She has to come with her boyfriend meet with his family at Wayne Mansion."
"Wayne Mansion?" Raven's eyes jump out. Wayne, wasn't Damian last name is Wayne too?
" Yeah, but she's dating with Wayne's older adopted son, Richard Grayson. A high profile detective , probably will be promoted as soon. " Karen updating the status of their friend.
"I see." Raven looked at her drink. It's been a long time she hasn't talk to Kori because of her business setting up her small company.
"How about you then? You and Mal?" Raven raised her eyebrows.
"Well we've been planning for a wedding maybe in next year. " Karen smiled.
"Wait, I thought you're still in doctorate?" Raven eyes wide open as she remember Karen used to be a student in mechanical and atomic engineering.
"Will be graduated in two months." Karen smiled widely as she let out the fantastic news.
Raven goes all tears as she heard the good news. "Oh my god, Karen! I'm so happy!" She tried to hug Karen across the table.
Karen laughed with Raven's sudden behaviour. "That's why we celebrate it!"
"We should buy a cake. Wait, I know! Waiter!" Raven call up the waiter to get some dessert as celebration.
Raven turns her head to Karen.
"I wanted you to design our wedding dress and suits." Karen faces flushes as she speak her request. " I really, really adore your work , Rachel. I wanted you to design it."
"Damn it , Karen. You make me all teary." Raven wiped her tears as she smiled sheepishly. " Of course I will."
"Karen, do you know anything about the youngest Wayne?"
"You mean Damian Wayne?"
"I heard that he just back from middle east after doing charity project between the Wayne Enterprise and Leviathan Industries."
"I think everyone knows about that, Karen." Raven smiled as she drink up.
"I am very speculate that both of you have met." Karen with her mischievous smile now painted on her lips. " Is that the same guy who become your muse in your long lost sketch book?"
Raven clutches her hand on her drink, almost breaking it but she keep with her calm face. " I don't think so." She tried to denied it following with Karen's giggle.
"Plus, when he said there will be Raven in Wayne's Gala, I was like 'Raven?!' to the tv screen and I swear there's something going on between both of you." Karen crossed her armed with one eyebrow raised as she looked as Raven like she's a suspect.
"Well..." Raven averted her sight to the table and nervously tug her hair behind her ears. " There is."
Raven jolted as Karen slammed the table with her drink. "TELL ME."
She swallowed her saliva as she seen Karen being over eager. She sighed as she adjust her seating, leaning towards the table.
"It start with that day, the day when he show up out of nowhere with that deal." Raven start to spilled what happen recently.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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survivorreelsmagicwithin · 7 months ago
Episode 1B - “I'm praying to Yoncé I survive and don't get first boot.”-Jess
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
no words.
I'm praying to Yoncé I survive and don't get first foot. That ain't a cute look xoxox
Tumblr media
i'm already forgetting to search for the idols, i'm already getting paranoid about if i need to start making alliances instead of just enjoying the really cute convos i'm having with ruthie lily and kevin (max is kinda dry and annoying but... we'll try to make it work ig).... and i'm already hating every challenge we do especially this one although i actually really liked the challenge it was so creative and fun, i just hated that i have bad luck and am stupid with the deduction things, HENCE why i havent looked for the idol yet. LOL. so.... tl;dr - things are going perfectly! this hufflepuffle is workin exactly as he should!
Tumblr media
I just wanna say we really are the hufflepuffs. 114 moves in like 5 hours, but we did it.  Really proud of Ruthie, Landen, Kevin, Max, and I! Sending positive vibes to slytherin. Hope they are okay in this madness.
Tumblr media
Yo my tribe? Kinda dope. I think that everyone worked really well together today! I think Joanna kinda took the lead and some of her ideas were... a choice. But! It got us first place! I think that this tribe has a good shot of getting to swap unscathed.
With Slytherin going to tribal, I really hope that someone I don’t know goes, but at the same time I’d be okay with Jess going? I feel like she’s such a sleeper threat in most games I’m in with her and I really just don’t want to compete with that this time around.
Tumblr media
I kind of snapped and got myself an idol good until final 6 teehee.
I knew that the Snape's letter or writing or whatever that freak was up to was SOMETHING. Did I get lucky... hell fucking yeah.
A crackhead like me SHOULD NOT have all this POWER.
I also gave Jacob literally the worst clue ever because we are sharing clues ladies xoxoxo
The clue was:
"Snape is taken aback. “That wouldn’t be any business of yours now would it? I wouldn’t want to find out you are spreading false information. I trust you won’t have any issue with that”. Congrats! You’ve discovered Snape Storyline 2! That’s all for the moment, and will end your search for this round."
BOTH ARE HALF TRUE. Just in case he doesn't put 2 and 2 together and now I went from place to place on purpose. He's gonna think now I gave him something of value and I know he's gonna think "No way someone go an idol on day fucking 3".
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CONFESSIONAL 1.1 — Walking into the Great Hall, I saw a few familiar faces... for not good reasons!
First Jacob, who I know from tengaged. He and I were in a similar friend group for a short period before he left it, but we had a rocky relationship. We flirted a bit (blame 16-year-old Nicholas), but that is in the past.
Secondly, Jess... who I just directly sent home in Eve’s The Challenge: Fresh Meat. She did not have great words to say to me (such as I’m condescending), so I was very wary and, honestly, unhappy with her being here.
But, as Kylie Minogue says, it’s better the devil you know.
Flash forward to the Sorting Ceremony, and I’m so happy to be.. Slytherin? I told Mister Vintage (Sammy) and Mister Heinen (Caeleb) that I’m either a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, but I suppose I’ve been lying to myself.
Then, I see my tribe: both Jess and Jacob are present. This is a curse wrapped in a blessing wrapped in an enigma. And, I love it.
I hate, hate, hate conflict and bad vibes, so I directly spoke to both. Jacob did not easily recognize me, but remembered me fondly; so, a successful reacquaintance. Jess, on the other hand, was definitely more apprehensive (as was I), but I made one thing clear: the past is the past, and I am declaring my loyalty.
I have been hurt in previous games by shoving the past aside while the other is still grudgingly aiming for revenge, but I feel Jess is different. She apologized to me about her words, which did hurt, and I apologized to her. What I said was honest, so I’m glad to see a fateful blossoming.
The first reward challenge is revealed, and honestly, I’m really bad at participating in pre-merge competitions, because I do not mind tribal. However, I do want to, since we are such a small tribe, focus on maintaining our numbers in case of a swap. We came in second this reward, and honestly, I’m glad to have eaten cupcakes (although I hate cherry). The fact we all chose a dessert and were privately messaged makes me assume someone received an advantage, but who knows...
What I DO know is that I had two separate relationships, so I wanted to lock a trio down (Me, Jess, Jacob), but I obviously did not want to gamebot this early and make the chat day one. So, naturally, i waited until after immunity.
Speaking of immunity... I took charge, because I like it, but also, I wanted to be able to take blame if we lost. I hate the whole “let’s vote someone out cuz they cost us a virtual challenge” this early in the game, it’s a cheap way to vote. I want to vote on loyalty and activity instead. That’s why I am probably going to target Jessie or Vi, but I‘m unsure as to which will be my vote. On one hand, Vi is much less social, but she also contributed a lot to the challenge. I do not want to judge a book by it’s cover, so I will reach out to her and assess her vibe.
I like going to tribal first, because my philosophy is that it’s better to test loyalties now, rather than guess loyalties later.
Regarding other players, Jules and Juls just played in a mini with me and sheeped the majority alliance to screw me over, so I’m not feeling them right now. Bitterness doesn’t exist in my mind: play well and I respect it; sheep and be stupid, and I will gladly dish out the karma. 
I’m satisfied with the happenings of this game so far, and I hope to make it further!! This is one of my first real orgs so, I’m em definitely excited. x. nick
Tumblr media
Yay we won immunity. Raffy do be carrying our tribe though!
Tumblr media
WELL WELL WELL!!!!!!! as far as my relationships go which is where i left off last round, really nothing much has changed about how i feel about or view my tribemates, but in exciting news... we won immunity!! i am not going to be first boot that is so nice, and im hoping that we can keep winning immunity until a swap so I can feel more secure. I think I could stand a shot if we lost on this tribe but i think if so the vote would split 3-2 i dont think i can get a unanimous vote on anyone unless its myself which is NOT WHAT WERE TRYNA DO HERE !! if anything i feel like i have the best chance to wiggle myself in with the girls (lily and ruthie) Max would probably be my ideal first vote if we ever lose an immunity because I know landen can be useful in challenges, but he YET AGAIN addressed me with a name that does not sit well with me he called me a "challengewhore" yet another reference to TS 2020, so this is not a good sign. Ideally I could get landen out and still be set but i know he has a relationship with juls who i also have a relationship with and wish to continue to have in this game, and us going against each other could make that more stressful than it needs to be because i know landen avenged beck for voting juls out maybe juls would do the same for him? Much to think about, but thankfully i dont have to think about it all that hard because yet again we ARE SAFE !!! woo, anyways thats pretty much it hopefully we can keep winning :D
Tumblr media
Ahhhh safety feels so nice, I’m glad that I’m not in danger of being the first boot. Also I love the fact that ravenclaw won the first challenge with so little moves HAHA!
