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#I would deactivate and die
chateautae · 5 months ago
mid!tae is such a romantic...i hate it because it's not fair 😫
No because who the fUCK does it like mid tae??? Smashing my head against a wall because men like him are so rare to find and even harder to snag, what a goddamn fucking SHAME I TELL YOU.
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cryptoidfuxer · a year ago
Seeing a username that deactivated in 2016 or 2017 is kind of weird but normal
seeing a user that deactivated in 2020 is sad. Like are you ok? what happened? I just missed you.
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harrysembrace · 3 years ago
I want y’all to know... if we ever get a real pic of harry with obama... its over for you hoes
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yoyomarules · 13 days ago
Dream melodramatic ot3 declaration of feelings scenario (that I’m thinking about post-s5, but could certainly work for Redemption) is this:
This time it’s Eliot who steps on the bomb.
They’re only meant to be doing recon, and he almost wants to laugh when he hears the click, a little past the boundary of their mark’s sprawling land. Years of precautions and paranoia and he’s about to get taken out by a fucking booby-trap like an expendable character in one of Hardison’s action movies.
Parker and Hardison are still walking up ahead, and for a second he thinks about letting them go, letting them get clear of the danger zone and then just lifting his foot. Only he swallows, watching them, lump rising fast in his throat—he hasn’t been scared of death itself for a long, long time, but the idea of never talking to them again, never looking at them again, never telling them—
Well. It’s unbearable.
Besides that, while the placement of the device suggests it’s the only one, he can’t be sure, and besides that, it doesn’t take them long to notice he’s no longer right behind them.
‘You okay?’ Hardison calls, and the look on Eliot’s face must be answer enough, because they’re both coming back to him before he can choke out a warning.
‘So yeah,’ he manages, when they’re within a few feet of him. He holds himself very, very still, even as his heart seems to hurl itself over and over at the walls of his chest. ‘Looks like our guy went to the Udall school of home security.’
‘Eliot,’ Parker whispers, eyes dropping to his feet. Her mouth sets into a firm line. ‘How do we fix this?’
‘You can’t.’
‘It’s okay; we’re gonna figure it out,’ Hardison assures him.
‘You should get out of here,’ Eliot says, through gritted teeth. There are no wires for Parker to pull this time, no clever computer resets for Hardison to try.
‘We’re not doing that,’ Hardison says immediately, dropping to a crouch to try to get a better look at the barely-buried pressure plate, and Eliot wants to scream.
‘You need—I’m serious, you both need to get as far away as possible. We don’t know if this thing’s on a timer or—’
‘Then we’d better figure it out fast,’ Parker says, squatting down next to Hardison.
Then they’re talking to each other, the two of them, but he’s not really processing what they’re saying. Instead his pulse is thundering in his ears and he’s thinking about the pie he’d planned on making later. How they’d have both picked at the raw pastry and he’d have pretended to be annoyed at them. How they’d have argued they had just as much say in how this pie came together, because Eliot had dragged them out of the city to pick the berries specially (had watched the two of them goof around—Parker smushing a ripe blackberry against Hardison’s mouth and then kissing the deep purple stains away, Hardison putting Parker up on his shoulders so she could reach high into the hedgerows—and felt the odd mix of longing and deep contentment that is sunk into his bones by now, thrumming warm and sweet through his veins, settled forever into every atom).
It would’ve been good, that pie, and it would have been even better to watch them eat it, Parker with so much ice cream she’d get brain freeze, Hardison with that awful powder mix custard, at their dinner table in their home that they built together.
‘I need to tell you something,’ Eliot says.
‘—makes sense that it’d be deactivated remotely,’ Hardison is saying.
‘I need to tell you something,’ Eliot says, louder.
Hardison breaks off and looks up at him, warm, keen eyes searching his face. ‘Does it relate to how we defuse the bomb you’re standing on?’
‘No,’ he says, and his voice cracks right down the middle, and his lower lip trembles before he bites it still and continues, ‘’cause you can’t defuse it, and if I’m gonna die then I gotta tell you both—’
‘No one’s dying,’ Parker says sharply.
‘What she said,’ Hardison agrees. ‘We’re gonna figure this out like we always do—’
‘You can’t—’
‘Like we always do, and then we’re gonna go home and we’re gonna take the rest of today off, ’cause we’re gonna have sure as hell earned it, what with disarming a bomb and all—’
‘—and then you’ll tell us whatever you’ve gotta tell us, and we’ll be able to listen. Like, really listen.’
‘And really answer,’ Parker adds.
‘And really answer,’ Hardison echoes, and lets the words hang in the air just a moment before continuing. ‘But right now we’re gonna need you to get your head in the game, El. Can’t work it out without you.’
Eliot takes a deep, shuddering breath. ‘Okay,’ he says. ‘Okay.’
They work it out. They always do. Eliot kind of wants to bake anyway, except he feels more wiped than after any fight he can remember, and so instead he ends up on a chair in the kitchen, talking Parker and Hardison through the recipe. They steal bits of the pastry and Eliot can only smile.
The pie they make isn’t good; it’s amazing. The filling’s a little sweeter than Eliot would’ve made it, the crust perhaps a little less flaky, but it’s the best thing he’s ever eaten. He watches Parker lean over to steal some of Hardison’s, listens to him squawk, ‘Girl, there’s an entire damn dish of it in the kitchen!’ and then he thinks I almost never had this again, and it feels like looking over a steep drop.
‘Yeah, but it tastes better this way,’ Parker says, mouth full.
Hardison reaches across and takes a forkful of Eliot’s pie and says, ‘There. Now we’re even.’
‘How is that even?’ Eliot demands.
Hardison shrugs. ‘I don’t know, man. Just is.’
‘What’s yours is his is mine is ours,’ Parker reasons.
‘Exactly,’ Hardison says, with a satisfied nod.
Eliot’s not even fully aware he’s about to do it when he lets his fork clatter onto his plate and says, ‘I love you.’
They both stop eating and turn to look at him.
‘Fuck,’ Eliot chokes, and it’s like he’s come unstoppered or something, because the words are just pouring out, his voice shaking: ‘I love you. I love you both so much; I—I don’t even remember what it was like not loving you and I don’t wanna not say it anymore, and I’m—I’m sorry if this is—weird, or uncomfortable; I’m not asking you for anything. I just—I need you to know—’
They move, by mutual silent agreement, pulling their chairs round either side of him. Parker clings to him, tucking her face into the crook of his neck, and Hardison wraps his arms around him, kissing the top of his head over and over, while Eliot covers his face with his hands in a desperate bid to shut himself up.
‘Eliot, Eliot,’ Hardison says, between kisses. ‘Baby. We love you too.’
‘So much,’ Parker adds.
‘And we don’t wanna not say it anymore, either,’ Hardison tells him. ‘Whatever it is you want from us, we wanna give it.’
Eliot screws up his fists against his eyes for a moment, voice rough when he asks, ‘Yeah?’
‘Yes,’ Hardison says, while Parker nods against Eliot’s shoulder. ‘Yeah, hundred percent. We’re all in, always have been. ’Til our dying day.’
He’s pretty sure this is going to take him apart more thoroughly than any bomb, that the only thing stopping him from falling to pieces right here at their table is the two of them beside him. And as if they know that too they press in tighter, and Eliot gets an arm around each of them and pulls them in closer still, and they hold on to each other, here, safe, in their home that they built together. And slowly, slowly, everything that’s been roiling inside Eliot since the second he put a foot wrong earlier settles and stills and is calm. He never wants to let go.
‘I’m sorry I waited so long to tell you,’ he says eventually, speaking low into the warm silence. ‘When I think about—if I hadn’t ever said it—and we couldn’t—today, if we couldn’t—’ He breaks off, swallowing.
‘Yeah,’ Hardison says, and his voice is trembling the tiniest bit, and Parker makes a small, distressed sound against Eliot’s neck, and for the first time he truly understands how scared they’d been, too. 
Hardison’s lips brush his temple. ‘Well,’ he says, steadier now. ‘You were worth the wait.’
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lexosaurus · 7 months ago
Phic Phight oneshot for @datawyrms: Danny Phantom's jumpsuit is hiding a secret he'd rather not reveal to anyone.
“Shit,” Valerie cursed, deactivating her hoverboard and gently placing the figure on the ground. “Shit, shit, shit.”
