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#I want us both to write well
hetare-ttk · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Gomenasai, my name is Sony Employee-sama. I'm a 40 year old Californian Otaku (Anime fan for you gaijins). I draw Anime and Manga on my tablet, and spend my days perfecting my art and playing superior Japanese games. (Disgaea, Final Fantasy, Persona series) I train with my Flute every day, this superior instrument can surpass the sound of any other produced in the west since it’s made with superior bamboo, and is vastly superior to any other instrument on earth. I earned my flute license two years ago, and I have been getting better every day. I speak Japanese fluently, both Kanji and the Osaka dialect, and I write fluently as well. I know everything about Japanese history and their bushido code, which I follow 100% When I get my Japanese visa, I am moving to Tokyo to attend a prestigious High School to learn more about their magnificent culture. I hope I can become an animator for Studio Ghibli or a game designer! I own several kimonos, which I wear around town. I want to get used to wearing them before I move to Japan, so I can fit in easier. I bow to my elders and seniors and speak Japanese as often as I can, but rarely does anyone manage to respond. Wish me luck in Japan!
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calamity-bean · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
The full text of Oswald’s letter to the Riddler, as accurately as I can discern:
Dear Ed,
Please hear me out. Bring you [sic] open mind and open heart, if I may ask. Ed, you once meant very much to me. To my mind, I also meant a lot to you. Arkham has been difficult; I've had to rethink much of my life. So I am writing you today. I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart and ask you ... Can we be friends again? Set aside our differences? You know this would mean a lot to me, and would be good for you as well. Free us both from the hatred that has captured our hearts.
Yours, Oswald
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brynwrites · 3 years ago
Writing Engaging Antagonists
Tumblr media
@devils-songbirb asked:  
HI! I really love your advice!! I was wondering how I could write a good villain? I've noticed that in most of the stories I write the antagonist always seems to have the same motives and I don't know how to alter it enough so that it's different and interesting.
Before we get started, I want to clarify two things:
- Antagonists can be of any moral alignment. They can be also be non-human things, such as monsters, nature, inner demons, etc. The antagonist is simply the primary thing your protagonist fights against.
- For the course of this article I will be talking about villainous antagonists who are human or human-like. You could use most of these tips for villainous protagonists as well.
There are two broad categories of villains: sympathetic and unsympathetic. I’ll talk a little about both, but I primarily write and prefer to see the former, so that will be the focus.
1. The Unsympathetic Villain.
Unsympathetic villains are evil for the sake of evil.
While these villains can be horrifying when done well, they tend to be the least intimidating type of antagonist. The most common mistake is to try to make an unsympathetic villain feel as heinously villainous as possible. 
A villain who oozes darkness and villainy and nothing else will come across like a machine with a program that just reads: Be Evil. The genuine threat of these characters is often lost, because there’s no real life equivalent. In order to pull a villain like this off, the story must either perfectly suspend our disbelief or find a way to connect the villain to an antagonistic force the reader experiences in their own lives. 
Often, the fictional antagonists you’ve sincerely wanted to murder are self-serving, hateful people you’ve met similar, real life versions of before, doing the things those real life versions continually get away with. 
Since I don’t write unsympathetic villains often, I won’t write a more detailed guide on them, but I encourage you to think deeper into why some unsympathetic villains work while others don’t. Consider your favorite unsympathetic villains. How does the story present this villain? When have they drawn up intense emotions in you? Where did these emotions come from, and why?
2. The Sympathetic Villain.
The sympathetic villain is intimidating not because they’re evil, but because they’re both evil and human.
They represent what every one of us could easily become under the right circumstances.
They prove that your hero is not good simply because they fell into that alignment by chance, but rather because they chose it.
They show that a little good and evil exist inside every one of us, and it’s what we decide to act on and what we choose to compromise for which determines who we become.
Generally, they’re more interesting and fleshed out than un-sympathetic villains.
How do we write an interesting, sympathetic villain?
Note that you still need all these aspects for any sympathetic character you write, but the explanations are veered specifically towards villains.
Character traits.
Just like your heroes, your villains need an even dose of strengths and weakness, which should be no more villainous than your hero’s traits. Sympathetic villains aren’t people born with “evil” traits — they’re people who use their naturally neutral traits to accomplish terrible things.
It’s easy to look at the actions a villain must take and immediately ascribe traits like cruel, ambitious, vengeful, cowardly, angry, or crafty, to create a stereotypical slytherin villain. But villains can be soft, and humble, and forgiving, and brave, and quiet, and creative too. 
Just as too much of any strength can become a weakness, all “good” traits can be used for an evil purpose if someone believes fiercely enough in what they’re doing.
Villains can also deny their natural, stereotypically positive character traits in order to achieve their long term goals. There’s nothing so heart-wrenching as a villain who know what they’re doing is wrong and is visibly hurt by it, who only keeps themselves in one piece because they’ve put all their faith in the idea that their end goal will be worth their current pain.
As a side note, stay away from traits related to “insane” villains whenever you want a fleshed out and sympathetic antagonist. While they have their place, they’re vastly overused, largely unsympathetic, and are generally an excuse to not bother writing a consistent character.
Motivations, stepping stones, and goals.
Since sympathetic villains aren’t evil for the sake of evil, they must have specific actions or goals which are villainous and something powerful driving their villainy.
Finding the right motivation for your villain can be tricky. Abuse and vengeance are rather popular motivations for antagonists and protagonists alike, and while they can still be done well, they are far from the only motivations a villain can have. Here’s an incomplete list of some, perhaps more interesting, motivations...
Love, for someone who will benefit from their end goal.
Fear, of someone, something, of some concept.
Betterment, for the world as a whole.
Responsibility, for someone, place, society, action or tradition.
Devotion, to a higher power, controlling force, or concept.
Keep in mind that these motivations can (and should) be combined to create something heavier and harder for the villain to ignore!
Stepping stones and goals.
For this section, we will refer to goals as the final, end result the villain wants to achieve, and stepping stones as the intermediate things the villain must accomplish in order to achieve that final goal.
Both of these may require evil actions, but it’s not necessary that they both be villainous in nature.
Evil stepping stones can lead to good goals. These villains are often the most sympathetic, because their end goal is the same as the heroes — the villain is simply willing to go farther and commit more heinous acts in order to achieve this goal.
Any stepping stones can lead to (misunderstood) evil goals. This situation is often created by a villain whose past pain or distorted view of life makes them believe strongly that their evil end goal is a good and worthy outcome. These villains often motivated by the same desires as the hero, but they believe those desires will be reached by this evil end goal. 
Basic human actions.
Sympathetic villains are above all, human, (or at least, aliens and mythical species which reflect the basics of humanity.) They may have goals which are villainous, or they may be willing to do villainous things to reach their goals, but they have decent, even desirable qualities too. These can come across in the most insignificant places, or in small hints at humaness.
Some random examples:
They get tired, sometimes downright exhausted. They yawn. They wear bright colored slippers.They take naps in weird places. They drink too much coffee. They work themselves past their limit.
They get excited over perfectly human hobbies and likes. Maybe it’s a new ice cream favor, the premiere of their favorite soap opera, a sport, a book series, a cute pet. They have some normal and relatable desires on top of their primary, potentially villainous, goals.
They have lives they care about. This could be specific people, like their family, but it can also encompass more than that. Maybe they get along really well with old people or children. Maybe they go out of their way to rescue wounded animals. Maybe they have a vast group of people they want to protect or support. What it is, they have connections into the world and want to do right by them.
They have academic leanings. They have a deep love for something valuable to humanity: for historical sites and monuments, or pure-hearted scientific research, or libraries, or religious freedoms, or medicine, or art, or astronomy, etc.
They have quirks. They ascribe to their own style. They use funny words or phrases. They have nervous habits. They reference That One Show way too much. They sign their name with extreme care. They pour glitter on everything they own. They carry little mind teasers around, or accidentally leave their crossword puzzles lying everywhere.
They don’t always know what they’re doing. They get confused. They stumble to find solutions. They don’t always have the right thing to say or the answer to every problem. (They still get the slip on the hero, but they work for it, just like the hero does.)
They experience the full range of emotions. They’re deeply sad, and they cry when their heartbreaks. They laugh with affection and joy. They’re angry in a rush of pain and aggression. They tremble and scream when they’re terrified. They exist through a huge spectrum of emotions: joy, love, grief, fury, fear, melancholy, and more.
Character development.
The best sympathetic villains aren’t static characters. They change, they learn, they develop. If your villain is heading for a redemption arc, that development may be positive growth, or if they’re heading for destruction, it’ll likely be a negative down slide.
As always, the key to character development is to present your character with hard choices and steep consequences. Allowing your villain to struggle with these choices — no matter if they choose to grow, stay the same, or become less moral — makes them more fleshed out and sympathetic.
Sympathetic villains are, first and foremost, fleshed out characters. They are not inherently better or worse people than the heroes, but they are driven to villainous actions because of complex and often genuinely moral motivations.
For fun, you might want to try this exercise: Think about your heroes. How could you turn them into the villain of the story? What motivations would they need to have? What goals would they take on? How would their fundamental humanity remain the same throughout the process, and what influence would it have on their actions? What choices could you present them with to either set them on a redemption arc or drive them to be increasingly more villainous?
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sbcalin · a year ago
Tumblr media
My Ideal High-Value Man:
When I say I take the LOA seriously, I mean it! I have always been very organized and diligent about my personal growth and having healthy relationships with people. I learned a hard lesson 2 years ago about being consistently firm with my boundaries in ALL of my relationships—but especially with men.
I always kind of had an idea of what I wanted, but it wasn’t until I wrote it down (on paper and in my phone), like Elena Cardone suggested, that I began to see results.
Since I’ve created this list, I have only been approached by men that check off most of these boxes. Sometimes low-value men sneak a peak, a compliment, or attempt to get my number, but they know that their chance with me in non-existent.
I would recommend this to everyone to do for every kind of relationship. In order to level up, you must be willing to refine details of your life. In order to do that, you’ve got to start being real with yourself, asking the right questions, and clarifying EXACTLY what it is that you want.
These are just some of the qualities and characteristics that I want. I update it fairly often, but I am very consistent in what I imagine. This is how I found my current SDBF and while he’s not perfect, we have the best relationship that works for the both of us. I met 2 billionaires (one who’s in legal trouble, but good for gifts 😒) and one who’s “tired of being a playboy” and wants to get me a new apartment, so that I don’t move away + to show me that he’s serious about dating me. Like I swear once you start showing up in life as if you deserve the best of it, it’s all yours.
ALSO! I recommend writing down a list for yourself as well. In order to attract the kind of high-value man that want, you will HAVE TO SHOW UP as a high-value woman yourself. What do you have to do differently? What kind of woman does your ideal man want to be with? What does she look like? How does she treat herself? What are her core values? How does she communicate? Is she well-read? Etc.
[OK I updated this because the lovely @brownskinblair reminded me that when you focus on what you don’t want, you get more of just that. Keep ya words positive and in favor of what you want. 💞
follow on IG @glo.guidance
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radiosandrecordings · 8 months ago
Okay NSFW but I love ace based humour where the punch line isn’t actually mocking towards the ace person and domestic jongerrymartin brain cannot stop thinking of this scenario where like 
Right so when writing JM and JG I’m used to not having to worry about The Allo Agenda because both of them individually respect Jon so there’s never any sexy content. But with JGM it’s two allos one ace. So I’m imagining like. Gerry and Martin have some kind of an elaborate chart of times where they’re home and Jon isn’t because they don’t want to bother him or something, and I can clearly imagine Gerry nodding severely at the chart and going “Well Martin, we did it. We found the fabled Sexy Times.” 
When Jon finds out he’s obviously like “I wouldn’t have minded?? I would have just sat in the living room and read a book or something, just because I don’t want to be involved doesn’t mean you can’t do what you want in your own home” but he also thinks it’s very sweet of them that they respect his boundaries that much 
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kimtaehyunq · 4 months ago
BlueKooBerry [JJK]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
BlueKooBerry [Jungkook x Reader] ⟶ Credit: @kimtaehyunq​ ⟶ Genre: Smut | 21+ | Boyfriend!Au | One Shot ⟶ Warnings: pwp, streamer!OC, bluehair!jungkook, use of some korean lingo, boyfriend/streamer!jungkook, light praising, sensitivity/overstimulation, condom sex, semi-rough sex, blowjob, cuddle session, semi-edging, squirting, jungkook is written as a cute boyfriend, dirty talk, etc ⟶ WC: 10.2k+ ⟶ Summary: Your adoring boyfriend, Jungkook, surprises you with a brand new hairstyle before your trip to visit him for the weekend. He’s excited to see you, feed you, and give you exactly what you want.  ⟶ Beta: Thank you again Miss @ppersonna​ for taking your time and reading through my shenanigans! Also a big thank you to @joontopia​ for helping and submitting ideas into my fic/head as well! You’re both super amazing! ⟶ Teaser: “Y/n, I thought you were a good girl? Look at me.” ⟶ Author’s note: I want to thank @jeonsweetpea​ for assisting me with Korean phrases inside this fic and your patience with my rambling! I had a burst of inspiration to write blue hair jungkook after his first vlive, and then he hits us with mint right after. I did lose momentum, however I ended up pulling through! Also I am in love with my banner.
Tumblr media
Your hands are fast with folding each delicate article of clothing, turning over the pieces neatly inside your suitcase to fit as much as you possibly can. Bubbles rise inside of your stomach, excitement brewing your nerves at the thought of finally seeing your boyfriend after a month.
Jungkook, your loveable and adoring boyfriend, lives a bit of a distance away from you. Nearly over two hours by car to his place from yours. He and you both are well-rounded variety game streamers on Twitch, popular enough to make the front page a few times in your career – though Jungkook definitely draws in more of a crowd than you do now.
The funny thing is you still remember about the first time you actually saw his channel, long before you and he even had met. One look at him and you were already skeptical. The first initial impression you received from the spunky stranger complaining about how his strategy for his on-going game for StarCraft is “god-tier” already put a strange distaste to your mouth. He was cute, but something already ticked you off – something you couldn’t pinpoint. But it didn’t matter then, each person has their own preferences of likes and dislikes. And at the time you didn’t think much of it, didn’t vibe with it, and eventually moved on to the next stream to watch in your downtime.
Until one day you realized that among your inner friend group of other participating streamers, Jungkook was actually friends with a handful of them! And you found this out only in the middle of your live stream, partying up in a lobby for a strong competitive, yet fun, game of proximity chat Among Us. Where suddenly, a user named ‘GguksElement’ logged into your community-based Discord channel and automatically you knew – you remembered.
Then you hear him. A voice that perks your ears.
His voice came through your headphones, echoed inside of your head. His character side-stepped left and right across your screen as everyone loaded up into the ten-person lobby. You remembered him; you were curious about him – especially being a slight newcomer into your group. At least… new to you.
Let’s just say the rest of the stream involved of either you and Jungkook arguing over wanting the same color of their person, putting out a personal vendetta against another to either purposely sabotage and throw another under the bus for whichever purpose or aggressively heading straight for one another to kill them off from the round when either one of you were the imposters. It created entertainment for the fans and your stream’s community, great fun laughs between everyone in-game with you, and heated tension that you had to play off as an act toward Jungkook.
Simply, he had some magical way of easy access to get directly under your skin for no apparent reason and it annoyed you to no ends.
However, to end such a miraculous night, both you and Jungkook managed to be imposters at the same time. Which granted the two of you an easy win by the way you two continued to point fingers at another and your entire lobby was filled with clueless innocents, either really enjoying the bickering too much or fully confused on who actually was murdering off each crewmate.
From there you thought, “he isn’t so bad.”
As time passes by of course, you and Jungkook become closer. Sharing group games that slowly turns into co-op games with just the two of you. The random and occasional flirty antics falling out of another’s mouths – err… or over keyboard through text.
Now, both you and Jungkook are well established in a semi-long-distance relationship. Playing games with another almost every other night and on some weekends one of you decides to travel to the other and spend some physical, quality time together. It works out, each of you are able to maintain your streaming schedules while still giving another the undivided attention one seeks. Profiting off your communities enough to live comfortably alone. And who knows, perhaps one day after being together for some time, Jungkook and you probably can merge your living spaces together!