I want to go far in this thing with lily and with kevin, my goal right now is to get to merge and owen be alive so I can work with him!
Tumblr media
I am very happy to have won this immunity challenge. We barely won, but I managed to pull my tribe to a victory. Emphasis on the "I" part. I am very frustrated with my tribe's lack of challenge activeness and ability. If the time did not work for them, then I do not know why they even suggested doing it at 2 PM. This challenge would have gone faster if I had done everything myself. In the end, though, I hope this helps in me staying in the game because I am a necessity if they want to ever win a challenge in first place. I highly doubt that they could do it without me.
Tumblr media
So I’m currently writing this with one hand because my cat decided to lie on my other one  anyways Nobody is really talking about the vote which means it’s probably me going but I’ll see what I can do to change that
Tumblr media
Here's a breakdown of my first few experiences since I am writing this a few hours before the first tribal council.
FIRST I was cast in this game along with a BUNCH of people that are icons across different formats of Tumblr Survivor - so that's intimidating. Mostly because my play style is kinda vanilla in comparison. I gotta find a way to stand out or I'm going to be thrown out fast.
Tumblr media
SECOND There's a twist that will probably have some major effect at some later point in the game where everyone is added to the Great Hall. I think that it's for convenience of posting things like results and challenges so it only has to be sent to one chat... but also so that we can feel THEMATIC which is a lot of fun.
The game started in the Great Hall and we got sorted into our houses and the implication was that it's random but.. I don't think it's entirely true if I can read into what the hosts said to me once I was sorted into Gryffindor (something about running out of room in Hufflepuff) - because I definitely didn't say Gryffindor in my application.
Tumblr media
THIRD My tribe has the following people: Joshua, Juls, Raffy, Autumn, and myself. 
I do not know how many of theme said Gryffindor when they applied but also did not want to bring it up to them as I am masquerading as a brave idiot. :D
Anyway, I started conversations with all of them and they all seem very sweet!!
I've played in a game before with Raffy where he was super snakey but also a great ally until he tried to snake me. So there's that... he's also an "over the top" type of person so he takes charge a lot of the time and voices his opinions about everything. I hope we can create some sort of working relationship in the game, but I think that he will tell me the truth if he does align against me.
Autumn is super chill and super strategic-minded. She puts lots of thought into all of her decisions and makes calls that benefit her getting to the end while trying to align with the right people. If I can't get to the FTC of this game... TBH I want to make sure she gets there. I played with her in one game and we both were tossed out one after another when the game turned on our "side". I don't think that relationship will factor into this game as it was forever ago and we both kinda play "new" every time we start a game but I'm hoping she will want to try and play with me just because I've seen how great she is at the game.
Juls is a very fun person who seems to always be having a great time! I found out she lives in Texas too and that she was excited to get to know me because we are from the same state. I was like.. do I know you? Because when she messaged me the way she did implied that she knew who I was and I was thinking OH NO what have people said.
Joshua seems really sweet. He hasn't added incredibly much to conversations so far with him but he has contributed some fun things. I love that he tries to be entertaining, but as I see it so far he's the first person I'd be willing to vote out if it came to our tribe going to council... though of course, having said that I bet they've all declared me their first choice.
FOURTH The reward challenge was the Letter plus Number challenge so as predicted...
I did terribly and earned 0 points for our tribe and was SO happy it was not for immunity.
Tumblr media
The immunity challenge was a Choose Your Own Adventure Puzzle.
We got a slow start in that I feel like everyone was afraid to make a move because that would put a target on whoever "failed for the team". Then me and Raffy kind of got things rolling with him taking the main leader role and me taking on a secondary role either agreeing with his suggestions or contributing a suggestion for what we should do.
There was a misunderstanding with the competition and we ended up making a whole bunch of extra moves because it was unclear to us that the letters we found at a later part of the challenge were able to be changed into numbers at a lockbox so we did a bunch of extra stuff... and I was resigned to the fact we were going to the first tribal when we go surprised that Slytherin... DID WORSE!!! O_O
Anyway... I still have no alliances or confirmed "working game" relationships and I really don't feel like starting those conversations at the moment so if I am out of the ones established or on the bottom of one that will add me to "pick me up" for later votes then I blame myself for not trying hard enough in that category.
FIFTH I definitely didn't just now search for the idol and waste two days that I could have searched other times. Nope! Not me!! :)
Anyway I went on a trip to Hagrid's Hut because I love me some Hagrid and I figured he'd let me in since I"m a Gryffindor and he loves us the best (you know, like a reverse Snape)... I dug through all of his junk and found his umbrella. Apparently I liked that it was pink and then left his hut. 
Tumblr media
To be honest, I probably should have taken his dragon's egg and turned him in... maybe could have gotten him fired.
Tumblr media
Someone finally got me to come out of retirement- can you believe it
Tumblr media
It's been cute so far and I have no complaints, probably cause the hosts wisely put me, Owen, and Dan in separate corners lmao. Yooo if we all make it to merge?? Hell hath no fury. But we will cross that bridge when we get there! And for now I enjoy the calm before the storm. I deadass forgot how to be an org so I need all the time I can get to socialize and reacclimate. Me checking Skype more than once a year? Don't remember ever doing that. I love Raffy, it's always good to see Chips, I think I like Juls, and I'm not sure how I feel about Joshua but it's fine. I like Gryffindor cause we have no beef and I hope it stays that way.
Tumblr media
ok so my tribe lost :( big sad. but im def ok bc jess is soooo close to me and we made a threesome with nick so. i think jessie is an easy first boot bc shes not around as much as vi. but really its our decision at the end of the day!
Tumblr media
here’s the hot goss.. i’m a little upset i didn’t get anyone i Know on my house/tribe but also grateful HSBSNSNN all i know is that so far i’ve been doing pretty solid in securing relationships with those on my team (at least.. i hope so :flushed:) and i’m hoping they all like me hehe. kinda praying to just mist my way to merge where i can be united with people who like me enough to keep me around still.. >:D 
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marveloussupernerd · 8 months ago
Hello! Could I request a match-up? I'm 20 yo female, straight demisexual ENTP. I'm overall polite and a bit secretive person,you may be fooled into thinking you know me but you don't. I can be a bit reserved at first but after getting comfortable I'm more talkative and cheeky. I care about my close circle and I'm very loyal and protective person. I'm taking major in Mathematics, I'm interested in science but also art, music, manga, anime, literature, poetry, journaling and gardening. Thank you
Hi hon! I was so excited to do yours bc you sound like you’re so well-rounded and have such a nice personality!
I ship you with Jihyun Kim/V!
Let’s talk about something first
I’ve never played the V route and I didn’t even like him that much
Until I saw your request and realized how perfect you two would be together
And then I started thinking about your relationship
You made me a V believer
When the two of you go to parties together
You charm everyone
People can’t get over how perfect you are for V
You take your time to greet each guest at the party
You didn’t realize at the first party V did the same
And then he suggested that the two of you go around together
Primarily because he kinda liked you
No! Because it was convenient, that’s all
But EVERYONE told you how you made a cute couple
Most guests thought you were a couple
Probably your third party he finally asked you out
Jumin and Zen all but forced him to
“You and V look quite nice together” he says to you, in front of V !!!
“I guess we do”
Zen pushed his way in. “Perfect. You two can go get dinner after this then”
V’s face was bright red
But you agreed, if he wanted to of course
Duh he wanted to
He doesn’t mind that you’re secretive
Honestly he is too
He likes finding out new things about you everyday
He just doesn’t want you to lie to him is all
He’s worried for your first few dates that you don’t like him because you don’t talk as much as he sees you talking to Seven
V is extremely self-conscious about things like that
But as time goes on he realized you’re just not initially outgoing
The whole greeting party guests was just you being polite
Makes him feel much better
Likes your cheeky remarks
Honestly, he doesn’t bring up his relationship with Rika to you much, unless you ask, but she never had fun like the two of you do
Having a relationship is hard at first for him but you stick by his side
When you find out Rika hurt his eyes? You wanna throw down with her if she ever crosses paths with you
As a result you’re very protective over him
Finally convince him to get eye surgery
He realizes that what Rika did was not okay !!! And he wants to be able to see you every day for the rest of his life
His vision is still a little blurry
He bumps into the coffee table a lot
You make fun of him but he knows your kidding
It just makes him love you even more
You’re so... smart
And passionate about so many things
He likes to watch you when you do homework, enamored by how cute you look when you’re focused
Y’all start a garden together
You start small growing tomatoes but soon it turns into tomatoes, peppers, herbs, flowers
Every night you sit on the couch together and journal
It’s like a nightly routine
Usually you lay against him
Your back against his shoulder
That way you’re not too much in the way but you’re still together
He writes you poetry
Busts out his poor memory of childhood piano lessons so that he can serenade you
Romantic gestures that honestly aren’t cheesy
Like they’re so heartfelt
He’s never felt this way about someone
You’ve taught him what it’s like to be in a safe and healthy relationship
He never wants to let you go
You go traveling with him a lot when your schedule allows
He used to go just to take pictures, but when he takes you he likes to take you to the best spots of places he’s visited before
He’s seeing it from a whole new perspective through your eyes
Everything is rose-colored with you
His pictures aren’t as simplistic anymore
He takes photos of the chaotic everyday life of a city
A rooftop garden overlooking the NYC traffic
That’s how you make him feel
A reprieve from the chaos of daily life
But honestly, he doesn’t mind daily life so much now that he’s with you
I’m screaming I liked writing this so much
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more-fandon-than-friends · 8 months ago
Missing 4
A/N:Long time no see, sorry. But hey, the next part is already planned out, so just writing it.