Bright green liquid soaked the ghost’s body, dripping off his waist and painting the grass in a steady stream. It was ectoplasm, something inhuman and twisted, and yet when Valerie looked down, all she saw was how closely it resembled blood. 
She raised a shaking hand and attempted to brush away some of the green on her suit. But she looked more green than red at this point and all she could think of was how much ectoplasm was outside the ghost’s body. 
It was too much.
They’d been ambushed after a ghost fight, the Guys in White having caught them in one of their special nets. Valerie had tried to yell out that she wasn’t a ghost, she was human, but it was no use. They zapped the net, and her vision was shrouded in darkness.
The next thing she knew, she was in a van, trapped with her biggest rival in Amity Park. Phantom was awake, but he didn’t know how long they’d been in the van for. Hours passed before the van stopped at last. But at that point, they had a plan.
As soon as an operative opened the back, Valerie was on him. She knocked him out, stole his gun, and bolted.
Apparently, Phantom wasn’t so useless without his powers either. By some miracle, he managed to find a way to remove his inhibitor collar and take flight.
But that was when all hell broke loose. Right as he’d paused to free Valerie from her inhibitors, someone landed a shot on him.
And he fell.
Valerie didn’t have time to think. She just grabbed his body, activated her hoverboard, and flew, not sure where she was going but unwilling to stop until she was sure she’d lost the agents. 
“Fuck.” She threw off her helmet and looked down at Phantom’s unconscious form. There was a hole in the stomach of his suit, and ectoplasm bubbled and sparkled in the harsh sun.
He was going to die, Valerie realized. What happened when a ghost died? Could they even die? 
“Stay with me,” she whispered.
She shoved a hand in her belt for her emergency supplies, but her glove was too slippery, and her hand trembled too much. She couldn’t do this. She ripped off her glove and tried again, trying to ignore the way the ectoplasm trickled between her fingers.
She had a bit of gauze, a tube of instant clot powder, a few butterfly clips, and a few large bandages. It wasn’t much, but it would have to work.
Because the alternative…
She set the supplies down and turned back to the unconscious ghost. His glow was almost nonexistent, and for the first time she could see his face clearly. All the grooves of skin, his pores, the individual hairs on his eyelashes and eyebrows. He had freckles. That tiny, human detail Valerie would have thought impossible for a ghost. 
Even the more humanoid ghosts always had some slight haze to them, something that just made them more like a realistic doll than a person. But not Phantom. If it weren’t for the white hair and ectoplasm, she would have thought him to be just a regular teenager.
“Stay with me.” 
She needed to take his jumpsuit off. Could she even do that? Was it attached to him? Would taking it off just hurt him more?
For a moment, Valerie knelt there frozen, unsure of what to do. She felt lightheaded, dizzy, nauseous. Her nostrils were filled with the scent of burnt battery acid and lime, and she could only stare as the Phantom’s face slowly grew paler and paler.
She pinched herself. “Snap out of it.” She’d dealt with worse, this was just a ghost. A ghost that she didn’t even like. A ghost that she’d spent the last two years chasing out of Amity Park.
She could do this.
Grabbing her swiss army knife out of her belt, she began carefully slicing through the fabric. Her damp hands were immediately filled with green goo, and for a moment she panicked, thinking that her fears were correct and that the jumpsuit acted like a second skin for Phantom.
But then she saw a black t-shirt peeking out underneath the jumpsuit, and she realized with a shaky breath of relief that the suit simply melted if it wasn’t attached to the host.
Of course, that made sense. She’d seen Plasmius rip off his cape before and it had dissolved in thin air. How could she have forgotten?
She made quick work with removing the jumpsuit, and had started on the undershirt as well when Phantom groaned.
She froze, unable to move the slightest muscle, as she watched Phantom’s drunk green eyes slowly flutter to life. 
“Don’...” he slurred.
“I’m sorry.” Her voice cracked. “You’re hurt, I’m sorry.”
She tried to resume cutting his shirt, but he lazily swatted her hand away. “Don’...”
“Phantom, stop. I need to get this off you.”
“I gotta do this,” she said, tearing his t-shirt. “It’s just a shirt.”
“S’ugly,” he mumbled, his eyes rolling back. His head lolled to the side, and he was out again.
Valerie rolled her eyes. “Oh, don’t be—” 
Her voice cut off, and she sucked in a breath. Tattooed on Phantom’s skin were glowing lightning figures that branched from his shoulder, snaking around his chest and stomach as if they were alive.
Valerie had never seen anything like it before, and she could have dismissed them as just ectoplasmic tattoos. But from Phantom’s reaction, she had a sneaking suspicion that these were something much more serious. Much more personal.
Something that she didn’t have time to think about right now. Something that was getting covered by ectoplasm, something that was losing its bleak glow as the aura around Phantom faded to nothing.
Time was up. She needed to act now.
Ripping off the packaging, Valerie got to work.
The sky was clear, glittering with thousands of stars. It was one of those rare nights where the milky way was visible, arcing the sky with its brilliance. 
Valerie had never been one to care about nature. Growing up rich in the city, her focus was always materialistic. She just wanted to fit in with the other girls, so she’d been more than willing to follow along with their hobbies and model her life after their trends.
Nature? Space? Stars? She never gave them a second thought.
Until her life was turned upside down, that was. Suddenly, Valerie went from hardly spending time outside to now soaring through the sky every night, weather be damned. It didn’t take long for her to appreciate the beauty of a clear, warm, night sky.
She landed on top of a building and collapsed her hoverboard. It had been quiet thus far, with only a few ambient blob ghosts roaming around a warehouse. Although at the beginning of her ghost hunting career, Valerie had spent each night painstakingly capturing every ghost in sight, she’d grown since then. She wasn’t so angry, so vengeful now.
And aside from being completely harmless, even Valerie had to admit there was something almost cute about the tiny bulbs of ecto energy.
Her suit dinged, signaling a ghost nearby, and Valerie groaned. There really was no rest for the weary, it seemed.
She raised her radar watch to her eyes to see a familiar ecto signature reading pop up in the corner.
One that was heading towards her.
She hadn’t seen Phantom since that day. He’d been avoiding her. And maybe a few months ago she wanted him to avoid her, but now...
That day had changed her.
It was terrifying the way the government had so easily lumped her in with the ghosts just because they detected ectoplasmic readings from her suit. She woke up not knowing where she was, where she was going, if she’d ever see her father again.
Part of Valerie had insisted that once they saw her without her helmet, they’d call her dad and drive her back. It would have all been a big misunderstanding.
But a different part of her, one deep down inside, knew she was just lying to herself.
The government operated the way she did when she first started ghost hunting. All black and white, no room for grey. Ghost were evil and all ectoplasm needed to be destroyed. Period.
After she patched Phantom up in that grassy field, she flew and flew until she stumbled across a nearby town. She hid Phantom in a warehouse and sat with him for hours, forcing herself to stay away and stand guard in case the GiW found them. 
He didn’t wake up until the next morning, taking one look between Valerie and his exposed torso before panic struck his features and he simply disappeared. Before Valerie could gather her wits to hunt his ungrateful ass down and kill him again, he reappeared, suit intact, and began leading their way back to Amity on instinct alone.
Phantom refused to look her in the eye for the entire trip home. And when they finally got to Valerie’s apartment, left her with a “get some sleep” before disappearing once again.
Her watch buzzed lightly against her skin, signaling that he was close. Valerie leaned back, waiting. Seeing if he’d actually come to her, or if he’d bail and pull the vanishing act he was so famous for.
But then he appeared. Right in front of her. His glow was vibrant against the night sky, covering his body in a shimmery aura. His acidic green eyes glistened in the dark.
He really looked no worse for wear after his injury. That kind of hit would have landed Valerie in the hospital. And yet, Phantom was back the next day, full of bright smiles and puns for the people of Amity.
She wondered how often this kind of thing happened to him. Just how many times had he been nearly slaughtered only to pop back into the public eye pretending like nothing happened?
He gave her an awkward wave. “Hey, Red.” 
“Phantom.” She greeted cooly.
Just because lately she’d been seeing Phantom as someone who didn’t have an inherently evil Obsession didn’t mean that she liked him. At best, he was cocky, arrogant. At worst, he’d dumped her back at her apartment and left her by herself after the complete shit show that was their kidnapping.