After tucking in your last piece of clothes into the tightly stuffed suitcase you zip up everything inside and double check the mini list you have written down in the notes application of your phone.
“Toothbrush, tooth paste, hair brush, extra socks…” You’re momentarily distracted from receiving a text banner as it pops up on the top of your screen, the mention of Jungkook’s name a flood of words following suit. Though you ignore the text initially to deny the full diversion. “Charger, night clothes –“
Another text alerts you of Jungkook’s presence, grabbing your attention again to admit defeat and read the messages.
[ Punkkook : Hey! What time do you think you’ll be leaving? I’m about to start up stream shortly and I won’t be using my phone much if you needed me. ]
[ Punkkook: I have a surprise!! ]
You squint at the words, already curious on what he’s talking about in regard to the ‘surprise’ he is mentioning. Is it a surprise for you? A surprise for the stream?
[ Y/n: I’m leaving in about 5 minutes. 😊 What surprise?? ]
You smile as your phone lights back up in more than a minute later, as you’re grabbing the keys to your car and making sure to lock up all areas of your small apartment.
[ Punkkook: You’ll see when you get here! ]
[ Punkkook: Drive safe! I’ll see you soon babe!”
Aimlessly, your body moves to the trunk of your car to place your suitcase. You round back to the driver’s side and hop in, turning the key into the ignition to start up the vehicle. Upon placing your phone on the cradle attached to the vent above your dashboard, you plug in Jungkook’s address and set up your much needed driving playlist to the Bluetooth. Just as you are about to back out of your small parking spot, a notification pops up on your phone from the Twitch app saying ‘GguksElement is live: BLUEKOOBERRY STREAM’.
You click on the notification out of interest, especially how you don’t identify what a bluekooberry is – thinking maybe it’s a new game or new addition to the directory options on the platform. At first you notice the skyrocketing viewers, hitting thousands in the first initial minutes of his stream which only shows a countdown with a customized overlay and background music to amplify his arrival. You find out how not only just you but a handful of other people don’t understand the meaning of the title, maybe it’s a new gig Jungkook is trying out for his community or something.
Something you actually never expect to see happens as his stream finally transitions from his countdown overlay to a Just Chatting cover. There, you and thousands of viewers witness for the first time, Jungkook sporting a fresh-cut of bright blue hair. Almost completely in contrast to his typical and well-kept black locks.
He sits there in the middle of finishing a tasty, colorful salad while welcoming random listed names that greet him, thanking the new subscribers and donations that continue to blink across the screen. While you on the other hand sit in the driver side of your car, foot still firmly pressed against the brake pad with your mouth gaping wide open in shock. As if you were blinded from your own senses, your fingers rip the device from its cradle and begin typing away with caps lock in the chat.
Jungkook sees your messages, thanks to the highlights of you being a moderator in his chat. They spam and scroll up his feed too quickly, resulting in him manually scrolling back up to view your messages.
“Oh,” he smirks while chewing a leaf of his food. “Hi, Y/n. You were supposed to be driving right now. I timed my stream to when you said you would be on the road.” He giggles to himself as he reads more and more comments of viewers ultimately freaking out over his new hairstyle.
He waits for your next response, searching for it through the heavy flow of chat. You pop up again, font still in caps lock and highlighted to draw his attention. Jungkook cannot help but smile at everything, you must be in complete amazement.
“Surprise! I have blue hair now!” He smiles wide, cheeky even, after scrunching his nose up and laughing at your adorable reactions. “You were supposed to see it when you walk in the door! It would have been great content for the stream!”
You’re persistent to figure out all the details. Why so suddenly? He’s never spoken to you about this and you know he loves his black hair. Is there a reason for just on a whim? Why blue? You love it but you’re so in shock you cannot register anything just yet. Almost to the point you’re not even sure if it’s his actual real hair and you start calling out ideas like ‘it's gotta be a wig’.
Jungkook, the multilingual king, bounces back and forth between English and Korean chat – responding to everything he chooses to. You understand some phrasing and words of his native tongue but purposely Jungkook uses more diverse and intense vocabulary words to cover up the simpler ones you already know, so you listen intently as he talks to his chat.
“Y/n,” he speaks suddenly with a pout. Using his chopsticks to point at the camera as if he is talking to you and only you, “Stop watching and start driving. Don’t make me wait any longer for you.”
It takes all of it inside of you to exit out of his stream and turn on your directions again. You must keep a clear head while driving, especially going on the highway. But the excitement of going to see Jungkook is at a whole new high for you, so completely invested into figuring out what his motivation is to change his hair so drastically. Plus, you miss him dearly. 
Travelling these next two hours will drag, you already presume it. However, you know deep down it’s always worth it. 
Tumblr media
The sound of Ariana Grande’s soprano voice cuts abruptly from your speakers the moment you shut the engine off of your car. Your travels took longer than anticipated due to heavy traffic and an exit blockage that re-routed you to a detour, adding on an extra twenty minutes to your commute. During your agonizingly long drive, all you could think about is the anticipation of seeing your boyfriend.
You scurry yourself to gather your belongings, brace yourself around the parking lot of Jungkook’s apartment complex to his front door. Luckily, he entrusts you with a secondary key due to the number of times you’ve been over already. So with one fluid motion you slide the key into its designated slot and twist the handle open.
Warm, vanilla scented air hits your senses first. A comforting candle collection you know Jungkook to have, always reminding you of him whenever you catch a whiff. You escalade yourself up the set of stairs after shuffling your suitcase in through the door from behind you, listening in to the audible noise of Jungkook speaking somewhere from inside.
“No! Aish! Go, go, go!”
Jungkook talks into his microphone to his teammates at whichever game he is currently playing, it sounds intense. Maybe some shooter game like Apex Legends or even Valorant – the man is so amazingly versatile in all types of games it’s unfair.
You meet the top of the stairs, looking into the first room you see which so happens to be the lounge and find it vacant. Knowing that Jungkook’s gaming setup is placed inside the office room to your immediate left, you stroll past the cracked door straight into his room to leave your suitcase on the floor beside his bed.
After kicking off your shoes the pads of your feet bring you to the office, Jungkook’s den – or lair or even you can call it a mancave. His secondary home basically, he seems to live in this room more than his actual bedroom.
The door pushes open by the pressure of your hand and you tip-toe quietly to his side. You view him from the back, the gaming chair taking up most of his body besides the headset and magical blue hair on the top of his head. You bite your bottom lip with excitement, coming close to touching him when Jungkook spots you in the display of his stream on his second monitor and whips his head around to greet you. His chat floods with emotes and masses of text that call out your name.
“Y/n!” He smiles wide, showing off his full set of beautiful square teeth and gorgeous eyes. His fingers remain preoccupied on the mouse and keyboard, but urgently he’s fast to speak into his mic to say he’s going to find a hiding place inside the game. The second his character turns the corner and crouches behind a barrel Jungkook jumps up from his chair and engulfs you in his arms.
Jungkook places fleeting butterfly kisses sporadically around your face and lips, squeezing you because he isn’t ready to let you go just yet. Luckily the video capture doesn’t catch above either of your shoulders, preventing his community from seeing Jungkook practically eat your face off with smooches. As much as you adore the attention, especially how long overdo it has been, you reluctantly push Jungkook’s chest softly to back him up and readdress his stream.
“Jungkook, you’re streaming!” You laugh, “Get back to the game!”
He unmutes his mic, immediately speaking back to his friends and apologizes to his Twitch chat at the momentary interruption as he sits back down. You know the proper delicacies when it comes to streamers, making sure you’re not being a distraction by all means. Slowly you head over to the miniature futon against the nearest wall and out of frame of his camera to sit down and marvel at Jungkook’s side profile.
Your eyes continue to stare in awe at the colorful hair now on his head, so curious about it. On your phone you open up Jungkook’s stream and mute the volume, typing away in chat to some random viewers to pass your time and timing out people who say inappropriate dialog in the chat. But you’re not left alone for long because Jungkook is too distracted with you being right next to him that he prefers to create small talk with you while still playing his game.
“How was the drive?”
You shrug in your seat, “It took longer than normal because of traffic. But it was decent!”
“I’m happy you’re here.” he grins when he glances over at you. “I ordered us some food about twenty minutes ago, should be showing up soon.”
“Oh yum! What did you order?” You continue to stare over at him, eyes scanning his luscious strands of cobalt. Eyeing the way his lips purse while he’s playing his game.
The voices in Jungkook’s headset can be heard, you’re positive one of his buddies are playfully telling him to stop flirting with you and to get his head back in the game. But he doesn’t care, he knows he cannot help it. He wants to spend as much time with you as possible.
“Did you bring your laptop at all? I was thinking maybe you’d want to join some of the games?”
You shake your head “Nah, not this time. I’m alright with waiting and watching you. Plus I could always watch Netflix out in the lounge if I –“
Jungkook grunts quickly with a short whine “Y/n, no,” he drawls as his eyebrows furrowed. “I can end stream a bit early tonight, they already knew you were going to be here this weekend for the spring festival tomorrow.”
“Don’t do that on my behalf,” you giggle. “Keep playing your games, no need to rush.”
He’s skeptical but holds his tongue, focusing his eyes on the screen before him while he rushes into enemy territory. You find it cute how invested he is with his game, head turning slightly with the angles of his character – as if he is actually experiencing the simulation.
“Drag the futon over here. Come closer.”
“Really?” You look at his profile quizzingly, “Why?”
“I want you closer.” He smirks, “Hold on.”
Instead of giving you the chance, Jungkook rises from his seat once more to tug at one end of the place you sit and slides you closer to his gaming setup. He does it so effortlessly that you’re shocked while holding yourself against the cushions to secure your need of staying in place. He grunts like a satisfied jock who just lifted double his weight at the bench press, but you know he’s over exaggerating as he gives you a playful side-eye.
You try your best to lean out of focus of his camera regardless of having no place to hide. “You happy now that I’m closer?” you shake your head with bewilderment.
Jungkook hums his approval as he sits. He’s quick to point out his chat, some viewers speaking in Korean text and nearly impossible for you to read fluently with how fast the speed of them fly by on the monitor. Over your self-taught lessons and miniature lectures with Jungkook you can only understand some things but not all.
Jungkook snickers at the sheer confusion crossing your face when he only speaks out in his first language to you, “여기 봐, 너 예쁘대.” (yeogi bwa, neo yeppeudae)
“What?” you blink. Only one word, maybe two, do you actually understand. It sounds similar to the word ‘look’, but the rest of the words he speaks do not register in your brain.
He begins to snicker, turning to you and repeats himself, “예뻐, 예뻐, 예뻐." (yeppeo. yeppeo. yeppeo)
You have a moment of determination of wanting to whip out your translator application off your phone and record the words coming out of his mouth. But knowing Jungkook, he’ll automatically stop his shenanigans the moment he figures out what you’re doing. But for now, he continues to parrot himself. Repeating phrases that sound slightly similar to the next but you’re left stunned and ultimately confused. He loves your puzzled face, giving him more of a reason to tease you with his language. 
“Jungkook please!” You’re sitting back with your arms crossing your chest. There’s a smirk playing on your face but also a small hint of annoyance lacing with your body language. “What do you keep saying? I don’t know it.” 
He’s dragging out his syllables now, pointing over to you when he can before his current match finishes up the round. “자기야 너무 예뻐, isn't she?” (agiya neomu yeppeo, isn’t she) Jungkook looks into his camera, quirking his eyebrow and mocking a meme-like face. 
You’re leaning closer toward his monitor to read his flowing chat, catching English words of complimenting praises. “What are they talking about?” 
Jungkook exits his client after bidding his farewell split from his party. He redirects his attention back to you, reaching for your hand to hold with his. “You’re very pretty,” he states calmly, “My chat has been complimenting you and i’ve been agreeing with them.”
You give him a pensive look, snorting at the compliment. “Oh, for some reason I thought it was a joke or something.” You shyly turn to the chat with a small wave, giving a small thanks to his community while a creeping pink blush colors your cheeks. 
The doorbell rings, alerting the two of you of your awaiting foods. You’re the first to offer to gather the delicious nourishments, more excited to see what he had gone out of his way to buy. In the meantime of you coming back to his gaming room, Jungkook switches his stream back to a Just Chatting overlay to prepare for an ending segment. 
Two full bags dangle from each of your arms, with two tall plastic cups of boba tea inside each palm. Animation portrays through your eyes with a spark of excitement. “Kook, how much did you order here? There’s enough for five people!”
“I’m a hungry man,” he laughs. Assisting you when he can, he clears up a safe surface to place all the bags. “Some of it is for later so I didn’t have to keep using DoorDash. Leftovers basically. But I also ordered a handful of things to have you try as well.” 
“What type of food do we have here?”
“Lots of Korean dishes. You’re going to experience the best food on the planet. We have kimchi dumplings, seaweed rolls, bulgogi, tteokbokki, some soups and ramen. I got you your favorite boba though, I know you like taro flavor the most.”
Jungkook hungrily eyes all the foods slowly being placed around the area, mouth salivating at all the delicious smells floating about the air. As he and you set up everything delicately and away from any potential safety hazards of accidentally getting something on his gaming setup, the two of you slowly pick apart pieces of the food while discussing the topic you’ve been wanting answers for - his blue hair.
Between chewing, Jungkook says “So, I haven’t discussed the hair yet. I figured we can do this now before I end the stream because everyone has been so curious. It’s nothing major, honestly.” 
“Yeah, I’m really curious. I had to keep myself from touching it to make sure if it’s real. You should have seen my face when I saw you on stream earlier.” 
“That was the plan, so everyone could see your reaction on my stream. It would have been great content!” He smiles into the slurp of his noodles, “I wanted to see your face! Reenact it for the crowd?” 
You exaggerate a mock-up expression of shock, gasping while placing your palm over your forehead. The two of you crack up in a fit of giggles, poking fun at another while Jungkook tries to feed you portions of the food. 
“So tell us, Jungkook, why the sudden change from the infamous black to the notorious blue?”
Jungkook takes a swig of his own boba tea before clearing his throat and staring directly into his camera above his monitor. “Because, well,” – he lends back with arms wide open – “I’m JK.” He winks with a saucy expression, wiggling his eyebrows until he breaks his act from the way you immediately cut at him with a whine. 
“But seriously!” You smile at his silliness, mad that his tactic of being funny and cute still makes you smile from ear to ear. 
Jungkook rolls up his sleeves of the white long shirt covering his arms, revealing one bare and one fully tattooed. “Actually, I grew bored and wanted something new. Over the years I’ve had several different styles, but I hadn’t gone to a fully new color. Some highlights a few years back, but that’s about it. Everything else was mainly just the way I styled it. I went with the risk and stuck with it.” 
He’s reading comments while you carefully lift a small piece of meat up to his mouth with your chopsticks. It’s cute how comfortable and natural it seems to feel while feeding him freely, he doesn’t need to even glance down at the food before opening up his mouth to happily accept it. 
“I really do like it. Will take me a bit to get used to, but it looks really good! Why blue though?” 
“Hm, I like blue. I also like how the color fades. I don’t think it will look bad or need constant upkeep.” 
You nod at Jungkook, smiling at his interactions with his chat and how much he puts his efforts into caring for his community. He continues to talk among them, having random debates and discussions with the thousands of people watching. His favorite topic to comment about has to do with his gamername and why and how he came out with it. Element reminds him of an abstract place, a home where he feels himself sitting inside. ‘Gguk’ being a natural translation from his Korean spelt name, where many people at first used but as time went by and more friends are made, the correlation of the sound ‘gguk’ became more of a ‘kook’. It didn’t bother him one bit, he honestly goes by either or.
While he continues, you’re busy testing out all the new foods displayed in front of your eyes. They are all delicious and you cannot believe how much stuff you have been missing out over the years. Without noticing, you had gone through a great portion of the bulgogi beef, a flavor so delectable that it has you craving more and more. Jungkook notices with panic, pleased that you find the food tasty, however he’s quick to pull the meat aside from you. 
“Hey, hey! Save some for me will you! Aish!”
Tumblr media
Jungkook is patting the cushion beside him with urgency, his palm firmly slapping the seat in a rhythmic fashion to beg for you to hurry up your pace. You saunter over to the overly plush sectional couch inside the lounge where Jungkook resides, inside his makeshift ‘cuddle-fort’ that he prepped with pillows and blankets as you were changing into your night clothes. He relaxes back in his oversized carhartt grey tshirt and draw-string mesh shorts for optimal comfort, hair exposing his forehead at the way his neck is propped against the back of the sofa. 