Part 1 Part 3 part 5
Au:Human AU and Famous
Pairing: Future/Pining Prinxiety
TW: 2 mentions of breakfast (half a sentence each), swearing
It's the second day of the show and Roman stands in front of his closet. He can't decide what to wear. He already planned all the out when he agreed to go to the show, the problem is Virgil. He hasn't thought of the fact that he wants to impress his ex when he decided what to wear. He wants to be extra, but not too much. Since too much may give them too much attention and Virgil doesn't like that. But at the same time he wants Virgil to be impressed
The second day and nothing goes like plan, great.
Half an hour later Roman finally has his outfit together and goes to eat breakfast. And honestly he is super excited to see Virgil. Even if they will never come together again just being around him for the time the show goes is enough. Spending sometime as Colleagues together is better than drown in misery. Maybe there is even the chance that they will come together again, or maybe Roman just daydreams too much.
After eating breakfast his chauffeur picks him up and drives him to the show. While humming along to some songs from the crying hearts, Virgil's band. Roman gets out of the car, goes in the building and waits in there for Virgil to show up, to be fair Roman is early in hope Virgil would be here already.
Virgil gets out of the bed this morning a lot more tired than Roman. Maybe because he hasn't slept well. His thoughts circled around Roman and he starts to see that he isn't over Roman, but he doesn't want to be some cliche-lovestory that's easy money for the TV channel. Should he just ignore his feelings? It's just a little crush anyway, remembering the old times when they were happy together, nothing serious, he'll get over it. Well, he won't make the first move anyway. Not when there are cameras everywhere. What will he do if Roman makes the first move?---
Alright Stop, he starts spiraling again and he already did that all night! He just throws a black Jeans, black shirt and his Tour Jacket on and eats a quick snack before leaving with a Uber.
And oh shit, he so isn't ready for this. They have to write a song together, open up again. They will spend like two month together. Virgil sighs quietly before trying to get his mind of things, by thinking about a few lyrics ideas he has for future songs from his band. He doesn't come far, maybe it's because his thoughts move back to Roman or cause the ride is short. What ever it is has the same result, he and Roman both sit in their room when the host comes in.
The host of the show smiles:"Hey, Boys. We have an idea."
Roman smiles back:"Really, Jenna, what is it?"
"Well! Since the first episode came out some fans have made edits for you. And we want your reaction to it!", Jenna says, turning the Laptop on.
'Oh shit', is Virgil's first thought. He doesn't wanna see shipping videos of him and his ex.
'Oh shit', is also Roman's first thought. Cause he might already saw one or another, but he can't be like "haha I wish".
They don't even have time to voice their options, because Cameras get turned on, sound to and the video starts.
The first edit starts with Roman and Virgil being first interdruced and paired together and continues with other moments where they look at each other or just something that fans have decided is cute, all while 'Trouble is', a song from Virgil's band that's about not forgetting an ex-lover, plays in the background.
All the musician does while watching is looking uncomfortable and keeping his lips a straight line. The actor doesn't look much better, he stops himself from awwing by biting his lip, he looks more comfortable than Virgil though, probably cause he actually enjoys that.
"So what do you think of it?", Jenna asks when it's over.
"Well the editing seems to be good, the transitions are smooth.", Roman answers, ignoring what it's about entirely.
"And you Virgil?", she asks again.
"I uhm.. Don't know?",he says unsure.
Jenna just nods and plays the next one.
This time there is a voice over from an old interview Roman made where he gushed over Virgil, back then they were together and happy. Over it are new pictures from the show, but also old pictures from Roman's Instagram, Virgil deleted all of the pictures.
"So, Virgil, how did you like it?", Jenna asks.
"It was okay, that person spend probably a long time getting all the pictures. I respect the hussle.", Virgil answers more put together, since he was more ready after the first one.
"Alright.", Jenna answers, getting a bit annoyed that both don't really react emotionally.
"I agree with Virgil, it seems time-consuming to edit those.", Roman adds, frustrating her even more.
"let's watch more later, you two should work now on your song.", the Host decides with a tight smile and grabs her laptop.
When the boys are alone both breath out, relaxing a bit.
"That was interesting.", Roman says.
"A kind way to put it.", Virgil answers, before starting:"So, any idea what the song should be about?"
"Hm, yeah. A love song would be great.", Roman immediately decides.
"Of course.", Virgil mumbles.
"You've written a few songs like that yourself, right? Could you maybe play one or another so I get maybe a more specific picture what I want?", request the actor with a grin.
The other boy screams internally at that, Roman used to do something like that all the time;
'Hey, love, I'm learning right now a romantic moment, would you please sing a love song for me' or 'Im not feeling like I could play romance in the moment, show me a bit real romance and I'll be ready to go to work... Maybe with a song?' Roman said things like that all the time. He loves Virgil singing, so he used every chance he got to hear it. And that grin just shows Roman knows what he's doing, and that Virgil always agrees.
"Yeah, sure", he tries to sound casual while he picks up a guitar and starts to sing.
If Roman wasn't already head over heels for the Emo he would be now. His voice is a gift from above. The way his eyes stay concentrated on the guitar strings while also having a dreamily look in them. He looks fully in his element, well he is fully in his element.
The actor has no other choice than to look at Virgil in awe, forgetting the cameras and later fan edits for a few minutes.
When the singing is over Roman knows to things:
1.his song is gonna be about someone Virgil being absolutely beautiful while playing the guitar.
2.he has to talk to Virgil about his feelings, today.
So it comes that Roman goes to Virgil, who is waiting for his Uber, after the cameras are turned off. "Hey, Virgil."
"Oh, hey Roman.", he looks up from his phone.
"Can we talk? In private?", the taller one asks.
"I- yeah Sure.", Virgil nods.
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jammesbarnnes · 8 months ago
Sheyn Punim (Alfie Solomons Oneshot)
Character/s: Alfie, Ollie mention
Word Count: 1,405
Tag List: @dontdowhatisayandnobodygetshurt @myriadimagines @lilyswritings @encounterthepast @writerdream22 @death-of-a-mermaid @lotsoffandomrecs @woahitslucyylu @obsessedunicorn24 @thedarkqueenofavalon @fangirlsarah16 @theshelbyclan @captivatedbycillianmurphy @creativemayhems @soleil-dor @thegirlwithoutaname87 @fifty-shadesof-tommyshelby @riana-jannat
A/N: Just some fluff 💕 Well, as close as I can get :P I'm not the best at writing sappy things, and I'm a sucker for a dark metaphor, but I've had this idea for a while :) Still a lil nervous. Fluff is hard, but I'm givin it a try anyways!!! I've only ever spoken these words in Yiddish, never written them, and I know how Google can be with translations, so I might've made a few mistakes!!! Anyways, I hope you like it loves! Feedback is always appreciated 💜💖💜
Gif Credit: @bennskywalker :)
Tumblr media
Hand sculpted, you were sure. Come together by the minds of a thousand artists, careful not to smear or smudge, cautious to muddy, to rid the world of all his perfect imperfections. The harsh lines drawn across his forehead, the deeply carved creases of his eyes, a tight lipped smile shaded. To the untrained eye this would have been off-putting, jarring, even severe. These features would have been unlikable, an afterthought in comparison to others, but that's what they wanted, what they needed. To be undermined, overlooked. It wasn't cutting in the way that captured the attention of younger eyes. A jaw as sharp as blade, eyes piercing, the pointed tip of a pencil resting in confident hands. It wasn't soft in a sweet, endearing kind of way. Naive and freckled, lulled by oil paints, by grand brush strokes and a starry-eyed sense of wonder. He was another medium, another material, the kind that went unloved and underappreciated if you didnt look close enough, if you didn't appreciate the right features. You might have missed it yourself if you hang taken a closer look. Too many passed by without a second thought.
That's all he ever needed, though.
Sheyn punim. His beautiful face cupped in your hands, in need of a soft touch. His skin worn, aged with experience, the way paper yellows and crumbles if it's not preserved. Tracing his cheek, tapping his nose, kissing his forehead. Waking him when the sun rays fail to, when the bags under his eyes wain, growing hollow. Urging him to bed, to rest, but always insistent on spending time with you. You only had so much. Face to face. Somehow you always ended up here. An arm lazily dropped across your waist, the blankets and sheets twisted around your bodies after a restless night. This was your favorite version of him. The clay of him malleable, clumsy even, not yet hardened by the day ahead. The side of his face squashed by his pillow, a small snore mumbling through him. It would have been laughable, really. A man who emptied the streets before him, who could have made men bow to their feet and kiss his shoe as if he were God himself, sleeping like a baby, so full of coos.
