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#I write this with love & also concern

Serious question– have you looked up how to wear a mask and how a mask works in combination with ventilation, hand washing, and distance to prevent the spread?

I know at this point we all know to wear a mask, but I’m wondering how many actually understand why. I feel like maybe the reason I see so many people wearing masks incorrectly or not at all (or conversely, people who assume they’re safe as long as they’re wearing a mask correctly and ignoring all other steps to reduce spread) is because they don’t have an understanding of how the virus actually spreads and what the point of wearing masks is.

If you have looked up this information (from a reliable source for public health), when was the last time you looked it up? Have you done so since March? Have you stayed up to date with new information?

This isn’t a post to shame anyone, but just to maybe be a catalyst for folks to be honest with themselves and people physically around them about our actual understandings of the science and to look up information periodically about best practices to reduce spread.

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I am kinda considering changing my url…..

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