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#I wish I could express it better
stardewcowboy · a month ago
Deadass every time I see fanart
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spockfallsinlove · 2 years ago
Thank you for your Kirk has anxiety post. I never thought my anxiety would be useful for, well, anything other than a cage. Maybe I could use it for something more. I'm not sure what, but hopefully it could be helpful.
i have anxiety too, so that post gave me a lot of feelings, reading it. I’ve learned how to deal with it over the years but it’s a huge hinderance. Thinking of Jim Kirk, starship captain, successful at what he does, having anxiety and yet learning to work with it and also being successful gives me a lot of hope.
you can definitely use your anxiety for something more. whether it’s feeling empathy for another person struggling with it too, or developing ways to channel it into something good, you’ll figure it out. I believe in you anon ❤️
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abnurtharnn · 2 years ago
*hugs* we love you friend. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling good I know it's hard but we're all here for you. Stay strong you're an inspiration honestly.
thank you i dont deserve this amount of patience
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lawnhater · 4 years ago
There are so many people who i love so much but all so differently....
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pikky126 · 4 years ago
i’m scared that i might say thank you too much
i don’t want anyone to think i don’t mean it
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purplelines · 5 years ago
Happy Birthday Jaejoong
I’ve been writing you little birthday love letters and just proclaiming my love for no special reason for so long now that I don’t even know what to say. I feel like I’ve already said everything that I’m capable of putting into words.
You’re thirty years old today! Thirty!! Because you exist, this world has been a brighter, happier, more beautiful place for three decades. I’m not all that inclined to believe in luck, but then I think about how, in the grand scheme of the universe, thirty years, or even a lifetime, is nothing, barely a heartbeat, and yet I was fortunate enough to be born just a few years after you, and I can’t help but believe. When I first became your fan, I was a teenager, and you were in your mid-twenties. Now, here we are; I’m in my twenties and you’re moving into your thirties. I spent some of the most pivotal years of my life watching, loving, and admiring you, and I like to think I’ve become a better person thanks to you.
I love you so much. So much. And each day, I love you more than I did the day before. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, and I doubt I’ll ever love someone in this way again. Your smile makes me smile, even on my worst days. Your voice soothes and relaxes me like no one else’s, whether I can’t stop crying or am having a particularly bad bout of insomnia. You’re good, in a world full of not-so-good people, and you care, you care so damn much about everyone. You inspire me to be good and caring as well. To be as good-hearted and as compassionate as I can possibly be. I want to become someone you would be proud to know is your fan.
I’ve said all of this and more over the years, but I can’t stress it enough. You’re the light of my life. The brightest and lightest light of all. You’re the fucking sun in my sky, and just like the sun, you’re always shining. My world is a better place because you exist in it. No matter how confusing and messy and complicated the rest of my life gets, the one thing that always stays true and simple and sure is the fact that I love you. You make me smile, you make cry, and best of all, you remind me that there is beauty and kindness in the world. I hope this coming year, and every year to follow, brings you nothing but good times and good health, because you deserve nothing less.
Happy 30th birthday Jaejoong! I can’t wait to spend your 31st birthday together~ ♡
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For so many years has my soul longed for theraphy, so I could have at least one chance to understand what it is that I feel so much, deep inside, and sometimes just can’t name. 
But today, after 25 years of search, I finally found the roots of my darkest issues. I can’t say I’m dealing with this very well yet, nor can I say that someday I will, but I’m pretty sure that from now on I may handle myself better
 I don’t want to stop feeling anything, I just want to know why. My path has just started and seems loaded of...feelings. 
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shaunamariexoxo · 5 years ago
I've never felt so loved and accepted by people in my entire life. Thank you.
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freethemages · 5 years ago
Dearest Freddie,
Whenever I try to find the words to express just how much you mean to me, they always fall short. But I want you to know that I love you in the deepest sense of the word. I'm proud of you, you're my role model and you're incredible. You've saved me with your music, your kindness, and your inspiring attitude towards life. My life is infinitely better thanks to you and your bandmates. The world became better for having you in it, and even with you gone, your light still shines for all to see. Legends never die, my dear, and you are the greatest legend there ever was. I love you. And happy birthday Melina, enjoy your 69th with Jim and all your cats, wherever you are. ❤️
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crickiss · 10 days ago
Aughhhhh I srsly can't get over how amazing Mumеn is. He's so incredibly charming and he's got such a kind heart, I'm in awe at how perfect he is. He's such an angel, I'm full to the brim with love for him.