Matók. Sweet. Your sweetness. You weren't sure how it happened, how he became yours, and you his. When you started belonging to one another only that you were hand in hand, never straying too far from one another. Mindlessly playing with his rings, trying them on for yourself. He'd get you a ring of your own one day. Big and clunky, like his own, like the one you'd taken, refusing to take off. Not the prettiest, but, then again, neither was he. An eye for the odd, the obscure, finding beauty where others turned away. Falling for the scraggly alley cats, plucking weeds in place of flowers, joyous when the fog fell across the soil and not a soul could be seen. Mukhl. Forgiving. Forgiving with your love, giving it up absentmindedly. Forgiving with him, his actions, all the terrible things he was capable of. He wasn't a piece of art, but a weapon of mass destruction. He wouldn't have to lift a finger to take a life, and yet, in your arms, he was anything but.
Sheyn balibt. Beautiful beloved. To be reminded of love, as foreign to him as a godless man. To be feared was to be expected, anticipated even. But loved? That he wasn't ready for. And yet, he couldn't picture his life without it, without you. Washing the blood from his hands, the worry from his bones, all of it slipping off the same way his coat did, hanging it where it could never touch you. An abundance of kisses in the doorway, excitement dripping from your words, grabbing him as if he may slip and fall. Talk of your day, he wanted to hear of every second. You made the most mundane infectious. Able to relax, to sink into the cushions with you, his day sugar coated, lightened where it needed to be. He never wanted you to worry. Meyn lebn. My life. Yours. His. It wasn't his actions that affected him anymore. Every decision he made, it had to be an act of protection, all of his proclamation of love to you.
Even if it meant hurting himself.
Narish. Foolish, the both of you. Thinking you could live in a bubble. Shut the world out until it was just the two of you. It didn't work like that, not in his business, not in this kind of world. You felt it before you knew, before Ollie came to you, hat in hand. An instinct, a pain without cause. It had to be him. It always was. Not a lie, but a half truth. Softening reality for the sake of a smile. You'd always known though. Hidden in his office where none could see, none could touch, the door thin, the walls begging for word to get out, to be free. Hearing too much, more than you ever asked for. Your Alfie, believing himself a statue, a keeper of secrets, stone faced, forgetting how effortlessly you could read him. Narish mentsch. Foolish man. You wished he wasn't so foolish, so stubborn, that he could be as vulnerable as he was in those sunrise moments.
Refusing to see you. Lebedik. Alive. You couldn't believe it. Your love alive, but refusing to see you, as if he were already dead. . . Hidden away for reasons you'd never understand, ones a letter would never do justice. Back and forth, your angr, your fear, bleeding into the page. Ollie could say nothing, ordered to keep his whereabouts to himself. Tried to follow, a few times out of desperation, but he was good at his job. You lost him instantly. Every time after that, he always promised, at the bottom of the page, it wouldn't be forever. Egoistish. Selfish. Selfish, vain, childish reasons. A bullet in that sheyn punim, in his beautiful face, that was no longer beautiful. You weren't sure how long it would last. Neither was he. The healing process took longer than either of you wanted. Once inseparable, now you were world's apart. You didn't blame him. Alfie had his reasons for everything, you understood. You just missed him. You missed holding him, being held, looking into his eyes and knowing everything would be okay no matter how uncertain life felt.
Bahaltn. Hidden. He needed to see you, to hear your voice, his cool exterior finally cracking, crumbling. Weeks, months, a lifetime, it felt without you. But he couldn't be seen. He couldn't bear the thought of you turning away from him, disgusted by the man before you. So, he stayed in the dark. The curtains drawn, lights off, safe in shadows. Ollie refused to tell you where you were going or why, only that you needed to come with him. You heard him before you saw him, as you often had in the past, swearing up a storm at nothing in particular. Nostalgic for him, his voice, hating that you were becoming so used to sleeping alone, that you were forgetting all the littlest ways in which he brightened your day. Pushing through the door, into the dark, waiting for you.
Brushing your hand through his hair, fussing the same way that always annoyed him, a last resort to get him out of bed. Still asleep, but stirring, taking your hand in his, pressing it to his chest. Thankful for that heartbeat every day. Getting closer to him, your noses almost touching, catching him open his eyes, sneaking a quick glance at you, pretending all along. You never wanted him to be in the dark like that again, to hide out of shame. Balibt. Favorite. Your favorite person, your favorite smile, your favorite face. The hardened scar tissue growing, settled, streaked across his cheek and forehead. The result of living through what no one was expected to. You didn't see what he did, what he examined in the mirror when he was self conscious, what he tried to avoid looking at in reflective surfaces. There was nothing wrong with it, though. You loved him just the same. No matter what he looked like, he would always be beautiful to you. He would always be yours, and you his. Ale mol.
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byemrcriminall · 8 months ago
Steve Rogers — Art
Steve Rogers x Reader one shot
warnings : fluff,bit of cursing,really cringe
words count : 1.1k
a/n : hey! so i’m kinda nervous as it’s my first time posting here and writing in english but i hope you’ll like this one shot! i’m sorry if i made mistakes!! i’m not totally satisfied with the result but well enjoy ig :)
Tumblr media
Steve was sitting there, by himself, with for only company the music blasting through his earphones. He really enjoyed staying in this small New-York coffee for hours, simply drawing, lost in his thoughts. The music was probably bothering everyone around him, but no one dared to say something to him and he didn’t even realised it was that loud. Which is understandable, who would tell a super soldier that he's bothering everyone? Well, you did.
You used to come here everyday after work. It was the only place no one told what to do or how you should be. It was really calm, only a few people knew even the existence of the place. That calm and that lack of persons were the reasons you liked that place so much. You could finally be free, even if it was only for a few minutes, they were the best of your days. No noise was there to disturb your thoughts. Everything was so paisible.
But then one day, that super soldier came. At first you didn't say anything about how loud he was with his stupid music. He was pretty handsome, and maybe you were so exhausted that the music seemed way louder than it actually was. But after a few weeks, when you heard some clients talk about how loud the music was, you realised the music was really loud.
So, after thinking about what was the nicest way to tell him to listen to his music on maximum volume and taking all your braveness you finally decided it was the day to confront him. Once you had ordered your usual, you walked toward him confidently. At least you seemed confident but inside you had never been so nervous. You had to admit he was really intimidating and you've never been the kind to talk easily to strangers. But he was so loud when you needed so much calm. So there you were, standing in front of him. He didn't noticed you at first, too busy and too invested into his art. You never had the occasion to see his drawings, but you had to say, they were beautiful. He was talented, like really talented. You were so lost into his piece of art that you didn't realise he was looking at you. But his voice awoke you :
"Hi, can I help you?"
The tone of his voice surprised you. He talked really softly, almost in a whisper, as if you could be scared if he raised his voice even just a little.
"H-hum yeah actually..."
You were still very nervous but not because he was intimidating anymore, just because he was really handsome and nice.
"What's happening?"
"C-could you please lower the volume of your music?"
He seemed pretty confused at first but then kind of panicked.
"I- Oh my god i'm so sorry i didn't thought it was that loud i'm-"
Seeing a man so intimidating so panicked and sorry made you chuckle.
"It's fine don't worry! Just try a bit lower from now."
You gave him a reassuring smile hoping that he'll calm down which he did. He smiled one last time at you before going back to his drawing.
From that day, you didn’t hear music from Steve’s earphones anymore. You both smiled at each other everyday and even talked sometimes. And you’d be lying if you’d say you don’t have a tiny crush on the man. Maybe not only a tiny crush if you were fully honest with yourself. He was just perfect : really sweet, funny, adorable, clumsy and handsome.
But then, for a whole week, he didn’t show up. You were kind of worried that something could have happened to him or that he just decided to stop coming here but one day, he reappeared, not alone, but he reappeared. He was accompanied with two friends, they were probably the ones he talked about once or twice, Sam and Bucky if your memories were right. You didn’t wanted to bother them so you just smiled and waved at Steve before going to the counter.
Steve was actually looking for you. He had to admit he missed talking to you during this week. So when he saw you entering the coffee shop i couldn’t but smile to his ears and waving back at you.
“Who’s that?” Asked Sam.
“Isn’t she the girl on your sketchbook?” Noticed Bucky.
“Ohhh yes it’s her! How many times did you draw her? Like eight?”
“So Steve, who’s that mysterious girl?”
“N-no one, I mean just a girl a talk to sometimes.”
“You seem way to happy for her to be no one Steve” remarked Bucky.
“Are you insinuating that captain could have a crush on the girl Barnes?”
“Look how he’s blushing, of course he has a crush on her.”
Steve became even more red. He tried to contradict his friends but only succeed to mumble some part of words.
“I have to say she’s really cute, if you don’t ask her on a date i might do it cap’” tried Sam.
“Shut up” replied Steve with an exasperated voice.
“Does that means you’ll do it?”
The super soldier thought for a few minutes. How was he supposed to ask someone on a date? He has never done that before, you’d probably find him ridiculous. What if you laughed at him?
“What if she doesn’t like me back?”
“What if she does?”
“I never thought i’d say that one day, but Bucky is right. She’s about to leave just go and ask her.”
Steve looked at the two of them and as they seemed way too sure of themselves he stood up and walked toward you. He was certainly more nervous than you were the first time you talked to him. When he reached you, you just had stood up.
