#I will start biting people
animatedtext · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
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bestiarum · a year ago
okay but the "he's calm" part of dean's death scene means he embraced his death. he gave up.
now, remember the trap? sam saying that the dean he knows, the dean who raised him, would have never given up?
yeah, this is the darkest timeline
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cherripups · a year ago
twitter people potentially moving here is the worst actually
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cyberfreakdragon · a year ago
ao3 donations r happening hope i dont have to unfollow a bunch of ppl like i did last year
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mitchodium · a year ago
if franky doesnt have a working bike this session 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪
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transguyhawkeye · a year ago
honestly surprising that im not cis my emotional repression scale is off the charts
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ianenjoyer · a year ago
the fact that so many people seem to think fighting is a normal/okay part of their relationship and are still okay with shipping them is worrying........
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classicslesbianopinions · 5 months ago
we need to stop the fandomification of greek myth. we need to
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babygirlsteveharrington · 8 days ago
Actually I am already starting to get uncomfortable with some steddie fics. Learn how to write gay people I beg of you.
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sadclowncentral · a year ago
what a great day to remember that we should not colonize mars, the whole concept is anthropocentric, imperialist, unrealistic and just weird, and the idea of establishing the same capitalistic systems that have turned out to be our downfall on another planet instead of solving problems on earth is so incredibly short-sighted and power fantasy driven that it makes me want to eat glass. the exploration of outer space should always be expressively and only for the benefit of all humankind, not to fill the pockets of some billionaires with a god complex. fuck elon musk all my homies hate elon musk
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pojkflata · a month ago
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yardsards · 5 months ago
it's not even february yet but this happens every year. so in advance:
i swear if i see a single "stop being so joyless, valentines day can be about platonic love too :)" in response to an aromantic person disliking the holiday, i am going to start biting people
yes, we can expand what the holiday includes if we want to but. that doesn't change that it was historically created to celebrate (heterosexual) romantic love
you know how some queer people wanna completely throw out heteronormative or cisnormative institutions instead of trying to expand those institutions to include more people? how they don't wanna play respectability politics to get included in those institutions? a lot of us arospecs feel the same way about amatonormativity.
and you might say "valentines is already celebrated by friends, even by cishets!" but. in the mainstream culture, it's almost always single people or children that celebrate it with friends. friendship, in these cases, is just treated like a pale substitution for romance. if a person in a romantic relationship decided to hang out with a group of friends instead of their partner, they'd be considered absolutely bonkers or, at the very least, have their relationship status questioned.
and that idea, that we have to use friendship as a second-place substitute for romance, pervades our whole culture. even in supposedly progressive/accepting spaces. don't want a romantic partner? okay, you can settle for a qpp. don't want a qpp? well, you can settle for normal friends. and so on.
of course valentines day isn't the CAUSE of this. it's just some silly hallmark holiday and i'm not gonna begrudge anyone (arospec or not) the chance to chow down of some heart shaped candy. but valentine's day is a SYMPTOM of society-wide amatonormativity. please don't dismiss us when we don't like it.
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hoofpeet · a month ago
Y'know this zoroark ingo au is angsty and all, but all I can think about is how nimbasa is probably thinking that ingo became a furry.
Tumblr media
Rip whoever has to fight Ingo on the singles line now </3
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spooksier · a year ago
im rewatching su and quite literally the only thing steven did wrong was hold back
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kulluto · a year ago
making jokes about how flint doesn’t “deserve clean water” because michigan is swinging red when flint’s population is largely marginalized communities....where did that compassionate energy go? did all of you suddenly forget about gerrymandering and voter suppression? did all of you forget that the electoral college exists? marginalized communities shouldn’t be the ones under fire because we’re the ones with the most to lose here. what the fuck is wrong with you
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sleepeys · a month ago
Tumblr media
i now present to you: the moon knight curve
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no-brain-just-akutagawa · 6 months ago
the s in Sigma stands for suffering
Tumblr media
[ID: In the first panel, Sigma looks to the right nervously and says: “This is the worst day of my life.” In the second panel, Gogol puts his hand on Sigma’s shoulder. He smiles and says: “The worst day of your life so far.” Sigma is shocked. End ID]
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autisticjadeharley · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan
— Nyan Cat
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lawsofkarma · a year ago
compilation time!! dream and george accidentally saying each other’s names instead of other people’s.
also this is dedicated to the lovely @pandemique (: i was keeping in mind that you put in the tags of a reblog saying you wanted a compilation of them accidentally calling other people each other, and finally decided, why not? hi demi <3
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maxichar · 4 months ago
thinking that vi AND caitlyn are anything other than lesbians IS a red flag. fuck you if you disagree.
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