So yeah, maybe she was a little bitter. Sue her.
“Uh, do you mind if I…” He gestured to the roof.
She pretended to mull his proposition over, watching as his ghostly tail flickered in anxiety.
He was ready to bolt, and she didn’t blame him. They’d never really talked before.
“Do what you want. I don’t feel like fighting tonight,” she finally conceded.
Relief spread across Phantom’s features, and Valerie was once again reminded of how human he was. She once thought that ghosts couldn’t feel any emotions. While it was doubtless that the way they experienced emotions was different than how humans did, there was just no way that Phantom was able to nail all those tiny details so accurately. Even if he was one of the more powerful ghosts out there, it would have been near impossible to mimic the full range of human emotion so quickly and precisely.
He settled down next to her, his tail morphing into legs positioned criss-crossed against the concrete. He turned to her, rubbing the back of his neck.
Valerie said nothing, just allowing the blanket of awkwardness to settle over the pair. If he wanted to say something, he could say it. Valerie wasn’t going to hand-hold him through a conversation.
When the tension was reaching the point of unbearable, Phantom finally broke the silence. “It’s a nice night.”
“Sure is.”
“I haven’t—uh, seen any ghosts. Tonight, I mean. Like outside. Or inside, too.’s a quiet night. Ghost free. Well, except for me, I guess.”
He ran a gloved hand through his white hair. “Not that I’m really complaining. It’s kinda nice to have a break for a change.”
Valerie grunted in agreement, even though she was sure Phantom was lying through his teeth. Ghosts lived for their Obsessions, and Phantom was no different. She knew that deep down, he reveled in ghost hunting even more than any human ever could.
The duo was lapsed back into another tense silence, one that Valerie didn’t try to break. She didn’t understand what his goal was with the petty chatter. Did he think they were suddenly friends now? After he discarded her back at her apartment like she was a used rag and disappeared without a hint of remorse?
After she carried him hundreds of miles away from the Guys in White compound, bandaged his wounds, and then stayed up all night just to make sure he was safe?
She could have left him there. She could have been home before her father had woken up the next morning in a panic because his daughter was nowhere to be found. She could have avoided the phone call to the police, the missing child report, the whole mess that had followed.
And he couldn’t have even been bothered to say thank you afterward. Just dumped her and left.
So if he thought she was going to help him out now, he had another thing coming.
“How, how have you been? Since…”
“Fine.” She said. “My dad’s been better.”
He winced. “Yeah…”
“Not that you care.”
He jolted up, turning around to face her. “What?”
“You know what I’m talking about, spook.”
“I thought we were over the whole ‘spook’ thing,” he said, his face twisting in annoyance.
“And I thought you were over being an inconsiderate jerk. But I guess I was wrong.”
“Listen, Val—”
“Don’t call me that,” she snapped.
He pinched the bridge of his nose between his fingers. “Okay, Red. Listen, I’m sorry. Okay? I got freaked out that you—you saw…” He let out a shaky breath. “I didn’t know what to say. I’m sorry you got caught up in my problems, I’m sorry they thought you were a ghost, and I just...yeah.”
Valerie sat there for a moment, glaring out at the night’s sky. “It was a big mess, you know.”
“I know.”
“The police were involved and everything.”
“I heard.”
“And you know the worst part? I couldn’t even tell them the truth.” She let out a bitter laugh. “I got kidnapped by my own government and I couldn’t even tell my dad. I had to lie and say I got lost while out on a nature hike. How stupid is that? I nearly got killed by the freaking government and I haven’t been able to say a damn thing to anyone.”
“I’m sorry.” His voice was quiet.
“Yeah, well…” Valerie swallowed the lump in her throat. “You know. Hazard of the job, I guess. Still would have been nice if you hadn’t just left on me. After everything.”
Phantom lowered his head, allowing the white strands of hair to cover his eyes. “I know. I’m sorry.”
“It was a dick move.”
“It was.”
“I just wanna know why.”
He looked up, startled. “Why? Why you were captured, or—”
“Why the silent treatment? Was it because I saw those glowing lightning tattoos under your jumpsuit?”
He flinched back as if he’d been struck, his body lifting to hover over the cement. He stared at her open mouthed, as if he didn’t think she’d even dare to mention it.
But Valerie couldn’t find it in her to be joyous at his hurt expression. “Seriously? You were mad about that? Like I care about what you put on your body.”
“No, no.” Despite looking like he wanted to take flight, he managed to lower himself back onto the roof. “No, they’’s complicated.” 
“Oh, wonderful,” she said sardonically. “So let me get this straight, ghost boy. I save your ass from the government, pull an all-nighter guarding your lifeless body in a warehouse, and the best you can give me is an it’s complicated? Thanks a lot. It really makes me feel better.”
“No, it’s…” He trailed off, rubbing a hand over his face. His eyebrows were pinched and he looked almost sick. When he finally spoke, his voice was small. “They’re not tattoos.”
“Oh? What, an unlucky birthmark?”
He didn’t respond.
Valerie turned to him, realization hitting her with full force. Unable to keep the surprise out of her voice, she said, “Really? That’s it?”
He pulled his knees up to his chest, wrapping his arms around his legs. His eyes were distant, far away. Lost in some other world.
He’d been electrocuted. Struck to death by lightning, or something similar. And now it was branded on him, as some twisted reminder of the ugly creature that extended its spindly claws and ripped his humanity from his body.
“Damn.” Valerie blew out a breath. “Of all the ways to go, huh?”
She couldn’t help herself. “Do all ghosts have one?”
Valerie didn’t know if that made it better or worse. Questions swirled through her brain, but she bit her tongue. She didn’t know much about ghost culture, but she was fairly certain that there was a taboo against asking ghosts about their deaths.
So she stayed silent, pretending to focus back on the stars but stealing glances to the teenage ghost beside her. His brows had furrowed, as if he were having an internal war. Whatever it was, Valerie didn’t pry. Even if her curiosity burned brighter with each passing moment.
Finally, he sighed, dropping his forehead into his knees. “It’s fine,” he said, though his voice sounded anything but. “You can ask.”
She hesitated for a brief moment before relenting. “Why do you have a mark?”
“They’re called Lichtenberg figures,” he explained. “They just happen. If the shock is bad enough. But they, uh, are supposed to fade in a few days. You know, if you’re...human.”
“But yours didn’t.”
“No, mine didn’t.” He raised his head, opening his mouth slightly, before slamming it shut.
This was unmarked territory she was stepping into. Hell, she doubted even the Fentons had ever talked to a ghost about their death before.
“Do you remember it?” she tried.
That surprised her. She’d read some of the Fenton’s papers, and even they were uncertain of how much a ghost remembered about their death. 
The question must have shown on her face because Phantom added, “Not everyone does. I think...I think it has to do on their power level. And, uh, how old they are. I think some of the more ancient ghosts just kinda...forget. But I don’t know much. We don’t really talk about it.”
Phantom nodded, staring down at his gloves. He sighed, and then started pulling one of them off.
Valerie froze, her eyes locking onto the movement. She’d never seen Phantom remove them before, and frankly she wasn’t even sure if they could be removed.
The glove left his skin and dissolved into ectoplasm, splashing onto the concrete roof. And there, left on his otherworldly skin, were the cobwebs of the lightning scar that covered his torso. It was brighter, glowing with more precision than Valerie remembered from before. 
He pushed his sleeve up to his elbow, revealing more of the Lichtenberg figure. It traveled up his wrist, spiraling throughout his arm before it disappeared into his suit. The branches were thin, glowing with the same ectoplasmic energy that ran through the ghost’s core.
Valerie didn’t know what to say. Here Phantom was, her biggest rival in Amity Park, revealing his creation, the moment that turned him into what he was today.
“It was an accident.” He finally spoke. “I was being stupid, I don’t know. My friends and I were fooling around with this...this machinery, I guess, that we knew we weren’t supposed to be near. I grabbed a malfunctioning piece of equipment—I didn’t realize it was plugged in—and that...was it.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Yeah, well…” Phantom pushed his sleeve back down. He closed his eyes, willing the glove to  materialize back onto his hand. He looked at her and offered a feeble smirk. “Teenagers, am I right?”
Valerie forced a polite smile in return, hoping it didn’t look too pained. 