“Oh hi Steve” You tried your best not to sound too excited to see him after one week but it was hard.
“H-hi Y/n.” He was really nervous, even you could tell.
“Are you okay? Is something wrong?”
He inhaled one big time before speaking.
“I missed talking to you.”
The smile he gave you warmed your heart and make you really nervous at the same time.
“I-I missed it too.”
“Okay I’m really not used to do this but hum, would you like to go on a date with me someday...? You don’t have to of course I just- I kind of like you so I was thinking I could- or we could-“
“That would be a pleasure Steve.” You took the napkin under your cookie and wrote something on it. “Here’s my number, just text or call me when you wanna have this date”
You smiled at him one last time before leaving. If you were not in public, you definitely would have screamed, and to be honest, he would have done the same.
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onebangtanstan · 9 months ago
Power Style - Chapter Seven : The shooting
I wake up before my alarm. I'm way too excited for today. The hard work I put in these last few days is finally going to come to life before my eyes.
I have quite some time before I have to be at the shoot, so I lay in bed for a bit, scrolling on my phone. I go through social media and I obviously see pictures of BTS. It's weird to think that I know them now.
As I head to my kitchen, my phone rings. It's too early for this but I pick up anyway.
« Hello? » I ask, not knowing the number that's calling.
« Hiiii! I'm so excited for today, I couldn't sleep so I figured I'd call you! Fancy some coffee? »
I recognize Hoseok's voice, and it made me realize I completely forgot to add their numbers to my contact list.
« Um.. sure why not! I'm not ready though »
« No problem! I'll give you some time to get ready, and pick you up in.. let's see.. half an hour? »
« Perfect! I'll send you my address »
We hang up and I immediately type in my address while walking to my bathroom. I hop in the shower, and enjoy the hot water waking up my body. I head to my wardrobe, leaving a trail of wet footprints on the floor.
I make my mind up about my outfit rather quickly. I'm going to be standing up all day, so flats for sure. I go for a simple jeans and t-shirt, which is probably what I'll be wearing all week.
Tumblr media
I head back to the bathroom, put on just a bit of makeup to look fresh. While I'm finishing up, Hoseok sends me a text. « Here in 5 »
Just enough time to put my coat on and head out the door.
He jumps in my arms as I get to him. I really love his energy. He's dressed very casually, no makeup on, he obviously knows how today is going to go.
We get in the car, and he talks about how happy he is to do this collaboration. He loves fashion (and it shows) but he really enjoys partnerships, shootings and all that goes with it.
We head to Starbucks, not wanting to think too much about what to drink.
I have a simple latte, so does he.
We sit down for a bit and he asks me about the ideas behind the shoot.
« I love it! It's gonna be so cool! »
I'm glad he likes it! I hope the others feel the same way too.
We head back to the car that drives straight to the shoot.
As soon as we get there, I get into Director mode.
« Ok, Hoseok, let's get your makeup done, we'll then get you dressed and we can start the shoot.»
He gets very professional too, simply nodding at what I say and heads to the makeup station.
I take the opportunity to fix last minute details regarding the visual.
About an hour later everyone is ready to start shooting. We take a few pictures with the first look, and do a part of the video. He changes to his second look and we keep going.
We're all getting hungry at this point, but he stays extremely professional. I can tell thats he's getting tired but he keeps going. He moves the way he's told to, and does what he has to do.
It's 1 pm and we're about to stop for the day. Hoseok is now messing around with the collection, kind of done being serious.
He's walking around with a shoe on his head. It actually looks good.
« Hoseok, could you go back to the set? I wanna try one last thing »
He obeys and starts being serious again.
« No, keep going, put the shoe back on your head. » I indicate to him.
He does as I say, and I tell the photographer to shoot. It looks amazing.
Tumblr media
« Thanks Hoseok, I think we have everything we need. Thanks everyone, let's call it a day! »
I let everyone one go for today, afternoons will be meant for editing the day's pictures. It's the only way we can work this out.
Hoseok is back in his normal clothes now, with a packet of doritos in his hands. He comes towards.
« How did I do? » He asks
« You were amazing Hoseok, thank you for being so professional »
« Please call me Hobi, we're past first-names. »
« Hobi » I smile at him.
« Wanna go for lunch? » He asks enthusiastically
« Yeah sure! I just need to wrap a few things up here. »
I go to my team to give them instructions for the rest of the day. They're meant to send me everything as soon as it's edited.
Hobi and I spend the rest of the day together. We go for lunch then shopping, and we really have a fun time together.
I decide to go home, knowing I still have work to do, and need to rest for tomorrow. We set up a dinner date for after the shooting is over.
I get home and look at the results of today's work. It's perfect. I work for a couple of hours, before going to bed.
While I'm starting to fall asleep, I get a text from Hobi. « By the way! Have fun with Jin tomorrow! 😉 »
I can't help but smile.
I wake up in a hurry. I can't wait for this to be over, I'm exhausted already.
I rush to the set, grabbing some coffee on the way. Jin there already, getting his makeup done. Thank God my team knows what to do.
He sees me walk in, and immediately says
« There she is! WorldWide Cutie Girl! »
« Hi Jin! » I say back, lightly blushing.
« You look beautiful today! »
I thank him with a head bow and get to work.
Everything is already set up from yesterday, we just need to adjust a few lightings.
We start the shoot, and Jin looks very good. I mean, VERY good. The way he looks on picture is so far from his personnality, but I like it. He brings his spark to the shoot as well, joking around and being goofy, but getting the job done nonetheless.
We get through the shoot seamlessly, the different looks all looking great on him.
Tumblr media
I start packing my things up and getting ready to leave when Jin walks towards me.
« Are you leaving? »
« Yes, I have to get home and keep working on the campaign.. We have so much to do in such little time. »
« I see. » His energy is completely different. I feel intimated by him right now. He's taller than me and is standing very close to me. I have to look up to see him. « Could I at least offer you a ride home? » He's looking at me with a look that I can't describe. I think I see anticipation, and maybe lust?
I swallow before answering, feeling a tingling in my stomach « Sure, thank you. »
We sit in the car in silence. I don't get why I'm feeling this way. There's a clear tension in the car, and neither of us can figure out how to break it.
We arrive at my place, I thank him again and head up to my apartment.
I start working again and lose track of time. My intercom rings, bringing me back to the real world. I look at the time. Shit 8pm! Where did the day go? I realize I haven't eaten anything while I walk to my door.
« Who is it? » As I say that, the video turns on, and I see Jin.
« Pizza delivery » he answers.
I'm kind of surprised but I'm not sure if it's in a good or a bad way. I let him up anyway.
I open my door as he comes out of the elevator.
« I hope you don't mind, I figured you were very busy and would enjoy some food. I can give it to you and leave if you want. »
I'm touched by the reason he's here.
« Please don't be silly, come on in. » I move to the side to let him in.
I feel very conscious of my home as he walks in. Tae mentioned that he lives in the fancy part of Seoul, and given BTS's success, his home is probably as luxurious as Tae and Yoongi's.
He walks in and looks around him, setting the pizzas down on the kitchen counter. I don't know how to act. He looks so small in here.
I live in a 50 m2 apartment. The kitchen and living room are both in the same room, but unlike at Tae and Yoongi's place, there's no separation between them. The couch is almost in the kitchen, and I most definitely don't have space for a dining table. I still feel very comfortable in this apartment. It's the first one I've owned by myself, and I've made it my own safe space.
"Your home is lovely" Jin says "It ressembles you" He's now looking at me with a smile.
I can't help but look at the ground. I mumble a "Thank you". I feel ashamed in front of this huge megastar. I'm standing in my little home, wearing my pyjamas. I feel like a little girl, not the Director of his next partnership.
He notices my discomfort. "Are you hungry?" He heads to the kitchen as he speaks, and looks for plates. I go to help him, I'm not sure I want him opening every cabinet.
We head to the couch and start eating. We opened a bottle of wine I had stored in the fridge. We're just siting and talking about a lot of things but nothing personal. I think he feels like I don't want to go there.
As I'm laughing at one of his jokes, I feel his glare on me. My giggling stops slowly as I look down to my almost empty glass. He brushes off a loose strand of hair from my face.
"You are beautiful, Gina" I look up at him as he says those words. He has the same look in his eyes as he did today. I sense the lust now, I'm sure of it.
My stomach starts tightening up, while I keep looking him in the eyes. The only thing I notice right now is the way he's looking at me right now, and our knees barely touching.
He breaks the gaze and stutters "" He clears his throat before going on "I'd better get going, you have a long today tomorrow again"
"Uh yeah sure" I'm still shaken about what just happened. "Thank you for the pizza." I start to stand up as I speak
"My pleasure. No, please stay where you are. I'll let myself out" He takes my hand and kisses it goodbye "You have a good night, Gina"
He's gone. I'm left with my thoughts about this evening. I'm not sure if it's the wine or Jin, but I feel very light.
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vkelleyart · 9 months ago
i just wanna say that your art is PERFECT and the ones for rwrb are so damn beautiful, i just can't handle it. i'm so excited to see the final result for the V&A one you just posted
Omg, you are so kind. Thank you so much for your lovely words about my RWRB artwork! I hope to get the V&A one up soon - this weekend, maybe? 