“Y/n!” he whines out with a pout on his cute lips. 
“I’m here!” you shake your head at his small act, laughing at the way he skeptically glances up at you with a deeper frown on his face. 
“No you aren’t. You need to be in my arms first!” 
You place your phone besides his on the closest end table before kneeling along the lengthy couch to scootch yourself over to your boyfriend. He widens his positioning, making room to slot you next to him. You fit perfectly against Jungkook, sliding your frame like a puzzle piece cut precisely to fit him. 
You nuzzle yourself close into his chest, arm coming across to hug at his waist. He’s warm and smells delicious, a light hint of laundry detergent still lingering on the fabric of his clothes. Jungkook fills those roles of utter comfort, something you couldn’t have imagined at first prior to experiencing them for yourself. The way he typically dresses associates a stereotypical element of bad boy mixed with gamer-nerd, who has a strong sense of style and hygiene. He looks almost contrast to the softer parts he rarely lets out, only to you. 
“What type of movie do you want to watch?” you question, tilting your head up to look at him. 
The pad of his finger is quickly directing commands through the remote device in his palm of his fully tattooed hand. He breezes through the options of services, from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, you name it - Jungkook most likely has it plus more streaming sites under his belt. 
“I’m thinking horror, you’re good with that right?” 
You nod your head with a hum, “Yeah. I’ve probably seen a lot of them though. Anything new maybe?” 
Jungkook chews on the skin of his lip, concentrating on the television screen. He flickers through endless movies to see for the most recent released or updated films. “Do you have a preference with language? There’s a few new Korean movies or we can focus on these English ones instead?” 
“I really don’t mind.” Your head rests against his chest while you watch him navigate on the applications. “Are we going scary-scary or like comedy-scary?” 
“You like those comedy-scary ones better.” He smirks, “You want something to laugh at because it’s stupid or not as scary as the movie promises.” 
There’s no denying the fact he states, instead you giggle with a shrug. Jungkook sighs, smiling to himself while rubbing his hand against your arm. He manages to jump around his streaming site until he finds a few titles that stick out to him. However, he points out with recollection when he remembers the 2009 film, Jennifer’s Body, and how it seems like an ideal movie choice for tonight. 
“Not directly spooky but still has some moments where it’s pretty messed up. Funny scenes and has a massive amount of silliness laced inside the plot. You’ve seen it?”
“Ah, I remember that one! It’s been a while since I've seen it but I'm cool with picking it.” 
Jungkook and you settle more into the cushions after he turns the movie on. The two of you divulge yourself into the beginning sequence, relearning the characters who act as the best friend named Needy and the cheerleader turned succubus named Jennifer. Time passes as both of you figure out the plot within the movie, commenting on what is tied to what, how things should have gone, and even laughing at some of the ridiculous one-liners. 
Strangely, some sections of the movie seem to have… moved you - and more on Jungkook’s behalf actually. Even though both of you analyze the film before your very eyes, there’s a hidden sexual tension aspect to the movie. Affecting the small but very evident sexual tension that radiates between both you and Jungkook. 
You figure this out due to the playful undertones of Jungkook’s comments. His cuddles become closer, he leaves small pecks to the top of your head unprompted, even lulls his head against you as he fixes himself into ultimate relaxation mode. He feels complete tranquility with you in his arms, so entirely homely with you that his senses are tingling all over. However, the key component that confirms that Jungkook is feeling a similar way to how you are feeling is the presence of a growing bulge inside his shorts which you had accidentally applied pressure to as you lean over him to reach for your phone. 
He inhales sharply, hips jutting back because he isn’t expecting that sort of contact to his nether region. His response only makes you laugh at the situation you find yourself in. 
“I…” your breath catches in your lungs when you look into his deep chocolate brown eyes. He stares down, ignoring your own iris’ to favor the color of your lips instead. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.” 
“It’s ok.” He stutters between the few syllables. His hand engulfs the side of your face delicately, smoothing over your cheek with his thumb. Jungkook’s voice comes out lower than usual, “I really have missed you. I hate being away from you for too long.” 
Slowly, Jungkook leans himself to press his lips onto yours. He takes his time, disregarding the gory sounds of Jennifer Check ripping apart a body on the surround sound system throughout the lounge. Your lips mold against his soft kiss, smiling at the small noises that come out of his nose. 
He tastes as expected, a small hint of leftover kimchi mixed with the moisturizing pomegranate lip balm applied to his smooth lips. Jungkook steadily loses himself into you. Drinks your mouth up like a deprived man, needy for your touch… sounds.... Your everything. 
His tongue meets yours, tenderly. Swiping the wet muscle against yours with leisure. You happily accept the exchange, moving yourself more on top of Jungkook to fix the craning of your neck. Jungkook sighs at the contact of your fingers dragging through his roots, scratching patterns of circles into his scalp while tilting his head to meet yours. You sit comfortably in his lap, knees straddling each side of him as his arms roam around your body with fleeting touches. 
The movie continues into its deeper, and pointless plot - but neither of you have a care toward it anymore. Instead, you forget all that’s around you. Letting yourself become completely vulnerable and satisfied with your extremely talented boyfriend pinned below your body while making out with him. 
Your fingers knot tightly into the styled blue hair, comfortably grinding your hips down against his lap. For a moment you nearly forget to savor the low - almost inaudible - groan that rumbles from inside Jungkook’s chest. 
But you hear it.
You tease another constantly with your tantalizing tongues and playful lip bitings before gradually sliding yourself down lower. You start by kissing the side of his mouth, confusing him as you pepper more smooches down the length of his jaw and neck. His heartbeat runs fast, innerly showing his excitement of the matter. But his beautiful, breathless and melodic tunes that escape his parted lips vocalizes his fever. 
“I want to taste you.” You whisper as your hands play at the elastic of his shorts. Your knees find the floor below the couch, giving you the proper leverage to crouch before him. “May I?” 
Jungkook nods with a hum, leaning back some into the seat as your fingers curl around his shorts and tug them down enough to release his dick. He flops helplessly against his abdomen, color red at the tip and shiny from the precum. It curves so alluringly, the perfect arch that nails you straight in your gspot every single time he takes you in certain positions. Saliva pools inside your mouth, the appetizing treat before you surely has your core tightening with anticipation. 
You melt at the shuttered exhale that comes from Jungkook the moment your fist wraps around his cock and you shift your wrist. You haven’t even placed your warm, wet mouth on him just yet and he’s already giving you those high pitch whines that you crave to hear. 
“S-Sensitive,” he grits through his teeth, eyes falling shut. He relishes in the sensation your hand gives as you squeeze around him.
The precum that leaks so effortlessly out from his cockhead provides the slickest of natural lubes you can ask for, allowing your fist to guide from base to tip in fast and fluid motions. You’re sure to leave teasing kisses to the tops of his knees, trailing your lips to the tops of his thighs but never touching them to his aching cock. 
“You’re so hard,” you comment as you stare up at him through your lashes. The innocent act you begin to play only turns Jungkook on more. “Are you hard because of me?” 
Jungkook’s fingers twitch at his sides, gripping onto pieces of the blankets and cushions as he tries to retain control. “Yeah,” he groans with a bob of his Adam’s apple, “you’re so fuckin’ pretty like that.” 
You blink up at him, biting down on your bottom lip. “Pretty like what?” 
Jungkook’s eyebrow ticks up in the corner, a reaction you know as skepticism - you’re positive he doesn't appreciate having to think harder with the situation he’s currently in. You smirk at him with a small giggle, leaning your mouth closer to his cock as you speak your next words. 
“I must be beautiful when I do this then?” With your tongue, you lick a small strip up the side of his cock. You taste that flavor of salt and skin, hoping to get more sounds out of him. 
His jaw slacks slightly, mouth twitching from wanting to express his words. “You are beautiful all around.” 
You praise him with a kiss against the coated head of his cock, using your tongue to swipe against the small slit. Jungkook’s hips involuntarily rut up toward you, chasing your lips for more contact. 
“Y/n, please.” He whines, moving his hand to cuff around the back of your neck. His eyebrows furrow when you pull away, allowing his hand to drop to his thigh instead. 
“No, no. I want to take things slow.” 
Your grip tightens around his shaft, squeezing to replicate a ‘pulsing’ sensation as you stroke his length up and down. Jungkook flinches with the sensation periodically, twitching from all limbs as he accepts the fact you’re in all control of his manhood. Several times do you speed up just to slow down and draw out his musical moans from his mouth. 
He nearly chokes out loud once your mouth reattaches to his cock after he’s gotten used to only your hand – cursing your name along with a few Korean profanities. He grabs your wrist to prevent you from moving anymore, breathing heavily from how worked up his body has become. 
“Please, don’t tease me anymore. I’m so fuckin’ hard right now it’s starting to become uncomfortable.” 
“I’m sorry… I just want to make it last.” You smile innocently, but deep down you deviously enjoyed the particle edging you’ve given him. 
“I can go all night, babe. You know this.” He chuckles with a small huff, winking down at you. 
You flatten your tongue against his cock suddenly, licking up and around his reddened bulbous head. The urgency and hard suck you give him after has him falling back into the cushion and tightening his grip around your wrist. 
Your fingers uncurl around the base of his shaft, moving enough to link fingers with Jungkook instead as your mouth does all the work on his stiffened dick. Wet sounds escape from your lips, saliva gathering around the edges and slowly leaking down your chin. You take him whole, hollowing out your cheeks in the process as you feel the tip of his cock tickle the back of your throat. Harsh breath exhales through your nostrils, evening your pace as you bob your head up and down to take him in. 
Jungkook applauds you with light pets and praises, groaning at how pretty your mouth looks wrapped around him and envisioning the way he’ll disappear into your cunt later. His eyes gloss over the television screen momentarily, seeing a scene of both Jennifer and Needy seemingly - and innocently - experimenting with another in a fruitful kiss. It’s nothing compared to how your nose kisses his pelvic bone at the same time, forcing a jolt from his hips and plunging his cock deeper into your throat. 
“Sh-shit!” he moans out loud, feeling the closeness of his orgasm rapidly approaching. 
You choke out, head flinching back as your mouth sputters around his twitching dick. His other hand comes swiftly to your head, hooking his thumb under your jaw to lift you off of him. Your eyes are the first thing he notices and how they glisten shiny tears, ready to break the brims and fall down your cheeks. 
“Babe, are you alright? I’m so sorry!” 
You smile with a hum, leaning your head into his palm. Your lips make contact with the closest piece of skin, working your kisses up the expanse of his thumb until you suck it inside your mouth. Jungkook’s dick jumps at the action, arousal still seeping through every pore of his body. He tests you, applying pressure down onto your tongue with the pad of his finger. 
He smiles with how fast you comply and the way you’re so willing to suck even harder. “That’s it… that’s my good girl.” 
Jungkook thinks you’re turning over for him, being so obedient and not resisting. However, without giving him more thoughts on what he should do with you now, you pull away agonizingly slowly with a pop of his thumb. You stand from your knelt position, hands running up his thighs and to his chest. 
Once the moment of confusion crosses his face you decide to tell him, “I want you inside of me.” 
You teasingly linger your stare down at his neglected cock, biting down on your bottom lip. Before Jungkook could reach up to grab your waist, you’re already disposing yourself of your top. It flies onto the space next to him, and then you’re quick to unbutton the loop of your pants with a step away from him. Slowly you backpedal yourself as you playfully take off piece by piece of your clothes, dropping them down on the floor until you reach the corner to his bedroom. 
His stare never leaves your form, drinking you up from toe to head. He admires every piece and angle of skin you reveal, too distracted by the scene before him to actually register how you’ve completely walked away from him. 
You sprint excitedly into his bedroom the moment your bare body steps behind the wall after you bend down seductively to take off your undies and kick them to the side. The thrill of a quick chase has your body vibrating, quickly hopping on top of Jungkook’s bed and already playing the bashful game. 
Jungkook’s footsteps speed their way toward you in a hurry, you can hear them fast on your trail. He enters through the doorway, a hand secured around his cock as he waltz himself through. You hold a pillow across your frame to prevent him from seeing your naked body again, acting shy by covering up your goodies. He whines briefly but enjoys the little game you set up. 
“Hey, babe.” You smile coyly, unable to hold back the smile. “Funny meeting you here.”
He stalks himself slowly to the edge of the bed with his hardened dick inside the palm of his hand. His pants slide off along with his briefs, taking slow languid tugs at his cock. His head tilts to the side as he analyzes you, eyes scanning up at all of your exposed skin and imagining the way his mouth wants to kiss every inch of it. 
“Wanna show me what you have going on under my pillow?” He nods at you, jaw slacking a bit. “Those legs look really sexy. And after what you did to me in the lounge I think I deserve to see what you’re hiding, babe.” 
You giggle at him, tongue poking out as a taunt. “Only if you join me.” You give him a pointed look at the shirt that still occupies his body. “Take your top off.” 
Jungkook tsks you, rolling his eyes as he tongues the inside of his cheek. His hands are quick to lift his infamous carhartt shirt up and over his head, revealing his firm set of abs and chiseled pectorals. For a gamer, you almost – semi – expect him not having such a sculpted body before you… but Jungkook brakes that stereotype completely. His entire body is well toned, as it should be considering how he spends his time outside of gaming and hanging out by working out every single muscle of his body. 
Your eyes are glued to the way his abs protrude out and your mind wishes you spent more time licking them up. His arms are defined, strong and muscular – making it seem easy for him to carry all of your weight if you let him. His thighs jut out with thick muscles, flexing as he shifts foot to foot. Everything about Jungkook just simply looks… hard. How could you have gotten so lucky? 
He has no shame, wearing a cocky grin and protruding a darkness with his eyes as he marvels all of his glory at you. The blue hair adds a new flare to the look, complimenting some of the scattered colored tattoos along his body. 
“Now what was it that you wanted, Y/n?” 
You lick your lips, legs rubbing together to ease the tension growing between them. “Come here.”
Slowly, Jungkook creeps up the bed with soft giggles, smirking along with your nervous and bubbly laughter the closer he gets. His hand grabs at one of your ankles, slowly yanking your leg out as he continues to move up. 
“Remove the pillow,” he playfully growls as his hand runs up your shin to your knee, slotting himself between your prying legs.
Jungkook grips the pillow as he leans down between the two of you, laying his body flush to yours. The moment he reconnects his lips with yours his hand rips the pillow out from between the two of you, allowing both of your heated skins to touch. 
He’s hot against you, warmth enclosing and heating you up even more. The two of you lazily kiss into each other's mouths, your hands running up his shoulders and back into his hair. Jungkook groans with satisfaction, slowly rolling his hips to add friction to his cock that sits between the two of you. 
You’re quick to bite his lower lip, sucking it in before releasing it. You peck him once on the mouth before his hand snakes up your side to capture your boob. He squeezes it, leaning down to engulf your entire nipple inside of his mouth. His tongue flicks over your hardening bud, tempting him enough to suck harshly at the piece of skin. 
You keel at the sensation, a sharp cry bolting out of your mouth. He continues to suck, smiling at the lewd noises coming out from you. Jungkook kisses your skin around the taut nipple after releasing it from his grasps. 
“I love hearing those sounds and,” – his hips give a particular thrust down onto you – “I’m going to love that way you’re going to say my name when I fuck you.” 
Jungkook loses himself in the feeling of his rutting that he accidentally slips his positioning down, forcing his cock to slide down against your pussy. The two of you gasp, hormones screaming from all fibers from your beings and begging the two of you to fully connect. 
You lock eyes with Jungkook who looks just as bewildered as you feel. There’s a nonverbal communication that speaks between the two of you, a daunting moment that clouds each of your visions because lust consumes your thoughts. 
Jungkook’s cock aligns before your entrance, itching to push through your tight hole and asking to stretch you out. You nod slightly, hips tilting up to edge him further and gesturing for him to push back. 
Slowly his cockhead pressures against you until it finally inches through and rests still. His jaw drops with a quiet moan, eyes shutting as he takes in the feeling. 
“Jungk –” 
“– I can’t. I need a condom.” He laughs, the sigh that exhales from him comes out with a shiver. “Holy fuckin’ shit. I’ll nut so fast if I entered you all the way like this.” 