He cleared his throat. “But, you know,” he said, allowing some of that familiar cocky energy back into his voice. “It’s in the past now. I’m over it.”
Valerie doubted that much. After all, he was still a ghost.
“I mean, I get to do really cool things now. Like helping people. Protecting the town. You can’t exactly do that as a human.” He froze, his eyes flickering to her. “I mean, aside from you. You’re great at it!”
Valerie flipped him off. “Whatever, ghost boy.”
“No, I’m serious! You’re really good as a ghost hunter.”
“I know I’m good! I don’t need your flattery to give me self-esteem.” Her voice sobered. “But really, Phantom. I’m sorry that happened to you.”
He frowned, and looked up at the sky. The brilliance of the stars reflected on his form, giving his body an almost ethereal presence. 
“It’s okay. It was a long time ago.”
Thanks for reading!
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buckybarnesdiaries · 8 months ago
sick headcanon
Tumblr media
© @buckypupbarnes
bucky barnes x reader. ⎢ masterlist.
word count: 827 words.
warnings/tags: none. just bucky being overattentive and loving.
author notes: i'm having a cold these days and i'd love to have bucky rn just like that. life isn't fair. none of my stories contain reader’s body descriptions to be inclusive.
Join the tag list here.
Tumblr media
At the moment Bucky found you wrapped in a blanket like a burrito, his happy smile for being back at home suddenly disappeared and the concern got installed inside his chest.
He occupied the other side of the sofa, cupping your heated cheeks onto his palms to press his forehead against yours. That was how his mother used to check his temperature when he was sick. And you were on fire, figuratively.
Since then, he didn’t let you do anything more than rest. A n y t h i n g.
Bucky ensured you were comfy enough on the sofa, before placing a tender kiss on your lips. “I’ll be back in a bit. Call me if you feel worse".
He didn’t want to leave you alone, but he should go to buy some things to spoil you properly. One day, New York’s cold weather was going to kill you.
Your boyfriend not only bought some meds to treat your stuffy nose and sore throat, but he also bought the ingredients necessary to prepare a hot soup for dinner, with chicken, vegetables, and rice. A classic that Winnifred prepared for her children, mostly, at Christmas. A recipe he hadn’t forgotten. Not even after all those years.
Bucky came back as soon as the people in the supermarket let him, after some desperate minutes watching an old lady counting penny by penny to pay her groceries.
He left the bags in the kitchen, taking the nasal inhaler along with a painkiller and a glass of water.
You couldn’t help but pout at him. James was treating you with so much care that you thought you could break in one thousand pieces at any moment.
“Take the med and use it. ‘M going to run a bath, okay?” You nodded receiving a gentle kiss on your forehead.
Bucky carried you from the sofa to the bathroom in his arms, helping you later to undress yourself and get in the tub. The warm water felt like resurrecting when it covered your anatomy to your shoulders. He urged you to rest your head against the edge, placing slowly a wet cloth on your forehead.
It was funny because Bucky looked like he was trying to deactivate a bomb.
“Gimme five minutes”. He whispered into your ear with the sweetest tone of voice he had ever used with you.
Were you… going to die?
Letting you in a quiet calm inside the bathroom, he walked out to the kitchen. It took him only five minutes to chop the vegetables and to shred the chicken, adding it to the water boiling with the rice. Over medium heat, he forgot about the soup for the next twenty minutes it needed to be cooked.
He couldn’t help but stare at you a couple of seconds from the door of the bathroom, feeling a little guilty because of your flu. He was your personal stove on the cold nights but the last mission took him a minute more than expected.
Bucky didn’t hesitate to strip himself, caressing tenderly your shoulder to make you sit up and give him some space behind you.
Adjusting himself to you, he laid his thumbs on the back of your neck. You didn’t know where he learned to give massages, but he was an expert. And the contrast of his flesh hand and the vibranium’s one was indescribably pleasant.
A purr escaped your lips unconsciously, causing Bucky to chuckle while running his palms down by your back, adding some more pressure.
This man was a God’s gift.
When you felt somewhat better, he stepped out of the bath before you to find you some comfy clothes to wear. His clothes, impregnated in his scent. And after brushing and drying your hair, Bucky carried you back to the sofa and wrapped you in a cozy blanket.
Sometimes you couldn’t help but think about how someone could be afraid of him, despite what those monsters forced him to do. He was nothing but such a kind and loyal man, a little quiet and who used to push you out of your nerves with that staring thing of his.
But a good man at the end of the day.
Your boyfriend brought two big bowls of soup that smelled delicious, putting them on the coffee table to look for an old movie on TV to watch, while having that magnificent dinner.
“My mother used to say it can raise the dead”.
“What is it you’re hinting at, uh?” You replied playfully.
Your good mood made Bucky curve his mouth into a smile, staring at his blue eyes sparkling again. He knew all of that would work sooner or later.
“Thank you”. You murmured wrinkling your nose, as he leaned to kiss your forehead a little cooler. Which was a good sign that the fever was decreasing.
“Would do anything for you, babydoll, y’know it... right?”
“I do, Buck. I’d do it too”. You sighed in love, with heart-eyes, opening your arms and stretching the blanket to hug him under it.
Tumblr media
feedback is appreciated, please, leave a comment to let me know if you liked it and/or reblog it.
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thewildwaffle · 6 months ago
Humans are Weird - Helium
It's been a while since I got a new story up. I'd been working on some other projects, then had some pretty unhappy life events happen. I am doing fine, so don't worry. Hopefully, now my muse is back and will stick around a while :)
This story is from a prompt ao3
*** *** ***
When you bring together a wide variety of races from different planets and environments, you tend to have an equally wide variety of needs that need to be met from species to species. Ships were typically staffed by a food and nutrients safety team. Custodial teams were careful about residual chemical and oil cross-contamination between particular races. Sections of hab suites had controlled ventilation systems that could be set to various atmospheric needs. Outside the hab suites, at work stations or in communal areas, some species have to be fitted with atmospheric filters. Over the years, these devices have gotten less uncomfortable, thankfully. They weren’t the best, they were a bit bulky, noisy, and in some cases obstructive to the wearer, but hey, being able to properly breathe on a ship with beings who had different atmospheric needs than you was more important than comfort. When the humans joined the galactic community, the newer filters started becoming noticeably smaller and less obtrusive. Many were concerned that the changes would make them less effective, but leave it to the humans to tinker around and invent the impossible when they really wanted to. The latest models were supposed to be so small and comfortable, you could sleep with them on. Heck for some races, you could barely tell they were wearing an atmospheric filter at all. Not only that, they were up to 40% more effective at filtration and gas delivery for many species. This opened up crew rosters for ships. Species who couldn't reasonably be stationed in the same ship due to the gases they breathe being dangerous to others, or vice versa could now be on the same crew.