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kitasxsunflower · 9 months ago
‟𝑻𝒆𝒆𝒏 𝑰𝒅𝒍𝒆‟
Tumblr media
☞ 𝒑𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈: Inarizaki High X F!Reader
☞ 𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: angst, just angst
☞ 𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: ⚠️ suicide warning ⚠️ sex (but you didn't fully give your consent), manipulation,
𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒐𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒈𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒎𝒆 𝒊𝒏𝒔𝒑𝒊𝒓𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒊𝒔:
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Y/N L/N, the calm, ordinary girl, a first year in Inarizaki High, she wanted to be like those popular girls in her class, beautiful, enchanting, amazing.
I sighed, walking to school, a month in and i became the manager of the volleyball team at my school, how did i become the manager of a team i didn't even know nothing about, maybe it was the offer that took me in? No one has ever taken interest in me, maybe that was the reason i was oh so "eager" to be the manager of Inarizaki's volleyball team.
But that wouldn't have gotten me anymore, i wanted to be beautiful, just like those girls in my class.
After people figured out i had become the manager they bombarded me with questions.
'What's Atsumu Miya like?!'
'Are you seriously the manager of the Inarizaki team?! Where Atsumu and Osamu are?!'
'How does it feel to be the center of attention of the hottest twins?!'
'I've been asking them for months to make ME the manger! Why did they make you the manager?!'
I didn't know the answers for that question, maybe it was my disgusting other self that loved the attention, but i really hated it, at that moment i had wished the world just went away.
The feelings i was portraying for the team were fake, i didn't feel excited for them, i didn't feel happy for them, i just wanted the attention, and maybe even some advice from them on how to be a bit more beautiful.
I just wanted to be a teen idle... i wanted to be a prom queen, fighting for the title, instead of being 16 and riling the team up every time i smile at them, feeling..-
"Nice serve Atsumu-senpai!",
"Nice block Suna-san!!!!",
"Nice recieve Kita-senpai!",
I'll just waste my days... i'm not a good manager, i'll never be good enough for the team.
I sat in the middle of the miya twins as the whole team sat ontop of the roof, talking about today's practice as i watched the sun go down, i loved the pretty lies...
'Y/N you look.. beautiful today!'
I hated the ugly truths.
'Come on Y/N its not that hard! You just have to do this okay?'
Everyone was getting up to get away from the edge of the building, my eyes quickly scanning them, their numbers on their jerseys, their back view, their everything, i looked back at the sunset and back down below my feet, i stood sideways as i stared down.
'And the day has come where i have died...'
The voice and the touch on my shoulder ruined my line of thought, i turned back and looked at the captain, a small genuine smile appeared on his face as he lend me a hand, i looked down, not knowing want to do at that moment - me, someone who just wanted attention, who wanted to be like those popular girls, everything melted away, from his eyes; so pure, so genuine, why couldn't i stop myself from taking his hand? Was it not the day? Why... do i feel alive..?
A few weeks has passed with me warming up to the obnoxious volleyball team, and a lot of things happened in my personal life too.
"Are you fucking serious with me Akira?!", I yelled, still having my emotionless eyes but my voice trembled with one emotion and one emotion only - anger.
"I want back my fucking virginity!!", i yelled, pointing my index finger at him, he laughed and placed a hand on my face, cupping my cheek as tears streamed down my face, knowing what he was gonna do next as he roughly kissed me.
I couldn't walk the next day, and it wasn't for a good reason, i didn't want to do that with him last night, but god he did, and I couldn't say no, he was manipulative, I knew i made a big mistake even talking to him that night at the party.
'Do you still wish to be that teen, teen idle?'
A voice echoed in my head, i smiled through the tears, tears that were made out if frustration and anger, but i still nodded nontheless.
'You still want to be that typical prom queen who's fighting to keep the title?'
I shook my head trying to get that annoying sounding voice out of my head as i walked into the gym, smiling softly at the boys - resulting in them getting very hyped up about that, making me smile a genuine smile, they really cared for me... i feel... wanted...
'What am i doing... i'm just making this fire of a team even brighter... but that's not why i became the manager... it was for attention'
I thought as i fixed up the team's jerseys, feeling a pang of pain hit each part of my heart.
'Feeling super, super, super... suicidal'
I'm wasting my years, i'm wasting my youth by interacting with these ruffians, so why the hell did i want to stay with them, why the hell was i afraid of the moment each of them leaves one by one, why the hell was i afraid..?
Many days passed and it was the end of the year, crying as i watched the third years graduate, Kita was the first one to come up to me and cup my cheeks in his hands.
"You'll be alright Y/N... ya managed to calm Atsumu and Osamu many times, so it won't be a problem calming them down with the help of me and the others, ya got this, yea?",
Those words, meaningless to some passerbys, and maybe even Kita didn't mean to make it so meaningful to me but... that was the moment i realised, the team was my source of happiness, the team was the thing keeping me alive, the team was my oxygen.
"W-wait...", i breathe as i watched them leave, tears burning my eyes again, Kita turned back one last time and walked back to me, smiling as he kissed my lips.. then left.
Gone, just like that.
Being with the others was a blast, i had so much fun, but the year ended as soon as it began - but why..? I felt so alive with the others, i didn't want it to go, i couldn't let it go, no... no... NO-
"Y/N?", the voice of Atsumu was heard behind me as i removed my tears.
"Come on we have the ceremony to go to...", Atsumu said sadly as I nodded and bowed my head down, i felt so alive with them... everything my shallow, selfish, old self wanted was out the window because of these idiotic guys, i loved all of them... i loved them... i didn't want to go back to my old self, no... that would be tragic.
I stared at the people who was at the ceremony, everyone else was smudged out, but i could see Atsumu and Osamu and the team standing proud and tall, a small smile appeared on my face.
"Osamu! You should really keep your natural hair colour, it suits you better!",
"You think so?",
"Mhm! And Atsumu! You should make your hair a more... pastel-y yellow and curl it... hm... that would look really good on you...",
"Huh?! Really?! Ya really think so Y/N?!",
I smiled at that little memory, so many memories i have gained with them, so many laughter i wish i could hold on to forever, but they're leaving me... they're going...
I wish i wasn't such a narcissist i wish i didn't kiss him on that day... my feet dragged me towards the twins and the whole rest of the team.
'The minute when i'm on my own...'
The twins hugged me as tight as they can, i wanted everything to fade away in that moment, the feeling of warmth engulf my cold body, my shallow heart, and my cold soul, they changed me, but was it for the better?
They were walking away, just like Kita and the old third years did, they were walking away from me, my happiness was walking away from me, don't you dare go, y-you can't go... i-i'll...
'Oh god... oh god, i'll die alone'
We have all joked about dying alone, but i truly mean it, no one will be there to... stop me... i ran over to the twins, sobbing in Osamu's arms as Atsumu hugged me, engulfing me in a sandwhich with the twins, such a familiar feeling but it didn't make any sense; how could it feel so familiar but feel so distant at the same time..
I'm loosing my sanity everyday, they kept me going until this day. I let go of them, saying goodbye for the last time. I dragged my heavy feet towards the same rooftop we went to that day Kita took my hand and made me feel alive for the first time.
'The ugly years of being a fool has finally caught up to you huh?'
I took my shoes off and got rid of the contents in my pockets and stared down at the ground, no tears, nothing, i didn't feeling nothing.
'Ain't youth meant to be beautiful..?'
I closed my eyes, thinking i would feel Kita's hand being placed on my cold shoulder but nothing, i took one small step towards the edge.
'Shin~! You can be a great farmer, i just have this gut feelin! I hope you are anyways, that's what you wanna do right?'
'I guess, why'd ya ask?'
'Hm... i don't know... but Shin... keep that small little front hair...' Y/N played with the hair that was placed in between his eyebrows 'keep it short for me, yea?'
I fell down, without a second thought; the building was tall do i had enough time contemplating my life. I was useless, worthless, only a shallow bitch that only wanted attention, i wasn't worth anything, i wasn't even a good manager for the team, but god did i love them with my whole cold, shallow, disgusting heart, maybe if i stuck with trying to be a teen, teen idle, i wouldn't be here in this stupid fucking situation.
Maybe if i stuck with being THAT prom queen, who tries her best to keep the title, instead of being 17 and falling down a building.
Feeling super, super, super, suicidal.
Tumblr media
And that concludes...
‟𝑻𝒆𝒆𝒏 𝑰𝒅𝒍𝒆‟
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sftswigan · 9 months ago
Manchester garage punks, Tinfoils, George from the band tells us about their latest single, their money raising effort for BLMUK and how a game of pool completed the band...
Tumblr media
Alright hope you’re doing well through this shit time.
Can you tell us who Tinfoils are and where did the name come from?
TINFOILS are a mardy northern bastard garage punk band based in Manchester. There's three of us, and we've all moved here from Yorkshire.
The name came from when I was on an X Files hype. Thought it was a good name for a band, so I just got the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages before we'd even done a rehearsal! I think it was before we even met Will. I just thought it was a good name, the other two agreed and we ran with it.
Sounds like you had confidence in this band early on then. How did you find Will and what has he brought to the band?
I don't know if I had loads of confidence in the band before we started really, I just thought the name was cool! We didn't really take it very seriously for a long time, took us about 6 months to bother looking for a gig. Was just an excuse to meet and get pissed up at first.