....How on Earth am I supposed to put these feelings into words tho? I can't even hope to tell him just how much I love him this sucks
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hordakslegs · 18 days ago
Setting one vague boundary and brain goes "Nice! Now we've done all the work!! Now to not say a word when you actually need to address the issue :)"
My communication skills vs my need to be better at boundaries vs my laughably fragile mental health who would win
#it's just...complicated and causes a lot more discomfort for everyone involved than necessary#feels like I'm being a partypooper and that people has to take precautions bcz my mental health is walkkng such a thin line#and I know that's not really how it works which only makes it more frustrating and it leaves me so frustrated w myself#like the effort doesn't feel worth it bcz it's not clear enough but doing nothing just makes me feel worse#the effort isn't clear for everyone else and yet my brain settles on a ':)) you've done what you can now shut up forever' mindset#which is really fucking irritating because I wish I could express myself better before I spiral#guess it's all a bit more triggering concidering The Spring Sentimentality on top of how bad a brain week it's been#but it's also something I'd really not think about because nothing is worse than feeling trapped with nowhere to go please don't rub that in#this is all v vague but I need to get it out#managed to talk a bit about it when getting picked up yesterday tho I have a habit of going silent when up in my feelings#which is...annoying if/when I actually wanna talk#it's just that it was going so well and yet it winded up back to something that makes me feel big sad#guess I needed to cry tho it did help a lil#at least I didn't have a breakdown but it could easily have led to that and I really don't fucking want that#having thoughts? disgusting I was busy barley having any which only happens every damn blue moon#personal#really just want one good cleansing cry tho I'd rather be exhausted that way
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bastardmanvibes · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
u ever just
#i WILL express my feelings thru dennis gifs gun#and these r always fine to rb just by the by#iasip#gifs#dennis reynolds#jackie talks#i’m smilin now i’m cracking up he fuckin#they fuckin#bro what the FUCK would i do without them#sends chills down my spine wondering that#but boy howdy was i mad tonite for noooooo reason#i’m like. halfway drunk now. so it’s good we’re good#i drank a beer in the shower i never do that. boy was that an angry shower. slammed my palm on da wall#but i still like. love myself so it’s like. frustration at the areas i suck.#it’s cuz i got a weed problem and an anger problem and hhhhhhooo boy. do i not like bein me sometiems#i just wish. i was perfect. and i could be comfortable. but i’m not and i can’t#and that’s not achievable either. it takes constant work ya dig to like. be a good person and work towards a better life#what set it off u may ask? oh. yanno. smthn incredibly small and unimportant. spilled smthn in my car gotta get it cleaned tomorrow now#and i had a good day!!!!! i was vibing!!!! so it’s. v concerning. how insane i got so quickly and how difficult it was to calm down.#and the fact that i highkey needed alcohol to do so. god dammit ya dig#cats help too. my cat my favorite cat his name is reef he’s orange and he’s sooooo fluffy and calm and wonderful and we’re soulmates#so i’m good now obvi but damn. does it suck being a slave to powerful emotions that come at no warning whatsoever#and to substances#:////////////#IDK just wanted to vent. i need a screaming pillow. i need a longer term solution tho hmm maybe internal growth of some kind?#oof#easier said than done
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cashtonasfuck · a month ago
today is the 10 year anniversary of this cover, which means it’s been about 10 years since I found luke on youtube
at age 14 I had no idea just how much this boy - and later the band - would mean to me. I’ve talked about this before so I’m not going to go into it too much now (you can read here if you want to), but I needed to take a moment to just thank the universe for bringing me luke
so many things have happened in the last 10 years, but the one constant has been luke. our lives couldn’t have had more different trajectories, but we’ve been on this journey together, and I’ve never been more grateful for anything. hopefully one day i’ll be able to tell him just how much he means to me
happy 10 years, hemmo - here’s to the next 10 💙
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