That included duibs like Marvi who breathe large amounts of helium. She’d been serving aboard Galactic Coalition ships for more standard solar rotations than many of her fellow crewmates had been alive. It helped that duibs were long-lived, of course, and in her time, she’d seen many new technologies come and go. If you pressed her hard enough, she’d likely say that the atmospheric filters the humans developed were by far her favorite. Being able to safely and comfortably pass through different atmospheric biomes was an important ability when you had a long list of custodial and maintenance duties each rotation. Marvi huffed a deep sigh as she rounded another corner. Lighting beam replacements weren’t heavy, but maneuvering them around corners like this was a bit of a pain. “Need a helping paw Marvi?” Marvi turned to see a dark gray priso steadying the end lighting beam she was carrying. The furry face was relatively expressionless, but a clear look at his flicking whiskers and triangular, alert ears and bright eyes told her that he was holding back laughter. He must have just come up from around the other corner and seen the small duib struggling. “Oh, hello Aurrin. I definitely would appreciate some aid, though I would understand if you are busy right now,” Marvi replied politely. Honestly, the help would be very nice and she hoped the offer was serious. “I’m waiting for Human Karl, I can help until he gets here,” Aurrin rose to his back paws awkwardly and grabbed the ends of the light beams in his dexterous front paws. Priso were normally quadrupedal on flat ground, but the forested terrains of their homeworld meant they were at least somewhat adept at grabbing and climbing. He followed along, holding on to the light beams and kept them away from the walls and corners as the pair walked. “I was actually just installing something by the hab suites over there,” he tilted his head back to gesture behind them, “I’ve got something I wanted to test before I go off duty. After that, I’m looking forward to two whole cycles of rest and whatever I want to do.” The corridor here was darker and Marvi stopped walking. This was where she needed to replace the light beam. “Two whole cycles, huh?” She set down the light beam carefully, Aurrin following suit. She pulled out a tool from her hip pack and started working on opening the control panel. In order to open the panels to install the new light beams, she had to make sure power was redirected for safety. “What are you going to do with your time off? Any fun plans?” “A few plans. They might change depending on how my experiment goes.” Marvi worked quietly, waiting on the priso to expound, but other than chuckling to himself, he didn’t say anything more on the topic. Well, Marvi supposed it was not really her business, so she changed the subject and chatted cordially until the new light beam was installed and she rerouted power back to the panel. The darkened hall was filled with bright, cheerful light and Marvi let out a satisfied sigh. “Well, that’s that. Another task down.” The old light beam would need to be taken back to her shop for a repair and gas exchange, or refill, or whatever it ended up needing to get it up and running again. “Thank you again for your help. I should be able to get these back alright myself, I don’t want to take up too much of your time if you’ve still got your experiment to run.” From around the corner of the corridor, the distinct sound of a hab suite door opening was followed by approaching footsteps. A light on Aurrin’s comm device flashed and the priso’s long tail flicked excitedly back and forth. “No worries, it looks like my experiment is already underway.” Marvi felt the frills all along her body perk in curiosity, but before she could ask anything else, Human Karl rounded the corner. He grinned without showing his teeth, as it would have been a sign of aggression to many species on the ship, and gave a small wave as he approached. “Hey Karl,” Aurrin started. Marvi only partially listened as he started in on a spiel about his upcoming off-duty
plans. Instead, she was more interested in a quiet hissing noise and was trying to pinpoint where it was coming from. It sounded like… well it sounded almost like an atmospheric filter, one beside her own. Hers was in light operation since she was in a sector of the ship that was tuned to a generalized setting, but this noise sounded like a filter at full power output. Did Human Karl hear it? Could he hear it? Surely Aurrin could? She studied them, they didn’t seem to notice. The noise had started when Karl arrived, did that mean…? Her suspicions were confirmed the moment Karl opened his mouth to reply to Aurrin. “I’m actually on my way to…” What. The. Frewan? Human Karl’s voice, which was usually a calming deep tone, was disturbingly high and unnatural. The surprised expression on his face made Marvi’s core freeze. That meant this vocal change wasn’t some weird human thing? What was going on?! “I, woah,” the squeaky voice stuttered, “is this… helium? What is this? What’s going on?” He looked at the comm device strapped to his wrist and pulled up the readout. Sure enough, it was an increase of helium output from his atmospheric filter. The skin on his forehead wrinkled as he looked from the readout to Marvi and Aurrin, his eyes finally locking on the latter who was fiddling with something on his own comm device readout. “You punk! How did you do this? Change it back!” Karl started laughing a bit, Marvi wasn’t sure if it was directed at the ridiculousness of his voice or if it was because the helium was affecting his cognitive functions. She worried it was the latter. Panicking, Marvi approached to see if there was some sort of override. She had to act fast! Humans didn’t breathe helium, he could die! Before she could do anything though, Aurrin spoke up while trying to muffle his laughter. “Okay, okay, hoooo… I’ve deactivated it, you’re good. Keep talking though while your voice turns back to normal, you’re hilarious.” Karl gave him a look that Marvi couldn’t interpret. “What was that? How did you do that?” His voice was already back to normal and it sounded like a mix between annoyed, intrigued and amused. “When you came out of your hab suite, you passed a sensor I set up that overrode your atmospheric filter controls. My latest invention. Imagine this: a ship gets attacked and boarded. Normal defenses prove insufficient and the crew is in grave danger. As the hostiles pass hidden sensors, their atmospheric filters are overridden and they fall asleep, get loopy and confused, or simply pass out before they can get to and harm any crew.” Marvi and Karl blinked in unison while Aurrin’s tail swept side to side proudly. Marvi was the first to find words. “Your… your experiment?” Marvi glanced between Aurrin and Karl worriedly, “Is this what you were experimenting with? You ran it on a crewmate?!” “Well,” Aurrin’s ears pulled back slightly, but his whiskers still kept their amused look, “I say experiment pretty loosely. This was more of a field test. I ran all the actual experiments long ago. I knew exactly what would happen. And I did research on humans and I found out what effects helium has on them and I had to see it for myself. That’s why I was waiting for Karl.” The human in question was still laughing a bit - of course, a human would be able to laugh after nearly being asphyxiated, they’re crazy - before he ran his hand over his head to compose himself. “So this was a prank?” “For science.” “Of course. For science.” Karl’s smile suddenly morphed into a thoughtful frown. “Wait. Is this payback for the soap thing I pulled on you last week?” Aurrin’s face was statuesque and solemn as he stared silently at the human for a moment. “Yes.” “You’re the worst.” “Thank you.” “Want to go do this again in front of Aylin? She and Maruti-kar would think it’s hilarious.” “I had been planning on it. But only if we can get video evidence of it.” “For science?” “Naturally.” Marvi watched, hearts still beating rapidly from her panic, as Aurrin and Karl deactivated and retrieved the sensor to reenact the stunt she had just been a witness
to. Almost reflexively, she started tracing the side of her atmospheric filter. The quiet hum and hiss were calming. Helium to her was life. She’d thought it was toxic to others. And yet Aurrin thought it fine to use it on a human, and Karl was not only unworried about it but found it funny. Was it not dangerous?! And his voice? Why did it do that? She pulled up a search screen on her comm device and searched in the human database. Helium. Breathing. Voices. Apparently, helium took up space in their lungs that normally would be filled by oxygen, so yes, it was dangerous because they could asphyxiate. It also amplified higher-pitched tones of their vocal tract while simultaneously dampening lower tones because of the gas’s low density. That explained the voice change. And for some reason, the funny noise was enough of a reason to play around with deadly materials. Well, if anything, she supposed humans did keep to their MO pretty well. She picked the spent light beams back up and headed back to her shop, careful to not hit the ends on any walls or corners.
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tvseries-writings · 2 months ago
Your destiny has already been written
TW: death of a minor character, mention of suicidal thoughts
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wandanat x reader
Prompt: Hi, I have a request idea if you are still making those ^^’ so it’s a wandanat x reader. Reader goes with Nat and Clint to vormir and she stops Natasha from jumping. And when everyone come back Natasha’s like extremely mad at her because for reader’s decision Laura has to take care of the kids alone and reader doesn’t know what to do, and wanda’s like trying to sort everything out but nat ends up breaking with reader and yeah… probably with a happy ending but whatever you would want xD
Thanos had snapped his fingers five years ago taking half of your heart away from you. Wanda had disappeared as half of Universe's population and you and Natasha had been trying to move on in hopes of seeing the Sokovian again someday. And that day finally came when Scott Lang, better known as Ant-Man, had "knocked on your door."
And here's how you are all together now again after five years. The Avengers complete with a suit that you find particularly uncomfortable and ridiculous as you are about to bring back Wanda and half the universe.
You take Natasha's hand as the circular platform you're all on begins to spin, the protective helmet materializes around your head and you turn to the former Russian spy looking at her with a smile.
"For Wanda"
"For Wanda." Natasha nods and shakes your hand.
You close your eyes as the quantum portal opens.
You didn't think it would work and instead you, Natasha and Clint find yourself with your ass on the ground on what you believe to be Vormir. You deactivate the helmets and look around you.
A large mountain completely made of rock stands out in front of you and you begin to climb.
Each step you take makes your heart beat a little faster. Wanda is the only thing you can think about and as you watch Natasha you realize that the Russian is also thinking about her.
When you get to the top, a voice that you seem to have already heard startles you.
Red Skull, the Nazi asshole, had briefly explained how to get the soul stone and obviously the solution was clear to you right away.
You are about to speak but Red Skull stops you.
«Y / n, daughter of Diego; your destiny has already been written. You are not the soul through which you will get the gem. "
You don't have time to protest that Red Skull disappears as he appeared. In nothing.
"We already know who to expect to do it," Natasha says and Clint nods.
"We do"
Natasha stands towards you and smiles at you.