Me and Alex had known each other for a while, and went to a pub in Fallowfield. We were having a game of pool, when two blokes came up and asked if they could play doubles because no other tables were free. We agreed, and one of them turned out to be Will. After that they invited us to some flat party, and at about 6 in the morning on some unknown persons kitchen worktop he mentioned he played bass. We met up a couple of days later and the rest is history.
He's an amazing bassist, and his love for funk has a massive impact on every song I write. Tunes always come out sounding better once I show them to Will and Alex.
Love the bass lines in your songs, The Abyss, especially. Could’ve been a different story if you and Alex decided that was your last game of pool and just handed it to Will and his mate!
Like The Blinders, you also (and I think one or two others have followed suit) made the journey from Doncaster to Manchester. How much of a difference has that made to you and the band?
Definitely! All credit for that goes to our mate Breezy to be fair, he was the one who suggested doubles. He drops it in to conversation every time he's trying to convince us to come out.
Yeah I moved from Doncaster about 5 years ago, I do love it to bits but I wouldn't have been able to do half the stuff I wanted to if I'd stayed. Wouldn't have met Alex and Will, and probably wouldn't have ended up starting a band. There are some decent bands in Doncaster but a lot of it was indie stuff at the time, which I do like but not something I was interested in doing. The music scene in Manchester is amazing at the moment, there's so much music and it's all really different and interesting. Best place for music in the country at the moment I reckon.
Manchester is definitely a great place for music but I think the UK in general has a really good music scene at the moment with loads of good bands about! Though places like Manchester have some unreal venues and bands love playing there.
I wanna talk about your latest single ‘Spitting’ which was released during lockdown. Absolutely love that track! You went to Magic Garden to record it. What did recording it there bring to the song?
Cheers mate, we're really happy with it. I think it added a lot going to Magic Garden, Gavin's brilliant. First of all, it's just way higher quality than anything else we've put out, and I think it manages to sound a lot like we do live. Gavin also suggested we add some vocals in to middle 8 bit, which was originally just instrumental. I quickly wrote something down on a bit of scrap paper in a few minutes, and recorded it in one take, and that's the take in the final song. It's the whole "lap me up I'm stagnant water" bit. We'll hopefully get some more tunes recorded soon, would love another trip to the garden. The music video for the song is just clips of our time at the studio mixed in with some live clips, had a really good time there.
Tumblr media
I hear quite a few bands speak highly of him and his influence on their time in his studio. He does seem to get great results.
You recently released some songs on bandcamp that were live demos if I remember correctly. Are they going onto Spotify at any point and also will you be recording any of these? Peeping Tom is probably one of my favourites of yours.
Yeah they're a load of demos we did at Dead Basic Studios last year, we thought it was a shame to have them just lying about. We decided to put them out and donate all the money from Bandcamp Day to BLMUK, every little helps doesn't it. They won't be going on Spotify, but I reckon we'll probably record a couple of them properly one day. Peeping Tom's a bit of a favourite, would love to get that recorded in a studio but there's a million tempo changes so I think it'd probably be tricky to nail down. Its one of my favourites to play live, especially when we're headlining and get the chance for a self-indulgent 10 minute jam with a big sing-a-long. The demos will stay on Bandcamp for the foreseeable, but I think we'll probably take them off at some point.
Tumblr media
A great cause, did you manage to raise much? Some really good tracks on there would love to here them recorded like you say.
So what are the bands plans once lockdown is relaxed to a point bands and musicians to get out there and do proper stuff without fear again?
Yeah we raised about £60-70 I think? It was only for the day, when Bandcamp waived their fees. Props to Lewis from Dead Basic for recording and mixing them all.
First things first we need to get in for a rehearsal! I've written a load of new songs which I'm looking forward to working out, I think it'll be a lot of new tunes in the set list when we're back gigging. Hopefully reschedule our tour that had to be postponed, play some tunes, get some recording done, and go out and see some bands! Just got to hope it's not too far off.
That’s awesome! Excited about the new tunes and future recordings...and gigs again obviously.
Hopefully you can squeeze a rearranged gig for us on the tour!
You mentioned how highly you rate the Manchester scene. Which bands should people go and see once bands get to gig again?
There's a tonne of bands to go and see, to name a few: Loose Articles, Blanketman, The Early Mornings, Swine, Springfield Elementary, Giant Boys, The Red Stains, Cold Water Swimmers, and loads of others. There's a lot of different styles about but I do feel like there's a sort of coherent feeling between all the bands around here at the minute. It got to the point just before pandemic where no matter which venue or what day, if you turned up you'd probably see something amazing. Fingers crossed it all survives the lockdown!
Tumblr media
There’s some good bands there, really like Springfield Elementary and Swine what I’ve heard of them and also Red Stains. I need to check the others out but we’re very lucky to have so many good bands about and more people these days that are very much into new music!
We’re gonna end the interview with some quick fun questions...
Favourite album/EP of this year?
I'm gonna go with either Zero Dollar Bill by Do Nothing, or The Non-Stop EP by Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard. Can't pick between them!
Also really looking forward to Fontaines DCs new album, and Idles, and The Blinders.
If Tinfoils could tour with any band alive or dead who would it be?
Would love to go on tour with Fontaines DC, Idles or Sleaford Mods. If I had to pick between them, at the moment probably Fontaines. Loving their last few singles, and Dogrel was banging.
Ah wait, Thee Oh Sees! Maybe Oh Sees actually. Any of the above would allow me to die happy.
Tumblr media
Is there a song that at least one member isn’t keen on in the set but are outnumbered?
I don't really like The Royal Baby Machine that much, but the other two do.
Chinese food or Indian?
Lager or Real ale?
Ale, but more of a standard bitter to be honest. Not West Coast passionfruit and jasmine infused with lemongrass IPA stuff, it's rank and I don't get it. Give me a pint of John Smiths over that wank any day.
Festival you’d love to play?
Wouldn't turn down Glasto!
Last one...
Best live band you’ve seen?
Best live band I've seen is probably Idles.
Alex, our drummer says Cabbage at Night & Day was probably the best gig he’s been to recently
Thanks to George from Tinfoils for chatting to us! You can listen to their music on all the streaming services and go and visit their social media pages. Here is their latest effor, Spitting.
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jaeminscoffee · 9 months ago
Ineffable - Too great to be expressed in words.
Pairing - Lee Taeyong x reader
Genre- Pure fluff!
Word count- 2.58k
Warnings- None but please let me know if THIS amount of fluff is cringe or not kselkkd. Also, I'm sorry if this story's dissapointing, my health hasn't been the best so if the storylines not good, let me know :)
Summary- All it took was a couple of smack on his head, water splashed onto his face and being called friend on the first date for him to step out of his comfort zone and confess to you.
Tumblr media
You and Taeyong had a really complicated relationship. If you could call it one. 
You're neither friends, nor enemies, neither were you dating. You wish you were but no. 
But still at the end, the two of you always end up paired together, be it projects, going for business trips, being promoted together, you'd basically seen him all day. So it was obvious the two of you spoke. 
Well, you spoke, he'd listen, giggle at your talks, and then say a sentence or two max. You guys would be what people other than your friend group called acquaintances.
Anyone with eyesight would know immediately that you're head over heels for the lad. You made it a little too obvious. Always talking frantically around him, your heart flutters when you hear him laugh, his presence in all just made you giddy. And so you'd always been happy when he'd be paired up with you in everything. 
Your friends basically divided themselves into two groups. One that supported you and pushed you to go confess your love for him, the other being one who ridiculed you for loving a guy that they thought would never like you back. 
On the other hand, Taeyong was just shy. 
Your bubbly persona overwhelmed him. Of course he liked you too, he just needed one smack at the back of his head. Or not because his friends have done it way too many times, yet here he is, just daydreaming scenarios of what he'd do for you if the two of you dated resulting in him not talking much. 
So when Yuta, his friend, poured the tiniest amount of water onto his face and yelled 'BOOMER' at him, he thought it's finally time to make a move. 
A hangout. Exactly what the two of you needed. 
Break time had come to an end, you were walking with Luna to your cabin, when you crossed paths with Taeyong, who was indulged in a conversation with Johnny, another one of his friends from the same department as the two of you. 
"Oh boy, here we go again" Luna spoke from beside you. You look at her, confusion spread all over your face. "huh?" she let out a chuckle, shaking her head, "You've been staring at him long enough for him to look back at you-" she pointed at the direction where Taeyong and Johnny stood with her head, as you turn around to look at him "-but you were so busy devouring his existence to realize that", He waved at you, which you did back but then turned back at Luna, flustered. 
She looked behind you gesturing something to either Johnny or Taeyong, then turned you around and pushed you towards where the boys were, Johnny doing the same with Taeyong as both your bodies collided, gently, but hard enough to send the two of you stumbling back a few steps. 
You hear the other two laugh and walk away, you turn back to send a glare at your friend, but ended up landing on Johnny who winked to that. 
You face your crush, "Hey" you tuck a stray piece of hair behind your eyes. He sent you a smile and nodded his head, greeting back. 