He’s quick to pull out the portion of his cock he has inside of you while both of you smile at the minor altercation. Jungkook leans up toward an end table to pull a drawer open, shoving his hand inside a shiny plastic box and fishing out a foil packet. 
“Do you want help?” you smile up at him as he kneels between your legs to slink the rubber around his aching cock. Jungkook winces slightly at the pressure, but he knows the condom will help delay his impending release. 
“Just keep looking like that,” he stares down at you, eyes eating up all of your nudity. He admires the work he’s done to your one tit, a raw redness decorating around the surface. Once his eyes trail further down he finally gets to view your spread-out pussy, lips glistening from the excitement that’s been pulsing through you. 
His fingers press against your clit, rubbing small circles around the bud while watching the way your cunt clench around nothing. He swallows thickly, mesmerized at the sight before him. 
“You’re such a dirty girl. Strip teasing... deep throating my cock…” he chuckles at the way your hands come up to squish your tits together. “Looking so gorgeous below me. I almost have half a mind going down on you and edging you on like how you did me. But that’s not what you want, right?” 
You shake your head frantically, “No, I want you now. Just you.”
“You do look a little needy.”
“Jungkook,” you breathe, sliding your hands down your abdomen and grabbing hold of his arm. “I want you inside me.”
He’s aligning himself quick, stroking his cock between your folds to gather up more essence before pushing back into your cunt. Jungkook’s palm latches onto your side, using his strength to pull you into him with each thrust as his other hand takes your wrist and pins it down to the side. 
“Mmm, you like that? My pretty girl happy to have me inside her?” 
It starts off strong, rough. He towers over you, swiveling his hips to steady a rhythmic pace as his cock impales you with each hit. His beautiful blue hair falls in front of his face as he grunts with determination. His jaw clenches tight, you can by the way it strains against his face, making him have more of a distinct outline. 
“Ah, ah!” you moan wantonly, getting used to the fast speed Jungkook sets. Your free hand comes to anchor yourself on his bicep, trying to hold yourself in place. 
Jungkook watches his cock submerge into you, “Look at you, taking my cock so well. God, my girl is so good.” He coos as he leans down closer to better angle himself for a slower, more deeper stroke.
Your legs hook around his waist, locking your ankles together. You feel the way his pelvic bone rubs against your exposed clit, massaging you in a way that has all your nerves riled up and a coil in the deep part of your stomach begins to tighten. 
His lips favor the ample skin of your neck, forcing your head to the side to make room for his. “Keep making those noises for me,” he nips at your earlobe, licking a stripe up the outer shell of your ear. “I want you to say my name. Tell me how good it feels.” 
You had no time to register the demand he asks you before you find yourself doing exactly what he bids you to do. Jungkook hits you with a particular thrust, angling himself up and dragging his cock roughly across your gspot that has your legs tightening around his waist and back arching up. A deep, guttural moan releases from your mouth, a cry of pleasure resounding the air around you. 
He smirks against your skin before his hands hook behind each of your knees and shift them forward to hook around his shoulders. Jungkook bends you like a folding chair, your legs coming near the sides of your head. All his weight settles on top of you as he pistons his cock into you with ferocious speed. 
You feel a hot wave of self-consciousness from the way he watches your face contort from the rapture you’re undergoing. Your body is sticky, the room has become agonizing stuffy, and you’re positive your face is completely flushed with crimson blush - though Jungkook doesn’t mind this one bit. He devours the way you look, enjoys how aroused your pretty little face looks because of him. Once you turn to look away from his intense eye contact he’s already calling out your name, begging you to look at him. 
“Y/n, I thought you were a good girl? Look at me.” Jungkook continues to tease your cunt with his cock, shoving himself entirely inside of you to the hilt.  
He feels the way your pussy sucks him in with light convulses, walls hugging every side of his shaft. The pressure of him fully inside aches your core in the sweetest, yet most daunting of ways. You have no room to wiggle from under him by being fastened down to the mattress. This has you whining out, begging for movement and requesting for him to continue before your creeping orgasms ebbs away from you. 
You pant out with a  voice a few octaves higher than usual, “Jungkook, please. Please move, oh my God.” Your eyes remain screwed shut from the extreme pleasure consuming your lower parts. 
“Look at me while I’m fucking you.” 
Your eyes glance up to his, mouth parted from trying to catch a breath. You’re beautiful, stunning even. Jungkook just wants to see the bliss that dresses your face from the way his cock impales you, wants to know how good your body feels when he tries his best to give you what you want. 
“Keep your eyes on me,” he says with a slow stroke. Your mouth drops open with a silent gasp from the movement. “Am I going too rough for you?” 
The thought that crosses your mind has your pussy clenching around his member. Jungkook feels the way your body talks to him, but he needs you to speak it to him instead. 
“No, it feels great! I’m just a little embarrassed from how great it feels I guess.” 
Even though that boosts Jungkook’s ego a bit, he understands where you’re coming from. Together you smile but laugh at the way Jungkook takes the praise in a cocky manner and you wish to yell at him about it. 
“I’m not going to lie” – Jungkook licks his lips while clearing his throat – “I was like three thrusts away from cumming.”
“Why did you stop yourself?”
“You looked away and I thought maybe I was going too rough so I stopped to check if you were alright.” 
Your brain short circuits for a brief second from not understanding. “Jungkook… I,” you exhale with a giggle. “I have no coherent thoughts from the way you’re fucking me because it’s that good. I do need you to move though because I was getting close myself.”
Jungkook smiles that wide, bunny-like smile at your words. He leans down to give you a kiss but also to hook his hand around your jaw to keep your face forward. There’s no words spoken between the two of you while Jungkook picks up where he left off. He begins to slowly pull himself out only to sink back in with fervor. 
The initial plunge has a mouse-like squeal escaping out of you, turning Jungkook on the brink of no return. He pursues his path toward his release, already feeling the urgency to completely lose himself. All he needs to knock him completely off the edge is seeing your face flushed and begging for him. 
He grunts with all his might, banging his hips against the underside of your thighs. Jungkook’s cock glides so freely in and out of your slippery pussy as he literally piledrives into you. The bed rebuttals below the two of you with loud creaks and headboard tapping a pattern into the wall it’s pushed up against. 
“Ah, fu --” he whines out, chasing his rolling orgasm. He stutters out as his hips become sloppy the last few thrusts, “아 씨발!” (a ssibal!)
Jungkook holds you close to him as he halts inside of your cunt, dick twitching vigorously as spurts of his cum empty into the rubber shielding his cock. His breath fans over your leg, lips coming close to nibble on your skin as he relishes in the release. 
His eyes lazily peek through the corners down at you, blinking slowly. “Want me to eat you out?” 
You cringe at the thought of tasting latex and you don’t wish for Jungkook to have to go through that himself. You move a leg off his shoulder in favor to hook around his waist again, doing the same with the other after he moves his mouth away from it. 
Instead of him going down on you, you shake your head as you speak, “Flip over.” 
Dick still within to you, Jungkook swoops his arm underneath your back to briskly swap places with you. His head flops onto the pillow, hair fanning out and small droplets of sweat bead around his fringe. 
You feel his cock slightly limp inside of you, however the feeling of him stuffed and still residing in your cunt still turns you on enough to roll your hips into him. Jungkook looks dazed as he stares up at your body, eyes trailing over every curve and edge of skin. With the pressure of your clit rubbing down onto him you feel your nerves sparking. 
There’s a mess of your natural slick all over the seat of Jungkook’s lap, making the glide of your humps so much easier to convey. The faster you gyrate your hips the more you notice Jungkook’s face squirm. 
His hands flutter on top of your thighs, fingers pressing down into your skin as light whimpers come out of him. 
“I’m almost there, babe.” You promise to him, heavy breaths escaping out. “I know it’s sensitive for you.”
“I feel like my dick is vibrating right now,” he snorts. He looks up to you with honesty and a small gleam of tears in his eyes. “It’s just a lot but it’s ok, just feels like… overdrive. Let me help you.”
His tattooed thumb comes up to the junction where you’re connected, placing the pad of his finger straight onto your clit. He flicks it in figure-eights, as if he were using a controller to direct his character in-game. However, he’s actually directing you to your ending and undoing but both his joystick and deft mannerisms. 
You flinch at the sudden contact, hands finding purchase to his chest as you continue to rut your hips to his hand. There’s a sudden wave of arousal that seeps out from below you, you’re not too sure what it was until you find yourself crying out loud your feelings. 
“Oh god, oh god, oh –” 
The climax blinds you for a split second, forcing your nails to dig into his pecs as your body spasms and tightness above him. Your hips have a mind of their own, continuing to roll and roll into him until you come to. 
There’s a mess below you, and no… not just Jungkook looking like he’s just worked out. You see a small glistening that reaches up to the top of his abs, some spilling down the sides of his waist. Jungkook’s eyes and mouth are wide with wonder, staring down at your cunt that just spat out juices all over him. 
“Was… was that me?” You’re trying to calm the racing heart inside your chest with slow breaths. 
There’s silence between you and Jungkook, making you turn suddenly sheepish awaiting his reply. 
He nods slowly, mind completely as pulpy as yours must be. “Yeah… that, that was all you.” He looks astonished at the scene before him. “I-I didn’t know you could do that?”
“It happens once in a while,” you shyly speak. 
You start to sit up off him but his hands pin you down by your thighs. “Wait, just… stay here for like a minute. I just want to admire your pussy right now.” 
“Jungkook!” you playfully slap his chest. “Stop, now I'm embarrassed!”
“What for? That was amazing! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about!” He looks at his tattooed hand all coated in your liquid, watches it shine and decorate his skin and on the ink. “I’m like, really turned on about this.” 
He looks back down to your cunt and swollen clit. “You are so pretty, Y/n.” 
You involuntarily clench around him from the complement but you are quick to blame it on the rush you feel to get off of him after being interrogated by his piercing stare. A nervous laugh comes out of you when you thank him, moving yourself off his lap and lying down next to him. 
Jungkook has to lean up and over the edge to pull the condom off of him without spilling the contents inside, tying a knot into the end and disposing it in a trash can beside him. He turns back over to look at you, hand coming to rub along your arm. “I’ll go get a towel and clean us up. I need you ready in twenty minutes.” 
“Twenty minutes? Twenty minutes for what?” 
Jungkook is already stepping out of his room as you watch his naked behind disappear through the door frame. He shouts back a reply with a cocky arrogance to his voice, “I told you I can go all night! I want to see you squirt again!” 
You roll your eyes, “Jungkook!”
Upon his return to the bedside with a nice fluffy towel in hand and a glass of water in another he tells you that he’s only partially serious about what he said. However, he continues to give you suggestive looks and asks for answers to if you’d be willing to go another round. 
“You sure? I’m really good with my tongue, you know that!” He smirks with the scrunch of his nose. He moves closer to you after laying down, arm slinking around to pull you into his chest. The two of you don’t bother redressing right now, preferring to hold another in a naked embrace instead.
“As tempting as that sounds –”
“– So it’s tempting?” he winks. 
You squint your eyes at his remark. “I’m good for now. Besides, we have all weekend together!”
Jungkook places a soft kiss to your forehead, sighing into the smell of your hair. “We do. But don’t be surprised to find my head between your legs in the morning.” 
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved under @kimtaehyunq​ - do not copy, repost, modify, edit, or translate any of my work without my direct consent. This tumblr is the ONLY place my fics are posted.
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yanlovex3 · a year ago
Touch (and be touched)
💌Yandere!Tomura Shigaraki x F!Reader💌
3.3k words
After meeting someone immune to his quirk, Shigaraki discovers that it’s nice to touch and be touched. TWs for: Noncon | Rape, Molestation
1/3 plot 1/3 feeling u up 1/3 smut, shigaraki grabs the whole tiddy!, noncon, short plot, i don’t know when this fucking takes place in the manga, and i cba reading again to find out! Use your imagination, readers emotions are not potent in this and it is suggested she has a delayed reaction, shigaraki’s skin condition is treated with respect and is mentioned briefly, safe but nonconsensual sex
From this ask
(A/N): this reminds me so much of how i used to write it’s uncanny. like the same formula and shit. oh well, it’s a pretty good formula for yandere fics what can i say 🤷‍♀️ 
You first meet him at the store.
It’s an unconventional place to meet a villain, however, you don’t exactly realise he is one at first.
You both need to look at the same aisle. It’s late, you just want to run this errand and be done with it all so you can go home and collapse in bed. Someone over the speaker says that it’s closing in ten minutes. Great. You still can’t find your usual lipgloss, it’s the last thing you wanted, you’re almost out of it -
That man has been standing awkwardly behind you for the past five minutes. He’s been so quiet that you assumed he walked off but turning slightly means you can see him in your peripheral vision. Oh dear. Your fatigue has made you impolite.
“I’m sorry, did you want in here?”
You awkwardly take a step back.
“Ye-ah,” He rasps, also appearing to feel awkward. “Do you work here?”
It would make sense to think that. You’d been rummaging through the makeup section for the past five minutes. It doesn’t help that your t-shirt is the same colour as the worker’s polo shirts.
“No, but I usually shop here, so if you need to find anything...”
You look at him. He has piercing red eyes and a mop of whitish hair that covers most of his face. There’s scarring underneath, below his eyes, at his lips - knowing the times, it’s probably something to do with his quirk.
Alarm registers within you. It can’t be Shigaraki, right, that villain you saw on TV? The man’s always got a hand covering his face. It was true that you were visiting a store close to the area of activity but - surely not?
Villains have to shop too, you guessed, but what were the chances?
“I don’t know. I was looking for something to help with dry skin.”
He states it rather bluntly. It feels like you’re caught in a strange moment, where you’re both so tired that you don’t care about what’s shared between you.
His hands also look dry when he sticks them out, going through the lip balms. There’s scarring at the edges of them as well, they look pale, calluses at the edges of his fingers.
“If it’s a quirk thing, you’d be better off seeing a dermatologist.”
“So nothing here would help?” He says, eyeing you curiously.
You shake your head. “I didn’t say that. Just try the internet first. Tons of people have probably already solved your problem. Use their work. Everyone’s different, though, so...”
You trail off, feeling like you should stop talking.
He doesn’t say anything. Instead, he puts down the balm he was holding and takes one long, hard look at the shelves.
From the rack, a lipgloss falls to the floor.
You both reach for it at the same time, his hand falls over yours, all five fingertips, pure accident -
And nothing happens. Your skin doesn’t crack. It doesn’t even look dry or dead over the part where he touched, which is usual for the first few minutes after he touches skin.
“Sorry.” You say, putting it back into place.
“Hey, what’s your quirk?” He quickly says, attempting to make eye contact with you. You refuse it though, feeling too uncomfortable to give in.
“It’s a kinda bad immunity quirk,” You respond, still pretending to be focused on the products. In actuality, you’re terrified, you’ve heard things about the League Of Villains and quirk-stealing. “If someone touches me while using their quirk, it doesn’t affect me. Gotta focus really hard to turn it off if I ever want medical attention.”
You feel like you’re blabbering about things he doesn’t need to know, nor does he care about. He’s still looking at you though, expecting you to say more.
“And, uh, I guess I can turn it back on them with a weaker version?”
Wait, just in case this man is a villain -
“I could never become a hero. What am I supposed to do, hold hands with the bad guys?”
Yeah. That’ll insure you.
You throw in a snort to lighten the mood. It doesn’t really work. He keeps staring.
The store is now closing in five minutes.
“Well, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you.”
You back out of the conversation, speed-walking down the aisle towards the checkout with your basket swinging by your side. Faintly, you hear a, “Bye.”
Three days later and you need to go shopping again. Same store as where you met the guy. Already, you are able to acknowledge the mistake of telling a potential villain that you usually shop somewhere. It was something you threw in to establish a more casual tone but it was a foolish move, especially given that nothing could’ve truly lifted the uneasiness of that conversation.
You always have to do your shopping at night, which is mildly inconvenient. Then again, going to shops at night is always a surreal experience. And there are less people.
You’re looking through the ready meals. Yeah, you can cook for yourself but there’s bound to be at least one time in the next week where you just won’t be bothered and -
The man. Is back. Again.
He peers over at you, palms pressed against the lid of the freezer, fingers lifted cautiously above it.
“Hello.” He greets.