“I love you y / n and tell Wanda I love her; this is my way to atone for all my sins "
As soon as her words leave her lips, the Russian begins to run towards the precipice.
"NATASHA, NO !!" your heart suddenly stops when you see it jump.
Clint recovers from the shock and manages to shoot an arrow. The arrow gets stuck in the rock and the archer throws himself, grabbing Natasha's arm with a steel grip.
You lean towards them and anxiety rises when you see them talking.
You vaguely hear a few words, including Natasha's "okay" and your eyes go wide. You know what she's going to do and you can't afford to lose her too, you'd rather die than live without her too.
The years you were a Hydra guinea pig had paid off. The power of telekinesis, similar to Wanda's but much more powerful, had been injected into you thanks to some type of WhiteHall serum that had now been destroyed.
There was a small problem though: the nosebleed ran like hell when you used it, especially if in large quantities.
You see Natasha let go of her and before you know it your hands are raised towards her as you bring her body to the ground next to you and pin her to the ground.
"Y / n, so- let me go !!" Natasha struggles and screams trying to escape the constraints of your powers to no avail.
You and Clint exchange a look, he gives you a small smile and mimes with his lips "tell Laura I love her and say bye to the children".
Tears begin to flow down your cheeks mixing with the blood coming out of your nose from the effort you are making to hold back Natasha and Clint lets go and falls into the void.
Natasha's scream is the last thing you hear before collapsing to the ground, passed out.
You wake up in your room at the complex, completely alone. You get up as soon as your eyes open to go to the common room.
You hear voices coming from the room and as soon as you enter everyone's eyes contract on you. But one. Natasha's.
"You finally woke up." Steve comes over and gives you a squeeze on the shoulder. You give him a small smile but your gaze continues to land on Natasha who doesn't even deserve a glance.
"The glove is almost ready, once Barner puts it on we can get everyone back with a snap." Tony smirks.
A small smile comes out spontaneously at the thought of finally being about to see Wanda again.
"You can rest now, it will take another hour for the glove and we all need rest"
They all leave the room and only you and Natasha remain. She is about to leave too but you reach her quickly and stop her by taking her wrist.
"Nat ..."
"Don't touch me," she hisses and when she withdraws her hand a pang of pain from her goes through your body but you don't let it show.
«Nat come on ... I couldn't let you die, you know» you try to meet her gaze in vain.
«I deserved it y / n! Clint has a family, a wife, two children ... how am I going to tell him their beloved dad is dead? How?!!"
You've never heard Natasha raise her voice, neither with you nor with Wanda and she makes you wince.
«You too have a family Natasha» you say, finally managing to look into her eyes: «what should I have said to Wanda? That I made you commit suicide because you still believe you have not atoned for your sins ?! " your tone of voice rises too but her mask continues to stay up.
“Clint has children !! I will never be able to have them, he was more important! "
As soon as you hear those words, you get pissed.
"His life was no more worth than your Natalia!" Saying it offends people who love you; have you thought of me or Wanda or Yelena? What was I supposed to tell your sister or Melina? Don't fucking say your life wasn't as good as Clint's !! "
Natasha is silent for a few minutes before approaching the door.
"I wish you had disappeared instead of Wanda, she would have understood"
Her tone of voice is angry and you know those words don't think 100 percent of them but they hurt anyway.
"I'd like that too, Nat," you just whisper as she walks out of the common room.
You collapse on the ground, tears stream from your cheeks and sobs hit your body. You have never fought so hard and you are really afraid that this is the end of your relationship. With or without Wanda.
You do not think that between you two will ever be like before.
You killed Clint but you couldn't let Nat die, right?
You don't know how long you sit there but suddenly J.A.R.V.I.S. speak out.
"The security system is activated Mr. Stark"
You immediately jump to your feet and head towards the laboratories. They are all in a circle next to Bruce who is holding the glove.
"It's time," Tony says and you nod. You have been waiting for that moment for five years and you don't want to waste any more time.
Bruce takes the glove and puts it on. Screams of pain echo in the complex as lights of every color expand into space from the glove.
Bruce snaps his fingers before collapsing to the ground and it's like the universe stops.
Tony cools Bruce's injured arm while Steve helps him up.
"It worked?"
"I think so, I feel it in the air"
The tingling in your fingers intensifies and you turn to the laboratory door.
Wanda is standing there, red magic slipping through her fingers as she smiles at you. Tears immediately rise to your eyes and begin to run down your cheeks. You take a couple of steps slowly before running into the Sokovian's arms.
Your tears don't stop, as does the joy of finally seeing her again after five years.
"I missed you so much Wands" you hide your head in the hollow of her redhead's neck, wetting her shirt with your tears.
"I missed you too moya lyubov’ (my love) "
Wanda leaves you a kiss on her lips continuing to hold you close to her as she turns her gaze to Natasha and gives her a smirk.
"Aren't you going to say hello to me, Nat?"
As soon as she says those words, Natasha sings herself into the arms of the Sokoviana with tears in her eyes. She obviously won't cry in front of the team but nothing about her prevents her from holding on to her love of her life that she hasn't seen for five years.
You move away from her embrace, leaving all the space for Natasha. Wanda gives you a confused look before focusing on holding Nat.
"I was so afraid of losing you ..." Natasha whispers and you can barely hear him.
“Oh Nat, you won't get rid of me that easily. None of the two."
Once the greetings are over, even with the rest of the team, the others leave and only the three of you remain.
"How it was? I mean ... where have you been for five years? " you whispers breaking the silence in the laboratory.
Wanda gives you a small smile with a shrug.
“Five years have not passed for me; after the snap it is as if I had gone to sleep, closed my eyes and a moment later I found myself here, five years later without having perceived the years that have passed "
You nod, you're glad Wanda didn't realize how much time had passed wherever she was because you and Natasha did it and she almost destroyed you.
"You instead…? What has happened in these five years and why do you two not even look at each other? "
Naturally Wanda noticed it, the Sokovian notices everything but you don't say anything and then the alarm goes off.
You don't talk to each other until after the fight with Thanos and then only after Tony's funeral is over.
Laura and the children were there too and Nat's mood had dropped dramatically when she saw them, not that it was much better before.
So when you went back to the compound, in your room, all the tension and anger that you had accumulated in the last few days had exploded.
"Laura was destroyed," Natasha whispers and you stiffen as you sit on the bed.
Wanda looks at you from the door, you haven't told her what happened and she doesn't want to look into yours head but seeing you so detached is making her suffer.
"Nat I-" you place your hand on her shoulder and she dodges as if you have burned her. It hurts but you don't show it.
“It's your fault he's dead; if you had let me jump he would be close to Laura, he would raise her children! He would teach him to shoot with a bow and to be a hero !! " Natasha points her finger at her as she stands up.
you bite your lip trying not to cry; Natasha is looking at you with disappointment and anger painted on her face and you can't stand it.
"I wish I had died instead of him Nat, I wish I had jumped and not been there at the moment even though we would not have obtained the soul gem. Because if I had known what Clint's sacrifice, who wanted nothing more than his best friend to stay alive because she had already atoned for her sins billions of times as an Avengers, I would have done this I would have thrown myself off that fucking cliff even without getting the gem! "
As soon as the words leave your lips you realize what you said and would like to take it back. You've tried to take your own life before, many years ago, and admitting that the situation with Natasha made you want to try again was like dropping a bomb in the midtown of Manhattan.
Wanda no longer holds back, not after what you just confessed and she reads your head.
"You really thought about it," the Sokovian whispers and she leans against the door jamb as she looks at you with pain and concern.
"I'm sorry, I ... you weren't there and- and Clint died because of me and-"
Natasha approaches and holds you in a hug. You freeze for a few seconds when you hear her sobbing and squeeze her a little tighter than her trying to make her understand that you are there with her.
«I'm so sorry detka (baby), I know you were in pain but I kept blaming you even though I knew it wasn't your fault. I love you so much and I could never live without you, it wouldn't have been better if you had been in Clint's post ... it would have been worse "Natasha kisses your temple continuing to hold you before Wanda joins her embrace.
“We love you y / n and now we're both here. We will help Laura with the children "Wanda turns to Natasha but talks to both of them:" this is what Clint would have wanted and we will go on together "
By now you are all three in tears, still close to each other.
"And don't think about going somewhere without us, okay?"
