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#I wish my weekly therapy appointment would come quicker
#I tried to text my friend who i hadn’t spoken to since Wednesday#I texted her yesterday; and still nothing#I know it’s pathetic that I’m this desperate for her to just say something- anything- but I’m afraid that if we don’t talk#for awhile she’ll forget I even exist. because I don’t see her in school (I’m a virtual student this year) and we don’t hang out#so out of sight out of mind really#she hurts me so much but I desperately want our friendship to work out because I still care about her a lot#it just doesn’t feel like she cares about me anymore#I wish my weekly therapy appointment would come quicker#it’s every Thursday; right before my violin lesson#every week feels like a countdown until I have therapy again#I’m not thriving I’m barely surviving#I did talk a fair bit to my other friend though!!! which was really nice#we talked about acnl mostly; which was rad cause that’s the game I’m currently super into#life is still pretty lonely though; even though I did talk to my friend#my therapist said I should casually bring it up but I don’t want to be more annoying than I already am#I also wouldn’t want to accidentally make her feel guilty; because it’s not her fault and that would be unfair to her#I hope things get better; but with summer coming up all I can imagine is life getting worse#since I’ll have to get a summer job and what not#I already dread getting up each morning; I guess this summer I’ll be getting an amplifier on that#also; I’m going to be tagging my personal vents as pity party if you want to block my annoying shit#pity party#negative tw#negativity#negativity tw#vent in tags#vent in tags tw#vent#vent tw#ask to tag if i missed anything#and queue do you think you are
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