You need to play it casual.
You’d googled the sightings of Shigaraki. This man matched up perfectly, just minus the hand. He’s dressed head to... ankle in black, his red shoes standing out from the entire look. Looking at him again confirmed your suspicions. The facial scarring matches up to the patterns you saw beneath the hand.
“Hey.” You respond, deciding to keep looking through the meals.
“How are you?”
He’s still talking to you?
“I’m okay. Yourself?”
“I went on the internet. I’m trying things.”
You hum in approval. “That’s good.”
He’s still there but he isn’t saying anything at all. It’s disturbing to say the least. He’s not too good at carrying the conversation, it seems.
It feels like, throughout all your other shopping ventures in the store, you keep running into him. Or, he’s always at the end of the aisle, always just passing by, masking it as if he’s looking frantically for something.
With anxiety building, you check out as quickly as possible and step outside into the cool night air.
You exit the store’s vicinity and move faster through the alleyways before a figure slams you against the wall.
There’s a pang in your neck, there’s hands on your body, all over your body, there’s the sound of your items rolling out of your bag as you drop it on the floor, fading, becoming distant.
Then, there’s simply nothing at all.
Shigaraki’s introduction to you when you wake up is brief. You feel physically ill when you see him. He smiles widely, wishes you a welcome in a voice that’s all too chirpy for your liking. You ask him why - why you of all people?
“I had to have you,” He says. “I wanted to know what it’s like. To touch, really touch flesh without decaying it.”
You’d gazed at the floor throughout his reasoning, eyes skirting around the edges of the room to observe.
It’s not too bad. You’ve stayed in motels worse than the place he’s keeping you in. You suppose the decor is lacking in this place (it looks to be a hotel room complete with an en suite) and there’s not much to do but it’s comfortable enough.
You accept the situation rather quickly.
Or perhaps your reaction is just delayed.
Shigaraki possesses strength, even if his quirk isn’t effective on you. He could use his quirk on other people in your life, it’s the one thing he keeps threatening to do. You sit in the dingy room and try to act like you’re not bothered or scared or anything like that, but those red eyes pierce right through you.
When he leaves you to your own devices, you’re lonely. You think it all out and find that you’re more willing to behave for him if he’ll just let you have some form of entertainment. At one point in the afternoon, all you did was mess around with the bar of soap in the bathroom, letting it slide up and down the sink like some sort of ceramic skate-park. You took a nap. You looked through the mini fridge and found something to eat. You looked out every window and tried to figure out where you were. You searched the entire place for an escape route. Finding none, you took another nap.
He comes to you that night, when you hear light footsteps in the corridor outside.
Minutes earlier, you’d looked at the clock in the room and acknowledged that at least one whole day had passed since the beginning of your captivity.
When he comes in again, you perk up and plan to ask him for things to do.
Tomura smiles from behind his hair. He’s happy to see you as well.
You’re seated on the edge of the bed and he walks right up to you, taking your hand, holding it.
You hear him whisper something. It’s barely audible.
“... hold hands with the bad guys?”
It’s certainly strange, yet, you let him do it. There’s a childlike wonder within his touch, how he clasps all five fingers around your hand. Eventually, he moves on to interlocking his fingers with you, squeezing down until it hurts. When you start to wince, he loosens his grip.
He places a lazy hand on your shirt. It starts to disintegrate immediately.
So he moves to your arm, running his hand up and down in a caressing motion.
“This is... nice,” He confirms, squeezing around the top half of your arm. You can hear him take a deep breath.
“But it’s not enough.”
He pinches your shirt, seeming to consider something for a moment. Then, he takes his other hand to the opposite side of the shirt and tries to pry it off you.
You clamp down your arms. “H-Hey, I’m not really sure...”
Without looking up, he mumbles, “(Y/N), we were made for each other.”
Tomura tries to lift your shirt up again, this time more aggressively.
“Let me take it off you. Now.” He hisses.
He stares at you, maintaining eye contact until you eventually put your arms up, realising the nature of the situation.
If you didn’t let him take your shirt off, he’d just end up disintegrating it and then you’d have nothing to wear. In a way, you appreciated his thoughtfulness.
So that leaves you sitting in your bra and your jeans. Shigaraki takes a seat next to you on the bed, reaching over to undo the button on your jeans.
You stop, and shakily stand up to unzip them. He can’t take his eyes off you slowly revealing your panties to him.
You feel cold in more ways than one. There are chills all over your body. You don’t want to do this. You don’t have a choice. Or do you?
“Can’t we just... cuddle?” You try, holding your jeans midway down your thighs. Because that’s what he wanted, isn’t it? Touch?
“After.” He replies.
He tucks his silvery hair behind his ears, trying to remove any pieces that disrupt his view.
Your toes dig into the carpet. With your teeth gritted, you pull your jeans all the way down and step out of them along with your socks, almost falling over in the process. Because every step just feels numb, like your legs aren’t quite there. It’s as if your body has registered exactly what’s going to happen but your brain still has to catch up.
You’re still watching him, in a daze, not exactly believing your eyes, your mind. This could all just be a nightmare. Perhaps you did get home safe last night and you’re really in bed right now, oversleeping.
His hands dig into your waist as he reaches out while he’s sitting. All five fingers painfully claw at your flesh, unmoving in relation to each other but slowly going deeper into you. Your breath hitches because his grip is unbelievably strong and it almost feels like he’s going to break your skin with his nails.
When Tomura pulls away, he takes a moment to admire the way your complexion shows the evidence of his marks. You think, on one side, there’s a little blood. You can see it on the tip of his finger, but your own body feels frozen and you can’t recognise the pain.
“Take everything off.” He says, leaning forward to see.
Anxiously, you move your fingers to your back to unhook your bra. It takes a while for it to fall away due to the reluctance of your arms to move. The cold air causes your nipples to perk up.
Shigaraki’s hungry eyes eat the entire display up. His hands twitch at his sides, looking to grab, looking to grasp, but he restrains himself.
Eventually, you slide your panties down your legs. Your legs are closely clamped together throughout the entire ordeal, but they do fall to the floor once they get far enough down your thighs.
You’re fully naked now. Tomura gets up, drinking in the sight before him. Knowing you can do nothing (because of course, you run the very real risk of him destroying everything you’ve ever known), you let your arms hang by your sides as he feels you up.
The first thing he does is grab one of your breasts, allowing his whole hand to feel every part, massaging it, pinching at the nipple. He twists, revelling in the way you gasp for him. Then he takes both of your breasts into his hands at the same time. He flexes his hands around them and readjusts until they’re mostly contained within his palms.
“Perfect fit, you see that? We really are made for each other, (Y/N).” 
He whispers it out with awe, letting out a ringing laugh as he makes a few extra squeezes.
“And as for down here...”
You’re powerless as he slides his hands all the way down to your hips.
“I could feel every part of you with every part of me.”
His touch runs rampant over your body, pressing down in many locations until he’s satisfied. It’s like he’s the one that thinks he’s dreaming, trying to convince himself that you won’t fall apart when he touches you with all his fingers at once.
You stay silent. You’re not sure what to say at all. It’s pointless to beg him to stop.
But you really want to try when his hand starts nearing your pussy.
He starts by gripping both your thighs, spreading them apart from each other, practically kneading into your doughy flesh with his iron grip. His pinky digs in especially hard.
Tomura slides one hand up your thigh until it reaches your cunt, prodding with his fingers at the slit and separating your folds. Your breath hitches as he pushes two fingers in, thumb lightly placed on your clit. He starts to plunge them in and out of you until a good amount of slick has built up, dripping between your legs when he pulls them out.
You hear him walking behind you, his light footsteps on the matted carpet. The purpose of this visit is to just grab your ass, see what it all looks like from behind. An experimental stroke of your back has you shivering with goosebumps all over.
“I want to do it on the bed.”
It’s like a demand. Meekly, you shuffle towards it, standing at the edge before tentatively taking the initiative to lie down on the mattress and over the covers.
You stare blankly at the ceiling as you hear him kicking off his shoes and removing his pants. It’s one of those old, hideous popcorn ceilings. There’s patterns to be found in it, though, and you trace them with your eyes.
There’s a faint rip of plastic as Tomura puts the condom on and you immediately thank whatever forces are watching over you for that small mercy.
It doesn’t take long for Shigaraki to climb on top of you. It seems that he’s kept his shirt on, rather conservatively.
His cock is hard. You don’t see it, but you feel it being pushed up against your folds. He’s breathing heavily above you, hair hanging from his head as you make eye contact.
Finally, he starts to enter you and he goes in so slowly that you can feel every ridge of his shaft. As he sinks into you, he allows his body to lower until he lays right on top of you. Tomura’s presence is smothering. Your only saving grace is his forearms which keep him propped up but your faces are still so near due to the highly intimate position-
“Put your arms around me, (Y/N).” He whispers.
Your arms feel like lead. You can barely manoeuvre them on top of his back. They end up thumping down on him.
Tomura begins to thrust, trying to drag them out to be as lengthy as possible without removing his body from yours. Being so close means that he’s in deep, every one of his shallow thrusts hits you in just the right place. Even with your jaw clamped down, a moan still manages to escape your mouth. When it does, he leans down and kisses you, his scarred lips grazing your own gingerly. It’s hardly a kiss but he builds up the confidence to try again when he sees you gasping from a hard thrust. This time, he goes deeper, pressing against you and exchanging the heat. His tongue explores your mouth for a transient moment. Then, it’s gone.
“Hold me closer.”
He doesn’t seem to mind that you’re not talking much. Glee flashes across his eyes when you firm up your embrace, bringing his clothed chest down to meet your naked breasts. It seems that the thing that matters the most is that you follow his commands.
You’re beginning to feel horribly guilty about what’s building up between your legs, a foreign heat that has sweat running down your forehead and short pants coming from your mouth.
Tomura has no problem keeping up his pace. He runs one hand through your hair and caresses your face with the other, letting you shiver and writhe freely. You feel yourself clenching down on him no matter how much you try to block the feeling out. Now, with every thrust, it’s like there’s little sparks of electricity soaring across your body. They reach right to the tips of your toes, and all the way up to your murky thoughts. All you can focus on is him. He’s so close.
You involuntarily throw your head back when he starts to lift himself up more, pistoning his hips into yours ruthlessly. You can hear the slap against your flesh and the lubricated sounds of your pussy. A blush rises to your cheeks.
It would appear he’s close to his orgasm.
It’s not ignorable- you are too.
He pauses, face alight with ecstasy as he cums. After a few seconds, he looks down and forces himself to make a few final thrusts into you.
You look into his crimson eyes all the way as you finally clench around him and cum. He keeps going for a few seconds to allow you to ride the orgasm out and then he collapses on top of you, panting.
Tomura stays there, not moving a muscle, just breathing you in. Again, he runs his hands through your hair, cherishing the way it doesn’t fall apart at his touch.
All he says is, “Let’s stay like this.”
And you do. Because in the end, you have no other choice.
My Kofi
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yourplayersaidwhat · 2 years ago
Names Have Power in the Feywilds
Background: My party consists of a tabaxi rogue (me), a tiefling bard/ranger, a lizardfolk cleric, a half-elf wizard, and a dragonborn barbarian/fighter. We have just spent the last in-game week preparing to enter the feywilds. We were specifically warned NOT to tell anyone our full names, since names have power when spoken by the fey. Our extremely flamboyant tiefling likes to announce himself wherever he goes, so he was given a specific pseudonym to use during our stay.
Tiefling: *approaches the front gate of a satyr village, waving amicably to the gatekeeper* HELLO! My name is Umbra Sicario- you can call me Umbra if you like- and I’m-
Tabaxi: *grabs him by the ear and drags him away from the gate, hissing between her teeth* WHAT. IS. YOUR. NAME.
Tiefling: *confused* OW! Well I just told him I-
Tabaxi: YOUR NAME. The name you were SPECIFICALLY told to use while we are here.
Tiefling: Let go and maybe I’ll remember! I… oh…
Tabaxi: Yeah. Good job, WINSEA. Now give me your hand.
Tiefling: *rubs his ear with one hand and lets her take the other*
Tabaxi: *writes WINSEA on his palm, gives him back his hand, and smacks him over the head* Practice it. Remember it. And don’t be such a dip****!
*Both walk back to the gate*
Satyr at the front gate: Umbra Sicario, huh? Well, Umbra, I think I want to see you dance.
*All facepalm as Umbra is forced to dance uncontrollably until the satyr lets him go*
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jadequeen88 · 5 months ago
Accidental Valentine
Tumblr media
This is my fic for The Citrus Dome Server Lover’s Day Literature Collab! Please go check out The Masterlist and support all of the amazing artists and writers that have contributed.🖤
A/N: WHEW guys... I don’t think I’ve put this much work into a fic EVER. I’ve been feeling pretty bad about my body and wanted to write a reader who struggled with it as well. Who better to boost your confidence than DILF Kiri feeding your praise kink?! I was heavily influenced by this amazing drabble by @rat-suki​ and got permission to use it as my inspiration for this fic.🖤 (for reference, reader is 30 and Kirishima is 42)
Thanks to @afictionalwhore and my dear friend Orchid for the beta read!🖤
RetiredProHero!Kirishima x YoungerF!Reader
Word Count: 5.3k
TW: size difference, oral (both receiving), daddy kink, praise kink (lots and lots of praise), TBH the sex is pretty vanilla but very passionate, both are insecure about their bodies.
When you trudged into work this morning, you didn’t ever dream of meeting your childhood idol/crush, but here you are, staring up at a beautiful mountain of a man. Eijiro Kirishima, or retired pro hero Red Riot, had never come into your coffee shop before and you’d never imagined he would. He was huge. Nearly 7 ft tall and built like a brick house. His hair was back to his natural black with flecks of silver at his temples and hung long and wild around his shoulders. He had on a pair of glasses and wore a dark maroon sweater and jeans.
Even though he’s aged, he looks just as handsome as the young man you fell for as a girl.
The year he made his debut, you were only six, and like most other six-year-olds, you idolized the pro heroes. Most of your friends loved Deku or Dynamite, but you always loved Red Riot. His smile, warmth, and his fiercely protective nature made your tiny heart burst with admiration. Throughout his hero career, you kept up with all of his interviews, the battles he’d been in, the awards he’d won, and his hero rankings. You’d also gotten as much merch as possible over the years and still wore your worn-out, oversized Red Riot t-shirt to sleep in. When he retired a couple of years ago, you still scanned articles online trying to gather bits and pieces of information about the hero, but he wasn’t one to seek out the spotlight. You think that’s probably why he’d always been your favorite. He was a true hero. Serving the citizens and keeping them safe was his top priority. You didn’t want to admit it, but you kept up with him for one main reason… You wanted to know if he was seeing anyone.
You remember being eaten up with jealousy when you’d see his arm around another woman going to galas and award ceremonies. Your sixteen-year-old brain knew that of course, he’d date women. He was a grown man and a pro hero. But your heart would ache, wanting to be the one his soft eyes and pointy-toothed grin was fixed on.
Now those same eyes were fixed on you, his mouth moving and forming words, but you were too star-struck to hear what he was saying. When you snapped out of your daze and remembered you were supposed to be taking his order, you were mortified.
“I-I’m so sorry sir! Could you please repeat that?”
“Sure thing!” his bright smile was hypnotizing, “Just a venti-sized flat white. Have you had your coffee yet? Ya looked a little far away there for a second, kid.”
Your heart leaped at the little nickname. “Yeah, sorry about that! I guess I should get a couple of shots of espresso in me before I try to be productive.” You chuckle nervously as you scribble his order on the cup and turn to make his drink.
“Oh, uhh…” he peeks around the counter to get your attention, “Do you need my name? For the order?”
You freeze realizing you forgot basic, barista 101 etiquette…
“Actually,” you face him, a sheepish grin on your face, avoiding eye contact, “I know your name. You… umm, were my favorite hero,” you blush, and your eyes widen in embarrassment, “you know when I was a kid...”
You turn back to your work, kicking yourself for being so awkward. 
“Really? I think you’re the first person to recognize me since ya know,” he circled his head with his pointer finger, “I stopped dying my hair..”
You turned your head to peer up at him through your dark lashes, a light dusting of blush still on your cheeks, “Well, I like it. It looks good on you.”