You laugh through tears looking Wanda in her eyes.
«I'm so sorry darling, I won't leave you anymore» Natasha apologizes again s about to continue but you kiss her.
The pain and the guilt in her eyes disappear and are replaced by the love she feels for you two.
When the kiss is over, you make them lie down on the bed and you slip between them enjoying their squeeze.
A little involuntary laugh escapes your lips.
"I love you so fucking much"
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and leave a comment if you want, it's always nice <3
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redorich · 3 months ago
okay, so. a loosely Hermit Canyon idea I think about way too often: the Egg was a Seed from a much longer-running entity. warning that this goes into "crack headcanon/crossover treated seriously" territory.
see, magic was stolen from the players to make the updates, right? and at least some Era 1s were probably directly hit by that. maybe not any of the Hermits, maybe they got lucky, but maybe it did hit someone. ironically, another man in sunglasses. power torn from him that should've been his.
Sky wants it back. but he needs a different power source. he needs other Era 1s. he needs a sustaining loop he can feed off of. timeloops are powerful, powerful things. stick a few people in a desert. get one of them (Ross has always been... suggestible) to kill the others, over and over, and the cycle feeds itself as you reset over and over and over. night does not fall on Sky, for a while longer.
and for a while, this works for him. and then his own power wanes, so he sits in the background for a while. the loop sustains, still, as people forget it ever even existed.
and then some of the sacrifices get out. and everything starts falling apart. Mithzan, they can manage without Max for a little bit, he can find another replacement. but Shubble? Shelby? she's the lynchpin to this whole damn loop, she's a keystone, and when she gets out, Sky's forced to improvise while he tries to find replacements.
so he plants seeds. most of them don't grow. but a couple of them do, they do. it's always redstone, or at least red. it's always a voice that suggests you know better for your friends.
and Sky sustains a little longer, the desert sun gets a little hotter.
Once upon a time, he had glory, unparalleled. Now he is a gardener.
Era one players are born from magic; it flows through their veins and seeps into the ground where they walk. The humble gardener remembers a time when he was carefree, when neither he nor his friends would ever die. It was all parkour across the vast expanse of void, escape from prison in a game of tag, Hunger Games. They'd shout his name, Sky! Sky! and he would always win.
There are worse things than death, he learns-- not that they happen to him, of course. As his friends all splinter apart, mostly amiable but determined to go their separate ways, one disappears. Sky knows better. Sky's friend has not disappeared, because his comatose body stays hidden in the basement, suspended in time.
This man was Sky's best friend, and then he Deactivated. The sickness came on quickly, and all at once the man was dying, so Sky did all he knew to do: he split his soul in half, one for him, and one for Deadlox. He may never wake up, but Sky will never let him die.
Patiently, Sky plants seed after seed in his garden. The hot red sun scorches his back as he works, but he steadfastly continues. His spade hits something hard two or three inches into the dark, cool soil. He pulls it out.
There is a withered bulb, decayed and moldy. When he'd planted it, it had showed so much promise-- the Dream SMP was rife with conflict, and conflict means magic. This little egg-like bulb should have grown proud and strong, bearing fruits and vines and eventually growing into a sturdy tree which Sky might one day lounge in the shade of with Deadlox, just like they used to.
His lip curls in disdain. So much for that server, he thinks. It's alright, though; he has plenty of daylight left to plant his seeds. After all...
Sky smiles, bittersweet and sour. "The red sun never sets."
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kravkalackin · 9 months ago
It was a joke among those in Barry’s sector. Alien crash sites aren’t real, not because aliens aren’t real, but because what alien would be able to develop technology capable of traveling the distances between stars, disguise their existence and preserve their life across lightyears, only to crash into a field? 
The answer to that question was apparently him. He was that kind of alien. 
When- if he ever got back home, he would swear up and down that it wasn’t his fault. Something had gone wrong with the freeze keeping his body in stasis during the trip, it didn’t deactivate and release him when it was supposed to. He’d barely emerged with enough time to recognize the alarms and slow the ship enough that the crash and impact didn’t immediately vaporize him upon reentry. 
Put in simpler terms, his alarm didn’t go off. He overslept. 
So yeah, he was cursing his stupidity as he drug himself out of the burning remains of his ship, hoping that his distress signal had actually managed to get out in time. Even if it had, it could be a while before anyone could get to his location. He might be able to scrounge together some supplies from the wreckage to build something to broadcast his exact location when they did come, if he survived that long. 
If his ship wasn’t immediately scavenged by the locals he was sent out here to study. If he himself wasn’t caught and subjected to who knows what kinds of examinations. If he didn’t just straight up die from his injuries before any of that even had a chance to happen. 
It was looking like it was leaning towards that last thing as his legs gave out from under him, unconsciousness taking him after a few short moments. 
Today had been a weird day for Lup. 
It had started with her alarm not going off, leaving her to oversleep and miss her shift at the Olive Garden. Then she had taken to opportunity to actually get outside for a change, trying to enjoy some peace and quiet out on a nice hike. 
It ended with her dragging an injured someone from a burning crash site, trying her best to bandage up his wounds (which were blue his blood was blue what the fuck was he some sort of horseshoe crab turned into a real boy by a genie?) while he lay passed out on her couch. 
“No, no he’s still asleep. That’s not- olive garden can kiss my ass, okay! Taako just- no, don’t come over, just let me know if you see anything on the news, okay? I don’t think.... I told you it was blue, right?... his blood not his dick!... Because I didn’t look,” she argued with Taako over the phone. She knew he was trying to help, but she was starting to regret calling him. 
Then she saw movement in the other room, freezing in place. 
“I’ll call you back,” she said, immediately hanging up and rushing into the other room. The guy had pushed himself up on the couch, his face twisted in confusion and pain. Everything about him was just not quite right, decidedly not elven. Everything was so nubby, it was kind of adorable. 
“Hey uh, how’re you feeling?” she asked, kneeling down in front of the couch. She could see that confusion increase, and he pointed at his ear. It took Lup a little bit to realize what he meant. 
“Oh shit, wait right here,” she said, going and grabbing one of the things she’d taken off of him when trying to patch him up. It was a little device that had been in his ear, it looked almost like a hearing aid, his his ear and the device were both smaller than she was used to. “You need this?” she asked, holding it out. 
He grabbed it, letting out a sigh of relief as he put it in his ear. For a moment afterwards he just stared at her, and Lup couldn’t blame him for needing to catch his bearings. 
“Can you understand me?” he asked finally, and it was weird. There was an overlay of his voice, one in a language she definitely couldn’t understand, and another in elven. 
“Yeah, I got you,” she said, and there was a second delay before he smiled, worry quickly creeping over his face again as he looked around the room. 
“I’ve had... a very bad day,”  he said after a moment, and Lup laughed at that. 
“That’s a real big mood buddy,” she said, and he still looked confused. Confused and alien and honestly kind of adorable. 
Yeah, this was going to get complicated real fast. 