"How's your day so far?" you ask him, raising an eyebrow in anticipation. "It's been good, tiring but doable" he ended the answer. Your shoulder slouch down as his answer again ended in a sentence. "What about you? How's yours going" you look up, caught off guard, since this was the first time he's ever asked a question back. 
Okay that's an exaggeration, he did ask questions, but that was a rare occasion. 
"It's good! Tressa spilled her coffee over her documents which got Mr.Kim extremely mad, i finished the final task just a few minutes before break, i was just going to gather my things and head out" you smile radiantly. He smiled at your excitement of finally getting off of work.
There was a second of silence, this time Taeyong being the one breaking it. 
"Could you wait for just a little while? I'm almost done too, so we can head out together" he asked, fidgeting with his hands, a habit he has that comes out of nervousness "If that's too much of a hassle you could go now that's fine too!-" he quickly added after seeing your eyes widen. 
You interrupt, waving your hands in the air in quick motions, shaking your head," No no! It isn't, i could wait" you smile at him, which he returned back with equal enthusiasm. 
No longer than 10 minutes later, you and Taeyong made your way towards the elevator, him initiating small talks every now and then, asking questions about you, to which you gave long answers for. 
"-and then Lisa just threw up on him because of how much booze was in her system" you end your story from last Saturday, Taeyong let out a hearty laugh at the ending, sending warmth streaming all through your nerves. 
The door opened at the basement, where his car was parked, "Oh? I took the bus today,I sent my car for servicing yesterday " you say, stepping out. "That's fine! I could drive you" he offered. 
"No no! That'll be a trouble for you! I could just take the bus-" "Please. I'll kidnap you if I have to, if that means you'll ride with me" Taeyong said, smiling widely at you. You giggle at his words, feeling heat rush up your cheeks, as you cup your face to reduce the heat. 
"Alright no need to involve kidnapping here" you say making your way towards his car alongside him. 
Okay Okay Taeyong, be outgoing. Fun to be around. Ask questions. This your chance. 
"Welcome aboard" He said, the second you stepped into the passenger's seat, you laughed at his antics, reaching out to fasten the seat belt. Taeyong beat you to it, reaching over across your body, tugging at the seat belt and fastening it. 
The proximity had blood rush up your cheeks once again, damn it. 
"Safety first!" he said wearing his own seatbelt, starting the car, pulling out of his parking space and out of the basement. 
Once you were away from the building of your work space, you turn to the side looking at Taeyong's side profile, admiring the way the street lights shone upon his face,highlighting the scar on the right side of his face, he's perfect, no doubt. But this slight scar proved he was too, nothing more than just a human. The grip he had on the steering wheel made the veins on his hands more prominent. "So Tae-" "-Y/n" you start at the same time, "Oh you go first" you say quickly, knowing that if you'd stay there admiring Taeyong he'd probably ask you to go first. 
"There's this really good restaurant by the corner in just two minutes and it's really late, so, wanna go grab dinner together?" he said in a breath, looking at you for a split second before turning his focus back onto the road. 
"Oh sure! If though, either you let me pay or we share the bill" you reply excitedly, smiling at the fact that you'd get to spend more time with him. 
"No? Come on, let me pay for the first date-" he stopped abruptly as you look at him with wide eyes, "date.. I like the sound of that" you let out a chuckle as you see him gulp down.
The rest of the car ride, you spoke back and forth, Taeyong replied much better than how he'd used to, you two even jammed to some of the radio music together, eventually pulling over in front of the restaurant Taeyong wanted to take you to.
"Korean barbecue? How did you know I was craving it?" you say, removing the belt and turning towards the driver's seat, to see no Taeyong. 
You jump when the door of your side opens, Taeyong standing there with his hands out, offering it to you. You hit his palm at the extremely cliché action, then held it and stepped out of the car. "Because it's Saturday and everyone craves it on the weekends, now let's go!" he pulled you out of the seat, slamming the door shut and jogging towards the restaurant as you laughed at his sudden bubbliness.
The two of you went and took a seat at the end of the restaurant, it wasn't anything too posh, but it wasn't not too posh either, it was cozy. Taeyong removed his coat and hung it on his chair. And then hurried over to your side and pulled your chair out, you smack his shoulder, to which he grinned and made his way back to his seat. 
"What do you want to eat?" he asked, looking at the menu. 
"The classic, wouldn't want to add any other flavor to the classic" you reply back, looking at the names of different delicacies written on the card, not noticing Taeyong look at you. It's when you set the menu card down that you notice his gaze. You feel yourself starting to blush for the nth time that night. This is the impact Lee Taeyong has on you. One gaze is all it takes and you're completely melted. 
The waiter came in minutes later, took your orders and went back, you just waited, having common talks with the boy in front of you, sometimes drifting into your subspace, maybe fangirling over him way too much from time to time.
"Oh oh I got another one, do you know why Hershey chocolate closed down?" he asked. 
One thing you found out about him is that he's a sucker for pick up lines. "because I'm too sweet?" you giggle as you see a frown forming up on his features "come on, yong, that's a classic try again." 
"Unfair! Even if you know the answer you shouldn't say it!" he whined out, messing his hair, you laughed out loud at how cute he looked and sounded, drawing a few eyes onto the table, which neither of you paid attention to, Taeyong joining along with you with his tiny giggles. 
The food arrived, and you dig in immediately, earning a chuckle from Taeyong as you stuff your cheeks. 
You looked cute.
"Alright this is a tough one, are you my appendix?" he asked, gulping down a decent amount of food. 
"clearly not? why?" you reply, voice coming out muffled. 
"because i have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like i should take you out" he said, looking at you intently. You start choking due to his reply, to which Taeyong laughed out loud, calming himself, leaning forward to pat the top of your head and pushing your water glass at you.
"Taeyong what in the name of heaven even!" you ask, now you lean forward to hit him as he started laughing again. 
"Hey admit it, that was a good one!" he said, looking at you with his eyes wide as you kept hitting him. 
"Whatever. Eat" You chuckle and turn back to your food, the blood most probably clot on your cheeks through the entirety of the night. 
The both of you finish, getting up from your seats as Taeyong gestured you to wait for him by the entrance. 
He paid for the food, and made his way back to you, with two fruit Popsicles in his hand. 
He handed one over to you, and started walking the opposite direction from where his car was parked. "Yong, it's this way-" you say, standing in the same place. "I know" he simply replied, stopping and turning back around to look at you. "Come on hurry, follow me!" he said and started walking again. You jog to catch up with him. 
You walk in silence for ten minutes, eating the Popsicle he'd bought, shoulder's sometimes brushing past each other. 
"We're here!" he said excitedly, you look up from your feet and stare at whatever Taeyong was looking at, eyes immediately lighting up as you see the calm waters of the river in front of you. 
"Beautiful, right?" he asked, smiling at you as your eyes stayed fixed at the scenery in front of you. 
You hum in agreement, walking towards the railing to get a closer look, Taeyong following suit. 
"Thank you" you said, all of a sudden. 
"Hm? For?" he asked, confused. "Today, it was fun! I guess we can call ourselves friends now right??" you ask, taking your eyes off the river and turning to look at the boy. 
Come on Taeyong, this is your chance. 
"Y/n." he started, you look at him with your eyebrows raised. 
"Friend's is so far off from what you really are to me, Y/n" he said, letting out a sigh and turning to face the river. 
"What do you mean?" you knew exactly what he meant. You felt your heart flutter, beating a little faster than normal, if he would back out now, you'll take a step forward. 
"Oh god how do i do this, I- just.. Okay listen, i like you okay? I really really like you" he said fast, turning to look at you this time. "I thought I made it obvious? How didn't you get even the slightest of hints if my feelings for you?" he said, his eyes furrowed.
"Because, honey you never made it obvious, if anything, you looked like you had no interest in talking to me" you said, laughing and stepping forward, feeling your stomach churn in weird ways, the muscles of your face, starting to hurt from how widely you were smiling. 
"don't mind that! I'm just-just usually like that around everyone-"
"I like you too" you cut him off, stepping forward to get a little closer to the boy.
"-and i felt like, wait what?" he stopped, looking at you with wide eyes. 
"i said i like you too! I think, in fact, I'm in love with you. A little too much" you add, seeing a red hue take over Taeyong's face, as he temporarily looked down, and back at you the shocked expression replaced by an extremely wide smile. 
You two just stared at each other, Taeyong stepping forward with a questioning look on his face.
"Can i kiss you?" he asked, his voice tiny. You laugh in content, and instead of answering him, you walk closer to him, standing on your toes, placing a soft peck on his lips. 
Taeyong let out a chain of giggles, leaning forwards and capturing your lips again, hands going around your waist, yours finding its way around his neck as the two of you smile into the kiss. 
He pulled away first, looking at you with a loving look.
"So i can call you mine from today right?" he asked, his eyes shimmering in the twilight. 
"Only if you tell me one of the best pick up lines you've got" you reply, crossing your arms over your chest watching Taeyong mumble out a 'you know it' and step back, looking you up and down, placing a hand under his chin. 
"I-...damn, I'm sorry you're so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line" he said, looking straight into your eyes.
"Ew Tae, you are such a cheesy man" you say, taking large steps towards him. He reached out to you, snaking his hands around your waist placing another soft kiss on your lips.
"I'm your cheesy man"
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