The retired pro’s heart was bursting at how damned cute you were. Was this pretty, young girl… embarrassed? Over him?! He watched your tiny hands move as they worked on his drink order, wondering how small they’d feel grasped in his massive ones. Your soft hair caught in the sunlight making you look like a literal angel and he sighed. You reached up to grab a canister from the top shelf and a sliver of soft skin between your t-shirt and jeans peeked through. His gaze became far away and he damn near drooled at the sight. Just how long had it been since he’d touched another woman? Kirishima wasn’t one for casual flings. He always got too invested in whoever he was seeing. So when he and his long-time girlfriend broke things off a couple of years ago, he wasn’t rushing back into the dating scene.
However, things were a little more… complicated than just not finding the right girl to commit to. He was getting older and it was starting to show. Over the past few years, he’d lost his confidence. He’s bulkier around the middle no matter what workouts or diets he tries. Overuse of his quirk has caused stretchmarks and scars all over his skin. He was starting to get crow’s feet and he was overall just TOO big and TOO hairy. He felt like some sort of gorilla walking around in human clothing. Kirishima isn’t stupid or trying to fool himself. A young, gorgeous thing like you wasn’t looking for anything from an old, washed-up man like him. But, fuck… It was nearly impossible for him to move his gaze away from your ass… Oh, the things he’d do to you if he were a few years younger...
You turned to look over your shoulder and notice his gaze… and it’s apparent that he’s checking you out. He looks like a man starved, eyes glued to your ass.
“Well, well, well… maybe he wasn’t so annoyed with my fangirling after all.”
When he realized you’d gone still, his eyes met yours and he quickly averted his gaze. His cheeks turned as red as his hair used to be. You busied yourself with the milk steamer to hide your big, goofy grin. With a new burst of confidence, you decide to take a chance and when you go to write his name on his to-go cup, you write
 “Big Red <3” 
You pause, bite your lip, and think to yourself, “why the hell not?” as you scribble your number underneath the nickname. You turn to give him his drink and your nerves almost make you retreat and make a whole new drink. Then he meets your gaze and your world stops spinning. His vermillion eyes crinkle at the edges as his scared lips turn upwards into a syrupy sweet smile.
When Kirishima takes his drink from you, your fingers brush his for the briefest second and he can tell they’re trembling. “Oh no, I hope I haven’t made her nervous or uncomfortable.” He wanted to go crawl in a hole… That was until he saw what you’d written on his cup.
He stammers, looking from the cup to your face like he’s checking to see if you’re pulling a prank on him or not. Before he can say anything, you bite your lip and look up at him. 
“I’m off work this Sunday. Just… if you’d like to hang out or something.” your gaze shifts and you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. 
After a moment or two, his face lights up in a huge grin. “Y-yeah, great!” he turns and walks a few steps, then turns around and motions at the cup, “So… I should just, ahh… text you?”
You giggle and it’s the sweetest sound he’s heard in a long time, “That would be nice, yeah.”
“Okay, great!... Talk later then!” He waves and leaves the coffee shop, feeling light as a feather and ten years younger.
Sunday rolls around and you spend the morning making sure the place is cleaner than it’s been in weeks. Your place was small but cozy. For a fleeting moment, you’re a little insecure about how modest your apartment is. You don’t know exactly how wealthy pros are when they retire, but you know he’s more familiar with much nicer places than yours. You decide he probably knew just what to expect on a barista’s salary and tried to put it out of your mind. You checked on the cookies baking in the oven. When you found out through your text conversations that he loved chocolate chip cookies with the large chunks of dark chocolate baked in, you went out and bought everything to make them the same day. You kept watching over them like a hawk to avoid burning them. They still looked pretty gooey, so you decided it would be safe to get changed into something a little nicer. Just as you were about to turn the corner into your bedroom, your doorbell rang.
“Shit!” you looked at your phone and sure enough, you let time get away from you. He was here and you were still in your cropped leggings and t-shirt, sporting a messy bun and dirty apron. You groaned as you realized you couldn’t leave him on your doorstep while you changed. Defeated, you hurried to the door.
You opened the door, hoping that you at least didn’t have flour in your hair, and looked up into the much larger man’s eyes. The realization that THE Red Riot was standing this close to you made your stomach flutter and a goofy grin slide across your face. While you stood there star-struck, he broke the silence.
“Wow, it smells amazing in here!”
“Oh!” you jumped a little then promptly ran over to your oven, “Sorry! Please come on in!” you said over your shoulder as you were pulling your oven mitts on. 
Kirishima walked into your cozy apartment and instantly felt at ease. He couldn’t pinpoint just what it was, but something about your place felt more like home than any place he’d ever lived before. As he finished scanning your apartment, his eyes landed on you taking the cookies out of the oven. The comfortable, domestic feel of the place coupled with your ass on full display as you bent down to remove the cookies from the oven had his jeans tightening. You stood up and he averted his gaze before you turned around, not wanting to get caught checking your ass out for a second time.
“Fair warning, I’m not a talented baker by any means,” you removed your oven mitts after placing the cookie sheets on the cooling rack and flashed a sly grin his way, “But when Red Riot tells you what his favorite cookies are… Ya kinda gotta make them, right?”
Oh… If you only knew how pent up this man was… he debated bending you over right then and there and fucking you until you couldn’t walk. He really hit the jackpot with you… a hot, younger woman with the perfect ass who bakes him cookies and for some reason thinks he hung the moon? Kirishima would have given you a ring right then and there if he didn’t think it would scare you off.
“Well,” he radiated warmth as he looked between you and the cookies cooling on the rack, “If you’re not the sweetest thing! I, ahh… might have gotten you a little something too.” he then held up a 6 pack of your favorite cider. “Because when Y/N, L/N tells you what her favorite cider is… Ya kinda gotta get her some.” he winked and you felt your knees buckle and your cheeks burn. You felt like you were in a fairytale.
Then you remembered that the princesses in fairytales definitely did not wear flour-riddled black leggings, old t-shirts, and dirty aprons.
“OH! Umm, I need to go get cleaned up. I’ll only be a minu-” his massive hand wrapped around your wrist as you walked past him. It covered half of your forearm and a shudder ran through you. You wanted those giant hands to roam every inch of your body.
“Please don’t,” his eyes were half-lidded and his voice was low, “...I think you look beautiful like this.” his calloused thumb traced little circles on your skin not meeting your gaze. His deep voice was impossibly tender.
Now that you’d felt his skin on yours, you couldn’t contain your churning desires any longer. You wanted, needed, more. Rising up on your tiptoes, you curled your fist into Kirishima’s shirt collar and pulled his face toward yours.
You felt him tense up for a moment, then relax into the kiss. His massive hands found purchase on your hips, digging into the pliant flesh there. A needy whimper caught in his throat spurring you on to deepen the kiss. 
It was like your bodies were working around each other in perfect harmony… lips parting at a slow pace, like honey dripping from the edge of a spoon and tongues meeting in the middle to taste each other. You both savored the kiss for as long as you could, eyes lazily drifting open and shared breaths causing your hearts to dance out of your chests. 
You saw him falter, his gaze dropping, and you feared that you overstepped. 
“Kirishima I-“
“Ejiro,” he stopped you with a hand against your cheek, “Call me Eijiro…” his thumb caressed your bottom lip slowly, back and forth. His touch held so much devotion in it.
“Eijiro…” you sighed, looking up at him with pleading eyes, “I need you…”
The giant of a man before you swept you up into his arms and began walking down your hallway. You quickly wrapped your arms and legs around his hulking frame as if you were climbing a tree. 
“Second door on the right,” you were panting into his neck, leaving sloppy kisses all over it. 
You blew a cool stream of air along his damp skin and felt him shudder. A giggle bubbled up from your chest at being able to weaken a retired pro-hero known for being a human shield against the worst villains Japan has ever known. Your little stunt resulted in a grunt and a firm, warning squeeze to your thigh.
“So that’s what we’re doing today, huh?” he tosses you on the bed just hard enough to make you bounce up a little… then he’s on you, placing light kisses all along your neck as he prods your sides looking for a ticklish spot. You can’t remember the last time you laughed this hard and the fact that it was your idol drawing it from you made you dizzy with joy.
“Mercy! Mercy!” you were breathless and your abdomen ached from the forceful laughs Ejiro was pulling from you. He blew a raspberry on your neck as a final tease then relented, sitting up to meet your gaze.
You were absolutely smitten. You caressed the lines around his eyes and the scar that split his lips as your eyes roamed across his features. Every crease, every scar… you wanted to kiss them all. When his gaze faltered and he pulled away to sit beside you on the bed, the feeling you’d done something wrong resurfaced. You sat up beside him and placed your hand on his thigh.
“Eijiro…” your voice was barely above a whisper, “I’m sorry, I know I can come on a little strong sometimes, and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I just…” your eyes meet and his gaze is unreadable.
“No, no…” his ruby eyes drop to the floor, “It’s just that,” he chuckles nervously, “Well, it’s been a while. I’m not very good with casual flings and the like. So I don’t really date much…”
You rise to your feet and move to stand in front of him. Sitting in front of you on your bed, you’re only slightly below eye level with him. You place your tiny hands on his thick thighs and nudge them apart so you can slot your hips between them.
“When I told you that you were my favorite hero,” you reach for his wrist and remove the hair tie from it, “What that actually meant was that I’d watch the news every day just to make sure you were safe.” 
Slender fingers move through his wild mane of silver-flecked hair untangling any knots, “It meant that when that villain with the sludge quirk put you in the hospital for a couple of days, my mom let me stay home from school because I was so distraught,” you pulled all of his untangled hair to the nape of his neck and began wrapping the hair tie around it.
“It meant that my silly sixteen-year-old heart would ache when I saw you hand in hand with a girl in a magazine going out on a date,” you grinned at how silly you felt admitting that. Once his hair was secured in a low ponytail, your hands trailed along his broad shoulders.
“Now that I’ve thoroughly embarrassed myself, I’ll get to the point.” your intense gaze held years of longing for the hero in front of you, “Nothing about this is casual for me.”
Tears pricked the corners of Kirishima’s eyes. Had anyone ever showed him this much tender devotion? All the years he’d taken beating after beating, a glorified human shield, content with leaving most of the game to his friends. He was all rough edges and bulk. He was the one doing the protecting every time. Even in his romantic relationships, he was the one who would give, and give, and give… never asking or expecting to be taken care of. Being handled with such care was utterly foreign to him and it stirred up a deep need he never knew was there.
“Eji…” his glassy eyes met yours, “Can I take care of you?” you sank to your knees, hands sliding up his thighs.
Your hands made quick work of his button and zipper. He shifted his hips upwards to help you ease his jeans down his thick thighs and you pulled his jeans and boxers down in one slow pull. Nothing would have prepared you for just how huge he was. Your eyes widened for a fraction of a second, wondering how you’d get that thing to fit inside your cunt, much less your mouth… but it was something you were eager to find out.
Looking up at him from under your dark lashes, you made a show of lewdly licking your lips. You flattened your tongue and drug the wet muscle from his base right above his neatly trimmed patch of black hair, all the way to the swollen, red tip of his head. You felt the powerful muscles in his thighs clench as his head rolled back and a delicious moan escaped his open mouth. Making your hero come undone with one lick to his cock was intoxicating. 
“Fuck, baby…” Kirishima fisted the sheets praying he wouldn’t come just from your teasing. He’s not sure his pride could handle it. It became a very real threat when he dared to look down at you kissing and licking all up and down his length. Once your mouth had gotten him wet enough, your soft hands joined your warm mouth in worshiping his cock. You met his gaze as you kissed his tip and licked up the pre that was escaping in pearlescent beads. When you had teased him to your contentment, you swallowed him down as deep as your throat would allow, wrapped your hand around his base, and moaned.
Kirishima had many blowjobs in his life. In fact, he’d had some that he would say were pretty amazing… but in all his adult life, he’d never been so thoroughly and enthusiastically devoured like this. He threaded his fingers of one hand in your loose bun and fisted your bed sheets in his other to ground himself. After a minute or two, he felt his release creeping up much faster than he wanted.
He placed his hands on either side of your face causing you to stop bobbing your head and look up at him. He ran his thumb against your swollen bottom lip and you leaned into his tender touch. He bends forward and places a kiss on the top of your head.
“Lay down on the bed,” he whispers into your hair. Nerves starting to catch up to you, you shook slightly as you stood from your spot on the floor. Before you lay down, you remember to take your apron off then lay on your pillows, heart pounding awaiting further instruction.
Kirishima hovers over you reminding you yet again just how tiny you are compared to him. His warm hand covers your knee and slowly travels up your thigh, stopping right before he meets your throbbing core. He runs his hand back down your thigh to gently nudge your knees apart. Leaning on his forearms, he positions himself between your thighs and you gasp at the friction created where your bodies meet. While planting tender kisses on your neck, he whispers, “I need you to promise that you’ll tell me if I need to stop or if something doesn’t feel okay. Can you do that?”
“Y-yes…” you moan as he nibbles on your earlobe, teasing with his sharp teeth but not breaking your skin.
“Mmm,” he places sweet kisses all along your jaw, your breath catching in your throat, “Good girl.”
Receiving praise from him made your chest swell. You wanted nothing more than to please this man you were rapidly falling for. He sat up, legs folded under his body, and slowly slid his hands under the hem of your oversized t-shirt. You felt his hands still on your stomach and looked up from where you were laying on your pillows to see what had made him freeze.
He met your gaze with a devilish grin, “Baby girl…” his thumbs run small circles on your skin, “Did you wear this for me?” 
When you realize what he’s talking about, you hide your face and groan into your hands. You completely forgot that you were still in your old Red Riot t-shirt that you usually slept in. “Oh my god, this is so embarrassing!” you mumbled behind your palms.
Kirishima chuckled and shushed you, “No, no, no… This is the sexiest thing you could have possibly worn.” He pulls the hem of your t-shirt up to expose your tummy, burying his face in the soft skin there. Gentle kisses were placed all along the waistline of your leggings, every squishy part and every little stretchmark that decorated your skin like tiny spiderwebs were lovingly caressed with his plush lips. Having the part of your body you were the most self-conscious of worshiped like this felt more vulnerable than sex.
As the kisses traveled higher, they became sloppier and more desperate. You lifted your arms to allow him to remove your shirt, exposing your plain white cotton bra. The feel of his stubble against your skin as he moaned into your cleavage sent shivers down your body. Instead of paying attention to your neglected nipples, his warm mouth carved a path up the column of your throat, head thrown back to give him as much access as possible.
Kirishima whispered against the tender skin under your earlobe, “This okay, baby?” two large fingers dip into the front of your leggings. You nod enthusiastically, unable to form a coherent answer, “Mmm… I need words, sweet thing. You can do that for me, can’t you?”
“Yes… it’s more than okay,” your chests are touching as he works his hand down the front of your pants.
When Kirishima’s thick fingers slid between your drenched folds, you arched your back and grasped his forearm. Slowly, he spread your slick around, dancing past your clit with each stroke. His teasing was turning you into a whimpering mess underneath him. 
He had all the time in the world and having you melt underneath his touch was the best way he could hope to spend it. After what felt like an eternity of him gently brushing against you, only slightly dipping into your needy hole and barely grazing your clit, you were openly panting and whining. A steady stream of praises flowed from his lips.
“You’re such a pretty girl… such a pretty little pussy.”
“Look at how wet you are for me. Like this, huh? My pretty girl likes my fingers teasing her?”
“I can’t wait to lick my fingers clean. You’re gonna taste so sweet.”
You were so worked up that tears began to form in your eyes, “Eji… I-“
“Hmm? What is it, baby girl? Need something?” His finger drags around your clit slowly, adding a fraction more pressure. 
“Please, I need more Eji,” your nails digging into his forearm were leaving little crescents in his thick skin.
“Sweet girl,” he meets your mouth with a slow, wet kiss, “you can have whatever you want.”
Without hesitation, he sits up and pulls your leggings down with your panties. A groan rattles his large chest when he sees a thread of your slick attached to the crotch. Once his face is buried in between your thighs, it’s a real possibility he might come just from eating you out. 
All the teasing had brought him to the edge as well and he was out of patience. With a few hurried kisses to each thigh, he dove into your dripping cleft. His tongue plunged into your core as he nudged his nose into your puffy clit. 