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animatedarchives · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
author’s note: HELLO DARLING!! yes, of course you can! i’m sorry it took so long but i hope you enjoy it :) siDE nOTE i’m so exCitEd because you are my first anon aHHH i love you so much thanks for requesting T^T <3 also sorry for making bakugo’s one so angsty LOL
Tumblr media
Todoroki Shoto
You had just finished off the last of the villains on your side when your legs buckled and you collapsed with exhaustion
“Y/N!” Todoroki’s voice echoed from down the street
He used his ice quirk to get to you in the blink of an eye and immediately knelt by your side, completely forgetting about the villains he was fighting
“Are you hurt?” he asked, grabbing your arms with his large hands, gripping you so tightly with worry that the blood flow to your arms got cut off
“I’m fine,” you coughed weakly. “Just… tired…” you forced out
But it was obvious you were lying by the way you were practically gasping for air
Your eyes shifted to the approaching villains as they closed in on you two
Not even bothering to stand, Todoroki twisted his torso and hit them with a blast of fire
His face was stoic but fury burned ferociously in his eyes, insistent on not letting them get anywhere near you 
The villains crumpled to the ground, unconscious and you smiled up at your boyfriend proudly, forever impressed by his prowess
He turned back to you, anger now replaced with concern as he gave you his full attention
“Can you stand?” he asked, worry etched into every part of his face
You nodded and grimaced as you tried to get up with his help
Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through your ribs and you doubled over, grabbing your side
“You’re hurt,” he said, carefully laying you down on the ground, his left arm holding your body close to his
He gently pried your shaky fingers away from your ribs and replaced them with his right hand
You winced before letting out a sigh of relief, a cooling sensation spreading over your exposed ribs and numbing the pain
You stayed like that for a while; eyes closed as you focused on the feeling of Todoroki’s cool skin against yours
After you felt good enough to stand, Todoroki pulled your arms over his shoulders and piggy-backed you to the nearest hospital, where you stayed the night
The next morning, you woke up to a messy mop of red and white hair fast asleep at the edge of your hospital bed
He stirred as you ran your hand through his soft hair, his eyes tired from watching over you all night
When he realised you were awake and doing okay, he pulled you into his arms
“I’m so glad you’re safe,” he said, relief washing over him
“Don’t ever scare me like that again,” he whispered shakily as he embraced you tighter
Tumblr media
Bakugo Katsuki
You gasped for air as a red flower bloomed under your costume from the deep gash in your side
“Weakling,” the villain spat, kicking you harshly in the stomach
A little blood escaped from your mouth as you coughed painfully
He raised his weapon, blade glinting menacingly in the moonlight as he prepared for the final blow
Just when you thought this might be your end, you heard your boyfriend’s voice ringing in your ears
You watched helplessly as Bakugo blasted the villain into oblivion, showing him the same amount of mercy you received - none
“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER AGAIN! DIE YOU PIECE OF SCUM!” he screamed between blasts of his quirk
He attacked violently, blinded by rage and the will to protect you
He disposed of the villain quicker than he ever had before and rushed over to you, leaving your attacker groaning in pain on the concrete floor
Bakugo crouched down and held your limp body in his arms, his eyes swirling with so many emotions: anger, concern and fear 
“Why did you fight him?! You know you’re not strong enough to handle villains like that yet!” he raised his voice, unable to mask how truly worried he was
Although his words stung, you knew he was right
But you couldn’t help it
“If I didn’t distract him… He would have gone after you… Idiot…” you said through laboured breaths
His eyes widened in realisation; you were trying to protect him
He couldn’t help but feel guilty as he looked at the condition you were in, scolding himself for failing to keep you safe
“It’s not your fault, Katsuki,” you reached up and caressed his face gently. “I was careless.”
He leaned into your touch, a thin film forming over his eyes
“Don’t do anything stupid like that again,” he choked out
You nodded weakly as he wrapped his arms protectively around you
Tumblr media
Shinso Hitoshi
Your hand went up to your temple, massaging it in an attempt to reduce the incessant pounding in your skull
You and Shinso had fought long and hard, side-by-side, and were eventually able to successfully apprehend the villains 
Now you were waiting for the police to show up and take them away before you called it a night
As you removed your hand from your head, you stared in shock at your fingers now coated with slick red liquid
“Man, feels great for people to finally recognise me as the good guy despite my quirk,” Shinso sighed contentedly 
He smirked devilishly at the villain that lay tied up on the floor before striding back towards you
“I think we did a pretty good job, huh ba-” his smile instantly vanished as he watched the thick liquid run down the side of your face
He hadn’t noticed it before, having been so concentrated on winning the chaotic fight
“I’m fine, Toshi,” you tried to reassure him as he examined your face closely
Your words proved void as you winced when he touched your face
You knew you had made a mistake
“Toshi, wait-” you called, but he wasn’t listening
His eyes darkened as he slowly approached the culprit
“Did you do this? Did you hurt her?” his voice low and dangerous
“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!” the villain pleaded, trying to scramble away
Having answered his question, Shinso activated his quirk, eyes full of intent to hurt
“How dare you lay a finger on my precious Y/N,” he growled. “I’m going to make you pay.”
“Hitoshi, stop! You’re not the bad guy, remember? Don’t do it, you’re better than that! You’re better than him!” you shouted, trying to ignore the burning pain as you implored him to reconsider
He inhaled deeply, glaring daggers at the villain before deactivating his quirk
“Today must be your lucky day,” he said, face showing no emotion but venom potent in his voice
Shinso walked back and embraced you protectively as the police arrived
“Thank you,” he sighed, kissing the top of your head as he gently pressed the ice pack he retrieved from the officers to your temple
“I promise to always be the good guy, to protect you from the evils of this world,” he vowed
Tumblr media
Keigo Takami
You and Keigo made such a perfect team, complementing each other in every way possible - even in fighting
Just as you were finishing off the last villain on your side, someone punched you from behind, sending you flying into a brick wall
The impact knocked the wind out of you and you collapsed on the cold hard ground
“Y/N!” Keigo cried  
Golden orbs ablaze, he fought off the remaining villains with new found strength
One of them sneaked out of his line of sight, determined to finish you off
But Keigo noticed and flew over at the speed of light, kicking him square in the chest
He stood defensively between you and the remaining villains, wings spread out as a protective barrier to shield you from their attacks
You tried to get up, not wanting him to fight alone, but the pain was too intense and your body refused to cooperate
However, your efforts proved unnecessary as Keigo finished off the last one with a bone-crushing punch
No longer in the presence of danger, your muscles relaxed and your body slumped down onto the ground
“Y/N! Are you okay?!” he asked as he knelt beside you, panting from exhaustion
You nodded stiffly, body still weak
He scooped you up in his strong, capable arms and stood up, carrying you bridal style
He held you so closely to his chest that you could hear his rapid heartbeat
“Hold on tight, dear,” he said
He waited for your hand to clench around his jacket before taking off to the skies, flying you to the nearest medical centre
The wind tousled his blonde locks as he glanced down at you worriedly, making sure you were okay
You closed your eyes and inhaled his comforting scent, smiling softly as you rested in his arms
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soundwavemain · 22 days ago
I know, I know, I know everyone and their mother is screaming about The Perfect Decepticon (including me), BUT can we take a moment to acknowledge The Immobilizer?
Because I went into it Knowing What We All Know Now But Will Not Acknowledge (unless you decide, "fuck it, spoiler city" and click the read more) and noticed scenes with ample amounts of foreshadowing that will keep me on life support for months while I recover from this finale.
First of all, any emphasis on Soundwave is a given. Why give such focus on this one transformer, a Decepticon no less, when the episode is about the Dinobot combiner (who I love and support), Volcanicus?
I personally want to believe the writers were trying to lull the viewers into a false sense of security, that we were going to get some haha fun and lighthearted backstory for Soundwave. Which we did!
But we also see another prime example of how Soundwave reacts when someone he cares about is threatened or taken away from him. When Soundblaster took Laserbeak, Soundwave immediately says, "You will pay for this," in a similar tone to how he spoke in The Scientist upon discovering the collection of Soundwaves kept by the Scientist. He repeats this action again when Tarn attacks Hot Rod in The Perfect Decepticon.
It immediately makes you feel for him, connect to him; he's a Decepticon who feels emotion, who can be hurt outside of battle, Soundwave is a Decepticon who can be deactivated. Because even during The Scientist, when he himself was the target of potential harm, Soundwave never foolishly risked his life to fight the Scientist. He waited. That's what he does best. However, when Soundblaster captured Laserbeak, all bets were off. We repeatedly see Soundwave get taken down by Soundblaster and his crew but continue to fight because it's Laserbeak's life on the line, not his, and that was never supposed to be an option.
I would also like to consider that when Soundwave ejects Laserbeak before attacking Tarn to not be a point of strategy, but an act of mercy to his beloved partner. I believe Soundwave went into that fight knowing he might die instead of (or maybe alongside) Tarn and that Laserbeak should get the chance to live. To be honest, I'm mainly inspired by the Armada Starscream’s death. What with the way he releases his minicon before Unicron's laser deactivates him, I would love to draw a parallel between continuities when I can.
That all being said, the relationship between Shadow Striker and Soundwave is especially doubled down on in the opening and ending scenes in The Immobilizer. Shadow Striker immediately goes to sign the peace treaty when she notices that Soundwave is not there, a sign that she knows what to do in his absence. She follows her own conviction and doesn't falter without him by her side. Just like how she immediately takes in Laserbeak, her friend's beloved companion. Shadow Striker cares about the Decepticons and Cybertron just as much as Soundwave did, enough to continue on without him there. Whether it be for a moment or... Well. That's enough for now.
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