You cry out and convulse around his face. His arms wrap around your thighs, firmly but gently holding your legs open to give him full access to eat you as thoroughly as possible. When he moves to suck your clit, you know you won’t last much longer. As he nurses on your sensitive nub, you feel the familiar tightening in your lower body. He picks up on this and moans into your skin as he greedily sucks. 
“Ahh… Ahh, I’m- I’m gonna….”
“Oh that’s it,” he encourages you by praising you and massaging your thighs in his massive hands, “let me have it, baby girl. Come on, I’ve got you, I’ve got you.”
Your toes curl and back arches as you’re thrown over the edge. “Oh FUCK!! Coming, coming…. ooooh god… ahh D-daddy!…”
“Daddy, is it? Goddamn”
Kirishima felt his dick twitch and his breath caught in his throat.
He wipes his face on the back of his hands and makes a show of licking his fingers clean as he leans over you, nose touching yours.
“What was that baby?” His voice was strained as he pressed his dick into the warm, damp skin of your thigh…
You bat your lashes and ghost your lips over his as you whisper, “Daddy… please let me ride you. I need you inside me.” The nail in Kirishima’s coffin was when you licked his bottom lip then quickly followed with a chaste kiss.
You waste no time wrapping your thighs around his waist and twisting. He follows your lead and lays flat on his back letting you straddle him. You grab the hem of his shirt and similarly tease him, leaving a trail of kisses along his broad stomach. Kirishima flinches a little, self-conscious of his skin and how soft his middle had gotten over the years. You meet his eyes as you pull his shirt over his broad shoulders and run your hands back down his body. 
“Mmm, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this,” hands and eyes roamed over the expanse of skin in front of you, “It’s even better than in my dreams.”
He wondered for the hundredth time how got this lucky. You really loved his body? Maybe… maybe he wasn’t in as bad of shape as he thought…
“No,” his hands rubbed your hips, kneading your soft skin, “You’re better than I’d ever hoped to find.” He sits upon the headboard and pulls you closer into his lap, “Now,” he pulls your hair free of the messy bun, “Can you be a good girl and come on my cock?”
You lift your hips and place his tip at your entrance. That alone caused a delicious stretch and you knew it would be a slow process getting him to fit comfortably.
“Yes, Daddy,” your hands wrapped around his neck and he growled as he pulled you into a rough kiss.
“Good fuckin girl.” 
He helped lower you onto his cock with lots of kisses, praises, and gentle squeezes. When you got closer to his base, the pain was too much for a moment. Kirishima used his thumb to rub circles into your clit, shushing you sweetly against your parted mouth. 
“Are you okay, baby?” He brushes your hair off your sweaty forehead with his free hand while his other is still working your clit over.
“Yes, Daddy,” you whisper, “You fill me up so well. I love your massive cock filling me up.”
“You’re gonna make me crazy, you know that? Huh?” He pulls your lower lip into his mouth and sucks. You both sit for a while, exchanging kisses and whispers while you adjust to his girth.
“Are you ready to move now, sweet girl?” 
“Yes, Daddy…” he helps you move, dragging your hips up and down his shaft.
After a few deep thrusts, you both increase your pace, matching each other’s movements. It’s not long before your head is thrown back, tears escaping the corners of your eyes. Loud moans and curses escape your mouth as one nipple is pulled into Kirishima’s mouth.
“Oh, Daddy! Fuck, fuck! Right there, right there… I… I’m… AHH!” Before you can even say anything, you’ve come undone, spasming around his cock. 
“Oh, good girl, good fuckin girl,” you go limp and bury your face into his neck while he slams your hips onto his, chasing his release. The feeling of him using your body to get off makes you dizzy with joy. You lean into his ear whispering, “Please come inside me. Wanna feel you come inside me, Daddy… please, need your come inside me, Daddy.” 
Your slurred pleas against his ear send him over the edge into a mind-numbing orgasm. As he comes down from his high and looks into your face full of adoration, he knows he’s caught… hook, line, and sinker. 
The rest of the evening is spent eating cookies on your couch, drinking cider, and watching your favorite crime drama. The sweet kisses and touches sprinkled throughout the night feel so natural… Like you’ve been together for years instead of hours. 
You end up with Kirishima’s head in your lap, running your fingers through his hair as he closes his eyes and relaxes into your touch. The clock on your wall reads 12:30 am and it dawns on you what day it officially is.
“Hmm?” He opens one eye and reaches up to scratch your scalp. 
“Will you be my valentine?” You bite your bottom lip to stifle a silly grin.
He sits up and pulls you into a bear hug. 
“What kinda silly question is that? Of course. I don’t ever want another valentine besides you.”
Your heart explodes and you kiss him, grabbing his cheeks in both hands. 
“Sixteen-year-old me is absolutely losing her shit right now,” you giggle, rubbing his nose with yours.
“Well,” he grabs your ass and raises an eyebrow, “Forty-two-year-old me is losing his shit right now over finding such a sweet girl with such a sweet ass on her,” he nips at your neck and you squeal.
“Ooh, you ready for another round, old man?”
He growls and throws you over his shoulder. A swift spank to your ass causes you to burst into a fit of laughter. 
“Oh, so I’m dealing with a brat now? You want me to show you what this old man does to little brats?” He squeezes your thighs as he makes his way to the bedroom. 
“But I’m your good girl! Remember?!”
“Yeah, yeah… We’ll see about that.”
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itlivesproject · a month ago
It Lives Within: First Look Teaser Video!! 😱😱
Signal boosts and reblogs are greatly appreciated! Additional questions and comments are under the cut.
Q: Will we be able to choose our character's name or do we have to be named Rowan?
A: You will be able to choose your character's first name, last name, and a nickname! Rowan is just the default name that we use, like Devon and Harper.
Q: And we'll get to customize our MC as well?
A: Yes! We have a fully functioning character customization sequence, which I used to make this MC. Eventually, we want to do a full MC reveal, but for the demo we just chose one of our gorgeous MCs and dressed her to show off the outfits and accessories we've added.
Q: We can play as a guy, right?
A: Yep, and you'll be able to choose your pronouns.
Q: What was that part around 2:56 when it seemed to rewind?
A: I wanted to show that the choice buttons are fully functioning, so I went back to show the different outcomes. No, you will not be able to rewind in the actual game. That's a programmer's privilege 😉
Q: Where will this be released again?
A:! We'll do all we can to make it playable online, and will probably also provide download options as well.
Q: Will you be using original soundtracks or just the Choices OST?
A: We'll be using both. We have multiple original tracks prepared, but I haven't had time to write new ones to fit the particular moods of this sequence. So we used the Choices OST and it works great!
Q: What impact will the choices have in this book?
A: Your choices will impact nerve scores, relationship scores, whether or not you find lore docs and collectibles, personality, and the final outcomes—particularly regarding who lives and who dies 😶 In fact, in this opening sequence, the right choice will result in nerve gain. I just haven’t programmed the nerve scoring system yet. This is a demo after all 😅
Q: When does this scene happen?
A: This is from the very beginning! We figured starting right off the bat would result in the least amount of spoilers 😌
If you have any other questions or comments feel free to peruse the FAQ section! If your question isn’t answered, send us an ask!
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A Quick Guide on How To Write an English Paper
Hello! Once upon a time, I completed a degree in English Writing Arts and Literature. I finished my degree with a 3.7 GPA, so it’s safe to say that I know how to write an English paper. So here are my tips and tricks to outline, write, and edit an English paper.
This is essentially the most important part of any paper. I used to make really detailed outlines that included quotes I wanted to use from both the book and the research materials as well as breaking down those quotes. Here’s what my outlines used to look like:
Tumblr media
I would share this with friends in my class to gauge what I should tweak. Google Drive should be everyone’s study essential. If I was a beauty blogger, I would say that Google Drive was my holy grail product.
An important thing to remember here is that when you’re writing quotes in those boxes, you should be writing where you got them from so you’re not searching an entire novel for that specific quote. For me, the outline was the side dish of my paper. It’s not the main event, but it really adds to the ease of paper writing.
A rule of thumb I always used that added inches to my papers was that whenever I used a quote, I would introduce it in 2-3 sentences and explain it in 4-5 sentences. For an English paper, it’s important to highlight how the sentence is written. Is there a metaphor? What does that add to the overall tone of the novel and your understanding? Then you can tie it back to your thesis. I also used to highlight my research and then use a quote to prove it. 
An important thing to note is that you should ALWAYS have a concluding sentence after presenting an idea. So say one idea carries you five paragraphs when you’re completely done with that idea, write “Overall,” or “In essence” and then summarize the last five paragraphs. That should only take you a maximum of two sentences.
Tumblr media
A good paper should not be done overnight. You want time to thoroughly edit your paper. There’s a syllabus for a reason. I would start research a week and a half in advance, but I was always thinking about what topics to expand on during class discussions. Research usually took me about a good two hours after that then I would read what I printed out, highlighted, and find more resources if I had to. All in all, research took me about a day.
I would write the paper in one sitting and then step away from it for one whole day. With fresh eyes, I would get my first round of editing done by printing out the paper and highlighting problem areas. Then I’d go back and fix them before sharing the paper with one of my friends in class. After they’re done, I would look at their comments and fix whatever issues they saw. At the beginning of my English career, I would meet up with a tutor for a private session, but that seemed to waste both of our times when I got the hang of it. 
An excellent resource is your professor. Most professors will read your paper in advance and give you feedback. It’s also a good idea to meet up with your professor in the research phase because they’ll give you research materials or at least help you zero in on your topic. There were only two professors I personally wasn’t comfortable going to for this type of thing for a few reasons, but most of the English professors were extremely accommodating. They have office hours for a reason!
Say you don’t have time to do all that editing, download Grammarly. It’s free and you can just upload your paper to it. It will just fix grammatical errors, but most professors will take out a large chunk of points for grammar alone so it’s a pretty solid option if you’re in a time crunch.
Using this method in the paper writing process always got me a high grade. I find it to be proactive and eliminates confusion and rushing. However, I just want to note that just because it worked well for me does not mean it will work that way for you. This kind of paper writing was tailored for me after doing the paper writing thing for a while. Most methods take time to curate so if this does not work for you, know that you’ll find your method in time. 
Good luck!
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spoilers for chain of gold:
echoofdream said:I loved the Chain of Gold chapter sampler, and from all this situation I didn't really understand if grace is really in love with james or not. Also, why can't\or won't James talk about it with anyone, not even with Matthew? 
That is one of the big mysteries of the book that gets explored within it! You wouldn’t know what was going on with James and Grace from just Chapter One, and that’s okay.
tiberius-nero-herondale said:Hi again! My question is regarding the cog sample (which is amazing): Will we ever read the scene when Grace give James the bracelet he’s using in the sample??
Yes, you will. There are quite a few scenes in the book that jump around in time.
fire-elentiya said:Will Cortana be as important in TLH as it was in TDA?
It’s quite important, but I would say in a slightly different way. 
tears-of-stress said: Hi Cassie! Kind of specific- will Cordelia (and even Alaistair) call their parents the Farsi words for mom and dad? I feel so connected to her and it would make me cry so hard
Like bâbâ and mâmân? They do call them that! They speak in a big mix of Farsi and English. Alastair and Cordelia also sometimes speak Farsi to each other when they don’t want to be understood by those around them.
michael-ashton said:Will we be having new romances in Chain of Gold or to be more precise The Last Hours series? I’m so excited your books have saved me in ways you wouldn’t even imagine! You have inspired me to start writing again and I just am so happy to have found your books!
I would say all the romances are new romances since they are all new characters! Some will hopefully be surprising.
nevergonnagiveyouuporletyoudown said: Will we get any moments with any of the other parents in TLH? Also, will the whole Gideon and Charlotte rumors be mentioned again? Like will it hold any significance? Are people out for Charlotte? I’m really looking forward to The Last Hours, it feels like I’ve been waiting forever and I’ll keep waiting because your books are always worth it.
We will see Gideon, Sophie and the rest, though keep in mind they’re background characters, not the mains. The rumors do come up again and are mentioned — they’re significant in how they impact Matthew and Thomas, etc, rather than people being after Charlotte,
shadowsofidris said:Hi Cassie! So if warlock children grow up differently from shadowhunter children were James and Lucie different when they were children? You said in a recent ask response that warlock children can grow faster, if Lucie and James did would it have been slowed when they got their first runes or embraced being shadowhunters in a way? 
James and Lucie are unique. They are not warlocks. They are Shadowhunters will one demonic grandparent. Therefore there is no real roadmap to their development. It’s all new.
thisislookinglikeacontest said:Hi Cassie! When you were writing chain of gold, did you find yourself wanting to write more about Will and Tessa? Did you find it difficult to create James and Lucie as their own people?
No, I actually found it more difficult not to ship all the parents off to a distant island and concentrate mostly on the kids. I’m not used to having friendly, well-meaning parents hanging about clogging up the works and I had to be careful to both include Will and Tessa and Sona and the rest but also make sure they weren’t going to step on the agency of the main characters. I never had any worries about Anna, Cordelia, James, Lucie, etc: they’re all very much their own people!
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kingkatsuki · 2 years ago
I really love your the leaked video scenarios about the guys but I don’t know if I’m just having a hard time finding it or if there just isn’t a prequel for todoroki. If there isn’t, could you please make one but if you already did could you send me the link for it it. Thancc~ :3
Tumblr media
Honestly, I don’t think I can write smut for anyone other than Bakugou and Kirishima (And Hawks, maybe Hawks) I wish it was better, but I tried.
Warnings: Smut/PWP. Prequel to this.
Tumblr media
“I want to film us,”
“Film us?” Shouto stood in front of you clad in a pair of boxers and a loose t-shirt, rubbing a towel at his wet hair as he sat down on the bed you both shared.
“Well, I just thought,” You teased your fingers at the bottom of your shirt, looking up at Shouto innocently, “Since you’re going to be away for a while we’d have something to remember each other by-”
“Y/N, you’re acting like I won’t be calling you-”
“Oh, I know that, Silly! I just meant- with the time differences and stuff- just in case-” You were babbling now, wondering whether to just forget the whole thing.
“If it’s what you want to do,” Shouto sat at the bottom of the bed, facing the camera “So what would you like me to say?”
“Say?” You blushed, shifting your weight between your feet. 
“Yeah? Shall I say how much I miss you?”
“Oh, Shouto. I didn’t want to make a video like that-”
“Then what did you want?” You wondered whether Shouto was acting coy so you would admit your true motives or whether he really didn’t know what you meant.
“I meant a video of us together-”
“Like a sex tape-”
“Don’t call it that!” You should just give up now, this was already embarrassing enough.
“W-What?!” Your eyes widened at his response.
“Let’s film it,” Shouto motioned for you to step closer to him, bringing you between his legs.
“Just like that?” You yelped as he tugged at the large shirt you were wearing, hinting at you to take it off. You pulled the material over your head.
“Why not?” Todoroki’s lips upturned into the smallest smiles as he mirrored your movement taking off his own shirt as you stood between his parted knees, leaning down to place a sultry kiss against his lips. 
“I see you don’t need any foreplay,” You palmed his erection through his underwear, “The idea must have really got you going.”
Shouto shook his head at your coyness before moving his own fingers down to rub against the thin material of your panties, feeling your growing wetness. Your forearms fell to his shoulders, bringing your chest closer to him as he slipped passed the material of your underwear and danced against your folds, gathering the wetness and bringing it up to rub languid circles around your clit.  Shouto took advantage of your chest being so close to his face as he tongued one of your nubs, tugging it between his teeth. Shouto’s fingers looped in the hem of your panties, tugging them down your legs to expose your wetness. 
“Beautiful,” Shouto’s lips captured yours in a lustful kiss, his tongue sweeping across your own, tasting your mouth tentatively. Your fingers trailed down to tug at his underwear, urging him to lift his hips so you could tug the material down his legs. His cock sprung free and you eagerly moved your hand to fist him, your thumb brushing against the pre-cum gathered at his tip, using it as lubrication along his length. 
“I wanna try something-” You teasingly turned your back to Shouto, fingers trailing down towards his cock as you brushed your fingers along his girth teasingly before grasping him in a fist. You eased yourself lower as you felt his tip penetrate your walls, sinking him deeper into your hot sex. Shouto groaned quietly from behind you as your slick heat stretched around his manhood. 
“Shit, you feel so good,” Your body sunk lower until he bottomed inside you, your body stilling for a moment to adjust to his size. Shouto’s hands gripped your hips gently as he began to ease you along his length. 
Deciding this was the moment you were going to put on a show for your boyfriend, you leaned forward to press play on your phone, giggling at the grunt Shouto made behind you as you bent over fully in his lap, his fingers splayed across your exposed back before moving back to your hips when you resumed your position. 
You smiled into the camera, gyrating your hips to create some much needed friction before lifting your body up and slamming it back down on his length. Shouto’s hands on your hips helped to guide you along his cock, maintaining a consistent pace as you rode him.
“Shit, Baby. You’re so big,” Shouto didn’t reply but you felt the way his cock twitched inside your heat and the way his hands squeezed your hips at the lewd words. 
“I love your dick inside me,” Your hands came up to tease your breasts, rolling your nubs between your fingers. It was true you were trying to put on a show for the camera, hoping that Shouto would enjoy the video and remember you when he was away, but the sensation added to your pleasure and it was sending shock-waves through your body. 
“Do you like this position, Y/N?” Shouto’s voice was guttural and caught you off guard as you stilled inside him momentarily, his own hands moving you back to the same pace.
“Yess~” Your voice punctuated the ’s’, “You’re so deep inside me, Shouto. So good-”
Todoroki’s hardness was hitting your g-spot perfectly every time in this position and you were certain his tip was brushing against your cervix he was buried so deep inside you, his lips pressing hot kisses along the back of your neck as you ground into him. 
“Shouto, I’m close- So close." 
Almost as if he had been given a silent instruction one of Shouto’s hands moved around to your clit and began to rub frantic circles around the nub. The icy cool feeling sent tingles through your body as your movements became more sporadic, trying desperately not to fall face forward. 
"Shouto-” His name was the only word you could remember as the tightness inside you threatened to release, the stimulation his fingers were giving your clit combined with his hot breath on your neck were dragging you towards your climax. 
You made no attempt to silence your cries as you came, calling out Shouto’s name. Your body convulsed around his length as he continued thrusting up into you, his finger still relentlessly rubbing your clit. You moved your hand down to try and pull his hand away from your sensitive nub, but he resisted your touch, continuing to rub languid circles around it.
“Shouto, I can’t-” You blinked back tears as your head flopped back onto his shoulder, your body still clenching around him as he rode you through your climax.
“Yes you can, Princess.” Shouto’s lips brushed against your ear as he continued his pace, ignoring your pleas to stop, “I know you’ve got one more in you-”
“Shit-” You almost squealed as Shouto’s sultry voice combined with your over-stimulated clit sent you into your second orgasm. Shouto had to hold your body tight to stop you from falling forward as your second orgasm washed over you, thrusting his cock into your quivering body as he followed you into bliss, releasing his hot seed into your needy cunt as he moaned your name into your neck. 
Your bodies covered in a thin sheen of sweat as you both tried to regain your breath, Shouto made an attempt to pull out of you and you groaned in objection, instead leaning forward to stop the recording as you leaned back into his body, revelling in the sensation just a while longer. 
“Is it too soon to watch that back?” Shouto whispered into your shoulder
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spreadp0sitivity · 3 years ago
The last tape - Scott Reed
Request:  Hi again! I was wondering if you can do a scott x reader fluffy imagine where the reader was Hannah's best friend and she's on the tapes, but not because she did something to Hannah, but because Hannah wanted her to be happy with Scott since both of them like each other. Sorry for the bad english and thank u :))
Hope you like it 💕 ( @thankyouspiderr )
Tumblr media
You made your way to your locker through the hallway, not understanding why everyone was suddenly looking at you. It was uncomfortable to have everybody's eyes on you, you just wanted to get to your class as fast as possible. You picked your books and closed the locker. And then you saw him, Scott. You had had a crush on him for years. You had become friends eventually and he was there for you after Hannah's death, but you would have never dared to tell him what your feelings for him were.  He smiled at you and started to walk to you. But, all of a sudden, he changed his mind. He looked at the floor running his hand through his hair as he turned around and walked in the opposite direction. Why would he do that? Was he trying to avoid you?  You were standing there all confused when Justin showed up. He didn't look good, something was wrong.  "Justin? Are you okay?" You asked. "Well, no." He said staring at you as if he was trying to figure something out. "Jesus you didn't see it either, did you?" He finally said. "See what?" You asked even more confused now. "The tapes. Someone posted them on the internet last night" He whispered. "Wait what?! Mine too?!" You asked trying to take in the information. "Yeah, I'm sorry" Justin said squeezing your hand.  "Fucking Clay" You sighed not needing to ask who had done it. 
"I guess you were wondering who this tape belongs to. Why it was different from the others" You remembered  Hannah's voice saying. Your tape was indeed different. It didn't have a number on it. Instead, she had written your initials in a lighter tone of blue nail polish. "It's because you are different. You didn't do anything wrong. I know you probably think you did but that's not true. You always helped me and I'm sorry for not telling you everything before. I didn't tell you about what happened at Bryce's and I didn't tell you about what I planned on doing because I wasn't ready and I didn't want you to worry. But I do want to tell you something before I go; find the happiness you deserve. I know about your crush on Scott, of course. But I also think that he haves a crush on you as well. So, be happy with him, okay? And I want you to pursue your dreams. I want you to get into NYU. I want you to write for The New York Times. Actually, do that for the both of us. I want you to be strong and fight for what you deserve because, even if I didn't do it, I know you can. Be happy, Y/N. I love you, best friend." You started crying as you remembered what Hannah said on your tape.
“Y/N? Y/N are you okay?” Justin asked placing his hand on your shoulder. It was lunch time and you were sitting with Clay and Justin. Having them talk about the tapes and the court reminded you of your tape.
“She didn’t want me to feel guilty but I am. How could I not notice how she felt? She was my best friend, Justin” You answered sobbing.
“Listen, you are not responsible for her death, and the best you can do for her now is to do what she told you to.” Justin said trying to comfort you.
You nodded trying to hold in the tears since everybody was staring at you and whispering things. 
"What's wrong?" Someone asked you as they sat next to you. You looked up to meet Scott's eyes.
"I-I uh..." You didn't know what to say. You wanted to tell him everything and let all the tears, the guilt and the pain out but you didn’t' want to talk there, with everyone paying attention to what you said and what you did. 
Scott removed your tears with his hands making your heart beat faster. 
"Wanna go outside to talk?" He asked as if he had read your mind. You nodded in response and Scott took you to the parking lot, holding your hand. 
"Have you heard the tapes?" You asked once you were outside. "Yes" He said.  "I was on them. She told me it wasn't my fault but it is. I'm as guilty as everyone else, Scott. I should have seen how she felt. I should have helped her." You said looking at the ground trying not to start crying again.
"You didn't know about many of the things that happened to her. How could you have helped without knowing what she needed help with?" He said squeezing your hand, he hadn't let go of it yet.  "But still I should've at least noticed how sad she was" You said. "People are good at hiding their feelings. Even if there are signs, we can't read them because we expect things to be good. I don't think anyone would have noticed either if they were you" Scott said placing his fingers on your chin and making you look at his eyes. "Hannah didn't blame you. Trust her and don't blame yourself."   You hugged him which took him by surprise. But he wrapped his arms around you and ran his hand through your back, comforting you and making you feel calm.  "Scott?" You whispered against his chest. "Yeah?"  "There was something else on my tape. Something about you." You said not wanting to look him in the eye. "I know. Is it true? That you have a crush on me?" He asked. And it took you a while to gather the courage to answer that.  "Yes, it's true" You finally said and even if you weren't looking at him you knew he smiled when he heard it. "Good, 'cause I have a crush on you too" He said. You suddenly pulled away from the heart and look at him with your eyes widening.  "What?!" You couldn't believe he liked you. Scott laughed.  "Haven't you noticed? It's pretty obvious." He said finding it funny that you didn't know. Everybody had noticed and teased him about it. "Not for me apparently" You replied. "Well, now you know" He said pulling you closer to him. "I like you" He ended before leaning in to kiss you. A deep kiss that made your heart skipped a beat. 
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shookethbrooketh · 6 months ago
may i be the first one to explicitly say i genuinely could not care less about the fact that phil just said we’ll probably never be told whether or not pHaN iS rEaL? in fact, i’m GLAD he said it and i have mad respect for the fact that he did.
i don’t think it’s a reach to say he probably chose to film this video for the main purpose of making that statement. and it was probably a little bit scary?? while we are nowhere near the ridiculous state we were in a few years ago, i’m sure there are still a few people floating around the phandom who are pretty upset over that (@ 13 y/o me) and being able to just say “fuck it, i’m gonna be happy” demonstrates mad personal growth and even growth of the community! the fact that he can say candidly to us that he just doesn’t want to discuss it and trust that we’ know...chill out, shows how everyone has matured over the last few years. it takes both guts AND support to come out and say something intended to cut off a more than ten-year long conversation.
i know we’re probably all thinking the same thing under our obligatory layer of jokes, but i thought someone should verbalize it, so...i’m proud of the collective maturity that got us and phil to this point. 2021 is gonna be a good year.
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robbieraddin · 3 years ago
Dear Ed,
Please hear me  out. Bring your open mind and open heart, If I may ask,  Ed, You once meant very much to  me.  To my mind, I also meant a lot to you. Arkham has been difficult; I’ve had to rethink my life. So I am writing you today. I want to apologize from  the bottom of  my heart and ask you… can we be friends again? Set aside our differences. You  know this would mean a lot to me, and would be good for you as well. Free us both from  the hatred that has consumedus. 
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reylostartshere · 2 years ago
I met Adam Driver and he was everything you would hope he would be and more
This is my very long attempt at trying to write down my experience of meeting and seeing Adam Driver in person purely for the purpose of being able to remember it forever from March 28th, 2019:
So as many of you know, Adam Driver is currently starring in a Broadway play titled Burn This. It’s a beautifully written play that has both historically funny moments and heart wrenchingly sad moments. If I wanted to, I would write a review raving about the show because not only was Adam Driver’s performance incredibly well done, but the entire cast drew me in and held my attention throughout the entire thing. However, I am not the best at writing reviews, thus the reason I shall never become a critic.
What I WILL talk about, however, is my experience in meeting Adam Driver. He was incredibly humble. The moment he stepped out of the stage door, those of us who had crammed in to meet him gave a soft and gentle cheer - almost as if everyone around us knew he would not appreciate having anyone fangirl and scream in his face. He carried himself in such a way that showed everyone he wanted to be there and he wanted to show his appreciation in the way we were showing him ours.
Everyone was thanking him, telling him how magnificent his performance was, and expressing their adoration in such a respectful way. I could hardly believe it. For some reason (and I may be in the wrong for thinking this way), I was expecting the stage door crowd to be extremely pushy, loud, and obnoxious. This was not the case. My friends and I all had the chance to see Adam, and we did not have to fight our way to the front in order to speak with him and have him sign for us.
Now comes the best part of the experience. Actually meeting him face to face. The man is huge. And I mean huge. I don’t only say this because of my 5’2” height in comparison to his over 6’ height. He’s more than just tall. He’s broad, but the best thing about that is that he still has a softness to him. He was smiling at every person, making sure to look them in the eyes and really truly listen to what they were saying to him. He listens to everyone. No matter what it is they say.
As I said, he was smiling at everyone, but something truly magnificent happened in my experience. I don’t know what the reason was (though I am guessing it was just him feeding off of my glowing energy I was giving), but my friend pointed out that Adam lit up even more when he saw me. Again, I have no idea what the reason is. I’m assuming he was feeding off of the energy I was giving, and it just happened that way. It took me long enough to even accept that this was the case as I noticed he was smiling at everyone else as well.
Now many of you are probably wondering.... “What did you say!?” “What did you two talk about?” That’s the thing. Nothing beyond a million simple thank you’s over and over again. I wanted to say more. I wanted to be able to share what he means to me and why he has been such an inspiration, but there unfortunately just is not enough time for that. So I just said thank you in multiple different tones. One thank you for everything he has done for me, be it helping me realize it’s okay to not be sure where you want to go in life at first or for putting together such an amazing organization that introduces the arts to so many people. All I said... was thank you. And the best part about it? He stood there, nodding and thanking me in return until I had finished my thank you’s. He was patient with me. Even though I was saying the same thing over and over again, he waited for me to be done before moving on. It was so considerate.
And what’s more, he went down the line and signed for EVERYONE. Even those who were standing passed the barricade they’d set up. Yes, he moved fast. But God, this man made sure to make every single person feel important and seemed to know how much that moment meant to everyone in that line. I have never met anyone more considerate and kind.
My best friend snapped a few photos of the two of us talking, and these photos mean the world to me. Enjoy as I share my overjoyed face. You can see what I mean when I said I was glowing while meeting him. These pictures are even more special to me because he does not take selfies with people. He can only sign - and that makes sense given the fact that if he took photos with people, the poor man would NEVER make it out of there. However, my best friend documented this moment, and I cried when she showed me the pictures.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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your-turn-to-role · 10 months ago
Trent’s letter, transcribed (for anyone who wants to angst more about the fact that we’re now apparently at the feast: the sequel)
It has come to my attention that you are visiting the capital this day. I must say, word of your patriotic deeds for the empire give my old heart a warming glow. As I suspected, it seems some pupils can only thrive when you let them go to find their own path in the wild. I am quite impressed by your accomplishments thus far, and would greatly appreciate the presence of you and your companions as dinner guests at my manor tomorrow evening. Astrid and Eodwulf will be joining us as well, so consider this a proper family reunion.
I do hope you consider my invitation, Bren. I gather we both have much we would like to say.”
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justauthoring · 3 years ago
The List
Anonymous Requested: Peter Parker x reader. where the reader is Loki and Thor’s adopted little sister who is in a relationship with Peter and both of her brothers are just super protective and give this long embarrassing speech to Peter on what they’ll do to him if he hurts R. Just cute Peter fluff with some brother fluff as well
Warnings: none.
please don’t plagiarize my work - I spend a lot of my time writing, copying and pasting destroys that. If you want to repost my work. please ask first - but even then I might say no.
“She’s very special to me.”
You paused in your walk to the kitchen - that was undeniably Thor’s voice but you wondered why in the world he was talking about.
“To the both of us.” Was that Loki you heard?
“Make sure to note that,” Thor spoke.  “Y/N really likes to be made to laugh as well.”
Furrowing your brows, you walking into the kitchen and noticed Peter sitting at the counter while both Thor and Loki stood before him. Slowly you made your way over to the sink, dropping your coffee cup as you felt their eyes on you. “What’s going on here?”
“Oh, hey Y/N.” Thor smiled, waving at you.
“Y/N.” Loki nodded.
“Peter?” You questioned, staring at your brother’s like they were insane. Rushing over to his side, you leaned over and whispered; “what are they doing? Are they hurting you?”
“We are merely just giving him a few pointers, sister.” Thor answered for Peter and you spun to face him.
“Making sure he knows how to treat you right.” Loki said, ever so serious.
“And i’m taking notes,” Peter exclaimed from behind you.
Your furrowed your brow, glancing at the long list. “I like’s coffee? My favourite animal is a panda? Guys… why?” You questioned, utterly confused.
“If Peter is to be your boyfriend, we needed to make sure he knows how to treat you right.” Thor explained, grinning your way.
“We were just about to move on to the part where we tell him what happens if he even dare hur-”
“Okay!” You interrupted, holding your hands up to signal Loki to stop. “Peter, come on - you don’t need this.” You grabbed Peter’s sleeve, moving to lead him out of the kitchen but he only stayed put. Glancing at him, you narrowed your eyes; “Peter?”
“I want to stay.” Peter grinned - that ever so innocent smile. “This helps me.”
“Peter…” You mumbled, glancing at your brother’s briefly before lowering your voice. “You don’t need to do all of this - you treat me just fine.”
“But I want to.” Peter insisted.
“See Y/N?” Thor asked, stepping up behind you. “The kid came to us, not the other way around.”
Biting your lip, you glanced at your two brothers. You knew they meant well but they could quite - um - intense. “Just be nice, okay?”
“Of course,” Loki smirked devishly.
“We’ll be nice.” Thor reassured, smiling at you.
“Okay…” You said reluctantly, letting your hand fall on Peter’s you smiled at him. “Come to me if they give you trouble.”
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